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Okay, umm.. Hi, I think this is my first post in this sub, so apologies for any awkwardness lol. Also apologies for any weird wording. Listening to a discussion behind me while I type. Anyway, I'm freshly 23, living in central Cali by Sacramento, a typical shy artist who likes video games and goes to college, and on top of that I'm a nudist. I'm not one who grew up with a nudist family, and it's also not a sexual lifestyle. It's basically the same as people preferring to wear a sleeveless shirt or a short sleeve or a dress or anything, just we prefer to not wear clothes. While some might think nudity = sex, it's kind of the same as feet. Feet can and often are sexualized, but you don't see people licking each other's toes at the pool. My fear is a potential boyfriend not understanding this.
I've met plenty of people who aren't nudists and believe it's all about sex and exhibitionism and voyeurism and adults only, and some nudists who are so obsessed because they think it's exhibitionism that they practically force themselves to cling to someone and force them into nudity. I've met a few of both when looking to find a future boyfriend. I don't really want either. Problem is that I have no clue how to find someone who will be understanding at least to a point of not trying to sexualize it or take control of my lifestyle.
If I do find someone who's understanding of it, I then am left with finding out if they'll be understanding but locking it down like "you're only allowed to when you're alone in the room" or something, or if they'll be the type to understand and let me breathe. I've seen a couple friends of mine end up with partners stomping it out. One permitted one friend to be nude around the house only, no longer allowed to go to nude friendly places, but then it became nudity only allowed in the bathroom or in bed. The other friend has a partner where it's only permitted at night in the bedroom. Neither share a place with anyone other than their partner, so it tells me it's just there's people who would try to "fix" that out of someone like me.
I'm just really scared but really want a boyfriend.
edit: I forgot to add that I don't mean I want someone who will join me in nudism. While I would like that, I'm mostly wanting someone who will allow me to continue practicing my lifestyle without trying to control it or stomp it out or misuse it.
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2019.10.30 12:45 devpatel2 Voyeur pool sex

Late Sridevi is considered to be an iconic actress, but there was a time when Smita Patil and Deepti Naval were not at all impressed by her choice of films and had even slammed her for appearing as mere "sex-object" or "sex-symbol" on the screen
Smita Patil: Sridevi is a good friend of mine. I really would like to talk to her, ask her whether she is aware of the way she is being exploited."
Smita Patil Was Disgusted With Sridevi-Amitabh Bachchan Starrer 'Inquilab'
She was quoted as saying, "Somehow everyone's taste has also become very vulgar. There is one swimming pool song in ‘Inquilab'. God, you make the audience into voyeurs. I wonder how the women audience react. They must be definitely feeling very embarrassed, ashamed at such a blatant display of female flesh."
Smita Patil On South Indian Actresses: They Do These Meaningless Scenes To Make Enough Money
"And these South Indian actresses have not even been brought up to think. Their surroundings don't give them a chance to grow very much mentally. They are groomed to be actresses from their childhood.
They are extremely protected on the sets and otherwise. So it is only natural that they look at life through their parent's eyes.
They do these meaningless scenes to make enough money and get married. And by the end of their lives they haven't even realised that they were being exploited all their life. It's a pity."
In The Same Interview, Deepti Naval Slammed Sridevi & Jaya Prada
She was quoted as saying, "These South Indian actresses just want to be sex-objects and they don't mind being exploited. I don't think any of them have ever stopped to think what kind of a woman they project on the screen what kind of effect it can have on the audience
Deepti Naval Thrashes The Films Of Sridevi - Tohfa & Mawali
"They just want to make money even if it means being exploited physically and mentally. They are not bothered about the conditions of the Indian women or what kind of lives they lead, their causes
Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.filmibeat.com/amphtml/bollywood/features/2018/smita-patil-on-sridevi-being-exploited-smita-patil-slammed-her-for-doing-indecent-scenes-278151.html
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2019.09.30 22:04 endersqueen Monogamous again. Help!

Monogamous again.
Just what the title says. TL;DR at the end. Looking for some advice...
My husband (M44 call him "A") and I (F35) started our journey into non-monogamy last June. He introduced me to swinging, and we both enjoyed it for some months. We met a new couple (while out with another couple we swing with), last Halloween. Call the new couple "S" (26/F) and her husband "J" (33/M). My husband A and I spent a very intense week texting back and forth with both S and J right after we all hooked up on Halloween. The following weekend we all four got together again to go to a swingers bar and spend the night together. The next day, S texted all four of us together, saying she and her husband had decided to close up their relationship to focus on their new marriage. A and I were very sad about this as we'd all four connected well, and it ultimately led to my husband and I looking into poly.
Time passed. Wounds healed. My husband and I tried dating another couple (briefly....and which ended because my husband was not comfortable with the emotional connection I'd made with this new couple, but he hadn't. So, per his request, we broke it off).
Side note: my husband is a true voyeur. He loves nothing better than to watch me with another male partner.
Last November, my husband noticed that I thought a mutual friend of ours was cute. I actually didn't think sleeping with him was a good idea as he was a good friend already, and considerably younger than me (let's call him "D" M/27). My husband approached D, told him we were swingers and that he wanted to watch D have sex with me. D was on board and by then I was excited too. So we set an evening to have drinks and see where things went. No one could've predicted that D and I would go on to have a 7 month long relationship, that only ended because D was getting a new job that would take him out of state 3 weeks out of every month.
Mine and D's relationship was kitchen table poly with my husband, A. It was great! Even though....it was completely permission based. Any time D and I wanted to do anything, from a kiss goodnight, to a text good morning...all was cleared through my husband. If he wasn't ok with something, D and I didn't do it. We'd all sit and talk about anything that made my husband A uncomfortable, together, and try to reach a compromise. If one couldn't be reached, our guiding star was whatever made A happy, we would all do.
In retrospect, I now know how unhealthy this was, and that the permission based structure of this relationship wasn't fair. But it worked for us.
More time passed. A and I got married in May!
Side note 2: from the time that we first dipped our toes in the poly pool with the second couple, my husband A has said the following like some kind of mantra: "I could sleep with another woman, lust after her even, like her a lot, but I could never ever fall in love with anyone but you. I'm not poly." That he wanted to at least try for my sake made me happy. I looked forward to the day he'd meet a girl, fall for her, and we could all be happy together in the same kind of kitchen poly V we'd had with D. I was so naive.
About a month after A and I got married (so around mid-June), A and I got a group text from the woman we'd spent that very intense week with: S! She said that she and her husband J were fully poly now, and that J was very interested in a relationship with me. She made no mention of whether or not she was interested in my husband, A, in these early messages. A, however, was very excited to see S again. They quickly made plans for the four of us to hang out and get reacquainted. In the meantime, S suggested I text her husband J directly, and asked if she could text my husband, A, directly as well. We all agreed. So the group messages stopped.
Up until this point, my husband and I had a phone transparency rule, per his request, with the idea that we could ask to see each other's phones at any time, and the other would have to agree. Shortly after S and my husband A started texting by themselves, my husband told me he wanted us both to have privacy on our phones and changed his password. I had always disliked this "rule" and was happy to see it go away, though a little concerned as to the why...
I followed through with S's suggestion that I text her husband J, and was met with the opposite of what I was expecting: J was NOT poly at all, and had no idea his wife S had texted either me or my husband. He told me that she wanted to be poly, but he didn't want to know anything about it. I was hurt and confused. Was S purposefully trying to embarrass me? Hoping that by me texting her husband he'd....what? Magically decide to be poly too? Why the lies and deception?
By this point, A and S were texting and calling each other every day (presumably whenever her husband wasn't around I suppose....). A also announced he was in love with S, and wanted to be with her too. Suddenly, my monogamous husband was poly! Some other things changed pretty rapidly: that permission based structure went out the window. My husband said he wanted to be able to come and go as he pleased and not have his freedom restricted. The kitchen table poly of my ideal (and I'd assumed my husband's too based on what he'd said) was also gone. We were strictly parallel and A made it plain he didn't want me and S to spend time together. I never knew why.
They met up a few times without even telling me after the fact, I had to find out through a friend. I also found out later A was making time in his workday to go see S at her home, almost daily (S is a stay at home housewife and her husband J works out of the house...I assume they were meeting up while J was at work). I didn't know this as it was happening and only found out weeks later when A confessed it to me after drinking too much. Even though we weren't permission based anymore, we both had an agreed upon rule that we'd tell each other if we'd had a date or other contact with any partner. Why he wasn't telling me, I also don't know. He now says he was worried that I'd react badly and was "trying to protect me." Sigh.
I could list all the boundary pushing, lying, and generally deceptive behavior that S engaged in, with complete agreement from A, but it would make this post into more of a novel. Suffice to say, my heart was breaking, not because A wanted to be with S, but because he was so... infatuated with her, all common sense went away whenever they were together. He'd say he'd do one thing, to me, then they'd get together, and all plans would change. Our previously hierarchical poly went out the window too. Relationship anarchy reigned now. I was no longer first, not even equal, what I felt was second.
I realized I had to do the work to get past my jealousy, and did what I could: read books, listened to podcasts, talked to my therapist. Still, I had this pit in my stomach whenever I'd hear S's name, and especially whenever A came home from a date with S. I expressed that I needed to feel more connected to him after their times together, but he ignored my pleas. And ignored me, as well. We were living as roommates, hadn't ever even gone on a single date as husband and wife, while I was watching him go out with S several times a week. It stung.
A few more incidents of note:
A and S went on a date and totalled A's car. It was not his fault, but it was a brutal accident and both he and S were lucky to walk away intact (they were both fine). Up until this point, S and I had the occasional text message between us, keeping up a cordial, if distant, contact. We hadn't seen each other since last year, however. The car accident was on a Friday, and the previously agreed to plans were that A and I would spend Saturday night and Sunday together. Saturday night, S used the group chat with myself and my husband A, and sent us both a message asking to come over and hang out with us until her husband came home. A and I both saw the text, and he refused to answer it. Said it was up to me. He'd been sleeping on and off throughout the day and we were getting ready for bed. So that's how I answered the text. No apologies, but just stated that we were going to bed and now was not a good time. She sent "thank you" as a reply. Then a few days later I received the longest text message from S, ever. In it she called me all sorts of names, said that I "seeded the accident with my bad will towards them both," that I was unstable (a dig, since she knows I have anxiety, PTSD, and depression), that I was bad for my husband's and her mental health and that she never wanted anything to do with me. It went on and on. I told my husband A about it. He did nothing. Said it was just how girls are, and gave every excuse he could for her mean and disrespectful message: that she was young, that she was "just raised that way," that it was "her culture" (she's Hispanic). For good or not, I never responded to S's text. A told me that I needed to be the bigger person and just let it go.
Another noteworthy event: S left her husband. She also made it clear that she didn't want A to date anyone but her and A told me (much later), that she wanted him to leave me for her at the same time. He didn't. But he also didn't tell me at the time. And kept seeing her.
Weeks passed, I was increasingly unhappy, and my husband was in bliss. Two women to love him! He thought it was the best relationship he'd ever been in. I continued to feel ignored, irrelevant even, and finally reached my breaking point when A and I had our very first date together since we'd gotten married. He spent the whole night talking about S and showing off pictures of her to anyone that was talking to us. I couldn't take it anymore and slept on the couch that night.
The next day, I told him that I couldn't keep this up anymore. That yes, poly had it's good parts, but the bad was far outweighing the good and I was done. That he could either choose to be with her, or choose to be with me. But if he chose her, I'd be leaving. I was prepared to watch him leave me. But he didn't. He said he chose me, would always choose me, and that he'd end things with her. His caveat though? That we both be monogamous, together, for the rest of our lives. I agreed easily.
Now though....I wonder. Did I make a mistake? I realize how shitty my giving him an ultimatum was, and I feel wretched that I hurt both A and S by pulling them apart. I love my husband. But we clearly need therapy together, and he could probably use some on his own, not just me. I'm worried I did the wrong thing. I know we need some time to work on us. I know this could take months or years and I'm prepared for that. But to be monogamous for the rest of our lives? I don't think I'll be happy.
I know this was insanely long. Thanks for reading. Any advice? Where do I go from here? Where do we go from here?
TL; DR My husband was in a relationship with a toxic woman, I could not handle the lies, disrespectful behavior from them both and gave him an ultimatum to end it with one of us. He agreed to stay with only me, on the condition that we're mono for the rest of our lives. Looking for any advice as I don't believe I'll be happy being mono forever.
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2019.08.26 05:58 BobJane7576 Voyeur pool sex

My wife and I had were in Orlando for a family reunion and we got two evenings to ourselves to check Secrets Hideaway recently. It is a LS club/hotel/pool.
Overall we liked it but we had to adjust our expectations a little lower. We have traveled quite a bit and have visited several LS clubs. So we couldn’t help compare.
We went first on a Friday night. Their credit card machine were down and we had to drive next door to get cash. That was a little of a bummer. We signed up for our membership, that was painless.
We told the front desk guy we were new to this club and he told us to just go down the hall and checkout out the pool/club/play room area. I was a little surprised. I would have expected a tour or maybe some explanations on what to expect. Luckily we had studied the website and knew what to expect.
We went inside the courtyard that had two pools and two hot tubs. It was sexy to see naked people in the hot tub and the pool. However the place felt pretty deserted. Not sure if we picked the wrong Friday but only one pool/one hot tub was busy.
We went to the outdoor bathrooms and they were in dire need of renovations (missing fixtures, wobbly sink, exposed lights in the ceiling, desperate need of fresh paint). That gave us a bad impression.
We headed to the tiki bar to get a drink. Bartender was nice. Behind us, a husband was getting a BJ by the pool. Non alcoholic Drink price was correct.
We then went to check out the club. It was well laid out and had AC. There were a moderate amount of people. Two bars were open to serve alcohol and a hostess (Bridgette) was walking around in a bikini serving Fireball. The bathroom there were much nicer. We drank some more. The staff was nice and polite.
It was time to test out the playroom. Since my wife and I hadn’t seen each other in a week (I had been traveling for work), we wanted to mainly play with each other, but we were open to anything if it felt right.
The playroom had a BDSM room that was really busy. It is not really our crowd so we didn’t stay long. There were many people just watching what was going on.
We headed further in the playroom and we were told we had to get naked to get any further. That was unexpected. My wife likes to keep lingerie on and she felt a little self-conscious.
We put our personal effects in a locker, got naked, got a towel and started exploring the playroom. For a Friday night, they were pretty empty. I was surprised how small the playroom area is compared to the size of the hotel/pool area. For some reason, I thought they would have been bigger.
We went to a room that had 6 beds next to each other. 3 older couples were having a sixsome and seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting. We might have tried to play with them since they seemed welcoming but they were a little too old for my wife (~20y difference).
In a more private room (with a window and an optional door), we saw a black gentleman plowing through an older woman while her husband was jacking off next to them. The club has 5 “private rooms” where you can close a door if need be. They were all empty except for one.
We continued our tour and saw rows of beds next to each other. This was cool for parallel play. One couple was playing. Further down the row of beds, there was another bed and two sofas with a big screen playing porn.
We picked a room, left the door open and starting having sex. It was fun. By the time we were finished, we were the last one in the playrooms. We took a break and the BDSM room was still full.
We were getting hungry and decided to check out the kitchen. Boy, that kitchen was not clean. Lots of dirty dishes, it felt like the type of kitchen you get at a camp when you are a kid. Some couples were eating there. The only thing being served was an omelette. It wasn’t bad but it was also very strange. My wife kept asking “but why only serving an omelette!?” The kitchen needs a serious cleaning and coat of paint. Or I would advise the club owners to not let the guest in the kitchen and simply order through a window and eat outside.
We ate outside. The outside was really nice. You can tell that the owners are putting money there. The pools were great. It was just an empty night overall with a few couple chatting here and there but the layout can support really big parties.
After we ate, we went back to the playrooms for round 2. It was a little bit more busy in the row of beds. We started having sex there and more couples came in.
My wife really enjoyed being watched. The setup makes it easy to be seen/heard and to be able to watch other couples. Many couple stopped by to watch my wife ride me or be taken doggy style. I didn’t pay much attention to the voyeurs but at one point I noticed a couple staring at us with lust in their eyes. I locked in eyes with the female, that was quite intense.
We also enjoyed watching other couples around us. There were a couple across us that was as vocal as my wife. At one point, the boyfriend fucked the girlfriend standing (she had one leg on the bed). It was quite hot.
We enjoy the occasional MFM when the mood strikes but I was not in the mood at all that night for that kind of play. So the few single guys that were there kind of annoyed me. One was jacking off right next to a couple. We had to tell a few of them “no thanks” as they got close to our bed hoping for some action. In a different mood, I might have felt better but for some reason, they annoyed me that night.
My wife squirted, came a few times and started to feel tired. We didn’t notice a lot of swapping. It felt like a lot of couple played with themselves and enjoyed watching/being watched, which was perfect for us as that what we were in the mood for.
As we were changing back into our clothes, we heard a little bit of commotion. A drunk male was yelling at his girlfriend, was asked to leave, decided to fight his way through security, lost quickly against security while pathetically yelling “lawsuit” and was thrown out with his girlfriend and banned. That was kind of a cold shower. We were naked when that happened and felt vulnerable.
We toured the place one more time, saw a sandy area with a volleyball net, giant chess, etc. Definitively looked like a fun place when crowded.
We headed home a little confused about our first experience there. When my wife and I talked about the club the next day, it was mainly negative. But we also had some good fun and focused on that. It was also quite inexpensive compared to other clubs we have been too. The alcoholic drinks felt a little overpriced however.
We heard Saturdays are the best time to come but we couldn’t come due to a family event.
We decided to head back Sunday to get a second opinion. Credit card system was still down and we had to pay cash again (this time I was prepared). The parking lot was empty and so was the place.
There were a few guests in the pool. The club had a few couple dancing and we walked through a completely empty play room! One thing we learned is that being naked in the playrooms is only enforced on Friday/Saturday but rest of week you are free to walk with your clothes on. The BDSM room was empty.
We headed back to the club. A few more people had arrived. They were two couples dirty dancing and the women getting naked. We sat down and watched while my wife rubbed my penis through my pants.
There were a few single guys chatting with couples. They seemed very polite and pleasant. We thought for a second inviting one for a MFM but didn’t bother. Instead we headed to the play rooms, which were again super empty.
We had sex just the two of us. We had the entire play room just for ourselves. We heard one couple walk by. When we were done, we headed back out and bumped into a single guy following that couple.
We decided to call it a night and headed back to our hotel. We stayed one hour total! It wasn’t bad. We had a little bit of fun. We didn’t expect much on a Sunday night.
The good * Good LS place but you have to adjust your expectations and focus on the good, especially if you have been spoiled by more up to date LS clubs * The pool/hot tub area looks great and seem like a great party/orgy area if playing is allowed outside (we saw a few couples doing BJs by the pool) * The playrooms were clean * Good security staff * The renovated condo rooms look great if you want to stay on the property. * Price for membership and events is cheap (compared to other clubs on the west coast)
The less good: * Some area of the club (kitchen, pool bathroom) are in desperate need of renovations. Going there was a turn off * Omelette was nice but why just an omelette? * Front staff is nice but I would have expected some orientation, especially on our first night. * The guy that got banned was a bummer. * The themes are pretty generic. For a place like that, I would expect gangbang, orgies, etc to be organized. Maybe we missed the real fun on Saturday, but i would expect wilder parties * Too casual sometimes. We saw people in tourist clothes, track suite, etc.
Overall good place if you have the right expectations. We will definitively go back, especially on Saturday and other big weekends/event.
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2019.08.15 13:36 KicKem-in-the-DicKem [lets build] d100 strange courtesans for 50gp a night

inspired by this comment...

  1. ⁠Shy Marry (Female Half-Elf): A young shy girl, barely out of her teens. She seems nervous and inexperienced, and constantly embarrassed, but will not stop the “experience”. Those who choose to simply snuggle with her gain an inspiration.
  2. ⁠Aracnophobia (Male Drow) When the customer is not watching, spiders will slowly begin to enter the room. After their attention is sufficiently distracted, a male drow will appear from nowhere and begin to service the customer. Customers gain an immunity to fear for 24 hours.
  3. ⁠Midnight (Black Male Dragonborn) A pitch-black dragonborn enters the room, a body like Adonis and built like obsidian; he is tailored with a gold neckless and gold wrist bands. The shadows move around his body, and slowly, the lights go out and he engages with the customer. For the next 24 hours, shadows will stick close to the customer, giving them advantage on stealth checks.
  4. ⁠Margrett (Female Orge): A large, fat woman enters the room. She’s large enough that she must squeeze through the door frame. She’s a powerhouse, with notably large teeth and a slight lisp.
  5. ⁠The Musician (Male Elf) A well-dressed bard enters the room, he does not undress, he does not address the customer. He simply takes out his violin case and starts to play a song. As he plays, the Customer’s body begins to throw in ecstasy, the song enveloping them. The customer gains the one-time use of a bardic inspiration die (1d6).
  6. ⁠Mirror-Mirror (Doppleganger): As the customer is looking around, they realize a large mirror which wasn’t there before. The mirror stands as tall as the customer, and when gazed in, a duplicate of themselves appears from the mirror and begins to seduce them.
  7. ⁠Story-Time (Female Hag): A little old lady enters the room, taking a seat near the customer’s bed. She pulls out a small pair of spectacles, and a large book. The book transports the reader into a rather erotic story, narrated by the older lady. The story emboldens the customer, giving them advantage on intimidation checks for 24 hours.
  8. ⁠Lost-Breath (Female Mermaid): The room quickly fills with water. As the Customer panics, and begins to drown, a mermaid appears and begins breathing air into their lungs. The mermaid is dressed in gold and silver, with strands of sea weed stuck in their hair. For 24 hours, the customer gains the ability of water- breathing.
  9. ⁠The Smiling Cat (Female Tabaxi): A large brawny tabaxi with died fur appear from nowhere. She pounces and plays with the customer, disappearing and reappearing, before embracing the tired customer. Once the deed is done, she disappears with a smile. The Customer gains the one-time use of the spell “Misty Step”.
  10. ⁠Ba’Dumn the Belly Dancer (Sand Yellow Male Dragonborn): Ba’Dumn is most definitely one of the best belly- dancers in the material plane. Ironically, he is also 90% belly. Despite this giant’s size, he guarantees his customer a night unlike any other.
  11. ⁠Hells Bells (Female Incubus): An angelic figure enters the room, beautiful and prestige. She begins with a simple kiss, which burns the customer’s lips. Slowly, the feathers on her back start to fly around the room revealing her true form, that of a demon. The customer gains resistance to Radiant for 24 hours.
  12. ⁠Maggs the Cook (Female Half-orc): A large, voluptuous half-orc cheerily enters the room dressed in full cookware. She brings in several plates and trays of food and asks for Customer to sit and eat. The customer does not get less hungry, but does still grow more full. Once the customer declares they’re too full or wish to continue to lovemaking, Maggs will continue to feed them as they make love in bed. The customer finds that they are significantly stuffed after the event, and do not need to eat for a week.
  13. ⁠The Witch Doctor (Male Halfling) A small, Halfling dressed in foreign clothing pops into the room. The mask he wears is twice as large as it needs to be. He pulls out a small doll, which surprisingly matches the customer in appearance, and begins to caress it, with all the feelings going into the Customer.
  14. Pearl Buskont, a halfling woman given to petty theft, and eventually becomes a small ring leader of a group of highly organized thieves. Her shock of pink hair and many piercings gives her a saucier outward appearance than her demeanor actually reveals.
  15. Lacey shields, a orgallion drag queen, known for her dancing and outrageous curves. Normally doesn’t take night time companions, but times are tough in the off season. She usually only agrees to suitors that charm her well, but occasionally will just go for the coin.
  16. Vanessa the Drunkard (Female Elf): A tall, gallow elf swaggers into the room, carrying various bottles and drinks in a large burlap sack. She offers the customer drinks, but only if they confirm that they are okay with lovemaking afterwords. She will offer stranger and stranger drinks, until the customer can barely stand, however she seems unaffected by her liquors. The customer finds that they are significantly sated after the event, and do not need to drink for a week.
  17. The Automata (Unspecified Warforged) A large, robotic figure enters the room. They say “Greeting, I am programed for your pleasure. Please select a setting and assume the position,” before waiting for the customer to select a setting. The settings are “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard”, “Maximum Overdrive”, and “Turbo.” On selecting the “Easy” or “Medium” setting, the character regains all spent hit dice. On selecting the “Hard” difficulty, the customer gains an inspiration point. On selecting “Maximum overdrive”, the user’s pain tolerance is numbed, allowing for advantage to all concentration rolls for the next 24 hours. On selecting “Turbo”, the user gains all rewards plus a point of exhaustion.
  18. Candle-Light (Red Female Dragonborn): The candlelight in the room flairs as a red dragonborn enters, covered in melting candles. She drips hot wax on the customer, making sure to heat their bodies as well as their hearts. The customer gains resistance to fire damage for the next 24 hours.
  19. The Voyeur (Unspecified Eldritch Abomination): A character, who is exactly as the customer desires, enters the room. They introduce themselves as “Sam” before getting to work. As Sam and the Customer do their merry lovemaking, the customer cannot help but feel that they are being watched. Should they succeed a DC 10 perception check, they will notice that eyes periodically appear on the wall, watching them. For the next 24 hours, the character gains advantage on perception checks.
  20. BEAUTY (Female Beholder) The bed in the room rumbles slightly, before flipping over, knocking the customer off if they were laying there. A strangely beautiful beholder appears from beneath the bed, either mocking the customer for their lack of paranoia or congratulating them on expecting her arrival. She sings songs and tells stories as she uses her eyes stalks, as well as anything else at her disposal, to help please the customer. The Customer gains the use of the “Alert” feat for 24 hours.
  21. The Mind Electric (Unspecified Storm Elemental): As the customer rests, the air becomes charged. Eventually spark of electricity will split across the room. Eventually, one of the sparks will hit the customer, electrifying them. The experience is painful, yet at the same time pleasuring. A being made of pure energy then reveals itself, before continuing the process. The customer gains resistance to thunder and lightning damage for 24 hours.
  22. The Genie (Female Genie): A knock on the door results in the customer finding a lamp laying on the ground. When rubbed, the room is filled with a smoke and a giant female genie appears. She will take the form of whatever the customer prefers, and will change and shift during the lovemaking.
  23. RockBreaker (Male Dwarf): A dwarf with braided hair, runic tattoos, and rock-hard abbs. He sings soft songs under his breath, as his runic tattoos glow with ancient magics. The customer feels protected and gains one use of the “shield” spell.
  24. The Wizard (Male Human): An ancient male human enters the room, dressed in the most magical robes. He is unhappy and sets up a small table, to which he asks the customer to lay on. Once the customer lays on the board, the wizard massages them, molding their flesh and bones like clay, twisting them into strange, but blissful shapes. The customer gains advantage on acrobatic checks for the next 24 hours.
  25. Shroom (Female Gnome): A small gnome wearing a giant mushroom cap on her head enters the room. She offers the customer a few strange, looking mushrooms. Should they accept, they are set into a trance and the two commence in lovemaking. For the next 24 hours, the customer is immune to the poison effect, though can still take poison damage.
  26. The Heaven’s Harem (Female Aasamar): A group of seven young women dressed in exotic clothes enters the room. Music plays as they dance around the client. After a passionate display, the dance becomes a bit more intimate.
  27. The Doctor: (Female Human): The Doctor is dressed in plague doctor’s outfit. She invites the customer to lie on the bed and close their eyes. Should they not do so, she will cast suggestion on them (DC 17). She will then light incense, and plunge a dagger into the customer’s chest. She will then remove all their organs, clean them, repair them, and replace them into the customer’s body. The customer can feel and see all of this, but cannot move. The customer is cured of all diseases, all physical ailments, and regains all hit dice, but has an autopsy scar across their chest.
  28. Centurion (Male Centaur): A centaur dressed in ancient roman armor enters the room. While it is difficult for him to maneuver, he is quite dexterous and is willing to let the customer ride him. Or vise-versa. ???
  29. 1001 Snakes (Male Yuanti Pureblood): The room floods with snakes. The snake begin to slither around the customer’s body and bite them. As the customer is beginning to feel overwhelm them, a figure swims through and embraces the customer. The two make love in the pool of snake. After the customer passes out they find themselves on the bed, the room wrecked. The customer gains resistance to poison for 24 hours.
  30. It’s all right... (Male Half-orc): An orc, face covered in a bag, and body covered with rags and viscera enter the room. Despite his visage, the customer is not frightened of him and considers the situation normal. The orc is armed and slowly approaches the character; he puts the knife to the customer’s throat and asks “any last words?” Regardless of what the customer said, the orc goes ‘Shhh, it’s alright. Nothing will hurt you now,” as he begins to embrace and pet the customer. For the next 24 hours, the customer is immune to the fear effect.
  31. Beattie the Bearded (Female Dwarf): A female dwarf with impossibly long hair enters the room. She insists that the customer help her braid it before they get going (DC 20 Slight of hand check). Failure results in the Customer getting caught in the dwarf’s hair, before the two make love and the customer is strangled in unconsciousness. Success results in a happy, and satisfied dwarf, who gives an improved performance. The customer gains an inspiration point.
  32. TEETH TEETH TEETH (Unspecified Eldritch Abomination) At first, the room seems empty. However, after a while, the customer will notice a number of small eyes staring at them from the walls. Eventually, small mouths, filled with teeth begin to show up, slowly revealing more and larger mouths. Tongues lash at the customer, caressing them in strange and erotic ways. After such an experience, the customer becomes resistance to psychic damage for 24 hours.
  33. The Hoard (Male Orcs): The Hoard is a group of 10 orcs, dressed in fancy dresses and effeminate outfits. They scream complements at the customer before engaging them. It’s a long night, but those who see it through get one free use of the “Relentless” orc skill.
  34. StoneMaker (Female medusa): A knock at the door is met with a small package. A blindfold is presented, with the phrase “Put this on. Whatever you do, do not take it off.” As soon as it’s put on, the door opens, and a figure enters the room. Several kisses are felt along the customer’s body before extending into full passion. Should they take off the mask, they become petrified (DC 14 CON) as they find a medusa with stone eyes making love with them. Customers who follow the request gain blind sight for 24 hours.
  35. A Well Dressed Individual (Unspecified Mimic): A knock at the door is met with a set of fine clothes, fitted exactly to the customer’s size and taste. A note on the clothes requests that the customer puts them on before the night continues. The clothes are silk like in texture, and when worn are revealed to be a sentient, and lusty, mimic.
  36. Lady Luck (Female Elf): A busty, plump elf enters the room dressed in the most ludicrous casino based outfit they’ve ever seen. She offers to play the customer in a game of strip poker, domination dice, and other erotic-themed games. The customer gains a single-use luck point, this does not stack with the Lucky feat.
  37. Riddles (Female Sphinx): A tall, slender sphinx enters the room and traps the customer in a precarious way. Though the customer is safe, the sphinx does not let on to it and threatens them, forcing them to answer sensual riddles and questions. Should the customer play along, they will gain advantage on Investigation checks for the next 24 hours.
  38. Cueball (Male Human): A tall, thin man, dressed as a dandy, enters the room. He is missing his head, and instead a mirrored sphere floated above his neck.
  39. The Dryad (Female Dryad): A beautiful woman, carved of wood, waltzes into the room. Flowers seem to grow around her, as vines begin to wrap around the customer. The customer feels at one with nature, and has advantage on nature checks for the next 24 hours.
  40. The Last Laugh (Male Satyr) A man dressed in a Clown costume ???
  41. The Mad Man (Male Human): A man, dressed in chains, a mask, and a mental patient coat is wheeled into the room. Should the customer unlock the chains binding him, he will break from his remaining bindings and savagely embrace the customer. The customer gains a long-term madness and inspiration.
42 The Stripper (Female Elf skeleton): An elf, dressed in heavyset clothing enters the room. She dances on a pole with shockingly large amount of agility. For each gold piece tossed at her, she dances more aggressively and takes off a piece of clothing, after 100gp is thrown at her, she reveals herself to be a skeleton, before bursting into a strange mist, laughing gleefully. If 100gp is thrown at her, the customer gets one time use of the spell “Invisibility.”
  1. Obsession (Female Tiefling) (Negative): The customer gains disadvantage on all intelligence checks and intelligence savings throws for the next 24 hours.
  2. Moss (Male Goliath): Moss is a large, muscular goliath who has a thick layer of moss, plants, and other fungi growing on his back and head. He is slow, but solid, and is typically quiet unless spoken to. At the end of the night, he leaves the customer with a small handful of plants and berries, which act as berries from the goodberry spell.
  3. Furball (Female Tabaxi): A dark-furred tabaxi, dressed in loose clothes, a cone hat, and an overly large belt enters the room. She is keen to undress, though asks that the client doesn’t take off her belt. Her belt will always be taught and her weight will shift if the belt is adjusted. If the client tricks her and takes off her belt (DC 20 sleight of hand), she will inflate like a balloon and float up to the ceiling. ???
  4. Dream-Catcher (Female Gith) A dreamcatcher appears on the wall, and a note appears from under the door. The customer is told to go to sleep, and that when they wake up they’ll be fully rested. When they sleep, they find the “Girl of their dreams” waiting for them, and a long, erotic fore into a strange wonderland. The dream is so restful that the Customer does not need to sleep for one week, but must still do light activity in order to benefit from a long rest.
  5. Deal-Breaker (Male Devil) A plain male accountant enters the room and informs that the customer needs to fill out several pieces of paperwork before they can ‘use the brothel’s services’. Several papers are shoved at the character, several making no sense, but the accountant insisting that they need to be filled out. After filling out the paperwork, or giving up, the devil reveals his true form and engages the customer. Should the customer help with the paperwork beforehand, the customer will gain advantage on all history savings throws for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Deal-Breaker will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Fiend) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  6. The Fairy Godmother (Female Fay) A strange, giant woman appears next to the customer. She is animalistic in appearance, dressed in a robe of flowers, furs, and other oddities. The customer never sees her enter the room, and her nature is fairly strange and alien. She is very kind however, and seems to genuinely care for the customer. For the next 24 hours, the customer will find their life just a bit easier, and survival checks will be made at advantage. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Fairy Godmother will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Archfey) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  7. The Cultist (Male Eldritch abomination): A man dressed in violet wearing a mask enters the room. He waxes poetically about a play he was once in and encourages the customer to join him in some play acting. The customer soon learns that the play was very erotic. The customer gains advantage on performance checks for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Cultist will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Great Old One) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  8. The Litch (Female Litch): A tall, skeletal figure, dressed in royal garb, appears from a mist on the floor of the room. She opens a spell book before casting several spells, which careen through the customer’s body in a strange, but delightful manner. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Arcana checks. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the Cultist will offer to be the customer’s patron (The Undying) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  9. Dragonslayer (Female Copper Dragon): A copper dragon breaks through the front door and charges at the customer. After chasing the customer around for a while, she grins at the, utters a small seductive growl, and then take a more ‘compromised’ pose. The customer gains a one-use version of the spell “Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.”
  10. Good-Mother (Female Lizardborn) ???
  11. Copycat (Male Kenku) ???
  12. Kiss with Death (Male Wraith): A figure, dressed in black enters the room from the floor. He bends forth, and kisses the customer, sucking the soul from their body. After toying with it for a bit, he replaces it back it the body. For the next 24 hours, the character gains disadvantage on saving throws and death saving throws. (Negative)
  13. Guardian Angel (Male Aasamar): A glowing figure appears in the room, clad in fine silks and textiles; he fiercely shouts “Fear not.” He is a passionate lover. For the next 24 horus, the character gains advantage on saving throws and death savings throws.
  14. The Merchant (Female Human) ???
  15. The Cruel Merchant (Female Human): This woman is similar to the merchant, except she is covered in blood and has frightful eyes. She asks for blood, and for every 1hp given to her, she will have intercourse for 1 minute. For every 10% of hp given to the Cruel Merchant, the customer gains a lingering injury. No more than one lingering injury can be gained during any “donation” period.
  16. The Body Builder (Female Bugbear): A large, buff bug bear enters the room dressed in a gym outfit. She is quite vigorous, and occasionally forces the customer into more athletic positions in order to better their stamina. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on athletic checks.
  17. Mister Nobody (Male Human Ghost): A vaporous version of a man, dressed in fine clothing, with a bottle of whiskey and a noose around their neck, glides in through one of the side walls. He glides through the customer and possesses them, causing their body to ache in pain and pleasure. ???
  18. The Beast (Female Human Werewolf): The Customer gains advantage on animal handling for the next 24 hours.
  19. Poor little one (Female Halfling): An injured Halfling enters the room, begging for help. Hidden in the wall is a medicine kit, filled with various vials, balms, and bandages. Should the customer help, the Halfling will thank them with whatever means she can. Playing along nets the ‘hero’ with advantage on medicine checks.
  20. Fallen (Female Angel): An angelic form bursts in from the ceiling. She is commanding, and begs that the customer reconsider their life of sin. That being said, they are quite passionate, and will embrace the customer as they critique them. The customer gains advantage on religion checks for the next 24 hours. Likewise, if the customer is interested, the fallen will offer to be the customer’s patron (Divine) if they wish to take a level in warlock.
  21. The Third Eye (Male Half-Elf): A strange monk enters the room. While he embraces the customer, he also pokes them in the ki points. This results in both a physically and spiritually enlightening experience. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Insight checks.
  22. Vintage (Male Human Vampire) A tall, slender male enters the room. He offers the customer a drink of wine before getting down to business. He seems to be into biting, and the blood loss makes the customer’s head feel lighter than normal. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on Con checks and Con Saving throws. (Negative)
  23. Marionette (Female Gnome): A knock occurs at the door, and behind it is a small marionette puppet with a note pinned to it. The note says “Childish wonder is a marvelous thing. Play with me.” As soon as the customer begins messing with it in any way, several pieces of red string begin to entangle the customer, lifting them up to a starlit landscape and an immense giant who services them. (Note: The puppet is cursed to force anyone touching it to auto-fail saving throws. A small, plain, illusionist services the customer as their mind is elsewhere.) ???
  24. A Silly Joke (Female Nilbog-Goblin) A spry, pretty goblin appears from no were, wearing a strange pink and purple peasant’s outfit. They tease and taunt the customer, only letting them get what they want if they work for it. The next 20 rolled by the player is rerolled and the new result chosen. (Negative)
  25. Red-Strings and Butterflies (Male Minotaur): Butterflies begin to flutter around the room. From the walls appears a meek and well-groomed Minotaur, red stringed tied on his hair, horns, and elsewhere. He fiddles with strings and ties bows on the customer as he romances them. ???
  26. Trash (Female Trogladite): The room fills with a foul stench. From the floor trash and refuse begins to flow, and from the swampy substance a figure appears. A fit and tawny troglodyte appears, ready to pleasure the customer in any way possible.
  27. The Word (Male Aarakocra) A peacock of an Aarakocra enters the room. He paints various incantations and phrases on the customer. These words fill the customer with power! For the next 24 hours, the character gains advantage on persuasion checks.
  28. The Bouncing Brothers (Male Hobgoblins) A pair of fit, mustached hobgoblins enter the room, both dressed in a leotard. The pair perform various feats of agility before performing more intimate feats with the customer.
  29. Bull-Slayer (Female Leprechaun) A small, pretty lepricaun enters the room. She looks at the customer and scoffs. She will typically mutter something akin to “Let’s hope you last longer than the last one,” before going at the customer relentlessly. The customer’s muscle ache terribly afferwords, and for the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on dexterity checks and dexterity saving throws. (Negative)
  30. The Cat Lord’s Lover (Male Tabaxi): A small, meek tabaxi enters the room wearing nothing but a collar and a pair of bracelets. He will do as he is instructed, even if it results in his ‘death’. If killed in any manner, he will revive within an hour. Damage sustained to the tabaxi quickly heals at 1hp per minute. He has little understanding of word-play and will take phrases literally. He will not, however, leave the room. If he gets to perform a “unique” act, he will thank the customer and reward them with access to a one-use version of the “Death Ward” spell.
  31. Shell-Game (Male Tortle): For the next 24 hours, the customer gains advantage on Deception Checks.
  32. Blind Man’s Bluff (Unspecified Warforged): A strange looking warforged appears in the corner of the room whenever the customer blinks. Only when they blink, or if they close their eyes, does the creature move. That does not stop it, however, from making advances on the customer whenever possible. The customer gains the one-use version of the “Blink” spell.
  33. Jack Frost (Male winter eladrin elf) Jack may not be his real name, but Jack Frost does fit his moniker. A cheery, pale but rosy cheeked elf enters the room, a cool frost following behind him. If the customer gets cold, they can always cuddle under the covers for warmth. Jack’s warmth stays longer than expected, and the customer gains resistance to cold for the next 24 hours.
  34. Silence and Static (Female Blue Dragonborn): A cartoonish looking dragonborn with a long face dressed in a mime’s outfit enters the room. She begins to perform for the customer, before getting more “intimate” with them. Any action performed by the customer in a pantomime like fashion will occur to the dragonborn, regardless of whether it makes sense. That being said, damage caused in this manner cannot be lethal, and will result in her “playing dead” or disappearing before reappearing- within a few minutes. The customer gains a one-use version of the “Unseen Servant” spell.
  35. Hooligan (Male Halfling) A small, fit but overweight, Halfling runs into the room. He chats with customer about games and cards, and is willing to show the customer a few tricks he knows. He then shows the customer a few more ‘exotic’ tricks. If the customer listens to his advice then the next “1” rolled by the customer is rerolled. This must be used before the Halfling feature.
  36. Pins and Needles (Female Yuan-Ti Half-Blood) A snake-faced woman enters the room, a small silver box in her hand. When she gets close enough to the customer, she will offer to do acupuncture to them. While severely relaxing, the customers muscles grow tired. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on strength checks and strength saving throws. (Negative)
79 Mister Large (Male Duergar) A small dwarf with a large beard enters the room. Well dressed and smoking a pipe which smells of heavy-tobacco and spice, he performs several tricks, blowing smoke rings and other interesting shapes. At the end, he takes a deep breath and breaths forth a dragon, which envelopes the room. When the smoke clear, it is revealed that he has grown significantly in height. The customer gains a one-time use of the enlarge person spell.
  1. King of the Seas (Male Triton): A tall, well-built, red skinned Triton makes his way into the room. He is charming, though a bit bubble headed, and complements the customer whenever he can. He dressed sparsely, but regally. ???
  2. The Hedonist (Male Human): A young, noble looking human enters the room. He is equipped with a bag, and plans to test the limit to find a new thrill. The world to him is quite dull, and he needs this. Roll 3 checks for constitution, dexterity, and charisma (DC 20). For each successful check, the character receives an inspiration point.
  3. High-Octane (Female Quickling) The customer gains a one-use version of the “Haste” spell.
  4. Coin Operated (Unspecified Warforged): A warforged is wheeled into the room and left standing. A coin-slot is seen on its left thigh with the words “Insert Coinage” written in common. Any coin can be inserted into the slot, which will cause the warforged to activate for an hour. Higher value coins produce better results. If gold and platinum (or higher) are used, then the customer gains an inspiration. If a magic coin is used, the warforged goes into overdrive mode and no other coinage is needed for the 8 hours period, the customer also gains an inspiration and the one-time ability to add +10 to a single attack roll.
84 The Marvelous Mr. Toad (Male Bullywag) A well-dressed Bullyway hops into the room. He is charming, energetic, and full of spry young energy. However, he does not, in any way shape or form, act as a normal Bullywag would and seems well versed in more noble pursuits.
  1. The Sugar Daddy (Male Half-orc): A large, burly half-orc squeezes his way into the room. He is coated heavily in hair, jewelry, and musk. Though incredibly large, he is surprisingly gentle and seems to care deeply for the customer. At the end of the night, he thanks the customer for their kindness and says that they made for an excellent courtesan before promptly leaving. For the next week (5 days) the character’s living condition is considered one higher than what they paid for.
  2. The Jinx (Male half-elf): A frazzled looking half-elf enters the room. He seems incredibly nervous, and as he romances the customer things seem to naturally go wrong. He is far more pitiable than romantic, though love-making is one place he doesn’t mess up. For the next week (5 days) the character’s living condition is considered one lower than what they paid for. If they live a wretched lifestyle, they suffer 1 exhaustion per day. (Negative)
  3. Adonis (Male Elf) An impossibly handsome man enters the room. A form that seems to near god-like perfection on every aspect, one cannot help but feel inadequate when confronted by his gentle voice. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains disadvantage on Charisma checks and charisma saving throws. (Negative)
  4. Wild Thing (Female Tiefling): A young, wild-eyed and wild-haired tiefling comes into the room. She is keen to get started in the love-making, though she is incredibly unstable. Roll on the wild magic table (104), wand of wonder, or a custom wild magic table, with both Wild Thing and the Customer being affected as targets or casting subjects.
89 Who am I? (Unspecified Doll Golem): A small, hand- crafted golem enters the room. They are featureless, though are dressed in the clothing of the customer’s preferred sex. The creature is fully sapient, and will pantomime out suggestions of what to do. ???
  1. A Man’s Heart (Male Yuan-ti Abomination): A humanoid, snake-like creature enters the room and offers the customer a strange tonic. Should the customer drink it, their body will be paralyzed by a strange poison and the Yuan-ti will then consume the customer. The situation is tight, warm, but pleasant. For the next 24 hours, the customer gains resistance to acid damage. At the end of the session the Yuan-ti will regurgitate them. Should the customer not drink the poison, or if the customer is immune to poison, the Yuan-ti will simply sleep with them.
  2. The Blackmailer’s Delight (Female Half-Orc): A beautiful individual enters the room and offers the player a drink, saying that they wish to “know them better”. They will not continue until the customer consumes the strange wine. Within 1d4 days, the customer will receive a letter. This letter will, in detail claim to divulge a rather significant event unless a notable sum is paid. This blackmail can be true or false, but it holds substantial proof either way. Likewise, the sum, while not necessarily monetary, must be significant to the customer.(Negative)
  3. Hells Angel: (Female assimar) with blond hair, blue eyes and an angelic face. She always wears a light blue dress. Her specialty is being able to always perfectly play the damsel in distress for her customers. After the damsel in distress act, it will turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, with Hell’s Angel hiding her murder attempts behind the damsel in distress act from earlier. If you’re one of the lucky ones who survive her services, you’ll receive a +1 dagger and a note that says “I’ll see you again” in the mail a week later.
  4. Saveera of the Nine Veils (Female Kobold): Her room is patterned in a style reminiscent of the harems of Al-Qadim, luxurious pillows are position around a central stage. From behind the curtains at the back of the stage a kobold appears, dressed in the finest silk, covering just enough to be consider barely decent, but showing enough to entice. Music starts up from seemingly nowhere, and Saveera begins her dance. At the end of the dance she offers the customer the chance to "dance" with her. Those who befriend her learn her real name to be Kip-Kig, and that she initially only worked at the brothel because it was easy money, but soon fell in love with the job and slowly developed her current persona.
  5. Hena the Yuan Ti. Her poison is whispered to give those bitten a light buzz and send them into dizzy spells; every touch feels magnified. Her coiling tail tightens about her victims slowly as the night goes on...
  6. Mystereon (Myst), a doppelganger who, for 50 gp, will be any race, sex or age the client wants. For 500 gp, will use a "Potion of Detect Thoughts" (just a bottle of ale, she banks on the fact that not many people know doppelgangers can cast detect thoughts at Will) to become any specific person or thing the client wants, perfectly mimicking whatever they desire, no matter how mundane or perverse.
  7. Vendara, a medusa who considers herself an accomplished poet. For 50gp clients go into her room blind-folded, where Vendara sits them on cushioned divan and feeds them grapes while whispering about how badly she wants to look them in the eye as her snakes caress their skin. Those who give in to temptation are sold off as ornamental statues to unscrupulous traders.
  8. Two-lip is a thri-kreen courtesan who insists they are a human, just like you. Imagine a giant praying mantis with smudged lipstick, off-color blush, and a tenuous grasp on non pheromonic communication.
  9. The Odalisque Resplendent in Gossamer Veils, This delicate fae draped in veils of silk and spiderweb moves about the room, cleaning and adjusting, dusting and coming so close. Something about her presence enflames desire but inhibits movement; she cannot be approached. She doesn’t touch her guests but rumor has it some of her clients have grown old returning to her again and again hoping for the barest brush of her silks against their flesh.
  10. A young succubus exiled from the underworld (or whatever is DnD's version of hell) for such kinks as handholding or snuggling. She's incredibly shy and lovable. Her mere presence seems to have a calming effect on everyone around. There have been multiple cases of clients falling asleep with her before getting to the saucy stuff and not regretting the money spent. Strongly recommended for traumatized adventurers and chaotic neutral rogues who just need a hug.
  11. A warforged named Fisto, who simply states “you will now assume the position.” Players have a hard time sitting down for 1d4-1 days.
  12. Mad Symphony (Male Succubus): A figure, dressed as a conductor, enters the room. He begins to act as if he is conducting an orchestra. At first nothing happen, then the music begins to play and energy fills the air. When a crescendo is hit, he strikes. The customer gains resistance Necrotic for 24 hours.
  13. Pain and Misery: (Female Gnolls): Pain and Misery come equipped to ensure that the night is “fun”, though whether the customer enjoys it all depends on their skill. Players may make a DC 10 Performance or Athletic check or a DC 15 constitution saving throw. The character wakes up with half their HP; however they gain an inspiration point for staying the night.
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