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2020.11.25 20:08 Foliage1 Toilet pooping voyeur

As the title says, its okay to miss a deal. I have grown very occustomed lately to feel drawn into sales. This year everything has been selling quick and selling out. It feels like every hobby I've seen has had different types of shortages even toilet paper (not that my hobby is pooping or anything.) I've built a habit of buying things when when its in stock as that could suddenly change.
As we all go into Black Friday this year, I'm convincing myself to save the money that I would spent on the discounts. I don't need anything. I have enough to cover bills but I'm not saving like I should. Between Black Friday and Christmas, I'm trying to make better choices. This was my original plan for the month of November as my personal way of celebrating Thanksgiving but I realized last night that I have failed that pretty well.
This has been a personal struggle and thinking through this post is for me to reflect. I hope this encourages everyone this Thanksgiving.
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2020.11.25 18:19 Zarathras93 Toilet pooping voyeur

I live in a small appartment, livingroom and bedroom are the same thing, one kitchen and one small bathroom.
I want to traing my new puppy , Obi , to pee and poo on his floor diapers as he doesn't have all of his vaccination yet ( he is 7 weeks ) and i don't won't to get him out of the house as there are lot of stray cats around.
The whole house is open for him as "his home" except from the bathroom which i have his floor diapers on. I read that the dog will not pee and poo in 'his house' and he needs a different space for that and thats why i chose the bathroom as that place.
The strategy i am following is whenever i see he is searching for toilet related situations i put him in the bathroom to do his work and i wait with him for 5-10 mins, i do the same about half an hour after he eats, if he succeeds i give him a small treat and some pets. If he pees or poops anywhere else i just get him out of the room and clean it up.
The problem is he doesn't like beeing in the bathroom , i am afraid that he may think it's a punishment?
How the plan sounds to you guys?
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2020.11.25 15:12 Erisedstorm Toilet pooping voyeur

Bought a toilet seat for my 9.5 month old because I felt like I couldn't hold him in my lap and not get poo/pee on myself. So busted that out last night.
Anyways he's fairly consistent pooping in the morning daily (sometimes again late afternoon) and today I totally caught him groaning and put him on the potty seat with my support. He just thought it was all good fun and after nothing for a couple minutes I put the diaper on and like magic there was poop 5 minutes later.
I'm going to start taking him to the potty each diaper change just in case I catch pee by chance. But mainly s a goal I want less poop diapers to clean.
How long should I hold him on the potty waiting? As long as he's not upset and my arms don't give out? Haha. I make grunt noise as a cue but again it's just funny to him. If he poops in the diaper should I clean him and still take him to the potty before putting new diaper on?
I also read advice around the age they get mobile move diaper changes to the bathroom so there's more association that this is where potty time takes place. Has that helped anyone?
FWIW husband isn't on board diaper free time for finding pee cues yet so hoping poop success / offering at transitions will help sway him since we have wood floors anyways. Also prefer not to have to invest in new cloth diapers etc... annoying that podcasts and videos that are free make me feel like they just want to sell stuff and force you to commit to a whole new lifestyle immediately.
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2020.11.25 13:11 PintInMyPurse Toilet pooping voyeur

I turned 30 this year and got a new partner. After about a month, I was plagued with a UTI about 1-2 times in a month. Usually paired with a yeastie from the antibiotics. I spent over $600 in urgent care and video Dr. bills. It was bad. I thought I was allergic to lube, his particular jizz (which one doctor said happens more frequently than expected), underwear, tap water. I tried so many things. But alas, e coli in my uti everytime, which typically means that yes, poop got in the urethra somehow.
I was taking 9 500mg d mannose a day, cranberry pills and drinking half my weight translated to ounces in water a day. Still got a UTI.
I finally went to a Urinary specialist and they took a direct pee sample through catheter of my bladder. More e coli.
Basically she told me, stick with the d Mannose and even though you think no poop is getting near there, it is.
So I finally now have made it to the month mark with no UTI and this is what I started doing...
Before sex, quick wash with unscented soap and water on outside vag and butthole. After sex, pee and same quick wash.
Everytime I poop, I use unscented baby wipes and toilet paper AND do a quick unscented soap wash if I'm at home. No more thongs, they can move the poop particles, even cotton ones.
I change my bed sheets now as recommended by the doctor every 3 days. I never re-wear jeans or pajama pants anymore.
There is just so many ways poop particles get there and this helped me after being super UTI screwed for the last 8-9 months. Just thought I'd share in case it helps anyone.
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2020.11.25 12:36 urlradar3 Pooping toilet voyeur

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2020.11.25 08:32 CrackShotFox Doesn't having sex in bed get toilet germs in your bed?

Unless both people have just showered, their butts have been pooping and sitting on bacteria-ridden toilets (and girls sit to pee too) with the only post-poop cleansing being wiping, which does not remove all the germs from the poop exit site nor the butt/upper thighs which have been on the unclean toilet seat.
These dirty-butted people then get naked and rub all over each other and the bed. There is often butt touching, and somewhere in the sex, mouths may come into play. After it's over, they sleep in that bed that they have rubbed butts all over, and probably don't change the sheets.
I never see this mentioned anywhere. Is it just not a problem?
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2020.11.25 06:45 Helloo_Ppl Toilet pooping voyeur

cb skirt (5k)
pleated skirt (1.5k)
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long elegant gloves (3k)
choker necklace (100)
Nocturnal kitty ears (SOLD)
(uv u My user is PoopFacesTheToilet)
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2020.11.25 05:22 tea_in_the_garden Toilet pooping voyeur

I'm 34 and a half weeks pregnant and let me tell you that "first trimester" morning sickness is a lie for me at least. Oh well!
I woke up with vomit in my mouth and a full bladder. Tried to swallow down the vomit (it makes sense in the moment) so not to ruin the bedroom carpet as I ran to the bathroom.
Then I vomited up the tiniest bit so assumed I'd "won" so to speak. But what's this? A little bit of pee as I'm bending over the toilet?
Eww, but fine. Reverse position. Need to vomit again. Nope, we're peeing now. Oh, also that poop that I've been trying to do all of yesterday is ready to come out. Great!
Expect I really need to vomit. And so there I go: yellow bile all over the toilet floor and my singlet while I'm peeing and pooping.
When I'm finally done I get to walk through my own vomit to get some rags from the linen cupboard. Even my dog, who loves all kinds of bodily discharges much to my annoyance, doesn't want to know me this morning.
I am so ready to have to deal with baby vomit only.
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