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Tom Denall’s “Silent Destroyer” (originally built on surplus Sanish “Destroyer” carbines) is a Ruger 77/44 bolt action rifle with a large integral suppressor... Inflation: the silent destroyer of wealth. Tweet. Share. Pin. Share. 0 Shares. Recently I was on holiday in Devon, and I got a shock when my daughter went to buy ice creams: a 99 flake cost £3! I thought she’d gone mad – last time I checked they cost 99p, hence the name! Insects are never welcomed into the home. Capturing the top honors of the most dreaded and disliked of all household pests is the eastern subterranean termite. The termite, known as a silent destroyer, will feed on the cellulose material of many things from the wooden structure of your home to paper, books, and wooden fixtures. Termites never ... I own a Tom Denall "Silent Destroyer" conversion. I call it either "Sandusky" or my "Sandusky Silent Destroyer" because of the artwork I have on the suppressor tube. It was drawn for me by the creator of the "Sandusky" online comic. As you can see below, I'm a bit of a fan. It is very well written and well drawn stuff. Silent Destroyers. Termites are known as the “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew thru wood, flooring and even wall paper UNDETECTED. All of what you put into your home to make it great can be destroyed by termites. In my book subtitled, “How to build a great marriage,” I use the analogy of building a home. Silent Destroyer. When you are buying a new home, it is imperative to have it inspected by a professional exterminator who understands the signs of carpenter ants, termites or other wood destroying pests. A pest infestation is the silent destroyer of buildings because the insects lurk in hidden locations such as wood frames, drywall and other ... CYBER-PORN - The Silent Destroyer of Marriage. Pornography is commonly thought of as harmless, no-one gets hurt. There only seems to be a universally accepted 'crossing of the line' when child pornography is involved. With the advert of the World Wide Web, pornography can easily and anonymously enter any household; cyber-porn is only one or two ... Insects are never welcomed into the home. Capturing the top honors of the most dreaded and disliked of all household pests is the eastern subterranean termite. The termite, known as a silent destroyer, will feed on the cellulose material of many things from the wooden structure of your home to paper, books, and wooden fixtures. Termites never ... 44Mag Integral Silent Destroyer, Built on a 96/44 Lever Action Ruger Carbine. Tom Denall’s “Silent Destroyer” (originally built on surplus Sanish “Destroyer” carbines) is a Ruger 77/44 bolt action rifle with a large integral suppressor. Chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge, it allows the use of a heavy bullet to maximize ballistic potential while remaining subsonic, prevents mechanical action noise by being a ...

2020.10.20 18:43 PM_ME_YOUR_DEMEANORS Porn is the Silent Destroyer

It is a force to be reckoned with. humanity has never had to deal with the deluge of information that it currently contends with. Between social media force feeding us outrage, limitless novelty of information, and our own personal (free) digital harem we stand no chance if we relinquish our force of will.
Porn operates on subterfuge. It takes a benign act that we are conditioned societally and evolutionarily to keep private and bastardizes it. It corrupts our sexuality. It alters our views of other people and what they mean to us. It clouds our judgement and skewes our view of people from "what can we do for each other" to "what can THEY do for ME." Porn dehumanizes the sexual act and transfigures it into solely an act of voyeurism. You don't satiate thirst by looking at a glass of water. This private problem has real world consequences that leak into our social lives. Some of these consequences I'm all too familiar with.
Men and women alike are coming together against this new form of high speed manipulation. Communities like this are truly amazing. People are recognizing that online porn is not like the dirty magazines from a few years ago. Just like how twitter and Facebook are not like the old town message boards. The websites themselves operate like slot machines. Constant streams of novelty, never ending, only leaving the desire for more in their wake. The only way to end it is to take up arms against it, speak out, don't participate in this wide scale social experiment. We are not lab rats.
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Cover art | Discord Server | The Library - Home Page
The Story: Once in a lucky lifetime, a gifted scholar might be given a boon in their dreams; a visit to the Library, the magical seat of all human knowledge. But within those walls lives the Librarian, fated to spend every night among the books. And now, the Librarian wants out.
Patreon - Current advance chapters: 3
The sun peeked over the horizon, filling the world with the first, hazy rays of light.
Daniel drove.
His hands tightened around the steering wheel. Stressing wouldn’t help, he knew. He’d get there as soon as he could, and panicking wouldn’t make it come any faster.
Logic didn’t seem to be helping. He was worried.
With his mind in an uproar, every mile seemed to take an eternity, but it was only a few minutes after Maya hung up that he heard the electronic voice of the GPS chime back in. His pulse quickened. Setting his jaw and keeping his eyes fixed on the road, Daniel turned off onto an exit ramp.
Not far now. He forced himself to calm down, to breathe. Get your shit together. This was happening. If he wasn’t going to calm down and get his head in the game, then he might as well get back on the freeway and drive until the road ran out. Screwing this up meant losing everything.
But damn it, he hadn’t wanted it to be like this. Out of all the ways he’d dreamed of meeting Leon in person, out of all the wishes he’d had, it wouldn’t have been like this. Ever.
The sight of the freeway hubbub falling away was a sobering enough sight to bring him back to Earth. His three friends were all college students themselves. The town they lived in was close enough for them to commute to classes, but far enough to be affordable. Even still...there would be a lot of eyes on him if this went badly. Maybe that was good. Or maybe that’d be very, very bad.
Turning down a side street and continuing to drive, Daniel’s mind turned ahead to what came next. Judging from the constant instructions of his GPS, he’d be there any minute now. There was still a good bit of gloom in the sky, but the world around him grew lighter by the second. He’d have to be careful, if he didn’t want to get caught.
Reaching up without taking his eyes off the road, he grabbed for the hood of his coat. He’d probably look a bit weird, driving down the street all hooded, but it’d keep the eyes off his face. For a little while, anyway.
Despite himself, he realized he did feel a little better once the fabric was up, swathing his head. A little more like himself. Chuckling wryly, he nursed the car on, scanning the streets for a landmark. Houses rose up on either side, spaced out by unkept fields and clusters of trees. The strips of woodland crept between the homes, like the homeowners’ final attempt to keep from having to see each other. Not the untamed wilderness, then—but less crammed on top of each other than they could have been.
Close enough. He’d driven far enough, and if he went closer, he’d...He grimaced, a muscle in his jaw pulsing. If he drove ahead, then he’d probably just wind up mired in whatever trap Indira and her cronies were setting. He wouldn’t help Leon by just getting entangled himself.
Slowing, he eased the car onto the shoulder, tucking it off the road far enough it probably wouldn’t get hit. If things went well, he’d be back for it soon.
He really, really hoped that things would go well.
Adrenaline spiked in his veins as he killed the engine and pulled the keys free, as though the silence was the final clue his brain had needed that this was real. That he was here. There was no going back.
Again, almost by force of habit, he tugged at his hood. His fingers pressed over the air in front of his face, searching for a porcelain barrier that simply didn’t exist. The quivering of his fingers grew stronger. He was exposed. More completely than he’d ever expected or wanted.
Daniel shifted, releasing his seat belt before he could devolve back into a total panic. He was doing this. And then…
He’d deal with the aftermath...after.
The pistol slipped free of its holster. He glanced down, checking the safety. Checking to make sure the magazine was seated, that the action had closed. He’d had a lot of hours alone in Alexandria over the years, and he’d had more than enough time to learn how to use a gun. He’d be fine.
If you’re so sure about that, stop repeating it. Shoving the weapon back into its home, he pulled his jacket closed over the top, then eased out of the car.
If he’d thought the silence as he shut the car off was a reminder of the severity of his situation, it was nothing compared to the run that followed. The crisp morning air bit at his face, until he hunched his shoulders high and tucked his chin against his chest. A wind lashed across the rolling hills, tugging at his clothes. Every swish and sway was another reminder that he was here. Outside Alexandria. Moving around in the outside world.
Worse than that, though, was the feeling of eyes on him. He strode forward, trying to seem nonchalant, and picked his way up the road’s shoulder. But with every step he took, he had to fight the urge to glance around. Every instinct in his body screamed to turn, inspecting his surroundings. The whispers in his head screamed louder, filling him with the uncertain terror that if he did that, he’d find someone staring right back at him.
But he couldn’t hear anyone, and when he cast a few surreptitious glances around, he couldn’t see anyone, either. It was still the ass-crack of dawn, and the few cars that drove past seemed completely disinterested in him. It was hard to tell, seeing as they were cars, not people, but none of them so much as slowed.
His GPS beeped. Daniel glanced down, taking in the sight of the dot glowing on the map. His mind whirled. If it was there, and he was here, then-
Looking both ways, he darted across the road, vanishing into one of the half-hearted clusters of trees that dotted the landscape. If he was right, then it’d be one of the houses around here. And that meant he needed to start playing this a little more careful. His steps slowed, moving with deliberation through the underbrush. His ears strained, picking out each and every noise.
Silence. That was all. The worry in his chest loosened, just a little.
Exhaling, Daniel hurried forward, lifting his gaze at last. The houses out this way were spaced out a little better—but in the same breath, they all had that sort of run-down, lived-in look to them that rented houses did. His target, then.
He pushed his way through the low-hanging branches, praying that none of the residents had gotten up early to go to work. If one of them was sitting at their kitchen table, looking out the back window, then seeing a strange hooded man come running out of the forest would be damn sure to get the cops called on him.
Daniel paused, his brow furrowing. Would...Was he an idiot? Would that work? If he called for help, would they-
Before the thought was even fully formed, he snorted, shaking his head derisively. As if. If Indira really was working with mages, then something told him they wouldn’t be caught out by something as simple as mundane police. And the cops would have questions for him, too—questions he couldn’t answer. No, this was on him.
He glanced up again, sliding out of the treeline, and stopped.
The back of the houses waited before him—and his eyes were glued to one in particular. A white number, small but not dirty. The remains of a bonfire waited in a firepit in the backyard, carefully away from their neighbor’s fence.
There. Daniel forced himself to stop, taking a hard look around. If Olivia was right, then Indira would already know Leon’s identity. Had he beat her here?
Knocking on Leon’s front door would be a sure way to give up the game. He’d have to try something else. With a final glance and another murmured prayer, he darted forward.
Windows lined the side of the house. Smaller ones—about the right size for a bedroom, if he was any judge. Maybe, if he peeked in-
Daniel pressed his nose to the glass of the first one, his hands braced on the white-painted siding. A bedroom lay beyond, sure enough. Just...an empty one. The bedsheets lay thrown back, half-ripped off the mattress.
“Shit,” he whispered, sinking lower again. A roommate that’d already left—or was it Leon’s room?
If Leon had already taken off, running around somewhere in town, there’d be no telling where he was. Or when Daniel would find him. What if Indira and them found him first?
Daniel bit off the thought with an irritated hiss, again glancing to the homes around him. He didn’t have time for this. Hurrying away from the window, he fixed his eyes on the next one down.
Slowly, moving carefully, he inched up alongside it, peering through.
He was the Librarian, he thought with a hint of woe. A respected and honorable rank. He was a guardian of knowledge, and the protector of all who entered his domain.
And here he was, peeping into people’s bedrooms like some kind of voyeur. How far he’d fallen.
Any guilt or worries about his current actions vanished behind an electric surge as another bedroom appeared before his eyes—and this time, the bed was occupied.
Daniel’s breath caught in his throat. He froze, his eyes narrowing as he leaned in. Was it-
He...couldn’t tell. Whoever it was, they were swathed in their bedsheets, wrapped up like a burrito. His heart raced. Decision time, yet again. This was the right house. He was...pretty sure this was the right house. And it wasn’t a big house. The other bedroom had been empty. Should he risk it?
But if he was wrong, and this wasn’t Leon, then that whole “calling the cops” business might actually happen—the other way around. He couldn’t afford that.
So what did he do? He squirmed, raising himself up a little taller as though the extra inch would give him the confirmation he needed. Maybe...Maybe he could-
A creak echoed around the block. A door opening on one of the other houses. The sound lanced straight down to Daniel’s core, stirring him awake. If it wasn’t Leon, then he’d just run. He’d figure something else out. But he couldn’t stand here out in the open.
Steeling himself, he brought his hand up—and rapped on the window. “Hey!” he hissed, pressing his lips to the glass. “Hey!”
Again, he froze, in time to hear a snore erupt from the bed.
“Damn it,” he muttered, shifting uncomfortably. “H-Hey! Wake up!”
His knuckles battered the window pane, harder and harder.
The figure shifted, writhing beneath the bedsheets—and rolled over.
Daniel’s heart froze. He knew that face, the one that peeked out from beneath the blankets and the mop of brassy hair. Leon. He’d done it. He’d found him. Now, he just had to-
Leon rolled back over, spread-eagled on the mattress. The steady sound of his snores rose again.
“Shit,” Daniel whispered, his eyes going wide. His hand hovered in front of the window again. He could knock harder, but he’d be as likely to smash the glass as wake his sleeping friend up.
So be it. He...At least he knew it was the right house.
Muttering a curse under his breath, he cast a furtive glance around—and then he slid his fingernails under the crack in the window.
If Leon had locked the window, if he’d been even a little careful, then-
The window slid up with a groan. Daniel grinned. His hands were sweating already, turning his grip slippery and damp. But he had his way, so long as none of the neighbors were watching. If they were...well, the cops might get called yet.
Hoisting himself up, he eased forward, slinging himself inside. “Sorry,” he whispered, wincing as his shoes hit the carpet. “No time.”
They were on a schedule. Right. The thought kept him focused on the target, rather than stopping to consider how fucked-up all of this was or to ogle the room around him. Leon was right there. Once he got him, they could go. Forcing himself forward, he took a step, and-
And tripped headlong, coming crashing back down over a mound of textbooks. He caught himself at the last, his startled cry vanishing into a muffled gurgle.
Shit. Daniel’s head snapped up, just in time to see Leon surge upright. The covers flew from his shoulders, landing in a pile on his lap. The man’s eyes searched the room—and fixed on him.
Shit, shit. Caught in the rush of terror-fueled adrenaline, Daniel could read it all in Leon’s eyes. Confusion. Fear. Panic. Hell, it was understandable. He’d been sleeping peacefully, right up until some asshole showed up in his room to knock over a heap of books.
A heartbeat later, Leon thrust himself backward. “W-What? Who- What are you-”
His hand scrabbled for something on his nightstand. His phone. “Get the fuck out of my-”
“Wait!” Daniel hissed, lurching forward. His arm came up, waving desperately. “Wait, wait. Please. It’s-”
It’s what? What was he going to follow that up with? All of his carefully-laid plans vanished, catching in his throat to choke him.
But Leon had stopped. He had the phone in his hand, halfway raised, but he’d just...stopped. His eyes were glued to Daniel, his brow furrowed. “What? I...who are you?”
“It’s me,” Daniel said, refusing to move so much as an inch. This looked shady enough as-is. He had to play it cool. “It’s-”
“Owl,” Leon said. A light came on in his eyes, even as his head lifted another scant few inches. “Holy shit. You’re-”
“Sorry,” Daniel whispered. “Look. Can you just-”
“What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom?” Leon said, his brow starting to furrow. He clutched the sheets a little tighter, pulling them higher over his t-shirt. “Jesus. Did you stalk me?”
“Look, I- I’m sorry,” Daniel said, falling back a step. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think-”
“A-And then-” Leon’s eyes flicked over to the wall. “Did you break into my house?
“I didn’t break in,” Daniel said lamely. “The- The window was unlocked.”
“Even still. That’s...This isn’t-”
“Leon, we have to go,” Daniel burst out. “Right now. I’m sorry, I know this is weird, but-”
Incredibly weird.”
“But you’re in danger.” The words fell out of him in a rush. Leon came to a stop, blinking. Daniel smiled, not an ounce of joy in the expression. “I wouldn’t have come otherwise. And you didn’t answer your phone.”
“My-” Leon twisted, raising his phone and keying it on. “...Shit.”
“On silent?” Daniel said. He knew they needed to hurry, but even still...he couldn’t help but laugh.
Leon screwed his face up, giving his head a quick shake. “...No,” he mumbled.
So he slept like the dead, then. Hey, Alexandria probably liked that. “All right,” Daniel said, trying to collect himself. He took a step back again, gesturing for Leon to follow. “Come on.”
“...Through the window?” Leon said, glancing between it and him. “Are you serious? I have a door.”
“And they’re probably watching it,” Daniel hissed.
Leon’s face went pale. “What? Who?”
Daniel groaned, running a hand across his face. His hand caught on the stubble there, reminding him just how much he wished he could’ve had time to shave before a meeting like this. Or shower. Or dress himself properly. There were so many things he would’ve changed, if he could.
But he didn’t have the time. For any of it. “It’s a long story,” he said, more quietly. “I’ll explain everything. Look. Do you trust me?”
Leon looked back, locking his blue eyes with Daniel’s brown. For a long moment, they stared at each other, motionless.
Finally, something in his expression seemed to settle, and he nodded. “Yeah,” he said quietly. “I do.”
Daniel forced a smile. “I’ll tell you everything, but we need to…” He sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose. “We need to get James and Maya. I talked to her already, and she- she should be getting at it, but-” Get to the point. “We need to go. Right now. Like, now.” He gestured toward a dresser shoved in the corner. “Pants. C’mon.”
Leon slid from beneath the blankets, rising, but he stumbled toward a heap of clothes in the corner, not the dresser. “Fine,” he mumbled. “Whatever.” He dug through the mound, ostensibly for something to cover the boxers he wore.
Every so often, though, he cast a glance over his shoulder back toward Daniel. Just as quickly, he’d snap back to the clothes, but Daniel wasn’t fooled. He only waited, trying to pretend he didn’t notice. This meeting was awkward enough as it was.
Only when the jingling of Leon’s zipper-pull came to a stop did Daniel lift his head and turn toward the window. “Okay. Come on. We can-”
Something flickered past outside. A wave of...of something. A blurriness, like compressed fog coursing through the air. It vanished, but the space behind it was left hazy and muted.
Daniel froze—and then lurched, gasping. He clutched at his head. His ears rang with a sudden silence, as though someone had put plugs in them. The air came harder, thick in his lungs. From the corner of his vision, he could see Leon clutching at his chest, eyes wide. The whole world went still.
Not good. Even in the quiet of the moment, with his limbs heavy and his senses confused, his thoughts raced ahead at full speed. He didn’t know quite what was happening, but he knew it was not good.
“Come,” he croaked, shambling toward the window. “Come on.”
Before he could so much as grasp the frame, though, a new sound split the silence.
An engine. A car. The noise grew closer and closer, seeming completely unbothered by the odd stillness, until it might have been right in the driveway.
And then the engine turned off, pitching them back into silence.
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I only need two buttons, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. copypasta JOINHotNewTopNEW POSTS83Posted byu/GeniusDude279 hours ago
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This is humorous due to the fact that the slap in the back of the cranium is very unexpected, and also the unorthodox conversation as “oh you playin Minecraft”, and, “I like ya cut g”. Overall, this is a 7/10 on the humorous scale.
14 CommentsGive AwardShareSave147Posted byu/starcringe14 hours ago
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My gf was slow cooking ribs and I guess there were done in the middle of the night. So this woman wakes me up at 3AM and goes "Here babe, I've been trying how to cook properly so i can be a good wife in the future." So we sat in bed and ate ribs. We stare at each other and It was indeed love. I've found my soulmate.
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So i was doing the dishes but then i accidentally smashed a plate. So my mom threw the fucking fridge at me. Now she is blaming me for the broken fridge and she says I have to pay for it :( I'm really upset. My mom told me to make her a cup of coffee, but when i didn't add any cream she got out a fucking gun. Luckily I managed to dodge the shot. I'm really scared what should I do? If I try and call the police she might hear me and smash the phone. I might try and climb out the window and sprint to my uncle's house. It might be too risky tho.
I'm currently hiding in our washing machine. Help is appreciated! Send help!
Edit: she found me running on the street and shot me twice. Im bleeding and i think im gonna die. Please help. She is still talking abt how I have to pay for the fridge
Edit 2: my right hand fell off. Typing with one hand will be hard but ill try
Edit 3: its midnight
Edit 6: i am on the plane to Norway to live with my great-grandfather.
Edit 7: my plane is going to fucking crash. We are over the arctic circle and they are sending emergency broadcasts.
Edit 8: my mom called me and told me shes forgiven me
Edit 9: i no longer have to pay for the fridge :)
Edit 14: Thanks for the support, everyone! Especially all those gold awards 😋😁 yum
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By making the mistake that you just did, you have shown me that you are so incredibly hopeless that you will only devolve into a more idiotic and wretched creature than you already are. The only possible way in which your future would be brighter than the black hole your existence currently is would exclusively be because there is absolutely no conceivable way that you would even be able to sink lower than the pathetic place your current failure has put you in. But than again, you are so incredibly abominable that you would probably be able to surpass the worst conceivable failure a living being could possibly make. You are so incredibly pathetic that you are honestly not worthy of any more of my words nor my time. Just know that I will forever detest you for your failure and everything you stand for, and that no matter what happens, I will never ever forgive you.
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Oh Cummy, 📷
From the moment I laid my eyes on you I could tell you were the hottest piece of meat I’ve ever seen. Every night I’d drool, piss, shit, cum, and shiver at the thought of your humid breath caressing the back of my neck. I’ll keep this short and sweet Cummy, I love you, I always have. Will you marry me?
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Hey women - CAN I MARRY YOUR BOOBIES?!?! 📷
Hey women!!! “I am totally not a nerd” swoons down and kisses you xD thats my catchphrase so we can identify eachother... well basicaley I (34m) and my girlfriend or gf (21f trigender septsexual) is SUPER GOTH and has HUGE Boobs!?!?? XD I always get so distracted ... (have ADHD) well, anyways her face is DISGUSTING... xd what do i do.... her MILKIES are huge tho, and i want to marrier her TITTLES, but not her. So, women, can i do this??!??!?
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I am not gay nsfw📷37 CommentsGive AwardShareSave•Posted byu/imneverusingreddit2 hours ago📷
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The stages of gay 📷
The stages of gay:

  1. ⁠denial
  2. ⁠im straight but I like that guy
  3. ⁠maybe I am bi
  4. ⁠women aren’t hot, only guys
  5. ⁠typing this while sucking a dick
  6. ⁠oh yeah cum in me baby
  7. ⁠same time next week?
  8. ⁠I can’t get enough dick
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Let's say you were to bang a zombie. 📷
Let's say you were to touch a zombie's boob. It would be soft, not firm, even during rigor mortis, because boob has no muscle in it. Let's also say that for some reason you were to bang a zombie. For simplicity, the virus will keep the corpse in the state it was infected. If the zombie has been reanimated during the rigor mortis phase, it's insides will all be extremely tight and will stay mostly tight, so you'll get something along the lines of jiangshi. If corpse has been reanimated after rigor mortis, muscles will be relatively relaxed, and have some to little energy in them. And no, it is not necrophilia because the corpse has been reanimated by living viruses. Lips would depend on death stage, cuz muscles. Let's also say the virus restored more function than basic instincts (id). It would probably have to reconstruct neurons in the speech sections to talk, and more neurons for fine muscle movement. Given enough proper development, zombies would be able to speak. This wouldn't sound nice tho, since, y'know, the muscle issue. If the virus is especially advanced, it may restore muscle function to a point where it can control itself better (pinch hard, pinch soft, etc.). If the virus is so advanced where it completely restores normal function, then it may be reclassified as a human again. Memories would be dependent on how deteriorated the brain is. If the memory section of the brain is even slightly messed up, there would be blank spots in said person's memory, or none at all. Many factors come into play. If the body is very freshly dead, then the advanced zombie virus would completely restore the person, warm body and all. As for energy gathering, the most likely option would be to restart organs and start consuming food. The virus, seeing no need for our way reproduction, may develop a way to transfer itself to others. Perhaps through airborne spores, or thru body contact and boarding. The reproductive systems of human body may be used as a form of transfer, but this would have varying effectiveness, as no one wants to bang a dead-lookin thing. If the corpse is not fresh, then violation or another form of reproduction must be developed. If the virus reaches such a stage that it can be on par with humans, then it's literally just gonna be humans. But dead. Feel free to correct me, I am trying to make this as polished as possible. (You can cut these last two sentences out for copy pasting. Discord will mark this as too big, by the way.)
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if you're going down a river at 2 MPH and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to re-shingle your roof? 📷
Well we can eliminate the the unnecessary information and get to our main question, how much pancake mix is needed to re shingle the roof. The standard roof has 240’ shingles on it so if we do an even spread of the pancake mix (to use as an adhesive) we would need to cover 24,000 square feet of a Gable roof. The standard bag of pancake mix is 32 oz that means in a thin paste we can cover 475 sq ft. So all we need to do is divide. If we divide 24,000/475 we get around 51 bags of pancake mix. If each bag of pancake mix costs an average of 7.42 we would get a cost of 378 dollars and 42 cents.
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I want to bang the JFK clone from Clone High so goddamn bad 📷
Holy fucking shit, I want to bang the JFK clone from Clone High so goddamn bad. Even before the memes my lust for him was immeasurable but now, now I see him fucking everywhere and it makes my cock ache. I religiously watch Clone High JFK funniest moments compilations while stroking my dick and only nut when it reaches that one episode where JFK has Homoerotic feelings for Joan who is dressed as a man. Every second JFK from Clone High isn’t rawing my ass is a second of unimaginable pain and suffering. I want to fuck JFK.
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Copypasta put through emojifier bot 23 times 📷
Hey 👋 👋 there. This will be a repeated 🔄 🔄 copypasta 🍝 🍝 which will be deleted ❌ 🔥 exactly 👌🙈😏 👌 23 👔🛣 👔🛣 times 🕐🕛🍆 🕐 until this sentence ✍ 🤐 turns 🔄 💃 into a whole 💦😍 💦 paragraph 😁😂😃 😁😂😃 because of the sheer 😔😍🙁 😁 amount 🔢📉 🔢📉 of emojis 😂 😂 in it.
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dude, come here.. 📷
dude, come here 👋 𝘺𝘰𝘶’𝘳𝘦 𝘨𝘢𝘺..? 😬 i fuckin knew it dude 😫 you have like a ✨boyfriend✨ or what? oh! sooo cuuute 🤗 i knew- you know how i know dude? 😌 cause you be lookin 👀 around and shit 🙂 thats so cute 🤗 a lot of people would be scared 😨 here.. a lot of people would be ✨scared✨ and 𝘪’𝘭𝘭 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘦𝘮 🤭
source: https://youtu.be/ECvazCAc-LM
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My school has banned dildos so me and my mom bought 200 dildos and i'm gonna give everyone a dildo on monday and everyone is gonna protest and aggressively masturbate against the school's anti-dildo rule on monday!
(obviously sarcasm to fight the karma-whore fighting the karma whore by being a karma whore)
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Can we talk about holdthemoan 📷
Since were talking about NSFW subreddits, can we talk about holdthemoan? I've been dying to talk about holthemoan. Lets talk about holdthemoan. For those who don't know, holdthemoan is a subreddit about people touching themselves or fucking in public while people are in close proximity. Where you have to hold the moan or be caught.
It is trashy as hell and kind of messed up for involving nonconsenting people in your voyeurs fetish. Anyway, were not discussing morality of this subreddit. Were talking about how that subreddit has been ruined by coomers and "verified amateurs".
When holdthemoan got popular, these "verified amateurs" came in and started flooding the subreddit with vague photos that hardly relate to the subreddit. Flashing your tits in an empty Walmart isle isn't holdthemoan, that is PublicFlashing. No Patrick, flashing your pussy in the woods isn't holdthemoan too. These "verified amateurs" flood dozens of different subreddits to get karma and sell their nudes in the DM.
I have no issue with anyone making money by selling nudes or sex tapes. I have an issue with spamming subreddits with content that isn't directly related to them. You would think the subreddit's community won't stand for this spam. Yet, they're all like the comments in this video. They're just coomers hitting on these women.
But what about the moderators? They don't care about it. They relaxed the rules. They would have the subreddit be full of spam. Instead of a nicely curated subreddit with relevant content.
They rolled out the red carpet for these "verified amateurs" to just flood their subreddit. Because they didn't want to moderate the subreddit. Fucking coomers.
4 CommentsGive AwardShareSave12.1kPosted byu/GiraffeGyro1 day ago📷8📷7📷5📷5& 15 More
Among Us hater gets owned epicly 😎😎😎 📷
Red sus. Red suuuus. I said red, sus, hahahahaha. Why arent you laughing? I just made a reference to the popular video game "Among Us"! How can you not laugh at it? Emergeny meeting! Guys, this here guy doesnt laugh at my funny Among Us memes!
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2020.10.09 23:41 Sparkletail Voyeur free live

So I’ve been aware of the case since 2018, watched the documentary and have now hung around on there for a while. There’s something uncomfortable in the way I feel about shannan and I’ve been trying to understand what it is. This seems to get debated a lot on both the Chris Watts and Shannon Watts subreddits so I’m going to put it on both to see if the views differ.
So I started off reading about this case doing the usual casual armchair psychology thing and thinking that Chris was a fairly obviously narcisstic/psychopathic monster who had wanted to dump his family, wasn’t too bright and had properly messed it up. I knew about the mlm, I know about the financial stresses and I knew about the affair. I thought that basically from his perspective the potential gain had outweighed the risk or loss and he’d gone for it.
I then watched the documentary and got a different picture. Shannan was super intense and it seemingly played out in all ways. She was passionate about her family, her friends and relationships but was also fairly pathological when it came to her social media presence. I think this was mostly linked with the mlm and how they basically say you have to be out there promoting your ‘lifestyle’ 24/7. It also seemed that there was always a lot of drama and stress in the family, whether it was illnesses, arguments, accidents, money, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, they were clearly at a point where their relationship was breaking down and those times are never stress free but to be a number of things which probably started small had snowballed.
In documentary I saw the video where she was having a go at him about forgetting the phone for the kids pictures and just thinking Jesus Christ, can you imagine what his life must have been like, posing every five minutes, faking the perfect happily family and all that drama and stress around having to capture every perfect moment without any time to ever actually enjoy or experience anything. It all seemed like one massive, uncomfortable performance and there was so much effort for ultimately none of it to seem or perhaps be real.
Then you saw her text messages and it seems she kinda knew what she was and wanted to change. She seemed pretty self aware and was obviously trying to save her relationship with the same passion she put into everything else. It’s really heartbreaking that she literally did not have a clue who she was really living with.
I saw the relationship between Chris and the video of Nicole. Man, if Shannan gave off a few red flags, Nicole was a Chinese military parade. She was fake and unnerving. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she started searching for him and shannan way before, that she morphed into his perfect girl by letting me be himself yet was somehow still completely in control of the narrative.
Then their was watts family. Wow, just wow, no wonder his mother and shannan clashed. I think one definitely had better intentions than the other but you put two overly dramatic, dominant women in the same space and you are asking for this exact scenario, both fighting over and for Chris. Like I say, shannan does not give off the same bad vibes as the mother but I could absolutely see how they would clash.
So there’s Chris, likely having been overly dominated by women all his life. His mother pulling him one way, shannan another and Nicole in different one altogether. Then you think that he was using twice the dose of that thrive stimulant crap, never sleeping and you start to think, did he have some sort of break and just snap. I was almost there, Chris as the henpecked, overly stressed husband snaps having spent an entire lifetime dominated by messed up females finally snaps.
But then you see the videos of him after he’s killed them all. He’s perfectly calm, smiling, giving off totally bizarre vibes, he’s stomping his kids bodies through an 8 inch hole at 7 and making friendly chit chat with his coworkers at 8.30. He’s looking up lyrics for battery, he’s cancelling his kids day care and sending Nicole pictures of flowers.
And I’m back to stage one. I posted the other night saying that we all, including me, are basically voyeurs at best and ghouls at worst. I’ve reflected on that a bit and there’s always a fascination with aberrant psychology and how people who severely lack empathy and guilt interact with the rest of us. How they might trick us and hide. So we pore over the videos and evidence looking for something, a sig that if it we were in that situation we would have noticed because otherwise, monsters could be all around us.
Because of the amount of footage and evidence, it’s brought all sorts of people out the woodwork. Men who’ve been abused and are sick of female on make abuse being ignored; mysogynists who are taking advantage of this perceptions to vent their nasty little ideas; dominant women (or the people who love them) realising the their traits are seen as unpleasant and rushing to the defence and everyone in between. No wonder the debate gets heated sometimes.
I think Chris was quite unusual. His ability to hide his true feelings (or lack of them); his seeming passivity and friendly, smiling, calm demeanour are completely incompatible with the killer we expect to see. There might be glimpses of a socially awkward mess before the tanned face thrive phase but even then, nothing overwhelming.
I think we all feel at risk knowing that people like him exist, sometimes in arms length or closer and we never really have a clue. Shannan was a unique person but her personality probably wasn’t incredibly unusual. There are lots of people like that in the world and very, very few of them get murdered by their husbands.
It’s been a strange few days picking through this one.
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2020.09.12 13:19 AWickedMind Free voyeur live

(Long wall of text ahead. If you're interested in finding out my prompts, skip to the last section.)
“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” (Carl Jung)
The human mind is a curious thing. It wants what it doesn't need. It craves what it doesn't have. It creates instincts which, if acted upon, result in nothing but total destruction of the self, and all that it holds dear.
And yet, these desires exist and arise out of nowhere. Why does something happen when there's clearly nothing good to be gained out of it? Why does the primal core of our being want what cannot be achieved in a decent, civilized society? Why do we feel a burning desire to give in to our basic instincts if we could never act on them?
Any person living in a civilization will tell you that these instincts must not be acted upon for the greater good - peace and stability in society as a whole. I fully agree with them. I absolutely do not condone the themes I post in my prompts to be acted upon in real life.
What brings me here? To have a safe avenue for exploring these fantasies.
I want to explore the what ifs that keep you awake at night, and make for intriguing dreams, to say the least. Some of them may be dark, criminal even, that you'd be ashamed to accept even to yourself that you're capable of fantasizing about something like that. Some of them maybe immoral, something that society would crucify you for if you were to come out accepting it. Some of them maybe just plain absurd, things that could never happen to you, either because you aren't, and will never be, in such a situation of life.
What am I looking for? Creating stories. Experiences. Fantasies.
I want a partner who is, first and foremost, interested in writing long term stories with me. This will proceed in the form of a roleplay, with you controlling your character(s) and I controlling mine. I tend to focus on the characters' internal world a lot, so expect plenty of internal thoughts and dialogues along with a description of their ever changing emotions. I expect my partner to reasonably reciprocate.
I also tend to take the world building more on my own shoulders, and don't really mind doing that. Partners are always welcome to add their own thoughts and contributions, and in fact are encouraged to do so. But even if you simply want to sit back and enjoy the ride, be my guest. All I ask is for you to give me a window to your character's soul - let me know what they're thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing etc.
Things to know about my writing style: I tend to write about 3-5 paragraphs per response, changeable according to need. I'm not picky about using first person or third person. My prompts tend to default to a third person writing style, but feel free to ask for a change if you have a different preference.
I don't like writing for my partner's characters, and expect the favor to be returned.
At times I may respond rather quickly, shooting multiple messages back and forth in a single day. At times, I might get busy with work and may not be able to reply for a few days. Please be patient; if we have started an interaction I won't leave you hanging without a response indefinitely.
Also, I may post the same prompt multiple times, even though I've already found a partner. To all future partners with whom this may happen - that is NOT, in any way, a sign that I'm not satisfied with our current RPs. I value your efforts and your company, and don't mean disrespect to you in any way. My prompts are usually quite open ended, such that with each interpretation it tends to take the story in a completely different direction, and so finding another partner is as good as finding a partner for a new story altogether, and not because I'm not enjoying our current story.
Last but not the least - I DO NOT GHOST. If there's ever a problem, be it within the RP or the story's direction, or any personal reasons due to which I need to stop writing to you, you'll hear back from me atleast one last time saying I need to go.
The type of characters I like to play: I generally like to play characters in their late twenties or thirties, although I can change it if the scene demands. I tend to be self indulgent, and my characters can sometimes reflect that, in the sense that you'd be hard pressed to find flaws in them. But that's not to say they're without any flaws, simply that they won't be aware of how arrogant or rude they might come across as.
My characters will be intelligent, sharp, and with a keen sense of the world around them. They don't expect the world to bend over backwards for them, but they don't shy away from getting what they want either. They have a realistic sense of how the world works. They don't expect a girl to fall head over heels in love with them just because they flashed a charming smile or wore a designer suit. They want to get in her mind first before getting in her pants.
Some other characters may be darker, and not-so-gentlemanly if the scene calls for it. These will usually be thugs, the scum of the society and on the wrong side of law. As such, they'd hardly care about being politically correct or being 'nice' to your character.
Please note that regardless of my character's actions, I'd never want you, the person behind the screen, the person typing out the words, to ever feel slighted or wronged. If you ever feel something is crossing a personal limit, please bring it up. I assure you it won't be out of malice, maybe just an oversight.
Some random thoughts: On keeping things interesting without being boring and repetitive
On using visual aids to enhance the writing experience
On writing a good submissive character
Kinks and limits: My biggest kink is showing off my large sex organ. The largest you'll ever see. So large you won't be able to take in all the things it can give you. You're gonna be overwhelmed with all the feelings its gonna make you feel! It is...it is....
The brain.
Human mind is the biggest, sexiest, and kinkiest sex organ in the world, might as well make use of it.
My biggest priority would be to create worlds that excite you. Something vanilla for one person may not be as vanilla for another, and this nuance is very important to understand. I try my best to give my partners exactly what they want in terms of characters, worlds, emotions, kinks - you name it.
But for material purposes, here's a typical list of what I'm into and not into. Its a lot of things, possible non-exhaustive, and just a big collection of everything I know about myself. Not every kink needs to be incorporated into an RP, ofcourse. Besides, if you have something in mind but don't see it here, just ask.
Kinks :
Gentle : sexy lingerie, sexy outfits, living the high life, luxury, smooth talking, dirty talking, flirty banter, sexual vibes, risky public play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gentle lovemaking, missionary, whispering sweet nothings, handcuffs, blindfolds, eating you out, blowjobs, caresses, cuddles, hugs, kisses, pampering you, aftercare, ice creams, chocolates etc.
Not-so-gentle : spanking, rough sex, doggy style, anal(giving), rimjobs (giving and receiving), hair pulling, breast play, ass play, cock worship, body worship, large cocks, deepthroat, facials, cheating, cuckolding, bondage play, threesomes (MFM and FMF) etc.
Ouch!: butt plugs, vibrators, toys, slapping, collars, leashes, metal chains, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, double penetration, full nelson, pet play, slave play, D/s M/s dynamics, total power exchange, blackmailing, dub-con, non-con, kidnappings, knife play etc.
Maybes :
Spitting, piss play, extreme torture, incest etc.
Hard Limits :
Scat, gore, bestiality, underage characters, vore, lasting damage etc.
Previous prompts and ideas: A harmless fantasy gone too far : You've wanted an escape from your boring, monotonous life and you create an anonymous account to live out your fantasies. But its not enough for you, and now you want to take it one step further - you want to meet the man behind the screen.
Its such a small world after all
An extension of the above idea, but when you finally meet the man, he's someone you know!
Who in their right minds sets up an appointment with their rapist!?
You were raped, but you loved it. He left his number with you almost as a taunt, but you can't help wanting to set it up all over again.
You're on your way to the top in Hollywood, but not without hitting a few lows
You're a college student and you receive an unexpected response to your application for a modeling role. You're obviously very excited about your career. Little do you know the producers have very different ideas for what career to push you in.
Sub at first sight
When you know, you know.
Every high functioning person needs a break at times. You've got an awesome career, you're in charge of a group of people, you make decisions for your teams all day long. Wouldn't you just want to sit back, relax, and let someone else run the show every once in a while?
A sense of belonging
Some relationships take a lifetime to build. Some, merely a glance. Your relationship with him can't be expressed in words. It's simply a feeling you have whenever you're with him, a sense of belonging that just can't be shaken off.
An unexpected guest at a wedding
You had left the old life behind you. You had severed all connections, erased all memories that would take you back to him. Why, oh why, did he have to show up at your wedding of all places!
Only under a mask are we free to be ourselves
Your life has come to an unexpected standstill. You're supposed to be happy, you should feel good about having a loving, caring husband, but you just don't. Luckily, your friend has a solution for you - this masquerade party where you could afford a night of debauchery while remaining completely anonymous!
Love makes the greatest fools out of us
You love him more than your own self. Your heart breaks to see him in trouble. You'll do anything to help him, go to any lengths to protect him. Even if it means giving yourself away to one man you hate the most.
Being a spy is not an easy job!
You're on a secret mission. There's supposed to be a party you're going to attend, with the celebrity status you've cultivated for yourself under cover. Little do you know, your enemies are one step ahead of you and are already expecting you.
What a great first day at work
You're doing porn for the first time in your life. Your co-star is famous for his rough and brutal scenes, and stories of just how badly his co-stars are usually bruised have left you on edge the whole week. However, just before the shoot starts, you're in for a rather sweet surprise from him!
A good girl gone bad
You were sweet, shy, and innocent. No one could raise a finger at you when it came to questioning your morals. How then, did you go from that girl to the kind who sleeps around and freely expresses her sexuality without a care in the world?
A class apart
You've always had a thing for the finer things in life, be it jewels, cars, or houses. Why would you hold back on your job then? Ofcourse you'd sign up for the most exclusive, sophisticated, and elegant whore house that exists in the modern world! But be warned, its not that easy to get a job with them, they've got a very strict set of standards to uphold their reputation!
The newest craze in social media apps - FukPix - is here!
Since the rise of social media, social tolerance for posting revealing pictures of yourself up on the internet for the whole world to see has steadily gone up. Was it any surprise then that someone made an app specifically to share your sexual escapades, and it was taking off like crazy?
The most effective strategy to get over someone
It's your wedding anniversary, and your husband had to pick up a fight with you on this very day! Your mood is ruined, but you won't let that bastard spoil your whole day. You were gonna dress up and give him a good time tonight. You're still in the mood for sex. So what if it won't be your husband who gets to enjoy it?
The correction officer
There exists a special group of people, whose job it is to correct wayward girls and bring them to their senses. Only the rich and affluent can afford them. Luckily for you (or unluckily?) someone close to you has decided your behavior needs to be made more 'lady like', and has invited the correction officer to work on you.
Someone out there wants revenge, and tonight they're gonna get it
You pissed off somebody. Badly. So much so that they laced your drink at the party, and made sure you'd find yourself in their basement when you wake up. What plans do they have for you?
What makes a happy housewife, really happy?
Doing all the little things for your husband, ofcourse, but not because he likes it. You don't want him to have any suspicions, and you'd rather keep him docile with happiness than alert with suspicion.
Porn isn't what its supposed to be, let's change that
Porn glorifies violence and aggression far too much, and this needs to be changed. Lucky for you, your partner thinks the same way and wants to make a difference in the world, with your help ofcourse.
You've been abducted, but your father is no Liam Neeson!
Just as the title suggests. You go to a different country on a vacation, and end up getting abducted. What's going to be your fate now that no ex-special agent is coming to rescue you?
Cult of Colossal Cocks
The world is controlled by a cult of men who are gifted phenomenally, and the cult needs special women to take care of their men's libido. Are you brave enough to satisfy them?
It's not what you know, but who you blow
Stuck in a dead end office job with no prospects of progress, you realize the only way up is by going down...on your boss, his friends, his colleagues, whoever he wants!
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2020.09.06 23:03 ObjectiveElk Free live voyeur

I (32F) have a friend (29F) who has two daughters, ages five and two. She lives in the US, and I live in Europe. She essentially is a single stay-at-home mom right now because her husband just started driving a truck and is only home sporadically, and because her work is closed due to Covid. She doesn't have many friends because she grew up in a conservative religious community that she decided to leave after the birth of her first child, and most of her friends were in this church (she and I met in a community college Spanish class). She also is estranged from her father and extended family after leaving the church, though her mother and sister still visit her every week or so and occasionally babysit.
We used to chat on Facetime once a week, as the time difference is such that I'd be going to bed around the time as she was getting her kids breakfast. I am currently in a shitty bureaucratic limbo waiting to be granted entry to another country for my next job, so I have (too much) free time, and she wants to video chat almost every single day. This would be fine if we were actually talking, but more often than not, she and I end up talking for about ten minutes before it becomes me watching her tell her daughters how to play, or her feeding the kids, or her daughter just playing with the camera filters, or me having to listen to her older daughter explain the entire plot of Frozen. I frequently find that I'm just kind of sitting there feeling like a weird voyeur and it's been thirty, forty minutes since she's been able to talk to me, yet when I say she looks busy or that I should let her tend to her kids, she says "oh no, stay, it's fine." Then when I say I have to go, she always looks palpably disappointed even if it's been an hour and a half where I'm watching her set up a pack and play while her kids run around shrieking.
It's gotten to the point where I get anxiety about being visible online because I know it's a matter of minutes before she'll call me. I also live in a low-Covid country, so I still (safely) socialize with friends, so if I tell her I can't talk, I can tell she's annoyed; I was at the beach a couple days ago and when told her as much, she sent three eyeroll emojis and "well I hope you don't get sunburned."
I told a friend here who is a mom who happened to disassociate from a similar church about the situation, and she told me I'm being mean and need to make more time for my friend because parenting alone is rough and depressing, and it's a small sacrifice for me to make time to "just be there" with my obviously lonely friend so she feels less alone. I feel like even though I have the time, I shouldn't have to feel guilty about not feeling stuck watching my friend and her kids more than once or twice a week.
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2020.09.02 01:28 Kookabanus Voyeur free live

I witnessed this yesterday at my local supermarket. The memory still brings a warm glow to my evil black heart...
I have tightened up the dialogue to keep it short and humorous. There was a lot more of the usual bickering but I hope you will understand.
So I live in a rural area of northern Australia. The local town has a total of two supermarkets for general groceries. The next nearest place to shop is a further hours drive down the road. Generally people get along around here although I did have one run in before (link in comments because I can't work out how to do it here) at this place.
I was at the checkout with my favourite cashier (she is superbly fast and efficient at her job as well as being, in her own words, a total babe) putting my fortnights groceries through when I hear a raised voice at the far end of the checkout lines. The young lady serving me muttered something along the lines of "Oh god, here we go again, she's back".
I asked her what she meant and she informed me that the noisemaker was the local Karen, notorious for coming in and making a scene to get her way. The staff absolutely hated her.
Well Karen was in full swing and so I settled in for a bit of gargoyle style voyeurism to watch the show. She apparently had a bee in her bonnet about something not being stocked correctly, the sun being up too late or a staff member breathing air or something. Either way she demanded to SEE THE MANAGER! RIGHT NOW!
So the senior manager came out along with the floor manager. Both looking like they were completely done with this shit. The manager tried to greet her but couldn't even get a word in before Karen let fly with a tirade of abuse, demands and noise. Lots of noise.
To emphasize her point she swept an armload of groceries, not hers mind you, off the nearest checkout and onto the ground.
Things broke. Eggs, jam jars and similar. The owner who had only just purchased these things looked murderous. She was a middle aged lady with a small child at foot who looked absolutely done with life and I very much doubt could have afforded to replace what was lost. Being a good Aussie mum she began to wade in on the discussion with a view to breaking Karens face.
The rest of us shoppers were by now gathering around, this was getting good.
Unfortunately the floor manager intercepted her before she could make good on her promise and gathering by the hushed conversation I gather all losses were to be replaced. In the meanwhile the discussion between Karen and the senior manager was coming to a conclusion as the manager shouted "THAT IS ENOUGH, YOU WILL NOT COME IN HERE AND BULLY MY STAFF OR OTHER CUSTOMERS. YOU WILL PAY FOR THE GOODS YOU HAVE DAMAGED OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU...ARE...BANNED! NOW GET OUT!"
Karen: *snorts* "You can't ban me. That's illegal".
Crowd: "Oh no it's not". Lots of laughter.
Manager: "Well feel free to call your lawyer if you want to dispute things but until then GET OUT!"
Karen: Realizing she may be in the shit here. "But where will I go to shop then?"
Manager: "Go to the other place across town, I don't care but you are never coming in here again".
Karen: "But... but I can't go in there. I'm not allowed anymore..".
Absolute raucous laughter from the ring of shoppers. We are such a caring and compassionate lot... Even the young lady serving me had to cover her face as she, er coughed. Definitely not laughing I am sure.
So Karen bursts into tears because karma is a bitch best served hot. Gets escorted out by the managers. Hopefully we get to never see her again and she enjoys her hours drive to get groceries in future. I laughed all the way home.

TLDR: Queen bitch Karen pushes it too far for the final time. Gets permabanned. Cries.
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2020.09.02 01:14 Kookabanus Voyeur free live

I witnessed this yesterday at my local supermarket. The memory still brings a warm glow to my evil black heart...
I have tightened up the dialogue to keep it short and humorous. There was a lot more of the usual bickering but I hope you will understand.
So I live in a rural area of northern Australia. The local town has a total of two supermarkets for general groceries. The next nearest place to shop is a further hours drive down the road. Generally people get along around here although I did have one run in before (link in comments because I can't work out how to do it here) at this place.
I was at the checkout with my favourite cashier (she is superbly fast and efficient at her job as well as being, in her own words, a total babe) putting my fortnights groceries through when I hear a raised voice at the far end of the checkout lines. The young lady serving me muttered something along the lines of "Oh god, here we go again, she's back".
I asked her what she meant and she informed me that the noisemaker was the local Karen, notorious for coming in and making a scene to get her way. The staff absolutely hated her.
Well Karen was in full swing and so I settled in for a bit of gargoyle style voyeurism to watch the show. She apparently had a bee in her bonnet about something not being stocked correctly, the sun being up too late or a staff member breathing air or something. Either way she demanded to SEE THE MANAGER! RIGHT NOW!
So the senior manager came out along with the floor manager. Both looking like they were completely done with this shit. The manager tried to greet her but couldn't even get a word in before Karen let fly with a tirade of abuse, demands and noise. Lots of noise.
To emphasize her point she swept an armload of groceries, not hers mind you, off the nearest checkout and onto the ground.
Things broke. Eggs, jam jars and similar. The owner who had only just purchased these things looked murderous. She was a middle aged lady with a small child at foot who looked absolutely done with life and I very much doubt could have afforded to replace what was lost. Being a good Aussie mum she began to wade in on the discussion with a view to breaking Karens face.
The rest of us shoppers were by now gathering around, this was getting good.
Unfortunately the floor manager intercepted her before she could make good on her promise and gathering by the hushed conversation I gather all losses were to be replaced. In the meanwhile the discussion between Karen and the senior manager was coming to a conclusion as the manager shouted "THAT IS ENOUGH, YOU WILL NOT COME IN HERE AND BULLY MY STAFF OR OTHER CUSTOMERS. YOU WILL PAY FOR THE GOODS YOU HAVE DAMAGED OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU...ARE...BANNED! NOW GET OUT!"
Karen: *snorts* "You can't ban me. That's illegal".
Crowd: "Oh no it's not". Lots of laughter.
Manager: "Well feel free to call your lawyer if you want to dispute things but until then GET OUT!"
Karen: Realizing she may be in the shit here. "But where will I go to shop then?"
Manager: "Go to the other place across town, I don't care but you are never coming in here again".
Karen: "But... but I can't go in there. I'm not allowed anymore..".
Absolute raucous laughter from the ring of shoppers. We are such a caring and compassionate lot... Even the young lady serving me had to cover her face as she, er coughed. Definitely not laughing I am sure.
So Karen bursts into tears because karma is a bitch best served hot. Gets escorted out by the managers. Hopefully we get to never see her again and she enjoys her hours drive to get groceries in future. I laughed all the way home.

TLDR: Queen bitch Karen pushes it too far for the final time. Gets permabanned. Cries.
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2020.08.28 05:41 nominalmormon Has anyone heard of church leadership doing this? Circa 1980s

So heres the deal. Back in the early 1980s (maybe even late '70s) there was this big anti-porn campaign led by the church.
Where I live, there are (mostly gone now) adult bookstores where consenting adults would go to buy porn, toys, view live peep shows or view porn films. There were also small theaters playing movies where swingers would go and do their thing. - voyeurism. You could walk in and see people openly engaging in sex acts without even looking for it.
Much like the Prop 8 thing, local members here were mobilized to picket porn shops with the hopes of shutting them down. As a young child I was taken on many of these trips to carry a sign even though I had no clue what I was doing.
Fast forward to the past few years I had an interaction with an old family friend and we were discussing the picketing thing. He told me in addition to the picketing, our Stake Pres had his counselors and High Council members visit several of the above described porn shops on their free time to "get a good idea" of what evil the men in the stake are being exposed to. Apparently many did go, not to participate but to just do a self-guided tour I guess. This guy tells me his source (someone I also know well) was pretty upset by the whole episode and remains so to this day as he was one of them.
Now if I had heard this from pretty much anyone other than this guy I would have completely dismissed it. He is much older than I, he is very well respected around here and has had knowledge of this for decades now. His source is one who is very well respected in the church locally. Oddly enough, I had been told a version of this long ago by someone who would have been either in the High Council or Stake Presidency (He was both, just dont know which at the time it happened), but the story was vague enough I didnt realize they were going to porn shops, but just viewing porn films as a means to understand what pornography was is what the take away was for me. This person was a church leader at the time he told it to me (I was a youth 12-14 yrs old). Not in any creepy way, just one of those "hey I have seen porn and you dont want to get into it because it messes you up" convos. Of course I then asked why he was looking at porn and hence the story re viewing the porn films as an official assignment in his calling at the stake. That is all I was told.
Like I wrote earlier I would have dismissed this right off, but the sources who are both stand-up solid guys with impeccable integrity lead me to believe this really happened. This is bugging me since I know this Stake Pres very well (he has long since passed) but with these two separate sources I have no doubt this did happen.
I am disturbed by it enough that I wrote the basics of it in a letter and asked my Bishop to get me in touch with the Area Authority. Stake Pres and Area Auth got the letter and I have been ignored despite a few follow up reminders. The letter is vague enough they would not recognize this situation I have written about, but the activity I described in the letter should have been creepy enough that they would bend over backward to resolve this or help me understand what the point of all this was. I have no doubt the influence to do this was not just another great idea of my former stake pres. It had to come from someone above him.
Has anyone here heard of or have personal knowledge of such an activity?
UPDATE: thanks everyone for your reponses!

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2020.08.26 22:23 RTKGuy {The Flesh Reaper} (Sequel to The Meat Locusts) - Part Five

Riding in the Oasis reminded me of a time back in my childhood when my older brother owned a van and I would ride in the very back of it, parked on a cushioned bench seat without the slightest safety feature available. Sure, it was fun to be so free and wild until you realized you’d be sailing through the car at sixty miles per hour if there was ever a serious accident. At least Lazlo’s desk chair was bolted down and had a seat belt; it was better than nothing, but not by much.
Right out the gate, Lazlo nearly got us hung up on a fallen tree just turning us around, and I clenched my teeth every time she got close to the edge of the road, a steep slope awaiting a careless misjudgment. To ease my mind, I got familiar with the surveillance system. Lazlo had password-protected anything I wasn’t supposed to tamper with, but that left me plenty of archived footage to look through. I found the video footage timestamped to the arrival of our new predator. Lazlo had predicted that the video would be scrambled or too static-filled to be useful. She called it, all right. She believed the beast had to be putting out some kind of radiation in an electromagnetic spectrum, interfering with radio signals and video equipment. The last clear image captured was Lazlo outside Oasis fitting a drone with a battery. Then nothing but distortion for several minutes until the picture cleared up to show an empty perimeter and a blood trail. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the creature for myself, but at least we’d have a clue to its presence – video static.
We traveled down the gravelly road in silence for the first forty minutes of the trip, all of us contemplating the nature of our new adversary or trying not to think about Abbott. I appreciated the way Lazlo and Theo could push away their emotions and stay focused. I found it hard to do, even though I had barely known Abbott. It was easier to stare at Voyeur Four’s surveillance footage and slip into my role as a warning bell ringer. But I found the silence of the group growing oppressive. Dark thoughts began to slip into my mind, doubts about our chances of getting back, or what kind of reception we would find back in Crusoe. And naturally, I still had a lot of questions to ask.
“Have there ever been this many MLs in one area before?” I asked.
“Which one of us are you asking?” Lazlo replied.
“I didn’t have a preference,” I said.
“Then you might as well talk to me.” Lazlo’s voice carried much fatigue. It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen any of them sleep since they’d rescued me. How long had they gone without it?
“Theo tends to clam up when he’s on the job,” she explained. “As to your question, the largest cluster I know of was the Kentucky pack of 1976. That one clocked in at ninety-seven confirmed.”
Ninety-seven? The group around Crusoe was three times that number. We really were in unprecedented territory, then.
“Keep in mind, we’ve only known of the MLs since 1958,” she continued. “They may have been out in the wilds a lot longer than that, and perhaps living in other countries.”
I hadn’t even considered the idea that MLs were a global problem, and I asked her whether that was actually a thing. Lazlo snickered. “They’re like rats and starlings – they find ways of getting around. There’s an unconfirmed account of MLs running around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. Bet they love it there… not too many people to munch on, though. The Russian Wranglers have gotten pretty tightlipped…”
“Don’t drone on and on with the radio,” cautioned Theo. “We need to stay focused.”
“Aye aye, Skipper,” she joked in a nautical voice. I felt an abrupt swerve just then, as if Lazlo was reminding Theo he didn’t have all the power.
“I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here,” I said, “but could there be a connection between the size of the group and all the behaviors we’re seeing?”
“As Abbott used to say, that’s the mystery,” Lazlo answered. I could hear a tinge of sadness as she mentioned him. “Correlation versus causation. Do we have a bigger group because these MLs are smarter than average, or are they acting differently because they’ve reached a certain numerical advantage and are getting more coordinated? And what does any of it have to do with them performing a ritual and creating a brand-new type of monster? I got nothin’, Hector, and that scares me more than anything else.”
Lazlo silenced after that, and I was about to let it go since my questions were causing more discomfort than I intended. But it was Theo who picked up the thread by uttering two oddball words.
“Beachhead species,” he said.
“What what?” replied Lazlo.
“Abbott’s idea. I asked him one time where he thought the MLs came from. He told me that he had a working hypothesis that suggested the MLs were a beachhead species. He admitted that it was a little out there, but after today… Well, he may not have been so out there.”
“Explain,” insisted Lazlo.
Theo cleared his throat and began to do just that. “Imagine you’re a species that figured out how to manipulate genetic codes and the building blocks of life, but you’re not so good with computers and robotics and rocket science. You still want to do space travel, though. Either you want to expand your species, or your planet is about to get destroyed through some global or cosmic event. However, space travel takes too long and eats up too many resources for you to send your own species through space, and there’s no warp drive in the cards. Instead, you use what you got – you create some kind of simpler life form that could survive centuries or millennia out in space, put them in a bunch of space-going containers, and launch them out towards inhabitable planets around distant stars. Places where life like yours could take root.
“Abbott believed that the MLs target humans by design, because we’re the most advanced species on the planet. They’re designed to do that on any world they arrive on. They don’t just eat us, they process us, perhaps even analyze our DNA. Then they make more of themselves. Once certain conditions are met, like reaching a population goal, they switch gears. They would have created a beachhead on the new world, and at that point they would begin to prepare it for their true masters. Abbott didn’t know what that would look like, but he did end his explanation by suggesting that if the MLs were advanced bio-factories capable of cloning themselves, they might be able to do more.”
I had no idea how to respond to all that, other than just not respond. Lazlo paused before she added her two cents, and she sounded more rattled than before.
“Abbott didn’t seem all that surprised by the thing that attacked us. Maybe… maybe he believed it was the next step in their development. Dear God, what if the rest of them do the same thing?”
“It’s just Abbott’s wild-ass idea, Laz,” Theo cautioned. “Remember his rule? Wild-ass ideas stay in the wild unless the data proves otherwise.”
“I like that rule,” I remarked. “We should definitely stick to…”
I trailed off abruptly as the video monitor showing Voyeur Four’s camera feed emitted a series of bleeps that I interpreted as alerts. I focused on it, apprehension coiling around my heart. Voyeur Four wasn’t just following the Oasis; its camera was also positioned to see the road ahead of us, to give us some warning of potentials obstacles. The gravel road ahead predictably wound its way through dense trees and steep hills, though it would soon link up with a paved section that would finally lead us to a highway. Lazlo would have to go slower for the next few miles to keep us safe. That wasn’t what triggered the system. That honor went to the motion blips coming into frame as we neared that section, the ones dotting the hills and trees along the road. The ones shaped like our old unwelcome friends.
I didn’t bother to count them. I didn’t have to. Third Eye did it for me. Eighty-four confirmed motion blips. Eighty-four of them, and most of them were ahead of us, the rest closing in.
Somehow I managed to get this blood-chilling information imparted to the others. Lazlo cursed the MLs’ non-existent mothers. Theo grunted and then ordered me to grab the loaded shotgun he’d left by my chair. He had given me an extremely brief rundown on how to use the shotgun – pump, point, shoot, repeat. I had eight shells. Also watch for recoil. Nowhere near adequate training, but at least I’d be less likely to miss with this weapon.
“You two call them as you see them,” Theo instructed. “And Lazlo, no matter what, you keep driving. You don’t stop for anything. Understand?”
“Yeah,” she replied, not sounding convinced. I didn’t blame her. I knew she was the most confined of us, stuck in the cab with only a pistol and a few flash balls for defense while trying to keep the Oasis from crashing. If Theo and I didn’t keep her safe, none of us would be making it out of the woods.
We closed in on the cluster of blips, and I glanced at the steel door, held in place by nylon straps that looked too fragile for my comfort. I told myself that we were moving too fast for the MLs to latch on and that Theo could deal with any who tried. As long as we kept moving and kept on the road, we’d be safe.
I didn’t believe it for a second, and I gripped my shotgun tightly as the Oasis began rounding the curves of the road.
“Two on our right,” called out Lazlo, her voice focusing me back to the monitor. Sure enough, I spotted two humanoid blips closing in from the right side of the road. A shot rang out and one of the blips went sprawling. The other one sprinted away from the road in response. I didn’t hear any more gunfire, so I figured Theo was only interested in getting us to safety, not scoring kills.
I saw a group of three lingering on the left side of the road. “Three on the left,” I called out, hoping that was the proper way to report sightings. I felt the vehicle swerve as Lazlo tried to give us distance from the group, and another gunshot sent the three MLs scurrying for cover.
As we rounded a bend, I almost swore at the sight before me. We were heading into a serious cluster of the bastards, at least a dozen, and I couldn’t tell if they were on the ground, in the trees, or both. “Monkeys in the trees!” Lazlo yelled. Theo responded with several rapid shots, and I could hear something thump onto the roof, followed by two more thumps as the blips on the monitor converged on our vehicle. Another rapid burst of fire and a lot of frantic movement from the ceiling told me Theo had his hands full removing intruders.
Then I spotted another group rushing the road, coming at us from the hillside to our left. I tried to get out a warning, but the cacophony occurring on the roof drowned out my words. I saw the blips take flight as they hurled themselves at the vehicle, and I could hear the bangs as they made contact. I couldn’t tell if they were hanging on or if they had fallen away until Lazlo confirmed the worst.
“Shit! We got clingers. Three of them, on the left side! One’s at my window!”
Theo didn’t reply unless you counted the bullets flying above us. The bastards knew what to target, and they were either distracting Theo or attempting to overwhelm him. I was still free, though, and the steel door opened out to the left side.
I unbuckled my seatbelt and moved to the door, keeping my thoughts fixed on loosening the straps and not on how exposed I was about to get and how this door wasn’t getting closed again once I did this. I was in pure reaction mode. The team needed me, and I wasn’t about to lose anyone else if I could stop it.
I worked loose the first strap very quickly, then had the second one get snagged and fight me briefly before I cleared it. The door didn’t need much prompting to swing outward, smashing loudly against the side of the vehicle and then hanging at an odd angle. A parade of foliage and duff-covered hillside sped on by in the distance. I grabbed up my shotgun, predicting that an ML would come to exploit this opening. For once, my fears proved completely accurate.
It popped its head into view from the right side of the door, its jet-black eyes staring at me, its mouth agape with wicked teeth. It seemed flummoxed by its luck, and it hesitated. Usually when I found myself face to face with these things, I felt like a chicken dinner awaiting its fate. This time around, I was just so tired of these damn things.
My shotgun roared, and I was surprised by the recoil and thunderous noise of the weapon. But my aim was true, and the horrid black eyes disintegrated before the blast, the body losing its grip and falling off onto the road below.
My first kill. Was I an official Wrangler now? I made a note to ask Lazlo about that when I…
Shit, Lazlo. I rushed to the opening and poked my head out; a move I now know to be far too reckless. Looking towards the cab, I could see two more MLs clinging to the driver’s side door. One had a rock in its claws, pounding away at the reinforced window with it. Finding a handhold to brace myself with, I raised the shotgun at the two monsters one-handed… and clicked on an empty chamber.
Damn it, forget to pump the gun.
The MLs noticed me. The good news was that they abandoned their efforts against Lazlo. The bad news was their efforts were now on me. Like a pair of swinging chimps they maneuvered toward me, screaming with desire. Suddenly I didn’t feel so apathetic about them, pumping the shotgun as I backed away from the opening.
These two came through the doorway simultaneously, one going low, one leaping to the side. A smart move – I couldn’t target them both. The low one came at me fast, but my shotgun proved faster, and its midsection turned into a cloud of dust. I pumped the shotgun immediately and tried to bring it up in time, but the second one was already leaping at me, sounding out a wailing war cry. It crashed into me, knocking me against the computer desk, forcing me to drop my shotgun as I grappled with it. Pain laced up and down my back from the impact, my arms grabbing its thin arms as it tried to rake me with its claws, its lethal mouth snapping away inches from my nose. I had expected it to be stronger, but I found I could keep it at bay at that moment. It writhed and twisted in my grip, but it got nowhere… until it remembered its feet.
It plunged all six of its toe-claws into my thighs, and it felt like nails punching into my skin. Pain drove away my fear, and I tapped into my well of anger once more. Only one move I could think of – I head butted the thing right in its forehead. I was rather surprised by my own aggressiveness, and so was the ML. Stunned, it couldn’t stop me as I pushed it off, grabbed up the shotgun, and turned its face into a vacant hole.
I stood there, panting, my head growing sore, my back aching, and my thighs bleeding from six puncture wounds. At least I remembered to pump the gun again as I sat down at the computer desk, training it at the opening in expectation of more company. I could then hear a voice in my head trying to get my attention, and it took me a second to remember it was the radio.
“Hector? Respond, damn it!” Lazlo sounded desperate. How long had I been unintentionally ignoring her?
“I’m… I’m here, Lazlo,” I finally said.
“You son of a bitch,” she said, relief in her voice. “You weren’t supposed to come to my rescue.”
“I won’t make it a habit,” I commented, watching the air grow thicker as the MLs corpse began to dissolve. I couldn’t hear any more gunfire above me, so I glanced at the Third Eye video. It seemed clear ahead of us, the only lingering blips falling behind the vehicle.
“Theo, you okay?” I asked.
I heard a grunt and a colorful metaphor. “A little banged up, but the roof is clear,” he reported.
I then spotted a group of blips on a downward slope to our left. The road was bending away from them, so they didn’t appear capable of intercepting us. “Well, keep an eye to our left. There’s…”
The picture on the monitor suddenly dissolved into an avalanche of wavy distortion. At the same time, I heard a light static noise drone through my head. My heart revved up again – our new adversary had entered the fray.
“Guys, the thing’s back,” I said to the air. “Guys?” No use. The radio was scrambled. But I could get to Theo through the ladder. At least I could warn him. I ached all over as I got up and moved to the rungs. Looking up, I could see his boots as he moved about the turret, no doubt searching for more hostiles. It was poorly lit inside the turret and I couldn’t see much else.
I yelled up to him, and at first I didn’t think he could hear me. Then he repositioned and looked down at me with a questioning glare. “Why aren’t you using the radio?” he scolded.
He must not have cottoned onto the static. “Theo, it’s…”
Suddenly there was a massive squeal as the turret’s interior grew much brighter. Theo reacted instantly, trying to twist and bring his gun to bear against the thing attacking the turret, but the thing got a hold of him and yanked him clear. I was abruptly staring at the sky, with no sign of Theo or his attacker.
As if I had a secret death wish, I slung my shotgun and found the strength to climb the rungs into the turret. I was in wild pursuit, with no thought outside of somehow saving Theo if I could. I passed through the wreckage of the turret, which now resembled a peeled orange. I squeezed through the serrated opening in the steel, the jagged metal ripping at my clothes as I climbed onto the roof.
It was still here. So was Theo. It was much like how Lazlo had described it – a pile of humanoid dirt with legs and multiple arms that emerged and receded from its central mass. Two of those limbs gripped Theo, one at his throat and one holding his right arm out wide. Theo gritted his teeth and pounded against its grip with his free hand, but it was like pounding a cement wall. They stood on the edge of the roof, the thing deciding whether to kill Theo here or take him away for future consumption. It was clearly unconcerned by my arrival.
I noticed Theo’s rifle was missing, probably over the side and lost. Just me and my gun, but I knew I couldn’t shoot without hitting Theo. Hell, if Lazlo was right, I wasn’t sure the shotgun would be enough. I felt equally stupid and helpless, coming to Theo’s aid just in time to watch him die. What the hell had I hoped to accomplish?
But then an epiphany hit me, or perhaps just a desperate thought. This thing, whatever it was, was a product of the Meat Locusts. It was born of their DNA and their bodies. Surely it still had some similarities with them. Surely it still shared a weakness.
I was still wearing the flash ball belt, and in one smooth motion I pulled a ball off, pushed its trigger button, and held it up in my right hand. I looked away and prayed that I was right.
The ball went off with a brilliant flash, but my eyes avoided the lion’s share of the light. When it cleared, I found a very different scene before me, as if the flash ball had shifted reality. The dirt-thing was gone, replaced by a different brand of monster. This thing was thin and lanky, covered in the same gray reptilian skin as its brethren, four long arms jutting from its skeletal torso. Two arms were covering its face, the other two lashing out wildly, suggesting it was either in pain or disoriented. It had released Theo from its grip, and he was using the opportunity to crawl away from it along the narrow roof, nursing his right arm as if it was injured.
It stopped flailing about all too quickly, lowering its arms away from its face. Like your typical ML, it had the same basic contours – no hair, no ears, slits for a nose, and a ghastly wide mouth. But its teeth were different, more akin to shark teeth than rows of needles. And its eyes… those eyes were not the black holes used by the Locusts, but almost human, solid black irises swimming in a sea of white jelly. They locked onto me, penetrated me. If there were any lingering doubts that this thing wasn’t the next step up the ML evolutionary chain, sharing a hard stare with it wiped them away.
It seemed to be waiting for me to try something, go for my gun or reach for Theo. Instead, I mentally counted the seconds to the ball’s next flash and closed my eyes as the ball flared once more. I opened my eyes again, preparing to bring up my gun and gun down my blinded enemy, but it only stood there patiently, a slight smile on its face. Panic and confusion battled for supremacy within me as I looked straight into its unholy orbs. There was a blue sheen that hadn’t been there before. Some kind of built-in eye protection. The damnable thing had adapted. I must have caught it off-guard and ruined its focus, making it drop its masking power. But it was ready for me now.
Desperation guided my decisions now, as I threw the useless orb at the thing and then tried to aim my shotgun. It came right at me, the flash ball bouncing off its emaciated chest as it stepped over Theo and reached for the shotgun. I got off one shot, but the blast went wild and hit only air. Two gray arms gripped the weapon and sent it flying out of my grip and over the side of the vehicle. I froze up, out of ideas and too terrified to think straight as one arm grabbed my neck while two others restrained my arms. I couldn’t believe that something so thin held so much strength. I was pinned in place, its patronizing smile turning sinister as it pulled me close.
We were passing another hillside and out of my peripheral vision I could see a pack of MLs surging toward the road, screaming in an oddly harmonious tone that struck me as a cheer or a show of solidarity, of triumph. They were still too far away to catch us, but they didn’t need to, and they knew it. They were watching their leader punish the ones who had hurt their brethren. They were here to watch me die.
The thing finally opened its mouth, expanding it unnaturally wide, and I could see past its rows of carnivorous teeth, into the back of its throat where a round orifice rimmed with a set of fanged teeth awaited my face. I’m pretty sure I was screaming at that point. All I saw was my worst nightmare preparing to envelop me.
A burst of gunfire broke me out of my paralysis, and caused the creature to close its mouth and recoil away. Baffled, I chanced a look downward and saw Theo holding a pistol in his left hand, yelling in pain and anger as emptied his weapon into the creature’s right knee. The joint held together even as bullet after bullet smashed into it, but the knee quickly grew dented and damaged. Something like pain finally penetrated the creature’s demeanor, and it backed off to cover its wounded leg with two of its arms.
I remembered my own pistol, and in a proud moment of actual competence I pulled it from its holster, flicked off the safety, and opened fire at the creature’s face. I definitely missed more than I hit, but a couple of rounds found its cheeks and caused it to recoil even further, disorienting it. Then the vehicle did a sudden turn as we rounded a steep bend, causing me to topple onto Theo and the creature to topple off the roof.
Theo and I took a long moment to get disentangled from each other, exchanging incredulous looks as we sat up and stared at the road behind us. The creature was already standing up as the rest of the MLs sprinted onto the road and surrounded it. Every one of them stopped in their tracks, giving up pursuit and watching us recede into the forest. Perhaps they were instinctively protecting their leader, or perhaps their master decided it wasn’t worth the effort any longer.
I shared one final stare with the four-armed monstrosity as we cleared another bend and the pack vanished from sight. Despite our successful escape, I felt no cheer. The romantics in life like to believe one can see into the soul of another through their eyes. I don’t know about that – I certainly couldn’t detect souls that way. But I know hate when I see it. I knew that thing hated me, and that it wasn’t ever going to forget my defiance.
I don’t know how far it will carry its hate, but I doubt I’ll ever sleep soundly again.
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