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2020.09.16 00:28 AhAhStayinAnonymous Trying to sneak nude photos isn't a "prank"

If you don't like rants, move along.
My dad was talking about one of his co-workers last night during dinner conversation. He said that one of his favorite stories to tell about his friend was one that happened some years ago.
Said friend hired his ex-girlfriend to model in some photos to market his recently built model homes in Hawaii. One of the shots that he wanted to take was of her in the shower with the steam censoring any nudity. She agreed and said she wanted some privacy to undress and get in the shower before he took the photos.
This asshole sets the camera under his jacket on some staging furniture and leaves it rolling to film her changing. Luckily she saw that it was rolling and covered the lens before she got undressed.
It's so incredibly demoralizing knowing that I was raised by a person who finds this funny, and considers his buddy a "nice guy". It's scary to live in a society that tells men that this is "funny and harmless".
Guys who are reading, it's not okay to film a woman naked without her permission. Ever. Not ever.
"But she's his ex, they had sex together!"

"But she's my wife/partner!"
"But I have a voyeurism fetish!"
"But she said no!"
I can't believe I have to explain this to people in 2020.
Edit: I know this is unsolicited, but yes. My parents are still married.
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X-Post from /relationship_advice
This is going to be long, so strap yourself in, thank you for reading ahead of time. This is my marriage, so I want to be as detailed as possible.
My husband makes my heart sing.
That is what makes this so hard.
We have been together for 7 years in October married for 5 years. I won’t lie, we met online during a very bad period of my life. I had been in a car accident and bed ridden. I joined a skype group, which is how I met his best friend. His best friend then introduced me to him. He lived in one of the Baltic states (Estonia, Belarus, etc.), remember this as it becomes relevant later.
At first, we were just friends, but as I have dated people online before that were in different countries, and it wasn’t like I had a lot going on in my life, we started dating with intent to meet. It became intense quickly. I won’t go into all the details as I don’t see it super relevant to the current issue at hand, but we would skype every day, pretty much all day. Sleep together on Skype, I’d call him when I’d go to the grocery store, I worked nights alone, so I even would call him at work. We were as inseparable as you can be when you are on the other side of the world from each other.
After a year and eight months we met up in Canada and got married. Then a couple of months later we met up in his home country. While I was there, we decided to meet up with his best friend’s girlfriend, who we will call Rachel. She lived in a neighboring country.
To give you a better idea of what I have medically gone through, let’s just say my spine is messed up as well as my nervous system. A lot of people who had what I had, would go on disability and stay home. I knew that unless I got a job (which I did, the night job) I would never be able to get my partner (we will call him) Dave to America. So, I pushed REALLY hard. Flying to his country alone, was still one of the most difficult things I had ever done with how much horrific burning pain I was in.
So naturally while I am there, I have issues physically. While I am having issues, like needing to stay inside or vomiting from pain/medication, Dave and Rachel start hitting it off. They walk in front of me leaving me behind (I wasn’t as fast due to my issues), I had brought with me romantic candles (from our wedding--which Dave knew) for sex, Dave lit them while playing cards with Rachel, they went off on their own a couple of times (with my blessing), but they were starting to get too friendly. Once Rachel left, I asked Dave if he had a crush on her. This was, for all purposes, the first time I had seen him after we got married, my point of view was “what the hell?”. I asked if they had been texting, he said no. I asked to see his phone, he was a little guarded about it, but I saw and they had been texting, thus he lied. I realized for sure he liked her. The issue was he would not admit it. He swore to me that he didn’t know why he lied, he was just worried I would get upset but that he and her had just connected over some obscure European thing from his childhood. I told him I wouldn’t be mad, but I needed to know so we could take next steps. He started crying worried I would leave him. I asked him to swear he didn’t have a crush, he said he didn’t and that he swore.
A couple months ago from today (maybe 9?), I can’t remember exactly how it came up, but I told a joke and he said yes, he did have a crush at Rachel at that time. Well, obviously things got serious quick after he said that. We talked about why he had lied (as well as in therapy) and he said that “at that time I didn’t realize I had a crush on her, but in retrospect I realize it now”. He and I went through a lot in therapy, including asking him to write a letter of apology. We put that issue to bed.
In fall of this year, we reached a climatic point in our relationship. While Dave had a job and went to work every day, he was extremely depressed and stopped contributing to our marriage or any household task. I would ask him about himself, we would talk, I’d ask how I could help, and he would talk the talk but not walk the walk. It was becoming very draining for me. I was in a lot of pain and there is only so much I can do with my disability. The fact that the disabled person in our household, who works more than him has to run everything was beyond me. We had made a deal in the past that he would be the main homemaker despite who was working and who was not due to my limitations and he said he was okay with that but now would not follow through. We had argument after argument. We were in couples therapy, and both in individual therapy as the main reason he was struggling was due to depression (technically he has always been depressed). I reached a point where I told him we were going to have to separate if things didn’t improve. We were having issues with sex (frequency and pleasure on my end), him doing his share (or even just 20%), romance (non-existent in my opinion), and him not helping me when I am in pain and can’t do anything. Once I seriously started talking about separating, he jumped into action. I mean, real concrete action. Things turned 180.
From end of November onwards to early March (DD was March 6th things were SO good, I mean better than ever. Our communication had gone up, he did his share and then some (on some days), he tried really, REALLY, hard. I had never been so in love with him. I got sick in Feb and had to go to the hospital (stomach flu, dehydration, couldn’t stop vomiting) and he just took such good care of me, I can’t even explain.
Before I get to the issue at hand (I know, I know) I want to explain something about him. He comes from a Baltic state as I mentioned. Life there is very hard, and gray (in every sense of the word). His parents neglected him as a child. If they were not neglecting him they were not being nice to him. He was punched in the face as a toddler. He thinks he was also sexually abused on two occasions, not by his parents, but this is relevant. When I met him, he wouldn’t go outside of his home and was living with his mom. His mom wouldn’t speak to him at all. She would come in and vacuum when he was sleeping, she got the cat things for her birthday, but for Dave’s birthday she got him nothing. He has not had a good life. He is incredibly smart, he has learned a lot of things on his own, but socially he is stunted as he has not really had friends besides online. His last years of high school he did remote schooling. I am not saying any of this is an excuse but providing this information for context.
Now to DD, March 6th. I went on his phone. We have an open phone policy within our marriage. I was trying to find a clue for what to get him for his birthday but had this sinking feeling that I sometimes get that he was hiding something (but in general I am more anxious as a person). What I found has shocked me beyond. He had a special app where he was messaging men. Exchanging dick pictures, talking about sex (rape/ fucking animals), and most gut wrenchingly exchanging nude photos of me (hotwife stuff). It looked like he met these people on reddit. I ran to the bathroom, as this was late at night, took some photos of it as I was worried, he would delete it, but he woke up and asked to come in the bathroom. He was looking for his phone and couldn’t find it, as I had it. When I left the bathroom and gave him his phone back, I had forgot to fully exit the app, so he opened his phone, saw it was running and freaked out.
We spent almost all night talking. He says that he does this because it is a way to hurt himself. That he gets a high from the conversation, especially sharing lewd photos of me (either fully naked just body, or just face), and he gets a low after and feels disgusting about himself. He said he only does it when he has nothing to do and is really low. He says he usually does it once a week during a “bad” time and during a good time maybe once/twice a month. He has been doing this since before we were together and throughout the duration of the entire relationship.
He says that he puts on a “persona” where he just tries to be as disgusting and despicable as possible. That this is a voyeur thing, about seeing things that he is not supposed to see. He said that he has masturbated before to photos of couples having sex that he has received. He said he is not gay.
He also has a Reddit account. In the messages he pretends to me and goes through scenarios with people. He uses my real bra size, age, and describes my real looks. I don’t understand if it is a voyeur thing what he is getting from the scenarios. He also messaged two women on Gonewild (very hurtful as I specifically told him I consider this cheating in the past), and said things like “your body is perfect”, he has never said anything like that to me and struggles with compliments.
He also has an imgur account filled with photos of women. He also has photos of women saved on his phone. He uses them to catfish men.
To me, he has to be a bit Bi? (not trying to label anything) to be into asking for cock photos?
Oh and also, I looked at his recent subreddit history (all of this we did together) and he has subreddit after subreddit of gay stuff. Cocks, Penis, Gaybrosgonewild, something Joesbros? (about meeting up with men), dirtyr4r, all sorts. Then there is women ones as well holdthemoan, hairypussy, gonewild, curvy.
The first couples therapy appointment we had after DD, the therapist was just as shocked. We came up with ideas of what can be done, but to be honest, my husband has already burst into action on everything.
I asked him to not delete anything, although after I found Wickr that first night, he instantly deleted it when I walked out of the bathroom, which obviously, doesn’t help my trust at this point. Other than that, he has not deleted anything as per my request. However, he has turned off NSFW stuff on his reddit (which auto turns back on sometimes). He has a nanny app on his phone and computer where I can see what he is doing. But back in April, he turned it off and looked (last big incident), we have since corrected the app so I am the only one who can turn it off. He agreed to not look at porn (as in my mind this is kind of sex addiction), wrote up an entire list of everywhere he has been since he got to America in Sept 2017, from Google analytics.
I mean he said he will do anything, but I am just not sure what he can do.
I brought up the Rachel situation as I had asked him after that happened if there is anything else, he is lying about to tell me then. I have a serious issue with dishonesty. I think an entire marriage is built on trust. I believe in radical honesty. I think if he had told me about this instead of me finding it, everything would be different. Just to briefly mention, he also was shady in the past about texting an ex, although none of their conversation was sexual. I think he just hides things he thinks I might get upset about. But I am not someone that goes super Saiyan in any way?
I try so HARD to be a good wife, I suck his dick anytime he wants, I am always down for sex, I pay all of our bills, I cook most of our meals, I am the breadwinner, I brought him to the US, I paid his parking ticket and wrote his parking ticket appeal, when something goes wrong I handle it. The only thing bad about me is that I am bigger (I am working on losing weight), I have pain, which has gone down recently. I don’t know! I just have worked so hard for us and our marriage. I have sacrificed so much. I just don’t get how he couldn’t tell me this, but then again, I do? It is incredibly shameful. I held him and told him I don’t think any less of him. I don’t hate him.
But lately I feel like it is all about how bad he feels for me finding out. I have been taking care of him. After this initially started he got cluster headaches from the stress. He punched himself in the face when we were first talking about his issues because he hates himself so much. I feel like he is being real, but it is also super manipulative.
I have since switched therapists but our first therapist (who saw both of us separate and together) agreed that he thinks Dave is lying as he said that he asked him point blank if he had done anything like this and he said no. I asked Dave why can’t he be honest to the therapist, he said that if he hasn’t told me he won’t tell the therapist as he trusts me and is closer to me than anyone else.
Dave said he kept this from me because he wanted to tell me once he stopped, once he had a plan.
I just don’t know. Dave is in therapy, we see a couples therapist. I want to be with him, but I am hurting so much. I have nightmares, I don't sleep well, I am paranoid. I feel unsafe sometimes, with myself and with him.
I am also obviously upset about the photos of me, especially because I used to feel so bad about myself, I used to get naked for people online. That was a compulsion of my own that I stopped. To know that he did that, knowing that, makes me upset. But he was doing it to show me off, which also feels nice? Like in general, if he said that was a fetish, I don’t know how much I would mind, and kind of like it? But I am also in the process of building a serious career for myself that I have worked incredibly hard for and the idea that I could lose my job?!
We looked through his old email and I found responses to posts on websites where he offered to let people watch us have sex. I also found a chat between this girl and him, where he spoke with her for a month or so without telling her about me. He would talk about his life and things we were doing together but leave me out of it. But that conversation is over years old.
He is very, very technology savy. He used to use Torr to do this sexting. I feel like if he wants to hide this stuff from me, he can. I just....I just don't believe that he has stopped.
I don’t know where to go from here. He is my husband. We are working through things but I feel like I just can't deal with it all, you know? But at the same time I cannot describe how much I love him. My sun sets with this man. He is the reason I do everything.
For both him and I, we went through phases of hurting ourselves and wanting to kill ourselves. We pushed through to be together and now that we are older have left that behind.
He also promised to work on being more romantic. He bought me things, but he knows I want dates and has not followed through.
I just desperately need support. I am so incredibly depressed. I don't know where to turn. I'm in the process of getting a therapist. I also have no married friends I feel comfortable talking about this? I just AH! I don't know what else to do.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Resources?
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CH-6 Maria's New Normal Maria had made it all the way to the market before realizing she had forgotten her list. Her memory is not reliable enough to waste her time knowing she wouldn’t get everything she needed. She turned around and headed back to the house to get her list. As she entered she thought she heard noises coming from Elena’s room. “Maybe she had a friend over. Maybe a male friend,” Maria thought as her heart sped up a beat. She slowly quietly made it just outside Elena’s door. She heard the moaning and cooing of a sexual encounter. She could hear the pulsing of someone’s body parts moving wetly in someone’s orifice. This really got Maria’s imagination working. Lovely Elena was enjoying a good fucking from her male friend. It was so hot for Maria to hear. She put a hand up under her skirt and down inside her panties and found her wet pussy with her fingers. Imagining this male she placed her other hand inside her blouse and bra to attend to her hardening nipple. “How long and thick was this man’s cock?” Maria wondered as her fingers entered her wet hole. Realizing these two think the have most of the day if Lucio has gone golfing or something she decides to get more comfortable. Maria strips down naked just outside of the door where her daughter is being fucked and good. Her arousal is now heightened, being totally nude just outside the door her fingers of one hand in her pussy, the fingers of her other hand twisting and pulling at her hard nipple. Her head is tingly with excitement. She has never been excited by voyeurism, but the images in her head of a man fucking her daughter had tripped her trigger. “Was she on her back his ass going up and down between her spread thighs? Was she on hands and knees, him slamming her from behind? Was he on his back, her squatting over his erection going up and down her breasts bouncing?” Maria's imagination was running wild as her excitement built. “Yes. Deeper. Harder,” Elena's words come broken between the man's thrusts almost as if he were pushing the words out of her. Maria can stand it no longer and eases the door open to see Elena, her face on a pillow, her ass in the air and a man standing behind her. From their position she realizes that this man is sodomizing her daughter. Pangs of excitement shoot through her pussy seeing such a naughty act and to hear how much her daughter is enjoying it makes her want to join in. “There would be nothing wrong with a horny mother joining her daughter in such nasty sex,” Maria rationalizes. Then she hears, “Oh, your ass is so tight I am going to cum deep in you.” Marias chest tightens and her stomach knots. “That can't be Lucio’s voice!” she thinks. “There is no way Lucio’s balls were slapping against her daughter’s smooth delicate skin as he anally fucked her!”, Maria tries to convince herself. Now that her eyes have adjusted fully to the light, she confirms Lucio’s form as he stands on his step daughter's, her daughter's, bed thrusting his shiny cock fully into her ass. Maria is standing totally naked in her daughter's bedroom one hand still between her thighs, the other on a breast. In her horny, lustful, excited state seeing these two people she loves the most in the world doing something so naughty, her desire to join them exceeds any disgust she should feel. She tries to be angry at Lucio. She tries to be offended or sickened, but those feelings are not there. She doesn’t want to startle them and cause them to stop. She somehow has to blend in at the right time. “I am going to blow my load soon!”, Lucio exclaims. Elena responds with, “Cum in me Daddy. Cum deep in my ass!” Hearing Elena use the word “Daddy” almost makes her cum right then as her head now tingles with excitement. Maria now notices Elena is bound wrists to ankles. Lucio had done that to Maria one time when the were younger. She knows Lucio and knows he is too far along for anything to stop him from completing. A train could come through the bedroom and he couldn’t stop. Maria walks over to the foot of the bed behind Lucio and climbs up onto the bed on her knees. Elena feels the change in the weight on the bed and thinks maybe Lucio has invited a guest. Before Lucio realizes anything is happening he feels a pair of hands spreading his ass cheeks. One of them is quite wet and tacky. He looks back and sees Maria's naked body behind him, her hands spreading his ass cheeks, and the top of her head bobbing with his hips. Maria starts rimming Lucio’s puckered asshole as he fucks Elena’s. Lucio feels Maria’s warm wet tongue at his asshole. Maria catches on to Lucio’s rhythm and begins letting him go away from her tongue as he plunges deep into her daughter’s ass only to poke at him on his out stroke. He has to concentrate as he tries relaxing letting Maria’s tongue dip into his anus as much as it can. Lucio’s mind is spinning as he is fucking his young step daughter anally while her mother, his wife, has joined them. That is when Lucio feels the slimy fingers crash into his relaxed asshole. His wife has penetrated his tight anus with her index and middle fingers. Maria then reaches between his legs past his ball sack and plunges two fingers deep into her own daughter’s drenched cunt hole. Elena feels the fingers in her cunt and others hitting her clit. Maria is like an old time cowboy with two pistols one in Lucio’s ass then the one in Elena’s hot horny cunt. Lucio suddenly clinches his ass capturing Maria’s fingers as he buries his cock deep in Elena’s ass. ”I’m cumming!” Lucio yells. Elena feels his cock pumping deep in her rectum. Maria feels his prostate pumping from within his asshole. Lucio’s legs quiver with his orgasm. His hips pump trying to get deeper into Elena’s ass. He is literally, feet off the bed, teetering in Elena’s ass. As his orgasm subsides he releases Maria’s fingers from his asshole grip. His feet return to the bed as his knees buckle and he falls back, his cock flopping out of Elena’s rear. Maria is dislodged from Elena’s pussy just as she starts cumming. This sends Elena into orgasm with her asshole full of her step fathers warm cum and some strangers fingers that are probing her cunt. Lucio gets off the bed and finds a chair to recoup in. This is Maria’s breaking point as she is so full of sexual excitement. She sees her daughters quivering thighs and ass cheeks. Her gaping asshole with Lucio’s cum oozing out and down toward her wet cunt. She climbs up behind Elena and begins licking her pussy. Licking up the cum that has run down out of her asshole. Slurping up the trail of cum right up to Elena’s gaping asshole. Elena can now sense this is a woman’s soft skin and tongue that is giving her this pleasure. Maria inserts her tongue as deep as she can into her daughter’s rectum. She feels it pulsing on her tongue. She moves down into her daughter’s steamy pussy, tonguing her hole and sucking her clit. Elena moans and shrieks as waves run through her nipples and clit. The thought of a woman licking her ass and cunt is so naughty. Maria then pulls back and releases Elena’s wrists from her ankles. Without hesitation Elena’s hands rush to push the blindfold away. Maria sees the blindfold come off and feels some shame as she kneels naked behind her daughter’s rear, her face coated with Elena’s cunt juice and Lucio’s cum. “What will Elena’s reaction be when she sees her own sexed crazed mother!”, she wonders. Elena’s eyes adjust to the change of light as she slowly makes out her mother’s nude body and glazed face. Still finishing her last orgasm another builds in her clit as she processes that her own mother had been fingering her while her step father fucked her ass. Then beyond that her own mother had her face buried in her cunt, her tongue in her cum filled asshole as she orgasmed. Elena asks her mother to release her hands as she rolls to her back. Maria releases her daughter’s hands from their bindings. Elena, to Maria’s surprise, reaches up and cups her mother’s breasts and lifts her head to kiss her mother. Maria returns the kiss which turns feverish quickly as the two women explore each other’s mouths and tongues. They break the kiss and Elena says to her mother, “I want to lick your wet pussy until you cum.” With that Maria spins on the bed and straddles her daughter’s face, lowering her vagina down to Elena’s awaiting mouth and tongue. Maria then looks down to see her daughter’s smooth wet pussy and begins lapping at her clit like a cat laps milk from a bowl. Elena’s hips involuntarily begin rocking and humping wanting Maria’s face buried in her hot wet cunt. Elena, not sure about pleasing her mother’s vagina, has to recall what Lucio and Maria’s tongues did that made her orgasm. She began licking her mother’s labia and clit. She sucked and pulled at her clit and labia with her lips. Maria’s hips now begin undulating to the pleasure her daughter’s mouth is generating on her pussy. After a few minutes Maria has a naughty idea and climbs off of Elena’s face. She goes to the foot of the bed and unties Elena’s bound ankles. Putting her hands under Elena’s thighs she lifts them up, Elena bends her knees her ankles winding up on either ass cheek. Maria pushes Elena’s knees up to her shoulders. Elena takes her hands placing them just below her knees on her shins and spreads her legs wide opening up her most private area to her mother. She sees her mother’s head move between her thighs as her mother's tongue resumes lapping at her cunt. Recovered and hard again from watching this mothedaughter performance, Lucio gets up behind his beautiful sexy incest crazed horny wife and plunges his hard cock into her familiar cunt. He bends over her back reaching under her and twists and pulls on her nipples as he knows will shoot pleasing jolts to her cock filled pussy. He knows because he feels her cunt grabbing at his cock with each twist and pull. He then looks at his beautiful step daughter’s face as her own mother pleasures her pussy and probably her asshole too. Ironically Maria is twisting and pulling on Elena’s nipples just as she likes for her own. This is the new family dynamic. Daily three ways. Sometimes various combinations of different pairs pleasing each other. And all live happily ever after.
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Chapter 1
Sarah turned the TV off and sighed. Reaching over the side of the bed, her hand brushed carpet until it found her cellphone. Pulling it up to her face, she hit a random button and the dark screen came to life.
"Unbelievable," she muttered to herself. Not only had she been stood up by Eric-the-asshole, but now she couldn't sleep.
If it hadn't been for the fact that Blake had their kids this weekend, she would have just gone home. Her lying douche-bag of an ex-boyfriend had taken her house and had forced her into living with her parents. Which left going back home out of the picture.
Sarah hadn't expected to be asking her new best friend to crash at her place tonight. She was supposed to have been on a date with Eric... their third date.
She looked up at the popcorn ceiling and clenched her teeth. It had been far too long since she had gotten any. The last time had been 9 months before her youngest son was born. She loved both of her children, dearly, but her youngest son was five now and mommy needed something.
"Shhhh. Not so loud!" a hushed voice, broken by giggles, came from behind Sarah's door.
She blinked away all thoughts of Eric, and found herself sitting up out of reflex. Straining her ears, she heard footsteps coming from the hallway.
"Don't shush me woman!" This time, Sarah caught the distinctive male voice of John. Katie, her best friend, had recently gotten hitched by John. In fact, they'd just gotten back from their honeymoon--just another reason why she felt like crap for imposing on them.
"John... What are you... Here?!" Katie gasped. Sarah could hear the smile in her voice.
"Hmmm," came the response.
Sarah heard the bathroom door just across the hall creak open. "What if she's awake?"
She froze, realizing her body had already moved toward the half opened door.
"Let her watch," John breathed.
As Sarah reached the dark threshold, she tried to justify her intrusion with curious ignorance but even that sounded like denial.
The moonlight from the bathroom's skylight illuminated two bodies. Katie, wearing only a tight t-shirt and a thong, was lifted up onto the bathroom's counter-top by her husband. Hard nipples attempted to break free from the shirt until John peeled it away. For the first time, Sarah got a glimpse of her best friend topless.
She'd never fantasized about another woman before, but the sight made Sarah's mouth dry.
"What is going on with me? I shouldn't be watching this," Sarah told herself.
Just as she turned her head back toward her room, John's voice answered like the little devil on her shoulder, "Let her watch."
Sarah turned her focus on John and discovered the skinny man was actually just really lean. His normal slacks and a button up shirt had been replaced by pajama pants. That is, pajama pants sporting a sizeable tent. And while the moonlight didn’t reveal everything, Sarah could tell his bare chest was down right lickable.
And then something unexpected happened. She was wet.
"Oh god," Katie said, giving voice to Sarah's thoughts.
While she couldn't see what John was doing to her, there was enough light for Sarah's imagination. He'd pushed her thong to the side and was fingering her.
Slowly, as if afraid to wake up, Sarah moved her hands to her shorts. When her fingers found the elastic band, they started trembling--but it wasn't enough to stop her. As she slowly dropped her shorts, she smelled her own arousal. Soft carpet kissed her knees as she rested her head against the door frame and slid an index finger along her wet slit.
John's mouth had found Katie's and she started to moan. His lips made their way down her neck to her erect nipples and Sarah saw his tongue flick out like a snake.
"Oh. My. God!" Katie whispered a little louder. He switched to sucking and she immediately let out with another moan.
Meanwhile, Sarah started tweaking her right nipple as she continued her slow rub.
"I can’t believe how wet I am," Sarah thought.
"Damn it John, put it in me."
Katie's hand had disappeared into John's pants and he grunted. Pushing away from her, he pulled his pajama bottoms down and exposed one of the largest cocks Sarah had ever seen.
"No wonder she loves him," Sarah thought, getting more hot and bothered.
Katie tried to pull her own thong off but John swatted her hand away. She made an annoyed sound but her hands stayed still as he took a knee and slid her thong off.
Sarah's hand had progressively increased its rubbing, occasionally bumping into her now engorged clit. Seeing Katie's glistening love hole gave her another unexpected but naughty feeling--and she had to stifle a moan. Aside from her own, she'd never seen another woman's aroused pussy. She hadn't even experimented in college like some of her girlfriends.
John didn't get up though and started kissing her inner thighs.
"Baby..." Katie giggled, shying away from his lips. "You know that beard of yours tickles."
John took a long whiff from his wife's wet hole and when he stood up, Katie immediately grabbed his meat.
Sarah stifled another moan when an unexpected thought crossed her mind. She'd imagined their roles being reversed. That she was the one grabbing his cock and Katie was watching her.
Katie guided him forward until his head slowly penetrated her wet pussy. Sarah slid her index finger in at the same time.
"Baby, you're big," Katie complained, and then bit her lower lip like a porn star.
Sarah watched John's ass move back and forward, slowly. Her finger mimicked his motions and she added her middle finger. Leaning back, she made herself a bit more comfortable. The smell of pussy filled her nose.
Katie grunted like a bitch in heat as her husband slowly pushed further into her, filling her up inch by inch.
"Not so deep baby," Katie gasped as he grabbed her hips.
He pushed Katie into the mirror behind her and tilted her hips up as he slowly fucked her. It was a steady rhythm, one which Sarah easily kept up. From the look on Katie’s face, he was doing a fantastic job.
""Ri--Right there," Katie whimpered, her eyes closed. "Ah!"
Now her heels were digging into his lower back. She was fucking him back.
"Deeper," she panted, "Deeper."
Sarah was soaking wet. She couldn't believe what she was doing but at the same time wanted to be the one getting fucked by John.
John, sensing some timer going off, grabbed her ass and impaled her. Katie gasped as she rocked her hips against him, fucking his cock for him. And then her primal grunts were elongated by what Sarah could clearly see as an orgasm. Having never experienced one during intercourse, Sarah paused her finger-fucking and watched on in amazement. As soon as his wife stopped bucking against him, John resumed his thrusting and she had to bite down onto his shoulder as another orgasm followed the first. She was trying to stifle a scream.
Her heels slowly loosened against his hips and then it was John having his way with his wife. His knees started to bang into the cabinets and his ragged breaths easily reaching Sarah's ears. He was close.
"Baby, cum!" Katie whimpered.
"Let me cum in your mouth," he grunted.
"Does he want to fill her mouth, or does he want her to taste her pussy?" Sarah wondered.
Regardless of the intention behind the request, Sarah wanted to tell him yes.
"No," Katie whispered. "You know I don't like that."
She grabbed his hand though and started sucking on his fingers. John moaned in delight. It was clearly one of his favorites.
Having gotten over her orgasms, Katie started fucking him back with a vengeance.
Sarah moaned at the exquisite scene and closed her eyes. Adding her ring finger into her almost animalistic masturbation session, she started flicking her clit with her thumb and imagined John’s pelvis was doing the flicking as he fucked her.
She wanted to cum with him.
"Ugh." The sound opened Sarah's eyes and she found that Katie had pushed him away from her.
For a split gut-wrenching second, she thought she'd been found. While the newlyweds were busy fucking, her door had slowly opened a bit further and she was spread eagle to them.
The sinking feeling instantly disappeared, however, when John was pushed back against the wall behind him and Katie went to her knees.
She grabbed his wet hard cock and opened her mouth. He moaned loudly as his wife's lips slid down his dick until she was deep-throating him. Sarah couldn't believe the woman didn't gag.
And then her head began to bob.
"Jesus, woman. What's gotten into--" John's words quickly died in his mouth as it was overtaken by another loud moan. He grabbed her head and Katie's hands loosened against his thighs as he took over and started fucking her mouth.
Sarah, wet and horny, watched her naked best friend get mouth-fucked by her husband's giant cock. She'd never, in her life, had fantasized about voyeurism, but she knew after tonight she would. John's knees buckled and Katie willingly followed him down to the floor. He was cumming in her mouth. Sarah felt her own orgasm nearing.
John, panting, leaned his head back against the wall as his wife continue to suck him off, milking every ounce of him. His hand finally came up and he pushed her gently away.
"So close," Sarah muttered to herself.
Just when Sarah's was on the brink of ecstasy, her brain kicked in. The only sound in the house was the lover’s loud breathing and her wet pussy squishing. In a state halfway between fuck-me-now and what-have-I-done, it was a wonder the latter part of her mind won. Begrudgingly, she stopped her soaked hand's ministrations. Even after all that, she still hadn't came. The sexual frustration was almost unbearable.
Gasping, John whispered, "You are by far the best wife a man could ever ask for."
Lifting himself up, he offered his hand to her but she just smiled and shook her head.
His eyes alighted in understanding and he picked up their clothes. "I'll be in bed and probably asleep before you have time to flush. Love you honey."
Katie smiled at her husband, and Sarah could see she really did love him with all her heart. Both Katie and Sarah watched John's sweat covered backside disappear into their bedroom before the door closed.
Sarah, still frozen in her doorway, debated on what to do next but it was quickly decided for her.
Katie looked right at her.
Part two will be posted in the few days on this subreddit https://www.reddit.com/Rape_Incest/
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2020.05.12 04:35 fartboxfloozy Wife voyeur naked

I remember when I started listening, forever ago. The thing that made RMG different to me and really compelling was that they all really seemed to be actual friends who were just hanging out, and I got to hear them doing what they would be doing, even if the mics didn’t exist. It seemed like a tight crew who was just chilling and shooting the shit. I loved it. Roger was so jovial, Charlie was a little trouble maker, Rob was naked, Snitz was a quiet little voyeur, Dieter was riffing about Big Foot, and Dumb was telling stories about cussing in public. It was great! And now, it has all just fallen apart, and I’m convinced that it’s all because Roger has a piss poor attitude. I hate duji, but I really, honestly feel bad for her nowadays. She’s just trying to tell a fucking news story, and EVERY TOPIC gets a dismissive sigh, groan, half assed muttered argument, or snide comment, followed by a real dickish, “next”. What a douchebag. He’s the reason his die hard audience died off. What a shame. He finally got all the money, the 96 pound robot wife, the fancy fucking cars in the garage with the heated floor, the illegitimate daughter, the big fancy museum of a house... and he’s still such a miserable fuck.
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2020.05.10 00:14 Blue_Wake Voyeur wife naked

After the new neighbors moved into the house next door, I was curious enough to introduce myself.
Knowing what I know now, I should have minded my own business.
One night they weren’t there. The next morning they were, having arrived in a beat-up white van in the dead of night.
The house had been vacant as long as I lived next door, a foreclosure sign perched in the front yard. I wrote freelance from my own home and could see it from my office window. In all my staring out that window while battling writers’ block, I hadn’t noticed anyone paying it a visit. The new owners must have closed the sale quickly at auction and moved right in.
The night after the van showed up in the driveway, I stayed up late working. That was when I got my first glimpses of the neighbors through a window at the side of the house.
Peering through someone’s window makes me sound like a voyeur, but I couldn’t see much at all. Oddly, they hadn’t turned any lights on. All I could see were silhouettes passing through the darkened interior of the home. The only thing I could make out from their shadowy profiles was that they were a man and woman.
At one point, I looked up from my computer and saw that the female silhouette had paused, its back to the window. It remained unmoving for a long minute before I realized I was wrong about which way it was facing.
It was looking back at me.
Something about the anonymous silhouette’s gaze sent a chill down my spine. I closed my blinds and called it a day.
When I woke up the next morning, a thick black curtain hung in the window in the house next door.
I didn’t see either of the neighbors again until that night.
I was returning home from a run when I noticed a man bent over behind the open doors of the white van. One of the new neighbors.
I paused. I felt a little self-conscious that I’d been caught peeking through his window, presumably by his wife. More importantly, I still wanted to know about the people who’d bought the long-empty house next door.
I decided to introduce myself.
“Hey, neighbor,” I began cheerfully, walking towards him, “I saw you moved in next door. I’m Colin—”
He stood up from the position he’d assumed halfway inside the van, and what I saw left me for a moment without words.
He had no facial expressions.
What that looks like is hard to describe. It was something I’d never seen before, something I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen either.
There was nothing wrong with his face, at least in the conventional sense. He wasn’t deformed. Nor was it that his expression was just serious. No, this was different.
In a normal person, 43 different facial muscles work in tandem at all times to let you know what they’re feeling. A tiny upturn of one’s mouth indicates amusement, a scowl reads as anger, and even when someone tries their hardest to mask their emotions, those muscles create subconsciously perceptible changes that let a keen observer see right through it.
On the new neighbor’s face, there simply was nothing to read. It was like his face was completely normal on the exterior, eyes blinking and lips moving, but below the skin there was nothing at all. A mask made of flesh and blood.
“…Will Davies. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Colin.”
I snapped out of my trance when I realized he was talking to me.
“We? Oh, uh, your family. Where’d you move from?” I stuttered.
“Yes, my wife, Amelia, and my son, Samuel. We were in Chicago before. We’re happy to be in such a quiet neighborhood, with such fine neighbors,” Mr. Davies said.
Looking him in the eye, I was unable to contextualize his words. Was he being friendly, or only polite? I couldn’t tell. Meanwhile, he pierced me with his intent stare, discerning my own bare emotions, even those I didn’t want to show.
Did he know much this was freaking me out?
“And you, Colin? Are you married?” Mr. Davies continued.
Paying attention for the first time to anything but his face, I noticed he was cradling a bundle of cloth in his arms. In a few places the folds and wrinkles in the fabric parted to reveal something rigid, metallic. Reddish, perhaps bronze.
Mr. Davies crossed his arms, hugging the object tighter, protecting it from my vision. I remembered he’d asked me a question.
“No, uh, it’s just me here,” I replied.
Mr. Davies nodded, his hollow eyes glazed over. “I’m happy we were able to meet,” he said, “I hope I can introduce you to my family soon.”
“Yeah, sure thing,” I said. At that point I just wanted the conversation to end.
Once I got home, I texted my friend Alex detailing my conversation with Mr. Davies. Perhaps like you, Alex is the type who enjoys stories of strange occurrences.
After a while, Alex replied: When you tell me this guy has “no facial expressions” do you mean he never smiles? Sounds like he’s just got a stick up his ass lol
No, dude, I wrote. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t seen it.
Is he still outside? Alex wrote. Take a picture of him.
I went over to my window and brought my eye up to a gap in the blinds. Scanning the driveway, there was no sign of Mr. Davies.
I was a second from texting Alex back - sorry, no picture - when Mr. Davies stepped off his home’s front steps. It looked like he was getting something else from the rear of the van.
I held my phone’s tiny camera lens up to the gap and snapped a picture.
I sent Alex the photo, averting my eyes. I didn’t want to see his face, its sphinx-like absence of expression.
For some reason, it felt wrong. Like I’d done something I shouldn’t have.
The next morning, I had several unopened text messages from Alex:
Is your phone messed up or something?
Ok, you got me, you used one of those photo editor apps right?
Ummm you gonna explain that or what?
I scrolled upwards through our conversation anxiously, no choice but to take a look at the picture I’d tried to avoid.
I shuddered in anticipation as I opened the photo, preparing to see Mr. Davies’s uncanny face. But it wasn’t there at all.
The rest of the picture appeared exactly as it would have to the naked eye. The driveway, the white van, a man hunched over it. Where the part of his face visible from the camera’s perspective should have been, though, was no clear image at all. Only a distortion, like he was behind frosted glass. Not cheaply superimposed over the image like when the TV news blurs someone out, but seamlessly integrated into his face.
There was no quick photo editor app that could do that.
I told Alex I hadn’t doctored the photo. I waved it away as a glitch, but I didn’t know if I believed my own excuse.
I’d put it out of my mind until mid-afternoon when I noticed the item still trapped in my front door’s mail slot. Curious, I stooped to take it.
A plain white envelope, lacking postage or a return address. The sender must have brought it to my door themselves.
Inside was a small, plain card. It contained a message composed in black ink and sloping, unbroken cursive.
We cordially invite you to join us for an intimate meal at 9:00 tonight. We are eager to become better acquainted with you.
Warmest regards,
The Davies Family
I didn’t know what to make of the letter. Who has dinner at 9 o’clock? I had no intention of going until, of course, I told Alex about it. As I should have expected, he insisted I attend and tell him all the details. After some guilt-tripping about social decorum and not being a shitty neighbor, I relented.
Albeit reluctantly, I was going to dinner with the new neighbors.
I arrived at the Davies’ house with a cheap bottle of wine. It was all had to bring them, and besides, I wasn’t spending money on these strangers.
Standing on the front porch, a knot formed in the pit of my stomach as I thought once more of Mr. Davies’s strange countenance. The door opened only a few seconds after I knocked. The knot tightened.
“Colin,” Mr. Davies said, “my family will be pleased that you joined us. Come in.” He spoke flatly, and my inability to interpret his tone threw me off balance again.
I followed Mr. Davies through an entrance hallway, turning right into the dining room. I glanced around the house as we walked through, trying not to make a show of it. The tile floors needed a power wash and there were almost no furnishings save for the black curtains obscuring all the windows.
Entering the dining room, I glanced into the adjacent kitchen for a second. It didn’t look like anyone had been preparing dinner. I didn’t even see a fridge.
A wooden table in the dining room was draped in a silky tablecloth, sporting an intricate geometric pattern. This well-crafted item was a stark contrast to what I’d seen in the rest of the house.
There were no dishes on the table. Instead, in the center stood a tall bronze candleholder with several arms. I immediately recognized it as the item I’d watch Mr. Davies remove from the van. Engraved at its base was some kind of rune symbol. Each arm held a lit black candle.
A woman sat at one end of the table. Her face, framed by mid-length brown hair, would have been pretty were it not for that same inexplicable trait Mr. Davies had, the one that made my skin crawl. That complete dearth of expression. She was a blank slate.
She stood. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Colin. I’m Amelia Davies. Please, don’t mind the decor. It’s a…ceremonial formality before we break bread. Our faith is a foreign one. Adherents aren’t common in this part of the country.”
I forced a smile. Studying the table again, I realized that there were four seats around it.
“Samuel will be joining us later,” Mrs. Davies said as if reading my mind. “He’s been resting.”
Somewhere in the house, I thought I heard a quiet rattle.
I’d only been there for a short time, but everything about it was strange. I needed to get my bearings. “Do you mind if I use your restroom?” I asked.
Mr. Davies, who had stepped out while I talked to his wife, reentered the dining room. Mr. and Mrs. Davies exchanged a sidelong glance.
“Across the house, near Samuel’s bedroom,” Mr. Davies said. “Just make sure not to rouse him.”
I headed in the direction he pointed me. I was still holding the wine bottle I brought. I must have been so tense I forgot to put it down.
I passed the hallway through which I’d entered the home. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something which chilled me to my core.
A length of rusted chain stretched taut across the front door. Padlocks secured it to brackets affixed to both ends of the doorframe.
This wasn’t a dinner. It was a trap.
I hurried towards the bathroom, finding it across from what was presumably Samuel’s bedroom.
The bathroom was bare, like the kitchen. No toiletries or cosmetics in sight. I didn’t know what was going on, but I needed a way out. The back door wasn’t an option. When Mr. Davies chained the front door while I was talking to his wife, he wouldn’t have overlooked it.
My best bet was to lock myself in the bathroom and contact the police, but I didn’t want to draw attention by making a call.
Instead, I texted Alex.
Listen to me. There’s something very wrong at the Davies’ house. I need you to call the police and tell them to get here now.
Mrs. Davies called for me from outside the bathroom.
“Colin, are you alright in there? We’re waiting.”
Alex replied, chill out man lol tell me what’s going on.
I began to panic. Alex was more concerned with indulging his nosiness than helping me out.
“Colin,” Mrs. Davies called impatiently, “come on out, dear. We’d like you to meet Samuel.”
My gut told me I did not want to meet Samuel.
“One second!” I shouted.
I texted Alex again. NOT JOKING! CALL POLICE NOW!
The doorknob began to jiggle. Mrs. Davies was trying to open it. It stopped after a while, but she hadn’t given up.
“You’ll have to come out one way or another,” said Mrs. Davies.
The sound of metal connecting with metal began to emanate from between the door and the frame. Mrs. Davies was using something to pry open the latch.
The door would be open any second.
I gripped the bottle of wine I was still holding so tight my knuckles went white and faced the door. I heard the pop of the latch and raised the bottle above my head. The door swung open, revealing Mrs. Davies, kitchen knife in hand, on the other side.
I brought the bottle down with as much force I could.
It shattered over Mrs. Davies’s head, sending splinters of glass careening through the air. She slumped to the floor, rivers of red wine flowing down her head and shoulders like blood. I noticed, though, that despite the open cuts on her skin caused by the glass, she wasn’t actually bleeding.
I ran out of the bathroom, stepping over Mrs. Davies. Mr. Davies stood blocking the end of the hallway I’d come down. He carried something he hadn’t before - an old, but razor-sharp, bronze dagger. Its hilt was adorned with the same rune I’d seen earlier. Mr. Davies began to advance down the hall.
Running towards the far end of the house, I noticed a door I hadn’t tried, narrower than the rest I’d seen. Whatever room was inside, I hoped there was something I could barricade the door with.
I opened the door to find a steep set of wooden stairs leading to a darkened basement below. Down the hall, Mr. Davies was closer. He paused beside Samuel’s room and opened the door.
A tall figure lumbered out of the bedroom. It was humanoid but not human, composed of thick, black lines, scribbles, not fixed but constantly fluctuating, threatening to escape the boundaries of the figure’s personlike shape and degenerate it into something else entirely.
I bolted into the basement without a second thought.
The basement was dingy, filled with junk left behind by the previous homeowners. In one of the darkest corners opposite the stairs, I found a hiding place beside a futon covered by dusty old sheets. As footsteps marched towards the basement door upstairs, I scooted behind the futon but collided with something. I turned around.
I was face to face with a dead body.
Backing up as far as I could without exposing my position, I saw that there was not one dead body, but two. They appeared to have been mummified somehow, preventing full decomposition. Carved into their foreheads was a symbol - that familiar rune.
The door creaked open upstairs and, peeking out, I saw two figures begin to slowly descend the steps. Mr. Davies, still carrying the blade with which he would cut that wretched rune into my forehead, and that shape they called Samuel.
“Come out, Colin,” Mr. Davies yelled, “Samuel wants to meet you. Samuel wants to be you.”
The footsteps got closer as they creaked down the steps. That mass of unstable blackness loomed over Mr. Davies’s shoulder as he came into full view. Perched on one of the bottom steps, he surveyed the basement for me, his expressionless stare sweeping from one side to next and -
They began faintly, becoming louder as they rapidly moved closer to the home.
Alex had saved me.
Sensing that the sources of the sirens were closing in on the house, Mr. Davies turned to the figure and motioned for it to turn back. Despite being thwarted, his face belied no disappointment, anger, or fear. Just that same cursed stare.
The shape, however, released an ear-splitting screech before they both fled upstairs.
By the time the police managed to breach the house and found me huddled in the basement, they were already gone.
As far as I know, those people I called the Davies family still haven’t been found. I say it that way because it wasn’t their real name.
Later at the police station, Detective Sims, the lead on what was now a double homicide case, told me what she knew.
“That house was never purchased,” Sims explained. “It’s still on the market. The people who called themselves Will and Amelia Davies gave you false names. We know where they got them from. Those bodies in the basement? Medical examiner just ID’d them as Will and Amelia Davies, a couple who went missing along with their six-year old, Samuel, in Chicago a few months back. M.E. thinks they’ve been dead about that long.”
Sims paused, remembering something. “Can you describe those folks for me again?”
I obliged.
“Stay put,” Sims said, “I want to show you something.”
She left the room, returning with a printout of a photograph. “The real Davies family.”
It was a family portrait of a couple and their small child. The couple were identical to the people I’d called Mr. and Mrs. Davies.
Well, almost identical. There was one difference.
The people in the photograph were smiling.
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2020.04.30 09:06 Max-Voynich Naked wife voyeur

This story has just gone live on nosleep, you can read it here. If you'd rather stay here, keep reading!
That’s what it says: FUCK ME.
Black serifed font, embossed on a thick cream card. Premium stock.
No name, no address, no watermark. It lies on our carpet, uninvited, suggestive, like skin exposed as a dress slips off the shoulder.
Posted through our door at some point in the night, and left for us in the morning.
It makes no sense. It’s obscene.
“Are you having an affair?” my wife asks.
“No, are you?”
She shakes her head. “I don’t think the card’s meant for me, honey.”
“Well it’s not meant for me.”
She pauses. I make a good point.
“I’ll throw it in the bin” I say, making my way to the kitchen.
I don't, of course. Slip it in my wallet instead, just in case.
In case of what? I’m not sure. In case, I guess, I need it.

I’m driving to work the next morning and there it is. Proud, exposed above the freeway. Hundreds, thousands of cars driving right under it. A billboard, entirely white, except for two words.
Black, serifed font.
I tell my wife I saw it above the freeway, that it must be a joke, that whoever did it to us probably did it to everyone else in the neighborhood and then some, that they’ve hired a whole billboard, would you believe it, a whole billboard.
She doesn’t believe it. Says it sounds stupid, that she’s bored of the game now.
“There’s no game” I reply. “There’s no game, or, if there is - we’re not the only players.”
“We’re not players at all, honey.”
“Right, but if there was a game, we would be.”
“Sure. I guess”

I’m watching TV. Can’t sleep, half-finished beer by my feet. The programs all become the same, all blurred into one, flicking through the channels, catching five minutes at a time.
Too tired to change it now, resigned to watching the ads.
A handsome man appears on screen, muscular, tanned, his white T-shirt is pulled tight and hugs him when he moves.
He leans forward, his teeth a picture-perfect whiter-than-white toothpaste smile and he says, into the camera:
“SMILERITE is my favourite toothpaste. Always has been, always will be.”
He licks his teeth, looks around as if checking if people can hear, and then turns back, looks me dead in the eye, and speaks again, slower:

The teller looks around: no one else in the queue. Leans forward. A tattoo begins just on the exposed skin by her collar: ink-black, white froth of waves, the implication of a boat.
“And, Sir, after you’ve deposited the agreed upon amount, would you be so kind as to fuck me?”
“Sorry, Sir. I should have been much clearer: FUCK ME. I was wondering if you would like to fuck me.”
My throat grows tight, I stammer out a no, loosen my tie. Tell her I don’t know what she means, why she’s saying this, and as I do so her jaw shakes, she wipes her mouth, the back of her hand is red with blood.
Can someone just say that?
She’s bleeding from her mouth, I think. Standing there, perfect customer-service smile, but there’s blood leaking from between her teeth and pooling under her lip. Some of it dribbles onto the desk, and I think it sounds like a broken gutter.
Can someone just say something like that in everyday life and people just do nothing?

A VHS comes through the door, titled FUCK ME.
I want to throw it away immediately but something takes over. I haven’t seen a VHS in years, and I can’t help but want to know more. I set it up in the attic, plug our VHS machine into a small television set, sit and watch the video whilst holding my breath.
It opens with both a man and a woman dressed in these strange clothes, black cloth sacks over their heads. The woman’s like a cheap parody of a princess, the fake material has a plastic sheen, the pink reminds me of old toys; little cars discarded on the side of the road.
The man’s wearing a striped shirt with a little anchor on it. Some sort of sailor.
The bags are pulled off their heads. They are young, attractive. The woman's forehead is dewed with sweat, and she glows. The man has a strong jaw, stubble, darts his tongue out to wet his lips. I guess mid-twenties, maybe a little older.
A figure in a mask walks in, corrects their posture, then, slowly, kisses each of them on the forehead.
They smile: cherubic, blissed out.
“Any last words?”
His voice is run through some sort of machine, some sort of distortion applied and it sounds deep, makes me think of old internet videos, of people who want to stay hidden.
They both say it, in unison, smiling perfect smiles, teeth white and straight, pretty squares set in pink gums.
Two short noises, and the acoustics of the small room muffle them.
They both jerk backwards.
Two small red holes in their foreheads. Blood splatters the wall behind. They collapse. Dead.
The figure comes back into frame, strange mask, stoop, and pulls the bodies out of shot. He takes a small bow, and, from somewhere in the background, there is a round of applause.

A new song comes on the radio. FUCK ME, is the chorus, those two words over tight cymbals, distorted bass. It doesn’t play often, but gets people talking.
We host a dinner party with old friends: wine, our best cutlery, steamed vegetables and rare meat. I bring up the song, ask if they’ve heard it. They nod.
“It’s about me.”
They laugh.
“Right, sure. It’s about you. It’s trying to be edgy, that’s all. They’re seeing what they can get away with.”
My wife speaks up:
“I don’t like it. It’s too obvious - it beats you over the head. Like, we get it? I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old. There’s no subtlety-”
I interrupt.
“It’s not edgy, it’s about me. The song is about me. They want me to fuck them, I don’t know, to kill them, to buy whatever they’re selling and then kill them-”
They shake their heads.
In unison: “right.”
I watch the music video in bed, the singers: a young woman, dressed like a princess, a young man, dressed like a sailor. The costumes are purposely tacky, ill-fitting. I guess they’re mid-twenties. They have this glazed look in their eye, like they’ve just seen a car crash or an act of violence and it won’t stop playing on the walls of their skulls.
I’m watching the video on repeat now, when it clicks. My stomach turns, contracts into itself, the space between my tongue and my gums dries.
I try to rewatch the VHS, having to rewire the whole thing again, sitting in my boxers, belly hanging over the waistband.
I click play.
It’s gone.
The video’s gone.
And in its place, occasionally rippling with the streaks of static present on old videos, two words:

Sometimes I think I can hear noises outside our house. Like people are walking in our garden, running their hands along our walls. I find it hard to sleep, imagining these people, whoever they are, touching my house, their fingers on the woodgrain of our shed, feet dirty with our mud.
I think I can see them. When I look from my bedroom window, or the kitchen window at night, I can see them. Standing naked. Wearing masks, bodies exposed. Exposed in that way that’s so earnest it verges on scientific, just limbs and throats and stomachs, sagging or uneven or pulled tight over bones.
I think they are looking for me.
I don’t tell my wife. I don’t think she’d believe me.
Some have tattoos: a snake, a tiger, an ocean.
As I watch them watch me one of them bends over, heaves, vomits something black and viscous onto the street outside. Wipes their mouth with the back of their hand.
Continues staring.
Mouths the words with their lips stained black: FUCK ME.
The liquid’s gone by morning.

I drive to the ocean, to take a break, tell work I’m sick.
Take a long walk along the coast, breathing in the seaspray, the salt that hangs in the air. I can taste it on my skin, like I’m being lightly seasoned.
I see a boat, moored to the pier I’m walking down, drifting, tugging the rope that keeps it there, with the windows smashed. The other boats are still, empty. I decide to investigate, drawing a little closer, trying to see what’s going on. A figure, slouched in the front seat, the floor slick with blood.
I shout to ask if they’re okay.
“What happened here? Should I call for help?”
The boat bobs aimlessly, as if lost for words.
I step on board.
My heart’s beating faster now. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, who they are, whether they’re hurt or even, god forbid, dead, or-
They cough.
Flecks of blood on the windscreen.
Face caved in, swollen, broken in places I didn’t know it could break: all red and purple and blue. One eye puffed out, one eye forced closed. Dentures sitting in clear water in a glass on the dashboard.
They’re trying to say something. I lean in, putting a hand on their shoulder, trying to reassure them, saying that I’ll call the police as soon as I can, that I’ll get an ambulance - shit - two ambulances if they need it, and then I see what their mouth is trying to do.
Lips straining inward.
The flaccid sound of an f.
I know what comes next.
“Don’t say it.”
They keep going, the sound of air escaping making blood bubble from between their lips.
“Shut up.”
My voice is growing louder. I notice the ballpoint hammer on the floor by their feet, I imagine taking it to them. I don’t want to hear those two words.
They keep going, the blood getting thicker, bubbles bigger, colour changing. Black liquid now running down their chin, and they’re still trying to say it.
I leave.
Let them say it, who cares. I think about calling the police, calling an ambulance. Decide against it.
I’m still on the boat when I see it. The other boat moored to the pier, populated by a dozen or so naked people, all wearing the same masks, watching in impassive silence. Like a painting, I think, the way their skin stands out against the sea. I want to shout at them but it catches in my throat.
The tallest one raises a glass to me, and nods, like he’s recognised an old friend.
I vomit into the froth, the sea moves quickly, and I don’t stop to see what colour it is.
The drive back takes longer than expected: someone has hung themselves from the bridge across the motorway, naked, put a bag over their head. Graffiti’d by the rope: FUCK ME.
I don’t see this, I hear it, on the radio. They dance around what it actually says for a while, trying to avoid using those words, imply them, don’t say them.
An ad for SMILERITE plays, tells me that I should smile right whatever the occasion, that I never know who might see it. I think of the face under the hood; swollen, tongue hanging out, a perfect smile hidden.

A call wakes me up in the middle of the night. The voice is modulated, deep. Gives me an address. Tells me to bring my card.
“What card?”
No response.
“Who is this?”
They hang up.
I’m left in cold sweats. I don’t sleep any more that night, stay staring at the ceiling until the sun rises and casts limp shadows across our room.
I try and distract myself during the day. I try to watch TV, but the ads leer at me, I consider taking a drive but I can’t stop thinking about the boat, about the body and about the way it made me retch. I have no choice.
Night falls. The moon hangs pink in the sky, like some cosmic peep show. I think about what’s changing on the other side, what wants us to only see flashes of itself.
I try to find my wife to tell her where I’m going but she’s nowhere to be found. I drive to the address. It’s an old, gothic mansion: so huge I can’t see the back of it, as if it continues on forever into the dark. I stay in my car, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel.
I can’t wait any longer. I have to go in. I have to see for myself.
The walk takes a minute or two, and the thin path is lit on both sides by tall wooden torches, open flames. They spit slightly, little embers floating skywards. I brace myself.
The woman at the door is naked, save for a black cloth sack over her head, with a small hole cut for her mouth. She smiles as I approach. I can see the sweat on her chest glisten, the white of her teeth as she smiles. She makes a gesture like unbuttoning a shirt, and I understand.
Of course.
I strip naked, taking a moment to look at my body before entering. I step up, ask if I need a sack. She shakes her head.
“Not you.”
The hall smells of bodies, of sweat, of incense and wine and smoke, of fruit and hay and coal. I make my way through. The whole hall is packed with people wearing the same mask, completely naked. They nod as I walk past, momentarily distracted from their conversations. They’re drinking wine, white teeth stained red.
Every single person wears the same thing, like some perverse uniform: exposed body, black cloth sack.
Everyone but me.
I keep walking down the vast hallway, under chandeliers, past body after body, all shapes and sizes, I am aroused and sickened and curious and I have to keep going.
Doorways are open either side of me, allowing me to see in, making me a voyeur, a witness to these small madnesses: a old-fashioned cinema, filled entirely with naked bodies with sack-cloth heads, watching TV static being projected onto a wall; a room full of people sat cross-legged around a cow holding hands and singing; a room that’s only filled with a giant and dead tree and in its branches are dozens of people crouched like strange birds, eating these red red apples; a room where they seem to be sitting an exam, rows after rows of tables, but the floor is covered in a sea of rats; hand-woven slipknots; men and women singing and fucking and fighting and swearing and weeping-
I come to the end of the hallway.
The next room, the room ahead of me, the room that has two gilded doors that creak open as I push them, is the biggest yet.
It is vast, tables upon tables filled with people, these naked bodies, these strange black sacks. There are rows of seats behind, several levels - thousands upon thousands of people who stay still as I enter. I think of a colosseum, of men and women condemned to die on the sand, of the vast and sweeping rows of seats.
I can feel the impulse work its way up my spine.
I make my way to the stage.
I know what I’m going to do, what I have to do.
I think, for a moment, I recognise a body, the curve of my wife’s hips, the small of her back.
Too late now.
As I arrive on stage there is a brief, polite round of applause.
I stand, naked, before them all. The only face visible in the whole room. I feel as if I am at sea, as if the earth beneath me is rocking from side to side.
I step forward: tap the microphone.
The noise echoes around the room, a muted boom.
Clear my throat.
Take a breath.
Lean in.
Two words, loud and clear.

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