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2020.10.20 20:23 outragedpenguin Japanese secret sex videos

Spoiler alert, neither a penguin nor outraged but....very partial to wearing suits. More suits than a deck of cards if you can believe it, and more ties than the entirety of Bangkok. Mhhhmmm. What can I say? Wearing a suit (im partial to a black one, with a white shirt; PENGUIN STYLE!) is so typical for me, I do it going for groceries. Why? For MEGALOLZ. Passively trolling people with my aesthetic nihilism. Shh, don't spoil the secret.
You know something? I detest these profile things. "ZOMG, you like breathing, drinking alcohol and travelling too!? You truly have distinguished yourself from the other 6.4 million people I am liable to be rejected by on Tinder or any other dating apps and your unique persona intrigues me!" (said and thought me never).
I mean what we supposed to put in "long walks on the beach, bubble baths and Chilli HeatWave Doritos?" (Dont like bubble baths actually, just put that for....MEGALOLZ).
When not silently cursing the failings of the medium of profile writing (it sucks yo), or silently weeping at the truly tragic surrealism that is the Trump adminstration (fuck me, did someone lose a bet?) I often ponder the question:
"If dogs dont go to heaven when they die where they do go? And can I go there too?!"
This is in between bouts of mad gaming sessions (ps4 all da way cos I be a mofo console peasant and damn proud of it), finishing up my studies at university (like my dress sense and hairstyle, its flawless, absolutely flawless); and caring for my elderly and bedridden mother. I am single (ladies, orderly line please, don't trample one another running for the exit), and have no children. Well, I was actually gonna say progeny like they do in vampire stuff, but then I triggered myself with flashbacks of True Blood :|
I guess, all madcap, zany joking aside, I am just looking to take things casually at the moment with someone. No, that isn't a euphemism for "lets have te sex, I is mad l33t fuckboi a'ight". Rather, I mean this purely as a catch all for:
"Let us organically interact and engage with one another, see how the friendship/dynamic evolves and progresses and if there is a mutual interest and attraction, discuss the possibility of making that a reality."
But thats so serious (WHY...SO....SERIOUS?!...*waits for copyright infringment from Warner Bros) and....yeah, thats it. I judge a person by the totality of their character, rather than outright dismissing them because of X, Y Z. I'm not shallow.
I am more than happy to provide a photo of myself (keep it, use it to warn small children away from mine shafts, electrical appliances), and typically use discord and facebook to keep in touch with people. If you have a ps4 and a headset well that is an even bigger plus, but absolutely not essential.
Some highlights below:

Looking for:
So if your curiosity is piqued enough, make my day and send me a wee orange envelope/bubble :)
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2020.10.13 13:56 buddhathejucheman Japanese secret sex videos

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2020.10.10 20:49 nickhintonn333 The Rabbit Hole (MEGATHREAD)

The Rabbit Hole (MEGATHREAD) When someone gets introduced to the realm of conspiracy theories it’s often said that they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. But why is this? It seems that ever since Alice in Wonderland came out, rabbit holes have been associated with portals to another world. Studying conspiracy theories certainly will take you to another world. It will flip your perception of reality upside down, which, in a way, will take you to a world full of wonder. A world where there are more questions than answers and the truth is stranger than fiction.
Perceptions create reality.
But why rabbits? The three hares are a symbol that pop up in ancient cultures all over the world. It’s origins are unknown and scholars are still trying to decipher the meaning of it. However, it is thought to have mystical associations with fertility and the lunar cycle. In Japanese and Korean mythology, rabbits are thought to live on the moon where they spend their time making rice cakes. In Chinese folklore, rabbits are thought to accompany Chang’e the Moon goddess, where they guard the elixir of life, a potion that grants eternal youth.
But what is this potion and why would it be found on the moon? In some traditions, the elixir of life is also called the food of the gods. Apparently this magical substance is how the gods live forever. Supposedly if mortals ever ate this food, they too would become immortal. In Greek mythology, the food of the gods was called ambrosia. However, before the gods discovered ambrosia, it was written that they would sustain themselves by sniffing the vapors of their dead enemies. Many ancient gods also required human sacrifice. This sounds like vampirism.
In order to appease the Moon goddess, many ancient cultures would dip eggs in blood and place them on an altar. This is where the Easter tradition originated from. People dyed eggs red to symbolise Christ’s blood. We now paint them and wait for the Easter Bunny to hide them. The moon goddess, as well as rabbits, are typically associated with fertility and sex. A woman’s menstrual cycle, or the time it takes for an egg to be released, is linked to the lunar cycle. The word menstruation comes from Latin and Greek words that mean month and moon.
Ironically, in Zulu mythology, the Moon itself is compared to an egg. The Zulu people believe the Moon was brought here many years ago by the water brothers. According to legend, the brothers stole the moon from a dragon, which was actually an egg they emptied out to make hollow.. When the water brothers brought the Moon to Earth, it caused the cataclysm that ended the Golden Age. Many Greek philosophers spoke about a time before the Moon as well, one of them being Aristotle. Scientists have also discovered the moon is 85 million years younger than Earth.
Some scientists are also beginning to wonder if the Moon is hollow. In 1969, Apollo astronauts placed seismometers on the lunar surface in order to study what the Moon’s core is made of. However, they were shocked when they found moonquakes cause the Moon to ring like a bell. Scientists also recently discovered the Moon is rusting. Even before all these discoveries, conspiracy theorists have said the Moon is a spaceship. Some even claim it is some kind of soul trap or portal that wipes our memories and forces us to reincarnate after we leave Earth. Perhaps it is both, and whatever is inside it is an advanced technology that operates in higher dimensions like the astral plane. But why do the gods want to keep us trapped in the wheel of reincarnation? Are human beings the food of the gods? Is the fountain of youth within us?
There are many movies that seem to treat the moon like a soul trap. Even the Dream Works logo depicts a man on the moon fishing for souls. The only reason I bring up movies in so many of my threads is because I believe art is an expression of the collective unconscious. Perhaps knowledge we are not consciously aware of, things we once knew but have long forgotten, are stored in our DNA. There is actually scientific evidence that seems to back up the idea of genetic memory in the works of biologists Stuart A. Newman and Gerd B. Müller.
In the movie AI, a fake moon is used to trick humanoid robots. In the direction of the real moon, there is a city where robots are free. However, the fake moon is a magnet that captures obsolete robots and takes them to a place where they are tortured for human’s entertainment. In The Truman Show, the protagonist unknowingly goes about his daily life on the set of a reality tv show. At the end, he ends up finding the exit door of his artificial world and discovers the director, who has been orchestrating his life from a watchtower disguised as the Moon.
Scenes from AI and The Truman Show.
According to some conspiracy theorists, the Moon is what keeps us trapped in the matrix. Supposedly, frequencies being broadcast from the hexagon on Saturn are amplified through the hollow structure of the Moon, keeping humanity trapped in a holographic projection. NASA has actually said radio waves emanate from Saturn's North Pole, and they sound really creepy. If you are not familiar with Saturn’s hexagon, please take note of the depiction of Saturn’s North Pole in this video.
Some scientists agree with the theory that we’re living in a hologram. According to quantum physicists, the building blocks of our universe behave as if they are two dimensional, yet we experience the universe as if it is three dimensional. The same way two dimensional quantum bits make up our physical universe, information encoded onto a flat surface, like a microchip or CD, can be used to simulate a three dimensional world inside of a computer.
Cymatics has shown that a low frequency sine tone can create a hexagon. Because of this, some speculate a highly advanced machine is emitting this frequency from inside of Saturn. Ironically, a sine wave is abbreviated as sin. Sin is also the name of a Mesopotamian moon god. In Greek mythology, Saturn was known as the god of time. Is Saturn’s sine wave the time wave? Oddly enough, many movies show a link between Saturn, the Moon, rabbits, and time travel. In Alice in Wonderland, it‘s the White Rabbit that carries around around a giant pocket watch.
Frequencies create geometrical shapes in a medium.
In the movie In the Shadow of the Moon, a rift in space and time opens up every nine years during a Blood Moon. A Blood Moon is when the Moon is in a total lunar eclipse and appears red. In the movie Donnie Darko, a demonic rabbit guides a teenager to knowledge about time travel. Conspiracy theorists accuse CERN, the largest particle accelerator in the world, of being a time machine or portal. Ironically, scientists at CERN nicknamed one of their experiments ALICE and have even expressed interest in building a bigger particle collider on the Moon.
Many supposed whistleblowers have come out claiming to have inside info about a secret government operation called Project Looking Glass. Apparently the aim of the project was to achieve time travel. Ironically, the name is a reference to the second Alice in Wonderland book. But why do The Powers That Be want to create time travel? Perhaps, like Truman, their real aim is to find the exit door of the matrix. Perhaps they are subject to the demands of the gods too. Maybe they are trapped in the wheel of reincarnation just like us.
Is this why The Powers That Be lust after the food of the gods? So they can live long enough to figure out how to escape? Oddly enough, in the movie Doctor Sleep, a cult of demonic beings kidnap children so they can torture them and sniff a vapor they produce called the Shine.. The Moon seems to be the key to understanding how to leave the simulation. Remember that in the movie The Matrix, in order for Neo to find his way out of the digital world, he must follow The White Rabbit.
If the Moon really is keeping us trapped in the matrix, perhaps this is why the United States Air Force developed Project A119 in 1958, a top secret plan to nuke the moon. They claimed the aim of the operation was to answer astronomy’s mysteries. In the 2001, NASA said they wanted to move Earth to a new position in our solar system. Yes they really said this. They claimed they could achieve this by redirecting asteroids around Earth’s orbit and towards, you guessed it, Saturn. The asteroids would then boomerang back around, and their gravitational pull would tug on the Earth, moving it away from the Sun. NASA said they wanted to move our planet in order to battle climate change. But are they really just trying to get out of the Saturn-Moon Matrix?
Michael Tsarion, an occult researcher, claims Earth is currently quarantined from the rest of the universe. Supposedly, we are fenced in by something called a Stargate. He says John Dee, a famous mathematician and channeler, was given instructions to open the Stargate by aliens. Supposedly, in order to open the Stargate, humans had to learn how to create matter out of energy. However, this was too complex for us to learn all at once, so first we had to learn to create energy out of matter, and then reverse engineer the process.
Apparently this was accomplished with the invention of the atomic bomb. However, it was recently announced that CERN made matter out of light. So what does this mean? Are The Powers That Be about to open the Stargate? Some conspiracy theorists claim at some point soon, a portal will open in the sky. This theory is known as the Plasma Apocalypse theory. I’m not saying this theory is true, but it is interesting nonetheless. There are many versions of the Plasma Apocalypse theory, but the portal is typically associated with a planetary alignment or solar eclipse. I now find the eclipse theory most plausible and there are many synchronicities in pop culture that seem to confirm this as well.
In Tales from the Loop, there’s a mysterious object made of hexagons known as The Eclipse that‘s capable of transporting people through time. A physics lab called The Loop is built around it to study it’s strange effects. The Loop seems to be a reference to Saturn’s rings. In The Quiet Earth, a scientist creates a global energy grid that causes everyone on Earth to disappear. The event begins with the sun turning red then black, similar to a solar eclipse. After trying to reverse its effects, he finds himself in a world with Saturn in the sky.
Scenes from Tales from the Loop and The Quiet Earth.
But what are we supposed to do about any of this? In an episode of Star Trek, a crew of space explorers land on a mysterious planet inhabited by Alice in Wonderland characters. Once they encounter their own worst fears and fantasies they realize an advanced technology below the planet’s surface is materializing whatever they think about. The leader of the crew orders everyone to pay attention and stop thinking. In order to get out of the rabbit hole, sometimes all you need is mindfulness. Enjoy the simple things. Don’t stress over what can’t be changed. Ironically, while writing this thread today, I took a break and came across this:
Coincidence or synchronicity?
However, I wouldn’t have seen it if I wasn’t being mindful. It’s little things like this that let me know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Follow the synchronicities. Follow The White Rabbit. And if you’re scared, remember Alice wakes up in the end and you will too. Thanks for reading.
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2020.10.03 13:53 outragedpenguin Secret japanese videos sex

Spoiler alert, neither a penguin nor outraged but....very partial to wearing suits. More suits than a deck of cards if you can believe it, and more ties than the entirety of Bangkok. Mhhhmmm. What can I say? Wearing a suit (im partial to a black one, with a white shirt; PENGUIN STYLE!) is so typical for me, I do it going for groceries. Why? For MEGALOLZ. Passively trolling people with my aesthetic nihilism. Shh, don't spoil the secret.
You know something? I detest these profile things. "ZOMG, you like breathing, drinking alcohol and travelling too!? You truly have distinguished yourself from the other 6.4 million people I am liable to be rejected by on Tinder or any other dating apps and your unique persona intrigues me!" (said and thought me never).
I mean what we supposed to put in "long walks on the beach, bubble baths and Chilli HeatWave Doritos?" (Dont like bubble baths actually, just put that for....MEGALOLZ).
When not silently cursing the failings of the medium of profile writing (it sucks yo), or silently weeping at the truly tragic surrealism that is the Trump adminstration (fuck me, did someone lose a bet?) I often ponder the question:
"If dogs dont go to heaven when they die where they do go? And can I go there too?!"
This is in between bouts of mad gaming sessions (ps4 all da way cos I be a mofo console peasant and damn proud of it), finishing up my studies at university (like my dress sense and hairstyle, its flawless, absolutely flawless); and caring for my elderly and bedridden mother. I am single (ladies, orderly line please, don't trample one another running for the exit), and have no children. Well, I was actually gonna say progeny like they do in vampire stuff, but then I triggered myself with flashbacks of True Blood :|
I guess, all madcap, zany joking aside, I am just looking to take things casually at the moment with someone. No, that isn't a euphemism for "lets have te sex, I is mad l33t fuckboi a'ight". Rather, I mean this purely as a catch all for:
"Let us organically interact and engage with one another, see how the friendship/dynamic evolves and progresses and if there is a mutual interest and attraction, discuss the possibility of making that a reality."
But thats so serious (WHY...SO....SERIOUS?!...*waits for copyright infringment from Warner Bros) and....yeah, thats it. I judge a person by the totality of their character, rather than outright dismissing them because of X, Y Z. I'm not shallow.
I am more than happy to provide a photo of myself (keep it, use it to warn small children away from mine shafts, electrical appliances), and typically use discord and facebook to keep in touch with people. If you have a ps4 and a headset well that is an even bigger plus, but absolutely not essential.
Some highlights below:

Looking for:
So if your curiosity is piqued enough, make my day and send me a wee orange envelope/bubble :)
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2020.09.29 02:47 Anime_Historian “Moe” Theory

Repost of something from 3 years ago. I have a pdf version with pictures and better format sitting on my blog. Search “anime historian” to find it if you are inclined.
This is my favorite write up I did because it was really fun to research. The discussion off of it was freaking great too.
What’s Moe?
Moe has a huge following and almost all fans understand at least the basics of what makes a character moe. Simply put moe is a viewer response to a anime/manga character (euphoric type of response). This response makes the viewer want to protect a cute character from all harm. As an understatement, moe has a huge fan base. This response is not explicitly erotic but can have some attributes of it.
Moe Introduction: Moenatomy
Moe characters physical appearance can be distilled down to specific traits. This is the Moenatomy. The most common representation of moe in anime is of a prepubescent cute girl. There are two potential explanations for the association of moé with the younger range:

  1. 萌え(moe) means “budding or sprouting” and can possibly be referring to the “budding” age of the prepubescent youth moé characters usually are.
  2. A homonym, 燃え(moe), means “burning” could possibly be referring to how the fans express their “burning” passion for these characters.
The specific physical features are as such. The typical moe character will have a tall iris and large pupil. The eyes will also be proportionally 1/5th the size of head. The head will also be large and bobbleheadlike. The face will be flat (or puni puni plush), have a small nose and be neotenized. The hair must be colorful and have bangs over the eyes. A popular incarnation of these character traits is, jokingly created, Moetron of 4chan fame. (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/neoteny?s=t)
Moe Verbiage: How to Properly Use Moe in a Sentence
In order to use moé properly within a sentence specific rules must be followed:
As a verb: {boku wa} Sakura-chan {ga} moe {desu} translates as “I (moe/like) Sakura-chan”.
As an adjective: Sakura-chan {wa} moe {desu} translates as “Sakura-chan is (moe/likeable)”.
As an interjection: Sakura-chan moe!! translates as “Sakura-chan love!!”
As a noun: Sakura-chan {wa} moé {ga nai} translates as “Sakura-chan lacks (moe/likeability)”.
Moé History: Evolution of Kawaisa (1970’s Kawaii Craze)
The popularity of “cuteness” is not a new concept in Japan. Scholars argue that by the 1970’s, the years of social upheaval and economic recovery stemming from the destruction of WWII lead to a rise in consumerism. The consumerism had roots in distinguishing pleasure outside of the work life that dominated the post-WWII Japan lifestyle. The use of the "shoujo” to advertise products in this era was a desirable contrast between the “work-centric” needs of a modern reality and consumptive pleasures. This is not to say that the shoujo created the fascination with cuteness but was rather a product of a cultural ideal. The focus on cuteness continued to sprawl into multiple layers of Japanese society during this time. In such a way that a child's pencil box might be adorned with the same cute character as a construction warning sign. The fascination with cuteness has specific connections with the ideals of youth and innocence present with the shoujo. Here we can see how a mindset associated with cuteness would influence the types of characters that will eventually formulate the basis for multiple character archetypes including moe. For more in depth analysis of the shoujo’s effect (particularly lolicon) read the other post I did on it.
Galbraith, Patrick. 2011. Lolicon: The Reality of ‘Virtual Child Pornography’ in Japan. Image and Narrative : Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative. 12: 83-119
Moe History:
Wikipedia states that the character Clarisse from Hayao Miyazaki's “The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)” is the ancestral example of moe. Wikipedia as a reliable reference is dubious at best though. The very first character that can be described as being explicitly moe is Lum Invader from the 1981-1986 anime series Urusei Yatsura. However, moe itself was not popularized until the 90’s. The etymology is not known but there are several theories to explain its possible origin. One of these theories state that it comes from the character Tomoe Hotaru (written as 土萌; even the relevant kanji is the same) from Sailor Moon. Researchers such as Patrick W. Galbraith and Tamaki Saitō have found that moe was first used in 2channel in the 1990s, discussing female characters who were "hybrids of the lolicon and bishoujo (beautiful girl) genres". As this describes Hotaru Tomoe very well, and coincides with her height of popularity in 2channel, there is likeliness in the theory that Sailor Moon is the source of the name. The emergence of modern popularity of the term traces its origins to 2004. Quoted below is scholar Patrick Galbraith on the issue. “Moe began in the realm of subculture, but it has since transitioned to mass culture. The word entered the popular lexicon with Densha Otoko, an otaku who saves a woman from being molested by a drunk man on the train, and, with advice from his fellows on 2channel, successfully courts her. Densha's story was collaboratively created on 2channel on a board for single men between March and May 2004 and became an Internet book, a film, a primetime TV show, four manga series and an erotic video. The last episode of the drama, aired in primetime on Fuji TV in 2005, was viewed by 25.5 per cent of the national audience. The protagonist's dreamy recitation of 'moeeeee!' became a media phenomenon encouraging emulation. In 2005, moe was voted among the most influential slang words in Japan.”
Galbraith, Patrick W. (2009). The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider's Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan. Kodansha International. p. 46. ISBN 978-4-7700-3101-3. Richmond, Simon (2009). The Rough Guide to Anime. Penguin Books. Galbraith, Patrick W. (2009). "Moe: Exploring Virtual Potential in Post-Millennial Japan". Electronic journal of contemporary Japanese studies. http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/articles/2009/Galbraith.html#_edn5
Moe History: The Present and Future
The Modern Moekko (萌えっ娘)
Girls who evoke a feeling of moe are called 萌えっ娘 (moekko). The kanji 娘 (Musume or ko) can be translated as “daughter” or “child.” The combination of moe and 娘 produces a term that specifically indicates, usually, small girls who are moe Popular variations of the moekko are the meganekko-moe (眼鏡っ娘萌) glasses-girl moe or Imōto-moe (妹萌え), "younger sister moe."
Other popular variations are:
Twin tails (see Hatsune Miku), and drill hair Loli (young or youthful looking girls) Maid Cat girls, girls with fangs Plain girl Energetic girl Clumsy girl Ahoge (アホ毛, antenna-like hair that sticks up)
Moe Blob:
Characters in anime who previously evoked moe feelings, such as Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon) and Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura), are overshadowed by a propagation of a new moe character. No longer are characters simply evoking moe feelings but rather the new moe character has become the embodiment of the concept itself. This is a progression of disassociation with narrative elements in favor of characters themselves. This has been a growing concept since the 80’s in Japan. There still is a story but it becomes a backdrop to the character themselves. This is seen in anime such as Moetan, K-On! and Lucky Star where the character forces the viewer to see their moe attributes rather than passively suggesting them. Even going so far as to have the characters inside the anime recognize their own moe attributes through their dialogue. Some characters can only be defined by their moeness and are only included to shove as much moe in the series as possible. Fans have nicknamed this type of character the “moe blob.”
Oppliger, John (2012-05-28). "Ask John: What Are the Defining Moé Anime?". AnimeNation Anime News Blog. Ask John. Retrieved 5 August 2012
Moe Couplet
The moe couplet is where two different types of characters come together to enhance each other cuteness. One of the characters is the more serious character while the other is more moe. The serious/cute dynamic greatly enhances the moe of the cute character as well as gives some, previously unseen, cute qualities to the serious character. The coupling is not meant to be romantic in tone in most cases. Here are a few reasons:
Romantic Couples (RC) and Moe Couples (MC)
-RC relationships bring conflict. MC relationships bring harmony and balance.
-RCs can bring out negative aspects of personalities. MCs bring out only positive ones.
-RCs are often 'conventional' relationships where the amount of intimacy is explicit. MCs usually are not consistent, even between episodes, by nature of the unusual individuals involved.
Explicit RC information means the audience tends to settle onto an agreed 'canon'. and writers typically adjust their writing to appeal to this. MC audiences are not able to, giving writers maximum flexibility.
-RCs are usually designed to appeal to two different types of audience members. MCs are designed to appeal to the same one.
-RCs may consist of a new character who threatens to impede the established character's personality. New characters in MCs are usually nonthreatening and much more easily maintain the Status Quo.” (Quoted from tvtropes.org)
An example of a great moe couplet is Kenpachi Zaraki/Yachiru from Bleach. Kenpachi throughout Bleach is a certified badass. He gains captain level by sheer force handling a zanpakutou he stole from someone. However, he only has cute characteristics when paired up with Yachiru. Their antics together are nothing short of hilarious and give Kenpachi a quirky/cute side. In the same way, Yachiru can be cute by herself but the quality of her cuteness is enhanced by the relationship they have together.
Moe Gijinka: Moe Anthropomorphism
Moe is not limited to living things. A popular offshoot of moe is Gijinka (Anthropomorphism in English). This popular following turns people, objects, monsters, etc. into moe characters. Even going so far as to turn sections of the Japanese constitution into moe girls. Essentially, a moefication of anything. Popular genres of this type are Monster Musume and Mecha Musume. DESCO from Disgaea 4 is a good example of a Monster Musume. For Mecha Musume, any girl from the Kantai Collection is a good example.
Commercial Significance: Economic Dominance and .Moe
In 2004 the market for moé media was worth 88 billion yen which, at that time, was roughly ⅓ of the otaku market in Japan. It has only gained traction in recent years becoming an economic force that compels media companies to integrate at least some level of moe in their products. The commercial dominance goes beyond financial numbers but seeks to shape the way consumers look for those products. Introduced in November of 2013, the Top-Level Domain (TLD) .moe is looking to shape the way in which consumers look for moe content.
"Moe Market Worth 88 Billion Yen". Anime News Network. 2005-04-25. Retrieved 2007-11-02 .moe Registry Agreement". ICANN. November 13, 2013. Retrieved April 13, 2014.
Moefication: The Degrees of Moe
So, what makes a character moe? Many people head straight to the more obvious sources of moe such as K-On! and Japanator with their four moe laws. But I see these as incomplete expressions of what moé can be described as. Therefore, I argue the following three points as true:
Above all else, characters who give the “rarefied, euphoric” reaction can be described as moe. This euphoric reaction is based on the audience's desire to protect the character. This feeling is usually associated with their innocence, cuteness, perceived age and quirkiness Older characters can achieve moe though it is much harder. (An example of this is Ryuji’s mother, Yasuko Takasu, from Toradora)
The reason I begin this list with this baseline emotional reaction from the audience is to implicitly state the subjectivity of moe.
Because moe is not a distinct character archetype, a viewer’s perception of the character can be placed along a continuum of categorization.
Moe Continuum
Moé Blob Neutral Absolute Badass ←--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
On one side, there is the moe blob which exists solely provide moe for a series. They may have some unique traits but they are highly overshadowed by their implicit moeness for the series. On the other side, we have the absolute badass. Whereas the moe blob makes the audience want to protect them, the absolute badass is seen as the cool character who needs no protection.
  1. The Qualifier Traits are the character traits that, when come together, can form moe. These are Innocence, Cuteness, Perceived Age, and Quirkiness which also exist along their own continuum of categorization.
    Innocence Absolute Saint Neutral Absolute Evildoer ←---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Qualifying the level of innocence is a dichotomy between perceived good and evil. Of course these concepts are subjective (as is moe) but there are certainly more universal traits that can be described as good or evil.
Example of a few innocent traits: Non-Violence, virginity, introvertedness, compassion, forgiveness, etc.
Any traits that can be described as opposite to the above mentioned examples lessens the likelihood of them being considered moe. However, having a non-innocent trait does not disqualify them from being moe.
Cuteness Maximum Cute Normal Human Pile of Crap ←--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Qualifying the level of cuteness is simply deciding a 0-10 scale. Moe tends to be high on the scale but does not necessarily need to be. The traits that qualify cuteness are predominantly physical attributes such as physical appearance and body language.
Perceived Age 0 <30> 80+ ←--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
The perceived age aspect is a combination of both mental and physical indicators of age. Characters who are young but act like old men usually are not moe. Similar to how an cute older character can act like a 15 year old and be considered moe. In weighing the age factor, mental age is more important than actual physical age. The perceived age continuum of categorization is based on how young you feel the character is. A character that is thousands of years old becomes irrelevant when they look and act like a 12 year old girl. Quirkiness Absolute Spaz Normal Absolute Bore ←--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Quirkiness is talking about unique character traits that go against social norms. On one hand, the absolute spaz is a theoretical combination of a character inhibiting the maximum number of socially unacceptable mannerisms. On the other side, the absolute bore is the theoretical combination of an absolute conformist to social standards. I'm so much that they have no perceivable unique traits. Moe tends to lean towards more quirky character traits and thus more to the left side of the spectrum.
Moefication: The MV Variable
The dependence on the viewer's reaction in order to establish moé creates a very interesting dynamic. The specified time frame in which moé is, or is not, established is important. This leads into determining moé based on when you are examining the character and using what criteria.
Frame of Reference:
The specific time frame is crucial when evaluating whether a character can be considered moe or not. The Frame of Reference refers to a specified span of time wherein you evaluate the moeness of a character. The frame of reference, in referring to anime/manga, is a time frame dictated by either page number or a minute marker. This time frame is flexible and can be a few short minutes to episodes long.
The MV Variable:
Moe can be determined based on analyzing specific variables within the specific frame of reference chosen. The forces that create moé within that period are the Moefication Variables (MV). The MV is highly dynamic and exists as both physical and metaphysical points of analysis.
Proxemics refers to spatial distance between the people, places or things. The proximal aspect as a MV refers to how a character can become moe based on spatial distance from a person, place or thing. A character who turns moe based primarily on proximity to a specific character (etc. love interest), place (etc. cuddly bear shop) or thing (etc. cute body pillow) has this as their MV.
Time is a consideration of the chronology of the series itself. The frame of reference and time in this manner have many similarities such as specifying a section of the whole to discuss moe. The difference between the two is where the frame of reference specifies a length of time disconnected from the series itself (etc. episode minute length, page number), time refers to the chronology within the series itself.
Example: Typical Anime Character
Typical Anime Character’s backstory shows up in episode 10 at 5 minutes in. The frame of reference for moe evaluation is episode 10 at 5 minutes in for a length of 10 minutes. On the other hand, the time MV is evaluating how the chronological time the character’s backstory is taking place in affects their moe categorization.
Environmental aspects of an anime/manga refers to effects of a specific setting on a character. The environmental conditions as an MV refer to how an overarching environment can affect their moeness. Anime/Manga usually feature multiple environments to keep the anime feel fresh (Ex. SAO-Aincrad, GunGale Online, etc.). Even if the above mentioned qualifier traits are satisfied for moe, if the setting is deemed anti-moe, it may strip the viewer's moe perception. The setting of an anime/manga is important to factor in when looking at whether a character will be seen as moe. Even a character that inhibits the perfect combination of qualifier traits to produce moe may not be considered as such because of the setting within which they exist. See example below.
Nia Tepplin
Innocence: 10 Cuteness: 9 Perceived Age: <10 Years Old Quirkiness: 8
I use Nia from Gurren Lagann to present a very interesting point. Her qualifier traits should produce moé but not everyone sees her that way. Her backstory makes you feel like you should protect her but not in rarefied euphoric way. Rather the viewer may feel this way out of pity for being deemed worthless and abandoned by her father. This turns off many people in deeming her moe. However, there is a spinoff manga where the characters are placed in a school setting. Nia possesses the same character traits as she did in the anime but the setting is less brutal and more carefree. In this way, her qualifier traits are more pronounced against a less serious background allowing for a viewer to see her without the stigma provided by her backstory. Even so much as having Kamina, in the manga, mention her moeness. The contrast in settings between the anime and manga show how characters may or may not be considered moe based on factors outside of their own character.
Moe Integration: The Flexibility of Archetypes
I argue that the integration of at least some level of moe is present in a variety of different character archetypes. Moe Integration is where the creator will use a character archetype (like tsundere) and occasionally mix in some moe attributes to keep the character fresh (and frankly more popular). The challenge is to pick a frame of reference wherein the MV(s) can be determined. Below are a few examples of moé integration.
Tsundere: Louis (Zero no Tsukaima)
Zero no Tsukaima holds a special place in my heart as it is one of the first anime I watched and read the light novels and manga. The romantic/comedic tension between Saito and Louis is something I still laugh about today (opening theme songs were awesome too). I use Louis as an example because of the constant switches between sweet and harsh sides of her personality. She is mean but ultimately an innocent girl , royalty but quirky, tries to act mature but obviously isn’t and is made to be adorably cute. The integration of moe into her character is more of an emphasis on the sweet aspects of her personality. The tender moments Saito and Louis have genuinely show her as a soft, likable character. These are her moe moments. These moments are when she feels disconnected from issues of title, family or worries of Saito talking to other girls. I see these themes as belonging to an overarching setting within which she is in or the “environmental” MV to be specific.
Kuudere: Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
One of my favorite characters is Homura from Madoka Magica. The reason I bring her into this discussion is to discuss how her actions throughout the series, and movie, reflect on audience perception at different moments. Homura’s backstory shows her embodying moe so much that fans have nicknamed her Moemura during this time. However, for much of the beginning of the series, she's cold and cool. Her coolness and badassery are generally completely opposite of any moe feelings (besides her physical features). But anyone who has watched this knows her soft side for Madoka. When we see her backstory and moments of weakness for Madoka, there is a change of perspective. She is no longer just a badass but a badass with a soft side. She emits moé feeling in those soft moments in abundance. There are two prominent MV’s in action here depending on the frame of reference. If the frame of reference is during her backstory, then we can determine that “time” is the relevant MV. Moemura exists before the “Homura Time Cycles.” If the frame of reference is any of the tender moments between Madoka and Homura, then the MV is primarily and “Proximal.”
Dandere: Mei Misaki (Another)
There is a strong connection between the dandere archetypes and moe. This is due to their quiet and, usually, innocence personality. Mei Misaki from Another is a character I will classify as a dandere. I chose her because of how I felt moe was integrated into such a dark anime (the umbrella scene was my favorite). The mysterious area and secret soft side makes Mei easily a dandere but those soft moments are always destroyed by the anime itself. Even the beach episode turns dark quickly. Why do I choose her to explain moe integration then? The reason is simple, episode 0 (or the OVA) where she still has her sister. The overall at I sphere of the episode is upbeat and even makes fun of the how some of the dark themes of the story (falling out of a Farris wheel that's two feet from the ground). This I see as an integration of more positive cute, innocent aspects of the story that were left out of the main series. In this way, I see this as an attempt to popularize her more. If the frame of reference is based somewhere in episode 0, then the MV is “time.” I see this character as a, smaller, but relevant example of moe integration.
So What’s Moe Then?
When describing moe, you are verifying that all of the qualifier traits are sufficient enough to warrant that euphoric feeling. The question then is, “what level is needed in each of the categories?”
Kamina (Gurren Lagann) Magical Witch Meruru (Ore Imo) Innocence: 4 Innocence: 10 Cuteness: 3. Cuteness: 10 Perceived Age: >23 Perceived Age: <9 Quirkiness: 6 Quirkiness: 8
Most likely not moe. Most likely moe.
How far can you stretch each of the values on the qualifier traits and keep it being moe? The above examples represent an easy dichotomy between who a moé character is and is not. The problem is addressing every variance in-between. That's a completely subjective opinion and will certainly change over time depending on what anime/manga is created in the future but we can still create some general boundaries on its use.
Moe Referent System: Overview
The first step in creating theoretical boundaries on moe is to address where it comes from. The definition provided above addresses moe as a response to the characters and not of the characters themselves. Moe is thus a creation in the mind of the viewer themselves. In sociological terms, this is the called the referent system or in our case the Moe Referent System.
Moe Symbols: Reference and Referent
In order to best understand the referent part of the moe referent system we need to explore semantically the relationship between what’s known as the symbol, reference and referent.
Stop Sign Symbol - Reference - Referent Symbol: Bright red shape with 8 sides equidistant from each other. Reference: Perception of the viewer that all these components together mean a stop sign Referent: A Stop Sign
A symbol is “something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance.” The reference is “a relationship in which a symbol or sign signifies something; the referent is the thing signified.” In the case of the red octagon, the reference is the relationship the viewer has with the symbol. If there is no meaning associated with the red octagon then it is simply a red shape with 8 sides but almost all Americans will see this as more than just a collection of components. The perception of its meaning in our minds associating this specific color and shape with a stop sign, that is the reference. The referent is then a stop sign.
In the case of moe, what specific attributes or physical qualities that can be considered a symbol of moe are incredibly vague. The symbol does not have to be immediately observable in the case that a moe symbol might be an attitude or a character's speech pattern. Some physical examples of potential moe symbols are in my “moenatomy” chart above. I used things such as large pupils, colorful hair, etc. The issue with all of these moe symbols is that they do not by themselves equal moe in the same way that the red octagon almost certainly symbolizes a stop sign. What we are seeing here is that there is a not a 1:1 relationship in terms of moe symbols directly equaling moe. This is where system theory comes into play.
Moe System: Interaction and Inter-dependencies of Symbols
A system is defined as a “set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex/intricate whole.” The “component parts” of this definition, in the case of moe, are referring to anything and everything that consciously and subconsciously elicits a feeling of moe. This is an amalgamation of all references in the mind of the viewer that can be described as moe. The system is inherently not an expression of a 1:1 relationship as with the stop sign example above. Rather in the case of moe we are looking at the interaction of multiple vague, almost undefinable, symbols that constitute boundaries on the moe system when the input is specific to certain undefined, fluid moe symbols. The “complex/intricate whole” of the moe system is simply moe. Therefore, the Moe Referent System is expressing moe through a wide variety of interdependent symbols that come together in a particular fashion that create specific boundaries on what can and cannot be considered moe.
Moeification Variables: Expanded
The Moeification Variables (MV) are an important, admittedly incomplete, theory on analyzing the specific qualities of characters to determine if they can be generally considered moe. The MV’s I used to help categorize characters were innocence, cuteness, perceived age and quirkiness. These character attributes are not symbols but rather categories consisting each of several symbols. Analyzing quirkiness of a character, for example, can look at things such as speech pattern, facial expression and spatial awareness among many other things. This means that the categories I provided above are just an expression of several systems each consisting of multiple interacting symbols that determine the entire category. Therefore is more appropriate to call each MV as a system such as the Innocence System, Quirkiness System, etc. Each system exists independently but, for the sake of moe, can be organized in such a way as to elicit moe feelings from the audience. This is done many times consciously, and subconsciously, by the artist trying to make a character moe.
Moe: Expanded Categorization
So far I have attempted to deconstruct the expression of moe to its very basic components but this is not useful in connecting analysis and anime. Therefore, I will work off the back of another moe scholar Shingo from Heisei Democracy. He created a very useful theory along with a quad chart that breaks down the different expressions of moe in anime.
“Junai-kei moe: images in which a loving, but not explicitly sexual relationship is depicted or implied between the moe heroine and the male viewer or his narrative proxy. Found most commonly in renai games such as those produced by Aquaplus / Leaf and Key. The harmonic depiction of innocent lovers is the province of junai-kei moe, an image type commonly found in popular renai games. Note that the male character need not be shown in the image for his presence to be evident to the viewer (and the heroine); such images are often more powerful when the heroine is seen to be addressing the viewer (or player, in this case) directly.
Otome-kei moe: images in which male presence is deemphasized in favor of a scene which implicates the heroine(s) as the centerpiece of an idealized past or present. Found most commonly in (nonsexual) yuri such as Marimite and in anime / manga such as Kamichu, Kokoro Library, and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
The beauty and grace of everyday life in nearly utopian tranquility is captured by otome-kei moe. Unfettered for the most part by concerns of love or sex, the heroine goes about her business in perfect and idyllic innocence. Male characters are rarely present, though female interaction in the image can lend it a strong yuri tinge (but not beyond the bounds of propriety).
Erokawaii-kei moe: images in which the moe heroine is sexualized, to an extent limited by a) her innocence and b) her consent, for the benefit of the male viewer or his narrative proxy. Found most commonly in erotic games, manga and anime, and as such is often conflated with lolicon.
The heroine acknowledges the proximity of the male gaze, and likes it. The erotically cute moe image is just that, a girl who may be shy but is willing to shed most conventions of virtue for the benefit of the viewer or his proxy. The extent to which sexual activity is allowed here is open to debate, but force or coersion perpetrated by either party is a hard limit to this form of moe.
Denpa-kei moe: images in which style, fetish symbols and costumes crowd out significant narrative meaning, trading on the value of pure exuberant cuteness. Found most commonly in mascot characters, the work of artists such as POP, and nonsensical anime (Digi Charat killing two birds with one stone here).
Denpa is a term used to describe nauseatingly saccharine, hyper-cute bishoujo game theme songs, and denpa-kei moe images are just that: heavily stylized, almost Dadaist depictions of heroines often so decked out in props and costumes that few physical design traits remain. Not overtly sexualized and with little male presence to interfere, these mascot-like characters are the iconic bastions of moe.”
Thanks for reading! I always appreciate everyone who can read through this and keep an open mind. Leave a comment somewhere on the internet. Thanks again!
For more reading on moe theory (and where I got a lot of inspiration and direction) click here, here, or here. "Definition of system". Merriam-Webster. Springfield, MA, USA. Retrieved 2016-10-09. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referent Hildegard E. Peplau, Interpersonal Relations in Nursing: A Conceptual Frame ... (2004), p. 289: "Each concept or word has both a referent and a reference. The word is the symbol; the reference is its meaning held in the mind of its user; and the referent is the actions or ob}ect the symbol signified." "Symbol." Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symbol Tamaki, Saitou (2007), "Otaku Sexuality", in Bolton, Christopher; Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan, Jr; Tatsumi, Takayuki, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams, University of Minnesota Press, p. 230, ISBN 978-0-8166-4974-7 Kitabayashi, Ken (2004), The Otaku Group from a Business Perspective: Revaluation of Enthusiastic Customers (PDF), JP: Nomura Research Institute
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2020.09.09 05:08 SmolTexas Sex secret japanese videos

+3, +2, +1 balls for the top 3 answers. -3, -2, -1 balls for the bottom 3 answers, unless i don't feel like scoring it that way. it's my survey
reddit name/slack name/real name/SSN i meant this to mean just put any one of these, not all of them. a few people thought i meant the latter. of those, cory was the only one to seemingly give his actual social security number. +1 bonus ball to cory
Find the dumbest thing on MLBShop.com bnav:

Cincinnati Reds Nick Castellanos 8-Piece Regulation All Weather Cornhole Bag Set $56.99
the thing about this is that a cornhole set of 8 different players on the team would actually be cool. but instead it's Just Nick Castellanos.
Women's Oakland Athletics Dooney & Bourke Medium Tote Bag $248
Texas Rangers 3' Giant Victory Four Game Set $199.99
both good entries in the category of things that aren't inherently dumb but are absurdly expensive, but outshone by:
St. Louis Cardinals Supreme Mystery Grab Bag $249.99
a mystery grab bag for two hundred and fifty u.s. dollars
Miami Marlins Black BlackBerry Curve Cashmere Silicone Case $29.99 Regular, $3.99 Reduced Price Almost Gone!
couldnt find anything bad, but i did order this while looking: Men's Baltimore Orioles Fanatics Branded Navy Banner Wave Pullover Hoodie $64.99
congratulations on the hoodie bgro!
New York Mets Peanuts Wireless USB Keyboard $54.99
Looks Like Shit
Houston Astros Highland Mint 2017 World Series Champions 39mm Gold Mint Coin $49.99
Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions Blu-Ray Collector Set $79.99
St. Louis Cardinals Earth Design Yoga Mat $39.99
i think this looks fine!
Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant 24" Studds Plush $29.99 or Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant Pro Bros Plush Toy $19.99
the first one is ASTOUNDING and the second one is fine i don't know why you submitted both when the first one is clearly the correct submission
+3 dylan, +2 iama, +1 jiggy -3 pjd and ruairi, -2 bgro, -1 desmond
Give me a Youtube video under a minute long that will make me laugh Cory:
did not make me laugh but good pacing, doesn't wear out its welcome
this is mesmerizing i have been watching this for ten minutes
solid old video!
azula describes her fursona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CITrqyliiUM
i am sorry ben it DID NOT make me laugh
VERY classic but still great!
THAT is a true classic
good contagious laughter
over a minute but the actual content is a small portion repeated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvx_zuTR1Xc
funny but it does still break the rules
pjd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prCHL8dJdPA&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=DyomHellas
shortest video submitted and has some punch to it
+3 dylan, +2 bgro, +1 des -3 pole, -2 jiggy, -1 Cory
Something nice that has happened to you in the past month bgro:
I reserved a rental car months in advance and when I showed up, they told me I would need to wait two hours for the car to be ready and I think they were expecting me to be an asshole about it because they were kind of preemptively dickish about it. Instead, I just went home, waited two hours, came back, got my car and then because I had been cool about it, they comped me about $100 for having to wait. The whole reservation only cost $220 so that was pretty cool.
Got a real nice performance evaluation from my job. I've been unsure about the job ever since I switched to remote work, just feeling extremely unmotivated and not very efficient, so it was good to hear that it's mostly in my head.
Didn't exactly happen to me but a student told a coworker that the reason she chose Xavier was because the grounds are so beautiful.
owner at nearby greek place we like gave us a free bottle of house wine when we told her we just moved in down the street, pretty cool
I visited one of my best friends in Texas with our other best friend. First time ever being in a small town like that and it was awesome. Makes me kinda want to live in some small town when I get older as a high school baseball coach with a hot wife.
i moved to a new city and made new friends that's pretty nice
got kissed it was pretty hype
my friend gave me a sirfetch'd just so i didn't have to bother evolving my own
i have become very close with one of my friends i met online and i am very excited to end up meeting him
My wife and I got a new dog, his name is Bentley and he is a labrador, he's a giant goofball and has made a good friend for our other dog Christmas
I got my diploma in the mail and it was a nice tangible culmination of what I've actually achieved in the past 3 years of my life, in what was otherwise kind of a stressful month.
+3 to iama, +2 to bgro, +1 to everyone else!
An argument you have had with your parents that you were wrong about in hindsight pole:
I was convinced that my parents were wrong and I was not depressed. Turns out I was lol.
That I didn't need therapy as a teenager. Really wish I would have stuck with it!
therapy: It's Good!
I dunno never really argued with my parents. gonna have to take the L on this one
I can't think of anything specific :/
It's been a long time since I argued with my parents. I would guess it was some time when I was still living at home and I was just being standoffish and unappreciative of the fact that my parents were housing/feeding me. I would barely talk to them and just stay in my room and I dont remember having a specific conversation about it, but eventually I realized that I was the one who needed to change my attitude because really my parents weren't doing anything wrong.
That I wouldn't regret spending time with them and the rest of the family. Now that im out on my own i do regret all the times i passed up spending time with them. If i could go back i would have spent as much time with them as possible
relationships with family: It's Good!
i haven't really argued with them about much but my mom did argue against me moving in with my ex (HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER PERSON WHILE IN A 'MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIOP' WITH ME) so that seems like a fair one to post
I really didn't want to eat my vegetables. I probably should have eaten the vegetables.
this is most topical for me but kinda boring but i argued with my parents in favor of not contacting a person i barely know who recommended a college counselor to my dad when she recognized him at a movie theater. we ended up contacting the counselor and she has been great.
My dad used to get annoyed about how I always overpacked my bookbag in high school and I always blew it off, but now I have back problems that aren't necessarily related to that but it really makes you think
+3 bgro/pjd, +2 pole/cory, +1 lbon -2 ruairi/des, -1 iama
Tenth favorite pokemon pole:
feel like zapdos is the correct answer between the two, sorry pole
Vaporeon eeveelutions are a solid tenth favorite pokemon choice. not my favorite eeveelution but not a bad answer
a nice but not fantastic gen one pokemon feels like a good tenth favorite pokemon choice
EXTREME tenth favorite pokemon energy. love this choice
great pick, probably a top 5 favorite for me but right in the range
too soon
Golisopod, good Bug/Water type that i love using competitively i appreciate the competitive aspect, but unfortunately it is also fuck ugly
gotta go with Blastoise imo
yeah that's fine
+3 bgro, +2 bnav, +1 Cory -2 jiggy, -1 pjd, -1 pole
Tell me about a piece of media you have enjoyed recently and haven't had the chance to talk enough about bnavis:
i relistened to clairo's album and holy shit that girl can sing. shit rocks.
Lianne La Havas's newest album - definitely my AotY pick for 2020 so far. I just love everything about it.
I've been watching a lot of No Reservations and Bourdain just has such an interesting view of the world. He's so self-aware when he goes to poorer countries, and, while he initially comes across as somewhat pompous, he's actually incredibly kind and complimentary of the people who cook for him. I'm really sad that he killed himself and I think about it a lot when I'm watching.
Really can't say enough good things about Schitt's Creek. It's hilarious and heartwarming and I think it might even be the best Catherine Keener has ever been in anything. Dan Levy and Annie Murphy somehow make their hilariously entitled characters actually redeemable and you root for their success. It's just a good-hearted show that consistently makes me laugh.
the 5th season of Lucifer. Nobody I know has watched it so I haven’t been able to talk about it
I started reading a series called Lightbringer by Brent Weeks. I just finished reading the first book in the series "The Black Pirsm" and was blown away. Here is the plot summary for the book In a world where magic is tightly controlled, the most powerful man in history must choose between his kingdom and his son in the first book in the epic NYT bestselling Lightbringer series.
Guile is the Prism. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. Yet Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live.
When Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.
Ive really been digging it and cant wait to start the second book
The Gondoliers is an excellent critique of nominal republicanism and nobody wants to discuss it just because it came out 141 years ago
fucking selling sunset man it's sublime i love trash reality tv and discounted it immensely for some reason
I watched Inferno (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080923/?ref_=tt_sims_tt) and even though it has gotten mixed reviews I thought it was really good. I really liked the cinematography and thought it was a worthy sequel. Probably my second favorite movie by the director.
I'm addicted to watching a Vancouver-based youtube named Northernlion become aggressively more toxic every time he plays Fall Guys. He was already my favorite and he just doubles down on the ridiculousness. It's fantastic in every way.
i have really started getting into ASMR youtube videos, so its not really one specific piece of media but i something about it is great. i recommend DennisASMR, Latte ASMR, and Gibi ASMR for anyone looking to get into it
+3 desmond, +2 pjd, +1 bgro nobody gets a minus for talking about the things they like
Say something nice about the next person in line Cory to lbon:
Luca is extremely smart and creative, and it is a genuine pleasure to watch him grow as a person.
lbon to iama:
i really like iama's ability to make it to every slack meetup, whether he was invited or not
iama to wharble:
Wharble you're a fun dude to shoot the shit with and I wish you were less busy with work to hang around and talk baseball.
me filling in for wharble to pjd:
you are the only person to really stick around heavily from last sim and the way you seamlessly fit in with the group of slack regulars is really nice
pjd to Ruairi:
Ruairi is a beautiful man. He is dedicated to his job and providing nothing but good content for people who play MLB The Show. He is a wholesome man who never has anything negative to say about anyone else. Ruairi is a good friend to all
Ruairi to des:
His passion for plants is inspiring and beautiful. He’s also a huge cutie.
des to bnav:
He's very smart, and funny, and nice, and I really just want him to be happy, because he deserves it so much. Things are hard for him right now, but he's going to be wildly successful in life.
bnav to jiggy:
jiggy is a strong man who stands up for his morals, he's also incredibly kind.
jiggy to pole:
pole is very passionate about the thing he cares about and is not afraid to vocalize it which is something i like in people.
pole to bgro:
I really appreciate all the work Bgro has put into the various slack games over the past year or so (e.g. slack survivor).
bgro to dylan:
Dylan is intelligent, a good conversationalist, and someone you can rely on to be objective and rational when discussing things. Seems like he is a strongly principled person who acts on his beliefs.
dylan to cory:
What can I say that hundreds of thirsty women (or anyone!) in the Bay Area haven't already said?
-2 to lbon giving a joke answer, -1 to dylan not really answering, +3 to everyone else
What is your Starbucks order the people who order nothing:
Nothing, I don't like coffee and I'd rather make tea at home.
ice water
the people who understand starbucks has other things:
Hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee.
dont drink coffee but if i go to starbucks i get some kind of iced tea, depends on the day
Dragonfruit Lemonde, i dont drink a lot of Starbucks because of how pricey it is here
the people who order coffee:
Venti mocha, no whip
Vanilla latte (dont really drink coffee)
usually I just get regular coffee but if i feel fancy, then a mocha latte probably
Chocolatey thingy. A large frap
venti iced caramel macchiato with 4 shots of blond and an extra shot of caramel syrup due to being a child
cold brewnavis:
cold brew, black
+3 jiggy, +2 cory, +1 bgro -3 dylan, -2 desmond, -1 pole
How many balls should I get 7 balls: 8 votes 1 ball: 2 votes 15 balls: 1 vote 0 balls: 0 votes
i was not going to award any balls for voting to give me more balls, but since Ruairi was the only person to vote for 15 balls he can have an extra ball
You may give one ball and take one away the results: desmond +2 bnavis +1 dylan +1 bgro +1 iama +1 bgro +1 wharble (did not participate in survey) +1 lbon 0 jiggy -1 pole -1 pjd -1 ruairi -1 cory -2
anonymous quote: "take one from Cory (just bc i assume he'll get a lot)"
What is your hidden talent pole:
I can pronounce the name of that really long welsh town, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilogogogoch
i can tie cherry stems in knots with my tongue i guess
i can sleep equally as well on both sides of the bed
is this not normal
Does being a disappointment count as a talent? Because i am great at that
the only thing disappointing about you is this answer
Idk I guess I'm good at memorization?
i can remember really vague and useless trivia for things that are super irrelevant
I do card tricks. I also have a very good memory. I’m also very good at math in my head. And math in general.
i can name every country in the world and locate it on a map, as well as name the majority of the capitals, purely from memory
des may have an incredible memory but everyone else had more conviction
I'm very good at directing the packing and unloading of vehicles.
the man is a natural leader
I can chug beer faster than just about anyone
I can guarantee with a reasonable amount of certainty I'm the best Rock Band vocalist you've ever met.
+3 dylan, +2 bgro, +1 iama -3 pjd, -2 lbon, -1 desmond
Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate? +1 to all who answered vanilla, 0 to all who answered strawberry, -1 to all who answered chocolate
Make up a guy who sounds like a Giants reliever Bnavis: Tyler Gordon PJD: Sergio Wilson Ruairi: Brian White iama: Caden Jackson bgro: Scott Osterbrich Cory: Daniel Humphries desmond: Garrett Blaukamp thefuckinwolves: Sam Kennedy lbon: Tariq Byers pole: Seth Skyscraper dylan: Nick Garcia
scored purely on how much they sound like a Giants reliever +3 Ruairi, +2 dylan, +1 iama -3 pole, -2 bgro, -1 lbon
Describe your perfect Sunday morning iama:
I am awoken early by sunlight streaming through my window. Nonetheless, I feel well rested. I lie in bed for a short while basking in the soft warmth of the sheets and the soft sunlight filling the room. Stretching, I rise. I shuffle into the kitchen, where bacon and eggs are being cooked by my housemate. I help get breakfast ready, and then I eat my breakfast at the table while sipping coffee. After breakfast, I prepare for the day's activities.
desmond: My internal clock actually allows me to sleep past 8:30, I get up and get a breakfast sandwich to bring back home and eat on my porch with some tea. I watch a show or play some video games for a while and take a nap around lunchtime.
It’s raining/drizzling outside. I wake up next to my hot wife/girlfriend and play some Michael Bublé. Then I put on a fire in our fireplace. Start making breakfast. We’re talking pancakes, french toast, and cinnamon rolls. My hot wife walks into the kitchen wearing a Nick Castellanos jersey and nothing else. Life is good. we eat our breakfast and drink champagne because why waste the good taste of champagne with orange juice. We eat our breakfast and drank our champagne out on our balcony watching the rain
sleepign until 10 am, then sitting outside eating yoplait yogurt listening to the birds
i wake up at like 10 am, mom made eggs or some shit, watch a terrible TLC show, probably 4 weddings, for a couple hours.
turn on the record player, have a nice breakfast, and have an aggressive amount of sex while i hear the church let out from across the street
bgro: I like to be very active on Saturday and then do literally nothing on Sunday. So...sleep in, shower, play video games all day, watch some sports, watch the latest episode of a good HBO show that evening, go to bed.
sleep until noon, get up at 1 and have a homemade bacon and egg mcmuffin while watching baseball.com
I do not wake up until the afternoon
Wake up with no alarm, make some coffee, make a delicious brunch, go for a little walk down to the Point.
I wake up, sun is shinning, birds are chirping. Christmas is snuggled up to me snoring away like the giant squish she is. A wonderful smell makes its way into my room, its the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. My wife has prepared my favorite breakfast with chocolate milk as a beverage. I blow bubbles into my chocolate milk because i am a child. In this perfect world i have quit my job and no longer have to work Sundays. I go outside, get some fall yardwork done. Leaves raked into a big pile to be given that good suck by the leaf blower. Then 1 PM rolls around. Its football time. My mother and grandmother who are both massive Eagles fans have come to my house to watch the game. The Eagles blow out the Cowboys, Carson Wentz throws for 300+ yards and 5 Touchdowns. My wife prepares my favorite dinner, Chicken Alfredo. We have a nice red wine with dinner as well. Some of our friends join us for dinner as is Sunday tradition and then games afterwards. Many laughs are shared in the home my wife and I have built. Everyone goes home happy and I fall asleep finally content with the life i have built
i am really deep into this however Patrick, dinner and falling asleep for the night are not a part of Sunday Morning
+3 Ruairi, +2 iama, +1 pjd no minuses, your mornings are all very lovely
Two types of cuisine
des: Italian and Mexican bgro: Italian and Mexican dylan: Italian and Mexican pjd: Italian and Mexican Ruairi: Mexican and Greek cory: Mexican and American jiggy: Mexican and Indian lbon: Italian and American pole: Italian and Ashkenazi iama: Italian and Japanese bnav: Italian and Indian
+3 jiggy, +2 cory, +1 bnav -1 to all Italian and Mexican answers for not not being individual enough
Which shell is the ball under? The ball was under the left shell!
+3 points to iama and dylan, 0 points to everyone else
DONATIONS total raised: $141.50 cory: $100 +3 balls bnav: $25 + 2 balls lbon: $12.50 +1 ball
FINAL RESULTS CORY 16 balls IAMA 15 balls BGRO 11 balls DYLAN 9 balls BNAVIS 8 balls JIGGY 8 balls RUAIRI 5 balls PJD 2 balls WHARBLE 1 ball DESMOND 0 balls LBON -1 balls POLE -3 balls
all who finished at 0 or fewer balls will be given one ball for the lottery. wharble did not participate in the survey but will get the first pick if his one ball wins, otherwise will pick last
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What a wonderful story! I was wondering how much km you travel a day/ hours you are on your way? You really should start a YT channel with your adventures man, a guy on a motor driving through the world, and the lessons you learned, are definitely worth it! Hello! I don't ride everyday. I did estimated an average of 200km per day though. More or less.
I will see what I can do with this yt thing. Thanks for the advice! 😊👍
Do you have plans on when this will end and if you intend on returning to work do you worry about the perception on this time by employers? I guess, I also want to ask if you have concerns about whether you think you could adapt to fulltime work again or you'd struggle mentally now? Not sure if i can go back to a 9-5 life but I really don't care right now about future employment opportunities. I believe that the world is filled with lots of people with certificates and degrees and professional expertise...but there are not so many with unique life experiences. I hope employers will look at the individual more than the hours i spent behind a desk, when the time will come.
So are you going to end up in an even crappier job after abandoning all of your responsibilities like this? Haha who knows! What I know is that whatever job you do...it is still a job. More money means more responsibilities but at the end of the day, a job is a job. It's the meaning that changes your life. It's the why you do what you do, that drives you. Not necessarily the job you perform. We all end up in the same place...so I will do whatever job makes me happy when the time comes.
Hey op... If you're still answering questions I'm curious as to...What do you do to entertain yourself when you're tenting every night? I can imagine there's much internet connection in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Read a lot of books or something? Not answering questions anymore, but this is an excellent one, that deserves a reply. Well, if you are camping in the wild, definitely there would probably be no internet access. I usually write my thoughts and daily events on a notepad. It s hard to find time to do that, so when you are alone in your little tent waiting for the night to come, getting your thoughts out on a paper usually helps the catharsis. I am not much of a reader...but sometimes a good movie (i may have some stuff saved previously on hard drives or netflix offline) could kill the extra hour you get before falling asleep. I mean, usually it's just such a pity to ruin the silence with music and images...so most of the times i fall asleep as soon as I lay horizontally. Other times, the writing thing helps soothe the adrenaline of the day and calm you enough to fall asleep too. Sometimes organizing takes a bit of time or taking care of the bike can take some time as well.
This was one of my favorite AMAs. Thank you for doing this. Where did you stay in Greece and while in quarantine did you At least get to leave at all or were you confined to your apartment? Spent 3 months in Crete! Amazing island! Government started to ease up the lockdown only after the first month. We did only had 7 cases in the whole island so i got a great deal with my choice of location! I managed to explore the whole island by the end of it.
the below is a reply to the above
That place is amazing. It’s one of my favorite islands in Greece. If you ever have a chance check out Milos and Naxos. Yes! I almost went to Milos! And Naxos looked like a true paradise. You guys are blessed with natural beauty!
Wow I’m really impressed and inspired! I am currently planning a solo trail trip across the US, (and hopefully further) it’s been my dream for forever! Can you just break down for me a couple things? Ok, like what are some absolutely essential items you carry that most people wouldn’t think of? Besides the basics like fire starter, tent/tarp, thermal clothing etc. Next, how would you respond to a crisis or threat on the road that normally wouldn’t occur in a conventional lifestyle? Like authorities fuccin with you or wild animals attacking or something? One concern I have is that people may look down upon me for my lifestyle choice and use that as an excuse to treat me badly. I mean, some people already kinda do and I haven’t even left yet. (Even if everybody did I would still go cause HAHAHA fucc it) Anyway, another question-What is the best part of your travel lifestyle so far? I imagine it’s a lot of fun, (although still intensely difficult) and that tramps have found a lot of interesting ways to spend their free time. EDIT: AHH sorry one more I forgot! What are your favorite spots around the world but especially the US that you think are worth seeing? (any other tips/pointers/things to remember that you can think of are welcome too) THANKS Ok, lots of good questions! There is no essential item to be carried that is the "magic stuff" that nobody has. Maybe Common Sense...yes. carry that with you and you ll be fine always. ;) In terms of tools, cable ties and duct tape...and I would say super glue. Everything else mate, you ll adapt or find your way around it. About crisis, like protests, riots, police messing with you...well sometimes you gotta just leave! Haha. I rode through some riots in Bolivia and I kind of snuck away...as smoothly as possible. I always use my helmet cam, as a deterrent for police. If they are trying to get some money out of you, the "I am recording you" effect sometimes could make them change their mind. Also, I would make plastified copies of your driver license and bike docs, just in case you find some dodgy road blocks on your way. In case they withheld your stuff, you can just leave without having them keeping you hostage with your papers.
Most of the times you'll be fine though. Those are rare occasions anyway. And so wild animal encounters. When I went to Alaska, a friend gave me a bear spray. Never use it. Just keep your food away from your tent. Again, common sense works better than any weapons.
My favourite spot in the US was Sequoia NP. But I really loved the high deserts of Nevada and also New Mexico. So much good stuff to see in the US!
The best part of this lifestyle is the fact that you are free to do whatever you want everyday... And this is also a huge advantage that comes only travelling alone. All those "haters" will disappear as soon as you are gone from their sight. Your life is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Only people that have some personal issue will try to diminish what you are trying to achieve. Others will just project their fears to you. In any case, you gotta go your own way and be focused on what you are trying to achieve.
Was it expensive shipping your bike? Also any trouble getting into other countries crossing the border? The shipping from Australia to South america was quite dear. I remember paying $2400 AUD. Not sure if it's expensive or not...but they did take care of almost everything. From Canada to Ireland instead i flew with Air Canada Cargo which had a special $1500 USD for the bike and myself. A bargain!! No troubles at the borders
How does it feel living life just visiting countries. No 9-5 whatsoever, no bills, no worries at all, just you and your motorcycle? People say that Sex or food is the best feeling in the world. I think that Riding your motorcycle freely around the world, tops it all.
I cannot imagine myself traveling without internet access. Do you have worldwide roaming? Do you get a SIM in every country? It's unthinkable nowadays to NOT have internet access. With local and cheap Sim card you can get data everywhere really and most countries in SA have sometimes free wifi around town and in gas stations. You'll be just fine.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for your reply! So I assume that with limited/spotty data, you were relying mostly on offline maps and navigation. Any tip on what's best for this kind of traveling and exploration? there are some useful travel app like maps.me, gmaps and iOverlander. have a look at it. lots of good info.
I also have a 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure, but the R version. I also love my bike and stoked to hear how reliable it’s been for you! What repairs have you had to do along the way? What repairs!! Haha bike has been exceptional. I only had to repair seals and moving parts (chain, sprokets, etc). Water pump seals have to be replaced around 85k km and i had a oil temp sensor failure at 140k km. Most people don't get that far with their miles...but if you do, make sure to check your water pump seals. Most parts are available in capital cities in any country. Others, you just have to have those shipped to you or plan in advance (for tyres for instance). Pretty doable overall.
What does a legitimate Italian pizza look and taste like compared to western pizza? Italian pizza is better because of mozzarella and tomato sauce that they use when making it. Top quality stuff. Aside from that, pizza is good wherever. It depends also on how you like your pizza.
I hope to have the courage to also do something like this. What are some valuable things you’ve learned about solo travel? Things you wished you knew starting off. We tend to overthink a lot of stuff that eventually never happen. We always have fears that stop us...but in reality, all those bad thought are simply possibilities that may actually never really happen. So, yeah...do more and worry less is certainly something I learned the hard way
Do you ever have any regrets? Lately I have been good in that sense. But maybe one day I ll wake up and have some...for not chosing the standard path of the average guy with wife and kids.
Maybe a bit of a selfish question but do people in N. America have trouble pronouncing your name? My Italian-American husband and I named our 5 month old Paolo. We live in Brooklyn so most people around us don't have an issue but I am not sure what it will be like if we ever move somewhere else or when he starts school. Also it's a beautiful name and I'm going to make sure to show our son your photos when he is old enough to understand travel and places and different people. :-D BEST QUESTION EVER! ahha
your son is going to have a tough time in an english speaking country! haha Jokes aside, the sound "Pao" doesn't really exists in english speaking people's head...so most of the time I get called Paulo...or Pablo. Which is fine to me. But the correct pronunciation is Pà-olo with emphasis on the first syllable. I switched to Paul many times...
But aside from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, your son will be just fine!
Also make sure he knows the the origins of the meaning of his name. Paolo was one of the closest friends of Jesus. His real name was Sauro, which means "the greatest", but then, after befriending Jesus, he changed his name in Paolo, which comes from the latin word Paulus, that means "small, tiny". I am not religious, but Indeed this story tells a bit of the significance of being humble.
U/paolo_0 what about sex and romantic relationships- friendships too. Do you maintain any relationships? If so, how do you maintain them? The romantic factor is almost inevitable when travelling so extensively. Eventually every traveller has a romantic affair with somebody that he/she met on the way. Weather is a local or another traveller, it is our natural tendency to mate, so...yeah. Kind of a tricky one! I personally tend to avoid to get into serious situations because my lifestyle is simply not compatible with conventional standards of monogamous relationships. The curse of the traveller is that you always have to leave...so it is counterproductive to get close to somebody and then drag that feeling for months, with you on the road. In my opinion it shifts the paradigm of travelling towards a specific and more visceral feeling of reuniting with a person that most likely is not going to be on your planned route.
Anyway, said this, i did have a long distance relationship before starting this trip and it sucked! Haha Hence I tend to avoid to make the same mistakes twice. But also...you can never plan when to fall in love. Sometimes it just happens and you gotta roll with it. It hurts and it may even change your plans. Eventually one has to choose between the new person and the continuity of your solo trip.
what country did surprise you the most (good or bad) with their roads? did you come to Portugal? what did you dislike the most I loved Scotland! I had a great deal of luck with the weather...so that may have played a role. I did come to Portugal and it actually surprised me a lot!! Absolutely loved it! No wonder all retirees from europe want to move there! Algarve was spectacular. Loved Porto too.
Hello! First off, this is incredible, and a dream of mine. Unfortunately i'm an american with a crap load of college debt! I read your other answers and I just had a couple questions! 1. You mentioned your first night camping in a campground, and how it wasn't the best setting. As time went on did you just start setting up on the side of the road? or were there any other challenges finding camping spots when there wasn't a campsite hostile friends couch etc? 2. How safe did you feel when you were mostly alone camping in between citys/towns? Thank you so much for doing this AMA, hopefully one day I can do this! Hey! I am aware of how the US system sucks you in a world of debts but... I hope you will one day break free from it.
After my first night camping, I switched to couchsurfing and hostels right away. I was terrified of camping! ahha Then, one day I found a spot that was too beautiful to leave. I was by myself and It was quite remote. The balmy temperatures, the starry night and the beautiful sunrise over the ocean made me reconsider camping. After few more attempts I found out that camping in the wild was waaay better than sleeping in a crappy hostel or at some stranger's home. More privacy, quieter and cheaper too! Luckily for me, I had lost my camping virginity in Australia, one of the best and safest countries for camping in the world in my opinion. You are by yourself most of the times. Half of my trip around Australia I slept on the side of the road or in the bushes. I became an expert in starting small fires and cooking with no utensils. I realized that the "danger" in terms of safety for me and my motorcycle was directly related to the amount of people around me. So, the more desolated the area, the safest. Cities are clearly the opposite. Thanks for your questions.
I've been following your IG for about a year now I think, and I'm totally jealous. You've answered a few questions of mine on there, but I've got one for this AMA. Has KTM reached out to you for any kind of buyback type of deal for the bike, or any "free" stuff? Are they even aware? Do they care? I mean you're doing great advertising for them. I think I read something not too long ago where a man had a million-mile Honda Goldwing that Hinda wanted to buy back from him for research or something. Nope. KTM hasn't got in touch with me about bike endorsement. Saying this, tbe guys at KTM canada helped me a lot in servicing the bike while I was in Montreal.
KTM and Honda, or BMW have thousands of loyal customers that used their machines for long time. But they are not really obliged to reach out and saying "Thanks, here s a new bike". It would be a loss for them to give you free stuff.
What would you say is the key to happiness? I believe that to realise that we are insignificant and that nothing is meant to come our way, is the paradigm that we need to have to improve our sense of happiness. I found out that our constant sense of being unaccomplished comes from the high expectations that society places in our mind. We need to get always bigger, better, more stuff...but in reality it's an ephemeral race against ourselves. When you realise that we are just a little grain of dust, floating in the universe and that we matter little or nothing at all in this universe, everything coming your way becomes a gift. I found out that having less makes me happier and less worried.
I am not sure if this is the KEY to happiness for everybody, but I believe that keeping your feet on the ground, helps a great deal.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what kind of bank account do you have? Is it one that can be used internationally? And have you had any problems with converting your money to the currency of whatever country you’re in? Also what kind of a drone and phone do you have? Do you use your phone for most of your IG pics or your drone? I have citybank account and debit card that can be used internationally. I mostly withdraw money from ATMs and use paypal for online transactions.
Never had problems in converting into local currency.
I have a DJI Mavic Air and a Samsung Galaxy S9. I mostly use my phone for my photography, but these days, it is plenty in terms of resolution and image quality, if you share your content on social media. Occasionally I had some photos taken with a DSLR.
I have been following you on Instagram before. We have had very short conversations few times. Remember the dog which was chained all the times for more than a decade in the island in Greece? Any news from it? Do you plan on starting a patreon account so you can earn money on the way? And how hard is it now in the pandemic? Hey there!! Unfortunately that dog is still chained there. I spoke with several dog rescue centers and they couldn't do much about it. Ignorance is not curable Unfortunately.
I am not sure. Should i start a patreon account?? Asking people for money? Mmm Not quite there yet.
In planning for the trip, do you think about and have a backup plan for medical emergency or if you are jailed in some remote location? For example, money to bribe you out of a situation at a border or caught speeding. Accident and hospital stay. Also, was language a major barrier during the trip? Wow. Nope. Did not think about those things...haha but maybe I should have had! I do have a travel insurance that cover accidental hospitalization. Language wasn't a major deal breaker for me since i speak spanish and portuguese. Otherwise english is pretty common nowadays
Do you get lonely? Sometimes. When I do, I use reddit. ;) Jokes aside, I actually appreciate the time when I am truly alone. Finding those moments is a rarity, these days.
I also quit my job and sold everything. For me, it was to leave Canada and move to Tahiti. Isn't it liberating and freeing to give everything up to start over? Its not easy to give up everything for a calculated risk. For some it turns out poorly, but for others, its the best decision they have ever made. I've never seen anybody giving it a shot and turning out with something less. You always learn something about yourself...and it's always a great thing to clean up and start fresh!
Kudos to you, mate! You got sick waves there! ;)
Care to share your favorite recipe? Thai papaya salad. Shred green papaya, 1 carrot, 6 green beans. Prepare dressing with fish sauce, teaspoon of sugar, garlic (a lot), chili (a lot), and maybe 3-4 lime juices. Add few dried small shrimps and few sliced cherry tomatoes if you want, to garnish. Add a handful of peanuts.
How do you carry/retrieve money? I know in the US and such you can just go to an ATM or a bank, but in South America was it easy to withdraw your money? Did you have to pay much in fees? And I don't know if it is appropriate to ask if you carry a lot of cash with you haha It is the same everywhere in the world. there are bank circuits like MAESTRO or CIRRUS or VISA or MASTERCARD which are available worldwide. You can get money out of ATMs sometimes without fees if banks are affiliated.
Do you battle with a sense of purposlessness or dislocation? I clearly felt a sense of lack of purpose when I was living my normal life. A job sometimes absorbs you but doesn't really give you a reason to live. After my travels I can say that I found a new meaning to my life. I don't think I have to procreate...of find a partner. I think solitude and this kind of life suits me and gives me purpose, better than the one I had before to be honest.
Hey man I REALLY love what you do and I'm thinking of doing the same. I live in Greece and the idea of travelling around the world like this gives me goosebumps. Can you share some hot tips that you wish you knew before you started? Hey mate!! I love Greece! You guys have it good over there for riding! I wish I knew how little you really need to travel around. The secret is exactly to carry as little as possible. The lighter the better.
I've always wanted to do something like this, however it would be on foot. Do you think it would be significantly harder to do so, should I think about taking a car or bike with me? One of my inspiration is this japanese guy that I almost met in Ushuaia. Incredible story. He walked...from alaska to ushuaia. 6 years. Unbelievable adventure and definitely made mine look like too easy! Haha Look him up on facebook! Masahito Yoshida
By your own experience, do you think it would be safe enough to do this as a solo young woman? As I met several other solo travellers, including women, which share with me their personal experiences, I can say that it is indeed safe to travel alone as a woman.
What of your original motorcycle is left? Considering you would have undoubtedly had to have replaced bits Bike is still in original shape and form. Replaced the windshield and some inner plastics. But most of it is still the same. Never touched the engine
How much did you pay for your motorcycle? I bought it in December 2014. It was second hand. Had only 700 km on it though. Paid $19k Australian. You do the math in your currency. I saved for 8 months and sold my old bike to be able to buy it.
What about love? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to have someone with you on your trip? Nah. I am good. I thought about rescuing a stray dog or cat a couple of times...
Did you ever read Jupiter's Travels, or meet Ted Simon? Nope. But I heard it's a great book. He's one of the first guys that went around the world in modern times...
Why such a high performance motorcycle? I just bought my dream bike. the trip came afterwards...and I just used the bike I had.
What do you want written on your tombstone? I want to be cremated and thrown into the ocean. No engraving required. ;)
I plan to go on a motorcycle adventure in South America in the near future and I have to ask: were you afraid at any point? I live in Brazil, which is a very dangerous country, I ride mostly in my own city but sometimes I find myself very afraid, and there are places that I don't dare to go. I often wonder how would I deal with these problems being thousands of miles away from home. Yes mate. Brazil was probably the spookiest country I rode through in latin america. But danger is mostly concentrated in big cities, as you know... South america is pretty safe and generally speaking people will be more willing to help you than harm you. Do not worry too much. I was concerned about my safety too before my departure but then i realized that tv and news just gave me the wrong idea.
Haven’t seen this asked.... Do you carry a weapon? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation with thugs? I do not carry weapons. I am against weapons in general, but being from Europe this is kind of the way we grow up here. I assume you are from the USA... But no, there is no need to protect yourself till the point you have to risk your life to do it. If somebody wants to take my stuff and has a gun, I will happily give my stuff to him/her. It's just stuff. I wouldn't shoot anybody anyway.
the below is a reply to the above
I am from the USA! We clearly have a stereotype if me simply asking about a weapon gives it away lol 😅 Im happy you haven’t been put in a situation with the wrong people. Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Your life is quite fascinating and I admire your ability to break from the norm and take such an adventure that this beautiful world has to offer :) I hope you didn't take my comment in a negative way. I love USA and I've travelled throughout the country, other than living in it for few years. I met incredibly inspiring people and i ve also learned so much from your way of living. I do understand the reason behind carrying a weapon. It makes sense there. USA is a massive country and there is a sense of need of protecting yourself in many ways. In most of USA people grow up with weapons because...of hunting! It's part of the culture and I respect it. Considering also that you are allowed to carry a weapon and shoot for self defense in many states... But around the world we just assume nobody has a weapon...so yeah, it works either way.
PuggerHugger123: Are you still using your Australian license plate? Im assuming you might get issues at borders or weird looks from people in different countries. I live in europe and our license plates have a letter representing our country (as you have probably seen). I have also seen some non-EU license plates from eastern europe, but thats it... mccannisms: I was wondering this too - I was told to not bring my bike from Canada to Aus permanently as part of the roadworthy involves checking the frame by drilling into it and would possibly completely damage said frame. How does insuring a bike for international travel work? Ok, I still have my NSW license plate on. People don't care. At the border they just check if the name on your bike papers is the same on your driver license/passport. If so, you are good to go. You can import ANY vehicle in Australia I believe as far as you owned the vehicle at least for one year. Then there is the inspection and everything, but if there is a similar vehicle already in the country, it doesn't need to be tested for "roadworthiness". As per insurance, you have to get one for every country you enter. Except EU where you get the "Green card" which is valid for all Eu countries.
A guy I used to work with Peter Corboy did this back in the 2000's. You know him? Sorry, I do not know him.
Hey mate, really nice to read your story and the comments! I’ll be doing a similar thing in a few years, I was worried about going out on a brand new bike (Yamaha Tenere 700) absolutely love this bike but after hearing your story about going on a big ass brand new KTM you give me hope! I was worried about it possibly being stolen somewhere.. apart from parking it inside wherever possible do you have any other tips? Do you use disk lock/use a bike cover? And also.. do you not think your bike is a bit too big? Are you able to pick it up ok and does it ever limit some of the off road routes you may want to take? Really inspirational story mate.. it’s all I dream about, I’ve backpacked to like 65 countries and within the past few years realised overland motorcycle adventure is where the fun really is.. the freedom! Hey mate, congrats on your bike selection. I've heard great stuff about the T7. About the "bike getting stolen" issue...it's not really a thing. Just be careful in big cities and if if you leave it parked with your belongings on it for too long. I mean...seriously just common sense. the 1190 is big and heavy but I managed. When fully loaded it floats around 300kg so yeah...not a walk in the park... but most of the times I was fine. Just sand riding gets hard. In case, make sure you always park inside the property where you stay at night and remove all your belongings from it, even if you decide to go for hard panniers (which I don't recommend). Unfortunately, if somebody wants to steal your bike there's very little/nothing you can do about it. But again, most of the times you'll be fine.
I guess this is more of a question in general rather than specifically related to your journey on the motorcycle. But how did you manage leaving behind family and friends to pursue your own lifestyle? Im a bit envious of the whole experience, but I also can't imagine living more than 100 miles away let alone living in multiple different countries and traveling the world. Was it difficult to do? Or did your family and friends support or need you in any way that wouldn't be doable with you travelling, or was it simply "this is what I want" and you go do it without much of a care? It is hard to leave your family and lifelong friends behind to pursue a dream...but it is the price to pay for these kind of experiences.
Sometimes it s hard to be by yourself and to realize that you are alone, far away from people who love you and support you no matter what...but it is also a forging experience to be so exposed. It builds character and it allows you to become more independent, which is a key point for any kind of relationship in your life.
It is difficult and scary and all of the above. But it is a necessary process for personal growth and development.
Your family and friends will understand you...and support your choices if they truly love you.
Hey Paolo, great story and a wonderful thing to do! I also love riding trough different countries, and my big dream is it, to ride from Monaco di Baviera to SEA. So here‘s my question: how do you get all the permits for entering countries? Visa etc? Ever had any passport/visa issues? Especially with corona lockdowns? Ever entered somewhere over the green border? Do you have any kind of bike/health insurance? Have a good ride. Stay save! If you happen to be in Monaco, let me know for dinner and a bed:) Cheers mate!! If you plan on riding to SEA from here, you will need a Carnet de Passage for your vehicle. Get in touch with the automobile club of your country for more info...but it is not cheap. Visawise, as german, you won't have any issues entering countries. Simply google "visa allowances german citizens" and wikipedia will tell you what to do and how to prepare for your trip. Never had any issues at the border so far. Only in USA maybe. Haha They didn't like the fact that I wanted to tour their country for more than 3 months. I have a worldwide travel insurance with worldnomads which covers me in case of hospitalization. Bike insurance have to be issue in every country you ride in. But i think in germany there may be a worldwide insurance for motorcycles too. You need to check there. Now with covid all travels are restricted. May have to wait a bit for your adventure.
How does your family feel about feeding and housing you with the money they work for while you go ride your bike? Did you think about them when you threw your financial stability away? Would you go back to work if they threw you out on the street? Did you know that in the eyes of an employer you lose your degree when you dont use it for 4 years? And, they also won't hire you for lesser positions because you are over qualified. Thanks for your lovely question. I support myself for my travels and my family can take care of itself. I tried to send money back, but they seem to be fine without me. I do not need to be financially stable to be happy. I believe my family is ok to simply let me sleep in my backyard with my tent, in case they don't want me in their house anymore. Otherwise yeah. I may look for a job to pay rent...or a workaway experience. I do not want to work for an employer that diminishes my expertise because i decided to live my life instead of sitting in front of a computer for 4 years. I also do not have to go back to the same industry I was working before. Do i need a computer engineering degree to be a brick layer? I wont be so sure about the overqualified thing. I got hired as truck washer with my degree in engineering.
Hey man, what you are doing is cool. One small question, how about your life insurance? Since you are travelling to different countries, how do you manage it? Also, if you get a chance, go to India mate, it's one of the best things ever You can get travel insurance with worldwide coverage. Worldnomads is one of the companies that provide this kind of service.
Not knowing your lifestyle b4 this adventure, What specifically did you notice you had to adjust immediately? Protein and water obviously but what did you find you were going to really need to keep going? I actually noticed that i didn't need so much food to keep going. Water yes...but food intake could be minimized. When you don't have your 9-5 routine anymore, you can simply eat whenever you want...without fixed hours. In the long run you ll simply adapt to new food intake quantities which are usually less than a regular working man.
How do you go about servicing your bike? I change the oil in my bike every 6 months regardless of kms, sometimes its only does about 2000kms in between those services. I service my bike every 7000km. sometimes even 10000km. but my bike holds 4kg of oil in the engine so it is quite a lot. like a small size car.
Ciao Paulo; Do you think there are too many people in the world, especially with this Coronavirus breakout and all these riots taking place? Thanks, Richard There are a lot of people on this planet. Yes. Maybe it s not a matter of overpopulation but a matter of changing the way we create resources to sustain people and our world. We certainly need to "step our game up".
Which countries in the world have you visited thus far, at least a general idea, and which are you planning to visit? Good luck on your journey! A map of my travels is visible on my profile here or on my insta.
"No mechanical or electrical issues in the whole trip." Seriously? That's amazing! Not a single mechanical issue? Zero mechanical issues. I fried my engine oil temp gauge around 140k km...but that was an easy fix. Found it used online for 40 bucks and that was about it.
How safe do you feel on your adventure? Would love to do something similar but sounds difficult as a solo woman... Please look on the internet. There are so many inspiring women out there travelling solo! Don't let misinformation deter you for chasing such a beautiful dream!
What were some of your favorite places? I'm currently on the panamerican highway with a van. Well done, mate! Cheers mate!! Well well.. baja california is a dream! Ecuador and peru are also fantastic to be done in a van. Just make sure you get to go to Chiloe and Carretera Austral in Chile. Have fun !!
Hello Paolo did you plan to write a book about your experience? I would be first in line to buy it... Reddit would probably be the first place I would advertise it to! Haha Not in my plans at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement though!
Have you ever been really scared that you've driven into a place where you could get robbed or worse? Rode through a couple of favelas in Brazil...by mistake. And yes, eventually the thought of getting stopped and "questioned" crossed my mind. But fortunately nothing happened.
What is your favorite food you ate while traveling and what's the best place you have been? I am a sucker for a good Chevice (raw seafood). Although it seems that the best chevice is Peruvian, I loved mexican one. I mean, I probably had the best one in Baja. Absolutely mind blowing.
Meat based stuff instead I have to say that Hornado in Ecuador can't be beat. Mouth watering stuff. And I am not a big fan of meat.
Have you had any negative experiences through your journey? (Violence, theft, etc) Negative experiences were maybe 1% of the whole thing. Just lessons to be learned and move on, really. Nothing really too bad.
Did you get your tools back? The one's that were stolen a while back in Vancouver? Nope. Had to buy new ones. Ouch
Did you record places you went? Photos, videos, journals, anything like that? Yes. It's all on instagram. And youtube. check it out!
Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one? Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one?
How did you manage to travel that far on a motorcycle without crashing? I did crash! Mostly while riding offroad or on sand. Got footage of that too! Haha
Australian resident? Then you'll know what "pretentious wanker" means? Fair dinkum!
do you wear “riding gear” with pads, etc. when on the motorcycle? Yes I do. But it's not absolutely necessary to do so. I rode around Australia with jeans and tshirt. Not safe, but yeah... The problem with not wearing protection is the "trip stopper" factor. Let's say you get into an accident. If nothing happens it's all good. But if you are wearing sneakers and not boots, you are most likely to hurt yourself. And that could stop your trip for a month or more. So, yeah. Not necessary, but definitely recommended
You put 180,000km on that KTM and had no mechanical issues?!?!? I know right?!?! Incredible!
Have you ever been to Estonia, are you planning on it, if not? I have few friends there actually. But now my biggest enemy is covid to be honest. I would love to visit!
Were you in Newfoundland, Canada June 2019 u/paolo_0 ? Nope! I wish though!
What do you miss the most about “normal” life? having a workout routine. I always relied on my physical condition to endure stress and fatigue...but with constant travelling I kind of lacked of physical exercise. I missed that for sure.
How painfull is your ass after a day driving? I believe I have calluses now... Ouch
How do you deal with being lonely sometimes? I chat with people. :) Sounds like a silly answer but...
You weren't around Zion in 2016 by chance? Nope.
Do you have any children? I do not. Never married
Are you on instagram? Www.instagram.com/paolocattaneophoto
How is your back? I am looking for a new one on ebay... ;)
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"To me you are the most hateful of all gods who hold Olympus. Forever quarrelling is dear to your heart, wars and battles." - Zeus, Iliad, Book 5
Our story begins in Olympus in the time of the old gods but it could be anywhere at anytime. Hera, Queen of Olympus, Goddess of Marriage and Women had a son with her older brother and husband Zeus, the King of the Gods. They brought forth Ares, God of War and personification of the primal carnage of men. Not just war, the brutality of it. He would wage a war against love and unleash death where death need not be.
But Ares was not the only name used to invoke war. Not even the first. It's actually not clear where or when it first manifested. In the long prehistoric infancy of our species large scale conflict was likely not even possible. Contact was probably limited to fights over game as small bands or tribes followed herds, staying close to fresh water and foraging grounds. One of the earliest cemeteries called Jebel Sahaba in the Nile river valley near the border of Sudan and Egypt dates back at least 11,600 years. Of the 61 individuals found, 26 skeletons had arrowhead fragments near them or in some cases still embedded in them, causing speculation of a massacre. There was also evidence of healed injuries indicating persistent raids.
In 2005, excavation work began in Hamoukar, a large archaeological dig near the Iraqi and Turkish borders. The settlement there dates back to the 5th millennium BCE, but it was destroyed about 3500 BCE. Slings and thousands of clay bullets have been found among the ruins, possibly evidence of the earliest urban warfare discovered so far.
Then finally, writing began in Egypt and soon after the Palette of Narmer is inscribed. It tells the story of the 1st pharaoh of a unified Egypt vanquishing his rivals. This marks the beginning of the first dynasty about 3100 BCE in the mythical, as yet undiscovered capital city of Thinis which worshiped the Egyptian God of war, Anhur, the slayer of enemies.
The rest, as they say, is history and there is a lot of it.
The causes of war are simple. Simple needs. Simple desires. Desperation and greed. All seven deadly sins. All four horseman. Some call it the devil, temptation and evil. Bad thoughts, bad words, bad deeds.
And the story begins again around 850 years before the common era. A man of myth and his followers establish a city of mostly male bandits. Shortly after they throw a festival and announce it to the neighboring cities as a celebration. During the festival, the myth tells of 30 young women, all but 1 a virgin, who were abducted by their hosts and later implored to marry their abductors. The mythical man is known as Romulus and the newly founded city was Rome.
The scene becomes popular among artists and sculptors and is known as The Rape of the Sabine Women. The resulting hostility with the surrounding tribes erupted into the invasion of Rome which they fought back. Rome was quickly becoming a powerful force and defeated 3 neighboring tribes. It was soon on the offensive against King Titus Tatius of the Sabines, fighting against the fathers of their abducted wives. Intervention finally came, according to Roman historian Livy when the women,
"from the outrage on whom the war originated, with hair disheveled and garments rent, the timidity of their sex being overcome by such dreadful scenes, had the courage to throw themselves amid the flying weapons, and making a rush across, to part the incensed armies, and assuage their fury; imploring their fathers on the one side, their husbands on the other, "that as fathers-in-law and sons-in-law they would not contaminate each other with impious blood, nor stain their offspring with parricide, the one their grandchildren, the other their children. If you are dissatisfied with the affinity between you, if with our marriages, turn your resentment against us; we are the cause of war, we of wounds and of bloodshed to our husbands and parents. It were better that we perish than live widowed or fatherless without one or [the] other of you."
A treaty was struck, and the Sabines united with the Romans as one nation. Titus Tatius ruled with Romulus until his death five years later and as we all know, Rome was just getting started. Like the Spartans and Egyptians before them, the Romans had an affinity with their war God, this time known as Mars.
There are many other war gods and goddesses as well such as Agasaya, Agrona, Agurzil, Ah Chuy Kak, Ah Cun Can, Ah Hulneb, Ahulane, Alala, Alaisiagae, Al-Qaum, Alke, Amphillogiai, Anahita, Anann, Anath, Andarta, Andraste, Androktasiai, Anhur, Ankt, Anouke, Apedemak, Aray, Ares, Ashtart, Ashur and Athena. And that ladies and gentlemen, is just the A's.
The longest conflict in history is the Reconquista on the Iberian Peninsula between the Christians in what is now Spain and the conquering Muslims who invaded in the year 711. It lasted 781 years, finally ending with the 10 year long Granada War. Christian forces made a massive offensive push, recruiting farmers to swell their ranks, destroying enemy crops and pushing the Muslims towards the sea. It ended on Jan. 2nd, 1492 with the surrender of Islamic rule. 7 other wars or conflicts lasted longer than 500 years. Another 106 wars lasted longer than 50 years. But the God of war is insatiable and humanity was about to manifest the most destructive incarnation the world had yet seen.
In 1162, in a desolate place where food and luxury was scarce, a baby was born in exile from a disgraced family. He would go on to become a warrior and unite the Mongol tribes as Genghis Khan. His conquest was fueled by fear. He readily employed brutal tactics like spreading disease by catapulting the dead over walls. So many people died that weather patterns were disturbed and forest grew back on previously populated land. The Mongol horde trampled empires, handing down ultimatums of death or alliance. Fear spread like a plague, and the horde rode in behind it destroying some to tame the rest. Khan would promise protection and relative normalcy in exchange for complete surrender and regular tributes. Those made subordinate became sources of income, fueling the Khan’s engine of war. For a brief moment in time, Genghis Khan and the Khan's that followed carved out the largest contiguous empire on Earth.
Perhaps the deadliest confrontation in history took place under Hulagu Khan during the Siege of Baghdad in 1258, which lasted only 13 days. At the time, Baghdad was the capital of the Islamic Abbasid Caliphate. Their leader, Al-Musta'sim, was either overconfident or incompetent or both. When the Mongols had overcome the city's defenses they executed Al-Musta'sim and massacred the people leaving it greatly depopulated. Contemporary accounts state Mongol soldiers looted and destroyed mosques, palaces, libraries, and hospitals. The Grand Library of Baghdad, called the House of Wisdom, containing countless historical documents and books on medicine to astronomy, was destroyed. Priceless books torn apart, their leather covers used as sandals, their contents dumped in the river with the dead. Its said the Tigris ran red from the blood of philosophers and scientists and then turned black from the ink of their wisdom. The siege is considered to mark the end of the Islamic Golden Age.
This level of carnage would not be unleashed again in so short a time until the 20th century during WW1 and again just 1 generation later in WW2. The Siege of Leningrad alone, which lasted from 1941 to 1944, would leave 1 million to 5.5 million dead. Then the Battle of Stalingrad began in August 1942. It lasted into the winter and added again to list of bloodiest battles in the history of warfare. Air raids dropped bombs on civilians as fighting devolved into close-quarter, house-to-house combat. Both sides poured reinforcements into the city and by the end, as many as 2 million were dead. After five months, one week and three days of fighting the Axis forces had exhausted their ammunition and food, finally forced to surrender in February 1943. It was a turning point in the war that began pushing the Nazi's back to Berlin.
In the middle of this hell on Earth, in July 1942, Wonder Woman issue #1 - The Origin of Wonder Woman is released by DC Comics. In it, for some reason, she's carrying a parchment in her outfit which tells the history of the Amazons. Of course, she loses it and obviously someone at the Smithsonian gets it and translates it so we all get to learn what's happening now.
The story returns us to Olympus, Aphrodite is arguing with Ares over who will rule the world - men and violence and hate and war or women with love. Their argument spills over onto Earth. Women throughout the world are enslaved by Ares. Aphrodite turns the tables with a magic girdle she gives to the Amazons. The girdle is eventually stolen by Hercules who enslaves them. Aphrodite intervenes again, granting the Amazons the power to break the chains and remain free for as long as they refuse to submit to men. Their strength lie in the bracelets they wear as reminders of the chains that enslaved them. Away from the influence of men, they create a utopian civilization called Paradise Island.
But back in the real world on a different island in the Pacific theater of WW2, Ares was about to transform the meaning of war and place humanity's very existence on a knife's edge.
bellum omnium contra omnes (Latin phrase meaning "the war of all against all")
On July 16th 1945, the US detonated the first atomic bomb in New Mexico as part of a test. 9 days later the decision to drop one on Japan was made and Allied forces issued the Potsdam Declaration on July 26th which handed down an ultimatum of complete surrender or "the inevitable and complete destruction of the Japanese armed forces and just as inevitably the utter devastation of the Japanese homeland". The bomb wasn't mentioned and it ultimatum was rejected.
On August 2nd, Truman and other high profile US officials boarded the USS Augusta, headed back home across the Atlantic. A group gathered in Secretary of State James Byrnes’s cabin the first night at sea to watch a movie. It was called Wonder Man. A nightclub owner is murdered by gangsters but comes back as a ghost to haunt his killers. Truman stayed in his cabin, perhaps thinking about the explosion that was coming and the weight of his choices. He had written in his diary the day of the decision that, "the target will be a purely military one". It's hard to imagine he didn't know better.
About 3 days later, on the other side of the world, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was going to work at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for what was supposed to be his last day in the city. It was 8:15 AM, on August 6th, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan and an estimated 70,000 people were about to die. Yamaguchi heard a plane overhead, he looked up and saw The Enola Gay B-29 bomber and he saw the object drop and the parachute attached to it. What dropped was an atomic bomb equivalent to 18,000 tons of TNT. It was more powerful than the previous largest bomb ever used in warfare by more than 1,500 times.
Yamaguchi described the blast like “the lightning of a huge magnesium flare.” He had barely been able to dive into a ditch before the boom ruptured his eardrums and the shock wave sucked him into the air and tossed him into a nearby potato patch. His face and forearms were badly burned and he thought he might of fainted for awhile but he was alive. He described everything like the start of an old film before the picture begins, "when the blank frames are just flashing up without any sound." The morning sun was blotted out by dust and debris and falling ash. A mushroom cloud of fire was rising over Hiroshima. He was less than two miles from ground zero.
A mile and a half away, half a mile from ground zero, Shigeyoshi Morimoto was luckier than 95% of the others within the same blast radius. The master kite maker was part of a secret military study to use kites against American planes. Suddenly he found himself under the rubble of his cousins home where he was visiting but Morimoto, his cousin, and his cousin's son all survived.
He said in an interview by Robert Trumbull in 1956 that it was like a lightning flash, then "the house collapsed and we were pinned beneath the fallen ceiling and roof." When they dug themselves out they couldn't believe level of destruction. Every building was flattened within a mile of the explosion, and fire would soon destroy every building within a 4.5 square mile radius. Within weeks, another 70,000 would die in the aftermath.
Sixteen hours after the explosion, a video was released of President Harry Truman revealing the existence of the atomic bomb to the world for the first time. “It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe,” he said. “The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East.”
Truman was actually still aboard the USS Augusta in the Atlantic ocean. He was having lunch when a navy captain delivered the message. Truman turned to his Secretary of State James Byrnes and shouted, “It’s time for us to get on home!” He then addressed the sailors in the mess-hall, calling for attention by banging silverware against a glass. The sailors went quiet and Truman made his announcement to an explosion of applause. Morale was soaring all over the Augusta. A sailor's quote summed it up best saying, “I guess I’ll go home sooner now.”
Yamaguchi was thinking about home too. In a daze, he found a couple coworkers who also survived. After taking shelter for a night, the three began making their way toward the somehow still operational train. They trekked through a desolated city of smoldering fires, crumbled buildings and the charred and melted corpses of the dead. Yamaguchi was forced to swim through floating bodies at a river crossing because the bridges were twisted wreckage. All to reach the station, where he boarded a train full of other burned and bewildered passengers.
Morimoto had gone back to the hotel he was staying at for work. It was badly damaged but still standing and three of his colleagues were alive. They got permission to leave the city on August 8th. The four men along with Yamaguchi were trying to get back home, to Nagasaki.
At least three trains made the 190 mile trip from Hiroshima to Nagasaki and arrived there by August 9th, the day that city would be bombed. 165 survivors from Hiroshima are thought to have traveled to Nagasaki and lived through the 2nd explosion as well. People who experienced both attacks are called “nijyuu hibakusha,” or “twice-bombed person.”
Yamaguchi reported for work at Mitsubishi’s Nagasaki office and at about 11 a.m. he was giving a full report on Hiroshima. He recounted what he could, the blinding light, the deafening boom, the devastation—but his superior didn't believe it, didn't believe a single bomb could destroy an entire city. Suddenly, another white flash exploded outside. Yamaguchi dropped just seconds before office windows were shattered by the shock wave and debris blew through the room. In his panic, he thought it had followed him but he had just survived a 2nd atomic bombing in 3 days.
He ran out of the wrecked building and past the ravaged city to get home to his wife and son. When he got there part of his house was a pile of rubble but they were alive and barely hurt. His wife had left to buy burn ointment for him, and she and the baby were near a tunnel when the bomb dropped. If Yamaguchi hadn't been burned in Hiroshima, his family might have been killed in Nagasaki.
Morimoto, the kite maker, had just finished describing the atomic bomb to his wife when their house was suddenly flooded with the same blinding flash. He was shouting as he shoved his wife and son into their air-raid shelter and pulled the heavy door shut behind him as their home was destroyed. Morimoto and his family were also uninjured.
But many others were not lucky. Roughly 200,000 people died after four months, about half on the first day, from the effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It remains the only nuclear bombing used in warfare and although Hiroshima had a sizable military garrison, most of the dead were civilians. After the immediate aftermath, people continued to die in the thousands for months from burns, radiation sickness, and injuries, made even worse by illness and malnutrition. Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 15th, six days after Nagasaki and the Soviet Union had also declared war on them. Japanese government officials signed documents on September 2, effectively ending the war and beginning occupation.
It is generally thought the casualties from the bombings is at or near the low estimates for casualties had the war continued on the ground. It was feared the number of dead could reach a million or more if the Allies invaded the Japanese homeland. Americans were also war weary, the massive operations were expensive, and military strategists were worried about the Soviet Union expanding its influence in the East. However, the debate over the ethical and legal justification for the bombings in still debated today.
But it didn't matter then. The war was over and America was celebrating. Humanity began to rebuild but there was little time to reflect. The full implications of what had happened were still coming into focus. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, William Leahy once decried the use of atomic weapons as "an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages", but in 1947 he reported a military requirement for 400 atomic bombs . The Soviet Union detonated an atomic test in September 1949. Oppenheimer, concerned about the devastation that future nuclear war could bring, was stripped of his job and commission. Despite his opposition, the U.S. had developed and tested a Hydrogen bomb by 1952. Ordinary fission bombs like the ones dropped in Japan would henceforth be regarded as small tactical nuclear weapons, a thousand times weaker than the new versions. The US had 23,317 nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union had 40,159 by 1986. More than 90% of the world's remaining 13,865 nuclear weapons were owned by Russia and the United States at the start of 2019. Over 2,000 nuclear tests have been conducted in over a dozen locations around the world by 8 different countries. 9 countries have nuclear weapons.
A team of researchers studied 1,024 species of mammals, and found the rate of lethal violence between Homo sapiens is 7 times higher than the average among all mammals. A different study found that although there are 7.6 billion humans we make up just 0.01% of all living things. In other words, humans are statistically insignificant, not only in the universe but on Earth as well and yet since the dawn of civilization, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants. And now our seeming dominance has put us on a path quite possibly to our own destruction. Unwittingly in some cases, proudly in others and cynically in some.
When Yamaguchi's son died from cancer at 59 in 2005, he went public with his story. After remaining silent since his 1950's interview, he began speaking out against nuclear war. Of the estimated 165 people who experienced both attacks and lived, he became the first and only survivor to be officially recognized by the Japanese government as “nijyuu hibakusha,” the “twice-bombed person.” A year later in 2010, he died at the age of 93. He said he got through the many years after the bombings with poetry.
It may seem as if the God of war is at his most powerful, feeding constantly on the chaos in the world and now humans have amassed the potential for total destruction. In the myths and the comics, Ares had done his best throughout the years to destroy the Amazons, sending Hercules against them and sacking their island but he had another plot for all humanity. To spark a war between the United States and Russia, provoking World War III. His ambitions were only thwarted when he was finally forced to face the truth that without the chaos of men he would cease to exist, having no one to worship him.
However, there would be survivors in this nightmare, like the Ginkgo biloba. A ginkgo tree survived in Hiroshima less than a mile from ground zero. It's nicknamed the Tree of Life and it happens to be the oldest species of tree on earth, dating back 270 million years. It also smells like vomit, helping it to survive thousands of generations of grazing animals. Along with the Ginkgo tree, other survivors would probably include rats, cockroaches, ants, scorpions, flies, wasps, worms, bacteria like E. coli, amoebas and the seemingly indestructible tardigrade. It wouldn't be the most pleasant world, but it would still be alive.
And the story begins again, one more time. There was once a utopia. At least that's what outsiders had come to think. It made sense from far away. It had been mostly forgotten, cut off from the world and for a long time no one questioned this supposed utopia. It had achieved an almost mythic, paradise lost status until finally an explorer came to stay there for awhile. At first it seemed the view from the outside was correct. But one day their leader died leaving a power vacuum and a tyrant emerged to fill it. Not all were willing to follow. A group of dissenters separated, forming a smaller group but this did not bring peace. A member of the new group was ambushed one day without warning, beaten badly and was never seen again. Over the next four years the smaller group was picked off 1 by 1 and systematically destroyed. The victors ate the flesh and drank the blood of their victims. They celebrated over the dead with hoots and screams. The explorer was horrified. There was no mercy. But it wasn't men that did these things, not this time. These were the events observed in the jungles of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania from 1974 to 1978 during the Gombe Chimpanzee War. The explorer was Jane Goodall. By the end, 10 were dead or missing and only 3 females remained. They were beaten and kidnapped and in that way the two groups became 1 again.
Goodall discovered the systematic hunting strategies and aggressive nature of chimpanzees, exposing their cannibalism and taste for smaller primates. She turned conventional wisdom upside down and found it difficult to come to terms with what she saw herself. But she also observed peaceful and affectionate behaviors, intelligence, emotions, social bonds and forced man to redefine itself, "or accept chimpanzees as human".
In 2019, there were at least 29 conflicts or wars where more than 100 people lost their lives including 17 minor conflicts, 9 wars and 4 major wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and the Mexican drug war. But despite the headlines. Despite the violence. Despite the tragedy and chaos and the potential destructive power Ares or Anhur or Mars could unleash on humanity at any minute. Despite how things might feel right now. Overall, things are getting better and can get better.
Because something else happened in the 20th century. It was said that a soul of an unborn daughter held back from creation when the first woman was murdered by a man, was put inside a baby girl made out of clay from paradise island. The baby girl was given life by the Greek Pantheon of Goddesses and named Diana. She grew up among a legion of sisters and mothers and became the champion of the Amazons and emissary to the world of men. They would call her Wonder Woman.
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