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2020.10.16 07:55 PepperMurky1794 Porn livecams

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2020.08.27 13:16 Minimum-Fan5260 Porn livecams

I just discovered that my boyfriend of 6 years has been paying live cam models on pornhub after swearing that he would never engage in live cam porn as I have expressed that I do not want him to. He also swore that he would not pay for porn anymore (after I had discovered years ago that he was paying for a subscription and blew up about it).
I regularly catch him watching porn. I’d say he does it every day, yet he shows no sexual interest or desire toward me whatsoever. Even when I make it very obvious that I’m in the mood and want to have sex.
I have suspected for about a year now that he has an actual porn addiction and it has absolutely shattered our sex life to a point where I am completely self conscious and literally think about it all the time. It’s gotten to the point where I question just about everything he does now that I’ve discovered that he lied about watching livecam porn… and has been paying for it, at that.
I feel hopeless because I snooped through his computer to find this information, so not only is it embarrassing, but I also feel “crazy”. But unfortunately my “craziness” has also led to me finding out exactly what I had suspected.
I’m young (in my early 20s and so is my partner) and consider myself to be a confident and attractive person, but I am starting to feel really depressed about this whole situation. I simply cannot wrap my head around the fact that my partner would rather watch porn every day, instead of engage in sexual intimacy or just plain fuck me whenever he pleases, as I'm basically begging for it at this point.
Please note I am not against porn at all. I just find it an issue when you watch porn all the time while in a relationship, yet have no sexual desire or want to explore sex with your loved one outside of that.
Not only am I dealing with a dead bedroom, I'm dealing with what I believe is an addiction and also just realised after 6+ years of being together that he can openly lie to my face, even while swearing he won't do something.
My plan is to suggest therapy next. But, in anyone else's experience... is therapy the best move? My partner is so great in every other facet of our relationship, except this is really hurting me and I’ve tried so many times to let it go but I cannot. I am at a loss of what to do as I am genuinely too embarrassed to speak to friends or family about this so any advice would help.
Thanks in advance.
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2020.07.04 02:21 Lying_king Porn livecams

Twitch has turned into a pseudo soft porn livecam everytime I see women there in just chatting section. It is blatantly selling sex....Please don't tell me these women are entertaining. I've followed a few and it was a pretty mind numbing 30 minutes. On the other hand, there are super awesome gamer chicks that are talented and pretty too...
It's really fucked up that kids can see content like this...and twitch isn't moderating content. What's more disgusting is the audience flocking to them.
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2020.06.14 23:16 Jacald2 One of my wierder conversation on Omgle

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!
You: hey
Stranger: Ciao
Stranger: ?
Stranger: Ok...
Stranger: M o F
You: m
Stranger: F
Stranger: Age
You: ok
You: 18
Stranger: 17
You: ok
Stranger: Sexchat without pictures?
You: bruh what?
You: wtf is this?
Stranger: Sexchat?
You: nether herd of it
You: is it wholesome
Stranger: Vabbde
Stranger: Tell me stories HOTTT pls
You: wtf woman
Stranger: I have so much desires
You: ur probally a guy ngtl
Stranger: No, I'm a girl..
You: ok
Stranger: Tell me something pls then? 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Stranger: Let me get excited
You: idk what u mean
You: how
You: r
You: words going to do anything
Stranger: It tells a story of a boy and a girl
Stranger: Più hott che puoi
Stranger: As much hottts as you can
Stranger: Let me enjoy so much
You: okay there was once a boy who didn't see a girl his own age for 3 months, didn't bust a nut for over 1 month and hasn't bathed for a week
You: does that get u in the mood cus its all that i can offer
Stranger: Yes... 🤤🤭😊
You: wtf
Stranger: Go on
You: how could that possibly make u exited
You: well the story doesn't really go one
Stranger: Now no, if the
You: the guy was talking to a slightly weird stranger at 11 pm
You: on a sunday evening
You: and he was entertaining them for his own amusment
You: the is the story of quarantine guy
You: almost 19 and cant talk to women
Stranger: 😔
You: this is very wierd
You: but anyway i would have to improve from there
You: cus the material kind of stagnates
Stranger: ..
You: tbh the guy wasn't even horny anylonger
You: he just wanted to make a human connection but had no real friends
You: He tried to talk on the livecam section but was bombared with old guys wanking and so he gave up
You: please respond
Stranger: Emh...
You: there isn't a girl in the story
Stranger: Wow👏👏😂😂
You: or another guy
Stranger: 🤷‍♂️
You: honnestly what was once a hotbead of hormonial urgs is now kind of dead
Stranger: ..
You: the guy isn't even controll by his urgs to watch porn or bust a nut, he just feels apathy
You: ur really fucking wierd lol
Stranger: 😶
You: this conversation is very one sided
Stranger: Do you want me to tell a story
You: the lady who talking in nought byt emojis
You: i told u a story
Stranger: If you want, I'll tell you one.
You: well this should be entertaining
Stranger: Want
You: i'm am prepared to be creeped out
Stranger: Okay
You: ur probally just a 50 man catfishing me but okay
Stranger: No, but if you think so, you don't get the racclent
Stranger: It sucks for me too.
You: okay
You: fine
Stranger: Just thinking about it
Stranger: Okay.. Vado?
You: vado?
Stranger: I'm telling you
You: okay im listening to u senpai
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: There was a boy and a girl in a room
Stranger: They liked each other
Stranger: Then the(they're standing), the guy comes up to her... And he takes his hips
Stranger: They're a little limo.
Stranger: Then they sit on the bed, one before each other with open legs, and the
Stranger: In the meantime, you like it
You: like what, The story? It's okay i guess
Stranger: Ok
You: I hope that you have a long and successfull career as an author
Stranger: Hahaha
Stranger: I get inspired when I masturbate
You: each to their own
Stranger: ?
You: dont worry
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Continuous
Stranger: The two are watching each other, then sometimes the guy from um look even at the bottom...
Stranger: He starts touching her, and she lets herself do
You: Do what ?
Stranger: It lets itself be touched, it makes the male dominate
You: errr ok
Stranger: Then he "delicately" pushes/slides it down on the bed
Stranger: And they both undress
Stranger: Ol boy starts kissing her from the head and slowly descends more and more until he gets pussy
Stranger: At first he kisses it, and then he starts licking it
Stranger: After a while they...
Stranger: Continuous?
You: continue*
You: this one of my more entertainig talks one omgle, you are one of a kind
Stranger: Hahaha
Stranger: After a while they drained she turns around and he fucks her in the ass
You: that esculated quickly , why did he do that?
Stranger: No, first he fucked her in the pussy, now in the ass
You: oh well that is considerate of him, what a gentleman
Stranger: Then after a while, they get out of bed and he makes her put on her knees, he's standing on top of her and at first he puts a little in his face, then she starts licking him
You: sorry i'm really confussed
Stranger: Haahah😅But you like it
You: idk about that
Stranger: Ok
You: is this ironic
Stranger: It's almost over
Stranger: But then you like it
You: will i now?
Stranger: ?
You: dont worry dude
You: oh sorry ur a women
Stranger: But do you like my story? 😞
You: well its unique i'll give u merit for that, but please define what you mean by me liking it
Stranger: Does it make you think so? 🥺🥺
You: If i just agree to whatever ur asking then fine please continue
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Eventually they put themselves back on the bed and lemoned, he makes them fingers, she sucks it and they continue like this
Stranger: End
You: do they read the bible afterwards and go to sleep
Stranger: Si, hahaha
You: why do you keep using italian words?
Stranger: A little foreplay
Stranger: Emh... Idk
You: okay
You: well thank you for this very enterianing conversation
Stranger: Are you a little more excited?
Stranger: Thanks to you, he
You: horny?
You: well i'm just kind of in a permanent state of meh on that front
Stranger: 🤤
You: Making an effort not to let my urgs controll me
Stranger: What do you have to do? What an urgency
You: urgs
You: impulses
Stranger: I.e
Stranger: Cioè
You: that shit that goes thro ur brain after age 14 and makes u only think about shagging
You: testerone
Stranger: ...
You: oh god why
Stranger: Vebbe, bye
You: bye honey
Stranger has disconnected.
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2020.05.08 15:53 jason-grey002 Trans porn and live cam sites

Hey guys I am no fap for 5 days now and the urges are strong man. I keep wanting to watch porn and it is usually livecam trans women. I’m straight but I have no idea why am I attracted to trans woman. Hope guys could share some of your experience in this topic. Thank you
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2019.11.21 23:19 1717mom Porn livecams

My boyfriend (35) and I (28) have a good relationship (2.5 years) and sex life. Like the sex is amazing. We have access to each others phones and there is no issue. Say one of us doesnt have ours for some reason then the other wants to use it say to Google, you tube something or whatever we ask for it or just grab it no issues. Nothing to hide. One time I went to open his snap and he kind of grabbed his phone from me and was like no because so and so is in the room. Mind you they couldn't see the phone, but whatever. It was because we follow pages on the "subscription" part of snap. We send each other memes and funny videos all the time. We send each other sex gifs, nude pics to each other, porn videos, hell we even watch porn together and enjoy it. One time I was on his snap and saw weird messages (from snapchat account names. I didn't recognize, I'm sure it was spank) most said open, one said delivered. I was like ok calm down crazy bitch, you're overthinking things, maybe he went to send something to someone else and it accidentally went to that snapname "xyz" So I let it go. Another time he forwarded me a meme from a random account and I opened it it was funny so I went to go follow the page. (I'm sure it was a funny spongebob meme of like how I feel after 3 rounds of sex kind of thing) all of a sudden I receive several messages of a woman masturbating. Pictures of her twat, like a huge flood of nude videos and that point I felt it was time to tell my boyfriend that It bothered me that he adds these nude accounts. It turned into this huge argument that I was ridiculous and he wasn't messaging them. He explained that they are just "spank" messages. I understand that . I believe him, however I told him I was not cool with that type of interation especially on his daily social media. Argument was never finished because it was just a yelling match. So he decided to delete his entire snapchat app off of his phone, then Twitter, then pinterest, then whatsapp, then video games. And I was like wtf that seems a bit excessive. I told him I do not want that. He said he didnt gaf, I also let him know that his reaction and deleting everything that I was worried about resentment of his choices somewhere down the line. He said nope...ok that ended that conversation.
Here we are 2 days later. We got into a small disagreement of something. Somehow it was brought up of the snap chat shit. (I don't know who tf brought it up, or how it was even added to this conversation). I basically said that he didn't have to necessarily agree with me but don't dismiss what I'm feeling and that I do not like that shit. He told me that it is so fucking stupid, its bullshit that I feel that way and hypocritical because we send sex gifs and porn to each other. I told him I do not like the idea of the possibility of interation and it being part of everyday social media even if he doesn't respond to it. It is just not ok for me! He said why dont I question if he is using like "livecam on porn hub" I told him I do not think he is or even feel he is messaging those spank messages back but regardless I did not like the possibility of interaction and it on personal messages on social media. Well...we just got mad and have not talked for a hour or so about it. I need help or input. I do not feel like I'm overreacting because everyone's boundaries are different. That is one for me. He is mad that I was upset that he deleted everything because he doesnt want to hear any more bullshit from me about anything, and thinks its dumb I am not ok with it. I still feel he was a bit excessive with his response and solution....
Please give me your thoughts?
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2019.07.08 02:18 Goldenbear119 Porn livecams

TLDR: I’m uncomfortable my boyfriend has occasionally been watching women on live cams, even though he considers it “regular porn”.
A couple of weeks ago, I (23F) went to use my boyfriend’s (24M) safari app and saw that he had forgotten to exit out of a livecam porn site.
After being unsure of how to feel about it for a while, I brought the topic up to my boyfriend today. I told him that I was uncomfortable that he was looking at women on these sites, and that watching girls on live streams crosses a line for me.
He was very apologetic and told me he had no idea it would bother me. To him, it is just considered “regular porn” that is well-within the normal boundaries of our relationship, especially considering he has never paid or interacted with one of these women. He told me he won’t do it again now that he knows it bothers me. I honestly believe his rationale and do accept his apology.
However, I am still bothered by this a lot. I am pretty unfamiliar with how live cams work in general. If you do not pay, what is the extent of interaction you can have with a cam girl? Is it truly like watching porn, or is there a greater level of intimacy a viewer can receive even without paying? I would obviously be crushed if him and a cam girl were sexting, as I would consider that cheating (but I don’t know if that is even a real worry)
Additionally, how do I express to my boyfriend that I would really like him to take into consideration the way some of his actions may affect me before he does it? I would have appreciated him asking me how I felt about it before he started watching it - but is that asking for too much? We’ve been together for nearly 3 years now, I would think he would have a better understanding of my personal boundaries and take them more into consideration by now :(
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2019.04.08 23:23 wrongfullyhated Porn livecams

Hi guys.
So my bf and I have been together for 3 years now. I’ve always known that he watched porn but didn’t really know to what extent. I saw some pretty alarming signs last year…we were having a very rough year and were fighting a lot when I found that he had:
- Signed up for dating apps but they were only to browse. I know this because he had no photo and the info he added was fake. Anyway, I searched his history and saw he would log on every single day and browse. We fought a lot and he hasn’t done it since.
- He started making comments on women a lot. Whether it was a real person, a tv star, a model, etc. He would comment on their attractiveness or unattractiveness. It really pissed me off because it seemed to me as if he had unrealistic expectations on what women look like. Though he never made me feel ugly or undesired. Our sex life remained good and he always made me feel loved. I just hated the comments on other women that he would make
- We went on vacation and I searched his phone history and saw he watched porn one of the nights when I was probably in the shower.
- I searched his history many times and saw that he watched porn a lot! Every day usually and when I would ask him he would lie to me and say he rarely watches
Which brings me to the most recent scenario. I searched his history 2 days ago and not only did I find porn but he was also visiting backpage, livecam, etc. I was mortified. It had taken me so long to start to believe and trust him and this happened. I told him how messed up this was and he admitted to being addicted to porn. He is also addicted to cigarettes and gaming. So he said that we are more important and that he will do whatever it takes to stop it. We were going to a function for his work that night so I said ok and tried to not think about it anymore but I knew it was going to haunt me. We had a good time but come the next morning, I feel so hurt, humiliated and disrespected. It sickens me to think of his history and how he is like this at his age. I find it offensive, embarrassing and plain gross.
We talked about it again this morning and I am trying to keep my anger contained but I can’t hide my true feelings. He knows I am upset and I treat him differently when I am upset. I just don’t know how to move past this…
I love him. I really do and have been waiting for so long for him to propose and for us to get married. We see each other once a week so that doesn’t help at all.
I know some of you will probably attack me on looking through his history as it is invasion of privacy. If I never did that, I would be made a fool and he would have never admitted to his addiction. I know it’s not a good enough excuse but it is I what it is.
I want to move past this. I talked to him this morning on our drives to work on the phone and explained that I am still angry and hurt and he assured me that he will work on it and that we will get past this. It still doesn’t help me though. I am still really angry and grossed out.
What can I do? What can I do to move past this? What can he do to help me? I have been searching porn addiction since last night and feel worse and worse. Will we ever get past this? What should I ask him to do? I want him to go to a therapist so that he can understand the major impact porn addiction has on himself, the partner and the relationship. I am not sure if he will do that though. Is it possible for us to do the therapy together? So I can learn how to support him so that he is successful in kicking this disgusting habit?
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2019.02.22 17:32 spirituallysensual Livecams porn

Hey everyone, I want to talk about something you could call a problem.

It's that lately porn doesn't really do the job for me anymore, it's not real enough it doesn't feel close enough to me. I have had my last sexual relationship 2 years ago so I have been watching and discovering a lot of great porn, but lately I have realized that it's not what I want because in the end porn is always focused on sex, obviously. I realized what I crave is real intimacy and sensuality, so just two strangers fucking doesn't really get me off. Do they like what's happening? Do they even like each other? All those things seem too unnatural to me to enjoy it. Of course girls are insanely hot but looks doesn't determine attractiveness to me anymore, when I see a hot girl I want to hear her say something and show some of her personality to see who she is, what's on her mind and THAT attracts me to a girl. So I've also started watching livecams because those are real girls and it's pretty interactive and a lot of them have really great personalities too, but it's still not intimate enough since they're a public wank station and in the end it's still a job.
So what I crave is, obviously, a personal emotional connection with someone. Just finding myself a girlfriend isn't that easy because I'm really picky which doesn't help the problem that I'm not the most attractive guy for a lot of girls, typically I'm just the perfect friend but nothing beyond that. So what came to mind is people actually send each other personal nudes and sexts and stuff like that over the internet and that sounded quite intriguing but I have tried all the obvious ways like dirtykikpals and stuff but it's all bullshit, every chat site is filled with horny guys asking M or F? so that's not an option either. I was wondering how do people find someone to get to know more, text romantically and exchange nudes? Because there must be girls out there who want to do this too but not on the mundane "send nudes here's dick pic" level. So how do you find someone who is open for this stuff and doesn't just want to sell you their snap premium, but is actually interested in a more personal connection?

tl;dr: Porn doesn't feel real enough to me since I want a more personal connection so I'm looking for ways to find people interested in chatting and exchanging nudes.
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2018.12.04 03:55 sillysnakee Porn livecams

everytime I visit a porn site an ad always pop's up livecams or sometimes my laptop might even shutdown and say virus found why is there so many viruses on pornsites? I thought you only get viruses if you download something not just for visiting a website how do they even get away with doing that. I heard somewhere that they are classed as low quality sites who makes money through ads but why are there virus ads not just one but every single ad on a pornsite says its a virus why do they hide viruses in porn sites? I know its stupid but it seems like its karma you watch a video then we give you this bad virus for you as a thankyou, honestly why are all porn sites full of viruses all the time why do porn sites give you viruses?
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2018.08.20 21:57 RogerBrow Porn livecams

I feel the need to write it somewhere. I thought that'll be a good place to get a feedback. If you spend a moment to write my post you will know that my thinking is disrupted and I don't know which problems may be caused from PMO and which can't be. I just need help from outside. By the way maybe someone will be found who can tell me what chances i have to back to life and whether it's possible at all. I'm sorry for misspellings. I hope i won't kill you by boredom and you stay with me to the end. But if you don't want to read whole post just slide down. Thanks
I'm 20 years old right now.
0-11,5y - anxious, nervous
11,5y - start masturbate to porn. (not rarely 2x times in a row). fatigue, brainfog, sweating in public, low self-steem 14y - starting smoke weed and sometimes mixed with alcohol (weekends) worse results in learning, educational problems, start of social problems gets obssesed on PMO + fapping to livecams with singel masturabting woman. worse self-esteem 16y - tinnitus + derealization states,a little bit of paranoia, panic attacks, race of thoughts(OCD),anxiety, sometimes empty head, lack of memory and focus, problem with logic thinking, antisocial stop smoking and drinking 18y - in mania like state i took punds of diet supplements, herbs and research chemicals. it ravaged my body physically and more mentally PMO only to livecams. hot flushes, weak bones, bloating, hiatal hernia, circulatory problems, dry skin, weak muscles, fucked up metabolism sense of reality become more freak, stopped feeling my body depression, OCD about masturbating
19y - took cocaine and again smoked one time weed(worsen symptoms), sildenafil and whores. bigger depression, intrusive thoughts(OCD) about masturbating become stronger and stronger, ED swollen penis, drooping tesctiles(shitty sildenafil before taking everything was good with tesctilles).
20y - literally i have hay from my brain and from my body either. i'm feeling like corpse, like i will die soon + i'm suicidal. the truth is that even doctor says that it's hardly to say what's wrong with me after this whole shit. have bilion urges and obssesive/intrusive thoughts about porn, masturbation, sexuality think about the same thing over and over again mostly it's sexuall and social thoughts fatigue, lack of focus, problem with talk to people,don't feel like social being, feeling that i lost humanity. weak memory, problem with sense of time, problem with emotions, moods swings, sometimes apathy and empty head. worst self-esteem since birth. (+ most symtopms from preverious years) i've tried to quit PMO and always after 1 or 1,5 months i lost :( one day i have urges and sexual images in head another i don't one day have focus and better memory, another no it can even change during one day few times. the same is with brainfog i have to think about simple, sensless things over and over again to understand them. it seems to me that intrusive thoughts don't decrease with time, sometimes they are so weird and i have no control about myself and became impuslive

  1. Could somebody explain on which points in my life PMO have really impact?
  2. Can PMO cause bloating and problem with gastrointestinal track, problem with breating and stomach?
  3. I have ED but when i saw woman who masturbate i get erection is it very disturbing and weird?
  4. From watching cams i got intrusive thoughts about what side effects of masturbating are real beceause i didin't see in those women brainfog,fatique, depression etc. Why is that?
  5. This day is one of those that i don't control myself. Out of curiosity i visited swinger site and was looking profiles until i watched only photos (there were without retouching) it didin't have impact on me. But when i saw profile of couple and their video she was masturbating - , i closed website and after a while i got a huge brainfog even though i didin't masturbate. Can't get it, what cause the problem? One of them or both ?
  6. At the beginning of visiting livecams i can remember i stated that people who where there must be suckers etc etc. I said to myself; these women are weird, but this suckers must be completly stupid. Why i don't have any brakes anymore? Is it beceause of these drugs and shits i have taken?
  7. What do you think about it? What are you thoughts?
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