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2020.11.04 03:40 thebenevolentbeluga Beluga-to-Base: Transmissions from beyond the enemy line #Kerala

From: Agent Beluga
To: The Tamil Nation High Command
Transmission source location: Deep within the komanam shaped region of future tamilakam - present day Kerala.
Transmission destination: The small wall
Status: Alive
Resistance of agent to commie brain-washing/manipulation: All defensive mental protocols engaged - Visual [currency notes] and auditory aids [Illayaraja songs] engaged - Support of foreign allies in firming up the mind used [American movies with a commie villain] | Turbo defense measures [Seemen na's Tamil patru speeches & Vj na's suya-oombal scenes] on standby in case of overwhelming assault.

  1. In 30 years, the span of my distinguished life in service of the glorious Tamil Nation, never did I imagine my selection for a mission deep in to the heart of the archenemy. Though my fellow agents may not be surprised that the most hardcore Tamil has been chosen for the mission, I convey my gratitude to the high command for this chance of service towards the reunification of tamilakam's territory. I shall not falter from the mission parameters to observe, analyse and report of the enemy's capabilities, infrastructure, personnel and weaknesses.
  2. The insertion was by land under the cover of darkness. The entry was greased by small 'gifts' at the check points. The enemy's arterial roads are well maintained but not at the same level as those in our glorious nation. However, their interior road network is far worse. The High Command must equip the invasion forces with all terrain vehicles. Four wheel drives are necessary to Blitzkreig every inch of this territory.
  3. The enemy appears to have a preference for grand individual houses. They are so attached to their houses that some of them have retained their house name as their surname. [The agent is unclear about the specifics of this arrangement. Investigations are underway.] The houses are grandly decked and decorated. While the enemy sees it as luxury, the agent feels that the houses here are a damn fire hazard due to the amount of wood work all over them.
  4. In surveillance of a particular traditional property, the agent saw a huge kudam near the back door; big enough to make soup by boiling a small child in it. The agent is unclear about its use. Investigations are underway.
  5. The enemy has deceived the great Tamil Nation by providing only the boring yellow-banana chips while hiding their more tasty snacks for themselves. The agent is presently sampling all their snacks and has identified some very tasty items for 'appropriation' back to the Tamil nation.
  6. The agent informs the High Command with deep regret that: WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO. The agent, in the course of the mission, has come across a vast number of mallu women who are neither fair nor have big boobs. The one word to describe them is clean but oily. The commies have deceived the Tamil population with their propaganda and selective exhibition to provide a false mirage. The number of fair ones are less. Big boobs are even lesser. However, the agent is ashamed to concede to the High Command that the average mallu kundi is bigger and better than the Tamil kundi.
  7. The agent is having much trouble in finding restaurants open late at night. The enemy, unlike the hardworking Tamil nation, closes its business very early in the night. Lazy fellows.
  8. The agent also found that the term 'lal' means red colour and not a surname like 'Mohan lal' or "Bajan lal saettu". The enemy HQ Pool Salaam perfectly captures the malignity in enemy. :"Lal" = Red; "Salaam" - Jihadi greeting "Salaam alley kum". The nexus of commies and jihadis have to be crushed by the heel of the Tamil empire for the welfare of the world.
Radio silence
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2020.06.26 00:32 schoolhasended1 Mallu secret xnxx

Here is the TYPICAL timeline of your usual popular Mallu actress starting from their origins to where they will end up.

  1. Parents pimp her out to horny Mallu directors and producers for an acting role. Has a degree in case films don't work out.
  2. Start acting in 2-4 Malayalam movies where she will be paid very little and no respect.
  3. Some rich Chettiar, Gounder or Reddy producer will notice her. In return, she will be casted in 2-4 B-grade Tamil or Telugu movies where she is paid more than Malayalam films. Acting is not required as you just need to be the hero's lover and dance partner. She will get a new revealing wardrobe and a new skin tone.
  4. Some big-budget director will make her a co-star with Vijay, Surya, or Mahesh Babu movie. She will get paid way more than the B-grade films. As stated earlier, acting is not required. Movie will become blockbuster and she will become famous and respected.
  5. The Mallu actress now gets to be the heroine for other A-listers. She will be invited to interviews, award shows, jewelry/clothing advertisements and guest star item numbers. Learning the local language is optional. No competition from native actresses. She only has to worry about other Mallus, Tambrahms, Tulus, and Vadakans.
  6. Sometimes she may date with her costars. Secretly, she will have to sleep with a Tamil/Telugu Minister or the Minister's son (This has happened several times IRL).
  7. Her age is getting larger but her fame is declining. There are now younger actresses just like her background that are now entering fame. Her options in the industry are; B-grade films again, TV serials, and mother roles. All these make much less money than before. She will marry some rich NRI and move to US/Gulf/Europe.
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2019.10.28 09:53 noobSixty9 Mallu secret xnxx

Varghese Kurien is a professional bad-ass. He was as Mallu as anyone could ever be — an opportunistic self serving hot-head who jumped at the sight of a government job which guaranteed to take him abroad. Once this came to be he tried his best to scoot away from the contractual agreement for, the job he was offered post-foreign studies was, according to him,boring and underpaid.A farm in India is no place for somebody with a physics degree from a western university.The authorities didn’t take his rationale too kindly placed him on the wrong end of the gun and threatened to sue him and so he had no choice but to go to Anand,Rural Gujarat amidst a group of farmers. The rest is history.
Kurien figures out the structural infirmities that was resulting in low efficient milk production. One by one he moves on to fix these, what makes him different is that instead of waiting around for kindness from the government coffers, he encourages Farmers led by an awe inspiring Tribhuvandas Patel to set things in order and skyrocket milk production.
‘Anand Model’ became a thing- why wouldn't it? The cooperative was contesting directly against industry leader Nestle. The guy busted the then prevailing myth that curd couldn't be made from buffalo milk. What follows in Varghese Kurien’s life is an avalanche effect — the more he succeeded, more doors opened to him.One of the key points in his success story is how he was invited by Chief Minsters of other states, and even the leadership of Pakistan to replicate the success at Anand. Anand Milk Union Limited aka AMUL soon had its unique marketing campaign, a movie of its own Manthan,(you can watch it here).
What was the secret of Kurien’s success? for one thing he was at the right place during the right point of time.When reading the book, what one learns is that most of the problems in Indian agriculture was a result of lack of adequate leadership. Though Kurien addressed himself as a servant of the country and of the farmers of Anand, he had total power. This was power he acquired as a result of his competence in his field of work. It seemed that Kurien was unchallenged.Even people whom he managed to pissed off seemed to like him.This is visible in the case of Kurien’s relationship with Guruji Golwalkar. Kurien thought the man was crazy and the book tells of incidents where Kurien joyfully acted out in attempts to annoy the Sarsangh Chalak. But on his deathbed, Golwalkar sends a disciple to Kurien to wish him all the best. This action acquires a divinity when you realize that it happened in the per-virtue signalling era.
Another interesting aspect of this book is the small nuances it pluck off Indian Personalities. For instance Dr Kurien was one of those rare people of the non political class of India who could ring up the PM ,be it Rajeev Gandhi, or Indira Gandhi or Nehru on ther personal line, and talk to them and get things done. There is an instance where he calls up the PM and asks him to call a halt on milk imports in India. And there was a time when the Agriculture and Finance minsters granted him total freedom to use everything in their power to get things straightened up. The political class really looked up to this man, and that spoke a lot. Probably the only other Indian who commanded so much respect from them was Mr Kurien’s contemporary - Vikram Sarabhai. Those were marvellous times in Indian History.
The book reaffirms the reader, that India isn't as shitty a place as the news media portray it to be. Though not as fast, things are really changing, and what we need are prime movers like Varghese Kurien to carry the country forward. Recommended reading for anyone interested in Indian History.
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2018.10.02 14:02 fsm_vs_cthulhu Xnxx secret mallu

First-off, I say "Dravidian" in the title, but I strongly believe that we are one people. The Aryan-Dravidian divide is a myth IMHO. But please leave that aside and focus on the language part of the discussion.
EDIT: Here's an extra preface for people who read the title and got triggered...
I support Tamil and I think it should be offered as an option everywhere in India because it's an important part of India. Hindi should not be imposed anywhere, on anyone. I have no problem with kids in the Hindi belt being made to learn a third language at school - Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Bengali, or even one of the many languages from the NorthEast. (That in itself raises simple questions however - how to choose which one? Who decides that Tamil should be taught, rather than Assamese or Kannada, rather than Bengali?)
But the problem is far more basic than that. The people clamoring about Hindi Imposition, or about Northies engaging in cultural colonialism or whatever, are looking at it from an idealistic perspective.
Like 'Social Justice Warriors' for languages.
"All languages should be equal. Govt can't teach one language at the expense of my local language. Everyone should know at least one non-local language, aside from English. Biharis should learn Kannada." etc etc etc. All very nice things to think about, and conceptually, yes, we should preserve all our languages and promote them all.
But it's not rooted in reality. There are massive PRACTICAL problems to what they propose.

You want to call it chauvinism, be my guest, but unless you can solve the practical problems surrounding your linguistic crusade, you're just gonna be shouting into the wind or hating people for no reason.
You want your language to spread? There would need to be some incentive for people to do that. There would need to be a significant migration of Tamilians and Kannadigas, and Malyalis, to North India.
The adamant refusal to learn Hindi, is actually killing South Indian language's chances of ever being relevant. That may sound counter-intuitive, but I can assure you, it makes sense.
The world is not a fair place. As I said, it's economics and value. Demand and supply.
A language is like a currency. Various currencies are used between individuals and groups. the exchange-rate of a currency depends on how much demand there is for it. At present, your language has practically zero exchange-rate, outside your state. Meanwhile in TN, while certainly relatively lower, Hindi still has a non-zero exchange rate. And that's despite the anti-free-market methods (think about communists measures to keep their currency values high, artificially) employed to keep it out. And outside of TN, it's pretty much got a higher exchange-rate than any other language.
Is America hypocritical when they use the dollar? Nope. It simply makes no financial sense for them to do otherwise. Is it a surprise to you that most people in the US are monolingual? Is there a need for them to even learn any other language when a majority of their media, business, and education happens only in English? But Spanish still has a reasonable market value in parts of US. Because there are enough migrants there. Their first wave all knew English to gain employment. But their later waves had no need to do so. In fact, in parts of USA it can get difficult to get by, without knowing at least a little Spanish.
Don't ignore realities and crusade for idealistic notions, when this utopian idealism ("everything should be fair and there should be no hypocrisy") goes against basic human nature, and the fundamentals that shape our societies (economics). That's just being a Social Justice Warrior, and whining for some impossible dream - nothing more.
So please set up a business in North India. I hope one day South Indians get over their own petty regionalism, linguistic-victimhood, and actually venture beyond their state boundaries to set up thriving businesses across India. Are states north of Karnataka/Andhra, past some kind of Laxman-rekha that my lungibros simply don't dare cross?
Here's how it might work. If you guys can't do this, don't cry about 'Hindi imposition'. Nobody cares if you learn it or not, but it will spread by itself simply due to supply and demand. Business, populations, money, and practical realities, are what drive the spread of a language. Just like English continues to spread across India, even 75 years after the Brits left. Someone in today's world stubbornly wants to not learn English, purely out of spite, they're free to do so, and to deal with the struggles of their self-imposed restraints.
Only the first generation/wave needs to learn it, purely for their own ease of operation and conducting business. Just like the Rajasthani guys in my anecdotes, had both learned Tamil to varying degrees, to do business.
But the second wave doesn't. They can employ 100% Tamil-bros. No problem. Set up a Tamil-only colony. Demand the local school offer Tamil as 3rd language. Offer a teacher from among themselves. Voila! Now non-Tamil kids have the option to learn Tamil, in a place where they never even had the choice. While Tamil kids can continue to learn Tamil, even outside TN.
The best hope for relatively more** pan-India linguistic parity, is to increase the presence and size of communities speaking ANY particular language, all across India - enough that they can become self-sustaining communities that are big enough that other communities see a market in catering largely/exclusively to them.
**Mind you, I say 'relatively more linguistic parity', because unfortunately Hindi (and English too, obviously) already has a big head-start in this process, so it seems likely that it will maintain its lead at least for the foreseeable future.
You see the same thing with the population of English speakers (who use English as their primary means of communication, and are most comfortable in it). They may not be very high as a percentage of population in any one state, or across India overall. HOWEVER, they are scattered across India, generally clustered in the economic hubs of every state, and they tend to be from wealthier / better-established segments of society. Meaning:
That many of our schools and colleges are teaching in English-medium is certainly speeding up this process a lot, but that's just a catalyst. Even without that, there are enough "Learn English" tuition centers across India, to give you an idea of how high the demand is.
These are folks who don't even need to speak their mothertongues, in their own country. Now that's not a good thing IMO, but it's just the way it is. The economic value attached to English-speakers, catering to them, advertising to them, giving them newspapers in their language of choice, putting up shop-signboards to attract them, showing movies or giving them western TV channels, playing their music in nightclubs and bars, writing restaurant menus in their language... it's a HUGE industry. All built around people who largely communicate in only English, and often employing people who speak decent English (perhaps not as well, but well enough to communicate properly with the English-centric customers).
Now. Check out this menu from a Goa restaurant that gets a lot of Russian customers. Two foreign languages in totally different scripts, and not a word of Konkani.
If Russians can get this in Goa, I'm certain that Tamilians or Keralites or Kannadigas can get way more than this in other parts of India. And having that might just give them enough clout to seriously make demands that would not just be heard but would be agreed to, by the locals in states across India.
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2018.05.25 16:46 rodomontadefarrago Nipah FAQ #3: Food and Husbandry Safety, Transmission Concerns and Treatment Updates

Readers, there is some very important information down below, so please read the entire FAQ.
Important updates include suspected bats not being the causal vector, new medical treatments and whether asymptomatic patients can spread disease. There's also my summary on an interesting and important study done on infected ferrets I'd advise you to read.
Edit: Also, I want to bring to notice something important I missed out in previous posts; date palm sap is equivalent to toddy a.k.a കള്ള് . Toddy tapping leaves bats open to urinate and drink from the collecting vessels and highly avoid drinking it. This was the most common route the epidemic spread in Bangladesh. Jeevikan agraham undenkil veruthe kallu kudichu poosu avathe.
Animal Husbandry:

u/ObviouslyMallu - Within a month, livestock will reach the general population due to Ramzan or at least some households will have their own. Will this be a chance for the virus for break the restraints?
As I mentioned in my previous FAQ thread, animal-to-human transmissions are entirely possible. Pigs are the most susceptible livestock to the infection, and seroloigcal (i.e. lab tests done on the animal's serums) evidence indicates it occurs in dogs, cats, horses, goats and cattle. Rodents and avian (bird) livestock were not affected. As far as Ramzan is concerned, although I do not know much about Muslim customs for Eid, pigs are haram, so this major route can be scribbled off. I would be concerned if any cattle or goats are infected, given that those are pièces de résistance of the festival. However, I would only be concerned if the cattle was being raised in a farm which is infested by fruit bats and if the feed of the cattle would include bat-infected fodder or if they were raised in small farms with close contact to infected pigs. More importantly, pigs/livestock-to-human transmission is less likely through food, but more through human contact with infected livestock saliva and urine. And I'll also add that this would primarily be a risk for people living in the danger-zone districts i.e. Calicut and Malapurram as I haven't heard of any animal infection case till now and the government has locked down livestock in those areas. Edit: Newer reports say that tested domestic animals from the houses of the deceased were found negative as well.
How can an infected animal be identified?
If you rear any livestock, be sure to look our for any signs of infection. Clinical disease can be very subtle and a large proportion would not show any signs at all. The incubation period for animals is 7-14 days for pigs (but could be as short as four days) and 6-8 days for cats. The signs to look out for are sudden deaths, acute febrile (fever-like) illnesses, rapid and laboured breathing, mucopurulent or blood-tinged nasal discharge, open-mouth breathing and neurological signs like twitching, trembling, spasms, seizures and muscle paralysis.\1]) In short, anything out of the ordinary is a large red flag.
If you do notice anything or if you are concerned about your domestic animals and livestock, our State Animal Husbandry Department has set up state-level and district-level monitoring committees and a 24x7 helpline to help the livestock farmers. Don't hesitate to contact them; their phone number is 22 55 0471-2732151.
Food Safety:
What is best way to cook meat? Or is it just better to stop consuming meat?
Warning: Reprehensible meat-eating advice ahead. Vegan discretion is advised.
Being a monstrous meat-eater myself, this is one of the major concerns I have as well. The scientific data as I said puts chicken, ducks and other avian livestock at a safe zone, although I think this could be due to the fact they are reared comparatively isolated from that of pigs and bats.
However, in a 2014 Henipavirus outbreak in Philippines it's been suggested that the slaughtering and eating of under-cooked horse-meat from horses was one of the common routes for virus transmission. We could reasonably extend this to the slaughtering of other livestock as well. And as such, it is not recommended to slaughter or eat infected meat. Food-borne transmission is on the table of possibilities.
So should we stop eating meat? Not necessarily. Firstly, don't eat meat which you know is infected/probably infected. Don't buy meat from places where it's more likely to host infected livestock.
Secondly, The thermal inactivation point of Nipah is 56ºC/30 minutes (under laboratory conditions), which is close to the standard inactivation temperature of viruses. The food-infected patients ate under-cooked meat, not well-done ones. Also note, viruses can survive in cold temperatures, so frozen meat (both processed and non-processed) carry risk if infected.
So if you do want to eat meat, this is a good time to follow the standard food safety protocol. Wash your hands often, wear gloves if you feel fancy, keep raw poultry and meat separate from cooked food and refrigerate or freeze food right away. Here is a list of safe minimum cooking temperatures for different meats. And since the 'Muricans are too thick-headed to use SI units, it's ~64-70 °C for pork (with some resting time) and 75 °C for chicken and although it recommends 145 °F for meat, I'd bump it up to 160 °F or 72 °C for beef for probably 20 minutes. Ground meat should definitely be heated to 78 °C . If you know meat doneness, I'd stay away from cooking it rare/medium-rare or anything pink and stay with good ol' well-done.
If you're a hypochondriac, invest in a meat thermometer. They're pretty cheap (costs around ₹ 400 for digital ones) and is very useful for cooking anyways (I bought one for my cooking a while back, would recommend). To measure temperature insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat, such as the thigh of chickens, not touching the bone or the girdles.
What is actually more risky is direct contact with meat butchers who were exposed to infected animals. I'd recommend visiting good butchers who maintain good hygiene, preferably like Lulu. To be honest, I'd reduce meat consumption if I was from Calicut for some while to be on the safe side.
Treatment Updates:
What is Ribavirin? Is it effective against Nipah?
I've mentioned Ribavirin in previous threads and now, our government has brought it from Malayasia.
Ribavirin is a generic, broad-spectrum anti-viral drug. It has been shown to be effective against the viruses in vitro (i.e. in cells outside organisms) but human investigations to date have been inconclusive and the clinical usefulness of ribavirin remains uncertain.
During the 1998 outbreak in Malaysia, an open trial was run in which Nipah virus-infected patients were treated with ribavirin and the treatment was reported to reduce the mortality rate by 36\%.
Common side effects include feeling tired, headache, nausea, fever, muscle pains, and an irritable mood. Rare but serious side effects include red blood cell breakdown, liver problems, and allergic reactions. Courtesy of u/Registered-Nurse.
Although side-effects exist, something is better than nothing at all. There are papers which place Favipiravir ,another experimental anti-viral drug, a better treatment than Ribavirin so I hope our scientists are searching for better treatments.
Any updates on treatments?
It looks like the government is seeking the help of WHO and Australia for a monoclonal antibody treatment which neutralises the virus post-exposure, probably at the beginning of clinical symptoms. I've mentioned in detail about a successful human monoclonal antibody, the m102.4 in my first FAQ, It has gone through Phase III i.e. human trials and is proven to be highly effective. Newer reports have confirmed that the treatment is the m102.4. According to the reports, Australia is willing to share the antibody as it will generate more evidence for its effectiveness.
As I was writing this, our health minister K.K. Shylaja reports that 50 ampoules of the antibody has already dropped in from Australia. This is, hopefully, good news.
Updates on Transmission:
u/Heisenbergg_01 - Is the virus contagious during its incubation period?
This was a common doubt everyone had, and full disclosure, I haven't found any paper directly addressing this. However, after quite some searching, I did find a paper that was relevant to the question. An Australian study conducted an experiment where an experimentally Nipah-infected ferret and naïve healthy ferrets were co-housed. I found two interesting results from this.
Firstly; the study conducted two co-housing tests. In the first one, the co-housed naïve ferrets did not catch the disease. In this set-up, the ferrets were left alone to their social system and the infected ferret naturally stopped playing and interacting with the other ferrets.
In the second set-up, all ferrets were tested positive for the infection and had a uniformly lethal outcome. In this set-up, the scientists intervened in their social system, maximizing the interaction of the infected ferret's dropping and other secretions with the naïve ferrets so as to mimic close and repeated human patient contact by relatives and hospital care-takers during advanced disease. This gives us a strong reason why we should be more concerned about containment and doctonurse safety than less probable modes of transmission.
Secondly; and more relevant to the question, in one case in the second set-up, there was evidence of infection in a healthy ferret following its first exposure to secretions from an infected ferret that was asymptomatic i.e. no clinical symptoms, suggesting that transmission prior to the onset of clinical disease in patients is plausible under certain exposure conditions. Although this is not a human trial, this gives us reason to think, although improbable, under certain conditions, extreme close-contact with pre-clinical patients can lead to infection. Bummer, but as the set-ups themselves show, containment is extremely effective.
Are bats responsible for this outbreak?
Update: It's been confirmed that they haven't tested fruit bats. According to Dr N N Sasi, the director of Animal Husbandry Department, “We were not able to send any fruit bat samples for testing. This will be done by taking the help of the Forest Department".
The mystery deepens as newer reports say that the suspected bats are actually not causally responsible for the initial outbreak. This report is potentially misleading, more on that below. The team had suspected insectivorous bats from the well belonging to Moosa and his family, deceased, to be responsible. However, the bats were found negative after tests at the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal. All 21 samples were found negative and samples from other domestic animals were also found negative.
It could be that a bat which was undetected by the team was responsible. I have to mention that Manorama reports that they haven't tested big bats yet. Pteropus giganteus or the Indian flying fox or the greater Indian fruit bat is the largest bat in India and one of the largest in the world. This species is considered to be the natural reservoir of the virus, not other bats and caused the Bangladesh epidemic. The tests were done on insectivorous bats found in the well from a different genus. So the cause may still be fruit bats.
u/despod had put up the possibility of a Bengal immigrant worker being the carrier of the disease, although his only line of evidence is that the disease was previously found in Bengal/Bangladesh, so I find this lacking (and casually xenophobic 🤔). Right now, we have no scientific data available for finding the cause, but if the disease will be contained, this would be more of a academic concern than a public one. As the Australian ferret tests have shown, containment is extremely effective.
Bio-Safety Concerns:
u/qwertydoc - Can we do something to setup a local diagnostic center in Kozhikode so that the suspected cases can be ruled out quickly? Are there any such bio-safety level labs in Kozhikode or nearby that can do that?
There is valid concern about the lack of quarantine facilities in Kerala. Although Nipah is a BSL-4 disease, the government is constructing a BSL-3 facility, Institute of Advanced Virology in Thonnakkal, Trivandrum and is setting up a 20,000 sq ft prefabricated facility near it. We have another lab in Palode, TVM although I think that is BSL-2. The only BSL-4 lab in India is that of the National Institute of Virology, Pune. However, the official reports is that we've done a good job containing the infection. WHO was satisfied with our arrangements and commended the timeline of our treatments. Our doctors did a commendable job tracking the virus.
How do you see people buying out masks and gloves in other districts?
People who aren't in the danger-zone shouldn't be worried all that much. Gloves and masks are extremely beneficial for those in close contact with the patients, and that is the doctors, nurses and the medical professionals. Every Thomanchettan, Dickkuttan and Harimon should keep in mind the limited availability of these equipment and who needs it more before purchasing them.
Bonus question:
u/qwertydoc - Can anything be done to stop the numerous fake WhatsApp messages regarding Nipah? The most infuriating one I read was this whole thing is blown out of proportion so that Bill Gates can make 💰 with vaccines! Who thinks like this?
Apart from this excellent answer by u/CommunistIndia, keep yourself and your loved ones well-informed. Although newspapers don't go into scientific details, they're an excellent shorthand as the all major publishers have mostly accurate information, so be sure to share them to counter any WhatsApp forwards.
Also, feel free to share the mega-thread and my FAQs. I was wondering if I should post my FAQs as comments so you can copy the text for WhatsApp, so let me know. And the naturopathy quack, Jacob Vadakkancherry, who spread much of this nonsense has a case filed against him, so good riddance.
And if you've missed out my other threads:
Nipah FAQ #1: Vaccines
Nipah FAQ #2: Transmissions
An interview about Nipah with Dr. Stephen Luby, an epidemiologist from Stanford.
There's a new public health sub nipah out too, so check that out too.
Edit: This will unofficially be my last large thread on the Nipah. Much of my main aim here was to curb any pseudo-scientific information floating around and researching/writing were coincidentally among my favorite things to do when bored. These posts take quite some time to research and write-up and sadly, nobody pays me to jot all this down. I feel like I covered all the major topics in these threads and I'll still be looking into the updates. If anything seriously important needs to be addressed, I'll make a new one.
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2017.11.27 11:22 sandbyte Mallu secret xnxx

I'm going to try to make the draw tomorrow if you are on the list below please confirm you are still up for it, also if you are noted as not having sent your email address to me, please send it or I can't start the draw.
There is still time to join the secret santa if you want, just pm your details before tomorrow afternoon.
The limit is approx 150 AED.
Once it has been done, I will let you all know, and you will just need to confirm you have received the username of the person you are to buy for, then if everyone has theirs, we are good to go, and it's happy shopping.
When you receive your email it will direct you to a page telling you who you are Santa for, and to see if they have added anything to their wish list, and gives you the option to anonymously message them.
We will be meeting at [U]BK in JLT on 15th of December at 4 pm.
Username Email Address Confirmed Received Username
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2015.10.29 14:29 ranjan_zehereela2014 I looked for Dog meat recipe on youtube to check if dog meat eaters feel safe in India in posting the recipe because FOS and all. Instead I got conditioned on internet that dog meat = animal cruelty

Dogs, puppies and dog meat for sale in north-east India: animal cruelty
animal cruelty, animal cruelty
repeat five times with me
This youtube channel posted a video on Dog meat festival
India Responds To Dog Meat Festival
While the participants in the video express varied responses, in between the video a prompt came (from youtube)
Like this video if you are against dog meat feastival
Look this mallu video
DOG MEAT - Kerala State in India contemplating Dog Meat Trade (AUG 2015)
The description -

The association of Local Self Governing Bodies (LSGBs) of Ernakulam District of Kerala, India came forward with a new proposal to put an end to “stray dog menace”. The proposal is to kill stray dogs and process their meat to the north eastern states or to the foreign countries where dog meat is eaten. But the member of Animal Welfare Board Of India, M.G Jayasimha himself stepped forward against this proposal. Jayasimha wrote to the Minister of Local Self Governing Bodies, M.K Muneer, stating that Animal Birth Control measures must be deployed and dogs must not be killed and dog meat exported. Consumption of dog meat is prohibited in the MEAT FOOD PRODUCTS ORDER of 1973. The association of Local Self Governing Bodies of Ernakulam, Kerla, India is asking the Government of India & Kerala Government to take the initiative to decide upon the export of dog meat. Animal Birth Control is a huge challenge. The financial viability of ABC and the resistance from local people after release of sterilized dogs in the same locality where they were caught for sterilization are huge challenges. We are waiting the reaction from the governments on the proposal made by the LSGBs.
Dog meat export proposal in Kerala being countered by animal rights organisation
Apparently in Switzerland, there is a stigma attached to dog and cat eating
"Around three percent of the Swiss secretly eat cat or dog," said Tomi Tomek, founder and president of animal protection group SOS Chats Noiraigue. "We especially see it in the regions of Lucerne, Appenzell, Jura and in the canton of Bern.", she added.
If you are eating something in secret, this means your rights are being compromised. right fellas?
An Indian being persecuted in foreign land for buying dog meat
Apparently dog smuggling for meat is a thing in NE India. Dog meat with liquor is on offering during elections times in Nagaland
“It’s election time and there is big demand for dog meat in Nagaland where feasts are held in villages and in which the meat is looked forward to. As such we have increased vigil along the highway to check smuggling of dogs from Assam to the neighbouring state,”
Gora saab amused that these Naga guys like dog meat
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