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The night was almost over. The night guard Jerry sat watching the cameras, he was told the animatronices came to life but thought it was bullshit. Nothing happened till 4 am. Jerry sat in his chair eating chips. Jerry was a young guy in his 20s looking for some spare cash and this gig was paying. Jerry checked the animatronices, he was confused when the robot Toy Chika was missing. Jerry looked all over for this robot and had a startling discovery when it was only a room away. He heard slapping foot steps in front of him getting closer and closer, Jerry grabbed the flashlight and shinded it down the dark corridor. There stood Toy Chika, for a children's thing the tits were round and jiggled as if it were alive life him. Its bib said "Lets Eat", its long slender legs led to a frightening discovery. It had a vagina and it was wet, Jerry couldn't believe what he was seeing, it was supposed to be a robot but now he was getting sex bot vibes. 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Older man with lots of kinks I would like to explore online with a younger woman (legal age). Some of the things I'm into include breeding, dd/lg, humiliation, bondage, anal, oral, redheads, raceplay... basically anything except gore and scat and bestiality. Be eighteen or older. Send a pic if you would like a reply. DM for kik
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The year was 3301. The ship passed by the debris field looking for salvage. The wreck looked ancient, like it had been floating in space for some time. Among the debris was a single cryopod. Still sealed and powered by an independent nuclear cell, the specimen looked remarkably preserved. Taking it aboard, the crew analyzed it and saw that the being inside was still alive. Seemingly male, he was near hairless except for two thin strips of hair above his eyes. The captain gave orders for the thaw.
Hey there, so tonight I was hoping to play a specific scenario. One where my character is the last known human alive. At this point humans are a legend in galactic society, bones are the only thing that remains, their homeworld lost or destroyed.
My character was part of the first attempts at colonizing other planets having been put in cryostasis for the journey but something happened and my ship was never heard from again.
I would ike to play opposite someone whose character(s) are not simply a girl with different skin and eyes but something truly inhuman. Sure bipedal is perfectly fine after all convergent evolution is an idea that could work even interplanetary. I just feel like it would be a wasted opportunity f we didnt have fun with the life that could theoretically exist in this galaxy or others.
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