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Introduction We've all seen what they are capable of during the bubble. They went 8-0 behind Booker's 30/5/5 and looked like they are developing some sort of chemistry. I believe they have the best chances to win in the next 2-3 years, if they ever want the best shot with a Booker-Ayton duo. Few reasons why:

Roster Phoenix Suns 2020-2021 Roster: Devin Booker, Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre, Deandre Ayton, Frank Kaminsky, Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, Ty Jerome, Elie Okobo, Jalen Lecque, Cameron Payne
Expiring Contracts: Kelly Oubre (14m), Frank Kaminsky (5m), Mikal Bridges (team), Cam Johnson (team), Elie Okobo (team)
Suns Lose: Aron Baynes, Dario Saric, Jevon Carter
If I were the Suns, I'd bring back Saric at around 2 yrs 15 mil and Carter for a 1 yr + 1 team option for 2mil. Saric's playmaking and perimeter shooting at his position is very valuable but he's been inconsistent and a defensive liability. Carter could become a strong defensive guard that shoots the three and handles the ball. I wouldn't let him go just yet and see what he could become. Baynes is only getting older, turning 34 in a couple of months. His shooting for his size is valuable, yes, but I don't think it's necessary for this team.
Free Agency/Trades My Ideal Targets: Fred Vanvleet, Jae Crowder, Paul Millsap, Jerami Grant, Derrick Favors, Christian Wood
This year's free agency is relatively dry, but it has a couple of role players that could bolster the Sun's depth and offer some 3 and D players that they most desperately need. Fred Vanvleet is the biggest prize of them all - snagging him will make a VV-Booker duo quite nasty. Vanvleet is a solid perimeter defender who can offer some playmaking for Booker.
Add Crowder or Grant to that starting lineup and they look better already. Grant is switchable 1-5 and can offset the lack of defense from Booker. Crowder is a great 3 and D player who has shown to be very effective for the Heat, despite his inconsistent shooting at times. He looks good defensively, being able to hold elite players like Giannis, Tatum, and AD to an extent. However, I understand those two players are highly unlikely, considering their respective teams would probably get the upper edge.
Millsap/Favors can offer veteran leadership and good defenders that can hold their own.
If none of those free agents pan out, I believe you can package a strong deal with Oubre, Bridges, Johnson, 2020 first round pick (this year), and more picks for a star-studded forward... Khris Middleton is my choice here.
Final Thoughts I think you can build a really strong roster around Booker and Ayton. Piece them with a bunch of defenders or bring in a star like Middleton into the mix and you have a contender. They have nice young assets that they can throw into a trade, or maybe they take the next jump in a couple of years. Who knows. I just hope the Suns can do something and give my boy Book a chance.
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Welcome back to the Rookie Report! How great was it to finally have football back last weekend? The NFL season’s opening week went off without a hitch (assuming you didn’t have Mike Evans or Michael Thomas on your team), and hopefully you managed to get off to a 1-0 start. The rookies got off to an interesting start and plenty of them acquitted themselves well considering they didn’t get to play any preseason games. In a reversal of expected roles Jonathan Taylor put on a show as a receiver out of the backfield but struggled as a runner, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire had an impressive debut running between the tackles but didn’t catch a single pass. Both should be every-week starters going forward. Laviska Shenault, Joshua Kelley and Zack Moss all got in the end zone in week 1, and D’Andre Swift nearly did as well. Some other rookies like Michael Pittman, Cam Akers and Bryan Edwards had less successful debuts. Overall, we now have a much better picture of how these guys are going to be deployed and should have a better handle on which ones to consider for your lineups. Let’s dive into week 2…

Rookies to Start: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC (Wk. 2: @ LAC): Obviously you don’t need me to tell you to start CEH if you have him. He was fantastic as a runner in week 1 and made people who drafted him feel great about that decision. It was strange to see him do so much of his work running between the tackles though. It would have been nice to see him catch a few passes, and it would’ve been nice to see him cash in one of his 6 carries from the 3-yard line or closer for a TD (4 carries from the 1), but overall it was a strong debut and the fact that he got 6 carries in close should be seen as a good thing. Houston’s D-line dominated in those short yardage situations, but not every defense KC faces will do the same. The Chiefs are comfortably favored in week 2 and face a defense that ranked 25th in Football Outsiders’ run defense DVOA stat last season. I’d also expect the team to make an effort to get CEH more involved in the passing game, even if only to prove a point. Edwards-Helaire is a fine play in all DFS formats as well as a locked-in RB1 for season-long leagues this week.
RB Jonathan Taylor, IND (Wk. 2: vs. Min.): Like CEH, you don’t need me to tell you to start Taylor. He didn’t really fill up the stat sheet as a runner last week (9 carries for 22 yards), but Philip Rivers utilized him a bunch in the passing game (6-67 on 6 targets). With Marlon Mack going down for the year, this backfield figures to be a 2-man tandem with Taylor and Hines. Taylor should dominate the early down work, and while the matchup against the Vikings isn’t that favorable – they allowed the 12th-fewest RB points per game last year, Taylor will see plenty of volume to make him a solid RB2 this week. With a price tag of just $5,700 on DraftKings, I would expect you’ll see Taylor in a high percentage of DFS cash game lineups this week.
RB JK Dobbins, BAL (Wk. 2: @ Hou): I know starting a backup running back in week 2 is a risky proposition. I list Dobbins here just to emphasize how much I like his matchup this week. Houston had a bottom half run defense a year ago and looked overmatched in the opener by CEH and the Chiefs run game (at least away from the goal line). Baltimore is a touchdown favorite this weekend, and I expect them to win the game easily. Houston just didn’t look right in week one, and I don’t think the Ravens are the antidote to what ails them. Dobbins already looked better than Mark Ingram in the opener, and I expect him to get plenty of run as the Ravens open up the lead. This may be me getting ahead of myself on Dobbins, but I like him to go for 80+ yards and a score in this one and finish as an RB2. The Ravens have the highest projected point total of the week at 29.25,
WR CeeDee Lamb, DAL (Wk. 2: vs. Atl.): The Falcons have had one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL for two years running, and they looked as bad as ever in week 1 against Seattle. Russ Wilson can make a lot of defenses look bad, but the Falcons’ pass defense looked non-existent. This game figures to be a shoot-out with Dallas’ implied total of 28.5, so all 3 Cowboy receivers are in play, especially with tight end Blake Jarwin done for the year. It appeared that Dak was force-feeding the ball to Amari last Sunday, but I’d expect the targets to be more evenly divided in this one. Zeke Elliott should have a big game as well, but we could see all 3 Dallas receivers end up as top-30 WRs this week. Lamb was targeted 6 times in the opener. I’d expect that number to be higher in this one.

Borderline Rookies: QB Joe Burrow, CIN (Wk. 2: @ Cle): Burrow is only worth considering in 2-quarterback or Superflex formats, but this should be a better matchup for him than the Chargers. The Browns ranked just 18th in pass defense DVOA last season and were absolutely shredded by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in week 1. Burrow proved that he’s capable of running the ball himself a bit in the opener, and only Cincinnati allowed more QB rushing yards in 2019 than the Browns. The Vegas sharps don’t expect a big output from Cincy’s offense, giving them an implied total of just 18.75 points, but I think they overperform in this one. I like Burrow’s chances at a top-15 week.
RB James Robinson, JAX (Wk. 2: @ Ten): Robinson’s performance and usage in week 1 may have been even more of a surprise than the outcome of the game. The Jaguars were heavy underdogs and came out with a win, and they may have found their feature back in the process. Most people expected a heavy dose of Chris Thompson on passing downs, but Thompson played just 12 snaps to Robinson’s 36. The Jaguars are heavy underdogs again this week, so temper expectations a bit, but this matchup has about the same degree of difficulty for Robinson as the last one with Indy. Robinson will be heavily involved and should be a solid RB3 this week.
RB D’Andre Swift, DET (Wk. 2: @ GB): Week one did not end on a high note for Swift, as he dropped what would’ve been a game-winning touchdown pass in the closing seconds as the Lions blew a 17-point lead in losing to the Bears. Here’s the positive – Swift led the Lions running backs in snaps, playing 10 more than Adrian Peterson and 14 more than Kerryon Johnson. He was battling an injury in practice last week and still was on the field a lot. You’d like to see more production come out of those snaps, but that should be coming. Green Bay fielded one of the worst run defenses in the NFL a year ago, and while AP still figures to see a lot of the rushing load, I’d count on Swift being more involved in this one as he gets closer to health. He’ll be a boom-or-bust upside flex option this week with more value in PPR formats.
RB Zack Moss, BUF (Wk. 2: @ Mia): Moss didn’t pile up a lot of yards in week 1 (27 yards on 12 touches), but his usage is encouraging for fantasy players. He was targeted 4 times in the passing game, and 8 of his 12 touches came in the red zone with one of them ending in a touchdown. The other half of the Bills’ backfield duo, Devin Singletary, had zero red zone touches among his 9 carries and 5 catches. Moss was on the field for the vast majority of red zone snaps. Miami gave up 1.2 running back scores per game a year ago and gave up another one in the opener this year. Moss is a solid bet to score a touchdown for the second straight week, which gives him some flex appeal in most formats. The Dolphins ranked 29th in run defense DVOA last season, and were 32nd in that stat in week 1.
WR Brandon Aiyuk, SF (Wk. 2: @ NYJ): Aiyuk looks likely to return this week, and he’ll do so in a matchup against one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Jets do have a stout run defense up front, but they can’t cover on the back end. Buffalo attacked them through the air a ton last week with Josh Allen tallying 33 completions for 312 yards and 2 TDs. Buffalo is typically one of the run-heaviest offenses in the league. George Kittle is fighting through an injury this week and Deebo Samuel will be out again. That puts Aiyuk in line for probably 6-8 targets, and against this defense that could be fantasy gold. He could be a huge value this week if you have the stones to play him. Just make sure he’s active on game day.
WR Henry Ruggs, LV (Wk. 2: vs. NO): Ruggs got off to a hot start in week 1 before being sidelined for a bit with a knee injury. He was able to return and finish the game but did most of his damage before getting hurt. The Raiders clearly focused on trying to get the ball in his hands as you’d expect for a first round pick, and this week he faces off against a Saints team that allowed the 5th-most WR points per game last year. The Saints did revamp the secondary in the offseason adding Janoris Jenkins and Malcolm Jenkins and played a respectable game against Tampa last week, but the best part of that pass defense is top corner Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore doesn’t typically follow receivers into the slot, and that’s where Ruggs played more than 50% of his snaps in week 1. Getting away from Lattimore that often should help Ruggs to a 60+ yard outing this week, and he’s always a threat to take one to the house. If you’re in a deep league or trying to replace an injured starter like Godwin, Golladay or Michael Thomas, Ruggs should be in consideration.
WR Jalen Reagor, PHI (Wk. 2: vs. LAR): Reagor had the longest play of any rookie in week 1 with a 55-yard catch, but it was his only catch of the week. The Eagles had a clear game plan to use Reagor and DeSean Jackson as deep threats, but those tend to be low-percentage throws and neither guy put up a great fantasy day. Reagor and Jackson combined for 11 targets, and both had an average target depth of more than 30 yards. No other receiver on the team was even at 10. It was a good sign that Reagor was involved, but I’d like to see the Eagles diversify the way he’s used and not limit him only to deep shots. He was coming off an injury and played just 59% of the snaps. That was the team-high among the WRs, but I think it will go up this week. I expect Jalen Ramsey will shadow D-Jax, so there is some upside for Reagor on the opposite side. Even if he doesn’t see more short targets this week, it only takes 1 or two deep balls to post a nice fantasy day if he finds the end zone.
WR Jerry Jeudy, DEN (Wk. 2: @ PIT): Courland Sutton seems like a long shot to play again this week, which gives Jeudy another opportunity as the lead wide receiver. Jeudy actually played fewer snaps than either Tim Patrick or DaeSean Hamilton in week 1 but had as many targets (8) as the two of them combined. The Broncos want to get the ball in his hands. The matchup this week is much tougher. The Steelers ranked 3rd in pass defense DVOA a year ago and did a good job limiting everyone other than Darius Slayton in the opener. I’d lean against playing Jeudy this week unless you have to, but his role in the offense gives him enough upside to consider here.

Rookies to Sit: RB Cam Akers, LAR (Wk. 2: @ Phi): Akers struggled in his debut while teammate Malcolm Brown got the hot hand, and as a result Brown got the lion’s share of the backfield work. Things don’t get much easier for Akers to make a splash this week with Darrell Henderson a week healthier and a tough visit to the Eagles coming up. Philly allowed the 7th-fewest RB points per game last season and ranked 3rd in run defense DVOA a season ago. Peyton Barber found paydirt twice last Sunday against Philly, but the Washington backs combined for just 72 scrimmage yards on 32 touches. If Akers gets the hot hand early he may get more run than last week, but against this defense I wouldn’t bet on it.
RB Josh Kelley, LAC (Wk. 2: vs. KC): Kelly had an impressive debut tallying 12 carries for 60 yards and a score in the opener. The reports that he was going to have a big role alongside Austin Ekeler in this backfield were clearly accurate. He wasn’t targeted in the opener, but Ekeler was only targeted once himself. I think a lot of that has to do with the QB change the franchise went through in the offseason. Philip Rivers was heavily targeting his backs in his Colts debut, but Tyrod has typically not thrown to the running backs at nearly the same clip. The rushing usage should remain strong for both Ekeler and Kelley all year though. The matchup this week doesn’t favor Kelley. The Chiefs did let David Johnson get loose a little bit in the season opener, but this game has obvious blowout potential, and if that happens it’ll be Ekeler handling most of the work. Kansas City is favored by 8.5 points, but I expect them to cover that without much trouble. With no receiving usage to boost his totals, Kelley will need to get in the end zone to return value. I don’t have a lot of faith that he scores one.
RB AJ Dillon, GB (Wk. 2: vs. Det.): Dillon was mostly an afterthought in the Packers’ offense in week one, finishing the game with just 5 offensive snaps and 2 carries for 14 yards. Head coach Matt LaFleur expressed an interest in getting him more involved in week two, and with Green Bay favored by nearly a touchdown there is some chance at some extra run late if the Packers get out in front of Detroit. I still wouldn’t expect him to be used much as a receiver, and the red zone work still belongs to Aaron Jones. Jones handled 3 of the team’s 4 carries inside the 10, and he also had 4 red zone targets. Dillon isn’t worth consideration for fantasy lineups this week unless you expect a blowout win for Green Bay.
WR Laviska Shenault, JAX (Wk. 2: @ Ten): Viska didn’t approach the 10 touches that I was hoping for in the opener. He only got halfway there but did cash in a touchdown. The Jaguars will clearly be a slow tempo offense again this year despite a change in head coach and offensive scheme. That is going to limit Shenault’s weekly upside. They’re going to be creative in getting the ball into his hands each week, but if he’s only handling 5 or 6 weekly touches it’s going to be hard for him to return value in weeks where he doesn’t get into the end zone. He’ll have weekly fantasy starter upside, but he’ll be hard to rely on until he jumps ahead of Keelan Cole on the depth chart. I’d leave him on the pine this week.
WR Bryan Edwards, LV (Wk. 2: vs. NO): Edwards’ stat line in week 1 left a LOT to be desired, as he pulled in just one pass on one target for 9 yards. What you may not know is that Edwards led the Raiders’ receivers with 75% of the snaps played. The targets are going to come. Edwards and Ruggs are clearly the top two receivers in Vegas and they’re going to make an effort to get Edwards more involved. This week could be a rough one though as Edwards may be squaring off with the Saints’ best corner Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore doesn’t follow the opposing number one receiver into the slot, and Ruggs played more than half of his snaps last weekend in the slot. That means plenty of snaps where he’ll be facing off with Edwards. We’ve already seen a week where the ball didn’t find Edwards very much, so I’d be hesitant to trust him this week in a tougher matchup.
WR Chase Claypool, PIT (Wk. 2: vs. Den.): Claypool is the WR4 in this offense, but Pittsburgh did look for ways to get him involved in week 1. He was targeted twice and also got a rushing attempt on a gadget play. With AJ Bouye out for Denver there should be plenty of opportunities for the Steelers’ receivers to produce, but Claypool’s limited snaps will make him a touchdown dart throw for the foreseeable future.
WR Michael Pittman, Jr., IND (Wk. 2: vs. Min.): I wouldn’t be panicking too much just yet if you drafted Pittman in a deep league, but it’s going to take him a few weeks to work his way into a useful role. He’s still running behind Zach Pascal for the WR3 role in the offense. He did play more than half of the offensive snaps but was targeted just twice and ended with 2 catches for 10 yards. There will be better days ahead, but you’ll need to see more from the rookie before giving him flex consideration.
WR Van Jefferson, LAR (Wk. 2: @ PHI): Reports out of Rams camp had Jefferson pegged to be the team WR3 ahead of Josh Reynolds, but it was pretty clear on Sunday night that they’ll share the role early on this season. Neither was a big target priority though, with Jefferson seeing 3 targets and Reynolds just 1 on Sunday night. There could be some sneaky upside for one of those guys this week with Darius Slay likely to be shadowing Robert Woods, but I’d look for Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee to be the bigger beneficiaries of the matchup. I’d hold off on trying my luck with Jefferson.
WR Justin Jefferson, MIN (Wk. 2: @ IND): Jefferson and Bisi Johnson seemed to be on about the same footing in the WR pecking order for the Vikings in week 1, but they’re both still a distant second behind Adam Thielen. The Vikings were behind on the scoreboard for all but two of their offensive snaps Sunday, and they still threw only 25 times. This is going to be a run-heavy attack all year, and Jefferson is probably going to have to move clearly ahead of Bisi to be a weekly consideration for fantasy lineups. Keep him sidelined for now.
WR Devin Duvernay, BAL (Wk. 2: @ HOU): Duvernay played just 11 snaps in week one and is clearly behind Hollywood Brown, Miles Boykin and Willie Snead on the depth chart. Baltimore is favored by a touchdown and has a chance to pull away again and get some extra run for their backups, but that is more likely to help their backup running backs than Duvernay. Keep him benched this week.
WR John Hightower, PHI (Wk. 2: vs. LAR): Hightower played a healthy amount in week one, handling just 13 fewer snaps than Jalen Reagor’s team high 40, but he wasn’t used in ways that will give him fantasy value. He isn’t going to see a ton of targets, so he has to be used on deep balls to provide much value. In week 1, Hightower’s average target traveled just 8 yards in the air. I also expect DeSean Jackson and Reagor to see their snaps increase as they get closer to full strength. Hightower is a low-upside dart throw option this week unless something changes in his usage.
WR Tee Higgins, CIN (Wk. 2: @ CLE): Higgins was on the field for just 15 snaps with a big crowd of receivers in front of him on the depth chart. I don’t see a lot of reason why that will change in week 2 without injuries in front of him, and with the Bengals coming into this one with an implied total of 18.75 it’s hard to imagine him making a fantasy impact on so few snaps. Keep him sidelined in your lineups.
TE Cole Kmet, CHI (Wk. 2: vs. NYG): Kmet was targeted just once in the opener and served as the TE3 behind Jimmy Graham and Demetrius Harris. He’s nothing more than a long-shot weekly TD dart throw for now. The Bears are much more likely to look for Jimmy Graham in the red zone than Kmet.

Deep League Sleepers, Stashes, and Cheap DFS Options: QB Tua Tagovailoa, MIA (Wk. 2: vs. Buf.): I told you last week that if you’re in a 2-QB league you should be picking up Tua as your QB3 off the waiver wire, and after Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 3 interceptions in week one, I want to reiterate it. Fitzmagic will start again in week 2, but the Bills allowed the 3rd-fewest QB points per game last year and picked up right where they left off in week 1. With another poor start by Fitzpatrick, it may be time for the Tua era to start in Miami. There could be some growing pains in his first couple starts if DeVante Parker is out, but he’s going be an asset in the back half of the season.
RB Antonio Gibson, WAS (Wk. 2: @ ARI): Gibson didn’t play nearly as much as I would’ve liked to see in week 1 and it was a bummer that the team didn’t try to use him at all as a slot receiver, but Gibson led the Washington Football Team’s running backs with 44 scrimmage yards on 11 touches. It was tough sledding against a very good Eagles’ run defense for all 3 backs. Aside from a 20-yard carry by Gibson, the top three backs combined for 28 carries and 43 yards. The matchup gets easier this week and Washington will undoubtedly look to get Gibson involved. He touched the ball on 11 of his 18 snaps a week ago. Peyton Barber will still be the best bet for a touchdown in this offense, but I like Gibson’s chance at a better performance this week than what he did in the opener. He’s worth looking at if you need a flex in really deep league.
RB Anthony McFarland, PIT (Wk. 2: vs. Den.): James Conner is questionable to play this week after leaving Monday night’s game with an ankle injury, which could open the door for McFarland to make his NFL debut this week. He was a healthy scratch last week with Conner, Benny Snell and Jaylen Samuels serving as the 3 active backs. If Conner sits, I’d expect Snell to handle a lot of the rushing load and Samuels to serve as the 3rd down back, but I’d expect the Steelers the try and get the ball in the hands of the speedy McFarland a handful of times. The Broncos aren’t exactly an easy matchup, so McFarland is mostly just a shoot the moon sort of DFS play this week. If Conner plays, ignore all of this.
WR Quintez Cephus, DET (Wk. 2: @ GB): Kenny Golladay looks likely to sit again this week, and Cephus saw a whopping TEN targets in the opener and played 79% of the offensive snaps. He only turned 3 of the targets into catches, but he clearly has some trust from Matt Stafford. He’ll avoid Jaire Alexander’s coverage this week, which makes him a nice play in a game where the Lions figure to be throwing a fair amount. The Packers are favored by 6. A repeat of the 10 targets might be asking a lot, but he’ll be involved enough to warrant flex consideration in deeper leagues, and his $3,800 DraftKings price tag could be a steal in DFS tournaments this week.
WR Gabriel Davis, BUF (Wk. 2: @ MIA): Davis is a guy you should be looking at if you’re in a dynasty league where he’s available. Buffalo’s offense looked different in week one. They played with a lot of tempo and played with a lot of receivers on the field. They went 4-wide on 20 of their offensive snaps. They had that many on the field for just 5 snaps in ALL of 2019. If this continues, Davis is going to be on the field a decent amount this year. He played more than 50% of the offensive snaps in week one, and while he’ll remain low on the target priority list for now, his high snap count is strong evidence that Davis is a part of Buffalo’s plans. He probably doesn’t belong on the waiver wire in most dynasty leagues.
WR Darnell Mooney, CHI (Wk. 2: vs. NYG): Mooney saw limited opportunity in the opener but made the most of his chances. He posted 3 catches for 38 yards on 3 targets in just 21 snaps. He’s already on equal footing with Javon Wims on the depth chart and is ahead of Riley Ridley. With the rumors that Allen Robinson may be on his way out of Chicago, now is the time to scoop up Mooney off the waiver wire, especially in dynasty formats. I can’t imagine Robinson is in Chicago beyond 2020, and if Mooney shows well he could be a big part of the Bears’ future plans at the position. Mooney didn’t put up gaudy receiving stats at Tulane, but he played in a low volume passing attack. He accounted for 41% of the team receiving yards as a junior in 2018 before seeing a dip last year.
TE Harrison Bryant, CLE (Wk. 2: vs. Cin.): New Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski clearly wants to recreate the offense he ran for the Vikings a year ago, and that means a ton of 2-tight end sets. Only the Eagles spent more time with two tight ends on the field than Minnesota did last year, and in week one only the Eagles played more snaps with two tight ends than the Browns did. David Njoku was placed on IR after the game and will miss at least the next 3 weeks. The Bengals coughed up 5 catches for 73 yards to Hunter Henry in the opener, and Bryant was a dynamic receiver in college who posted a 65-1004-7 line a year ago at FAU. With Austin Hooper around, it’ll be tough to trust Bryant in normal lineups this week, but he’ll cost the minimum in DFS and is a nice stash for dynasty leagues, two tight end leagues, and deeper TE-premium formats.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hopefully it helps you make some tough lineup decisions involving rookies this week. Keep in mind that any players at the same position listed at under the same header are listed in the order that I would play them this week. Keep a close eye on the injury report and make sure you don’t end up playing an inactive player unexpectedly. As always: Good luck, trust your gut, and have fun. It’s just a game. Original article at
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2020.09.04 23:20 BamaBandito Kelly_couple cam

In a COVID world, this update has its challenges. This list includes the young players mostly, and guys who are on the fringes. I would have liked to have finished this much earlier this week, but life has gotten in the way a bit. Feel free to offer additional insight and enjoy!If you are interested in player contracts:
Ryan Anderson (Redskins): Ryan ended his 2019 season on a very high note. In the final 6 games, he earned his first 4 starts, recorded four sacks and seven quarterback hits, forced four fumbles and recovered one and tied his career game high with six tackles. With Ron Rivera in charge, Washington is shifting from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense. This change has led to Ryan shifting from an outside backer, to a DE in the new defense. The new scheme is led by defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, who has always had an aggressive style. Well as you can imagine, changing positions during a pandemic was not easy for Ryan early on. Washington is deep at DE, with Montez Sweat and Chase Young (both 1st Rd selections), and Washington veteran Ryan Kerrigan as well as Ryan. Fast forward to camp, and Ryan appears to have handled the position change as well as you could hope for. Rivera on Ryan: “One thing that we’ve talked about is our rotation… and he fits right into it. Whether he ends up being a rotational player or a starter, he’s a guy who has a very diverse set of skill sets… He gives us some flexibility in terms of where to use him, where to move him… He’s done a great job. He really has. He’s had a solid camp, and we feel pretty comfortable with who he is for us going into this season.”
Jonathan Allen (Redskins): Crazy to think this will be his 4th year already in the NFL. His 5th year option has already been exercised by Washington. As previously mentioned, HC Ron Rivera should bring a serious boost to the talented Washington defense. Rivera takes some serious pride in his defense, particularly the interior defensive line. If Jonathan is able to stay healthy, he could have a monster year, with All-Pro or Pro Bowl being a legitimate possibility We already know the quality he brings on and off the field. He is a tremendous leader in the locker room, and could not represent the Bama football program any better.
Anthony Averett (Ravens): Anthony is entering his 3rd year in Baltimore. He has largely been a solid depth player for the Ravens. The team showed faith in him by not drafting or signing a corner this offseason. That being said, the Ravens are very deep at corner-- as they always seem to be. From what I can tell, he is the team's 5th corner. Injuries last season led to Averett getting a decent uptick in playing time, but he never fully took charge of the role. So far, he has been having a solid camp and Baltimore seems to be content.
Bradley Bozeman (Ravens): Bradley has settled in nicely in Baltimore, and is projected to keep his spot as the starting LG. While he had ups and downs last season, there is certainly room for improvement. He started all 16 games, and he allowed 4 sacks and committed 6 penalties. With Baltimore’s power running game, Bradley excels when he is asked to pull. There is an uptick in competition along the O-line so Bradley cannot fall asleep at the wheel.
Tony Brown (Bengals): Tony is now with his 3rd team, after sticking in GB for almost 2 seasons. He is in the thick of the competition to land on the final roster. Cincinnati has a lot of cornerbacks, and Brown is potentially fighting for the last spot. A positive development was the fact that Tony stood out and made some plays in the first real scrimmage this past Sunday night. DC Lou Anarumo said after the scrimmage: “I'm happy with Tony. You know, again, he did a good job of playing technique, playing it the way it's supposed to be played, and when you do that, you give yourself a chance, you know, and now he's just got to finish them, like I told him in the locker room”. Besides Tony, none of the other reserve corners have stepped up from what I have gathered. As many of you are familiar, special teams can be the deciding factor for if a guy makes the final roster. Luckily, Tony has plenty of experience and is an impressive athlete, even by NFL standards.
Isaiah Buggs (Steelers): After falling to the 6th round in the 2019 draft, Isaiah appeared in 9 of the final 10 games last season. So far, he appears to be the frontrunner to win the fifth DL spot. Interestingly enough, the Steelers have a reputation of taking a defensive lineman in the last 2 rounds of the draft. Of those 14 selections over the past 20 years, only one other played more snaps as a rookie than Buggs. While he is certainly undersized, he has quick feet and hands.
HaHa Clinton Dix (Cowboys): HaHa was reunited with his old coach, but after a disappointing camp he was cut yesterday. He was signed to be the starter, but he was getting outplayed by a backup. Unfortunate news nonetheless, but he will figure it out.
Amari Cooper (Cowboys): Mr. Cooper finally got the mega contract he deserves. 5 yea $100 million with $60 million guaranteed. He has been dealing with some sort of injury in camp that has limited his reps, but it is nothing serious according to the team. Lets hope the ‘boys can finally do something with a new HC in town. Although, I don’t think McCarthy is much of a long term option.
Lester Cotton (Raiders): Lester was an undrafted rookie last year and stuck around on the practice squad for most of the season. He was promoted to the active roster due to an injury. While some local sites have him on the outs of the final roster, I wouldn’t sleep on Lester just yet. He is a young and powerful lineman, with time to develop.
Raekwon Davis (Dolphins- 2nd Rd): Raekwon was placed on the COVID list about a month or so ago, but he has since returned to camp. Raekwon has shown out in camp and impressed HC Flores. He is battling for a starting spot, but I imagine he is placed on 2nd string duty as he get acclimated to the league.
Gehrig Dieter (Chiefs): Give credit where credit is due, Gehrig is still hanging around the league. He is entering his 4th season with the Chiefs, where he has primarily been on the practice squad. Last preseason he really showed out, but a back injury really took the wind out of his sail. He dressed out for 2 games last season, but never recorded any stats. So far in camp, he has made quite a bit of noise. As I have mentioned in previous years, Gehrig and Mahomes are great friends and have quite the chemistry. Gehrig always seems to have a solid preseason, which is one of the reasons why the Chiefs keep him around. HC Andy Reid mentioned: “Dieter has every position down and knows all of them”. It also helps that he can fill it at any receiver position when called upon.
Trevon Diggs (Cowboys- 2nd Rd) It has been quite an impressive camp for Mr. Diggs. The two projected starters have missed a little time with injuries, which has given Diggs 1st team reps. I’m glad to hear he has made the most of them. If he isn’t the day 1 starter, I would expect him to increase his playing time as the season gets going.
Kenyan Drake (Cardinals): Miami’s reluctance to hand over the reigns to Kenyan last season was truly puzzling. Thankfully, Kenyan was traded to the Cardinals at the end of October. He had to learn Kingsbury’s Air Raid system on the fly, but Kenyan finished the season with over 600 yards & 8 TDs for the Cardinals, and he set a franchise record with over 5.23 yards per carry! With a totally revamped offense in Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, and Kenyan Drake, the Cardinals have gone from a disaster to a super promising team. Kenyan wisely spent the offseason trying to master the playbook, and working on improving as a pass catcher. He is playing on a 1 year transition tag this season, and should be highly motivated to perform. If their QB keeps developing, I really do believe the sky is the limit for Kenyan in this offense.
Johnny Dwight (FA): Johnny was cut by the Texans at the end of camp last season. He was signed by the Ottawa Redblacks up in the Canadian league, but they had to cancel their season due to COVID.
Rashaan Evans (Titans): After being one win away from the Super Bowl, Rashaan has been extremely motivated this offseason. Earlier in June, he said: “I haven’t stopped training since the (AFC Championship Game)... I took maybe a week off to kind of heal up, but ever since then I’ve been rolling. To be honest with you, I’m ready to play. I’m ready to go.” That adds up, because he was 1 of 3 to be named Titans offseason performers of the year. The Titans let go of 3 veterans this offseason, and Rashaan will look to fill the leadership void left behind. Last season was a huge step in the right direction for Rashaan. I’m sure you all remember his dominant goal line stand in the playoffs against the Pats-- where he stopped them short of the endzone on all 3 plays. Rashaan is starting to leave his mark in Nashville, and the Titans will need even more from him this upcoming season.
Minkah Fitzpatrick (Steelers): Another Tide player that seemed to be marooned in Miami. The Steelers parted ways with a first round draft pick to acquire Minkah, and I don’t think they have regretted it for a second. They get an All Pro caliber defensive back at a rookie deal bargain (Minkah has 2 years left on rookie deal). The Dolphins wanted Minkah to be a swiss army knife for them, and move around basically on a snap by snap basis, which led to Minkah requesting a trade. Minkah is an outstanding slot corner, but he excels at Free Safety. DB coach Tom Bradley on Minkah: “One of the things he does where he is really good is playing center field and being around the ball and doing all those things. We do have the capability to move him and put him in different spots. A lot of times formations will dictate that — motions, adjustments. But we would like to keep him in center field.” In the last half of the season, opposing QBs basically stopped throwing in Minkah’s direction. Can’t say I’m surprised Minkah is thriving in the league!
DJ Fluker (Ravens): After a couple productive years in Seattle, DJ was released in the offseason. They essentially went with a younger and cheaper option to replace DJ (Seattle was in a tight cap spot). He has worked incredibly hard to get down to phenomenal shape-- he cut his body half down from 44% to 22%. I’ve read that his workouts were 5 to 8 hours long. Make no mistake, he is at pure fighting shape, coming in at 348 pounds. He has plenty big shoes to fill, as he is replacing Marshall Yanda. Baltimore is a great fit for DJ in terms of their power running game. He is a true road paver, and I think that their offensive scheme will maximize his skillset. DJ signed another one year deal, so it’s important that he stays healthy. HC Harbaugh on DJ: "He has looked excellent. [He's] moving very well… this is a big guy, and it's all muscle, as you guys know. His attitude has been excellent. His work ethic, we had heard it was good, and I would say it's been better than good. It's been an A, A-plus. So everything's thumbs-up with D.J.” While the starting RG spot was never guaranteed, it appears that DJ has won the job.
Reuben Foster (Redskins): Reuben is coming off a brutal and quite frankly scary knee injury during OTAs in 2019. He tore multiple ligaments and had major nerve damage. It took him months to regain feeling in his feet. I can only imagine the rehab it took to get him to where he is now, but Reuben is back practicing with the team after Washington activated him off the PUP list! The coaches like where his head has been at, and he has worked hard on the mental side of the game. During camp, he has been practicing with the 3rd string and he has a large brace on his knee. To be expected, Reuben hasn’t shown many flashes or been consistent as he is still recovering. A very realistic possibility is that Washington stashes him on IR for the season, in hopes that he will be back to his usual self later in the year or even next season. Before the injury, he was a top 5 linebacker in the league-- no doubt about that!
Robert Foster (Bills): After having a breakout end to the 2018 season, Robert took a step back in 2019. On top of that the Bills traded a 1st for Stefon Diggs and drafted two receivers in the 2020 draft. It’s quite clear that they want a production upgrade. They also have speedster John Brown, who took away most of Roberts snaps last season. His roster status is up in the air-- no preseason games definitely hurts his chances. Maybe a change of scenery would be a good thing for Robert.
Brandon Greene (FA): Played for the Birmingham Iron, and was with the Panthers at the beginning of the 2019 season. He was placed on IR a couple of weeks into the season and is currently a FA.
Shaun Dion Hamilton (Washington): Shaun proved to be a reliable depth player last season for Washington. Linebacker has been an area of weakness for Washington, and lucky for them SDH excelled in pass coverage. He rated 89.7 on his coverage rating (2nd in NFL) and his passing rating was 77.1 (6th). So far in camp Washington has rotated their LB groups a good bit, and SDH has been performing well. While it would be a surprise if he opened up week 1 as the starter, I could see him increasing his role this year at the very least.
Da’Shawn Hand (Lions): Hand’s season never really started, as he had a serious elbow injury in camp last year. He finally got on the field in October, but an ankle injury forced him to miss 7 of the last 8 games. The Lions have made a lot of changes along the defensive interior, which has set up Da’shawn for potentially being a full time starter. He has had a solid camp, he just needs to stay healthy.
Damien Harris (Patriots): After being buried on the depth chart his rookie season, Damien has seen an uptick in snaps during fall camp. Unfortunately, he apparently injured his hand a few days ago, and has missed a couple practices as a result. Hopefully he will be ready to go soon/before the opener. Sony Michel and Lamar Miller were expected to be ahead of Damien on the depth chart, but they both opened up camp on the PUP list. Brandon Bolden opted out of the season as well. Given how Belichick often plays RB roulette, Damien has a great opportunity to carve out an early down role. Sony Michel hasn’t had a breakout so far in his career, and James White is the preferred passing down option. HC Belichick on Damien: "Damien has had a really good camp… He came to camp in very good condition. He's taken a lot of reps. He's handled everything in the running game and passing game very well, which he did last year. I think everybody had a lot of confidence in him but they've all gained a lot more in him just because of his consistency and dependability." With a solid camp under his belt, look for Damien to get a lot of reps in a committee approach. Just don't fumble the football-- that will open up a whole can of worms with Belichick.
Ronnie Harrison (Browns): Trade alert! The Jaguars traded Ronnie to the Browns yesterday for a 2021 5th rd pick.He is the 3rd Jags starter to be traded or cut this week. The Jags are clearly looking for a locker room overhaul, as they have definitely had some characters in the past few years. They had a lot of depth at safety, but this is a surprising move nonetheless. He was having a productive camp, and he did miss a little bit of time with a concussion. Ronnie is entering his 2nd year as a full-time starter. He has shown a lot of flashes, but he needs to improve his consistency as he enters his third year in the league. The Browns lost starter Grant Delpit to a torn achilles in camp, so Ronnie will come in and immediately be plugged in. Ronnie is very versatile in terms of positioning-- so it will be interesting next year when Delpit comes back. Unless it’s a dumpster fire in Cleveland (again) I expect Ronnie to continue his upwards trajectory with a solid season.
JC Hassenauer (Steelers): JC is entering his 2nd year in the league. He was signed to the practice squad late last year, and he was active for one game. His status depends on if the Steelers decide to keep 8 or 9 linemen. If they decide to only keep 8, look for JC to land on the practice squad.
Hale Hentges (Washington): Against all odds, Hale made the final roster in Indianapolis last season. He had an excellent camp, and showed that he belonged on an NFL roster. He started 4 games, but the Colts released him after they had to make an emergency signing to their banged up secondary. They were hoping to bring him back on the practice squad immediately, but Washington swooped in and signed him right away. Washington has a good amount of depth at TE, so he has another uphill battle. Right now, local sites have Hale missing the final cut.
OJ Howard (Buccaneers): Last season was a dud for OJ. He dealt with a hamstring injury, and only equaled his 2018 receptions count (34) while not cracking the 500 yard mark. The good news is that Tom Brady is in town, who should immediately give the Bucs some desired consistency on offense. They also brought in Rob Gronkowski in a surprising addition. There was speculation that the Bucs had OJ on the shopping block, but nothing ever came to fruition. In my opinion, they cannot count on Gronkowski to stay healthy. Keeping OJ was a smart move-- and he has proven that this camp. Local reports are that he has been outstanding and unrecoverable, as well as improved in the running game. The Bucs were in 12 personnel (2 TEs) 20% of the time (above league average), and I expect that number to increase even more so. I’m happy that OJ gets to learn from two of the best players ever at their positions-- Tom hasn’t wasted anytime coaching OJ up. The Bucs have a considerable amount of pass-catching talent, but I am hoping OJ can put together his first breakout season.
Marlon Humphrey (Ravens): Baltimore unsurprisingly exercised Marlon’s 5th year option, whcih will lock him down until after the ‘21 season. Besides maybe Stephone Gilmore, Marlon is the best press corner in the NFL. He received an All-Pro honors and made the Pro Bowl last season. If he can replicate that performance this year, his next deal will be truly massive. HC Harbaugh on Marlon: “He’s a young guy. Came off a season where he began to get the accolades, right?... Well, he started to recognize how well he’s playing, and I would say he’s notched it up one more notch from an attention to detail and intensity perspective. Marlon is all over the field. He’s physical. He’s running to the ball. Eyes are where they’re supposed to be in coverage. I would say he’s taking it up another notch, which is really impressive, because some guys aren’t mature enough to handle the attention, and he’s really done a good job of that so far in training camp… And I don’t think for one second anything will change going forward because that’s just the type of person he is.” A glowing review nonetheless.
Eddie Jackson (Bears): Another All-Pro DB from Bama-- would ya look at that! The Bears and Eddie agreed to a new 4 year deal worth $58 million ($33 million guaranteed) in January. Bears GM Ryan Pace on the deal: “We’re very excited to get this deal done with Eddie to keep him in a Bears uniform long-term… It’s rare to find a player in this league with talent like Eddie’s. He’s a rangy ball hawk with exceptional IQ, a great teammate and a natural leader. He is the anchor to the back end of our defense and we are fortunate to have him.
Jacobs (Raiders): How can you not love Josh Jacobs? His story is something else, but watching him play football is just as sweet. He had quite a rookie campaign, totaling 1,150 yards, 686 of those were after contact (5th in NFL) and his 70 missed tackles led the league. He showcased his warrior mentality, by playing with a fractured shoulder for a good chunk of the season. While his dedication is admirable, one can only hope he takes care of his body for longevity purposes. I really don’t want the Raiders to run him into the ground. Gruden and the coaching staff want to get Jacobs more involved in the passing game. As we know, he has the game to be a receiving threat.
Anfernee Jennings (Patriots- 3rd Rd): From what I have read, the Pats are confident that they will be able to count on Anfernee early on. He has a good grasp of the playbook and has the size/physicality to set the edge as a rookie. Overall, Anfernee has performed well and looks to have a promising future in NE!
Jerry Jeudy (Broncos- 15th Overall): Another fantastic camp from a Bama WR. Jeudy has sparkled and drawn high praise from the Broncos. He is a major part of their offensive overhaul, hopefully their offense can get going with Drew Lock.
Cyrus Jones (FA): Cyrus was waived by the Ravens last season, and the Broncos picked him up shortly after. He played in 4 games, but his season abruptly ended. He had to undergo open heart surgery for a condition called Anomalous Coronary Artery. Besides the fact that it was a successful operation, all else has been quiet. Wish him the best.
Ryan Kelly (Colts): Just this week, the Colts made Ryan the highest paid Center in the league. He signed a 4 year$50 million extension with $34 million guaranteed. Ryan on the new deal: "Feels good to be rewarded… I want to live up to the contract I signed. Go out every single day, be the leader on the offensive line they I know I can be. Play with the consistency I can play with and stay healthy. Those are the things that drive me every single day." Ryan has earned a Pro Bowl selection, lets see if he can make All-Pro. He allowed just one sack, and 21 pressures.
Cyrus Kouandijo (Free Agent): Cyrus signed with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in the CFL this past March. As with all of the Canadian players, their season has been canceled. Not sure what the word is on his brother Arie, who had a cup of coffee with an XFL team.Terrell Lewis (Rams- 3rd Rd: Terrel was placed on the COVID list earlier, but he is back with the team. He picked up some sort of knee injury last week that the team has not disclosed much about. It should get cleared up a bit in a few days.
AJ McCarron (Texans): AJ has settled into a solid 2nd string role for the Texans. He provides quality depth for them.Christian Miller (Panthers): Christian opted out of the 2020 season due to Covid concerts. He had a slow start as a rookie last year, but he started to see more gametime. He played in 7 games, and earned 2 sacks.
Jamey Mosley (FA): Jamey made the practice squad last season, but was eventually waived by the Jets.
Xavier McKinney (Giants- 2nd Rd): Xavier fractured his fifth metatarsal bone in his foot, and is expected to miss a considerable amount of time. I’ve read at least 2 months. This injury is fairly common, but it isn’t like breaking a toe.
Da’ron Payne (Redskins): The new look on defense for Washington should allow Da’ron to be more aggressive in getting after the QB. He will be able to focus more on generating interior pressure, rather than two gapping. Ron Rivera on what Payne brings: “Really, the one guy that played just good (last season) was Daron… He’s a guy that can be an explosive, dynamic guy.” I’m really excited to see our Bama boys in Washington. My money is on Payne having a standout year.
Ross Pierschbacher (Washington): Ross is projected to make the team as the 2nd string Center. Last season he played 12 snaps in 5 games on Special Teams. Hopefully Ross can step up this year.
Reggie Ragland (Lions): Reggie done won himself a Super Bowl! He proved himself to be a valuable contributor as an early down linebacker last year. He started 7 games and played ~20% of the snaps. He is an asset when defending the run, but against the pass he is somebody teams will go after. From what I can tell he has had a good camp. They have moved the LBs around a good bit in camp which has allowed Reggie to play inside and outside. From what I can tell, Reggie should make the final roster. He does bring veteran leadership and he was a part of a SB winning roster.
Jarran Reed (Seattle): Unfortunately, Reed was not able to replicate his 2018 breakout season. He missed the first 6 games due to suspension, and was never able to get into a groove. That being said, he did re-sign with the Seahawks on a 2 yr $23 million deal. After the first year, nothing is guaranteed, so he needs to step up. He has said he didn’t like how the season ended and he felt like there was some unfinished business. HC Pete Carroll had this to say: “It's important that J-Reed comes back to the kind of production he had a couple years ago… If he can have any type of production close to that, with what we're doing outside, it's going to be a nice mix.” In 2018, Reed was borderline unblockable. I try not to be too optimistic with players, but I like his chances to have a monster year.
Calvin Ridley (Falcons): Calvin put up very similar numbers last year when compared to his rookie season. The main difference was that he did it in less games-- he missed the last part of the season due to an abdominal injury. Dan Quinn had some nice things to say: He’s extremely encouraged by the way Ridley came into camp in great shape, playing at a top-end speed that they did not know that he had. And the fact that he’s been so technical with everything he’s done, not just route running, but some of the nuances of getting off of coverages. Calvin has the right attitude-- he isn't settling and wants to keep improving. Hopefully ATL doesn’t implode again.
A’Shawn Robinson (Rams): Currently, A’Shawn is sidelined with a cardiovascular condition. HC McVay said that it's not too concerning, but that it is going to keep him out for a while”. I wish him a speedy recovery. A’Shawn and the Lions had a disappointing season last year. Despite that, he signed with the Rams on a 2 year $17mil deal with $9.5 guaranteed. I’m not sure how the Rams will proceed.. They could place him on Reserve IR and he could be eligible in 8 weeks, but it appears to be a fluid situation.Henry Ruggs (Raiders- 12 Overall): I still can’t get over the fact that he went ahead of Jeudy, but that is old news. The Raiders had a mock game last week and the star performer was Ruggs. HC Gruden on Henry: “He’s just a hardworking, no-nonsense, day-to-day consistent grinder… We love him. You’d like him in your business, and we love him in our business. He’s got a big future ahead of him I think, as long as we don’t screw him up”. I for one, am super excited to see Ruggs in an offense led by Jon Gruden
Cam Robinson (Jaguars): Cam was slow to recover from his torn ACL back in 2018. He was often on the injury report last year as he dealt with the recovery. Cam had this to say: “Health wise, it’s like night and day… Last year, I was just trying to get on the field. Even at this point, I don’t even think I was cleared yet at this point last year. When I did get cleared, I ended up having another injury. For me, it’s like night and day, finally being able to be healthy. I am looking forward to it.” It’s a contract year for Cam, so let's hope he is able to stay healthy and bring the pain!
Bo Scarbrough (Lions): Bo has been a travelin’ man, bouncing from the Cowboys, the Jags, Seahawks and now the Lions. He was signed to the active roster in early November, and he really caught fire. It was a classic feel good story. He brought a physical running style that HC Matt Patricia was looking for, and boosted the running game in general. Fast forward to camp, and Bo has been battling injuries and missing valuable reps. The Lions brought in Jonathan Williams to compete for the power back role. Bo was able to return to practice, but it is very much up in the air if he makes the roster or not. De’Andre Swift has missed a lot of time, which I am sure has created some impatience.
JK Scott (Packers): JK’s performances have been a tad confusing, but he is a punter after all. There are times where he looks like the best punter on the planet, and then there are times where he shanks a 25 yard punt. Last season was very similar to his 2018 rookie year, where he started off hot, and then went into a slump. He does have some promising statistics. His punts were returned only 33.8% (5th best) and his hang time was 4.46 seconds (6th). I expect JK to have a few highlight reel punts, but he really needs to avoid the bad ones.
Cam Sims (Washington): Cam is entering his 3rd season, and he only has 27 yards receiving. Part of the reason why, is because he has been a training camp warrior all 3 of those years. He has had another solid camp, which has forced the Washington staff to make another tough decision. Rivera has mentioned how older players may get the final nod over a younger guy, something that helps Cam’s chances. His size does pose a potential matchup problem for smaller corners as well.
Savion Smith (Cowboys): From the XFL, back to the NFL. Savion has been with the Cowboys this offseason. He was initially put on the COVID-19 list, but has since returned to practice. The team drafted two other corners so it's an uphill battle to say the least. Apparently he has been playing a good amount of safety so maybe that helps his chances.
Irv Smith (Vikings): Irv looks to be the future #1 TE for the Vikings. Kyle Rudolph is aging, and Irv proved he’s got the goods. His snap counts went up to about 70% in the back half of the season. He graded out better than Kyle Rudolph did as well in pass protection. With Stefon Diggs gone, I imagine Irv will get a good amount of those targets.
Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins): A positive development is that Miami has been encouraged enough by his progress that they have started to listen to trade inquiries for Josh Rosen. He has a chance to be active and listed behind Ryan Fitzpatrick on opening day. Super happy fro Tua!
Deionte Thompson (Cardinals): Deionte had a mixed bag of a rookie season. He was 2nd string behind veteran DJ Swearinger, but suffered an injury which led to another rookie taking the starting gig after Swearinger was released. In his second camp, Deionte has showcased his talent and even caught the eye of Kingsbury. He might have even added more muscle to his frame, which is what scouts were concerned about when he was in the draft process. He spent the offseason training with former NFL Safety Ryan Clark, which can only help. I’d look for Deionte to be a strong second string option who may carve out a role in this defense.
Dalvin Tomlinson (Giants): Dalvin has proven to be one of the most underrated and better players on this Giants roster. He has never been a stat monster, but he does his job so well. PFF rated him the best defender on the Giants last season. Well, this year is a contract year for Dalvin. He has the opportunity to make close to $13 million a year or more if he has another monster season!
Levi Wallace (Bills): The ultimate underdog has a great shot at remaining the team's starting right CB. Josh Norman has been battling an injury and hasn’t even gotten up to practice speed yet. HC McDermott on Levi: “I think really it comes down to the person that he is… When I walk by him in the hallway, when I ask Levi how he’s doing he’ll usually say, you know, ‘always’ or whatever; he’s got these sayings that just put me at ease that he’s got it all set up and ready to go in terms of the day-to-day approach. He’s a very consistent young man … he’s very comfortable and secure in who he is as a person, which I think is the start to being a good football player.” While Levi was a suitable starter in the league last season, there is room for improvement.
Chance Warmack (FA): After taking a year off from football to get right, Chance signed with Seattle. However, he opted out due to COVID. Hopefully he gets another crack at it next year. He played in 8 games for the Eagles in 2018, before losing the starting gig
DeAndrew White (Ravens): Deandrew lasted in Carolina for a bit, but he was eventually released in August. The Ravens wasted no time, and picked him up right away. He impressed HC Harbaugh on the first day, but he was recently placed on IR.
Jonah Wlliams (Bengals): After suffering a torn labrum in camp last year, Jonah missed the entire season. So far, so good as he has been turning heads in camp. HC Zach Taylor had this to say: ““He’s got high standards for himself. That part is crystal clear… He’s locked in on his assignments and how he wants to do it from a technique standpoint. That’s really where you notice the true professionals in these walkthrough settings when you’re not full speed. It’s easy to go through the motions. Jonah’s not that guy. Jonah does it the right way every single time, and he’s a great example for the other players to watch when they see the tape, and I know that they notice that.” Cincinnati is counting on Jonah to be their LT for years to come.
Tim Williams (Packers): Tim has a change of scenery after lasting in Baltimore for 2 seasons. He never quite got over the hump, despite showing his potential. It has been a nice camp for Tim, as he continues to show flashes. GB has a deep Linebacker room, but Tim gives them something the other guys don’t. Packers starting LB Preston Smith gave Tim quite an endorsement: “Having guys like Rashan Gary and Tim Williams step up in bigger roles this year is going to help us stay fresh.” I really hope it clicks for Tim, who can be a dangerous situational pass rusher in this league. It appears that Tim should stick, but nothing is guaranteed.
Quinnen Williams (Jets): The injury bug bit Quinnen last season, as he dealt with a neck and ankle injury. Those injuries really slowed him down and put a damper on his rookie season. Quinnen has been on a mission this offseason to get his body right. A few telling quotes from Quinnen: “I reconstructed every aspect of my life around playing football this year, being on the field this year and not making the same mistakes I made last year”.. "This year, I'm feeling it, man… I got my body right this offseason. I got my confidence back this offseason. I got a trainer who I've been training my butt off with. ... I just feel it, man. I'm in great shape, great condition. I got my body fat down. Glad to hear he has such a renowned focus-- I’d consider him a gentle giant almost.
Mack Wilson (Browns): Injury thrust Mack into a starting role last season. Soon after his first start, teams started picking on the rookie. Mack didn’t perform particularly well in any area besides man coverage, but he was able to get a lot of exposure and learn a lot. He put together some solid performances, but overall it was a learning experience for him. The Browns believe in him and they like what they saw from him despite the learning curve. Most recently, he appeared to have avoided a serious knee injury. While specifics were not disclosed, he is expected to return at some point.
Jedrick Wills (Browns--10th Overall): Jedrick has made the switch to LT, something Cleveland planned on doing when they drafted him. It has been a learning process for Jedrick, but the coaches are pleased with what they see. The Browns have a very well respected O-line coach in Bill Callahan so he is getting coached well.
TJ Yeldon (BIlls): It’s a shame what the game does to some guys. TJ was one of the better backs to play for Bama recently, but he just isn’t the same back he used to be. That being said, barring a surprise (they happen) he is expected to be the teams 3rd string back. He was in that position last year, and he played in only 6 games. HC McDermott on TJ: “We’ve got a lot of confidence in T.J.. It was a struggle last year a little bit just from the standpoint of him getting a jersey on game day. The games that he did and the games that he played, he contributed at a high level from a leadership standpoint. When you look at that Tennessee game on the road, his run in there was really one of the runs that got us kind of sparked in terms of going on the drive to go win it.”
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2020.08.07 20:19 KianNeon Cam kelly_couple

People are saying that this draft is one of the weakest in recent memory. and honestly, it probably is, but the last few drafts have had really unique, high potential, game changing guys at the top. However, while i don't think this year's draft is necessarily great, I don't think it's without talent. I don't think this draft is filled with people who will be out of the league in two years. Here are a couple of players I think could do something in the nba, with ideal landing spots. I tried to pick players likely to go in the lottery that aren't talked about as much, which really just means I'm not talking about Lamelo, Wiseman, Anthony Edwards, and Cole Anthony. I honestly think the guys I picked have a chance to be the best players in the draft when we look back though.

Tyrese Haliburton: Guard, Iowa State Honestly, i think this guy is actually getting more buzz recently, so this might not be the hottest take. He's a 6'5 point guard who has playmaking ability and has shown to be a pretty great defender. It's not flashy, his numbers aren't eye popping, but his advanced numbers get pretty crazy. There's a Jonathan Tjarks article on the Ringer from earlier this year that puts a lot of his numbers in perspective. He isn't going to be some scoring machine but his playmaking and efficiency is to die for. 4-1 assists to turnovers, with high efficiency. He is, in my opinion, the best passer and playmaker in the draft this year.

The biggest flaw in his game is that he needs to bulk up. 175 pounds at 6'5 just sounds delicate. The other thing and this may just be me, but off the ball on offense his lack of speed really seems to hurt him.

Ideal landing spots: Atlanta Hawks:
this might seem like a pretty unsexy pick considering how high the Hawks are likely to pick, fans probably want one of the more hyped players in the draft. However, I think being able to have a great crafty playmaker who plays high iq basketball to go in with Trae and be in a rotation with the athletic(and constantly improving) cam reddish and Deandre Hunter gives the hawks a lot of flexibility.

Chicago Bulls
Honestly this would be my top landing spot for him. There are so many weapons on that bulls roster. The Bulls would have a guard rotation that has everything. they'd get to have another primary playmaker and not force everything on Lavine. They'd have a great defensive guard they could play with Kris Dunn, and they'd be able to pair Haliburton with Coby White who is one of the most athletic point guards right now.

Honestly, kid just feels like he was made for Thibs. I don't have much more to say. this one's more a gut feeling admittedly.

Charlotte Hornets
Ok, so the Hornets have a lot of needs and are counting on a lot of young players already to develop. If they could get a great, smart playmaker next to their first team all BDE guard rotation of scary Terry and Devonte Graham. Guards probably don't seem high on their list and they probably want a big, but a great playmaker could really help them utilize Devonte Graham's shooting. It's a stretch but it'd be something good for them.

Minnesota Timber Wolves
Hey, if Culver lives up to what he showed going into the draft as a ball handler and playmaker who can make smart reads and scramble defenses. Haliburton and him together would be great compliments to D'lo and KAT. You'd be losing a lot of speed running them together and that ain't good, but honestly, you'd have guys who can be crafty on the drive and free up room for Kat and D'lo. also a guy who can drive and kick the ball out to one of those two.

Ok That was longer than I thought. Also I didn't put the warriors down because I think it'd just be terrifying.

Devin Vassell, Wing, Florida State Honestly, the fact that there's an elite defender in this draft who is 6'7 with a 6'10 wingspan and can guard at least 3 positions is what makes me feel like we're sleeping too hard on this draft. I absolutely love this kid. Excellent help defense. insane anticipation. He's a fast player and should be a dream for coaches. He has great passing vision, has shown improvement year to year going off the dribble, and has excellent court vision. I honestly think the kid is a steal, he probably should go in the top 5 but might not go top 10. if there was more of a spotlight on him. He has quickly improved his shooting game, and is improving as a ball handler. Honestly, this kid's potential could be higher than people give credit for.

Biggest weakness is that it's pretty clear the kid needs to get in the weight room. You can find the same note on multiple scouting reports that he needs to get better at finishing through contact. He is improving so fast though I wouldn't doubt this guy becomes the steal of the draft.

Ideal Landing spots Memphis Grizzlies
I'm sorry, I'm assuming Portland makes the playoffs if only for some truly terrible injury luck in Memphis. However, if Memphis gets Vassell, they'd have Ja, Vassell, Clarke, and J3 in the last three drafts. That is a line up you could keep together for the foreseeable future and just roll with into the future and watch develop. He is such a memphis pick. add in Justise Winslow and jesus christ that team is scary.

Honestly, the Grizzlies might even want to trade up a few spots to get him. (Edit: ok the Celtics have the grizzlies pick, so this is hard now)

Washington Wizards
Ok so this is tough. There isn't a lot to look forward to with the Wizards roster. HOWEVER, this would put another high potential player next to Rui, and they'd fit together pretty nicely too. I know there isn't much to get excited or write home about, but getting those two together and letting them develop could be really solid. Plus, he'd probably be their best defender his rookie season.

San Antonio Spurs
I honestly think this is a very Spurs-y pick. They have a need at Wing, and having a strong defensive wing to go along with their current collection of guards would be great. Think this is the spot where he can develop.

Phoenix Suns
I'm honestly on the Suns going to the playoffs train as they just kicked my team's ass. But I think if Portland is able to clinch it, an elite playmaker like Rubio, one of the best shooters like Booker, a very very promising Big in Ayton, Cameron Johnson who has been very impressive, Kelly Oubre, and Devin Vassell would be terrifying to play against. Like the Grizzlies, if I was the GM in Phoenix I'd trade up for this. Speaking of which...

OKC Thunder
Not a lottery team but, in a draft where so many teams will be looking to trade down, they will always have the best offer without really giving up too much to get to picks 8-12 to get him. Vassell fits perfectly next to SGA, CP3, and Danilo. He will fit right into a rotation with those players and gives them a great defensive wing for the post-CP3 future. It could be really fun.
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2020.08.05 10:58 blind5Aug Kelly_couple cam

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2020.08.02 13:39 Astro63 Cam kelly_couple

Pittsburgh Steelers Division: AFC North
1. Baltimore Ravens (14-2)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)
3. Cleveland Browns (6-10)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (2-14)
Coaching Changes Steelers Hire Matt Canada as Quarterbacks Coach
Previous Experience: Interim HC at Maryland, OC/QBC at Maryland, LSU, Pitt
After two seasons of not having a designated Quarterbacks Coach following the promotion of Randy Fichtner to Offensive Coordinator, the Steelers decided it was for the best to re-introduce that position to their staff. Fichtner was challenged with developing two young QBs following Ben Roethlisberger’s injury while simultaneously being focused on the offensive gameplan, and at times that definitely felt like too much on one man’s plate. Having a dedicated QB coach will allow Fichtner to solely focus on the game-plan while also giving the young guys someone who is prioritizing their development. To fill this role, the Steelers hired former Maryland OC Matt Canada after a year away from coaching. It is likely that they were previously familiar with him from his time working with the Pitt Panthers back in 2016. Canada is renowned for his offensive creativity and has three drafted QBs to his name (Brissett, Peterman, Etling) from his time in the college ranks. His presence should be a huge benefit to Mason Rudolph and/or any rookie QB that may be brought in in the near future, and there’s a chance this hiring could lead to a larger role once Big Ben and Randy Fichtner retire.
Steelers Hire Ike Hilliard as Wide Receivers Coach
Previous Experience: Redskins WR Coach, Bills WR Coach
Former Wide Receivers Coach Darryl Drake passed away around the beginning of last year’s Training Camp, and former Steelers coach Ray Sherman was brought in only on an interim basis to fill that vacancy. Coach Drake was a real mentor figure and had a deep impact on all the young receivers, so his loss was an especially challenging part of last season. Regarding the full-time replacement, multiple names were floated around including former WR Jerricho Cotchery, but the Steelers eventually hired another former WR in Ike Hilliard. Coach Hilliard spent the past six years in the same role with the Washington Redskins, where he worked with receivers such as DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jamison Crowder, and most recently Terry McLaurin. Hilliard himself had a 12-year career with the Giants and Buccaneers, which only speaks to his knowledge at the position. With the most veteran player in the room being 4th-year JuJu Smith-Schuster and also having a high profile draft pick at the WR position, Coach Hilliard has a big challenge ahead of him in maximizing all this young talent in front of him. Players have already spoken highly about him as a person and his desire to connect with them on a deeper level, and the hope is that it will pay big dividends once they get out onto the practice field. The WR room is filled to the brim with potential, and the Front Office believes that he is the man who can get the best out of them.
”Never choose good when great is available” - Darryl Drake (1956-2019)
Free Agency In-House Moves
Player Position Signing Type Contract Details
Bud Dupree EDGE Franchise Tag 1 year, $15.82 million
TJ Watt EDGE 5th-Year Option ~$10 million (2021)
Matt Feiler OT RFA Tender 1 year, $3.26 million
Mike Hilton CB RFA Tender 1 year, $3.26 million
Zach Banner OT UFA Signing 1 year, $1.75 million
Jordan Dangerfield SAF UFA Signing 1 year, $825k
Kameron Canaday LS UFA Signing 2 years, $2.425 million

Player Position New Team Contract Details
Javon Hargrave IDL Philadelphia Eagles 3 years, $39 million
BJ Finney IOL Seattle Seahawks 2 years, $8 million
Sean Davis SAF Washington Redskins 1 year, $4 million
Artie Burns CB Chicago Bears 1 year, $1 million
Tyler Matakevich LB Buffalo Bills 2 years, $7 million
Nick Vannett TE Denver Broncos 2 years, $5.7 million
Ramon Foster IOL Retired N/A
Player Position Old Team Contract Details
Eric Ebron TE Indianapolis Colts 2 years, $12 million
Derek Watt FB Los Angeles Chargers 3 years, $9.75 million
Stefen Wisniewski IOL Kansas City Chiefs 2 years, $2.85 million
Chris Wormley IDL Baltimore Ravens Acquired via Trade
Curtis Riley SAF Oakland Raiders TBD
Tyree Kinnel SAF XFL 1 year, $610k
Player Position New Team Contract Details
Mark Barron LB Unsigned N/A
Anthony Chickillo EDGE New Orleans Saints 1 year, $1 million
Roosevelt Nix FB Indianapolis Colts 1 year, $615k
Johnny Holton WR Unsigned N/A
2020 NFL Draft
Round Pick # Player Position College
2 49 Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame
3 102 Alex Highsmith EDGE Charlotte
4 124 Anthony McFarland Jr. RB Maryland
4 135 Kevin Dotson IOL Louisiana-Lafayette
6 198 Antoine Brooks Jr. SAF Maryland
7 232 Carlos Davis IDL Nebraska
I wrote in detail about the Steelers draft with my Defending the Draft piece over on NFL_Draft. In the essence of post length, all my thoughts and comments can be found there.
Other Offseason News Compared to the AB-laden insanity that was the 2019 offseason, this offseason was about as quiet as quiet could get. The highlight of the offseason for Steelers fans was watching Ben Roethlisberger throw a football for the first time since his Week 2 injury, and getting a celebratory haircut which drew the ire of Governor Tom Wolf. Big Ben is now cleared to go for the pre-season and the city of Pittsburgh is filled to the brim with anticipation for his big return.
Another cause for excitement for Steelers fans was watching a trio of former greats become part of the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Legendary Safety Troy Polamalu became a first-ballot entrant in recognition of his decorated 12-year career, and former Head Coach Bill Cowher along with Steel Curtain-era Safety Donnie Shell will join him as part of the Hall of Fame’s Centennial Slate initiative. Pittsburgh was unsurprisingly selected to participate in the 2020 Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys but that game has since been cancelled. The actual induction ceremony has been postponed indefinitely, so we won’t get to hear from Troy, Cowher, and Donnie just yet, but if it’s moved back to next Summer then hopefully Alan Faneca will finally get to join them.
Also worth noting, for the first time since 1961, Pittsburgh will not be hosting their Training Camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. In what would’ve been the 55th consecutive year of attendance, Pittsburgh will instead hold Training Camp at Heinz Field. This is a huge disappointment for many fans as Pittsburgh’s Training Camp is one of the most fan-friendly experiences in the entire league, but thankfully this is just a temporary absence as the Steelers have already committed to returning to Latrobe in 2021 and beyond
Training Camp Battles Left Guard: Matt Feiler vs Stefen Wisniewski vs Kevin Dotson
After Foster’s retirement, the Steelers signed Stefen Wisniewski from the Chiefs and then drafted Kevin Dotson in the 4th round of the 2020 Draft. However, Tomlin recently confirmed what some Steelers fans had suspected, which is that Matt Feiler will get the first crack at the LG position. Feiler was the team’s starting RT last season, but has played LG in the past.
With a truncated offseason program, rookies across the league will have a hard time making an immediate impact. Dotson will likely be relegated to a backup role, leaving the battle for LG between Wisniewski and Feiler. It’s usually safe to take Tomlin at his word, so I expect Feiler to win the job out of camp with Wisniewski being the primary G/C backup.
Right Tackle: Zach Banner vs Chukwuma Okorafor
If Feiler indeed moves to LG, that leaves his former RT spot up for grabs between Banner and Okorafor.
Banner was originally drafted by the Colts in the 4th round of the 2017 Draft. After bouncing around to Cleveland and Carolina, he’s spent the last 2 seasons as a backup for the Steelers. Last year, he gained fan-favorite status as “The Most Eligible Receiver” due to him frequently coming in as a 6th OL in heavy formations.
While Banner got much more playing time than Okorafor last year, it was actually Okorafor who got the start at RT in the game against the Rams. Foster missed the game due to injury, so Feiler slid inside to LG and Okorafor started at RT. That is a strong indication to me of how they’ll handle the situation now that Foster is gone permanently.
Nose Tackle: Tyson Alualu vs Dan McCullers
Alualu signed a 2 year deal with the Steelers in 2017, then signed another 2-year deal last year. In his time with the Steelers he’s played about 40% of snaps as the top interior DL backup. Whether it was Cam Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, or Javon Hargrave who needed relief, Alualu was the guy to step in.
McCullers, meanwhile, has been with the team since he was drafted in 2014. He’s only started 3 games in his career, but a 6+ year career as a 6th round pick is nothing to scoff at. He’s got an old-school, massive NT build at 6’7” 350 lbs, but offers little penetration and is really just a clogger. Again, taking Tomlin at his word (see the earlier Feiler tweet), I expect Alualu to win the job.
Wide Receiver Room: JuJu Smith-Schuster vs Diontae Johnson vs James Washington vs Chase Claypool
JuJu, at 23 years old, is somehow the veteran of this group. He’s the most proven and will surely be a starter despite an injury-plagued season last year. Johnson quietly led all rookie receivers in receptions last season, and showed some excellent route running and YAC ability in his rookie season. Both can play nearly any receiving role asked of them, so the question is which of them is better suited for the slot.
Washington and Claypool, on the other hand, are pure boundary WRs. Both have the speed to threaten defenses over the top and excel at tracking deep throws. Claypool is much more physically gifted, but again as a rookie in a shortened offseason I expect the coaches to bring him along slowly.
Initially, I expect JuJu in the slot with Johnson and Washington outside while Claypool tries to make an impact where he can. There might be times when Johnson is in the slot and JuJu outside, or perhaps Claypool makes a more immediate impact than expected and takes Washington’s spot. Seeing how they define the WR roles will be one of the most fascinating parts of training camp.
Full 53 Roster Prediction:
  • Starters in Bold
  • Rookies Italicized
For a tabulated version of the 53-Man Roster, CLICK HERE
QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, Devlin Hodges
Healthy Big Ben can still be a top 10 QB, but we won’t know how healthy he is until the pads come on. Rudolph and Hodges were good enough for 8 wins last year, but weren’t exactly driving forces in most of those. Still, they’re young enough to expect some improvement and hopefully won’t be called upon anyway.
HB: James Conner, Benny Snell, Anthony McFarland, Kerrith Whyte, Derrick Watt
Again, health is the biggest factor in this group as Conner can be a Pro Bowl back when he’s not sidelined. Snell and McFarland create a nice thunder and lightning combo behind him. I gave the nod to Whyte over Jaylen Samuels since he has a good chance to win the kick return job, though I could easily see Samuels making the team due to his receiving chops.
WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington, Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, Ryan Switzer
While the Steelers have a reputation for finding great receivers in the mid-late rounds of the draft, they’ve actually spent some high capital on the position in recent years. Their top 4 receivers were all top 70 picks with one in each of the last 4 years. That leaves the final spot (or two) up for grabs. I expect Switzer to win the last WR spot over Deon Cain and Amara Darboh. With this being such a young group, I think Ben and the coaches will value Switzer’s reliability and special teams capability although it might come at the expense of a few explosive plays.
TE: Eric Ebron, Vance McDonald, Zach Gentry
Legendary stiff arms aside, McDonald has never been better than maybe the 20th best TE in the league. Sure, some teams have it worse, but the Steelers wanted more from their TE position so they went and signed Ebron. The problem is that where McDonald lacks in explosive plays, Ebron lacks in reliability. The Steelers seem to be hoping that having two B-level TEs will translate to A-level production.
OL: Al Villanueva, Matt Feiler, Maurkice Pouncey, David DeCastro, Chukwuma Okorafor, Zach Banner, Stefen Wisniewski, Kevin Dotson, Derwin Gray
The position was covered a lot in camp battles, so let’s focus on the backups. Either Banner or Okorafor will be penciled in as the swing tackle if they don’t win the RT spot, Wisniewski as the top interior backup, and Dotson is in place if injuries stack up at one position. The final spot will likely come down to whoever can show the most promise at OT, since ideally we’d have more than just one backup there. I’ve penciled in Gray, a 2019 7th round pick, who spent last year on the practice squad.
DL: Cam Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, Tyson Alualu, Chris Wormley, Dan McCullers, Isaiah Buggs
With Tuitt back from injury, he and Heyward form one of the league’s most dangerous interior DL duos. As stated earlier, Alualu is sliding inside to NT so the Steelers brought in Wormley as the new top DE backup. Buggs may also work his way into the rotation as he impressed in limited duty after being a 6th round pick in 2019.
LB: TJ Watt, Devin Bush, Vince Williams, Bud Dupree, Ola Adeniyi, Alex Highsmith, Ulysses Gilbert, Robert Spillane, Tuzar Skipper
In addition to one of the best interior DL combos, the Steelers also boast an excellent edge rush duo with Watt and Dupree. They will try to replicate, or even improve upon, their 26 combined sacks from last season. With Barron gone, Williams returns to his starting spot next to Bush, who will look to build upon a promising rookie season after being the Steelers’ first top 10 pick since 2000. Highsmith and Adeniyi will be the edge backups while Gilbert looks to be the top backup at ILB ahead of Spillane and Skipper. The depth at ILB is pretty thin - and Williams has his limitations to begin with - so I would not be surprised if the Steelers pick up a veteran after final cuts are made across the league.
CB: Joe Haden, Steven Nelson, Mike Hilton, Cam Sutton, Justin Layne
Once again, Steelers boast another excellent defensive tandem; this time at CB with Haden and Nelson. Hilton is also an excellent slot man while Sutton provides solid depth both outside and in the slot. Layne got virtually no playing time last year, but when your #5 is a 3rd round pick in his second year, it probably means you’re in a good spot depth-wise.
SAF: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Terrell Edmunds, Jordan Dangerfield, Antoine Brooks Jr., Curtis Riley
Fitzpatrick is an All-Pro caliber player that has been talked about ad nauseum since his trade from Miami. Edmunds, meanwhile, was also a 1st round pick in 2018. He’s turned into a reliable tackler and has all the physical gifts you could ask for, but his coverage skills are lacking at this point. If he can take the next step the secondary will truly have no holes to attack, which is an exciting thought for this defense. The depth here is a concern, however, as Dangerfield is more of a special teams player and Brooks is a 6th round rookie. The final spot came down to Riley or Marcus Allen. While Allen has been on and off the practice squad for the past 2 seasons, and therefore has more familiarity with the defense, Riley has starting experience at FS which none of the other backups can really offer.
ST: Chris Boswell (K), Jordan Berry (P), Kameron Canaday (LS)
After a disastrous 2018 season, Boswell re-rewarded the Steelers’ faith in him by returning to form as one of the most accurate kickers in the game. Canaday was re-signed for a reason, so I expect him to make the roster without much issue. Berry isn’t a very good punter but he’s still penciled in until Tomlin or Colbert officially cuts him.
2020 Schedule Predictions Week 1: at New York Giants (MNF)
I expect both QBs to struggle out of the gate. Jones is a second-year QB who has lost most of his first offseason as a starter while Ben will likely be rusty coming back from injury. The difference will come on the defensive side, where the Giants have no real star-power and the Steelers have plenty.
Prediction: Steelers 20-13
Week 2: vs Denver Broncos
Denver is in a good position to compete for a wildcard spot with what could be a resurgent defense and young playmakers on offense. Adding AJ Bouye and Jurrel Casey with Bradley Chubb coming back from injury, I think they can pull off an upset in Pittsburgh while the offense is still finding its footing.
Prediction: Broncos 17-14
Week 3: vs Houston Texans
The 2020 Texans, for better or worse, remind me of the 2018/2019 Seahawks teams. I think Deshaun Watson will be running around for his life making plays with little-to-no help from the rest of his team, much like Russell Wilson has done the last couple years. Those Seattle teams still made the playoffs, but I’m afraid the bottom may fall out for Houston.
Prediction: Steelers 27-17
Week 4: at Tennessee Titans
Tennessee is a bit of an enigma for me. Unfortunately, I get some 2017 Jaguars vibes where a deep playoff run brought expectations up to an unhealthy level. Still, with home-field advantage, I think they will be too much for the Steelers to handle.
Prediction: Titans 20-17
Week 5: vs Philadelphia Eagles
Another team with a star QB and little supporting cast, I think the Steelers’ secondary will feast on the Eagles’ inexperienced receivers. If they can bottle up Ertz, Philly doesn’t stand much of a chance. Their defense always seems to give us fits, however, so I expect another low scoring game.
Prediction: Steelers 16-9
Week 6: vs Cleveland Browns
I think the Steelers offense will finally hit its stride against a familiar opponent at home. The Browns will put up a fight, but it won’t be enough.
Prediction: Steelers 34-21
Week 7: at Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh is one of maybe two or three defenses in the league capable of corralling Lamar Jackson, as they proved last year. With home-field advantage, however, I think the Ravens’ defense will get enough stops for the offense to pull out the win.
Prediction: Ravens 24-14
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: at Dallas Cowboys
It’s no secret that Jason Garrett was allowed to coach Dallas for far too long. I’m not sure that McCarthy is a great coach, but I’m pretty sure he’s better than Garrett. I think Dallas will have the best shot at their division this year and will handle the Steelers at home.
Prediction: Cowboys 24-21
Week 10: vs Cincinnati Bengals
I like a lot of the moves the Bengals have made this offseason and I think they could push for 7 or so wins after a 2-14 season last year, but I don’t believe they’ll be ready to win in Pittsburgh yet.
Prediction: Steelers 31-13
Week 11: at Jacksonville Jaguars
This is a trap game for the Steelers and it’s one I could easily see them dropping if they’re not careful. Looking at the talent on the Jags’ roster, however, I just can’t see them being dangerous enough to pull it off this season.
Prediction: Steelers 20-17
Week 12: vs Baltimore Ravens (TNF)
About once a season Ben just plays flawlessly. It’s usually in or around November, it’s usually at home, and it’s usually in primetime. In each of Ben’s last two seasons (2017 and 2018), it was on a Thursday night. Ask the 2018 Panthers, 2017 Titans, 2016 and 2015 Colts, and the 2014 Ravens what that’s like. It just so happens that a big rivalry game is on a Thursday night in November this year, and my money is on Ben lighting it up. The Ravens won’t go down without a fight, but I think the stars align too much against them for this one.
Prediction: Steelers 35-27
Week 13: vs Washington Football Team
Washington is quietly putting together a talented team, but it all depends on how Haskins develops. I think their team will surprise some people, but at Heinz field and pushing for a playoff spot I’m going with the Steelers to take care of business.
Prediction: Steelers 24-13
Week 14: at Buffalo Bills (SNF)
The Bills’ defense, and especially their secondary, is legit. I think they’ll be able to handle the Steelers’ receivers at home in a fight with major playoff implications.
Prediction: Bills 20-16
Week 15: at Cincinnati Bengals (MNF)
Like I said, I think the Bengals will show a lot of progress this year, but they haven’t beaten the Steelers since 2015. Their record in primetime games is abysmal. I’ll believe they can do it when I see it.
Prediction: Steelers 24-20
Week 16: vs Indianapolis Colts
I like the Colts’ roster a lot, with the exception of Phillip Rivers. He’s had a ton of talented rosters in the past that have fallen short because he just doesn’t have the clutch gene. Pencil in the Colts to have the chance at a game-winning drive that ends in an interception.
Prediction: Steelers 27-21
Week 17: at Cleveland Browns
A lot of this will depend on if the Browns have imploded or are still in the hunt. Call me unconvinced.
Prediction: Steelers 20-10
Final record prediction: 11-5. 5th seed in AFC
Link to Schemes Section
Closing Notes I’d like to give a special thanks u/ezDuke for collaborating with me on this write-up. I focused on the portions pertaining to the past (Coaching Changes, Signings, Draft, etc.) whereas Duke focused on the portions pertaining to the future (Camp Battles, 53-Man Roster, Schedule Predictions).
I’d also like to thank u/PlatypusOfDeath for giving us the opportunity to write this piece. I hope everyone found this both enjoyable and informative!
Link to Hub
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2020.07.18 01:08 EccoTime93 Kelly_couple cam

Does anyone else feel that the NBA 2k overalls for players are highly infltated? I swear, if I play MyLeaguge, GM or even MyCareer within the first 5 years a bunch of teams will have a couple or more players with overalls of 90 and more. I know there's sliders for the progression rate but even then I don't think that helps that much. It just delays it from 5 years to 10. I remember playing old nba live and 2k games like nba live 2005 which had much fairer overalls. For example, Ron Artest was an all star in 2004 and the defensive player of the year and his overall was only 69. I feel like with recent games the ratings have been inflated because a lot of current players grew up playing live/2k and having a low rating has a stigma to it. Nobody wants to be a 69 and a good player.

So I have been thinking for nba 2k21 if it came out today, what would a fairer rating system look like? I basically broke it down to these categories

Generational Players (their peak): 98+ (usually one or two players)
Superstars: 94-97 (reserved anywhere from the 1st-5th best player in the league)
Lower tier superstars: 90-93 (reserved from 5th-15thish best players in the league)

All-Star Starter Players: 87-89 (reserved for budding superstars/2nd and 3rd NBA All Team)
All-Star Reserve players: 83-86 (reserved for all star reserves/all 3rd nba team)
All-Star Caliber Players: 80-82 (reserved for those who can be an all-star, can sneak into an nba all 3rd team)

6th Man: 76-79 (Reserved for 6th man or an above average caliber starter)
Role Players: 72-75 (reserved for players who get heavy rotation minutes or are reliable starters)
Bench warmer: 68-71 (for those who come off the bench for a few minutes)
Reserves: 64-67 (reserved for players who usually see very little or no minutes)

G-Leaguers: 50-63 (reserved for g-league players)

The rest: <49 (the rest)

With that said, here is my take for the 2020 nba starters and a few bench and role players for each NBA team. I did all the starters and up to the 12th man if I knew the team well enough. This list does not account for injuries so a few of the starting lineups I had to mess with what I thought was the best fit for the team. For example, even tho D. Rose is clearly the best suited for the starting PG role, I think its safe to say with his previous injury history he should come off the bench. I tried applying that for most of the teams that have serious injuries to their player (i.e. Brookyln Nets). These ratings also don't account for players who are injured and what their future overall may be after they come back from their injury, just how well they were playing before their injury (John Wall, KD, Klay, for example).
So again, take this with a grain of salt. I tried my best sticking to the rules I set above ^

Atlanta Hawks
Pg- Trae Young: 82
Sg- Kevin Huerter: 71
Sf- Deandre Hunter: 70
Pf: John Collins: 79
C: Clint Cappella: 80
6th: Dwayne Dedmond: 68
7th: Cam Reddish: 72
8th: Damion Jones: 68
9th: Jeff Teague: 72

Boston Celtics
Pg: Kemba Walker: 85
Sg: Jaylen Brown: 80
Sf: Gordon Hayward: 77
Pf: Jayson Tatum: 86
C: Daniel theis: 71
6th: Marcus smart: 76

Brooklyn Nets
Pg: Kyrie Irving: 89
Sg: caris levert: 76
Sf: Kevin Durant: 96 (1/15) *
Pf: Tauren prince: 71
C: Deandre Jordan: 75
6th: spender dinwiddie: 77
7th: Jared Allen: 75
8th: joe Harris: 72

Charlotte Hornets
Pg: Devonte Graham: 77
Sg: Malik Monk: 69
Sf: miles bridges: 72
Pf: pj Washington: 72
C: Cody zeller: 72
6th: terry rozier: 76

Chicago Bulls
Pg: Colby white: 74
Sg: Zach Lavine: 82
Sf: Otto porter jr: 75
Pf: lauri marrkannen: 74
C: wendal carter jr: 75
6th: Tomas satransky: 74
7th: Kris Dunn: 75
8th: Thaddeus young: 72
9th: Denzel valentine: 70

Cleveland Cavaliers
Pg: Matthew delladevoda: 68
Sg: Colin sexton: 73
Sf: ceidi osman: 69
Pf: kevin love: 77
C: Andre Drummond: 78
6th: Larry nance jr: 72
7th: Darius garland: 70

Dallas Mavericks
Pg: luka Doncic: 90 (2/15) *
Sg: Tim hardaway jr: 73
Sf: Dorian finney Smith: 72
Pf: kristaps porzingis: 83
C: Dwight Powell: 75
6th: Seth curry: 72
7th: jj barea: 71
8th: willie caulie stein: 72
9th: jalen Brunson: 73

Denver nuggets
Pg: Jumal Murray: 79
Sg: Gary Haris: 74
Sf: Will Barton: 76
Pf: Paul milsap: 77
C: Nikola Jokic: 92 (3/15) *
6th: Michael porter jr: 72
7th: Michael plumee: 71
8th: jerami grant: 72
9th: Noah vonleh: 73

Detroit pistons
Pg: Bruce Bowen: 69
Sg: Brendon knight: 72
Sf: Toni snell: 70
Pf: Blake griffin: 79
C: Christian wood: 76
6th: Derrick rose: 76
7th: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk: 70
8th: Marcus Morris: 73
9th: Luke kennard: 73

Houston Rockets
Pg: Russell Westbrook: 88
Sg: James harden: 96 (4/15) *
Sf:Daniel house: 72
Pf: Robert convington: 75
C: pj Tucker: 74
6th: Eric Gordon: 74
7th: Ben Macklemore: 72
8th: Austin rivers: 75
9th: demarre caroll: 71

Indiana Pacers
Pg: Malcolm Brogdon: 80
Sg: victor oladipo: 85
Sf: tj warren: 75
Pf: Domantas Sabonis: 80
C: Myles turner: 75
6th: jeramy lamb: 73
7th: Aaron holiday: 71
8th: Justin holiday: 72
9th: goga bitzade: 70
10th: tj McConnell: 69

LA Clippers
Pg: Patrick Beverly: 74
Sg: Paul George: 90 (6/15) *
Sf: Kawahi Leonard: 97 (7/15) *
Pf: Marcus Morris: 73
C: ivan zubac: 71
6th: montrez Harrell: 77
7th: Louis Williams: 79
8th: Reggie Jackson: 70
9th: Landry shamet: 72
10th: Patrick Patterson: 69

LA Lakers
Pg: Raja Rondo: 73
Sg: Danny Green: 72
Sf: lebron James: 98 (8/15) *
Pf: Anthony Davis: 94 (9/15) *
C: Javale McGee: 72
6th: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 71
7th: Dwight Howard: 73
8th: Kyle Kuzma: 74
9th: markief Morris: 72
10th: Alex Caruso: 70

Miami Heat
Pg: Kendrick Nuun: 72
Sg: Jimmy Butler: 90 (10/15) *
Sf: Duncan Robinson: 72
Pf: Bam Adeyabo: 78
C: Meyers Leonard: 72
6th: Goran Dragic: 75
7th: Tyler Herro: 72
8th: Andre Igoudala: 72
9th: Kyle olynk: 70
10th: Jae crowder: 72

Memphis Grizzles
Pg: Ja Morant: 77
Sg: Dillon Brooks: 75
Sf: Brandon Clarke: 76
Pf: Jared Jackson jr: 78
C: Jonas Valanciunas: 77
6th: tyus Jones: 73
7th: justice Winslow: 71
8th: Gorgui Dieng: 70

Milwaukee Bucks
Pg: Eric Bledsoe: 77
Sg: Wesley Matthews: 74
Sf: Khris Middleton: 84
Pf: Giannis Antetokounmpo: 96 (11/15) *
C: brook lopez: 73
6th: Donte DiVincenz: 74
7th: Grant Hill: 72
8th: Ersan Ilyasova: 70
9th: Pat Connaughton: 72
10th: Robin Lopez: 69

Minnesota T'Wolves
PG: D'angelo Russell: 83
Sg: Malik Beasley: 73
Sf: Josh Okogie: 70
Pf: Juan Hernangomez: 73
C: Karl Anthony Towns: 87
6th: Evan Turner: 73
7th: James Johnson: 71
8th: Omai Spellman: 70
9th: Jarett Culver: 71

New York Knicks
PG: Elfrid Payton: 73
SG: RJ Barrett: 74
SF: Maurice Harkless: 70
PF: Julius Randle: 76
C: Taj Gibson: 72
6th: Mitchell Robinson: 74
7th: Bobby Portis: 73
8th: Kevin Knox: 70
9th: Frank Ntilikina: 69
10th: Reggie Bullock: 70

New Orleans Pelicans
PG: Lonzo Ball: 73
SG: Jrue Holiday: 78
SF: Brandon Ingram: 80
PF: Zion Williams: 76
C: Derrick Favors: 74
6th: JJ Reddick: 75
7th: Jahlil Okafor: 71
8th: Jaxson Hayes: 70
9th: Josh Hart: 72
10th: E'Twaun Moore: 71

OKC Thunder
PG: Chris Paul: 85
SG: Shai Gilgeoius-Alexander: 75
SF: Luguentz Dort: 70
PF: Danilo Gallinari: 78
C: Steven Adams: 77
6th: Dennis Schroder: 75
7th: Nerlens Noel: 70
8th: Mike Muscala: 68
9th: Andre Roberson: 72

Orlando Magic
PG: Markelle Fultz: 71
SG: Evan Fornier: 76
SF: James Ennis: 70
PF: Aaron Gordon: 77
C: Nikola Vucevic: 81
6th: Jonathan Isaac: 72
7th: Terrence Ross: 73
8th: DJ Augustin: 71

Philadelphia 76ers
Pg: shake Milton: 72
Sg: josh Richardson: 76
Sf: Tobias Harris: 78
Pf: Ben Simmons: 85
C: Joel embiid: 91 (12/15) *
6th: al hortford: 74
7th: Matisse thybulle: 71
8th: furkan kurkman: 69
9th: Glenn Robinson iii: 70
10th: Alec burc: 70
11: rau Neto: 68
12th: Mike Scott: 67
13th: norvel pelle: 68

Phoenix Suns
PG: Devin Booker: 84
SG: Mikal Bridges: 75
SF: Dario Saric: 72
PF: Deandre Ayton: 77
C: Aron Baynes: 73
6th: Kelly Obre Jr.: 74
7th: Ricky Rubio: 73
8th: Frank Kaminksy: 72

Portland Trailblazers
PG: Damian Lillard: 91 (13/15)*
SG: CJ McCollum: 86
SF: Trevor Ariza: 74
PF: Carmelo Anthony: 73
C: Jusuf Nurkic: 77
6th: Hassan Whiteside: 75
7th: Rodney Hood: 73
8th: Zach Collins: 72
9th: Mario Hezonja: 70
10th: Gary Trent Jr: 71

Sacremento Kings
PG: De'Aaron Fox: 80
SG: Buddy Heild: 76
SF: Harrison Barnes: 73
PF: Marvin Bagely III: 72
C: Richaun Holmes: 73
6th: Bogdan Bogdanovic: 75
7th: Alex Len: 68
8th: Jabari Parker: 70
9th: Hary Giles: 70
10th: Kent Bazemore: 71

San Antonio Spurs
PG: Patty Mills: 72
SG: Bryn Forbes: 71
SF: DeMar DeRozan: 83
PF: LMarcus Aldridge: 84
C: Jakob Poltl: 73
6th: Dejounte Murray: 74
7th: Rudy Gay: 73
8th: Derrick White: 74

Toronto Raptors
PG: Kyle Lowry: 82
SG: Normal Powell: 74
SF: OG Anunoby: 74
PF: Pascal Siakam: 86
C: Serge Ibaka: 75
6th: Marc Gasol: 75
7th: Terence Davis: 74
8th: Fred VanVleet: 75
9th: Stanley Johnson: 72
10th: Chris Boucher: 72

Utah Jazz
PG: Mike Conley: 75
SG: Donovan Mitchell: 88
SF: Joe Ingles: 73
PF: Bojan Bogdanovic: 78
C: Rudy Gobert: 87
6th: Jordan Clarkson: 73
7th: Emmanuel Mudiay: 70
8th: Ed Davis: 71
9th: Georges Niang: 68
10th: Royce O'Neale: 69

Washington Wizards
PG: John Wall: 83
SG: Bradley Beal: 88
SF: Jerome Robison: 67
PF: Rui Hachimura: 73
C: Toni Bryant: 74
6th: Shabazz Napier: 71
7th: Davis Bertans: 73
8th: Troy Brown Jr: 70

Golden State Warriors
PG: Stephen Curry: 95 (14/15) *
SG: Klay Thompson: 88
SF: Andrew Wiggins: 80
PF: Draymond Green: 80
C: Marquese Chriss: 72
6th: Erich Paschall: 71
7th: Jordan Poole: 69
8th: Kevon Looney: 70
9th: Dragan Bender: 67

So what do you guys think? Do you love it, hate it, why?
submitted by EccoTime93 to NBA2k [link] [comments]