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At the most basic level, men's rights are the legal rights that are granted to men. However, any issue that pertains to men's relationship to society is also a topic suitable for this subreddit. Men's rights are influenced by the way men are perceived by others.

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I’m a rather young trans guy and want to appear cis as much as possible, so here are some of the small tips I have for anyone that have at lessened my dysphoria a bit and helped me feel more naturally masculine.
Try and get light abs if possible, even though others won’t see them pre-top surgery they can lessen dysphoria and make you feel more muscly. Some good exercises are plank dips, hollow holds, star crunches, normal crunches, laying leg raises, etc (search up arm and thigh exercises too! Replace fat with muscle, even if you’re bottom heavy, if your thighs are toned it’ll appear to be because of large amounts of exercise)
Wear very plain socks. White or black if possible, if not, a solid, dull color such as olive green, brown, etc. logos are totally fine though, Nike and Adidas socks work great. Avoid no-see socks, crew socks work a bit better
Watch ESPN occasionally in your free time. Find a sport you like watching and watch it from time to time so you’ll have a sport to speak about with other guys.
Try and listen to artists popular among guys. Travis Scott, Lil Uzi, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar- listening to rap makes me feel masculine and in tune with pop culture that other guys can relate to.
Not to be NSFW, but to put it delicately be aware of male anatomy in terms of leg position. Cross your legs “the male way”, don’t sit or stand with your legs completely together (but don’t make them too wide apart to the point that it’s awkward), be aware of it when doing sports. It sounds silly, but if you get hit by something in the groin area, overreact. Even a light hit would really hurt if you had those parts for real
Be aware of posture. Even if you aren’t confident, as long as you have a decent and safe chest binder and don’t have to hide your chest, sit and stand straight. Keep your head and eyes up in hallways, open yourself up to those around you. The more you act comfortable with masculinity, the more others will believe it, and then the more you will believe it.
You aren’t more male passing the shorter your hair is. Especially right now, longer hair is in style for guys. You don’t need a long haircut, just try to avoid a fully shaved or otherwise extremely short haircut. Slightly shaggy hair on top with shaved sides in a classic crew cut is the best way to go if you are intimidated by a longer haircut. Make sure your hair frames your face and brings out your neck and jawline.
Men’s self care products. Dove men, axe, old spice, all really good brands. Male deodorant, male hair products, male body wash, cologne. Don’t cover yourself in smells, but having a soft, signature cologne or body spray can show a good sense of hygiene and make you more attractive.
Using a men’s restroom is okay so long as you are very well male-passing. If you have a trusted friend, ask an honest opinion of whether you pass, as getting noticed as trans in a public restroom could be very dangerous. Use the stall at all times (unless you’re fully transitioned and have a packer that can be used in a urinal) and remember many guys not only use the stall to piss but also sit down. You won’t be judged or suspected for pissing in the stall. As long as you look like you are where you’re supposed to be, no one will bother you. Don’t make any eye contact and mind your own. It becomes less and less scary over time.
Jawline exercises. Search them up on YouTube, chew gum for 15+ minutes a couple times a week, enforce proper tongue posture, extend your jaw out a bit (especially if you have an overbite like me), flex/tighten your neck slightly to appear more masculine for photos. Going on t helps a ton with jawline, but there is plenty you can do in the meantime. With any exercise, not just jaw-related, consistency is KEY.
Speaking and greeting tips. Do not overuse these, but occasionally throw in “dude, man, bro”, etc, especially with friends. Be polite, calm, and delicate, don’t be very loud or wave your arms around when greeting a friend. A firm handshake, high five, fist bump or dap-up, etc with friends works great, and a simple small wave or handshake with acquaintances is awesome. Say please and thank you, be genuine, reserved, and confident. Don’t be afraid of verbal greetings over text or in person, there’s plenty to choose from. “Hey man”, “What’s good?” “How are you?” “Hey there”, all simple and great. It sounds overanalyzed, but again these are really specific tips for cis-passing.
Avoid bright colors. In your room, in your clothes, in your accessories. A red adidas hoodie or blue reebok sneakers are totally cool, just try not to wear many pastel or neon colors, keep your outfits mostly monotone, try not to stand out a lot. Don’t be afraid of shorts or t-shirts, don’t wear overly baggy clothing. If you have a good, skin-tone binder and toned/bulky arms and shoulders, a t shirt can make you look quite masculine.
Tips for being on your period if you are not yet on T. Wear a tampon whenever possible, (but be safe and change at least once during the day), as it allows you to still wear a packer. If you have a heavy flow but still wish to wear boxers at nighttime, wear period underwear with a pad in it inside your boxers to make sure no blood bleeds through. Take pain medication if your cramps are bad and drink plenty of water so you aren’t noticeably uncomfortable. If you are quiet and alone, you can change a tampon in a men’s restroom so long as you are in a stall and make SURE no one can hear the wrapper. Be especially careful in public restrooms that allow more than one person. One person bathrooms are ideal. Large public bathrooms are a bad idea for that. If you are in a restroom another person may be in, wait until they leave. As I said above, look like you are where you’re supposed to be. Don’t look nervous or suspicious, conceal your supplies in your pocket, bag, or sleeve.
Packing tips. For younger guys (16-), don’t overcompensate. Keep the size of your packer consistent, if you don’t have an actual packer, roll up 1-2 socks together in a phallic shape. WEAR BOXERS. They will make you feel VERY masculine and they come in a lot of cool patterns! Calvin Klein, ethika, urban outfitters and many other brands have plenty of monotone and patterned boxers you can wear. Avoid bright pinks or neon colors, especially if you are wearing white athletic shorts (they show through particularly easily), but otherwise go crazy. Boxers help cushion your packer and help it look more natural.
Good luck guys, above all remember you’re not always going to be where you want to be in your transition, but so many of you in here pass extremely well. Be safe and smart
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This is for all other, wonderful, Sapphic, trans women out there— and of course, everyone else who wants to share their own personal insights.
How do you cope with being a sapphic/lesbian/wlw trans women?
I am a trans woman, age 21, who hopefully will be starting HRT during this winter break. It took me a long while and some uncomfortable experimentation to learn that I was not bi or pan as I thought throughout high school, but sapphic. I only started calling myself bi/pan about a year before I came to terms with myself being trans, and I believe my brain was subconsciously conforming to heteronormal ideas. "If I'm a woman, I should be attracted to men.", my lizard brain thought, "This is just how all women are supposed to feel about seeing and sleeping with guys". It took me three years to figure out just how wrong I was.
Rediscovering my sexual identity has been very liberating as I no longer have to force myself to try and feel any form of romantic or sexual attraction towards men. At the same time, the anxiety from being a trans women who loves other women has been staggering.
Trans people, especially trans women, are often labeled as sexual predators by bigots and those who are underexposed to diversity. I don't need to tell you about the decades of fearmongering surrounding bathrooms specifically. The false propaganda that trans women want to use women's restrooms to assault other women is still prevalent to this day. To a lesser extent, I have seen this same discriminatory idea applied to lesbians as well. Straight trans women have the defense that they're only attracted to men, and therefore they don't find women attractive (not a waterproof argument, but better than nothing). But I and other sapphic trans women can't use that because we do feel attraction towards women who's bathrooms we'd like to use. In some ways we fit the description that transphobes use in their bigotry. The same "logic" was employed whenever I saw a gay classmate bullied in the men's locker room in middle school.
This all extends beyond bathrooms and into every aspect of relationships. The guilt I feel for finding other women attractive leads to the relentless anxiety that I may be viewed as a predator: a man masquerading in order to take advantage of lesbians. These transphobic ideas are ingrained even into my mind and it can be impossible to tell if others are the same, even allies.
I would like to have a partner, a wife, someday. I would like to be able to adopt a child with them. But until I can learn how to cope with this fear of predation that future looks unlikely.
If you feel the same way that I do, how do you deal with it, if at all? Even if you haven't lived my experiences, do you have any input?
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If a women was in a men's public restroom changing her baby, can a man still use the urinal?
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I haven’t had a real girlfriend in years, but I recently started dating Allison, the new barista at my usual coffee place. I found myself getting lonely while everyone’s staying at home and she always managed to brighten my mornings. She memorized my order within just a few days and seemed genuinely interested in me. Eventually I did feel like she was flirting with me, but I wasn’t going to make the first move – chatting customers up is part of her job, and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.
You can probably imagine how excited I was, then, when she wrote her number on the side of my cup almost a month ago. I waited until later that night to text her, and since then we’ve been talking non-stop. I liked her so much that it was only about a week in when I asked her to be my girlfriend. I was nervous she’d think it was too quick, that she’d say no, but we made it official that day.
I was pretty stoked – I mean, she’s beautiful, sweet, and funny – so I texted my best friend Alex immediately afterwards. He called me up on Facetime a few minutes later laughing so hard he’d gone completely red. Apparently, he’d been talking to her himself a couple months ago… but nothing had really come of it. He said he’d support me, but warned me to be careful with Allison because, she’s crazy, man!!
I brushed him off, though, because he has a nasty habit of calling all of his exes crazy while failing to recognize his own issues – being a serial cheater, to name one. I feel like, if all of your exes are crazy, at a certain point you need to look at the common denominator in your relationships – you.
Honestly, I did eventually start to see what he was saying about her. I already mentioned that Allison is beautiful, but I couldn’t really be sure of that for a while. Up until last night, I’d never seen her without her mask off, and – at the risk of coming off as totally shallow – I was a little wary of that. When half of someone’s face is completely covered, you never really know what you’re in for. For all I knew, maybe her teeth were all fucked up or something.
Allison seemed a little too paranoid about keeping her mask on. Maybe she had something to hide.
Before you all come at me for this, let me make one thing clear: I would never expect her to take her mask off in an unsafe situation. I understand why she’d want to stay masked whenever we go out in public together. All of our dates are as safe as possible – we go to the park, mostly, with our masks on and six feet apart. She said that working during a pandemic is enough of a risk, especially because her mother is unwell and needs help sometimes.
Again, I completely understand, but it struck me as odd that she’d always have her mask on, even when we’d just be exchanging selfies from our respective houses. I rationalized that one away, too, because masked selfies are kind of the “cute” thing these days. Like a new Snapchat filter. The whole situation made me feel uneasy… we hadn’t even kissed. But I liked her – a lot – so I figured she was worth it.
It seemed like she was starting to let her guard down a couple weeks ago when she started talking about maybe inviting me to her house. I decided not to push her, not wanting to freak her out by being too eager. Instead, I took some initiative and upped my quarantine game. After two weeks had passed, I asked her yesterday if she’d be willing to meet up at one of our places.
I was ecstatic when I got her reply, an excited “yes!” with her address and a time to come by later that evening. I went about the rest of my day anxious she’d change her mind, but the “I’m sorry, but…” text didn’t come. I was finally going to get a real chance to ask Allison to take off her mask, and I couldn’t believe my luck.
Now, I feel lucky just to be alive.
Anxious, I left my house way too early and had to slow my pace just so I wouldn’t show up there too early. I knocked on her door and she appeared at the doorway – masked, of course – and let me in. I followed her down the hall past her roommate’s room, then into her room. She sat cross-legged on her bed before inviting me to sit beside her by patting the duvet.
I sat down on the bed awkwardly. I was suddenly very, very nervous – I hadn’t been alone with a girl in her bed in… well, I couldn’t remember how long. This year has been terribly long, and I never really had luck with girls before all of this anyway. The anxiety-sweats started to set in, and I hoped she wouldn’t notice, or that at least she wouldn’t point it out and laugh.
Thankfully, she didn’t… we actually had a phenomenal time. We talked for at least an hour, chuckling over stupid jokes and the occasional thump and moan coming from the next room, barely concealed by the thin walls of her apartment. Allison coyly remarked that her roommate certainly hadn’t let quarantine slow her love life down and I laughed even more.
Everything was going so well – it seemed like the right time to ask if we could unmask at last.
She tensed up almost immediately.
I could tell she was nervous, so I rushed to soothe her. “No pressure, babe, we don’t have to… but I promise I haven’t left my house in two weeks, we’ve been so safe this whole time.”
“No, I know… you even got your coffee delivered instead of coming in to see me,” Allison admitted. She giggled a bit, her shoulders relaxing. “You first, though.”
I nodded enthusiastically before practically tearing my mask off. “See? Everything’s okay.”
Even though I couldn’t see it from behind her black mask, I knew that she was smiling… her bright green eyes squinted ever so slightly as soon as I took my own mask off. I smiled in return, trying to make her feel safe and comfortable.
Allison took a deep breath as timid hands moved to the sides of her face. Slowly, she pulled the loops of her mask back from behind her ears. I held my breath in anticipation as she eased the fabric covering off of her face.
As soon as I saw her face, I was at a loss for words.
She looked to me, anxious, searching for the response I was physically incapable of giving at that moment. Throwing her hands over her face, she turned away from me, hiding.
I leaned forward to take her forearms in a gentle grasp, guiding her hands away from her face, then holding them in mine. “You’re even more beautiful than I thought.”
A slow smile spread across her face, nearly splitting it in two.
I was being honest – Allison was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I’d known she was beautiful before, but I struggle to explain the absolute perfection of her face when observed all together. Her lips were full and pink, her skin was like polished porcelain, her smile was absolutely flawless, framed by a pair of adorable dimples.
In that moment, I couldn’t imagine what she could have possibly been so worried about.
We talked for a little while longer, and before long I knew I had to kiss her. I would’ve hated myself if I didn’t make the next move. Like I said, I’m not great with girls, so I kept stalling, kept doubting myself… eventually, I decided to just ask her if I could kiss her. I ended up asking her where the restroom was instead.
Stepping out of the room, I buried my face in my hands, chiding myself for being such a wimp. I found the bathroom, then ran the tap so I could splash some water on my face. I gave myself a quick pep talk as I stared myself down in the mirror – get your shit together, man.
My anxiety had only continued to escalate… so, too, had the rate of my sweating. Even though Allison hadn’t mentioned anything, I was sure I must’ve smelled like shit. I’m not proud of this, but I started rifling through her bathroom for anything I could use to make myself more appealing before I got even closer to her.
I was surprised by just how bare the drawers under her sink were; most girls I know have an endless supply of beauty products. I struggled to find anything, though, until I kneeled down to open the bottom cabinet. It was full of stuff, but nothing like what I was expecting. There was a collection of random objects – watches, hats, masks, even a wallet – and they all looked like men’s things.
The one thing that really caught my eye, though, was a silver watch right at the front. The last time I Facetimed with Alex, he showed off the exact same one. Nervously, I picked it up, turning it over in my hands to reveal the one thing I didn’t want to see – Alex’s name, engraved on the bottom.
Damn it.
My worst fears had been confirmed – Allison was still seeing Alex, maybe still seeing a lot of other guys. She was cheating on me.
Fuming, I stormed out of the bathroom, slamming the door on my way out. I didn’t even care that I’d left my mask in Allison’s room. I didn’t want to see her, I didn’t care to talk to her at all. Alex had been in her house since we started dating… and I knew what he was like. I’d seen what I’d seen, and it proved my worst fears without a doubt.
I pulled my phone from my pocket, hands fumbling to find Alex in my contacts. I called him – no response. Classic Alex, I thought. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, and he was always too cowardly to own up to what he’d done. I tried his phone a second time, but as soon as the call rang through, a flurry of texts from Allison popped up on my screen.
Why did you leave?!?!
Come back, babe, I can explain
Seriously, please, it’s not what you think please just come back please
I’m sorry I don’t know what you saw but I swear there’s an explanation I just need to see you face to face
I left them all unanswered, turning my phone on silent so the constant ding!! wouldn’t drive me mad. I made the walk back home in record time, fueled by nothing but pure rage. I slumped on my couch and fought the urge to text Allison back. Instead, I left my phone face down on the coffee table and laid down.
Early this morning, I startled awake, unsure of how I even fell asleep when I was so upset. Hesitantly, I flipped my phone over and was greeted by the expected million unopened texts from Allison. Nothing from Alex, of course. One notification stuck out to me, though – a Snapchat from Allison. We rarely talked on that app and I couldn’t fight the curiosity anymore.
So, I opened it.
It was a video of her standing in front of the bathroom mirror, right where I’d been last night. It was the first time she’d sent me a picture or video of herself without her mask on, and I was once again struck by just how gorgeous she was. I felt myself softening towards her until I read the caption.
You didn’t even wait for me to take off my mask…
Confused, I glanced back up at her face. She’d brought her free hand up alongside her jaw, thumb wriggling against the crevice under her ear. She dug her thumb deep into her flesh, so viciously that just watching it freaked me out. That perfect smile grew across her perfect face as hooked her thumb deep into the back of her jaw… and the side of her face released.
I threw my phone down, still confused but more than that absolutely fucking terrified. I didn’t want to see the rest, and I didn’t have to. By the time I gathered the courage to look again, it was over. Allison hadn’t tried to contact me since.
She still hasn’t, and I’ll count myself lucky if I never see her again. I called the police right away – they laughed me off at first, but their interest piqued once I mentioned some of the things I’d found in the apartment. Apparently, a lot of guys have gone missing in the area recently, so they decided to stop by her place just in case.
When they got there, Allison was gone.
They didn’t find her, but they found the stash of trophies she’d left behind in that cabinet, all taken from those missing guys. Worst of all, they found Alex’s body… he’d been brutalized over the course of a couple weeks, but he’d only been killed last night.
I’m devastated, to say the least. Not only did I lose my best friend, but I could’ve saved him. I should’ve raised the alarm when I hadn’t heard from him for a while, but I haven’t really been seeing anyone these days. Not only that, but I know now that the sounds I laughed off last night were not what Allison said they were.
They were the groans of a dying man in pain. They were the desperate thumps of Alex’s last attempt to get help.
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2020.11.24 03:27 hiphopanonymous98 Queens of FDS, I think I may have a HVM on my hands!

Wanted to post and say thank you for all of the wise words and advice I read on here! I have been out a handful of times over the past several weeks with what seems to be a HVM and would love any and all input.
Sometimes I have trouble determining if behaviors are bare minimum or green flag behaviors due to past experiences with men and them not even wanting to do bare minimum. Hope everyone has a safe and memorable thanksgiving! 💚

  • pre-planned first date, met him at a nice restaurant, he paid, planned second date shortly after
  • pre-planned second date using what I had told him I like (sushi) on the first date, he paid, consistently setting up next time to see me
  • asks questions about me and actually remembers what I say - about work, family, friends, etc
  • pumped and paid for my gas when I happened to be driving us to brunch (he had left his car parked from the previous night and ubered so he wouldn’t drive after having a few drinks)
  • compliments not just my physical appearance but my intelligence, work ethic, personality
  • at brunch I commented that I liked the coffee mug I was drinking out of (it was quirky and unique, the restaurant is very hipster and local) and while I was in the restroom he asked the bartender if he could buy it because I liked it so much. I got to take it home! (Thoughtful)
  • kind and considerate to those around him, including wait staff and bartenders
  • we got takeout one night at my place and he did the dishes without hesitating (a few bowls and plates)
  • travels for work, communicates well and often- schedules a time that works for me for a quick phone call to talk about our days
  • talks about future relationships in general wanting a partner and against traditional gender roles- ie women only doing housework, it’s a partnership
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2020.11.23 19:30 Zfungi148 Mens restroom spycam

(Zee here, sorry for the delay on this chapter. I got a lot of things happing right around now. I hope you enjoy the chapter. - Zee Everett)
Chapter 18: Trust The Unknown
[Kenneth looked at Sally, stunned by her words.]
Kenneth: “Pregnant?!”
Sally: “Hey, keep quiet…”
Kenneth: “S-Sorry… B-But are you sure? Have you taken a test? Sally?”
Sally: “Not yet… but I’m already sure…”
Kenneth: “How?!”
Sally: “The contractions… the cramps… me puking… it’s all the same form before I had Brittney…”
Kenneth: “Oh god…”
Sally: “...”
Kenneth: “What… what do we do…”
Sally: “What do you mean?”
Kenneth: “Sally… we… we don’t have the medicine for a baby… or, or food… hell, I… I don’t even think Jeneva knows how to deliver a baby… like… fuck, man…”
Sally: “I know… I know…”
Kenneth: “We should tell the others… about this…”
Sally: “I don’t know…”
Kenneth: “We have no other choice, keeping this hidden will only cause problems…”
Sally: “...”
Kenneth: “Sally?”
Sally: “F-Fine…”
Kenneth: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have a choice…”
Sally: “I know, okay…”
Kenneth: “...”
Sally: “Sorry…”
[Both fall silent. After a long awkward minute, Kenneth gets up.]
Kenneth: “We... we should tell them… sooner the better…”
[Kenneth looked down at Sally who sat on the ground, staring at her own feet.]
Kenneth: “What’s wrong?”
Sally: “I’m scared, Kenneth…”
Kenneth: “Huh?”
Sally: “I already lost a child in this hellhole… Brittney… Fuck… I… I don’t want it to happen again… not again…”
Kenneth: “I won’t let that happen… I promise…”
Sally: “You better not…”
[Kenneth hugs Sally.]
Kenneth: “It’s gonna be okay…”
[Sally holds onto him and closes her eyes. She sees flashes. Flashes of her past. Her daughter getting overwhelmed by the sound of guns and running in the wrong direction. Her daughter falling into a ditch near the side of the road. The dead falling in right behind. The dead pulling her daughters guts out, them biting into her neck. She remembers seeing Rodney and Chester firing into the dead. She remembers her daughter calling for her mother one last time.
Brittney: “Mom! Ah! Mommy?! Urahh--”
[She remembers jumping into the hole and stabbing a walker that was chewing on her leg. Remembers holding her in her arms as she finally passed. And when her undead eyes opened only seconds later. Sally remembers Chester yelling about more dead coming as she held her undead daughter to the ground. Rodney voulterned to put the girl down but Sally denied him. She remembers pulling out her knife and looking away as she stabbed her only light in the world. She remembers being pulled away by Rodney, leaving Brittney’s body behind. Sally reopens her eyes.]
Kenneth: “Come on… we should tell the others…”
Sally: “Y-Yeah…”
[Kenneth gets up. Sally stays down until Kenneth reaches his hand down.]
Kenneth: “Let’s go…”
[Kenneth pulls Sally up and they walk out of the restroom and towards the candy shop. They enter to find almost the entire group there.]
Tavia: “Where’s Aubrey, Void and Dean?”
Ryan: “Dean said he had something to do… I think he’s burying Horence…”
Kenneth: “Wait? Horence? What the hell happened?”
Markus: “Walkers got him…”
Kenneth: “Fuck…”
Wyatt: “Are you guys okay?”
Sally: “Um… well--”
Christa: “Anybody see Aubrey? Or Void?”
Nolan: “Yeah. I saw them climbing up that tall roller coaster.”
Samuel: “Climbing?!”
Nolan: “Uh… yeah…”
Cynthia: “Why didn’t you say something?!”
Nolan: “Well… uh… I…”
Lucas: “Did they fall?!”
Nolan: “No! Last I saw they were just chilling up there…”
Samuel: “Nolan…”
Nolan: “What?!”
Cynthia: “You should’ve said something!”
Nolan: “S-Sorry…”
Lucas: “You moron!”
Nolan: “Shut up!”
Wyatt: “Hey, we’re trying to chat here!”
Lucas: “Sorry…”
Wyatt: “Sally, you okay?”
Sally: “Well… uh... I’m p--”
[Suddenly, Enid bursts into the room, sweat and panting.]
Samuel: “Void?!”
Nolan: “Where’s Aubrey?! Did she fall?”
Enid: “What, no…”
Samuel: “Did you really climb up a roller coaster?!”
Enid: “That’s not important right now!”
Samuel: “The hell it isn’t!”
Enid: “Samuel… there’s a man…”
Samuel: “Wait, what…”
Bonnie: “Man? What man?”
Enid: “Some guy… he says he’s from a community up north… he’s asking to speak with Samuel…”
Samuel: “Community?”
Enid: “I don’t know… he didn’t say much… Aubrey’s with him now… they’re at Millennium Force’s station…”
[Samuel looks back at the group.]
Samuel: “I’ll check it out… Lead the way…”
Enid: “This way….”
[Enid leaves the store.]
Jacob: “Shouldn’t we all come? To see what he has to say about this community…”
Samuel: “No, too dangerous… I’ll bring him back here if he’s safe… stay put…”
[Samuel leaves the store and finds Enid waiting for him.]
Enid: “Come on, it’s this way…”
Samuel: “I know…”
[Samuel follows Enid. In the Hotel, Dean holds up his hands as the mysterious girl aims a gun at him, her hands shaking.]
Girl: “W-Who.... Who are you?!”
Dean: “I can ask the same question…”
Girl: “Are… are you military?!”
Dean: “Military?”
Girl: “Here to c-clear the dead?!”
Dean: “I don’t know how long you’ve been cooped up in here but most members of the military are dead…”
Girl: “T-Then who are y-you?!”
Dean: “Just a traveler… here with my group… we were looking to settle here…”
Girl: “A group? Settle?”
Dean: “Uh… yeah… kid… are you alone here…”
Girl: “I got the g-gun here… I’m a-asking the questions…”
Dean: “Come on… I don’t wanna hurt ya…”
Girl: “...”
Dean: “I ain't…”
Girl: “What are you d-doing in this building?
Dean: “We were clearing it… one of my friends opened a door back there and was attacked by bunch of--”
Girl: “Room 19?!”
Dean: “I don’t know the number… wait, you know about that room…”
Girl: “Y-Your friend… is he dead?”
Dean: “Yeah…”
Girl: “S-Shit…”
Dean: “You put the dead in that room?”
Girl: “Yeah… I did…”
Dean: “How’d you put the dead in there? Couldn’t have put one in without the rest spilling out that door?”
Girl: “There’s a h-hole in the ceiling… I-I lured them to the room above and p-pushed them down into the r-room…”
Dean: “Why not just kill ‘em?”
Girl: “I knew them… f-from before…”
Dean: “I see… kid, I ain't here to hurt… I didn’t know you were in here… I was just putting down my friend… please… lower the gun…”
[The girl lowers the gun.]
Girl: “D-Don’t come near m-me…”
Dean: “Deal… What’s your name?”
Girl: “Maxine Dallas… b-but I just prefer Max… you?”
Dean: “Dean…”
Max: “Dean… okay… h-how big is your group, D-Dean…”
Dean: “Twenty-one… well… twenty now…”
Max: “You hiding here… i-in the park…”
Dean: “That’s the plan… I’m assuming you and your group tried the same but it didn’t work… you the only survivor?”
Max: “...Yeah…”
Dean: “What happened?”
Max: “...”
Dean: “If you don’t wanna tell me it’s fine…”
Max: “We lasted fine for the f-first couple months… but one day… a r-runner went out into town… Gene was his n-name I think… he got bit on the ankle… he h-hid it… went back in and died a day later… then it all went b-bad… my dad pushed Gene’s wisp d-down an elevator shaft…”
Dean: “Wisp?”
Max: “What I call t-the dead…”
Dean: “Ah…”
Max: “So… everyone died… t-that was it…”
Dean: “You mentioned your dad…”
Max: “H-He died too… Gene bit him on the a-arm before he was pushed…”
Dean: “Was your dad in that room?”
Max: “No… h-he’s somewhere else…”
Dean: “In the Hotel?”
Max: “Yeah… why?”
Dean: “We’re clearing all the dead, kid…”
Max: “Did you guys go into the basement?!”
Dean: “‘No… not yet… I didn’t even know that there was a basement…”
Max: “T-Thank god…”
Dean: “You’ve been stuttering a lot…”
Max: “I have a stutter…. o-okay…”
Dean: “Sorry…”
[Max bends down and picks up her spilled car on beans.]
Dean: “You got food?”
Max: “You h-hungry?”
Dean: “No, no, I was asking if you needed food?”
Max: “Nah, I’m fine… I got like s-seventeen cans of beans left…”
Dean: “You’re like completely alone, right?”
Max: “Does it l-look like there’s anybody else in h-here…”
[The room fell quiet and Dean stood by the door, awkwardly, as Max sat finishing her beans.]
Dean: “So… uh… Max…”
Max: “W-What?”
Dean: “You wanna meet my group?”
[Elsewhere, Enid leads Samuel towards Millennium Force’s queue line.]
Enid: “Come on, slowpoke…”
Samuel: “Just shut it…”
[They enter the line and walk into the ride’s station. Samuel sees Aubrey aiming a gun at Damien.]
Damien: “Hello, there…”
[Samuel pulls out his gun.]
Samuel: “Aubrey, move…”
[Samuel makes Aubrey back up and aims at Damien.]
Samuel: “Who the hell are you?!”
Damien: “My name is Damien Kruger.”
Samuel: “You alone?!”
Damien: “Currently, yes…”
Samuel: “What do you mean by ‘currently’...”
Damien: “I have a partner… but he’s not in the park…”
Samuel: “What do you want?”
Damien: “Like I said to these girls, I don’t want anything from any of you people... I’m here to invite you… I’m assuming that… uh… Void, here… told you that I’m from a community…”
Aubrey: “He said he’s from some community called Sylvania…”
Damien: “Sylvania Safe-Zone, yeah…”
Samuel: “You have any weapons on you?”
Damien: “No, I surrendered them all…”
Aubrey: “I have his weapons…”
Damien: “See?”
Samuel: “Turn around and put your hands behind your back…”
Damien: “Sure thing…”
[Damien does as Samuel says and Samuel pulls out zip ties, which he took from Robert’s pack when he died, and ties up Damien.]
Damien: “Ow! Could you be a little less aggressive please…”
Samuel: “Just shut it…”
[Samuel finishes tying up Damien.]
Samuel: “I’m taking you back to my people… you try anything, I won’t hesitate to put an arrow in your eye…”
Damien: “Yeah… understood… the girl here said something similar…”
Aubrey: “It’s Aubrey…”
Damien: “Sorry, Aubrey here said something similar…”
[Samuel sees the burn on Damien’s face.]
Samuel: “How’d that happen? Your burn that is?”
Damien: “Don’t worry about it… it’s… from before…”
Samuel: “Sure it is… get moving…”
Damien: “I’m tellin’ the truth about that… it’s from before…”
[Samuel takes Damien by his arm and drags him away. Aubrey and Enid follow right behind.]
Samuel: “You said you have a partner? Where are they?”
Damien: “Well… I ain't tellin’ ya where he’s hiding… he’s the only defense I got if you people turn about be some crazy group cannabiels or something…”
Samuel: “Phff… fine then…”
Damien: “Look, I’d love to tell you all I can but that’s one of the few things I literally can’t… it’s for my own shake…”
Samuel: “Shut the yapping, do more walking…”
Damien: “You’re the one who brought it up…”
Samuel: “Aubrey, Void, I got a question for you two!”
Enid: “Here we go…”
Samuel: “What the hell were you two to doing on top of that roller coaster?! Nolan spotted you guys claiming it!”
Aubrey: “Damnit Nolan…”
Samuel: “Answers! Now!”
Aubrey: “Since when were you caring for my safety… or my family’s?”
Samuel: “Excuse me?’
Aubrey: “I recall you voting to try to kill my mother…”
Samuel: “...”
Enid: “Aubrey, don’t--”
[Enid grabs Aubrey’s shoulder trying to calm her down.]
Aubrey: “Don’t touch be, Enid!”
[Enid’s face falls still. Samuel stops in his tracks. Aubrey quickly puts her hands on mouth.]
Samuel: “Enid?”
Damien: “Huh? You don’t even know her real name?”
Aubrey: “Uh… uh… i-it’s nothing! Nothing at all--”
[Enid slaps Aubrey in the face.]
Aubrey: “Ah!”
Samuel: “Hey! Hey! Don’t!”
Enid: “You bitch!”
Aubrey: “I-I’m sorry… I d-didn’t mean to!”
Enid: “Yeah… right…”
[Enid runs off deeper into the park.]
Damien: “Uh…”
Samuel: “Shut it… keep moving…”
[Samuel pulls Damien along. Aubrey slumbs against a nearby wall and puts her face in hands. Samuels notices.
Samuel: “Aubrey?”
Aubrey: “Just… leave me alone…”
[Samuel does as she saids and takes Damien to the candy store and gives him a word of warning before entering.]
Samuel: “Don’t try anything… don’t attack us, don’t threaten us, don’t even say the girl’s real name… got it…”
Damien: “Got it…”
[Samuel knocks on the door and Kenneth unlocks it, sees Damien and notices Aubrey and Enid’s abestnce.]
Kenneth: “Where’s Aubrey and Void?”
Samuel: “Their fine… they’re… uh… dealing with personal matters, you could say…”
Kenneth: “And him?”
Samuel: “He’s all tied up and clear of weapons… let him in…”
Kenneth: “Okay… but there’s something me and Sally need to tell the rest of you guys--”
Samuel: “That can wait until after we talk with him…”
Kenneth: “It’s serious…”
Samuel: “What is it?”
Kenneth: “It will be easier to tell you all at once…”
Samuel: “Then it can wait… we’re dealing with this guy first…”
Damien: “I hope dealing doesn’t mean getting a bullet to the head?”
Samuel: “Keep talking and it might just.”
Damien: “Shit, sorry…”
Samuel: “Let us in, please…”
Kenneth: “Okay…”
[Kenneth moves away from the door and Samuel pushes Damien into the store. The group sees him and they all put their hands on their weapons, ready to draw.]
Damien: “Uh… hello…”
[Samuel slams the door shut behind them.]
Samuel: “Alright… let’s--”
Russell: “Where’s Aubrey and Void?”
Samuel: “Their fine… they’re doing something else at the moment, don’t worry about it…”
Russell: “Not like I’m doing much worrying for Void…”
Nolan: “Not now… please…”
Russell: “Sorry…”
Samuel: “Anyway… let’s begin… introduce yourself will ya…”
Damien: “Sure thing… I’m Damien Kruger…”
Samuel: “Enlighten us about this community you’re from…”
Damien: “I’m getting there… I’m from a community up north called Sylvania Safe-Zone.”
Christa: “Up north? Where up north?”
Damien: “In Michigan…”
Jeneva: “Hand mitten Michigan or Superior Michigan?”
Damien: “Both… kind of…”
Samuel: “How can that be both?”
Damien: “Mackinac Bridge… we have complete control over it… and in case you haven’t heard of that bridge before, it’s the bridge that connects upper Michigan with bottom Michigan… The gate to our community is at the start of the bridge and the bulk of the community is on the other side, in St. Ignace… so both… in a sense...”
Ryan: “Why’s it called Sylvania?”
Damien: “I don’t know, I didn’t name it, Adam did…”
Samuel: “Who’s Adam?”
Damien: “Adam Yerbury… he’s the leader of our community… he was the mayor of St. Ignace before the dead started to walk… so he’s got the skills to lead…”
Christa: “Why are you this far down in Ohio? You had to travel across all of Michigan just to get here?”
Myles: “Did you have transport?’
Damien: “We caught wind via radio that a nearby community here called Wellington wasn’t letting survivors in anymore… Adam sent us here to find as many as we could and bring 'em back… and we were traveling with a bus but… it, uh, kinda caught fire half way through Michigan…”
Samuel: “Is that what the burn is from?”
Damien: “No, I already told you, it’s from before the dead started walking…”
Samuel: “What happened?”
Damien: “It’s not a story I feel comfortable telling to strangers…”
Markus: “Rewind a couple seconds… you were saying us and we… you’re not alone aren't you?”
Damien: “I’m not… but he isn’t in the park… he’s on stand by if my life gets endangered by you guys…”
Ryan: “So he’s here to kill us?”
Damien: “Only if he has too… he doesn’t enjoy killing people… neither do I…”
Tavia: “Is that radio for him?”
Damien: “Yeah… and I’d kindly request you guys don’t touch it… if he hears a voice that isn’t mine, he’ll come in ready to attack…”
Samuel: “What did I say about threats?”
Damien: “I’m not threatening you guys, we don’t wanna attack you… we wanna invite you… to our community… where you’ll all be safe… feed… we have endless food supply… we have farms… When's the last time any of you had a shower?! We have running water… endless showers for days!”
Kenneth: “What about doctors?”
[Sally looks at Kenneth. Wyatt looks over at them.]
Wyatt: “Doctors? Why are you asking about doctors?’
Sally: “Ken…”
Kenneth: “We need to tell you all something…”
Samuel: “What is it?”
Wyatt: “Are you two okay?”
Sally: “...”
Kenneth: “Sally’s pregnant…”
Jacob: “Um… what?”
Sally: “Sigh…”
Jeneva: “Pregnant?!”
Wyatt: “What the actual fuck…”
Lucas: “Um… congrats?”
Becca: “Wait, what?!”
Christa: “The hell…”
Nolan: “For how long?! Do we even have the meds for that?!”
Cynthia: “Shit…”
Markus: “Well… that ain't good…”
Ryan: “Nolan… stop shouting…”
Nolan: “Huh?”
Damien: “Uh…”
Tavia: “I had my suspicions…”
Sally: “Was it that obvious?”
Wyatt: “Jeneva?! Can you even deliver a baby?!”
Jeneva: “Nooooooooo…”
Wyatt: “Man… fuck…”
Samuel: “Have you taken a test? Are you sure?”
Sally: “No… I just… it’s the same feeling I had when I had Brittney…”
Samuel: “So you’re not hundred percent sure?”
Sally: “I’m ninety-five percent sure…”
Kenneth: “So… I’ll ask again… does your community have doctors…”
Damien: “Of course… we have one of the best surgeons from Michiagan in our walls… and lotta nurses who I bet have delivered a baby before… and we got the medication for it… and as I said… we have food… so you’ll be in good hands…”
Kenneth: “Like a famous doctor or random local doctor…”
Damien: “Local… but he’s still one of the best… and he’s alive so that's on the up and up…”
Sally: “An alive doctor is better than a dead doctor…”
Damien: “I’d think it would be in the best interest for you and your unborn child to come with me to my community… and that goes for you guys as well…”
Kenneth: “We don’t have much of a choice on this matter… Me and Sally are going…”
Samuel: “I ain’t hundred percent just so hold your--”
Kenneth: “Even if you guys aren't… sorry… but it’s like he said… it’s in her best interest…”
Damien: “That’s correct…”
Sally: “I’ll go…”
Damien: “Great!”
Samuel: “Hold your horses just for a moment, okay… I wanna know a fews things before we all make a decision…”
Damien: “Then ask away, my friend… I’ll be happy to answer…”
Samuel: “How many people are in your community?”
Damien: “Two-hundred-eighty-six people… it could be a little higher or lower depending on what’s happened while we’ve been gone but when we left that was what the number was at…”
Samuel: “How long have you been away from your community?”
Damien: “About… maybe two weeks…”
Samuel: “How are you sure it hasn’t been burnt to the ground while you’ve gone?”
Damien: “I’m… not?”
Samuel: “Can we meet this partner of yours?”
Damien: “Not unless you agree to come back to our community…”
Samuel: “That ain’t gonna work here… I want full transparency here… nothing held back…”
Damien: “You’d have to promise not to try to harm me or him?”
Samuel: “If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead… trust me… I don’t wanna kill you…”
Damien: “Fair…”
Samuel: “I’ll send people to meet him at the gate of the park…”
Damien: “Okay… can you untie me so I can contact him?”
Samuel: “Sure…”
[Samuel pulls out his knife and cuts the zip ties. Damien rubs his hands.]
Damien: “Freedom at least…”
Christa: “What’s this guys name?”
Damien: “Hayato Takagi.”
[Damien grabbed his radio and turned it on.]
Damien: “Takagi? You there?”
Hayato: “Yep. Have you made contact yet?”
Damien: “I have… but they aren’t agreeing to anything unless they meet you first… something about full transparency…”
Hayato: “Ugh… fine… I’ll start heading down the road…”
Damien: “Thanks…”
Samuel: “Jacob, Nolan… go meet up with this guy…”
Nolan: “Me?”
Kenneth: “I’ll go…”
Samuel: “Wouldn’t it be better if you stayed with Sally?”
Kenneth: “I need to take a walk… clear my mind… I’ll do it…”
Samuel: “Fine then… Nolan, stay here…”
Nolan: “Phew…”
Damien: “Who’s going?’
Jacob: “Me and him.”
[Jacob points to Kenneth.]
Damien: “No, what’s your names? I’m telling Takagi…”
Kenneth: “Kenneth Miller and Jacob Hemlock…”
Damien: “Takagi, you’ll meet up with two men at the gate named Kenneth and Jacob, okay?”
Hayato: “Got it…”
Damien: “See you in a bit…”
[Jacob and Kenneth leave the building.]
Hayato: “Back at ya…”
[Elsewhere, back in the Hotel, Max stands in the hallway and looks at the dead Dean’s group killed.]
Max: “How m-many are in your group a-again?”
Dean: “Twenty…”
Max: “Are they n-nice?”
Dean: “For the most part…”
Max: “Anybody at my a-age?”
Dean: “How old are you?”
Max: “I’m fourteen…”
Dean: “Well… Becca’s like twelve… Aubrey and Void’s like sixteen… uh… Nolan’s seventeen…”
Max: “Hmm…”
Dean: “So… you wanna meet my group or not?”
Max: “M-Maybe…”
Dean: “Maybe doesn’t cut…”
Max: “I wanna d-do something f-first…”
[Max walks past the bodies of walkers and goes to a nearby elevator shaft that was wide open.]
Dean: “What are you doing?”
Max: “Going down…”
Dean: “Down?!”
[Dean passes Horence’s corpse.]
Max: “Y-Yeah, that’s what I-I said…”
Dean: “Is that safe kid?”
Max: “If you g-got a good grip…”
[Max reaches in and grabs an old cable. She jumps into the shaft and descends with the cable.]
Dean: “Are you crazy?!”
Max: “I’ve b-been alone for over an entire y-year… so yes… I-I am…”
Dean: “My god…”
[Max continues to descend the cable. Dean opens his backpack and pulls out a flashlight. He turns it on and flashes it down the shaft.]
Max: “Hey! Don’t shine t-that in my eyes!”
Dean: “Sorry!”
[Dean shined the light away from Max and deeper into the shaft. At the bottom, Dean saw something moving very slowly. It was a walker, stuck to the ground, moving it’s arms.]
Dean: “Is that Gene?”
Max: “Yeah… t-that’s him…”
Gene: “Ahrha!”
[Dean heard the moans of Gene echoing up the shaft.]
Dean: “We're going down there for him?”
Max: “No.”
Dean: “You’re father?”
Max: “...”
Dean: “Here we go…”
[Dean reached out and grabbed the cable. He jumped into the shaft and started to descend. Max reached the bottom and entered a hallway. Dean reached the bottom and followed her in. Dean entered what looked like a storage room, and in the back, chained to a wall was the reanimated corpse of Max’s father. Max stood in front of it, completely still.]
Dean: “That your dad?”
Max: “Yeah…”
Max’s Father: “Urahh!”
Dean: “Just your father’s down here? What about your mother?’
Max: “She died giving b-birth to me… I’m named after h-her too…”
Dean: “Ah…”
Max: “...”
Dean: ‘What was your father’s name?”
Max: “Franklin…”
Franklin: “Arahh… Urah!”
Dean: “Was Franklin a good father?”
Max: “Yeah… h-he was the best… he was all I h-had… all I still h-have…”
Dean: “You can’t kill him, can you…”
Max: “H-He’s all I have left… even if he’s already gone…”
Dean: “Kid, I’m sorry but… that’s not your father--”
Max: “I know that!”
Dean: “...”
Franklin: “Urahh…”
Max: “Sorry… T-That was uncalled for…”
Dean: “It’s fine…”
Max: “My dad was a-all I had… even before the dead started t-to walk… my m-mother was dead… my grandparents lived in d-different states… I was a single c-child… and I homeschooled… b-but my dad did his best… to try t-to give me a good l-lllllife… he’d work so many s-shifts at a fucking gas depos… for e-endless hours just for me... I-I couldn’t… I c-couldn’t kill him… even when he a-asked me to do it…”
Franklin: “Ahha…”
Max: “I couldn’t k-kill him… I n-needed him…”
Dean: “…”
Max: “Sorry… f-for rambling…”
Dean: “It’s okay…”
Max: “Y-Yeah…”
[Max looked back at her dad, as he snapped his teeth, eager to try to eat Max.]
Franklin: “Arugh!”
[Elsewhere, Aubrey sat alone, slumped against an abandoned game stand. She sat there alone, as the sun rose above her. Aubrey started to sweat. Suddenly, Aubrey heard a familiar voice.]
Voice: “What are you doing on the ground?”
[Aubrey looked to her right and her eyes widened. She saw her mother, Jessica standing near her, looking down at her.]
Aubrey: “Mom?”
Jessica: “What are you doing slacking around on the ground for…”
Voice: “Get up…”
[Aubrey turned to her right and saw her father, Mychal.]
Mychal: “You shouldn’t be down there…”
Aubrey: “You’re… you’re dead… both of you…”
Jessica: “Do we look dead to you?”
Mychal: “I’m pretty intact… no bites on me…”
Jessica: “You’re the one who’s looking dead…”
Aubrey: “You’re not real…”
Mychal: “We’re real… real as we can be…”
Jessica: “Why are you on the ground…”
Aubrey: “Because… because…”
Mychal: “Because you fucked it up with Enid… you know her secret for a hour and already split it… such a fool…”
Aubrey: “I am…”
Jessica: “She probably hates you… hell, despises you now…”
Mychal: “Of all the people to slip her name to… the leader and the new guy… you really are a fool… what happens if Seth finds the group… who do you think he’ll talk with first… Samuel… what if he finds this Sylvania place… most likey this new guy… you are the biggest fool in my family… can’t even kill a deer without whining to me about it…”
Aubrey: “No…”
Jessica: “Why’d I even take that bullet for you… Arvo should’ve killed you… not me…”
Aubrey: “Killed… you are dead… you… y-you ain’t real… neither of you you…”
Jessica: “You think killing Arvo avenged me?! You’re the one who killed me!”
Aubrey: “That’s… not true…”
Jessica: “It is…”
Aubrey: “No…”
Mychal: “Be ready child…”
Aubrey: “You’re not real! Just…”
Jessica: “Just, what?!”
Aubrey: “...”
Mychal: “Why’d this even happened?”
Jessica: “Because some bottled feelings blew out?! Out of the blue for no reason?! Samuel was just concerned for you… Yeah… he did try to kill me… but so what… it was in the heat of the moment… Jimmy was yelling… Samuel had to act fast… he didn’t want me dead… he just didn’t want more dead if he came back... you should’ve told Samuel about how you felt… but you kept it in and it blew out… and now you’ve slipped Enid’s name… as my husband said… you really are the biggest fool of this family… my family…”
Aubrey: “...”
Mychal: “Be ready to die… nobody wants you now… nobody needs you… hell… you killed us both you know… I would still be here… in charge… if you’d just climbed that fence right… the dead wouldn’t have killed me…”
Aubrey: “K-Kill… you aren’t real… go away…”
Mychal: “We are real…”
Aubrey: “You’re just… just…”
Jessica: “Just, what?! Spit it out, girl!”
Aubrey: “You’re just hallucinations!”
[Aubrey opened her eyes and Jessica and Mychal were gone. Aubrey got to her feet and wiped the sweat away from her face.]
Aubrey: “Ugh…”
[Aubrey looked around.]
Aubrey: “I need to find her…”
[Aubrey hears something move to her right and looks over expecting to see one of her parents but sees a walker instead.]
Walker: “Arahh!”
[The walker tackles her to the ground.]
Aubrey: “Shit!”
[Aubrey pushes the walker away from her. It lands on the ground and moans.]
Walker: “Urahh… ahha…”
[Aubrey sees the game stand that she was slumped against, inside was a game of milk jars. Aubrey hopped over the counter and jumped into the game. The walker got to its feet. Aubrey grabbed a milk jar and smashed it into the counter, breaking it. The walker walks up against the counter, reaching out to Aubrey.]
Aubrey: “Fucker!”
[Aubrey stabs the milk jar into the walkers head. Its head drops to the counter and Aubrey continues to smash the jar into the walkers head. Blood sweeps down the counter. Aubrey stops and drops the remaining shards. She jumps over the counter.]
Aubrey: “Enid…”
[Aubrey walks away from the stand. Back at the candy store. Damien learns the names of the group.]
Damien: “Tavia, right?”
Tavia: “That’s correct…”
Damien: “I hope you don’t mind me asking… but… uh… how’d you lose your arm?”
Tavia: “Walker bite… simple as that…”
Damien: “That’s what I thought… There was this one time where me and Hayato found this guy bitten in the arm. He asked us to help amputate his arm and well… it was bloody…”
Tavia: “Did he make it?”
Damien: “He did… made it back to the community… Doc Ginther saved his life… but… he… he died a month before we left… he had a heart attack… of all things… he was one of the nicest people we’d ever found… and we’ve found a lot of people… good people… bad people…”
Tavia: “I used to do something very similar to you too.”
Damien: “Huh?”
Tavia: “Me and a few folks here were a part of a community down in Tennessee… an old hardware store... was led by a guy named Carver… or Bill, some called him… he normally sent me out to find people and bring ‘em back. So, I had the same job as you… I’m the one who found Russell, Bonnie, Wyatt, and Becca here and brought them to Howe’s… they had a few with them that aren't here anymore… well… Bill was searching for these people who’d run away from the community, not favoring his leadership… one of those people were pregnant with his kid… or so he thought… the woman had a husband too… could have been either one of them… it was a mess… they found them and brought them back… shit happened and that group led a herd into the community, killed Bill and I was bitten… that’s when Samuel’s group came and saved my life…”
Damien: “Sounds like hell…”
Russell: “It was hell… we lost a lotta friends that night…”
Bonnie: “Sorry…”
Russell: “It’s fine…”
Tavia: “So… yeah…”
Damien: “Why’d Samuel’s group save ya?”
Christa: “We were chasing someone down… someone who was a part of the group Carver kidnapped… didn’t find them there so we kept moving… chased them down and found Bonnie, who helped them escape and kill Carver… she told us that Clem was heading to Wellington… and that’s why we are up here… of course we didn’t find her…”
Damien: “Was this Clem your daughter?”
Christa: “No… but I promised someone I’d look after her… but we got separated... haven’t seen her since…”
Damien: “Sorry to hear that…”
Tavia: “Well… I’m sure Clementine’s fine… she was one badass girl…”
Christa: “Yeah…”
Damien: “Sounds like you folks went through actual hell…”
Markus: “That’s only the beginning of it… Me, Ryan and Myles here were kidnapped by slavers… and so was the rest of these folks…”
Damien: “Slavers?!”
Myles: “It’s a long story… for short… we’re lucky to be alive and free…”
Tavia: “We lost a lotta good people to that group…”
Nolan: “Leo…”
Sally: “That man saved my life…”
[Sally puts her hands on her stomach.]
Sally: “And theirs…”
Tavia: “So what kind of hell have your group been through?”
Damien: “Not much… we’ve been pretty lucky, I guess…”
Tavia: “Have you lost people?”
Damien: “Yeah… but not really after the dead… I wasn’t close with my family… and my girlfriend is back at Sylvania.”
Tavia: “What does she do? In the community?”
Damien: “She’s one of the gate guards.”
Tavia: “Does everyone in your community have jobs?”
Damien: “For the most part, yeah… you pull your weight unless you’re old, very young, or have a major disability… not like yours… I’m sure we can find something you can do… all of you…”
Tavia: “Can’t be out looking for survivors… my days doing that are done…”
Damien: “Ha!... Sorry…”
Tavia: “It’s fine…”
[Samuel watches as Damien interacts with the group.]
Samuel: “Hmm…”
[End of Part One.]
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My response was as idiotic as the question formatting. 1) Smart, Kind, Important 2) would consider cleaning a Janitor. 3) I like all of these 4) Yes, I consider. 5) not this year 6) Monday to Sunday 8a-4pm
Their response:
However, we will not be asking you to continue moving forward in the hiring process.
Best of luck in your future endeavors and we look forward to seeing you as a customer!
Butthole Management Team
My response:
Dear Stew Pidasshole HR, In regards to my rejection letter for
Salesclerk: Sporting Goods & Automotive
Would you be willing to deliver any feedback based on my resume or answers to the supplemental questions for this position? For example, is there any skills I can build to make me a better fit for this position. Or perhaps, any more education I can obtain to move forward in the hiring process.
Their response:
Your applied for F/T sports/auto clerk. What I need to meet my business need is someone that can work all weekends, also work closing shifts 11:15 - 8:15 Mon. - Fri.
Have a good day - Barbie Que Corporation
WTF planet am I living on.
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2020.11.23 12:00 Henwith_Tie Mens restroom spycam

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” SEQ. 75 - “INTRO TO BARRY” INT. BENSON HOUSE - DAY ANGLE ON: Sneakers on the ground. Camera PANS UP to reveal BARRY BENSON’S BEDROOM ANGLE ON: Barry’s hand flipping through different sweaters in his closet. BARRY Yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black...oohh, black and yellow... ANGLE ON: Barry wearing the sweater he picked, looking in the mirror. BARRY (CONT’D) Yeah, let’s shake it up a little. He picks the black and yellow one. He then goes to the sink, takes the top off a CONTAINER OF HONEY, and puts some honey into his hair. He squirts some in his mouth and gargles. Then he takes the lid off the bottle, and rolls some on like deodorant. CUT TO: INT. BENSON HOUSE KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Barry’s mother, JANET BENSON, yells up at Barry. JANET BENSON Barry, breakfast is ready! CUT TO: "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 1. INT. BARRY’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS BARRY Coming! SFX: Phone RINGING. Barry’s antennae vibrate as they RING like a phone. Barry’s hands are wet. He looks around for a towel. BARRY (CONT’D) Hang on a second! He wipes his hands on his sweater, and pulls his antennae down to his ear and mouth. BARRY (CONT'D) Hello? His best friend, ADAM FLAYMAN, is on the other end. ADAM Barry? BARRY Adam? ADAM Can you believe this is happening? BARRY Can’t believe it. I’ll pick you up. Barry sticks his stinger in a sharpener. SFX: BUZZING AS HIS STINGER IS SHARPENED. He tests the sharpness with his finger. SFX: Bing. BARRY (CONT’D) Looking sharp. ANGLE ON: Barry hovering down the hall, sliding down the staircase bannister. Barry’s mother, JANET BENSON, is in the kitchen. JANET BENSON Barry, why don’t you use the stairs? Your father paid good money for those. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 2. BARRY Sorry, I’m excited. Barry’s father, MARTIN BENSON, ENTERS. He’s reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE, “Queen gives birth to thousandtuplets: Resting Comfortably.” MARTIN BENSON Here’s the graduate. We’re very proud of you, Son. And a perfect report card, all B’s. JANET BENSON (mushing Barry’s hair) Very proud. BARRY Ma! I’ve got a thing going here. Barry re-adjusts his hair, starts to leave. JANET BENSON You’ve got some lint on your fuzz. She picks it off. BARRY Ow, that’s me! MARTIN BENSON Wave to us. We’ll be in row 118,000. Barry zips off. BARRY Bye! JANET BENSON Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! CUT TO: SEQ. 750 - DRIVING TO GRADUATION EXT. BEE SUBURB - MORNING A GARAGE DOOR OPENS. Barry drives out in his CAR. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 3. ANGLE ON: Barry’s friend, ADAM FLAYMAN, standing by the curb. He’s reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE: “Frisbee Hits Hive: Internet Down. Bee-stander: “I heard a sound, and next thing I knew...wham-o!.” Barry drives up, stops in front of Adam. Adam jumps in. BARRY Hey, Adam. ADAM Hey, Barry. (pointing at Barry’s hair) Is that fuzz gel? BARRY A little. It’s a special day. Finally graduating. ADAM I never thought I’d make it. BARRY Yeah, three days of grade school, three days of high school. ADAM Those were so awkward. BARRY Three days of college. I’m glad I took off one day in the middle and just hitchhiked around the hive. ADAM You did come back different. They drive by a bee who’s jogging. ARTIE Hi Barry! BARRY (to a bee pedestrian) Hey Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. Barry and Adam drive from the suburbs into the city. ADAM Hey, did you hear about Frankie? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 4. BARRY Yeah. ADAM You going to his funeral? BARRY No, I’m not going to his funeral. Everybody knows you sting someone you die, you don’t waste it on a squirrel. He was such a hot head. ADAM Yeah, I guess he could’ve just gotten out of the way. The DRIVE through a loop de loop. BARRY AND ADAM Whoa...Whooo...wheee!! ADAM I love this incorporating the amusement park right into our regular day. BARRY I guess that’s why they say we don’t need vacations. CUT TO: SEQ. 95 - GRADUATION EXT. GRADUATION CEREMONY - CONTINUOUS Barry and Adam come to a stop. They exit the car, and fly over the crowd to their seats. * BARRY * (re: graduation ceremony) * Boy, quite a bit of pomp...under * the circumstances. * They land in their seats. BARRY (CONT’D) Well Adam, today we are men. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 5. ADAM We are. BARRY Bee-men. ADAM Amen! BARRY Hallelujah. Barry hits Adam’s forehead. Adam goes into the rapture. An announcement comes over the PA. ANNOUNCER (V.O) Students, faculty, distinguished bees...please welcome, Dean Buzzwell. ANGLE ON: DEAN BUZZWELL steps up to the podium. The podium has a sign that reads: “Welcome Graduating Class of:”, with train-station style flipping numbers after it. BUZZWELL Welcome New Hive City graduating class of... The numbers on the podium change to 9:15. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) ...9:15. (he clears his throat) And that concludes our graduation ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries. BARRY Are we going to pick our job today? ADAM I heard it’s just orientation. The rows of chairs change in transformer-like mechanical motion to Universal Studios type tour trams. Buzzwell walks off stage. BARRY (re: trams) Whoa, heads up! Here we go. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 6. SEQ. 125 - “FACTORY” FEMALE VOICE (V.O) Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. (in Spanish) Dejen las manos y antennas adentro del tram a todos tiempos. BARRY I wonder what it’s going to be like? ADAM A little scary. Barry shakes Adam. BARRY AND ADAM AAHHHH! The tram passes under SIGNS READING: “Honex: A Division of Honesco: A Part of the Hexagon Group.” TRUDY Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco, and a part of the Hexagon group. BARRY This is it! The Honex doors OPEN, revealing the factory. BARRY (CONT’D) Wow. TRUDY We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant pollen jocks bring the nectar to the hive where our top secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent adjusted and bubble contoured into this... Trudy GRABS a TEST TUBE OF HONEY from a technician. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 7. TRUDY (CONT’D) ...soothing, sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow, you all know as... EVERYONE ON THE TRAM (in unison) H-o-n-e-y. Trudy flips the flask into the crowd, and laughs as they all scramble for it. ANGLE ON: A GIRL BEE catching the honey. ADAM (sotto) That girl was hot. BARRY (sotto) She’s my cousin. ADAM She is? BARRY Yes, we’re all cousins. ADAM Right. You’re right. TRUDY At Honex, we also constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress testing a new helmet technology. ANGLE ON: A STUNT BEE in a HELMET getting hit with a NEWSPAPER, then a SHOE, then a FLYSWATTER. He gets up, and gives a “thumb’s up”. The graduate bees APPLAUD. ADAM (re: stunt bee) What do you think he makes? BARRY Not enough. TRUDY And here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 8. BARRY Wow, what does that do? TRUDY Catches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. ANGLE ON: The Krelman machine. Bees with hand-shaped hats on, rotating around a wheel to catch drips of honey. Adam’s hand shoots up. ADAM Can anyone work on the Krelman? TRUDY Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it’s done well, means a lot. There are over 3000 different bee occupations. But choose carefully, because you’ll stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your life. The bees CHEER. ANGLE ON: Barry’s smile dropping slightly. BARRY The same job for the rest of your life? I didn’t know that. ADAM What’s the difference? TRUDY And you’ll be happy to know that bees as a species haven’t had one day off in 27 million years. BARRY So you’ll just work us to death? TRUDY (laughing) We’ll sure try. Everyone LAUGHS except Barry. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 9. The tram drops down a log-flume type steep drop. Cameras flash, as all the bees throw up their hands. The frame freezes into a snapshot. Barry looks concerned. The tram continues through 2 doors. FORM DISSOLVE TO: SEQ. 175 - “WALKING THE HIVE” INT. HONEX LOBBY ANGLE ON: The log-flume photo, as Barry looks at it. ADAM Wow. That blew my mind. BARRY (annoyed) “What’s the difference?” Adam, how could you say that? One job forever? That’s an insane choice to have to make. ADAM Well, I’m relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. BARRY But Adam, how could they never have told us that? ADAM Barry, why would you question anything? We’re bees. We’re the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. They walk by a newspaper stand with A SANDWICH BOARD READING: “Bee Goes Berserk: Stings Seven Then Self.” ANGLE ON: A BEE filling his car’s gas tank from a honey pump. He fills his car some, then takes a swig for himself. NEWSPAPER BEE (to the bee guzzling gas) Hey! Barry and Adam begin to cross the street. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 10. BARRY Yeah but Adam, did you ever think that maybe things work a little too well around here? They stop in the middle of the street. The traffic moves perfectly around them. ADAM Like what? Give me one example. BARRY (thinks) ...I don’t know. But you know what I’m talking about. They walk off. SEQ. 400 - “MEET THE JOCKS” SFX: The SOUND of Pollen Jocks. PAN DOWN from the Honex statue. J-GATE ANNOUNCER Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Royal Nectar Force on approach. BARRY Wait a second. Check it out. Hey, hey, those are Pollen jocks. ADAM Wow. FOUR PATROL BEES FLY in through the hive’s giant Gothic entrance. The Patrol Bees are wearing fighter pilot helmets with black visors. ADAM (CONT’D) I’ve never seen them this close. BARRY They know what it’s like to go outside the hive. ADAM Yeah, but some of them don’t come back. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 11. The nectar from the pollen jocks is removed from their backpacks, and loaded into trucks on their way to Honex. A SMALL CROWD forms around the Patrol Bees. Each one has a PIT CREW that takes their nectar. Lou Loduca hurries a pit crew along: LOU LODUCA You guys did great! You’re monsters. You’re sky freaks! I love it! I love it! SCHOOL GIRLS are jumping up and down and squealing nearby. BARRY I wonder where those guys have just been? ADAM I don’t know. BARRY Their day’s not planned. Outside the hive, flying who-knows-where, doing who-knows-what. ADAM You can’t just decide one day to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. BARRY Right. Pollen Jocks cross in close proximity to Barry and Adam. Some pollen falls off, onto Barry and Adam. BARRY (CONT’D) Look at that. That’s more pollen than you and I will ever see in a lifetime. ADAM (playing with the pollen) It’s just a status symbol. I think bees make too big a deal out of it. BARRY Perhaps, unless you’re wearing it, and the ladies see you wearing it. ANGLE ON: Two girl bees. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 12. ADAM Those ladies? Aren’t they our cousins too? BARRY Distant, distant. ANGLE ON: TWO POLLEN JOCKS. JACKSON Look at these two. SPLITZ Couple of Hive Harrys. JACKSON Let’s have some fun with them. The pollen jocks approach. Barry and Adam continue to talk to the girls. GIRL 1 It must be so dangerous being a pollen jock. BARRY Oh yeah, one time a bear had me pinned up against a mushroom. He had one paw on my throat, and with the other he was slapping me back and forth across the face. GIRL 1 Oh my. BARRY I never thought I’d knock him out. GIRL 2 (to Adam) And what were you doing during all of this? ADAM Obviously I was trying to alert the authorities. The girl swipes some pollen off of Adam with a finger. BARRY (re: pollen) I can autograph that if you want. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 13. JACKSON Little gusty out there today, wasn’t it, comrades? BARRY Yeah. Gusty. BUZZ You know, we’re going to hit a sunflower patch about six miles from here tomorrow. BARRY Six miles, huh? ADAM (whispering) Barry. BUZZ It’s a puddle-jump for us. But maybe you’re not up for it. BARRY Maybe I am. ADAM (whispering louder) You are not! BUZZ We’re going, oh-nine hundred at JGate. ADAM (re: j-gate) Whoa. BUZZ (leaning in, on top of Barry) What do you think, Buzzy Boy? Are you bee enough? BARRY I might be. It all depends on what oh-nine hundred means. CUT TO: SEQ. 450 - “THE BALCONY” "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 14. INT. BENSON HOUSE BALCONY - LATER Barry is standing on the balcony alone, looking out over the city. Martin Benson ENTERS, sneaks up behind Barry and gooses him in his ribs. MARTIN BENSON Honex! BARRY Oh, Dad. You surprised me. MARTIN BENSON (laughing) Have you decided what you’re interested in, Son? BARRY Well, there’s a lot of choices. MARTIN BENSON But you only get one. Martin LAUGHS. BARRY Dad, do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? MARTIN BENSON Son, let me tell you something about stirring. (making the stirring motion) You grab that stick and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm, it’s a beautiful thing. BARRY You know dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn’t right for me. MARTIN BENSON And you were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That’s a bad job for a guy with a stinger. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 15. BARRY Well no... MARTIN BENSON Janet, your son’s not sure he wants to go into honey. JANET BENSON Oh Barry, you are so funny sometimes. BARRY I’m not trying to be funny. MARTIN BENSON You’re not funny, you’re going into honey. Our son, the stirrer. JANET BENSON You’re going to be a stirrer?! BARRY No one’s listening to me. MARTIN BENSON Wait until you see the sticks I have for you. BARRY I can say anything I want right now. I’m going to get an ant tattoo. JANET BENSON Let’s open some fresh honey and celebrate. BARRY Maybe I’ll pierce my thorax! MARTIN BENSON (toasting) To honey! BARRY Shave my antennae! JANET BENSON To honey! "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 16. BARRY Shack up with a grasshopper, get a gold tooth, and start calling everybody “Dawg.” CUT TO: SEQ. 760 - “JOB PLACEMENT” EXT. HONEX LOBBY - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON: A BEE BUS STOP. One group of bees stands on the pavement, as another group hovers above them. A doubledecker bus pulls up. The hovering bees get on the top level, and the standing bees get on the bottom. Barry and Adam pull up outside of Honex. ADAM I can’t believe we’re starting work today. BARRY Today’s the day. Adam jumps out of the car. ADAM (O.C) Come on. All the good jobs will be gone. BARRY Yeah, right... ANGLE ON: A BOARD READING: “JOB PLACEMENT BOARD”. Buzzwell, the Bee Processor, is at the counter. Another BEE APPLICANT, SANDY SHRIMPKIN is EXITING. SANDY SHRIMPKIN Is it still available? BUZZWELL Hang on. (he looks at changing numbers on the board) Two left. of them’s yours. Congratulations Son, step to the side please. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 17. SANDY SHRIMPKIN Yeah! ADAM (to Sandy, leaving) What did you get? SANDY SHRIMPKIN Picking the crud out. That is stellar! ADAM Wow. BUZZWELL (to Adam and Barry) Couple of newbies? ADAM Yes Sir. Our first day. We are ready. BUZZWELL Well, step up and make your choice. ANGLE ON: A CHART listing the different sectors of Honex. Heating, Cooling, Viscosity, Krelman, Pollen Counting, Stunt Bee, Pouring, Stirrer, Humming, Regurgitating, Front Desk, Hair Removal, Inspector No. 7, Chef, Lint Coordinator, Stripe Supervisor, Antennae-ball polisher, Mite Wrangler, Swatting Counselor, Wax Monkey, Wing Brusher, Hive Keeper, Restroom Attendant. ADAM (to Barry) You want to go first? BARRY No, you go. ADAM Oh my. What’s available? BUZZWELL Restroom attendant is always open, and not for the reason you think. ADAM Any chance of getting on to the Krelman, Sir? BUZZWELL Sure, you’re on. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 18. He plops the KRELMAN HAT onto Adam’s head. ANGLE ON: The job board. THE COLUMNS READ: “OCCUPATION” “POSITIONS AVAILABLE”, and “STATUS”. The middle column has numbers, and the right column has job openings flipping between “open”, “pending”, and “closed”. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) Oh, I’m sorry. The Krelman just closed out. ADAM Oh! He takes the hat off Adam. BUZZWELL Wax Monkey’s always open. The Krelman goes from “Closed” to “Open”. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) And the Krelman just opened up again. ADAM What happened? BUZZWELL Well, whenever a bee dies, that’s an opening. (pointing at the board) See that? He’s dead, dead, another dead one, deady, deadified, two more dead. Dead from the neck up, dead from the neck down. But, that’s life. ANGLE ON: Barry’s disturbed expression. ADAM (feeling pressure to decide) Oh, this is so hard. Heating, cooling, stunt bee, pourer, stirrer, humming, inspector no. 7, lint coordinator, stripe supervisor, antenna-ball polisher, mite wrangler-- Barry, Barry, what do you think I should-- Barry? Barry? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 19. Barry is gone. CUT TO: SEQ. 775 - “LOU LODUCA SPEECH” EXT. J-GATE - SAME TIME Splitz, Jackson, Buzz, Lou and two other BEES are going through final pre-flight checks. Barry ENTERS. LOU LODUCA Alright, we’ve got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine. Geranium window box on Sutton Place... Barry’s antennae rings, like a phone. ADAM (V.O) What happened to you? Where are you? Barry whispers throughout. BARRY I’m going out. ADAM (V.O) Out? Out where? BARRY Out there. ADAM (V.O) (putting it together) Oh no. BARRY I have to, before I go to work for the rest of my life. ADAM (V.O) You’re going to die! You’re crazy! Hello? BARRY Oh, another call coming in. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 20. ADAM (V.O) You’re cra-- Barry HANGS UP. ANGLE ON: Lou Loduca. LOU LODUCA If anyone’s feeling brave, there’s a Korean Deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. BARRY (timidly) Hey guys. BUZZ Well, look at that. SPLITZ Isn’t that the kid we saw yesterday? LOU LODUCA (to Barry) Hold it son, flight deck’s restricted. JACKSON It’s okay Lou, we’re going to take him up. Splitz and Jackson CHUCKLE. LOU LODUCA Really? Feeling lucky, are ya? A YOUNGER SMALLER BEE THAN BARRY, CHET, runs up with a release waiver for Barry to sign. CHET Sign here. Here. Just initial that. Thank you. LOU LODUCA Okay, you got a rain advisory today and as you all know, bees cannot fly in rain. So be careful. As always, (reading off clipboard) watch your brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bears, and bats. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 21. Also, I got a couple reports of root beer being poured on us. Murphy’s in a home because of it, just babbling like a cicada. BARRY That’s awful. LOU LODUCA And a reminder for all you rookies, bee law number one, absolutely no talking to humans. Alright, launch positions! The Jocks get into formation, chanting as they move. LOU LODUCA (CONT’D) Black and Yellow! JOCKS Hello! SPLITZ (to Barry) Are you ready for this, hot shot? BARRY Yeah. Yeah, bring it on. Barry NODS, terrified. BUZZ Wind! - CHECK! JOCK #1 Antennae! - CHECK! JOCK #2 Nectar pack! - CHECK! JACKSON Wings! - CHECK! SPLITZ Stinger! - CHECK! BARRY Scared out of my shorts - CHECK. LOU LODUCA Okay ladies, let’s move it out. Everyone FLIPS their goggles down. Pit crew bees CRANK their wings, and remove the starting blocks. We hear loud HUMMING. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 22. LOU LODUCA (CONT'D) LOU LODUCA (CONT’D) Pound those petunia's, you striped stem-suckers! All of you, drain those flowers! A FLIGHT DECK GUY in deep crouch hand-signals them out the archway as the backwash from the bee wings FLUTTERS his jump suit. Barry follows everyone. SEQ. 800 - “FLYING WITH THE JOCKS” The bees climb above tree tops in formation. Barry is euphoric. BARRY Whoa! I’m out! I can’t believe I’m out! So blue. Ha ha ha! (a beat) I feel so fast...and free. (re: kites in the sky) Box kite! Wow! They fly by several bicyclists, and approach a patch of flowers. BARRY (CONT'D) Flowers! SPLITZ This is blue leader. We have roses visual. Bring it around thirty degrees and hold. BARRY (sotto) Roses. JACKSON Thirty degrees, roger, bringing it around. Many pollen jocks break off from the main group. They use their equipment to collect nectar from flowers. Barry flies down to watch the jocks collect the nectar. JOCK Stand to the side kid, it’s got a bit of a kick. The jock fires the gun, and recoils. Barry watches the gun fill up with nectar. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 23. BARRY Oh, that is one Nectar Collector. JOCK You ever see pollination up close? BARRY No, Sir. He takes off, and the excess pollen dust falls causing the flowers to come back to life. JOCK (as he pollinates) I pick some pollen up over here, sprinkle it over here, maybe a dash over there, pinch on that one...see that? It’s a little bit of magic, ain’t it? The FLOWERS PERK UP as he pollinates. BARRY Wow. That’s amazing. Why do we do that? JOCK ...that’s pollen power, Kid. More pollen, more flowers, more nectar, more honey for us. BARRY Cool. The Jock WINKS at Barry. Barry rejoins the other jocks in the sky. They swoop in over a pond, kissing the surface. We see their image reflected in the water; they’re really moving. They fly over a fountain. BUZZ I’m picking up a lot of bright yellow, could be daisies. Don’t we need those? SPLITZ Copy that visual. We see what appear to be yellow flowers on a green field. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 24. They go into a deep bank and dive. BUZZ Hold on, one of these flowers seems to be on the move. SPLITZ Say again...Are you reporting a moving flower? BUZZ Affirmative. SEQ. 900 - “TENNIS GAME” The pollen jocks land. It is a tennis court with dozens of tennis balls. A COUPLE, VANESSA and KEN, plays tennis. The bees land right in the midst of a group of balls. KEN (O.C) That was on the line! The other bees start walking around amongst the immense, yellow globes. SPLITZ This is the coolest. What is it? They stop at a BALL on a white line and look up at it. JACKSON I don’t know, but I’m loving this color. SPLITZ (smelling tennis ball) Smells good. Not like a flower. But I like it. JACKSON Yeah, fuzzy. BUZZ Chemical-y. JACKSON Careful, guys, it’s a little grabby. Barry LANDS on a ball and COLLAPSES. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 25. BARRY Oh my sweet lord of bees. JACKSON Hey, candy brain, get off there! Barry attempts to pulls his legs off, but they stick. BARRY Problem! A tennis shoe and a hand ENTER FRAME. The hand picks up the ball with Barry underneath it. BARRY (CONT'D) Guys! BUZZ This could be bad. JACKSON Affirmative. Vanessa walks back to the service line, BOUNCES the ball. Each time it BOUNCES, the other bees cringe and GASP. ANGLE ON: Barry, terrified. Pure dumb luck, he’s not getting squished. BARRY (with each bounce) Very close...Gonna Hurt...Mamma’s little boy. SPLITZ You are way out of position, rookie. ANGLE ON: Vanessa serving. We see Barry and the ball up against the racket as she brings it back. She tosses the ball into the air; Barry’s eyes widen. The ball is STRUCK, and the rally is on. KEN Coming in at you like a missile! Ken HITS the ball back. Barry feels the g-forces. ANGLE ON: The Pollen Jocks watching Barry pass by them in SLOW MOTION. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 26. BARRY (in slow motion) Help me! JACKSON You know, I don't think these are flowers. SPLITZ Should we tell him? JACKSON I think he knows. BARRY (O.S) What is this?! Vanessa HITS a high arcing lob. Ken waits, poised for the return. We see Barry having trouble maneuvering the ball from fatigue. KEN (overly confident) Match point! ANGLE ON: Ken running up. He has a killer look in his eyes. He’s going to hit the ultimate overhead smash. KEN (CONT'D) You can just start packing up Honey, because I believe you’re about to eat it! ANGLE ON: Pollen Jocks. JACKSON Ahem! Ken is distracted by the jock. KEN What? No! He misses badly. The ball rockets into oblivion. Barry is still hanging on. ANGLE ON: Ken, berating himself. KEN (CONT’D) Oh, you cannot be serious. We hear the ball WHISTLING, and Barry SCREAMING. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 27. BARRY Yowser!!! SEQ. 1000 - “SUV” The ball flies through the air, and lands in the middle of the street. It bounces into the street again, and sticks in the grille of an SUV. INT. CAR ENGINE - CONTINUOUS BARRY’S POV: the grille of the SUV sucks him up. He tumbles through a black tunnel, whirling vanes, and pistons. BARRY AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHH!! EECHHH!! AHHHHHH!! Barry gets chilled by the A/C system, and sees a frozen grasshopper. BARRY (CONT’D) (re: grasshopper) Eww, gross. CUT TO: INT. CAR - CONTINUOUS The car is packed with a typical suburban family: MOTHER, FATHER, eight-year old BOY, LITTLE GIRL in a car seat and a GRANDMOTHER. A big slobbery DOG is behind a grate. Barry pops into the passenger compartment, hitting the Mother’s magazine. MOTHER There’s a bee in the car! They all notice the bee and start SCREAMING. BARRY Aaahhhh! Barry tumbles around the car. We see the faces from his POV. MOTHER Do something! "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 28. FATHER I’m driving! Barry flies by the little girl in her CAR SEAT. She waves hello. LITTLE GIRL Hi, bee. SON He’s back here! He’s going to sting me! The car SWERVES around the road. Barry flies into the back, where the slobbery dog SNAPS at him. Barry deftly avoids the jaws and gross, flying SPITTLE. MOTHER Nobody move. If you don’t move, he won’t sting you. Freeze! Everyone in the car freezes. Barry freezes. They stare at each other, eyes going back and forth, waiting to see who will make the first move. Barry blinks. GRANNY He blinked! Granny pulls out a can of HAIR SPRAY. SON Spray him, Granny! Granny sprays the hair spray everywhere. FATHER What are you doing? GRANNY It’s hair spray! Extra hold! MOTHER Kill it! Barry gets sprayed back by the hair spray, then sucked out of the sunroof. CUT TO: "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 29. EXT. CITY STREET - CONTINUOUS BARRY Wow. The tension level out here is unbelievable. I’ve got to get home. As Barry flies down the street, it starts to RAIN. He nimbly avoids the rain at first. BARRY (CONT’D) Whoa. Whoa! Can’t fly in rain! Can’t fly in rain! Can’t fly in-- A couple of drops hit him, his wings go limp and he starts falling. BARRY (CONT'D) Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down! Barry sees a window ledge and aims for it and just makes it. Shivering and exhausted, he crawls into an open window as it CLOSES. SEQ. 1100 - “VANESSA SAVES BARRY” INT. VANESSA’S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUS Inside the window, Barry SHAKES off the rain like a dog. Vanessa, Ken, Andy, and Anna ENTER the apartment. VANESSA Ken, can you close the window please? KEN Huh? Oh. (to Andy) Hey, check out my new resume. I made it into a fold-out brochure. You see? It folds out. Ken holds up his brochure, with photos of himself, and a resume in the middle. ANGLE ON: Barry hiding behind the curtains, as Ken CLOSES THE WINDOW. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 30. BARRY Oh no, more humans. I don’t need this. Barry HOVERS up into the air and THROWS himself into the glass. BARRY (CONT’D) (dazed) Ow! What was that? He does it again, and then multiple more times. BARRY (CONT'D) Maybe this time...this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time. Barry JUMPS onto the drapes. BARRY (CONT'D) (out of breath) Drapes! (then, re: glass) That is diabolical. KEN It’s fantastic. It’s got all my special skills, even my top ten favorite movies. ANDY What’s your number one? Star Wars? KEN Ah, I don’t go for that, (makes Star Wars noises), kind of stuff. ANGLE ON: Barry. BARRY No wonder we’re not supposed to talk to them. They’re out of their minds. KEN When I walk out of a job interview they’re flabbergasted. They can’t believe the things I say. Barry looks around and sees the LIGHT BULB FIXTURE in the middle of the ceiling. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 31. BARRY (re: light bulb) Oh, there’s the sun. Maybe that’s a way out. Barry takes off and heads straight for the light bulb. His POV: The seventy-five watt label grows as he gets closer. BARRY (CONT’D) I don’t remember the sun having a big seventy five on it. Barry HITS the bulb and is KNOCKED SILLY. He falls into a BOWL OF GUACAMOLE. Andy dips his chip in the guacamole, taking Barry with it. ANGLE ON: Ken and Andy. KEN I’ll tell you what. You know what? I predicted global warming. I could feel it getting hotter. At first I thought it was just me. Barry’s POV: Giant human mouth opening. KEN (CONT’D) Wait! Stop! Beeeeeee! ANNA Kill it! Kill it! They all JUMP up from their chairs. Andy looks around for something to use. Ken comes in for the kill with a big TIMBERLAND BOOT on each hand. KEN Stand back. These are winter boots. Vanessa ENTERS, and stops Ken from squashing Barry. VANESSA (grabs Ken’s arm) Wait. Don’t kill him. CLOSE UP: on Barry’s puzzled face. KEN You know I’m allergic to them. This thing could kill me. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 32. VANESSA Why does his life have any less value than yours? She takes a GLASS TUMBLER and places it over Barry. KEN Why does his life have any less value than mine? Is that your statement? VANESSA I’m just saying, all life has value. You don’t know what he’s capable of feeling. Barry looks up through the glass and watches this conversation, astounded. Vanessa RIPS Ken’s resume in half and SLIDES it under the glass. KEN (wistful) My brochure. There’s a moment of eye contact as she carries Barry to the window. She opens it and sets him free. VANESSA There you go, little guy. KEN (O.C) I’m not scared of them. But, you know, it’s an allergic thing. ANDY (O.C) * Hey, why don’t you put that on your * resume-brochure? * KEN (O.C) It’s not funny, my whole face could puff up. ANDY (O.C) Make it one of your “Special Skills.” KEN (O.C) You know, knocking someone out is also a special skill. CUT TO: "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 33. EXT. WINDOWSILL - CONTINUOUS Barry stares over the window frame. He can’t believe what’s just happened. It is still RAINING. DISSOLVE TO: SEQ. 1200 - “BARRY SPEAKS” EXT. WINDOWSILL - LATER Barry is still staring through the window. Inside, everyone’s saying their good-byes. KEN Vanessa, next week? Yogurt night? VANESSA Uh, yeah sure Ken. You know, whatever. KEN You can put carob chips on there. VANESSA Good night. KEN (as he exits) Supposed to be less calories, or something. VANESSA Bye. She shuts the door. Vanessa starts cleaning up. BARRY I’ve got to say something. She saved my life. I’ve got to say something. Alright, here it goes. Barry flies in. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 34. INT. VANESSA’S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUS Barry hides himself on different PRODUCTS placed along the kitchen shelves. He hides on a Bumblebee Tuna can, and a “Greetings From Coney Island” MUSCLE-MAN POSTCARD on the fridge. BARRY (on fridge) What would I say? (landing on a bottle) I could really get in trouble. He stands looking at Vanessa. BARRY (CONT'D) It’s a bee law. You’re not supposed to talk to a human. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve got to. Oh, I can’t do it! Come on! No, yes, no, do it! I can’t. How should I start it? You like jazz? No, that’s no good. Here she comes. Speak, you fool. As Vanessa walks by, Barry takes a DEEP BREATH. BARRY (CONT’D) (cheerful) Umm...hi. Vanessa DROPS A STACK OF DISHES, and HOPS BACK. BARRY (CONT’D) I’m sorry. VANESSA You’re talking. BARRY Yes, I know, I know. VANESSA You’re talking. BARRY I know, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. VANESSA It’s okay. It’s fine. It’s just, I know I’m dreaming, but I don’t recall going to bed. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 35. BARRY Well, you know I’m sure this is very disconcerting. VANESSA Well yeah. I mean this is a bit of a surprise to me. I’re a bee. BARRY Yeah, I am a bee, and you know I’m not supposed to be doing this, but they were all trying to kill me and if it wasn’t for you...I mean, I had to thank you. It’s just the way I was raised. Vanessa intentionally JABS her hand with a FORK. VANESSA Ow! BARRY That was a little weird. VANESSA (to herself) I’m talking to a bee. BARRY Yeah. VANESSA I’m talking to a bee. BARRY Anyway... VANESSA And a bee is talking to me... BARRY I just want you to know that I’m grateful, and I’m going to leave now. VANESSA Wait, wait, wait, wait, how did you learn to do that? BARRY What? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 36. VANESSA The talking thing. BARRY Same way you did, I guess. Mama, Dada, honey, you pick it up. VANESSA That’s very funny. BARRY Yeah. Bees are funny. If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry. With what we have to deal with. Vanessa LAUGHS. BARRY (CONT’D) Anyway. VANESSA Can I, uh, get you something? BARRY Like what? VANESSA I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know. Coffee? BARRY Well, uh, I don’t want to put you out. VANESSA It’s no trouble. BARRY Unless you’re making anyway. VANESSA Oh, it takes two minutes. BARRY Really? VANESSA It’s just coffee. BARRY I hate to impose. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 37. VANESSA Don’t be ridiculous. BARRY Actually, I would love a cup. VANESSA Hey, you want a little rum cake? BARRY I really shouldn’t. VANESSA Have a little rum cake. BARRY No, no, no, I can’t. VANESSA Oh, come on. BARRY You know, I’m trying to lose a couple micrograms here. VANESSA Where? BARRY Well... These stripes don’t help. VANESSA You look great. BARRY I don’t know if you know anything about fashion. Vanessa starts POURING the coffee through an imaginary cup and directly onto the floor. BARRY (CONT'D) Are you alright? VANESSA No. DISSOLVE TO: SEQ. 1300 - “ROOFTOP COFFEE” "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 38. EXT. VANESSA’S ROOF - LATER Barry and Vanessa are drinking coffee on her roof terrace. He is perched on her keychain. BARRY ...He can’t get a taxi. He’s making the tie in the cab, as they’re flying up Madison. So he finally gets there. VANESSA Uh huh? BARRY He runs up the steps into the church, the wedding is on... VANESSA Yeah? BARRY ...and he says, watermelon? I thought you said Guatemalan. VANESSA Uh huh? BARRY Why would I marry a watermelon? Barry laughs. Vanessa doesn’t. VANESSA Oh! Is that, uh, a bee joke? BARRY Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff that we do. VANESSA Yeah, different. A BEAT. VANESSA (CONT’D) So anyway...what are you going to do, Barry? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 39. BARRY About work? I don’t know. I want to do my part for the hive, but I can’t do it the way they want. VANESSA I know how you feel. BARRY You do? VANESSA Sure, my parents wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor, but I wanted to be a florist. BARRY Really? VANESSA My only interest is flowers. BARRY Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan. VANESSA Oh. BARRY Anyway, see there’s my hive, right there. You can see it. VANESSA Oh, you’re in Sheep Meadow. BARRY (excited) Yes! You know the turtle pond? VANESSA Yes? BARRY I’m right off of that. VANESSA Oh, no way. I know that area. Do you know I lost a toe-ring there once? BARRY Really? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 40. VANESSA Yes. BARRY Why do girls put rings on their toes? VANESSA Why not? BARRY I don’t know. It’s like putting a hat on your knee. VANESSA Really? Okay. A JANITOR in the background changes a LIGHTBULB. To him, it appears that Vanessa is talking to an imaginary friend. JANITOR You all right, ma’am? VANESSA Oh, yeah, fine. Just having two cups of coffee. BARRY Anyway, this has been great. (wiping his mouth) Thanks for the coffee. Barry gazes at Vanessa. VANESSA Oh yeah, it’s no trouble. BARRY Sorry I couldn’t finish it. Vanessa giggles. BARRY (CONT'D) (re: coffee) If I did, I’d be up the rest of my life. Ummm. Can I take a piece of this with me? VANESSA Sure. Here, have a crumb. She takes a CRUMB from the plate and hands it to Barry. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 41. BARRY (a little dreamy) Oh, thanks. VANESSA Yeah. There is an awkward pause. BARRY Alright, well then, I guess I’ll see you around, or not, or... VANESSA Okay Barry. BARRY And thank you so much again, for before. VANESSA Oh that? BARRY Yeah. VANESSA Oh, that was nothing. BARRY Well, not nothing, but, anyway... Vanessa extends her hand, and shakes Barry’s gingerly. The Janitor watches. The lightbulb shorts out. The Janitor FALLS. CUT TO: SEQ. 1400 - “HONEX” INT. HONEX BUILDING - NEXT DAY ANGLE ON: A TEST BEE WEARING A PARACHUTE is in a wind tunnel, hovering through increasingly heavy wind. SIGNS UNDER A FLASHING LIGHT READ: “Test In Progress” & “Hurricane Survival Test”. 2 BEES IN A LAB COATS are observing behind glass. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 42. LAB COAT BEE 1 This can’t possibly work. LAB COAT BEE 2 Well, he’s all set to go, we may as well try it. (into the mic) Okay Dave, pull the chute. The test bee opens his parachute. He’s instantly blown against the rear wall. Adam and Barry ENTER. ADAM Sounds amazing. BARRY Oh, it was amazing. It was the scariest, happiest moment of my life. ADAM Humans! Humans! I can’t believe you were with humans! Giant scary humans! What were they like? BARRY Huge and crazy. They talk crazy, they eat crazy giant things. They drive around real crazy. ADAM And do they try and kill you like on TV? BARRY Some of them. But some of them don’t. ADAM How’d you get back? BARRY Poodle. ADAM Look, you did it. And I’m glad. You saw whatever you wanted to see out there, you had your “experience”, and now you’re back, you can pick out your job, and everything can be normal. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 43. ANGLE ON: LAB BEES examining a CANDY CORN through a microscope. BARRY Well... ADAM Well? BARRY Well, I met someone. ADAM You met someone? Was she Bee-ish? BARRY Mmm. ADAM Not a WASP? Your parents will kill you. BARRY No, no, no, not a wasp. ADAM Spider? BARRY You know, I’m not attracted to the spiders. I know to everyone else it’s like the hottest thing with the eight legs and all. I can’t get by that face. Barry makes a spider face. ADAM So, who is she? BARRY She’s a human. ADAM Oh no, no, no, no. That didn’t happen. You didn’t do that. That is a bee law. You wouldn’t break a bee law. BARRY Her name’s Vanessa. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 44. ADAM Oh, oh boy! BARRY She’s so-o nice. And she’s a florist! ADAM Oh, no. No, no, no! You’re dating a human florist? BARRY We’re not dating. ADAM You’re flying outside the hive. You’re talking to human beings that attack our homes with power washers and M-80’s. That’s 1/8 of a stick of dynamite. BARRY She saved my life. And she understands me. ADAM This is over. Barry pulls out the crumb. BARRY Eat this. Barry stuffs the crumb into Adam’s face. ADAM This is not over. What was that? BARRY They call it a crumb. ADAM That was SO STINGING STRIPEY! BARRY And that’s not even what they eat. That just falls off what they eat. Do you know what a Cinnabon is? ADAM No. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 45. BARRY It’s bread... ADAM Come in here! BARRY and cinnamon, ADAM Be quiet! BARRY and frosting...they heat it up-- ADAM Sit down! INT. ADAM’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS BARRY Really hot! ADAM Listen to me! We are not them. We’re us. There’s us and there’s them. BARRY Yes, but who can deny the heart that is yearning... Barry rolls his chair down the corridor. ADAM There’s no yearning.
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Dennis David was a Naval officer at Bethesda Hospital. David claimed to remember his superior officer William Bruce Pitzer showing him pictures of what appeared to be the autopsy of JFK. These images, David said, showed a small wound in the right front of the head. Pitzer was found dead on 10/29/1966.
On 5/1/1975, Dennis David appeared in a Waukegan, Illinois newspaper:

A Navy technician who filmed the autopsy of President John F. Kennedy may have been an early victim of a mysterious death syndrome that has been a bloody footnote to the assassination.
In the 12 years since the ambush in Dallas, investigators have identified more than 50 persons connected with the incident who have died under mysterious or unusual circumstances.
The death of the technician, Lt. William Pitzer, should be an early addition to that list, believes a Lake County man who worked at Bethesda (Md.) Naval Hospital in 1963.
The Lake Countian doesn’t want his identity made public. He contacted the newspaper after reading a series on the Kennedy assassination which concluded in the News-Sun Tuesday.
“He was shot with a 45-caliber pistol and was found with the gun in his right hand,” he said. “But he was left-handed. If he would have used a weapon he would have used his left hand.”
The technician had filmed in detail the Kennedy autopsy. Just before he was due to retire, ending 28 years in the service, he was found dead. “I’ve always believed he was murdered,” the former hospital worker said.
“They said he was depressed, but he was close to retirement and had just received an offer to work for a network television station at $45,000 a year,” he added. Information on the autopsy was vigorously sought at the time, particularly for evidence that would have indicated if any of Kennedy’s wounds were not caused by shots fired from the rear. The county man believes his friend may have been killed as part of a coverup of a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Pitzer, a native of the Washington, D.C. area, was 49 when he died. He was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. A cousin said, “At the time of the funeral there seemed to be little mystery as to how he died. We were told there was going to be an investigation into his death, but we never heard anything.” He is survived by his widow, two sons, and mother. Pitzer had enlisted in the Navy at age 21.
The Lake County man defends the autopsy as “thorough,” and “well-done,” but doubts that all the necessary information was forwarded to the Commission or made available to experts. He contends that one “ambitious” member of the autopsy team may have misrepresented the autopsy results when questioned by the Warren Commission, which concluded in its final report that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.
The man, who saw many wounded men while serving in Vietnam, said he saw slides of Kennedy’s wounds. “It looked like they came from the front,” he said. Commenting on the Commission conclusion that Kennedy was shot from behind, he said, “I do not believe there was just one individual shooting.”
(News-Sun, 5/1/1975, Another Link in JFK Death? by Art Peterson [link 1] [link 2])
Researcher David Lifton interviewed Dennis David at length on 7/2/1979. However, the story about Pitzer and the autopsy film did not appear in Lifton’s 1980 book Best Evidence. Lifton explained his opinions to Kent Heiner, author of the 2004 book Without Smoking Gun (2019 edition DRAFT):
As I review the emails between Lifton and me, I see that between all his denunciations of various and sundry persons - ranging from the well-deserved to the ill-considered - some wisdom was to be found. Saying that I was "dealing with people who are pushing an exaggerated and ever changing story," he observed: "Any normal journalist would understand where the truth lies in this situation, but you keep digging, as if there's some great secret being hidden." "I am in the business of evidence, not urban legend," he wrote to me. An "urban legend" might less pejoratively be called a "meme." The term has come to common usage in the context of internet cat pictures and the like, but it also represents a certain intellectual approach to understanding where ideas come from and how they spread. LCDR Pitzer's death is a fact. The idea that he was murdered to safeguard the cover-up of the true nature of JFK's murder is - regardless of its truth or falsity - a meme.
(Heiner, Laying Old Ghosts to Rest, Jan. 2015)
From Heiner’s Without Smoking Gun:
When interviewing Dennis David for 1980's Best Evidence, David Lifton had passed over Dennis' information regarding Pitzer, focusing instead on Dennis' account of the circumstances in which the - or "a" - casket arrived at the morgue for the Kennedy autopsy. In fact, by the time I wrote to Lifton in 2002, he strongly implied that David’s talk of Pitzer was a made-up story he had somehow been later induced to tell by Harrison Livingstone. Lifton wrote to me:
As to any filming of Dennis David, I interviewed him in July, 1979 by telephone. What he told me then appears in my book, verbatim, exactly as he told me. The book went to press over the summer of 1980 and was published at the tail end of 1980 (Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981).
I filmed Dennis David in October 1980. There was nothing about Pitzer mentioned in that filmed interview, which basically put on camera what he told me in our July, 1979 telephone interview. . . .
Somewhere around 1988 or 1989, Harrison Livingstone got involved in this affair and started to promote the theory that Pitzer's death was connected with the JFK assassination. He would call up various witnesses who I had interviewed and attempt to get them to change or amend their accounts about any number of things, but the Pitzer business was part of his agenda. Again, this was all in 1988 and thereafter.
Do you subscribe to the idea that its an author's responsibility to change his book to accommodate a witness who changes his story a decade after the book appears? Changes which apparently occurred after being lobbied by an assassination "researcher" who, incidentally, would call me up and leave death threats on my telephone answering machine? And send me similar letters in writing? [Livingstone wrote comparable accusations regarding Lifton in his emails to this author.]
This is the kind of territory into which you are heading. Do you think that's credible?
I first heard the William Pitzer story coming from Dennis David directly when he was being interviewed by KRON-TV around November 1988. That film shoot was not conducted by me, but I was present. The two experienced news people who were conducting the filming - producer Stanhope Gould and Sylvia Chase - were quite put off by Dennis David's change of story. It appeared to them so completely non-credible that they wanted to drop him from their documentary as a witness. However, out of respect for his prior interview with me (in 1979) and the prior filmed interview (in 1980) they did in fact use him in their show.
. . . the first I ever heard of Dennis David "viewing" "movies" of the autopsy was when he said so in front of me and Stanhope Gould in the fall of 1988, when he was interviewed (as I recall) by Sylvia Chase for KRON-TV.
Also, as I recall (and quite vividly) he said he viewed them and "edited" them with Pitzer, at his residence. Again, if that Dennis David interview footage is ever located, I defer to whatever he said. Suffice it to say that whatever Dennis David said on the subject, I had never heard it - or at least, heard it stated quite that way - until 1988, and Stanhope Gould was quite unprepared for it too, because it seemed completely bizarre and off the wall. As I mentioned before, it was so bizarre that it essentially destroyed Dennis David's credibility, and extreme efforts on my part were necessary that everything he said was not thrown out along with his allegations about Pitzer.
This was rather astonishing to me because Lifton had only been able to locate Dennis David in the first place after reading of him in Art Peterson’s News-Sun article (an article which, by the way Harrison Livingstone has taken credit for passing on to Lifton). After further discussion with me and a review of the 1975 article, Lifton did agree that Pitzer's film of the autopsy had been mentioned at that time, but he also maintained that the first he ever heard Dennis speaking of having viewed such a film was in 1988, as quoted above; this may be true, but Dennis David thinks otherwise, and his memory seems to be more reliable than Lifton's. David’s email to me in 2003 said:
In '79, when David and his film crew sat in my living room, I told David of my experiences of the 22 Nov 63. This included my feelings on Bill Pitzer. . . .the story of Pitzer he was not able to corroborate, for obvious reasons, and [therefore] he did not pursue it. Which, I think, was the legitimate thing to do. In 1998 [sic - he means 1988] sitting in my back yard under a maple tree, I told Sylvia Chase and her crew essentially what I had told David in 1979. That: 1) I had seen portions of a 16mm film in Bill's office, and helped edit a portion of the film. 2) I had also looked at photos, some B&W and some colored. 3) I told them from the film and pictures, both Bill and I drew the same conclusion that the killing shot was a frontal entry wound. 4) They ask[ed] me if Bill was in the autopsy room, and if he had taken the film and pictures. I told them I did not know if he took the film or pictures of the autopsy. I did day that "considering Bill's job at Bethesda, it would be logical to assume that he had, however I do not recall seeing him that night."
If David’s later testimony can be suspected of having been colored by anyone's influence, it would be Lifton, not Livingstone, who would seem the most likely source, intentionally or otherwise. Lifton bestowed minor fame on Dennis David in a book promoting a hypothesis which has direct connection to the later details of the Pitzer story.
In 2010, Lifton’s expressed opinion regarding Dennis David and Bill Pitzer was again highly dismissive and in contradiction of his own earlier recollections. In a post on The Education Forum, he wrote: “To make this clear: Dennis David, who knew Pitzer, does not believe Pitzer committed suicide, and has made a variety of claims about having seen autopsy photographs –and/or films—of the autopsy, because of his friendship with Pitzer. I should also add that Dennis David told me none of this when I interviewed him in July, 1979, via phone, and in Ocotber [sic], 1980, on camera; nor in 1989 [sic], again, on camera.” So which of Lifton’s tales are we to believe? The one in which David totally sprung the Pitzer story on Lifton and company during the KRON-TV interview, nearly derailing the program, or the one in which he didn’t mention it at all?
(2019 edition DRAFT)
Dennis David was contacted by researchers Harrison Livingstone and Joanne Braun, as summarized in Livingstone’s 1992 book High Treason 2:
[...p. 556, Chapter 27. A Proposal]
[…] Pitzer, according to David, had filmed the autopsy.21
[…] After all (according to Dennis David), Pitzer was in the gallery filming the entire autopsy with a movie camera, and David, a chief petty officer at the time-who had helped bring in the casket-helped Pitzer edit the film. David was a bridge partner and close friend of Pitzer’s for many years and used to baby-sit for his children. They all believe he was murdered.
What the film might have been used for we do not know. Nor do we know if it was made for personal reasons. Dennis David wrote the following to researcher Joanne Braun: “As to Bill Pitzer’s involvement, I never asked him, ‘Were you there?’ or ‘Did you do the filming?’ I have always assumed he did, but cannot verify that he was in the autopsy room that evening. I do know that he had the film in his possession at one time. When he and I looked at a portion of the film, we remarked only on the extent of injury, apparent point of entry, etc. Bill also had some 35mm slides which, again I assumed, were excerpts from the film.
I would say the films which I viewed with Bill were prior to the commencement of the postmortem, as there was no evidence of a Y incision on the torso, nor was the scalp incised and peeled forward on the face as would be done during a postmortem.”25
In another letter to Joanne Braun, David wrote that “the film slides I viewed with Bill Pitzer showed much the same as the pictures which you enclosed. First, I had seen and helped treat gunshot wounds and from training and experience had some idea of their effect on human flesh. Even high-powered rifle or pistol (375, M-1, M-16, etc.) entry holes are substantially smaller than their exit. It is inconceivable that anyone even vaguely acquainted with gunshot wounds would conclude that the massive wound in the rear of JFK’s skull could have occurred from a rear-entry projectile, unless it was from a grenade or mortar shrapnel, which tears and rends flesh and bone rather than pierces it. What appeared to be an entry was near the point of the arrow you drew on the right lateral picture. Also, the extension of the original tracheotomy incision appeared to be approximately twice the length necessary.”26 […]
[...p. 635-636, Notes, Chapter 27]
21 Interviews of April 22, 1990, May 12, 1990, April 25, 1991, and June 4, 1991.
22 7 HSCA 28.
23 7 HSCA 27.
24 Their inventory is contained in Weisberg, p. 565.
25 Letter of September 11, 1991.
26 Letter of October 31, 1991.
From Livingstone’s 5/20/1991 interview with Francis X. O'Neill, an autopsy witness from the FBI:
Livingstone: Alright, the- the whole scene during the autopsy. We’re trying to- first of all, there were- was the, you know, was there a microphone hanging over the table, see the room is no longer there.
O’Neill: Of course not.
Livingstone: There was no taping going on?
O’Neill: No.
Livingstone: And how about filming?
O’Neill: No.
Livingstone: Did you know Commander Pitzer?
O’Neill: No.
Livingstone: Well, he was in the gallery filming and one of the men helped-
O’Neill: He might have been in the gallery, but when you say ‘filming’, what do you mean?
Livingstone: He had a movie camera, and the next day one of the men helped him edit the film.
O’Neill: I am not aware of that at all. In fact, when you say that he was in the gallery, we took a listing of every individual who was there at any particular period of time when we started.
Livingstone: So you’re speaking on the benches?
O’Neill: I’m talking about the entire amount of people at the autopsy room.
Livingstone: Yeah.
O’Neill: And he possibly came in later, I know several people did come in later. I don’t know if he was there at the start of it. In fact, to my recollection- go ahead.
Livingstone: But you’re- you know what I mean, the benches, they call it a gallery.
O’Neill: I don’t know what exactly what benches. They were up higher, they were not on a level with the-
Livingstone: Okay, but you considered that in the room and you took their names, of everybody up there?
O’Neill: We took the names of everybody in the room, we sent a listing around.
(Audio, 22:45)
From Dennis David’s appearance on The Men Who Killed Kennedy, 1995, Episode 6: The Truth Shall Set You Free:
Three or four days after the assassination, I walked into this office and I saw, he was working on some film. He had a movie editor, one of those reel-to-reel that runs across with a screen. And he showed it to me, and it was a 16mm film of the autopsy. There were also some slides. He had some slides, that he had, that showed tissue slides and also showed some slides of President Kennedy that were taken from while he was on the table at the morgue. And we looked at them, kinda horrified I guess you would say, at the seriousness of the wound, but I remember that one of the things that I remembered was that we saw- they had a picture of Kennedy laying on the table and it was a front profile and the only thing we saw was a little hole about here in the temple [points just above the right side of his right eyebrow] and- in another photograph, another slide that Bill had, showed a huge gaping hole here in the back, and so Bill and I logically assumed that the wound was a frontal entry wound, as opposed to what the Warren Commission later said, being shot from behind.
Bill had told me, shortly before I left Bethesda, which was around the 7th of December, of ‘65, he told me that he was planning on retiring, because he had enough time in, and he was wanting to get out. And he also told me that he had some damned lucrative offers from some TV networks, and other people have asked me why I think he was assassinated, and I think it was because, that with him retiring, they- and I don't know who "they" are- were afraid he would take these pictures that he and I had seen, this 35mm and the 16mm film, that he would take them and if he went to work for a major studio that they would use them or he would have them aired, and that would really blow some people out of the water if that would have transpired. I could be wrong, I could be right, but I do know those films exist because I was there, I saw the damn things.
(Video, 22:13 [transcript, partial])
David’s story may have some corroboration from Bill Pitzer’s widow, Joyce Pitzer. From The Fourth Decade newsletter, Volume 2, Number 4, p. 16, Bits and Pieces: A Green Beret on the Periphery of the JFK Assassination by Daniel Marvin:
Late in the afternoon, on Saturday, 29 October 1966 Lieutenant Commander William Pitzer was found dead in his office at the Bethesda Naval Hospital where the autopsy on President Kennedy had been performed three years earlier. With a gunshot wound to the right temple, Dr. Pitzer's death was officially ruled a suicide, but family and friends found this verdict impossible to accept, not least of all because his widow knew better. In January 1995 Mrs. Joyce B. Pitzer told me unequivocally that she knew her husband "had parts of the autopsy that they wanted destroyed." She was speaking of our government wanting the autopsy photos he'd taken of JFK on 22 November 1963 destroyed. She told me that her husband "refused to do this." Instead of the United States Navy assisting Mrs. Pitzer to get to the bottom of her husband's violent death, they ruled it suicide. She knew different, but the Navy refused her access to the autopsy of her husband. Instead, she told me, "After his death, four of the Navy Intelligence were here at the house. They told me not to talk." She clarified that, saying, "and for 25 years I did not really discuss this." Even after a quarter of a century had passed, Mrs. Pitzer told me of how "Several of the Captains and one of the Admirals told me when Livingstone was writing the book [High Treason 2] to stay out of it."
On 2/13/1996, lead autopsy pathologist Dr. James Humes told the Assassination Records Review Board that there was a closed-circuit television set up in Bethesda Naval Hospital:
Q. Could you describe in a general way what the autopsy room looked like? You mentioned a few minutes ago that it was new. Could you just describe the room?
A. Well, it's about the size of the room in which we're seated, which looks to me like it's 30 by 25 or something of that nature. We had a permanently fixed autopsy table in the center of the room. We had a viewing stand, a two-place viewing stand, along one wall. I think it had two steps. It would accommodate maybe 20 or 30 people, because we used to have conferences in there. Routinely, at the end of a week, we would retain the organs from the autopsies of the week. In fact, not only did we review them there, but there was a closed-circuit television. They went to Andrews Air Force Base, NIH, and it was a closed- circuit instruction program. That platform, a two- step platform, was for observers.
And in an adjacent area, we had a refrigerated storage place with either four or six- -I forget the number--places for retention of bodies. And we had a shower and restroom adjacent.
Q. Was there any kind of gallery in the room other than the two steps that you--
A. That's what I'm speaking of. It might have three steps. I couldn't--you know, I don't recall how many steps it had. We used to get a fairly decent number of people. Maybe it had three steps.
Q. Was there any closed-circuit broadcasting-
A. No.
Q. --during the night of the autopsy?
A. No, absolutely not. I wish there was, retrospectively.
(Transcript [text])
From the 7/16/1996 ARRB deposition of autopsy photographer John Stringer:
Q: One last question, and this is probably repetitive from earlier questions we have. Was there anyone taking any motion picture photographs -
A: Negative.
Q: - during the night of the autopsy?
A: Negative.
MR. GUNN: Thank you very much.
THE WITNESS: And how about Mr. Pitzer?
Q: Was Mr. Pitzer present at the autopsy?
A: He was not present. In fact, I shot his autopsy.
(Transcript [text] [audio])
From the January 1998 edition of the newsletter JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly:
[...p. 9, The Untimely Death of Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer by Allan R.J. Eaglesham and R. Robin Palmer]
[...] He found Pitzer working on a 16-mm film, slides and black and white photos of the Kennedy autopsy.[3] Vivid in his memory is his agreement with Bill Pitzer that those materials showed what appeared to be an entry wound in the right frontal area with a corresponding exit wound in the lower rear of the skull. Thereafter, on occasion, Dennis heard Bill refer to contacts he’d had with “agents” about the Kennedy autopsy materials on which he had worked. These references, made in the company of others and thus precluding further discussion with Dennis, were couched in matter-of-fact terms without hint of threat or intimidation.[4]
3 Dennis David interview on The Men Who Killed Kennedy VI. The Truth Shall Set You Free, produced by Nigel Turner (A&E History Channel, 1995).
4 Dennis David, audiotaped responses to written questions from Colonel D. Marvin, 16 December 1996.
On 2/4/1997, Dennis David talked to the ARRB. As reported:
LCDR Pitzer's Film(s) of President Kennedy's Autopsy
Mr. David said that 3 or 4 days after the autopsy, a good friend of his, LCDR William Bruce Pitzer, who was in charge of Bethesda audio-visual services, showed him photographic images of the autopsy inside Pitzer's office. He said he was shown the following:
-A portion of a B & W 16 mm movie film, displayed using a viewer with two reels on it and a hand-crank (i.e., an editing machine); he estimated the size of the reel of film was probably about 10' in diameter, and that the reel was about half full of film. He said he witnessed only a short section of the film, which appeared to show the President's body during initial examinations, and before any incisions. He said the film was clearly shot in the morgue at Bethesda, but not from immediately adjacent to the autopsy table; instead, it was shot from a distance--either from the gallery, or from well back in the room. He said that other persons' torsos, from the waist down, and some gloved hands examining the body, could be seen in the film. He said that the motion picture film, although somewhat grainy, clearly showed a gaping wound in the back of the President's head, and that the top of the head looked intact.
-Six or seven 35 mm color slides of post mortem images of the President; like the movie film, these were also pre-incision post mortem images of the President. He said the slides were viewed by holding them up by hand in front of a lamp. (See below for description of contents of both slide and print images.)
-Four or five black-and-white prints, approximately 3" X 5' in size, of post-mortem, "pre-incision' images of President Kennedy. Like the color slides, he said these prints "made it very clear that President Kennedy was hit from the front as well as from the rear.' When I asked him what it was about the B & W prints, and color slides, which made him say this, he said that first, in both the B & W prints and color slides, he could see a round or oval wound. about one quarter to three-eighths of an inch in diameter, in the right front temporal area of the President's head, just below the hairline, which he immediately interpreted as a bullet entry wound; he also said that, just as in the movie film, there was a gaping hole in the back of the head. When asked, Mr. David clarified that the top of the head looked intact in these photographs. […]
(ARRB MD 177)
The autopsy’s x-ray technician, told the ARRB on 10/28/1997 that he remembered a man with a movie camera:
Q: In addition to Floyd Riebe's taking photographs, did you see anyone else take photographs?
A: There was a chief there that night that was taking movies. Remember how I had stated that he was the gentleman that had committed suicide, supposedly, and had the deformed hand - where they found the gun in that deformed hand? He was there that night, taking movies.
Q: Did you actually see him taking movies?
A: Yes, I did.
Q: What kind of movie camera was he using?
A: I would imagine, a simple eight millimeter.
Q: Was he wearing a uniform?
A: Yes, he was.
Q: And what was his rank?
A: Chief.
Q: Did you hear any discussion during the time of the autopsy about movies being taken?
A: Well, there was quite a few upset people from the gallery that were - didn't like the idea. But the chief just kept right on going. He said, "I'm doing my job."
Q: In addition to the chief who was - Do you remember the chief's name?
A: No, I don't.
Q: Does the name Pitzer mean anything to you?
A: Yes. Now, it rings a bell, but I'm not quite sure. But that name "Pitzer" does ring a bell.
Q: Are you able to elaborate at all why you -
A: Not really. I'm not sure if it was - It could have been brought to my recollection that night that we had the get-together in Pittsburgh. I think it was Pittsburgh. Yes, it was.
Q: But did you know that name at all on the night of the -
A: No, I didn't know that name at that time. No, I didn't. Some of this stuff is starting to come back.
Custer seems to be the only autopsy witness who claims to remember a person filming in the morgue.
In March of 1998, Jerrol Custer was interviewed by researchers William Law and Vincent Palamara (Law, In The Eye of History, 2004, Jerrol F. Custer):
Law: I want you to do me a favor.
Custer: Sure.
Law: I’d like you to- to put- tell me where the- the wound in the head was located to the best recollection.
Custer: The wound in the head?
Law: Yeah.
Custer: To the best of my recollection, it was in the frontal sinus on the right hand side. Just above the orbit, right about here [points to forehead above right eye].
Palamara: Okay, now you claim that that’s the entry wound?
Custer: That’s the entry wound.
(Video, 8:18)
Palamara: Okay, but it still jives with the notion that you saw a frontal entry wound [points to forehead] and you still think that [gestures to right hide of head] was an exit of some sort, even though it wasn’t technically back here [gestures to lower back of the head], it still made sense with…?
Custer: Remember the trajectory. Forty to forty-five degrees.
Palamara: Okay. Okay.
Custer: You're going in like this [gestures to left profile autopsy photo]
Palamera: Okay. Okay.
Custer: Are you blowing out the back of the head?
Palamara: No, not at that angle. Okay.
Custer: Frontal-temporal region. That's whats being destroyed.
Palamara: Okay. That would explain a lot.
(Video, 11:52)
Custer: Part of the cover-up. They don't want people to know. This is why the chief was taken care of, literally. He actually had photographic evidence they didn't want – they didn’t want out.
Law: And by "chief," who are you talking about?
Custer: Chief Pitzer.
Law: I know we went into Chief Pitzer a little bit last night, and maybe we’ve covered him enough. But, Dennis David who- who was Pitzer- he was- Pitzer was a mentor to Dennis David and they were- and they were basically best friends.
Custer: Right.
Law: I've been told by him that- that- that he helped edit film.
Custer: Correct.
Law: That night.
Custer: Correct.
Law: And there's been no corroboration from that- for that except that you- you said that you- you saw him, you do remember him-
Custer: Absolutely.
Law: Filming.
Custer: Right.
Law: And he, Dennis David also told me that he saw pictures of a wound in the side of the president's head. A small bullet wound in the right temple.
Custer: Now you've got to remember something, Dennis David is a layman. His anatomy sometime can be a- leave a lot to be desired. What he considered the side of the head could be here or here [points to the right front of his head]. But I would say the side of the head would be in the temporal region. There was no bullet wounds here [indicating the right temple].
Law: Really. Okay.
Palamara: He did mention on a- on a certain TV documentary, he did point to here [points to the right side of forehead] as far as whether it was an entrance wound and it appeared that President Kennedy was shot from the front. Viewing this film.
Custer: Right.
Law: So would you say that's correct?
Custer: I would say that's pretty close to where it was. When you’re discussing something with somebody, you don’t actually hit it right on, you can come off to the side a little bit [points above right eyebrow], and see where I’m at?
Law: Um-hum.
Custer: Actually, it was right in here. You can see where the- the fragment is, where it went in, the destruction. You have the picture, watch where the lines emanate from. There's a focal point. That's the shell entrance. Back to the same simple theory. Look at what you have. It's as plain as the nose on your face. Don't surmise ‘well, the bullet looks like it's at the back of the head there’. No. Look at your fractures. Where do they come from? Where do they start at? Where's all the damage at? You see damage on the frontal sinuses. You see damage on the orbit. The floor of the orbit. The orbital ridge. If a bullet goes in the front you'd have fracturing in that area. The bullet would come out that front, go in at the back and come out that front. You wouldn’t have no orbital area or the frontal sinuses. If you've ever seen anybody that's been shot in the back of the head and the bullet exited from the face, there's not much of the face left.
(Video, 1:04:20)
Custer’s earlier recorded statements do not mention a small frontal head wound (HSCA 180-10103-10116; 9/30/1979 and 10/7/1979 interviews by David Lifton, Best Evidence, 1980; KRON, 11/18/1988, JFK: An Unsolved Murder [video, 33:27]; Oct. 1980 interview by Lifton, Best Evidence: The Research Video, 1989; Interview by Harrison Livingstone, undated [draft chapter]; Reuter-AP, 5/30/1992 [link] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4] [link 5]; Reuters, 11/18/1993, JFK x-rays are fake, radiologist charges by Jeanne King; JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly, Vol. 1, Number 1, Oct. 1995, Interview: Jerrol Custer by Walt Brown; ARRB deposition, 10/28/1997 [audio]).
From The Fourth Decade newsletter, Volume 5, Number 4, May, 1998, p. 19:
William Pitzer. The following information regarding "The Pitzer File," (issue of January 1998) was furnished by Vince Palamara in a communication dated April 1, 1998:
Oregon researcher Bill Law (see Winter 1997 KAC/Lancer journal) and I interviewed, for over three intense hours, Bethesda x-ray tech Jerrol Custer on 3/15 and 3/16/98. Among MANY other things, he stated: (1) Pitzer was present at the autopsy filming the whole thing, inc. the gallery with the military men, who flipped out upon seeing him doing this; (2) He also believes that Pitzer was murdered; (3) Custer also believes the circumstances for alleged suicide are extremely suspect, esp. due to Pitzer's handicapped hand/arm... This totally corroborated Dennis David who, when Bill Law phoned David with the news of this independent corroboration, appeared to be crying on the other end, as Bill told me!
In September of 1998, researcher Alan Eaglesham sent a letter and a copy of his essay “The Untimely Death of Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer to Dr. Humes. Than, according to Eaglesham:
One morning in early October, I was at work, as usual, in my home office when the telephone rang. It was Dr. Humes. I had not expected that he would respond to my letter; at first I did not understand who was calling. Here are notes that I made immediately after his call:
• He knew Bill Pitzer well and worked closely with him on films on tropical medicine for use in Vietnam. These were films made on video and transferred to film; WBP was in charge of the television part. He does not know whether Bill made the conversion to film.
• He does not know where Bill was on the evening of the Kennedy assassination. He was certainly not in the morgue.
• Bill was a "nice fellow," with whom he enjoyed working.
• I said that some people felt that Bill was the last person they’d have thought would commit suicide. He said that "suicide is a part of life." He believes that Pitzer killed himself.
• He has read the article (The Untimely Death of Lt. Cmdr. William B. Pitzer: The Physical Evidence) and said frankly that it is weak and that we are barking up the wrong tree.
• He was categorical that all photos at the autopsy were taken by Stringer. Bill took no photographs at the JFK autopsy. He (i.e. Cmdr. Humes) "was in charge of everything," and has total certainty that Bill took no photographs, neither did he expose movie film.
• He said that the morgue was new, and he does not know whether it was wired for closed-circuit television on 11/22/63. Certainly the autopsy was not recorded on CCTV.
It seems to me that his certainty that the autopsy was not recorded on CCTV, on top of uncertainty as to whether the autopsy room had CCTV installed, should be viewed with caution, particularly so considering that he displayed no such uncertainty in his testimony to the ARRB.
On 10/25/1998, Eaglesham received an email from John Stringer which read "I did not see Bill Pitzer on the evening of President Kennedy’s postmortem examination". Stringer had reportedly known Pitzer for nine years.
(Eaglesham, Pitzer: An Update, Apr. 1999)
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