Galician gotta pee

2020.08.19 21:01 lyammalik Galician gotta pee

Writing this afterwards: it’s kinda messy, but I think it makes sense. I think sometimes we brush off weird experiences as the product of our minds, but we also feel there’s more to it.
This is just opening my own experiences, as I feel looking at them under this lense is quite helpful, and value how carlos’ work could help our view of the supernatural.
Look for the + if you wanna skip around.
->+ = key/important
I was gonna write about this on the other post, but figured it’d make more sense on it’s own.
To start this of, even tho it’s the last thing that’s come to mind, but might be relatable:
around a week after being born I had meningitis, and it seemed like I would not make it. Interestingly enough, a “witch” told my grandma what I had before my family, and maybe even the doctors, knew.
I’ve always wondered where this kind of thing comes from. Is it by connecting with the other’s energy, some other being that’s with us, an underlying system in our bran/body that usually gets overwritten/buried? —will come back to this later.
I also wonder how being close to dying might have affected me. I think the infection might have helped develop other parts of my brain, and now kinda have access to more space, but that’s another thing.
-I’ve always been quite sensitive, and sensed things in people, aswell as where there was nothing/no one.
As you all well know, our perception of the world tends to be overwritten by our family and culture, but hopefully we’ll manage to help future generations stay more in tune
I remember some weird ass dreams, things falling on their own.. and thankfully others saw those at times too, but mostly those freaky creepy feelings(which I kinda attribute to our fear of the unknown, the dark...
Although now I’m also open to our brain perceiving something, and “creating” some representation of it.. but based on something that was perceived (cannot be apply to everything, but some situations yeah)
Anyway.. the strongest experience I’ve had, at least visually, was at my aunt’s funeral. I was 15/16then. My dad and her had fallen off for some time. The last time we had been together was probably 4 years before, bc we when to visit the to the Canary Islands.
Interestingly enough I had a weird experience there. We were staying in some bungalows, and my cousins and I stayed on the same.
They had locked the door from the outside, but somehow I managed to sleepwalk out(there was a way of opening from the inside, which maybe I picked up on), and go to the swimming pool. I still remember it lol. Then some woman called me, and I went there, but don’t remember anything after getting to the door.
The next day I was telling my family about the weird experience, but don’t remember if I thought it was a dream, or they thought so. We get to the entrance, and the workers said: “hey, it’s the kid from last night!” Lmao
I was like “I told you!!” Ahhahah
Might not be related, but it’s kind of a funny story; sorry for backtracking tho.
1) We were at the church, and my father went to talk. I had been feeling alright, but a bit after he started, I started feeling kinda sick, which evolved to sick, which turned to being unable to hold myself together lol.
Now it reminds me of what you say when doing the black room practice, that the head goes forward when blacking our, or about to, but I’m the motion was more than my head, kinda like my whole body —although mostly the top—.
++Oops, I forgot it. So I was feeling a bit sick, but the transition to feeling full sick came after I saw an irregular black ring—not small, medium/big size. I was a bit far in the church, but it would encompass the stomach to above the head, and the sides were a bit more after the arms, of my father
[holy fuck, as I was putting the ++ to make things more clear, I realized the ring was kind of the one in arrival. I’ll look for it, but will still try to draw it]
I noticed it, definitely caught my attention, and next thing I perceive is it flying towards me so damn fast. It got to me, and that when I couldn’t hold myself togethemy top body was falling forward.
(As I was writing this, it came to find how Carlos felt after being attacked trying to liberate the blue scout and, more aligned with this, the black energy when (I think) he got out of his room on his energetic body
As I considered that, my left side “turned on”, kinda like goosebumps, and I got emotional. Probably because of seeing some correlation to what happened to me in his experience, after having questioned it so much)
Anyway: my mom noticed, and worried quite fast. I was like “it’s alright, I’ll piece myself together”, but couldn’t.
She took me outside, and after feeling a bit better, she and my grandma decided to take me to another witch.
+She told me I have an open body, and that it’s easy for other being to pass though, or interact with me.
I wanted to learn more about it, and focus on that ability, but I let it go. Last time I went to see her, after some other weird ass experiences I had, she told me she felt I wasn’t as open body, but that I could get it back.
Interestingly enough I’ve been thinking about how getting into philosophy, politic, and psychology has made it so my logic/reason has created some wall in my mind...
thankfully Im in touch with my intuition and I’ve been tearing it down hahaha
(Damn, I hope going like this isn’t annoying hahaha)
{about (1): I used to rationalize it by thinking that I kinda knew they weren’t getting along, and maybe it was a representation of how my unconscious perceived my aunt would react as energy(??????). I do think it was real tho, but still wonder if my mind played me.
+also, and more importantly: my grandma told me she wanted to talk with my dad on her deathbed, that it was all she wanted... so she probably died with some intent tying them together(?)}
I remembered this experience writing this, and I think it’s worth sharing
2) so I was on an abandoned house, on the outside of the town I lived in, with a friend. We were chilling on the top side, as you can see the trees and the sea from there.
I noticed some weird shadows with my periferal vision, which was kinda freaky, but cool at the same time.
Weirdest thing is that at one point I felt someone touching my hair, a mixture of caressing it and moving it up.
I was sure it happened, and that had to be her, but she was like nope. I insisted, and ended up saying that it was a great joke if she had, because she had fooled me completely, but nope, she didn’t do it.
2b That witch told me some weird things happened by those abandoned houses, maybe rituals, but don’t remember.
2c on another house near that one, with two friends of mine, after smoking weed.. we heard some noises on the basement, and went to check it. We didn’t see anything, quite probably an animal, but we felt like the presence of a girl.
We got quite freaked out, goosebumps and all, and when we heard some more noises we ended up bailing. The energy was quite weird, and my friend ended up scratching his car on the tiny streets lol, which kinda allowed for a blank slate as we were kinda laughing our asses off
**okay, so this last one, and parts of the other, could be understood more rationally. Particularly the last one, as we kinda induced ourselves those sensations. 2a) i’m sure about what I felt, and she seemed to be dead serious, but can’t know for sure.
But here it is, this takes the cake.. divided with (1) tho hahaha
[kinda went on a tangent, 3c is the cake hahaha)
+3) a. I kinda feel energies, but moreover after smoking. Those hightened states usually involve “answers” with objects falling, be in they neighbors place, my own, or a different current of energy, trying to close me in.
I was at a point where I was reconnecting with this, moreover after discovering the remoteviewing sub. I remember the night before, playing with an old toy I had and my cat, I wanted to test something.
I felt like that might have been a charged object, as I was so involved with it, and the house was so charged. My brother sleepwalked more than usually, and so did I, but just a bit.
Anyway, after playing slowly, I kinda did a motion towards the door, quite focused, now I’d probably say with intent.
+The cat stopped playing,and started staring at the door For 20+secs. His eyes moved a bit, and he went running to the kitchen. I felt there was something, and felt stupid for not having recorded it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
I don’t remember if it was that same night, but I felt some other “conscience”, for lack of a better word, and thought it was my cat. Later on I played calling his name in my mind, and he indeed reacted (75%~ percent of the time
{I think recreating this is kinda hard, moreover on the usual awareness/state our conscience is. Probably with silence it could be done, aswell as the location of our assemblage point.
I’ll explore this once I get back to Spain.}
I feel like cats can’t perceive more than we popularly know. Egiptians come to mind.
Particularly, not having as many overlapping systems might make it easier to perceive some fantastic things, together with their inner workings.
B) i had decided to stop smoking, and clean myself. I got my last 5/10€, but just smoked one at night as I ended up kinda tired, and drifting in my mind.
Interestingly, although I don’t remember for sure if it was that night, but I was quite active in my mind. After some strong ass recapitulation seems, and feeling weird energies, I realized i could have been sending strong energies.
Oh, I remember now. I remember trying to communicate mentally with my brother, or some energy.
There were some reactions, but no clear answer. The reactions came both from his room, and noises he did, aswell as the house upstairs, and my cat.
+I started feeling bad, as my mind was kinda racing, and being aware of our “antennas” + the heightened state I was in + the noises and weird energy.. I thought/felt I could be bombarding someone
++I think saying the electromagnetic field might explain it better, as I definitely was charged, and I feel it would have impacted.. moreover mixed with trying to send my energy outside lmao
At one point there was this outburst against my energy, kinda like someone was done and wanted me the shut the fuck off hahaha
I had felt really bad, but the mixture of my mind still running, and being curious to the point of wanting a reaction, so I could know if it was just in my mind, kept me going.
+I remember that my mood quite changed, kind of like when someone tells you off and you know they are kinda right. It got to the point of a bit of angst.
But I decided to hold my ground, and got back my place.
(It weird sharing all of this, but if this might help in some way, I guess it’s worth it lol)
+++After a bit of peace, some back and forth, accompanied by some noises, and then peace again... I started feeling some energy creeping in, slowly getting bigger and bigger
A few seconds later, my brother gets in the house LOL
I must have looked like the emoji meme:
👁 👄 👁 lmao
I must have been so focused I didn’t notice he left. And he definitely had smoked, so I feel it made this easier.
He’s also had weird experiences, to the point where the cat got in a protective stance, looking so intensely to the dark, and kinda moving.
My brother said he instantly started praying, even tho he hadn’t done it in such a long time.
{my take is that sometimes it’s just coming from within, others it’s kind of a mixture of our biases to something we actually perceive, and then a more pure form where our imagination makes some sense but it’s a more pure perception—although I guess we can also just “see”}
+Oh, I almost forgot. Before sleeping I actually had the feeling of my consciousness expanding, but I got afraid of it being cancer or something, and kinda cut it short.
Dunno if it was that night, but I also got to hear a different part of me, but it kinda stayed there. Probably fear got in the way too.
Although it might look like I’m set on what I believe of this experiences, I’ve always questioned what might be behind.
++The most common is doubting whether the energy comes from inside, but a part outside the fram of mind/consciousness from the moment, a different set of neurological connections that haven’t been “voiced”/acted upon much..; Or outside. The ones about feeling energy in the house might have been internal, and the electromagnetic field, aswell as sincronicities, might explain it; but it also felt like there was more to it.
Quite a shame fear got in the way; thankfully now I’m more determined.
But the cake wasn’t there lmao, it’s here:
+3c) the morning after I decided to smoke the rest as I woke up. I think this influenced a lot, as the frequency my brain was at was different, and mixed with the weed and those heightened made an interesting recipe.
(When I’m in that house I usually smoke on a garage that wasn’t finished, as they stopped building the rest of the building from the block where I live.
The place feels charged. So damn charged. Dunno if something happened there, or it’s influenced by the people also going there to smoke and do their thingy.
It’s something I’ve considered. The mark we leave on the place we are, depending on the states we are in, our energy, and so on.
I ended up “challenging” myself to go there, just because I felt repelled, kinda scared. If you were there I feel you’d get it, although you might experienced those kinds of places too.
It feels like a mixture of our suggestion, and something else being at play.
+I remember the first time I confronted it, and stood my ground. The feeling of being watched was so strong, and as I was looking around the dark, at one point it felt like when you lock eye contact.
+Holy fuck, I was feeling my body vibrating, but at that point it got so damn strong. Funnily and interestingly enough, I got an advertisement from Gaia talking about that same thing lfmao.
Those damn vibrations.
I was like holy fuck. Gotta love those sincronicities.
Another time I suddenly got the image in my mind of me hanged with the long ass cable of my headphones, as I had the intention of exploring staying some more challenging the sensations...
My body instantly turned to the door, like going in rails lol.
One of the next nights I thought about going again, but I wasn’t feeling. I overthought it, considering if it was just being afraid, but it’s just an artificial place, and I felt like smoking in nature... I walked past it, and 20 secs later I turned, so challenge whatever might be underlaying that decision.
As I was about to go in, I felt quite strongly not doing it, and turned around again.
+Around 30 secs later a song said something like “get the fuck out of there”, and I instantly connected with how it would’ve said it as i would be getting set in the environment, and how creepy it would be.
There was also a sincronicity with the time, which I looked and it was a satanic number or something like that, but I don’t remember what it was... And finding the voice message out of the 300+ will be kinda hard hahaha)
Holy fuck, sorry for the wall of text. I hope you find it interesting, or it’s made you connect with something in your life.
+++the start of the cake:
I go the place I started sitting at the last times, where you can see a bit of the sky. It was really dark, and I couldn’t see well, but I noticed something on the place.
I touched it with my feet, to then see that it was a sandwich someone had just eaten a bite off.
As I did that, my mind started racing seeing the perspective of someone in the place, hadn’t gone to the lower floor, and seeing me touching his food with my foot lol.
I got kinda paranoid, dunno tho if I had already lit it up.
I was with the headphones, but I could heafeel something on that lower floor; although it seemed like no one was there. I thought about two friends of mine who also go there, but not at that time.. and they don’t like that kind of sandwich.
A bit after that, I heard them laughing. Probably on my mind. But as I had gotten into remote viewing, I also considered how, maybe, I set a connection to them, reinforced by all the times together, moreover there, and if they could feel it, even unconsciously.
It probably wasn’t the case, although this has made me consider whether IOBs could use this kind of thing to get some reaction, thus energy.
But it probably was just me.
Anyway, the interesting thing is that what got me out of the spiral was a bird chirping. It made me snap out of it, and realize the spiral.
It happened two more times, as I was getting in the spiral. Even tho I felt I was okay, I noticed how the underlaying systems might have been agitated...
Which would definitely affect my electromagnetic field. And I feel bird, and other animals, can sense that.
The last time I got in the spiral, it even came inside the garage lol. It was an interesting connection I felt.
I was also watching unity, on Gaia, and had learned his take on Angels and demons (beings from the 4th dimension, that actually work together; the forme with light, latter with matter. If we can’t learn with the help of angels, the ally with demons to set traps to us.. something like that)
I considered if the bird could have had/been a deeper being; now I’d say inorganic being...
But I think it might have just been that it felt the change in the electromagnetic field
(bear in mind, this is just the foundation of the cake hahaha. Again, sorry for the wall of text)
++++ now to the coolest part. The top of the cake:
I think my grandma and I communicated telepathically.
I go to my room, and heard again the bird, which was cool. I was thinking about my projects, and then I hear my grandma saying something along the lines of “you know it’s really hard to live off your projects, filliño”(which is like a sweet mixture of son and darling in Galician)
But she was theoretically talking on the phone with some nephew; but something she’s told to me repeatedly in the last 4 years.
It was weird, but I kept on my thing... but she replied to it again. I started awknowledging more. Happened again with the next thing I thought...
so I started kinda drifting mid sentence.. and she’d also do that!! I would make her hesitate!!!
It was so weird, but also cool!
It caused a change in her. She want from talking kinda in her high horse, but kinda sweetly, to doubting more, feeing less confident; which seemed like a consequence of our line of conversation.
This went on for 5 min or more. My confirmation was when she messed up, acted like she was talking to my mom... on the same “call” as the nephew one.
That was like a click. Sadly I don’t remember much now of the conversation, but maybe I made an audio about it, will check.
At one point I felt something pulling from my leg in the direction of her room, which freaked the fuck out of me.
{personally, I think it’s quite a possibility, and she is quite intuitive}
After this, I started questioning how it could have happened:
Underlaying system in our brains/bodies that can interpret that way of communicating, at least when being in an appropriate frame of mind, or part of the assemblage point..
Inorganic beings that are with us, and can access that information, and lay it onto us...
I just imagined it all(?). This I never truly felt. I know it happened
What I said in the beginning about the witch, that I said would get back to, is that this knowledge has fit and expanded my view of the world...
All of this experiences where before I knew any of this, but this helps bring parts of them more into the light, which in itself, I think, validates carlos’ work.
I feel like we can definitely help bring it more into light, and refine more the system.
Oh, the point about the witch:
As I was writing it i considered whether some she’d have some ally, guest or, more horrifying.. “squatter”.
(Now I feel this deserves a post on it’s own, and will probably do so tomorrow)
And that entity could’ve know what was going on more clearly, and passing the info down.
The same would fit with my grandma, moreover with some other things in our lives and make the possibility of have some Inorganic squatter with us.
Again, the key is to have an open mind and entertain all of this from the middle. It makes sense, but who knows what could have been.
Anyway, I feel like exploring this kinds of things under this lense can be quite helpful, expanding evermore the range it has..
this reminds me of Don Juan telling Carlos, after his encounter with the blue scout, that he believed the IOBs interacted in our world constantly...
which made me remember this moments, and kinda freeze —which I used, alongside its movement of my AP to meditate and then sleep under its frame.
This is so messy, sorry lmao. Hopefully it makes sense.
I actually have another big one to share, but will try to post first, as it feels like it might be over the limit, although it hasn’t stopped me
Meh, I’ll try here anyway:
This one is the most recent of these, probably 3 month ago. After smoking, I was feeling strange energies have felt those also without smoking, but not as strongly), feeling a connection with the friend who also smokes in that garage.. probably because of smoking at the same time(?) I’ve met someone who thought it linked, and also that weed allows to see through entropy.
Anyway, at one point it felt like we had stablished a connection, and managed to talk a bit. Seemed like he was surprised, but once I started doubting it, and thinking it must have been a representation from my brain, it started fading.
Also had a moment after seing a weird light where I was feeling how that strange energy would feel about me, and the reaction to my not reacting
{I felt it might have been some internal current, but now I consider more something external... probably what attacked me later}
After some other weird things, like some pain in my ear and losing a bit of hearing,
(My neighbor on that other house lost the hearing of the same ear I felt, which was kinda creepy.
Back then I was considering more the flow of energy between people than IOBs)
I went back inside, and meditated on my bed.
It was quite intense. I love those weed trips. Around a week ago after an amazing ride (check my comments, there was a reset of my consciousness, and flashing of a spider...) I started considering more like a perceive psychedelics. Using it too often kinda took it for granted
But already a few months ago I was doing it more for the explorations of those hypothetical depths of the natural world(energy, other beings, etc)
++Anyway. The big things was that at some point at felt myself going up, towards a bright white light; accompanied by such a feeling of bliss, happiness...
And then... PUM. Something knocked me the fuck down. I felt at the depths of darkness. Some energy started cornering me. Like, for real, it surrounded all of me, and started pressing down... till I snapped out of it, and pushed my energy out, regaining my space, and pushing the foreign energy out.
Interestingly, I then apologized to the energy, saying that, fuck, if you approach me in such a way, how could I not react like that. And that if it wanted to communicate in some way, it was cool, but never trying to get inside me, manipulate me.. respecting my boundaries in general.
I didn’t know if it was from within (don’t think so), or outside; but I have the attitude of understandiing, or trying to, others... and with this kind of energies, being from other people, or IOBs, it’s harder to do.
What makes it more interesting is that my approach to IOBs seems to have been in this way before getting into this. It feels like tiptoeing around the dark, being mindful of how what I think could be taken by them, but it’s quite cool.
I maybe haven’t portrayed it aswell as I could, but I’ll never forget that moment.
I’m looking forward to going deeper into this, and communicate with them through lucid dreams and the black room.
Holy fuck, I hadn’t written for so long, and so focused, in a long time. I’ll link this with the BrP, and then trying to lucid dream.
Dunno if I’ll check the comments before sleeping, as I don’t want to mess up my frame/assemblage point; but if I finish the session out of it I might.
I actually am so thankful to be a part of this community lol, looking forward to exploring this together.. and getting to know you!!
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2020.08.18 10:38 ajamardo How I opened my Coliving and Coworking space in rural Galicia, Spain

I’m not a person that usually writes here, but I think the story about the opening of Anceu Coliving is worth telling, not because I came up with the idea, but because of what people have told me so far.
Almost two years ago (getting old I guess), a lot of news talking about the fact that a lot of Galician villages were getting abandoned and empty came into my hands, so I started to think about open a rural coliving and coworking space in my region, Galicia, as an economic engine to rebuild and reconstruct a village.
After months of searching, I ended up just finding two places that were kind of what I was looking for. One, amazing 9000 square meters oak forest with 6 old buildings to be restored, and a 3000 square meters rebuilt village. I did my numbers, and even the restored buildings one was more expensive, on the oak forest one everything had to be rebuilt and it’d take me ages to actually open (plus the fact of the hustle of rebuilding).
So, after talking about it with my family and friends, I did make the decision to pick the restored one and offered to the owner what I thought it’d work out for both parties, she agreed, so, I kind of started what today is Anceu Coliving , a rural coliving and coworking space in Galicia.
The negotiations took part in November, and we signed by the end of January, so I could start with the project by the beginning of February. I signed everything needed at the beginning of February, and one month after… COVID happened.
At the beginning I gotta say that I was pretty down because of the situation, because my idea was to open on May 1st, and everything got delayed, but being as optimistic as I usually am, I just got the positive part, which was, more and more people will work remotely in the following years and I’ll have more time now to prepare the space for the opening.
After a couple of months of COVID, I set a soft launch date ( July 1st ), imitating Cloud Citadel idea, with an Instagram and Facebook contest where people had to send a one minute video telling why they had to be one of the first coliviers in Anceu, so I ended up inviting over 40 people from all around the globe to get all needed feedback and fix last time things.
In the meantime, I got a visit from Arroelo people, which had contacted me through Instagram, in order to meet each other, and we thought of invite #ArroeloFamily to Anceu before the soft launch, where I had the chance to fix several things that people saw.
The experience of the soft launch was amazing, and actually reinforced the idea that I just had, that it was possible for people to enjoy Galicia nature while working remotely, and among other things I understood that community is so important for these kind of spaces. After several fixes in the space, daily operations and logistics, I was totally ready to open.
On August 1st I officially opened, with bigger success than expected, with several bookings in August (mostly from my own network), and expecting people until the end of September ( out of network, what just made me happier).
Now, weeks after the official opening I’ve learned a lot of things about being a house manager in a coliving space.
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2020.04.04 18:38 abiatar [S] Germán Díaz - Lettre Pour Beatrice

Hi there!
I transcribed one of my favourite pieces from Galician hidden gem, master hurdy-gurdier Germán Díaz:
Just for the fun of it and, you know, gotta keep busy in the lockdown.
Complete with the beat, 4 woodwinds voices, solos and basslines. You have to turn on all the layers in SoundSlice (bottom right).

Edit: the link was missing somehow. Also, I can share the pdf if anyone's interested.
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2018.12.30 11:22 frannycallenreese Tried and tested tricks to soften octopus?

Hey everybody! So octopus is pretty cheap where I live right now and I've bought it a couple times to cook it the Galician way (Spanish recipe), but first you gotta soften it, obviously. Well. I've tried freezing it and then boiling it, but that thing stays pretty tough no matter what. It hasn't messed with my tummy so OK, but also not because it's supposed to be much softer, sigh. I know octopus may not be in your cooking traditions, but would you happen to have any tips? Thanks in advance!
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2018.11.07 20:11 DoOwlsExist Galician gotta pee

The city of Lisbon, 2055 BANG!
A figure franticly ran out of the huge cloud of dust that had formed.
He looked around, to find that the building he was in only seconds ago was now completely rubble.
Everywhere else in the city the same was happening. Lisbon was being bombed to dust.
His ears rung from the noise.
"Shit, shit, shit!"
About a hundred meters away another figure was waving to him. They recognised who he was.
"Sousa?" The distant figure called.
"I'm coming!" The King of Lisbon ran away from the bombardements, and followed his friend.
"Monio, where the hell are we running?"
He brought Sousa below a bridge which went over the Tagus river. Its strong stone beams held up, providing cover to a gathering of survivors beneath it. Occasionally, when a bomb hit close by, some dust would fall from the structure and make it seem like it would collapse. Carina Da Rocha, who was holding a rifle, keeping track of all the people approaching the emergency shelter, noticed Monio Muniz returning with the king. "I see you're alright. Good." She said, relieved.
Artur Phala screamed in pain, a medic leaned over him, trying to comfort him. A huge wound in his leg caused the stones below to be covered with blood.
"We got Iago. Let's get out of here.", Felipe Da Douro announced.
They looked over to an open gate in the south, true which heavy traffic streamed out of the collapsing city.
"We can't leave!" Monio Muniz protested.
"How? It's that or we die! We have to go. Now!" Carina said back, gesturing towards a horse cart that was ready to bring away the group.
"But... Protecting the city! Honour!"
"Monio," Iago Sousa said, "I appreciate your bravery, but can you imagine what Sepera will do when he catches you? He sees you as a great enemy."
"Does it comfort you if I promise to shoot myself when I see him?"
"No, that's..." Sousa paused. "You can do what you want. And I'll respect whatever your choice is."
Monio paused.
"Come on, we gotta leave as soon as possible!" Felipe shouted from inside the horse cart.
"I'll keep Sepera outside of the city for as long as possible." Monio Muniz said.
Carina sighed and threw her rifle at him, "You'll need this then."
With bombardements continuing in the background, the group packed their supplies and one by one entered the cart. Felipe ordered the horses to move, and they prepared to join the stream of escaping citizens.
As the cart began moving, Iago shouted one last to Monio.
"Thank you."
"Officer, things are lookin' good. The walls have been breached in some areas, so I highly recommend we cease the bombardement and enter the city."
The officer lowered their binoculars and looked at the man in front of him dressed in red and green, the uniform of the republican army.
"Very well. I'll inform the great honorable commander. Now go back to your post."
The two men turned their backs, each now going a different direction. The soldier returned to their position amongst the cannons. The officer walked to a tent, past two guards to the discussion room inside. A flag, one thirds green, two thirds red, with the emblem of Lisbon, hung on the side of the tent.
"Sepera, I advise you that we stop the bombing and send our troops inside."
"Great." Benjamin Sepera responded, after which he exited the tent. The officer followed
"Those Libtards sure got destroyed." He smiled at the sight of smoke rising from Lisbon.
Secret location in Union of Alentejo "I heard they tore down Amando's statue."
"And replaced all the flags with their own"
"And even held public executions."
"Yes! I know!"
"Alright, fine." Artur Phala carefully stood up, took the stilts he needed due to his recent leg wound, and limped away from an upset Iago Sousa, who held his head in his hands.
The future was looking bleak. The city of Lisbon had been largely destroyed by bombs, technology the republican army had borrowed from the malians. The only thing stopping their forces from invading The Union of Alentejo next was that Andre Paez, its leader, had attempted an alliance with Sepera, as a measure to protect his region. This was under the assumption that Sepera wasn't aware of Sousa's location of course.
"Hey Iago!" Someone shouted from another room, "We're waiting on you for dinner!"
Sousa looked up, and reluctantly walked over to the dinner room. It was behind a large door, decorated with depictions of graped, grain and other country stuff, and with 'PAEZ' written in large letters over it. He put his hand on the surface and pushed. The door made a creeking noise. Inside his friends were waiting for dinner. The door closed loudly, causing everyone to notice his presence.
"Iago, you gotta try some from this bottle of wine. Apparently this is still from the Xante wine years." Carina Da Rocha said.
"Heh, Herberto Xante... I wondered what happened to him." Iago said as he sat down and poured a glass of the wine.
"His prison was bombed during Mali's attack, and he wasn't found in the rubble.", Felipe Da Douro said.
"Probably long dead." Artur Phala added, finishing his glass.
The door opened again with the same distinct creeking noise, Andre Paez walked in, and the door closed loudly.
"Food is just about to arrive." He announced, then joined them at the table.
"How were the talks with Sepera?" Iago asked, as it was the only thing on his mind.
Paez hesitated. He nervously answered: "Well, you see, I think he might be starting to catch on you're in hiding here."
Iago stood up. "Here!? In this house?"
"No, no, no!" Paez gestured Sousa to calm down. "I mean 'here' as in the Union of Alentejo."
Iago sat back down. "That's not much better."
Carina tried to calm him down. "You know, I'm positive that Sepera is bound to lose grip on Lisbon eventually. Dictatorships all collapse in the end. You're the rightful heir to the throne, and if you hold out, you'll get on top of things eventually.", she tried to explain.
"Yeah..."Felipe Da Douro said."Yeah. We can form the underground resistance of Lisbon!" The others nodded in agreement. "We'll fight against Sepera, whatever it takes! We'll-
"You really think that's possible? It's not." Iago loudly interrupted him.
The room went silent.
"What do you think we should do then?" Artur Phala asked.
Iago sighed. "What we certainly shouldn't do is fight. At least not at the moment. Not like Monio, who's probably dead now." he took a sip of his wine. "Let's flee. To Africa or something like that. Somewhere far away, but no to far away. Spain is to close, but if we station ourselves in some city in the ruins of Mali, we can wait for Sepera's grip to weaken, and we'll be Lisbon's government in exile."
"And let innocent people suffer under Sepera's grip?"
"We have no other options!"
Silence swept the room again.
"Do you not remember all your time in the council? Helping the citizens? Building us up from a city state to a large nation?"
"Well the people weren't exactly the smartest."
"Excuse me? I don't need your cynical bullshit. The people are not stupid!" Carina punched her fist on the table.
"Well they themselves supported Sepera, elected Breno Eanes and Alexos Joanna! They put this on themselves."
"Do you not recall the great victories in the north? The day of republica? The diplomacy with other nations?"
"Well how about getting thousands slaughtered in Tangier? How about losing so many fishermen to the Leviathan and Disney?"
Again, there was silence. Somewhere, wind was making a branch tick against hit a window. Some discussion could be heard in the kitchen. Rain was softly hitting the roof.
Artur Phala filled another glass with wine. "I think we had a good run. We managed to build great ships, give our people great wealth, we expanded in all directions... We did things good."
"But the weakness of democracy shows." Felipe added. "Especially in the last election, all the extremist groups just rose up like mushrooms. It was a matter of time until one of them won."
Iago raised his glass. "The battle for prosperity and reason is a hard one, but we did well!" All the others at the table raised their glasses as well.
A smile appeared on Iago's face.
A group of people in identical clothes, decorared similarely to the door, appeared with plates, candles, and more bottles of wine.
"It seems dinner's here", Andre Paez said, "great timing!"
They walked over to the table and presented the food.
"You must be new here, I don't recognise you." Paez remarked to one of the servants, who responded with a chuckle. "Yes, we're recent hires."
They distributed the plates, giving each person their dish with food. It was fish, with vegetables and mashed potatoes.
"New hires?" Andere Paez pondered.
"HEY! STOP!", Someone shouted from far away.
"Wait a second..."
The servants, alarmed, threw the plates they were holding in the air, reached their back pockets and each pulled out a gun.
Iago stood up. "Is this..."
Five shots, all aimed at the king of former Lisbon.
One hit the chair behind him. One hit the heavily decorated door. One hit a fork on the table.
Another hit Sousa's shoulder. The final hit him right in the abdomen.
Instantly everyone turned to their basic instincts. Artur Phala ducked under the table, spilling his wine all over the floor. Carina Da Rocha jumped to Iago, quickly dragging him below the table, where he was safe from further attack. Andre Paez took a fork and swung it at one of the assassins, but missed. They shot back, ending his life. In the distraction Felipe Da Douro attempted to punch one of the attackers, and while was successful at first, he could not hold up in a five versus one fight. He was pinned to the ground and made unable to move.
The real servants, who were the ones who shouted 'stop', turned from around the corner, only to discover they were to late.

Dear most honorable Sepera,
Our assasins managed to completely overwhelm Sousa and his other libtards. They were able to kill him, but could only barely escape as they had to resort to using their guns, instead of the poisoned food.
Heil Sepera,
-Commander Eanes
The King was dead.
Some say his last words were: "Give me some last wine.", though scholars debate this fact.
Whatever it may have been, no one was able to fill the spot he held, and any hope for a return of Lisbon like it once was, was lost after the country fell to instability, following Sepera's own assassination by a group of Marxists, who were then overthrown by an alliance of galician rebel groups, who fell when some betrayed the others, leading to a grip to power by...
Lisbon had reemerged after the bombs as a small city state, slowly growing beyond the size of Portugal before it. The failure of democracy and external threats though had kicked it down, causing its end.
Epilogue Felipe Da Douro was able to escape his murder by jumping true one of the windows of the mansion. He fled to Galicia, where he spent some days in Sepera-occupied Pontoverda, before he went to his old hometown to live the rest of his life under a different name.
Artur Phala wasn't as lucky. He was shot by one of the assassins in the fight that followed between them and the servants of Paez's mansion. He managed to survive, but when the republican army strolled into the Union of Alentejo, he was unable to escape and was not spared.
Carina Da Rocha was able to get away, and took a ship to Tangier. She spent the rest of her life working for a company which shipped wine to the outside world.
And what happened to Monio Muniz? He fought hard to keep Sepera out, and had to go underground once the city fell to fascism. When he heard the king died, he tried to escape Lisbon by boat, but guards of Sepera saw him, and shot him on sight.
Vasco Porez would eventually kill a Leviathan, avenging Pedro Da Luz and making the seas safer for everyone.
Felix Chão would take advantage of all the warring in Lisbon, and strike a heavy profit selling weapons to both sides.
Lucas Pires and Marcelo Lomba would work together, setting up a trade post in the azures. The rest of their lives smelled of fish.
The sound of a wine bottle emptying annoyed a sailor watching over the side of the deck.
"You really don't think you've had enough?"
A man, his beard as long as his sobriety lacking, looked up at the grumpy sailor, glass in hand.
"There's no such thing!"
The sailor rolled his eyes, and kept his focus on the horizon. There, he saw land.
"There it is! I know it wouldn't take that long anymore!" The sailor cheered up, quickly running over the deck to do his task.
The elder drunken man looked at the city in the distance, and smiled.
Indeed, a ship was to arrive in the city of Lisbon, its ports busy as usual. The chaos had swept the nation around it, but the city stood.
The ship sailed into a port made on piles of old stones, with new ones lain on top. The old city docks had been kept functioning true the years. As the crew left the ship, the old man followed. He cheerfully walked true the streets, its architecture a combination of what had survived of the past and of new construction.
Naturally, he walked straight into a bar.
Inside, a pianist was playing a jolly tune, and the folks in the bar were chatting with each other. The man took a seat in the corner of the room, on a table with a view of the city. He ordered yet another wine and enjoyed the sunset.
"Heyyyy... Ain't you that chap... That..."
A man, much more drunken than the one from the ship, recognised the new arrival, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.
"Leave him alone" a woman from the same table said to him. "You've drank enough."
"No, no. That's..."
"We're leaving."
She handed a bartender their payment and dragged her drunken husband out.
Just as they were about to exit the doorframe, the drunkard was able to realise it.
Iago nodded.
He ordered another glass of wine, and as the sun was setting pondered what he would do next.
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