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Alright... I can do this. Deep breaths. In... out... in...
So Kouzuki Yuuko.
God even saying her name enrages me, this lady is... she's going to... UGH I can't! I just can't spoil it! I hate her, I have never felt such a pure feeling of disgust at a two dimensional image before. I can only thank my lucky starts she's barely in this novel.
*sigh* Let's just get her introduction over with.
Kouzuki hit Sumika with her car and muses about how she "thought that was her" to p-kun. p-kun calls her horrible in his mind, which I had forgotten was one of his first lines about her and couldn't be happier about remembering. She says humans are surprisingly resilient. Sumika materializes back into frame and Kouzuki references how she shot through the air in a chibi scene so I guess those are all real and these people really do just punch like the hulk. Meiya comments on the violent nature of the school's students and faculty which is absolutely accurate. Kouzuki observes Meiya like a potential lab experiment and Tsukuyomi pulls a god damn knife on her. Meiya orders her to stand down after being surprisingly humble about the whole thing before Tsukuyomi shadow steps away like this is a DnD game. A second later she reappears in front of p-kun to explain the Mitsurugi financial group which Meiya is apparently heir apparent to. not sure how you inherit a friggen corporate conglomerate as a teenager but whatever I'm not a businessman and capitalism confounds me anyway. The five minute lecture (I'm not kidding, it's a five minute lecture) didn't help.
Through this whole thing Kouzuki has just stood unflinching which Meiya complements her on, but it turns out she just fainted. Enjoy that small moment dear reader, it is the last where this vile woman shall show a shred of weakness.
p-kun muses on why a financial heiress would visit his sorry ass of all people and while the narrative has not yet provided a satisfactory answer I'll give him another point for at least being THAT self aware. Score is 2 to 91 for those at home.
For some reason the novel chooses NOW to give a Chizuru CG in her lacrosse uniform drinking from a water fountain. I guess to lighten the mood after all that comedy I just sat through? Everyone goes to greet her and she lays into p-kun right after. They have a subtle battle of words. Apparently due to the events of KgNE the school built an indoor pool and it's been pulling all the good Lacrosse recruits so the school is about to shut down the team. That kind of sucks I guess. I played Lacrosse for like 3 games. Still have all the gear even though it's way too small for me now.
p-kun accidentally sends Meiya on a quest to kill a daemon in the form of Akane, starting to think this is just someone's DnD game they wanted to turn into a VN. He proves his narcissism again by explaining how Chizuru's club disbanding is so hard on HIM because it gets Chizuru all fired up to call him out on his bad behavior. Then he and Sumika rush to class.
Kouzuki interrupts role call to tell p-kun to keep his harem in check. A joke funnier in hindsight then in the moment. Trust me you haven't even seen half his waifu candidates yet and only two of the good ones. Jinguuji totally abandons p-kun to the mercy of the class rumor mill and homeroom ends early.
p-kun ends up recounting some events from Akane Maniax where it was established Chizuru was Akane's rival and best friend, long story not important. p-kun tries to flee the class but instead ends up tangled with Chizuru on the floor when she tries to stop him and they land right in front of Kei...
Yeah I don't get this character.
I didn't like Rin in Katawa Shoujo, I didn't get the appeal of kuudere characters in other novels, I don't get why Kei is so popular. She gets some of the best lines, I'll give her that much. My favorite line in the series is one of hers, but I'm just not a fan. Also for some reason p-kun only uses her last name to refer to her the whole series but fuck that I've read five novels with this bitch she's Kei-chan and she can live with it! Chizuru's anger is momentarily shifted to Kei to scold her about being late but Kei ignores her hard core. p-kun is so stunned he just goes back to his seat.
That day during break Meiya and Sumika both offer him a lunch while Tama comments on how popular he is. Sumika made the same thing as yesterday but still this must have been a ton of work. Meiya's offering is the stupid mushroom dish p-kun complained about not getting during the prologue. The game breaks the fourth wall at this point, thankfully more tactfully then I'm used to in VNs, and has p-kun think about how this choice could be life altering for him, and I guess it is but... well I'll get there.
Yeah I'm gonna eat Sumika's, I'd feel like shit if I didn't she worked so hard on this. And those octopuses are freakin adorable! In a rare show of kindness picking this choice prompts Meiya and p-kun to allow Tama to have the fancy meal which is fine by me. p-kun apologizes to Meiya who takes her L like a champ and excuses herself. For some reason Sumika feels the need to feed p-kun, which is simultaneously humiliating and makes me feel like a king. Kinda wish this was grapes instead NGL but the CG of her holding a little octopus with her mouth open to get p-kun to open his is so adorable I'm willing to just go with it. Yeah this scene is the best one so far, definitely picked the best option here, even if p-kun DOES have to spoil the mood by insulting every detail about the food while he eats. He gives her one whole compliment at the end and she looks so pleased to have "worked so hard" it's really heartwarming.
In the first time of what will become an alarming trend p-kun is kidnapped as he walks the hall after his meal. He ends up in the Physics lab where GODDAMIT!
*Sigh* Kouzuki has Jinguuji in a demon cosplay... Whatever you just imagined it's not EVEN that sexy, 4/10 AT BEST. p-kun likes it though the perv. Kouzuki engages p-kun in a battle of wits but while she brought an anti-material rifle with a full clip and custom scope p-kun seems to be working with a squirt gun. Kouzuki even takes on poor Jinguuji poking fun at her failing love life as a 16t weight drops on her head. Since everyone could see the chibi stuff I'm guessing that's a real thing that's actually happening and am just going to ignore it to preserve my sanity. Kouzuki implies Gouda was transferred out so Maiya could get a seat next to p-kun but jokes on her, he's actually off on Rigel V about now so shows what she knows.
Time skips to the end of the school day where p-kun has cleaning duty. Kei apparently is similarly drafted but she gets into an argument with Chizuru over if she should even be responsible when she's apparently never here. She volunteers Sumika and Meiya in her place and bails. I'm given the option to run away but screw that p-kun could use some hard lessons in the application of elbow grease the lazy bum. Luckily their is a fade to black but TBH that kind of makes the whole scene feel pointless. On the way out of the school Sumika comments on Mikoto's absence and on Meiya's questioning it's explained he apparently gets conscripted by his dad regularly to go adventure, which sounds pretty cool. Sumika spots a note in Mikoto's shoe cubby and p-kun takes it to read, so I guess I can add doesn't respect privacy to the list of things I have against him. Apparently some first year boy wrote Mikoto a love letter which is honestly SUPER romantic but because Japan only recognizes two sexualities, straight and fetish, this revelation is met with some light homophobia and the scene concludes.
Best character Takahashi comes back for a painfully short minute of dialogue and the group is off in the megasine home. Apparently my boy Takahashi is researching some kind of high speed theory so he's got brains AND looks which is just amazing. The group discovers a lot of vans outside p-kun's place which turn out to be full of... well literally the entire neighborhood's worth of people. Apparently everyone is moving away, that kinda sucks, property value is going to go down here, better tell dad, he might not be too happy to find out he just lost a couple grand on his "biggest investment." p-kun's a little suspicious but Meiya waves him off. Sumika asks to wake p-kun the next day and the scene ends.
The following morning p-kun wakes up alone, the scene is silent, not even any background music as he stands up. He checks the room for Meiya, but doesn't find her before noticing a strange new door in his bedroom wall. The novel makes a joke about flags, gotta admit I'm liking the soft meta humor approach. Then suddenly tits. Like full on Meiya's taking off her shirt, no bra, tits. Insert escalating quickly meme here.
After some quick advice from her aid Meiya screams and throws a clock at p-kun. I want to say he deserved it, but I'd open a strange door in my room that appeared one day without knocking too so he gets a pass. Maybe could have closed it a little quicker to save himself but NGL I'd probably be too stunned to move too.
Takahashi makes a brief cameo to reinforce his theory research so the reader can know it's important and it's off to school.
Theirs a CG of Kouzuki that I hate I have to remember exists. Basically the class is discussing Quantum Causality, which I guess is technically physics but come on what are you teaching these kids string theory? When in any reasonable setting will I need to go beyond 5 dimensions anyway let alone 14? Yes, cause and effect are a core idea in Physics, that's a given, but Bell's Theorem and general relativity are about as far as you need to go for a high school class don't waste my time on the 10v14 debate. And apparently this form isn't even in the book it's an original theory from the instructor which is SO not cool in a world of standardized tests.
I'd be remis if I didn't mention the Henyu but that's not important to the story.
p-kun, at a loss to answer a question, attempts to contact Mikoto telepathically, and actually manages to luck into his showing up. He's no help on the work but har har funny coincidence!
It's at this point in the narrative anyone who's already played Alternative will start having flashbacks.
Mikoto mentions how it feels like he hasn't seen p-kun in three years which is oddly specific but whatever. Honestly this whole scene is purposeful nonsense so ridiculous they reference Gouda again.
Skipping to Lunch time, Sumika brings two whole bento boxes she made so much which is like... still not a lot by American standards but I bet that's a lot in Japan. She opens them and... I have no idea what's going on. Apparently she made something called Manga-meat? Some legendary dream like something or other. Meiya made Sashimi from Salmon Parr which sounds dope, apparently only one out of every 15,000 salmon makes the cut for this type of meat. Sumika tries to guilt me into picking her meal but one in 15k sounds expensive as hell this is once in a lifetime. Why does the novel even give me the choice to flee who would pass this up?
Sumika is less graceful in defeat then Meiya but while she certainly didn't earn any points I won't take any off either she did make a meat that doesn't exist after all. p-kun even shares with Mikoto who is apparently going to just be a walking vehicle for jabs against homosexuals but this novel is almost two decades old so I guess that's expected.
Chizuru makes p-kun clean the room again before I get another choice. So soon? I just had one of these. I guess I'll pick to just go home? No real reason to go behind the school or loiter p-kun isn't cool enough for that. p-kun runs into Mikoto and the rivals for his stomach waiting for him outside the school so I guess I picked right if I found where the plot is at. Mikoto wants to go play Valgern-On, that game from the prologue, and the girls are coming just because. Up for a minigame I'm pretty stoked about the idea.
At the train station Meiya makes a comment about how being poor at math would make her a bad Japanese citizen. Help me out here, is that a thing? Like is being good at algebra a point of pride in Japan? More so then other subjects? I've never heard of this before. Apparently Meiya has lived in 32 nations which is pretty impressive. My Grandfather traveled the world to a similar degree learning languages, I can admire being well traveled.
At the "Gamu Center" Meiya comments on the full emersion seats as appearing like military equipment, which I guess is kind of accurate, I mean from my understanding they are functionally the same as flight simulators which are used by militaries. p-kun sits down in a chair and suddenly everything is in English. The screen changes to look like a game display screen and I can only imagine this must be pretty jarring for a native Japanese speaker rather then a welcome distraction for myself. I like how the voice mispronounces the planet name.
Anyway I'm hit with three choices in a row asking for tactics on how to proceed in the fight. I'm going to be forced to see this minigame a half dozen more times so sorry if this spoils the surprise but you lose almost every time. Oddly enough the path to victory is to pick the last option in every choice here but I'm pretty sure all the rest of them lead to you being defeated. I didn't get how this foreshadows Alternative until I literally typed it out here but that's a conversation for a later time.
Somehow even this small victory is too much for the novel to let p-kun have so in the next scene it's added he lost his next two games but I know I won the game that mattered so so be it. Mikoto crushes the dream of mecha fans by pointing out that bipedal locomotion would be a nightmare and yeah, he's right. Not sure when I'll have the opportunity to talk about the absurdity of giant mecha robots as a VN reviewer but I'm sure theirs an example out there somewhere in this genre. If you guys know any feel free to recommend one maybe I'll get to it after this series.
Anyway back to what's relevant everyone within a kilometer of p-kun's house shows up to tell him they're moving away and give him farewell gifts. Nice gesture but dude I don't know you people you didn't have to bother. I notice in the background someone left the lights on down the street, hope that's not still being charged to them electricity in Japan is expensive. p-kun runs inside to confront Maiya but catches her changing again which brings up the question why was she changing out of her casual cloths earlier? wasn't she going to class in her uniform in the next scene? And wait a minute how is she changing out of her casual cloths now! She was just in her uniform why take that off just to put on your comfy stuff and take THAT off! you're just wasting your time lady.
Meiya throws a baseball at him. Honestly though she should learn to wear a bra.
Sumika mentions through the window after scolding him that she'd probably let p-kun watch her change which is... kinda creepy. I mean whatever if voyeurism is your kink no judgment but who just says that to their best friend you know? It wasn't even in a joking tone. She talks about her diary, the same one from the prologue I'm guessing, apparently she's never missed a day which is a damn achievement good for her. She asks p-kun to take the chain lock off his front door, something that has stymied her the past few days, and he agrees, which I guess is kind of sweet.
That night he has a dream about LITTLE, TINY CUTE SUMIKA AND SHE'S JUST FRIGGEN ADORABLE! Gosh I did not expect to find her so cute. She's… waiting for sandy claws... to bring her a present, because he skipped her, and wow why is this suddenly so sad? She stayed up all night to thank him and p-kun tells her she's a bad girl for staying up and she starts to friggen cry but little p-kun gives her a little Santa rabbit and convinces her Santa will still bring her something and runs home to get her a present and WHAT WENT WRONG IN THIS CHILD'S LIFE? Why did you turn out to be so terrible in high school that was like the sweetest thing ever? Oh my god that was so cute!
Sumika comes to wake him up the next morning but she just throws him out of bed and tells him to follow her. Apparently some huge construction sight sprung up in the night next door. I'm more impressed then anything personally, wouldn't that make a ton of noise? Meiya left for school early and Tsukuyomi is yelling on her phone about some stupid kids so Sumika and p-kun just go ahead and leave for school. p-kun notices Sumika's rabbit again and remembers how his parents bought Sumika a stuffed copyrighted character for Christmas, not as cute as if he bought it for her but close enough.
Math class today is self-study, which I always felt was the worst, I mean who wants to just sit there doing problems all period? God I'm so glad I never have to take another math class as long as I live. Speaking of which I get a choice for who to pawn my work off onto. Sumika, who p-kun already bulled into doing half. Meiya, who has no need to even be in this class so probably isn't even DOING the work. Tama, for some ungodly reason. and Kei, who p-kun has barely spoken to and isn't even on a first name bases with... yeah I'm screwed. I guess Meiya is the right choice? She at least seems smart enough to HELP.
p-kun calls her smart and she blushes which is adorable, glad I picked this option just for that. Except no apparently the thing that made her blush was being called dude... weird chick. She goes on to say she's never been addressed that informally before by anyone but her own father which is a GUTWRENCHING sentence that just gets worse after her romance route so that's fun. I take it back this choice's pain was immeasurable and my playthrough is ruined.
Looking to Chizuru for help and getting none as she's apparently in high demand p-kun gives up and goes to sleep because somehow THAT is supposed to endear me to him. He wakes to find he had his paper turned in blank and Chizuru is furious but the bum deserves it so no sympathy from me. Apparently Tama is kinder then I am though because she agrees to help him steal his paper back by... I don't know being cute in the staff room? I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through. Apparently p-kun also stole Sumika's paper too which, spoilers again, means that's the romance route I'm on. Poor girl, I tried to steer him right I really did, guess you're just doomed.
Melancholy at that p-kun returns to the classroom for lunch before being flattened by a cloud of dust storming through the hall, and then the other way, and then he's accosted by three midgets in fetish wear. They insult him, threaten him, and speak in a foreign language from some imperialist country. They run off calling for Meiya after p-kun gives them directions before jumping out a window. Not bad, little unnecessarily flashy but not bad.
So for lunch today Sumika brought a full Udon setup, hot plate and all. Which I have to admit is impressive, I mean she carried that shit up a huge hill to get here that must have sucked. P-kun seems uninterested and admittedly it doesn't sound fantastic or anything but damn you just have to admire that girl's commitment. Apparently Meiya went with Jinhua ham, google tells me that's only a few hundred dollars though so not as impressive to me as her previous attempts. Guess today is kind of a slow one. I'm given an option to eat both, which I predict and am right in assuming means putting the pork in the stew Sumika was going to make, and I like that option better then the two mediocre ones I have otherwise so let's do that.
The music changes as it's revealed Sumika added steak sauce, Tabasco, and wasabi, which is a crime against food worthy of the death penalty. p-kun agrees and flees when he's served for a substitute carton of banana chocolate milk, which honestly sounds delicious why is that not American yet is it because fruit? Stupid fat America hating fruit. I get the option to go to the roof, the prep room, or the courtyard to hunt for food. Probably not going to find anything on the roof at this school and the prep room sounds like a recipe for seeing the devil again so I guess courtyard it is!
I immediately regret this choice as p-kun ends up bumming food from poor Chizuru who suffers more then enough of him in class and now must deal with him even during her brief moment of respite. The scene is at least short, apparently Chizuru makes her own lunches and p-kun owes her one now. Sucks for him but that's probably for the best. Hopefully she puts it to good use and gets him to stop being such a baby. p-kun sneaks' off to return his and presumably Sumika's worksheet before running into Sumika and Meiya in the hall. In a nice bit of sound design Sumika's voice is made softer to show she's father away and I know that's a really small detail but most VNs wouldn't even bother so I'm going to point it out anyway.
Meiya was interested in observing the Lacrosse and Archery teams after having seen Tama head to the range and Chizuru off to Lacrosse. I get to choose which, and given I just bothered Chizuru earlier and watching Tama do archery sounds interesting, we'll do that one. The swish and stick of an arrow can be heard, another nice sound design touch, and Meiya comments on the beauty of Kyujitsu. Tama is the one shooting, She looks really focused until she notices p-kun and suddenly becomes terrible. She blushes so hard her whole face turns red and she questions why the three non-club members are here. Meiya apologizes for disturbing her and Tama denies observers are a bother even as she trembles. The two talk shop for awhile. As a military historian, I personal wish they went into some more detail but that would probably bog things down.
Tama says her father teaches her archery at their home archery range, which is pretty awesome. I mean I'D have no use for one but it's cool that she does. Apparently her dad is ranked really highly in some archery ranking... thing, so she uses a style that isn't common for the school. Nifty. Tama doesn't handle praise well but she gets some cute faces in and looks kind of mature with her hair pulled back in a sock and her cloths all official. The group leaves Tama to practice and decides to head home. Best boy Takahashi is waiting for them. This time he gets to give his backstory about being a cool speed racer, and his father was a romantic, and his name is like a whole sentence long in English, and he used to be all charismatic and infamous and he lets everyone call him his first name, and I have to stop I'm drooling a bit he's so hot...
The gang is driven home but everything outside the windows looks oddly flat. Turns out Meiya had the whole neighborhood flattened to build a giant mansion, like probably at least 10 stories tall. all that's left behind is Takeru and Sumika's houses and that stupid neighborhood park. p-kun is less then pleased. Perhaps finally seeing how incredibly weird all this is he tries to ask Meiya why she came to live with him but she evades. Sumika suggests that maybe p-kun is some kind of important person which I can only hope isn't true. If this guy is the chosen one we all better get used to living under our evil overlord and hope whoever it is doesn't eat us or something.
p-kun goes to his room only to be greeted by the three ninja midgets. Tsukuyomi lays the smack down on them and informs them they have to serve p-kun from now on for being rude to him earlier and the images that flooded my mind of the depraved things they are no doubt going to be forced into means this is where we're stopping for today.
By technicality it's possible at this point to piece together the rest of Extra from the information you have but that's not exactly an easy task. Part 4 I'll be starting the plot point that came to define Extra in people's minds as well as gloss over some really important details that future novels will latch onto but because they aren't important here I don't really have much reason to call them out. I'll mention them, but don't expect me to linger and give away the surprises. Admittedly, having read the whole series it's going to be weird seeing these events from the other side again, but in a good way I think. Part 4 will center around the full cast for the first time, and set the stage for pretty much everything to come, so be sure to come back this Saturday.
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2020.10.14 19:52 Bigplatts Voyeur clips

Interested in what people here think of this: https://medium.com/@charlieplatts1996/how-tarantino-plays-the-audience-a9ab90647c6 The core thesis is that Tarantino's movies (well, specifically Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood) aren't 'mindless violence' but are commentaries on violence as well, showing the audience will root for bloody violence, while simultaneously condemning the violent actions happening on screen.
The whole thing is here:
The only way I can put into words what Tarantino is doing in Inglourious Basterds is by describing my first time seeing it. Christmas Day 2009: my family’s ‘Christmas Day film’. I didn’t know who Quentin Tarantino was, but I remembered Basterds advertised as a standard Brad Pitt WW2 shoot-em-up (like Fury would be a few years later). Hyperactive teenage me found himself watching a near three hour long movie, made up mostly of dialogue, heavily subtitled, slow-burn pacing with minimal action scenes: I was agitatedly bored and complained to my family throughout. And then the climax came: theatre burning down, audience in chaos, the Basterds bursting in gunning everyone in sight, Nazis on fire, big explosion finale. My uncle turned to me and said, ‘That enough for you?’ Indeed. That’s what I’d been craving.
Which seems to be the exact response Tarantino is looking to illicit. It’s a sort of trick (or trap). Scenes before, Nazi command watched Nation’s Pride, the fictional Nazi propaganda film, Hitler laughing hysterically at every on-screen kill, and we’re right to think he’s deranged, he deserves what’s coming to him. But minutes later the whole thing is flipped. We’re shown our own propagandist wish fulfilment (the Basterds represent amped-up American bravado). The Jews get their bloody revenge, offing Hitler themselves, denying him his ‘coward’s way out’. But this doesn’t change the fact we’re sat watching, and getting a thrill off of, a scene showing a cinema-full of people being gunned and burned to death. Tarantino has said he swapped the costumes of some of the extras playing Germans stuck in the cinema into everyday modern American clothes. Anyone taking this scene too seriously, as a triumphant ‘win’, is cheering for their side being killed too.
Since the ’90s — specifically: since the six year hiatus that bridged Jackie Brown and Kill Bill — Tarantino has played up to his reputation as maker of violent films. Which makes it easy to forget that the ’90s movies weren’t that violent. Most of the violent stuff happens off-screen: in Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde’s killing spree is a non-scene the movie circles around; the camera pans away from him cutting off the cop’s ear. (You’ll see more blood in the average action movie.) Tarantino once said to an interviewer, ‘You don’t go to a Metallica concert and ask them to turn the music down.’ And he’s been very happy to turn the music, in this case the violence, up in his films. Here, have as much as you want!
Online I’ve seen the case made that Basterds’ ending is Tarantino subliminally telling his audience he hates them. Or that they’re as bad as the Nazis, caught up in a hedonic voyeurism by the violent perversions on screen. Both unlikely given Tarantino’s love of violent films. Tarantino’s choice of villains is crucial — Nazis, slave-owners, the Manson family. WW2 is the simplest Good vs Evil narrative of the secular world. No wonder it’s constantly used as background fodder for action movies. We laugh at Hitler’s face being mulched up by bullets — it’s a funny image, and it’s Hitler after all, it’s not like you feel bad for the guy — but we’re still laughing the same way he did a few scenes earlier: laughing at violence because we’re inside a (cultural) narrative that justifies this particular violence. The use of such recognisable, and unquestionable, villains is it means we hardly stop to think about the violence being enacted on them.
Basterds certainly isn’t a ‘message movie’ but there’s more than the details of the plot going on here. (I think) Tarantino’s point is it’s not wrong to enjoy violent movies, but it is wrong to support the violence, to think these movies are more than just entertainment. It’s when that line is crossed that something morphs from entertainment to propaganda, and the audience is complicit in it.
(Tarantino loves to play a ‘switcheroo’ on the audience. E.g. the anti-climax of Kill Bill vol 2 following 1’s hyperviolence. His least interesting films are those that indulge in violence without also acting as a commentary on it; see: Django Unchained.)
Tarantino repeats this even more blatantly in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. In scenes placed sporadically throughout the film, and mostly separate from the main Dalton-Booth storyline, we follow Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), scenes showing her getting on with life and enjoying herself. On first viewing these scenes can’t help but stand as omens reminding us of what is coming.
Besides the last scene, and a brutal beating earlier at the Manson Family ranch, there isn’t much violence. It’s a buddy movie, a love letter to filmmaking and Old Hollywood, the most carefully paced Tarantino film since Jackie Brown.
When Hollywood’s premise was first revealed many fans guessed Tate would be the one to kill the Manson Family members who killed her in real life — continuing the trend of historical characters or groups getting their fictional revenge, like in Basterds and Django. But in the film the real timeline is diverted when members of the Family decide they will kill Dalton, and whoever else is in his house, instead, having come to the realisation that their generation is so fucked up and violent because of actors like Dalton glorifying violence on TV and making it look cool.
The final stretch of the film begins with a TV presenter saying (to no one in particular, and so to us), ‘And now, what you’ve been waiting for.’ Which is of course a violent finale. And Tarantino delivers. This last scene, with an acid-tripping Brad Pitt and (crucially) his pet pit bull, is among the best scenes of cinema violence ever. It’s pure unadulterated fun. Dalton finishes things off with a flamethrower from one of his movies, aligning fiction and reality. The movie was a WW2 flick where Dalton burns a room full of Nazis: the clip of it we see earlier brings Basterds to mind, making Dalton, the actor warned about being typecast in violent, villainous roles, a stand-in for Tarantino, for whom the violence of his movies has always overshadowed everything else. But it’s not Dalton who’s the villain for playing violent characters on screen, it’s the Mansons for taking them too damn seriously. In both Basterds and Hollywood the people who take the movies too seriously are killed violently. Fictional violence ‘defeating’ the real violence.
Afterwards, Dalton goes round to meet Sharon and her guests. The title comes on screen, a big What if? — Tarantino has given us another image of filmic wish fulfilment. It’s a twisted fantasy, sure, but certainly better than the reality. It’s a happy alternate reality where Tate gets to live and have her child and keep making movies. Of course it can’t help being bittersweet, because it underlines what unalterably happened. Some critics and viewers criticised the film for using Tate merely as a plot device; she has few lines of dialogue throughout, making her seem like little but a tease for the ending. But then Tarantino doesn’t even give her her bloody revenge. He has her go to parties, go to the cinema and watch her own movie with a cheering audience, dance round the house. Even if it’s just fantasy, we’re here for fantasy anyway so here’s a nice one. But Tarantino gives us the gorefest too — because he knows us, knows we’re all too bloodthirsty and jaded and ADD to accept a movie just about an innocent woman getting to enjoy her life; and he was right, most people ignore that part of the film entirely, or think it’s pointless or unneeded, filler on the way to the good stuff, and he puts the two side by side to prove it.
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2020.09.26 03:38 meajudaacharesseclip Voyeur clips

I want help to find a music video clip PLEASE
release date: btw 2010-2013 Gender: electronic i guess Singer: female....probably Content: some sexy girls eating themed foods for some voyeur people. There was 1 of the girls dressed as a school girl, eating an Apple and gummy worms Another one was dressed like a sailor and was eating sea food And the last one was a latino like girl, inside a room with neon lights and a Virgin Mary Picture, she was eating spaghetti and a man mas watching her.
I'm trying to find this video for soooo long, plese help :(
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2020.09.24 11:18 7secretcrows Voyeur clips

I deleted my post asking if Eugenia's mom was her birth mom, because WHOA, was that taken so far from what I was thinking when I posed the question! First, I'll say that I had not seen the entire "Draw My Life" video (only clips from links in this sub), and as such, I absolutely wasn't accusing her of lying about her birth. I genuinely wondered, based on my own personal observations, if Debra was her birth mother, because I didn't know. I doubt I'm the only person who is interested in Eugenia, but also hasn't watched every single minute of every single one of her videos.
Second, I neither stated nor implied that being (THEORETICALLY) adopted was the cause of her illness, as at least one person implied. I agree that trying to say her disorder was caused by adoption is dumb, to put words in their mouth. I was looking for something that might, instead, explain her mother's behavior. It confuses me how the majority of people blame her mother for a lot, if not all, of her problems, but also got really upset that I asked a question in an attempt to understand HER MOTHER'S motivations. WHY would she ignore Eugenia's dangerous state of being? (Eugenia said, I think in Kati's video, that her mom had cried when they talked about her needing help, prior to the 5150, and taken at face value, that was striking, to me.) It would be horrible if we're all vilifying a woman who feels helpless to save her child, who may not have the capacity to fix, from inside the dynamic, what appears obvious on the outside. There's a ton of case studies and literature that discuss why anorexics don't eat, and the main reason is always to gain a sense of control. However, it's harder to find research about the mentality of parents who have children with eating disorders. On top of Eugenia's ED, we see a mother who APPEARS to both enable her daughter's behavior, and to prevent her from getting help, or maturing and living as an independent adult. What might drive someone like that? Having beat the "evil, controlling parent" scenario to death, what else could it be? Possibly having a child she desperately wanted, maybe thought she'd never have, and then not being able to deal with said child not needing her anymore? Not having the emotional tools to confront a child who is a danger to herself? Maybe a fear of driving her child further away by pushing too hard? Popular opinion seems to dictate that we all agree that her mother is toxic, controlling, and an all around bad person. Reality is usually more nuanced. Perhaps she's just a desperate, loving, and dangerously misguided or ignorant mother, however motherhood came to her. Again, I was speculating, theorizing, trying to consider different angles, because people's behavior can be bizarre, fascinating, and unpredictable, especially when it doesn't fit the norm.
Additionally, I'm mortified that anyone thought I was implying that being adopted was somehow a traumatic or negative situation. As with literally everything in life, a few cases work out terribly, but by and large, anyone who recognizes an inability to give a child the life and care needed, and places that child with someone who is better able to provide, has done something respectable, and given a tremendous gift to another family. I would never bash adoption on principle. Again, my speculation was about Eugenia's mother, not Eugenia. I do, however, based on evidence we've seen in videos, question whether Eugenia's mother has attachment issues, and what might have caused them. That includes consideration of how she became a parent.
There were also comments vaguely condemning any speculative talk, and explicitly proclaiming how they only want her to get better. Look, if you're interested in eating disorders from a psychological standpoint, this is an autobiography of the sufferer in real time, and an opportunity to possibly better understand. If you're disturbed by watching someone starve herself to death in front of anyone willing to type her name into YouTube, it's still too compelling to just look away, and to some extent, you care. Every single one of us in this sub, willing to admit it or not, is guilty of voyeurism, and Eugenia goes out of her way to enable us. The one redeeming value might be that we can use what we see and discuss to help someone else, or help ourselves.
For the record, I hope that Eugenia has a moment of clarity, and turns it around to help herself. I genuinely want her to live a happy, healthy, long life. Eugenia, specifically, because she is in full view, but also everyone quietly suffering eating disorders in anonymity, unknown and out of the public spectacle of social media. Not one single person deserves to have their own mind turn against their body in such a counter-instinctual way. Not one person deserves for food to be their enemy. Eugenia doesn't have a monopoly on disorders or compassion, she just has visibility. It doesn't make anyone else less than, or mean we don't care about their struggles. Each one of them matters, and if nothing else, I hope Eugenia's case helps other people be seen.
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2020.09.23 09:21 platicauda Voyeur clips

the sun smacks the sidewalk
and is filtered through the evergreens
that keep watch by the riverbed
and huff up all the diesel fumes.
the wind that blows is dry
and unforgiving,
forthright, clear, and
winds through the avenues,
winds through the buildings
and the spaces between each brick,
plods haphazard on crumbling crosswalks,
bends gracefully to thread
through the twined arms of
lovers young and old,
hunched forward or bent back
like wind-blasted farmhouses.

they stop outside
mass-produced coffee chains,
yank on the leashes of
lovesick dogs that find bare white knees
like heat-seeking missiles.
these battalions of the middle-aged,
these flower-skirted throngs,
these purse-clutching masses
awaiting orders outside of
hair salons and ice creameries,
frames pulled magnetically
towards the held shapes of
parking tickets and greasy smartphones,
deep in discussion of seasonal pleasantries
in a manner always
ploying, planning, bickering,
their tones caustic but possessing
an obscured, distant pleasantness -
caustic only in the off-center way that
long jogs and hot showers
and bitter coffee are caustic.
the sleeves of their blouses,
the strings of their sweatshirts
are pulled by impatient
children and grandchildren.
baby carriages conquer the asphalt,
the jolting, clacking reverberations
of their plastic wheels
and their hulking, plasticine forms
clearing the crowd like a skipped stone
through a field of minnows.
they peer through the windows
with one-way gazes,
voyeurs to the
excessively air-conditioned insides
of art galleries,
of furniture and antique stores,
the rows of hawaiian shirts and
leather shoes,
the fluorescent-lit, squeaky-clean
pharmaceutical isles.
they gaze at the teenage recruits
sent to man the tubs of ice-cream and
grocery-store counters,
the plastic-wrapped silos
of artisan popcorn and overpriced,
hand-knitted sweaters and skirts
made expressly for
the jutting, coquetric shoulders of
aging mothers and distant nieces.
the birds make wild arcs
to intercept
french fries and torn bread,
to flirt with the permed heads,
the free-floating curls,
the bald, sun-reflecting domes
sheltering sweltering,
solar-powered insides.

and the whole of it -
the gentrifying,
sun-frying clutter of
paved and unpaved streets,
the golden-age, steel-town bulwarks
of candy stores and tailors
thrust against
the new-laden modernist apartments,
the sly, sleek, minimal panes
of shy glass mirroring the street -
mirroring the tumult of
rough ground
worn progressively to road,
transmuted by continued passage of
leather-plied shoes and
horse-drawn carriage
and chintzy sportscar
and model-T ford
and wagon-wheel
and electric vehicle -
bent into shock by
noise and commerce and
measle-stubborn grit -
the whole of it is
coddled, surrounded, absorbed,
aerated and ensconced by the
endless rows of shingle-roofed homes
that coat the town square
like packing peanuts.
when the roads run loose
from the city center
they are focused and determined,
newly paved,
freshly minted,
but in their progression -
flowing to their highways
like high mountain streams
to vast oceans -
become distracted.
they wind, curve, loop nonsensically,
sprawl themselves over the flat,
drawling landscape
like an afternoon cat on a
seasick Sunday afternoon.
they rain-dance.
they catapult and cartwheel and
jump for joy,
and in their fits of ecstasy
their eyes flit towards the grinning exteriors,
the parched front lawns coated in
fertilizer like sickly sweat
where tire swings make nooses of
the overhangs of branches,
where plastic toys and
fisher-price convertibles,
splintered clay pots,
breeze-bound bags of empty mulch
deflated like burst blisters
are strewn like the fuselages
and clipped wings,
the cracked flight decks
and warped cockpits,
the brusque signature of
a commercial airline crash.
where the damage is
watched over carefully by men
with backs like bent-spined books,
surveying the minute landscape
with their brushed, watery eyes,
their airs and attitudes as quilted as
their sweat-stained shirts,
their fingernails as yellow
as the tobacco leaves that hued them.
the houses face the street like
students in a classroom,
leaning slightly,
somewhere else,
jutting forward in rapt attention
when the ruler is slapped lengthwise across
a hewn, menacing oak slab
of teacher’s desk.
swingsets are set the
light burden of cupping the air,
accommodating the breeze.
the driveways are waiting
with bated breath
for the embrace of rubber tires and
the wet kiss of exhaust.
insects nibble at windowscreens,
squirrels scuttle up trees
after adversaries or mates
in states of apoplectic lust.
in the ailing light
the windows
make patchwork of flowered rows
and mazes of obsessively trimmed hedges.
a mailtruck deployed from
corporate, online confines
spits a shrink-wrapped package
onto the front-steps,
leaves it washed and singular
as a beached whale atop the
collected informational refuse
of short springs, long winters,
dead skin cells and pencil
shavings and the leaves of
spiced and failing autumns.
on the geometric spokes of
fences that
picket picket picket
the lawn,
standing at attention,
the wooden slats uniformed
in surgical shades,
whitewashed and carefree,
crawl fire ants and ants
and crickets and cicadas,
chick chickadees and inch

and the stooping old men
and the sputtering housewives
and the refugee mailmen
and the clay-smelling children
are unsure of
what exactly the fences keep out
but they are well aware
of what the fences keep in.
they are a soft membrane,
iridescent at the right angle,
to keep the warm light from spilling
from the kitchen windows
and ruining the newly-varnished floor
and to keep the books
from tumbling from their shelves
and to keep the words from
scattering off their pages like
fresh-hatched spiders.
they keep shadows plastered
to white walls.
they keep dogs licking their paws.
they make sure
prayers aren’t getting any ideas
and keep
the aspirations of aspirations in check.
keep thoughts from fogging
up windowpanes.
and the collective output of sidelong
family dreams and wants and longing
and smidgeons of contraband hope,
dusty ashtrays full of burnt promises,
ferments like black mold on
the undersides of eaves and the
patches behind pictureframes,
takes the shine from the cedar-coated foyer
and the holes from the belts,
steals luster from the sweat-slick
skin of the wide-eyed,
simian children
till the front door swings open
like a punchdrunk manifesto
and the petri-dish confines of the home
are left to sit lonely and unaware,
the smaller denizens heading
roadward with wide strides
and sauntering gates and voices
light enough to rise up
through the heavy air,
above the floral denseness
that houses the homes
like a clenched fist.

they are up in the trees
and their voices fumble blindly
and they echo through the branches
to find each other again and they
interlock oroborean,
form knots of a thickness that no
muted adult fingers had ever a
chance of prying through.
the fabric of the knots are interwoven with
sweaty, grass-smudged secrets
and stifled laughter
and internal late-night
chalkboard theorems.
they are stuck like wet bandages
on the hindlegs of the evening -
indifferent, irreverent.
they leap from branch to branch,
scratching elbows and bruising knees,
forming colonies and starlit kingdoms
so that in the time it takes the daylight
to sift through the bursting branches
of the gnarled, winding, sun soaked boughs
and chafing burls of the wooden giant
they have seen the rise and fall
of countless regimes,
demo and autocratic,
anarchic and minutely ordered,
didactic or wildly elastic until
they are beckoned through screen doors
to eat quick, mumbled dinners,
corralled into the cool spaces of their
yawning bedrooms where
wet-pillowed dreams are fueled
by the steam from the trains of their
imagined industrial revolutions,
where the successive centuries-long
rises and falls of their
pseudo-empires give their
wet, nasal exhales a lilting, catching
air so that in the end
their monolith Vishnus and Shivas,
their industry and commerce,
their fledgling, coal smoke skylines,
their blood-lined guillotines and scaffolds
and churches and marches,
their military shows of force,
their convents and convex population rates,
their border-crossed lovers running headwind
to take cover
from the bombs that fall like gumdrops
as the sky is ripped asunder
and the rubble and the wreck
requiring eons to rebuild
is only a device,
a very simple mechanism
that allows a mother to pause
in front of a bedroom door
and to listen idly for a few moments
to the irregularity of breath.
the husband and wife
in their fossilized, domestic stupor
are unaware that a girl lies awake
with a mind kinetic enough to burn
through the lunar stillness.
she gives up. sits up.
addled, soaked through with semi-sleep,
leaving puddles of it on the
linoleum tiles,
leaving footprints of the stuff
trailing out the door,
she ducks under the yawing porchswing,
hops lightly down the paint-stained steps
into the breathing, vernal space
of the backyard.
she pauses.
down by the river,
a willow is weeping.
she approaches, curious, perturbed;
she is unsure of what to do.
its leaves scrape the dry dirt
and leave schizo hieroglyphs.
it seems to shiver.
she wets a finger with her tongue.
scratches her ear.
tilts her head.
leans forward, heels raised.
she hums a light hymn.

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