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2020.11.26 18:59 Aartwave What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5 Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play
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2020.11.21 17:44 Everme1 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)2

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)2 Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play
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2020.11.15 00:37 plana21 Newest Dopa Video Translation - More Final Thoughts (coaches, hitting rank 1, etc)

Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. There is a lot of content so I just did it in point form. Unlike his first video, this one was less about gameplay/strategy and more about just random stuff he wanted to talk about.

Coach/ban pick

- What I’m about to talk about may not be very nice for coach/ban pick
- Like pro gamers, normal people have this fantasy for coaches, but this is what I think
- There are two ways for me to say what I’m going to state: nice/mean
- Nice: coaches are not responsible for ban/pick
- Mean: Coaches are useless for ban/pick.
- I don’t get it. If I was a pro player and some diamond coach told me “hey Qiyana seems kinda good nowadays. Want to practice some mid Qiyana?” I would be like “oh… yeah… okay….. (timestamp 5:15) I can’t understand how someone would be able to take it seriously. I just can’t understand. I would never listen to the coach.
- Coach responsibilities: lifestyle/practice management and argument/opinion mediator
- Example: one player is sleeping too much or not practicing. It can be weird for another player to tell him what to do so there needs to be a coach to tell him to stop slacking.
- Example 2: Gather the group and ask "hey I think we're lacking champion XXX and we should possibly try to implement it into our comps, what does everyone else think?"
- Coach should never “coach” 1 on 1. The coach should always gather the entire team and start an idea/discussion and have the team kinda talk about it (since players won’t do this otherwise).
- If team has shit ban/pick, then it is on the players. Shouldn’t it be like this?
- Repeats again: I would never understand the idea of agreeing with a “coach” with a lower elo than me.
- It is true that what I’m saying is all bullshit. You’re right. But it’s fun right? But this is just how I think. Entering someone’s mind is like reading an entire novel…


Winning world cup:

- Fight of who has the best concept/sense and luck.
- The winner has the best concept/sense of the game.
- Skill wise everyone is basically at the same level (at least the top 4)
- What do I mean by luck? Everyone has their own champion pool and champions they are comfortable with. If by chance your champion pool happens to be strong during worlds, then you have the advantage.
- Players can never change their intrinsic playstyle.


Thoughts on his experience getting rank 1 and coming of a new era:

- I only hit rank 1 so that I could say this: rank does not display skill. If I didn’t hit rank 1 and said this, then I could seem like I’m saying this only because I didn’t hit rank 1. edit: I think by rank, he means LP in mastegm/chal.
- I got rank 1 in seasons 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
- S3,4 – I could get rank 1 whenever I wanted to
- S5 – 3 weeks
- S6 – 4 weeks
- S7 – 6 weeks
- S8 – 8 weeks
- S9 –
- S10 – 3 months
- This is a sign that this is a coming of a new era
- It’s possible even for you… You don’t know how much talent you have. If you are young, you still have a chance.
- Believes that it’s likely he’ll never hit rank 1 again, if he decides to come back


Red Queen Hypothesis

- a hypothesis in evolutionary biology which proposes that species must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate in order to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing species
- This is what league of legends is about.
- This was what I did to stay at the top. If I stopped constantly adapting, then I get buried in diamond.
- Dopa starts to read more of the Red Queen Hypothesis wiki and becomes kinda touched.
- Sigh.. I truly believed that if I tried my best I could become a “transcendent/legend…” (someone in which no one could beat, even after retiring).
- But there’s too much talent coming in… In league of legends, there’s always going to be someone better.


Setting (chair, mouse, ingame setting):

- Setting diff is huge
- There’s probably a lot of you that play without an optimal setting without even realizing
- Okay well… setting diff is not huge in some cases.
- Do you ever feel comfortable sometimes and uncomfortable at other times while playing? Could it be the setting? Nono. It’s because the opponent is different.
- If I go to gold/plat, setting doesn’t even matter, I would just beat everyone. I could play in any position (like, physical position).
- But if I go to challenger and I’m against showmaker, then even the smallest things are noticeable, such as these little mouse movements.
- Dopa draws his optimal setting with measurements (timestamp 30:20)
- For your mouse, try using aimbooster, Except like this. Put aimbooster windowed in the bottom in some corner and everytime after you hit a target, you put your mouse arrow in the middle of your screen (timestamp 33:44). After you try this, you can tell which position on the screen you find discomfort aiming your mouse.


More thoughts on his twisted fate:

- I could probably write a thesis on twisted fate
- I haven’t said everything I knew about tf btw. Just the general concepts. But that should be enough for you.
- Chat: please write the thesis
- Dopa: ....


Duoing with randoms (chinese server):

- I sometimes enjoy going to those random “looking for duo” websites. If I op.gg them and it seems like that person tries hard, then I ask them if they want to duo to rank up together.
- Actually, once you do this a lot, you run into a lot of girls surprisingly. So I get some chances to duo with girls aha.
- Let’s say I do this duo search thing and coincidentally, it’s a girl? Then I just tell her that I’m originally an ADC main and we go duo bot together.
- But you know, sometimes they actually recognize me. If that happens I escape immediately.
- Ah.. I liked that person the most… The person with the kinda cute voice… I duo’d with that person the most…
- Every time that person died, that person would take a smoke and whine…
- Speaking to that person: You have really good mechanics, but you lack map reading skills. You needed to listen to my pings. You had to go in there and not run…
- Chat: Was it a guy?
- Dopa: ….


Map hacks

- Dopa: If a god came to you and offered you map hacks in exchange for 10 years of your life, would you take it?
- Dopa: Yes
- Chat: No way
- Dopa: No, not just league, but just games in general. You would be the best at every game!
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2020.05.17 10:23 carmencienna1 Random video chat xxx

I'm 19 - soon to be 20. And I signed up to OF last year. It was anonymously, i.e. I created an alias for myself and used a brand new email account. Ofc behind the scenes I had to use real details for my bank etc, but that was between me and OF.
I promoted myself on places like RedditOF, which was a bad idea really. Mainly for my confidence levels. There were thousands of girls on there. Young, pretty, far better backdrops than my own shitty bedroom. Clearly some were using tech to make their content the best it could be - pro cameras and video editors etc.
Not disuaded by this, having heard all the "good" things about OF, I carried on, posting 3 videos and 10 pics. Hardly any thought went into them. 'I'm to take my clothes off and wiggle about a bit, right?' That's all...because men are stupid yada yada yada
Well within about a week I had a sub :) Yay me! $5 for about 30mins work (after OF took their cut). I say 30mins because I obviously retook *some* pics and re-did 1 of the videos because I knocked into something ahaha. Then you upload etc. All in all it was about 30mins of my time.
The *person* (not gonna assume it was a guy) liked some of my stuff and DM'd me with the old classic 'you're so pretty' line. I thanked them XOXOXOXOX. I had a little menu up for private content but nothing happened with that for a while.
As time went by I added more content, again, not really anything beyond shaking my naked booty and posing for naked iPhone stills. I did look up some stuff on the net for ideas and imitated a few shots. About 2 months in and bam, another 3 subs (plus the original one). OK cool, lets work this out, I'm netting $20 a month now for about an hour of my time. This ain't so bad.
This is all from RedditOF. I wasn't available anywhere else online. Yet...
About 4 months in and it's a slow train. No new subs. One gone. I come across a friend of a friend that's doing it and she has 40 regular subs. She's only netting about 3 bucks each but still, how'd she get so many? Especially since she'd only started 2 months ago. I looked her up. And it was then I realised - socials.
Dayum girl. She's on Insta, FB, god knows what else. And she ain't shy. Posting clips that barely cover up the money shots. Advertising herself on *SALE* for a limited time only. 'Swipe up now for XXX content'. I'm thinking to myself, is she for real? Won't all her close friends and family be following her?
Now before people blast me for saying that, I think it's safe to say that there's a reason why well over 3 quarters of the women in developed societies DONT do sex work. And it's not because of what society thinks. Its something inside of them that prevents them. And I dont think that's ever gonna change. Some people don't feel comfortable flaunting their naked bodies as sex objects. And that's cool.
What struck me most about this chick though, was how many followers she had on her socials. It was a good few thousand between them all. And yet, only 40 subs. Ok, maybe that IS a realistic statistic. But it did make me wonder what it might be like if I were to follow suit and start promo'ing myself that way. Of course, there's no chance in the world I would, or could. Too many friends and family on there that I do NOT want to see me this way. People like my little brother, who would of course been ridiculed by his 11 year old mates as soon as they found out. I didn't want that for him.
Well anyways, it was all about to change. One drunken night (of course) led me to sharing my alias with the above mentioned '40 subs' girl. We had a good laugh at each others content and in many ways bonded a little more. That's always the way with these types of 'taboo' things. If someone else you know does it, it's more acceptable, right?
Through the interconnections we all had, she slips my OF alias to a guy I knew. He then signed up to my OF anonymously. He had it for 1 month then the sub didn't renew. No comments, no likes, no DM's. I thought nothing of it. By this time I'd gotten lazy (in reality, bored) with my approach towards OF. It is in fact hard work. You think a few pics and videos will net you a decent sum of cash. In fact, the people that really see the money tend to be the ones *with* money in the first place. Money to buy better equipment, shoot in better locations etc etc. Perhaps some are just good business people - starting out with a little and investing back into it. That's too much like hard work for little old me
Anyways, this guy. He's part of my social circle of friends. We'd sit at the same table when we were out. His girlfriend went to my school. That kinda thing. Now, she was about to make an interesting discovery. And it wasn't because the douchebag left his phone unlocked with OF open. No. See guys are stupid (so are girls - more on that later). He and his friends couldn't keep quiet about what they did. They'd have to make silly cryptic comments in front of people and giggle amongst themselves. People are trying to figure out what the F they are going on about but they stick to being childish and stumble off to play pool. It's only later in the evening when one of them (who is known for being terrible at handling his alcohol) gets cornered by the aforementioned girlfriend and is asked to give up the dirt.
"He signed up to her OF and shared the login details with everyone"
Yep. That 'her' is in fact me. And the 'he' is her boyfriend. I wasn't there at the time but I'm told the anger on her face was a sight to behold. Of course she was angry for 2 reasons, more so the fact that her BF was perving over me. But also because of him being a dick and sharing his login details to my OF account with his friends. The couple swiftly left for the evening.
So this is where the story takes a bit of an unexpected grown up twist. It's the following day. And I'm being called by her to come over. It's a bit odd, we weren't really close like that. Just ex school friends (kinda). We actually decided to meet in a local coffee place. I get there first, nervous AF. All she'd said to me was that someone has done something and it involves me. All kinds of things were going through my head. What if they've gone psycho and want to kill me (heck those are the movies and TV shows we are exposed to nowadays, right). The feeling is horrible. But it's about to get even worse.
They arrive. He's looking particularly worse for wear. I don't just mean hungover. He won't take his eyes off the ground. His shoulders are sunken. I swear it looks like he's been crying. WTF. They sit. And she goes straight in. "Tell her!". "Muthafucker you better tell her or I will announce it in front of everyone!"
"I've been sharing your onlyfans account with some of my friends'. 'I'm so fucking sorry"
She then jumps in - "He signed up last month, shared the login details with his friends, and they've all had access. Some have downloaded the content and reshared it".
"Downloaded, wha....what the fuck? You can't even do that it's not possible!" I cried.
My emotional state at this point is indescribable. It was borderline panic attack, borderline rage, borderline ahahaha who gives a fuck anyway I dont care. A really weird mix of emotions. I knew it was just sheer confusion at what was happening. The inevitable anxiety/depression just hadn't settled in yet.
What I found out, after he explained, was that if you have a sub to OF, it's possible to download all the content you have access to. Their website doesnt allow right click/save. But you can easily and legitimately find the source URL's of every video/picture, navigate to them, right click and 'Save As'. You now have all the content locally stored.
What's more is these URL's are publicly available. You can just copy them and share then around and they will open for anyone. You see, what I found out was OF use what's called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host all of their content. There's various reasons for doing this. And it's common practice for anyone that publishes lots of content. The URL's that point to the videos and pictures are a really long mix of letters, numbers and other characters which makes finding them by randomly surfing the net practically impossible. But if you know what they are, say, because you've signed up to OF and have access to them, you can share them. And as I said, once you have access to them, you can just download the video/image.
So back to this guy for a second. It's not just that he shared the login details so all his friends could (and did) log in at any time. It's that they also started ripping the content and sharing it around too. Storing it in places like OneDrive and Dropbox. No wonder his sub didn't renew after 1 month. He and many others had my content.
I did some research and found out that nothing can be done about this. Perhaps OF can fix the sharing of login details (although even Netflix etc still dont prevent this), but how could they prevent a legit subscriber from accessing those source URLs, or even from just screenshotting or recording my content. This problem is apparently widespread.
Think about it. If you promote your OF on your socials, you should know for damn sure that someone in your contacts is gonna get together with their friends, all put in a very small amount of $$ and subscribe. What you think is a reasonable price for a monthly sub is being easily bypassed by the same methods we probably all use (or have used) to access other subscription services. Unlike those subscription services, on OF they can easily grab the content and share it around. Heck, maybe even for a fee...You might think 'oh well, they don't have the latest content'. We think again. 5 friends just need to pool together as little as $1 every 6 months for a sub to your OF, rip the content, then cancel the renewal. Bargain.
As I said above, this IS happening now. This is what they do. And I'm not just going to single out guys as the guilty parties here. Girls can be bitches too. I actually found out later that it wasn't just being shared with guys. It had become so widely distributed that girls I knew had seen this content. You might think this is a police matter. Perhaps it is. You really think that's gonna stop this? We all know the WWW is like the fricken wild west when it comes to this kind of thing.
Something that hit me a lot later was the fact that I didn't actually know any one of my subscribers. To me they were just aliases. I had a handful of private requests that these aliases paid for. And there's no way for sure to know if it was random subscriber, or a group of people that actually knew me all having a laugh by instructing me to do shit on camera. I'll never know if those videos were actually private or saved and distributed as well.
I'm not gonna go into much detail about the aftermath of that coffee shop revelation. Suffice to say there was a lot of crying, the instant removal of OF and some very heavy culling on my socials. The universe was quite kind to me during this time. We were all about to go off to different Uni's and the fake ass circle of 'friends' naturally dispanded. Making a fresh start and turning my back on this was easier than I could have ever imagined.
What are my thoughts on OF type sites now? Look, I get it. People want shit. Shit costs money. This seems like an easy place to make that money. Firstly it's not. It's work. Just like any other job. It's also incredibly competitive. Your $10 subs are being offered by someone hotter, prettier, and with better content, for like $3 bucks a month. These sites are still very much in their infancy. So that's only gonna drive prices down even further. And make dedicated people work even harder than you ever will. It's also not a long term career, nor one that an employer will look at in 5 years time and say 'good, you've got excellent experience here'.
With that said, there will ALWAYS be curiosity. Curiosity leads to subs. And if you are promo'ing on your socials, you better believe you will get at least one sub. Maybe they are subscribing alone. Maybe with their friends. Maybe it will come out like it did with my story. Or maybe you will never know who at your table has pictures of your naked body.
One final thing I will say on "sex work" (such a dumb term btw). If you are doing it, do it because you love it, or at the very least because it's stepping stone towards something you love. I thought that's what it was for me. A way to earn money so I could buy more shit for Uni and get a car. I ended up turning to the internet for most of my Uni resources and joined things like Dischord chats with like minded people who are F'ing amazing and have so much advice to give. I also turned to Twitch where I post music that I write and offer tips on how to play certain instruments. An absolute passion of mine and people are free to sub, or not. I really dont mind!
The car I so long for will come after working a few shifts at a local business. And I couldn't be happier that it's turned out this way :)
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2019.12.28 15:50 Racefiend LPT: Some tips for buying a used car for people that know nothing about cars

I’m a mechanic/auto shop owner. I figured I’d put some stuff together for anyone interested in buying a used car but doesn’t know anything about cars. Obviously the best option is to take it to an auto shop to have it thoroughly inspected by a professional before you buy it. The key word here is BEFORE you buy it. I don’t know how many people I’ve had come to my shop for an inspection after they bought it….ugghh. The $150 or so you spend is worth not buying something that may have thousands of dollars of problems. But if that’s not an option, here are some tips to help keep you from buying a lemon:
1-Buy a cheap OBD scannereader. You don’t need to spend a lot, as they’ll all do what you need here. A bluetooth OBD reader and the TORQ app for you phone seems to be pretty populagood choice. Practice using it on some cars. Some of the stuff I'm going over may seem daunting, but if you practice it on a car a few times, you'll get the hang of it, and this will all make sense. You could be saving yourself thousands in repair here, so take a few hours to practice it. It's not hard once you do. You should be able to do all of the stuff I'm going to talk about with your scanner in under 5 mins total. You don’t have to worry about reading and interpreting data. The main thing you want to do is check for codes in the engine and transmission ECUs. ECU stands for Electronic Contrul Unit. Basically, it's the computer that controls the engine or transmission. They are sometimes referred to as ECM, or Engine Control Module, and TCM, or Transmission Control Module. Sometimes they'll be referred to as PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. This is what it's called when only one computer controls both the engine and automatic transmission. The PCM may be one physical computer, but logically, it's 2 computers. So if you connect your scanner to a PCM, you'll still see two separate options, one for engine, and one for transmission. Do note that if you have a manual transmission, there won't be a transmission computer.
So when you connect to each one, there should be no codes in either. If there are codes, there’s an issue. It may be minor, it may be major. Google it if you want, but not knowing what the codes mean, your best bet is to walk away. If your scanner is a better one, you can also check other modules (computers) for codes. However, it’s pretty common on newer cars, especially European, to find obscure codes in obscure modules. Normally they’re not an issue. Focus on the Engine and Transmission. ABS (antilock brakes) and SRS (safety restrain system...airbags, seat belts, etc) modules normally shouldn’t have codes lingering either. Make sure to also check after test driving. The codes may have been reset by the seller to hide a problem (more on that in the next paragraph). They may have returned during your test drive, so check again!
Use the scanner to check the monitors on the engine ECU/Computer. Monitors are a series of self checks that the ECU does on the engine. All applicable monitors should be set (passed/complete). They get reset when you clear the check engine light, or when you disconnect the battery (usually). If all of the monitors haven’t passed, then it’s quite likely the person selling it has reset the check engine light recently (may be trying to hide a problem), or there’s a problem that isn’t allowing the monitor to complete. Not a good sign. Walk away. To complete all of the monitors can take quite a few miles and sometimes several days. So there's a good window there for you to catch someone doing some hanky panky.

  1. Crank the engine without starting it. What you want to do is listen to the engine during a continuous crank. On American cars and on Mazdas, this is easy, as they have what’s known as a Clear Flood Mode. You turn the key to the on position, wait a few seconds, depress the gas pedal all the way, then try to start it. The engine will crank away without starting for as long as you hold the key (or in the case of a push button start, until you hit the button again). If the engine starts, quickly let off the gas so you don’t revv up the engine too high and try it again. You’ll want to listen to it for a good 10 seconds or so. This is a very easy way to check compression on an engine. The main thing you hear when cranking an engine is the electric starter working to try and spin the engine. As a piston comes up and compresses the air, the starter has to work harder to spin the engine, and the speed/pitch of the starter changes. Once the piston comes back down, it’s easier to spin the engine, so the speed/pitch changes back, and then repeats as each consecutive piston moves up in the compression stroke. Every engine sounds different, but they all should have a very steady rhythmic starting noise. Kind of a WAAA WAAA WAAA WAAA WAAA. If one or more of the cylinders has low compression, you will hear the starter have an off-rhythmic sound that repeats. So for instance, if you have a 4 cylinder engine with one low compression cylinder, it would sound like WAAA WAAA WA WAAA WAAA WAAA WA WAAA WAAA WAAA WA WAAA etc. Every 4th pitch change will sound different than the other 3.
For reference, here’s what a normal cranking sound should be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v0h_Ygqox0
Here’s what a low compression cylinder cranking sounds like. It’s at about :55 secs :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOghpmVhVng
If you listen closely, you’ll hear the unsteady rhythm. Loss of compression is usually piston rings, valves, or head gasket. All costly. If the engine sounds funny when cranking, walk away.
If the car you’re looking at doesn’t have a clear flood mode, you can remove the fuel pump relay in the engine compartment fuse box, which turns off the fuel pump. Most cars have one, but some don’t. Some cars can be a real PITA to disable it from starting. Google the car you’re looking at with something like “YYYY Make Model clear flood” or “YYYY Make Model disable fuel pump” and see if there’s an easy way to achieve this. I'm sure there will be a Youtube video showing you exactly how to do this.
Practice this beforehand on cars you have access to if possible to tune your ear to the sound. You can also do this periodically on your own car to see if any problems are arising.
  1. Check the fluids. All of the fluids will have minimum/maximum marks. If fluids are low, someone has not been maintaining the car well, or it has developed a leak. Not a good sign. When checking the engine oil, it should range from clear to black. If it looks like chocolate milkshake, there is a major problem. RUN AWAY. You can also smell the oil on the dipstick to see if it smells like gasoline. If it smells like raw gasoline, the engine is either injecting way too much fuel or you have bad piston rings. Either way they're bad. If the oil level is WAY above the full mark, like an inch or more, then either some other fluid is making it's way into the engine (very bad) or someone sucks at doing an oil change. Remember to check the oil with the engine off and on level ground. Some new cars don’t have dipsticks (mainly European). If so, you’re SOL. Check the coolant in the reservoir. It should be green, pink, red, yellow, orange, blue, or purple, depending on manufacturer. If it’s rusty, walk away. Remove the radiator cap (only if the engine is cold) and look at the cap and in the radiator. If you see any rust or chunky/gritty brown stuff, walk away. If it’s just water, walk away (be careful here, Ford’s yellow coolant almost looks clear). Check the automatic transmission fluid. For the most part, it should be red, but sometimes amber or green. It may be black. That’s dirty. Not a deal breaker, but they haven’t been keeping up on maintenance. It should not smell burnt, though. That’s bad. If it looks like strawberry milkshake, that’s really bad. Also, remember that you should check the level on automatic transmissions while the engine is running in Park and after driving it and getting the transmission good and hot. The only exception is most Hondas. That’s checked after driving but with the engine off. Google it for the car you plan on looking at to make sure. Many new cars don’t have a transmission dipsticks, so again, you’re SOL there.
  2. Start the engine and listen for any noises. The engine should be cold. If it’s at operating temperature, the seller may have warmed it up to hide some cold start engine noises. Be wary. If it makes any noises, walk away.
  3. Look for maintenance records. If it has consistent oil change records at an oil change place, at least they’ve been changing the oil. Unfortunately, oil change places only check easy profitable stuff. It’s better than nothing, though. If the records are all at an independent shop, that’s better. Indy’s will usually do a pretty thorough check up on the car when servicing it. If it has all dealer records, that’s the holy grail. Dealers will find any nick nack that’s wrong and upsell it. They also commonly don’t do thorough diagnostics (this is an unfortunate effect of the way dealer shops operate). So if it needed repairs, on top of having new parts that needed replacing, it may have other new parts that it didn’t even need. Plus those new parts will be good quality OEM parts, not chines junk of questionable quality.
  4. Check that everything works on the car. Check the A/C, the heater, the windows, the locks, the mirrors, the head/parking/brake lights, etc. If the owner neglected to fix obvious problems, what else did they decide not to fix?
  5. Look under the hood and look for any hokey work. Random zip ties holding things on, tape, broken plastic pieces, a battery that can move around if you push on it, wires hanging, etc. If it looks like unprofessional work has been done on what you can see, how bad is what you can’t see?
  6. How does the car look? Is it dirty, full of scratches, stained? If the owner cares so little about the interioexterior, they probably have the same attitude towards the mechanical part of it.
  7. Check the tires. Aside from general condition, do they all match? If all the tires are different, they’re cheap/broke, and have probably cheaped out on a lot more than just tires. Lay your hand flat on the tire tread and light feel around the tires. If you feel a repeating pattern of flat spots/dips, you have suspension problems.
  8. Try and stay away from used car dealers. Used car dealers get the majority of their cars from auctions. A lot of cars that go to auction are sent there by someone that doesn’t want it, usually because there are problems. Not all, but many. New car dealers send trade-ins that are too old or the wrong make to put on their lot, and some of those are decent. However, the small used car dealers usually buy the bottom of the barrel cars at auction. They’ll fix the minimum needed with the cheapest parts possible to maximize profit. They’ll make it look pretty, though. Good chance you’re buying a polished turd. Not all used car dealers are bad, though. Check reviews. Look at what they have on the lot. If they have a lot of high resale value cars on the lot, they're buying the good stuff at acution. If all of their cars are under $10k, with a lot under $5k, move on.
  9. Obviously, test drive the car. Drive it at different speeds up to highway speeds. Brake easy, brake hard. Find a crappy road or railroad tracks to drive over. Make sure there are no noises or vibrations. Get it good and warm. When you’re done, open the hood and take a good whiff. Make sure there are no strong smells (like burning fluids or other things). Look under the car and see if anything is dripping or the bottom of the engine is covered in fluids (bring a flashlight, it can get dark under there). Don’t be alarmed if you see water dripping under the car at about the same area as the base of the windshield/firewall. If the A/C or defroster was on, that is just condensate from the A/C system. Touch it. If it’s not oily and looks/feels like water, it should be OK. If you’re test driving a manual car, the clutch engagement point should be somewhere in the middle of the clutch pedal travel. If it’s right at the top or right at the bottom, clutch repairs are in the near future.
  10. This one is a little more advanced, but not too difficult. It’s also pretty important. You’ll need your OBD scanner. What you want to do is look at the engine data and search for the fuel trims. An engine computer injects fuel based on a bunch of sensor inputs. It has a base fuel map programmed into it that it references, based on those sensor inputs, and injects XXX amount of fuel. There is an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system that analyzes the exhaust gas and acts like a quality control inspector. It tells the computer whether it injected too much or too little fuel. The computer then makes adjustments to that base fuel map to make sure it’s injecting the proper amount of fuel. Those adjustments are called fuel trims. A 5% fuel trim would mean the computer had to add 5% more fuel than the base map. A -5% fuel trim would mean that the computer had to reduce fuel by 5% from the base fuel map. In a perfect world, fuel trims would be zero. However, that’s rarely the case. Fuel quality, different atmospheric conditions, engine wear, engine or sensor problems, etc, make it so that the base fuel map is never perfect, so the computer is always adding or subtracting fuel (usually it’s adding, but sometimes it’s subtracting). I don’t like to see a computer adding or subtracting more than 10% fuel. Any more than that and there may be a problem. Any more than 15-20% and there is definitely a problem.
So what you’re going to want to do is look at the data on the engine computer. You want to make sure you connect to the computer using the GENERIC OBD2 option on your scanner. Different car manufacturers will call these fuel trims by different names, and display the percentage in different ways. If you connect to the engine computer the standard way, you may be confused trying to find and read the fuel trims. But if you connect using the generic obd option, it’s always going to use a standardized display format across all vehicles. Some really cheap OBD scanners only connect using the generic OBD protocol. You’re going to see a long list of a bunch of different data. Scroll through until you find “short term fuel trim” and “long term fuel trim”. I'm not going to explain what the difference between those two data parameters are, as that doesn't matter here, and may end up being confusing. I'm just going to tell you what to do with the values you see.
Short term fuel trim, depending on your scanner, may be displayed as: Short term fuel trim, STFT, ST, or ST%
Long term fuel trim may be displayed as: Long Term Fuel Trim, LTFT, LT, or LT%
Let’s assume your scanner uses the more common STFT and LTFT designation. You’re going to see a number after the letters, so STFT1 and LTFT1. The number means the “bank” or side of the engine. A 4 cylinder engine only has one “side” so you’ll only see STFT1 and LTFT1. However, a V6 or V8 engine has two sides of the engine (3 or 4 cylinders on one side, and 3 or 4 cylinder on the other side, hence the V6 or V8). The computer controls fuel independently for each side of the engine, so you’ll see a STFT1 and LTFT1 for one side of the engine, and STFT2 and LTFT2 for the other side. Don’t be alarmed if you’re looking at a V6 or V8 engine and you only see STFT1 and LTFT1. Many late 90s cars and some early 2000s cars didn’t control fuel separately for each side of the engine, and lumped both sides into one bank.
When looking at the short term and long term fuel trims, you’ll notice the long term fuel trim number stays pretty steady, but the short term fuel trim number may change a lot. This is normal. What is important to note is that they are cumulative. So if STFT=4 and LTFT=3, then your total fuel trim is 7%. Let’s take a look at some examples on a V8:
STFT1 : 3 ... STFT2 : 6
LTFT1 : 2 ... LTFT2 : 1
So the total fuel trim on bank 1 is 5% (3+2) and the total fuel trim on bank 2 is 7% (6+1). Each bank is below +/- 10%. That’s pretty good.
STFT1 : -5 ... STFT2 : 3
LTFT1 : 3 ... LTFT2 : 1
Bank 1 fuel trim is -2% (-5 +3) and bank 2 is 4% (3+1). Again, that’s good.
STFT1 : 6 ... STFT2 : 7
LTFT1 : 10 ... LTFT2 :15
Bank 1 fuel trim is 16% (6+10) and bank 2 is 22% (7+15). That’s not good. Walk away from this one.
Here's one more that's a littlte different:
STFT1 : -20 ... STFT2 : -20
LTFT1 : 22 ... LTFT2 : 20
Hey, 2% and 0% total fuel trim on each bank. SWEET! this car is running almost perfect! Well not really. Why is the LTFT adding 22% but then the STFT is taking a bunch of it back? There may be an intermittent issue going on here. So add the absolute values together as well (treat -20 as 20) and see what that total is. Here we have 42 and 40. There's some interpretation required here that you'd need some experience to do, but I'd say anything over 25 when adding absolutes is cause for concern.
Check these numbers with the engine running at idle, and rev up the engine and hold it at about 2500rpms and check it there. Like I said, you may see the STFT number change pretty quickly, so just use the average of the numbers you see for that one. If you have someone with you, you can have them check the numbers while you drive as well.
Practice this on a car you have access to beforehand.
  1. Last and not least, don’t trust the person selling the car. Trust your eyes, your ears, and your instinct. You don’t know this person, they may be lying about the car, or try and tell you that the thing you’re worried about is no big deal, it’s just this or that. Or they had a guy check it out and it’s a really easy/quick fix. Be patient and find the right car. If something is fishy or doesn’t seem right, move on to the next car. A car is a pretty big expense. Most people budget for the purchase price of a car and don’t consider there may be considerable extra expense in fixing major problems. Minimize the possibility of those extra expenses by inspecting the car the best you can.
I would recommend running through these things, and any others you want to add, on your current car, your parents’ cars, friends’ cars, etc. Do it several times. Get comfortable in making these checks so that when you’re doing them in front of some stranger on their car, you won’t forget anything.

EDIT7 - I'm putting this above my other edits so it gets seen. I totally forgot to talk about Titles and their pitfalls. u/BossMaverick has made an excellent post here talking about it, and a few other good things as well.

EDIT- Forgot another tip regarding possible accident repairs. When you look under the hood, the color of the metal in the engine compartment area should be the same color as the car. If you see different colors or primer, it's had body repair. Also, if you look at the reflection in the car's exterior paint up close and at an angle, you'll notice that the reflection has a wavy pattern to it. That's called orange peel. Every car has it from the factory, except super high end cars. The orange peel pattern should be consistent all the way around the car. If the pattern changes in certain parts of the car, it's been repainted in that area. Good chance it had an accident. Another thing you can do is take a small magnet with you. You're going to place the magnet against the car in as many areas as you can. Make sure you wrap it in a microfiber towel or something soft so you don't scratch the car (it's not your car). The magnet should attract itself to the body and even stick to it. If there are spots where the magnet doesn't stick as strong or at all, there is body filler there. It's had body work. Do keep in mind that some body panels aren't magnetic on some cars. If you can't get the magnet to stick anywhere on an entire panel (like the fender or hood) then you probably have a non magnetic body panel (maybe fiberglass or aluminum). I guess it's possible that the whole body panel is covered in bondo, but that would be rare, as that would be an extremely poor repair.

EDIT2 - Fixed some formatting

EDIT3 - Thanks for all the replies and awards. I'm glad people found this useful. But seriously, no more awards. Save your money for gas to return all those Christmas presents you don't want.

EDIT4 - There are lots of comments and questions. I'll try to answer what I can but there are so many. I'll get back to most of you eventually. Gotta get some work done....working on a Saturday (sucks)

EDIT5 - I'm back from the dead!

EDIT6 - added some good info brought up in comments, expanded on a few things, laymanized it a little more, explained some technical stuff. Still can't get the STFT and LTFT examples to format the way I wanted. Best I can do

EDIT 8 - Good night everyone. Thanks for all the awards and comments and conversations. I replied to all the PMs and chats. Tried to reply to as many comments as I could, but holy cow there were just too many. I just hope I did better than Woody Harrelson.
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2019.09.17 02:36 twayacc789 Random video chat xxx

At the time, I was with my gf of 3 years and 4 month, lets call her "Kat". And things before the incident has been sometimes rocky and sometimes memorable but my discovery last week when she was cheating on me has left me confused and shocked. It has been bothering me for a week so far to a point that I cant sleep, and at the end I defaced something incredibly important to her. This is going to be a long one. Okay here I go...
It all began in late July of this year. She had recently started getting into working out and working on a new cosplay. She has been talking about it non-stop, and I was super supportive to see her work towards a new goal. couple days after the first week of August she has been mentioning that her coworker (lets call him "Jay") who is a workout freak and has worked together for two years, had discussed to me about how she wants to go work out with him at his gym and maybe hang out a little after and to see if i was okay/felt comfortable with that. Knowing Jay who is a married man and Kat who I trusted because long term relationship, I said sure and that it was fine to go workout with him just as long as his wife knows about it too. a week later she would always update me that his wife hasn't given him the go ahead to go work out together but that I have given the green light. Kat also mentioned that Jay's wife will be out of town to see family from the 12th of August to september 4th. She began to start planning with Jay about days to go work out and had labeled them as "buff buddies" on the calendar. A day later she has started to tease me about things like "what if Jay and I went swimming together after we work out", "what if he starts physically positioning my form at the gym", "wouldn't it be funny if people mistaken us for a couple at the gym?", and "what if he accidentally touched my butt?". At the time I felt really uneasy hearing the "teasing" and began to start feeling incredibly jealous. She would always think that its "cute" to see me this way because that means I care. I didn't want to straight up and get upset at her because i loved her, so I just played along and responded with "yeah whatever, lol", "haha, that wont happen" or "okay okay, lets change the subject".
By now it is the 10th of August, and the teasing would continue at random days, she would also talk about him almost everyday. With my anxiety, and jealousy, I did my very best to control it and think that nothing was going on because she was just excited to have a workout buddy. because since the day she started working out and now, we had been intimate and enjoying time during the weekend and knew nothing was happening.
Wednesday the 14th, that's where it all began. So there was no green light on Jay's wife approval yet but Jay and Kat went to start working out anyways. When I came home from work at 6, I started working on my duties around the apartment. I cleaned EVERYTHING and even played/took care of the dog so that when she comes home, she wouldn't have to worry about anything after a workout and just relax. Around 8pm, the time she said she would come back so we could talk about each others day and maybe watch some netflix; has never came home. I started to think " shes just a bit a late, i should probably hear from her soon". Its now 9:45pm, she hasn't sent me anything, I was wandering if things were okay but didn't message her or call her yet because shes probably just chatting still after working out or something, so I sent her a sticker. its now 10:50pm, I began to worry if she was okay so I just sent her a message saying things like "hey making sure you're okay", and "hey everything alright?" with some cute stickers; no response. It's around 11:30pm and I still have not received any response. I began to worry and decided to give her 10 more minutes before I would call her. As I sat down on the couch with the tired pupper, I was browsing facebook and a status from a local facebook scanner page post had caught my eye. This facebook page warns followers of any fatalities, or accidents to avoid on highways. The post reads "a major accident from highway 'X' has happened 20 minutes ago, avoid and take a different route". I was thinking" oh hey shes near there!". as i read the comments, one of them reads " it was a [model and color of that car] with paper plates"....i panicked and anxiety was through the rough, because thats exactly what her car was. So I started to message her again, no response. I waited 5 minutes (felt like 2 hours), I then tried to call her(thrice), but my phone was not processing the call so there was no ring. I tried calling her through apps, same result. knowing she would always have location on, I decided to turn to the Alexa we had. I then asked Alexa "Alexa, can you track XXX-XXX-XXXX?" and prayed that, that wasn't her in that crash. instead alexa sent out a code to that phone number....that didnt help. 8 minutes later and running out of options while in panic mode.....she responded....responded with "oh hey sorry we were talking, lost track of time, you know me~", "im omw from his apartment". she got home around 12:30 at night and started to apologize and mentioned that if she does that again, to just call and let her know even if I feel uncomfortable. she even told me, "i got this really weird code, i wonder what that was?" and i told her that it was me because i saw a facebook post and she wasn't responding, so I used the Alexa to make sure that it wasn't her that was in that accident due to not getting a response. We laughed it out and called it a night.
It is now Thursday and after work she went out to work out with Jay and messaged me that she'd be home at 8pm so that we can spend some time together. I looked forward to it. I took care of the apartment and made dinnemeal prepped and took the dog on a walk. She came home at 8 and we spent some time; great! She also finished her cosplay for an upcoming con. She told me to take more pictures for her instagram, but i then noticed when i was about to take some pictures using her phone, she had sent pictures of herself in cosplay to Jay. I didn't think much of it and just took the pics. I then told her "hey send me those pics! you look great!", she said "ok".....she never sent me the pictures of her in her new cosplay.
Friday, this is where the fire began to burn. Earlier that afternoon, she messaged me with what was happening at work. One of the supervisors at her job got fired and she and the whole team was devastated because they're all family basically. She was also told that the whole team might have to be let go one by one. So not only shes worried about losing her job, but she is also worrying about payments for her new car, and possibly not being able to afford rent with me; she was scared. I messaged back that we can discuss about our options in an event if that were to happen. We ended the conversation there. Later, she said she would be back from her workout/hangout with Jay, so we can spend the rest of the night together. I began to work on the routine in taking care of the doggo, including some chores around the apartment. around 8pm she messaged me about coming home after a workout and is now watching anime with him. I was like, "oh, neat". around 10:30 I didn't receive anything from her, so i just sent a sticker reading"everything alright?"; no response. it is now 12:15am, I began to worry and my anxiety wasn't helping. She finally responded! but with,"sorry i stayed and talked a bit about what went down from work, i need to sober up, I drank a little too much". I began to worry like no other. So then i offered her an Uber or that I could pick her up. She then responded "no, i should be fine. ima try to sober up. ill text you around 1am." i responded, "okay just let me know if you need a ride back". 1:40am, no response yet, so i messaged "babe?", and "you alright"?. She responded 7 minutes later with "sorry, i took a nap on the floor, i should be fine now", and i said "okay great, need me to give you a ride back? we can pick up your car later tomorrow morning"(shes only 15 min away). she responded with "okay but Jay is offering me to spend the night if I need to!". I began to worry even more. I then said "look, i don't feel comfortable with that. give me the address and i can come get you". Kat then responded with," im sober now but i'm wearing contacts tho, i don't have my glasses on me right now lol", i then responded with jumbled texts because my anxiety was through the roof. Her understanding how i'm feeling about this, she responded with "okay i'm good, i'm omw" she came home at 2:55am and found me really upset. she reeked of alcohol and began to cry about how she lost her supervisor at work and isn't sure about her future. I told her, "we can talk about it tomorrow and that you should've let me pick you up."
Saturday she spent the day with her sister and friends at a con. I stayed home for an online tournament. The day went as normal but when she came home, she was looking rather upset. We then went out to eat altogether and ended the day with her all grumpy and responding to me negatively because she was upset at work. I tried to cheer her up and comfort her, but that just annoyed her.
Sunday the 18th. We had planned a date today and agreed to start the date at 6. She went to workout again with Jay that morning, (still no approval from Jays wife, in fact she doesn't know that they talk or hangout). She then mentioned that she was going to meet up with her old professor back in college and hang out. She didn't come home til 7:30. We drove to a restaurant and sat down. I started to feel nervous and upset because i trust her and i feel like i need to set boundaries now. I began to give her the "we need to talk", and tell her how i feel about her staying REALLY late and not spending much time with me as she promised during that time, and that she needs to be more communicative. she began to become more defensive and saying "you don't trust me???", and brought up the Alexa situation saying, "you broke my trust in trying to track me down, i had to change ALL my passwords." I then apologized about using the Alexa and apologized for over-reacting that Friday night. Things got heated and the rest of the date night got awkward and ended in a bad note.
Monday happened, and she came home venting. We went out for boba so i can listen to her vent and calm her down with her favorite drink, my treat! she vented about her plans on quitting her job and work on freelance at the apartment. She then out of nowhere said, "i don't even know if i should work at the apartment, i would have to lock myself in the bedroom and work on freelance to stay away from you and the dog. I'm going to be anxious whether or not you'll even take care of him while i work. Like i might even have to move out from you two because i cant focus!!!". I was like WTF and didn't want to respond to it because she seems to be in the moment. So i waited for later tonight where she would cool off to bring it up. Later that night, after we showered. She went to talk on the phone with Jay for three hours. After her long chat on the phone, she seemed to be in a good mood and i tried to bring up what she said about moving out. She dodged the question and began listing reason why the relationship felt stagnant, issues with my anxiety, why i always report things after things are done, why i always look for appreciation or praise, why i play too much video games, why i never take care of the dog, and why every time I vent about things she ends up feeling sad and that she felt her day was ruined; i was shocked but kept calm. It hurt a lot hearing that she said my venting is looked at as being complainy, mopey, and annoying. I told her that we can discuss this tomorrow and ways I can fix that (even though some of those issues she mentioned were already talked about and addressed month ago, including her own issues). I felt guilty and worried at the end of that night; didn't sleep well.
Tuesday was all silent treatment from her. Wednesday I tried talking to her. She went on saying "i checked out a long time ago" and "i'm not breaking up with you now, if that makes your anxiety feel any better". I was shocked and ended the conversation. Thursday-Friday was the silent treatment. Friday she was on the phone with Jay again and talked for four hours giggling and happy. I feel uncomfortable and confused. Sunday happened and we talked again, she said she wanted to put the relationship on hold so she can focus on what her plans are for work and focus on working out. I agreed as well and told her that i will focus on myself and the so called issues she listed before. Monday through Friday allllll silent treatment and avoiding me. She did mention that two of her other co-workers got fired; she is stressed. 5 times on that week she told me that she is working out with Jay and didn't come home til around 10pm-2am around those times. I began being suspicious and expecting the worst. And the times she would come home around 10pm, she would immediately talk to Jay on the phone for 2-3 hours. Saturday happened and we went out to eat. Out of nowhere she apologized for acting distant and quiet and mentioned that,"when this whole work situation is over, I will start putting effort on this relationship, just be patient, i'm sorry". I then responded, "its okay, we will be happy again when this work situation is over, we'll figure it out together". the day ended okay.
Fast forward to labor day. She just got home from working out with Jay again. We went out to eat and went to the arcade. Throughout this date, she would not stop talking about Jay. Any topic I bring up, she would find a way to fit Jay in that conversation; I got annoyed. After the arcade she didn't bother talking to me throughout the whole day. I then asked her later at home, "So, what are we? are we still on this weird break or are we GF and BF???", she responded with "you're still my boyfriend, and pecked my lips out of nowhere." I was left hopeful but confused. Tuesday-Friday. Four days in a row, she told me she was going to work out with Jay and then hang out. Still didn't come home til around 11pm-2am. I begin to put things together and prepared for another "talk".
Saturday, the end. She went to go shopping with her sister who stopped by and was going to work out after shopping. as she was walking down the stairs, I noticed that she left her workout bag on the table. i ran after her to tell her that she forgot it, but replied with "i'll come back for it later". i returned and shut the door, but i noticed a back zipper halfway open and noticed a familiar color in it. I didn't bother and returned back to my computer to work on personal projects. Five minutes later i turned to the bag and thought, "i've seen this purple color before...." i walked towards the bag and opened the zipper all the way. Time froze and my suspicion was correct, they were condoms. not the kind i buy either. Not jumping to conclusions but, i kind of knew it. When she returned with her sister for the bag to go workout, i didn't know how to confront her about it so all i said as she was walking away was, "hey you left your bag open, thought you would know". she was like,"which bag?" and turned white, she then went ahead with her sister. I began to call my friends to help me pack and take the dog. I got a text from her sister, telling me that Kat admitted to cheating but not with Jay, with "randoms"; her sister gave me a heads up. Kat didn't describe what they were like or what they looked like or even their names. I began to know who it was. I got so furious that I grabbed an original artwork that is framed, and that was REALLY close to Kat and wrote with a sharpie "you're a cheater, SMH, Love - [MY NAME]" on the back of the artwork, and put it back for her to discover in the later future. we packed everything after.
Finally sunday, she came to the apartment with a friend and shocked to see everything packed and almost gone minus her bed, couch and her stuff. she sat down with me and told me its not Jay, and that she used him as a scapegoat to cover her tracks in sleeping with a bunch of "randoms". She claims it was Tinder that she used to fuck randoms and claimed she was sexually frustrated for a year. it didn't make sense to me because over the past 8 month, we were intimate and there were times where i offered to make love, she would always respond with "im not in the mood" or "im tired". So i felt it was bullshit. She then tried to beg and cry to have me not mention this to Jay's wife because he had nothing to do with it while Jay's wife was out of town for three weeks! (sorry for any grammar issues, trying to keep my composure since its still all fresh) I said okay whatever, I wont. She then thanked me and left with her friend. 10 minutes after she left I realized and felt she was lying. I forgot to have her show me the Tinder app for proof so i wouldn't have to message Jay's wife through facebook......at the end i didn't bother wanting to get involved in their marriage whether shes telling the truth or not.
Later that day, her dad called me, and offered to make a deal with me. The deal was that if i let Kat and her family say goodbye to the dog, he would help pay off the electricity, internet and apartment cancellation fee (saving me and or her $2700 or half that); I agreed.
Fast forward. I then moved out with the dog. Her parents are aware of the breakup but doesn't know the reason why. Her sister soon discovered about the defaced artwork and asked my friend if i did this? My friend didn't respond(he was there helping me pack when i defaced it). But now with her sister knowing what had happened to the defaced artwork, i know for a fact that Kat knows now. I haven't heard anything from the sisters yet for the past two days after the discovery and I feel really guilty that i defaced an artwork done by her childhood friend. I have not been sleeping well because i cant tell if shes telling the truth about who shes cheated on me with because part of me wants to know, so i could tell Jay's wife. i feel like she deserves to know but at the same time i feel like i shouldn't get involved in their marriage. And now Im here.

TL;DR: I caught my now ex GF cheating on me with randoms on Tinder(so she claims) a few days ago, but I feel like it was with her co-worker and I cant sleep because I want to tell his wife about the cheating. Plus I defaced an original artwork from her childhood friend that was given to her as a gift and I don't know if I should admit to her now through text or wait to see her in person when she says goodbye to the dog that I moved out with.
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2019.04.07 19:29 KnownCoder Random video chat xxx

I've only been in the crypto game since mid 2017. I remember back then when I was assessing the market, BTC was below $1k a few months earlier, LTC was around $4 that January and by the time I finally got in BTC had more than doubled to around $2,500 and LTC was $30. I thought ETH and XRP (and everything else) were just shitcoins because I didn't know shit and I just listened to the herd (Back then the argument was "Bitcoin is digital gold and LTC is digital silver and everything else is a scam.") Now, I'm pretty invested in several coins, because this market is anything but rational.
Screw off if you think otherwise. Try to think logically in this market, and you're going to get smacked in the face.
After exchanging my first fiat for crypto, in the next couple of months the market "crashed" and I was fearful. By crashed, I mean BTC went from $2,800 to $1,800. I just decided to let my cryptos ride. I pretended that money was gone, but I'd check prices every day for whatever damn reason.
I wasn't even putting that much in. Hell, I would spend more eating out and going to the bars every weekend with friends or work colleagues than I was dropping into BTC. It was pretty common that I'd drop $100 a night on sushi, beers, and Sake Bombs. But, when money you could get back loses value, it makes you feel dumb for putting money in. Logic is out the window when I can't get that $100 back from my sushi and drink purchases, but my crypto dropped 30% that week, so I was dumb for investing in crypto but not for my $500+ per month on eating out and drinking with friends.
Several weeks later, I was back to even on my crypto investments. Well shit, that was fast. Then I was suddenly up 25%. "Fuck it, I'm just putting money in. I'm not missing out."
By the the winter of 2017, I was up over 10x with my crypto speculation. My initial LTC went from $30 to over $350; my BTC went from $2,500 to $20,000. I also just threw $300-$1,000 here and there on random sub-200 market cap coins only to see them 6x in a few weeks.
I remember thinking how stupid I was for not buying during that dip down to $1,800, but how good of an investor I was because my gains. What a fucking dope I was.
I was sitting there looking at my account on December 10th, 2017. I was about to sell because I could have paid off my car and 50% of my student loans. I wasn't even using my car because I was in another country traveling.
"Nah, I can't sell. This is just the beginning; let's wait until I can pay off all my student loans" my delusional self said.
I never cashed out. I remember sitting there with a dude who had his GDAX account open after BTC "crashed" from $20k to $13k two weeks later. We just got back from surfing.
He was still sitting at $250,000 in his account and was nervous as shit. "What should I do?" he asked rhetorically. Then immediately answered himself, "It will rebound," he said, "it always does." This guy had been through the MTGOX hack and gave me plenty of advice while we surfed.
And I listened as if he was prophetic.
What a fucking dope I was.
When hopium is in the air, we all get irrational.
I still wonder about that guy and his cryptos. He went north back home for the Christmas holiday, while I headed south for more traveling, and I've never seen him again.
February 2018 was both euphoric and scary as shit. "Holy shit! BTC is under $10k I never thought it would be down here again. But it could keep dropping. But it was just $20k a month ago."
I was skeptical that it wouldn't keep dropping so I waited. Then, I didn't want to miss out. BTC was making a run from $6,500 up to testing $10k. "If it breaks $10k, I'm getting back in."
A short time later, it did break $10k, only to be hit a wall at $12k, then again...then, the inevitable crash to $6,200 happened where it fluctuated in August - November of 2018 up until, what, November 10th-ish when BCH shitfork shat out and then BTC-Shit-Vision and BTC-LMNOP started paying miners to mine their forked fork of BTC and everyone shat themselves as the market tanked yet again.
That was it for me. That was the day I stopped caring. I remember thinking how stupid I was to invest so much time in this.
You can't predict this shit.
I didn't regret investing in crypto, I regret all the time spent looking at my portfolio, trying to time the market, pretending I was some guru in my head because I threw $300 at POE when it was less than a penny and weeks later it was selling for $0.21 and could buy another trip to whatever country I wanted.
Sure, you can use TA to see what support or resistance is there, but it's still a 50-50 chance whether Fake Satoshi is going to spoof trade or some rando is going to drop three 7,000 BTC market buys to break through resistance.
So, what did I learn through this whole experience?
Other than what I've already stated (You have no way to predict whether it's breaking through resistance or crashing through support).
I just remember the main thing that has persisted this last two years. "I wish I could go back in time to when BTC was around $3,000 and LTC was $30."
When BTC dropped below, $4k that was heaven. I never thought it would get back to when I was buying when I first got into the market in 2017.
So, I bought, and I bought hard.
This time around, I have strong buy strategies and sell strategies.
They are set; no question.
For me, I'm not selling until two weeks before the LTC halving in August.
Even then, I'm only selling my LTC for BTC. Then I'll sell 25% of my BTC for fiat 2 weeks before the BTC halving in 2020.
I will never have less than my preferred number of BTC's, ETH's, LTC's and a few others.
Don't follow my advice here, I'm just saying I know what I want and what my strategy is.
You need to have a strategy to buy and strategy to sell. Be reasonable. I previously had a "strategy." It was once I could pay off my student loans with all of my crypto gains minus taxes, I would sell. Yeah, well, looking back if I would have just sold when could pay off my car and 50% of my student loans, I would have been able to invest even more when BTC was down in $3,xxx range and LTC was $22-$35, etc from December 2018 through March 2019.
DCAing is the way to go. No question. You don't need to do TA, you don't need to check your portfolio, you don't need to do shit but either 1) setup an automatic buy order with your exchange or 2) login and buy whatever you want.
You have your buy strategy (DCA at x interval) and you have your sell strategy.
Figure it out. Don't pretend you're gonna time the market. Don't pretend you're some guru.
Those people, like me, learn the hard way.
No TA, no waiting for google searches of BTC to increase, no waiting for BAKKT, no waiting for Faktoshi to shut the fuck up.
Before November 2018, I would only throw money when BTC was on a run. "Oh, we're finally on the way up. It's time to buy!" Like when it went from $2,800 up to $6,200 in the summer 2017, then from $10k to $20k in late 2017. Or when it went from $6,200 back up to $10,000 then to $11,900 in February of 2018.
I would think I could time the market. What a pathetic loser, right?
Some people grow up in this market like the cable version of themselves only to transition to the directv version. Listen to us dopes that have been there and done that.
Learn from our mistakes, but also don't think that we have all the damn answers.
Anyone that comes in here acting like the 2nd coming of Craig Wright's dumpster twin, you can be rest assured they are as delusional as Justin Sun. The problem is, even if they are delusional, this market is anything but rational, so they might just be proven right enough for you to think you should follow their advice.
This shit is crazy. Stop acting like you've got it figured out.
Nobody does, but it feels good to have confidence in this random speculation, right?
I'm here to tell you this. My life has drastically improved since November 2018 when I started viewing Crypto investments like a bill. Every two weeks, I would send money from my paycheck to my exchange. Then, I'd buy a certain amount every single week after it had cleared.
That money, is all but "gone." It was a "bill" I paid.
When the market is going down, I send more fiat and I buy more crypto. When it is rising, I still buy, but not as much; I pull back. You may say I'm trying to catch a falling knife. I just learned that the way I was investing before was bad practice. I'd rather people think I'm trying to catch a falling knife than to feel that FOMO and only buy when the market is up.
Right now for example, I'm not buying this week. Not because I think I know what hell is going to happen, but because it's my strategy to not chase a run, and to spend more when it drops.
I'll wait until next weekend and see what the market is doing.
What happens in between now and next weekend, I don't give a shit.
Could I miss out on another run? Sure, but I don't give a shit. Maybe it's because I'm 2 years in and I've seen this shit before, or maybe it's because I've been buying BTC when it was around $3,000 both in 2017 and just about a month ago, so I feel fortunate to have gotten another chance at BTC at $3,xxx.
I also learned my lesson that fakeouts happen. I've been burned enough to not give a shit about being BTC going from $3500 to $5,200 in the last, what, 5 weeks?
Been here, done it, don't give a shit.
I don't know if this helps anyone, but seeing the last two years of this shit, I don't care about some random 30% pump. I also don't care that BCH is up 86%, or ADA is up whatever it is. I'm not into them, but if you made gains, I'm happy for you.
I'm serious too.
Maybe you're new to this game, or maybe you've only been in since $20k. If so, you're still here, and there are plenty others like you. I'm not a BTC maximalist, I don't think LTC is the truth, I don't think only ETH is the dApp platform.
I don't know shit. I'm just some speculator that is speculating on some of this sit.
There are also plenty of people that were like me in 2017 that are waiting in the wings, only to buy when the market is on the rise. There are plenty more that buy when it's rising then set stop losses that whales will fish for only to wreck the market in a day then to see a bounce back even stronger while those people FOMO back in.
Also, the turd version of satoshi could start shitting in public this week and the media could write about how Satoshi is literally shitting on a physical Bitcoin as we speak and some shitcoin creator then posts a Twitter video that goes viral about how the hashrate and energy consumption of the satoshi shit-pile is not sustainable and then some whale market sells down to below the new TA shit-support level of $4,400 and then all the dopes with stop losses in that range get shit fucked only to see a spoof limit order set at $4,400 of 10,000 BTC and everyone's dick shrinks into their stomach as they hurry to Tether as BTC drops back down to $3,500 before whale #2 shit fucks your emotions with a $1,500 green dildo in a 15 minute span sees the "sell wall" disappear which starts the next FOMO run on up to $6,200 a few weeks later while TAers say "We broke out on great volume" then other TAers agree and the self-fulling prophecy starts another run only to get hit with more whale fuckers.
You can't predict this shit. Give it up.
Market goes up, market goes down, can't explain that.
With the LTC halving in August, the BTC halving in May 2020, I think we are about to get into the 2017 euphoria again though. We are getting closeTM to the point you could just thrown money at any coin and get 10x your investment.
What does "close" mean? I have no idea. Eff anyone that thinks they know. Someone could predict it is this week, next month, or after this current fakeout bull run, or in December, or next Spring, and someone will be right.
The only advice I have is to do your best to not get emotional about your money or crypto. It's going to do the exact opposite of what you think it will. Even when you try to do the opposite, crypto will shit-fuck you in your sleep.
If you believe that the sentiment is changing, and let's be real, we are in speculation phase and this is all based on hopium and belief, then DCA at certain intervals.
This isn't some cult. It's all based on sentiment. If you think people are starting to get interested, then that is a sign speculation is about to be in our favor.
If you are putting money in that needs to be rent money, do yourself a favor and just walk into a casino and put it all on red. If you win, then put your winnings in crypto. If you lose, I saved you the anguish of checking your portfolio every hour only wish you would have done the opposite of what you did.
You're welcome...
Or, do the opposite. Check the market every hour for the next 12 months only to look back and realize that you kept buying on the way up, got scared and sold on the way down, and then FUD yourself in your sleep because of your stop loss sells were triggered while whales were fishing for fear.
So, there are all of my shit thoughts. What are yours?
What are your strategies?
There are plenty of people that have been in longer than me, what are your strategies?
Are we heading for a the next bull run? Is the bottom in? Do we still have a massive, short-lived capitulation event coming?
Let's chat.
TL;DR: You can't predict this shit, just DCA, live your life, get a buy strategy, choose a sell point, make this shit as simple as possible. If you try to complicate things by predicting the next run, the next drop, the next consolidation, then you're probably going to be wrong like 99% of people. And don't be that guy that ends up $250,000 in your account in the next bull run only to see it drop down $67,000 literally a week later.
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2019.04.06 15:50 Tilwaen FlairCon Oil Panel Transcription, part 3

Grass 06-Apr-19 12:51 AM Q: honestly, why are yall scared of til? I'm not Q: Do you think some colour activity is influenced by preconceptions of the colour (i.e Blue and Red being traditionally the favourite colours irl) Probably, some people may feel more inclined to be active if they get their fave color, or the opposite for least fave
SSeptic 06-Apr-19 12:52 AM Just because she gets angry at me after I abuse oil
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 12:52 AM Q: why scared of Til I’ve seen stuff when ssep and mythiie were inactive and grass and fox weren’t oil yet. foxforbox 06-Apr-19 12:52 AM honestly, why are yall scared of til? she banned grass like a few hours ago Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 12:53 AM Yeah, Cog has seen me angry
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 12:53 AM Til has seen me pissed too though so I guess it evens out
SSeptic 06-Apr-19 12:53 AM Uhhhhhh
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 12:53 AM
That's true
Grass 06-Apr-19 12:55 AM Q: For battle 16, which color's lore was your favorite to read? I only read blue and orange but I liked orange's a lot, especially the story about tresbros, that was cool
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 12:55 AM Q: Would say some colours are dominated by a few individuals? Yes, definitely. But that's all it takes sometimes, a few people who organize things elections, raids and bring up proposals. The worst part about this is when they burn out, like dio did in Blue, or just get tired of it and there is nobody to take the reins after them
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 12:55 AM Q: I'll bite - has an oil ever interfered in FW (like leaked alliances n shit like that) Unfortunately it has happened months and months ago, not leaking alliances, but leaking a secret. I won’t share details. Hasn’t happened since then. Q: got rid of comlead chat in favor of comrep chat for efficiency, do you feel it has paid off? I haven’t been that involved recently but from what I’ve seen decision making has sped up dramatically. It is still slow, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in a representative democracy.
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 12:56 AM Q: I'll bite - has an oil ever interfered in FW (like leaked alliances n shit like that) Yes, leaking a secret did happen, we made it very clear that it's not to happen again. It was unfortunate. Otherwise we're very careful not to leak anything that could compromise either individuals or colours
Grass 06-Apr-19 12:57 AM Q: This may have already been asked, but favorite part of being a mod? Working with the other mods tbh, they're all great people and fun to work with Q: Best unused alliance name that you can think of? True void For green+yellow, or even just void
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 12:58 AM Q: Best unused alliance name that you can think of? I once had a discussion with Hummus about whether yolks were yellow or orange, it dragged on for a long time. I am still sad that they named the yellow + orange alliance which formed a few weeks after Solar instead of Eggliance.
Grass 06-Apr-19 12:59 AM Q: How do you feel that there are now more answering than asking? Lonely
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 12:59 AM Q: what can orange do to improve as a color? Decide what kind of government you want to be and don't overcomplicate it. Set up your own Discord server - blaidd is already doing this, which is good. Be active in comrep and represent your colour in there - and please, don't have representatives that are gone for weeks. Engage your new users - what are you doing for Reddit onlies? What are you doing when there is no raid happening? These are the most pressing ones, I'd say
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:00 AM Q: how bad has FW ruined your sleep schedule? Its getting better now but I used to be like 1-2 am daily; before that, all throughout the summer, I was in bed by 10, 11 if I was feeling wild and wanted to stay up late
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:00 AM Q: how bad has FW ruined your sleep schedule? I am so fucked that I’ve resorted to calling myself an insomniac and am seriously considering taking sleeping pills and/or seeing a sleep therapist Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:01 AM Q: Do you think some colour activity is influenced by preconceptions of the colour (i.e Blue and Red being traditionally the favourite colours irl) No, I think that ultimately it's the colour (and in lesser degree overall) community that makes people stick around. If it was the case, Red and Blue would have the strongest communities - and they don't Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:01 AM I went to sleep at 8 am yesterday and the day before, hadn’t slept all night. 7 am the day before that, none the better before that as such I’m on break
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:03 AM Q: What are you not sorry about? Asking Chess to step down Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:03 AM I don’t think that anyone is sorry about that, even chess was happy
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:04 AM Q: What are you not sorry about? Leaving green Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:04 AM Q: What are you not sorry about? Yeeting Timmy Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:05 AM Q: got rid of comlead chat in favor of comrep chat for efficiency, do you feel it has paid off? Yes; even though there is still 1/4th of the comrep not active in the polls and the discussions are still very lengthy, it's not as bad as it used to be, I feel Big said, Cog
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:05 AM Q: Best unused alliance name that you can think of? Blue + Red = Bread Grass 06-Apr-19 01:06 AM Q: What's the hardest part about switching from a regular color leademember to a mod? Not getting to decide the direction in which a color takes and having to watch everything without affecting it
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:06 AM Q: Weirdest thing you have seen on FW chats? Probably when Boog dumped his weird stock photo folder into #clusterfuck - what a time to be alive Q: how bad has FW ruined your sleep schedule? Pretty bad, I mean, it's 1 AM and here I am, sitting and answering your questions
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:07 AM Q: What's the hardest part about switching from a regular color leademember to a mod? Starting to take initiative. You don’t have an entire colour around you to fall back on or other people to do your job. This was especially true when I became mod.
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:07 AM who's your favorite user that isn't a mod? Yetehk Grass 06-Apr-19 01:07 AM Q: Thoughts on rainbow raids? Need to happen more, we cant say that "oh if someone breaks rules or pulls a dick move we'll rr them and thats whats stopping that from happening" then not rr'ing people when they pull a dick move Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:08 AM Thoughts on rainbow raids? They’re great. Don’t bully with them though
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:08 AM how great a meme is big said? is it the most underrated FW meme? It’s a good meme originating from Yellow, but more clusterfuckyness needs to happen with it. I wouldn’t call it the most underrated, but it’s close down there
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:08 AM Q: what retired member(s) do you miss the most? ReedWhy and Thomaez, they were great Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:09 AM No rrs have been bullying yet thankfully
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:09 AM Q: What deserved a rainbow raid but isn’t get one? Green's double raid on orange tbh Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:09 AM We're still doing this? i guess ill join back
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:09 AM Thoughts on rainbow raids? More of them would be epic, the 4v2 was a lot of fun even with the controversy surrounding it. 2 hours kek
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:09 AM jesus
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:10 AM Q: Have you ever considered completely moving FW from reddit to discord Yes, not a good idea - Reddit is our sole income of new users. Only Discord cannot supplement that
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:11 AM Q: does yellow still have a right to be angry about TBOMBTV? No, it’s ancient fw history at this point and let’s be honest in hindsight it was a blast
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:11 AM Do you make any money from FW? Pfft no. though i wish i did
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:11 AM Q: does yellow still have a right to be angry about TBOMBTV? Depends on how angry, like if its meme anger? yeah meme anger can be fun, but real anger? Over something that happened like, 8 months ago? haha fuck no. Holding onto grudges like that only hurts the community as well as the people Q: Do you make any money from FW? hahahaha no
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:11 AM Q: Do you make any money from FW? Nop
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:11 AM does yellow still have a right to be angry about TBOMBTV? Kind of, but more of a historical jokish type. Like “I love freedom, let’s spill tea into a harbor” Grass 06-Apr-19 01:12 AM Q: When will Royal be paid reparations for the atrocious war crimes of TBOMBTV When yall can form an alliance to pay Q: Favourite art style of any Flairwarrior Beet's style is great
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:13 AM Q: What's the hardest part about switching from a regular color leademember to a mod? The workload is incomparable, you need to judge unpleasant situations from time to time and generally there's much bigger pressure
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:13 AM Favourite art style of any Flairwarrior Mine best pfp in flair? Mine Don't you fucking dare Most promising new members? People still join? But seriously i have no idea
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM Q: What was the best rejected april fools idea? Ok so Til had an idea to change the notif settings for the server from only @ mentions by default to every message by default, which would change it for everyone who hadn't set their own notif setting for the server Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM who's your favorite user that isn't a mod? There are so many of them - I'd start to name them all, but Discord won't let me send more than 2k characters. I'll just say u/insha because she's sweet
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM Q: What was the best rejected april fools idea? Til wanted to set the notification messages on the server to all messages so that, on default, you’d get a notification with each new message Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM It was a joke suggestion, smh
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM We should've done it
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM damb yea
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:15 AM Q: how great a meme is big said? is it the most underrated FW meme? Pretty much Q: Do you make any money from FW? I wish
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:16 AM what something you did IRL that you regret? Being born Grass 06-Apr-19 01:17 AM Q: favorite flairwars discord other than mega? Yellow server foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:17 AM Who does pink belong to? Obligated to say Orange here
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:17 AM What lyric or quotation sums up the job of an oil "Sicko mode" Grass 06-Apr-19 01:18 AM Q: Who does pink belong to? Orange
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:18 AM favorite flairwars discord other than mega? Yellow Server Grass 06-Apr-19 01:18 AM Q: What lyric or quotation sums up the job of an oil "So no one told you life was gonna be this way"
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:18 AM Q: Thoughts on red's government? I like that Red yeeted most of the unnecessary positions, though secretary of war could be useful. I like that you adjusted the gov size appropriately to how many active users you have right now. I like that more or less everyone in the government does something. What I also thing, tho, is that Red needs a strong leader who will wake the colour from apathy and self pitying
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:19 AM Least used channel (that should be) #general-2 lol
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:19 AM Q: Why did mods think it was a good idea to give pink as a battle? Motive, it gives a motive, also the meme is fucking annoying at this point, its been used into the ground for as long as I've been here and needed to die eventually
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:19 AM Q: favorite flairwars discord other than mega? Yellow server Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:19 AM Q: favorite flairwars discord other than mega? Yellow server Grass 06-Apr-19 01:19 AM Q: Who do you think you are? running around leaving scars
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Q: why was norm never punished for alts? Because I wasn't a mod back then Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Who do you think you are? Sucking dick for a foreign car
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Q: why was norm never punished for alts? Exactly what Til said
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Why are you the way you are? Ask my father
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Q: Why are you the way you are? Because I got green and had to go through 5 months of that kinkiness
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:20 AM Q: Favorite offshoot subreddit? FlairCommunism FlairPets
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:21 AM Q: Did you hear that ssep has ligma? whats ssep
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:21 AM idk probably some fw player
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:21 AM Q: How many dms do you get in a day? quite a lot but most of them aren't even mod stuff its just a dm group thats active
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:22 AM do you believe in the saying “it’s never too late”? No, if i eat breakfast at 5:00 and its 8:00 i guess i missed breakfast
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:22 AM Q: Why did mods think it was a good idea to give pink as a battle? It was a dying meme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:22 AM How many dms do you get in a day? 0 Grass 06-Apr-19 01:22 AM Q: least likely member to get oil? Me cause Til keeps taking mine in bets so I'm only losing oil
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:23 AM Q: do you believe in the saying “it’s never too late”? No, sometimes it simply is too late
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:23 AM Q: What lyric or quotation sums up the job of an oil? ”I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA I got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNA” ~Kendrick Lamar, DNA
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:23 AM false, we're not supposed to have emotions
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:24 AM Q: How long would you say most people stay on FW before they move on? depends on the color and person, some colors are more engaging so people stay longer, and some people just have more motivation to stay
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:24 AM Q: How many dms do you get in a day? Quite a lot actually, from +- 5 different people usually. I adore Kiwi's DMs, he randomly messages me in the morning just to wish me good morning and a nice day and it always brightens my day, he's so sweet
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:24 AM mythiie since you believe in that saying— would you be willing to punish norm for alts? Yes goodbye norm
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:24 AM Q: do you believe in the saying “it’s never too late”? No thats bullshit tbh, like Til said, sometimes it simply is too late Q: thoughts on me being out of questions? My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:25 AM Kiwi never dms me good morning
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:25 AM Aw, I will then Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:26 AM how is flaircon Good eatin'
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:26 AM Q: how much money would you need to be offered to quit mod? I don't really care about being rich and my family isn't like super poor so idk
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:26 AM$1 when was the last time someone texted you first? I thought that was a myth? Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:27 AM Q: What do you guys think of FlairCon so far? Channels looking good, turnout seems a bit low for the booths but I trust it’ll pick up
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:27 AM Q: when was the last time someone texted you first? idk Q: Are you guys enjoying yourselves? ye
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:27 AM Q: how much money would you need to be offered to quit mod? Make an offer
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:27 AM Q: thoughts on norm for conclave? dewwit
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:28 AM Q: How do you feel about the age demographics of Flairwars It is what it is. But sometimes I feel like we're blaming the demographics for too many things, many of which would still hold true no matter of what the mean age is. We have young userbase, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the users are dumb by default (even though many try to personally persuade us otherwise) Grass 06-Apr-19 01:28 AM Q: Should til and cog sleep? they're adults fully capable of deciding when they should and shouldn't sleep Q: are you guys going sicko mode? Yes
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:29 AM thoughts on norm for conclave? I think he will be a good Verdancy. He has a strong drive, and is getting too much heat around FW tbh
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:29 AM Are you guys enjoying yourselves? Im having so much fun tbh
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:29 AM Q: How long would you say most people stay on FW before they move on? 3-4 months, then they either move on or start seriously considering it. Some people are really freaking out seeing the old users leave, but this is normal Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:29 AM are you guys going sicko mode? YARE YARE
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:29 AM cog, favorite rapper? Haven’t heard Cog rap so idk Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:30 AM oh hell yeah
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:30 AM Q: What is your spirit animal, and what do you think the other mods’ spirit animals are? I can only answer one of these and its for fox, he's probably a... giraffe
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:30 AM Q: What color has the most untapped potential? Orange has tons of lurking users and upvoters. If they were proactive and tried to engage them regularly even in non-FW activities, they could absolutely smash Q: What do you guys think of FlairCon so far? I like it
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:31 AM What is your spirit animal, and what do you think the other mods’ spirit animals are? I'm not a furry
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:31 AM Q: Cog, favorite rapper? I really like Nicki, liked XXX, Kendrick is really good too
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:31 AM Q: What do you guys think of FlairCon so far? its gucci
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:31 AM Q: how much money would you need to be offered to quit mod? Give an offer
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:32 AM bruh if it’s a lot then I’m yeeting out tbh, gotta pay off my future student debt
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:32 AM Q: when was the last time someone texted you first? I have like 4 unread DMs from when this panel started
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:32 AM How was your day? Could be better Grass 06-Apr-19 01:32 AM Q: How was your day? I think I bombed a math test today so thats fun Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:33 AM How was your day? I woke up, cried myself back to sleep, woke up, went to McDonald's, slept, now im here. So pretty good ngl Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:33 AM Q: Are you guys enjoying yourselves? Yes, this is fun
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:33 AM Q: Cog, will you come back to yellow Same with you fox No we're holding them hostage Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:34 AM Q: Cog, will you come back to yellow? Maybe one day Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:34 AM Do you have any questions for us? Yes, do you like FW? not for my ego its for my survey Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:34 AM Q: thoughts on norm for conclave? I think that Uly is really driven and can be effective if his efforts are focused in a proper direction, but he doesn't always have a sound judgement when dealing with other people Q: Should til and cog sleep? Yes, it's late Grass 06-Apr-19 01:36 AM Q: Who is the best voidist fox
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:36 AM what is the one face reveal you want to happen? which face reveal did you not expect, as in who looks nothing like what you imagined? who looked exactly as you imagined? Not gonna lie, i completely forgot what everyone looks like
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:36 AM Q: How was your day? Pretty good, how about you? Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:36 AM Q: what is the one face reveal you want to happen? which face reveal did you not expect, as in who looks nothing like what you imagined? who looked exactly as you imagined?
I’d like to see Fox I didn’t expect Souls to look the way he did Ulfarr matched up pretty well
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:36 AM Who's voice is not what you expected? Not gonna lie, i completely forgot what everyone sounds like
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:37 AM Q: Who's voice is not what you expected? Fox Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:37 AM Q: Who's voice is not what you expected? Bobby
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:38 AM Q: what is the one face reveal you want to happen? Fox which face reveal did you not expect, as in who looks nothing like what you imagined? Cog who looked exactly as you imagined? Grass Q: Who's voice is not what you expected? Yes, Bobby
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:38 AM Q: purple? Porple
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:39 AM sorry i keep switching to #panel-rules accidentally and i just wanna vent
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:39 AM Q: Who is the best voidist u/1gpayAtinlay, he's still loyal to the Void
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:39 AM Q: Hey grass have you ever smoked No Q: i feel like grass has hit a juul to be a cool kid but not smoked Nah I like my lungs the way they are Q: Grass you ever been a rebellious bad kid Oh absolutely I used to be a little fucking shit who'd never listen to my parents, now I'm a little shit who does listen to my parents but is still a little shit foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:40 AM What was the best point in your FW career? My reelection for second term of Big Brother. I thought I’d bomb it against Spoon, but I won by 1 vote. Grass 06-Apr-19 01:41 AM Q: What was the best point in your FW career? Color-wise? January supreme term, overall wise? idk
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:41 AM What was the best point in your FW career? Having a subscriber jump
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:41 AM Least favorite bot? Orifice > Orlice
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:41 AM Favorite shitpost to the subreddit? Whatever is top post
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:42 AM Q: Favorite shitpost to the subreddit? the repost of the top post thats "mods are asleep upvote all colors in unison" purely for the fact that it got a ton of votes and is near the top post
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:42 AM Q: What was the best point in your FW career? It’s something small, but I really liked working on the modular roles. It took like eight hours on a day to make, but it was really fun to work together with Til and to not go through the bureaucracy of comlead for that decision.
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:42 AM Favorite type of irl oil? Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grass 06-Apr-19 01:42 AM Q: Grass what is your favorite phone My phone is an iPhone SE so that
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:42 AM Least favorite bot? I love all fw bot babies
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Q: how do you feel about nora and nod? I dont like NOD I think it should be you get one alliance and thats it, nora is good imo
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Q: How do you feel about nora and nod? I do not like them
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Favorite shitpost is this one by Thomaez https://www.reddit.com/flairwars/comments/98b30f/this_goes_for_most_of_you/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Favorite type of irl oil? Whatever is the most unhealthy oil
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Q: What was the best point in your FW career? Colour career, probably almost getting elected in the first Red elections, almost only because I ascended to modhood right before I was about to be elected. As oil, I think that finishing up the oil interviews, seeing that todo list all checked and working with Cog for hours for like 8 hours straight on the roles was satisfying and fun
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:43 AM Q: Apple or Android? Apple
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:44 AM Apple or Android? Android btw grass is wrong
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:44 AM Q: Apple or Android? I use Apple, Android better though
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:45 AM Q: how do you feel about nora and nod? I think that NOD has some loopholes that need to be covered and NORA has been amended so, so many times - it might be worth considering replacing them, but with what system, I have no idea Q: Least favorite bot? All the bots I didn't like were yeeted out of the server already I'll say Pokécord
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:45 AM Q: Best hot take? Hot take cold pizza is amazing
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:46 AM Q: Favorite type of irl oil? Olive oil
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:46 AM Q: favourite irl oil: Sunflower oil
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:46 AM Q: Favorite type of irl oil? The only oil I have ever cooked with is grapeseed oil so that
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:46 AM had you completely forsaken all plans to ever revive void? I never wanna even see void again shoo
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM had you completely forsaken all plans to ever revive void? The Void will consume. Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM fox no stop
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM fox yes Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM Ban him
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM Q: had you completely forsaken all plans to ever revive void? Who ever said void died? foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:47 AM real shit
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:48 AM Hey oils how do you feel about each color Random users chosen randomly
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:48 AM Q: Most stressful moment (actualy event) as a mod? Dealing with the aftermath of Halloween and also Orange leaving during the final round of the Flairlympics
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:48 AM Q: Was there ever a point that everyone on the mod team disagreed with you? Probably but I dont remember it atm
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:48 AM Was there ever a point that everyone on the mod team disagreed with you? Yea, some smaller things tho, so it doesn’t really matter
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:48 AM Most stressful moment (actualy event) as a mod? I don't do anything so no answer Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:49 AM Q: Was there ever a point that everyone on the mod team disagreed with you? Back when the modteam were basically Blasto and Til and I. I argued that we don’t need clear cut rules for everything, they disagreed. I also argued that we weren’t a video game and shouldn’t try to design as such, also a point of contention.
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:49 AM Was there ever a point that everyone on the mod team disagreed with you? They all say nothing but we can't talk about the big one /$ (edited)
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:51 AM Q: What's your favorite thing each color has done / accomplished? Red: The revolution was pretty heartbreaking for me to just watch, they managed it amazingly Orange: The change from October Orange to the current Orange will never cease to amaze me Yellow: They have so, so many things to be proud of. Perfectly organized meetings, the coordinated effort they put into each Battle which mostly vastly exceeds whatever effort the rest of the teams are putting into it (with exceptions), the Reddit sub, the NO Us, ... really, a lot Green: The B16 submission was really, really good. I really liked the early Battle victories which helped revitalize Green again Blue: I'm amazed at what is currently happening to Blue - they're actually starting to get good. This shall be interesting Purple: That revenge raid on Red in July/August - that was a true achievement, they totally wrecked the frontpage for days Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:52 AM What has each color done/accomplished that you were super proud of? I'm not proud of any color, in fact im disappointed. In all seriousness, i created this with the expectation that all colors would be at each others throats. Stop being nice foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:52 AM Commandment XI: Stop being nice
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:53 AM Most proud moment as a mod? Of myself or colors? Either way never proud
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:53 AM Q: Color opinions (fuck it enough people have asked so I'll do it) 1. Red; Stop taking shit personally and stop getting salty at shit, I do love the lore yall make however 2. Purple; stop fighting yourselves, thats a shit example of teamwork and if you guys cant even work together well you have no chance at succeeding in fw 3. Green, stop being so god damn shady, a little honesty will go a long ways 4. Yellow, Y'all are doing well tbh, but yeah Til is right about the circlejerk thing, tho I'm not innocent of that in the slightest so I've got no room to judge 5. Orange; you have so much god damn potential just get off your asses and get your people involved and you'll do great 6. Blue; you've gotten a lot better, tbh, I'm proud of yall Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:53 AM Q: Most stressful moment (actualy event) as a mod? Dealing with Timmy for me, personally. Also Orange leaving during B11 was pretty bad
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:53 AM Grass no opinions on color ill ban your grassy ass
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM Mods must remain impartial smh
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM what would you say are your most active stretches in the void fox? Probably Void 3. Grass and I still shitpost there occasionally kek
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM smh
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM Q: How come grass has changed his pfp like 12 times during this? Fuck you thats why Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM wtf
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM ban grass??
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM please
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:54 AM Two times today? Why not
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:55 AM Why haven't any mods responded to me in minimod chat smh it's been like an hour I glanced at it, but I didn’t think it needs an urgent response Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 01:55 AM Q: Most proud moment as a mod? Probably making the Malice suggestion embeds display whether they passed or not, or making the todo list commands or something. I was really happy about those. Also Orange reacting the way they reacted to me smacking them was heartwarming (edited)
Grass 06-Apr-19 01:56 AM Q: Did you know that Jeff Bezos' divorce has just turned the single richest man in the world... Into the richest single man in the world? No but thank you for this knowledge
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:57 AM Did you know im the poorest single man in the world? Ikr Thoughts on each color's flag? Surprisingly good ngl Grass 06-Apr-19 01:57 AM Q: Thoughts on each color's flag? They're not squares and therefor suck /s
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:58 AM disgusting foxforbox 06-Apr-19 01:58 AM we’ve been doing this for 3 hours omg UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 01:58 AM (I said you guys could stop at any time lmao)
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 01:58 AM Ulfarr is typing Grass 06-Apr-19 01:59 AM Q: What will Grass's next pfp be? I wonder
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 01:59 AM oh yeah i wonder totally
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:00 AM Til flexing on us with genuine answers
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:01 AM Why even bother answering when Til’s got you covered ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:01 AM Til, why do you put effort into this AMA? Bump Are we done?
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:01 AM Q: Til, why do you put effort into this AMA? To flex on Mythiie
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:01 AM Are we gonna end it after three hours?
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM Maybe later
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM I think we can
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM #panel-questions dead
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM Alright
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM guess we’re done
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM i...is it over?
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM you guys want to do b19 or smth
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM I thought I'd never catch up
Grass 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM yay we done Oh fuck b19
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM Oh right, I should critique b19
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM Ulfarr, let me tell you - good luck transcribing this
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM F
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM haha
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM yeah I'm not gonna
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM F
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM F
Grass 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM Q:Imagine ending the panel? ye
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:02 AM lmao
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM people should have been here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Grass 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM Q: My mom put on the episode with thicc Elmer fudd what do I do Call them thicc
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM agree
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM Thank you, all, for your amazing panel and dedication. And thanks for all that you guys do! Grass 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM I mean its not like the channel is gonna be purged right? they can just scroll up lmoa thanks for having us
Mythiie 06-Apr-19 02:03 AM Thanks ulfarr
Tilwaen 06-Apr-19 02:04 AM Thank you for organizing this If you want to, I could attempt to transcribe this, tho I'm not sure how far I'd get
Cognoscentus 06-Apr-19 02:04 AM Til do you have a deathwish
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:04 AM Til no please
foxforbox 06-Apr-19 02:04 AM thanks Ulf
UlfarrOT 06-Apr-19 02:04 AM for the sake of your sanity
𝙺𝚒𝚠𝚒 06-Apr-19 02:05 AM 👏👏👏
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2019.03.07 02:06 QnlyMe Random video chat xxx

Obligatory mobile, first time, TLDR at the end.
So I need you peoples help today. My girlfriend and I broke up about 24 hours ago. We have been together for 2 1/2 years, lived together for almost a year and a half and we spent pretty much every waking moment we could with each other before we ever moved in (while still doing things w/o the other). We moved in together because it was well timed for us and low commitment (my aunts rental house, just had to take care of it and pay rent/util) which was good as we are young (21F)(20M) and talked about how we might not be together..etc, all good, we are both mature and work hard.
We went through 2 roommates and the struggles of that, (and living with each other but we breezed though any issue we had; you and I against the problem, ya know?) and eventually it was just me and her, which was amazing. Eventually, little things she do in random annoy me, but as I love her and wanted to not make everything a problem, and as I (unfortunately) do, I bottled things up. This went on for 4~ months, up until about 2 weeks ago in which i finally caved and had a talk with her, we talked and eventually that ended up with me feeling so sorry about how I had felt and how I had acted (she said I changed) towards her. She talked briefly about how she needs xxx things in a boyfriend (one was attention/support and as we had been living together, I play games and she watches YouTube videos, so unfortunately it came to a lull while I was bottling things up; I really let her down on that) and I was receiving I feel, as it hurt me a lot that I had let myself do this to her and our relationship. Quick note, my sleeping and eating had gone downhill as well in the months and she worked mornings, me nights mostly; I had (promised) to work on myself and my actions, to try and be the confident, dependable boyfriend that could tell when anything bothered her again.
Fast forward to 3 days ago when I could tell something was wrong and when I asked what’s up, a lot of things came out (mostly her) and the basis was: As I had been working on me/us in the past week, (doing good as I had a hell of on appetite again, my sleeping was back on track for time with her, and I was genuinely enjoying the little things again like pecking her or just cuddling, general infatuation I feel), she realized she didn’t want what she had said, that it was scary to her how I “switched” from my mad state back to loving bf, and that she was scared of how serious we were as we were “too married” for her, and that she needed some space to figure out what she needed in life. (She didn’t want me or her to leave) All good, we are young and I am scared/questioning adulthood as well, so she went to bed. We woke up the next morning and the day was very normal (us talking, her asking me to make food, watching our tv show), and she went to sleep all good, while I stayed up for a few hours after cause I was so stressed on the thought of how I almost lost her, and thought about the space thing and got scared she might be deciding on “us” altogether.
Then comes the day of the breakup. I get off work around 2, and arrive home like 10 minutes after her. We again had the oddly normal day of talking, her laughing HARD at me dancing to music not knowing she was there, setting up our apple watches, (before the “space” chat, i had bought her an Apple Watch with tax return for her birthday because she deserved it for putting up with me and other reasons I won’t list, and she wanted me to get one as well as I didn’t want anything for my birthday), she wanted to watch Brooklyn-99 (we didn’t cause I was still scared), and we ordered pizza. I couldn’t take thinking about it anymore and said (not so smoothly) “just double checking you needed space to find you, and the us as a couple wasn’t on the line.” We were, she had known since our first talk that she just needed to leave me to find herself, and after much crying and what not she slept at her moms house.
What I need help on, is whether or not (or more so how much) it’s selfish of me to fight for her. I want to work things out so badly, as I know I drew a divide between us, but I also want to respect her wishes and give her her space. On the flip side, I can’t begin to think of my life without her in it daily, and while I think I could deal with giving her space (like actually being in different houses), I can’t physically stomach giving her time to do all this, as it will and is hurting me so deeply that she is just giving up on “us” as a couple. We had always talked about how we were in this together, and how it was me and her against the problem, but on the same note, I don’t want a life without her in my arms.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading, let me know if I can clarify anything as I am scatterbrained, and please, if anything, be honest. I know we are young and life is long, but we clicked on a level as people that we have only done on >10 occasions each, and this girl made me want do things so I could make her proud. I know their are other women, but my ideal one is going away and I don’t know what to do.
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2019.01.30 19:01 RamenRecluse New Player - A Warframe Review

Hello Warframe Community. I’m a new player and I’d like to post my opinion about the game. Thank you to the subreddit mods for allowing me to make this post.
Background I downloaded Warframe on my PS4 three weeks ago. I saw that there was a holiday special going on and decided to try the game out. I downloaded the PlayStation’s starter kit that was free, then after a week of enjoying the game, I purchased the 1000 Platinum package that was discounted. With that being said, I planned from the beginning that I would only play the game until Kingdom Hearts III released. And so the day has come where I will stop playing Warframe and would like to share with everyone my experience.
Pre-game Experience and Personal Views This is my first time playing a looter shooter game. I have never played Destiny, and I only played the single player missions on the Division on a friend’s system. I consider myself a gamer because I play 5 hours a day during the week and a lot more during the weekend. No, I don’t play mobile games.
When it comes to video games, I treat them like any other medium of entertainment. They should be total encompassing, and should not require any outside or third party influence to understand any aspect of the game, story, etc. I do not want to read a book that requires that I’ve read some lore on the Internet. And I don’t think movies are good if it requires that I read the book beforehand. Video games shouldn’t be treated differently. Maybe you’re already saying that “Warframe isn’t for me” because of this, but I hope this doesn’t invalidate my entire review because of one personal opinion.
With that in mind...I did not watch any reviews on Warframe. I did not watch any YouTube videos about builds or how to start. And I did not visit to the Warframe Subreddit beforehand. Was this a mistake? Why should it be? This is my blind review of Warframe.
Let’s Begin I enjoyed the introduction to character, the tutorial mission about how to move, the stealth combat, it was all very nice and well done. It didn’t take long for me to know how to bullet jump, spin, hover, and shoot all at the same time. This was well done. Choosing your weapons at the beginning was great because you got to feel the difference between the different types of melee weapons, and guns.
After the tutorial mission I was put into my ship. This is where I could customize my weapons, gear, and even the aesthetics of the ship. This was incredible...until I actually dove into it.
My introduction to Public Chat I haven’t been living under a rock my entire life. So I’ve heard that the Warframe community is one of the best. Which is what makes this game so great. However, I’ve played MMO’s before, and I know people are weird. Jumping into the public chat and seeing people type “Aggressively licking (insert word)” doesn’t phase me. It’s fun seeing people type inside jokes and memes. The only thing that I heard through random game articles is that the chat moderator is a bit aggressive. So I stayed off typing in public chat for a while. That is until something odd happened...
Hazing or Naïveté Eventually after playing for a few hours I noticed in Public Chat that people were posting the following:
I’ll give xxx Platinum to the first person who says the word “gay”.
Now this would pop up every once in a while. So I assumed it was an inside joke. Wanting to see what would happen, I foolishly typed that word into chat without the quotation marks. I was suspended from chat instantly. This was a lesson learned the hard way. I would consider this hazing because this is punishing new players for something they didn’t know. But the fault lies on the new player because they didn’t read the chat rules first. Knowing that typing gay vs “gay” is different is surprising. As a new player, this leaves a bad taste and sow’s distrust in the community.
My introduction to the Armory The first thing I was hit with was how almost everything that I looked at in the armory had a Platinum cost. This was the in-game premium currency that you had to purchase with real money. Why was it on almost every single item? This killed all the momentum that the game had garnered from the beginning of me starting the game. I had a sour feeling in the pits of my stomach. Everywhere I looked, platinum, platinum, platinum. The guns, the accessories, the colors, how you sheathed your sword for heaven’s sake! All platinum. This was a free to play game, and this snapped me back to reality.
Later I learned that if I actually clicked on a weapon, I could purchase the “blueprint” and craft the weapon if I had the materials. But the damage was done. I think that if the market put the blueprint first before the platinum, this would have lessened the impact.
Crafting and Resources I greatly appreciate that almost everything can be crafted and does not cost platinum. Finding the resources required can be time consuming, but the map makes the more unique items, like neurodes and gallium easy to see which planet has which resources. If I didn’t have the necessary resource, I assumed I could get it later in game. Like nano spores. But after a few hours, and some research, I learned some items aren’t found and require blueprints for crafting items. Blueprints for blueprints. Thank you google. My only critique is that I can’t build the same item multiple times concurrently. I can build three different guns at the same time, but I can’t build two forma’s at the same time. So weird. And some of the guns require two of the same gun to go akimbo style.
Mods and How to Install Them The next station in my ship I want to talk about is the mods station. After opening up this menu I saw that I could upgrade mods using “Endo” and I could fuse mods together. For some odd reason, I thought you could install the mods onto your gear at the mods station. How silly of me. There’s 5 minutes of my life I’m never getting back. The armory is where you do everything. This is good to know. How do you install Arch-wing mods? Press L3 in the armory. Thank you google. There’s 10 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.
Arch-wing Sonic Adventures Being deployed on a first arch-wing mission was fun, exciting, and new. Being able to fly in the vacuum of space broke the monotony of shooting enemies on the ground in every single mission up to this point. My only problem is switching from Sprint mode to slow mode. After engaging the fast boost mode, slowing down, then trying to move just a little to the left was difficult. I felt like a housefly trying to escape through a closed window. Maybe this time! Maybe this time! The missions flying through the tight spaces were the most annoying for me.
Map and Counter Game Design Playing Warframe and missions with people, I realized speed is the key. Everything is fast paced. Mobility, speed, and timing your jumps and flips is how you get from point A to point B in just a few seconds. Missions are jump in, complete objective, extract. We are ninjas in space, this is our mission.
Now we actually look at the game maps and the items designed in each map. The game design of running up walls is great. Creating a cylinder object with a overhanging lip that prevents your Warframe from jumping on top is annoying and ruins flow. Making a fence is fine. Making a fence with an angled top that our character can’t grab onto and leap over isn’t fine. Map items that block our Warframe from moving because of bad collision detection really hurts the ninja experience.
Accurate Descriptions Pls After a week of playing Warframe, I was looking through the catalogue of which would be my “main” Warframe. When I reached Oberon, you could say it was love at first site. I found the flavor text about this Warframe perfect and his powers exactly what I was looking for. He had crowd control, an AoE, and a healing ability. He also looked really cool. But after purchasing the “Paladin Pack” I realized that some of his descriptions of his powers were lacking. For example, his AoE was cone shaped. I assumed it was a 360 circle. It didn’t say this in the description and I only found after after equipping him and pressing the Ability button. I’m not saying this would have changed my mind, but I think descriptions like the shape of the AoE would be beneficial for those on the fence of choosing which Warframe to get.
First open area mission On earth, the first open area mission was given to me. This would be my first time doing a mission where is was a huge field. It was a simple mission, go to this encampment, kill enemies, come back. I was teamed up with two random people. We completed the mission, I went to the extraction point, they did not. I must have stood there for fifteen minutes doing nothing but standing in a green circle. Fun stuff.
Game breaking bugs According to rule 9, I can’t talk about common bugs. But I can talk about game breaking bugs. So for the PS4, you press the square button to interact with consoles, items, open lockers, etc. However, when I’m playing with others, randomly my character would stop being able to interact with anything. Doors wouldn’t automatically open. I couldn’t click consoles, couldn’t open lockers, and couldn’t summon elevators. I could reload my gun and kill enemies, but it was like the game didn’t know I existed. Once I got to extraction, the game said one person was missing even though we were all there. Most of the times when this happens I’m in a small closet and have to wait until the others complete the mission and run the timer down. This happened to me every other day. This isn’t game breaking for others, just for me.
Concluding Statements After three weeks, I got to Saturn. I completed all of the story missions I could. I maxed out Excalibur, Mag, Oberon, and Oberon Prime. I enjoyed my time playing this game. Though there are some minor complaints here and there, the overall experience was fun and enjoyable. I won’t be coming back to Warframe because I don’t really have a reason to. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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2019.01.15 11:19 blueberry_sesame Random video chat xxx

I (24f) met a guy (24m) last year in UK. He is my classmate. I didn't really pay attention to him, until he texted me through DM instagram. I was being nice to him, since I want to be friend with everyone.
He asked me if I could cook for him, because I posted stories about food or cooking. I joked around when answering his question, but he asked me several times about cooking. Then the chat become long and we do chat regularly. I agreed to cook somehow. He also offered to cook his food. Once he asked me if I can massage him, but I think he was joking because he is playful.
I never made a time for him, because my schedule last semester was kinda tight. Also, I have a circle of bestfriends, so I need to manage my time, between school, work, bestfriends and then he came to my life.
So we moved from DM to regular text, to easily arrange things, or just randomly ask question. He was funny, always makes me laugh. So it was me who moved the text from DM to text, cause it has been too much with DM.
He asked me, do I have a boyfriend or not. He asked me twice. When I had meeting, he said to not charm others. Not only me, he is also a busy guy. He has double degree, so during weekends last semester, he always went back to his hometown. He told me every schedule that he has. Sent me picture of sunset, or video that he was on his way. He apologised when he replied my message late, sent me picture of himself and his uncle.
At that moment, I already felt special cause we communicated a lot, and more into personal life. But we are just friend, ok? I don't know if he tried to be my bestfriend or not. I invited him several times to join me and my bestfriends to hang out. All my bestfriends are guys. He didn't want to, said he was busy. But I always hang out with my bestfriends 2 or 3 times a week. I never have time for him, cause when I free, he was not.
It has been like thaaat forever. Forever text and busy. Btw, he called me "cutie", "cute", "my little xxx", "my cute xxx", once he called me babe. I don't know if he's a player or not 😂 cause he is good looking as well. There's a day when he fed me too in the canteen. Gosh, that was embarrassing, but insisted to feed me. When he sat next to me, he showed me everything on his laptop or phone, pictures mostly, even open the wallet to show me picture of his family. He scratched on my notes, to communicate during lecture.
Then, there was a day when he skipped the classes and stayed at his country for 2 weeks. I missed him of course. It was on my birhtday when he donated amount of money to my charity page, he started to use lots of emoji during that months, sent me a happy birhtday wish and sang a song in his language. That was cute, he recorded himself, cause he was not here with me.
When he came back, he hugged me so long for the first time. Ok, we were still friend. Am I being friendzoned? Then he said he will spend the weekend here, for the first time of that semester. He asked me whether I had something to do or not for weekend. He asked me to watch a movie, and maybe cook, like the previous plan that we ignored.
Was that a date or not? I don't know. He cancelled that 2 hours before I went to his place, said he still has some works and deadline. He rescheduled the next day, but he cancelled again, for the same reason. I was mad and told him to stop rescheduling. I said to him, he could come to my place anytime IF he has time. I don't know was he really busy or not, was that just an excuse? I never know.
He said he'll leave this city for winter break, and will be back in the next 6 weeks. I said goodbye through text, but he asked can we meet to say goodbye. After he said that, he never really made time for me. I know essays were tough, but I think, if he likes me, he should have a time for me. Then, I ignored him. So, the day before his departure, it was 11pm night, he asked me where I was. I said I was just arrived home from studying. He came to my place with his bike. His flat is so far away from mine, 20 minutes by bike i think. He came and hugged me so long. He said he just wanted to say bye bye before his flight. He apologised for not making time for me, and told me what was his plan during holiday, and when will he come back. He told me to wait till he back and to take care of myself. That was so sweet.
6 weeks, I sent my christmas picture, he sent me picture of his holiday, like beach or food. Sometimes he ignored my text for 2 or even 5 days. I was so confused. I didn't want to text him first too. I don't want him to think I'm needy. It was so looong and I missed him. First day of school he sent me funny email, so I asked him why he sent me email, he said because he wanted to, and he missed me. Said he will have another week there.
At that day he went home, he sent me a picture of hotel, and his LEGS. Why guy sent me legs picture, I don't understand. And then his selfie picture on bed with funny expression. He was showing off, cause he got delayed but got compensation of 5 stars hotel. The thing is, he told me every details and the truth, but one of my classmate that also close to him said he was sick 😂 I feel special cause I got the real information what and where he was. Then we didn't communicate again 3 or 4 days, until yesterday I asked him, was he planning to come back or not. He showed me a picture of his legs again in the plane 😂 he was funny somehow. And that's it. He didn't tell me whether he was already here, arrived safely or not. I know he went to class yesterday, but I was waiting like 6 weeks, and now I have no idea where he IS. He didn't text me or say hi or anything.
We have different culture, we both foreign students. And I kept secret of this from my friends, cause it will be awkward to tell my friend about this. We are in the same class, never asked a date, never said he likes me, but do some sweet things that my guys bestfriend will never do to me. Am I being friendzoned? Or maybe he's just a player, right? I'm so confused.
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