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A few years back my mom's boyfriend drugged me and tried to get me to sleep with him. My mom was gone at my brother's football game and we were alone. He gave me as much weed as I wanted and told me to show him my boobs, that he'll be gentle and etc. When he turned on porn I left. I got so many flashbacks to when I got molested at four (it was by a different man) and I had a feeling I knew what was coming up if I stayed.
I put it behind me, convincing myself it was all some fucked dream.
My mom and him eventually broke up. He went to live with his grandmother. Since they had been together for so long, my mom still considered his family our family. So she okayed me stayed at the grandmother's for Spring Break. He got me high once again and told me the same stuff but it felt so much weird. I left his room and went back to the couch.
He stared at me from his bedroom door, came out multiple times to whisper creepy shit in my ear and tried to steal my phone (he was convinced I had nudes on it.) I went home the next day and took the longest shower ever. I felt so disgusting... I can't describe all of it... But I felt in a haze, my body wasn't mine... I was just floating in some void.
I told my mom about the two times and she asked the guy. Of course he denies it. And since she still wanted to be with him, she started blaming me for everything. She told me how weird it was that every guy she was with wanted to touch me and I somehow deserved it because I walked around the house without a bra sometimes.
Summer came around and my mom became abusive towards me. I was at a summer program for the most of the week and came home on the weekends. She had another family, a mother and her daughter staying with us. She also had a neighbor coming by and watching my brother and the other kid.
The first week I come home, my room was a mess. Someone had rummaged through everything in my room, had left food and dirty dishes everywhere. I told my mom to not let anyone in my room after that. She agreed and I was off to another fun week at my summer camp.
I came home the second week and guess what? My mom had let the kid back in my room. I had an XBox and was playing through the DLC of Red Dead. (I can't remember what the game title was). The kid didn't like confronting zombies. When I left, all the towns I had saved from zombies were safe and functioning. I came back and three were overrun and a lot of them were about to die. My YouTube Search History was full of stuff the kid would watch: ASMR, Vines and Scary Stories. The kid was really into Descendants and there were a few books strewn about my room. I accused my mom of not keeping her promise and she got pissed.
She starting hitting me and threw me around like a rag doll. I don't remember much, but she punched me in the face wih a ring once and I blacked out for God knows how long. When I woke up, Iran. I ran to a neighbors and hid in a room. My mom came looking for me, and in the sweetest voice I ever heard come put of her. "I think (my name) ran over here. Have you seen her?" It made me want to puke. She eventually found me and tried dragging me out of the room. She realized I was digging my hills in. Basically, she tackled me to my neighbor's bed and wiped all of the blood off my face.
When the cops came, she relented and let me stay the night at the neighbors. At around 1 or 2 in the morning, she drunkly called the cops and told them how the neighbors kidnapped me. I didn't wake up when the cops eventually came because for the first time in years, I slept soundly.
I was pushed back into my mothers house when I woke up and she told me how she will improve as a parent and how sorry she was about what happened. It was Sunday so I had to leave for the Summer Camp. When I was there, the camp counselors pulled me aside to ask what happened (it's hard to ignore a black eye and a deep gash in a child's face.)
Over the week, CPS (Child Protective Services) was called and I got to talk to a Social Worker. I went home that weekend and was told I would be staying at the Grandmother's. My grandmother, the neighbor and I agreed that I could stay. State Troopers came to make sure I was fine and a local officer came. They looked me over, and told me how I needed stitches on my gaint gash (even after a whole week of healing) but said I needed to go to my Grandmother's anyway. I went and hell was waiting for me.
The boyfriend was there and was now on meth. I was so scared of being raped I barely slept and showered only once. The shower was followed by a mental breakdown and several hours of suicidal thoughts. I ended up calling the Suicide Hotline and CPS was called once again. When my worker showed up, she came out with a "this better be good!" And treated me like shit the whole visit. The fact that there were over a dozen animals (including five pigs) living in the house, no flushing toilet and the fact that I was sleeping on a pallet (a bunch of blankets on the floor) in a falling in room. None of that fazed her.
Eventually, the CPS worker agreed on sending me away to a mental health place. I already knew many of the workers and all of then were nice to me. They floated around the idea of me going to a group home (everyone at that point was confident my mom rights were going to be relinquished). My mother didn't do this and I went home.
The boyfriend eventually came back and I was forced to accept him coming to my birthday party. My mom and this shitty dude (believe me, I HAVE NOT DELVED INTO EVERYTHING THIS MAN HAS DONE) got back together. I have to hear them having sex, loving on each other and my mom being a "romantic" while giving up everything about herself to get this man to even act like he loves her.
Fucking fun.
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Throwaway because this could be a real problem for me career wise if the phone sex company I work for found out, also obligatory “I’m on mobile” apology for formatting. This happened a few years ago. I was maybe 26 at the time. I am a trans man, but present feminine and work as a professional dominatrix as a woman. I do a lot of work through a popular phone sex website. I had a client contact me on there and get my skype ID (sometimes clients want to cam chat there, it’s not technically allowed by the site TOS but they turn a blind eye because $$$) and he messaged me to negotiate a session. He complained about my rates, demanded I do stuff I’m not comfortable with (I don’t get fully nude on cam calls, I don’t talk about having clients touch me sexually, I don’t do sessions as a sub) and eventually threatened me with bad reviews, and to report me to the site and said I didn’t want to show him my junk because I was a very-nasty-word-for-a-trans-woman (ironic I know). He called me every name in the book and I blocked him and thought nothing of it. I’d been with that site five years and made them hundreds of thousands over the course of them so I wasn’t worried.
However a little later he pops up again with a new account and screen name a few days later, threatening violence and accusing me of stealing from him. I screen cap this and send it to the site. They say there’s nothing they can do about him creating multiple accounts but ban them as they occur. I block him again and think maybe he’ll give up. NOPE!
A few days later there’s a new account that talks in the same tone, demands the same shit, etc. So this time, with all the user names he’s used I take to google, and what do I find? But other PSOs who’d dealt with him complaining about him. I message some of them about what’s happening, and one gets back to me super fast, she says he’s been harassing her for years, telling her he hoped she’d have a miscarriage when she was pregnant, threatening her bf. At this point I’m furious, not only on my behalf but on behalf of everyone else he’s pulled this shit with. She’d tried to go to the cops, no help there (of course), but this idiot had given her a ton of personal info, from his full name, to his address.
I am a pretty good internet detective thanks to my line of work, so I start googling and putting together info. I find everything, and I mean everything, from his mom’s name, the date of his dad’s death, to his girlfriend’s name, to the shitty band he played in in high school, where he works, and who his landlord is.
I call everyone politely informing them of what this little shit is up to. His mom, his GF, his everybody. I call his gf at work just to make sure she gets it. He contacts me on Kik, demanding a response, and threatening to sue me for harassment, I laugh my ass off and explain how that doesn’t work and that if he contacts me again I’ll sue him for harassment and show him the statutes on it where we live (you have to tell the person to stop contacting you before it can be harassment, I’d told him multiple times to stop bothering me, but he’d only ever demanded that I do talk to him).
After that I did stop contacting him, but I gave all the info I’d dug up to the other PSOs to do with as they liked. Last I checked he was living with his brother in a truly shitty looking apartment and tweeting about how no one will hire him because people are mean, and about how much he hates women.
Edit to clarify: Before this he seemed to have a pretty nice life, pretty girlfriend working in real estate, a job in tech and was renting a pretty nice/big house in a nice town. I googled him just now and there are multiple places where if you google his name it shows you just what kind of person he is.
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The bus was pretty hectic, as I think most busses were. I remember I used to sit by myself on the bus, or sometimes I’d sit by maybe one or two of the other guys I would hangout with when I was around 8. We traded Pokemon cards, and talked about everything Pokemon-related.
This wasn’t often, though, and most times I sat on the bus by myself, and I’d lean my cheek against the cool window and look outside-- zoning out the loud shouting from the front to the back of the bus.
I remember avoiding the back of the bus, because if I went back there, they’d find some reason to mess with me-- whether it was for being a girl who liked to collect Pokemon cards, or if it were for the big yellow spots on my two front teeth. They weren’t very creative kids, so the worst nickname they could come up with for me was, “spots.”
I left church again for a few weeks, and stopped talking to him.
I want to fall in love so bad, and to have my own kids, and to have a good job that I love. I want to not have to be embarrassed anymore about the way I look, and I can’t even get plastic surgery because people would still be cruel to me for that, and there’s no way my family would support me doing that, and my family means a lot to me. I don’t like talking to people about it, because I know people make fun of the people who are open about how lonely they are, or how they want to find someone they can love. I don’t want people to look at me like they look at those people-- I don’t want to seem like I’m desperate. But then when I do talk to people about it, all they can tell me is, “You’re not ugly!” or “You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy,” but it honestly doesn’t matter what they say, because at the end of the day I’ll still know how ugly and weird I am, and how no guy is going to be attracted to me.
It’s funny, because people say that personality is what counts, and I don’t want to sound stuck-up or anything, but I consider myself a pretty decent person? Like, I work really hard to be there for my friends when they need me, or to listen when they need me to, and I always try to wave at people and make them feel like they matter. I talk to everyone as if they’re a close friend that I care deeply about, and I make sure they know how much they’re appreciated. I try not to talk about my problems unless they ask, because I’m afraid people will assume I’m an attention-seeker or annoying for talking about it.
I have plenty of guy friends, but obviously me being a good person, or an interesting person (I intentionally try to have a lot of interests and hobbies so that I can connect with more people,) doesn’t mean anything (in terms of dating me) since I’m not pretty or even moderately attractive.
Nothing is going to change. I’ve been praying to “get prettier” as I get older, but once you’re around my age, you’ve kind of surpassed your peak in attractiveness (at least for girls,) and I’d rather die than have to feel this way for the rest of my life. I’d hate to spend my entire life thinking, “Oh! Maybe I’ll find someone next year!” for it to just never happen. I know so many amazing women who have amazing personalities, who are from their late 20s to late 50s and they still get depressed because they can’t find anyone, and I don’t want to grow old and alone and depressed. I don’t want to die, but it’s better than crying myself to sleep every night for the next 50+ years over how depressed and alone I am.
I’m probably going to start setting aside a savings account for my parents and putting in money for my funeral so that they can afford it when I do kill myself.
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2020.11.20 21:10 PAKMan1988 Nude mom nice

This is mostly in reference to a topic I created the other day, but I'd like to know - what parts of the show do most fans get really bothered by that you really don't mind?
There's a couple for me; one, the fact that Darcy barely got referenced after she left the show. I really don't care about that. This was the subject of the thread I created the other day, and perhaps I should have phrased the title better, but I stand by my comments; it doesn't bother me. It was a new version of the show that Darcy had not appeared on since Season 8 (and that was only one appearance). Yes, I get that a reference would have been nice for fans who grew up with Darcy's character, but it's clear the show didn't want to tell that era's story anymore.
Secondly, the punishment for Zoe for Degrassi Nudes. Everyone seems to think she should have been expelled or thrown in prison or whatever. Her punishment was 100% realistic. Prosecutors are not going to throw a 15- or 16-year-old sexual assault survivor in prison for concocting a scheme where she sold nudes of herself and other cheerleaders to students. And keep in mind, this happened under Pill's watch. Pill had shown sympathy to female students, especially those going through a rough time. She would have known Zoe was a sexual assault survivor and would not have wanted to punish her severely. Also, remember; Zoe had money. The sad truth is, money talks. I'm sure Zoe's mom paid off someone so her child got off relatively easily.
What are some plots or aspects of the show that really don't bother you but a lot of other fans are bothered by?
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2020.11.19 04:47 SuddenMud1182 Nice mom nude

A little back story, I have ALWAYS had a thing for this girl, ever since I first saw her in Highschool I instantly had a crush on her. Her, not so much; she found me annoying and a little much and, to be fair I was pretty obnoxious in Highschool and was 100% the class clown. I liked her so much any chance I could to see her was a priority, Not in a weird stalker way, but if she needed someone to walk her home I would do it, like if she missed her bus or had to stay late to finish school work.

Fast forward a couple years and I came to accept that she was never going to be into me and I moved on to another woman that I had a decent 4 year relationship with. But there came a time where the Highschool crush had finally ended her cancerous relationship with her ex and was open to date. As soon as I heard this, my heart dropped. When that was happening, my current relationship was falling to pieces and she was moving away to college in about a month and It all kind of seemed to line up. I'm going to call the crush HSC (Highschool Crush) and the ex (ex) from now on. HSC is reaching out to me just to catch up and reaches out to ask if I wanted to go to an anime convention with her and her friends. Obviously, when I heard this I lost my mind and my heart was racing. During the convention we bonded more than I could of ever dreamed and one night we stayed up all night talking and staring into eachother's eyes and that was my happiest memory of us before we started dating. Now a little about the relationship.

Me first, I am NOT good at handling money, I do not have any savings and barely have any in checking, ever. Now, to be fair, I have never had a "good job" restaurants, Casinos, union work. Nothing paid enough to where I could pay Rent, Car payment, Car insurance, groceries and all other bills and still have money left over. She worked from home and made a considerable amount more than me and because of her father she was VERY good at keeping money. The fact that I've gone through multiple jobs and not had much money in our relationship is obviously a big source of stress and concern for her. I am not the best at communication and have a hard time when we get into arguments and she talks about issues that make me look bad. I like to imagine that I am a very caring and loving man, I give my all (to the best of my abilities) and always spoil her whenever I did have some extra money. I was more than there for her when It came to making sure she felt the love I felt for her and how beautiful I knew she was, even if she didn't feel the same.

Now a little about her, She was obviously much better with money and more mature, that was a well known fact pretty much from the beginning and carried all the way to the end. In the beginning she was not used to someone who actually loved her like I did and it overwhelmed her. Her ex wouldn't exactly hug or kiss and never wanted to cuddle with her. So when she gets loved by someone like me, who is like a dog who just got adopted. She was also a single child (to a degree) so she didn't have to take out the trash or do the dishes, Other stuff in that realm was always up to me. She also never had faith in her cooking so when I came home from work I would have to cook for us both and do the dishes and clean the kitchen. about a year ago she was diagnosed with an incurable disease that attacks the immune system and makes it hard for you to eat much. This made her become more and more introverted and depressed, It also made her lose a lot of weight (at least 50lbs) so she was feeling a lot of emotions, which was a huge toll on us both and put a strain on the relationship.

Now the downfall. Recently we had to move out of our nice duplex home that we were renting and found out the news this past august 31st. With her work being online and mostly art related, she met a lot of artist friends and became more and more social online. For 5 years of our relationship she had 1 "real" friend and she barely came around so I was the main source of her entertainment, so when she got some new friends (which happened to be male) I was rightfully a little weird about it all. But I told myself I trust her and that it is only weird because I'm not used to her having friends, let alone male friends. She became very close to 2 friend in particular, which was fine at the time we all chatted on discord and played some games.

Fast forward to the move, we were both insanely stressed, but we made it to where we needed to go. Which was my moms, an hour away from where we lived, its small but it would work, It has bugs because its an unoccupied section in the country, But ill do what I can to make it comfortable for us both. we had plenty of fights and arguments but we always work it out so I jotted it down as stress on us both and decided to try to address her concerns and she promised the same. There were a couple times while we were here I saw stuff that triggered some red flags. One time I walked in on her and the friends (there is only 2 rooms and her office is where the fridge is) and she was only wearing a bralette and some sweat pants. Which i brought up and she said the camera was only shoulder up. There were other times I heard her and one friend ill name (LB) talking and she was using more of a flirty tone than a normal friend tone. But for some reason I told myself I was looking to into stuff and ignored it. Fast forward to this past Saturday. Its about 1am and I decide I want to go to 711 and went to ask if she wanted anything, when I walked in he had no shirt on and her top only had 1 button left on, This hit another red flag but I acted like everything was normal and walked out. I walk into the closet that's an entryway into her office and eavesdrop and over hear her saying something along the lines of " Wow, that looks really nice on webcam, I wonder what It looks like in real life." I think I also heard her say something like "doesn't it look nice? I was stripping the other day and it looked good." These blew my fucking mind, I didn't think something like this would happen to me ever. I walked out at the same time she did and I think she could tell something was wrong. I started heading to 711 with 1000 thoughts in my head, none good. I turn around to go home and confront her. I arrive and shes waiting in the living room and says the usual "we need to talk" I reply with "you're fucking right we need to talk" and we start talking. Now, I only thought she was doing sketchy shit over webcam with that one dude, she says the conversation about how something looked on webcam was him showing off his muscles. She reveals that she was actually developing feelings for him and has had them for a while. I ask how long and she said "a little bit since before we moved." My heart sank. I instantly said "were fucking done" the usual we both start sobbing and she starts frantically packing the small amount of stuff she had and I have the only car. At the end of the talking and the packing it was 5am, She says she feels trapped and cant sleep in the bed ( makes sense) but I didn't want her to sleep in a gaming chair, so being the guy I am I drive her home at 5am and don't get home till about 630am.

So, finally my question. Should I take her back? I love her more than any woman in the world, I could forgive her for what she did, no one is perfect and due to lack of sexual activity I received NSFW pictures from an ex co-worker. not nudes, like suggestive I suppose and she gave me a second chance. But the difference is, I never developed feelings for this person and would never do anything sexual with anyone else besides her EVER. I feel betrayed, I feel like an idiot for not doing something earlier, I feel like A empty shell of a person. But I still love her, the 1 issue that has always loomed over us, since the beginning through the engagement and even now with the end. I don't know if I can handle not having kids and starting a family. I've always told myself it was just because I never showed her the financial stability she always craved or showed her I was mature enough to raise a kid with her. But im starting to think she doesn't ever want kids. she's always told me she isn't going to say its not a possibility but as of right now. Its a definite no. Even with ALL OF THIS, I still think I can make it work I think I could live my life with her exploring the world, spending our lives together and hoping and having faith shell turn around when the time is right, but can I leave all of this to chance..
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2020.11.19 00:31 IamKami999 Nude mom nice

Ex best friend
Hey, so recently both of my friends left me. One of their names is Hannah and one is Ava. I have no one to talk about this to so ig im here...
Anyways me and Hannah have been friends since grade 6, and she has changed a lot since then. And it’s kinda hard moving on since me and her aren’t friends anymore well let me tell you my story.
Hannah In 8th grade had sex with the guy she has been dating for a few months and she swore to me she didn’t (I was wondering if she did or not because there was a rumour at school and I was standing up to her and her bf was the one who said they had sex which is true) later one she tells me they had sex and idc about it lol. Her bf was ashamed to date her, he broke up with her bc she was suicidal, he pressured her into doing things and she did everything for him not to leave it was toxic and horrible and she was so clingy. Me and her had plans during lunch to go out and she would ditch me to go out with him and go to his house to have sex. At that point I didn’t have many friends because they didn’t like Hannah so ppl left me. I was there for her when no one was. I always listened to her problems yet... she never listened to mine.
Me and her would go out and steal and ngl those days were fun. But me and her started drifting because she wanted to come over to my house and I wasn’t sure how to tell her that my house wasn’t nice, she thought I had a nice house bc it’s big from the outside and it’s not in the inside but I couldn’t tell her that she wouldn’t understand. So I said no and she got mad at me and started ignoring me. And it kinda hurt because she wouldn’t understand, she said her fam was broke but they had a small but really nice apartment. Anyways me and her started drifting I also had her backup phone and I broke the screen so I told her she said I had around 2 months to get the money to fix it. Then a week later she said her mom was going to talk to my mom if I didn’t give Hannah the money but I didn’t owe Hannah money I owed her a new screen so I went out and got it fixed and she was being so mean and saying she couldn’t come but eventually we met up and she said thank you in a bitchy tone and I went home.
Me, Hannah and Ava used to always hang out but then on social media I started seeing Hannah only hanging with Ava and it hurt my feelings a lot. I blocked her and everything but I can’t get over it. It hurts a lot because me and her have been friends for 5 years and I’m not sure how to deal with it. Yeah I wasn’t the bestest friend but I tried my best yk? I have strict parents so I can’t go out everyday and she didn’t understand that. And I prefer being home in my room. None of them would understand. Ava was nice but she never texts me but I know she’s going through things and I tried my best being there for her but it was obviously not good enough. So now, I’m friendless. Alone, like usually.
Thank you for reading this, you prob didn’t though so I guess I’m ranting. I didn’t tell my entire friendship there were so many other events that fucked with me but it’s too long to write. Hannah was a bad friend in a way, she pressured me into doing drugs and I said no, she sent my ex bf nudes (she had my account and while me and him were texting she sent her ass which fucked with me a lot but I never confronted it) she would call me lame for not staying out for a long time but she didn’t understand my dad would hit me if I didn’t come home on time...
I made her cookies, and wrote her a letter when she came out of the hospital (she tried killing her self over a girl that was best friends with her bf. And she continues being friends with that girl and she slept over at the girls house before it’s so confusing) I just don’t understand what I did wrong...
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2020.11.17 08:36 psychephilic Another dating rant

Hey all-
Thanks for holding space, I just want to vent a bit.
I'm almost 25 and haven't "seriously dated" anyone. Seems to be a common trend for us. And that in and of itself isn't the worst thing-- I think monogamy and the hyper-fixation on "romance" are pretty toxic colonial shit. But damn feeling pretty thoroughly disrespected and rejected for years by intimate and sexual partners hits right in the traumies.
I wasn't involved with anyone at all until college. No dating, kissing, whatever. Pretty thoroughly rejected there, too. And an abusive single mom who did a lot of ego-bashing and confidence-slaying. I wasn't really aware of my sexuality until the end of high school. I entered college-- and being of legal age-- without any dating experience or understanding of healthy relationships.
Tinder and Grindr were my wingmen, since they were already popularly used by the time I was 18. I feel I've internalized a lot of disempowerment because of them. Being 18, 19, 20 on the apps without other gay people to process with led me to just sell out everything for any attention. It seemed like NSA sex was the only way to get people interested. I stopped every saying "date" or "relationship" because those words felt so taboo. Being called fat, having people block me after sending my nudes, having people tell me to die of AIDS because I rejected them, and so on. So I learned to sell out and settle.
I got a "boyfriend" off of Tinder. Kinda dumb young love, we went on like one or two dates and I asked if we could be "exclusive." He said yes. 2 months go by pretty chill. Then he stopped replying randomly for days, broke up with me over text, and refused to talk to me or text me ever again. And from there I just started sleeping with anybody. A lot of older people. Almost all older. I guess I just wanted to feel any love or attention since my mom and my "first love" made me feel so inadequate.
And that's the majority of my experiences. Ghosted. Ghosted ghosted ghosted. Rejected rejected rejected. "Oh you're cool, but I really don't see you in that way." "Bad timing." "Yeah I loved hanging out- let's do it again -> (never replies again)" "I really like you, I might have to make you my boyfriend -> (2 days later) -> hey so never mind I don't want that" "I want something more with you -> (1 week later) -> hey you're too needy and I don't want anything"
I've had some good experiences. A boy in Ireland who was sweet. I was only there for a month, though. Some nice encounters here and there. It feels that every time I've felt strongly about someone, they could not care less about me. I've rarely hung out with someone in any capacity more than twice, because I'm usually ghosted by then.
I was talking to my friends about my experiences and what they said really hit me. They pointed out I have such a defeatist attitude toward dating. And I let people treat me pretty badly. A lot of guys, aside from ghosting, have been hurtful and mean. Or just uncaring and self-centered.
"Dating" feels traumatic to me. I can't relax or have fun because I'm waiting for the ghost or the rejection. I kind of resent the people I talk to because I am so focused on how to not get screwed over. I feel fundamentally unlovable and unworthy with sexual and intimate partners. It really feels like there is something wrong with me that partners pick up on and they just immediately want nothing more to do with me.
It must be the apps, right? But I've seen a lot of people have success. And even if not success, it doesn't seem like people get consistently treated so shittily. But maybe it's this bad for everyone. Bars and clubs and gay events never materialized either.
Or how I'm picking people? Or maybe having sex too quickly? I feel like I have shit taste in people, but I don't really know what I'm doing that leads to picking shit people. None of my sex has ever been satisfying. No one ever chases me. No one seems to want anything to do with me. And I seem to pick out a lot of dudes who are either just leaving or just entering relationships.
I don't really know how to stop this cycle. I don't really know how to watch for clues of abusive or unavailable people. And vice versa, I'm not sure how to identify who nice and compassionate people are. Even when I think I'm choosing well, I get ghosted. I'm a pretty attractive dude, pretty damn good at sex, and pretty sensitive. I feel like there should be more people who want to hang out. But they just don't. It's serious psychological shit to be ghosted dozens of times. I just want to know why. Like, if I could just know, I could make a spreadsheet or something and quantify exactly what keeps happening.
So I'm 24. I feel there's a dialectic of people being shitty and me setting myself up for shitty experiences. I know I am young. I have great friendships. As much as I pretend intimacy shouldn't matter to me, it does.
Can I get some gay hugs and affirmations? Thank you
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2020.11.15 05:49 Itchy_Patience_9180 Nice mom nude

So my first time was interesting, so I was a teen and my dick pic had been leaked my by ex girlfriend. It got spread around and people wanted to hook up but I was still a virgin, this girl let’s call her Jenna was in my grade she was cute nice ass and tits so she asked for me to come over I said might as well. She had a younger sister by a year and her mother that’s who she lived with. They both had seen my nude so I get there go to Jennas room and I fuck the shit outa Jenna. There family had good jeans so they were all cute so about 4 hours later the sister called me in cause ima smart kid and she wanted a tutor so I walk in she locks the door she pulls downs my pants and she rides me cause I was still a bit exhausted from earlier I finish and we go on with the day. There mom makes dinner and we eat there’s a spare bedroom so I spend the night I wake up in the middle of the night to the mom sucking my dick I have sex with her and oh damn was it good but if milf. But ever since then me and there family have had multiple foursome and there awesome
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