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2019.01.14 23:09 1zeo11 (21/M) GF (20/F) is into polygamy and im on the fence. How could i develop a defined opinion of it?

Read the rules and i dont see how this would break them but sorry to any mods if it does.
TL;DR: GF who is into polygamy recently knew someone attractive to her. It doesnt generate jelousy on my behalf but i have never thought about polygamy myself. I am on the fence about it. What are good ways that i can develop an opinion about it, without it being damaging to my relationship?
We have been dating recently, not more than 3 months, officialy dating since 1. Here and there my gf has made comments about polygamy. She is mostly ok with it and stuff.
So my problem starts kind of the first time we talked about it seriously. I do not have a strong opinion of it. For once, i believe if youre in a relationship you should respect your partner and all that. "Classical love" and stuff basically. But my inner conflict here is that if we dont hurt each other and we respect boundries set up by ourselves, what would be the problem then?
This part may sound egotistical and prolly ihavesex but trust me, i do not intend to.
What feels weird for me is that, while not a stud, i am attractive, i am the one with the most sexual expierence in the relationship by a very long shot, and still have the chance to get laid more than once whenever i go out. I havent approached any other person in public like i did once but i believe i would still got it, just wasnt interested in that regard for a while till i met my current gf. To this day i still get that kind of attention from all genders and i am quick to notice it, but its easy for me to reject it too because i am in a relationship with someone. Thats my mindset, at least for myself.
My gf, who ill call Jennifer, is the opposite. She is not that attractive and from what i heard from her, her past relationships have been toxic and felt to her like taking advantage to her (we had a fight once due to her misinterpreting my feelings/intentions once, has not happened again since.) for easy sex. She doesnt get that much attention in that regard.
Jennifer also has stated that a kink/fetish from her is Vouyerism and that she would like seeing a futa/trans dominating me. I am very open (no pun intended) when it comes to sexuality and i am pansexual. The problem isnt the kink or the fetish but how it ties with the problem overall.
The Problem
She is an artist and likes roleplaying on some groups. Recently she met a girl that she likes talking to a lot. Ill call her Lois. Lois, as described from Jennifer, is a good artist, a good roleplayer, talks amazingly, is a beauty, and well informed in politics. Basically, Lois is very attractive for Jennifer.
I do not mind in the sense of getting jealous about it. I believe we arent each others propeties and as such, i am not possessive with Jennifer. Ultimately i understand its her choice whether to be with me or not and what will be the best for her.
Polygamy wasnt a "problem" untill she started telling me about Lois. I am not that stupid not inexperienced in relationships to not understand that not setting a clear boundry here would be hurtful in the long run than doing anything else. My problem in doing so, as stated before, is that i only see problems with it if someone lied, or stretched boundries for its own gains or something like so, but at the same time is the first for me that i had to deal with a situation like this firsthand. And i cant get to think of some way that i could have a final opinion on the matter.
Is there any way i can get such an opinion, read about other people expierences, how it could work, stuff like that? Are there ways me doing that kind of research that may be hurtful to the relationship? Should i also clear my head whether she is just confusing herself about her vouyerism and relationships? Do i have a way to know that without putting her in a tough spot?
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2016.12.10 06:25 Throwthrowthrow2333 Vouyer sex public

My sex life is completely different from my wife's. we have sex maybe every 3 weeks and that is just because I feel obligated. I usually end up masterbating every other day because I am horny but not for her. We don't get horny at the same times (AM vs. PM) and quite frankly I am not mich attracted to her anymore. She gained 30 pounds since we met and I have never been into the chubby girls, nothing against them but I have always been into sleek, athletic girls and my wife is not that anymore.
Also, my turn one are opposite of her. I enjoy some kinky stuff like vouyerism and public stuff and she isn't into that. All I really want is to show off my dick on snapchat and flirt, but she isn't into that at all. So now I find myself falling back to exes and previous female friends and talking to them more and fantasizing about having that sexual relationship with them.
I love my wife and she is great in all aspects outside of sex. I want to be with her but have my sexual desires fulfilled by someone else and I know it will never happen.
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2014.08.09 18:29 _schaffer (19/F) My boyfriend (21) has over 40 porn mags, creepy computer saves, and god knows what else in our 2+ year relationship. Normal? Help!

I'll be pretty technical. My boyfriend (21) and I (19) have been together for two years and four months, we've been having sex for a long while and it's been great up until about 6-7 months ago. I've noticed during sex he doesn't come, he either stops and jacks himself off while kinda fingering me, (but it's obvious that he's just jacking off) or he just stops and I have to finish him for him.
The last month I've been staying with him, and I knew originally he would jack off pretty much ever day. But even when I leave for work and tell him I want him when I get back home, he still will jack off and throw his cum filled tissues in the trash as if I can't see them. It's literally like he can't keep his hands off of himself, or he would rather just do it himself.
Additionally, I've found he has over 40 porn magazines in his closet, along with a few movies. I've obviously already gotten over the fact that all guys no matter who what where or why will jack off. I'm just trying to figure out if he has a problem or what? Some of them are old from like 2008, but I've found some from the past year.
Foolishly a while back, I found sooo much porn on his laptop (whatever) But what hurt the absolute most was he also had pictures saved of girls that we both know and see, along with about 7 vouyer pics of two girls in public wearing yoga pants who he didn't know. Those two things very much so angered me and grossed me out.
I have forgiven him for now because I really do love him and want to be with him, but sometimes he grosses me out with whatever he does to himself. I'm worried if he's gonna take it further? Or if I should tell him to take it easy? Or make him throw out his gross magazines?
What do you think?? Is it normal to have that many magazines? Or take secretive pictures and save then?? I need help not only for our relationship, but for my happiness and my self consciousness
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