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Age of Wonders Planetfall
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection EU
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection US
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
Dirt Rally 2.0 + 3 DLC
DMC:Devil May Cry
F1 2018
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Grid ultimate edition
Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice
Hitman Absolution
Hollow Knight
Jurassic World Evolution + DLC x 2
Kerbal Space Program
Legend of Grimrock 2
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
Middle-Earth Shadow of War
Outlast 2
Pathfinder Kingmaker Explorer Edition
Pro cycling manager 2019
Project CARS 2 + Japanese Cars Bonus Pack
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Road to Guangdong - Story-Based Indie Road Trip Driving Game
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2020.10.25 15:11 racknruin86 Samurai abstinence patrol kidzbopifyed

In the tall skyscrapers of ancient Japan Lived two great warriors, a dude and a man Who proclaimed no fun past your bed time They were Arin Neverjam and Samurai Barry
500 years later, two heroes were born One clothed in blue spandex, the other in scorn They were Ninja Fun Party, they had but one quest: To bring Fun to the masses, 'cause that stuff is the best!
In a super cool party with ten girls and a mime Danny danced so hard he ripped a hole in space-time Each move could be seen in the ancient night sky Graphic shots of Dan's moves were in healthy supply
Arin and Barry knew they had to act fast They jumped through to the future 'cause they were dudes from the past They landed two feet from where NFP was rocking And screamed, "Danny, it's your moves that we now will be stealing!"
Samurai No Fun Patrol To control all our fun is their one true goal It's a battle for dance moves and rock and roll Ninja Brian will slap them in the soul (And the face!)
What could this mean for Ninja Fun Party? Will our heroes be stopped from their dancing spree? And will Danny get first place in his spelling bee? The championship word is "nomenclature!"
Uh... N... O... C
The party ground to a halt and they took it outside The girls just went home, the mime probably got sick Brian ran at Arin while Barry started screaming Could we really have a future in a world without singing?
All heck broke loose with the insane war cry Arin soared through the air. Apparently, he can fly Danny kisses a girl like he was king of Versailles Brian slapped some random guy with a different guy
The battle raged on 'til the city was wrecked But the two sides began to have a mutual respect "Holy heck!" Arin yelled. "You must sure love to slam!" "You don't even know, " said Danny. "That stuff is my jam!"
A union was formed between both rival camps And they both started rocking using NFP's amps But the ceasefire ended and the battle resumed 'Cause Danny whipped out his moves and the alliance was doomed
Samurai No Fun Patrol Now their tale will be passed down in sacred scrolls They were voted "least groovy" in a recent poll Independently conducted by Danny and Brian
Is the story over or has it just begun? Has the battle for fun been lost or won? The question is a deep and important one Just like how in God's name do you spell "nomenclature"?
Here we go: N... R... This is literally impossible!
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2020.10.25 04:40 totorox92 Spandex voyeur

This is going to be kind of rambley, so bear with me.
Alright, so, I've been thinking about the sort of general mood in the fandom that the PRT and Protectorate are largely ineffectual, possibly corrupt, and exist solely to maintain the status quo of heroes and villains in North America to further the interests of Cauldron by maintaining the largest possible number of active capes to fight Scion. In particular, I was sort of sketching a conversation in my head between a Thinker SI character and the Brockton Bay Wards basically saying exactly that (barring the stuff about Cauldron). Now, beyond the fact that, on reflection, such a conversation would be kind of pointlessly cynical, I also realized that, while the character in question would have information the other characters did not to push him towards that conclusion, he would be arguing for his point based on in-universe data, things like statistics about how most cape captures escaped prison time and so on. Considering this I realized something; if he could make an argument like that, then someone else already there would be able to as well.
I know this isn't universal, but when I write a story I try and maintain the mindset that, regardless of how the world came to be, the people in it are people, capable of looking at the world around them and making decisions and drawing conclusions based on the information available to them. These decisions and conclusions won't necessarily always be rational, since people aren't always rational, but it would at least make sense internally. Characters might make emotionally motivated decisions, and they might not have all the relevant information, but they aren't going to deliberately do things that make no sense. (And yes, some stories are based more on archetypes rather than 'real' people, like say Star Wars, but Worm isn't one of those stories so I think this is fair.) So, while we might have a character who has some additional knowledge that other characters don't, such as an AU where Taylor is contacted by an elder god, or a self insert blessed with a sort of limited omniscience by virtue of being an outsider, in order to make a persuasive argument to the people of Worm, they would either need to share that knowledge or work based off of information available to anyone in universe.
For example. We, the readers, know that parahumans are pushed towards conflict by their shards. The people of Earth Bet don't know about shards, but they can make the same general observation that, 'hey, isn't it kind of weird that once someone get's powers the vast majority of them put on spandex and start punching muggers or robbing banks rather than just getting normal jobs?' We know the real reason why this thing occurs, but the people of Earth Bet would come up with their own explanations. Maybe they just sort of assume that the superhero/supervillain archetype has sunk so far into the cultural zeitgeist that it is the automatic and default course of action for people gaining powers, and most parahumans just don't even seriously consider the alternatives. This conclusion would be (mostly) wrong, but it would be internally consistent, it would be a reasonable (if again, not necessarily perfectly rational) conclusion for the average resident of Earth Bet to come to given the information available to them.
To put it another way: if you can come up with something after five minutes of thought, then someone who, in the context of the story, has had years to work on the problem probably could have come up with it too.
Drawing it back to the original point, if my SI can do a cursory survey of crime statistics and totally shatter the innocent and naïve worldview of the Wards, then so could anyone else living on Earth Bet. If he tells Vista that the Protectorate aren't heroes because they don't actually permanently take villains off the street, this shouldn't be news to her. If he can come to this conclusion based on the available evidence, then so could she (probably). To be fair, people sometimes have blindspots, things they just didn't consider for one reason or another, but even if Vista has simply never considered taking a statistical approach to analyzing the effectiveness of the PRT and Protectorate, the cool thing is, she doesn't necessarily need to have since she lives in a world filled with people. If this is a conclusion anyone could come to, then even if it never occurred to Vista, why wouldn't it have occurred to one of her classmates trying to be cool and edgy? So, then, that got me thinking more. What if the PRT and Protectorate are actually more effective than we give them credit for? In particular, what if Brockton Bay isn't a good representative sample?
This actually makes a certain degree of sense. For instance, we know that Coil has infiltrated the PRT and has likely been behind a number of problems they have faced in recent years, limiting their efficacy to make Piggot seem less competent. More than that, we know that Cauldron has been manipulating events to at least a limited extent; how much they meddled in BB is a matter of speculation, but we know that they have taken an actual interest in this particular city, where if the story was set in, like, Denver, this level of interest probably wouldn't exist. We also know that BB is unusual due to the presence of Lung, a single cape who can rival an entire hero team. Compare to the Empire 88; while they have many strong capes, none of those capes are individually strong enough to withstand a half dozen heroes at once (even if they might get broken out afterwards and would probably fight with more support given the size of the gang). The Empire is unusual in that they have at least some level of backing from an international villain group, and have the benefit of a truly immense roster of capes. The only 'normal' villain gang in the bay are the Merchants, who have a handful of relatively low power capes. Hell, Coil, Tattletale, and Dinah are probably all in the top 10 most powerful Thinkers on the eastern seaboard, if not in the top 50 globally!
So when the SI confronts Vista with his 'facts', it would be very reasonable for her to counter with 'Brockton Bay is a massive statistical outlier and shouldn't be used to draw conclusions about national trends'.
Maybe Alexandria and Legend do actually help out local hero teams to do Clean Sweeps or Big Pushes on occasion when a particular gang gets too big or goes too far, but we just don't see it happen until Alexandria shows up to shutdown the warlord Undersiders because they only do it infrequently. It wouldn't be hard for Cauldron to exert a bit of influence to make Big Pushes less desirable (one or two instances of big negative repercussions would be easy, like a city recently cleared of villains then being hit by the S9 or something), to the point that they were rare, but not unheard of, which would neuter that particular line of argument about ineffective heroes.
Maybe the turnover for weaker villains is actually reasonably high. It wouldn't surprise me too much if the Empire didn't expect to be able to retain Cricket or Stormtiger for longer than a couple years before they were caught and unable to be freed, for example. While the heavy hitter backbone might linger for a decade, the rate of capture and incarceration might actually be a lot better than we might assume. By a similar token, it doesn't really matter if only 1 in 5 captures result in lasting prison time if the PRT and Protectorate are making something like a capture a week, which might not be unreasonable in a more normal city.
I've been watching some critiques recently that have made me somewhat reconsider this assumption that everything must have an explanation and must be logical, and I think that trend has become more popular than is really warranted, but in a situation like this I am still predisposed towards it because it feels like the only reason I might be assuming ignorance would be in order to hit a kind of dumb story note rather than because it was something that might be plausible within the world of the story. The world of Worm is dark and cynical, but it's very tempting to take an even more cynical stance, to the point where we might be making very shaky assumptions. What do you think? Are the heroes really that useless? Is Brockton Bay an outlier that shouldn't be considered as fully representative of the normal state of affairs? Is there some piece of evidence that we the readers don't have, that someone in universe does, that would make the poor performance of the heroes seem reasonable?
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2020.10.24 21:37 fragileteeth Spandex voyeur

I'm using this specific fabric.
It appears the bobbin isn't catching the top thread. I've checked my machine and bobbin threadding and it's all correct and I've tried sewing something more basic like nonstretch woven cotton which works fine.
I can only assume something about this fabric is tricky and perhaps someone with more experience has some tips?
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2020.10.24 19:13 FallGuy9979 Voyeur spandex

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2020.10.24 16:30 4_g_p Spandex voyeur

You took for granted all the times, I never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head
If not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you back on solid ground
If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

Hey guys! I discovered a rather surprising craving. Judging I was never a huge fan of Marvel, DC and anything else connected to superheroes (in my adult life). But here I am, itching to write a realistic story set in a modern, alternative universe where humans with superpowers exist. That mere fraction of the human race possesses overpowered abilities that make them extremely valuable allies and dangerous foes for all of the Earth's nations. I have multiple ideas for plot, dynamics and story additions. I'm also excited to hear yours!

Here you have an incomplete list of a few potential scenarios:

  • Superhero vs. Villain where the Superhero eventually realizes he's the one in the wrong and that the so called Villain's actions were induced by a noble cause
  • Alien threat unites superhuman adversaries and tests bonds between friends
  • Something "The Boys" inspired (disclaimer: I didn't watch the series but I have a vague idea what this show is about) where a bunch of superhumans with strong convictions want to take out the "protectors of the world". In this one I would like for the vengeful heroes to eventually realize the good guys are not as "bad" as they assumed and acknowledge their sacrifices.
  • Superhero reunites with childhood friends in the time of personal crisis. Seeking support in people who see something more in him than just the country's "registered" superweapon or infamous vigilante.
I have many more! But you get the gist. We could mix those up as well.
Even though this story will be based on one of the least believable tropes for me (I mean, men in colorful capes and spandex? C'mon) I still hope to keep it as realistic as possible. Give me tangible human beings with flaws and dreams! Give me friends, lovers, enemies and circumstantial allies! Blood and tears. High stakes and tough decisions. I want my dopamine levels spiked up with thrilling action and heartache!

That said, quick guidelines for potential partners:
  • main characters and rpers should be mature adults
  • this can be platonic or (preferably) romantic mxm between realistic, imperfect, stereotypically masculine men, not boys
  • whether you will give me 1+ paragraph or 10+ novella, I need high quality substance
If you think this might be an rp for you don't hesitate to PM me!
I'll keep you by my side
With my superhuman might
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2020.10.24 15:53 grandmasara Spandex voyeur

I'm always fine tuning my layering system. In general, I could do with some upgrades to my system such as nicer quality bibs and better face/neck wear; but currently I am trying to really dial in my base layer systems, and am wanting to hear how some of you do it.
I am wondering if wool really is the best option for staying warm on those cold, wet days? I hear mixed reviews of wool being warm even wet, but then also being terrible when wet because it won't dry.
My usual layering setup is something like this: long sleeve technical shirt (spandex/polyester material), synthetic long sleeve pullover (with hood) ((Lyrica/polyester, ect)), a 850 fill down jacket, and a waterproof shell. At the warmest, I can get away with my synthetic base layer and my shell. At the coldest, I wear up to 4 layers (the ones mentioned above). My big problem is I sweat easily, starting under the arms, then the back, and also usually the thighs. Once I'm sweating I'm wet, but it's not usually a problem untill I'm not moving anymore. Obviously it sucks on the chair lift (especially on those windy days!), but this season my biggest concern is for Backcountry. The fewer layers I could get away with, the better.
I always try to 'Be bold, start cold', and unless it's frigid, I will usually be hiking in my synthetic base layer. By the the I'm ready to ride down, I'm damp, and have to start layering up again to ride out, meaning all my moisture is trapped against my body.
How do you all deal with a layering system, and how do you stay warm even if wet? (Either inside or outside your layers).
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2020.10.24 12:11 blackdott44 Spandex voyeur

MMPR: Green with Evil. We all know why this episode is great. Good Tommy is bland and overrated but Evil Tommy was just fucking awesome

Zeo: Another Song and Dance. This was just hilarious all around. Tommy and Tanya must sing all their lines opera style, even while morphing, and its just greatness all around

Turbo: Cars Attacks. This is the only episode of Turbo that felt like it was trying to have a shred of dignity, and gave us an excellent moral. Its rare that a standalone episode of this show can give legitimate valuable lessons that are more mature than "teamwork". And the delivery of that moral was done well too; Kat gives this bitch a powerful reality check: we are not friends because you are a constant ass and ultimately the rest of it is all up to you because I cannot fix your problems (That's not what she said but she might as well have). Good shit, Turbo. Now if only you would focus more on this kind of stuff and less about the evil pizzas.

In Space: Countdown to Destruction. Again, we all know why this episode is GOATed. Best finale in PR and an epic to behold. And the best part? Its not even my favorite episode in all of PR. That will be coming up soon.

Lost Galaxy: The Sunflower Search. I'll let you guys watch this one for yourself.

Lightspeed Rescue: I can't think of one, sadly.

Time Force: The Legend of the Clock Tower. I love dream episodes, for some reason. I seriously don't wonder why, they just appeal to me. So lets take my favorite character (Katie) and have her have a dream/go back in time to help this guy stop being a pussy and get his girl. The message was well executed and something that especially teenage boys (and some adult men... lookin at you) need to learn: If you want something, quit hesitating and make it happen. At least TRY, especially when it comes to girls. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. This episode teaches that lesson in a kids show about people in spandex suits hitting rubber-suited monsters and I applaud it for that.

Wild Force: Reinforcements from the Future. An excellent crossover episode, easily the best teamup. Characters from both seasons get development, we get a potential ship between rangers from different seasons which I do wish was explored more (the best rangers of those teams, nonetheless) and I loved Ransik's turnaround to good. There was no cliched betrayals, he actually wanted to help, and did just that because he wanted to make up for the damage he caused. I love this, and I wish Power Rangers nowadays would put in this kind of top tier storytelling. Fun fact: in the last 9 years since the series was revived, no episode was ever as good as any of the episodes I've talked about thus far.

Ninja Storm: Samurai's Journey. I will not spoil this one for you

Dino Thunder: Lost and Found in Translation. The aformentioned best episode in all of Power Rangers. If you like Sentai, you'll LOVE this episode. Even if you haven't watched a single episode of Dino Thunder, this one is worth checking out. Simply put, the rangers spend the whole episode watching a very poorly dubbed version of Abaranger (DT's Sentai counterpart). Its absolutely hilarious. If you've watched The Room, you know what you're getting yourself into.

SPD: Endings Part 1. Won't spoil this one either.

Mystic Force: Can't think of one.

Operation Overdrive: Things not Said. Having one of the best plot twists in the series, and one of the few things in Overdrive that's actually executed well.

Jungle Fury: Path of the Righteous. The ultimate climax for our hero and our villain, and it was an intense ride through and through


Samurai: There Go the Brides. This was done almost as good as its Sentai counterpart, though I implore you to watch the sentai version anyways because in the end its still better. Shinkenger as a whole is leagues better.

Megaforce as a whole: Vrak is Back. Combining the only good villain in this season AND closing up the only actual story arc of this season, Troy actually uses EMOTION in this episode. Now granted, Andrew Gray can't act for shit but hey, we got actual emotion out of him. My one criticism is that the title is trash. Its not even catchy.

Dino Charge: Can't think of one.

Ninja Steel: None, they all suck. I can't even use Dimensions in Danger because looking back, that episode was embarassingly disappointing.

Beast Morphers: Source Code. It hasn't aired in the states yet so I can't say anything about it. I did get Twitter spoilers when it aired internationally though, so that was fun
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2020.10.23 23:10 marcelkroust Spandex voyeur

Have you tried it ?
What were your impressions ?
Can you have a serious badass doom sound or is it too much ol' hard FM spandex ?
Asking for a friend...
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2020.10.23 15:21 loffoxfitness Voyeur spandex

Sports Bra T01B-200023
Price : $7-$11.5
MOQ - 100 Units
pattern:pop style pattern,can be customized
we provid OEM/ODM service,sample to test quality is highly welcomed.
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