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Videos showing interesting road situations. Collisions, close calls, and anything interesting.

2020.11.26 19:50 Standard-Bath-5722 Chat cam 18

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18 plus very active 500 members democracy discord super fun many type of people. Web cam among us chatting and plenty more! My discord went from 70 to almost 500 this week it's that amazing. submitted by bigbean2014 to AmongUsDiscord [link] [comments]

2020.11.18 18:09 accountforBSpurposes Chat cam 18

I was using one of those roulette camming sites and I connected with another dude. The guy said he was 23, which is cool, I'm 26, so we chatted for a few seconds and he mentioned he was into younger guys.
I thought he meant he liked guys who were 18-19. Nope, this guy said he likes people as young as 10.
I kinda froze up and just said "Yeah, that's a no for me." I was gonna report him but he skipped me before I had the chance.
Overall, nothing bad happened, but the interaction really left me with a disgusting feeling. Like he said it so non-chalantly, like it wasn't a big deal. And can't stop thinking, like what if that guy has hurt kids in his life?
It's one thing to know that pedophiles exist. It's another thing to actually have a conversation with them. Hopefully, I never have to again.
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2020.11.18 13:09 TelevisionMundane392 Chat cam 18

A quick bullet point on some of the things covered at a glance, more in depth details below about each point below.

  • In case you missed the title this is an 18+ game.
  • English Language.
Looking for:
  • Slightly flexible schedule.
  • Open communication.
  • Interest in the Module and it’s story.
  • Voice Chat, Webcam.
  • Atleast basic DnD 5E knowledge.
  • Decent human being.
Schedule I’m looking for 1 player to join a Ghosts of Saltmarsh Campaign. The game will generally be run weekly on Thursday evening at 7pm - 10pm GMT +1 however being slightly flexible to play another day every now and then would be a bonus (This is if something comes up for another player which shouldn’t be often). The main alternate day might be Saturday as it would also allow us to run for longer than three hours. If someone is scheduled for something IRL on a Thursday we may also change to another week-day for that week but it will be in the same time frame (again this should rarely be the case). Due to it being a 3 hour game make sure you minimise interruptions, try to eat before the game starts, grab a bottle/jug for drinks, ask others of your household to avoid interruptions during this time and so on. There will only be a short break in the middle of the game if any and doing all the mentioned things will maximise our play time. First and foremost I’m looking for this player to be consistent in turning up and this campaign might go beyond the length of the pandemic so it should fit your schedule long term, pandemic or not. I understand that life happens sometimes and it’s inevitable that some people will miss sessions but I expect you to try your best in making it to the game weekly and on time. If you know you can’t attend at any point please express this as soon as possible then I can plan what happens with your character and we can discuss whether we will continue playing without you or if it’s a big story moment whether we will wait. There will be a discussion if you miss sessions continuously.
- If your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet these requirements, then I wish you well in your search going forward -
I’m also looking for someone who has at least a basic understanding of DnD 5e and the rules. The campaign is likely going to be quite roleplay heavy and story driven so I’m looking for someone who’s comfortable with RP games but also accepting to others that might not be so confident. This campaign might well have you on a boat out at sea for a chunk of it, you should know what to do to entertain yourself at least a little bit (Roleplaying with the players, the crew, pursuing personal goals or hobbies, practising magic, whatever, just some examples by what I mean). Preferably with this in mind, I would rather your focus as the player be on creating a very good character roleplay wise, focus on flavour and backstory reasoning for why your character picks certain spells, skills, proficiencies, languages so on and so forth. It’s okay to finetune your character and their stats but if you’re just here to make the craziest most ridiculous build possible, be prepared for me to ask for change or even character retirement (if your character is ‘perfect’ then where is the story of development?).
A requirement to the character is they must want to protect and defend the town of Saltmarsh. A requirement to the player is they must want to be invested in the story and the Module that I am running. The character will tie into the world somewhere so if you’ve prepared your character in a vacuum and it’s not adaptable, then it’s not welcome here. Preferably you haven’t got a pre-made character at all and you will build it with me, the DM and adapt a bit to fit properly with the other player characters. That’s what session 0 will include. That being said an evil character or asshole character wouldn’t fit here at all, I'm not interested in the drama that might bring. Aswell I recommend you stay away from complex health conditions when it comes to your characters, I’m not interested in being a therapist in or out of game. I don’t wanna see characters with split personality disorders, short term memory, PTSD and so on. Be prepared for a game that moves between being serious at times but can also be light hearted, whimsical and humorous at others. We’re also looking for someone to potentially be friends with, I’ve played with people where only the people get together for DnD and that doesn’t work well from my experience. So let’s all get to know each other out of the game a bit too. Most importantly, I want that we all get along as people so that the game goes more smoothly. About us
There is currently one DM and three players who have all become friends through online DnD. You’re looking at an even split of two females and two males, with the DM being a female. We’re all in our 20s. I would say we’re a laid-back group while playing DnD and otherwise really. Every player has expressed roleplaying being their most favourite thing about DnD but they all love a good fight too.
Game stuff
Ghosts of Saltmarsh is going to be set in a world that I’m homebrewing and some things will be created and expanded around the players as the game goes on. The people of Saltmarsh are very weird towards almost anyone who isn’t human, elf, dwarf or halfling especially if they’re outsiders. Be prepared for them to act accordingly such as being afraid, act awkwardly and shy away from you, don’t take this personally towards you as the player. This might change depending on the actions of the players during the campaign. Some things can be altered for flavour but preferably stick to official content for classes, races and so on for mechanics. There are some races I prefer you would stay away from and they are Gnome and Drow but we might be able to make something work, there are plenty of other races that you play in this campaign though. Class wise, Artificer is the only one that needs a discussion depending on the subclass. Stats will be based on a point buy system which you can do here. . The world is huge and mostly water, it’s also not a mapped world so you’re sailing into unknown places with only rumour and word of mouth to go off sometimes. I hope to involve pirates, treasure maps, exploring unmapped islands, underwater adventures, underwater cultures, sea creatures and more. There is a trade goods system in place in the world, I have already made cheat sheets and a simple rule about making profits or losses, a ship requires management for food and crew payment etc. Don’t worry if this isn’t your jam as one player has already taken up this role and the cheats sheets would make the game smooth, meaning making a profit is simple and passive between the real adventure.
Technical stuff
Usually we use Teamspeak for voice chatting and Jitsi for webcam, we also use Discord for text chat and as a fall back on the occasion that Jitsi has issues. I am also using roll20 for the game but be prepared for a shift to Foundry Virtual Tabletop. All these applications are free to you. I can help you set these applications up but it’s fairly straightforward if you use a PC often. - On the mention of webcam you are not required to be on a webcam but some of us might be. If you do join us though that’s awesome. We also take breaks from cam on and off whenever the individual feels like so you don’t have to be on cam 100% of the time if you don’t want to. The reason we use webcam is we’ve found a better connection to people when we can see each other. Gestures, body language and facial expressions all add to the experience of roleplay and acting out your character. We were all nervous to start with and it’s completely normal. We’re certainly not going to judge you and we expect the same behaviour from you. I, the DM, usually sit in PJs by that time so feel free to do the same, grab a hot drink and a snug blanket if you want while we get into the story. Are you Interested ? I’ll explain more to the chosen player as there is too much more to say here but if you think you meet the requirements I’ve asked about and are excited for this kind of sea adventure please private message me. If you need some ideas on what to say: Let me know about yourself, your personality and, if you wish, your personal interests and hobbies. What do you like in DnD? ( roleplay, exploration, combat and so on). Your experiences. Why this might be a good fit for you. Address anything I’ve said about schedule and what works for you, whether you can be flexible at times and any interruptions you may have. Let me know how you feel about the module, what you're excited about or what expectations you might have just from the title or cover. Any wishes you would have from the adventure. Try to address everything I’ve said in your response, you can be brief but let me know what you agree or disagree with. Side note: I’ll start this game hopefully before the end of this year, I want everything to be in place before I run. So, if you wanna speed things up take initiative and contact me about building your character if you’re picked. I know a new game can be exciting but please don’t pressure me to start it immediately, thank you. How it works Some people will be picked from private messages and I will probably respond with a message and a Discord invite. We would love to just talk and get to know you before we start the campaign to see if it fits all of us, you might have questions or minor concerns that you want to clear up before we start. Preferably, let’s meet on a webcam for the first time so we can get the awkwardness of it out of the way. :)
Remember I only need one player so please don’t take it personally if you aren’t chosen, it’s likely many people would fit. Questions ?
Any further questions please ask below as others may have the same ones and they can just take a look to see if it’s already been asked. Thank you for your time.
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2020.11.10 02:43 kiengiahung Chat cam 18

TOP 5 công ty thiết kế nhà đẹp tại Nghệ An uy tín giá rẻ Hiện nay trên thị trường có rất nhiều công ty thiết kế nhà. Và việc tìm cho mình một công ty uy tín giá rẻ không dễ chút nào. Vậy làm thế nào để tìm được công ty thiết kế nhà đẹp tại Nghệ An ? Cùng theo dõi bài viết sau để tham khảo TOP 5 công ty thiết kế nhà đẹp tại Nghệ An uy tín giá rẻ hiện nay được nhiều khách hàng lựa chọn nhé.
TOP 1 : Công ty thiết kế và thi công nhà đẹp Kiến Gia Hưng Kiến Gia Hưng được biết đến là một trong những đơn vị thiết kế nhà đẹp tại Nghệ An uy tín hiện nay. Với lĩnh vực hoạt động chính là thiết kế kiến trúc, thiết kế nội thất và thi công nhà trọn gói. Chúng tôi luôn mang lại những dịch vụ tốt nhất cho khách hàng. Một số dịch vụ được cung cấp bởi Kiến Gia Hưng :
  • Thiết kế nhà phố, thiết kế biệt thự, thiết kế khách sạn, thiết kế nhà xưởng.
  • Thiết kế showroom, thiết kế trường học, thiết kế nội thất massage, thiết kế quán cafe.
  • Thiết kế nội thất nhà phố, thiết kế nội thất biệt thự, khách sạn,....
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  • Sửa chữa nhà – cải tạo nhà, cải tạo sửa chữa khách sạn,...
  • Xin phép xây dựng, hoàn công.
Với nhiều năm hoạt động trong lĩnh vực thiết kế và thi công nhà đẹp. Kiến Gia Hưng đã mang lại hàng ngàn công trình lớn nhỏ khác nhau cho khách hàng. Chúng tôi có đội ngũ KTS giàu kinh nghiệm, đầy nhiệt huyết luôn mang lại những bản thiết kế đẹp thể hiện rõ phong cách của công ty chúng tôi. Nếu bạn còn băn khoăn chưa biết lựa chọn đơn vị nào thì Kiến Gia Hưng chính là một gợi ý mà bạn không nên bỏ qua.

Kiến trúc Kiến Gia Hưng
Địa chỉ: Tầng 510 – Chung cư Handico A2 – TP Vinh – Nghệ An
Điện thoại: 0967 906 268
Mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Giờ mở cửa: 8:00 đến 18:00 tất cả các ngày trong tuần.
TOP 2 : Thiết kế nhà đẹp Tân Á Thiết kế nhà đẹp Tân Á được thành lập từ tâm huyết và lòng yêu nghề của KTS cùng đội ngũ nhân viên lành nghề. Công ty đã không ngừng phát triển và nâng cao hệ thống quản lý. Và tạo dựng thương hiệu cho riêng mình. Thiết kế nhà đẹp Tân Á được biết đến như một trong những công ty thiết kế nhà đẹp có uy tín tại Nghệ An. Hoạt động trên lĩnh vực chính là thiết kế kiến trúc và thiết kế nội thất. Những lý do bạn nên lựa chọn dịch vụ chính của Thiết kế nhà đẹp Tân Á:
  • Phong cách thiết kế mới lạ, mẫu mã ĐA DẠNG - ĐỘC ĐÁO.
  • Với đội ngũ chăm sóc tư vấn chuyên nghiệp. Giải đáp mọi thắc mắc, tổ kiến trúc sư nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực thiết kế.
  • Cam kết bản vẽ đầy đủ chi tiết, hồ sơ kết cấu điện nước.
  • Thiết kế theo phong thủy , phân chia bố trí công năng hợp lý. Phương án lấy sáng giao thông đi lại khoa học nhất.
  • Giám sát hỗ trợ đồng hành cùng chủ nhà trong quá trình thi công tới khi hoàn thiện.
Bạn đang băn khoăn về vấn đề thiết kế Kiến trúc – Nội thất cho công trình của mình. Đến với Nhà đẹp Tân Á các bạn sẽ được tư vấn về mọi vấn đề liên quan đến thiết kế và thi công nhà.
  • Trụ sở chính: Tầng 2 số 103 Nguyễn Du - Tp Vinh
  • Hotline: 0949 992 666 - 0947 337 333.
  • Giờ mở cửa: 8:00 đến 18:00 tất cả các ngày trong tuần.
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  • Chi phí sản phẩm thấp nhất
  • Giá trị thẩm mỹ cao nhất
  • Thời gian hoàn thành nhanh nhất.
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2020.11.09 20:02 mr_tyler_durden Chat cam 18

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update November 9, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Check your registration status, ballot status, or how to vote here!
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Watch here:

  • 122,567 Cases (+1,745), 1,576 Deaths (+11)
  • New cases by county: 372x Jefferson, 255x Fayette, 94x Lee, 61x Bell, 59x Boone, 52x Daviess, 52x Kenton, 40x Pike, 38x McCracken, 30x Campbell, 29x Nelson, 28x Hardin, 25x Boyle, 25x Graves, 24x Bullitt, 23x Madison, 22x Warren, 18x Perry, 17x Barren, 16x Greenup, 15x Pulaski, 14x Oldham, 14x Scott, 14x Shelby, 13x Boyd, 13x Knott, 13x Whitley, 12x Estill, 12x Monroe, 11x Grayson, 11x Hopkins, 10x Henderson, 10x Marshall, 10x Montgomery, 9x Clark, 9x Jessamine, 9x Marion, 9x Spencer, 8x Henry, 8x Livingston, 7x Floyd, 7x Grant, 7x Lawrence, 7x Logan, 7x Mason, 7x Ohio, 7x Rowan, 6x Bourbon, 6x Calloway, 6x Franklin, 6x Hancock, 6x Harlan, 6x Muhlenberg, 6x Webster, 5x Allen, 5x Ballard, 5x Breckinridge, 5x Johnson, 5x Meade, 5x Taylor, 5x Woodford, 4x Crittenden, 4x Gallatin, 4x Hart, 4x Knox, 4x Larue, 4x Laurel, 4x McLean, 4x Simpson, 4x Trigg, 4x Union, 4x Washington, 4x Wayne, 3x Carlisle, 3x Carter, 3x Clay, 3x Elliott, 3x Letcher, 3x Martin, 3x Metcalfe, 3x Powell, 3x Robertson, 3x Wolfe, 2x Adair, 2x Bath, 2x Breathitt, 2x Christian, 2x Edmonson, 2x Garrard, 2x Green, 2x Jackson, 2x Lewis, 2x Morgan, 2x Owen, 2x Pendleton, 2x Russell, 1x Bracken, 1x Caldwell, 1x Casey, 1x Clinton, 1x Fleming, 1x Fulton, 1x Harrison, 1x Hickman, 1x Lyon, 1x Magoffin, 1x Trimble
  • New deaths by county: 67 M Adair, 66 M Bullitt, 78 F Bullitt, 70 M Bullitt, 43 F Fayette, 50 F Graves, 73 M Green, 96 F Hancock, 95 F Hardin, 92 M Hardin, 81 F Jefferson
  • Good News.
    • 1. The first piece of good news, and it's still very preliminary, is today we heard from Pfizer, one of the companies developing vaccines for COVID, that early indications and analysis are that their virus may be 90% effective, their vaccine may be 90% effective against this virus. It's too early to take that to the bank but folks that, if it holds, is a game changer and really good news.
    • 2. To pioneer a first-of-its-kind line of highly durable engineered hardwood flooring AHF Products plans to invest $2.5M, and create 20 Kentucky resident full time jobs at Somerset facility, early next year. The new product and resulting expansion will also help retain 145 good paying jobs at that facility, while securing long term viability, which ought to give comfort to all of those families that rely on those jobs
    • 3. To build on these efforts I'm pleased to announce that we're launching a new campaign today to create awareness about work-ready Kentucky scholarships. And that's a program designed to help adults get access to education and increase their employability. The work-ready Kentucky scholarships provide free or reduced tuition for Kentucky adults to take industry specific short-term courses that prepare them to get to work in weeks, or they can even choose to earn an associate's degree. Multiple Kentucky colleges and universities offer more than 350 courses in high demand programs in healthcare, manufacturing, business, IT, construction,, skilled trades, transportation, and logistics.<...>Learn about this program by visiting and chat with a counselor online by calling 833-711-WRKS(9757)
    • 4. Mask Up KY Media Below.
  • Also concerning in this surge- because it's not just numbers of cases, it's the positivity rate, and it's our inpatient census. These are numbers of people in the hospital with COVID we see it steadily creeping up, day after day after day and it's no longer just just creeping up. And because we have more cases, we have more people that aren't just in the hospital, they're fighting for their lives in the intensive care unit, that graph looks even more concerning with a pretty sharp increase.
  • So, we are at an all-time level of high or new weekly cases, again, we are at an all-time high for a number of Kentuckians in the hospital for COVID-19, an all-time high for the number of Kentuckians in the ICU, and an all-time high for the number of Kentuckians on a ventilator for COVID-19. Every one of our metrics has reached new highs just in the last one day or so. Those numbers continue to show signs of increasing and in fact, the growth from last week was probably not quite as high as it might have been because people were exercising our democracy and voting last week. And so I suspect that that has some effect on the testing that was done last week. So we will see where this week heads, but if Monday is any sign we are going to set a new record this week as well. <...>
  • Just to put this in context, It took us almost 15 weeks, the first 15 weeks of this pandemic in Kentucky, just to get to the number of cases we had last week alone. So you're talking about three and a half to four months worth of time it took when we started this on March 6. We were all the way into the middle of June before we would have had the same number of cases that we had in just one week alone, last week.<...>
  • If we have a vaccine that could prevent 90% of infections when people are exposed, that's a game changer. That alone, could help dramatically blunt or change the trajectory of this pandemic and help protect us and keep us able to go and do other activities the way we used to know it. But it will take all of next year, in order for us to vaccinate the bulk of the American people and so we're going to still have to do these measures to keep ourselves safe in the meantime. Remember that only one vaccine- there'll be about 50 million doses at maximum before the end of the year, if it is approved, 50 million doses is only enough for 25 million people because it's a two-dose vaccine. We're going to ask the public to please be patient as we do this. We will make sure we inform you that we are comfortable with the safety and the effectiveness of the vaccine here in Kentucky before we deploy it. And if we are, then we will deploy it as efficiently and in partnership with the federal government as rapidly as we possibly can to the most vulnerable and in a phased manner consistent with the guidance of the federal government will release for us.<...>
  • Hi Governor, this might be a Dr Stack question but I've received inquiries from a number of older folks, say 60 or over, who wonder where they fit in, in the vaccine priority if they don't have say a comorbidity or live in some sort of setting like assisted living or nursing home, they're just regular folks without comorbidities with where do they count? When it comes to the CDC phases? -- .
  • Thank you Governor. So when the FDA approves a vaccine, I don't know which ones, but when they approve a vaccine or vaccines, they have a committee at the CDC, called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. They'll review the characteristics of a specific vaccine or vaccines and recommend which populations would most benefit from it and then recommend a phasing of who should get it first. In Phase One will do first health care workers and first responders at highest risk, then we'll move on quickly in phase One-B as doses are available to people who are at highest risk and so they'll have recommendations for which populations are most vulnerable and highest risk. That would include people with major medical problems, advanced age, nursing home, or other, what we call, congregate care living, people who are in confined spaces, who can't be protected the same. Phase Two will involve all the other people with elevated risk factors, and other essential workers of sorts, if you will, so we can get back to the most important activities in society. Phase Three will be everybody in phase four will be to catch anyone that we missed in the first three phases. So vulnerable folks will be at the very front of the line right after health care workers upon whom they relied to keep them safe in their times of illness.
  • Alright. Let's see, there's a question here about people who have been positive and haven't heard from a contact tracer?-- Bluntly? We have so many cases that our contact tracers can't get to calling everyone. It's overwhelmed the system we've set up and it's doing this, everywhere. Contact tracing is effective, if we are doing everything else: Masks, social distancing, and the rest that lessen cases. And let me tell you, please, if you haven't been called, and you're calling somebody, I know it's because you're worried and you want to do the right thing, just remember those people that you're calling are trying their hardest every day. So please try to treat them with respect, even though I know you're anxious and probably scared.
  • Now, if you haven't been called and you're positive there's some first a couple things you ought to do. Number one, isolate yourself. Number two, talk to your family, get your family tested, they need to also, if they've been in that close contact, quarantine. You need to be in touch with your employer, you need to be in touch with those that you know you have had significant close contact with. Those are all things that you don't have to hear from a contract tracer to do, and they're the right things to do.
  • We saw the change in the travel advisor today. Do you expect to tighten those recommendations or broaden them to all states ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday? -- Thanksgiving we're gonna have some guidance that will come out. The Thanksgiving travel isn't as big of a concern about where you're going, it's what you're going to. It's that these family gatherings are spreading COVID, like crazy. We're seeing more spread and family gatherings than just about anywhere else that we're seeing spread everywhere. It's a place and a time where people let their guard down and it's heartbreaking when you see these situations where families got together because they love one another and then they're losing one another because of it.
  • Slides from Update
Full Notes
  • Hi everybody, it's four o'clock, that time we get together, Monday through Thursday to remember that: we're gonna get through this, and we're gonna get through this together. I want to start off by thanking Lincoln County High School for providing my mask today and for everything it is doing to keep its students safe. I appreciate their principal Michael Godbey and everything that they are doing in following guidelines, making sure that they're doing right by their students. So today, we're gonna have another tough COVID report, but we always start with good news of the day.
  • The first piece of good news, and it's still very preliminary, is today we heard from Pfizer, one of the companies developing vaccines for COVID, that early indications and analysis are that their virus may be 90% effective, their vaccine may be 90% effective against this virus. It's too early to take that to the bank but folks that, if it holds, is a game changer and really good news. While our times are very dark right now and we need a lot more out of everybody to get through this really seeing a potential light at the end of the tunnel and of a world beyond COVID, maybe being able to see it just became a whole lot easier. The question will be if that holds between now and then, between now and the time it would take to distribute it to everybody who needs it. Are we willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to save the maximum number of lives? That is good news, and Dr Stack’s going to talk about it a little bit more as we move forward.
  • Other good news today, some really good news for Pulaski County, as one of the area's top employers is launching a new, innovative product line that will secure dozens of jobs at it's Kentucky manufacturing plant and create additional opportunities for Kentuckians. To pioneer a first-of-its-kind line of highly durable engineered hardwood flooring AHF Products plans to invest $2.5M, and create 20 Kentucky resident full time jobs at Somerset facility, early next year. The new product and resulting expansion will also help retain 145 good paying jobs at that facility, while securing long term viability, which ought to give comfort to all of those families that rely on those jobs. While these jobs could have easily gone elsewhere, our highly skilled workforce here in Kentucky played a key role in the company's decision to install this product line and expand in Somerset. Because of our advantages, and the company's commitment to US manufacturing, AHF leaders opted to manufacture its new flooring in Somerset, rather than doing so at a plant in Cambodia. Work on the expansion began immediately and the new line is scheduled to begin operating in February. This project demonstrates both our state's excellent manufacturing and our manufacturers’ continued commitment to creating high quality jobs as we don't go back to an old normal but we build a better Kentucky for all. I want to thank AHF Products for choosing the Commonwealth for this expansion, and for maintaining and creating important opportunities for our Kentucky residents. Again, I think right now, we all need good news. This is good news, and on the job front, on the long term investment front, on the infrastructure front, we are seeing that good news. And maybe now we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and how to get out of the darkness that we are in; but we want that future to be as bright as it can. These types of announcements, this amount of work, are about getting there.
  • And so is this next announcement because if we truly want the future that we are looking for a future for all Kentuckians: education is the answer. So as many of you all are aware that education is a core value, value in my administration. From the beginning, we've been committed to providing greater access to educational opportunities for Kentucky's families. To build on these efforts I'm pleased to announce that we're launching a new campaign today to create awareness about work-ready Kentucky scholarships. And that's a program designed to help adults get access to education and increase their employability. The work-ready Kentucky scholarships provide free or reduced tuition for Kentucky adults to take industry specific short-term courses that prepare them to get to work in weeks, or they can even choose to earn an associate's degree. Multiple Kentucky colleges and universities offer more than 350 courses in high demand programs in healthcare, manufacturing, business, IT, construction,, skilled trades, transportation, and logistics. And as you know, we're fortunate in this state to be one Team Kentucky, to have a lot of really talented people out there that care so much about the people around us, some of which have some incredible musical talent. And we are especially thankful to one of those whose talent is leading his voice and serving as a spokesperson for this campaign. B. Stille, from the best selling hip hop group “Nappy roots”. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, B. Stille. So let's wish him a happy birthday but let's also take a minute to hear his story, and the importance of an educational journey, and what it can mean to all Kentuckians.
  • Video: I graduated high school 17, went straight to college, and I get a phone call and Atlantic Records is like “We want to sign you guys” and so I told my mother I said “This is what I've always wanted to do, music-wise”, she made me promise her to, you know, if I went off and follow my dreams that I was going to go back to school and get my degree at some point. And so yeah, so I went off in, you know, Nappy Roots was born. I made good on my promise to my mother. I graduated actually last May 2019. I started getting into business and I started a company, and not really having the full education, you know book-wise, you know I just kind of needed to know that, I guess the formula of how to run a successful business and so I went back to school for organizational leadership. I believe that education is the one thing that somebody, nobody, can take away from you. The work ready Kentucky scholarship pays tuition for Kentuckians who want to earn a degree in a high demand career field. This whole program is amazing because they offer a lot of different skill sets: so, if you want to get into healthcare, if you want to get into manufacturing, and the best thing is it's free, and you don't have to worry about accumulating a bunch of debt, you know, so I got you, I get it, trust me. I'm hooking you up. If I can do it, anybody can do it actually. You know I'm rushing to get my assignments in before, you know, it’s showtime. You know so I'm like on the side stage “Okay, let me finish this last little paragraph”, you know, send it and then go on and do my show. So know, y'all know the number, you know the website, you know, tell them B. Stille sent you, I promise you, they'll hook you up.
  • Well thank you to B. Stille for not just those inspiring words and his story, but to take the time with, with everything that he has going on because of his belief in this program about providing additional educational opportunities to adults and a better future, because education doesn't just unlock potential for the next generation, it's there right now for you. Whether it's our free GED program, or this work ready program. The tools are there for all of us, all of us to improve our lives and yes, there are barriers out there and there are more barriers out there for some than the others. But please work with us, the potential that we have as a Commonwealth goes right along with the potential of our people. And the more people who take advantage of this, who just accept a little bit of help, can unlock so much potential for a brighter future. So here's how the scholarship works: it covers the remaining costs of tuition and fees after federal, state, and campus grants and scholarships are applied. It provides up to 60 hours of tuition for anyone who has not yet earned an Associate Degree or above. The scholarship awards cannot exceed the in-state tuition and fee rate for enrollment at KCTCS and awards are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Last I want to thank the Kentucky lottery for funding the scholarship and the many partners and campuses that have come together to help our families during this pandemic. Learn about this program by visiting and chat with a counselor online by calling 833-711-WRKS(9757) to speak with a counselor by phone. During this time, let's better ourselves, let's better our Commonwealth. We see now how much we miss so many different things and how we all want to improve ourselves as we've struggled with our mental and physical health during all of this, this is a chance to be better coming out of it. And what better thing to do to keep your spirits up during all of this and to better your life, and better your education, so please take advantage of this program.
  • Alright, and end of good news is we still have a lot of people out there doing the right thing, masking up each and every day because of how critical it can be just want to give you two examples today.
  • Alright, so we've gone through good news and there's good news out there. We've gone through a little good news on the virus and there's at least some initial good news out there about this potential vaccine. But the bad news is the reality of the moment. And the reality of the moment is this thing is spreading significantly. Let's bring up our, what we call our stair stepper chart, which shows you how much this is increasing week over week. And it's really concerning. This last week was our highest week ever. Week before that was the highest week ever until last week, and so on, and so on. Right now- I mean you look at a week where we had 12,196 cases. Something that we might not have even believed was possible before. But it means it is everywhere, everywhere, and it's affected, in some way, everybody's family or extended family out there. If you don't believe that, open your ears, open your eyes, open your heart and you will see the pain and the suffering that is currently occurring in Kentucky. And it's not just the cases are increasing, our positivity rate is also increasing. And what that shows you is this isn't more cases because we're doing more testing, more of our testing is coming back positive, even with the additional testing. That means that there is more virus out there. And as you look at it, the concern here is now a steady, steady increase in positivity rate. That's what we have seen in other areas where the virus has just exploded, and where they are now worried about the number of hospital beds. And so what this oughta tell you is, there's no way to deny or rationalize it, we are in a significant surge. If you're not wearing a mask, we can't stop the surge, and you're not protecting yourself. Very simply right now with the amount of virus, if you're not wearing a mask you're putting yourself at a real and significant risk of contracting COVID. So we need you to do the right things for your community, but you ought to be doing the right things for yourself right now because there's so much virus out there you're putting yourself at a much higher likelihood of catching up, given the number of counties that are red. You know concerns about this surge are the sheer numbers that are happening everywhere, which means we're not going to bring in healthcare workers from other places like what happened in New York where they were able to get help. If everywhere is surging, we're going to end up on our own and taking care of individuals in this state. That means if we get overrun, if we don't have enough staff and hospitals, guess what? It's our neighbors, our friends, maybe even our family that won't get the full treatment that they need. And that ought to make all of us committed to doing everything we can to lower the number of cases. Heck, it could be you, it could be me that is in there in need. And with this number of cases, it presents huge amounts of challenges. It presents some for our local health departments too. We have so many cases right now there's no way they can contact trace all of them, there's just too many. For contact tracing to be really effective we got to push our cases down. If you are positive and you haven't gotten a call from a contact tracer, sadly it's because there are that many other positive people out there. So many that it overwhelms every system that we create, including Long Term Care. If you have nursing homes in your community and your community is red, we're gonna see more cases and more death in those homes because you can't keep it out at that point. So we got to have the all in, everybody working, in every community, to lessen that spread.
  • Also concerning in this surge- because it's not just numbers of cases, it's the positivity rate, and it's our inpatient census. These are numbers of people in the hospital with COVID we see it steadily creeping up, day after day after day and it's no longer just just creeping up. And because we have more cases, we have more people that aren't just in the hospital, they're fighting for their lives in the intensive care unit, that graph looks even more concerning with a pretty sharp increase. Today, when we get to the report, is the highest number of individuals we have ever had in the ICU, it's right about 300. Now that means that there are 300 Kentuckians, just today, that are fighting for their lives needing intensive care. And this last one is really tough because it's Kentuckians on a ventilator. And we're seeing more and more and more Kentuckians needing a ventilator. And that's, I mean it can get real serious before a ventilator, but when you have more cases, you have more people who are potentially spreading it- asymptomatic, you have more people who are symptomatic may have mild symptoms, you have more people who are symptomatic with severe uncomfortable symptoms, you have more long haulers, more people that are going to suffer from this for months, some who got it even in March are still not over what it is. We have this many cases we're going to have more of the inflammatory condition that happens in children, you have more cases you're gonna have more people that need hospitalization that need the ICU and there's going to be more people who pass away. In many ways, how much harm we have, how much loss we have, is based on the numbers of people that are getting the virus. And that's all directly related to our efforts, or lack of effort to stop it.
  • Positive cases today: 1,745 - Our highest Monday ever.
  • Probable cases: 20,194
  • Total confirmed cases: 122,567
  • Children Under 18: 197 - and that's just today
  • Jefferson and Fayette still hit pretty hard
  • New cases by county: 372x Jefferson, 255x Fayette, 94x Lee, 61x Bell, 59x Boone, 52x Daviess, 52x Kenton, 40x Pike, 38x McCracken, 30x Campbell, 29x Nelson, 28x Hardin, 25x Boyle, 25x Graves, 24x Bullitt, 23x Madison, 22x Warren, 18x Perry, 17x Barren, 16x Greenup, 15x Pulaski, 14x Oldham, 14x Scott, 14x Shelby, 13x Boyd, 13x Knott, 13x Whitley, 12x Estill, 12x Monroe, 11x Grayson, 11x Hopkins, 10x Henderson, 10x Marshall, 10x Montgomery, 9x Clark, 9x Jessamine, 9x Marion, 9x Spencer, 8x Henry, 8x Livingston, 7x Floyd, 7x Grant, 7x Lawrence, 7x Logan, 7x Mason, 7x Ohio, 7x Rowan, 6x Bourbon, 6x Calloway, 6x Franklin, 6x Hancock, 6x Harlan, 6x Muhlenberg, 6x Webster, 5x Allen, 5x Ballard, 5x Breckinridge, 5x Johnson, 5x Meade, 5x Taylor, 5x Woodford, 4x Crittenden, 4x Gallatin, 4x Hart, 4x Knox, 4x Larue, 4x Laurel, 4x McLean, 4x Simpson, 4x Trigg, 4x Union, 4x Washington, 4x Wayne, 3x Carlisle, 3x Carter, 3x Clay, 3x Elliott, 3x Letcher, 3x Martin, 3x Metcalfe, 3x Powell, 3x Robertson, 3x Wolfe, 2x Adair, 2x Bath, 2x Breathitt, 2x Christian, 2x Edmonson, 2x Garrard, 2x Green, 2x Jackson, 2x Lewis, 2x Morgan, 2x Owen, 2x Pendleton, 2x Russell, 1x Bracken, 1x Caldwell, 1x Casey, 1x Clinton, 1x Fleming, 1x Fulton, 1x Harrison, 1x Hickman, 1x Lyon, 1x Magoffin, 1x Trimble
  • Total tests conducted: 2,248,085 (PCR: 2,085,875, Serology: 87,690)
  • Positivity Rate: 7.49% - highest since May 5th. And remember back in May without as much testing as we have now we were saying make sure you're sick when you go and get tested and we're now there
  • Total hospitalized: 8,274
  • Currently hospitalized: 1,133
  • Total in ICU: 2,113
  • Currently in ICU: 300 - This is the highest ever. Since yesterday, just since yesterday, though this could be an effect of the weekend, but yesterday, Friday, doesn't matter-- 21 new people in the ICU
  • On a ventilator: 142
  • Total recovered: 22,942
  • New deaths today: 11
  • Total Deaths: 1,576
  • Remember that Mondays are typically our lowest days and used to be our lowest by a lot because so many labs are closed on Sundays. Yet we have our 11th highest day ever and it's on a Monday, which makes what's going to come this week pretty concerning and we ought to brace ourselves for the numbers. Because even with the efforts we're making, and we need to be making them, especially our red county reduction recommendations- the results trail the numbers we see now because it takes a little bit of time to turn things around. So remember if you are in one of those Red Zone counties, you have got to be following these recommendations. This thing is already out of control, and this is your best option to get it back in control, but everybody's got to do their part. If the school system is doing its part, but business and government aren't operating as virtually as they can, we cannot get it under control. If business and government is doing their part, but a school system isn't and/or we're doing a lot of public events we can't get it under control. It's everybody at the same time, working together to do the things that we know that lessen the virus. It's not a puzzle to work out, we know the steps to take, but it is a team endeavor. And if the entire team in a community isn't doing its part; and in fact, some people are going against the recommendations, you can’t expect to get it under control, more people will get it, more of your neighbors will suffer. So, let's do the right thing, let's pull our own weight, let’s everybody pull our weight to make sure that we are making our communities safer. Because what follows high numbers of cases? More death. Today we're announcing 11 new deaths again Mondays are typically really low on that account too. It brings our total number of lost to 1,576 Kentuckians, people we love and care about, families that are devastated, people that need our help. Today they include people in their 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s. It's really starting to affect everybody and it has been affecting everybody.
  • New deaths by county: 67 M Adair, 66 M Bullitt, 78 F Bullitt, 70 M Bullitt, 43 F Fayette, 50 F Graves, 73 M Green, 96 F Hancock, 95 F Hardin, 92 M Hardin, 81 F Jefferson
  • All losses are a loss for Kentucky. Let’s light those houses up green and let’s ring those bells at 10am. This is a reminder that we are thinking of the Kentuckians we’ve lost, their families, and their communities. It’s the color of compassion and renewal as their souls move from their bodies to a better place.
  • Racial breakdown of all cases: 82.36% Caucasian, 10.65% Black or African-American, 1.47% Asian, 5.11% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all cases: 91.13% non-Hispanic and 8.87% Hispanic
  • Racial breakdown of all deaths: 84.40% Caucasian, 11.78% Black or African-American, 0.89% Asian, 2.93% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all deaths: 96.96% non-Hispanic and 3.04% Hispanic
  • Long term care facilities, where we had the virus really tamped down, but with so much community spread it's inevitable to get in unless the community can come together, follow the recommendations, and lower the number of cases.
  • Long Term Care Facilities (PDF): 56 new residents and 59 new staff positive from yesterday, and 34 more deaths. A number of those from the Veterans Center in Wilmore. I think I have a question, we'll give you another update on that but just- I mean, because of the amount of community spread we're even losing our heroes that it's our job to protect later in life.
    • Total facilities: 669
    • Total deaths: 961
    • Active cases: 1280 residents, 751 staff
    • Total cases: 7103 residents, 5024 staff
  • Day Care Facilities: 12 new facilities, 13 new staff, 7 new children. 376 facilities, 316 staff, 223 children,
  • K-12 Update (PDF): PDF update only
  • University Update (PDF): PDF update only
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.11.09 18:52 Pristine-Engine4388 Chat 18 cam

Agent Johnson: It is 11.34am and the date is May 19th 2007. For the purposes of the DIR, the participants in this criminal interview are myself, Agent Bill Johnson. Also present, Agent Danny Rodriguez. Under federal arrest and cautioned is Damian Ramsey. He is here today in regards to an incident in Ormewood, Georgia, that occurred on 12th august 2005. The abduction, rape and murder of 5-year-old Kyle Taylor. Mr Ramsey has waived his right to legal representation. Can everyone just confirm their presence for the purpose of the tape?
Agent Rodriguez: Daniel Rodriguez, Present.
Damian Ramsey: Ask and you shall receive. I am here! In the flesh.
Rodriguez: please state your full name Mr Ramsey and indicate your presence. No need for the theatrics.
Ramsey: Damian Clive Ramsey. Present.
Johnson: Ok thank you. Mr Ramsey, do you understand the charges against you?
Ramsey: Well either it’s a federal crime to be devilishly handsome or this is about that poor young ‘un who got his self gotten by that rascal of an uncle of his. It’s always a family member aint it? Yaknow I read somewhere that 82% of all child murders are committed by a parent or some other close relative! I was like ‘stop the god damn world and let me off this sumbitch.’ ya know what I mean?
Johnson: yeah, that statistic is unfortunately true Mr Ramsey... But it also means that 18% of the time it isn’t. It means that 18% of the time it's an opportunistic psychopath. Someone who sees a chance to satisfy his needs and takes it. With no regard for the pain and suffering it will cause. And in the case of Kyle Taylor, we believe it was someone from the 18%.
Ramsey: Meaning me I presume?
Johnson: For the purpose of the DLR, Agent Rodriquez is showing Mr Ramsey Item Reference DR-342, an image capture from an internal store CCTV camera at Holdens DIY store on Beck road, Ormewood. The image shows a man matching the description of Mr Ramsey walking with a boy matching the description of Kyle Taylor. The man's left hand is on the back of the boy's neck and appears to be gloved. Ushering him in the direction of the old Ormewood freight and rail depot. Is this you in this Image Mr Ramsey?
Ramsey: …
Johnson: For the purpose of the tape Mr Ramsey has refused to answer this que-
Ramsey: Jesus! Can't a man breath in this god damn facility of yours, agent? Now while I would love to say that is myself on that there photo, as he is one fine looking individual! But unfortunately, no Mr Johnson that is not me. Oh lord, you really have fallen from grace haven’t you boys? People talk about the Feds and word is you two ain’t shit anymore, been stuck on cases that are as cold as that Taylor boy is now. Chasing some group of boogeymen apparently, made yourself a laughing stock. I can see why though? Look atch’ you both! Bringing an innocent man like me in here with nothing but some blurry image of that kid and his uncle dressed in some snappy gloves. You two need to think about applying at the new MacDonald's in Lakewood Heights. Accusing an innocent law abiding citizen such as myself of this monstrous act. I wasn’t even in Georgia at the time.
Johnson: Oh really? Where did you go?
Ramsey: Oh I went for a little trip to Talladega National Forest. Ya know? See the trees, the birds, cook marshmallows out on a nice big open fire... The whole damn shebang.
Johnson: Ok and what dates did you travel to Talladega and what date did you return to your registered address in Marietta?
Ramsey: I took my camping gear and I headed over on the 8th and didn’t return while the 14th.
Rodriguez: Say that again...
Ramsey: Jesus lord almighty. It speaks.
Rodriguez: Say that again... please... for the tape.
Ramsey: Say what?
Rodriguez: The dates you weren't in Atlanta. Not even in Georgia apparently...
Ramsey: (clears throat with a cough) erm, yeah the 8th till the 14th
Rodriguez: So we’ve got that on tape. You have mentioned... when questioned... something that can be used in evidence and something you may go on to rely upon in court.
Johnson: Agent, please present Mr Ramsey with Item Reference WJ-242. A clip of dash cam footage from the 10th August 2005. For the purpose of the tape, we are now playing a section of film sent in to us in September 2005 after an appeal for ANY footage of the Taylor family in the days leading up to and inclusive of the 12th August 2005. This footage was first logged in the investigation into Reece Taylor. Kyles uncle who was the original prime suspect. I have paused the video of the dash cam footage from a car driving out of the Georgia Dome carpark which captures the family waiting for a shuttlebus. In said image, you can see a man matching the same description and biometrics of the man in the hardware store image. The man is staring directly at the family, notably Kyle. Facial Recognition Software indicates a 99.5% likelihood that this individual is Mr Damian Ramsey.
Ramsey: …
Ramsey: …
Rodriguez: You watched them, didn’t you? You stalked them and saw he had a tendency to wonder off, making him easy prey!
Ramsey: ...
Johnson: You planned it all didn’t you? You knew where to take him, busy marketplace for him to get lost, panic and need a good Samaritan to help him look for his parents. You knew where to go to avoid detection by traffic cameras. You knew where you could take that poor boy and do what you did to him and no would come for him! WHERE NO ONE WOULD HEAR HIM SCREAM!
Rodriguez: A search team are at your house now; they found no camping gear. They found a laptop with some pretty disgusting things on it and they found a collection of shoe laces.
Ramsey: You stay away from those.
Rodriguez: 11 pairs... all children's sizes. They are at the lab now being tested to see who they belong to. I put my house on one of those belonging to Kyle Taylor.
Johnson: We also took some samples of DNA from your toothbrush and comb. I imagine they will match the bodily fluids found on and inside Kyle at the scene of his murder.
Ramsey: …
Johnson: I got you. You son of a bitch, I got you! You will rot in prison for the things you did to that poor boy. Paedophiles are like royalty in prison too I hear, so I’m sure you’ll be made right at home. Get this piece of shit of he-
Ramsey: Now just you wait a cotton-picking minute, Agent Johnson. We ain’t done here. And I aint going anywhere cos I got something you need!
Johnson: What on earth could a sick and twisted Al Pacino tribute act have, that I need? You’re Done. Interview terminated at twelve twenty-
Ramsey: How about I could make you the biggest cat in this whole freaking alley Agent?
Johnson: What are you talking about? You’re a child murderer. You can’t make anyone anything other than make innocent kids become statistics.
Ramsey: Ha-ha-ha well, there is that. However, you my ‘Alec Baldwin tribute act’ friend are looking at the answer to all your issues. You are looking at a gold mine. You are looking at the guy who can prove it...
Johnson: Prove what?
Johnson: …
Ramsey: ahhh, you didn’t think I didn’t know all about you and your trips and falls here within this building, did you Agent Johnson? I know everything. I know you, and your little wetback friend here, are at the bottom of the food chain. I know you’ve been given the cases that these yuppies round here don’t want nothing to do with. I know you think there's a gang doing these horrible things, not some Neo-Ted Bundy. Well, (clears throat) make these charges go away... and I can turn EVERYTHING around for you!
Johnson: I don’t care what you know. you abducted, tortured, raped and left a boy to die. You could know the Powerball numbers for the next 12 months and I wouldn’t trade that little boy's justice.
Rodriguez: are you saying you have information that could help aid the theory that a group of criminals are behind these disappearances? Bill, maybe we should hear what he has to say? I mean, we’ve been looking for the missing link for years and ok this guy is a piece of shit but-
Ramsey: I am here you know boys.
Rodriguez: - But let’s be honest, beggars can’t be choosers! Don’t you want to prove that this gang exists, stop them and save 1000s of lives! Nothing can bring Kyle Taylor back buddy but-, but if this son of a bitch is telling the truth then his death could have meaning...
Ramsey: Well you may just be the smartest taco muncher I ever did meet. No wonder they pulled you out of home depot. Why send me to prison where I get 3 meals a day and a gym membership so the parents can call me a monster on the news for the death of their kid who, let's face it, was BEGGING for what he got.
Ramsey: No matter how much his mum shouted at him for wondering off, the little prick kept doing it didn’t he?
Johnson: You shut your goddamn mouth before I shut it for you! Ramsey: He waddled right up to me, crying, looking all scared like. Asking me ‘Mister, Can you help me find my mummy?’
Ramsey: ‘I certainly can my little friend... Come with me she’s waiting down the street’
Ramsey: ‘Hey how about before we get to your mum...’
Unidentified Officer: AGENT JOHNSON STAND DOWN! ASSISTANCE INTERVIEW ROOM 4! Ramsey: ‘...We go have a look at some trains? Hahaha choo-choo! Like a moth...’
Unidentified Officer: SHUT THAT TAPE OFF!
Ramsey: ‘ a flame.’
Unidentified Officer: INTERVIEW TERMINATED!
Bill Johnson was given a verbal warning for his assault on Damian Ramsey. This was swiftly over turned though once Ramsey corroborated the trafficking angle to the 2006-2007 string of disappearances. The details surrounding Ramsey's arrest over the Kyle Taylor incident were buried. The incident remains officially unsolved.
There was a follow up interview 2 days later between Johnson, Rodriquez, Ramsey and two FBI mediators. Ramsey under legal guidance and federal caution confirmed Agent Johnsons hypothesis that the abductions were carried out by a group he was a part of.
He agreed to divulge details about the group's operation. In return for this information, he would receive a new identity, full immunity for any past crimes and he would be relocated to a safe house. On the U.S tax payers dime of course!
I managed to obtain the transcripts of his second interview. Below is a large section from the interview.
Johnson: Ok now we’ve got the legal stuff out of the way. How about you start and tell us who ‘The Swarm’ are? And what is your relationship with them?
Ramsey: (sips water and clears throat) They are the stuff nightmares wake up all sweaty from. They are a group of very bad people Agent.
Johnson: Well, you would fit right in then, wouldn’t you?
Lawyer: My client is co-operating, Agent. There’s no need for hostilities here.
Ramsey: Yeah, Bill. Let's all just settle down ya know? No hard feelings...
Rodriguez: Please tell us everything you know about ‘The Swarm’. We don’t need your personal opinion on their morale compass.
Ramsey: Very well Agent. The Swarm are a group of individuals who hide in the shadows. They have no faces; they have no names. What they do have though, is a complete disregard for the human race. They take what they want and do what is necessary in order to further the interests of the ‘Queen’.
Johnson: The Queen? Like in England?
Ramsey: As much as the sarcasm of that question wasn’t lost on me Agent, I do have to answer the question with an honest response and that answer is...Maybe.
Rodriguez/Johnson: Huh?
Ramsey: The truth is I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone really does. Hell, I don’t even know if it’s a bitch.
Johnson: So, what is ‘The Queen’?
Ramsey: The Queen is the top of the chain. The person who started this whole thing. It’s someone with elite connections. Someone financially motivated because everything the Swarm does is to make money.
Johnson: Ok, well let's keep with what you do know. Tell me how the gang further the financial interests of the high-ranking members of the organisation.
Ramsey: Pain, Misery, Torture, Intimidation.
Rodriguez: Specifics...
Ramsey: The Swarm, from what I know, has 4 units. Unit 1. They take people.
Johnson: Take people?
Ramsey: Yeah, you know? Those types that who all the cute little youtubers make all the videos about. People who are walking home and never make it. Then ya get all the crackpots saying it was aliens or some shit. Well, this unit. They just come out of nowhere and snatch you up. You don’t even know they’re there. Until it's too late, that is.
Johnson: Ok, Unit 2?
Ramsey: Unit 2, They hurt people.
Rodriguez: Hurt people?
Ramsey: Yeah. When Unit 1 bring someone in, they are taken to ‘The Hive’-
Johnson: Wo-woah, what on earth is ‘the Hive’?
Ramsey: Again, it's all up for speculation... I don’t know if its’s a fixed location or its just where they set up shop for the time being. Either way, it’s not somewhere you’d want to be finding yourself.
Johnson: Ok so what do Unit 2 do at ‘The Hive’?
Ramsey: I’m sure your all not ancient enough to know the basic computer term ‘The Dark Web’.
Johnson: I do.
Rodriguez: Hm-hmm.
Ramsey: Well one of the ‘resources’, shall we say? Of the Swarm are the ‘Red Rooms’.
Johnson: Sorry, what now?
Rodriguez: ‘Red Rooms’ are what our cybercrime team describe as Live Feed Torture and Execution Sessions. Usually there's a group chat box where site members can pay bitcoin or other encrypted currencies in return for having their requests inflicted on the victim.
Ramsey: Wow, very nice work Agent ‘Taco-Bell'. Bill, I thought you were meant to be the senior agent here and your little brown buddy here is showing you up.
Rodriguez: I’m showing you a lot of patience here Ramsey. It's going to take a lot more than some racist white trash child murderer to make me lose my cool.
Johnson: One more comment like that Ramsey and this immunity deal... dead.
Ramsey/Attorney: (inaudible whispers)
Attorney: My client apologizes for any light-hearted teases taken to heart. He is 100% on board with co-operating with the Buruea in return for the guarantee of his safety.
Johnson: Yeah. More like in return for getting off with raping and killing a five-year-old fu-
Mediator 1: Agent cool yourself. Neither the time or the place.
Mediator 2: We’re here to obtain information on the OCG carrying out these violent acts. I understand there is some animosity between you guys from your previous interview but can we please just keep this professional.
Johnson: Fine.
Ramsey: Absolutely Mr. Fancy Tie, whatever you say.
Rodriguez: Please, continue about Unit 2 and the ‘Red Rooms’.
Ramsey: Well, most of the time, you get these paid snuff sites. Nothing special. Usually just some old tramp in an underpass or some drugged party girl. Then, of course you get the more shall we say ‘Premium’ sites. These are your migrants, run-aways, stow-aways, refugees who trust the wrong people and find themselves strapped to a chair Infront of a webcam. These are the more interactive sites. As you mentioned, the chat boxes and requests being carried out. But then you have the sites these guys run. Extremely hard to find. VIP members only.
Johnson: what's so special about these sites then?
Ramsey: The content mainly. The people they have in those rooms. They’re hmm special...
Rodriguez: Special?
Ramsey: Cops. Federal Witnesses. Politicians.
Johnson: …
Rodriguez: …
Ramsey: For the DIR, Agents Johnson and Rodriguez are looking at me like they’ve just shit their pants.
Attorney: (inaudible whisper)
Ramsey: Hmm, sorry guys. Couldn’t resist.
Johnson: Did you say Cops and Witnesses?
Rodriguez: Politicians?
Ramsey: Hmm-hmm. Cops who maybe take their job a little too seriously. ‘Dog with a bone’ types. Gets to a point where maybe someone, somewhere thinks that things would go more smoothly if this person went away.
Johnson: Someone? ‘The Queen’?
Ramsey: Maybe. I don’t imagine anything gets done without her sanction. Either way, there’s a ‘process’ other groups can follow and with a bit of planning and prep, in a few week they can be watching that giant pain in the ass getting his limbs ripped off on camera. Swarm takes a fee, and they make a bucket load of bitcoin from the viewers.
Johnson: Sons of bitches.
Ramsey: Outside the dark web, they also use there ‘skill-set’ to make videos that might be hard for rich parents to watch their kids in. The type of video that makes you pay a shit load of money so that you don’t get another one.
Johnson: God damn, I fucking knew it. March 2006, Two kids. Video sent to parents of them being tortured. Requested a large payment in exchange for their suffering to end. I knew it was connected.
Rodriguez: Jesus Christ Bill, you were right.
Mediator 1: Sorry to interrupt but Mr Ramsey, you also said Federal Witnesses?
Ramsey: Yep.
Johnson: ...Like you?
Mediator 1, 2 and Attorney: Agent!
Johnson: That wasn’t a dig. I’m being serious. Surely you must have thought about this when you decided to testify against them?
Ramsey: Listen, Agent Johnson. You let me worry about me and you can worry about you not being one of the ‘dogs with a bone’. We all as safe as each other from these guys. Johnson: …
Ramsey: Besides anyway, I’m a little more confident I'll be ok in the hands of the Bureau.
Johnson: What makes you say that?
Ramsey: Let's just say the people who go the cops... are playing a dangerous game.
Rodriguez/Johnson: What?
Attorney/Ramsey: Inaudible Whispers.
Attorney: I have advised my client to only give out information that he has witnessed with his own eyes. Speculation is not part of the WITSEC/Criminal Informant agreement
Johnson: Look ok we won’t include it as part of the official statement but come on Damian. What's your take?
Ramsey: …
Johnson: For the DIR, Mr Ramsey just received a non-verbal confirmation from his attorney.
Ramsey: I think ‘The Swarm’ has a little help from the boys in blue. Johnson: Jesus Christ, what's your basis for that?
Ramsey: A while back I was watching this girls house. Took some snaps, few videos. Not really my type ya know. Little old for my taste. I sent the info on, My job was done and I got a payment for my work. Anyways a few days later, I heard through the news and a contact of mine that there was a witness to the take. A couple of high school kids were making out in a car in a blind spot when the girl was being thrown into the van. I heard that they went to the police and gave an officer a very detailed statement about the van and 3 men. Those two people went missing 10 days later.
Johnson: So how does that mean that the police betrayed them?
Ramsey: Well, I guess it don’t but hell, the fact I even knew the couple made the statement suggests that the gang found out some way. I scouted that street. I watched that girl, her family and neighbours for days. The way that make-out spot was situated and where those car was parked, in relation to where the house was, there’s no way the Unit would have known that the witnesses were there. Surely if the cops didn’t screw them, then they would have remained anonymous and there would have been some arrests but there was nothing. No arrests, No investigation. I think they gave their statement to the wrong cop. They passed that to their ‘guy’ and the evidence was destroyed and the witnesses taken. But ya know, it's completely circumstantial. I get that.
Johnson: ‘His guy’?
Ramsey: Well, I’ll get to that shortly but for now let me just tell you about Unit 3.
Johnson: Ok. What do Unit 3 do?
Ramsey: They move people.
Rodriquez: Move people?
Ramsey: Yeah. Move, Trade, Sell, Swap. Ya know Trafficking?
Johnson: This is the gang's bread and butter?
Ramsey: Yep. This is where I came in to things. Unit 3, which I am not a part of by the way! Unit 3 are a go between for The Swarm and the buyers of the ‘Livestock’
Johnson: What type of buyer we talking? Paedo-Rings? Grooming Gangs?
Ramsey: Sometimes but mainly, and hold on to your hat's gentleman, it's rich old white pervs. CEOs, Judges, Senators.
Johnson: You’re fucking kidding, right?
Ramsey: Ha-ha what's wrong, Bill? Think everyone who likes to have a bit of fun wi’a young un is a creepy monster like me?
Johnson: Basically, yeah.
Ramsey: WELL, THEY AIN’T! They are rich, old, white privileged socialites who moonlight as Satanic Worshippers and nothing tells the big red horny bastard downstairs that you're on his team more than a group of the country's most rich and powerful starting their evening with a nice little banquet at their private country club followed by a ritual of gang rape and human sacrifice.
Johnson: What the fuck.
Rodriguez: If this is true then can you provide the names of this people?
Ramsey: hmm. All in good time gentlemen. Memory's a little foggy right now but down the line who knows?
Johnson: Son of a bitch, you played your card and it's got you off the murder of Kyle Taylor. Don’t be holding back from us.
Attorney: Agent, my client has been extremely co-operative and has given you a comprehensive insight into this organised crime group. He’s said he can’t remember the names of the buyers but you will be the first to know once he can recall them.
Johnson: That right Damian? Got a fuzzy little memory there, have you? Ramsey: Well, I didn’t used to but you know agent, it has been a little foggy ever since you clocked me.
Mediator 2: Guys! Can we just settle down and try wrap this up quickly so we can separate you two?
Johnson: Fine by me.
Ramsey: By all means.
Rodriguez: Ok so we’ve covered Units 1, 2 and 3. Unit 4?
Ramsey: Well, that’s just it. I don’t know.
Johnson: ‘Their Guy’...
Rodriguez: Huh?
Ramsey: I see you gone and catched on there, Billy Boy. Well done.
Rodriguez: Can someone tell me what you're both talking about?
Johnson: Unit 4. Corrupts people.
Ramsey: If I was to hazard a guess. Yes.
Rodriguez: Corrupts who?
Johnson/Ramsey: The Police.
Rodriguez: You said that was speculation though.
Ramsey: Well, it is. However, Unit 4 is kept so close to the chest it's got to be something juicy right? There was once a spotter like myself, who asked a few too many questions about the mysterious Unit 4. Next thing I know, me and another guy are being tasked with dumping a body. We were told not to look who was in the plastic. The other did as he was told but me, I’ve never been able to resist things that make me curious. It was the guy who asked too many questions.
Johnson: Do you know his name? Or is your memory still foggy?
Ramsey: No, I remember. You have my word I will provide his name in my official statement.
Rodriguez: Thank you. Please, can you tell me something?
Ramsey: Shoot...
Rodriguez: This guy who helped you bury the body. The guy who asked too many questions. Yourself. What Unit do you belong to?
Ramsey: Oh agent, I and those men have no official affiliations to those people. See?
Johnson: For the DIR, Mr Ramsey is lifting up his shirt to show us he does not have a tattoo.
Ramsey: The fact I don’t bear the mark should be enough to show you I'm what you might call ‘freelance’.
Rodriguez: The mark?
Johnson: The Butterfly.
Rodriguez: The Brand?
Johnson/Ramsey: Yeah.
Ramsey: Besides, if I was a member. We wouldn’t be sat here talking.
Rodriguez: Why not?
Ramsey: ‘cos like I've said these guys. They have no names. They have no faces.
Johnson: How do they not have faces?
Ramsey: Well I've worked with at least 1 guy from each unit apart from unit 4. I never learnt their name and they never took it off.
Rodriguez: Took what off?
Ramsey: Their mask.
Johnson: … Rabbit or a Bunny, By any chance?
Ramsey: Some yes. The newbies wear a black ski mask or a balaclava. Once they’ve proven themselves, they move up in rank.
Rodriguez: What do they wear when they move up?
Ramsey: Unit 1, the takers. They wear the mask of an eagle. Sometimes a falcon. Either way it’s a bird of prey. Then yes, Unit 2. They wear the mask of a bunny or rabbit. Then Unit 3, the movers. They wear the mask of a sheep.
Johnson: Why those animals?
Ramsey: Who knows? I guess eagles swoop in and snatch their prey. The bunny masks are anything but cute and the sheep masks could symbolise Livestock. There is another mask though...
Johnson: Go on...
Ramsey: A goat or a ram.
Johnson: Unit 4?
Ramsey: Not sure. I just know that if you wear that mask, then boy! You have some serious clout.
Rodriguez: So, the goats and rams, they are the high-ranking members of the group?
Ramsey: Yeah. Pretty much so.
Rodriguez: So, would you say one of the people in the goat mask is ‘The Queen’?
Ramsey: There are 2 goats and 2 rams. 1 commanding officer for each of the 4 states the group operate in. Florida, Virginia, Georgia and Louisiana. But none of them are ‘The Queen’. The ‘Queen’ is someone with a name. Someone with a face. Someone with a lot of power. Someone with a lot of influence. Someone no doubt with a nice family, important job, big reputation, maybe even someone in the public eye.
Rodriguez: Ok well thanks. We will be sure to include your testimony about the group's hierarchy. I have a Question, though.
Ramsey: Go on.
Rodriguez: What level are you in the gang?
Ramsey: Me?! No. Guys like me, we just sell information. You see through our (cough) ‘hobbies’, we spot potential targets. You know the types, kids who get left home alone, kids who sneak out at night to go drink, kids who wonder off from their parents.
Johnson: Like Kyle Taylor?
Ramsey: Hmm yes. Except one thing Bill.
Johnson: What's that then?
Ramsey: Kyle was just my type so I decided to keep him for myself.
(Unidentified Commotion)
Mediator 1: Can we all just settle down! Jesus.
Johnson: You know Ramsey, you’re a sick piece of shit. You’re a slimy son of a bitch who has stuck his nose in all the right places and now you know you’re a goldmine.
Ramsey: Well sorry Bill, but let's not stand here on ceremony Agent Johnson-
Mediator 2: I think we are done for now. Rest of the testimony can be writ-
Ramsey: You had a chance to have me halfway to Macon State by now but instead you sold out that boy too. Just to prove you were right-
Johnson: …
Mediator 1: Ramsey, that’s enough! Counsellor, I suggest you control your client.
Ramsey: - Just to prove that all along, you had it nailed and all these other guys were chasing ghosts.
Johnson: …
Attorney: Come on Damian, let’s leave it there.
Ramsey: No! Fuck you all. I hope the DIR is still running because I will be heard!
Johnson: ...
Rodriguez: Come on Bill, let's go get you a coffee.
Ramsey: Me and you ain’t so different, Bill. We both had chance to do right by that boy and we didn’t.
Johnson: you fucking piece-
Mediator 2: I’m calling this interview to a close.
Ramsey: You could have caught his killer and got his family justice but instead you’ve given me freedom, a new life and a killer, government funded pad. Just so you can be the top Agent at the Bureua...
Mediator 1: I agree, this is getting out of hand now.
Ramsey: … And when that silly, sniffling, whiney, little prick wandered over to me asking me if I could help him find his mummy, I could have shown him back to his parents...
Rodriguez: Yep, come on Bill. Let's get you out of here.
Ramsey: But I didn’t... Instead, I led him down to the train tracks.
Johnson: One day Ramsey, One day... I swear to god-
Ramsey: The look on his face when he knew what I was going to do...
Johnson: One day, you will PAY for what you did to that boy! Karma finds all man!
Ramsey: … Priceless.
Mediator: Interview Terminated at 16.32!
The formalities following these initial interviews included Damian Ramsey providing a fully comprehensive statement of his working knowledge of the OCG known as ‘The Swarm’. In return for his co-operation, he was set up in a safe house in Fort Worth, Texas. He was given a new alias, Dave Miller and was granted total immunity from any crime relating to ‘The Swarm’ and also Kyle Taylor.
Over the course of 14 months, Dave Miller went on to live a life of luxury but he continued to commit crimes in this time however.
In September 2007, he was caught in the process of trying to abduct a 7-year-old girl from a county fair. On his arrest he was also in possession of class A narcotics and stimulants.
In December 2007, he was reported for exposing himself to a group of kids who were playing in a park.
In March 2008, he was arrested for getting drunk and hitting someone with a bottle
I’m sure you all now wondering, how on earth this guy was still within the limits of his WITSEC agreement? Well due to the nature of his interviews and the speculation over the mysterious Unit 4 potentially being a group of individuals working as go betweens for high-ranking state police officers and the influencing members of The Swarm, The FBI set up a MOPI re-route on anything relating to Damian Ramsey or Dave Miller.
A MOPI re-route is an encryption programme used by the FBI to manage sensitive information with the police. Any reports, complaints or searches made in regards to Dave MilleDamian Ramsey were encrypted to anyone outside the FBI and digitally rerouted to the Bureau for them to handle.
This was to protect the FBI’s Golden Goose from a potential corrupt officer handing him over to the Swarm from them to slaughter him. Every time the FBI pulled Dave Miller in for questioning on the charges listed above, they’d threaten to terminate his WITSEC agreement.
However, on each occasion just as the Bureau were about to pull his deal, he would proclaim that his memory had cleared up and he could remember more details about the people who dealt with ‘The Swarm’.
In October 2007, The FBI set up a sting operation on a grooming gang in Jackson, Mississippi. The investigation yielded evidence that the group was being bankrolled by one, Roger Marshall. The Republican Senator for the state.
In November, the gang members were taken down and the organisation was folded under the RICO act and all defendants served sentences between 7-25 years. They also arrested Roger Marshall on November 25th on the following charges.
Malfeasance in a public office, Conspiracy to commit murder, Conspiracy to commit rape and Conspiracy to sexually exploit a child.
The FBI covered up the details of the arrest, posing it as a tax fraud scandal so to try not to alert ‘The Swarm’ they were looking into them.
In January 2008, Dave Miller provided a lead about a group of rich socialites in Chicago who were exploiting young boys for sexual acts who they’d purchased from Unit 3 of the Swarm. There were 13 people arrested in regards to the investigation but the core members were...
Alan Davies, 45, CEO of a stocks and bonds broker. Sentenced 10 years. Jim Pipe, 59, Supreme Court Judge. Sentenced 11 years. Mike Roland 49 and James Roland 47, Criminal Lawyers. Sentenced to a combined 19 years. And the club president, John Paul Richards, 64. The archbishop of the catholic church of Illinois. Sentenced to 15 years with no chance of parole.
In May 2008, Dave Miller provided a lead on a potential Satanic Cult with close ties to the ‘Queen’ based in California. Unfortunately, he claimed his memory was ‘fuzzy’ again and couldn’t think of the names. It was enough to get him off the drunken assault charge however.
By this point however, the FBI had used the information provided by Ramsey/Miller to get two highly sensitive operations sanctioned.
On October 2007, the undercover and sensitive operations unit of the FBI assigned an agent to be immersed into the OCG known as ‘The Swarm’. That man was Joe Clayton. An experience undercover agent who has worked to bring down biker gangs in Canada and a violent cartel in Mexico. The details of his integration, immersion and investigation will be included in his journal. I intend to post Claytons journal once I can crack the encryption on the 2nd half of it. Having viewed the first half, trust me It’s honestly quite the read.
Two other key pieces of evidences were entered against the gang after a serious event occurred in July 2008.
On Thursday 27th July 2008, Dave Miller attempted to abduct another child, Kim Summerfield aka Olivia Matthews, with the sole intention of inflicting as much pain and suffering as his did to Kyle Taylor in 2005. This is the girl who I referenced earlier with the link to her story.
As Dave Miller tried to force Kim into her empty home to violently rape and murder her, he was abducted by Unit 1 of the Swarm and drove away in a white Ford Transit van to the ‘Hive’, where Unit 2 made him pay for his betrayal.
On Friday 5th July 2008, Unit 1 of the Swarm attempted to take Kim Summerfield from her home but after an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, her friend Grace Blake aka Jessica, was kidnapped instead. Unit 3 of the group attempted to trade her to the same group who ordered Kim but the mystery organisation only wanted Kim. Grace was then handed over to Unit 2.
Later that evening, at 00.23 am, a botched FBI sting was ambushed by Unit 1 and FBI Agent Ray Daniels was also kidnapped. He was also handed over to Unit 2.
Grace Blake, Ray Daniels and Damian Ramsey were all brutally killed on Livestream sites on encrypted websites.
This is where the other two pieces of evidence came in to play.
Two 16-year-old boys, Liam Brookes and Mark Neill, we’re urban exploring and unwittingly stumbled into ‘The Hive’. They witnessed the three murders of Blake, Ramsey and Daniels. They also saw faces and vehicles. The boys took their information to the police. This is where the suspicions of Damian Ramsey and Agent Johnson about corrupt police involvement was sadly confirmed.
Liam Brooks left a detailed letter documenting the week between his discovery of the Gang and the day he disappeared from his home on July 12th 2008
This evidence was paramount in proving a link between ‘The Swarm’ and high level police corruption. I am 90% finished decrypting his letter. I am excited to read and post this brave young man's sacrifice.
And finally, after Ramsey/Miller was kidnapped and taken away, this prompted the FBI to hire Dave Peterson. A freelance cybercrime expert who had extensive experience in unearthing the most hidden pathways on the hidden web. He’d been hired all over the world by M15, the CIA and Interpol to help bring down one of ISIS’ recruitment site. He’d also done work for the DEA to help bring down illicit drug sites like Silkroad.
When an eyewitness to the Ramsey kidnapping called the police to report the incident, the MOPI notice alerted the FBI of Ramsey’s situation. They shut the police out of it immediately and on Saturday June 28th 2008, Peterson was hired to do an independent investigation to try and locate the missing Federal Witness Damian Ramsey and, in the process, find the main haunt of the Swarm known as The Hive.
On July 6th, after Agent Johnson and his team had taken investigatory control of the Grace Blake abduction, A botched sting to try reclaim her at an arranged meet with a unit of the gang resulted in the abduction of Ray Daniels. Peterson was then tasked in finding him too before it was too late. David Peterson recorded his findings on a Dictaphone, whilst searching the deep web. This has since been transcripted and again, I have obtained the file. I will just need some time to decrypt it.
Unfortunately, David Peterson along with Liam Brookes and Joe Clayton all suffered horrible fates due to their involvement in the investigation. The Important thing is however, that they still managed to get the job done and submit enough evidence for this group to be brought to its knees eventually in April 2012 when the ‘Queen’ was unmasked and there was enough evidence to crush the organisation and all its units and associations under the RICO act. Before you ask, no I don’t know who the ‘Queen’ was. I imagine it will be revealed in one of the coded submissions so I am working day and night to crack the FBIs encryption. If you’re wondering what happened to Agent Johnson. After, the FBI sting was ambushed, he faced a disciplinary board in regards to his judgement to send a team of just 5 agents to a potentially combustible stand-off with a criminal organisation with a known history of extreme violence. He argued that any larger FBI presence would have potentially scared off the Swarm and they would have lost the chance to save Grace Blake.
The board agreed his actions were justifiable and the operation was authorised by the Strategic Firearms Commander. However, 5 Agents lost their lives and the Bureau needed a scapegoat. As punishment, he was removed as Senior Commanding Officer of the Major Violent Crimes Department and replaced with his protégé, Danny Rodriguez.
Agent Johnson, never a man who measured himself on status and titles, took it on the chin and was pleased Danny got the promotion. He deserved it. He continued to serve with Agent Rodriguez, giving his life to the cause of bringing down the Swarm.
Travelling 250 miles a week, working 16 hours a day, surviving on flat whites and big macs.
In July 2011, Agent Johnson was Diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. He was given 6 months to live.
He refused to take early retirement on medical grounds. He also refused treatment and medication so not to effect his work performance.
Agent Johnson was present 9 months later when the FBI arrested and charged ‘The Queen’.
Agent Johnson was present when 87 violent criminals who had all were part of the OCG known as ‘The Swarm’ were brought to justice. 42 arrested. 45 shot and killed by federal operatives.
Agent Johnson was present when 268 young boys and girls were released from captivity after being sexually exploited and abused across 7 different locations in 5 different states. Each and every single of them thanked him for his hard work to save their lives.
Agent Johnson was then present 2 months later when the surviving gang members, known associates, accomplices and their remaining leaders were ALL sentenced to indefinite years in separate maximum-security prisons.
2 days after the last sentencing, Agent Johnson was admitted to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital after he fainted in his own home.
He died 23rd June 2012.
People say once he brought down the group. He had nothing else to live for.
The Agents at the Bureau all say that the man was born to bring down the Swarm. Despite all the set-backs, despite all the grief, the man never lost sight of his goal.
His photo is on the Wall of Fame at FBI HQ, Quantico.
This story has been untold outside the FBI for 8 years! Due to the horrific nature of the level of institutionalised corruption in the state police departments and the state political scene, the details of this investigation have been buried, including the tremendous sacrifices of the people involved.
This was to protect the public's trust in their local police, mayors and senates. As the findings of this investigation, we’re eye opening to say the least.
This is the first of 4, I need time to decrypt the other pieces of evidence but once I crack the codes, I will submit all the other stories.
Please watch out for the next one!
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2020.11.07 08:05 Miserable_Medium_849 Chat cam 18

When my nephew was younger, his parents hated him. He was really dumb, got very low grades and was rude according to his parents, his parents were super disappointed in him and were very sad when they came home.When they had guests, they took their son to his room but his sisters were allowed to interact with the guests.
Every night they would vent to each other about how they wish they had a better son. They thought he was asleep but he would listen while sitting on the stairs while they shit talked their son in a language they thought he could not understand but he understood because it was really close to a language he spoke.He would cry himself to sleep every night.
When he was 9 he was taken to a boarding school and they expressed how happy they were that they will never have to deal with him. When he turned 12 he started inviting me to school events and telling me not to tell his parents. I cam to support him and I was happy that he became a smart, kind and fun kid. When he was 13 he already started calling me dad by accident. I offered him to come and go to a day school near where we live but he liked being with his friends but he appreciated the gesture.
Now he is 18 and about to do his final exam, which decides which University you go to. They were given a weekend to go home before the month long exam and he came home and showed me the results he was expecting. He had become a very smart kid and his school expected him to be among the top in our country. We prayed together and he went back to school. He did better than projected, he was 200/2,000,000 students. Yesterday we planned a party to celebrate him and other cousins who also did well but in another exam to join High school. We rented some tents and a set it up and invited the a lot of the family(our country allows it). We made a lot of food and sat at a large table chatting about growing up. My nephew kept referring to me as dad and it did not feel weird to me. He shared a lot of experiences like the father son hike we did and a lot of others.
His parents were pissed that they were never invited and told me I am not his father. My nephew is super nice and told them that they were the ones who abandoned him. We had a lot of fun and a lot of the family left. His mother screamed at me that I should stop acting like I am his father. They demanded I kick him out which would force him to move in with them or be homeless but I refused and kicked them out. A lot of family says they support my decision while a few who are religious messaged my nephew and told him he would have a short life if he did not accept his parents and sent him a Bible verse. I am torn a because, I really love my nephew not only as my son but as a close friend as I can basically discuss anything with him and it is very interesting. He has been my son for the past 5 years and I do not want that to change that but I feel selfish as they are his biological parents. So AITA for refusing to tell my nephew to stop calling me dad?
Edit 1: I just wanted to emphasize a couple of things.I did not think my nephew was dumb when he was younger, I barely knew him when he was younger. I was listed as an the emergency contact for him and he just invited me thinking I would not come He was 200/2,000,000 but he tired with about 20,000 others.He is ranked higher because he did all sciences and 3 languages but in out grading system he still tired with a lot of people.
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2020.11.02 04:47 muabanbinhngamruou Chè dây chữa dạ dày

Chè dây chữa dạ dày Cách sử dụng chè dây trong điều trị bệnh - Chè dây chữa dạ dàyChè dây là một trong những thức uống đầu tiên được nhiều dân tộc Tây Bắc khám phá và tin dùng. Những nhà khoa học cũng đã chứng minh chè dây là vị thuốc quý hỗ trợ điều trị rất nhiều bệnh lý, đặc biệt chè dây còn chữa viêm loét dạ dày vô cùng hiệu quả.
1. Tìm hiểu thêm về nguồn gốc chè dây
✦ Chè dây có tên khoa học là Ampelopsis cantoniensis ( arn.) Planch, thuộc họ nho (Vintaceae). Còn gọi chè dây bằng tên khác là Hồng Huyết Long, Thau Rả (tiếng Nùng), Khau Rả (tiếng Tày), Điều Bổ Trà,…
✦ Chè dây là một loại cây leo, cây cao không quá 1m, dây leo dài từ 2-3m và tường bám vào thân cây khác. Mép lá cso hình răng cưa, viền lá có màu tía. Lá chè dây khi còn non có màu xanh thiên đỏ, càng già trong lá càng xanh.
✦ Hoa có màu trắng mọc thành chùm gần giống nụ hoa tam thất. Quả chè dây nhỏ như quả si có màu đỏ.
✦ Chè dây khô: Trên bề mặt lá có màu trắng mốc là do nhựa cây tiết ra trong quá trình chế biến.
✦ Cây mọc hoang trong rừng trên các ngọn núi cao như: sa Pa, Cao Bằng, Lào Cai, Bắc Cạn, yên Bái,…
✦ Dân gian thường hái dây và lá vào lúc chưa có hoa quả, đem về rửa sạch, thái nhỏ, phơi khô, rồi hãm với nước sôi pha trà thay nước uống hằng ngày. Cây được người dân tộc hái từ rừng vào tháng 4-10 hàng năm.
✦ Ngày nay chè dây được nhân giống và tự trồng nhiều hơn là chè dây rừng.
✦ Theo Đông Y chè dây có vị ngọt tính mát, có tác dụng thanh thử nhiệt, tiêu viêm, giải độc, thường dùng để điều trị các bệnh vị thống, mụn nhọt, tê thấp, nhũ ung,…
Thành phần hóa học của chè dây:
- Chè dây chứa 80% flavonoid có tác dụng diệt trừ xoắn khuẩn Helicobacterpylori (tác nhân chính gây ra bệnh viêm loét dạ dày - hành tá tràng), chống viêm giảm đau, giảm tiết axit dịch vị và làm liền sẹo nhanh ổ loét. Ngoài ra còn Ampelop có tác dụng an thần.
2. Chè dây đối với bệnh viêm loét dạ dày
☛ Vi khuẩn HP là một loại vi khuẩn chiếm 80% trong dân số Việt Nam. Loài vi khuẩn này thường lây lan qua đường ăn uống và nước bọt,…
☛ Vi khuẩn HP còn có thể gây viêm, làm vết loét dạ dày lâu lành, cũng như làm biến đổi tế bào gây ra ung thư dạ dày, vì thế vi khuẩn HP được đánh giá là một trong những vi khuẩn cần phải loại trừ nhanh chóng đối với những người bị đau dạ dày.
☛ Theo nghiên cứu của viện dược học (Bộ Y Tế) với kết luận như sau:
☛ Chè dây có tác dụng diệt vi khuẩn, vi trùng, giảm tiết axit trong dạ dày, giúp cho bệnh viêm loét dạ dày dễ liền sẹo.
☛ Giúp cắt cơ đau do viêm loét hành tá tràng đạt 93,4%, với Alusi (loại thuốc chuyên điều trị bệnh viêm hành tá tràng hiện nay) là 89%, thời gian cắt cơ đau trung bình của chè dây từ 8-9 ngày, còn Alusi là 17 ngày.
☛ Chè dây còn cho kết quả khỏi bệnh hoàn toàn đối với bệnh nhân viêm loét dạ dày hành tá tràng là 43,18%, còn với Alusi là 9,44%,.
☛ Khỏi bệnh ở mức liền vẹo thì chè dây chiếm 36,36%, với Alusi chiếm 30,56%.
☛ Bạn sử dụng chè dây hoàn toàn yên tâm vì đó là chè sạch, không gây độc hại và không có tác dụng phụ.
Cách sử dụng chè dây trong điều trị bệnh - Chè dây chữa dạ dày 3. Công dụng chữa bệnh của chè dây
- Hỗ trợ điều trị đau dạ dày, viêm loét dạ dày rất tốt.
- Hỗ trợ diệt vi khuẩn HP gây ung thư dạ dày.
- Chè dây có vị ngọt tính mát có công dụng thanh nhiệt giải nhiệt.
- Hỗ trợ điều trị vàng da, mụn nhọt, giúp mát gan.
- Giúp bảo vệ tim mạch, ổn định đường huyết, an thần dễ ngủ.
4. Cách sử dụng chè dây - Chè dây có tác dụng gì?
Bước 1: Chuẩn bị chè dây, nước sôi, ấm pha
Bước 2: Bạn lấy khoảng 50g chè dây cho vào ấm. Sau đó đổ nước sôi vào ấm, chỉ đổ 1 ít nước trên mặt chè dây là được, tráng sơ rồi đổ bỏ nước đi.
Bước 3: Đổ khoảng 2 lít nước sôi vào ấm đã có chè dây, đợi khoảng 5 phút cho ra chè là có thể uống.
- Chè dây có thể sử dụng cho tất cả mọi người trong gia đình như thức uống hàng ngày.
- Đối với bệnh nhân đau dạ dày sau khi sử dụng chè dây thường xuyên trong khoảng từ 8-9 ngày, bệnh sẽ cải thiện rõ rệt. Kèm theo đó người bệnh sẽ có cảm giác them ăn, có cảm giác ngon miệng và tâm lý thoải mái dễ chịu,…
=> Lưu ý:
- Trẻ em dưới 4 tuổi không nên dùng.
- Liều lượng trung bình của chè dây cho 1 người là 60-70g/ngày.
- Nên uống chè dây trước bữa ăn 30-30 phút để chè dây phát huy tác dụng vì đây là thời điểm tốt nhất.
- Nước chè dây để qua đêm có nguy cơ nhiễm khuẩn cao nên tuyệt đối không được uống.
Cách sử dụng chè dây trong điều trị bệnh - Chè dây chữa dạ dày
5. Chè dây mua tại thảo dược Thanh Bình - Địa chỉ bán chè dây tại TPHCM giá tốt nhất
❥ Công ty Thảo Dược Thanh Bình cam kết CHÈ DÂY tốt nhất, không vụn nát, ẩm mốc, không bán chè dây giả ảnh hưởng đến uy tín của chúng tôi.
❥ Đội ngũ nhân viên nhiệt tình, có tư vấn viên , giao hàng tận nơi, niêm yết giá rõ ràng. Quý khách còn được kiểm tra hàng trước khi nhận và thanh toán.
❥ Free ship tại khu vực Hồ Chí Minh khi mua từ 2kg trở lên.
❥ Hoàn toàn thu lại sản phẩm nếu sản phẩm chè dây kém chất lượng. Nếu quý khách mua sản phẩm số lượng lớn sẽ được khuyến mãi. Mua 5kg tặng 1kg.
❥ Khách hàng ở tỉnh sẽ giao hàng qua bưu điện, nhận hàng, kiểm tra hàng rồi thanh toán. Nếu sản phẩm bị hư hỏng hay kém chất lượng quý khách có thể trả cho nhân viên giao hàng.
❥ Cảm ơn quý khách trong thời gian qua đã ủng hộ chúng tôi, chúng tôi luôn đặc tiêu chí sức khỏe là vàng cho nên chúng tôi cam kết sẽ mang đến cho quý khách những sản phẩm chất lượng nhất, nguồn gốc rõ ràng.
Hiện nay công ty Thảo Dược Thanh Bình được coi là công ty cung cấp sản phẩm chè dây uy tín và chất lượng giá tốt nhất, giá chỉ 100.000đ/kg.
Để được tư vấn, đặt và mua hàng chất lượng và giá tốt nhất hãy liên hê ngay:
SĐT: 0931 665 345 & 0963 665 345 Hoặc 0945 695 345
Địa chỉ: 608 Nguyễn Oanh, P.6, Quận Gò Vấp, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
=> Xem thêm cây thuốc nam khác:
- Cao chè vằng mua tại thảo dược Thanh Bình
- Cách dùng cây an xoa
- Địa điểm bán lá chè vằng tại TPHCM uy tín chất lượng
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2020.10.28 10:30 emanuelemiani Inzaghi 87 THOUGHT

First time writing a post on this sub, I really hope you will appreciate it. I’ll take this and the future posts too as occasions to improve my road to C1 in English for my future degree ahah. Ok now stop with this chatting and let’s give a quick summary of why I have decided to pick up Inzaghi as my ST in this game. Earlier I got really lucky with my SBC rewards and had the opportunity to build a pretty well rounded team that now evolved in this one (Here there is the link of my current squad: )
As lot of you probably know, Inzaghi it’s not a meta player but as an Italian patriot and a deep lover of Italian strikers, I could not take the opportunity to try this gem. Having the coins I decided that this was my occasion to play one of my childhood favorite players. I first tried him on a 41212 wide formation with Mertens as second striker and Dybala as CAM but I couldn’t really sort out the results I was expecting from him. I have to be honest, initially this thing had knocked me down, my Inzaghi did not perform as I expected. Really couldn't I boycott the actual striker meta playing with a player, an iconic player as him? So I decided to give it a try in a different formation, a 433(4) with him as a solo striker, surrounded with two pacey wingers as Hazard and RB Lazzari and Dybala as CAM. And god if all the situation changed so much. But let’s start exposing my arguments with his stats:
Pace: His pace is underwhelming I have to say this, sorry bro, love you but god you get outpaced even by the slowest defenders, give him the ball and if he is not at least 1 meter forward the defender, he is going to be catched up. Probably that’s my fault too cause I decided to don’t boost his pace with a chemistry style. Who knows. That’s why I decided to pair him with some speedy fags as Hazard and Dybala, and maybe Lazzari too. This just helped me to bypass the problem, using him just as a target asshole and a pure poacher, well nothing wrong probably, that’s always been his trait even in the reality.
Shooting: OMG. Can I just use this 3 letters to review this part? I boosted it with Deadeye and he is always in the right position in the right time. Just like in his real life. Always on the edge of the offside line, for fuck sake, the goals in which I wonder if they will be canceled are more than half. Just pass him the ball, and if there is even an inch of space, he will bang it in the net without doubts. Oh, it was rebounded by the defender or the goalkeeper? Don’t worry, he will be there poaching the ball in the net like nothing happened. His reaction is something unbelievable, seriously no jokes. It seems cheated sometimes. His finesse shots are fucking awesome too, he did some outstanding goals for me. And he doesn’t even have a trait about it. Just pass the ball.
Passing: His passing is boosted too with the Deadeye chemistry style, obviously don’t expect him to be Xavi or Pirlo, his long passing is pretty meh, but I like to use him in the play building when near the post, and the boost on his short passing is awesome, it gives me the opportunity to build some intricate webs. And patiently when done the right one, he will assist one of his teammates or even cut inside like a slimy eel, that’s probably the perfect description, and score a goal.
Dribbling: Well, not outstanding but not that bad too, he’s just right, at the end he is surrounded with better dribblers like Dybala or Hazard so that’s their job. They make space for him so i’m not really asking Inzaghi to make incredibly things. He just takes the load at home. Nothing more nothing less.
Defense: Lmao, gonna skip this useless piece of crap. Not his territory.
Physical: Ok, here there are probably one of his best and worst points together. Gaaaad, Fifa 18 has been my first Fifa, then I skipped the 19 and 20 ones, and came back on the 21. I heard headers were totally crap in the previous Fifas, especially the 20 one, but I remember that in the 18 were pretty effective. And it seems the same in this year’s Fifa. I just had to learn them cause they became manual this year (if I’m not mistaken) and had some hard times the first two weeks. But now that I got them, for fuck sake, Inzaghi is a shitty frog, just jumps heigh as fuck, takes the ball with his lovely lacquered hair and put the ball in enemy’s net as it is nothing. Seriously, this skinny boy probably it’s able to jump on the moon alone, wtf. But here we have his main problem, probably something worst than his pace, ‘cause yes, I’m able to don’t rely on pace but crap, this guy is seriously a toothpick. Not going to say Insigne is going to bully him (not even sure ‘bout this not gonna lie) but 80% of the times he will knocked out from the ball by the smallest player in the field. And this, together with his pace, when it’s fighting for the ball in a 1v1 situation it’s going to be really frustrating. Because it seems he can’t really keep it. And that just makes me mad cause then you find the classical Rodrigo, Jesus, Auba or Richarlison wtf are you De Andrade (yes this guy is my nightmare) that keeps bullying my Chiellini like nothing. And then there is me that I’m like bro, Filippo mio bello de mamma plz not going to give you my pasta al pesto today for lunch.
Then other little things:
3 SM: Just enough for him, as I said there are other players in the field that have the job to dribble and make space, so for him it’s just enough.
3 SF: Ok probably a lot of people just see this and skip him cause of this, but believe me, his weak foot is totally bullshit not really that much different from the strong one. I would classificate it as a 4*. It’s not always perfect but 99% of the times he will not make a mistake with it.
Height: 181 cm is just perfect to transform every corner in a goal.
WR: M/L. What else do you want?
STATS: As a D4/D5 player and playing SB in legendary mode, in 103 games he SCORED 134 GOALS and ASSISTED 36.
PRICE: Bought for 370.000 coins, I think I’ll keep him since the end, not because it’s the strongest one, probably not, for sure it can be outplayed with other players more in meta or stronger. But as a fan I just love him too much. I’m just going to upgrade him during the year. I’m waiting so bad for the Prime and PIM versions. And why not, I’ll post their reviews if you will appreciate this one and don’t destroy me ahah.
What else can I say? In my formation I asked him to stay central, stay forward and cut inside. If I have to say something else, my Dybala plays a lot as a second striker and I think it completes Inzaghi in a lot of ways, doing things where Inzaghi is not at the best of. Just waiting to substitute him with my favourite player ever, Il Capitano, Alessandro Del Piero. Just to rebuild one of the best couples I’ve ever seen as a Juventus fan. In the end I think he plays a lot better as a solo striker forward with a second strikeCAM behind and two fast wingers able to dribble and to cross and assist him. I think Hazard and Lazzari are just perfect, yea, RB Lazzari was just an unexpected surprise. I play a possession game style ‘cause I think it helps a lot more Inzaghi to score, I adapted my game to him, the fast build up I think it’s not totally perfect for the type of player he is. He is too slow. Possession with the 433(4) is just perfect and gives me a lot of different opportunities. My wingers and my CAM score a lot too, obviously not as much as my sweetly pie Inzaghi but not that less too. Dybala especially.
In the end I hope you liked my review, and I hope I have been enough clear during my explanation. As I said I’m attending my second degree, and english is one important part of it. I’m studying for the C1 certification so if you have some advices for my writing I’ll accept them with tons of love. If you have further questions about Inzaghi, my players or my formation and instructions feel free to ask me whatever you want. Have a great day!
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