Nude mom & daughter

2020.11.28 07:57 im_t-r-a-s-h I want to kill my father.

A few years back my mom's boyfriend drugged me and tried to get me to sleep with him. My mom was gone at my brother's football game and we were alone. He gave me as much weed as I wanted and told me to show him my boobs, that he'll be gentle and etc. When he turned on porn I left. I got so many flashbacks to when I got molested at four (it was by a different man) and I had a feeling I knew what was coming up if I stayed.
I put it behind me, convincing myself it was all some fucked dream.
My mom and him eventually broke up. He went to live with his grandmother. Since they had been together for so long, my mom still considered his family our family. So she okayed me stayed at the grandmother's for Spring Break. He got me high once again and told me the same stuff but it felt so much weird. I left his room and went back to the couch.
He stared at me from his bedroom door, came out multiple times to whisper creepy shit in my ear and tried to steal my phone (he was convinced I had nudes on it.) I went home the next day and took the longest shower ever. I felt so disgusting... I can't describe all of it... But I felt in a haze, my body wasn't mine... I was just floating in some void.
I told my mom about the two times and she asked the guy. Of course he denies it. And since she still wanted to be with him, she started blaming me for everything. She told me how weird it was that every guy she was with wanted to touch me and I somehow deserved it because I walked around the house without a bra sometimes.
Summer came around and my mom became abusive towards me. I was at a summer program for the most of the week and came home on the weekends. She had another family, a mother and her daughter staying with us. She also had a neighbor coming by and watching my brother and the other kid.
The first week I come home, my room was a mess. Someone had rummaged through everything in my room, had left food and dirty dishes everywhere. I told my mom to not let anyone in my room after that. She agreed and I was off to another fun week at my summer camp.
I came home the second week and guess what? My mom had let the kid back in my room. I had an XBox and was playing through the DLC of Red Dead. (I can't remember what the game title was). The kid didn't like confronting zombies. When I left, all the towns I had saved from zombies were safe and functioning. I came back and three were overrun and a lot of them were about to die. My YouTube Search History was full of stuff the kid would watch: ASMR, Vines and Scary Stories. The kid was really into Descendants and there were a few books strewn about my room. I accused my mom of not keeping her promise and she got pissed.
She starting hitting me and threw me around like a rag doll. I don't remember much, but she punched me in the face wih a ring once and I blacked out for God knows how long. When I woke up, Iran. I ran to a neighbors and hid in a room. My mom came looking for me, and in the sweetest voice I ever heard come put of her. "I think (my name) ran over here. Have you seen her?" It made me want to puke. She eventually found me and tried dragging me out of the room. She realized I was digging my hills in. Basically, she tackled me to my neighbor's bed and wiped all of the blood off my face.
When the cops came, she relented and let me stay the night at the neighbors. At around 1 or 2 in the morning, she drunkly called the cops and told them how the neighbors kidnapped me. I didn't wake up when the cops eventually came because for the first time in years, I slept soundly.
I was pushed back into my mothers house when I woke up and she told me how she will improve as a parent and how sorry she was about what happened. It was Sunday so I had to leave for the Summer Camp. When I was there, the camp counselors pulled me aside to ask what happened (it's hard to ignore a black eye and a deep gash in a child's face.)
Over the week, CPS (Child Protective Services) was called and I got to talk to a Social Worker. I went home that weekend and was told I would be staying at the Grandmother's. My grandmother, the neighbor and I agreed that I could stay. State Troopers came to make sure I was fine and a local officer came. They looked me over, and told me how I needed stitches on my gaint gash (even after a whole week of healing) but said I needed to go to my Grandmother's anyway. I went and hell was waiting for me.
The boyfriend was there and was now on meth. I was so scared of being raped I barely slept and showered only once. The shower was followed by a mental breakdown and several hours of suicidal thoughts. I ended up calling the Suicide Hotline and CPS was called once again. When my worker showed up, she came out with a "this better be good!" And treated me like shit the whole visit. The fact that there were over a dozen animals (including five pigs) living in the house, no flushing toilet and the fact that I was sleeping on a pallet (a bunch of blankets on the floor) in a falling in room. None of that fazed her.
Eventually, the CPS worker agreed on sending me away to a mental health place. I already knew many of the workers and all of then were nice to me. They floated around the idea of me going to a group home (everyone at that point was confident my mom rights were going to be relinquished). My mother didn't do this and I went home.
The boyfriend eventually came back and I was forced to accept him coming to my birthday party. My mom and this shitty dude (believe me, I HAVE NOT DELVED INTO EVERYTHING THIS MAN HAS DONE) got back together. I have to hear them having sex, loving on each other and my mom being a "romantic" while giving up everything about herself to get this man to even act like he loves her.
Fucking fun.
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2020.11.27 15:54 kakazao3 Nude mom & daughter

I'm sorry for the big wall of text. It has been two years of struggle and there's a lot to share. Thank you a lot if you read everything, it means much to me.
Right when I started college, on the day of registration, I matched with her in tinder, we met, talked a lot about coming to the same university together and everything we were facing, and made out a little at the end, that was the beginning of our relationship. We were virgins back then, we learned a lot together and became very profoundly intimate with her, and as we were far away from friends and family on the city that our College is in, we were for each other basically the only support we had. That made our relationship quickly evolve onto something that felt almost like marriage, and I feel that is one of the factors that made our sex life become what it is now.
Some months after we started dating, she started to take birth control pills. Her libido before was quite ok, we were having sex twice or thrice a week, I could probably do more but I wasn't feeling unsatisfied. Then as the months passed her libido got fainter and fainter, and then some problems started to appear.
First, she started to get only late lubrication (after we had already ended, up to 20 minutes after her orgasm) because she started to take some medication with this side effect and every time we needed to use lube. Then, she developed a slight burning sensation almost every time after we had sex. Soon she was so uninterested in sex that even in the middle of it, even though it wasn't really bad and most times she had orgasms, sometimes up to three before I first had mine, she would lose interest, get sleepy, etc.
Everything had a reasonable explanation and I've been patient and understanding. For the lubrication, I started buying lube, and being generous on the application, even replying every 10 minutes, asking her if it was feeling alright or not. A good portion of the times I focused on foreplay, eating her, fingering her (that was the most effective way of giving her orgasms, but didn't help with lubrication really), but didn't counter the problem. For the burning sensation, I tried sex with, without condoms, different kinds of lube, only saliva as lube... Nothing improved it and this meant we could at most have sex once every week, to give her time to heal the burning.
About being uninterested, that's probably because of a character flaw of her. My girlfriend is very lazy and usually only do things that are absolutely necessary. She hates cleaning a mess, getting sweaty or even having to move too much to get an orgasm. She never would do much work while we were having sex, and in comparison with masturbation, she had a lot less interest in sex. It is just messier, requires a bath afterwards and she doesn't like to have to do this (a disclaimer, she isn't a dirty person who hates baths, she just doesn't like to have to take an early/extra bath just because of an orgasm).
To give me a blowjob, as an example, she never got on her knees and very rarely on all fours, but just laid on the bed with the head aligned with my waist and moved a little. It's really the least effort you could make and still call it a blowjob, and she did try to make it enjoyable but this attitude left an impression to me that I was not worth the effort... I never got to cum with her blowing me, and I think this is a little sad...
This way of behaving took a toll on my self-esteem. I was always trying hard to get better at fingering, eating her out and PIV as well, trying to improve my dirty talk, improving my "sexy" behavior during sex, trying to be less vulnerable on our regular lives to see if she started to get a little more turned on with me, but nothing worked... The pressure was hard and for multiple instances I was "unable to perform", and as my libido was much greater than her, I intensified my consumption of porn as well, which probably contributed to sometimes failing to get hard.
It took a while, mainly because she is so "inert" and difficult to take action, but she eventually went to see her gynecologist and after some exams, the burning didn't have a clear cause, it wasn't any STD or any fungus, it was just unexplained. It happens much less nowadays, but still sometimes. I've been very communicative with her during this whole process of evaluating and trying to improve our sex lives, I've improved a lot my behavior relating to how I take it when she says she isn't on the mood, but since the pandemic started it got a lot harder.
Since the start of the pandemic, we went 5 months without meeting in person (she was in her mom's house, at a different city). During this time, we exchanged some nudes and just once a month, in average, did some webcam stuff. To be sincere, I appreciate a lot that she went through taking the nudes just to placate my horniness and my desire of her, but to be honest most of these nudes seemed like she wasn't making any effort at all, just undressing and sending me the first 2 or 3 pictures she took in the most obvious poses possible. I didn't say this to her at the time because I really wanted her to feel thanked for sending me these pics and maybe she wasn't that comfortable with it and just sending them was a great effort, but it hurt me a bit.
I love her body and I love being with her and having sex with her, but this negligence also contributed to my feeling of not being worthy of minimal effort. It was 5 difficult months, we had bad times and almost broke up, but we met and had sex and it was a little awkward but a lot better than our average. The main issue was her fear of her mother even thinking we had sex (her mother loves having me at home and even jokes vaguely about me and her daughter having sex sometimes, why should she be so afraid of her hearing or imagining something?).
After that I decided I'd stop asking anything sex related from her, and stopped with dirty jokes, flirting or suggestive language, and to my surprise, not even once she did any of these things at me. It's like I'm not even her boyfriend, just her best friend. She doesn't care about sex with me, she doesn't think about sex with me, she doesn't even seem to care about what are my needs of affection, sexually of otherwise.
Throughout our relationship we talked openly about this a lot, I took her suggestions and tried my best, and she also said she'd consider my feelings and really try to improve, but she can't for some reason say explicitly "I promise you that I'll change". I would like to hear this explicit, clear commitment, but she seems incapable of promising it and I'm very tired of vague pseudo-promises.
In the last three months our relationship almost ended thrice. It has been really difficult and finally I developed a kind of repulse of thinking of sex with her... It's painful, I do not suggest sex because I'm 90% sure she'll say "I'm not really in the mood" and reject me, I do not kiss her passionately because I'm 90% sure she will just get tired of it after one or two minutes and not get aroused at all, I do not ask for nudes, flirt of joke because I'm fucking broke inside and feeling like I'm not worthy of being loved...
Well, at the end, I have to say we are still very intimate in non-sexual ways and we share practically everything of your lives with each other. She does love me, I believe so, and she likes being with me and talking with me, and she wants very much to make me happy, and I feel all of this too. The issue is that her "inertness", her difficulty to do anything beyond what's absolutely essential, her laziness to take action and really try, not just say she'll try, seems bigger than her actual love for me.
What can we do? What should I do? I love her very much and I'l love for us to get in harmony sexually again.
TL;DR: My girlfriend has a lazy personality, doesn't put any effort in our sexual life, has a very low libido and we've been unlucky as well with late lubrication and some burning after sex. Our sex lives suck and I feel unwanted and unnattractive because of it, and we've almost ended our relationship thrice in the last four months. I've tried a lot of things and made a lot of effort and it didn't improve. What can I do?
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2020.11.22 00:38 vavigo3657 I need help, I'm realising I'm a disgusting sexual deviant.

I've been having a huge panic attack this evening. It all stemmed from our new neighbours, arriving a few months back. They have a daughter who is a similar age to me. The daughter's room is right across from my room and vice versa so when I look out of my window I can't help but look into her room.
One night, I saw she was walking around without a top on and this obviously made me aroused and from then on I keep peering out of a small crack in my curtains into her room hoping to see her topless again and I think she's noticed once or twice. I truly want to stop but I'm worried when I'm aroused and the temptation is there that I'll do it again.
This reflection on myself has also highlighted other sick & twisted things I've done, I use to smell my Mom's (or any females) dirty underwear when I was 13 / 14 and masturbate over her nude images, this thought really disgusts me now. I also masturbate over things like rape & voyeur pornography on a daily basis.
I am thinking about getting therapy, as my mental health is getting worse but I don't know I'll be brave enough to bring all of this up.
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2020.11.21 18:13 GalEdit Daughter & mom nude

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2020.11.21 14:21 onlyfthrowaway Mom nude daughter &

[Kentucky] I'm not sure how to explain this whole weird situation, I'm also not sure if there's anything at all I can do.
Back in June, this girl messaged me via discord claiming my boyfriend cheated on me with her. Fast forward a few weeks later and she makes an Instagram and we start going back and forth on there.
In September I made an onlyfans account, to promote it I posted nude and lewd pictures on Twitter, IFunny, and Reddit. This month my kik was posted to 4Chan twice. And then the pictures I had posted to Twitter were sent to my boyfriends sons mom. Now she is threatening to not let him see his daughter again.
Is there anything I can do about this? The screenshots that were sent to them were taken from Twitter. I'm a little fuzzy on Twitters privacy policy's and terms of service so I'm not sure if they did anything wrong or if this could be a case for harassment. They were nude pictures that were sent. I'm sorry if this is jumbled and confusing I'm overly emotional right now.
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2020.11.21 08:29 Debyeld1 Nude mom & daughter

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Also posted on relationship_advice. Thought here i could find more help
Me(34M) and my wife(33F) have been married for 11years. We have two children together(10M,11F). We were together for 15years.
I earn a decent living and earn upto 400-500k a year. But at times, i have to do projects which require travelling. Our marriage was good with several ups and downs.
In Oct 2019, I had to travel to Europe for work. I stayed there for a month. When I got back from the work, everybody was a bit distant and cold towards me. They didn’t came to receive me at airport. I had to call an uber. They ignored my talks and only communicated with me when necessary. I had doubts so i asked my daughter why is she acting rude towards me. She just said, “hope you had fun at your business trip”. This was out of her character. Few days pass and i am confused about the situation. I asked my wife multiple times about their behaviour. She always said that they were tired of long day at school. One night, i was checking my email on my family imac. As i was finishing my work, i noticed that my wife’s account is logged in. I thought of opening messages. I saw that one of her colleagues was on the top. I opened their conversation and scrolled through entire page, seeing their flirting, sexting and exchanging nudes. They planned on meeting at hotels. Apparently, she had ended things with him because she was feeling too guilty about it.
I confronted her. She cried and begged me to give her another chance. I had anger issues in past so i simply took a drive to my brother’s house and spent the night there. Next day when i came home, kids had already gone to school. She asked me to sit down on the couch to talk. She said that she was feeling alone at the time and he apparently made her feel special.
I asked her about timeline and said that if she lied, i would give her divorce. She told me every detail. She had sex with him once at the end of affair. She felt disgusted afterwards. She said she had too much guilt and ended things with him.
I told her that i would divorce her. I contacted lawyer and told him to start preparing the papers. As we had a prenup signed, so divorce was an easy option.
I went to my room and opened my mac to collect some proof of her infedility. To my surprise, she had deleted all of it.
Next day, she threatened me to not divorce her or she will take away our kids. She told them in the beginning of my work trip that i had an affair and had gone to see my girlfriend when in reality, i had gone for work. She made fake conversations of me and other girl. She also told them that i would leave them alone on streets to be with my girlfriend. She had manipulated them so much that they were convinced that i was the bad guy. In our country, if parents get a divorce then the custody of children would be given to the parent by kids choice.
I was helpless at this point. I cancelled divorce and proceeded to reconcile.
Its been almost a year that i am going through this shit. My kids dont respect me like they used to, they dont show affection. My wife has been keeping the secret from my children. She also has been treating me like a crap. Our bedroom is dead and i have’nt had sex in 7-8 months.
Because of all the stress at home, i stay out of home most of the time. I go home only to sleep at night. This led to an emotional connection with one of my colleagues for past month. She is also divorced. Her husband cheated on her and left her for another girl in another continent. We have long talking sessions, dinners, and movie nights.
I have been deprived of love and affection at my own home. I have told my wife to start showing affection. I try to kiss her, hug her but i am always turned down.
Last week, i got intimate with my colleague. This was first time sex i was having in 9-10 months. It was the best sex of my life.
I have come here looking for an advice. Should i divorce my wife and be with my colleague? Or should i just live this double life?
I have never been loved or appreciated in my home but my colleague appreciates everything i do for her. If i leave my family, then my kids will think that their mom’s claims were right. I will be the bad guy in the eyes of my kids for life.
Any advice
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