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Joy: Reading this story, I felt many emotions. I recognised myself, as it is the story of my life in many ways. Only, I am female and 35. I have never even kissed a guy, never been on a date. I have been single my entire life. This is hard to admit, but I am 29 years old, and I have never been in a relationship. Now, I'm not the usual suspect when it comes to being perpetually single. I am 27 years old, divorced, and have never had a true best friend and now it’s too late and I never will. I live thousands of miles from my parents. I have only one sibling, who for most of my life (since he started middle school) has hated me – but I can find sick comfort in the knowledge that he doesn’t like many people. It was a quite a shock after being married for so many years to be single, this time with teenagers. Our married friends turned away from me like divorce was something you could catch. I felt old, lonely and discarded. The house felt really empty, so we bought a cat to bring another living thing into our lives. If you are divorced you can collect Social Security benefits based on the earnings of your ex-spouse if certain conditions are met. The marriage must have lasted 10 years or more and you can't be ... The fact that I have never dated is not something I want the world to know, but I am much more comfortable with being single now than when I was young. And recently, there has been a lot written ... I have very little family because I think they are all crazy in which they probably think I am crazy as well. I might have a visitor in my home once a month, maybe! More like, once every three months. I am 62y. I lost my mom and best friend 7 months ago. I am so lonely and now depressed. The grief over never becoming a mother is one I will never get over, like the grief over losing my own mother 23 years ago. But like that kind of grief, with time, it's no longer constant or active. So by my definition, there are no “relationship virgins.” But okay, let’s talk about “romantic relationship virgins.” I don’t know for sure whether the number of such people is growing ...

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I am 27 years old, divorced, and have never had a true best friend and now it’s too late and I never will.
I live thousands of miles from my parents. I have only one sibling, who for most of my life (since he started middle school) has hated me – but I can find sick comfort in the knowledge that he doesn’t like many people. He’s not close to our parents either. I was mildly bullied by mean girls the last two years of elementary school and severely bullied by both boys and girls all three years of middle school, an experience that crippled my social skills and forced me into solitude. Middle school could have been different - the very first day, i caught a cute boy staring at me during orientation and I smiled. he smiled back. He wrote me love poems and asked me to a dance, but a mean girl intercepted one of his poems and read it aloud, embarrassing us both, so I turned him down. How things could have been SO DIFFERENT if I just had a little bit of confidence in myself.
I was okay with being alone then. I had to be. I sobbed myself to sleep most nights, and life was a blur of gray. My dad told me, “You’re sleeping your life away” because every single weekend, I slept all Saturday and Sunday. I did nothing. I saw no one. Towards the end of middle school, a group of friends who had pitied me at P.E. tried to include me. I went over to their houses a few times but eventually stopped accepting invitations. I was too awkward and quiet and nervous I would say the wrong thing, and therefore felt I never had anything to say.
There were days in middle school where I’d walk through the building and not say a single word the entire day until six pm at night when both my parents were home and it was dinnertime. Because no one would talk to me.
High school is when things seemed to pick up because I chose to go to a high school in a different county so I could essentially “start over” with a new group of students who didn’t know me or how much of a loser I had been. I made three close friends freshman year. I had things to do after school. It seemed okay at first, but then I realized one of my friends was fake and hurtful, so I dropped her. I pushed away another friend, and then the last of my friends pushed *me* away. I made an amazing best friend the end of sophomore year, but we had a falling out and I was eventually alone again by the end of junior year. I convinced my parents to let me homeschool (aka, self-teach) for senior year.
During this time, I went on Omegle because I was so lonely. One day I met a guy, and we exchanged emails. We seemed to connect. We chatted everyday.
I had a dream to model. I’ve always been tall for a girl (5’9”) and relatively thin and told I’m pretty, so why not? I had local success and took a year off after high school to pursue it in NYC but nothing ever came of the trip my mom and I took to meet with agents. Several agencies showed interest and we exchanged info, but I never heard from them again.
Then I fell into depression back in Alabama. I worked part-time for my dad’s office as a secretary. When I wasn’t working there, I slept or cried or watched TV or read books. I had no friends. No one to talk to. My parents were fed up with me. My brother and I might as well have been only children in separate households.
The guy I met on Omegle, he name was Tom*. Tom and I were now texting daily. We seemed to falling for each other, but I now know it was desperation for connection on both our ends - his sexual, mine emotional. Tom was the first boy who showed interest in me that I actually reciprocated back.
I remember becoming obsessed with talking to Tom everyday, even then. It was like the start of a lifelong addiction to a man’s attention: I would try to distract myself daily but would always check if he had written back to me. Sometimes days passed before he did again.
Over time we became a couple and I flew out to California to meet him. My parents were horrified but I was 18 so they couldn’t stop me. I remember telling them, “I never go anywhere. I'm 18 and I don't do anything. I’m going to California.”
Tom wasn’t what I expected in person. He was truly my age and looked like his photo, but I wasn’t attracted to him in person.
But I was so tired of being lonely. Tired of doing nothing, going nowhere, seeing no one. And I was so tired of sitting in my parents’ house in Alabama, crying myself to sleep, breathing just to survive but not really enjoying the air as it filled my lungs.
When I was hanging out with Tom and his friends, they were all a year younger than me and talking excitedly about colleges. I felt a sick pit in my stomach at the notion that I was wasting my chance to go to college too since I had taken a gap year. When I got home, I immediately applied to one of the only universities in my home state that were still accepting applications that late in the year. I got accepted, and went. Two years later I transferred to a bigger university, one I would have actually chosen had I not waited so long to apply to school.
All throughout my three years of college, Tom and I were “dating”. Tom pressured me to lose my virginity to him in California in his dorm room. We couldn’t seem to fit his dick in my vagina, so I came home and saw my gyno who questioned if I had been assaulted when I asked if she could cut out my hymen. The next time I flew out to see Tom, I stood in the airport outside my gate, watching everyone else board, and slowly stepped backwards from the gate as I burst into tears. I didn’t want to sleep with Tom, but I also didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and my brother in a house where I had mostly terrible memories of doing nothing with my life. So I sucked it up and boarded the flight.
I lost my virginity to Tom. He recorded it, from several angles. After I returned home, Tom began asking me to send him nudes. Suddenly he wasn’t satisfied with nudes that didn’t include my face. When I pushed back, he ignored my texts. When I gave in, suddenly he was available to talk again. And fuck, was I lonely. I needed his attention like an alcoholic needs a glass of wine.
It escalated to him requesting videos of me doing nasty things to myself. He pressed me to let him fuck me in my ass. It hurt and he went hard and fast and I couldn’t hold my poop in for a week.
Tom began to ignore my texts all the time. Thus began my compulsive, obsessive texting problem. I would text him everyday, multiple times a day, for days on end WITH NO RESPONSE FROM TOM. Looking back, I wish I had gone on antidepressants and seen a therapist then, because they would have told me to get involved, make friends, this relationship isn’t real, nor is it normal…He was in California, making a Tinder account behind my back, and I was in Alabama, loyal to him, not pursuing anyone else…wasting my time and my youth in college…
I got involved with on organization only because I had to because it pertained to my degree. I made a few acquaintances but don’t keep in touch with anyone from college aside from one person and only casually on social media.
Even while I was sitting in class or at the club I had joined, or working my part-time job, or visiting my family, I was obsessing over the boyfriend in California who was ignoring my texts and only replying a few times every few days to check in on nudes. I'll never forget the time he tried to convince me to sell my used panties on Reddit or to become a camgirl.
During the spring of my junior year, I was playing a video game by myself and I met a new guy. Long story short, this new guy is the ONLY REASON I found the courage to dump my toxic first “boyfriend” if you can even call him that. The first boyfriend went on to threaten me with the nudes and recordings he had of me, but I called the police in his city and they warned him of the legalities of revenge porn.
The point here though, is that I didn’t become strong enough on my own. It wasn’t until I fell for a new guy that I wanted out of my toxic relationship.
I grew up in an extremely religious household and believed I was damaged goods for losing my virginity to a guy I had not married. So I told myself, no matter what, the next guy you sleep with WILL BE YOUR HUSBAND.
So I wasted five years with him, the last two years being married to him, and we got divorced this July. We were never truly compatible or happy or in love. To this day, I still don’t think I have ever been in love – I THOUGHT I loved both guys, but I was unhealthily attached to them. That’s not love. With the first boyfriend, I was terrified to live without him. With the guy I married, I was terrified that he wouldn’t marry me and I’d have to increase my body count from two guys I slept with, to more. I didn’t want to date or have sex with more people because I thought that made me a bad person. So I settled and married a man who was wrong for me in every way possible. We didn’t agree on values, family, religion, our sex life SUCKED and was nonexistent on his part…it was just terrible.
Fast forward to now…this year, after my divorce, I finally made friends. For the first time in my life, I had several female friendships with nice, normal, wonderful women. I thought, “This is what has been missing from my life! Not romance, but friendships!”
But for some reason, I still wanted to date. I didn’t feel comfortable kicking my husband out of our apartment in the midst of the divorce until I had found a new guy to sleep with via Bumble. Then that guy dropped me and I lost my mind – I texted him constantly, days on end, until finally he replied to me. I mailed him letters, begging for him to come back into my life. It was supposed to be a regular friend with benefits but he changed his mind after fucking me once.
Then I found another guy who would only let me suck his dick and then he’d cuddle me on my couch and we would watch TV, but he never texted me. Wouldn’t open up to me. One day he only texted me to ask about my “pretty” friend in a pic I had sent him, and I lost my mind on him. Texted him a barrage of upset texts and then deleted his number and told myself I was done with him. Weeks later, he asked to hang out with me again, but I was already seeing a new guy and no longer interested.
When I met the guy I’ve been sleeping with now, I could tell he was different from the rest. We had a scary first day, where I got super high for the first time since I was 18, and I had never regularly smoked weed before to begin with. We had sex prior to getting high but after getting high, I felt terrified that I couldn’t explain to him that I didn't want to hook up again, but at the same time I was into him. I was so paranoid I texted Cathy*, Melinda* and Yasmine* saying I thought he was taking advantage of me. But now I understand it was a mistake. I was just too high and paranoid. He wasn’t taking advantage of me at all. It was all in my head.
This guy seems to be genuine, we’ve had real conversations and he’s a more consistent texter and we sleep together multiple times every week…but now I find myself unhealthily attached to him as well. He said if I am looking for a boyfriend, I’m wasting my time with him, because he’s trying to get his life together right now. I took that as a harsh rejection against him just not wanting to be with me romantically. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but I find myself daydreaming about if we spent quality time together outside of sex, and it makes me happy to imagine that with him. But we still sleep together despite him not wanting more…I have tried to end it a hundred times…and every day I text him constantly. Despite liking him a lot, I wasn’t attached at all in the beginning but now after sleeping with him multiple times, I am…
It’s like once I have sex with a guy, I become attached to the point where they lose interest and I convince myself I can’t live without their attention. For the first boyfriend, it was also partly because I felt dirty for having sex outside of marriage; the second boyfriend/husband was because I felt like I had to settle for the sake of my reputation…but what about the guys I slept with casually? I’ve lost that feeling of shame. I understand now that sex isn’t about a body count. It can be enjoyed outside of marriage. But for some reason, I still become attached. I even felt attached to the fourth guy, who I never actually slept with but sucked off.
I’m just living for another text from him, one that won’t come until hours after I have sent ten texts of my own…
Then today, Melinda tells me she is “taking a step back” to focus on her own mental health and that my constant texts and calls to her are “too much for her”. My friendship with Yasmine hasn’t been the same since the incident where I texted her when I was super high saying I thought I was getting raped.
I’m alone and lonely, with no friends or lover, and it’s going to be that way forever.
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On Mobile, sorry
I know the obvious answer is to go to therapy, but due to certain world events right now money is tight and I’m just wondering if there are other things I could be doing.
What I’m really looking for is advise from sexual assault survivors, so if you respond, thank you. This thing is super long, TLDR at the bottom
I am a woman in my early twenties. I had sex for the first time when I was twenty, and it kind of sucked. It was super painful, but I went with it because I really liked the guy and wanted to make him happy.
Huge mistake. A little less than two years I broke up with him. He was abusive on every level, including sexual. I never wanted it or enjoyed it, it was always very painful...and there were times when I did not have sex consensually.
I did not come to terms with the fact that I had been r*ped until after we had broken up. Obviously, this fucked me up. I did not date nor have sex with anyone again for two years. Even then, it was one time in my car, and that was terrible too. It really hurt but I just closed my eyes and pretended I was somewhere else until the guy finished.
Now, though, I have a boyfriend I really really like. He’s sweet and kind, but I feel guilty all the time when I’m with him. He has a crazy high sex drive and I...don’t. He told me once he would have sex multiple times a day if he could, and this fucked me up because I almost never want sex.
When we started dating we would have sex once a week when I would come over to his house. When I moved in, he wanted sex more often.
I, however, do not really enjoy sex. It’s scary, and weird, and I’m on edge all the time. I went to the gyno to see if something was wrong with me or my vagina but she says I’m all’s
I could MAX have sex once every 4 days because I would be nervous and sore. What really sucks, though, is that to my bf sex is really important to the relationship. He sees it as an act of love, and he always gets absurdly happy and giddy after we have sex. It’s my favorite mood of his. As of now, we have not had sex for almost 2 weeks.
But I’m just not like that. I don’t need sex. I masturbate once a day to porn, I have since I was a teen, so I know I get horny? And when I was a teenager giving and receiving oral, I loved it! I thought it was fun and sexy and great.
When I first met my bf I really wanted to have sex with him, and he’s the only man that has ever made me come during sex, with a little help from me. He always always gives as much foreplay as I’ll allow, I’m pretty sure he would legit go down on me for hours if he could, so foreplay isn’t the issue. It normally takes some adjusting for me during penetration, but only for a few seconds.
But after all this...I still have little to no sex drive. I always feel like I’m on a ticking timer to have sex with my boyfriend and it drives me crazy. He does NOT pressure me, and has assured me he never wants me to have sex if I don’t want to. I just know he really enjoys it, and I feel like a bad SO for denying him this.
I tried to just shove my face in a pillow and let him do his thing one night, but he kept asking if something was wrong and if I was okay. I ended up crying and telling him I was in pain but I wanted him to finish anyways because I knew he would feel better.
Well I was wrong, and he got incredibly upset because he hurt me. I see what I did was dumb, and I should have been honest, it’s just that the guilt builds up inside me until I feel like I may explode.
We had a long long talk after this and I told him I could have sex every 4-5 days but HE would have to initiate it because I never would. Issue is, he doesn’t initiate anymore because he’s afraid I will say yes and not mean it. But I don’t know how to initiate, so we’re at a weird sexless impasse.
I know most people want sex in a relationship, and I want to want it too. I just don’t know how.
I just feel scared and awkward and shitty. I want to be good at sex, and sometimes I can be, but I know my past trauma has fucked me up.
So, after that long ramble, to my fellow r*pe did you move on? Did you ever? Are there ways for me to enjoy and want sex again?
TLDR: I was sexually abused in my first real relationship and now I no longer enjoy sex. My boyfriend has a high sex drive and I want to match his pace but my sexual trauma prevents me from doing so. Any advice from other assault victims?
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2020.08.24 00:42 omcthrowaway8183 Gyno x porn

I was in a toxic relationship for many years. During that time I was firmly against having a child with him. Partly because neither of us has good mental health or stable finances, but mostly because I was pretty sure he was a pedophile.
I don't have proof, of course. Just that he was a stereotypical creepy guy who loved anime and manga... He would call "magical girls" sexy, liked "Lolita" characters, and browsed hentai of the supernatural-being-who-happens-to-look-like-a-child variety.
He also had terrible sexual boundaries and was just obsessed with sex. He would get pissed when I had to go to the gyno because he just couldn't fathom that a doctor could look at genitals and not get turned on. When he got drunk at parties he would crawl around on the ground and try to look up people's skirts. He would try to put his hands down my pants in public. The majority of what he said or did during the day related to sex.
The combination of gross anime/porn and lack of sexual boundaries just seemed like a trauma waiting to happen. So I firmly decided that under no circumstances would I bring a child into the relationship. (I even extended that to include pet dogs, just in case. )
It has been several years since I finally ended that relationship. Lately I've been thinking a lot about it, trying to process the things that happened. I can't believe I stayed with him as long as I did. I guess it says a lot about my mental state at the time.
He has been with someone else for the past few years. I just hope that she also doesn't want children, and if she does, that I'm entirely wrong.
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2020.08.13 13:13 cancelgender2k19 tilted uterus advice?? can’t masturbate, can’t have sex

Hey guys. 19f here and extremely frustrated with my vagina.
I was never able to masturbate, use a tampon, etc. I was raised in a liberal household and never had any hangups at all about sex, I just never have been able to masturbate. I still watch porn etc but I can’t uh. do anything about it which is extremely frustrating.
I thought I had vaginismus because it was so tight, but I went to the gynocologist and learned I actually have an extremely tilted uterus. Instead of the typical vaginal angle, my vagina is pretty much backwards. Basically when i’m lying down the penis has to go directly downwards as well. This is progress, because I learned that I actually can insert things into my vagina (tampons etc.) But it also has a lot of complications:
1) Positioning is extremely awkward. Most typical sex positions don’t work for me, as they’re meant to go, well, up, which causes me extreme pain.
2) It’s awkward to bring up. Most people have never heard of it and it really kills the mood to have to pause things for an anatomy lesson. Usually I just say they don’t need to do anything for me and I do all the giving, but of course most (good) partners want to please me as well and are frustrated when I tell them they can’t.
3) Penetration is vaguely pleasurable, but it pushes on my bladder so much I literally have to pee every five minutes. I don’t know if this has to do with the tilted thing or if I just need to do kegels. But again, kinda kills the mood.
4) Unrelated, but my clitoris honestly seems completely numb. I’ve never been able to get an ounce of sensation out of it and believe me, I (and others) have tried. I even asked my gyno about it because I suspected there might be nerve damage due to some childhood injuries. She confirmed that i’m able to feel sensation, so theoretically it works as it should, but I still haven’t been able to get any pleasure out of it.
I’ve read every masturbation guide on the internet. I’ve locked myself in my room for hours trying to cum. I’ve used different tools (never a vibrator though because $$$). But none of it ever feels any better than rubbing my elbow. I’m honestly so afraid of having sex at this point because it’s so complicated and I’ve never been able to orgasm, so how can I communicate with a partner? But at the same time.....I’m 19, I’m in university and meeting new people all the time (when there isn’t a pandemic at least), I really want to be having sex and it’s only my own damn body that’s stopping me.
Does anyone have similar experiences/advice?I want to have sex so badly but it really doesn’t feel like an option. I feel betrayed by my own body and I’m so scared I’ll never have an orgasm in my life.
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2020.08.09 03:42 raysblue What even is that??

I know this probably doesn’t even belong here but honestly this community has become my safe space and it’s sort of related and I’m really freaked out and embarrassed. I have always gotten great grades in science and health class, was really smart during sex ed, my entire family is full of doctors. Overall, really knowledgeable about the theory of it. However, I always refused to look at my own genitalia. For therapeutic reasons, I figured that acknowledging my vagina was a good step to heal vaginismus. Turns out I have no idea what’s going on in there. It barely looks like the hundreds of diagrams, they only name the external bits that I can already identify, and if you wanna try real pictures you have either porn or cancer pics. I’m honestly really freaked out because there is something solid where I always thought would just be a hole and I feel so embarrassed that I don’t know what it is. Are my pelvic muscles the tiny muscle way below or that huge thing blocking the whole thing? Where can I find some realistic references? I have a gyno appointment next Wednesday but until then I’m just feeling terrible. I’m sorry, I know this probably isn’t the place.
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2020.08.08 22:05 ProfessorFreeza Gyno x porn

Currently their top post is one where the OP went to a doctor with no bra on. The male doctor got very unconformable when op took her shirt and called a nurse. And then had the nurse tell Op politely that she COULD wear a bra on her next visit.
And everyone there is as usual praising the OP and blaming the doctor saying he's not a good doctor.
I'm in the medical profession and if I was a Gyno or a skin specialist that is exactly what I would do. Call in a female nurse to save myself from a false lawsuit of sexual harassment and then ask the patient politely to maybe consider wearing a bra next time.
How is this not sexism against men? This extremely toxic sub always blame men for every single problem or made up problem in their lives and somehow Reddit admins never ban them but ban harmless subs like waterniggas or simple nsfw porn subs.
What's with this sexist attitude of Reddit? Do you want toxic feminism to keep bashing men for no reason?
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