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2020.11.26 07:39 Anch0-Chili I can’t get over my depression (please help)

some context: (this might be a bit long sorry) this last summer was crazy for me. I had a best friend that I would hang out with almost every weekend. we’ll call him teddy. once COVID started I didn’t see him for a few months, so I went to spend the weekend at his house. we would hang out and play video games all day pretty much and then at night I would hang out with his older sister. we’ll call her hannah. I went into her room and we would watch shows and stuff until we went to bed. the next weekend I came back to his house and repeated the same activities such as playing video games with teddy, and at night watching a movie with hannah. this time halfway through the movie we started cuddling. my heart was fucking racing and I didn’t know what to do because something like that has never happened to me.
I end up making out with my first girl that night. these next few months were the weirdest in my life. her parents unfortunately found out about me being In her room and us doing stuff so I was kinda banned from being at his house at the same time as she was. we were however allowed to go to the beach together, so we went to the beach. my parents drove me there and also unfortunately witnessed her on top of me while we were making out. my dad actually screamed “STOP WRESTLING” from across the beach. they were actually pretty cool about it in general but it was super embarrassing to her. anyways I’m getting sidetracked.
At some point hannah started being really weird and wouldn’t text me back and was being passive aggressive which really weirded me out because she’s usually so sweet. (I learned she was dealing with terrible emotional trauma and depression and was trying to get rid of me by trying to make me hate her)I wouldn’t sleep for days because of this. the only thing that helped me get through this was video games. I sat up playing destiny 2 for about 48 hours straight without eating or drinking. this hurt so bad because I was so attached to her and didn’t want her to go. the only thing I felt was guilt for something I wasn’t aware of / didn’t do. we ended up breaking up and I cried myself to sleep for weeks after that. I couldn’t do anything and I only felt sad. it hurt so much. I still talked to her about it throughout feeling terrible. it’s been six months and I have moved away from California and to Washington (she lives in California) and i flew back to San Francisco just to see them for a week and also meet up with a girl who ended up cheating on me. it was actually great I had a lot of fun except we broke a lot of teddy’s moms rules and we also got caught smoking weed. teddy actually ended up bending the truth and being a pussy in general on top of throwing me under the bus for no reason.
I also had met this girl at some point and we had exchanged nudes. I was very excited about this so I immediately texted all my friends and for some reason teddy fucking asked me for the pics. idk why but I said yes. and now that’s hes telling on me about shit and not being a good friend he I told someone to kick his ass to teach him a lesson. (He was on the gc when I said that) from here he threatened to leak my nudes to gc which he recently added his older sister hannah to. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. so my ex girlfriend and some of my still close friends have seen me naked which just makes me want to barf. I don’t talk to teddy anymore for obvious reasons. Except his sister Hannah won’t talk to me either because of this. I have no one. I lost all of my close friends. I have barely anyone to go to when I need help. hannah was the coolest nicest person I had ever met and she understood me so well and I couldn’t ask for anyone better than her and I have lost her. what do I do. I still love her so much. and she looks like she’s enjoying her life and it makes me happy and so sad the same time. how do I get through this? please help me.
TL:DR I lost all my friends and I’m very depressed.
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2020.11.21 07:10 2cutech What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

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2020.11.20 09:55 Positive-Trash2867 Anyone Noticing the Colors?

I was just wondering if anyone finds the color symbolism out of control in this series.
These are more things I think about/have noticed, not really full theories yet- maybe you guys can help! All I do is sit here watching yelling- BLUE! GREEN! RED! BLUE! 😂 This may be a stretch but hear me out...
All of the colors represent different parts of Grace’s character, personality, and imagination
Red/Green: personality Grace is almost always in shades of red or green. I think these colors represent “which Grace she is” (I’m on the split personality train)
Blue: imagination Check out the colors of the different characters shirts. All their shirts seem to be blue. Henry’s, Jonathan’s, Franklin (and his ENTIRE HOUSE), the lawyer, the cops... almost everyone has a blue shirt on except that SUPER creepy scene at the beach shore where Henry scared Grace (he was wearing a dark red hoodie with his hood up.. seriously, how creepy?). I think when someone is wearing blue, or is even in a blue room- we’re in Grace’s imagination. She made all these characters up. Grace even had a bit of blue on her shirt popping out of her jacket at one point signifying she may be losing control of her imagination.
Nude/Tan: character Sylvia is the only character in nude/tan (i don’t think she exists, and if she does- shes Grace’s sister)... also what was with that umbrella scene??
Pink: innocence? Or quite the opposite- lies The baby carriage is BRIGHT pink... and while Grace seems to be keeping up with her red shades, she’s incorporating pink blouses into her wardrobe now.
Traffic Lights/neon signs in b roll:
If you haven’t already, think about the b roll in between scenes, usually they’re traffic lights or neon lights bouncing off water or something to do with reflection. Every scene with the traffic lights are either a whole avenue of red, or the transition from green to yellow to red. This could be the transitioning into which “Grace” we’re going to see next. Or whatever other symbolism could mean for these colors.
Carpets, houses, and rooms: Each house has a different clear color theme. Franklins house is all blue. Legit- everything is blue with a bit of yellow (which I think may just be because it’s the complimentary color to blue- I’d love to hear if anyone can figure yellow out?) Grace and Jonathan’s apartment it’s literally all red and green. Dressers, carpets, mirror frames, etc. The giant green and red square carpet in the art gallery Franklin sits at. The beach house is mostly nude/white... kind of purity for Grace’s head; the house she grew up in before she was taken away because she killed her mom or sister or developed the split personality (idk I’m stretching here)
Opening credits: Everything seems to be red and green- the little girl (Grace) is playing with bubbles with a green tint. And a snow globe with green flecks. When the bubble pops- I think that signifies Grace unleashing her new personality (still think she killed the mom/sister)
Elena’s husband honestly seems to be the only one who isn’t in a “color” and I can’t figure out why.
Oh- and Grace’s dress for the benefit was multicolored. It reflected red, green, blue, and a yellowish color.
Other things I noticed while I’m here:
When Grace fainted in the park.... the first two girls who walked up (why the heck didn’t anyone run? Probably because it was her imagination) were the blonde and the redhead from the opening credits.
And just so everyone feels included for sure- Grace call a g*d damn lawyer!!!!! Lol.
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2020.11.19 12:23 CherryLax Beach nude mom

A continuation of this great video explaining the official state nightmares of the entire US
Tool used:

[Edit] I did more because they are comedy gold: Original Script (Try it yourself!): submitted by CherryLax to AIfreakout [link] [comments]

2020.11.16 16:34 FrogLegs12 Nude mom beach

We are a family of 6 (Dad, Mom, and 4 daughters under 8). My wife and I have been to Orient Beach multiple times and love it. I’m full nude and she’s good with topless.
We’ve discussed taking the whole family but would like to introduce the nudism side closer to home before buying flights. We’ve discussed taking our daughters and both agree we have no issue with it. Our girls are still of the age where they have no adverse opinions on nudity.
We have access to a pull-behind camper or tents. We are about 4 hours away, so minimal travel time and costs.
Do any other parents have any feedback on Serendipity and a family’s first introduction to social nudity? Thanks in advance!
submitted by FrogLegs12 to nudism [link] [comments]

2020.11.09 06:41 AnonCitrusFruit Beach nude mom

Sorry for poor grammar, I'm not fantastic at English despite it being my only language.
Earlier this year, I was searching for a black and gold formal dress. I didn't want anything tight because I really dislike the shape of my body. One thing I absolutely dislike is sequences. You know those little things kids sprinkle on their modge podge artworks in preschool.
Unfortunately, I don't have the funds for my own dress so I had to turn to my mother. I'm greatful for her input but...
I sent her photos of what I was looking for; a flowy dress that has a gradient from the bottom up going black to gold. She told me that was ok and when she took me to try it on she told the dressmaker she wanted the dress to have no gradient but instead have a pure black bottom with a top made out of nude color sequence.
I told her I didn't like it but she told me to stop being ungreatful. Here's my conversation:
Mom: I'm paying for this dress so I get to make it Me: it's my prom. The original dress I wanted is cheaper anyways.
Mom: I don't care, it looks too girly for someone like you. Gradient? Seriously.
Me: I really like it and so does my partner. Besides I think sequence are really cheap looking.
Mom: did you just say I have no taste? Have you seen my wedding dress? I have excellent taste
Me: I'm not doubting you, I'm just saying it's not what I want.
Mom: I don't care, that's my day. My precious baby is graduating.
Long story short.... I have the sequence dress. It's hanging in my cupboard. It's not the black and gold dress I hoped for but this black and nude/beach color sequence that looks like it could break apart. It's a size too small because the entitled mom said, in short, 'a real lady would fit this dress'.
I hate it. I really appreciate the fact he paid for it but it's not what I wanted. Am I the asshole? I feel like I'm being a spoilt brat. I don't want to be but I feel like I've had no freedom with this but I didn't mean to be disrespectful. The prom is in 15 days. There's no going back
submitted by AnonCitrusFruit to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2020.11.04 21:02 Curious_Nudist Nude beach mom

I figured I'd just share a couple stories on here which I think are pretty interesting. ✌️
I have been a nudist for the last 6 months or so and I live with my mother. After I went to a nude beach on my own over the summer I talked to her about if I could be nude around the house and she didn't mind. So I've been nude 100% of the time for a while.
Story number one:
The interesting thing is recently my mom started dating a woman who she has known for a while. I of course was worried about how that might effect my nudism. So I talked to my mom and apparently she had already told her about my nudism and my mom's girlfriend didn't care one bit. Yay! I don't have to wear clothes again! When she came over to our house for the first time since the pandemic I greeted her completely nude which was kinda funny but indeed we didn't even talk about it. According to my mom, her girlfriend thinks it's great that I don't care about being "weird" and embrace nudism at only 19. Hurrah.
Story number two:
I recently came out to my childhood friend as a nudist and he was surprised (more so than I thought considering I had always been a nakey sort of kid whenever I got the chance), but said that he was happy for me. He asked if I really just didn't even wear shorts or anything haha, I was like, yes, as we speak I'm wearing nothin. I even invited him to go to a nude beach with me once it's not cold again. He gave a phattt maybe. He's definitely the shy kind of dude, but we go wayyy back so I bet if it were just me and him he would totally come with. We tend to just talk and talk whenever we get the chance, so it would be awesome to be completely "free" at a beach while we talk.
Two less people to worry about now 😁. All that's left is to come out to my Korean friend, but I'm not quite sure if South Korea has nudists so that might take a few more years....
submitted by Curious_Nudist to nudism [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 08:53 smoothshave Beach nude mom

In Spirit Of Others Who Shared Their First Experience At A Nudist Resort I Thought I Would Share Mine... To Begin I Have To Back Up To The Early 70’S, While Spending The Day At Family Friends House, While Us Kids Were Playing, Our Parents Were About 10’ Away And I Heard A Conversation About The “Family Nudist Resort”Our Friends Go To, And Extending An Invitation To My Mom And Dad... I Found The Discussion Quite Interesting At The Age Of 7 Or 8, So This Would Have Been 1974 - 1975... Fast Forward To 1988, I Came Across An Article On The Nudist Lifestyle, The Article Intrigued Me The Same As Listening To The Conversation 13 Years Earlier... As A 20 Year Old In Early Spring 1988 (21 In July) I Was Still Quite Shy In General And Being Naked, Well If I Was Changing I Would Step Out Out Of The Room To Give Myself Privacy... And Getting Naked With Girlfriends Was Frightening, I Stripped Down To Underwear And Quickly Jumped Into Bed Under The Covers Then Removed Underwear, And Covers Stayed Covering Us...
Anyway, The End Of The Article Listed The Best Clothing Optional And Nude Resorts In Each State, So I Looked In Southern California And Chose A Clothing Optional Resort In Topanga Canyon Near Malibu Called Elysium Fields... I Drove From Huntington Beach To Topanga One Weekend, Once I Arrived I Was As Nervous As A Long Tailed Cat In A Room Full Of Rocking Chairs... I Checked In, Walked Up The Grass Area At Top Of Hill Farthest Away From Everyone... I Put My Towel Around My Waist And Removed My Trunks, And Sat On My Other Towel... I People Watched For The Next 20 Minutes To Get A Feel Of Others Being Naked In Public... I Noticed It Was Very Laid Back, No One Cared What Anyone Looked Like, From A Distance Everyone Seemed Very Friendly, Those That Walked By Me Said Hello, I Returned The Hello... After 20 Minutes, I Removed My Towel And Stood On My Feet Nervous And Completely Naked I Made My Way Down The Hill, To The Main Area Where Everyone Was Hanging Out...
As I Walked By, People Smiled, Noticing I Was New, They Welcomed Me, I Figured They Must Be Regulars And Knew Everyone But The New Guy... I Made Several New Friends, And We Talked About Our Lives, Interests ETC... It Soon Became Time To Leave, I Said Goodbye, Thanked Them For Helping Me Become Comfortable... I Suddenly Realized That I Had Been There About 8 Hours, Realizing After About 5 Minutes Of Removing My Towel I Had Forgotten I Was Naked, It Became Second Nature, I Also Noticed People Look You In The Eye When Talking To You, Especially Women, Who Are Used To Guys Staring At Their Boobs At The Textile Beaches, No One Was Staring Or Gawking At All The Naked Bodies... What An Amazing Experience!!! I Returned To The Office Where I Had Noticed Literature, Books And Such, One That Caught My Eye That Morning Was Lee Baxandall’s World Guide To Nude Beaches And Recreation, I Bought It...
When I Got Home I Started Looking At The Book At All The Listings State By State Until I Got To California, I Noticed Southern California Had Many Beaches And Resorts... One That Stood Out Was Glen Eden Sun Club In Corona... I Also Noticed That Glen Eden Is Not Clothing Optional, You Must Be Nude At All Times Weather Permitting... I Was Even More Intrigued, However The Thought Of Being Naked And No Option To Cover Up On One Hand Was Seemed Great, But On The Other Hand Made Me Very Nervous!!!
I Made A Call To Glen Eden To Get Info, I Was Given Info And Told The Guess Who Band Would Be Playing At Glen Eden In A Few Weeks, Wow!!! The Guess Who In Concert, They Are Not 70’S KISS But A Great Classic Rock Band... I Was Told The Manager Would Call Me Back For A Phone Interview... I Stepped Out For A Moment, While I Was Out The Phone Rang And Mom Picked It Up!!! I Came Back To Curiosity Look On Her Face, And Her Saying That A Man From Glen Eden Nudist Resort Called Wanting To Talk To Me... Her Only Question Was, What Makes You Interested In A Nudist Resort As Shy As You Are??? I Quickly Said, The Guess Who Is Playing At An Unknown Place, I Called For Info Not Knowing Where I Was Calling, She Bought It!!!
The Following Weekend I Drove To Glen Eden, Checked In At The Office, They Took Me On The Tour, Which I Was Required To Be Naked During The Tour... After The Tour, I Paid My Fee And Became An ASA Member (American Sunbathing Association) AANR... This Time I Was Not Going To Hide In The Back... So I Walked To The Pool And Chose A Chaise Lounge Center On The Pool Deck... Again, The Friendliness And Welcoming From Others Began, Regulars And Some I Soon Discovered Were Residents All Took Notice Of The New Guy And Invited Me To Join Their Conversation!!! Like My Visit To Elysium Fields It Did Not Take Long To Forget I Was Naked, As Well As Everyone Else... I Ventured Into The Pool With A Few Of My New Friends, Enjoying The California Sun On My Body... After A While, I Decided I Wanted To Explore The Property, I Excused Myself And I Walked The Nature Trail And The Longer Hike Up The Mountain To The Top Where I Was Told A Book Is Located To List My Visit...
The View From The Top Was Nice, I Then Ventured My Way Down Continued To Explore, And Made My Way Back To The Pool Deck, Went To The Cafe And Ordered Lunch... The Day Eventually Came To An End, And I Headed Back To Huntington Beach... Another Great Day, And Second Consecutive Weekend As A Nudist And I Was Loving My Newfound Lifestyle... I Started Exploring Other Resorts In The Area Including Camp McConville In Lake Elsinore, Olive Dell In Colton, Tree House Too In Palm Springs, Tree House Fun Ranch In Devore, Black’s Beach In La Jolla, San Onofre State Beach At The South End Of San Clemente Near The Nuclear Power Plant...
Each Was Unique In Their Own Respects, But All Were So Much Fun, I Always Went Back To Glen Eden As It Was Quickly Becoming My Favorite... I Was A Full Fledged Nudist By The End Of The Summer 1988, And Loving It!!! In Closing My First Experiences As A Nudist, I Wanted To Tell The Story Of Another First, That Most New Nudists Fear, And That Is Running Into Someone They Know While At A Nudist Resort...
Starting With Spring Of 1989 I Started Leaving From Work On Friday To Glen Eden And Staying Friday Night - Sunday Night Every Weekend, By Tent Camping... By The Summer Of 1992 I Was A Regular At Glen Eden, One Morning I Woke Up With The Plan Of Going To Glen Eden But Over Cast Weather Was Making Me Rethink This Weekend... I Quickly Changed My Mind Packed And Left For Glen Eden, This Time Would Be One Night Only Due To Late Work Schedule Friday... By The Time I Got To Glen Eden The Sun Had Made A Grand Appearance And The Day Was Great... I Started Off In The Jacuzzi And Was Seated Across From 4 Older Women, 3 Were Talking About How The Overcast Morning Almost Changed Their Mind... I Said, I Was Thinking The Same Thing, Saying I Am From Huntington Beach And Almost Did Not Come, The 4Th Woman Said, My Husband And I Are From Huntington Beach Too, We Have A Second Home On Property Here At Glen Eden...
I Said, My Dad Was A Huntington Beach Fire Captain Until His Death 10 Years Ago, She Quickly Looked At Me With A Smile And Said, Who Is Your Dad??? Her Look Told Me She Knows My Dad And Possibly Me... She Added, My Husband Is A Huntington Beach Fire Captain Too, My Heart Sank!!! I Told Her My Dad’s Name, She Said Are You And Stated My Name??? I Said Yes, She Said, I Haven’t Seen You Since You Were A Toddler... How Is Your Mom, Is She Here??? We Talked, And Caught Up, Then Mentioned Her Husband Should Be Here Soon, I Said, I Was At His Fire Station Visiting The Other Day, I See Your Husband Often... A Few Minutes Goes By And He Shows Up, And The Wife Says, Honey Look Who Is Here!!! He Looks Across At Me, Big Smile, Yet Surprised, And We Talked, He Said, Just The Other Day Several Firemen Were Here, All Were Good Friends Of My Dad, One Being His Best Friend...
I Never Wanted Anyone I Know To See Me, Let Alone Know I Am A Nudist, And It Happened, A Long Time Family Friend, Co Worker Of My Dads, Other Than The Wife, I Saw The Husband Almost Every Week... And It Was Not Humiliating At All, I Really Believed It Would Have Been Embarrassing... Why Would It Be??? We Were There For The Same Reason, Enjoying The Nudist Lifestyle, They Lived Their Part Time, When He Retired They Moved To Glen Eden Full Time... That Night They Introduced Me To A Young Girl They Knew Who Was My Age, We Hit It Off Well And Started Dating...
I Have Now Been A Nudist For 32 Years, I Feel More Comfortable Naked In Front Of Others Than I Do Clothed... The Reason Is, Nudists Are Not Judgmental, They Accept You For Who You Are, They Do Not Care What You Look Like Naked, Nudists Teach Body Acceptance, Body Positivity, Children Who Are Raised As Nudists Are Taught Early About Body Acceptance, Everyone Is Accepted, Period... The Textile World Run By Society, Is Not Accepting Of Everyone, Body Shaming Starts At A Young Age And Continues Through Adulthood, And Being Naked Is 100% Unacceptable... I Am A Proud Nudist, The Lifestyle Taught Me Self Esteem Which I Thought I Would Never Have, Let Alone Body Acceptance... Live Naked, Live Proud, Accept Everyone... Thank You For Reading My Short Novel!!!
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2020.10.13 16:43 IdolA13Octl1 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5 Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play
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