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/Confession is a place to admit your wrongdoings, acknowledge your guilt, and alleviate your conscience.

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Nosleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories.

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News and happenings in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Morg, Pyro, Godric, or Sneaky STOP reading now.
First time DM, first time poster, and long time voyeur of this sub Reddit. So apologies in advance if I am breaking any rules / taboos.
So...I have an idea where the party will encounter a floor where each section will have the same 9 colors from the color wheel. Each color will represent an alignment. To cross the floor the players will need to step on the color (in each square) represent their alignment. Here are the questions -
The hint will be “Follow your conscience” - thoughts? Should I even have a clue?
How to order the alignments in a 3x3 pattern so it is most intuitive to the players - currently - top LG, CG, NG; middle LN, CN, N; bottom LE, NE, CE?
Was thinking of having a 1-2 gods known to the players represented by a color prior in the dungeon as another clue.
Other ideas?
Looking forward to the feedback.
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2020.11.28 18:14 _Moon_Son_ Titles that you are not a fan of?

I blind bought "In the Realm of Senses" and expected a little eroticism, but wow... that movie was too much. I feel the story lacked although I'm certain some can argue it's an unique take because of the female voyeurism and obsession... but I'm honestly disappointed to have this in my collection.
Have any films in the collection disappointed you in a similar way? If so, why? and which ones?
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2020.11.28 16:54 schieveni Over Thanksgiving break we snuck off from family and what we did really turned us on. Did we end up opening an exhibitionism door for us?

Normally I would balk at doing anything intimate in public but my bf and I were really horny over break while visiting my family and we ended up sneaking off to our room and him fingering me off and me blowing him and letting him cum and finishing off. It took less than 10 minutes and was super hot and most people thought we were just back there changing and what not.
For the past two days including on the drive back we've been super horny and aroused whenever we discuss that. My bf even got so hard on the drive just talking about it we had to pull over and take care of him lol!
So I'm wondering, because we're both not very adventurous if this means we're both into some sort of voyeurism or exhibitionism or something of that sort -- like should we indulge in some camping and outdoor sex or road head or things like that?
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Hi! I hope this post will find you well and healthy. It’s been a while I am missing the incredible connection a D/s dynamic brings, and regarding the pandemic status, I decided to make a post on Reddit and see what happens.
I am a 38 years old Dominant man, with blue eyes and a somewhat French accent, very fit and attractive. I’ve been in the lifestyle for 15 years, and know very much all in and outs of it. Which means I’ll always be respectful first.
Some of my kinks are pretty much within TPE, including breast fetish, dirty talk, impact play, voyeurism/exhibitionism, orgasm control, toys.. There’s a lot more and I’d be very happy to let you know more. I’m an open book.
Vanilla wise I’m artistic, creative, communicative, on the liberal side and consider myself as an open minded person. I do Yoga, am vegetarian, and an animal lover. I love communicating and think there’s always something to learn from someone. I’m quite a very good listener.
Please : do not contact me without introducing yourself and /or being able to hold a convo. If you just send a “hi” or “what’s up” I’ll likely ignore your message.
Take care, xxx
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