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2020.11.26 23:26 RepresentativeBus685 Nude mother pics

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2020.11.24 20:29 dissatisfiedfox Nude mother pics

This is the first time I write my story and put it out there, I have been lurking for some time under my main account but wanted to use an alt to put my story out there and maybe get some perspective on things. I apologize if there are a lot of typos and weird formatting, English is not my mother tongue. Also, this will be long, and messy, and painful. This is me just ranting and hoping some advice might come from this as well. Maybe more than just "break up with him", I just hate thinking the kids will be affected. There is financial stuff as well, I will never be able to live alone on what I make.
So here it goes:
I (30F) met this great guy (30M) on Tinder (yes I know!!), being a single mother living on an island with under 200 citizens made dating impossible, especially since it's a place where most of the people are old people. My family is from there and I had moved back home after a breakup with my son's father, who is no longer in the picture of his own choosing. Anyway, it started great! He seemed like he actually wanted to be with me, it seemed like he enjoyed the company of me and my son. We became serious on the 24 of December 2018.
He gave me a beautiful necklace for my first birthday, saying the next time he gave me a gift it would be a ring but since our relationship was only about 6 months old he wanted to wait until Xmas. this never happened of course. He hinted and hinted once the day approached, and I got a little box, but it was with a new chain for my necklace instead of a ring. And I doubt I ever will get one now...
First D-day was before this, about 4 months in, so in April, I was playing on his wow acc. when someone wrote to him suddenly. Looking back on the chat history I saw how they had a super flirty tone, how he told her she could mount him and such after she told him she liked mount farming. How he told her he wanted to come to see her originally but then met me. Not big deals looking back and kinda silly but it was a breach of what I deemed appropriate in a relationship. I told him this and got the "you snooped, how dare you!". I laid out my boundaries for a relationship. That I actually view such things as sexting and snap sex and such as being unfaithful and would like him to stop such behavior if he was doing such. we agreed!
The second D-day, September, was him being super drunk and showing me his premium Snapchats , yes plural! He gets abusive when he drinks, not physically but mentally and he wanted to hurt my feelings since he felt I was being a party pooper for taking his cognac. The same day he had kissed a woman while being out drinking "just for fun", which his cousin who works at the bar could tell me. I reached out to this woman telling her that he is in a relationship and that we had a kid who looks at him as his real father, and if she really wanted to mess with this. They had been talking A LOT on Snapchat so I figured I should tell her this, I was obviously pissed and hurt. She immediately apologized, saying she newer could be an AP cause she had been cheated on before. She deleted him. I got blamed by him though, he felt I had no right, I embarrassed him, and I was once again being snoopy. So instead of owning up, once again he turned it back on me.
I also found he had a lot of other girls on there which he sent and got nudes, he talked dirty with and just acted a fool with. He knows the rules by now so why put it all at risk!?! I explain the rules of our relationship once more. we agree once again, but he is still mad I "snooped" and reached out to that woman.
I have since got him to stop drinking, I put my foot down, told him it's us or the alcohol. He is the sort of person who can't have just one beer to calm down, he always overdoes it, and it's a fucking shitshow for me to clean up. EVERY TIME! His parents even got called by him once to watch the shit show and how he treated me while drunk, and they were mortified.
Fast forward to may 2020 I go to check something on his pc, and lo and behold! Third D-day! Not only has he spent about 300 euros on naked pictures from girls on Kik, but he has been watching an insane amount of porn, no wonder our sex life was dying! He has also been looking into a form of the website like onlyfans, only it's very explicit. I have no problem with a healthy amount of porn, I watch it myself sometimes but I think it's wrong to watch so much that it becomes a problem in your real relationship. Once again we have the argument, this time over text. He is trying to do the "you snooped" thing again. But I lay down the rules, explain how it's wrong to go outside the boundaries we put up. Explain that once there is two-way communication it's not just porn anymore, then it's cheating. you form a relationship OUTSIDE of your relationship when you do that. And why pay for it! It's fucking free on a huge number of sites! I tell him how sad this makes me, how much he hurts me doing stuff like this. I am also cursing him and being a bit mean, I am super hurt and just want it all to go away, I want to throw away the whole damn man. He tells me he doesn't view it as cheating since it's not physical. I am fucking livid and I tell him to go fuck himself and oh btw I just found out I am pregnant so yay am I right? He doesn't believe me ofc, so I tape the test to the door when I bring his beloved PC into the hallway for him to pick up. he is staying a few days at his parent's house.
Then we reconcile, he shows remorse(!) and I am stunned. HE SHOWS REMORSE! Like it never happened before now that he actually told me he was sorry. he wasn't exactly begging me to not leave him but it meant something. He bought me flowers, while also getting his mother some, but I will take em! We decide to keep the baby after a huge amount of talks about the future and boundaries and what we want from life, we talk about my boy, who now is his boy as well. how we could be a nice family if we tried if we really worked at it. (oh boy here come the tears typing this) We get a new apartment, and for about four months things are good.
Then BOOM! Another D-day! While uploading pics to our shared photo app I see dickpics in a private album. My cheated-sense is tingling, and I feel that sinking feeling once more. I ask him "WTAF MAN, what is this?" and he spills the beans. told me he once again bought pictures on Kik, from two women. he just opened one of em and then deleted the other one and asked for a return of his money. Aaaand again with the chat about boundaries, how this hurts, and even more so since I am about 5 months pregnant. he doesn't think it makes it worse ofc and once again says he doesn't look at what he's doing as cheating. BUT I DO, and so does every sane and normal and decent fucking person.
After talking together he tells me his feelings for me are changed, he looks at me as a friend he fucks. not his girlfriend, he doesn't have romantic feelings towards me anymore. but he doesn't want to break up either. He wants it to come back naturally. But that it is hard. He says it is because I never give him space or lets him off the hook about cheating. that I am distrustful (DUUH!!) and it is unfair. Then a friend of ours told me how he told him after we had a fight that my BF feels imprisoned, how he feels like he wants to be free to do what he wants, to drink a beer if he wants to and just do what he likes. BUT that it would be mean to break up with me now that I am about to drop this baby (I am currently 32 weeks, so third trimester) and that he needs to wait until I get the baby. ofc I confront him with this, and he denies feeling like that. He says he has no such plan for the future and no such thoughts. Then why tell your friend this!?! ugh!
He talks about us buying a house together soon. He talks about our future with me and his kids with his parents and I am just so fucking confused! His parents are great btw, actually, his whole family adores me and my son. They believe I made a better man of him. Before he was a drunk 30yo man living in his parent's basement, now he is a responsible adult with (soon) two kids. He has an awesome GF in me who makes sure everyone in our house is feeling loved and cared for and have filled bellies. I do everything for this man and they all see how much I do for my little dysfunctional family. I am a caring person, that is too nice for my own good(his brother's words). His parents know all our issues, his mom and I talk about this a lot and she says she sees a whole other man from her son now the past two years (yes FFS it's only been two years, not ten!). That he cares about us, and that he would be completely broken if I ever left him. but she is also pissed at her son for being such an utter asshole towards me. They cant reach into him though, cause he just tells them to mind their own business. But she tells me he talks of OUR future TOGETHER with them, and it confuses the hell out of me!
So here I sit, heavily pregnant, with a child who looks at this man as his real father, and another one on the way who is his by biology as well. I go from being just indifferent and to having extremely toxic thoughts and mistrust for this man. I am struggling and I hope that typing it all out will help me some. I go from being completely dissolved in tears hurting so damn much, to not giving a damn as long as my kids can grow up with us both in their life. Trying to stay strong for them but sometimes when I am alone utterly failing in doing so. Still absolutely love the ass of this man, and while he has done so much to hurt me I so want us to work. He is everything I look for in a man, except the cheating obviously.
I just can't get myself to break up either! some it is because my son, who doesn't remember another dad than this man won't get the same treatment that his biological kid will. on paper, he is not his. so I doubt he will take both the kids for visiting if we break up. How am I supposed to tell a five-year-old boy that the man he believes to be his father isn't after all and that his little brothesister is allowed to go stay with daddy but he isn't? How the fuck can I ever put him through that!?! I would take a thousand D-days and tons of pain and suffering if I could know for sure that day never comes. For my kids, I can endure it all, even though it kills me to some extent.
I am not void of fault in this relationship, I have been hurt and mean. I have been super distrustful and bitter. I have been cold and maybe at times unfair. But I have NEVER cheated or ONCE let my eyes wander.
If you read this far, THANK YOU! I didn't put a Tldr in here cause I don't know how to summery this shitstorm. Sorry for the messy and ranty format. It felt good putting it all out there. even though I look like I have no self-respect, even though I look like a weak little worm with no backbone... I just... Needed to vent.
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2020.11.22 18:56 tgibook Nude mother pics

Dear Cubs, I know it's been a rough year and you feel isolated, lonely, and horny but I am not. I'm sure a lot of my sister cougars will agree with me. I live alone yes, but I'm not lonely. I'm comfortable being alone and often prefer it. I am a mature, independent woman. I raised a family, have a career, outside interests, friends, a home to manage, pets to care for, bills to pay. Many of my cougar sisters still have kids at home, elderly parents to look after, shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, an auto to maintain. I am not bored! I'm very busy! PLEASE stop assuming that I need you to chat with. When you contact me do it with a purpose and get to the point. I understand you're lonely and isolated but so are most young guys. Cougars are rarely bored.
Your horny? Well, according to Psychology Today men get horny approximately 388 times a day in their prime. Women in their prime get horny approximately 140 times a day. The older a women gets she learns to control and override the urges. I don't care if you are horny, or what my pics have done to you. I do not want to help you or watch you or get a video of you getting off. I don't want to sex, video chat or trade nude pictures of you. If I do want any of those things I will ask you for them.
I like sex, but I am not a sex crazed nymphomaniac hunting down any young man to quench my thirst. My sex life is none of your business. I am not sharing it with some random stranger. Don't even ask about it.
Do not assume me or any of my sister cougars are on reddit for sex. I originally got on reddit for current events, news and politics. I joined cougarsandcubs because I'm a Cougar. When I joined I had been in a yr long relationship with a cub. I was not looking. I am single now and looking, but not desperately seeking any penis. I'm picky and am fine biding my time until I find who I'm seeking.
What am I looking for in a cub? Looks wise? I'll know it when I see it. What I find attractive fluctuates a lot so I can give you a description. If I say you're not my type don't ask me what is. It's just not you. I am college educated and so are all my kids, most with post secondary degrees so, why wouldn't I expect at least the same from a guy I'm seeing? If you live at home with your parents I understand, times are rough right now. But if you don't have a vehicle or work 7 nights a week, don't expect me to be accommodating. Age completely depends on the person. If you're under 23 you better have your shit together. If you're over 32 you better be very young at heart and not loaded with baggage.
Last but not least, cougars are not the solution to your problems! We aren't here to fix you. If you are socially awkward, shy, uncomfortable, etc, you need to overcome that before coming to us. If you have emotional, psychological issues or are depressed we are not therapists. Even if some of us do have degrees in psychology we are not your therapist, and you are not our client. We are for our professional time. We are also not sex therapists. We can't answer your sex questions. Many of us are pretty much the same as your mother. Remember, most of us are someone's mother and we're very busy.
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2020.11.16 17:04 Genaive Unable to move past the past

I am (F40) my husband (M40) got married on Nov 28th 2019. We are celebrating our 1st anniversary next week. Last week I decided to finally print and frame some of our wedding photos to surprise him. We didn't get around to it before, because we had other matters like trying to stay alive and keep our jobs, in addition to that, both our elderly mothers moved in with us so it has been a difficult year for many reasons. My phone was damaged and I lost all my pics so I picked up my husband's phone while he was not around to try to get the wedding photos off his phone to take to the printers.
To my HORROR, I discovered albums filled photos of his ex girlfriends mostly nudes and some extremely pornographic. I know he stays in touch with them and are active on social media with them. These images were downloaded from whatsapp over the last two to three months.
I immediately shut down and stopped interacting with him because I feel hurt and disappointed.
He also suffers from ED and cannot get or stay hard unless he takes medication. I am wondering if he is just not attracted to me and only married me for security. I don't know how to confront him about this or what should be my next move?
Any advise will be welcomed.
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2020.11.15 06:07 NewWave93 Hahaha oh man right in the feels

I'll give you guys the rundown
Went on dating app, swiped multiple profiles, (even reading bios) Not one answer Got the occasional likes and inboxes from bot accounts
Finally managed to match with a female and texted back and forth on the app, eventually moved the convo to snapchat things got weird cause when I asked to video chat they kept avoiding it by asking me to send nudes (I'm a guy by the way) I kept pressing the issue to video chat and they kept avoiding it, so I said who is this or you're getting blocked, it was a gay guy hiding behind a profile made with photos of his female friend which is who I initially thought I was talking too, turned him down and swiped a few more times
Don't know how many times I saw profiles saying "Add me on snap lol I'm hardly ever on here" that became so annoying because it was like an endless flood of those types of profiles, so whatever I added like 7 of them
Messaged them on snapchat, no response got left on read while they continued to post on their stories throughout the night, two actually responded, told them I came across their profiles on the dating app, both of them had similar responses saying okay send a couple of pics, sent them pics, they opened them, no response from both of them, left on read lmao guess I'm ugly af
Came across one female who said only guys 6'4 and up can talk to her And then in between that were the profiles of the attractive single mothers with multiple children saying if you date them your in their kid's lives as well
Then I came across a female who actually said if I'm not paying one of her bills there's no reason to message her or worth her time And the remaining who actually responded to my messages lead me on in conversation only to ask me to subscribe to their onlyfans or premium dating right? Well, for a guy that is
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2020.11.12 21:37 street_harlot If you like Anya Taylor-Joy, for sure you’ll love also her nude and uncensored materials

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Anya Taylor Joy Nude
Before you see Anya Taylor-Joy uncensored materials, just know her better She was born in 1996 in Miami as the youngest of six siblings. Her mother was a photographer and interior designer. Her father was a banker who quit his job to race in motorboats. While still an infant, she moved to Buenos Aires with her family. When she was 8 years old they moved overseas - to London.
She enrolled at Queen's Gate, fell in love with drama, won awards for her performances, but remembers her school days as "hard". The kids were bullying her. "They locked me in lockers, didn't invite me anywhere, it wasn't nice," she recalled in an interview with Evening Standard. Classmates also tagged her Facebook in the pictures of the fish. "My eyes were really far apart," she admitted. Most of the time she cried in school restrooms or sat with her nose in her books. To this day, she has difficulty looking in the mirror.
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2020.11.11 18:37 johnjones88 Nude mother pics

Shortly after the pandemic started, being stuck at home and bored I decided to delve back into the world of online dating again. I had taken a break from dating for 10 years after having a series of disastrous relationships.
I started chatting with a lady, we moved from the site to email, then on to texts. It all was going normally for a month or so. Then came a request to see if I could send her a $100 so she could buy some food as she was off work due to the shut down and was self employed, thus not getting unemployment, with the understanding she'd pay me back once she got back to work.
I was uneasy about this due to having been taken advantage of in the past, but eventually gave in and sent her the money. A month or so goes by and another request. Now what I haven't told you is that this person lives on the opposite side of the country and because travel was restricted neither of us could travel to meet the other.
Fast forward a few months....the relationship was progressing nicely, we texted multiple times through out the day, every day. Then I got this weird feeling ( I call it my spidey sense) and decided to google her name. Absolutely nothing came up, No social media, no address, nothing, as if she didn't exist. So, I did a reverse image search of the pictures she sent me. Low and behold I discovered the images were of a minor celebrity in a foreign country.
I confronted her with this revelation and asked why she looked exactly like this person and that I wondered if I was being "catfished". She responded I wasn't and that she is that person. So a long exchange ensued with me asking why she was using an alias. She said her last relationship ex stalked her and being a celebrity she used a fake name to post on the dating site. I considered that a plausible explanation, but wanted to know when she was planning on telling me who she really was, as after several months "dating" such a secret was a trust breaker. I ask her to video chat with me. She says she can't as her phone was broken from being dropped to many times and immersed in water. So, I asked for a call, same explanation. She can only text and get on the internet. 2 red flags.
I was given an answer, I explained now was the time to come clean with any other secrets, was told there were none and I knew everything and she wouldn't keep things from me in the future. Another month passes and the drama, no chaos, begins. First I buy her a new phone and have it shipped to her so we can talk and video chat. She has me send it to her room mates mothers house, as she says her mail keeps going missing, so doesn't want it to come to her place.
Shortly after it arrives the room mates mother dies, roomies brother locks her out of the house and proceeds to move everything out including the phone. My GF decides there is too much drama and now wants to jump on a plane and visit me (travel restrictions had been eased by this time). So I buy her a ticket. The day she is due to fly out (actually an hour before) she texts me that her mother was in the hospital (in another city in the center of the country) and she was going to change the flight to get there.
Long story shortened, she informs me that her mother needs an operation and needs $$$ for the deductible before they will do it, again promising to pay me back. I send the funds, all goes well. She informs me that when her mother gets back home she if going to fly out to be with me. Durring the month that this mother situation plays out GF decides she wants to relocate to be with me full time.
It was at this point that she informs me that she signed a very long term contract with a talent agency several years before and in order to be able to move she has to break the contract as they can stipulate where she can live and any personal travel she may wish to do. She inquires as to what is needed to break the contract.
They come back with a ridiculous sum and a deadline. We discuss what to do, she asks if we can come up with 1/2 will they take payments. She gets a verbal agreement. We both scramble and come up with the money before the deadline. I ask for and get a picture of her ID, her email address (not the one she originally gave me) and home address. All freely given. When she makes inquiry about submitting payment, her manager states that they won't accept the deal and need full payment by xxx date or she must return home per the contract or face severe penalties.

She freaks out, says she doesn't want to go back, but can't just leave as the agency will destroy her career (she claims to have seen them do it to others) that she worked 13 years to create (another flag). Being unable to come up with the money, she is forced to return to her city. Once back she finds her roomie moved out, skipped with the rent money and now she's being evicted( flag #3). She packs her stuff, sells the furniture, puts the boxes in storage and crashes with a friend.
We raise the money for the pay off. The day she's supposed to go and do so, she gets sick and doesn't go and ends up in hospital for the night (there are no coincidences, flag #4). The agency now ups the fee. GF gets a promise of financial help from friend and I come up with some money too. The total will make the payoff. GF starts the paperwork. Her friend reniggs on helping and now were short the money. Still have 18 days to pay it before the deal expires. After that she must stay in contract till it ends many years down the road.
Also, during this time I found her profile on the dating site we met on active. She had told me she deactivated it and hadn't been on there in months. I created a fake profile and proceed to chat with her. Got the same initial story with the same details (the cover identity). After a week I couldn't take it any more and confronted her about it. She said she wasn't on there or talking with anyone. I provided screen shots of the conversation, pointed out the same story and facts being used, etc. Was gas lighted, told the account must have been hacked, it was not her. One of these conversions ( from yet another profile) she proceeded to say she was out of food and could I please send her $100. Also her phone was broken so can't call, can't video chat, can't take pictures. Same story same MO.
I told her she need to contact the site and have them delete the account as it could damage her reputation (cause her pics were on there). Shortly afterward the pics all disappeard but the profile remains active (another flag) This got me thinking so I started searching other dating sites. Found over 100 profiles with pictures of her (ones I've never seen and not ever been on her social media either), with different hair styles, makeup, etc. to change her appearance and listed locations in cities all across the nation.. She is a chameleon and very good at disguising herself even using contacts to change eye color (she admitted to me she does have colored contacts previously). However I have a eye for detail and have forensically analyised the pictures enlarging and scouring details, moles, scars, piercings, etc. that all match, even when she has done a masterful job of covering them with make up. I mentioned these profiles, even sent a picture from one and was told it wasn't her, she isn't on any sites, etc. I have archived and collected this data, including adds on hookup sites for casual sex that she has posted on with naked pictures (excluding her face). However she sent me nudes and I have compared them and again moles, scars, marks etc all align.
I can't confront her with this evidence via text. It has to be in person so she can't deny it as I will ask her to strip so we can prove/disprove it. Anything less and it will just be gas lighting and denials around.
Now here's the delema. The money is in an account. I have seen the balance and get an updated balance statement any time I ask, so I know the money is there untouched. However all the little quirks create huge doubt (no calls or video chat, not giving me the friends address, the "coincidences", etc. We still text through out the day every day. However she does go dark for 7 hrs each day and doesn't have an adequet explanation why (phone freaked out and locked up, need to be charged and I don't like using it while charging cause I'm afraid of being electrocuted, or just no explanation at all).
She still professes her undying love, says she is still planning on moving, etc. Even now when I have informed her I am not sending any more money and she must figure out a way to come up with the remainder needed.
So, what would you do? What do you think I should do? Is she scamming me?
Also, if any of you are hackers or PI's that would help me get to the truth (pro bono, I have no money) provide your contact info in a reply and I will reach out to you.

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2020.11.09 03:44 jillloyo Mother pics nude

Thanks for checking out my sale! I'm still trying hard for a low-buy while also cutting down on some back-ups/products that just didn't work for me. Handful of new things added this week & more to come!

Feel free to mix-and-match items from my SKINCARE SALE ♡ Thank you for reading this far! :)
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