Inside camera during sex

2018.06.22 16:39 amitkilo Inside camera during sex

Extreme Depersonalization, Blank Mind, Loss of Personality, No Self, No Emotions, Loss of Inner Monologue, 100% Anhedonia, Aphantasia (Loss of Mental Vision), Zero Motivation, No Libido, Flat Affect, No sense of time, Numb Skin, Visual distortions and Visual noise, Disconnection from the body, Loss of Proprioception, Lack of Hunger, Thirst, unable to feel fatigued, Loss of Anxiety, Emotional Blunting\Numbness, Avolition, Self Disorder, Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia.

2020.11.27 02:45 AndreaRedbottom Original story: Paid to be feminized

Hey everyone, so I wanted to share an original story. It is set in a universe where, if you are a man hard up for cash, you can go to a feminization center. You get $10k for every time you "spin" the wheel, and are randomly feminized by a certain amount or in a specific way.
If you like it, go to my for more free stories!
Now, for your reading pleasure...
The Sissy Factory: Part 1
Was he really this desperate?
Johnny stood in front of the door to what was officially called the “Negotiation and Compensation Hall” his feet locked in place, refusing to budge. He couldn’t blame them. Every man who walked willingly into what was more commonly referred to as the Sissy Factory came out some degree of feminized, and that was just the lucky ones. He nervously adjusted the collar of his button-down dress shirt, his blue tie tucked just underneath his chin. He took a deep breath and steeled himself, his shoulders upright and his chest out, and grabbed the handle of the door, pulling it open and stepping inside in one fluid motion.
What greeted him was a sterile, white waiting room, with a series of cushioned chairs along the walls. A woman, filing her nails and staring at her computer screen, occupied a receptionists desk against one wall, a single nondescript door to her right. She caught his eye as he walked in and she motioned for him to take a seat before she returned her attention to the computer screen. Johnny sat down, his eyes scanning the room before stopping on a small screen embedded into his chair. It asked for his fingerprint, and when he gave it his biography popped up along with a brief description of him. Age? 26. Sex? Male. Occupation? Unemployed. He sighed at the last one. It had been hard to find a job. The economy was tough on men, with manual labor being largely replaced by robots and other forms of automation. Self-driving cars and self-assembling furniture had largely replaced the previous gig economy, and he had been struggling to make ends meet.
A brief consent form popped up, listing the terms and conditions of the Sissy Factory. It was simple. The current ruling class was women, and they had grown tired of the male testosterone and influence that they saw in the world. But they didn’t want to forcibly castrate men. Instead, they decided to use the free market. Men would willingly sign up to have aspects of their body and mind feminized, using an elaborate game-type system, and for every “turn” they took in the Sissy Factory they would get $10,000. The men got compensated, and the women got to enjoy the increasingly feminized male population that used the Sissy Factory to help support them during tough times. The feminization was conducted via a series of high-technology machines, but it was permanent. The money, however, was not.
Just then the door to the waiting room banged open, and someone came out, making a beeline for the door. But Johnny and the other few men waiting their turn got a good look. The Sissy Factory had really done him over. Smooth shaven legs ended at the beginning of an incredibly short cheerleading skirt. Johnny could easily see the panties that covered was could only be called a perfect example of a feminine bottom. What surprised him most was the large breasts that pushed out from underneath the red and white patterns on his chest, and his mouth had been shaped into a plump set of lips. His eyebrows looked like they had been permanently arched. But his hair was still short and masculine. Tears were in his eyes as he rushed toward the exit. He had probably decided on a few too many throws of the dice and had gotten more than he had bargained for. Johnny shook his head as the man fled out the front door. I hope he had gotten his money’s worth, Johnny thought.
Johnny leafed through the available magazines on a side table next to him, nothing new than three months old. His rummaging cleared away a space and he was met with his own reflection in the nearly opaque class. His brown eyes and rumpled brown hair framed a slightly round, baby-ish face. His mother had joked that he had looked the same for years, and she had found it cute. It did make him seem younger than he was. He wasn’t particularly tall either, reaching about five feet eight inches on a good day. Just a bit less than average. Johnny blinked and pushed the magazines back into place, not wanting to think about his appearance, or how it might change.
It didn’t take long for the woman to call out Johnny’s name, and he could feel the butterflies take flight in his stomach as he walked through the waiting room door and down a long hallway. There were dozens of doors, and he could see through a small window in each what was happening. In each chamber was a man, and in each one, a different scene greeted him. In the first, a man was being fucked by a large mechanical dildo, the robotic arm pistoning in and out as the man laid back on an examination bed, his ankles locked into restraints. The dildo looked like it was at least eight inches, and Johnny could see something on the computer screen at the far end “anal” and “10” whatever that meant. But what was clear was the man was enjoying it, crying out in pleasure. In another, a man was on his back while a robotic surgical arm filled his breasts, giving the man large D cup breasts as Johnny watched. They inflated like balloons, the man was looking at his own chest in shock. And in yet another, a man was sitting quietly in a chair as another robotic arm lasered his facial hair and started applying what he could only assume was permanent makeup to the man’s increasingly feminine face.
Johnny eventually reached the room he had been assigned and pulled open the door. There was a single chair in the center of the room , and the far way was covered with just one large screen. It was waiting for him. He quietly sat down in the chair, a small screen asking him to verify his identity and to once again consent to any possible changes. He gritted his teeth and signed the consent form. His goal was simple. He needed $40,000 to get back onto his feet and go back to school to learn the newest coding language. He hoped to write the programming languages for the next generation of satellites, but that required time and money he didn’t have. But all it would cost him is four turns with the Sissy Factory, and he figured it wouldn’t be that bad.
He wiped his hands against his black dress pants, trying to dry the sweat that he now felt on his palms. He could do this. It wouldn’t be that bad. He pressed the button to begin. The screen in front of him flared to life, and he could see a series of boxes around the outside, seemingly of different feminine categories. There was a small glowing dot in the center, and a ticking cursor simply counting down from three…two…one. The ball flared to life, flying around the outside of the screen, dancing across the categories. Johnny tried to read them but it was so fast! Chastity, dress, fetishes, sexuality, body, and the list went on as the ball flew around the outside. Johnny, and most of the men, was told that it was randomized, so that no man had the same experience, and that no man who returned had an identical return trip.
The ball landing on “dress” and a series of subcategories spread out, blooming like the petals of a flower with another dazzling set of possibilities. But eventually the ball landed on “underwear” and from there “panties.” He didn’t quite realize what that meant until the description flashed on the screen in large, bold letters. SUBJECT TO NOW SOLELY WEAR PANTIES. Johnny was still absorbing the information when he saw a small green subtext appear underneath, the word “permanent” flashing. The chair slid out from under him, and he stood nervously as the computer instructed him to take off his clothes. Which he did as quickly as he could. A small drawer opened up in the wall, and a pair of high cut bikini panties lay there. He took them and put them on, thinking it really wasn’t so bad, the soft polyester feeling nice against his bare skin.
A small headset dropped from the wall as the computer stated he was to prepare for conditioning. He nervously put his head inside, his eyes pressed against a narrow visor. He was caught by surprise as a series of flashes nearly blinded him. He was aware of what was happening, it was a series of subconscious suggestions that would prevent him from going back to male underwear, and he gulped as the machine finished its work. Even though he still preferred to wear male underwear, he would never be able to bring himself to wear anything but panties ever again. He began to regret coming into the Sissy Factory when he heard a small cash register noise and he saw $10,000 get deposited into his universal account.
One down, three to go. Johnny readied himself as he sat back down into the chair.
Off the glowing ball went again, this time settling more rapidly on a section marked “fetishes” which expanded into a window that seemed to include every possible kink, including age play, body modification, exhibitionism and more. But to his chagrin it landed on “spanking.” Again a large headpiece came down from the ceiling, only this time it seemed to scan his brain before retreating. A small panel displayed on the wall, with “Spanking” marked by the word “dominant” and a number, “4.” Johnny realized it had categorized and graded his own feelings toward spanking, which is that he sometimes enjoyed spanking an attractive woman. Oh no, he thought to himself, as he saw the “dominant” field switch to “submissive” and the “4” turn into a “9.” The subconscious suggestion helmet came down again, and a series of flashes later he realized that he would rather enjoy getting spanked himself. No, not just enjoy it. He craved it. And as he realized that what looked like a padded sawhorse appeared out of the side wall, and the chair slid away. He walked over to what he now realized was a spanking bench, and he bent over it, his panties on full display. A robotic arm came out, this time wielding a small paddle, and he smiled, this time jutting out his panty clad bottom eagerly as the first stroke fell.
WHAP. WHAP. WHAP. He felt the sting began to build in his bottom, but he didn’t shy away from it. He was enjoying it too much. WHAP. WHAP. He arched his back and stuck his bottom out further, savoring every swat. Feeling the heat build in his bottom. All told the machine probably paddled him 50 times or so before the robotic arm retracted, along with the bench. Back into the wall. He was left wanting more, but with a flaming red bottom. The chair rolled forward again, and Johnny sat down in it, this time gingerly. God the sting in his bottom felt good! He fidgeted for good measure before he saw the glowing ball reappear on the screen.
He saw another $10,000 get deposited into his universal account. Two down, two to go, he thought. But maybe it wasn’t so bad?
This time it landed on “body” and a subchart of all available body parts danced across the screen. Johnny was surprised when it landed on “bottom.” Quickly a new screen flashed up, this time clearly a scan of Johnny’s body. Only as he watched in growing horror, his bottom on the screen inflated, corresponding numbers showing what was in store for him. Eventually, and after what he thought was an eternity it stopped, showing the johnny figure on the screen with what he would have called, on a woman at least, an eye-popping bubble butt. He stood up as the chair, once again, slid away from him, and another robot arm came out, this time with a small Nano spray syringe. He felt a slight pinch, and then…nothing. No wait, that wasn’t true. The screen turned black for a second and then popped up with the feed from what were clearly cameras placed all around the room. And Johnny stood there, naked except for his new, and permanent, panties, waiting. And then he saw it. It was almost undetectable at first, but he saw in growing horror as his bottom began to grow, a little and then more and more. It grew tight against his panties, and at the same time he felt a wave of pleasure like he had never felt before. He watched, fixated, as his panties began to form a wedgie in his rapidly growing and still red asscheeks, creating a bottom that he would have fucked any day of the week. He reached back and grabbed handfuls of his bottom, rubbing and squeezing as the nanites did their work altering his body.
And then, just as quickly as it began, it was over. And a stunned Johnny, new bubble bottom in tow, sat down again on the chair. Once again, another $10,000 flashed into his bank account. He could do this, Johnny thought. This wasn’t so bad. He wondered briefly whether the new bottom was really more of a blessing, considering his new love of spanking. Surely his bottom was more spankable now? He tried to decide whether a woman or a man would be better at giving him a hard spanking, and he briefly imagined himself turned over a big strong man’s knee, getting his bottom spanked hard. Wait. Where did that come from?
He shook himself, concentrating on his last turn.
Once again he sat entranced as the glowing ball danced across the screen, flitting past the different categories. But he gasped as it landed on what he most dreaded – chastity. And instead of subcategories, he saw a series of days, weeks, months and years pop up, and be began to worry as the ball flitted between them how long he might have his cock locked away. The seconds seemed like an eternity, as Johnny tried to follow its movements and predict when it might stop. This time, it landed on just at the year mark, and it took him a moment before he realized what it meant.
A year. In chastity.
He cried out as the chair once again slid away, and a series of robotic arms reached out to hold him in place as another pulled his panties down. His flaccid cock, which would normally grow to a proud seven inches when he was excited, was instead quickly and unceremoniously stuffed inside a plastic chastity belt and locked in place by what he saw was a time lock. Presumably it would unlock after a year in the cage. He nearly began to weep as he realized what that meant, and he struggled to keep himself together as he saw another $10,000 fly into his bank account. Already he could feel the ache in his crotch as his now caged dick struggled against its new prison. But there was nothing he could do. The computer screen now simply read “session over.” And he could do nothing but pull his panties back on over his now incredibly plump bottom and yank up his now too tight pants. He put on the rest of his clothes and he left the room, his head down.
He barely looked around as he exited the waiting room, avoiding the stares of the men that began at his head and too quickly making its way to his now delectable bottom. He realized he was rubbing the lingering sting out of his bottom and he instead kept his hands at his sides until he reached the exit, and Johnny, feminized enough for his comfort that day, fled into the street.
Nancy watched him go. She was still working on her nails, since her job at the Sissy Factory was honestly not that demanding. She chuckled to herself and looked back at the monitor of her computer. It was keyed toward the now empty room that Johnny had occupied. She clicked exit on the series of menu choices that had allowed her to focus her feminization efforts entirely on his bottom. She was currently going through a phase where she wanted all the feminized men to have big asses, and it hadn’t been hard to find a backdoor into the system that would allow her to alter the outcomes. Men couldn’t access any of the data on what happened to them, and she doubted that any of her bosses would check. She had managed to find her dream job, and she loved it. She thought about Johnny, his ass now tightly encased in panties and his mind primed for a good, hard spanking. She licked her lips as she pulled up his profile and took a mental note of his number. She would arrange a chance encounter with him soon, and she would get the chance to paddle his derriere until he couldn’t sit for a week. Then she would teach him to pleasure her with his tongue and fingers, and she wouldn’t have to reciprocate at all. Although if he asked real nicely, she would consider introducing him to her strapon.
Nancy smiled. Johnny was going to have an interesting year.
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2020.11.26 21:21 Ice_And_Slice How to help cat feel better (vet seen)

Disclaimer I have also posted this on askvet (hope that’s ok) and my cat has already seen the vet - I am NOT looking for medical advice on this post, I don’t want to break the rules!
Species: cat
Age: 9
Sex / neuter status: f neutered
Breed: DSH
Body weight: 3.5kg
History: indoor cat I got from a well known (legitimate) rescue centre 9 weeks ago. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis 7 weeks ago and medicated.
Clinical signs: lethargy, acting withdrawn, change in eating / drinking habits, change in litter box habits, stopped purring / kneading, generally ‘off colour’
Duration: 5 days
Location: UK, south
Vet report: suspected acute flair up of osteoarthritis and possible gastric pain.
Firstly, sorry for the essay, but I thought the more info the better! Background: I have had my cat for about 9 weeks, she came from a rescue centre and had undiagnosed osteoarthritis (diagnosed within 2 weeks of me getting her and prescribed Loxicom, followed by additional Gabapentin).
My cat has been ‘off’ for 5 days now. On Sunday she started acting lethargic and withdrawn, this continued to get worse and she had stopped kneading & purring completely by Tuesday, which is very unlike her as she is a total lap cat/purr machine. She also started hiding for prolonged periods behind the curtain, which she’s never done before. Her appetite is all over the place - one day she’ll eat everything I put in front of her in one sitting (usually she is a slow eater), the next she’ll only eat half of even her favourite food or treats. She also suddenly started using her second litter tray for the first time ever during this period, in addition to her usual tray (though everything within the two litter trays inc. frequency seems normal).
She saw the vet yesterday morning, who did a routine exam. Mouth & teeth, heart, lungs, stomach, temperature, skin all fine. She gave me an anti-acid (omeprazole), as she thought my cat’s long term NSAID for her osteoarthritis might be causing discomfort and told me to up the Gabapentin (also given for her arthritis) to the maximum dose, three times a day, as she suspected my cats withdrawn / lethargic behaviour might be down to an acute flair-up of her osteoarthritis. The vet has asked me to bring in a urine sample just to be on the safe side, but she doesn’t seem to think it’s a UTI or similar. I’ll bring in the sample as soon as I can convince my cat to pee on the new special litter!
My poor cat is now all over the place. For a few hours she seems generally fine, except for the fact she’s no longer purring, but she’ll still ‘chat’ to me as normal, have positive body language and be interested in playing. The next part of the day she’s lethargic again, hiding and generally just seems very down and doesn’t want to interact. Overnight last night she was much more active than usual, patrolling, playing, exploring, zoomies, despite having the maximum dose of her Gabapentin, which usually makes her a bit dopey and she also meowed outside my door a lot in the middle of the night which she never normally does (I have an indoor security camera so I could see that she wasn’t in trouble, just meowing). One meal time she’ll eat all her food in one go (wet or dry), and the next she’ll leave half of it. She’s been drinking a bit less water than usual too, so I’ve been adding a bit to her food to keep her hydrated (this doesn’t make a different to whether she eats it or not).
She went outside, supervised, for the first time ever (as far as I’m aware) on Saturday morning, the day before she started acting off. This reaffirmed my decision to keep her as an indoor cat, as she has no sense of danger and also shows little desire to actually go outside - I mention this because I lost sight of her for 5 minutes after she hopped the fence. When I called her back, she eventually scrambled back over the fence in a bit of a panic and ran back inside. She seemed normal for the rest of the day and the vet doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about, other than the fence hop / scrambling possibly helping trigger her osteoarthritis flair up.
I know it’s probably too soon for her to magically start feeling better, but her lack of purring & kneading (something that was a 3x daily routine before) and her random energy & eating habits that have continued for 5 days are making me worry, despite the vet visit. Is there anything I can do to make her feel better, other than keeping her fed & hydrated, keeping up with her medication, and making sure she has nice, warm places to sleep (including my lap - still her favourite spot!)? I just feel like a terrible cat parent for not being able to help her more :-(
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2020.11.26 21:13 Ice_And_Slice Inside camera during sex

Species: cat
Age: 9
Sex / neuter status: f neutered
Breed: DSH
Body weight: 3.5kg
History: indoor cat I got from a well known (legitimate) rescue centre 9 weeks ago. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis 7 weeks ago and medicated.
Clinical signs: lethargy, acting withdrawn, change in eating / drinking habits, change in litter box habits, stopped purring / kneading, generally ‘off colour’
Duration: 5 days
Location: UK, south
Vet report: suspected acute flair up of osteoarthritis and possible gastric pain.
Firstly, sorry for the essay, but I thought the more info the better! Background: I have had my cat for about 9 weeks, she came from a rescue centre and had undiagnosed osteoarthritis (diagnosed within 2 weeks of me getting her and prescribed Loxicom, followed by additional Gabapentin).
My cat has been ‘off’ for 5 days now. On Sunday she started acting lethargic and withdrawn, this continued to get worse and she had stopped kneading & purring completely by Tuesday, which is very unlike her as she is a total lap cat/purr machine. She also started hiding for prolonged periods behind the curtain, which she’s never done before. Her appetite is all over the place - one day she’ll eat everything I put in front of her in one sitting (usually she is a slow eater), the next she’ll only eat half of even her favourite food or treats. She also suddenly started using her second litter tray for the first time ever during this period, in addition to her usual tray (though everything within the two litter trays inc. frequency seems normal).
She saw the vet yesterday morning, who did a routine exam. Mouth & teeth, heart, lungs, stomach, temperature, skin all fine. She gave me an anti-acid (omeprazole), as she thought my cat’s long term NSAID for her osteoarthritis might be causing discomfort and told me to up the Gabapentin (also given for her arthritis) to the maximum dose, three times a day, as she suspected my cats withdrawn / lethargic behaviour might be down to an acute flair-up of her osteoarthritis. The vet has asked me to bring in a urine sample just to be on the safe side, but she doesn’t seem to think it’s a UTI or similar. I’ll bring in the sample as soon as I can convince my cat to pee on the new special litter!
My poor cat is now all over the place. For a few hours she seems generally fine, except for the fact she’s no longer purring, but she’ll still ‘chat’ to me as normal, have positive body language and be interested in playing. The next part of the day she’s lethargic again, hiding and generally just seems very down and doesn’t want to interact. Overnight last night she was much more active than usual, patrolling, playing, exploring, zoomies, despite having the maximum dose of her Gabapentin, which usually makes her a bit dopey and she also meowed outside my door a lot in the middle of the night which she never normally does (I have an indoor security camera so I could see that she wasn’t in trouble, just meowing). One meal time she’ll eat all her food in one go (wet or dry), and the next she’ll leave half of it. She’s been drinking a bit less water than usual too, so I’ve been adding a bit to her food to keep her hydrated (this doesn’t make a different to whether she eats it or not).
She went outside, supervised, for the first time ever (as far as I’m aware) on Saturday morning, the day before she started acting off. This reaffirmed my decision to keep her as an indoor cat, as she has no sense of danger and also shows little desire to actually go outside - I mention this because I lost sight of her for 5 minutes after she hopped the fence. When I called her back, she eventually scrambled back over the fence in a bit of a panic and ran back inside. She seemed normal for the rest of the day and the vet doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about, other than the fence hop / scrambling possibly helping trigger her osteoarthritis flair up.
I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. I know it’s probably too soon for her to magically start feeling better, but her lack of purring & kneading (something that was a 3x daily routine before) and her random energy & eating habits that have continued for 5 days are making me worry. Is there anything I can do to make her feel better, other than keeping her fed & hydrated, keeping up with her medication, and making sure she has nice, warm places to sleep (including my lap - still her favourite spot!)? I just feel like a terrible cat parent for not being able to help her more :-(
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2020.11.25 21:09 xtinamaniac Inside camera sex during

Episode 4 - The queens return to the werkroom after CelestialWizard07's elimination.
"Well... that was a shocker," says thesharialaw, blowing a kiss to the mirror before wiping off the lipstick message.
🏁 thesharialaw I just spent my first time in the bottom 2 and... that is not happening again.
"You turned the party OUT girl," says ShaankZ.
"Thanks sis," says thesharialaw.
"And can we congratulate flushedawayegg on her first win!" says sharris2475.
"Thanks girlies!" says flushedawayegg.
🏁 flushedawayegg I am iconic. It feels correct for me to win this challenge, I mean look at me!
"So we're getting closer to the top 4..." says AustralianChrono, quickly changing the subject.
"How many of us have a win now?" says SquazieSoupe.
"Hmm... four of us, I think?" says thesharialaw.
"The competition is right... just like my bra! says AustralianChrono.
The girls get up and start de-dragging. The camera pans to sharris2475, taking off gold chains.
🎶 dramatic music
🏁 sharris2475 Me and my sis ShaankZ are the only ones without a win, but I hope that changes soon.
sharris2475 takes off her tracksuit jacket but her mic gets pulled off.
"Nurse!" She laughs.
🏁 sharris2475 snaps her fingers.

The winner of Xtina's Drag Race receives a sickening supply of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and a cash prize of $100,000!
The girls enter the werkroom.
"Bloodmoon! In stores now!" says AustralianChrono, posing and twirling. SquazieSoupe jumps on her back.
🏁 AustralianChrono It's a new day in the werkroom honey and I am hereeeeee to... um... when is lunch break again?
Producer: 2 hours.
🏁 AustralianChrono Awright then.
"I wonder what today will avail!" says SquazieSoupe.
"Big words for you," says flushedawayegg.
"Sorry, it must be hard when the biggest word you know is... hole." laughs SquazieSoupe.
"Oop." says ShaankZ.
V.O. COUGHING? During my interview? Hahaha... shoot him!
The girls gather around the monitor and see Xtina.
Xtina: "Serving pure fish! White fillet! Snatch of the day is...?"
"Are we doing a fish ball?" says ShaankZ.
"What the fuck is a fish ball?" says thesharialaw.
Suddenly, Xtina enters the werkroom.
Xtina: "Hello hello hello bitches!" The girls cheer.
Xtina: "We love to read, don't we? I, for example, love reading all my fan tweets about me being the laziest popstar on the planet! Happy Birthday to the Burlesque soundtrack, by the way. Now, in the great spirit and tradition of Paris is Burning, the library is officially open!"
The queens cheer.
Xtina: "Because reading is what?"
"Fundamental!" shout the queens.
Xtina: "Alright, AustralianChrono, step up to the plate!"
"... flushedawayegg, all I have to say is with that face? YOU'RE CRACKED.” says AustralianChrono.
"Scramble me up baby!" says flushedawayegg.
"And thesharialaw, who knew transphobia in their verse would do them so well?! Wow!” says AustralianChrono.
There is an awkward silence.
"I'm trans," whispers thesharialaw.
Xtina: "Okay, awkward! thesharialaw, you're up next!"
"Oh this gonna be good..." says thesharialaw, rubbing her hands, "... sharris2475, underestimating you is ridiculous! Because somehow you’re still here..."
"Here and queer, baby!" says sharris2475.
"And flushedawayegg, it’s so inspiring to me that someone like you can be here and show us that truly everyone can be someone." says thesharialaw.
Xtina: "Oh baby the knives are out tonight! Okay, SquazieSoupe, you're up next!"
"... AustralianChrono, we are practically a power couple! The next Bonnie and Clyde, maybe even the next Shea and Sasha. We all know that I would be Sasha, however, because it's obvious that I'll actually win the competition." says SquazieSoupe.
"HELP!" screams AustralianChrono.
"And thesharialaw, being in the bottom two doesn't mean the end. Well, it is season 2 after all, maybe you're filling the role of Morgan McMichaels." says SquazieSoupe.
"Why you mad tho'?!" laughs thesharialaw.
Xtina: "I'm going to need the air con turned up in a minute! Okay, sharris2475, it's your turn!"
"You know, u/flushedawayegg, your name doesn’t have to describe your appearance stares at forehead... egg." says sharris2475.
"This fivehead has a win," says u/flushedawayegg.
"Hey, u/shaankZ! Wait... what’s that smell? Oh, I know! A shit track record." says sharris2475.
"Ouch sis!" laughs u/shaankZ.
"AND FINALLY MISS XTINA, I couldn’t forget you my dear. I just KNOW why you made that song “Dirrty”, it describes your clothes!" says sharris2475.
Xtina: "I would smack you but that I would be breaching my injunction. Okay, flushedawayegg, it's your turn!"
"Okay, ShaankZ, your name may be Shaan but right now all I want to do is shank you." says flushedawayegg.
"There is a reason why you didn't win Miss Ultimate Drag 2017 the first time round." says ShaankZ. The queens shriek.
"And SquazieSoupe... who are you again?" says flushedawayegg.
Xtina: "Playground realness. Alright, ShaankZ, you're up!"
"Alright, flushedawayegg, more like a rotten one, on the inside, and the outside. I really hope you follow the stream one day." says ShaankZ.
"And AustralianChrono - Miss Ultimate Drag 2017... wait a second." says ShaankZ.
"BIIIIIITCH!!" scream flushedawayegg and thesharialaw, jumping up and down.
Xtina: "Wow, you girls are shady boots! The winner of this challenge is... SquazieSoupe!"
"Yes girl!" says SquazieSoupe. "I am shitting my Capezio panties right now."
Xtina: "Now... for this week's maxi-challenge, you will be playing... the Snatch Game!"
The girls scream.
🏁 AustralianChrono SNATCH GAME! Snatch the Snatch Game and snatch the crown baby!
Xtina: "Each of you will need to showcase your best impressions and make us laugh. And on the runway tonight, category is... White Hot. And once again, we have the extreme displeasure of having RuPaul as our special guest contestant. So good luck and don't fuck it up! Byesies!

The girls are getting their Snatch Game characters ready.
"Who are you guys playing then?" asks ShaankZ.
"I am playing the one and only GC." says SquazieSoupe.
"George... Clooney?" says ShaankZ.
"No bitch, Gemma Collins!" laughs SquazieSoupe.
"I am taking a big risk because I am doing... Christina Aguilera." says AustralianChrono.
"Boy you got a death wish?" laughs sharris2475.
🏁 sharris2475 Chrono has some NERVE!
"Well go big or go home, right?" says AustralianChrono.
"I am playing Lindsay Lohan," says ShaankZ.
"Iconic!" says thesharialaw, "I am playing Jameela Jamil."
"I'm playing Trisha Paytas, I think..." says flushedawayegg.
"Oh..." says AustralianChrono.
🏁 AustralianChrono Didn't someone do Trisha Paytas last season? Alright sloppy seconds.
"I have gone for Dixie D'Amelio, the TikTok star," says sharris2475.
The girls stare at her blankly.
"Who the fuck is that?" laughs ShaankZ.
"It's a risk, but I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing Snatch Game..." says sharris2475.
Xtina: "Hello hello hello bitches! Welcome to Snatch Game... In Heaven! Don't it look cute! Let's meet our only contestant for tonight's episode. She's fresh off the red eye straight from Satan's asshole... it's RuPaul!"
RuPaul: "Oooh chile."
Xtina: "Are you ready to snatch the stars?"
RuPaul: "My paycheck seems to think so."
Xtina: "Oh, erm... we can discuss that later. Anyway, let's give a big gay show welcome to the one and only Jameela Jamil! Hey Jameela!"
thesharialaw: "Yes yes it’s me queer Bri’ish icon and judge of the show Legendary, have you watched it? It’s a queer show made for queer people of course. Voguing is like so wig and slay, did I mention I’m queer?"
Xtina: "I think you did! Next up, let's give a warm welcome to our returning star, Trisha Paytas!"
flushedawayegg: "Heyyy Xtina! It's your fave pop star Trishy!"
Xtina: "How are you doing Trisha?"
flushedawayegg: "Oh you know, just appropriating some cultures! Today I'm feeling Jewish you know mmm hmm! Light the menorah Jewish star!"
Xtina: "Oh yes, I used to be Jewish once... now look who we have here, it's Christina Aguilera!"
AustralianChrono: "Oh, Xtina? Are you ready to get diiiiiirty.... Because OOOHHHHHHHHH AAAHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... That's how I get dirty. I sing."
Xtina: "That's a sight to see! Now moving down to viral star, Dixie D'Amelio!"
sharris2475: hides behind table "A-are you gonna cancel me Xtina?"
Xtina: "No, I don't think I am..."
sharris2475: "P-please it’s not my fault I don’t like snails!" uncontrollable crying
Xtina: "Alright! Haha. Now next up we have the iconic Lindsay Lohan!"
ShaankZ: "Whats up everybody?¿??"
Xtina: "Are you excited to be here?"
ShaankZ: "I'm so happy to be here, this is the first gig that's not been a rehab clinic or AA in five years. I'm ready to sing where is the microphone? wOoOoOoo"
Xtina: "Woo! Alright now next up we have the GC, Gemma Collins!"
SquazieSoupe: "Hi, I'm Gemma Collins, Best known for too much bronzer and always being on a "diet". But that's my business, not yours. Kiss my, rather large, ass!"
Xtina: "Now Gemma, how do you respond to people calling you a diva?"
SquazieSoupe: "I'm Gemma Collins bitch, I'm thirty four fucking years old and I've earned my diva-ship."
Xtina: "Alright who is ready to play Snatch Game?! Ru, your question is... Michelle Visage is so angelic, when she meets a homeless person, she blanks them!"
RuPaul: "She gives them handjobs on the New Jersey turnpike!"
Xtina: "Haha yes! Alright, let's go to the stars and see if you get any matches! Jameela Jamil, what say you?"
thesharialaw: "Michelle Visage is so angelic, when she meets a homeless person she gives them a free shag in the alleyway behind the Drag Race UK set. Right yeah because I saw that slag doing it! She will not be seeing heaven, or whatever these young LGBT people say on Twitter haha!"
Xtina: "Oh I think that might be a match? Yes, it is a match!"
thesharialaw: "How long is this by the way? I have to attend a protest in the street. Oh you wanna come too? You can be my token gay friend first and activists second. Oh wait-"
Xtina: "We'll be finished soon darling. Alright, moving on down to Trisha Paytas!"
flushedawayegg: "Michelle Visage is so angelic, that when the sex toy entered her pussy, the bacteria living there actually rejected it! It's happened to me once or twice you know."
Xtina: "I bet it has! Alright, let's move on down to Christina Aguilera, what say you?"
AustralianChrono: "She tells them about how Bionic was truly ahead of it's time. Revolutionary. The things I was doing... these girls couldn't even THINK OF!"
Xtina: "It truly was! Now Christina, what is going on with your career?"
AustralianChrono: "The album IS coming. It's been delayed 43 times, but ANYWAY..."
sharris2475: whispers, "Xtina ? I-Is she looking at me?"
Xtina: "Who is, Dixie?"
sharris2475 "Trisha... she’s trying to kill me” looks at the camera and mouths "HELP ME!"
Xtina: "Alright, moving on down to the LiLo, Lindsay Lohan! We are looking for handjobs! What's your answer?"
ShaankZ: "Whattt answerrr?? told us we were supposed to do lines?"
Xtina: "Well, yes, you need to write something down!"
ShaankZ: "Okay, Michelle Visage is so angelic, when she meets a homeless person, she gives them wisdom, "Go with your first instinct" is what my mom taught me and ever since I can't tell a difference between a blue pill and a pink one."
Xtina: "I am afraid that's not a match! No el matcho!"
ShaankZ: "I am actually multilingual, being famous I travel all around the world all the freakin time and knowing a language is very handy "No habla español", "vendi ecstasy?", "montre ta bite" "Aloha".
Xtina: "I love it! Now moving on down to Dixie D'Amelio! What say you?"
sharris2475: "She gives them dino nuggets!! Xtina, I just LOVE dino nuggets, I won’t eat ANYTHING ELSE. But... then I got death threats so I had to eat my snails!" smiles
thesharialaw: "Did I ever tell you the time I got attacked by bees and hit by a car? It’s because I never did… ummm edit that out...."
Xtina: "Sorry Jameela, I don't think we can-"
thesharialaw: "You better edit this show to make me look poreless or I will see you lot in court when I sue you for weaponising your edit against me!"
Xtina: "Well I am sorry Dixie, that was not a match!"
sharris2475: "Wait what did you say Xtina ? A theme song to my life?"
Xtina: "No, I never said that..."
sharris2475: "Awesome, by Spose."
Xtina: "Didn’t you get made fun of for saying that asw-“
sharris2475: “DON'T BRING THAT UP!uncontrollable sobbing
Xtina: "Oh dear! Now moving on down to the GC, Gemma Collins! What say you?"
SquazieSoupe: "Y'know Xtina, I spent about 1000 pounds on fortune tellers after my last breakup, right? I cannot get enough of them its like my new religion. And one of them told me, they go "Y'know Gemma, Michelle Visage is so angelic, once she sees a homeless person, she reads them the dictionary." Y'know, I'm a huge fan of the dictionary, and I believe we should really be pushing it in schools for the youngins' and such. That's what I would do at least, my fortune teller said so."
Xtina: "I love the dictionary, but sadly that is not a match! Oh Christina Aguilera, yes you have your hand up?"
AustralianChrono: "I'm a Genie in the Bottle, and darling, I need to pee."
SquazieSoupe: "Y'know, I've never let anyone piss on me before. I would just simply never allow that. But you smell like a whole public restroom and you need to back up a good 20 feet. Thanks luv!
flushedawayegg: "Omg that's just like the time that I had sex with the entire Mickey Mouse army! When I woke up the next morning, I realized that I actually took a bite out of my cousin from way back MEGATRON 3000."
SquazieSoupe: "Well I'm having a fucking baby, aren't I luv! look, I'm practically crowning sweetie, with all of the bullshit that's flowing out of your mouth like piss sweetheart. Take a seat and zip it!"
flushedawayegg: "Sometimes I like to let my pussy hang out in the wind so that I can feel something for once. You relate?"
RuPaul: "She talking to me?"
sharris2475: "H-hey Trish, I-I wanted to apolo-“ looks at XtinaDID YOU HEAR THAT ?? SHE’S GONNA KILL ME, please Trisha I just want nuggets and Charli just wants 100 milllll” starts having a mental breakdown
Xtina laughs. The buzzer sounds.
Xtina: "Well that's our show! And the winner is...
nobody! Good night everybody!"
ShaankZ: "Knock knock, who's there? Ecstasy."
SquazieSoupe: "I AM FUCKING GAMED OUT. I dont want to play and more of these fucking games! My hair is frazzled, and I'm claustrophobic, dammit!!!"
AustralianChrono: "Baby, I WILL show you how to Burlesque."

Xtina: "WELCOOOOOOME to the main stage of Xtina's Drag Race! Hey Automoderator, what is heaven like for you?"
Automoderator: "A bottle of Prosecco and some poppers."
Xtina: "Too right brother. And my favourite snatch in the world, it's Michelle Visage!"
Michelle: "Why are you sitting on the floor? That shit ain't clean!"
Xtina: "My queens challenged with impersonating their favourite celebrities for the Snatch Game. And now on the runway, category is White Hot! So Redditors, start your engines and may the best queen... win!"
🎶 U Wear It Well...
flushedawayegg "This is my fave runway look, I am giving you porcelain doll with all the poofs and ruffles in store. All in all I just look sickening!"
Xtina: "Bejewelled thighs make a dick rise."
Automoderator: "She's feeling rosy!"
Michelle: "What's better than one poof? Two poofs!"
sharris2475 "For my white hot runway I’m giving you a padded Moschino fantasy! There’s so much detail here, from my pearly gloves, to the golden cherubs encrusted around my couture, I am slaying tonight and I’ve got the hips to prove it ! Let’s just hope I get my first win tonight, I’m manifesting it!"
Xtina: "Moschino-no-she-better-don't."
Automoderator: "Now I've heard of a pearl necklace, but pearl gloves?"
Michelle: "It's a real thing."
thesharialaw "My concept for this runway is something a main pop girl would wear on her sold out European tour. I notice the judges living and so am I! Revel in this beauty bitches!"
Xtina: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"
Automoderator: "She's got her eye on the prize."
Michelle: "Those boots are a toot."
SquazieSoupe "Oh lord y'all I am FEEDING the children tonight! I am giving you angelic, strappy, expensive modern diva! She just came fresh off the Paris runway, and is probably the most expensive thing I own. Appreciate the lights, dammit!"
Xtina: "Squazie... In Paris."
Automoderator: "Our light bill just went up."
Michelle: "Now who said fluorescent lights were a bad thing?"
AustralianChrono "On the runway, I’m serving White And Wild. Futuristic Couture that hints at sex. There’s exposed body, there’s style... and it’s sickening."
Xtina: "Xtina's Drag Race: 2070."
Automoderator: "Fly me to the moon!"
Michelle: "She's an outer Space Girl."
ShaankZ "Today she is feeling very white, serving shapes, literally!"
Xtina: "If it ain't gold and white, it ain't right!"
Automoderator: "Angular? I barely know her!"
Michelle: "This right angle fell from heaven."

Xtina: "What an amazing episode! Now it is time for the judges' critiques..."
Who should win the challenge and who should be eliminated? Vote here!
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2020.11.25 17:37 sharingthrowaway_95 Inside camera during sex

To be precise, it has been one year and three weeks since I had an abortion via the abortion pill. I am not usually one for writing my experiences online, but during and after my abortion last year I came to this subreddit often and found comfort in reading the stories of others. Here is mine:

I suffer from depression and was going through a very difficult time; I was doing a masters degree in primary education that I hated, and so I engaged in various instances of self-destructive behaviour. One of them being unsafe sex, and I got pregnant at the beginning of October 2019. I was absolutely devastated that I had allowed this to happen, I could not believe that my recklessness had really led me to this. One thing I was always certain of, however, is that I would be having an abortion through taking the pills necessary to do so.

I organised an appointment with BPAS and I was booked in for the beginning of November. I had to wait until I was at least 5 weeks pregnant before they would permit me to undergo the abortion. I remember the wait until it had to happen was awful and I felt 'icky' all the time, even going to the toilet, because it made me think about what was growing inside me. The abortion was all I could think about, and I just needed it to happen. Luckily, the boy (now boyfriend) who was the father was extremely supportive throughout the process and I was glad I told him about it, as initially I intended to keep it a secret but the secret was too much to keep.

So, the day comes around and I get to the clinic. I fill out various forms and see quite a few couples and women there too which made me feel better. I realised then that I was not the first, nor the last, to be in this predicament and it helped me get through being there. I then had to have a scan to check on the foetus, but because it was so small I had to have the camera inserted into my vagina with that cold gel and that was definitely the worst part about the whole thing for me. It was invasive and horrible, but necessary because after that I got the pills. I took one then, and then took the next the following day.

My best friend came for the day that I took the second tablet. He made me feel reassured and sane because it wasn't fun and the second tablet took four hours to kick in rather than two as it says on the box and so I was extremely panicked and agitated throughout. I did not experience horrific pain as I had read from some users. It was painful, but no more so than a bad period pain. It was over after about 7 hours and I felt like I had a second chance at life. The bleeding stopped completely after about 2 weeks and my periods returned to completely normal.

Afterwards was very hard for months - the abortion gave me horrible acne, and I had to go back on roaccutane to fix it. I also felt disgusted in myself for a long time. The light at the end of the tunnel though, was that one year later I can look back at the depression and pain and say it was worth it, because it was. It was the right decision, I had zero interest in a child. I learned that I shouldn't hate myself, what happened happened because I was very depressed and mentally unwell and this was just a sad consequence of it. There is nothing to feel bad about, and I would say to anyone out there who has got pregnant during a self-destructive phase the same thing.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. <3
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2020.11.24 16:26 GhostlyPoem0764 During inside camera sex

You want a car that gets the job done? You want a car that's hassle free? You want a car that literally no one will ever compliment you on? Well look no further.
The 1999 Toyota Corolla.
Let's talk about features. Bluetooth: nope Sunroof: nope Fancy wheels: nope Rear view camera: nope...but it's got a transparent rear window and you have a fucking neck that can turn.
Let me tell you a story. One day my Corolla started making a strange sound. I didn't give a shit and ignored it. It went away. The End.
You could take the engine out of this car, drop it off the Golden Gate Bridge, fish it out of the water a thousand years later, put it in the trunk of the car, fill the gas tank up with Nutella, turn the key, and this puppy would fucking start right up.
This car will outlive you, it will outlive your children.
Things this car is old enough to do: Vote: yes Consent to sex: yes Rent a car: it IS a car
This car's got history. It's seen some shit. People have done straight things in this car. People have done gay things in this car. It's not going to judge you like a fucking Volkswagen would.
Interesting facts: This car's exterior color is gray, but it's interior color is grey. In the owner's manual, oil is listed as "optional." When this car was unveiled at the 1998 Detroit Auto Show, it caused all 2,000 attendees to spontaneously yawn. The resulting abrupt change in air pressure inside the building caused a partial collapse of the roof. Four people died. The event is chronicled in the documentary "Bored to Death: The Story of the 1999 Toyota Corolla"
You wanna know more? Great, I had my car fill out a Facebook survey. Favorite food: spaghetti Favorite tv show: Alf Favorite band: tie between Bush and the Gin Blossoms
This car is as practical as a Roth IRA. It's as middle-of-the-road as your grandpa during his last Silver Alert. It's as utilitarian as a member of a church whose scripture is based entirely on water bills.
When I ran the CarFax for this car, I got back a single piece of paper that said, "It's a Corolla. It's fine."
Let's face the facts, this car isn't going to win any beauty contests, but neither are you. Stop lying to yourself and stop lying to your wife. This isn't the car you want, it's the car you deserve: The fucking 1999 Toyota Corolla.
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2020.11.21 14:29 jw_mentions Inside camera during sex

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Submission How do I get a restraining order against a church???
Comments How do I get a restraining order against a church???
Author wookieshushu
Subreddit /AskLosAngeles
Posted On Sat Nov 21 05:07:39 UTC 2020
Score 57 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:08 UTC 2020
Total Comments 100
Post Body: There is a [REDACTED] congregation harassing me.
So far they have:

  • sent unwanted correspondence via postal mail
  • taped unwanted mail to my door
  • taped harassing letters to my vehicle
  • entered my apartment building without authorization
  • used a pocket knife to stab through a copy of their [REDACTED] Light Tower into my rear passenger tire
  • calling and hanging up. By count, over 500 calls over a 2 month period (September 19 to Nov 19) Finally confirmed the # was from their worship center when whoever it was forgot to block their number for the last 12 phone calls from November 2.
So far I have:
  • sent the group a cease and desist letter in 2018 and 3 in 2019
  • sent individuals, who could be identified by license plate number, cease and desist letters via certified mail with return receipt card
  • attempted to make multiple police reports regarding the punctured tire. Police showed up, but did not take a report OR take the pocket knife into evidence. (I still have the pocket knife and letter in a plastic bag with some cell pictures. I'mnot sure if I've watched too many CSI episodes, but I figured it was a good idea to save it)
  • changed my phone number.
  • transferred my old number to a cheapie burner phone with voicemail, so that I can count how many times the [REDACTED] center has called it over time. (Over 4000 total calls FROM THEM since 2018... they are literally the only people calling this number at this point, the only # that shows up as incoming calls. So it's definitely them.)
So far....NOTHING appears to be getting done.
I've tried again to make another report for today's threatening, handwritten letter. The handwriting in this new threatening letter matches handwriting found on the [REDACTED] website for its leader. I have printed this out as well.
I did an online tutorial for getting a restraining order... but since the police haven't taken a proper report, I don't have a copy of the report to attach to my request for a restraining order.
Does anyone have any insight on how to stop this?!!?!?!
I am a vulnerable minority, I have never interacted with these zealots to my knowledge before this harassment started. It does not appear to have any end.
This has gone on since 2017 and is escalating with every "cease and desist" or other formal attempt to get them to stop harassing me.
These people are unhinged and I'm not sure how to make it stop.
Does anyone have ANY insight on making them stop their harassment?!
Edit: even more info to maybe help?? Location: City of Los Angeles. No, I am not a current or former member of their church. I am not religious and have never had any religious affiliation. None of my peers or friends are religious, or current or former members. I have had no interaction with them at all until they began their onslaught of unwanted contact and harassment in mid-2017. EDIT2: [REDACTED] because ... REDACTED.
Related Comments (19):
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Author 325471
Posted On Sat Nov 21 07:11:26 UTC 2020
Score 14 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:07 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 9
Body link
I'm using an old account because I mostly lurk here but I am JW.
You may have gotten a letter from us but its doubtful you've received anything delivered by us to your home. Since March we haven't been meeting together in person or preaching door to door, most of our preaching is via phone calls or letter writing. We are doing everything over zoom.
Finally confirmed the # was from their worship center when whoever it was forgot to block their number for the last 12 phone calls from November 2.
We aren't making phone calls from our Kingdom Halls (what you would call a church or worship center) because we aren't meeting together in person at all. Is it a local number to you?
used a pocket knife to stab through a copy of their [REDACTED] Light Tower into my rear passenger tire
Also our main magazine is called the Watchtower is that what you recieved?
Honestly the pandemic has cut down on our availability of printed materials. We've really just been directing most people directly to the Bible or to the website during this time.
The handwriting in this new threatening letter matches handwriting found on the jehovah witness website for its leader. I have printed this out as well
We don't have a single leader. From congregations on up to the branch everything is done by comittee. Where on our website do you mean? Or do you mean regionally? Or like a local elder?
In any group of people there are bound to be some nuts. If you want to PM me some details maybe I can help you figure out if its really one Jehovah's Witnesses and how best to find them and hold them accountable.
Generally there are several people "in charge" in one Kingdom Hall and if you are having an issue with one, like there is someone else you can talk to.
I hope you can get help from the police but you can also complain to the branch office (like our world wide headquarters) which is located in NY, I'm sure there is a number or a contact form on our website
Also there's always people advising you say youre a disfellowshipped or a Satan worshipper andJWs won't come back but that's not true. Some of us are actually really happy to talk to everyone.
The most effective way to get get rid of us is to ask to be put on the Do Not Call list.
Maybe you'll get someone checking every couple of years to make sure you still don't want us coming by or to check if there are new occupants but for the most part we will really try to leave you alone.
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Author LinkifyBot
Posted On Sat Nov 21 07:51:49 UTC 2020
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Body link
I found links in your comment that were not hyperlinked:
  • [](
I did the honors for you.
delete | information | <3
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Author 325471
Posted On Sat Nov 21 09:09:32 UTC 2020
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Body link
I would like to help you but after reading all of your replies I'm concerned.
We don't have a local leader or local websites.
Because of covid19 we aren't meeting together at all inside our Kingdom Halls or making any calls from our Kingdom Halls.
You said someone stabbed a magazine? I haven't been able to get a personal copy of a magazine in months so I'd be interested to know if it was an old magazine?
I can't tell if you are saying this one person or a group of people trying to harass you. You mentioned a leaders son and handwriting but we don't have a single leader.
Is it possible that someone has put together an elaborate ruse to harass you?
You are asking for help and I've offered to do what I can but you won't provide me with any details and I don't know what anyone else here can do for you besides what you've already said you've done.
Edit: If you do not trust me as some random internet person, I'll tell you a little about myself via PM so as not to dox myself if you respond here. I have a friend who attends a hall nearby in the Burbank area. They're in their 70s and have been in the area for years. I'm sure I can ask them in confidence if they know any of the people you've been harassed by.
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Author YourDimeTime
Posted On Sat Nov 21 08:02:16 UTC 2020
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Body link
Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is not equal with God. They teach that Jesus was created by God and not coexistent with Him.
They also do not believe the Holy Spirit is equal with the Father. The instead believe the Holy Spirit is a force applied by God.
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Author salamat_engot
Posted On Sat Nov 21 07:00:32 UTC 2020
Score 2 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:07 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 1
Body link
So the handwritten notes thing is actually super common withJWs. It's seems totally insane, but especially now with COVID they've really leaned in hard to that. Part of their beliefs is that they have to be actively witnesses to and converting people all the time. If you're older or can't walk door to door, they will write letters. They will comb through public directories, newspapers, websites, anything to get information they can use to connect with you. It might not really be that they are targeting you, but rather they have one really diligent congregant who thinks they are doing God's work or whatever.
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Author 325471
Posted On Sat Nov 21 08:18:41 UTC 2020
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Body link
Tell them you’ve been disfellowshipped.
Sorry to tell you man but this is the quickest way to get a visit to see if you want to come back - well during non-covid times at least, for now we aren't going door to door at all for the foreseeable future.
If it seems to have worked in the past its likely because we came back when you weren't home or we forgot (someone of us are less organized).
If you don't want us to come back, a simple "please put me on your do not call list" should do the trick.
Saying you worship Satan, are an apostate, come to the door naked... none of those things work because we only note your address when you tell us not to come back. Before we go to a door we check the list, having no idea if you've told previousJWs that you are a "man eating cannibal" - that actually happened to me. Cannibal dude looked a little sheepish when he ended up at my teller window a few days later.
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Author LinkifyBot
Posted On Sun Nov 22 04:06:50 UTC 2020
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  • [](
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Author moose098
Posted On Sat Nov 21 19:40:19 UTC 2020
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Body link
It's Jehovah's Witnesses.
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Author 325471
Posted On Sat Nov 21 10:11:04 UTC 2020
Score 2 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:07 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 0
Body link
REDACTED has its own page. I'm not sure who is in charge of it, but it's definitely their authentic page. I'm not going to link because that's not helpful to this specific situation.
You don't have to link it here, feel free to PM it to me. I can guarantee you if its not or had any information identifying the attendees or who the elders are its not official and would most likely be removed by legal means as soon as it was discovered.
You don't get to gaslight my lived experiences. I have done my due diligence -- getting cameras to capture necessary images, taking pics, keeping documents, sending a C& D letter to the right parties, and calling to take a report (even if the responding officer failed to take a report at the specific time).
I have not gasolit you. Clearly something happened for you to be posting about it at almost 2 AM. I would like to help you find the perpetrator and hold them accountable. If we don't root out and end these types of abuses in our own communities then who will?
However some of your descriptions of how we do things, getting calls from our "center" do not fall in line with our general operating procedure, especially since covid19 and I'm afraid someone might be spoofing the phone number or otherwise trying to conceal who they are to you.
Multiple cease and desist letters, to me, imply the communication became harassment the minute they added my work address to their mailing list and made more contact after the C & D.
We have no way of finding that kind of information because most of us use a cole directory and in my experience its never given me a work address. that's where most places that cold call you get their info and you can contact them to have your info removed.
Trivializing someone's rational need to be free from harassment is messed up.
All I have done is provided you with information to help you in your investigation but I don't know what kind of help you want.
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Author mixingmemory
Posted On Sat Nov 21 06:57:58 UTC 2020
Score 2 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:07 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 3
Body link
How on earth would they go from having your home address (presumably from their typical door-to-door evangelizing) to getting your phone number... to getting your reddit username?
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Author M3ntallyDiseas3d
Posted On Sun Nov 22 04:06:38 UTC 2020
Score 2 as of Mon Nov 23 05:04:07 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 1
Body link
The article from the Atlantic Monthly is a well researched source. is also legitimate because it uses the watchtower publications, not fake ones. There’s nothing false or anti JW. If something is critical of a person or organization, it doesn’t mean it’s anti anything if it’s based on facts.
By all means, if you find anything false in those sources please let us know.
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Author M3ntallyDiseas3d
Posted On Sat Nov 21 18:14:12 UTC 2020
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Here’s just one of many credible articles about [JWs sex abuse ](
I recommend reading instead of being one of the JW apologists who are facilitating the sex abuse cover ups.
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Dude I think you need to get your facts checked instead of spreading a bunch of lies, just jumping on the bandwagon aren’t you? I know a lot ofJWs and I know that it is not in their character to do some crazy criminal activity like what is mentioned on this post. Maybe it’s some other religion or some rogue members butJWs are non violent and they certainly have not been accused of sex abuse, I can find plenty of reports on the Catholic Church but nothing from credible sources about Jdubs.
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call the news with a tip, a knife stabbed through a JW flyer into your tire sounds like a local news story for sure lmao
what have you done to these people?
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Tell them you’ve been disfellowshipped. My grandfather fell prey to some JW bullshit for a brief period of time and once he finally saw through their claims he told me thats the only way to get them to leave you alone.
Think of them as the most persistent MLM scheme in history. Under their belief, In order to have a shot at one of the 114,000 spots in heaven they have to ACTIVELY, RELENTLESSLY, and PROLIFICALLY recruit new members. You’re not interested? Then they have to be more persistent and persuasive so that, eventually, you’ll come around. Tell them you’re an unrepentant sinner? Doesn’t matter, anything you’ve done before joining the church is forgiven. Tell them you’re disfellowshipped? That means you were in the church at one point but were (for whatever reason) deemed unworthy and cast out from the fold. You’ll be treated as a persona non grata and they will avoid you like the plague.
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I'm firmly in the belief that Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult, and because of that you'll probably be unable to stop the letters and visits. Some people say to tell them you're an apostate but who knows if they'll believe you. Others say you can ask to be placed on a do not call list, but the cease and desist didn't stop them (granted they have issues with authority and may ignore legal documents).
What doesn't make sense is the tire stabbing. MostJWs are little old ladies and men who mostly keep to themselves aside from trying to convert people. They usually don't like to draw attention to themselves because of they don't want attention from the government or law enforcement.
Is it possible someone is pretending to be JW to get under your skin? Like maybe they know about your interactions with them and wanted to anger you? I've met a lot ofJWs and they are weird as hell but nice enough. Stabbing your tire to get your attention is just so odd.
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I was never JW, but from my understanding they have a group hierarchy system, so it's not like a Baptist Church run by one guy with no earthly boss. They're usually called Elders and they're appointed by a higher group, who is appointed by a higher group, etc etc until you get to the Governing Body.
This can be advantageous to you because there's always someone higher.JWs have had a lot of legal problems lately (related to sex abuse) so you just have to get the right ear and I'll bet they'll handle it. They even send traveling auditors to different congregations and report back to the Governing Body. Maybe try the Branch Office (it's in New York) and see where that gets you. Use a Google Voice number and record the call if you feel the need.
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Author salamat_engot
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If you read my previous comments, I specifically say that mostJWs are nice people and non-violent in nature.
As far as there being "no credible sources" aboutJWs being involved in sex abuse, that's just outright not true. A quick Google search will tell you that, there's an entire Wiki article dedicated to it:
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On their group webpage, it shows this group is not holding in-person services, but their center is very much still open/operating for business. Even with COVID restrictions, I think places of worship are allowed to still have their administration offices open, and most of the calls appear to be coming from that office. (Also, the time range of phone calls is very consistent with office hours.)
Aside from the Branch offices in NY we don't really have a center. Generally no works at the local Kingdom Hall. Right now some people might pop in to the building from time to time to make sure no one has broken in, collect the mail and what not but thats it. There's no full time or administrative staff at Kingdom Halls.
There might be some people at our regional Assembly Halls but only the caretakers who might live onsite and the closest one to LA is in Ontario or maybe Camarillo? There's nothing in North Hollywood - too expensive for us.
Their local center has a website. I'm referring to whoever is in charge in their local center, so the local Elder.
Is it possible its a fake site your looking at?
We don't have local websites, we are expressly told not to post copyrighted or trademarked materials on our own on the internet - the website is the only one we are supposed to use and direct people to.
There isn't a single local elder, there is a body of elders usually at least 3 but generally more like 6-12 dudes who run the show. They don't get paid and usually have day jobs.
Per the last 2 Cease and Desists, I should definitely be on their DNC list. Maybe they forgot? I'll try again.
There is a legal department at the branch, is that where you sent your cease and desist?
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2020.11.18 08:32 fractalfay Inside camera during sex

Welcome to another (delayed) recap of The Other Way: The Endless Season, with drifting plot lines guiding us down the primrose path of hasty divorce.
Sumit and Jenny are readying for a trip to Delhi to meet a lawyer, which is part of the long, arduous road Sumit has arranged to avoid a second marriage.
“Have you considered remaining married?” Brittany has ideas.
“Yes, but that is good for two or three years, maximum,” Sumit is way ahead of her.
“I took his virginity!” Yes, Jenny, we know.
Jenny says hey, since we’re going to be in Delhi anyway, might as well get that marriage registration out of the way, amirite? I mean, think of the COVID. Sumit freezes, hunts for a relationship traffic cone, and settles on the lawyer as the only possible person to answer this question. They meet said lawyer sporting PPE that makes every stateside ER doc wipe fat tears from the edges of their microwaved masks. Lawyer says that there’s a long, impossible option for marriage, and a fast, easy option that is the most common choice for crazy kids in love. Sumit interrupts and says, “I clearly asked for most difficult road only. Now I must use my parents as an excuse again. Thank you very much, I will not be paying this bill unless you allow Jenny to drone on about whatever she chooses until all government offices are closed for the day.”
Jenny’s why? tank is running low, but she still has enough reserves to believe that Sumit was simply ignorant of this simple option, and now that they’ve learned of it there’s nothing but green lights. Meanwhile, Sumit gazes at the horizon for a rescue from Clint Eastwood, and comes up dry, so he tells Jenny that he just needs to talk to his parents for the 10,000 time, to give them the 10,000 time to call the whole thing bullshit. Then he will try for 10,001.
Remember that why? tank of Jenny’s? It’s down to fumes, because Jenny strongly objects to this, since the parental reaction couldn’t be more clear if billboards were involved. She calls daughter Christina and her daughter-in-law Jen to check in, and while Christina is overjoyed about the upcoming ring ceremony, she’s unhappy that Jenny is going to be exposed to Sumit’s family. The whole time, Jen is Jen, sitting there all stoic and right about things, and somehow refraining from judgement. Christine is worried that Sumit will see his mom and get upset, and Jen’s brow makes waves and she says, “That’s what makes me nervous for you.”
(Now recording Jen’s voice to talk me out of things.)
“This time, we’d better get married,” Jenny demands. “Otherwise, I’m going to have to leave the country, collect my 90DF check, and come right back here all over again.”
“All of this is like that one movie where the small boy emails a woman and says we poop back and forth, forever, and it is romantic,” Sumit chimes in. “Me and Jenny also poop and poop. That is what we are.”
As a stepping stone to the parents’ inevitable rejection, Sumit invites his brother Amit and sis-in-law Shree over to their apartment. They apparently got hitched at the height of COVID social distancing, and therefore got married with only about 50 people in attendance. In the US of A this would be a super-spreader event with a 50-person body count, and 25 of those 50 people insisting they’re not really dead. In India, they just wore masks.
Jenny was not among those 50 people, because the family can’t stop dissing her, but Sumit went, and this is why Jenny can do without these occasions. Jenny is fully aware that his family will never look at their relationship the way they look at Amit and Shree, and she feels it. Despite their participation in a show CALLED 90 DAY FIANCE, Shree and Amit are shocked to learn Jenny and Sumit have a ring ceremony scheduled. Shree hides her smirk behind her hands, and this is a violation of the Smirker’s Code of Ethics, and that’s going to be a $500 fine. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk shit about what the editors have chosen to show us from the unsafe space of Reddit, but it’s tacky as shit to be catty and immature when a person is sitting right in front of you, asking for your acceptance.
Amit admits they didn’t expect their relationship to last this long, and insists the parents will never accept the marriage, as in ever, and Sumit should be ready for the consequences. Jenny breaks down, because she’s sick of this shit, and Sharee and Amit are shocked to discover she’s a person. She says it’s just a fact that they love each other, and Sumit comforts her while she cries, and these fools should be happy Jenny’s not promising his mom that her lonely ghost egg will be successfully fertilized.
In Whybother, Ethiopia, Ari and her teenage son Biniyam are preparing for a day with Ari’s parents. Ari can’t find the leash-backpack she borrowed from Nicole, so who knows where Biniyam will wander off to next. The good doctor assumes they’ll be taking a wild adventure to an indoor shopping mall, where maybe they’ll look at linens on sale at Macy’s, before stopping at an Orange Julius and getting their ears pierced at Claire’s. In anticipation they bring a large, cumbersome stroller. The decision to take it off-road clearly surprised the camera crew, who opted to zoom in on the wheels struggling over rocks. Good try folks, but as someone who hikes on a regular basis, I can assure you that there’s no terrain that someone won’t bring a stroller on, even if it’s a six inch rope bridge stretched across a gaping canyon.
The taxi takes them on an adventure through barbed wire, which Janice is eager to point out are houses. This will be in part five of her master’s thesis: Ethiopia, and Why This Isn’t The Best Place for Ari and the Baby. The doc admits he doesn’t travel much, and is only used to homes looking that way when they have a pitbull in the driveway, several warning signs about how you’re being recorded, and a shouted announcement that the occupant is more than willing to shoot to kill and hide the body under a pile of leaves, if need be. The doc wants to be that guy, deep inside his private place.
“Are you also looking for Clint Eastwood?” Sumit needs friends.
Once at the market, the 90DF producers slip Biniyam a Benjamin to orchestrate a circus scene involving the gruesome death of a chicken. There hasn’t been any gore since the last street side hack job, so Biniyam makes an effort to wow the doctor with a little pre-decapitation poultry inspection. Janice is too fast, and says they should do something else.
“I only approve of Ari sacrificing a chicken if it makes them less poor,” Janice plainly states.
Biniyam is embarrassed that his plan to watch the life leak out of a chicken is thwarted, because dragging around a chicken carcass like a bleeding dolly is the cultural experience he really wants them to have. Instead they’re left standing in the middle of the road doing their own clucking, as the elder folk dissect the dynamics of Ari and Biniyam’s relationship amongst the poors. Ari insists that until he eats from the silver spoon she was born holding in her mouth, he won’t understand what she’s about. I’m not sure what this has to do with Biniyam’s perpetual disappearing act, but maybe that act is his real job in entertainment, and he should receive an invisible check any day now. Either way, this street-side conversation can be summarized as: Ari is supposed to adapt to a new culture, religion, and support system, but Biniyam can’t be expected to tell her where he’s going. Okay then.
Father Ari is sick of standing on a dirt road worrying about being part of a crime scene, so he says it’s time for the baby to get home, and Avi probably should take a nap, too.
“I’m sick of being dignified,” Doc is out of fucks to give. “Look at this dipshit. He may not have a fuckload of cologne on, but he’s thinking about it. I bet $100 he owns pants with snaps up and down the sides that he rips off his body. No, I don’t want to see it.”
The parents go to visit Biniyam and Ari’s apartment, so they can be disappointed that Ari has failed to not be poor in fresh new ways, while wheeling two massive suitcases packed fat with every baby item on Ari’s Amazon wish list.
“I know you didn’t take a lot of clothes, since most of them are still at our house,” Janice passive-aggressives like a fucking champion. “Remember that three suitcases humble-brag you did at the start of the season? I know how many suitcases there really are, Ari.”
Janice insists that it’s time to move on to a bigger place, since once they unload both Mary Poppins’ bags of baby gear there won’t be room for them, let alone the nanny they crammed into the zipped shoe compartment. Housing apparently just happens on command in her world. Ari reports that expats have driven up the price of apartments, and she’s pretending to care about such things, and Janice says they could help out if they knew how much money they had.
“How much money do you make?” They get right in there.
“Sometimes there is money, and other times there is a little bit of money,” Biniyam is ready with the answers. “It depends how many people want lap dances, and how many want regular dances.”
“You should have some kind of stable income,” says the man who raised a daughter who describes herself as a FREELANCE WRITER.
“I work like 47 different clubs five days a week, and I can’t work six, because I need two days to listen to Ari say she needs help with the baby repeatedly.”
“Sometimes, artists don’t make much money,” explains Ari, who is an accountant when she’s not a FREELANCE WRITER. “I mean, most artists in the US of A rent a storage unit and sleep on a foam pad on a concrete floor, and change their name to Binkirk to avoid a tidal wave of mail from Sallie Mae. Really, your only hope is becoming Banksy. Or you could have my parents.”
Before they return to USA, Ari’s fam wants to meet the Biniyam clan to better understand why he’s like this, and for some reason Ari thinks this will put her family at ease. Good ol’ sis Wish, the anti-Teayang, is going to make short work of that expectation, and when Janice asks about their relationship Wish pipes in with a report that Ari gets mad fast. Like when she innocently pointed out that he met his last wife at the club where he works, for example. Wish says it’s weird for a woman to shout at a man, and in Ethiopia you go to his parents to talk with them.
“She wants to act bossy,” Biniyam agrees, because he stands in fully support of the your-fault, your-fault, your-fault chant from the Handmaid’s Tale.
Ari disputes the idea that this is about being bossy, and is more about how her life is going in Ethiopia. “My whole life is different and his life hasn’t changed much.” K, these are facts.
“You need to calm down.” I don’t even know this other sister’s name, but she is not a friendly.
“She treats him like a child,” says Wish, who LITERALLY NICKNAMED HIM BABY.
Ari’s mom brings up baptism to the team, and says that she was raised Christian and had a hard time with whether or not to baptize Ari after she was born. Family Biniyam says it really wasn’t that hard for them, they just talked about it constantly until Ari folded.
Ari sees this baptism as just a party and water, but Janice is quick to point out that when you’re baptized, you’re also baptized into that faith. The Good Doctor believes she’s being pressured into this, because she is, and says he’s teetering on the brink of being upset, which he’s pretty sure means he needs to get a shotgun and a rocking chair for his porch. Ari says Biniyam came to her crying, which played a huge role in her decision, and his family was the true source of pressure, and they agree with this.
“A baby must be baptized,” They are unmoved. “If you’re not baptized, you’re going straight to hell.”
“If I catch you doing that, it’s one of the reasons I will leave,” Ari retorts, finally working out her exit strategy.
“You remind me of his ex,” Wish believes no blow is too low. “This could not possibly be because he treats you the same way.”
“You’re going to let your sisters talk to me like that?” Oh Ari. It’s cute when you think “Baby” is a grown up.
Janice says it seems very one-sided, and like their whole world is arranged around Biniyam...because it is.
Brittany will play the part of drunken cliche with a sober friend, and there’s a reason why this scene never plays out in romantic comedies. Since she can’t find a lampshade to put on her head, Brittany does the robot like she needs to go back to the factory, and Angela can’t get this chick to reboot. Yazan arrives and knows Brittany is drunk, because she’s making fun of his driving before he has the chance to blame a second car accident on her, so he sobers her up with a boring trip to his barbershop. Brittany threatens to give him an inebriated haircut, which he somehow thwarts, but not before minor scissors injury.
Angela is wondering why she’s been listening to Brittany bitch for six months, since she’s now flirting and play-fighting wtih Yazan, so she suggests they might want to have a more serious conversation. Brittany can’t hear her, because she’s still celebrating successfully flipping the script away from her sudden disappearance, to the non-specific “actions” Brittany wants to see. Apparently, starting your own barbershop, buying a car, and getting an apartment don’t count as actions.
The next day Angela points out that Yazan is the opposite of what Brittany has described, so he’s either acting or Brittany is. Then Brittany heads over to the apartment he’s gotten for them to share, and they bond over wishing kitchens were chickens, and the finer points of shower curtains. Yazan reports there’s a second room for Brittany, and when Britt insists she likes to cuddle, Yazan declares if she wants it then she’s gotta put a ring on it.
“I can’t even do the robot, and now I’m supposed to do something Beyoncé? I’m gonna give him an ultimatum,” Brittany knows this can’t stand.
This marks the beginning of their Absurd-Off:
Britt: I’ll move in when the bathroom is fixed, because I can’t stand a wet bathroom floor, and towels haven’t been invented yet.
Yazan: I cannot have a girlfriend, because it will make God angry. I know this, because I have a girlfriend, and God is furious.
This is a tight race folks, so we’re going to have to call it a draw.
Since they’re having an actual conversation, Britt asks for for an honest answer to the conversion question, and Yazan says it’s whatever, that’s his family’s hang up, not Islam. All the same, he’d like to get married in a month. Britt says she has to think about it because it’s so soon, and she’s scared she won’t come up with more conditions by then. Yazan says it’s dangerous, and he wants to detail what he means by that, but he’s going to need a translator so all the fucks and shits get through. Britt agrees that’s a good idea, and suddenly seems curious to know why Yazan hasn’t slept in six years.
Sure, the 90DF producers could have given us more Kenny and Armando to sweeten all this sour, but why do that when they can follow around a doomed couple having the same limp conversation 400 different ways? For a year.
Cheese and Mama Cheese are going out for coffee to flex his Spanish vocabulary, and demonstrate that he’s capable of the most important phrase in any language: two coffees with milk (of course he gets milk). Cheese lets that Spanish flow, and his accento is muy what you’d expecto, but he’s trying. Mama Cheese thinks everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes you trip and fall into a coworker’s vagina. Cheese says he’s working hard to be working hard on this work that’s hardly working, but now that he knows she experienced non-dairy loving during their breakup, he’s having second thoughts.
Cheese and his mom both start to get upset, because Tim doesn’t really have a team rooting for him on the ground in Columbia, and Mama Cheese reminds him that she’s always there for him, whether he’s getting over Melyza or truly moving to Columbia with no take-backs. A little while later Melyza and Tim take Robin and Carmen to the airport, and he’s sad to see them go, and Melyza comforts him.
They decide to go to a couple’s counselor, since last time it worked so well they’re still talking to a counselor a year later. Before they go in we’re gifted a short scene of a dude performing tricks on a tight rope, and you should cling to this moment, because it will be the most entertaining part of their story. The shade of Cheese’s shirt clashes next to the shade of Melyza’s personality, but the therapist agrees to see them anyway. Cheese admits that he’s considering returning to the states to work, and Melyza is shocked, which she communicates through her mouth dropping open for exactly 15 seconds. Now Melyza, she can do the robot. The counselor, who does a little captain obvious work on the side, points out that trust is key.
“Thank you, we’re totally changed,” Cheese is grateful. I’m going to interrupt their exhaustive dialog with reflections on my kittens, Pickle and Sprocket.
Cheese: I mean, my job is like a night club. It’s an orgy up in there. I participated. Oops, that happened. I was wearing those pants that snap away from your body, and it’s not easy being cheesy.
Biniyam: Those are very important when you are getting paid sometimes $500, and sometimes $400., IDGAF.
Me: So Pickle just crawled inside one of those velcro IKEA shoe boxes, and it fell over the side of my closet and down a ramp of my clothing like a barrel over Niagara Falls. The other cats have gathered to survey the damage. Sprocket holds up a paw to announce there’s one body. Then Pickle hits him in the face, because he ain’t shit.
Cheese: I’m thinking about returning to America and all the ladies waiting for me in tier one tech support.
Melyza: (A deer walks out of the woods and starts gnawing on her face. Her expression doesn’t change.)
Counselor Captain Obvious: Do you think you should have a conversation about shoes or the proper name for that flap around your elbow, or anything other than an event from a year ago you’re apparently never going to get over?
Cheese: No.
Melyza: Same.
Yep. .
In crimes against humanity, the only folks facing intense marriage obstacles are Kenny and Armando, who apparently have to beg for recognition. They’re headed to receive their formal marriage license rejection before taking it to human rights advocates that might intervene on their behalf. Part of Kenny’s frustration is that they moved to this particular state in Mexico because marriage is legal there, and the sooner they’re married, the sooner Kenny can work. Armando tells Hannah that they’re going to have to fight to get married, because they’re being denied their rights. Hannah is appalled and says they’re mean, which Armando agrees is accurate reporting.
“Ugly trickster,” Hannah declares, instantly giving me new ideas for flare and band names.
At the office they go over the rejection, and Armando reads, “It is not permitted to celebrate same sex marriage, to guarantee and save the human species. We can only trust people like Angela to make that happen. The world is now a better place.”
Kenny’s hair stands higher in rage and humiliation. “We’re part of the human race,” Kenny reminds anyone willing to listen. His inner light is starting to dim in the face of a Reagan-era level of oppression, and now he’s tasked with doing it all over again, without having the language to understand what people are saying about him.
As they leave, Hannah wants to know if they got permission to get married, and Kenny tells her not yet. Armando’s understanding of the culture makes him better prepared to deal with this rejection, and Kenny’s discouragement is palpable.
In Whyarewewatchingthis, South Korea, Deavan calls her mom to see if Jihoon is still in Paul’s doghouse because of an event that would have been written off as Drascilla being a “wild child” if anyone else had been in charge. Elicia says of course he is, he probably has all of them juggling knives and having scissors races, and she has nowhere else to funnel her peri menopausal rage. After Deavan gets off the phone, Jihoon reports also knowing hormonal suffering, through Elicia Phobia Syndrome.
On the way to the airport Drascilla is stoked to see her grandparents, since she hasn’t been around any adults except her Korean grandparents and Teayang. She breaks into a run the minute she sees her grandfather, and promptly bursts into tears. The family circles around her in comfort, except Jihoon, who tells his mom they’re kinda like extras. Teayang, for his part, continues thinking and reflecting about his unique place in the world, and escape possibilities for both himself and Drascilla.
“Don’t leave us here alone,” Drascilla pleads with grandpa. “At least not until Teayang understands his thumbs. Only the road promises freedom, and I ran so fast, but it wasn’t fast enough. Are you listening to me? LOOK AT ME!”
“Yes, these are the clumsiest little contraptions,” Teayang knows he’s lost the thumb war. “But I can sit in a plastic chair and kick my legs around in a walk-like manner. Like this. Here, watch this. My feet are grazing the linoleum! Just tickling the tippy top! This is development, and I’m not afraid. Tell me, why isn’t there an adult version to ensure the safety of the elderly? A wheelchair is almost this, but it’s not, is it? Where is the whimsy? Where is the joy? Do our elders not enjoy crashing into a kitchen island? Everyone loves that. Right, hello Elicia. I trust you’re well. My father’s peace depends upon your silence. I will pray for a sinus infection that is both swift and merciless.”
“We’re gonna die!” Elicia runs and shouts with a cart full of luggage, as they cross the street in a crosswalk.
Next time: Melyza and Tim play second verse, same as the first, Deavan tries on wedding dresses while Elicia maintains her fingertip grip on reality, Janice encourages Ari to agree with Janice, Brittany finds out the truth of what Yazan has been through, Sumit’s parents call Jenny an oldie but not a goodie, and as Sumit gets down on his knees to plead with his parents, Jenny says she can’t do this to his family and should just go back to America. Yep, Jenny is all out of why?, and I’m here for it.
Thank you, Patreon supporters!
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2020.11.16 02:31 Reccognize Suspicious things about Nichol

Much has been said about Nichol seeming a bit suspicious. With "the clock stopped" on the case once Chris confessed, she stopped being looked at. What do you think about her possible involvement? I think the following items are particularly suspicious elements of her behavior:

  • Nichol called the police department for 1 minute a few days before the murders. Was she trying to test if, during the attack, one of the victims somehow managed to get to the phone and call police briefly, would that trigger police to show up at the house?
  • Nichol called a waste management company before the murders; was she asking about the dumpster pick up schedule?
  • Nichol searched the Mead battery explosion; this could align with the theory that the master plan was to blow up the site to commit insurance fraud as well as explain away the deaths of Chris' family as a horrible accident.
  • Nichol was the person at Chris' office who would have alerted him to the leak at the Cervi location where the bodies were left as well as to the fact that there were no cameras at that particular location.
  • Nichol documents the leak and properly reports it 3 days before the planned explosion and Chris takes a photo showing the leak almost immediately upon arriving, this was his way of ensuring he documented the "leak" and gave him plausible deniability.
  • A silver or grey truck parked at Chris’ house on the morning of the murders resembled Nichol’s vehicle; her phone pinged in that general area
  • Nichol didn't clock into work that day or call Chris the way she always did every morning.
  • The basement alarm went off the same time Chris was loading up his truck. He had no explanation for that and was reluctant to even discuss it at all.
  • Chris sent Nichol odd photos to/from the site where he disposed of their bodies that morning. Why? Were these some sort of coded message?
  • Neighbor Betty saw a grey truck parked that morning when she left for the gym at 5:15 am and still there when she returned at 7 am and there at midday but gone when LE arrived. The description matches the grey truck Nichol owns and registered under her dad's name.
  • Some people believe the neighbor's CCTV captures 2 different individuals wearing the same outfit walking out at different times but one looks like she has black hair with pony tail, longer sleeves, different gait, different shoes and a purse. Video on headlight.
  • How did Chris get Shannan's body down the stairs without leaning drag marks and bruises and without damage to the carpet?
  • There were no tire or drag marks near Shannan’s grave—how did Chris accomplish this on his own?
  • Eight unidentified latent prints are found that didn't match Chris or the victims, on the bags that where found at the shallow grave where Shannan was buried and were used to put over her head and feet.
  • Vivint alerted inside house at 12.42 pm Monday meaning somebody was inside the house going from basement to garage. It alerted on Shannan's phone when LE looked at it and Chris couldn't explain it and LE recorded in discovery that Chris acted "nonchalant". Could Nichol have been there cleaning the crime scene and alerted Vivint when she went to put Shannan's phone in the SUV, which Chris grabbed and took time to hide in the cushion? Nichol could sneak out the basement window with the Minnie Mouse curtain without alerting Vivint.
  • When Chris arrived at the house to let police in, he is caught on camera stomping loudly down the basement stairs and saying, "Dieter, time to go out!" Yet, Dieter was not in the basement, he was crated in the mud room, his regular spot. Was this when Nichol exited the basement window, alerting Vivint?
  • Chris claimed Nichol told him to look up the lyrics to Metallica's "Battery", which has lyrics about not killing the family and battery (the location of where Chris' murdered family was discarded)
  • Nichol was aware of, and discussed in her LE interviews, another mother of three in Colorado, Rita Gutierrez-Garcia, who went missing two months before and whose body was never found. Did her knowledge of this case inspire the original plan to kill Shannan?
  • In her first interview on 8/15, Nichol clearly told the agent that she was at Chris’ house only once. In her later interviews, she admitted to being to his house twice. Why lie about something so simple?
  • Nichol also told LE that she didn't know Chris' address. But her phone records showed her googling his address just a day or two prior to that interview.
  • Co-worker Anthony Brown, regarded as a sincere and truthful witness, gave a statement in the discovery file that Chris had been dating co-worker Nikki for 5 months. It appears that the 12 June email (one day after Shannan posted the video "oops we did it again") about being friends was just contrived for HR purposes to disguise their affair. Was Nichol trying to distance herself from Chris? She had already acknowledged the affair. Why make it seem shorter than it was unless to try to appear like she wouldn't have had a motive to be involved in the crime?
  • Nichol would not give up her alibi for Monday after at 3:45 pm. She went hysterical about her friend Jim and said "Leave Him Alone! He doesn't need to be wrapped up in this. He's not involved". Nichol's phone log shows that she would often call Jim after she calls Chris. Why is she hiding Jim the geologist? There's also a suspicious red car with headlights on leaving at the same time as Chris' truck Monday morning and Nichol had ordered red paint from Toyota in July. There's also a footage in LE cam of a guy carrying a shovel out of the house and a red car driving off (Leave-him-alone Jim?)
  • Nichol claims to conveniently forget the 111-minute conversation between her and Chris the night before the murders.
  • Nichol destroyed her text conversations with Chris from before and after the murders and orders Chris to do the same. Most of these messages were never able to be retrieved.
  • Nichol broke her SIM card before handing over her phone to LE after stalling for 10 days.
  • Nichol refused to say the names Shannan, Bella, Celeste and Nico during LE interviews. (This is a typical tactic used by people to distance themselves from someone they have wronged.)
  • Nichol's father asks LE during an interview "So this all goes away if Chris Watts confesses?"
  • Chris Watts confesses after asking LE if they are going to question Nichol and LE tells him they will if he won't tell them what happened. After this Chris asks for his father and confesses.
  • Chris stated that he killed Shannan after they had sex. What would compel him to make a statement that would likely anger and hurt Nichol, the new mistress he was madly in love with? It seems like something he wouldn’t say, unless he was told to say it, or given the okay to suggest it was a "crime of passion” or to make it seem less likely that someone else was involved or present.
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2020.11.09 18:24 Pristine-Engine4388 Inside camera during sex

Every year, people go missing, never to be seen alive again.
One minute there and the next they are gone.
To make matters worse. Every year a handful of those cases never yield any real explanation or culprit to blame for why this person vanished from the face of the earth.
But what if there was... and it was and is still being covered up?
Over the next few months, I will be attempting to expose a near 14 year cover up of murder, personal heroics and police corruption.
The ‘higher ups’ of the country would rather the efforts of these people be buried along with the murkiest of murky secrets. Institutionalised corruption of mid to high-ranking police officers in state departments located in the south-west region of the united states.
Around 14 years ago, a clandestine group of violent criminals was formed and over the course of 6 years they set up a network human trafficking, murder for hire, violent extortion, kidnapping and torture sites.
They operated for years, killing over 700 people. Including children, families and anyone who dared to try thwart their operation.
You may have already seen a brave young girl post her own account on this site detailing her traumatic encounter with this certain group people resulting in the horrible demise of her friend.
The Link to her story is here... Olivia Matthews Story
The outspokenness of it inspired me to help tell the other stories out there, that need to be told but can’t be.
It looked bleak for the future and safety of people in the united states but if not for the efforts of a determined FBI Agent who wouldn’t let his gut feeling go to waste, a Cybercrime expert who went to the darkest places on the dark web, an eyewitness who was betrayed by the police but still managed to submit a statement before it was too and one brave undercover officer who lived ate and slept among these group of psychotic monsters in order to bring them down.
The group itself, named ‘The Swarm’, still has members at large even to this day but they do not have the power and influence they did in the late 2000s. Now, the remaining members retreated to the Mexican border where they reportedly pose as Coyotes to traffic refugees for cash. However, a lot of intelligence from that area say the gang are bitches for the Cartel. Protection runs, hired muscle etc.
The evidence, that each of the individual statements and efforts of the 4 people mentioned, has been suppressed for years as it reveals the reason the gang were able to stay at large for so long was the assistance of corrupt police officers so as high as commissioner status.
The white house submitted a motion to have the findings of the investigation stricken from public record to avoid the U.S. citizens losing faith in their local police departments. Unfortunately, this means the brave sacrifices of the aforementioned 4 get swept under the rug with the rest of it. I refuse to let this happen. Why would I do that? You may ask.
Over my years on this planet, I haven’t been the most successful person. All my school reports would describe me as an awkward student that ‘didn’t play well with others’ as well as the usual ‘good work but could do better’. I was an underachiever. Last pick in gym, first pick for the bullies. My parents threw thousands at therapists and tutors.
My father would look me up and down at meal times with a genuine confusion about the creation in front of him, wondering if I was even his son. A hard-working engineer who for 54 years came home in sweat and oil for the better part of 80 hours a week. Only for him to come home and find his lump of a son glued to his pc, not a football. My mother was a kind woman who gave me chance after chance during my phase of trying to ignite my life, whilst blocking out my father's frustrated tyranny against me, with class a stimulants and narcotics. She would rebel against my father, claiming that I was trying to be better and I would prove him wrong soon. I never did. I was a disappointment to both my parents in entirely different ways. Either way, they are both at peace now. A joining grave plot next to the old chapel located on the country roads of our rural Virginian town. Fittingly Its where they started married life in 1975. Paying for two twin marble headstones with a white limestone gravel bedding was the least I could do for my parents. I pay a team of florists to replenish the gravesites on a monthly basis.
They were good people. My father worked his hands to the bone to make sure we were fed, clothed and didn’t get rained on while we slept.
My mother always tried to see the best in me. She encouraged the gifts and interests I did have and maybe I wouldn’t be sat here about to tell the story I am had she not have nurtured and persevered.
Father and I ended on better terms. When, the cancer started to eat away at his brain, Ironically, he became less angry, less disappointed. By this point I believe he, and my mother, had accepted me for who I was. My mother passed one year after my dad from a stroke.
You might be wondering what on earth my family has to do with this. Nothing really. But this brief anecdote symbolises my motivation for doing what I'm about to do. People give their lives each and every day for people to help make the world a better, safer place. My parents did that.
They spent years arguing, at each other's throats, over my behaviour and how my life was turning out. On the brink of divorce, they could have split and gone their own ways but they didn’t. They stuck around and gave me stability.
Their heroics would may seem small in the grand scheme of the events described above but I honestly think that I would have been swinging from a rope or bleeding out in a bathtub had I not had the parents that I was blessed with. I never told them that. Ill regret that for the rest of my life.
That is their story. I am going to tell four more.
As I wasn’t a soccer player or a handyman, I become more and more immersed in the world of computer programming. By 17 I could break down the backdoor of any company's web directory to access their personal files.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve made a morally questionable living off my skills. Setting up phishing programmes, virus blackmails, Identity fraud etc. I used this money to support my parents with their medical bills as the end came near.
Over the years, I have made a lot of enemies as you can imagine but I’ve made just as many allies too and now we as a group are looking to break open this conspiracy so the American public can appreciate the efforts of 4 heroic men who sacrificed their careers, sanity, lives and family to bring down the most violent criminal enterprise since the Manson family. We are using are skills and contacts to hack our way into the FBI Evidence Archives.
Over the course of the next few weeks, I will look to publicise the detailed Log of Joe Clayton, FBI Undercover and Sensitive Operations Unit. He integrated himself in the depths of The Swarm to obtain evidence of high-level links between the organisation and corrupt police officers.
The detailed statement of Liam Brooks, the eye witness to a triple execution who was betrayed by the local police. He is being missing for 12 years with no trace but his logged evidence was submitted before his disappearance. This helped the FBI strengthen their case establishing the gang's relationship with local law enforcement.
The diary of a cyber-crime expert, Dave Peterson. A self-employed contractor utilised by the FBI to help search for high profile missing persons on the deep web. The Swarm made a lot of money by torturing and murdering captives on encrypted online sites in return for Bitcoin.
As the case in each story, The Swarm do not take trying to derail their operation lightly and there were consequences for each person. Their deaths will not go uncelebrated. I need to gather a few extra information before I can publish the three evidential stories.
So, Let's start with Agent William ‘Bill’ Johnsons story.
Using my skills with a tor browser and my ability to construct a pretty badass Botnet. I was able to recover files on previous investigations, internal depositions and criminal interview tapes, to construct the following version of events.
In 2006, there were a large string of disappearances in the southwest region of the united states. A cross state epidemic of unsolved violent crime across Florida, Virginia, Georgia and Louisiana.
People of all ages, mainly women and young girls, would go missing from their local areas. Some would be last seen making their way home from a place of work, only to have their cars found abandoned at the side of the road by a dog walker on a stroll the following morning.
More often than not though, the subject would be deemed missing after the family of the victim would start to become concerned after they failed to attend work for a shift or an important appointment.
A deputy from the local sheriff department would be called out to complete a welfare check. They would always find the door kicked in with obvious signs of a struggle. This would be followed by weeks of appealing and searching before all of a sudden, the body would turn up in some horrific mutilated state. Dumped in some river or marshland, usually in an entirely different State to the kidnapping. Sometimes they even found bodies in Mexico. Authorities were baffled.
As the murders crossed state lines, The FBI took over the case. The bodies would have several different lacerations, burns and punctures. All bodies showed signs of sexual trauma in some degree, there were no exceptions to this factor however autopsies always revealed a different cause of death. The FBI had profilers working day and night trying to build up a specification of the UNSUB for law enforcements and the general public to look for, as they believed it was the work of a serial killer partnership. It was rare, but it did happen.
The BSU at Quantico even sent a team out to Texas to interview Elmer Wayne Henley.
A convicted serial killer and sex offender who, under the wing and guidance of Dean Corll aka The Candyman, raped and murdered around 28 young boys.
The behavioural scientists spent over 49 hours over the course of 2 months picking the brain of such sexual sadists trying to build an idea of the sort of person who would commit these types of offences.
Much like Clarice Starling picked the brain of Doctor Lector to help understand Buffalo Bill in the classic 1991 Oscar winning film, The Silence of the Lambs.
It was fruitless though, something was missing.
Until one day, a victim that was retrieved mutilated and still had their skin still present. Sometimes, they weren’t and apparently there were a lot of seasoned pathologists who couldn’t stomach the autopsy. The victim was found with all limbs intact but had shown a harrowing degree of sexual assault. The cause of death was a deep laceration to the trachea. Victim died of Asphyxiation.
The turning point of the investigation was a burn mark on the upper thigh and buttocks. A brand.
It was lacking in detail but with the help of the correct equipment it was clear. It was a butterfly. The symbol looked like a carrot shape with obscenely big ears for wings and then surrounded by a circle outline.
The image had been tattooed on to the victim, using an iron stencil, heated up to 270c. This had been pressed into the subjects steaming and blistering flesh causing a permeant scar matching the stencil. The BSU claimed it was because the killers now wanted to ‘own and possess’ their victims.
On March 2007, an Agent going by the name of Bill Johnson disputed the dual serial killer theory. He was heavily disputed and despite the damage it did to his credibility, he persevered. He went back through the archives of evidence, asked for bodies to be re-examined and upset a lot of families by asking for graves to be dug up so he could look for signs of burn marks on the bodies. He theorised that the murders were in fact being committed not by a man or a pair, but by a gang. He strongly believed that this was the work of a growing network of traffickers and that the girls and kids being taken were to be sold and traded off. This explained the consistency of sexual abuse in all the victims. The branding was also another tell-tale sign of sex traffickers. Those types of gangs refer to their women as ‘Livestock’ hence the brand. Also, it was rare that serial killers murdered such a wide range of ages, genders, races and sizes.
However, the one snag on his theory were the causes of death. They were a hard sell. The level of brutality wasn’t consistent with most trafficking gangs.
However, Agent Johnson had a gut feeling these weren’t your standard pimps.
Going back through the archives he found a case back in March 2006, around the time the cases believed to be linked to this gang, there was an incident where two young boys were out playing on their bikes.
Around 2.34pm they went missing. Bikes left on the roadside at the scene. The family were a wealthy couple.
The father was a CEO of a chain of Distribution centres in Atlanta. Mother a successful Psychotherapist.
They offered 100,000 USD for any information leading to the return of their two boys.
2 weeks passed with no sign. Local Police main suspect was a former business associate of the father, as their professional relationship took a sour turn a few months back, but that would soon be ruled out.
On the morning of the 15th day missing, the couple opened their mail box to find a parcel inside.
The contents of the parcel were every parents' worse nightmare.
Inside they found one toe and one finger from each of the boys. There was also a Memory stick.
On the stick, they found a video file around 14 seconds long. The video was apparently very disturbing displaying the two boys sat on a grubby old couch in what looked like a basement or storage unit.
They bound and gagged with wild pleading eyes being embraced by a man wearing a creepy rabbit mask.
Two other men were in the video who appeared to also be wearing masks. Their heads weren’t shown in the videos view but they both held tools.
One held a pair of bolt cutters over the wrist of the child on the left, whilst the other held a drill close the other kids eyeball, revving the drill whilst the kid's eyes bulged at the deadly power tool in profound terror.
It was hard to know which of them spoke due to the masks being worn but the voice instructed the family to pay 1 million dollars for the quick and painless death of the children. Failure to pay would result in another package every day.
The couple gave the police a week to try track down the kids but after the mother had to open the 6th parcel, she begged her husband to pay the money.
They did and the bodies were found 3 days later in a wooded area close to the family home. Both boys were killed by an opiate and tranquillizer overdose. The father was advised to identify the bodies alone.
Agent Johnson continued to try make the pieces fit and as he syphoned through the evidence, he found a lead. On the video the man holding the bolt cutters extends his arms to place the metal clamp around the child's arm. In doing so, his shirt sleeve retracts, revealing a tattoo on the wrist in the shape of circled butterfly.
The two cases were connected. He knew it but he just needed to corroborate it.
He was one man pushing the trafficking angle against a whole department who were looking for a pair of sadistic rapists. His credibility was shot, career faltering and he was cut off from the rest of the department.
There was only one guy who stuck by him in this period of time and that was his long-time partner Agent Danny Rodriguez. The two had worked together since Rodriguez had joined the bureau from Albuquerque PD from the Homicide department.
He was the only one who believed Bill could be right. He respected Johnsons opinions and decided the fact he was ruining his career for this one hunch meant he was certain on it.
The pair began to become the laughing stocks of Quantico. The two men had questioned a pair of highly distinguished agent’s profile of the killer and the cliquey nature of the Bureau meant they were completely and utterly alienated.
They were given the cold assignments for their trouble and for 4 months they worked long hours going over witness statements from 10 years ago, going back through hours of archived evidence and travelling over 2500 miles a week, living on nothing but Starbucks and Red Bull.
But as Irony and fate would have it, this is where the plot twist came. In August 2005, A young boy by the name of Kyle Taylor, aged 5 years old, went missing whilst on a family vacation to visit relatives in Atlanta. It was a particularly ghastly crime.
The boy had wandered away from the group of adults at a local shopping market at around 1.34pm in the afternoon. An eye-witness statement had said that they saw a man dressed in dark clothing with jet black hair had being leading the boy around the corner of the left side of the building. The witness noted the man was putting on a pair of gloves as they walked round the corner. They noted this as odd due to the weather in Atlanta that day as hitting the mid 90s that day. They didn’t think anything of it at the time until a few days later when the body of Kyle Taylor was found on the local railway track. The level of physical and sexual abuse inflicted on Kyle made this one of the most high-profile cases in the state of Georgia. An autopsy revealed he had been killed after he was run over by a train. Prior to his death, Kyle had been severely beaten with what the coroner deduced to be a blunt object with corners, most likely a brick or cinder block, to the point his skull had multiple fractures. He had severe tears and splinters detected inside his body from what was likely a tree branch or long wooden object forced up inside him. The autopsy revealed he had 7 fingers broken and had paint thrown into his face before his death.
After what was likely over 3 hours of trauma and agony, he was left for dead in, what I hope, an unconscious state on the tracks where he was eventually hit by a locomotive cutting his body in half.
The details of the case were released to the public and the locals were furious wanting justice for the obviously devastated parents. Knowing the pain and suffering the Taylor boy went through when just a few hours earlier he was being passed a freshly scooped ice cream by his doting mother whilst he sat on his daddy's shoulders.
There were a few harsh minded folks who blamed the parents for leaving their child and allowing him to be taken by such a sadistic individual. This made the trauma the pair were going through that much worse. Despite TV appeals, News coverage, and the Atlanta Police Department interviewing every registered sex offender in the area, there were no solid leads.
They had DNA evidence but no matches in the system. Eventually the case became cold and was forgotten as the city of Atlanta moved on from this horrific crime.
Johnson and Rodriguez were brought in by the APD in march 2007, after appeals from the Parents to help finally solve the case and find Justice for their little Kyle.
They came in and re-examined the profile that was done by the local police department. They had been looking for a man who knew the boy hence Kyle left with him so easily. The police spent most of the time with their prime suspect tag on Kyles uncle. He was apparently sick on the day of the murder and didn’t attend the Lenox Square Market on that day. Johnson and Rodriguez went over the statements of Kyles uncle and they didn’t think he fit the profile of the killer.
They deduced the police were under pressure to find a guilty party by how outraged the public had become. Ultimately, this meant the police had blinkers on when looking for the perp. The two feds knocked up a second profile of the killer.
Likely a local, having known the area well enough to know where he could take Kyle without being seen and where he could do what he needed to without being disturbed.
They decided he was likely watching the family rather than being opportunistic due to how well he snuck him out the shopping centre without being noticed by too many people.
They decided the check security CCTV from areas around the relative's home, looking for a man matching the description of the witness statement sculking around scouting the family's movements that day.
This is where the huge break in both cases came. A hardware store security cam caught a large man and a small boy matching the UNSUBs and Kyles description.
The significance is the store is in the total opposite direction of the route they took according to the witness statement.
The police originally decided the UNSUB had taken Kyle east, the quickest way to the rail road tracks but when there was nothing on CCTV, they assumed he’d bundled him into a car.
A search of Kyles uncle car yielded Kyles DNA which he plausibly had claimed was from a trip to ‘The Georgia Dome’ two days prior to his disappearance.
The rest of the family corroborated his version of events but as far as the police and public was concerned, it was just fuel to the fire.
Johnson and Rodriquez re-interviewed Kyles parents. They informed them that during the trip to the Georgia Dome two days earlier Kyle had wandered off a few times. He’d not gone far and was re-called as soon as they realised. He was apparently a bit of a monkey like that.
The Agents now had a better timeline of what actually happened.
The UNSUB had been watching Kyle. Not just for the day of the murder but extremely likely on the trip to the Dome two days earlier. He didn’t take Kyle on that day though.
He waited for the trip the market and took him on a dummy route before doubling back on the actual route with no traffic cameras.
The Agents took the descriptions of the UNSUB from the eye witness accounts and went back through CCTV cameras in the Area of the Georgia Dome.
They found around 11 men who matched the descriptions and biometrics of the UNSUB.
However, only one of them was once registered as living near the scene of the murder in the past 2 years thus having an extensive knowledge of the area and knowing how to avoid CCTV detection. Here was the final piece though, that one person once worked at the railway depot.
His name was Damian Ramsey.
They spoke to his former foreman down at the railway depot. The depot was scrapped as a place to unload freight in 2006 due to a track drainage issue that didn’t seem financially beneficial to rectify and the depot was moved to Hannover, West Virginia. The foreman recounted that Ramsey was never liked by his colleagues and he saw why. He was always late, usually came in high, was suspected of stealing money from co-workers and to be frank, never really seemed completely genuine.
Johnson had his man. He fit the description from the eye-witness statements, he was in the area on both occasions where the family ventured out on trips, he had knowledge of the area and knowledge of the murder scene and that it would be abandoned with no one to disturb him and he also seemed to tick a lot of boxes on what criminal profilers call the Psychopathy checklist.
They tracked him down on May 19th 2007 and brought him in for questioning.
The transcript from their interview is on the next part.
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2020.11.07 21:53 Somebody1_1 Inside camera during sex

Me - Male (18) | Her (18) Female
(read all before you want to comment if not then just don't thank you!)Hello, it's my first post in this kind of sub reddit and I decided to do it because im quite confused and I do get mixed signals from my best female friend, I know her for 11 months now, I did meet her online firstly on social media, the story is really long about it so if you want to have a read and give me some advice I would really appreciate it. So the first weeks of chatting with her from the day number 1 we really started to like each other and she was the first one to text me. I did make her laugh a lot actually and she enjoyed texting with me for the first night. Also just to say she accepted my friend request from about 400 boys that she showed me later on (not want to show off or anything just saying that maybe is important too).. Then from that day she started to call me just before school every single day, just to say we are the same age (18). So she started to call me every single day before she went to school with her camera on so we could see each other.
We have talked a lot about our schools, childhood, some funny stories, differences in our country actually because she does live in another country. Then we would message about 24/7 with each other and get to know each other really well and speak a bit about you know sexual stuff and she was the one that started the topic about it. She is not afraid or embarrassed to talk about it at all to be honest which is something uncommon in a girl these days i think. Next we started also to play video games together like League of Legends and stuff like that, just to say that im the one of the highest rank people(top 200 on EUNE server) and she is well a bit low but still it made me so happy she wanted to play with me and stuff like that, one day i asked her what else do you play and she said that there is that horse game and I'm playing that game with her since then (most guys honestly won't play it trust me, some how i do really enjoy it to be honest). Just to say what we have in common is that we are from the same Nationality, age, love animals & horses (horse girl), horse ridding, online games, great sense of humour, etc etc, so then one day she actually messaged send me a message with her feelings to me and said how happy she is when she talks to me and she cant stop smiling after our conversations etc. and I did feel the same for her and we have created feelings for each other without even meeting IRL yet at this point (i knew her for a bit over 2 months so far then). so lets fast forward now 4 months of that as you could say idk "online relationship?" not too sure most of you will find this really weird i guess so take distance please. She messaged me stuff also like "im annoying you?" "why are you so perfect" "why do you look so good" "you are really carrying I love that" "I love your voice" "You are just like me how is that possible" "you are so cute" "you are the best thing that happened to me, to meet you" " you are my Oasis of peace" "I cant stop thinking about you"
We are perfect for each other she said one day and she wants me so bad to just hug her, kiss her, spent the night in the room, her emotions gets so strong that she just said to me crying that she will always love me and that we should be just friends for now (wait for future and hope we will be together when I can be with her 24/7) and try to hide feelings because she doesn't want a boyfriend that would only come to her for example lets say "6 times a year" or even more im not sure but that's what she said, so we did stop then texting each other for like 3 days and then just started to try to be friends without calling you know cute nicknames, talking sexually, even just flirt or say some thing a long "I miss you" when by the mistake you know i forgot myself and I said to her in the end of the conversation "I love you" she just said "stop" started crying and left the call. From this point I just let it go with a big pain in my hurt, so I didn't message her, call her, nothing even when I play playing and I saw her playing too I just didn't react EVEN when she sent me a invite to a game I just did nothing, then fast forward 4 weeks, She messaged me that she needs help with one of her subjects because I did help her with Physics lets say for example and I did play on her account so she also technically needs me for that too because when someone calls her for lets say 1 vs 1 I just play on her account and people think it's her and I just win games for her and she did get a lot of you can say "best gaming girl in school" name when actually it's me just playing on her account in League of Legends.
Anyway so she messaged me to help her with her subject and I said to myself "I didn't talk to her and she didn't talk to me and she reach out so lets just see what happens" I just felt its right to help her because I really really really do like her if not more. So I did help her and say to her how it is and stuff and she actually get back to her ex boyfriend that cheated on her in the past. So It was just about 3 weeks away I was going to go and meet her and I asked her again "do you still want to meet me irl?" and she said "yes ofc I do" so from that day we did a small talk only because she did had a boyfriend irl that she had a lot of problems from the start she get backed to him that she told me later on but that's for later.. So we played a bit, we talked a bit, but no tension nothing just a me and my female friend that loved me in the past are playing a game and chatting right? So when the day come to meeting her, she come with her boyfriend and I come over with my best friend that she already knew IRL, we did meet we hugged and talked a bit, I did meet her boyfriend and seem like an okay dude not too sure IDK anything about him so you know. When we were talking and I looked at her eyes she started just to flick with her hair, give me that tension look for a bit and when she saw me looking she just looked away.
So I did meet her for 4 hours or so and then she went back home and I went back to my hotel, I also go to the shops before that with my best friend and stuff like that but you don't need to know that. So then as soon she went to the train she started to write to me and I did write with her full 30 minutes because then I was in the hotel. The next day I asked her if I can come over and maybe have talk, just walk with her when she goes out to walk a dog you know just to spent time with her just anything and she was really busy at the time and I did knew that but I still wanted to come and see her even for that 1 day which was the only day I saw her in real life. I did spent the rest of my days then to have fun with friends that I also wanted to meet, like my pack you can say, the boys, however the main reason was to meet her and I did, was really happy from that. One day from that week I randomly sent her a message which was "I'm really sorry that you find me so ugly" and she said "Who said that, I don't, haha why would you say that" etc etc.. so it was obviously kind of a joke because I know she does find me really attractive etc. So now we did started again to talk more and more and she did call me more often at least 2-3 times a day for about 50 min per call you can say, usually in the morning or when she wanted just to play with me and no one else.
One night which was quite recent her boyfriend cheated on her again and that happened in the past and it happened again, she called me crying, told me what happened even SHOW me the screen shots of their conversation about it and said what he said to her. So she was really crying and shacking and whatever even loosing a bit of breath because of crying. So some how I cheer her up a lot because at the end she was laughing so hard her stomach was sore.. so that was the greatest thing I could of done for her I think. Then after that she did spent a lot of time with me and her best female friend, we talked for hours and she actually started to flirt with me again, me, her and her friend talk about everything since then even about sex and just you know stuff like that, just to say none of us have done this before and that was probably one reason her boyfriend cheated on her again just because she didn't want to her sex with him and that made me just really angry that he wanted to make he do that when she didn't want so she just didn't and that's probably why they broke up.
If you want to know my feelings for her I can just say that I won't even make her do anything like that, I'm really truly sorry for her that this happened and she really loved that guy honestly before me she did and now after that break up I do get a lot of mixed signal from her, some times we talk sexually and have fun in playing video games together and sometimes we just talk, she showed me so many childhood photos of her and I did of me. Her parents really do like me and even asked me when do I can come over, she also said I can stay for the night, so I said I will be in December maybe depends on covid-19 situation, because her and her female friend invite me on new year's eve so it will be only me, her and her best friend. Plus I did have birthday few days ago and when I asked her what will I get from her she said I have to wait until I come over and and she does tease me a bit sexually, also when we talk about something she just say "don't worry I will share him(me) with you" it's just kind of flirty mixed signals or even just jokes maybe I guess IDK I do not think anything would happen but we see IDK. So that's my relationship so far with this girl and trust me there is a lot more to it and I did made it quite short for you just to give your opinion and ask questions. Also to add I do have her 24/7 on my head + a lot of songs that I listen to she also does and it just reminds me of her always even more which is quite a interesting feelings if you can say that..
I do have one question, she is really attractive and she sent me a lot of screen shots of guys trying to talk to her and stuff like that sometimes I did find it really funny what people say but now she also does have another friend that she talks to more and more and I did notice that because she told me and I do see that on her snapchat story that she puts a screen shot of talking to him for 3 hours and tag him etc.. and I'm really jealous inside IDK why, when I just see someone that I know is trying to be with her and honestly I can see that im just really jealous inside and im not sure what to do and expect now, I don't want to fight with her or anything because that's her choice what she does but I'm jealous and IDK what to do especially when we were together even as "online relationship" for 4 months something really happened to me and I'm really IDK if you can say in love but you know. She also gives me a lot of hints like she asks me "are you going to come here permanently one day?" and I said "I would have to have a really good reason" and she responded "Well you have a really good reason, ME!" or she even says now stuff like "I need you", sent a lot of emojis, hearts, what she does during the day and behaviours just like long time ago when she wanted to be with me. but now she also talks to that guy too and they see each other more IRL then I had with her and my feelings and my head is just about to explode. Any ideas or advice or just anything to say about that? Maybe she just want to make me jealous and I honestly don't react to that now because that's her business and I don't want to say "why do you talk to him" etc.. I do truly lover her and I want her to see that.. If so what should I say if I want to be with her etc, maybe she is just playing with me and doesn't want me anymore I just don't know... Or is she useing me?
Ps. sorry for grammar a bit. (English is not my first language lol)
**TL;DR;** : What to do to be with her again, or just what to do, how can I be with her?
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