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2020.10.17 16:06 mortysocks My best friend

(T/W CP, SA) I had a best friend who was a year older than me. We knew each other as babies. She introduced me to porn and we would “play sex” where she would grind on me and do things orally. This had been going on from before I can even remember so maybe started when I was 3 or 4. I didn’t see anything wrong at the time as it was all I knew and just saw it as a secret game. This lead me to knowing way too much about sex and telling all my friends at school about porn and all sorts of inappropriate stuff. It also made me desperate for male attention so between the ages of 8 and 11, I would undress on webcam on sites like Omegle. I feel like this strange hyper sexuality put me in a lot of dangerous situations growing up and I’m scared of anything coming to light. Anyway, I have some questions and any advice would be helpful. Should I contact the girl who did this to me, to make sure she’s ok and wasn’t abused herself? How can I find out if anything on Omegle was screenshotted? Should I get professional help? How can I tell my family?
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2020.10.14 18:44 littlepaozi Webcam omegle stickam

Me (27 F) and ex-fiancé (27 M) ended our relationship after 10 years. Around 3 weeks ago and he’s already found someone new.
I have been with my partner for 10 years. We met on Omegle chat, before webcams. I was in the process of moving to TX, and it just so happens when we started talking, he lived in the city I was moving to, it was weird at first because I was in FL. He was my friend first before we started dating, obviously, I didn't want to meet any stranger dange child kidnapper. We are each other's first for pretty much everything, sex, girlfriend, boyfriend, dated no one in between.. etc. We were off and on for the first 5 years because of military and young priorities, and every time we broke up, it was always him who ended it, and every time I was left with anxiety and trauma. And we were engaged in 2016 after I told him in 2015 I can't do the breaking up anymore, this is it for real. And in 2017 we moved in together for 2.5 years, I moved with him following to small towns because of his work, and I didn't have a job after graduating from grad school. I did find one, but I was laid off in June this past year. While moving with him, we did try to get married in the courthouse, but my dad the day of the wedding decided to get into a motorcycle accident. And since then financially and COVID, we haven't been able to plan out our wedding, I didn't have a good financial job moving with him. It has been frustrating this past year since I moved away 3 hours to focus on my career (we both agreed, I need a big city to work in public health for more job opportunities), he is currently in the law enforcement k9. We've made it work, every other weekend we drive to each other, we have dogs and families in between the cities we live in. He's my best friend and my love, we rarely fight or argue. And typically living together we fought 1x a year because of us adjusting to each other and each other living personalities/work schedules which were normal.
In June, I brought up to him that he's been rejecting my love and affection, turning down sex in person and over the phone over the past couple weeks before June. We got into an argument and out of spite and anger, I said we should take a break because I couldn't process my thoughts and stress after getting rejected not only from my own fiancé but from jobs and interviews, he took it seriously. I was upset he didn't fight for us after 10 years. I apologized and told him I shouldn't have said that but he made me feel like I was worthless and any time I bring it up, he just blamed work or tiredness. I told him, that we don't live together anymore and it's different now that we need that long-distance relationship affection again. I feel like we are taking a step backward instead of forward and we resolved our issue. I finally received a job to able to cover my bills and lease, and I thought we were fine.
Recently... he started ignoring me and rejecting me, I brought it up to him and he just said he's felt different since every time we fight I end it. Which isn't true, I don't know where this came up from... and he said he's over our relationship and not willing to try to work things out with me. I told him I think it's just a miscommunication issue but he thinks we fight all the time, which I don't think it's the case at all. I told him I would be willing to break my lease to move in with him because I think we are at the point of the relationship to be together, not apart anymore. I want to marry him and start a family. He won't budge, he ended it 3 weeks ago.. and I don't know what to do now. I asked if he wanted his ring and things back, he said no. His motorcycle, spare car key and things are still with me at my apartment. And I still have things at his place. I asked if he's willing to work with me, he said no. I also asked if he doesn't love me or if his feelings have changed he said of course not, we've been together 10 years. He hasn't told his family and friends. So I don't understand... I asked well what are our chances getting back together, and he just said, I'm not deleting you off anything... and who knows maybe in the future we can be together again...
Well after giving him space, he’s already found someone online and making plans to meet, and I’m struggling. We still keep in contact because we share dogs and bills together... but if he met someone now does this mean it’s completely over for us and I need to move on? I’m so lost.
tl;dr- he ended our 10 year relationship, not willing to give it a try or work on things, but the relationship doesn't seem ended because he won't exchange things. But he’s met someone new and they’re talking online. I’m having a hard time moving on... how do you do it?
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2020.10.14 10:54 justbeavailable Omegle stickam webcam

Hi, so I've been properly dating this girl for over 2 years now, she was my first ever girlfriend and the only person I've ever interacted sexually with. However before we got together I went through a heavy phase of seeking mistresses online doing skype sessions, joining sites like collarspace and even occassionally browsing webcam sites like omegle to try find someone to boss me about to get that rush again. I had brief stints with some mistresses on skype doing a variety of things that i was into and also wasn't, but I was up for the experience. I sometimes feel slightly regretful about these times, but they also filled a huge void for me at the time.
So anyway since this was my first ever girlfriend we've been pretty vanilla, just trying different positions nothing kinky but I've always wanted to ask her if she'd be interested in exploring more, as recently she has asked me to do things like choke her and finger her arse and pin her down during sex. While I have enjoyed these requests I have often wanted to ask to go further like actual anal, eating her ass, getting her to wear latex suits etc as I am really into this kind of thing. I however have like severe anxiety, so I start thinking about asking about these things when we're in the moment and super horny but I never seize the opportunity and after we've finished having sex the moments gone and I lose any drip of confidencr of talking about my fetishes and stuff with her. I know some of my desires like pegging may never be met but I would like to experiemce some desires with this woman as I love her a lot, I just want her to be more dominant in the bedroom and stuff, but previously she has made comments about things her friends have done and it made me push things further down than before.
I just want to know how most people go about talking about sexual fantasies and stuff with their partner, its not a stage of we can't talk about sexual things I just lack severe confidence with everything I do and I don't want to somehow lose the girl I love because my desires might be too overwhelming for her.
TL;DR I have a vanilla gf of 2 years, shes asked me to do a few kinkier things but I want to explore a lot more but severe anxiety and a few other things make me pussy out of talking about these things. Need help figuring out how to introduce these ideas into our sex life with her consent ofc
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2020.10.13 15:10 IdolA13Octl Webcam omegle stickam

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2020.10.08 02:22 Mooshiebby Webcam omegle stickam

My webcam does not work on discord or the windows camera app. But it does work on Obs, Zoom, Omegle, and the G hub settings. The camera is the logitech 1080p stream pro if that matters. I have tried everything and gave all the apps permissions but nothing seems to work. If anyone else has had this problem please let me now how to fix it. Much thanks.
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2020.09.23 15:45 Psychological_Pen655 Omegle webcam stickam

My partner and I have been together for 7 years. About 5 years ago we used sites like Chaturbate and Omegle for cybersex as a couple, my partner has continued to use these websites on his own despite me asking him to stop.
I don't mind him showing his body online but he will use the websites to have sexually explicit conversations with other women and have 1-1 webcam sex with them too. I consider this cheating but he says its OK because he doesn't mind me doing the same thing and he is open to me having sex with a woman because I am bisexual.
We have had sex about 10 times over the last year and lately, he has shown hardly any sexual interest in me. I've posted nudes online and talked to women on tinder a couple of times but I have not had a sexual conversation with a man or had sex with anyone else because I consider this cheating. He was still using these websites infrequently and he was trying to stop using them since I asked him not to.
I started to feel guilty that he was allowing me to potentially have sex with a woman but I wasn't allowing him to have cybersex with strangers, so we came to a compromise: He could use those websites if we had a joint account and he shared some of the conversations with me and let me know what he was up to. The idea was to include me so we could enjoy it together instead of him declining sex with me but telling other women he wants to fuck them online. I thought it was a great idea but he has used those websites regularly in secret behind my back since and only had sex with me once.
I am at a loss of what to do next because I love him very much and our relationship is great but I am obviously deeply hurt by this. I am willing to do whatever it takes to save our sex life and relationship but I need him to do the same. Please give me some advice on where I can go from here.
Please don't write mean things about the age difference, it's unnecessary.
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2020.09.22 08:38 bigboy_ari Webcam omegle stickam

So I got my new webcam, and it works fine on the camera app and on discord, but when trying to use a webcam tester (or anything to do with my webcam like omegle) on chrome, it comes up with a black screen displaying a white Wi-Fi symbol and a loading circle. This also appears on the camera app before I click the "flip" camera, where it then starts working.
It's as if the webcam thinks it has a rear camera (which is the one displaying the black screen and symbols) and the front facing camera that works. How do I change it so that chrome detects the correct camera view of me rather than the screen?
Also, I had downloaded the driver for the webcam for Windows 8 (despite having Windows 10 as the driver only dates to Window 8) on compatibility mode, but the driver didn't detect my webcam. I also tried adding " --enable-features=RunVideoCaptureServiceInBrowserProcess" to the end of the target field in chrome properties but nothing changed. So basically, chrome does detect my Webcam, but not the right "view" if that makes sense.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
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2020.09.04 04:24 crazyphyscoman EOS Webcam Utility only working with OBS

I've been trying to use my EOS Rebel T7 as my webcam. However, OBS is the only application/website that works properly. It isn't working on Discord, Google Meet, Windows 10's Camera app, Blackboard Collaborate, or even Omegle. I've uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times to the same results. I don't have EOS Utility installed, so compatibility issues from that isn't the issue (and shouldn't be if OBS works properly.) For reference, I'm using Firefox as my browser. Windows security is my only sort of anti-virus, and allowing apps to use my camera is enabled in my Windows settings. I've also made sure that OBS isn't open when testing other websites.
To go in-depth, when I launch OBS, my DSLR's screen will display/flicker the "Press [button] to start recording" screen, then will show the feed on both the screen, and in OBS. It will also display my viewfinder's functionality (which I assume is normal behaviour as it does the same when recording a normal video.
However, on every other app/website, that same popup will flicker a whole bunch, then goes black. I can see through the viewfinder though.
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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2020.08.24 19:52 Sufficient_Ease_4104 Webcam omegle stickam

Throwaway cause reasons. Heres a story of how I found my guilty pleasure.

I have recently started using Omegle because I always wanted to see what the hype was about. I recent got a webcam for the first time cause my job needed me to have one. I go to unmoderated because I didnt want to see children. First person pops up and its a guy jerking it. No face, just dick.

Now for a bit of context I have my cam facing down cause I dont like showing my face but I still try to engage cause why not so I am very talkative. This guy asks M or F and I say M and he leaves and I feel all bummed. Next one comes up instantly and legit asks the same thing and I say F this time to see if I would get a different response. He asks age and I say 18. I am shocked by the fact he decided to stay so long so I pushed a little bit further and asked for his age and he told me 31.

At this point he is beating his meat with 1 hand and typing with the other and I am just amazed at how well this is going. He asks me to show him something then I dip because I realize I am in too deep. Now fast forward 2 days and I am feeling horny-ish and give it a go again.

This time I made a challenge to myself to get someone to climax. I also found out I like watching people get off so it is a win win. I find this guy who looks to be a bit older in tight blue underwear and I say hey before they he thinks of leaving. He says M or F and I say F18 and I ask him his age. He tells me 46 and I ask him if he could cum for me. He says yes if you show me and I tell him if I show him my titty that he has to show me his dick. At this point I am freaking out but I realize I am a fatass and I pull out my man boob and face the camera to it and he believes it and whips it out instantly. At this point I am shocked and put the camera facing down again and he begins jerking it furiously and asks me with his other hand to show both. I make up to dumb excuse about it being hard to hold my titties together while holding the camera but attempt it and it works.

I ask him if he will cum for me again and he said yes baby in his voice. At this point I had to get him to finish cause I got this far so why not all the way? I start talking dirty to him in the most raunchiest way possible. Stuff like, "you like fucking raw", "you want me force me on the bed and use me", "you want me to whimper as you thrust me" and ect. At this point he is verbal and I just keep up the dirty talk and half way through I tell him to go faster and he does like some robot so I just keep going and I ask him if he wants to imagine fucking my face and that pushes him over the edge. He lets out a loud ass moan as he makes a mess down his hand and on his shirt. I tell him to wipe the cum on his balls and he does it to my interest and then I leave.

I realize I am rock hard from watching him think I was someone else. This was 3 days ago and I am so addicted to getting men off with just fake tits and dirty talk. Something about it gets me off. I dont think I am a bad person but I want to know what yall think if you made it this far.
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2020.08.21 20:14 Sirdamnalot Webcam omegle stickam

Is anyone familiar with the following ban?

Banned You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network. 
I assume it's due to the use of a virtual cam emulator such as, in my case Droidcam. It doesn't seem to follow the commonly mention 2-5 days ban rule since it has lasted longer than that. It bans on both normal and unmoderated section on giving omegle permissions to use webcam and webcam.
Is there anything a user can do? Asides waiting, getting a webcam or even vpn solutions.
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2020.08.14 21:38 housedepressivo Quarentena, Omegle e masturbação

Bom, recentemente eu comecei a usar o Omegle, meio que do nada sabe ? Me deu na telha pq consegui uma webcam nova com microfone pro EAD e decidi arriscar. Já tinha visitado o site antes, com meus 14 anos, mas nunca mostrava o rosto e só ficava pulando de pessoa em pessoa sem nunca conversar. Mas nessa quarenta conversei bastante, pelo menos de início... Todos devem saber que o Omegle é cheio de pessoas das mais diversas cidades, outras pessoas desnudas se masturbando ou telas pretas, no início eu sempre pulava os pênes em minha tela, mas depois comecei a demorar mais pra passar por cada um. Em um impulso, decidi fazer o mesmo, me masturbar de frente a minha camera e pular de janela em janela novamente.
Para dar um melhor contexto, estou tentando largar a pornografia, assisti a alguma vídeos e documentários que me deixaram horrorizado. Passei cerca de uma semana sem consumir ou me masturbar, só que quando senti vontade não foi simplesmente ver porno.
Começou simples, o de sempre, mas depois me veio um pensamento " por que não ir no omegle ? Ninguém nunca vai saber e eu só vou mostrar o pinto" Mas não, o Omegle é muito conhecido, e sempre existem muitas crianças lá, não quero traumatizar ninguém e também não sou nenhum tarado. Migrei para o "Chatroullet" para satisfazer minha fantasia. E lá estava eu, de pau na mão e pulando de janela em janela. Chegou em um cara e ficamos nos masturbando um olhando para o outro... Isso me leva a pensar na possibilidade da minha bissexualidade.
Já namorei uma garota, depois dela nunca mais namorei ninguém... Priorizo ver pornôs que priorizam a o penes, como blowjobs e handjobs... Sempre pensei que fosse pra me imaginar no lugar do cara, mas pensando melhor agora não era só isso. Mas não me imagino beijando ou dando pra nenhum homem. Também sou apaixonado pelo corpo feminino, com todas as suas curvas e detalhes... Seios... Cochas...Vagina... Por isso fico mais confuso ainda Mas enfim, me masturbei e não cheguei a gozar em vídeo, sai antes e terminei sozinho. Imediatamente me veio uma culpa horrível, pensamentos paranóicos e ansiosos, como: " sou gay ?", " Vão invadir minha casa?", "Me gravaram?", "O que vai acontecer agora?". Isso tudo ficou martelando na minha cabeça, e ainda martela. Hj senti o impulso de ir ao Chatroullet novamente, fiz de novo... E não me orgulho ... Também não quero fazer de novo, estou com medo de ter esse desejo novamente. Me sinto sujo, estou com nojo de mim mesmo, não sei o que fazer e não tenho com quem conversar sobre isso, tenho medo de me acharem um tarado por me masturbar pra uma câmera... É isso, precisava desabafar e compartilhar, espero que o post não seja apagado, primeira vez fazendo isso aq no Reddit... Queria ouvir a opinião e ter alguém pra conversar sobre. Boa noite a todos, espero que fiquem bem nessa quarenta.
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2020.08.12 18:45 Drawdi Webcam omegle stickam

I guess I can't do anything about it because it was taken by a stranger which I never gonna see again and I can't take revenge or do anything about it. I'm just so scared and hate myself for my stupidity and that I'm naive. I have the urge to go on Omegle and show myself shirtless and then do weird, strange, and cringe poses like pulling my shoulders up very high. So there was that one situation where a girl was giggling and took her phone out to take a photo or video or something (she hold it very long) and I was about to skip her but then there came another girl in front of the webcam and I hold my stupid pose with the shoulders pulled up. I was so dumb and naive that I "sold me to them" and made me embarrassing myself in front of them. When they were done with it, they skipped me, and then the fear and regret started in me. It was 8 months ago, a few days before Silvester, and I still sometimes think about it and it stuck in my head, and I don't know if I will ever get that out of my head and don't care about it, let the fear go. It's terrible and awful...
The worst thing is, I still did that after that happened, but were more careful, wore a mask, and instantly skipped someone who tried to take a photo of me. But then I thought about, what if still someone is taking a video from his Omegle chats, and many people already filmed me multiple times without me even noticing, and before that with the girls happened, I already had the experiences of people wanting to take a photo of me but I noticed and skipped them. But sometimes I noticed just a little bit later, so they also could be having taken a photo of me (while not as bad as me being in a silly and cringe pose, I was still shirtless).
Now, what can I do about it? Can I do something about it? I always tried to "google" Omegle cringe pics or Omegle cringe videos to maybe find a picture/video of me, to finally know if the girls had uploaded it on the internet somewhere. If there would be a video/picture of mine posted somewhere, could I even find it or not? And if you guys saw a picture of a shirtless guy with his shoulders pulled up very high, pls let me know, that is me then. I want to feel closure about that experience...
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