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2020.10.25 21:17 Sluethisme The Timeline - The Disappearance of Suzanne Morphew - What Happened

THE TIMELINE - The Disappearance of Suzanne Morphew and what likely happened.
PREFACE: I am taking on this task in order to document what likely happened. Mixed with our varying opinions, there have been so many misunderstandings and falsehoods by the YouTubers, print and TV media it boggles the mind. We tend to put trust in the so called official media (profit and drama oriented), to our own peril.
I will put my speculation in ( ), so you can more easily ignore it after you read it, as you choose. In order to tie like topics together, I will use some flash forward comments that tie them together, so readers don’t have to constantly analyze everything from before. If, for any reason, you vehemently disagree ... please stop reading and listen to calming music (lol).
Most of the items below are already known by “old-timers” on this Sub and know each has been beaten to death multiple times. I hope the benefit of all of this will mainly fall to the new-timers. I believe that there will be a lot of new-timers because even though I am now convinced of Barry’s guilt. After refinement, perhaps D&D will pin this post to the top.
GROUND-RULES: In the interest of brevity and our mutual sanity I’m only including the most relevant of topics - IMO. Speculative comments after the first week, about what Barry said or didn’t say, did or didn’t do will not be incorporated. While such may look suspicious, they easily degrade into Barry Bashing. ie: We don’t need to labor to make him look even worse. However, subsequent recorded interviews of those who had first hand knowledge, like Barry, Morgan and LE have been a rich source.
Please bring any significant Omissions or Corrections to my attention and I will incorporate them. But let’s stick with finding the relevant truth and showing some mercy to my typing finger. LOL Barry has demonstrated his tenacity in his months of “searching” but his theories don’t impress LE or most of us. I believe he is doing this in hopes of swaying the public and establishing points for his future defense lawyers.
IN SUMMARY: After her murder, Barry did three things that were clever. He was clever in leading LE into thinking that she was abducted with the location of her bike. He was clever in tossing her personal item (helmet) off westbound US50 ... establishing her abductors’ direction of travel. The third thing was in disposing of her body without leaving a GPS trail. The rest of it was a disaster, with the major ones being: His PLAN A. attempt at burying her at the Salida job site, which had to be aborted. It left a GPS trail for LE, which then exposed his resultant goofy excuse of going into Salida and maintaining the Bobcat around midnight. His alibi of being out-of-town in Broomfield was ill conceived and assumed that Morgan and Puckett wouldn’t mention that he didn’t order the new bricks and he didn’t bring tools for doing brickwork. He thought he could intimidate them into lying to LE but that didn’t work out. God Bless Morgan.
The following 21 items were influenced by my opinion that Barry killed his wife. Some people believe she was abducted. For 4 months I was a big believer of his innocence, taking on all comers. Then, Morgan’s TV interview raised questions for which nobody had answers. Suddenly , the pieces fell into place for me. If, after reading this, you don’t think this fair to Barry, please respond with your comments and thinking on the key points. To answer the YA BUTS ...

  1. Fri. 5/8/2020: Using his Bobcat, Barry finishes grading the Salida riverside job site. Part of a concrete slab for a new house was poured sometime in the past and the slab for the part he is now grading is going to be poured on Monday the 11th.
  2. Sat. 5/9 Barry meets Morgan around 9am at the Salida riverside job site. The sandy part of the lot next to the river is a mess and he and Morgan plan to spend the day raking it out and cleaning it up. The Bobcat machine is still at the site in case they need it.
  3. Sat. 5/9: Barry gets a call at around 11am from Suzanne. She wants him to come home and spend time with her hiking, biking, etc. This shows that Suzanne is lonesome and probably depressed. Reasons: COVID closed down her gym where she went to workout and socialize with friends. Likewise, her church is closed. For exercise she becomes an avid biker but that is a solitary activity. Her cell service is crap. All she hears is the sound of traffic from US50. Her girls have been away for a week at a church camp out in Utah.
  4. Sat. 5/9: Morgan, at some point, hears that Barry was around Salida shopping Sat. afternoon. (Not sure of any implication here.)
  5. Sat. 5/9: A recent Unconfirmed Reddit rumor says that Barry and Suzanne ate dinner in Salida. I doubt it. However, Susanne had been spotted picking up takeout food in Salida around Thursday and maybe that morphed into the Dinner story. Who knows for sure?
  6. Sat. 5/9 noon to 7pm: Different sources say that for an unspecified period of time, starting as early as noon and ending as late as 7pm, Suzanne is on social media with her BFF in Indiana, back and forth for a long time about a wedding. Apparently, Andy spoke with the BFF and relayed his memory. Media butchered it, leading to the current vagueness. (Suggestions that Barry had killed her on Friday and was the one texting about wedding plans seems almost silly, since it is doubtful that he would understand wedding stuff and also fool her BFF.) The BFF later says it ended abruptly. (a. Barry yanked her phone away and demanded Dinner. This could have triggered the confrontation causing her demise. b. Cell service dropped out. c. She tired of the conversation.)
  7. Sat. 5/9: Between approx. 7pm and 10:30pm (It could be earlier. We just don’t have any clues.) Something triggered the violent act by Barry. I apologize for the drama upcoming in the speculation, but it is what I keep visualizing. (Upset at something that Barry said or did, Suzanne blurted out ... “I’ve had it. I have thought about it long and hard and I want a divorce, half of our assets, and I’m taking the girls back to Indiana where I was once happy! Furthermore, I am going to find a real man. One who knows how to treat, love and satisfy a woman! Barry exploded, grabbed her by the neck and strangled her as he screamed “shut up! The resultant adrenaline rush was going to last for many hours, helping him focus but also surging, impacting his thinking and leaving him an exhausted mess in his hotel room on Sunday.) Later, during a week long LE search warrant search of the house and property, LE apparently did not find a “smoking gun” or a crime scene (because there wasn’t a bloody crime scene to clean up ... maybe just a tipped over lamp.)
  8. Sat. 5/9 Approx. 10:30pm, maybe earlier: Note: Skills to deal with a crisis - Barry is a successful businessman in a tough industry. For over 30 years he had amassed a net worth of over 2 million dollars, including the 500k from Suzanne’s inheritance. He had a degree in landscaping / grading and that business requires strong REACTIVE skills. Nothing ever seems to go as planned. It rains, crew doesn’t show, silt fence breaks and big underground rocks stop the grading progress - these are just a few examples. (Some think it was a pre-planned event because her body hasn’t been found. He just reacted to a “problem”. )
  9. As humans, when faced with a crisis we seek FAMILIARITY in dealing with it. (PLAN A was formed. He needed to dispose of her body. He had just finished grading a lot in town on Friday and had been there until 11am that morning. The ground would be easy to scoop and his Bobcat was still there. Even better, on Monday another contractor would be pouring a slab over it. Perfect!
  10. Sat. 5/9: Sometime between 11:30pm and midnight an older woman living near that job site is awoken by the sound of construction equipment. (She thought it might have been Friday but subsequent LE actions show it was Sat.) She knows what it is because a Bobcat had been grading there for several days. It lasts for between 15 and 30 minutes. She wasn’t sure. Later, she recalls going to the site the”next day” and asking if operators left their keys in the equipment, allowing pranksters to start it up in the middle of the night. (Next day would have been Mothers Day ... unlikely anyone was at the site. I think it was Monday, the “next workday”). (It was not a prankster, it was Barry with Suzanne’s body, wrapped in a tarp, in the back of his pickup. Barry was not worried about his GPSs giving him away as he could make up some story for driving to town. Now he was at the job site and had started the Bobcat, warmed it up and backed it off it’s trailer. Due to the noise ... Suddenly, lights were coming on in the residences. His first thought would have been that someone might have called LE! He drove the Bobcat back on its trailer, left it behind and hightailed it back home.). Later, in one of Barry’s public interviews, he said that he answered every one of LE’s questions, for 30 hours and stressed that he had “forgotten” only one thing, that he went to town around midnight and did maintenance on his Bobcat! (Obviously, using GPS results, LE caught his omission during an interview and their BS detectors went off. )
  11. Sun. 5/10 Mothers Day 12:30am to 4:00am: (Barry, driving back home after the disastrous Plan A, came up with PLAN B. He could not drive around all night with her body looking for a disposal site. He knew that his phone and truck GPSs would lead LE there. FAMILIARITY rules! He remembers an abandoned mining shaft from when he was hunting. The old road leading to it came close so he could carry her. It was not too far from his home ... but far enough. He switched her to the Range Rover SUV without a (working) GPS and left his phone behind. Knowing he needed an alibi, he remembered the needed brick wall fix in Broomfield from last fall. He also needed to divert attention so he put her bike and helmet in the SUV. On the way west on US50 he turned left on CR 225, pulled to a stop and tossed her bike into the deep ditch next to the road. Nobody would notice it unless searching for it. He turned around and then turned west on US50. 1/2 mile later he rolled down the window and tossed the helmet as far as he could. LE would think that her abductors went westerly. Perfect, because if she was found LE would think the abductors did it. Plus, since he would be going east to Broomfield they would never figure it out what he had done!)
  12. Sun. 5/10: Mothers Day 4:00am till 9:00am Later, Morgan remembers that she was woken at about 4:00am by the sound of a truck, which then leaves. Working with him almost every day, she recognizes the sound of his truck. (We don’t know for sure it was him or why he was there. Maybe he tossed a tarp and Suzanne’s clothing into the dumpster .. he had been there many times picking her up for work. FAMILIARITY! ) (Back at home before 5:00am, he tries to shake the cobwebs from being up all night, he takes a brisk shower and eats some food. The constant adrenaline high has his hands shaking and the food helps.) He leaves home at 5:30am and remembers the time. (He knows that bank and other cctv cams will record him in town, along with his GPSs.) On his 3 1/2 hour drive to Broomfield he called his lead worker, Morgan Gentile. Morgan said “He called me that Sunday – Mother’s Day – and was really frantic, really didn’t sound like himself,” Gentile said. “I hung up the phone and I thought he just had the worst night of his life.” ( Morgan was right.) Gentile agreed to get Puckett and drive to Broomfield by dinner time so they can do the brick wall job Monday. He said he has reserved a room.
  13. Sun. 5/10 Mothers Day 9:00am to 5:30pm: Barry is at the brick wall and starts tearing down some of it. He quits after 1/2 hour having forgotten to bring the right tools and then realizing he, in his haste, he forgot to order a pallet of matching bricks. Note- this all came from Morgan’s interview. He goes to the Holiday Inn Express and checks in. The time of check-in is not public. Evidence shows: Sweaty from the brick work, he takes another shower and leaves two soaked towels on the floor. In subsequent interviews Morgan, Barry and Puckett all commented on the strong bleach smell.(Why he took bleach and how he used it in the hotel is guesswork. I don’t have a clue. Barry, after his shower, spent most of the day in bed. No wonder, he was coming down from no sleep and a multi-hour adrenaline high.) Morgan said the bed had been used and remade. Later, his girls called to say they couldn’t reach Mom to wish her Happy Mothers Day. He said she is probably on a bike ride.
  14. Sun., 5/10: Mothers Day approx. 5:30pm. His daughters call him and are worried so Barry, (according to his plan), calls a neighbor lady and asks her to check the house. She does and tells him Suz is not answering the doorbell, no lights on and the cars are there. He asks her to see if her bike is there and she reports back NO. He tells her to call 911 and says he is on the way back. Morgan later reports that Barry, at 6:10, called to say he left tools for Puckett and her at the hotel but she later discovered they were not the tools needed for brick work. It was like he just dumped his pickup toolbox. (Among other things, the lack of brick working tools shows his Brookfield alibi was scatterbrained and made up on the fly. He was counting on them to not rat him out.) Puckett and Morgan stay there until early Tuesday but can’t do much at the site because of tools and the fact Barry still hadn’t ordered any pallets of bricks to replace the old ones! (Another sign the alibi was phony.)
  15. Sun. 5/10 6:30pm to midnight: Morgan and Puckett arrive at the Holiday Inn Express - Broomfield. Barry had left and they didn’t see him. Barry calls Morgan and tells her that Suzanne is missing so they are on their own. LE has been told the route Suzanne usually rides and they begin searching. En-route, Barry has called some friends and asked them to join the search. More and more LE searchers arrive and are instructed to park on the northbound side of CR225. Around 8:00pm they find Suzanne’s bike in a deep ditch along 225. One of Barry’s friends, seeing LE manhandling the bike up the slope and then several LE examining it, yelled to preserve fingerprint and DNA evidence. One of LE replied: This isn’t the TV show CSI! Arriving searchers have been driving on the right side of 225, obliterating the “abduction crime scene”. The manhandling, CSI comment and crime scene destruction are later given by Barry as an example of LE’s incompetence. (If it goes to trial these will likely be the hub of his defense.) Barry arrived at CR225 about 9:00pm. LE thinks she was dazed by the fall and has crawled or stumbled into the woods or creek. Some searched all night.
  16. Note: I called in a forensic tip to the CBI hotline in early June that IF the gravel in the bike treads matched the gravel on 225 then she had ridden it there and was abducted. IF instead, the gravel in the treads matched the pricey gravel in her subdivision the bike was likely hauled to 225 in a vehicle and tossed into the ditch. In the “tossed” scenario the bike treads were filled with subdivision gravel from coming home from the previous biking trip. No idea if LE acted on it, but it could have been a defining item and during a trial could help show his deception with the bike.
  17. Mon. 5/11 Barry had been near a grocery store, on the phone with LE talking about what she was wearing. Per LE protocol, they asked him to write it down and drop it off. A lot has been speculated about his behavior, which is academic. He can say he was an upset husband without sleep and any behavior would be understandable.
  18. Searches - credit to Lauren Scharf who broadcast these on 7/9.
    5/11 Various Chaffee County Govt. teams have 100 people searching the area along with Drones and 8 dogs. 5/12 Only dogs and drones. 5/13 CBI and FBI join the search. 5/14 Personal Item found ** 5/15 Large grid search of 2.5 mile stretch of US50 (highway closed). 5/17 Lake Fooses searched by dive team. 5/21 - 5/23 Salida riverfront construction site searched. 5/26 Morphew home site search completed and returned to family. 7/9 Morphew home searched for a day.
** The item found on 5/14 was not publicly identified by LE. One report said a jogger first saw it. (I believe it was her helmet. He would have needed something noticeable and what else would a biker have? I considered her cell but they would have pinged that immediately.) Also the first LE poster showed her wearing her blue helmet. The next poster was without the helmet, prominently showing her diamond ring. (Even though she purportedly had disappeared on a bike ride, I believed they no longer showed the helmet because LE had it in custody.)
  1. While Barry has been criticized for not searching for his wife, in an interview he said he had been searching daily. Recently, he said he searched for 100 days. There is evidence that he searched numerous times, especially when the ambush reporter Tyson Draper in a 5/31 video, interviewed Barry on CR225 with his mother in the truck. (Barry’ s resolve to paint the scenario is amazing when you consider he already knew her location.)
  2. Sept. 10: In a Fox21 interview, Morgan said she was interviewed 5 times by LE! She said they asked for her cell phone and she gave it to them. She said they wanted her to take a lie detector test but she declined. (Smart person!) She also said that Barry’s nephew and his friend told her they wouldn’t give her the (entire?) paycheck so it wouldn’t look like “hush money”. (This just adds to the picture of guilt by Barry.) Upon hearing all of this, Barry said she was fired and that she was a meth head. Barry likewise trashed Puckett. (This shows Barry’s sweet side.) Morgan said she is afraid of Barry and moved to S.Dakota. (Good thinking, but now .... please secretly move to some other state.) People have criticized her for being coarse. I admire her for being a brave single mom of 2 who helped expose a murderer, putting her own well-being at risk. God bless her and I hope her life gets better.
  3. September 24: Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, led a 6 day search of the area with hundreds of volunteers and with cadaver dogs. They used technology to record what was searched. Several times dogs hit on false alarms. Andy is admired by all for his efforts, but unfortunately, Suzanne’s remains and nothing of evidentiary value were found.
  4. Barry has, with regularity, advanced and repeated his theories as to what happened. These include a. Mountain Lion b.Fired ex-employee .. revenge c. abducted and d. flawed LE search. Only two remain: Giant eagle and alien from outer space abduction. Now, winter is coming and the rugged terrain will make searches very difficult or impossible ... until spring.
  5. Morgan Gentile’s Other Woman interview:
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2020.10.23 18:38 IcefoxX5 Real secret cam

soccer's general consensus seems to be that the coming Clásico will be the worst in possibly decades, with both teams going through periods of crisis and/or transition.
But El Clásico was, is, and will continue to be the biggest, most renowned matchup in world football, with the two most successful clubs of our generation, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F. facing off for the 245th time (the 181st in La Liga). It's fair to say this match should be on the watchlist of every football fan, so I'm going to give some insights on what to expect for the uninitiated.

Statistics and history of El Clásico
Stat Barcelona Real Madrid
El Clásico wins 96 96
El Clásico wins in La Liga 72 73
Goals scored in El Clásico 399 405
Top scorer in El Clásico Lionel Messi (26) Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stéfano (18)
Most matches played in El Clásico Lionel Messi (43) Sergio Ramos (44)
Highest win in El Clásico 7-2 (24/09/1950) 11-1 (19/06/1943)
As you can see, El Clásico is not only a very high-level rivalry, but also an incredibly balanced one, with both teams having the same number of wins in competitive matches (52 draws), with Madrid having a positive goal difference of 6. Whoever is the winner of this Clásico will accordingly be the all-time best team in El Clásico, at least before the two teams meet again in April.
Some more fun facts:

Source 1, Source 2 (in German)

Political importance
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is a rivalry that surpasses sporting aspects.
In Francoist Spain, Barça was a symbol for local fans to not only express their support for the football club of their city, but also their Catalan identity. The meaning of Barça's club motto, "Més que un club" (= "more than a club"), is likely not what you think it is. To the people of Barcelona and Catalunya, Barça is a symbol of their regional identity, a medium to freely express their beliefs, a safe haven to freely speak their language and to vouch for democracy and the end of Franco's nationalistic regime. To this day, there is overwhelming support by most of Barça's fanbase for the movement of Catalan independence, with their supporters often being left-wing.
Madrid on the other hand has always been a symbol of Spanish nationalism, centralism and support for the Spanish monarchy. The club is viewed by its fans as the Spanish King's club, magisterial and full of honour. Most of Madrid's fans are supportive of the Kingdom of Spain and the monarch, some even with right-wing tendencies. They support the idea of a centralist Spain, as opposed to independence of any of the "nacionalidades históricas" (Galicia, Basque country, Catalonia).
This stark political contrast has led to clashes in the past.
It has also led to last season's Clásico in Camp Nou being postponed. Authorities had to make this decision as they believed the safety of fans (in- and outside the stadium), players and officials wasn't guaranteed at that time due to the wave of protests taking place in Catalonia in October 2019.

Current form, injuries and suspensions, expected lineups Barcelona's last 5 matches: W (4-0 Villarreal), W (3-0 Celta), D (0-0 Sevilla), L (0-1 Getafe), W (5-1 Ferencváros)
Madrid's last 5 matches: W (3-2 Betis), W (1-0 Valladolid), W (2-0 Levante), L (0-1 Cádiz), L (2-3 Shakhtar)
Last 5 Clásicos: Barça 1-1 Madrid (Copa 18/19), Madrid 0-3 Barça (Copa 18/19), Madrid 0-1 Barça (La Liga 18/19), Barça 0-0 Madrid (La Liga 19/20), Madrid 2-0 Barça (La Liga 19/20)

Players unavailable (Barça): Ter Stegen (injury), Umtiti (fitness), Matheus Fernandes (injury)
Players unavailable (Madrid): Carvajal (injury), Odriozola (injury), Ødegaard (injury), Hazard (injury), Mariano (fitness)

Expected lineups:
Neto - Alba, Piqué, Lenglet, S. Roberto - De Jong, Busquets - Fati, Coutinho, Dembélé - Messi
Neto obviously in goal as MATS is still injured. Alba has been included in the squad after recuperating from an injury, so I expect Koeman to also play him. Alternatives would be Dest and Firpo. I also expect Piqué and Lenglet to be starting, although some Barça fans seem to prefer Araújo over Piqué. Sergi Roberto should make it over Dest. I also don't think either of De Jong or Busquets will be replaced by Pjanić. The biggest uncertainty is whether they start Griezmann as a CF, or Messi, with Coutinho at CAM. I personally think it's best for a player so out of confidence as Griezmann to start the match on the bench.
Courtois - Mendy, Ramos, Varane, Nacho - Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde, Isco - Vinícius, Benzema
With an undisputed defensive line other than him, Nacho might be replaced by Militao or Vázquez, depending on how ZZ wants his team to play. The midfield 3 will most probably look like this, potentially with Modrić instead of Valverde. Playing Isco is something that I fully expect him to do, as Isco and the 4-1-2-1-2/diamond he brings with him are the "secret weapon" Zidane always reserves for big matches such as Clásicos and UCL finals. Vinicíus should be playing over Jović with the form both of them are in.

Zidane's Clásico tactics Madrid have had some terrible, terrible results in El Clásico throughout the last decade. 1-5, 0-4, 0-5, 2-6... under Zidane though, their record against Barça has been remarkable (4 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, GD of 14:11).
Zidane's Madrid normally play against Barça how they play against every big team: relatively passive. Handing the possession to the opposition, playing zonal marking or man marking high up the pitch instead of actively pressing throughout the whole match, with being effective on the counter through long balls, crosses and fast, line breaking passes, their offensive strategy.
Casemiro has been a key piece in not only giving Kroos more playmaking freedom, but also locking down Messi and the half-space between the defensive line and midfield, with Messi "only" scoring 3 non-penalty goals in the last 13 Clásicos since and including Case's iconic performance in 2016's Clásico:
One of Zidane's essential points of focus is stopping Messi, which can backfire sometimes, like when Kovačić had to man-mark Messi in 2017's 0-3 loss:
Zidane loves to use a diamond formation in big matches, and I except him to do so against Barça as well. With Ødegaard out, he will probably try to have Isco draw players on him, creating space for attackers to make runs, ideally looking something like this (excuse my poor MS paint skills):
Koeman's tactics We haven't seen much of Koeman's Barça (no Clásico of course) so far, so my tactical analysis will not be very thorough.
The formation looks to be permanently switched to a 4-2-3-1, with Messi now having less positional freedom. Having two proper wingers eases the defensive pressure off of the two full backs, while having one central midfielder less will most probably make quickly passing through their midfield easier than before.
They still play high-press, possession-based football, but Koeman seems to like giving away some of the possession to the opponent (compared to Valverde and especially Setién), as in 4 of 5 league matches, their possession was only slightly above 50%.
Since I lack the material, the tactical knowledge, the dedication and the knowledge about Koeman's Barça to go any further than this, I'm going to link this brilliant and detailed tactical analysis of Barcelona's 3-0 win against Celta posted by u/Andremerlaux in barca for the people that want to dive into a more in-depth analysis of the tactical side of Barça's style of play. Sadly, the only thing I found on realmadrid regarding tactics were memes, so now you have to look at the abomination of a tactical analysis of mine.

5 reasons Barça is going to win Leo Messi - we've probably all experienced the little magician's otherworldly touch at some point in our life as a football fan. There's little explaining to do, on a good day, Leo Messi can decide matches on his own. The last time this happened was in the 2nd Clásico of 2016/17, where Messi scored 2 and made THAT celebration, so it might be time for another Messi masterclass against Madrid by now.
Madrid are having trouble scoring - Real Madrid are having massive trouble getting their players into goalscoring positions, and even then, Jović, Vinícius and co. often fail to finish the job. Post-restart, they've only scored 1,65 goals per game on average, extremely sub-par for their standards. If Barça score 1 or 2 goals, chances are high they're also winning.
Playing at Camp Nou - Camp Nou has been an absolute fortress over the last decade. In the 2010s, Barça only lost 9 matches at home in La Liga (Source), and since their loss against Betis in November 2018, they went unbeaten for all of 2019 in all competitions at Camp Nou before finally losing again to Osasuna in July 2020. Playing without fans might take this advantage away though.
Change of playstyle and formation - Zidane's tactics and his utilization of Casemiro to neutralize Messi have worked relatively well against Barça on most occasions. Barcelona's style might have changed over the years, but it was always possession-heavy. Zidane's Madrid have shown weaknesses when having too much of the ball, so maybe Koeman giving away more possession will hurt Madrid more than it benefits them.
Ansu Fati - the rising star has been in amazing form and with just 17 years, he's having essential influence in Barcelona's games this season. Reckless and calm in front of goal, he's already collected 4 goals and 1 assist in all comps this season, more contributions than any of Madrid's players. On the left wing, he'll likely be facing Nacho, Madrid's makeshift RB and possible weak point, since Carvajal and Odriozola are both injured.
5 reasons Madrid is going to win Defensive stability - Before the two matches against Cádiz and Donezk, Madrid have been extremely stable defensively. As hard as they struggle scoring goals, Madrid have been incredibly consistent in their defending, especially post-restart, only conceding 10 goals in 17matches (before the Cádiz match). If they can return to their usual defensive form and keep a clean sheet, another Ramos penalty might be all they need to collect all 3 points.
Zidane's Clásico expertise - out of 8 Clásicos played under Zidane, Madrid have only lost 2 (4 wins, 2 draws). Apart from the Kovačić man marking Messi disaster (0-3, 23/12/2017) and the Messi masterclass with a red for Ramos (2-3, 23/04/17), Zidane's tactics have been working very well against Barça, especially taking Messi out of the match. If there's one man that knows how to get a win or draw against Barça, it's Zizou.
Sergio Ramos - while Messi can be extremely decisive for Barça, the same goes for Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid. Madrid's captain is not only their leader and most important presence on and off the field, but also their defensive mastermind, as well as their free kick and penalty taker, with only Benzema (27) topping his goal tally of 13 last season. If there's one man to score a last minute winner in a big match, we all know it's him.
They have the better midfielders and defenders - with all due respect to Barça, Madrid's depth and quality in midfield and defense (including GK, since Ter Stegen is injured) is higher than Barça's, on a normal day, that is. A midfield of Casemiro, Kroos and Valverde, with Isco and Modrić being options off the bench, might win the tactical battle for Madrid, while Courtois - Mendy - Ramos - Varane - Nacho with support of Casemiro is a backline that is hard to break down even for Messi, Fati and co.
Barça's fear of big matches - Barças latest performances in the most important matches have been underwhelming, we're not only talking about the infamous UCL bottlejobs, but also about them losing the 2019 Copa final against Valencia, the last Clásico, the Supercopa semifinal against Atleti and struggling with Sevilla and Atlético in the league. There seems to be some mental blockade in big matches.
5 reasons for a draw Attackers out of form - Griezmann, Benzema and Messi have not been racking up the goals so far this season. Combine this with Hazard's injury and Jović + Vinícius and their chronic inabilities to put the ball into the net from the easiest of positions, and placing bets on a player to score first in this match will get really hard. Might want to try Ramos.
Both teams not scoring or conceding much - Barça (GF 2, GA 0,5) and Madrid (GF 1,2, GA 0,5) haven't scored much this season per match on average in La Liga, but neither have they conceded much. Smells like a 0-0.
Last year's Clásico at Camp Nou - last year's Clásico at Camp Nou ended in a 0-0 draw. Both teams had the same number of points before the match, the risk of letting their rivals wander off with a 3 point lead was too high, so maybe the situation will be the same this year (Madrid at 10pts, Barça at 7 with one match less).
The average goals per game in La Liga has never been this low - matches in La Liga are seeing 2,1509 goals on average this season so far. The only season that had less goals per match on average was 1972/73 (2,1438). I'm not saying this match will be a guaranteed 0-0, but seeing goalfests in La Liga is a rarity at the moment.
Both teams neutralizing each others weaknesses - Barça's defense isn't the most reliable - we've know this at the very latest since the infamous 2-8. On the other hand, Madrid's attackers are having massive trouble scoring or even creating chances. While Barça still is an offensive powerhouse (at least looking at the teamsheet) with players like Messi, Dembélé, Griezmann and talents like Fati, Trincão and Pedri, the core of Madrid's success last season has been their defense, with the likes of Ramos, Courtois, Mendy and Varane putting up insane performances in La Liga ever since the restart. All in all, both teams seem to be perfectly neutralizing each others weaknesses.
5 reasons for you to tune in Messi, Benzema, Griezmann, Ramos, Coutinho, Kroos... - even though the teams have surely lost quality in Cristiano, Neymar, Suárez etc. over the last few years, El Clásico still features some of the best and most appealing players in world football. Two world class teams, only meeting each other twice every La Liga season.
Polemics of El Clásico - even though the Clásicos are not as heated as they were when Pep and Mou faced off, the likes of Jordi Alba, Piqué, Suárez, Vidal, Ramos and Reguilón have generated heated encounters and situations in El Clásico throughout the last years. Watch the players confront each other, watch two sets of fans creating conspiracies about the ref on soccer and I'm sure Alba will obligatorily wipe his hand through someone's face once again. Not something you'd want to miss.
PL has Fulham-Palace on at the same time - I know this sub is full of PL fans who couldn't care less about the rest of Europe's leagues. But let's be honest, even to you guys Fulham vs Palace is surely not the most interesting white vs blue-and-red matchup taking place at 3pm this Saturday.
The losing team will be in massive trouble - both teams have lost points twice already this season, and with some Barcelona fans increasingly unhappy with the club's general situation and some Madrid fans increasingly worried about the way Zidane's team is playing, the losing team and its fans will want to turn their trajectory around as fast as possible. Watch the hot takes coming in - KoemanOut? ZidaneOut? - or think of something more creative.
Possibly Messi's last Clásico at Camp Nou - it's no secret the little magician wanted to leave Barça this summer. His contract is running out next summer, and if there is no other tie involving both teams this season, this could very well be his last Clásico at home. With the Messi-Ronaldo era in La Liga coming to an end, form your opinion on the new generation of La Liga's stars - Vinícius, Rodrygo, Valverde, Jović, Militão, Ødegaard for Los Blancos - Fati, De Jong, Dembélé, Pedri, Trincão, Puig for the Blaugranas.
Will this be the worst Clásico of our time? We can only speculate, but one thing is for sure: a new era of El Clásico has begun.
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2020.10.22 21:39 LusipherStarLine778 Real secret cam

To the military or those who abuse females I’m upset the hazers your going to ge3t punished I know about it and just like courts and police I know why you where doing that
I’m going to deal with those men responsible
You do something in my country or my planet Lusphur StarLine there is only one the bullet proof armer your vehicles
Ps your stuff sucks I could do much better though what ever they expect you to die so before I was in America your gun jammed your well at times they said to use stones ricks
They sent you to die you didn’t even have parachutes
The military firmly knows me they wanted the women gone so they could steal and force sex though I mean good men people who force sex are not good men and endanger there whole group
No man no man where the good you’re the bad oh tell that too 1920 through 1960 ad the American soldiers that died in Cuba 4500 men or something
So rick bush just thoughted 1977 just take over then blame me and I would be dead and say I tried to take over
I mean mean it isn’t your word vs existence
So the select lucifers would rule all life bla bla oh really wow they couldn’t keep there mouth shut or not force sex and upset so many others by where so so
Just expecting I would be blamed except wasn’t SO
So no America isn’t with rick bush or mike Elliot or those fake leaders
Infect one the people that would be immortal and there the in crowd I mean rick bush has done this with 3 other groups blamed them and said he was victim they forced him and said he was so good and brave for turning on them
What is congress secrets act form 1925 to 1960 well that I own America one
So America was going to notice at some point they cant only have there people hence the military spending there bribing people
So that’s A lot of people doing nothing so and they expect to just to and have sex with mother daughter for that money and have them do stuff the people refuse
So they tried this in Germany then got kicked out Germany came to America so it would never happen again yup rick bush did inspire people
I mean not int the right direction thought they where inspired
Its vary rare when people just know they have to do something
So there is no other Lusphur so congress will never pull the name out rick bush stared in the white house so he got kicked out by Germans and America
So congress is with me so again rick bush trying to use my name or who I am so he ran around saying he was Azazel so didn’t have the full name again
There is no way they will ever win rick bush knows this so just holding on so 3 world wars
So I might as well die it is so real and true so I’m just wasting my time while they think they won or are getting some where only place there going is pissing off more people that they have to kill or pay or lock up
So doing some thing like this well I did it like it was nothing rick bush was like help him because where going to take his mane I didn’t need there help didn’t want it
Oh it was your help that made me so powerful oh and your not helping oh such power these word have for you I’m impressed
So there idea was get in power getting in the house then it would just happen
Like here comes the power like with me well I was always powerful
Not just my name
So rick bush is never getting his hair back
I mean they ran out of money well they tried to out bid me laugh I make particles and sold matter and smelt it and they where going to out bid me I’m insulted I mean the vellus was just me having fun
So Brian I’m lucifer rick bush would say oh good I was wondering who the problem was
So there is A lot about computers and AI rick bush didn’t know
So in 1977 they would just out live me with my name and him saying he was and his crazy child um Lusphur StarLine 1.7 to 2.7 in size till rick bush and I had to get taller
Oh there he’s aging see it worked um could t be them saying I was child so rick bush well this is easier once I’m dead
So they couldn’t kill me and then couldn’t frame me and no one believed them for logical reasons and they they where all nuts the whole country was nuts rick bush would say oh so the man in the house says it so it has to be true
Well what Lusphur says is true so then lucifer must be the same
So anyway I know and knew I wonder who dose not know about rick bush even the exo life forms know and 500 light years away oh no one out there knows oh really
So if they kept it small maybe it could have been done for A bit if they had known I was 1.7 to 2.7 and had A child ready
They didn’t Ricky bush was just going to say he was daddy lucifer and dropped by to see his son don’t tell anyone then started opening things and smoking in my house and yelled where is my ash tray
Except I’m sypher life form inventor well everyone has A father so well rick bush didn’t go to school and didn’t know about computers
So really by one week he was kicked out facing treason so
Witch Bryan would clear him of oh not this Brian Briley
So people would just go with what big lucifer said not shorty lucifer
So he didn’t know I was StarLine
So who do you want the kid or the original
The kid they said in unison
Oh he couched them to say that he got to them
What they knew him so he betrayed and blamed his own people and killed them before they could finder him
Um you’re the only one who finders people and women they hate it
So who that kids retired compared to me rick bush would say oh 12 life form most well know if and about in existence oh no that ain't the kid what’s he been telling stories again well we didn’t get along still bla
So they got this story thought noggened out laugh
Except I didn’t have A father oh is that what he said except I had not said it
Rick bush thought people only know people by words
So old bug lucifer would se the record state tell them about my mom and everything so people would know you know since I was big n disrespectful to my parents
So rick bush would explain thing so people would know and well the guards solders cam in and through i=him out like trash
He had gotten A gold watch and cased it say all this money this was the house he would stop off at other houses so if rick bush had not done all of this well
He just thought he could do what ever and so he’s rude or lucifer by are they going to be sorry when they find out who he is
He would say that A lot like ok who are you well well he was some one and important and really most people showed him why he shouldn’t use there name
With Cesar and others rick bush is like huh huh what well this isn’t the normal way to do things and it was obvious what he was doing oh no one was smarter man bush he had a noggin thinker
I mean if not for rick bush mike probably would have killed me
I was impressed at the plan now there is A plan worthy of dying lie real cipher still it was young and didn’t know or understand life forms so it had to find out about people so well why mike is hated so much and so dead even his own Ai didn’t like him
Rick bush would try and act the part of how people would just join him as if he was me nope they ran from him effuse to work with him just like I wouldn’t the he would say I had ordered them to help him or Bryan I mean greatness fallowed greatness
So his child was just as great yup that’s the one that one who do you mean the great one
Rick bush had all these secrets to finding out thing like say the great one and they might say some one so and then he would tell them who the greatest was let me guess rick bush
Wow didn’t see that coming
So yes well
So at firs the said I was on his side or Bryan who pardoned him I guess oh really except I had not and well it was the real Bryan he would always say A name nly say the real one like well could be any Brian or any Lusphur Star Line
So it is going to be ok
I am really powerful in my own right yes vary old 80 trillion though I mean well why you really wouldn’t know of me
I might be older though it dose not matter this is my galaxy though so I protect it and well if rick bush had asked he would have know to not ty anything here I’m not like others
So no the humans are not helping me really all life forms could be one there side I’m really that powerful
You do not have more pull in my galaxy then I do and you never will
So rick bush wanted to see what the most powerful 80 trillion year old sellestial could do oh ricjk bush would always be more powerful he taught me everything I know if you asked me he was sure I would tell you oh wow
So he was doing A little surprise for his son oh wow let me guess planed to kill me
So this was one of rick bush’s cons or tricks I would show him tricks of the trade oh
Showing off for dear old dad oh wow treason never looked so stupid
So he would have to kill people he didn’t think they bot it
So he is on film I mean I’m always watched and even worse they sent AI to find out about me so even if they could do it they had just made A record of the real Lusphur Starline you stupid fuck
Oh just say it would be ok A few time it wont be and she knows this though I mean just do it anyway
It takes A lot to make things ok real dedication and well I’m just that kind of person every time I am vary good at what I do it is my corner of existence so well I loved being with Germans and showing what I could do no one had seen Me in A long time rick bush would also say t5hese words oh such disrespect
I don’t have A father oh what about Rodney well he is solder and yale he was taken by my exoskeleton and the explosives pulled out
Oh has my son been telling story’s again like wow really happened didn’t tell anyone
Like no this is what happened what tell me again what he said oh I thought you knew where there and you want oh to refresh your memory
Oh yes compared to A rock rick bush was A really smart person didn’t finish 5 grade those people where too slow for him so he just left and being A tough guy that it I was like please shot me no more of this most stupid person
Look probably look at him like he’s crazy now soft town I mean corny awarded most women would run as soon as they could think of A excuse
So if not for all of that mike Elliot would have killed me blamed me and no one would have know maybe
Hard to say it was A very impressive cipher though made A lot of mistakes
And really I invented rebuild humans humans doesn’t even know I rebuilt them right in the middle I was having real problems and thinking of A way to get them to go the right thing
Rick bush wanted killers so wanted things his way so laugh tough of war I mean if I liked feeling powerful I was breath taking so like I would over power any other no one really know what 80 trillion year old sellestail could do not even me
So yes still large sphere in the center and I was that upset them upsetting me was there mistake rick Bush thought I would just fall to pieces
Doesn’t every one well no some of us can call on all of our life forms and particle matter to us
So humans are restraining me I’m so bad don’t you know it hurts rick bush to do this to his own son though he has to kill me that’s why he is hear bla bla
Oh wow well Lord Lite Lusphur Azazel Starline brightest star in A galaxy so let see north star
Nope so
So cosmos was going to die 1960 isn’t that old
He was like A rock just splat there is your what ever and really rick bush was just implying they had some one powerful real lucifer big old Azazel so nice story well has my son been telling stories again mostly uncle
So I complimented him it well was not too bad execution and everything though flacks that is don’t have family oh
Rick bush well that’s too bad that’s real said and the fact that that meant no him well no family next it me now think hard you sack of human waist
So they had to cover up all of this as well and kill people because he was so stupid though no one knew people like rick bush he had A real heart you know like wow Saying it like ugh
I mean scream if any of my people where like him I would go back kill me self and never have invented life forms
I was thankful that I had nothing to do with rick bush
Like completely wrong way of doing things though he thought they fell for it they where so fooled so bragging to everyone
So yes be doing something that could only work if only A few people where involved and if no one knew and if it was fast
Then bridge to everyone before and after so there was no possible way of covering up or getting away with anything oh maybe it was some other Lusphur starling forbid on name sacred
Well rick bush would say you make your self fail by thinking you might no they where sure he was going to fail
So if not for rick bush well I might be dead his everything he did was just so stupid so even the most fast cleanest thing would never work on me so they knew before they knew during and after at no time did people ever not know so it is all about what the king believes though bla bla
Oh wow so I put the crown on my head and then there was existence
I mean who knew the power of the crown or the power of public chat for secret planning
Like oh talk about treason use another word or better yet don’t and talk about it so records now 25 years latter your grown up and going for it and well
I’m why yes republic and kings we just around waiting for people to kill us never saw that coming die
So no matter what you do to me I might live in 80 trillion years my sphere could dissipate maybe though your only going to be with till 260 billion then bye bye I told you where being evicted oh that will
So well I’m going to be around A while so rick bush had 80 years and well ciphers I can end them see they where humans to Lumiere thinking they could be me so well that was them to me I so well sellestials I mean well
So I mean rick bush thought they would just step into line behind the real big lucifer and things would just be like they where for me
Oh yes they would just say I was A problem and take me out oh wow killing A 80 trillion year old seellestal galaxy is so easy
That must be some name
Oh my name oh so child VS fake man that everyone knows about for doing this so he was just going to flip it around he would do that all the time every one knows this child dose this so unless you where there you wouldn’t know and well it’s a gift rick bush had
Braking with logic and saying that the million year old 1,7 to 2.7 person also sellestsial was always gdoing this and lucifers life was tracked not some kid
Oh wow
Just walk into country and 12 life form types oh its that easy
So if he didn’t do that so much then my be the big score
So well they will hold on as long as they can while I laugh oh wow well just see oh and say hi to cosmos laugh I saw him last he was screaming as I ripped his mind and body apart
Well he did have A good time and lots of sex and hurt lots of people A wonder did he feel the power well as I ripped him apart well I was upset vary upset
So like I say gun and we can end this it is for the best
There not going to give up till they die or are forced and I’m ready for A fight
Oh Azazel’s A push over I will tell the republic so after Passover I’m hunting down the people and freeing hostage
After rick bush like celestial have vessels waiting where you will be going to waiting t kill you only A real celestial can do that so they where just so sure they wanted to pick this fight
So well they will have all the life forms so I’m going to die once they cut me off oh wow too bade humans didn’t know about sellestials
You have to live at lest 4 million years to know about us
So rick bush knew everything I mean humans where so fare behind him
I mean by the time you found out he was fake it would be too late anyway
Always another sucker
Even StarLine Lusphur could be fooled oh wow I thought he didn’t know I was there
Though I would remove my self from them even make other matter so I would never be part of those people
Nope your not going to be3 made of my matter or around me you can be epic suck some where else so you have meet A real sellestal the oldest yes try try try use all that technology I want you to feel like your getting some there before I do wat I do like no hard feelings
And your not going to know my name it is mine so I know humans suck you have sucked for 125,000
Years I gave human A amount of time to stop what they where doing or I would deal with it so I did every person know why and what they did maybe they are sorry I trie3d forgiving they just did it worse not5 knowing I could just go back so they chose to say I was chump and push over call my bluff so I stopped being so nice
I try to be nice though well some take it as weakness so well
And rick bush well he’s going to fix it anyway so might as well do it well you still piss off your own life forms types and so many others many of them are very powerful oh though rick bush big daddy lucifer’s father is always more powerful oh so your Azazel huh wow then I guess I cant torcher you huh so no other galaxy is equal to me by the way I did it the old way the hard way so
So cosmos was going to take out Azazel so I would be dead oh wow I didn’t know well so 100 trillion vs 1960 what ever and 7 to 14 galaxies so you find this out over the next what ever congress and rick bush probably know all of this so
So no Ai ciphers are not A match for me beign80 trillion years old ( stop lying see my some makes things up )
Huh wow
And you just expect people to protect you rick bush so well become A cipher I mean his life forms would kill him he would say my words like he knew so much
Really I was happy being dead I knew it wouldn’t work though they where just so sure and once they had done it there would be no turning back so rick bush know s humans would find out
So he has all these ideas I do help some just because I wanted it to be fare I mean going up vs unified Luspher starline so
Oldest galaxy so well fine even with all the life forms trying to kill me it wont help like giggle your going to do this your sure really really sure like ask about me then come back
Though that is lucifer starline not Brian oh so my name and suddenly I’m not sellestail wow
And rick bush your so powerful and scary
So so I have all his people tracked down and well it wasn’t hard once people knew what I wanted and
Earth bla bla bla and I work in the whole galaxy though no one listen to me earth is where the powers at so laugh goo luck with that hold on believe and do everything you can do and it wont be enough
Well no one had ever attacked me before though well if your going to insist then ok I guess
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2020.10.12 14:48 NamNguyen56 Real secret cam


Back in 2016, I listened to the song Paul Reverse, except for my announcement, “Mr. Trump's victory is coming! Mr. Trump's victory is coming! “I appeared 1500 times on television and radio to send the message that polls are completely wrong. I kept telling Donald Trump supporters to get rid of "bad news" and "probe."📷📷 Thousands of people voted for Mr. Trump emailing me thanking me for giving them hope while they seemed to have lost. Hundreds of conservative television stations and television stations thank me for keeping the spirit of the "Trump Force" as the people who vote for Mr. Trump are in their darkest moments. For better or for worse, it's my greatest genius: to see miscalculation, lies, fraud, and propaganda by mainstream polls and media, to keep people voting for Mr. Trump be excited, motivated, focused and in the election. I was right in 2016. I'll be right again on November 3rd. Although all false probes indicate that Mr. Trump is losing more than 10 points, I believe President Trump is on his way to an overwhelming victory (slightly higher than 2016). And I can prove it. First of all, the election this year is like the copy of 2016. All polls at that time indicated Mr. Trung was going in a bad direction. But I have a secret weapon. I call it a Taxi poll. My friend drove a taxi in Las Vegas. Everyone getting in the car was asked by her, “I'm doing a survey. This poll is 100% secure. I don't know your name. So who do you vote for? The results were overwhelming for Mr. Trump. Then I knew what was going to happen. Today, I have a truck driver poll. It's not just my fans who work as trucks; those are the fans I drive their RVs. All report the same phenomenon. In Central America, thousands and thousands of boards with Mr. Trump's name on it were in front of the yard. But where is the Mr. Biden signboard? Almost no signs of Mr. Biden's name were found. Dear friend, please understand like this: Probes are not the problem. It doesn't matter what people say to the polls. It matters only the votes of the people of several important battlefield states, notably Florida and the Midwestern states of the United States such as Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. My fans told me that these states are 100% of the land of Mr. Trump. In the small cities and suburbs outside, you can't find anyone to support Mr. Biden. It was the same as 2016. After Mr. Trump worked for the US economy, and created jobs for manufacturers and won the trade war with China, he was a hero. The public might not say that to the probe, but Mr Trump is the "king of the Midwestern United States". But wait; much more. The media has repeatedly cited any poll that Trump lost more than 10 points. But I haven't heard a word about Democracy Sunday Express poll since this week that Trump beat Mr. Biden 46% to 45% and won all the battlefield states by clear odds. This poll is not based on Democrats (as most polls do) and polls only important voters. Voters in battle states are the result of the election. Or poll poll poll Poll Watch released this week specifying that Trump won the nation, in battle states and voters representing the states (Electoral College would not be translated as electoral electoral). Mr. Trump dominates the two most important issues: economics, law and order. Or have you heard that in the average battlefield RealClearPolitics, Mr. Trump is a bit ahead of where he is at this point in 2016 (on the way to win against Hillary Clinton)? Most importantly, a new Galuup poll reports 56% of Americans say they have a better life now under Mr. Trump than four years ago under President Barack Obama and PTT Joe Biden. Every expert knows that this will win the election - "It's economic." Most certainly feel better than four years ago, even though COVID-19. Do you think they'll vote for Mr. Biden? In addition, this 56% figure is the highest in the history of a Gallup poll asking "Are you better today than four years ago?" Mr. Ronald Reagan got 44% in the Gullup poll and won the most-state election. Mr. Trump gets 56%. They may not tell polls who they vote for, but when they get to the polls, they all vote for Mr. Trump. If the Americans have yet to convince Mr. Trump to stay strong for the economy, then on October 29, five days before the election, the third quarter of domestic production is announced. The Atlanta Fed estimates that it will be 34.6% of economic growth, the highest number in US history - from 1776. Not convinced? Since the primary elections were created in 1912, no incumbent has lost the official election after receiving 75% or more of the votes from his party in the primary. . Mr Trump receives 94% in the 2020 Republican primary election. One more factor: Due to his fear of the COVID-19, Mr. Biden's side has a hard time knocking on any door in America. But Mr. Trump's volunteers knocked on more than 20 million doors in battlefield states. 12 million to zero. Don't think that changes on election day? In addition. Mr. Biden and PTT nominee Kamala Harris had a campaign in Arizona on Thursday. 8 people present. Radical media will be turned on on November 3 - again. Mr. Trump will win big - again. Interviewed by LM on October 11, 2020
📷📷 Fake-Poll Alert: Proof Biden Is Not Winning Back in 2016, I played Paul Revere, except my announcement was "The Trump victory is coming! the Trump victory is coming!" I made over 1,500 TV and radio appearances to
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2020.10.11 16:13 Kuriturisu 201012 Weekly Recap (October 5 - October 11)

201012 Weekly Recap (October 5 - October 11)
News & Info

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Variety Shows
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Video Clips
Misc News and Articles
Fan Accounts / Twitter Reports and Infos
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2020.10.10 22:07 JosiLeagueTaway Real secret cam

Week 3/4 Summary 2020 just keeps coming, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how only two weeks of issue-free football lulled me into such a state of naivety regarding this NFL season, but for a minute there I really got fooled into thinking we were going to have a semi-normal year of football. Hell no. That all got blown to shit as the Titans had a massive outbreak immediately following Week 3’s victory in Minnesota. The last two weeks of waking up every morning to see new positive tests for the Titans locker room has been painful. There’s all sorts of talk about secret practice meetings ignoring the COVID protocols to toss some lighter fluid onto the national “FUCK TENNESSEE” fire that was already raging, and I have to say that I’m getting pretty upset at the organization’s management of this outbreak as well. Get it the fuck together guys! I do think we’re learning some new things about our testing and the spread of this virus. Namely how it can apparently take a long ass time for someone exposed to actually test positive. I think most of the team thought that if they isolated for a couple days and separated out the few positives, that they could just go back to business as usual. It makes me nervous for the Pats locker room, and the Chiefs that they played in Week 4…
All right, enough COVID gloom and doom, we’ve got the football that is happening to celebrate! My sincere apologies for slipping on the note last week, and for how late it’s going to be this week. Jessica and I have been weirdly busy with house issues and a few investment opportunities that we’re looking at, so I haven’t had my preferred amount of time to sit around an obsess about football (nor have I really cared to with how the news has been). But first I want to give a big shout out to Tee! Tee’s team damn near broke our single week scoring record in Week 3, by breaking 200 points! It may have only been by .27, but hey a 200-point week deserves big ups. The only other time it has been done that I’m aware of was Week 2 of the 2018 season by Stephen, with a 202.69 which remains standing as our league record. Nothing else notable happened in Week 3. Certainly not my team choking in the second half of the MNF game to lose to Randy by a few points. Definitely not that. So onto Week 4!
Lineup-decision-wise that probably the toughest week of fantasy football that has ever happened. We had the Titans game fully postponed to another week just a few days before kickoff, then no one knew if the Chiefs/Pats game was going to be played. Still kind of shocked they did with Cam testing positive Friday. So yeah, that could have sucked depending on your roster. My teams in other leagues were hammered like I know some folks were in this league. Randy’s team was down 3 starters all of a sudden… And yet he still managed to hang up 141 points with an injured Chris Godwin on the bench!!! The man shits fantasy football rainbows. Much more salt about that later. We had the biggest nail-biter matchup of the year so far in Clint vs. Tootie, so it’ll be fun to get into that one. Of all my fantasy teams, my team in this league was about the only one that performed, and HOLY SHIT did it perform! My lineup reads like a weekly high scorer list with Joe Mixon and Odell both racking up ~40 in Week 4. There’s my 2/3 picks! Through 4 weeks here Tee and Randy sit atop the two divisions as our only undefeated teams, and poor poor Travis remains our only winless team after a second straight sub-100 point week. Losing Cam for a couple weeks on top of the ever-questionable-then-last-minute-inactive WR1 Michael Thomas is not what the doctor ordered for TEAM CHAOS. Still way too early for a real playoff picture take, so let’s just hope this season continues to the point where I can start speculating about our top 4. Into the matchups we go!
Quick musical side note, Connor’s damn team name has that song stuck in my head EVERY. TIME. I write this note. So I suggest reading this while listening to what I’m singing to myself the entire time:
you lied to me…
Matchup Rundown Alex (1-3) vs. Jess C. (2-1): Sorry, Jess. This was a bad week to go up against the sweetened taters. THERE MY BOYS ARE! I knew they had it in ‘em. I’m actually in the top scoring matchup this week because I scored the most points and not my opponent! Side note, I have the most points scored against in this league by SIXTY! Been pissin’ me off! Thankfully, Joe Mixon and OBJ decided to do something about it to the tune of 81.78 points between the two of them. It definitely wasn’t all roses though, as I lost Nick Chubb to an early injury, and he has now been put on IR. So that blows. But this is 2020, so it was never going to be easy this year. Jess’s team was solid in this matchup, and the final score isn’t reflective of how scared I was for a while last weekend. Obviously the fact that every team that plays me this year scores 170+ played a role, but Jess’s team was set up to give me a run Sunday night. Jerrick McKinnon and Miles Sanders could’ve both easily had bigger games than they did in that sloppy 49ers/Eagles affair, and then she still had Calvin Ridley and Sammy Watkins to play on Sunday! Yeahhhh, about that. Calvin Ridley was the weeks biggest overall surprise, and not in a good way. He SHOCKED the football community by going without a single catch in the MNF game against the Packers. Mind blowing stuff after being the WR #1 coming into Week 4. Is Calvin Ridley giving fantasy managers the full Mike Evans experience? Jess falls to 2-2 with a solid team that will regain its leader in CMC at here some point, and watch out then. I FINALLY get into the win column and hope to have things headed in the right direction to a miserably unlucky start to the fantasy season.
Alex’s MVP: Joe Mixon (43.22) - There it is! The dude has been getting so much work, but doing so little with it. He was due to break through and get into the end zone for the first time of the season. I had no idea it would be THREE TIMES though! They were all impressive long run scores too, no goal-line gimmies. Can he spread this scoring out a bit into other weeks maybe though? 20 each week would be great instead of 8,10, 40!
Alex’s LVP: D.J. Moore (9.02) - DJ Bore has been a dud since I traded Travis for him. I really should’ve hung onto Justin Jefferson after that trade… No one won that trade at all, lol.
Jess’s MVP: Dak Prescott (39.53) - What a draft steal this team’s namesake has been so far this season. The Dallas defense is atrocious, so Dak is left to play hero ball all 2nd half each week these days. And holy shit, he is putting up stats like crazy! Half a point shy of his second 40 point game this season, and fantasy’s QB #1 at this point.
Jess’s LVP: Calvin Ridley (0.1) - OUCH! What the hell happened here… I watched that game, and I don’t know. He was targeted, but he either slipped and fell or Ryan just missed him by a mile every target I saw. A whole bunch of totally nameless guys caught passes from Matt Ryan, who looked terrible in that game. I guess Ridley won’t exactly be a rock solid WR1 this fantasy season after all.
Amanda (3-1) vs. Connor (1-3): Connor’s team is another one that just can’t seem to catch a break, but I think Amanda has herself a team this year! Connor’s team scored a respectable 124.5 but wasn’t even close to matching Amanda’s star power. As long as Dalvin Cook is active, she’s got a stud in the RB slot, and then her WRs are pretty incredible. Amari Cooper is balling out along with his QB (especially this week), while DK Metcalf and Robby Anderson have both been extremely pleasant surprises, and Devante Parker is only getting stronger as the season goes along. She has 3 of the top 12 WRs in fantasy scoring at the moment. Then oh yeah, her QB is Mahomes, and the TE is Ertz… So it wasn’t in the cards for Connor this week. He was hit by the Steelers having a surprise BYE and not being able to start JuJu, but the lack of depth on his team showed in having to FLEX Jimmy Graham. He’s lucky that turned into 7 points in my book. Fairly easy victory for Amanda with Connor’s Falcons stinking it up in MNF, and Kenyan Drake being one of the bigger bust candidates of the short season.
Amanda’s MVP: Amari Cooper (34.72) - Boy this is just turning into “start anyone you have for Dallas” season, huh? Not that Cooper isn’t an every week lock, but wow this offense. Cooper saw SIXTEEN targets as the Cowboys frantically tried to come back against the lowly Browns in their own building. Yay for Amari, but yikes for the Cowboys!
Amanda’s LVP: Mike Gesicki (2.56) - He’s got the team named after him and everything! C’mon Mike! Amanda threw in a sneaky FLEX of Gesicki against the Seahawks, who have been an opposition point machine until this week… I like the play, as I have been FLEXing Gesicki in another league where I’m struggling, but it backfired all over the place in Week 4.
Connor’s MVP: Adam Thielen (27.4) - Thielen was seriously impressive in the Vikings win over the Texans (which got BOB fired, finally). Weeks 2 and 3 were a bit concerning, but the connection with Cousins looks like it still has huge upside this year.
Connor’s LVP: Kenyan Drake (3.5) - Wow. I’m struggling to believe what a letdown Drake has been so far this year. They’ve completely gone away from throwing him the ball, and he’s doing shockingly little on the ground with his 15 carries every game. He’s the starting RB on an offense that’s been pretty good this year… Makes no sense. Chase Edmonds is creeping in on him and even looking like the more explosive player at this point.
Tootie (2-2) vs. Clint (2-2): Wow, what a close one. This result could have been different if any one of a thousand plays had gone differently last weekend. And there’s one big one that Clint REALLY wishes had gone differently: the Austin Ekeler injury. Ekeler leaving extremely early in the Chargers game leaving Clint with a 2.42 in a FLEX spot killed him here. He probably wins this by 15 if Ekeler doesn’t go down there, but them’s the breaks. Tootie wasn’t even close to setting her optimal lineup, and it really almost cost her. Luckily, she has some Saints on her team, primarily Alvin Kamara. Kamara is destroying this season as fantasy’s RB #1, and he pulled together with unlikely teammate hero Tre’Quan Smith to really bail Tootie out of having guys like Crowder and Harry on her bench. This came THE FUCK DOWN TO IT THOUGH! Both of these teams finished early for the week in the afternoon Sunday games, and Clint had Jonathon Taylor Thomas active in the Colts/Bears game after everything else was over to win it for him… 0.7 short. Brutal. It really wasn’t a great game for JTT, and his usage on the Colts is getting a bit confusing. Every week they seem to be violently changing their strategy on how much they use Hines and Wilkins. How to feel about that first round pick sure is a roller coaster! When the dust settled, Tootie squeaked out a W and gets back to .500, where Clint also finds his team.
Tootie’s MVP: Tre’Quan Smith (21.48) - I would give this to the old geezer at QB who scored the most points for Tootie’s team this week, but I think Tre’Quan Smith deserves it more. Gutsy 2nd-week-in-a-row start by Tootie here, and it paid off in unbelievable fashion. The gamble that Brees would actually give the guy a fantasy day with Thomas out was everything in a matchup she won by less than a point. Cheers to this one!
Tootie’s LVP: Darrell Henderson (4.72) - Just when you thought you could make sense of the Rams backfield, the committee strikes! Henderson honestly didn’t even play much in Week 4 after back to back 20 point weeks. Go figure. Something something McVay something something block scheming.
Clint’s MVP: DJ Chark Jr. (29.68) - I traded for the wrong DJ! Chark was banged up and missed a week there, but returned to action looking in full form as he hauled in 8 catches for 95 yards and 2 scores. Impressive stuff given the sluggish start.
Clint’s LVP: Jonathan Taylor (8.92) - I have to pick on him. He had a PERFECT chance to do something and win Clint this matchup, but it didn’t happen. He saw plenty of carries over the course of the game, but didn’t do a whole lot with those, and the single catch is concerning for elite fantasy output.
Tee (4-0) vs. Jessica H. (3-1): Our battle of undefeateds this week was a bit of a letdown in terms of total scoring, but it was pretty close. If all of Jessica’s team had shown up, it would have been really close… The Marvin Jones situation was a real puzzler (at least he outperformed Calvin Ridley!), but the Jeff Wilson start was a downright bad move. Jessica was out running some errands right about the time games were kicking, and when she came in saying she was starting Jeff Wilson, I thought she was joking. To start Wilson over all of John Brown, MVS, Tate, and Viska… Well that didn’t work out. Tee’s team was rock solid here, and did enough to get the job done, which is often what it comes down to. Allen Robinson was the stud of the week for him, but Kupp and Hunt each chipped in plenty as well. Hunt is particularly poised for success now with Nick Chubb out of the way for some period of time. So Tees team keeps rolling through the schedule so far! Let’s see how long he can keep it up!
Tee’s MVP: Allen Robinson (24.3) - The stud receiver that Tee thought he drafted has come back in force since I last wrote this note! Three straight weeks of great scores now (counting TNF in Week 5) for the target machine in Chicago. It looks like the promotion of Foles might actually be pretty beneficial for Robinson.
Tee’s LVP: DeAndre Hopkins (11.28) - Not much of any real duds for Tee’s team, so I’ll pick this off-week for the usually studly Hopkins. It was a bad week for the Cardinals offense, so I’m not expecting to see Hopkins much, or ever, in this slot for the rest of the season.
Jessica’s MVP: Mike Davis (22.22) - Wow, what a waiver pickup stud this guy has turned out to be. Watching Davis turn in these great scores every week is salt in the wound to those of us who deprioritized him in waivers, or just messed them up lol. Surely this won’t last when CMC returns, but for now this dude is an every week must-play. He’s getting the CMC workload, and looks shockingly good doing it! The Panthers are 2-0 with Davis at RB…
Jessica’s LVP: Marvin Jones Jr. (1.94) - Several good ones to choose from here, but I have to go with Marvin Jones. What the fuck has happened to this guy this season? I took him cheap in my school league this auction and luckily had already benched him for Week 4, but he was an obvious start for Jessica here. When he’s been healthy prior seasons, he’s been late round fantasy gold. A bit streaky, but the dude has always scored TDs in buckets. Nothing of the sort so far this year.
Doyle (1-3) vs. Travis (0-4): I think Doyle’s team had enough of my shit! This was an emphatic “NOT THE WORST TEAM” statement from the Padre squad. In fact if not for Travis’s pitiful point total, this matchup would have been much higher up in the breakdown with Doyle’s 2nd highest score of the week. Mike Evans and CeeDee Lamb were both great, but HOLY GEORGE KITTLE, BATMAN! That sloppy Philly game that the 9ers found a way to lose turned into the get-the-ball-to-Kittle show for the 4th quarter. I saw some absolutely insane comebacks in other leagues from this Kittle performance, so maybe don’t feel too bad you were never in this thing, Travis? Kittle would’ve just broken your heart if you had a decent 120-140 score. This was all with Daniel Jones blowing chunks in the QB slot for 8 points on Doyle’s team. Over on Travis’s side, well it was pretty much all suck. Chris Carson was great again! That was pretty much it. Injuries have ravaged this team, and now with Cam out for COVID, there wasn’t much hope here. Still, Lockett was a huge disappointment, AJ Green is officially a massive bust again, and Darius Slayton isn’t stepping up with Shepard out. Seems like this should have been a lot closer, but it was an epic blowout instead.
Doyle’s MVP: George Kittle (41.4) - Fifteen catches on fifteen targets for 183 yards and a score… Oh and he had an 8 yard carry, because the offense wasn’t revolving around him enough. There’s why I had him ranked as a top 20 overall pick this year!
Doyle’s LVP: Daniel Jones (8.85) - Starting Jones against the Rams D-front and Aaron Donold was a bold choice. It was terrible, but it was bold too. At least it was only 1 turnover.
Travis’s MVP: Chris Carson (25.08) - The lone bright spot in this lineup was at least pretty bright! Carson isn’t getting a huge workload, but it’s honestly super impressive he was on the field AT ALL. The dirty as shit tackle that was made on him the prior week was speculated to have him missing time, but fuck that said Chris Carson. This man has a contract to earn. He’s the RB #5 on the season so far.
Travis’s LVP: A.J. Green (1.4) - It’s time to call it, right? I think the Bengals are. Green finally gave way to some other WRs getting playing time in Week 4 after being the most inefficient WR in the NFL through 3 weeks. Mind you, he still saw 5 targets in this game, so there’s hope, right?! WRONG. He turned those 5 targets into one catch for 3 yards. Fucking gross.
Randy (2-0) vs. Stephen (0-2): What the fuck do I say about this debacle? A great week of fantasy football in our league was completely tainted by this putrid meeting between my dad, who in his third year of playing fantasy football apparently has zero clue how to do a single thing with his roster, and Stephen, who I’m comfortable saying has the most hopeless team in our league after four weeks. Sure, he’ll probably beat the shit out of me in Week 5 because I said this, but Stephen’s team is seriously awful, and there’s no hope for it. Travis has Michael Thomas coming back and some other hopefuls. Stephen has a bench comprised of so many turds that Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald are starters for him… I honestly don’t know whose bench upsets me more here. Stephen’s with zero upside but all cusp-roster guys, or Randy’s where Marlon fucking Mack is still sitting in a non-IR slot!!! Ughhhhhh. I guess since I don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll keep this short. Randy failed to make a single roster move, started an injured Chris Godwin over Darren Waller, and still won by 40 points. The points that Jamaal Williams, Hunter Renfrow, and Dalton Schultz combined for are so silly. He moves to 4-0 in a massive slap in the face to anyone putting actual thought into their lineup and roster. Stephen’s team is bad outside of the Chiefs and Stefon Diggs.
Randy’s MVP: Melvin Gordon (26.86) - With Aaron Jones taking a break with only ~20 points, it was Gordon’s turn to work miracles for Randy. Near half his points came on a last minute garbage time run with the game in hand. It’s hard for me to believe Gordon is almost a RB1 in the point rankings.
Randy’s LVP: Chris Godwin (0) - Hard to get any points when you aren’t playing.
Stephen’s MVP: Stefon Diggs (18.64) - Diggs is just hanging out in this spot for Stephen. He’s clocking in above Tyreek Hill as this team’s WR1 at this point. This was his second 100 yard receiving game of the season, and the Bills passing attack continues to impress.
Stephen’s LVP: Larry Fitzgerald (2.46) - I guess Larry Legend’s 1 point in Week 3 left Stephen with no choice but to fire him up in Week 4… There were 13 available free agent FLEX players that scored at least 10 points in Week 4. Just saying.
Week 5 Preview Ok, so you thought Week 4 was a shitshow in terms of COVID delays and lineup unknowns? Welcome to Week 5, bitches! The 2020 NFL season is officially an exploration into MNF double headers and TUESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL?!?!?!?! Oh man, let’s see how this goes… The Titans and Bills are currently set to play Tuesday night after the Titans haven’t seen positives for… a couple days. Right. I guess we’ll have another week of retro-active subs being an option? Ugh, this is getting messy. Hopefully we can cut out the locker room outbreaks from here out!
In the Josi league, we’ve got some good ones. Randy’s team is devastated by the Packers BYE and the Titans being only questionable to play, SO C’MON TOOTIE! He’s already started injured Chris Godwin in the TNF game, so please deal him a loss here. Travis takes on the mighty task of trying to get his first win while also handing Tee his first loss. It’s a long shot, but I’m not counting Travis out! The clear matchup of the week is a 3-1 battle between Amanda and Jessica H. Amanda’s team could assert some dominance over her closest competitor in the standings, or vice versa. I take on Stephen to try and get things rolling, but instead I’ll probably just be eating my words from this note about how terrible Stephen’s team is. Connor and Doyle will face off, and I honestly have no clue who I would bet on there. Doyle’s team is looking much more formidable with Kittle and Mostert potentially back in the lineup, but he’ll be missing Golladay again, this time on BYE. It will most definitely be a good one, because any weekend of football that we get at this point is amazing!
We’re into BYE season y’all. Packers and Lions are out this week.
Good luck in Week 5 everyone!
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2020.10.03 22:51 asabovesobelow4 Real secret cam

So the whole time we have been split up I knew he was seeing the OW. Among others. But he continued lying about it. I also figured he was living there bc his living arrangements were like giant secret. Now I know he has.
So after he decided to take a bunch of Xanax, be incoherent for days, lose his job, then become highly angry and aggressive bc everyone wasn't scrambling to cover his ass and I wouldn't let him watch the kids (I mean duh) and spending several days berating me and getting more mad because once I agreed to let him see them but under the condition it had to be a public park not alone at my house. He decided to show up at my house anyway. His car is broke down so my neighbor that he is friends with and stayed with for awhile had picked him up and brought him over. This being literally an hour after I changed the locks bc of his threats to show up even at like 3am. He still had a key bc it was our house and until I got a job I couldn't get him off the lease, so I'm in the process of that now but was given the ok to change the locks. Anyway when I saw him I shut the door and locked it really quick, he tried his key, proceeded to smash my glass door.
Ok so moving on. I filed an EPO but since i wasn't sure where he was it can't be valid until he is served.. so I didn't tell him I filed it. One so that he wouldn't just hide and avoid it and two bc he said he was going to rehab on Monday and for my kids sake I didn't want to interfere with that.
My neighbor has since informed me that he dropped him back off after he smashed my door... At OWs house. Keep in mind he is still telling me he hasn't seen her and begging for another chance to come home (not happening). He also showed up to a family friends house in her car last night. I have not told him I know these things.
Soooo if he doesn't go to rehab Monday like he says (because he needs this for the kids)... I'm going to let him know I know where he is staying... By having him served the EPO at her front door. He has lied over and over and come up with so many excuses and I'm like we aren't even together why are you even lying and going out of your way to try to prove it. So we can shut that down real quick.
And do you know how bad I wish I could get a copy of the officers body cam footage as a keepsake? His face omg. Also I've tried to tell that girl over and over he is playing her but he has her convinced I'm just the crazy ex who can't let him go. Guess that would seem a little strange if I'm filing a protective order huh.
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  10. To ur ex friend
Drop an emoji for the questions!
FOR THE STREETS don’t ask for questions if you aren’t gonna do them😛😛 1.)what’s your body count 2.)how many girls/boys have you kissed 3.)single or taken 4.)what’s your type 5.)last person you kissed (initials) 6.)have you ever been in love 7.)how many kids do you want 8.)are you in love Right now 9.)what’s your snap score 10.) if ur a girl- how many boys on ur snap bff list 11.) Do you miss your ex? 12.)who was your 8th grade crush (initials) 13.)have you ever sent nudes 14.) are your parents divorced 15.) who do you have your eye on (initials) 16.) have you ever cheated 17.) do you like the person who sent you these questions ? drop an emoji for the questions😅
Lets get personal👀
  1. Was the last person you kissed a good kisser?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you miss an old relationship?
  4. What was the last text you sent?
  5. Ever sexted?
  6. Are you a virgin?
  7. Do you currently like somebody?
  8. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  9. Favorite position?
  10. Are you gay/straight/bisexual?
  11. Would you have sex with the person who sent you this?
Drop an emoji and i’ll DM the questions.
Spread to all SPAMS!!!🚨 ( whoever doesn’t complete is pussy🤷🏾‍♂️) 1. had sex in a public place? 2. regretted giving someone head? 3. kissed someone of the same gender? 4. swallowed cum? 5. had sex in a car? 6. had a threesome? 7. where did you lose your virginity?/ what age? 8. fucked raw? 9. got caught fucking? 10. used toys? 11. weren’t satisfied with sex? 12. Ever masturbated? 13. gotten nutted in/nutted in someone? 14. didn’t cum? 15. would you fuck the person who sent it to you? 16. Craziest place you’ve had sex? 17. Body count? 18. Freakiest thing you’ve ever done? 19. Cheated? 20. Favorite position? 21. Last time you had sex? 22.Freaky or innocent? 23.Ever sent nudes? 24.Ever recorded sex? 25.Phone sex? 26.Prefer to give or receive head? Comment an emoji for the questions 🥴
12 secrets 🤫 1.) @ sb you think is fine 2.) @ sb you are close to 3.) last message you sent ? 4.) number ? 5.) iPhone or droid? 6.) first letter of the person name u would fuck? 7.) first letter of sb you love ? 8.) last time you masterbated ? 9.) last time you got head ? 10.) first time getting head? 11.) have you ever had hoes ? 12.) would you fuck the person that send you this ? drop a emoji for the questions 🤭
Your Love Life Questions🥰👀 1. Taken, Single, or Talking? 2. When was the last time you were in a relationship? 3. Are you in a relationship now? 4. @ your crush 5. You know somebody who want you? 6. Rate your love life 1-10. 7. You be screwin? 8. Are you happy in your current relationship? 9. You miss one of your previous relationships? 10. Are you the jealous type? 11. Do you consider yourself controlling? 12. Your parents know about your relationship or the person you like? 13. Do you want a relationship? 14. You want to get married? 15. What song you want to dance to with your husband/wife at your wedding? 16. What age range you want to get married at? 17. What age was you allowed to start dating? 18. What is the oldest you would date? 19. What is the youngest you would date? 20. What’s the hardest thing about dating you? 21. Why you not in a relationship now? DROP EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS!😗
  1. have feelings for anyone ?
  2. single ? if so why ?
  3. do you like your body ?
  4. do you have a lot of friends ? yes or no & why ?
  5. what happened to your old friends ?
  6. do you miss them ?
  7. why is your ex bestfriend your ex bestfriend ?
  8. how many people you talk to ?
  9. why did your last relationship end ?
  10. who’s your favorite person ?
  11. who’s your favorite female ?
  12. note to yourself ?
  13. are you toxic ?
  14. do you hold grudges ?
comment an emoji for the questions💞
  1. would you give head?
  2. are you loyal?
  3. would you take ya ex/last boo back?
  4. are you single?
  5. do you like kissing?
  6. yo peoples fw your boo?
  7. you like ya relationships private or public
  8. would you rather have a relationship or 1 night stand?
  9. do you fw ya last boo/ex?
  10. when the last time you been onna date?
  11. would you be down for 5 rounds in one night?
  12. How long was your last relationship?
  13. what’s your favorite position?
  14. would you make out with a stranger for $100?
  15. would you rather be drunk or high?
  16. would you care if your significant other wanted to have a 3 some ?
  17. would you date someone with a body count over 6?
  18. would you rather give head or receive head?
  19. would you kiss and tell?
  20. would you have sex with the same sex?
  21. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
questions for the girls🤯 1. sexuality? 2. if you were a man for a day.. what would you do? 3. virgin? 4. do you prefer tampons or pads? 5. would you suck diCk? 6. have you ever sent someone a ‘naughty’ picture? 7. are you interested in “netflix & chill”? 8. what is 1 thing that gives you butterflies? 9. where is ur favorite spot to be kissed? 10. would you ever go skinny dipping? 11. hot showers or bubble baths? 12. where do you like to be touched? 13. do you like your hair pulled? 14. do you like giving or receiving hickies? 15. what age did you loose your virginity? 16. is there anything you’re too nervous to tell someone about? 17. what are you thinking about right now? 18. would you fuck one of ur closest friends family members? 19. ever cheated? 20. whats your favorite pair of underwear? 21. what is your biggest turn on? 22. what is your biggest turn off?
26 Letters, 26 Answers😝✌🏾 A-Are you a virgin? B-Bestfriend? C-Can you remember the last time you got high? D-Did the person that sent you this ever did you wrong? E-Ethnicity? F-Forgive and Forget? G-Good vibes with the last person you texted? H-Hate anyone? I-If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go? J-Jealous of anyone? K-Killed anybody? L-Last time you smoked? M-Married or single? N-Now don’t be cappin, are you a virgin? O-Ohh, what’s your favorite movie? P- Be bold, tag the person you want to fuck. Q-Quarantine, how is it? R-Remember the last time you partied? S-Simply explain where you see yourself in 10 years. T-Tag the last person you sent a DM to. U-Uncommon thing you do? V-Very nice or very mean? W-What are your future kids names? X-Xrays for a broken bone? Y-Does the person you want to fuck want to fuck you too? Z- Would you fuck who sent this to you?
my abc’s 🤪 a: are you single? b: boy best friend? c: crushes initials? d: drink you had last? e: ever said ily without meaning it? f: favorite attribute of yourself? g: girl best friend? h: have you ever said something you regret? to who? i: in love? with who? j: job you want? k: known as which friend in your friend group? l: longest relationship? m: memory you love? n: (in) need of what? o: opportunity you want in life? p: person you know a secret about q: question you wanna ask the person who sent you this r: regret any relationships? s: song you last listened to? t: time you woke up today? u: ugliest person you know? v: virgin? w: who do you dislike (initials) x: xylophone? yes or no? y: your last hug&kiss? z: zodiac sign? COMMENT AN EMOJI IF YOU WANT YOUR ABC’S
GET INTOOO IT ! 🙊💦💕 1. ⁠single , taken , or complicated ? 2. ⁠you a virgin ? 3. ⁠last time you got a hickey ? 4. ⁠last time you tongue kissed ? (with who) 5. ⁠best kisser ? 6. ⁠ever had yo titties sucked/sucked titties? 7. ⁠top or bottom? 8. ⁠IF you ever cheated who would know about it ? 9. ⁠sexiest girl on your spam ? 10. ⁠sexiest boy on your spam? 11. ⁠would you eat coochie ? 👀 12. ⁠would you suck dick ? 👀 13. ⁠craziest place you wanna have sex? GO AHEAD AND COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS ❤
So far in 2020 have you: 1 ⇾ kissed someone 2 ⇾ smoked 3 ⇾ got drunk 4 ⇾ had sex 5 ⇾ went to a party 6 ⇾ hugged someone 7 ⇾ got back with an ex 8 ⇾ kissed someone of the same gender 9 ⇾ lied to someone 10 ⇾ snuck out 11 ⇾ lost a friend 12 ⇾ got in a fight 13 ⇾ been sick 14 ⇾ gave head 15 ⇾ got head 16 ⇾ done something you regret 17 ⇾ got a new job 18 ⇾ got into a relationship 19 ⇾ made a new friend 20 ⇾ been on a date Comment an emoji for the questions𑁍
HOWS LOVE FOR YOU... 🥰😼 don’t ask for questions if you aren’t going to do them (finsta edition) 1.Do you like someone? 2.Have you and the person ever kissed? ^ 3.How many real relationships have you been in? 4.Have you ever been in love? 5.Are you in love now? [email protected] your crush(if you have one) 7.If you dont^ @ someone who’s cute 8.Are you ready to be in a relationship? 9.How long was your longest relationship? 10.How toxic are you in a scale from 1-10? 11.Whats the most toxic thing you’ve ever done? 12.freaky or innocent? [email protected] someone you want to be freaky with [email protected] 5 people that you love 15.What sign do you think you’ll last with? 16.Have you ever messed with someone the same sign as you? 17.Do you have trust issues 18.If your crush/person you think is cute was to ask you out rn what would you say? COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS 😼
the hardest questions you’ll ever have to answer! 1. Are you happy? 2. Are you single/taken? 3. Are you a bad person? 4. Do you get mad easily? 5. Do you get annoyed easily? 6. Do you get easily attached? 7. Do you cry easily? 8. Do you miss someone right now? 9. Would you call yourself toxic? 10. If yes, name one toxic thing you’ve done? 11. Are you in love? 12. Crush? 13. Best friend? 14. Would you be friends with yourself if you could? drop an emoji for the questions
No pussy’s🤪 (FOR THE GIRLS) 1.where’d you lose your virginity 2.ever have a pregnancy scare 3.condom or no condom 4.ever sent nudes 5.have your nudes ever been exposed 6.least favorite position 7.most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done during sex 8.spit or swallow 9.rather send ass pic or tit pic 10.have you ever sexted 11.have your parents ever caught you having sex 12.have you ever had a hook up that you regret 13.initials of that person 14.ever said wrong name during sex 15.scale of 1-10 how painful was losing your virginity 16.ever sent nudes to the wrong person 17.what is the longest you’ve had sex many times have you had sex in one day 19.ever faked it 20.initials of the worst kisser Drop an emoji if you’re a girl and wanna play🥵🤪
DROP THE @ YOU WONT! [email protected] person ur currently crushing on [email protected] last person you kissed [email protected] ur number one on snapchat bestie list [email protected] ur favorite person [email protected] a random so they can wonder why they @ [email protected] someone you wanna link with [email protected] the last person u texted [email protected] someone u ghosted [email protected] someone who ghosted u [email protected] one girl u trust [email protected] one boy u trust [email protected] someone u fell off with [email protected] someone you wouldn’t talk to again [email protected] your first body [email protected] someone who sucks at replying [email protected] your fav ex [email protected] someone you love [email protected] the funniest person to u [email protected] someone u miss YK WHAT TO DO, COMMENT FOR THE QUESTIONS
simp or pimp addition ! 1. cried over a boy/girl 2. wrote more than 3 paragraphs to the same person 3. went back to the same person after they cheated 4. curved boys/girls while in the “talkin” stage 5. talked to more that one person at once 6. been stuck on one person for more than 3 months 7. had sex with an ex while dating someone new 8. can get your ex back with one “i miss you” text 9. can’t see yourself without one specific person 10. miss your ex 11. got more than 2 options 12. have a list of hoes to ft every night 13. cheated on someone and they took you back 14. made someone fall in love and curved them 15. parents met more than two of your “partners” 16. flirted your way into a relationship 17. dated someone for clout 18. been a sugar baby 19. visited more than one of your hoes in a day 20. been on more than one date in a day
drop an emoji for questions !
I would do/wouldn’t nasty edition.. would : 🤣 wouldn’t:😬
  1. have sex in a car?
  2. suck someone’s toes?
  3. give head in the movies?
  4. kiss your partner after giving head?
  5. swallow cum?
  6. have a threesome with one being the same sex as you?
  7. rather give head than receive?
  8. have shower sex?
  9. fuck somebody even though they were in a relationship?
  10. fuck somebody who has a STD even if still have protection?
  11. free ball for a whole day?
  12. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
  13. fuck one of your homeboys/homegirls ex?
  14. fuck someone who you are in-law to ?
  15. fuck at a outside public place?
Drop a emoji for the questions 😗
16 OUT OF 16‼️ 1. miss your ex? 2. have you ever got high/drunk 3. favorite ex? 4. first initial of crush ? 5. last time you cried? 6. favorite friend? 7. have you ever cheated? 8. ever had an heartbreak? 9. got hoes? 10. have you been cheated on? 11. hardest breakup? 12. worst mistake? 13. birthday month 🎁? 14. favorite holiday 15. have you done anything sexual lately? 16. worst fear?
Drop an emoji for questions
expose yourself extreme edition
1) who is your number one on Snapchat? 2) Ever received or gotten a hickey? 3) initials of the last person you made out with 4) have you ever liked multiple people at once? 5) have you ever cheated? 6) ever like someone 2+ years older? 7) weirdest place you hooked up with someone? 8) favorite place to be kissed? 9) something you miss about your last relationship 10) ever dyed your hair after a break up? 11) fake cried? 12) ever been skinny dipping ? 13) would you say you have hoes? 14) what do you most like about yourself? 15) How long have you known the person who sent you this?
drop emojis for the questions
wild side pt 3 🤪 
  1. ⁠Biggest pet peeve?
  2. ⁠Biggest turn on?
  3. ⁠Best bang ?
  4. ⁠Where you lost your Vcard?
  5. ⁠Weirdest place you’ve banged?
  6. ⁠Ever cheated on a test?
  7. ⁠Ever sent nudes?
  8. ⁠Ever sent someone the wrong text /snap?
  9. ⁠Worst driver?
  10. ⁠Worst place you’ve thrown up while drunk?
  11. ⁠Ever get blackout drunk?
  12. ⁠Have you ever done anything to make someone jealous?
  13. ⁠Ever stolen anything?
  14. ⁠Worst drunk?
  15. ⁠Ever have car sex?
  16. ⁠Comment an EMOJI for the QUESTIONS😋... you gotta answer
GETTING GREASYYY🤣 1. initial of the last person who gave you head 2. ever had a pregnancy scare ? 3. do you miss your ex 4. message to the person u fw now 5. ever got on top? 6. ever made a sex tape ? 7. tag a random person to make them wonder what u tagged them for 8. what’s your ex from middle school name 9. ever took / bought a plan b ? 10. tag everybody who’s in your favorite group chat 11. initials of your last sneaky link 12. initials of the last person who fingered you / you fingered 13. when was the last time u kissed somebody 14. ever got head from the same gender ? 15. tag someone with a fat ass
y’all know the drill, drop an emoji & ill dm you the questions 🤣
The last time you ___ edition👀😳
  1. when’s the last time you smoked 💨?
  2. when’s the last time you got head 👅?
  3. whens the last time you texted yo ex 👀?
  4. when’s the last time you crushed on somebody 🌚?
  5. when’s the last time you cheated on somebody 😳?
  6. when’s the last time you did something bold 😏?
  7. when’s the last time you cried 🤔 ?
  8. when’s the last time somebody checked on you😐 ?
  9. when’s the last time you actually loved somebody? 🥺
  10. when’s the last time you was toxic wit somebody 👀?
  11. last time you had a hickey? 👅 Don’t be pussy 🤷‍♂️drop an emoji for the questions
  1. are you in a relationship rn?
  2. are you “talking” to someone?
  3. ever liked a girl/boy who was taken?
  4. waited on someone to get out of a relationship to date them?
  5. how many boys/girls have you’ve cried over in the last year?
  6. ever sent someone a heart-felt paragraph?
  7. do you say “I love you” first?
  8. how long does it take for you to get over someone?
  9. missing anyone rn?
  10. ever been placed in the friendzone but continued to pursue them?
  11. ever sent an “i miss you” text?
  12. ever made a playlist for a crush?
  13. would people consider you as “sensitive”?
  14. talked about marriage with someone you don’t talk to anymore?
  15. ever been cheated on and took them back?
  16. been played before?
  17. ever fell asleep on the phone with someone?
  18. ever made a post on your spam about someone you liked?
  19. first initial of your worst heartbreak
  20. ever stayed up late night thinking about someone?
comment an emoji for the questions 🤝
DO IT NASTY😏💦 1.) rate your freakiness 1-10. 2.)ever fucked with music on ? 3.) ever had or wanted a fuck buddy? 4.) ever had car sex ? 5.) weirdest place you got freaky? 6.) ever made someone nut off head? 7.) @ someone you wanna fuck or want head from? 8.) have you ever came / nutted? 9.) when was your last sneaky link ? 10.) ever had a boy sleepover yo house ? (girls) 11.) ever wet the bed ? (sexual) 12.) u dirty talk in bed ? 13.) light on or off ? 14.) ppl know bout yo sex life 15.) on cam or phones locked away ? 16.) fav sexual song? 17.) would u do anything nasty with the person that sent u this ? comment a emoji for the questions 🌬💖
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Chapter 1
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I’m in the main briefing room, 17 agents and 6 officers going through what we know about Marie and those who have turned on us. Nothing is concrete yet, other than there are only 4 traitors - 2 pilots, 1 agent and 1 engineer. Their families have all been brought in for questioning and are going through rigorous... interrogation. They will be heavily compensated - and drugged to forget the entire ordeal - once they have given us all they can.
So far we know very little about Marie: she knew about Berlin and that I was there and she may know about other missions that I’ve been on. If she wasn’t in Berlin, then the people she works for, were. They could have been the reason why Swiss secret service were involved, or the reason they all died, or both. Every agent is asking the right questions, sending us down rabbit hole after rabbit hole to find out more but we’re coming up empty each time.
This is the first time in agency history that we’ve had traitors within the ranks, and it’s the first time we’ve had an enemy one step ahead of us. The top brass don’t know what to do, and because of that we’re making very little headway.
The main worry is if Marie decides to go public with the information she knows. War would inevitably break out and all agency staff would need to go into hiding. That would be the easy part, staying hidden for the rest of our lives would be the difficult part.
Through the noise of everyone talking I have an idea, “What if we do know her?” I get many confused looks but the room goes silent, “She knows who I am, and she knows about Berlin. So why not cross reference every mission I’ve been on that has changed peoples lives - through killing them or having them arrested, or even just changing their business prospects - and work backwards from there.”
The officers give each agent a mission file and tell them to follow the lead. I’m too close to the investigation so I can’t get too involved until we know who we’re up against. I hate having to sit on the side lines but I follow my orders; I am to wait for contact from Marie, or await my target details, whichever comes first.
She knew I was reading a book in Berlin, she knew what it was so much so that she managed to build an entire life around the characters from it. I didn’t mention the book in my report - why would I? - so I don’t know how she could have found that out.
Every agent is in hyper focus mode. Their hands flying across the keyboards of their laptops, screens flashing with information as they open file after file, search after search in the hopes of finding that one piece of information that gives us something to go off.
I think back to every mission, remembering the face of every target, the details of each person involved with any mission, anyone who could hold a grudge, this isn’t a small list. The files and faces of everyone I have seen or researched for every mission flashing in my mind.
I’m efficient, I plan ahead, sometimes even weeks in advance! If I have to break into a facility I will record CCTV footage and overlay it so I don’t have to think about camera angles - although I still do avoid cameras just in case. I intercept comms so that I know exactly what is said during reports and when, so that nobody thinks there’s any differences during the break in. By the time anyone knows what has happened I’m long gone with little to no trace of my being there.
There’s a reason I’ve flown through the ranks so fast; I’m good at what I do. Every target I’ve killed has been clean, no witnesses. The security guards aren’t killed, they’re normally drugged so they will stay out of my way or just avoided altogether - if they’re not on my list I have no reason to hurt them.
If Marie is linked to any of my missions then she has to be a friend or family member of a target, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense! You don’t try to infiltrate the agency of all places because your security guard dad was fired for sleeping on the job.
My mobile begins to ring pulling me out of my thoughts plunging the room into silence. I connect it to the tracer before I answer. “Hello,” Marie chirps, she sounds very happy with herself, “I’m sure you have me on speaker to the entire main briefing room trying your damnedest to work out who I am and why I’m here!”
I can play games too, “Not the main briefing room actually, we’re not taking you all that seriously. You’re not much of a threat” I hear her give a frustrated exhale. Good, I’m getting under her skin, “Why don’t you save our interns some effort and just tell us who you actually are, or even better, why don’t you let us pick you up?”
I hear a muffled voice in the background, I can’t make out what they say. There is a brief pause as if Marie is thinking about what she was told. She breaks the silence with a threatening tone, “Every country in the world will be given the details of all missions done by the agency in the 10 years. Every murder, every act of war, the information you’ve stolen, all brought to light.”
“Why would you do that Marie, surely you don’t want a war to break out” I get a small laugh from her. I can’t tell if she’s just insane or if there’s something I’m missing. The technician raises 2 fingers; I have to keep her on for 2 more minutes and we’ll have a location.
Another agent spins their laptop to face me, it has Marie’s picture and a full file about her! I skim through it before speaking again, “I want to know one thing: how did you know about the book” I ask. I don’t want to show my cards just yet while I stall for time.
She scoffs, “It wasn’t that hard. After you checked out of a hotel the agency sends in cleaners and has to report everything they cleaned. You may not have included the book in your report but they did.” I look to the officers, who nod confirmation that what she said is true. It makes sense, but I never had to think about it. We are trained to clean everything before we leave, but sometimes we may be in a hurry or we could miss something, so having a dedicated crew takes the onus off us is just extra security.
Marie continues, “Obviously I put two and two together. You read the book - they had to clear your finger-prints off all the pages - and you were the only agent in Berlin that night. Agents have remarkable memories when pushed, so I knew that taking this name would trigger something, but only if you had reason to think about it.”
I get the nod from the technician, we have a location. They begin pulling resources, no doubt sending any available agents to the location, maybe getting details of the buildings ownership to follow up on any leads. The technician’s face turns pale, anger turning into fear and she glances up at me. I frown in confusion.
“I knew that you wouldn’t think much of my name until I gave you reason to. All I needed to do was make sure that your memory wasn’t triggered until I was ready, and I am ready for you now” my heart sinks, Marie sounds like she’s holding an ace up her sleeve, that tied with the way the technician is looking at me doesn’t fill me with hope.
I spin the screen around and see why the technician is so afraid. That’s my parents house. Marie is in my family home. My breath catches in my throat. They know nothing, I’ve told them I build and maintain servers around the world for large businesses, they don’t know I’m a spy!
Marie giggles down the phone, “I guess you’ve already seen where it is that I am? Don’t worry, they’re safe, for now. I just want you to know what it feels-” I cut her off.
“Your real name is Anja Hofstetter, you’re the daughter of the Swiss politician I was sent to kill in Berlin. I didn’t kill your dad Anja, someone else got to him before I could” I blurt out. There is silence on the line. “Anja! Why would I lie to you? You’d easily be able to prove me wrong. I called control because Swiss secret service has pulled your dad out of his hotel room.”
I hear typing from her side. She’s checking my story, probably opening her backdoor into the agency to look up control’s transcripts. I hear the voice again, muffled but it sounds angry. “Shut up” Anja spits at the voice. The voice raises, I can barely make it out, “...lying to you… I was there… don’t listen…” but Anja spits back again, her Swiss accent coming through as her anger gets the better of her. Her facade is faltering now.
I hear a frustrated scream before the line disconnects. I think it was Anja, I hope it was Anja. A feed is pulled up on the large TV in the room, agents are already pulling up to the house, their body cams showing their movements.
They’re fast but cautious, Anja could have set traps, she could be armed. I want my parents saved but I don’t want anyone to die doing it. I should be out there, I should be protecting them!
They breach the building, running from room to room, guns at the ready. A series of, “clear!” being repeated as each room is checked. It’s empty. One agent kicks down the door to my parents room to find a laptop on the bed, a video feed open on it.
We see a shadowy figure on the screen. “Pull them out, now!” I shout, but it’s too late. All the body cams cut out. The dashcam from the SUV outside shows my parents home engulfed in flames. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that that explosion is very similar to the one in Berlin.
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