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Alright this might be a little long so I'll do a TL;DR at the end for those interested. This is both an experience report as well as a personal rant.
Intro: I'm pretty young (still in highschool) and have had mental issues for a while (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and BPD). Starting this past March I smoked weed, and in August, I started LSD.
Preparation: So Thanksgiving my friend and I thought it would be fun to do Molly. Surprisingly I do my best to stay relatively healthy through my depression so I can be happy with my life one day. That being said I did the research and was even prepared with a couple 5-HT supplements and another one that safely promotes serotonin production. I've been told I have a bit of an addictive personality, also having a binge eating disorder.
The Experience: Alright so it's about 12 at night after her mom goes to work for her midnight shift. We take a whole 200mg each in straight powderock cause we don't have capsules because we're stupid. We run to our car because we wanted taco bell, but we have a state curfew and as we start pulling out a cop passes, we take that as a sign and go back inside. About 20 minutes later, it starts kicking in. With such a high dose, our eyes were only pupils. Our vision was vibrating, and we felt so light everything was pure bliss. We eachother's closest and oldest friend (first experience with weed and lsd was with her) and we pretty quickly ended up stripping because of how amazing it felt (I know, seems like a lesbian fantasy but we're both straight). She yells down to her brother we did molly and we're getting naked so he doesn't come up. It's all so amazing, feeling the walls, eachother, the bed, just unbelievable. Eventually we get dressed and her brother comes up and even me with a bf asks to hug him because feeling is just that amazing. Everything goes great, but unfortunately our trip only lasted about 2 and a half hours which is a little less than we expected.
The comedown: It was really bad. Only like 2:30 in the morning, we're in eachother arms just enjoying it. But I notice so quickly how the vibrating vision went away and suddenly everything didn't feel so amazing. It's a lot of internal panic and sadness, like "I don't want this to be over, it was so short, but it was so nice, I can't wait months for this again". It's just a lot of disappointment. I do my best to stay calm and tell myself this is just how it is and we both take supplements. I go down to talk to her brother who took some acid during out trip to entertain myself and apologize for how much I just moaned and screamed at everything and aggressively caressed his face lmao. We had some good conversations while this mans was tripping. Then it's back upstairs to check on my friend and we both pass out around 6am.
The Next Day: We wake up around 9 and are just kinda in disbelief about our night. None of it feels real, it musta just been a dream honestly. But we know otherwise, and start getting ready to go to the coffee shop down the street that we always go to. We do that, and on the way smoke 2 bowls. I feel a lot better, and I'm just like "Yeah I'm fine, this is fine, life's all good". Throughout the rest of the day we go to stores and shit and generally it's a good time, but I'm still thinking too much. I couldn't get it out of my mind most of the day. It was all so good, I want to experience it again. I'm scaring myself, because weed is one thing, lsd even has it's researched medical purposes, but this was so different and my friend was close to someone who's life went to shit after they took it. (this friend had even done cocaine and was fine)
Where I am: I'm only 16. I've struggled for the past 6 years of my life with functioning in daily life and finding reasons to keep going, having gone to the mental hospital every year for 4 years consecutively. And that was from a sweet little girl who also got straight A's, multiple academic awards, lots of friends and other things going for me, even doing multiple sports. I've been doing better until now, haven't self harmed in a year, and going strong with a boyfriend of almost 16 months. This put me so much on the edge. In my drug drawer as I call it, I also have DMT I'm waiting to smoke. I'm not who I was months ago, my vision is different, the way I see and perceive things are different, I'm more clumsy than I used to be. I smoke almost every week, I do lsd it seems twice a month. I struggle in every area there is. I don't want this life, I feel like I'm digging myself a deeper hole, and this is the first time I've really been scared. I barely function. Even my last couple acid trips went bad, because I was alone and couldn't see myself anywhere good in the future. I've been stuck. This was just a whole new factor that changed so much. I don't know what to do anymore.
TL;DR: First Molly experience with friend was super great, but scary comedown. Now I can't stop thinking about doing it again, and I've had a lot of mental health problems, so I'm really scared.
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So I dont have the full details and remember everything exact but im going to start off and say I was not the best kid in the world. I'm 22 almost 23 now. If your sensitive to physical, emotional (I think I'm not really sure about that one tbh), and a piece of sexual (I was told this was normal but my whole family is kinda trash so idk about that either sorry)
Ok so before I was born according to my mom she and my dad were chasing the dragon. She has 5 kids now 1 before my dad 3 with my dad and 1 after my dad and im right in the middle. She has a W.P. tattoo on her back left shoulder.
So onto my story now I was born December 7, 1997 in Virginia Beach, VA. I dont have any memories before the age of 5 but around 3 my parents left my older bro, older sis, and younger bro in a hotel room while they took me to my aunts house while my siblings got to go to different peoples houses. The reason they took me is always different my mom said it was her or me, my dad said it was a spur of the moment as they both were wanted by the police, my grand parents told me they were going to trade me for drugs. Idk which is right. But anyway at my aunts house I lived there for about 5ish years and there I had 1 older really close friend that passed and I never got to say goodbye to which I fn hate to this day. My uncle and aunt got divorced and I wouldn't see my uncle again until I was like 12 or 13. I started getting "smacked" basically hit with a belt or wooden spoon I would say pretty normal so far. But one day around age 6ish I was using the bathroom and my cousin walks in and asks if she can in a professional way give me oral pleasure however she said it different obviously as she was about 9 or 10 and I said yes not knowing what that was at the time( the 1 sexual abuse that I didnt know if it was story). There was another time I dont remember my age but my aunt said if I pull down my pants and underwear without being told or forced to I would get 1 smack well she lied and have me about 5 or so which is where my trust issues began. Now I did act like a kid I broke things etc. however if my cousins did anything wrong they could blame it on me and I would get punished for it so I got that "normal" 1 to 2 hits pretty frequently and I wasn't allowed to try and prove my innocents so now I have trouble talking about my feelings or really about most things. Age 8 and im starting to visit my mom and i was navigating full airports by myself (pre 9/11). That's the main stuff from those ages short and sweet sorry I make jokes to try and help myself sometimes.
Now onto ages 8-14 maybe 15 sorry. So I am finally living with my biological mom my dad is a jailbird junkie. Very 1st night my sister showers and comes into our room to get dressed she's butt naked not even a towel and its only a 2 bedroom apartment. So now I've seen her bush which is disturbing to day the least but she's going about it like im not even there. Moving on about 2 weeks or so into my stay I was sitting on the love seat and my sister comes out of our room and for no reason I'm 8 still she wraps her hands around my throat to kill me she's like 15 or 16 trying to kill an 8 year old but my mom comes in the front door 1 minute later and I would be dead and my mom and sister get into a real street fist fight in front of me and the cops are called it wasn't the 1st time or the last yet. Nkw fast forward to my very 1st birthday with my mom. Omg I think it'll be the first day of actual peace maybe ill even get to celebrate it with my whole family nope my mom walks in the front door and my sister and mom almost immediately start fighting again yay right so the cops come yet again for the last major time they've been here at least 15 times since I moved in for reference and my sister gets taken away in handcuffs my mom goes to her and my grandmas room they share with my youngest bro and doesn't come put for the rest of the day so my whole first birthday with my mom was spent alone as a 9 year old. So fast forward again to the day we move and this is where I get worse. We lived around 5 maybe 6 minutes walking distance to Wal-Mart and I start stealing petty items like a kid (pokemon cards, toys, game boy games, etc.) And I was stealing off and on before that but it got worse after we moved. So first day in the new house and my mom grabs my hand and says she bets I can't knock her over so as were both pulling back I did a wwe move and collided my shoulder with her and put her on her a$$ and went outside on the steps and cried right after. Fast forward a few weeks and I meet my 1st "friend" who got me into stealing more expensive items usually football gloves as I was into football at the time which the cheapest pair I stole was around $50 so not to cheap from dicks sporting goods as well as hitting more stores in the walmart strip mall 5 below ds game stop thats it I think. So anyway my sister has stopped fighting my mom and tries me so I was in a corner while she hit me 2 times and I grabbed the fat part of her thigh right where the cheek meets thigh and pinched it so hard I drew blood. My mom defended me but said "you back an animal into a corner and they fight back" what a use of words am I right. So I am very fuzzy with ages so I'm not going to give them but im going to try and remember all the details and outcomes. So everytime I acted out my mom who was about 350 give or take would sit on my stomach and punch me not unlike a street or mma type of fight and I would assume the fetal position until she wore herself out and it happened pretty frequently sometimes one a day other times 2 or 3 times a day also should mention that I was a bed wetter until I was 19 was my last incident and I would sleep in it like how an animal would rub themselves in something g to mask their scent to other predators it was along those same reasons however I showered every day. In this house the worst thing I did was steal money from my grand mom who had breast cancer which I felt shitty right after and before anyone talks about that I want to say that I not only apologized but found out through basic context clues and behavior of my mom that at least one of my grand parents abused my mom probably sexually and ill get into that later but the other one had to know. So around this time my mom starts making really and very sexual "jokes" to my sister basically pinching her ass and a few porn ready types of looking back were probably advances tbh. I mean she did everything except actually have sex with her so yeah. Moving on I was already messed up in my head but around 10 last age I can remember a little bit I got to watch criminal minds with my mom yay mommy time lol but the episode was the one of the old guy and Jane cutting off people's arms legs and head to paint the picture its tv-ma and showed it all down to the last detail. So that only furthers my mental issues. Forgot to mention earlier but before we moved I went to a children's mental hospital called kid's peace for a vacation and literally told my mom it was a vacation. So a while later in the same house I went to kids peace again for anger issues thats it. I had a male best friend who lived next door and one day he just left no goodbye not even a moving truck maybe it was just a really good imaginary friend but ill never know if he's reading this his name is nick and I really appreciate everything he helped me with even if he doesn't know he helped. I was told by my mom that he moved to Texas and his step dad held a loaded double barrel shotgun to his head idk if he shot him or not she never actually told me and idk how she wouldve known but his name was Tracy. Nick got me to do the ouiji board I hope im spelling that right at least 3 times 2 of which were in my house and we never said goodbye. My mom became really close with my uncles ex fiance and she also started hitting me in my head however she didn't sit on me but open or close hand it didn't matter. My sister started dating a guy and we went to his house for dinner one night just me and her and this dude had a pet alligator in PA but he had a pet pit bull and while we were there I was petting the dog behind its ear and for no reason it bit my calf I have the scar for proof and it was bad enough that some leg tissue was hanging out looked like how sperm is depicted btw and as I was crying and about to leave I looked back and her bf at the time was full on punching the dog in its throat and later it got put down and to this day I hate his family for the way they treated that dog I never blamed the dog but now I'm very cautious around dogs but I own 2 lol. My mom when I got home told me to get in the shower which originally was a bath but my grandma said a bath would just circulate the bacteria from the wound and I got out maybe 7 minutes later for an idea of how much I was bleeding the er staff took me in right after they saw me instead of making me wait an hour or so my shoe was soaked and leaving bloody foot prints so they said if I wouldve been 10 minutes later I wouldve bled out. I cracked my head open on some metal stairs in a park in catasaqua pa and got heavy into eminem. I had my first gf in that house and as you can imagine I treated her like shit not abusive but I would hang up on her 3 times and never called her she called me basically doing what those all guys are the same guys do nowadays. Two of my relatives died in that house ages too and I also didn't get to say goodbye then. I started sleeping in school and failed 2 grades nkt because I'm slow or anything just felt like failing. My mom told me my uncle had used my sisters feet to sexually stimulate himself now I was no older than 12 at most and already was hearing that. My sister and mom were preaching how I was going to end up like my dad and that my sister was doing things she hasn't done since they loved with my dad like sleeping in sneakers. There was one night where for whatever reason my sister was sleeping on my bedroom floor and I was curios about the female body so I tried touching different areas but never actually poked in one as she had on jean short shorts and well was fully clothed and im not proud of that and its the one and only time it happened. I'm not justifying that as it is very sick and disturbing but I really didn't know any better like I do now. My dad visited me and took me to Walmart alone and bought me a game boy advanced SP and after he paid for it in front of the worker and all says "damn Robert you used all of my $1s" he had other bills just didn't use them like that was your decision idiot. So my neighbor and I one night we were up about 2 am or so and he asked if I was curious and I didn't know what that meant at the time but to save time we ended up touching eachothers meat if you will and it wasn't long because I truly didn't like it not that im a homophobe or anything I just dont like the way it looks/smells or really anything about it so after that we lay on our backs and basically just finish ourselves off and rate how we liked it and I gave a similar answer to him because I didnt want to hurt his feelings or make him uncomfortable. There was also a kid I hung out with and to make a long story short he also gave me oral pleasure for about 2 minutes as I was no where near hard nor was it even remotely appropriate it was under a bridge basically and he told me if he didn't that homeless people were going to kill us and I was dumb enough to believe him so I told him I didn't like what he was doing and to pull his pants down and as soon as mine were up and his were down I ran I never touched his tiny pee pee he went to high school and told everyone I did but he was making conversations with me like if I kept my attitude but went trans for a day he would date me and so on I was really uncomfortable around him. I only wet the bed once at his house and it also happened to be the only time he slept in the same room as me. Now fast forward to my next apartment and it was in basically the projects if you will and when I was moving in I met another real wonderful man who is Dominican and another who is Puerto Rican and they helped me move inalong with a few others. I had my 2nd and last as for now gf there and I dont know if this was abusive or not but I smacked her but 2 or 3 times and we'd only been dating for like a week maybe less she never said stop or anything so I really am not sure. My mom started smoking weed pretty heavily like you could smell it outside of our door heavy. My brother was 8 and around 250 or so extremely obese and honest rn he's more than likely dead and that breaks my heart in ways I can't even understand I wasn't the best big bro to him but I loved him with all my heart. I had my 2nd hit of weed behind some old houses there. I got into basketball there and played football with my friends. I started stealing just because I was asked for certain items by people and never actually made money off of it which sucks. And I started watching adult videos. I started going to the principal more and more and whenever she gave me oss I said my mom was going to hit me and all she could say was "do you want a cop to go home with you" so naturally I said no as my mom wouldve waited until the cop left and I'd get it worse which in hindsight probably made me look like I just wanted to get out of trouble. I drew a swastika and showed it to a Jewish woman of color because she was annoying me and I dont know if I said anything but my mom tells me I did. But nothing out of the ordinary happened until halfway through 7th grade btw the abuse and me acting up was still going on just nothing that out of the ordinary or memorable and I decided I had enough of my life and took three 9 inch steak knives to school to get caught with them which I did but I needed a story to cover the real intent. So I went to the office 12 times to complain about a bully when in reality the kid was talking about my mom which I did anyway I didn't care but needed a fall guy if you will. So the last day I was sitting in English class and I loved the teacher as he was such a nice and really genuine good teacher and person and I was talking during silent reading (this was day 2 of having the knives btw) and got walked to the principals office by him on purpose because I knew what was coming and I was ready. So we got there and I said goodbye to him when he left and the woman have me iss for the day but when we got there I was asked if I had a pencil I carried all of my books so my backpack was huge at the time and I said no ao she said there's no way and searched my bookbag and found the 3 knives and expelled me now what really set that in motion was that 1 I didn't have a pencil on purpose and 2 the day before I showed 2 kids in particular the knives as I knew they would "snitch" so she already knew I had them at least the one day so I had to force myself to cry so my mom would think it was genuine and I was booked in the local jail data system and knew my mom was going to give me up. The only regret I have is that I met a girl you could say I really loved and still do I still think she's the hottest woman I've ever met that never went away and after my mom gave me up and I was in the system I friended a lot of asses I hated just so I could see if she had a fb profile in hopes of one day getting a chance to show her how much I've grown and try and maybe date her with no such luck until later her name is Sabrina Galloway if she's reading this. So my worst punishment came right after I left the jail booking place (I wasn't in jail just had the mugshot and so on) when we got home my mom beat my like she never had before and told me I was on "mommy jail" basically I was in my 90 degree room on a colder spring/summer day for reference and wasn't allowed to leave except for school then back in. I was fed 1 or 2 peanut butter sandwiches no jelly and got to drink my bathrooms faucet water which had toothpaste stains on it I had an ac in the room but was told if I plugged it in my mom would cut the cord and beat me with it so I didn't risk it. So after 2 or 3 months of this my mom woke me up in the dead of night to take me to NY and didn't understand why I was pissed so that same night she took me to the er and I was committed which I signed myself in and stayed there for maybe 2 or 3 days that was it. Then I got to go to kids peace again and stayed for my usual week and left to a homeless shelter where I met a guy because I had wet my bed and asked for underwear and tbh he was way more understanding than I wouldve ever thought in fact most people were. Then I went from the shelter to a kids peace group home holding facility where I stayed for a month or so and after that I went to NHS or northwestern human services where I finally started to open my mind I met a lot of different people from schizophrenic to gangbangers and I didnt judge a single one of them I was told multiple stories and became really close to a former blood who is going to remain nameless for his safety then from there I went to foster care where I had one hell of an experience so first off my case worker lisa was a fuckin bitch she would constantly talk about how I smelled like piss and berate me for wetting the bed as a teenager and my foster mom who was black not African though so African American is kinda disrespectful towards her and she wanted me to be happy and told me to sign up for any after school activities that would make me happy and so I volunteered at the community center around the corner which had a basketball team that I was just able to be a part of at 16 so naturally I asked her for permission she said yes with a huge smile on her face and then I went to one practice and my foster dad wouldn't take me again but what he and the state didn't know is I walked way further than the school we practiced at and he wouldn't take me out of laziness not anything with the state. So on Christmas my 1st and only year in foster care my mom calls so I was happy you know maybe she changed and it was pretty normal you know until bam right after I told her how I was she goes "merry Christmas your dad fu*ked a dog" and I hung up my foster dad and mom were listening on the other 2 phones state mandated that at least 1 has to listen in just to make sure I guess and my foster mom just stared at me she couldn't believe what she just heard my foster dad took about 3 to 5 minutes to actually say thats so messed up you never tell anyone that doesn't matter their age and btw I looked up both my dads aliases and no beastiality so he didn't do it as far as im concerned but you have to think they've heard everything but no my mom had to one up everyone and I know Lisa heard about it too but even after she was still just an awful human and I hope she gets what she deserves I hated her for everything she did she refused to let me walk to basketball practice and back even though I posed no risk I never ran away and had no school problems either. But anyway eventually my granddad and step grandma were asked if they wanted me and they said sure. They have my younger bro and have been giving him meds he doesn't need so now he's just a ticking time bomb and if my granddad dies first he's going to kill my step grandma but if its the other way he might hold off but unsure. Anyway I was there for a Christmas stay basically seeing if I liked it or not and he started flipping tf out hitting himself in the head and walking behind my step gm who im going to say sgm from now on like he was going to hit her so I had my fist balled up really tight like finger nail indents in my hand tight because I wasn't going to just let that happen but he never did and I went back to foster care 4 days later then I decided I would live with them and moved there. While there I was put on meds I didn't need and luckily for me I met an amazing person but more on that later. The major events was my bro wanted so badly to be a gangbanger even though he was a wussie and a snitch for my grand parents anything I said or did outside of the house was relayed back to them. He hit me with a knife ok my pinky knuckle and dead serous as I was bleeding to "stop over reacting it isn't that bad" now I have a scar because of it and all I did was pour rubbing alcohol on it and a bandaid over it thats it. He also knew where to hit a person to anger them real quick there was a special spot on the back of a person's head that deals with their emotions and once hit instantly makes you really mad. I graduated high-school and had my grades go from fs and 1 d to bs and 1 c because my grand parents thought I couldn't live without my phone then 4 months of not having it they caved and said do you ever want your phone back and I said I take my bets so seriously that ill fail a whole grade if you want to take it that far needless to say they changed their bet quickly. Now their form of abuse is different where they would purposely make me mad and slowly take away my outlets until walking out and slamming the door was all that was left. Basically they could get a check off of me if I was on the right meds and they really made sure I was. Before any of my appointments with my psychiatric dr they would go in for about 10 minutes and the dude wouldn't hear what I had to say so I assume they were giving him a slice of the pie to put my bro and I on the meds. So the only real major even was our "family therapy" session with Jackie who was a good therapist when in a room where all 4 of us and Jackie could barely fit my grandparents and bro started yelling so loud the waiting room could hear and I just sat their blank faced staring at all of them like they were stupid and my gd is threatening to kick me out basically making me homeless and my sgm is saying "what's wrong with you Robert if I was in your position I would be screaming my freaking head off what's happening" and Jackie got my gd to not kick me out but not before I chimed in so calmly you wouldn't believe and I said well if im screaming at all of you with how loud you were 1 Jackie would have a worse headache than she does now 2 it wouldn't help anything and 3 your not the first people to fo this so I can pretty much adapt to any situation. Jackie looked at me like I had just made a revelation and my GPS looked defeted my bro looked at me like I was going to be killed that night. So about 2 years of me living with those monkeys and my neighbor Rita passed and her family came to stay in her house while the will was being addressed and luckily for me the light at the end of the tunnel they were short on space so my current roommate who I consider my family had to stay in our guest bedroom and as he and I talked he realized what was actually happening in that house and asked if I wanted to live with him mind you ive never talked or even seen this guy before so I said yeah why not lol my attitude in three words but anyway I had been working at publix and had a savings of around $3k which is gone now and we both used that money to get on our feet again he is on disability so he has a monthly check which isn't alot but moving on we stayed in 3 different houses 1 was his gms house 2 and 3 were in a whole different county far far away from my GPS house and work wasn't an issues until we were about to move cross country while we were planning I was working at Walmart in avon park I did sfs (online order shipping or pickup) cap 2 (stocking and throwing trucks) and as a janitor I loved working there however in cap 2 they severely over worked us and we never got any help from our supervisors like we should have ntm I was just thrown in no training or anything then in sfs it was great everyone worked and talked and you could take you two 15s and the hour lunch which I usually declined my 15s as I didnt really need them I told my supervisor to use my br breaks as my 15s not that it took me that long to go but I really liked working. But then came the full time janitor position and thats when everything became $hit so I'm white if you didn't know from the context clues and a male too and worked with primarily female hispanic coworkers with a few exceptions as 1 hislanic male and 1 black female so while I worked there the black female was pregnant seeing this I tried really hard to make her job easier but not so she wasn't working like I could get the 10 pound trash bags if she would replace them with a newer one etc. so she talks to me about how she was a stripper and did all of these different drugs and I really didn't care but was listening so she knew she had some type of friend because she was generally looked down at by the others. One of the female coworkers was cheating with a cap 2 hispanic worker while they both were married to different people. The other female hispanic worker and I didnt really have a issue we basically just didn't work together until one day she tried giving me attitude and I shit that down rq because I gave her some right back. Now onto the hispanic male he was the worst person I've ever met just a shitty human in general so he didn't work good like I had to go and clean behind him and I shit you not every manager+supervisor+worker knew idk how he still had a job. But one day we were talking and a female over 18 passes us and naturally we looked at her butt as she was walking I looked for maybe anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds pretty normal I think all things considered but he stared not blinking until she left his sight and I mean bending his head and all just way out of place and so after a minute I brush it off and say have you seen a bakery worker who im not going to name but she's over 18 now I word it like that because I worked with quite a few minors under 18 and the dude is 28 almost 30 and lives in his moms basement and has the real pedophile look like bald head grand pa huge frame glasses and fat and so he responds to my question with "I've seen everybody's" so now I'm really uncomfortable working with him but I push through it. So maybe less than a month later im taking a rare 15 and went over somewhere between 30-45 minutes and when I say rare I took the entire 9 months I worked at that Walmart all of 10 and worked no less than 20 hours a week on pt so really that number should've been in the hundreds ntm I shortened my own lunch break and worked through 1 just to help my coworkers and not screw over the supervisors and he went up to a css which is basically 1/2 a level higher than me like they can write me up but thats it an this is the 1st job I've been written up at and tells the mean hispanic hoe that as soon as she got a little power started letting it go to her head and tells her ive been on a 15 for an hour or longer which isn't true ntm that he told her I took them frequently when you can ask my sfs and ogp superiors and coworkers they'll tell you the exact same thing. So now I'm fuming with this waste of human life and the same hoe is now getting her fellow hispanic people up there to target me which had been going on before that but got worse after and the only real reason I can think of is because I'm white thats it now the major thing that happened that had nothing to do with them as far as I know was I had to bury a dead cat that was pushed with gas missing its eyes and smelled awful in a ditch if anyone shops there and wants to find it dm me and ill let you know the exact location. Now thats the only employer that I've been written up with, pushed out for racial reasons while they never called me a cracker or something like that they spoke in Spanish around me and only Spanish so its not hard to deduce, and I threw up twice and had a bloody nose before I asked to go home on 2 occasions where as the other ones went hom at the mere feel of a belly ache I had a cap 2 worker get injured and was forced into maintenance and 2 or 3 weeks later during carona he got sick with something other than corona idk what but has waited and still might be waiting for just the stores ok he has been passed by everything else to come back and he's the only other white janitor. There was an old white guy that did a little and I mean very little janitor work who had to wait a year after having a stroke I believe and he did more maintenance like fixing and not so much cleaning. Also outside of working there my female friend not gf I was friendzoned by her but anyways her parents are/were getting harassed by the stores "security" who is black and her parents are white now before you say oh he can't be racist or he was just doing his job ive watched people steal and get away with it in fact there was a black guy I watched steal and walk up to the security guard and give him a high five talk for 10ish minutes and then leave and it was noticeable what he stole and the girls parents are 50 minimum and even had this dude outside of his job almost crash into them pull over with them then pull up beside them say something and take off literally trying to push it with them and her parents carry a gun they have licenses for. And as for the emotional abuse idk if this really is or not but while Irving with my mom I said I love you and was told it so much it has no meaning to me anymore but now my life is better thanks to my roommate and now when I talk to girls which doesn't happen often because its been such a long time and everything is sexual harassment now I try to be as honest and idc if it hurts my chances of getting a gf either and upfront so she knows what she's getting into I havent had a gf since the 7th grade and depending on your views of virginity im either a virgin to some or not to others either way sex with most guys my age is all they think about but not me and I also don't really know how I would treat and act around a woman especially one im attracted to so I have tried to get a few but no such luck. Anyways the only other thing I'm going to say is that for those that don't have parents or family that want/love them I know the holidays suck more than anything but your not alone let's get through this hell on earth together.
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St. Ronan
Communist Gun Club
Half-Completed Dick
Sparkly Pink Condition
BS about HS
The Really Crusty Baguettes
Well-Mannered Frivolity
Forbidden Boy Sauce
Stuffed Armadillo Material
Undomesticated Juveniles
Jaundiced Cupid
A Bus Up to No Good
Botanical Buddhists
Stylistic Scuffing
1900 Autonomous Boats
Hitler’s Christmas Cards
Glacier Cherry
Sassy Stick-Throw
Vigilante Snowplow Group
The Whale Wall Whales
Neon Beige (a real band)
Crunchiest Elbow
Milkweed Editions
Geen Doorgang
Bulky Luggage Claim
Blackout Blazer
Positive Yet Potentially Self-Destructive
Spicy Cream
Bold and Saucy Wrongs (a real band)
Stressfully Thick
Death Methods
Quarter Life Crisis
Greg’s Amazing Labelmaker!
Planned Parenthood Pencil
Antwon’s Subtle Flex
The Temporary Tattoos
Frosty E-Wall
Kombucha Opportunities
Deaf Pedestrians (a real band)
Left and Sharply Right
Peach Razbatazz
Call me Coco
Ronda’s Alternative Hypothesis
Venetian Glass Guys
Floating Flamingo, Chlorinated
Bifurcated Sugar Lump
Crystal Hedgehog
Grow Owl
Bass Fiddle
The Rose Gold Universe
Parabellum Cerebellum
The Pears of Capitalism
The Dreamkillers
Me and my Misaligned Spine
The Bleeding Oreos
Hacky Saxophone
Chewy Dipps
Gravy Donuts
Singing Little Lizards
Smokehouse Cheeto
Zygotes Over Easy
Off Her Knee into Me
Glittering Generalities
Crispy Nutty Soul
Arich “Ball Smasher” Fruehling
Sex Wax
Army of Skanks
The Loose Zipper
Margarita Mindset
Silver Status
Boba Tapioca
Where the Pavement’s Slick
Three Piece Combo
Belled Bexley
The Gas Station Flowers
Untangle the Windsock
The Fully Folded Fools
Atticus Pringletoe
Ketamine Carlos
Olives to Go!
The Bone Fairy
Vans Deferens
Pocket Hose
Little Ms. Jesus Christ
Rusty Dime
De-Stress Pretzel
Triumvirate of Grooviness
The Possum Infiltration
CandY-Care Department
A Hamster or No?
Blazers Down Low
Slow Flow Level One Silicone Nipple
Skin Tone Pants
Lily Cache Lane
Rusty Rocketship
Greasy Evening
Meat Gushers
Starhawk Unity
Bottles of Backbones
Fishy Burps
Glass Fleshlight
Bill’s Box of Bits
Snooker Supremo
Sober Fly Force
High Fireglaze
Jumbo Jollifications
Jewish Penicillin Hotline
The Vaginal Puppeteers
Venti BlackTea
Four Oreos from Heaven
Salvation and Satisfaction
Popcorn and the Tigerducks
Beef CD and the CDC
Chance Magnanimous
Vein Gravy
Cotton Candy Cloud Person
Here Kitty Kitty
Forgotten Umbrella
Onion Tea
Baked Rockfish Gillets
Devan Butter
Ham Candle
Pillowy Abyss
Space Husbands Forever
The Hawking Horse
Rocky Iceball
To Seem and to Shine
Fuckable Mud Puddle
Big Alien Boner
Hot Dog Dynamite
Heelcheese Ringo
Wilted Arugula
Intensiv Schmusen
Art Senator
The Suckle Harem
Line Drive Vasectomy
American Plaster Cats
McLoon’s Teethpost
Bang’s Anatomy
Fleecy Huggs
Butch Deity
The Sexual Lexicon
The Essential Pederast
Buckshot Yankee
Doctor Neil Cream
Flat Jupiter Society
Canoodling Candidates
Crazy J and the Douche Canoes
Wiener Winks
Panini Bitch
Pollen Nation
Bosko Stikcs
Knuckle Cancer
The Sperm Ballooning Society
Derrick McGee and the Four Burner Facebooks
Envy Rots the Bones
Ben's Big Bennington Badger Band
Phil and the Magical Chocolates
Kelly Kitchens
Fettuccine Weesie
Cavalcade of Grunting
Down Syndrome Dogs
Stoners in Gestation
Fleecy Mitts
Ella Barnes' Basement
Brian Broadsword
Bean Lantern's Light
Brown Catholic Knights
Cyclone of Garbage
Halal Hentai and the Hendersons
Squeaky D and the West Coast Ghosts
On-Time Airline
Various Artists
Enceladus Prime
Yellow Light is Flashing!
Don Bosco
Joycie Terrific from the Hinterlands
(Sink into) Our Slab of Rest
Jung-L Jymmz
Lethal Leafy Hungry Flowers
Prelaw Irish Pop Band
Silly Murdercoat
Die Vokabelfeuerwerken
Pepperoni and Beans
The Plainshirt Gang
Daisy Chain Gravy Train
Lethr Egz
Amelia Begonia
Candy Corn on the Cob
Corn Bone
The Poltergeist of Stamps
Señor Spank and the Groovy Crew
Tater Tot Hot Dish
Swamp Ice
Swarthout and the Cheesefoods
Outhouse Moon
Billionaire Bolthole Club
Neutral Titties
Churro Genocide
Alcoholic Jesus Juice
Vegan Cannibal
Twizzler Tubbs
The Ann Arbor Vampire Rave
My Crusty Hummus
Cunning Stunts and Pratfalls
Salami Poptart
A Cooler Full of Platypus Cheese
Confessional Gloryhole
Predators Hunting Puppets
Smokey Junglefrogg
Skateboard Horse
Ultimate Pleasure Oil
Creative Nonfiction
Scrimshaw Trinket
The Acoustic Cigarettes
Hide Your Snickels
The Pounding Fathers
The High-School-Hangout-Pussy-Destroyers
Sourdough Nibblers
Loose Q. Tipps
Reclaimed Bowling Alley Lane
Porn on the Cob
Refurbished Tents
Second Aid Kit
Balthazar Thurgood
Pasteurized Motorcycle Club
Jiggery Pokery
Ekko Sneez
Gatorade Cumshot
Sleazy Tortilla and the GDP
Mr. and Mrs. McCandles
Firefighter Brutality
Electronic Sit Music
Competitive Sleep League
Lucky Lock Lube Lucy
Waxed Apple
Welsh Lady Ass Fudge
Gran Hoodle's Ham Noodles
Kellogg Jane
Wally World's Chapstick Emporium
Stovepipe Junction
Sticky Nickels
Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible
Pranky Goofs
Ropey Fitness Orc
Divorce Warlock
The Capital Parentheses
Vowel Polyps
Zigguraut Daydream
An Eventful Stroll Through the Ghetto
Sand Hanitizer
Meat Boat
Grandpa Was a Pimp
Your Crowave Oven
Creamy Beans 123
Misconsin, Wichigan
The Bountiful Zinc Deposits of Zambia
Goods! Services!
Touch, Don't Look
Pious as F*ck
Shannan Hatcher
The Lando System
EPark, the Spark
Peg Knickerbocker
Flower Crown Energy
Jeam Pargraphy
Boiling Milk Spout
Midnight Ego Exercise
Banana Bread Bricks
Lego Lore Authority
Silicone Fellatio
Telepathic Wiener Missiles
I've Pickled Beets
Leon Askew
Reggie's Churro Parade
Dizzy Chicken
Boof Woods
The Menstrual Lounge
Calligraphy Camp
Stripper Fiddler on the Roof
Gravity's Rainbow
Crispin Horsefry
The Clumsy Gay Flatulant
The Impudence of ur Deeds
Handout Heartattacks
At the Divot
It Lacked Elegance
Greasy Weasels
Friday Foliage Fish-Fry
The No Buddies
I Like Your Shirt
Ruby Tattoosdays
Smugly Superior
My Troglodyte Ilk
In the Year of Our Lady
The Sacramento Sunshine Society
That Old Chestnut
Allot Groc
Sandbox Love
Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Antisemitics
The Mierdas Touch
Prone Bone Malone
Wolfmina Jacquelina
Stag n' Ant
Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate
Spider Everett
Erstwhile Antagonist
Carmine the Bowler
Cornish Game Hens
E. Rail Elephant
The Inconspicuous Cubes
Take Two Valerian Root
Hot Dog Homicide
I Have No Son
A Robust Woman
Benzoyl Peroxide
Conflict Avocados
Hemline Ratbag
So They Told Her
My Little Amish
Der Fledermensch
Retro Reavers
Little Tuberkies
Land Salmon
Dr. Lucius Seuss
Uncle Sticky’s Discount Ham Wagon
Father Gascoigne and the Cleric Beast
Gophertown, USA
Encyclopedia Brick
Cathodius Rey
Ponytail Rick
The Pittsburgh Smithing Society
Louisa and Ramone
Electric William
A Meaty Priest
Deviant Ingrediant
Honey Bunches of Smokes
Elder Butt-Bandit
Serotonin Messiah
The Commemorative Bench Registry
Clutch the Cheese
Tell That to Shaun
Silver? Silver.
Whirligig Bitch
And the Weasels, Too!
The Ear Trumpets
Homies: Where the Heart Is
Kudos From Your Sister
Keith de Cervantes
Quit Yer Havering
Crim N. L. Scum and the Troubled Youths
Go Out and Steal
Gran Piano
The Klosslands
Jank E. Cheese's
Pennsylvania Sedge
Albert Epstein
Drag Queen Ethnostate
Potions and Notions
Roy the Save Fairy
Fires, Friends, and Grains
Weed Femur
Not a Toaster
Joni Has Gooberries
Lamb Lung
Mandatory Camping
August 36
Nectar of the Gods
Olathe North Junior Hawks
Trevor and the Pencilnecks
The Almond People
Naked as a Jaybird
Papa Schliss and the Regent Degenerates
Psi Phi Dental Fraternity
Invention Highway
Drippy Vigil
Rosemary Encampment
A Manner Parodical
Beware of Damp People
Areola Quadrant
Dismounting Chairless
Come Here Slimy Coochie
Herman Majesty
Fort Hose
Luther Porches
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Bojanski Pohutski
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Atheist Cake
The Pubic Cornrows
We Make Puns
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Hitachi Elder Wand
Pinecones of All Ages
Girls' Night Bar Fight
Ragdoll Slim
Optimal Titty Balance
Freshly 23
Jane's Phone
Fabbio Doplicher
Dancefloor Igor
The Meevies
Artificial Wonderlands
The Bean People
Generic Apocalypse
Delves of Dodgington
Adolescent Rat
The Mugicians
Our Business Daddy
Overnight Oats
Cats Who Yells
Steel Wool Experiences
Communal Puffin Meat
Hot Wench Gelato
Sarah Has a Single
Shotguns Hats and Money
Script Kiddies
All Crops are Bastions
Kim of All People
Like a Chimney
Lizzie the Sock
Hittite Storm God
Mesopotamian Storm God
Dental Wealth
Raspberry Panzerfaust
Wolf in a Turban
Plaid and Sequins
Speary Whirit
Lock and Quiche
My Scottish Posse
These English Runes
Cinderella Quickstep
Diagetic Ambiguity and the Fantastical Gap
Banana Blondies
Sexually-Transmitted Ghost
Ponder Stibbons
The Cavity Creeps
Bismuth Patricia
Anteater Financial Aid
A Good and Honest Coward
Sinesta Gillicuty
Beautiful Baubles and Gleaming Gemstones
Whitey Bulger's Final AirBNB
Cheers Monsanto
The Infernocracy
Joe-Bobby and Flannel
Cactus Juice Supply Chain
Calm It Giorno
Fat Nothingburger
Ethereal Beer
There's a Tradeoff
Mom's Bazooka
The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ
Everybody's a Dirigible
A Bookbag, a Bookbag!
Pidgin Pigeon Religion
The Scarecrow Folk
Sue Me, Roland Emmerich
Kissing Ithmuses
Socialist Ghosts
An Alternative Prophet
Father's Famous Flying Flapjacks
Pacific Standard Rhymes
Washtenaw Dairy Boy
Lime Tinged
eeKcM's Logic
Spider of the Mind
Hot Scandi Guy
Dynamite the Warren
Signum of Victory
Eclectic Uncle
Shutterjaw Nineteen o’ Ten
We Have Fun Here
My Hound From Ipswich
Good Elk Pelt
Broccoli Tots
A Certain Centanarian Cenatur Senator
Plasticine Porters
Bare Knucle Friendships
Tom Bombadil
Pankration Nation
Nun Lunch
Traveling Inkwell
Ansel Ehrenreich
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The Friday Night Kill-In
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Sin Spinach
Sparkhole in the Lulus
Row Bots
Greg's Deadname
Gentry Vacation
The Yellow Hegemony
Appear Upon't
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The Sights Unconquered
Turn My Spirit Gold
My Father's Old Service Revolver
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Maiden Drowssap
The Fishkeeping Club
Airsick Lowlanders
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Frood and Fruitfulness
Enough Elf Tits
Bidet and Night
Silent Himbo
The Vegan Cheese
Enhanced Counterperson
With Regard to Hurricanes
Joe Biden Would...
Chance Maryland
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Pasty-Faced Patsy
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Inferior Charter Township
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Christopher Robber Baron
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A Balanced Breakfast
A Little Saddle-Sore
But No Worse for Wear
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Photo by Des Willie
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The Blight Fantastic
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The German Fears
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Flying to Ypsi
Hot Ostrich
Sow Jet Union
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Inspirational Shark Mantras
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Roundabout Love
Hotel Criterion
Rhinestone Stingray
Thrifty Yahoo
Asbestos Possible
Conspicuous Corpse
Tiny Dutchman
American Others
Quiet, You're Dead
November Twelfth at Eight
King Concentric Circles
Judicial Jockey
That Painted Lady
Gel Facilitation
Buzzsaw Cufflinks
Scrupulous Scrutiny
Masks in Common Spaces
Rinky-Dink Pink
Fishtank Jester
Forrester Reason
Unpretentious Girls from Memphis
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Tea of the Month Club
Agent Tarnowsky
Yung Centaur
Broken Snowglobe
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Eighteen Angry Democrats
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Tubby Custard
You're Not in Trouble
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Mustard Souls of the Damned
The Declination of Independence
My Birthday Hydroponics
East Jesus Nowhere
Junior Iditarod
The Good Green Lord
Jesús Crimes
Prudish Emmisary
A Comically Large Pile of Cocaine
Falling Like Pollywogs
October Fireflies
Sorry Godwin
Political Calvinball
The Limpdick Pantywaists
Pierogi-Positive Household
Climb and Clamber
Beyond My Range of Cruelty
Virtual Churchyard
Denethor's Tomato
Jalapeño Scorpion
Iconic Biceps
Assaulting a Police Horse
Unmute me, Fiend!
Steamy Street
Hills of Meat
Telekinetic Fetch
Genetic Microtransactions
Poverty Barn
Comic Serifs
The Republic of Toast
Some Damn Cat
Lubbock County
Welcome to Iceland
Sympathy for the Rebellion
Elevators on Their Period
Getting Our Steps In
Skater Mecca
Feels So Sinister
Regular Desert Women
A Butt Plug's Purpose
The Gentle Morning Neighborhood Trumpeteers
Mah Jong Quest 3
A Potluck Wedding
Six Pack Jesus
All Manner of Depravity
Nose Bologna
Jop Hip and a Skump
Glacier Cannoway
The New York Sillies
Tottel’s Miscelleny
Running my Religion
Clothtop Bandaid
Communist Block Party
Oat Milk Whore
Ye Salt
Dimensional Beagles
Granite Depression
The Asian Cornrows
One Red Hannah
Mean Creeks
Jonny On The Spot
Pea Milkshake
Statik Lee
Stagger This World
Dead Koch Dybbuk
Pregnant Wallet
Carpenter Vigilante
Nifty Gizmo
Three Seans in a Trenchcoat
Analytic Meat
My Lute Awake
Wipes What Never Work
Acoustic Littering
Tree Senate
Impressive Inundations
Flesh Games
Love Like a Teacup
Pigeon on Chair
Single Chip Maddie
Moral Standards of Christmas
Spirit Sagging
Grinch Pits
Sixteenth Symptom
Dammit is Right
Helpless to Be
Tampon Satchel
Medication Mac
Public Cats
Stroobant's Health Center of West Virginia
Norduino Werriwent
Joey's Cold
The Eleventh Nugget
Ooh Guatemala
Tasteful Sapphic Artwork
Pun Rock
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2020.11.28 04:30 arzezil Girl mom naked and

Hey everybody. I’ve been reading through many peoples stories and saw that a lot of people offer advice and help on trying to make sense of repressed childhood memories. So I thought I’d share what happened to me. I haven’t told anybody this ever, and I am 22. I would really appreciate some guidance <3
When I was around 4-5, my moms friend had two daughters that were basically my only friends. My other “friend” was a neighbor who was actually very emotionally and physically abusive towards me, so these other girls were a breath of fresh air. I only have like 3 or 4 memories of me and the younger girl. I have no idea how old she was, but I think we were roughly around the same age. She may have been just a little bit older than me.
TW Basically, she would come over and we would always get naked and kiss, or at least try to. I don’t really remember how I felt about it, but that part I think was consensual, because I don’t remember feeling that weird about it. The first time anything more happened was when my mom ran us a bath and left us. When we were naked, my friend basically asked if I had ever had oral sex. I obviously had no idea what that meant, and she tried to get me to do it. She could tell I didn’t want to and she said she would do it for me, so she did. Did I let her?? Did I actually enjoy it?? I remember being kind of confused and a little freaked out, but not like afraid for my life or anything. It makes me feel so gross to say that I remember liking it for a second. And we did this a few more times I think, but she moved away a few months later. I haven’t reached out to her or heard from her since, and I often wonder if she is out there thinking about what it means too.
I think the part I’m confused about is that we were both children. Had this person been like, 9 instead of around my age, or if it had been a boy, I feel like it would have changed the way you look at it. If I had been like really really scared or had actively said no, would it have changed it? This is around the time I first experienced things like dissociation and obsessive thoughts+ anxiety, also body dysmorphia. I think maybe I didn’t know what was happening and left my body.
I find myself thinking about this all the time now. I’m afraid to talk about it with anyone because I don’t know how to define it. I have a therapist but I am so scared of saying it out loud to someone for the first time, as well as friends who have experienced similar things. I just feel like people will think I’m weird or a freak. But it feels like I lost my “virginity” at 5 and I am so grossed out by the thought.
Thank you for listening
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2020.11.28 03:04 99eighthnites Naked mom and girl

My step-sister lifted her ass off of my face for a second, allowing me to take one, gulping breath before she sat back down, forcing my head back between her hot, squishy cheeks. I tried to yell, but my lips were pressed against her asshole and the only sound I could produce was a muffled yelp.
“Lick,” she commanded, and I did. I licked her brown asshole with what was left of my strength, knowing that if I didn’t, she wouldn’t hesitate to smother me into unconsciousness. My tongue slid into her anus. Just the tip at first, lubing it up until half of my tongue was inside of her. She ground against my face, lifting slightly just to slam back down as she used me to tongue-fuck her. By the end, my face was a sweaty mess.
She got off of me, leaving me tied to the bed as she poured herself a glass of water. I watched as her throat bobbed greedily, water pooling at the side of her full lips. She glanced at me, then downed the rest of the glass. I nearly cried. She swished the water around her mouth, making a show of it. Then, without warning, she leaned down and kissed me, forcing the water into my mouth. It was warm and tasted like spit, but I gulped it down like it was the most precious thing in the world.
“There you go. Aren’t I a good sister? At least I didn’t make you sip it out of my asshole this time. That was a fun summer night.”
I didn’t respond. Our parents were both doctors, both previously divorced. They had met on an international flight and fallen for each other instantly. They were also never home, leaving me, in my senior year of high school, with my step-mom’s daughter Tabitha.
Tabby was a cheerleader, as she liked to tell anyone who would listen. She was an “early-bloomer”. From what I heard, she had D-cup breasts by her last year of middle school and they had only grown since then. Her ass was massive and bulged out of every skirt she owned. She kept a slew of boyfriends on speed dial, going through at least one a week. I knew all of this because I shared a room with her and was often inside of her when her company arrived.
Tabby had made her dominance known early. The first night that our parents had gone, she had handcuffed me to the radiator. Her favorite trick was to withhold food and water until I was desperate and weak, then excrete it into my mouth. She called it practice. Practice for when she would eat me and I would spend my time in her bowels, living off her waste until she was ready to let me go. It was torture.
Today was no exception. She talked on the phone as I lay on the bed, waiting for her to continue the treatment. Her current boyfriend, Stu, was set to spend the night and of course that meant that I had to be out of the way. I wondered if her boyfriends knew that I was in her stomach as they fucked her. The last time that I had yelled and struggled during her tryst, she had kept me inside of her for the better half of a month. So I endured, rocking violently in her gut, feeling her boyfriends hands grind against me as they used her big stomach for leverage.
Done with her phone call, Tabby walked over to me, a smile playing across her face.
“If you’re good today, then I will let you eat real food tomorrow. Imagine that! But you have to be quiet tonight. Can you do that?”
I nodded, not like I had a choice. She was undoing the bindings now. Blood rushed back into my limbs. I bit my lip as the pain flowed through my extremities. Tabby was busy rubbing lube over her asshole. It stretched as her entire arm disappeared inside of it, then slid back out. I guessed that was where I would be spending the night.
She made me kneel on the floor as her ass loomed over me. She lowered herself until my cheek pressed against her rectum. She reached back, handing me a bottle of lube, which I upended over my head. Thus prepared, I slid into my step-sister.
It reeked inside of her. Tabby had made a point not to poop before nights like this.
“It’s so you can have a snack,” she would say.
My nose brushed against the slimy walls as her anus constricted around my neck. I felt her arms against my shoulders as she twisted, readying herself for the plunge. She took one of my hands and pressed it against her stomach. I could feel my face pressed against the skin and wondered, not for the first time, what it must look like on the outside. Then she farted.
Nasty air forced itself into my lungs as it whistled past my head. Her bowels vibrated against me, coating me with slime and feces. Her business done, Tabby’s anus finally stretched over my shoulders. She tapped my back and I knew what to do. I stood, ever so slowly, as more and more of my body slid into my step-sister. Her weight was enough to hold me in place as I pressed upwards, only stopping when my erection slapped against her ass. Tabby’s laugh shook me as her hand gripped my penis, folding it into her anus with a faint POP. Without too much work, she pulled the rest of me inside of her, her asshole snapping shut.
I was bent inside her intestines. Even though I was naked, my skin burned as her farts marinated me in her odor. Sometimes she kept me inside of her so long that I was forced to lick the rancid walls, just to suck up the small amount of moisture that remained. Tonight would hopefully not be one of those nights. I waited.
The faint sound of the door slamming shut announced Stu’s arrival. I was jostled as my sister was pushed onto the bed, and then had the air knocked out of me as Stu lay on her stomach.
“Is your creepy brother in there,” he asked. His hand found my face through the walls of her stomach and he pinched. Hard. I yelped, causing my si ster to angrily slap her gut .
“Well Stu. Why don’t you find out.”
Wait, what?
My lower body was lifted as my step-sister pulled back her legs. I heard the squeeze of the bottle of lube and felt as Tabby and Stu made out on top of me. I closed my eyes, hoping for a quick session, but it wasn’t meant to be. Tabby stood up, and my feet nearly slid out of her ass.
“Bathroom,” she muttered, before walking down the hall.
Once she was safely behind the locked bathroom door, she began to slide me out of her ass. Her farts pushed against my body as gravity pulled me down.
I fell to the ground, my head spinning. I sucked the fresh air into my lungs, coughing, trying to regain my strength. Tabby had other plans. She grabbed my feet, stuffing them back into her asshole.
“Wait? Tabby, why?”
She didn’t respond as she stuffed more and more of me into her ass. Again, my dick slid into her asshole and this time I couldn’t hold back. I came and it dripped down on me as my body was slowly sucked into her until only my head remained. I watched in the mirror as Tabby hauled her bulging stomach onto the counter and took my head in both hands.
Again, I was forced into my stinky prison as Tabby walked back down the hall and fell back into bed. Again, I had to endure Stu flopping around on top of her while they made out. It was only when the sex began that I realized why Tabby had swapped me around.
It started slowly. I was daydreaming about a girl in my math class when something hit my face. I opened my eyes, startled. I could see. There was light filtering into her ass. Briefly, I wondered if I was going to be let free, until Stu thrust again and his penis slipped between my lips.
Oh god. My step-sister was using me as a sex toy to appease her boyfriend. I tried to yell, but all I got was another mouth full of penis. Stu and Tabby were in full swing now, her belly flopping up and down as they fucked.
“Oh yes, Stu! Come inside of me.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I need it.”
I rocked inside of Tabby, choking for air. Every time I tried to breath, Stu would force himself into my mouth. I could taste his salty precum mixed with my sister’s juices. I didn’t want to, but I began to suck, desperate for the torment to end.
Stu thrust one, then twice, then planted himself firmly and burst inside my sister’s ass. Right into my mouth. His cum was pumped down my throat into my waiting stomach where it sloshed. Stu collapsed onto Tabby, adding insult to injur y b y squashing me inside of her and falling asleep. Once I could hear his snores, Tabby tapped her stomach.
“You did a good job, bro. Steak for dinner tomorrow, okay? Maybe I will even let you get off on my tits.”
Soon, she began to snore as well, and I was left to stew inside her ass, wondering what it would feel like to fuck her huge tits. It was a nightmare life I was living, but maybe there was a light at the end of the tunnel after all.
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2020.11.28 02:21 haneauxx Girl and mom naked

Thinking about 2 of my very favorite shows and realizing there are quite a few similarities...
-Dysfunctional families (Bluths / Reynolds)
-Incest allusions (Afternoon Delight, etc / Who Got Dee Pregnant, etc)
-Faking death and watching own funeral (George / Mac + Charlie)
-Obviously gay man in denial (Tobias / Mac)
-Delusional failed actor (Tobias / Dee)
-Bald man covered in paint (George + Tobias in Blue Man Group / Frank during health inspection)
-Predatory dating tactics (Gob siphoning gas from a girls car, etc / the Dennis system, etc)
-Creepy uncle Jack (Uncle Jack the bullet / Uncle Jack the lawyer)
-Twin brother + sister with tumultuous relationship (Michael + Lindsey / Dennis + Dee)
-Drunken intervention turns into a great time (Lucille’s / Frank’s)
-Blonde trying and failing to date people (Lindsey / Dee)
-Traditions (Living Classics pageant, Motherboy, etc / Chardee Macdennis, Flipadelphia etc)
-Pop-Pop (George / Nazi grandpa Reynolds)
-Father in jail (George / Luther)
-Bad parenting skills (everyone basically)
-Drinking lots of alcohol (everyone)
-Obvious shoplifting (Gob stuffing clothes in George Michael’s jacket / Charlie wearing several items of clothing underneath his own)
-Grown man terrorizing a children’s sports game (Buster at Annyong’s soccer game / everyone at the basketball game)
-Man claiming to not have feelings but is actually super sensitive and emotional (Gob / Dennis)
-Family members marrying each other (George Michael + Maeby / Frank + Dee, Frank + Charlie)
-Someone's father is not their father (Oscar is Buster’s dad, not George / Bruce is Dennis + Dee’s dad, not Frank)
-Only having one videotape (George Michael’s Star Wars tape / the gang’s newscast, commercial, project badass, etc tape)
-Spa days gone awry (fighting and weird relationship drama / spaghetti, passing out in steam room)
-Childlike adult man (Buster / Charlie)
-Big age gap relationship (BusteGob + Lucille 2 / Charlie + Sun-Li)
-Adults dating high schoolers and going to their dances (Gob / Dennis + Dee)
-Trying to do something nice for someone but making everything way worse (Michael tries to help Lupe, kidnaps another woman instead / the gang tries to help the Juarez family, destroys everything instead)
-Rich corrupt businessman with shady dealings (George / Frank)
-Relationships with sex workers (Roxy / Nellie)
-Company Christmas party gone wrong (roasting Gob, $5000 suit, creepy karaoke / naked man hiding in couch)
-Doubting science (“I hear the jury’s still out on science” / “Science is a liar sometimes”)
-Trying to sell questionable and dangerous inventions (Cornballer / Fight Milk, etc)
-Setting cars on fire (not-Sally’s car / Dee’s car, Dennis’s car)
-Reckless unnecessary spending (hot tub in attic, charity ball auction, jet pack, etc / Dennis’s dream car, Dave + Busters, rocket launcher, etc)
-Weirdness at the pool (Buster making a ruckus, on the roof / greased watermelon, broken glass, etc)
-Cold uninterested mother (Lucille / Barbara)
-Traumatic childhood moments (J. Walter Weatherman lessons, Boyfights, etc / Santas fucking Charlie’s mom, etc)
-Car accidents caused by dumb reasons (trying to scare Gob / Reynolds vs Reynolds cereal debacles)
-Road trips gone wrong (Mexico / Grand Canyon)
-Unrequited obsessions (George Michael for Maeby / Charlie for the Waitress)
-Estranged father and son (Gob + Steve Holt / Frank + Charlie)
-Sleeping with people to get back at other people (Gob getting back at Michael / Waitress getting back at Dennis, Dennis getting back at hippie guy, etc)
-Kidnapping (Michael kidnaps random woman / the gang kidnaps newspaper writer)
-Siblings fighting for control of a father’s business (Bluth company / Paddy’s Pub)
-Ranking favorites (“You’re my third least favorite child” / Frank’s employee ranking)
-Not so great lawyers (Barry Zuckerkorn / Jack Kelly)
-Objects flying across a courtroom (bible / fake hand)
-“Specialist” of a strange branch of law (maritime law / bird law)
-Schemes, often including costumes (so many)
-Well-established alter egos (Chareth Cutestory, Mrs. Featherbottom, Surely Funke, etc / Greenman, Brian Lefevre, Mantis Toboggon etc)
-Eggs (mayonegg / “Can I offer you an egg” etc)
-Ham (hot ham water / rum ham)
-Destroyed boats (Gob blew up the yacht / Charlie set the Diddy boat on fire)
-Person thought to be mentally challenged but actually isn't, person thought to not be mentally challenged but actually is (Lil Kev / Rita)
-Signature moves (chicken impressions / dance moves)
-Adults coaching children in a beauty pageant (Tobias coaching Ann / Frank’s little beauties)
-Wry social commentary (everywhere)
-Despicable characters that you love anyway (everyone)
-Dinner outing disasters (Lindsey + Lucille at Klimpy’s, etc / the gang at Guiginos)
Any I missed? I feel like there are so many more!
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2020.11.27 18:28 Malicemadness02 And naked mom girl

So spent the holiday week with my boyfriend. We are expecting in June, and he has one son from a previous relationship and I have three from a previous marriage.
Super late at night, all of us are sitting around the TV watching his son play on my PS4. Bf's phone keeps dinging like crazy. I happen to look over just one time while I'm laying on the bed and he's sitting on the edge.
I can clearly see that there is a photo sent to him on messenger, he lifts his phone up, brings his elbows inwards and brings the phone real close to his face and opens the photo. Right then and there I was immediately suspicious, I looked at the photo and it's a female on his Facebook taking a selfie with her squeezing her breasts together. Instantly pissed me off, but I didn't say anything because all our children were in the room and they don't need to hear it. But I'm 10 weeks pregnant, already irritated and hormonal and I was livid. Still am. I stayed as calm as I could with the kids, smiling, talking to them but I was raging, hot and shaking I was so mad.
A few minutes later my youngest who is 2 started crying, and this idiot sends me a Facebook message and says "Stop the baby from crying." I laughed, and responded to his message and typed "Yeah, sorry, I'm working on it...must be distracting you from the photos you are getting." He opened the message, read it and turned his head to look at me and said "Oh really?" And started laughing. I said "Yeah, really. I fucking saw that shit." He instantly came up with an excuse saying "she has a man. I didn't ask for them, she just sent them to me."
No words exchanged afterwards for about 30 minutes but he still continued to text her and instantly respond to her messages and wait, staring at the screen for her to type back.
After about 30 minutes of this he turns to me and says "She's in a halfway house dying of HepC. She just wants to feel pretty. I didn't ask for them"
Little over a month ago, a girl that works at one of the liquor store drive thrus had sent him nudes as well. They were saved IN his phone. I questioned him about it and he said the same thing. He never asked for them.
We didn't talk at all until late last night after the family ate. I was in the kitchen with his 16 year old niece who is also pregnant, and her boyfriend. We were eating some pie and hanging out. My boyfriend walks into the kitchen, opens the fridge and looks at me and says something. I was legit ignoring him so I have no idea what he said and about 10 seconds later he says "I take it you're still mad at me for last night?" I looked at him and said "Oh really what gave you that fucking impression." He laughed, slammed the fridge and said "What the fuck ever, I told you I didn't ask for them she just sent them. I'm sure guys are never in your DM'S sending you nudes you didn't ask for either though right." Told him No they fucking arent because people know my situation and people know I would blast them or tell my S/O about it. To which he responded alright well the next time some dude messages you flirting and you didn't initiate the conversation I'm gonna get mad at you.
His niece jumped into the conversation and said "Most females with any shrivel of self worth don't just send guys nudes on Facebook. The REAL question is though, did you block her afterwards." To which I responded "Sure the fuck didn't, they kept talking until 4 am." And her and her boyfriend shook their heads and she said "Sounds like my uncle." He never said anything and just walked out of the room.
For the rest of the night we did nothing but fight and argue and I left this morning.
I do know for a fact that he has an entire secret gallery saved of nothing but nudes from females all over this town, PLUS he still has photos of his baby mom and he refuses to get rid of them. He has a fingerprint scanner and a pin on his phone. I never had a lock on mine, but recently he's been going through my phone at night, posting on my Facebook like he's me, messaging all my friends pretending to be me. Like for instance one of my good friends had messaged me asking what I was doing while I was asleep and he responded, "Not much just laying butt ass naked on my boyfriend what about you"
So I put a pin on my phone. He went to grab my phone one night and was livid that it's now locked and started accusing me of doing shit.
I don't want him to be cheating I don't, but I really feel like he is. Any advice or input on this?
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2020.11.27 14:27 petulinda Girl and mom naked

I've been thinking about gender recently, and it never struck me I might possibly be somewhere on the nonbinary spectrum, and I'm kinda confused. I knew there were nonbinary people of course, but only recently I heard someone go into detail with their gender experiences and I was like "crap, that's so me."
I'm a 24yo afab and I don't think I was brought up in a gender-specific way. My mom was basically a tomboy and I was allowed to wear or play with whatever I wanted. So I didn't really care. In my roleplays, as far as I remember, I used to mostly be in a girl role, i.e. princess, maid, whatever, didn't care. I never really cared until puberty.
When puberty struck, I started hating the differences, now we were split into "teams", boys and girls, suddenly I was a "young woman" and hearing this always made me wanna punch someone in the face for calling me that. I hated my body, I didn't wanna have larger hips than I already had, what was wrong with them, they were perfect before! Breats. Ah. Nope. I started wearing hoodies 24/7, large ones, that wouldn't show anything from my collarbones to my thighs. I just always (well, up until this year, basically) thought that that was the process with everyone, that they hated their body changes. Girls in school started wearing more revealing and attractive clothes, boys would be pointing out their specific parts, and I always wanted to throw up hearing that. It still makes me shiver with anxiety whenever I hear those comments, even when they are not targeting me (thank god).
(Just a little background, at "home", any signs of mental illness or anything out of the ordinary was happily overlooked, so I just assigned these feelings towards, as I learned later in life, what was basically depression throughout the whole high school.)
There was this one time in high school I will not forget, when my guy friend reminded me again "you're a girl", my legit answer was "I feel more like a gay guy than a girl honestly". Though I wouldn't wanna have a male body with all its features either... (maybe just their beautiful chest and abs maybe... and their legs do be looking good too. Just not the whole reality of them.)
I had my dress/skirt era though. I was repeatedly told to "embrace and celebrate my femininity", "it's a gift", "you are a powerful woman", and I had a kind of a spiritual era, so I thought maybe I'd finally outgrown the hatred towards myself. I would grow out my hair (always kept it shorter), and started wearing dresses and skirts to basically finally force myself into the gender I was always "meant to be", finally I would grow accustomed to it, right?
Ha. Nope. Yeeted all the dresses and skirts after a year or two of repeating the mantra "I'm a wonderful woman", now I can't even look at them.
I don't like being touched in any other way than a friendly hug because it reminds me of my body under the clothes. Since puberty, I've been basically imagining stories from a man's perspective, he would have my personality traits and whatnot, and I just wanted to be him, though I never really thought of myself as a man. I would always hang out with guys more, because the "girly" things girls were doing were just from another universe to me. I can't imagine doing anything intimate with anyone because again, it would put me back into the reality of my body. Whenever I would see someone looking androgynous, I would just be stunned, and say... I want this. They're beautiful.
Recently, my friend sent me, as a joke flirt, a meme saying "the person reading this has some great boobs", and my response? "Thanks for reminding me I have those, now I'm uncomfortable", and couldn't shake the feeling for a while.
What's strange though and what has been keeping me from thinking I might be somewhere on the nonbinary spectrum, is that when I'm alone and nobody would remind me of my features, I can be naked, look into the mirror, and be like, yeah, that's me, nothing wrong there... Just a body like everybody else's. (Now just a little naughty mention, when I masturbate, I can't really get comfy in my own body, I always imagine to be somebody else, most preferably a man, otherwise it would be uncomfy to me and I would really have to focus to be able to feel good.)

I don't know if I'm just constantly self-sabotaging myself into thinking something, or if this what others go through as well, but... well... the memories keep coming back and I'm kinda scared.
If you've made it this far, thank you for reading this and being here. :)
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2020.11.26 12:33 poorlydrawnfrog A year and a half of sexual abuse by multiple men.

My mom mentally checked out of raising me so I was both completely unsupervised and emotionally messed up by my teens. I was a good kid until I guess at some point I just snapped. I started drinking, using drugs, having reckless sex, and desperately seeking the attention and validation I couldn't get from my mom. I skipped school constantly and suddenly went from top of my classes to failing, and my mom wasn't willing to do anything about it.
When I was 16, I found it in a group of guys who provided me with drugs and alcohol in return for sex. It very quickly got out of hand. What started as what I thought was fairly respectful sexual interactions within months turned into them just grabbing me and doing whatever they wanted to me, even when I protested. On multiple occasions they shut me up by grabbing my head and just forcing me into giving them a blowjob. They would have sex with me when I was barely conscious, and probably when I was unconscious. They would make money off me by forcing me into sex work. I became pregnant twice and they paid for two abortions, which I had to pay them back for with sex work.
About 4 months after meeting them I dropped out of school completely and moved into the apartment a couple of them shared they became more and more violent and degrading. I felt like I couldn't escape. I was a drug addict and they were my only access to drugs. I also found myself addicted to the attention they gave me, I thought they found me attractive, but really they just liked how vulnerable and naive I was.
Just under a year later, when the guys I was living with went to prison for drug possession, I moved in with another one of them and started dating him. He was extremely physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive. He made sure I couldn't do anything about it by isolating me from everyone, barely letting me leave his apartment, and keeping me reliant on him for drugs. He punished me for talking back to him or disobeying him with violent and degrading rape.
Thankfully, this only lasted a few months. I overdosed in his apartment while covered in bruises, including around my genitals from him beating and raping me. Presumably to avoid getting in trouble with police for having an abused overdosing minor in his apartment, rather than calling an ambulance he drove me to a park and left me there, partially naked and dying. I was found and taken to a hospital.
I chose not to pursue charges or anything because I just wanted to put the whole thing behind me. I went to rehab, then moved back in with my mom, who still obviously doesn't give a shit about me. I started therapy, which hasn't been super helpful, but at least it got me through a couple of relapses. And now I'm finally able to talk about what happened to me and describe it as sexual abuse, because for so long I thought it was normal, I thought that's just how men treat girls. I'm 20 now. I'm not ok. I still have the most horrible nightmares and flashbacks, and I still struggle every day. But as of today I've been sober for an entire year.
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2020.11.26 06:15 Chrysania83 Girl mom and naked

My mom was always abusive, but things went up a whole new level when I (38F) hit puberty. Suddenly I was a "slut" anytime I talked to other kids my age. Everything became sexualized, even as we grew up in a house where sex (or puberty, or anything) was NEVER discussed.
The women in my family are well endowed, and when I FINALLY got my mom to buy me a bra, the very first thing she did when I put it on was to show my brothers how to snap it, then proceeded to chase me around the house, doing so and laughing.
Her boss came over one day, and I was coming down the stairs as he came in, all braces and awkwardness, and he said, "Hello, beautiful!" My mom came into the room smiling because she thought he meant her, but when she saw him talking to me she looked at me with absolute hatred in her eyes. It's like I became competition as soon as I got boobs.
My mom also did things to my brothers, like pulling down their swimming trunks in the pool as a "joke." She'd walk around the house naked and insist on leaving the bathroom door open, no matter what she was doing in there. We were allowed no privacy, of course. Nothing belonged to us and we had no rights because "I brought you into this world." Ok, mom, you birthed me, but that doesn't mean you get to pinch my ass and loudly talk about how fat I am in front of everyone, or grab my boobs and make fun of me.
Any time I talked to a guy, my mom would berate me for being such a trashy whore. The funny thing is, she was so obsessed with the evilness of guys and how much of a boy-crazy tramp I was that that my girlfriend and I managed to pass under her radar completely, even though we were always together and not nearly as subtle as we thought.
If there was any kissing or anything in a movie, she'd cover our eyes because that was "disgusting," and if someone brought up anything pertaining to sexual relations my mom would put her fingers in her ears and go, "lalalalala." Woman, you had eight kids, so you know SOMETHING about the birds and the bees. It didn't help that we were in a fundamentalist cult that has arranged marriage (sometimes), so my mom would one day tell me which brother (everyone was called brother and sister) she was going to arrange for me to marry, then turn around and beat the shit out of me for talking to some guy at church that I also went to school with.
I got kicked out at 16, and a few years later, she and my stepdad separated. Years later I find out that she told people that my stepdad sexually abused me! My stepdad did a lot of fucked up stuff, but he never EVER did anything of the kind. I only found out because I asked my brother why my dad was avoiding me, because he was told (by my mom) that I'd accused him of that. But when my sister WAS r*ped buy a much older guy, my mom told her she was asking for it.
Mom was the opposite way with my brother - arranged a prom date for him (I don't even want to know how) and actively looked for girls to introduce him to (yuck). Of course Mom was obsessed with everyone getting married young and having babies, but ALSO never leaving home and becoming functional adults. Her dream was to have a bunch of people she could control to take care of her, because you have children so that someone can cook and clean for you, not so you can raise a new generation or anything.
Were any of your parents obsessed with the virgin/whore dichotomy? How did it manifest?
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