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The Naked Director. 2019 TV-MA 1 Season TV Dramas. In 1980s Japan, one determined man turned every crushing setback into opportunity. His name was Toru Muranishi, and he revolutionized his industry. The series will be directed by Michihito Fujii, who was behind a 2019 award-winning movie that Netflix has adapted for the series. For the Netflix series, Ryoko Yonekura, an actress known for portraying tough women, plays the reporter who like Mochizuki goes after coverups and scandals. This biopic follows the tumultuous life of director Toru Muranishi, who revolutionized the porn industry during the economic boom of 1980s Japan. Starring: Takayuki Yamada, Shinnosuke Mitsushima ... The Naked Director is a Japanese semi-biographical comedy-drama web television series co-directed by Masaharu Take. Based on the non-fiction novel Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den by Nobuhiro Motohashi, it tells the story of Japanese adult video director Toru Muranishi. The series premiered on Netflix on August 8, 2019. It stars Takayuki Yamada as Muranishi, alongside Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Tetsuji Tamayama. On August 15, 2019, Netflix renewed the series for a second season. The genre has existed for over forty years and seen many ebbs and flows. One of the directors during the heyday of the movement was the prolific Muranishi Toru. Adpated from a novel about the man, The Naked Director depicts the character, his art, vision and his interactions with the approving and disapproving folk around him. Written by aghaemi

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A subreddit for the Netflix comedy period drama series The Naked Director. Anybody is welcome to comment about anything related to the series.

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2020.10.03 13:41 SocratesScissors The Mandela Effect (Part 3 – The Silicon Valley Mogul)

This is a continuation of the Mandela Effect story. For the introduction, click here.
How did you first become aware of the Incident?
I am associated with a group called LessWrong, a group of rationalist transhumanists dedicated to self-improvement. There are a lot of these people in the Bay Area, and they tend to have useful observations about society. One of these rationalists mentioned that they had seen predictions on Reddit which were far more accurate than one would expect. To them, these were indicators of a potential super-forecaster far more accurate than the DARPA Good Judgement project had ever turned up. Since I have more financial resources than most people and a willingness to make longshot bets, they asked me to help them find out more about this Reddit forecaster.
I tend to be a bit more of a skeptic than my rationalist counterparts. Nevertheless, I chose to take full precautions because we didn’t know what we were dealing with here. Perhaps it was an AI. Perhaps an organic superintelligence. Perhaps an alien. I don’t believe in any of those things, but my associates do, and since they were the ones who had tipped me off to this, I thought it was only fair that I respect the precautions that they demanded. Better safe than sorry.
The first precaution was that we would avoid being in direct proximity to the subject. This was in case the subject possessed any sort of biological form of attack, such as an airborne pathogen.
The second precaution was that we would avoid initiating any direct contact with the subject. This was in case the subject possessed any sort of psychic ability, such as the capability to hypnotize others.
The third precaution is that we would find an excuse to keep the subject under observation even if our efforts were interfered with. For example, we recorded a deepfake video of the subject agreeing to be part of a televised reality show. That way, if anybody inquired why we were violating the subject’s privacy rights, we would claim that they had signed those rights away. If that didn’t work, we made backup plans to frame the subject for a crime of some sort. This would make him an unsympathetic figure that few people would be likely to care very much about defending.
The fourth precaution is that we would attempt to manipulate the subject’s perception of reality by creating fake news articles designed to extract as much information from him as possible while minimizing any potential negative perceptions that he might have about our society and culture. If this was an extraterrestrial scout, we wanted to make sure that he left with a good impression of us.
These precautions may seem excessive, but it is important to remember that we had no idea of what we were dealing with. The chance that this was an alien contact was slim, but we needed to cover our bases.
I want to be clear that I am in no way endorsing the idea that this is alien contact. Everything that the subject has done can be fully explained through conventional science. For example, the so-called “levitation” that you have mentioned is clearly just the subject using his admittedly impressive arm strength to support the full weight of his body while on the exercise machine. The quartz crystal shattering in his grip is just a deepfake video that the subject must have filmed beforehand and found a way to secrete into our records. The same thing is true of the alleged target shooting. It’s obvious that some of our people are feeding information to him, since that’s how the celebrity cult started. We now know the subject has some technological proficiency in addition to their social engineering acumen. Once the first celebrity signaled to him that he was being watched, it would have been easy for our subject to get his contact within our agency to secretly replace our own video with a manipulation. All of this is impressively clever, but none of it is outside the scope of a smart person’s capabilities.
But I digress. Although we took extreme precautions, the general consensus was that this “Incident” was simply the discovery of an extremely proficient forecaster. When we noticed that the subject would often write unseen comments related to articles he read, we decided to test his forecasting abilities by providing articles in his “suggested news” feed algorithm related to current events that we wanted information about. For example, whether the stock market would rise or fall, or which countries might have unexpected political turmoil. It turns out that while our subject was reluctant to provide any information about the stock market (beyond his initial predictions that we had found on Reddit) he was very eager to make political predictions. In fact, it was based on his suggestion that Republican senators grilled the accuser of Supreme Court Justice Kavenaugh so hard. Our subject had predicted with an extremely high certainty that if Republicans supported Kavenaugh, the Blue Wave that was expected in the upcoming senate elections would be stopped. This turned out to be accurate: instead of a Democratic wave, Republicans picked up an additional two seats - an event that our subject had forecast at 60% probability, with a 15% chance of Republicans picking up only one seat and another 15% chance of Republicans picking up three seats.
Despite their loss in the Senate, the Democrats ended up gaining quite a few seats in the House of Representatives. We wondered why the subject had not mentioned the outcome of the House elections, but assumed that it was because our vague attempts at eliciting political commentary were too vague. In hindsight, we believe that our subject knew about the Democratic sweep of the House and simply chose not to mention that information because he wanted the Democrats to gain control of the investigative committees needed to bring the Incident to their attention. With both Democrats and Republicans aware of the existence of a super-forecaster who could have such a major impact on politics, this gave the subject the opportunity to create a bidding war for his ability, not to mention exposing Democrats to the side effects of the Incident. And indeed, shortly thereafter the subject declared to our surveillance cameras that if we did not reveal ourselves to him by January 1st, 2020, his loyalty to the U.S. would expire and his services would be open to whichever nation, corporation, or syndicate made him an acceptable offer.
This was the point at which we realized that the subject wasn’t providing us with information out of altruism. He was only helping us to further his own goals. The reason he was so happy to provide us with political advice was so that he could begin stacking our government with people favorable to his agenda.
What is your interpretation of the Incident?
I don’t think this is the first time this has happened. We’ve seen similar phenomena before the presidential election. An anonymous poster who only went by the handle of QAnon sowed rumors of a secret conspiracy. Each breadcrumb of information led to another clue, which followers of Q – known to some as the Qult – would eagerly pursue. In fact, I think it was the game-like design of this pattern, this meme, which sucked people into playing the game, luring them under the sway of Q. What we’re seeing now, these “mysterious clues” and “easter eggs” that only lead to more questions… this is exactly the same as the modus operandi of Q. You know what I think? I think that we accidentally found Q anon. My take on the book he wrote – the “Spellbook” that your sources have already mentioned – is that it is some kind of next-level hyper marketing. It teaches people the basic principles of large-scale group manipulation – what the book describes as a social science called memetics.
To understand how this fits, we need to consider Q’s motivations. Imagine that you are a gifted rationalist who believes that it might be possible to predict the future by analyzing group behavior mathematically). It sounds crazy, right? I’m sure a lot of people laughed at him. Most people would get discouraged and quit their social experiments. But not this rationalist. This rationalist had an ego. In fact, according to the Spellbook, he spent over twenty years experimenting and refining this weird fringe science. But how could he prove that it worked? Nobody would ever accept that some random hotshot with a bachelor’s degree had managed to disprove the life’s work of countless sociology and economics PhDs. The only way he could conclusively demonstrate the superiority of his self-developed science was to weaponize it and show the results. If he managed to hack the 2016 election in a completely legal way, simply by spreading rumors and memes online, then people would be forced to accept his scientific conclusions… because otherwise they would continuously lose elections to the people who adopted his technique. (Laughs) It’s an elegant way to force scientific advancement upon the world: simply weaponize it and distribute the technique to anybody who asks. Because political or cultural groups that refuse to use advanced technology tend to be wiped out by rival groups that do not have such restrictions, pretty soon social Darwinism will totally eliminate anybody who refuses to believe in the new science.
This is what I think our rationalist friend did. He used his fringe science to manipulate the 2016 election to get a total outlier candidate to win. Then he deliberately left a few Reddit comments and tripped a few NSA algorithms to reveal himself subtly to powerful interests, but in a way that would maintain his privacy at the same time. The goal was obviously to bring himself to the attention of governmental and corporate interests wealthy enough to afford his services, while at the same time keeping a low enough profile to avoid being targeted by angry mobs of people outraged that their candidate had lost. But our mad scientist friend made one miscalculation. He underestimated how stupid we were. He thought that once he revealed his methodology, we would see what he was trying to do, accept that our sociology was deeply flawed, and give him the wealth and status that he deserved. But instead, we assumed that he was a Russian agent, and refused to consider any other possibilities, even when it became clear that our hypotheses were wrong. In his eyes, we needlessly subjected him to elaborate mental torture, simply out of our own greed, stubbornness, and ignorance. And that, I think, is when our rationalist friend totally lost his shit. Remember that this gentleman spent decades refining and executing a complex plot to prove conclusively that his scientific theories were right and everybody who had laughed at him was wrong. As a venture capitalist, I’ve worked with a lot of startup founders, so I can tell you from experience that this degree of persistence and perseverance takes an immense ego. So to do all that and succeed magnificently, only to have us violate his privacy and refuse to even engage with him directly? And on top of that, make plans to frame him for a crime? I can’t even imagine the amount of justified anger that he must be feeling right now. So maybe he decides, fine – if you idiots aren’t going to do anything but watch me, I’ll use that to my advantage. Maybe I’ll create my own religion. Maybe I’ll facilitate a few uprisings. I’ll do whatever I have to do to demonstrate the superiority of my science on the international stage, until you are finally forced to come out of the shadows and reveal yourselves, and then I’m going to sue the fuck out of you. I can’t say for sure exactly what’s going through his head, but that’s what I would do if I were an arrogant and aggressive scientific genius.
I don’t know how the mushrooms fit in this picture exactly. We know that psychedelic mushrooms can reprogram the brain, completely rewiring it. There are even some theories among rationalists in the transhumanist community that mushrooms may be what caused our ancestors to evolve intelligence in the first place. Perhaps the Incident is simply the result of a clever transhumanist who found a way to increase his own intelligence somewhat, and then used that intelligence to further his scientific experiments. We know his stepfather worked for the military and had a top-secret clearance, and the property where all the exotic mushrooms were found also belongs to the stepfather. To me, these clues all suggest a continuation of the MK-ultra experiments. No wonder “Q” is such a conspiracy theorist. He grew up involved in a conspiracy, so it would only be natural for him to assume that there were similar conspiracies everywhere.
What part of the Incident would you categorize as paranormal or outside the bounds of understanding?
The only slightly unusual part of the Incident is what some members of the team have come to refer to as the Spellbook. Essentially, the Spellbook is an explanation of some of the basic principles of rationality. Nothing too earth-shattering: these are basic principles of human psychology that many digital marketing and social media companies use today. However, what makes the Spellbook unique is that it uses a lot of hyperlinks to reference its scholarly and artistic sources – the e-book equivalent of a bibliography. At first, that is all we thought it was: a way for the writer of this pseudoscientific text to credit other scholars, in much the same way that a modern sociology PhD dissertation might do. However, some readers claimed that the subtext of the hyperlinked articles formed a second, hidden story. A sort of “secret story” hidden in plain sight, that was only visible to certain people. Once enough people saw that “secret story,” the religion took off very quickly. The Spellbook wasn’t just an instructional guide about advanced digital marketing: it was an advanced work of digital marketing in its own right. And what it was marketing was a brand-new religion.
This caused a second problem. With our society now infiltrated by what had quickly evolved into a religious cult, there was no way to prevent the Incident from coming to the attention of the world at large. Any of our surveillance footage of the Incident would inevitably be leaked out by the cultists within our own ranks. And if we decided to stop surveilling the Incident, we knew that this religious cult would simply continue their own surveillance independently. Once a transhumanist gets even the faintest whiff of the possibility of evolving humanity, it’s impossible for them to let it go. So we find ourselves at a bit of an impasse here. It’s obvious that the subject of the Incident wants the knowledge of our surveillance to become public. At that point, not only will the subject be able to initiate a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for violation of privacy, but the exposure of this ad-hoc conspiracy practically guarantees that the Spellbook will become a number one bestseller, thus making the subject one of the richest people in the world. Each day that we continue our surveillance of the Incident increases the risk of our exposure, especially now that there is an entire religious cult dedicated to monitoring the Incident. However, if we don’t continue surveillance, then we risk losing control of the situation. This is even more hazardous now because the subject has been documented releasing infohazards into the wild.
An infohazard is short for informational hazard; a concept coined by Nick Bostrom. Essentially, an infohazard is a true piece of information with the capacity to do significant damage.
For example, have you ever wondered why terrorist attacks are so inefficient? The goal of successful terrorism is to deal maximal damage to the enemy nation while also engendering sympathy for their cause. But most terrorist attacks don’t do this. Instead, they make dramatic attacks that ultimately have very little impact, and the main outcome is to rally citizens of the attacked nation against them. For example, take 9/11. The goal was presumably to strike at the financial system of the U.S. However, by any scientific metric, the attack was a total failure. All data from the companies that did business in the World Trade Center was already backed up, and due to standard business continuity practices, most of this companies simply shifted their operations to other sites and were back to full effectiveness within two days. Meanwhile, the high death toll rallied the nation against the terrorists, causing reprisals that they could never have anticipated. In other words, the 9/11 attack achieved exactly the opposite results that they intended. This is because most terrorists are unfamiliar with Western society and so their attacks are inefficient.
A more successful strategy would have been to damage New York City’s public transportation network, water purification facilities, and sewage lines. This is because New York City has cost disease – any major urban project takes decades to complete and typically runs ten to a hundred times over budget. Even something as simple as building a new subway station can be a decade long project. If a terrorist attack managed to deal substantial damage to the MBTA, New York City would slow to a crawl because all traffic would have to filter across the bridges into Manhattan. Additionally, this would have a multiplicative effect on all future disasters because the traffic gridlock would make it impossible for emergency vehicles – like ambulances, fire engines, and police cruisers - to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. Like a clogged artery that eventually leads to a heart attack, the financial center of the United States would slow to a crawl, causing significant damage to the national economy. And best of all, the terrorists could probably pull this off without any collateral damage to civilians, so instead of engendering hate towards their group, they would seem merciful. Plus, it’s easier to radicalize people into making non-lethal attacks than lethal attacks. Brainwashing somebody to the point that they are willing to perform a suicide bombing is hard work and takes a lot of effort. But getting somebody to blow up an unoccupied part of the subway and force a lot of fat Americans to walk to work? That’s easy. Hell, I bet there are people on 4chan who would do it for fun.
That is the core concept of the infohazard. By getting useful information to the radicals in whose hands it would be most dangerous, you improve their effectiveness and operational ability. That’s why providing information to terrorist groups is generally a crime. But here’s the crazy thing – since our surveillance of the incident was done without the subject’s consent, everything he does is perfectly legal. If we try to press charges against him for aiding and abetting terrorists, the subject can just say “Hey, I never hit the ‘post’ button on any of my thoughts. I was considering posting, but then I thought better of it and deleted my posts. You were the ones who spread the infohazard by monitoring me against my will, and by having an organization that was so easily infiltrated that terrorists were able to steal information from you. Not only did you violate my privacy and videotape my sex life – effectively turning me into a sex slave – but you also spread infohazards that caused massive damage to America. If you hadn’t taken those illegal actions, none of these infohazards would ever have spread.” That’s a really strong defense. I mean, people are allowed to think and do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes. If we tell him that he should have been more careful with what he said because he obviously knew that we were monitoring him, then his defense will simply be that he stated multiple times to our cameras that he was not OK with our surveillance and that by continuing to record his sex life against his will, we had effectively turned him into a sex slave. Do you know how big a scandal that would be? The NSA and Silicon Valley persecuting an innocent man, creating porn of him, and then trying to gaslight him by convincing him he’s crazy? Then throw in the part about being a genius social scientist trying to revolutionize sociology and economics, and this is the kind of thing that completely destroys political parties. We’d look like the Inquisition persecuting Galileo.
And no matter how we frame it, there’s no good justification we can provide for our actions. Framing him for a crime will be really difficult now that every celebrity in Hollywood is watching him, not to mention that he can spread an infohazard from prison just as easily as he could do anywhere else. Even if we take all the fake videos at face value and say “This guy is an alien, therefore we are allowed to do whatever we want in the name of national security,” then he can take that ball away from us and run with it. “Yes, I’m an alien. I approached the U.S. in a friendly way and tried to help them, and in return these ungrateful filth turned me into a sex slave. This is an act of war against a foreign power and I am seeking asylum with any friendly country willing to grant it to me. In return, I offer you advanced technology.” I mean, that’s an even worse story to go public with. From a legal standpoint, this guy has us by the balls, and his grip is slowly tightening. Not to mention that we want him to teach us his science. These mass manipulation techniques could obviously be very useful to us, and if we keep pissing him off, there’s not a chance that he’ll be honest about his techniques – all we’ll get are pretty little lies designed to destroy our society.
So here we are. We have a mad scientist seeking revenge for his rights being violated, a secret religious cult that is rapidly spreading, and a world that is growing more dangerous and chaotic by the day thanks to the infohazards that we unintentionally leaked out into the public consciousness. This is a very volatile situation and I have no idea of how it’s going to end. My hope is that by talking to you and going on the record, maybe I can get this guy some justice. He’s insanely vindictive, but also very greedy. Perhaps he’ll settle for a fifty-million-dollar settlement rather than using fringe science to plunge the world into a nuclear war just to even the score. I don’t know if it’s even possible to use social science to cause World War III, but if anybody can do it… well, no point in catastrophizing. I just want to see all of this end peacefully. This Incident hasn’t been the best experience for anybody. People are obsessing about it so much that some of them are starting to hallucinate that they’re receiving psychic communication from the subject in their dreams. I don’t blame them: this is a very stressful experience, and I myself haven’t been getting a lot of rest lately. Have you?
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2020.09.17 04:53 rishiss Hidden porn russian

A /cscareerquestions College Survival Guide With our final school year beginning, we were reflecting on how lost and confused we were when we first started university. We made a lot of mistakes (still am) along the way, but we’re in a much better place after learning from them and constantly putting ourselves out there. In hopes of shining some light and helping others, we decided to make a comprehensive guide for university students – based on our knowledge/experiences - on how to start your successful CS Career (or gain the wisdom to avoid CS altogether, more on this later).
rishiss Background: I am a 4th year student at UC Irvine majoring in Software Engineering. I am an incoming Software Engineer at a F100 company (received return offer after interning this summer). Before that, I interned at an R & D center for space, a small cloud company, and a small IT company. I have a 3.65 GPA, won a few awards at startup competitions/hackathons, and remain pretty active in my schools CS organizations.
chaitu65c Background: I’m a 4th year student at UC Irvine majoring in Computer Science. I’m currently a SWE Intern at a Unicorn and just wrapped up my 2nd internship at a Live Streaming Company(you can most likely tell who they are if you browse my history LOL). Before this, I interned at my school’s IT department, did research under a professor, and worked on a few small startups that other UCI students were building. I have a 3.3 GPA, won some awards along rishiss and was pretty active in my school’s CS clubs.
Disclaimer: “But rishiss/ and chaitu65c, you don’t work at a Big N, go to a target CS school, why should I take your advice?” You’re absolutely right; we are, by no means, ‘up there’ like some other folks on this sub. And, you don’t have to take our advice! Simply close this tab and do whatever else you want 😊. Our intent is to guide and prepare uni students for a CS career they enjoy, not work at Big N or get the highest TC. Life is much more than a dick-measuring contest, and the earlier you learn that the better.
We have also created a guide with our own personal advice/stories
Please, take this advice with a grain of salt. we’re not Tony Robinson or Tim Apple, we’re just two random reddit users. Table of Contents: This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Is CS Right For Me?
  • Classes
  • Projects
  • Hackathons
  • Resume
  • Friends and Networking
  • Freshman Year
  • Sophomore Year
  • Junior Year
  • Senior Year
  • Searching for Internships
  • Searching for Full Time Jobs
  • Final Thoughts
Is CS Right For Me? The way we see it, there’s 3 types of people pursuing CS.
  1. Those who know CS isn’t for them – They’re in it for the money, to appease their parents, for a minorequirement, some external factor. They hated programming while taking the introductory CS course and just try to get done with their class/degree ASAP.
Advice: The majority of people who fall under this usually burn out quickly, as they aren’t motivated enough to learn the material and to apply themselves. This usually leads to them cheating and getting kicked out of their major, minor, or university altogether. Even if you manage to earn a degree, we've seen a large number of these folks endure a 'pre-mature' mid-life crisis or simply get fired from their jobs. Before you even start this major, you should definitely understand that this isn’t going to be easy, and you do have to put in a lot of effort to succeed. If this isn’t your cup of tea, definitely look into switching into another major you like.
Some folks are really passionate about technology, but don't want to pursue an entire Computer Science major or see themselves as Software Engineers. That's completely ok! Try looking into related majors or minors. We know many students who switched from CS to majors like Informatics, Business Information Management, and Economics and are thriving in tech-related roles like Data Analytics, Product Management, UI/UX Design, and Technical Recruiting. CS is not (and should not be) for everyone, and there is no shame in having the wisdom quit and move on.
  1. Those who don’t know if CS is for them – Where most of the CS community is IMO. These folks (like me, rishiss) are riddled with something called Imposter Syndrome: “the constant feeling of not being good enough or knowing enough to do your job well.”
Advice: For students, really take the time to learn and be open to anything you go through. Try sticking it out until you've taken a Data Structures course, one of the harder, more important courses out there. If you're not understanding the material or just aren't having fun with it, it’s definitely ok to switch majors/careers. Otherwise, CS just might be the career for you! Give it your best shot!
Admittedly, it's hard to provide stronger insight to overcoming Imposter Syndrome, as I am afflicted by it as well. For me, my IS derives from constantly comparing myself to others and confusing inexperience with incompetency. As such, I continue to work and focus on myself and take baby steps towards smaller goals I set out for myself. Knowing that I've put the effort to improve myself by just 1% everyday has made me a lot more confident.
  1. Those who know for a fact CS is for them – The diamonds in the rough. Learning and practicing CS material gives them a euphoric high.
Advice: Broaden your scope and learn new areas of CS! Who knows, you might find another new field that you really want to work in. Other than that, definitely make new friends regardless of whether they’re a CS major or not. Even try pursuing other hobbies like weightlifting, reading, dancing, or even public speaking. Don't limit yourself!
Freshman Year We recommend not taking more than 3-4 classes in your first quartesemester, as you shouold keep an ample amount of time to go to professional/social events, make new friends and hang out with them, and pursue your interests.
We've seen a lot of freshmen (and upperclassmen) CS folks get cooped up in their dorm rooms playing video games and watching TV. We understand that these two are a passion for many, but please be cautious to not get consumed by them.
You have the privilege of pursuing higher education, making valuable connections/memories, and setting up your CS career in the trajectory you want. This year is the best year to take advantage of all that university has to offer; make the most of it.
One of the best ways to get involved in your school’s/region’s CS community is by joining clubs like ACM and WICS and participating in hackathons (see ‘Hackathon’ section below). Try pursuing internships and positions in these organizations and events as well!
One, major issue we see with freshmen (even upperclassmen) is their ignorance on all the avenues available in the CS Industry. So we’ve tried to narrow it down (not exhaustive).
  1. Cyber Security Engineer
  2. Front-End Web Developer
  3. Backend Web Developer
  4. UI/UX Designer
  5. DevOps/Cloud/Site-Reliability Engineers
  6. Mobile Engineer
  7. QA Engineer
  8. Product Manager
  9. Data Scientist (Machine Learning/AI)
  10. Embedded Software Engineer
  11. Systems Administrator
  12. Database Administrator (The Wizards)
  13. Networking Engineer
  14. Hardware Engineer
  15. OS Developer
  16. Video Game Developer
  17. Solutions Architect/Sales EngineeTechnical Account Manager
As a freshman, definitely take the time and see if you can picture yourself doing any of the listed fields. You should open yourself to all facets of CS and not just the “hot field” like Data Science and Machine Learning. Choosing a field because it’s “exciting” will usually lead to bad results as usually, other people are thinking just like you and will lead to over-saturation.
Our recommendation is to select the top 5 fields that have piqued your interest and experiment with the field. For example, if you are interested in Mobile App Development, try learning how to build an Android app from the ground up. A simple weather app or alarm clock is completely suitable for a first project/prototype. This lets you understand what skills you would need for this field and can serve as a forecast as to what your career would look like.
You should definitely look for an internship. Ignore the people that tell you to wait until you’re a junior, as it’s going to be very hard to get an internship if you don’t have any experience. Common places that most students don’t realize are available are usually IT departments at your school and even research with professors. Researching is highly recommended as you can definitely learn more about a field you can be interested in and if you’re interested in graduate school, that’s going to be a letter of recommendation that you can ask for.
If you’re considered a minority in Computer Science, look into first and second year internship programs as they’re meant to help you succeed. Here’s some programs that come to mind:
Google STEP
Microsoft Explore
Amazon Future Engineer
Uber STARInternhip
Facebook University
Another way to get internships is to research into smaller companies in your area. If the company is very small (<100 employees), consider reaching out to the CEO on LinkedIn. They might be able to help you! Also, take advantage of university recruiting websites like Handshake to see companies that directly hire from your school. More info on how to get an internship in the ‘Searching for an Internship’ section.
Sophomore Year Now that you have basic programming knowledge, create your own website or GitHub account and start contributing to them with small personal projects. Nobody expects you to make a full-stack MERN project hosted and scaled on AWS at this stage. Focus instead on clean code, learning a framework or two on a language you like, and creating a small, robust feature. Grow from there!
If you weren’t able to find an internship/research opportunity as a freshman, community involvement, projects, and hackathons become especially important, as they are a great way to make you stand out on your resume and to recruiters when you reapply. As you brush up on your skills, apply again, and try your luck out.
Data Structures and Algorithms In addition, you are most likely to take a Data Structures and Algorithms course this year. Make sure you are focusing on this class and writing good notes; you will need this knowledge when interviewing for internships and full-time jobs in the near future. Here is a link to our DS and A course (in C++) for reference
Junior Year As a junior, companies are more willing to hire you for an internship, as they are likely to convert you into a full-time employee after graduating. This transition process is much easier than interviewing, and they'll usually offer you a higher compensation package if they want to convert you to a full-time employee. As you now should have knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, we highly recommend looking into coding interview prep sites like LeetCode and HackerRank or purchasing a prep book like CTCI or EPI (advanced).
Continue to attend hackathons, remain active in clubs/organizations, and grow your portfolio.
Classes will be much harder; expect the time for completing projects to double and the content covered to be much more difficult. We recommend taking no more than 2-3 upper-division CS courses and balancing your load with 1-2 GE classes. You should not be taking more than 16 units (assuming 4 units per course).
Start to get an idea of what field in CS you would like to pursue. Research what it takes to be successful in that field. You can do so by looking up job postings with that title on LinkedIn and looking at the requested skill set or take a look at If you want to learn more about a related skill set and your school doesn't offer a course, consider picking up a class on
Senior Year Focus heavily on your senior capstone, project classes, etc. as they're the last thing you can put on your resume before applying for full time. By now, you should have at least 3 polished, working projects on your GitHub that you can easily talk about with your recruiter. Preferably, they're aligned with the CS field you wish to enter.
If you were able to get a return offer from an internship, congrats! However, don’t immediately sign the offer. Once you have an offer, you should still try to interview at companies that you’re interested in by the deadline of the time to accept the offer. A good way of doing this is to reach out to a University recruiter for that company and explain the deadline you have. Usually, they’re really helpful and can potentially help skip interviews that you were supposed to do!
In addition, if your friends were able to intern at places you’re interested in, definitely ask for a referral or to send your resume to their recruiter. This usually reduces the risk of being ghosted by that company and increases your chances of getting hired!
Once you finally sign, definitely take the time to relax and enjoy. Just make sure you pass your classes and stay out of trouble
Classes: What Classes should I take? Should Already be Required:
  • Programming in Java/C++/Python (OOP): This is how you’re gonna start coding.
  • Boolean Algebra/Discrete Math: Teaches you some background knowledge to CS.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Teaches you some ways data is stored and retrieved. Very important as you’re going to be using them a lot.
  • Low Level Programming /C: Teaches you what coding used to be like in the old days.
  • Computer Architecture: You learn what makes a computer a computer including things like logic gates, registers, memory, and more.
Must Take:
  • Computer Networks: Highly recommended as it helps you understand Web protocols like HTTP, TCP, UDP, etc.
  • Operating Systems/UNIX: Most important class. Teaches you important things such as the kernel, Threads vs Processes and Process Schedulers.
  • Databases/SQL: It’s very likely that your job as a software engineer will be to interact with databases. It’s really good to understand what they are before you enter the industry.
  • Programming Languages: Teaches you trade offs between languages like C and Python. It definitely helps when you need to pick up brand new languages!
Good to Have
  • Full-stack web dev (pref MERN stack, our school offered both LAMP and MERN)
  • Very deep understanding of at least one language. (You’ll be surprised to learn how many students who graduate fail to do this)/
  • SemesteYear-Long Capstone course (pref working with a company) if your school supports it: an internship where you get school credits instead of money.
  • Compilers: Teaches you how programming languages are implemented 'under the hood.'
  • Human Computer Interaction: If you weren’t able to learn Full-stack web dev.
How do I succeed in these classes? rishiss: You’re more than likely coughing up hundreds, if not thousands, to attend university. It makes no sense to not take full advantage of the course and course staff.
  • Do the readings beforehand – Dr. K explains how studying before class is an OP mechanic, also highly recommend this video on how to study by him as well
  • Attend EVERY lecture, sit at the front of the class – I’ve seen a metric fuck ton of students in the back of the class with their laptops shopping, trading stocks, scrolling through Reddit, even watching lesbian hentai. By sitting in the front of the class, you’re forced to stay engaged (and close your porn tabs).
  • Take notes– People have many, different ways of taking notes; stick with what works for you.
The way I take notes: I learn from examples; I want to enter my code into the IDE to see what happens. I do a three way split; Google Docs on the left, IDE on top right and terminal (to compile, see output, make new file, etc) on bottom left. I note down the date and topic of the lecture and write questions I have in the comments on Docs. I make sure to highlight important information and possible test questions. I even share the link with friends!

  • Make a study guide, even though the professor does not give you one – Using my Google Docs notes, I compile the highlighted information into a summarized study guide. It’s a fantastic review tool. I’ve even shared the study guide with professors/classmates and gotten their feedback and extra information.
  • Go to office hours and become close with 1-2 professors – Some jobs and most masters/PHD programs require letters of recommendation. While you could get reccs from your work, its great to get a letter from someone in academia, especially if they’re established in the field you are pursuing. Get your ass to office hours and show professors that you are curious and motivated by asking questions about assignments, career, or even personal interests. They provide a cornucopia of opportunities, including research, letters of recc, or even the opportunity to pursue a PHD under them.
  • Make friends! - Classes are a great way to meet new people with similar interests and expand your professional network. They can especially be a saving graves if you miss a class, don't understand a topic, and need motivation to prepare for an exam. Don't be afraid to say hello!
  • START EARLY ON ASSIGNMENTS – I can’t count the number of times starting an assignment early saved my ass. Starting early gives you time to deal with the unexpected: the family emergencies, the late night hangout with friends, the memory leak on line 74. Procrastination is like playing Russian Roulette with your CS career, don’t take the chance. A helpful video on procrastination
In the quarters where I followed the steps above, I never got a grade lower than an A-.
Dealing with Bad Professors During your time in college, you’re likely going to have at least one bad professor that might make it worse if you have to go to class. If that’s the case, it’s definitely fine to not go to class (as long as it’s not mandatory). However, if you do decide not to go, you must make sure you learn the material, so you won’t be behind on the coursework and studying for tests. In addition, you should be doing something productive on the side. If you don’t go to class and spend the time watching Netflix or playing video games, you’re losing time that you can spend on something that might be fun and can help you in the long run.
You can take Graduate Courses!? chaitu65c: A highly underutilized set of courses you can take would be graduate courses. Graduate courses are usually very specialized in certain fields. If you were able to take all the undergraduate courses you wanted and still have spare classes to fill out, I'd recommend researching into taking Graduate courses! They’re a good way to build out your specialization and learn new, cool stuff! In addition, if you’re looking for classes to reach the required number of CS courses needed, your CS department might allow you to make the course count towards your degree!
Projects They're super important.
How do I succeed in class projects?
  • Reading the Project Requirements: Before starting to code, read the requirements and understand what you need to do in order to finish. Too many students ask for help that can easily be found in the requirements which wastes the student’s time.
  • Learn to Debug: Learning how to debug saves you countless hours trying to read through code you might not understand.
  • Learn to write Clean Code: With this and being able to debug, you’re going to be able to write very efficient code and to debug issues easily, thus not making you only successful in lab assignments, but also making you a better programmer.
  • Plan your work out: This allows you to simplify the logic you are writing and this usually leads to clean code.
  • Ask for help: If you ever get stuck on something and no matter how much you Google and you can’t figure it out, ask for help. It’s definitely fine to ask for help and is HIGHLY recommended you do so. Take advantage of the lab tutors and TA’s either through in person or Piazza/Canvas; they’re there to help you.
  • Draw Pictures: If your project involves multiple things (AWS, Databases, Servers, etc), it’s definitely a good idea to draw a picture that shows you each thing interacts with and how it comes together. This is important especially when you enter the industry and build software for companies.
Personal Projects and your CS Career rishiss: Projects are your saving grace, especially if you are lacking work experience. They show technical aptitude, willingness to take initiative, and leadership. I’ve seen people with only projects on their resume get positions at the Big N. Projects are good ways to expand your knowledge of CS as the possibilities are endless! It is best to have a variety of projects dealing with a variety of technologies. As such, you can open yourself up to more positions and have more talking points during the interview.
I tend to edit the ‘Project’ Section of my resume with relevant projects and technologies. For instance, if I made a full stack web application and applied to a DevOps organization, I would highlight my AWS, CI/CD, and Terraform experiences more than my React/Node js work.
It is recommend the project is about something that motivates you and are passionate about e.g. video games, movies, books, sports, etc., as it is very easy to give up half way due to stress or lack of motivation/interest.
Like anything else in Computer Science, projects require you to break it down into smaller pieces. Start with the end in mind and draw out the intended architecture/functionalities. Start with what you know and research on the parts you don't know after that. You will be using these skills often in industry for any project/feature planning.
Spending 15-30 minutes a day is all you need to make a successful personal project. Don't make excuses and get coding!
Open Source Contributions If you’ve ever noticed popular github repositories such as torvalds/linux, these are repositories where people from all over the world can report issues with it and someone can fix it. If you are able to make a contribution to a huge open source repository, it looks really good on your resume.
Hackathons What are Hackathons? Hackathons are large scale coding events, where students from around the area come together and collaborate - usually in teams of 4 (but you can go solo or with a partner!) - to build some software. Companies like Amazon, Northrop Grumman, Google, and Twilio sponsor awards related to best use of their technology. After 24 - 48 hours of intensive coding, participants submit their projects, whether it be an Android video game, Chrome Extension, productivity web app, etc. Submissions are shared with the companies and other hackathon organizers, where they select the best projects and award teams with swag like keyboards, gift cards, and even summer internships at their company.
Participating in hackathons are one of the best ways to hone your coding skills, network with companies and other students, and get free comfy T-shirts. It is also one of the best ways to gain industry knowledge, as representatives from these companies and hackathon organizers create numerous workshops and answer any questions you may have. Winning awards at these hackathons are also great resume boosters and talking points during interviews.
The biggest hackathon organizer is Major League Hacking. Visit their website, and you can see all the hackathons (remote or local) they are partnered with. Make to be on the lookout for application release dates from the hackathons and apply early.
With Covid, you may miss out on the free goodies and the in-person networking with students and professionals. However, most hackathons are accepting many more applicants due to it being virtual/remote this year.
What Should I Do At Hacakathons? Take advantage of the resources available at hackathons. You’re attending a mini CS conference and should be, besides coding, networking with professionals, learning about the different companies, attending workshops, asking technical/non-technical questions to mentors, and getting as much free shit as you can get. Besides T-Shirts, companies give out vouchers to their services, applications to their internship and full-time positions, pillows, notebooks, water bottles, sweaters, and even backpacks.
If you’re looking to get an award, judges at hackathons care a lot about the pitch and the idea rather than the actual execution of the idea. Having an idea beforehand is also helpful, so you can spend your time focusing on the MVP.
Friends and Networking chaitu65c: I think it’s definitely useful if you have two different friend groups: One dedicated to career and Non-Career Group.
Career Group - When making a friend group dedicated to career, try to be the dumbest person in the group, you’re definitely going to learn a lot from them as you soak up knowledge! Best ways of meeting friends who are career-driven can be through major specific orientation (actually how I met rishiss), courses, major related clubs, etc.
Non-Career Group - While having a group that motivates you for your career is important, it’s also important to have another friend group that can help you relax and to enjoy your time! A really good way to find these friend groups can be anywhere from your hall to General Education courses, social clubs like Circle K, fraternities/ sororities(if that’s your cup of tea) and others!
This is what has worked for us; no need to follow this exact format.
Resume rishiss: Here are the few take-aways on writing a resume that gets through the ATS.
  • Make your resume accomplishment driven, not just a list of your responsibilitiesThis guy puts it best TL;DR: Your bullets should be in the format -> Accomplished X by doing Y as measured by Z.
  • Don’t put school projects that every other CS student in your school has completed. Recruiters are able to figure it out and will look down upon this a lot, as it shows you’re not doing anything outside the classroom to forward your career. Capstone projects are perfectly okay.
  • Make it a simple, one-column that recruiters can easily read through. There’s no need for pictures, graphics, colors, fonts, etc; the ATS can't parse this! Overall, keep it simple; the content should be carrying you.Exceptions: The company you are applying for is small, you’re going to a career fair and you know your resume will be hand-read, you’re a UI/UX person or a Graphic Designer.
  • Have at least 3 minimum (I aim for 4-5) per work experience/project; it makes no sense when you have such amazing experience and only put two bullets.
  • If you have a GPA lower than a 3.0, do not bother keeping it on the resume. If you have a 3.5 +, make sure to keep it.
  • Make formatting consistent. This should be a no brainer, but I still see folks’ resume with different fonts, spacing, etc. It’s annoying; don’t do it.
  • Focus on individual contributions and leadership, not the team. Recruiters are looking for self-starters and leaders that can see a project throughout the life-cycle, not just another code monkey.
  • Expect to be tested on anything you put on your resume. If you don’t think you can answer questions about a skill, tech, or experience on your resume, don’t bother putting it in.
  • Make sure to add these items in your resume: Name, School, GPA (unless its less than 3.0), Work Experience, Projects, Skills (one line for languages, one line for tools/platforms are what I’ve seen the most), relevant links (GitHub, Website, Portfolio).
  • Take out any old or irrelevant experience. Nobody cares about that Tic Tac Toe game you made in high school.
  • Get your resume reviewed multiple times by experienced people in tech. /csMajors and /cscareerquestions also has a weekly resume roast thread that you can take advantage of.
Searching for Internships Searching for internships in CS is really different and harder from searching for internships in other professions. CS internship interview processes are often longer and much more technical on what you have learned as a CS major. We've prepped 2-3 months beforehand on CS concepts, whiteboarding, etc.
Timeline This timeline primarily focuses on large, non-government/defense companies or competitive startups. This also assume you are applying for a summer internship.
August - September: Applications are opened to the public. Make sure to look out for positions and apply early, as most companies admit students on a rolling basis. A site that we used often is After applying, you may receive an automated (< 48 hours) invitation to complete an Online Assessment, consisting of multiple choice and/or coding questions about Data Structures, Algorithms, and Run Time Complexity. You will have usually 1-2 weeks to complete the assessment. Please that you may be rejected if you are not able to pass 90% of the questions on the assessment: Please also note that you may be instantly rejected due to things out of your control like years of experience, cancellation of internship, internal corporate issues, and more. Don't take rejections too seriously; just keep applying!
October - November: After passing the resume screen and the OA, you will be contacted by the company's recruiter for a phone screen. During the screen, you will probably be asked a few confirmation questions about your resume, sponsorship, years of experience with X, etc. and minor behavioral questions like what made you apply for this position, what are you pursuing outside of class, etc. You may also receive questions about your CS fundamentals e.g. what is a hashtable, whats the difference between a process and a thread, what is the runtime complexity of sorting a string, etc. As long as you're cool and confident (and not cringe/edgy), this part should be a breeze.
November - Mid January: If you made it through the two Thanos snaps, you will be invited to an onsite “Power-Day,” where interviewees attend 2-4 whiteboard interviews while being grilled on their technical skills and projects. Some companies make applicants go through a panel interview, where a team of 2-5 Software Engineers grill you on technical questions and your resume. You are often pampered with free travel, food, stipends, etc.
December - February: If you were deemed a good fit by the hiring committee, you will be extended an offer to intern at the company during the upcoming summer for 10-12 weeks. Remember, nothing is final until you receive an offer letter in your inbox. Some companies may also place you on a wait-list and offer you a spot if someone were to reject their offer letter.
For government orgs, defense companies, and smaller organizations, the recruiting season starts in February/March and usually ends in April and May. After applying online and passing the resume screen, you will usually be immediately pushed to an on-site interview. Most likely, you will be interviewing with your future boss/co-worker.
Please note that internships are not only offered in the summer, they are provided in the Fall, Winter, and Spring (rare) as well. The competition for these internships is usually lower, and the process usually starts 3-4 months beforehand.
How to get the Interview Besides following resume tips, make sure to apply to as many places as you can. To get our first internships, we recall applying to approximately 250-300 places before we secured our internship plans for that summer. Also, if you do get ghosted, don’t take it personally, usually, university recruiters often spend so much time reviewing a lot of applications.
Other precautions to take to get noticed are to try attending career fairs if you can, you might be able to get an interview(worst case, free swag!). Other than that, try reaching out to upperclassmen or friends you know that interned and ask for referrals. It’s one of the best ways to get noticed!
What to expect As part of the interview process, there’s 4 types of interviews that you should make sure you know.
Behavioral Interview: These interviews ask you questions about culture fit such as “Why are you a good candidate” and “Tell me about a time when you ...”
Coding/Technical Interview: These interviews ask you questions similar to what you see on Leetcode and Hackerrank. These interviews are designed to test your Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge.
System Design: System Design involves the interviewer testing your building to design a service/software and test your knowledge of understanding what things to use for the task and how you will integrate them together. You’re definitely not expected to know this and it’s not likely you’re gonna get asked this. Places that could ask you this are Unicorns, Trading Companies and Hedge Funds, and Big Established Companies.
Concurrency/Low Level Interviews: If the company’s biggest product involves low level principles such as networking principles and kernel stuff, there’s a possibility you can get asked this. Places that come to mind are hardware companies and trading firms.
Some companies may adopt only one of these interviews and some may adopt all.
How to Ace the Interview It’s highly recommended that you look up the interview experiences that other students have faced so that you can potentially filter out companies with red flags and know what questions to expect. Common sources to search up on this would be Reddit (csMajors and cscareerquestions), Jumpstart (Relatively new portal for students), Glassdoor and maybe Blind (Aside from the toxic TC or GTFO culture, they do give good advice on interviews). With that said, here’s some advice we have when you approach each kind of interview we’ve seen.
Advice on Behavioral Interviews Use the STAR method when describing your experiences. Being quantifiable with the impact of your actions will impress the interviewer.
Advice on Technical Interviews Begin by reviewing your notes from the Data Structures and Algorithms class. Do not proceed further until you know how to implement these DS and As from scratch with the language of your choice(If you do know python, it’s recommended as there’s a lot of builtin features!). After doing so, we highly recommend a book like CTCI and EPI to gain a review on programming language details and your DS and As. Then, visit sites like LeetCode to practice real questions from major companies. A Facebook Engineer completed 600 LC problems and compiled the most important ones into a list here. During the interview, make sure to talk out loud about possible approaches and tradeoffs before whiteboarding. It is perfectly acceptable (often recommended) to ask the interviewer to ask questions about the problem and get clarification. Once you have an idea in mind and have talked about it with your interviewer, begin whiteboarding. While you talk about the final idea you want to use, write out pseudo code and comments about all the steps you need to implement in order to finish coding your solution. After that, start coding. Make sure to have proper function headers, syntax, spacing, classes/structs, imports, etc. After coding your solution, give a brief explanation and attempt to make it run with less space and in less time (if your solution is not as efficient as you think it can be).
Advice on System Design These are somewhat hard to approach if you don’t have experience ever doing it. If you do have experience designing and building services in your spare time and as part of your work experience, definitely rely on your experience. An important thing is to definitely ask clarifying questions. There might be hidden requirements you didn’t think about that could drastically change the way you approach the solution.
Advice on Concurrency/Low level Understand basic principles such as Processes vs Threads (A lot of people don’t know the difference!)TCP vs UDP and how to make an application thread safe. Other than that, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with basic OS concepts such as Deadlocks, locks that you can utilize to make an application thread safe, etc.
Searching for Full Time Jobs: The big bucks.
The process for finding a Full-Time Job is usually very similar to finding an Internship. There’s three main differences are:
  1. Harder Questions. Ex: Google usually asks Leetcode Mediums to Hards + the special Leetcode Hard question that Google asks it’s applicants (they create a new one every year).
  2. More Rounds of Interviewing: For example, Microsoft makes interns do 2 rounds while New Grads do 4 rounds during the onsite part of the process.
  3. Compensation: Interns usually get an hourly rate and, possibly, a housing stipend. New grads, however, are given a yearly salary and, possibly, a sign-on bonus, stocks, and benefits e.g. health insurance, vacation days, etc.
The process for finding a Full-time Job won’t really change as much as finding an internship, but keep in mind that the bar is higher. This is probably the biggest reason why you should look into interning early; by getting an offer at the place you like, you don’t need to go through the daunting process of finding a full-time role.
Get as many offers as you can this time around, so you can negotiate and select the position, company, compensation, and location that works best for you.
Negotiation Negotiation is a really powerful tool that you can use in the interview process, even as an intern. There’s a lot of guides to negotiation and we recommend Nick Singh’s guide (Look at his LinkedIn and newsletters) for more.
Final Thoughts University is a probably the most important time of your life and a foundational block of your CS Career. Like any foundation, it must be sturdy and takes a tremendous amount and energy of time to develop. Take advantage of all the resources (like this one) you can get your hands on. Definitely learn from the mistakes people have made and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes.
‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish’ - Steve Jobs
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2020.09.02 01:34 planetpike75 [Battle] The Dragon Cast Down

[M] At long last, we have the conclusion to the great China-Bahrain-UAE-CIRAP-KSA-USA saga. This post will consist of multiple parts parts: some will be more like a typical modevent detailing the results of China's cyberattacks and other espionage actions against the United Arab Emirates. The other part will consist of the actual battle results as per usual. They'll be tied together throughout the post, and note the dates because this isn't entirely in chronological order for the sake of the narrative. That said, let's begin.
Also, ignore the fact that I posted this already. It didn't have casualties so it doesn't count. This thing is just about the 40,000 character limit and over 20 pages long; I did it in one day, so please don't be too hard on me. [/M]
The Digital Theater

3And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4And his tail drew the third part of the stars from heaven, and cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
-- Revelation 12:3-4
Dubai International Airport | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | April 16th, 2028 | 14:58 Local Time
It was a normal day for the Dubai International Airport, the largest in the world and often one of the busiest. Despite the toll the oil embargo had taken on the Emirati economy, planes were still constantly in transit, flying in and out of the complex, carrying civilians, migrant workers, businessmen, royals, soldiers, doctors, and more. At one of its multiple international terminals, a young citizen of the Emirates, Muhammad al-Kadaj, stood by a flight board, tapping his feet impatiently. He and his newlywed wife were supposed to meet at the airport to board their flight to Ankara to visit his now father-in-law, but she was now almost twenty-five minutes late with no indication of what was taking her so long.
It's probably just running late, he thought to himself. The trains never run on time, anyway. She'll be here soon.
His thoughts were interrupted by a loud blast of the sound of the display next to him turning to static. The flight schedule had been scrambled as letters and numbers flew across the screen in between bouts of static, and a piercing ringing exploded from a nearby intercom. After a brief moment to cover his ears and adjust himself to the shock, al-Kadaj looked up to see not only the display next to him showing an error message, but almost every screen within his field of view was either shut down, turned to static, or showing an error message of some kind. His immediate thoughts were panicked. What was happening? Was this a terror attack? A government coup?
About ten agonizing seconds later, the displays returned to normal and the screeching ceased. A voice rang out from the PA system. It was clearly not a prerecorded message; the man was fresh out of breath and seemed as confused as the airport's patrons.
"Please stay calm, everyone. We have had a minor security breach that is now under control. Please stay calm. Continue to your destinations and we will return to -- wait, what was that? Right now? Oh, god. Okay. Everyone, we are under attack. Please seek shelter in the nearest available space. This is not a drill. This is not a drill."
Al-Maktoum Station | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | April 16th, 2028 | 14:52 Local Time
Between the roar of the high-speed train and the bustling cacophony of the voices of its passengers, Layla certainly understood what her husband meant when he said that there was no city like Dubai. Her hometown, a small village about three hundred kilometers outside of Ankara, was all she had known for most of her life until she met Muhammad while studying in the Turkish capital. While she had adjusted to life in the city during her university years, she was not quite prepared for Dubai. And while she was overwhelmed, she found that she loved it. She had never felt so alive as she did when she walked its crowded streets, taking in the sounds of a hundred languages, the sights of grand skyscrapers, and the smells of the street vendors. It was different, but it was good. She was quite happy to live out the rest of her days with her husband in the city.
However, family had called her back to Turkey. Her father had fallen ill lately; while it wasn't life threatening, she and her husband found it proper to visit him and her mother to help with some renovations to their house and farmstead that were underway. Despite her newfound love for the city, she was excited to see her family again. It had been years since she last visited the cottage of her youth, and it would be a nice change of pace from the breakneck speed at which the average citizen of Dubai is forced to live his or her life.
She was roused from her half-slumber by the calming voice of the train attendant.
"Now arriving at al-Maktoum Station. Al-Maktoum Station. Please be careful as you exit the train."
The voice spoke, but the train did not slow down. The passengers began to notice this after a few seconds and a soft murmur soon erupted into a steady drone. And in an instant, the lights on the train were shut off. The train drew closer and closer to the station, where another train was parked -- but it did not show any signs of slowing down. The drone rose and rose, reaching its final form as an unearthly chorus of screaming and wailing.
Then, silence.
Ruwais Refinery | Al-Ruwais, United Arab Emirates | April 16th, 2028 | 15:05 Local Time
The refinery wasn't the best place to work -- especially not for a college-educated man like Ismail bin Talaal -- but it certainly paid the bills. At least, until the embargo hit. Ismail was one of many who found himself down on his luck after graduating from university with a mostly-useless degree, pushed out of any available opportunities by those more connected, more educated, or more experienced. After two years of looking for a job to no avail, he eventually followed in his father's footsteps as a worker at the Ruwais oil refinery. A lowly job, but it was better than nothing. The embargo had taken its toll on his paycheck and possibly the future of his employment, from what he could gather from the hushed whispers of his superiors at work. However, he couldn't afford to quit.
He was nearing the end of a long shift of sweeping floors and mopping up residue when he overheard two IT workers yelling at each other from across a hall. Tired of the mundanities of cleaning bathrooms and wiping off water fountains, he stood against the corner of the wall and bent his ear in to listen.
"Hey, uh, boss?"
"What's up?"
"Is the internet down for you, too?"
"What? No. At least, I don't think so. Let me check."
A brief moment of silence. Ismail had almost made up his mind to go back to work when the other voice piped back up.
"Yeah, it's wo-- nope, it's out for me, too. Shit. Have you tried the Ethernet cable? We can't stay offline for too long."
"Got it. Give me one sec. Hang on. What's all this? What happened to the maintenance page?"
"Is everything good?"
"Everything's gone!"
The New Age of Warfare
Contracted by the People's Republic of China, cybersoldiers from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea carried out a series of attacks against various positions and people within the United Arab Emirates on April 16th, 2028, as a preface to a Chinese intervention in the region. A number of targets, such as the Dubai International Airport and multiple desalination plants, were able to fend off the digital offensive, but not every target was so prepared, or so lucky. Specifically, the Dubai High-Speed Railway and the Ruwais Refinery crumbled under the weight of the attack. The attacks on the rail system resulted in a catastrophic failure of the entire railway network, causing four train crashes across the system that killed 76 and injured over 450 passengers. The Ruwais Refinery found its entire digital maintenance system wiped out. Entire records were destroyed, and the refining process was halted in its tracks, creating a sharp disruption to the flow of oil that keeps the Emirati economy afloat.
Not only this, but thousands of deepfakes of Emirati officials, leaders, generals, imams, economists, and businessmen immediately began circulating throughout social media, spreading across the globe. Ranging from fake sex tapes of President al-Maktoum with a variety of popular porn actresses, to the most popular imam in Dubai confessing to be a practicing Jew in private, to a faked tape of the Emirati general staff discussing their plans to unleash nuclear armageddon on Israel via a hidden cache of hydrogen bombs, troll accounts from IP addresses around the world were flooding Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. While many of these were easily identifiable as fakes, the more conspiracy-inclined people of the world were quick to latch on to a number of the fakes. In the UAE, hundreds of protestors gathered in Dubai to lament the sexual immorality of their President, while the "leak" from the military made its way across the pond to the United States, where large groups of evangelical Christians proclaimed that the end times were nigh, and that the antichrist, President al-Maktoum, would lead his army into Israel any day now as they demanded that President Cotton sever the American relationship with the great Satan, in a bizarre turn of fate.
In Bahrain, similar messages began to flood their networks and social media circles. The tyranny of Bahrain was laid bare for all to see as more and more people became sympathetic to the rebel cause. While they did not necessarily grow from this, a sort of apathy has spread throughout the Bahraini people as they can not bring themselves to condemn the rebels, but also can not bring themselves to join them.
In the immediate aftermath of these attacks, Emirati and Bahraini intelligence worked in cooperation with American and Saudi officials to determine the culprit of the attacks. They would not need to dig too deep, because the aggressor would soon announce its presence in the most obvious way possible.
After all, it is in a dragon's nature to roar.
The Peninsular Theater
6And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
-- Matthew 12:6
Before the true culprit revealed itself, however, there was another war raging across the Arabian Peninsula, one which had shaken the entire Islamic world to its core. The Gulf Cooperation Council had fully embraced its reliance on one another as a military alliance as the United Arab Emirates assisted Saudi Arabia in ridding itself of the Council for the Islamic Restoration of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Arab Republic of Egypt had also sent its Republican Guard to assist in securing the stability of its neighbor, and sometimes, friend. The Islamists reduced to the heartlands of its holy cities and their surrounding lands, the end was in sight. But one would be a fool to believe that radical Islamist jihadis would surrender Mecca and Medina without a fight.
The Battle of Medina | April 18th, 2028
With the blessing of the Muslim faithful and the righteousness of the faith on their side, the GCC coalition forces led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia descended onto CIRAP in Hejaz like a pack of wolves. The morning light was greeted with the roar of hundreds of tanks as the Gulf's armies began their assault. Managing to catch CIRAP forces off guard, the town of Mahd al-Thahab was quickly secured by the Gulf with minimal losses. However, this victory would not bring entirely good news. Upon confiscating the armaments of the Islamist soldiers in the town, the Gulf forces found that their enemy was much, much better equipped than they had anticipated. From small arms and ATGMs to MANPADS and artillery shells, it seemed that the Council had a benefactor supplying them with arms to resist the Gulf's onslaught. Interrogation of local forces yielded information that Mecca and Medina were much better fortified than anticipated, and the Gulf's general staffs prepared themselves for the long road ahead.
When the Gulf forces arrived at Medina, they found that it was exactly as the captured CIRAP soldiers had described it. The city was loaded to capacity with guns; mortars and artillery lay ready to open fire on any who would approach, and soldiers equipped with rocket launchers took up positions in civilian buildings to fire on those who would not dare attack a hospital, a school, or a mosque. The Islamists had even gone so far as to forcibly conscript as many able-bodied men as they could coerce into fighting, many of them mere children handed an AK-47 and told to shoot anything that came from the east. It seemed that the former domain of the Prophet would not fall easily.
War is Hell, and the Battle of Medina was no exception. While the Gulf coalition had a relatively simple task in encircling the city, the constant harrying of their columns by artillery fire and suicide attacks by the CIRAP zealots would inflict many a wound upon their soldiers. Even so, the combined forces of the GCC managed to set up a ramshackle siege. However, this was only the beginning of the fight.
Siege warfare is insidious; when faced with adversity, men stand together, but when faced with hunger and poverty, men turn against one another. The siege took a great psychological toll on the CIRAP forces, and videos began to surface on al-Jazeera, MEMRI, and other social media circles of Islamist soldiers raiding civilians' homes to steal what food and supplies they could get their hands on. One particularly gruesome clip showed two CIRAP troops breaking into a home, beating a single mother bloody with the stock of an AK-47 while her infant child cried from within its crib, powerless to help its mother, who would eventually die from her wounds. All of these incidents lent a moral authority to the Gulf. While most of the world had never considered the GCC the "good guys," they were certainly better than this monstrous alternative.
With their hearts set on the liberation of their brothers in the faith and their rifles in hand, the Gulf coalition jumped feet first into Hell. They advanced slowly and precariously through the streets of Medina, fighting alley to alley, building to building -- breaking new ground as they fought a modern war in a city that housed almost two million people. Novel tactics were invented on the fly as the coalition armies sought out new ways to protect their armored vehicles from ambushes and keep a keen eye out for snipers hidden away in blown-out shells of buildings. The prevalence of the infantry squad remained at its all-time importance as the ever-changing cityscape required close cooperation by small groups of soldiers in coordination with one another. In the darkest alleys where tanks and vehicles could not fit, it was the infantryman who took the fight to CIRAP and liberated Medina, street by street.
Video footage from the battle made its way to all the regular destinations. Enthusiasts, families, journalists, and military officers alike were witness to the destruction wreaked by the conflict; each had their own reaction and used the footage for their own purposes. While this was not a Western war and most Americans and Europeans kept up with it very little compared to the White Russian War of the early 2020s, the rest of the world watched with wide eyes. A journalist from al-Jazeera, one Ali al-Assad -- of no relation to the President of the Syrian Arab Republic -- had this to say, a message recorded in the midst of a devastating artillery barrage from CIRAP:
"I'm here huddled with a few other journalists and a squad of soldiers in what looks to be a blown out elementary school. The entire building is nearly reduced to rubble; we're only in here because it's the only roof that looked stable enough to withstand a few artillery shells, and even then, you can see that each of us are taking turns praying for our own safety. The fighting here is fierce. I have never in my life seen anything like it, and I pray that no one ever has to witness what I've seen in the past few days. I have seen women and children hiding away, fearing for their lives, refusing to come out even at the call of Saudi and Emirati soldiers. I have seen enough corpses, both civilian and soldier, to fill ten graveyards. I have seen row after row of destroyed buildings, many of which will never be rebuilt. I have seen Hell, and I pray that God wipe from my memory the things I have seen -- things that no man should ever be made to witness."
Eventually, CIRAP was finally pushed out of Medina entirely. However, it was not without cost. The Gulf suffered heavy losses in the fighting, with hundreds of soldiers dying and losing millions and millions in valuable military equipment. They paid a heavy price, but Medina was finally free from the tyranny of the Islamists as one of two holy cities of the Arabian Peninsula was back in Saudi hands.
The Battle of Dammam | April 20th, 2028
In the north, Gulf forces prepared for an assault on Dammam, the last stronghold of the PDF in the Arabian Peninsula. Unlike the Battle of Medina, this offensive would be relatively straightforward: the PDF operated mainly out of the countryside and struggled to maintain an effective presence in cities, so little would be needed in the way of a siege or protracted urban combat. The roar of tank columns and jet engines was almost enough to scare the PDF into surrendering; the actual devastation they wrought on the PDF emplacements was more than enough to break them apart. The PDF, a loose organization in the Peninsula, began to crack and tear away at the seams beneath the weight of the Gulf's offensive.
With Dammam secured for the KSA, the PDF's last major stronghold lies within Dhahran. The leader of the PDF in the Arabian Peninsula has sent a correspondence to the President of the UAE and the King of Saudi Arabia stating his intent to begin negotiations; he has made his position clear: the PDF will not surrender unconditionally, but has little desire to continue a war that it has no chance of winning, and is quite open to cutting its losses while it can. The decision now lies in the hands of the GCC on whether or not they will accept his offer or shatter his organization for good.
The Battle of Highway 85 | April 21st, 2028
The hydra that is the Islamic State had again reared its ugly head in the Peninsula. Clearly not learning anything from its multitude of past defeats, it established itself in the towns of Hazem and Arar along Highway 85 in the deserts of northeastern Saudi Arabia. With little by way of natural protection and zero local support, the IS forces were left open and vulnerable, and the Gulf coalition knew this, taking advantage of the opportunity for a decisive strike.
The fighting was short and sweet. UAE air crews made short work of weakly-defended emplacements as Emirati and Saudi infantry moved in to secure the areas shortly afterward. The fighting had not even reached the population centers by the time the IS cell had crumbled, and when GCC forces rolled into Arar, they found almost no trace of the Islamic State as they had fled into the desert. While their presence did not evaporate entirely, their central command did, leaving scattered groups in the desert to carry out meager attacks on military police and other open targets.
The Battle of Mecca | April 30th, 2028
As one wing of the Gulf's forces raised the Saudi flag over Medina once more, another wing crossed the perilous mountains to the birthplace of the prophet with the goal of liberating the city of Mecca. They had heard of the valiant struggle of their fellow soldiers in Medina and of the heavy price they paid to free the city. However, they were almost all ready to sacrifice their lives to liberate this holy city and return their home to normalcy. Many of them would follow through on that promise in the days ahead.
The Emirati and Saudi military leadership were not fools; they knew that radical Islamists would obviously not let the holiest city in Islam go without a fight. What they didn't expect was just how much of a fight they would put up. With a steady supply of Chinese and Qatari arms -- unbeknownst to the Gulf coalition -- what was once the shell of a guerrilla movement had reorganized itself into a semi-effective fighting force, and in a city as large as Mecca, a semi-effective insurgency force is one to be reckoned with. The story was similar to that of the Battle of Medina, but the resistance was fiercer as CIRAP was on its last legs. The fighters who managed to escape Medina alive had made their way to Mecca, and knowing that Jeddah would fall more easily than Mecca, CIRAP leadership ordered half of its forces on the coast to retreat into Mecca.
The strategic retreat of CIRAP from Jeddah led to an easy capture of the city by Gulf forces. It was becoming increasingly clear that CIRAP knew it would not survive, and that it was at this point merely determined to take down as many infidels as it could bring with it. Its death throes would be explosive; it would not go quietly into the night.
While the Gulf forces managed to encircle the city with relative ease, the siege of Mecca has seen suboptimal results. Suicide bombers, artillery strikes, and hit-and-run missions plague the Gulf supply lines and logistics chains. A host of soldiers equipped with anti-tank missiles and anti-air systems prevent any meaningful penetration of the city's interior. At this point, the Gulf coalition faces a decision: does it continue the siege, leaving the city's inhabitants to suffer as those of Medina did while maintaining the relative safety of its own forces, or does it muster up one final offensive to wipe the Islamists off the face of the earth? Whatever decision is reached will be bloody, and the world will always be left to consider what might have been had they chosen the other option. But such is the way and the cost of war: sacrifices must be made, regardless of the side taken or the outcome reached.
The Battle of Muharraq Island, Part One | May 12th, 2028
In Bahrain, the rebels had been reduced to a small strip of land off the coast of greater Bahrain. With an indefensible position in spite of Chinese arms assistance and a disorganized leadership, the GCC set out to cut the head off the rebellious snake before it could do any more damage. In a violation of the Chinese no-fly zone, planes from the UAE took off toward Muharraq Island to assist in the liberation of the area, setting in motion a chain of events that would change the world forever.
Immediately after Chinese radars picked up the signature of Emirati fighters en route to Bahrain, a wing of Chinese H-20 stealth bombers took off toward the two airbases of the UAE. The strike was swift and decisive; the UAE was caught entirely off guard while their best pilots were away and the bases were sufficiently disabled. However, China overlooked two important presences in undertaking this mission. The first was the presence of European Union forces within the UAE airbases, which saw their fighters and equipment destroyed in the attack. The second was the presence of the one nation that could stand against the might of the Dragon.
The Gulf Theater
7And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; 8and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven... 14And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
-- Revelation 12:7-8,14
Dragons are proud creatures. They live upon a great hoard of treasure, greedily devouring any wealth they come across while threatening to incinerate any who would dare oppose them. However, their pride is often their undoing -- every dragon knows that one day, they will face a knight who could slay them, but they assure themselves that this knight is not that knight. And today, the Dragon faced this realization.
The honor of the People's Republic of China was stained. The audacity of the Gulf Cooperation Council to place an oil embargo upon it could not go unpunished; despite warnings from the PLA general staff that China was not currently equipped to embark upon a full intervention and a personal ultimatum from President Tom Cotton that he would personally sink a hundred Chinese ships should they be so bold as to even think of standing against America, Premier Xi Jinping ordered the attack to continue. A great Type 002 aircraft carrier flanked by numerous smaller vessels made its way to the Persian Gulf with the intent of enforcing a no-fly zone over Bahrain. They were met by the might of the United States Navy's Fifth Fleet. Time stood still as the two titans stared one another down and dared the other to blink. After an eternity passed within minutes, Admiral Li Jiayi gave the order:
The Battle of the Strait of Hormuz | May 14th, 2028
Military strategists and political scientists have long wondered what would happen should the People's Liberation Army Navy and the United States Navy finally meet in combat. But despite this morbid curiosity, it was natural that none of them would ever actually wish for this to come to pass, as it could accompany the destruction of the world as it stands today. However, the world drifts toward entropy, and the fated collision between the two great superpowers that remained after the collapse of Russia had arrived to shake the planet to its core.
China had taken special care to not anger the United States in its mission. Admiral Li had even sent a message to the US Navy that Chinese forces would not interfere with US forces at any point, and insisted that their quarrel was only with the United Arab Emirates. But true to its ever-belligerent nature, it seemed that the United States would not take that as an answer. The moment the Chinese fighters jumped from the deck of the Type 002 carrier, a swarm of United States fighters rose to meet them. And thus begun one of the greatest turkey shoots of modern warfare.
Chinese air doctrine relies on the advantage granted to the PLAAF by fighting on its home turf. The Great Wall of Sand and army of anti-ship and anti-air missile emplacements that exist to defend the Chinese coast are essential to the formation of air strategy by the Chinese general staff; the PLAN is much less comfortable operating outside of its known waters. On the opposite side of this deadly coin, the US 5th Fleet has been operating in the Persian Gulf since the 1980s, making it essentially their home away from home. So when a confident and powerful defender stood against the attacker in waters foreign to them fighting a style of battle unfamiliar to them, it was clear that there could only be one real outcome.
The Battle of the Strait of Hormuz was the largest naval confrontation to happen until that point in the twenty-first century, and was an exemplary statement of American naval dominance. The moment that the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets opened fire on the inferior Chinese J-31s, J-7s, and Q-7s, the American submarine command -- hiding away, unbeknownst to China -- opened fire on the PLAN vessels, along with a swarm of Harpoon anti-ship missiles. While the People's Republic forces were able to land a solid few blows against the Americans, the battle was heavily one-sided and ended with the complete decimation of the PLAN strike force as the last few Chinese captains still floating relayed a message of surrender in desperation. The Dragon had been cast down by the Eagle, which reminded the entire world of its superiority in all aspects of war.
The Battle of Muharraq Island, Part Two | May 15th, 2028
With the Chinese strike force obliterated, the United Arab Emirates and Bahraini forces carried out their assault on the rebels, driving them off of the island and into the sea. However, the rebellion itself was far from over. The Gulf coalition did not know it, but in addition to the already-known fact that China was arming the rebels, they had engaged in a moderately effective propaganda campaign, rallying discontents in Bahrain to continue the fight. While the formal rebel army had been effectively scattered, it would be a long time before the small Kingdom would ever return to any semblance of normalcy, if ever.
The Global Theater
8And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
-- Revelation 14:8
The Battle of the Strait of Hormuz -- an event that would soon be renamed to the Hormuz Strait Crisis due to being so one-sided that historians could hardly call it a battle -- marked a turning point in the course of the world as it was known, as a decisive blow was struck against the People's Republic of China, which was thought up to that point to be the premier rising superpower, the chairman of a new world order. In the Gulf, the people rejoiced at the sight of the Americans returning to their posts, heralding them as their saviors from the evil that was China, come to destroy them. In the same vein, a new wave of Sinophobia arose in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the other GCC member states. The "Great Satan" rhetoric that many imams had once applied to the United States of America was now being applied to China, drawing on its mistreatment of Uyghur Muslim minorities within its own borders and its audacity to attack the Arabian Peninsula itself. In their effort to usurp the United States as a global military power, they had mistakenly usurped another title that America once held -- one it was more than happy to give away.
In the United States and Europe, China was now seen in a new light. The United States had never been friendly with China -- especially not President Tom Cotton -- but not since the COVID-19 outbreak had such a pure hatred for the People's Republic run rampant in the country. And this vein of disdain was much, much stronger than that felt in 2020. China had spilled the blood of Americans, and while millions across the country celebrated that America had repaid their black eye with a gunshot to the head, the restless blood of the fallen continued to cry out for vengeance. American boys now lie dead in the Persian Gulf at the hands of the Chinese menace, and that was a transgression that could not be forgiven. President Cotton, once lambasted as a fascist lunatic, has seen his popularity skyrocket. 89% of Americans approve of his handling of the Hormuz Strait Crisis and his popularity within his own party has exploded. The Republican Party has surged with him, with thousands upon thousands of Americans joining the party in excitement after the great victory over China, many of whom would go on to join the Republican Vanguard and sign up to live in Vanguard communities. At the same time, the Democratic minority that was against the intervention were subject to a barrage of criticisms. Hawkish Democrats did their best to distance themselves from the pacifists while Republicans assaulted their rival party with accusations of being spineless cowards who did not have the faith in the American spirit that they had, the faith to trust that the United States military could overcome any opposition and destroy any foe.
The European Union would not be spared the consequences, either. French and British forces were in the UAE airbases destroyed by China; while no European soldiers were killed, European militaries were furious that China would be so bold as to think of damaging their property. At the same time, Europeans were both afraid and angry. They knew that they could not defeat China alone, especially given the United States' shaky relationship with the EU as of late, but the people did demand some kind of retaliation. In a matter of years, the EU-China relationship soured from the point of talks regarding an FTA to the European public demanding that the Union levy some kind of sanctions against the People's Republic.
In Asia, the nations of Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and South Korea breathed a heavy sigh of relief. The annihilation of no small part of the PLA was an embarrassing setback for China, and was practically guaranteed to force them to scale back their military aggression to focus on rebuilding and retraining due to a lack of confidence in their own abilities. Two factions have primarily emerged from this sentiment: those who believe that China is a non-threat and that Asia can now afford to let go of its fear and move past the need to counter China militarily, and those who believe that the time is now to strengthen a unified Asian military front that can match China and ensure that Xi Jinping and his ilk will never disturb their peace again. India, in particular, has fallen victim to the second position, as many in the BJP believe that there is no time like the present to solidify India as a real contender that can stand against China for years to come.
Finally, no nation has felt the impact of the Hormuz Strait Crisis more than China. With the utter failure of the PLAN to break the oil embargo and the collapse of their proxies, it would seem that their efforts of propaganda spreading and cyberattacking the Gulf were extremely effective in creating a disturbance and nuisance that would plague them for years to come, but not effective in forcing the Gulf to lift the embargo, especially with the results of the battle between them and the United States. China's alternative methods to acquire oil were largely failures, and due to this, their strategic reserves are running all but dry. China has been fighting on two fronts for some time now -- in Kazakhstan and in the Gulf -- and this has decimated its supply of oil reserves. The Chinese economy buckles under the weight of the embargo and loss of confidence in the central government as growth slows down to a halt; for a nation like China that is dependent on continued growth, this spells a looming disaster. The PLA has delivered a simple message to the Premier: lift the embargo and let us actually operate in Kazakhstan, or call all of this off and rebuild the country. There is no alternative left.
As predicted, the entire world quakes beneath the footsteps of giants. The Gulf's embargo has not been without its own costs. Oil prices all around the world are skyrocketing as the war takes its toll and the embargo weakens the GCC economies, not even to mention the disruptions caused to the Ruwais Refinery in the UAE by China's digital offensive and the disruptions caused by China's meddling in the global oil market. Furthermore, the strain on China's economy has reduced its ability to act as the world's leading exporter of cheap goods. In an alternate timeline where India, Nigeria, or Brazil may have been in a position to take over this role, this blow to the world market would be lessened, but unfortunately, this is not that reality. The entire global economy buckles under the weight of the clash of titans, and growth is expected to be down across the board as supplies of oil and consumer goods contract, causing price spikes that hammer the average consumer.
The world has changed. And as empires rise and fall, the only true certainty is that in spite of all of our differences -- be they cultural, racial, religious, or other -- is that we live and die as one. And should the world continue to live by the sword, we may soon find ourselves standing face to face with our own destruction.
Side Killed/MIA Wounded Aircraft Ships
United States of America ~340 ~900 4 F-16 fighters, 4 F-15E fighters, 2 F-35 fighters 1 Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, 1 nonspecific supply vessel, 2 Cyclone-class patrol vessels
People's Republic of China ~3,500 ~4,000 26 J-31C carrier fighters, 8 Z-18 medium helicopters, 10 Z-9 utility helicopters, 8 J-7 interceptors, 9 Q-7 attack/strike fighters, 6 H6-Z bombers, 1 Y-8 transport/patrol plane 1 Type 002 aircraft carrier, 5 Type 052C destroyers, 5 Type 054A frigates, 3 Type 093 SSNs, 4 Type 096 SSBN, 1 Type 094 SSGN
Side Killed/MIA Wounded Aircraft Vehicles
Gulf Coalition (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates) ~9,000 ~16,000 2 F-16s, 12 attack helicopters, various supply aircraft 180 APCs, 110 IFVs, 160 MBTs, 200 MRAPs, various supply vehicles
Bahraini Rebels ~2,100; wiped out ~1,500 N/A N/A
Islamic State ~1,400; nearly wiped out ~1,000 N/A N/A
Popular Defense Forces ~3,300; nearly exhausted ~2,200 N/A N/A
Council for the Islamic Restoration of the Arabian Peninsula ~6,000 ~14,000 N/A N/A
[M] If there is an issue with casualties please bring it to me as I have no clue how this all works, and will gladly fix any mistakes I made. Hope y'all enjoyed this read; it was very fun to write.
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2020.09.01 18:13 FlyingDutchissimo Russian porn hidden

Rodney Roubles was born to Francesca Vageska and Derek Roubles. Rodney was the product of his parents failing to use protection during his conception. He would take the last name of his father, partly to preserve his dignity, but also to not be seen as a prostitute’s accident and mistake. Rodney would be a troublesome baby to raise for both parents, often throwing things off of his high chair, crying constantly, refusing food and the such. The failures were not fully on Rodney though, in fact, most of the failings in his raising were on his parents. Derek Roubles was a porn addict, which led Francesca to cut all contact with him and take exclusive custody of Rodney. This would not do favours for the baby Rodney, as Francesca would often not be there for him due to her prostitution business and would be busy with clients. This severely hurt the development of Rodney’s brain, and as a result, he would draw happiness exclusively from teasing and pranking other people. Also, Rodney would be hidden from the world and would not have much contact with other people. On one rare occasion, he did go outside in late 2014 when Rodney was 2 he met and befriended legendary professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. However, they would only meet a few times due to Francesca trying to hide Rodney, and they saw each other for the last time in February 2015. This put Rodney back in a position of loneliness and frustration, as he didn’t have any friends to play with or any parental figures to look up to, as Francesca was with her clients and painting herself more than Rodney, and his father Derek was cut from his life by his mother. Rodney would never behave in school, destroying classrooms and being a nuisance. This was mainly due to Francesca not just being a wild person herself, but never teaching Rodney the ways of the world, which meant Rodney had to figure out what was right and wrong in society by himself. Rodney would also never improve for the same reasons, as he could never understand what he was doing was wrong because he had never been taught or disciplined by his mother. Age 3 was not much of an improvement. As a result of his mother neglecting to give him attention and love, Rodney would run away from home for a short amount of time, which would almost kill him on one occasion in September. On a cold night, Rodney was walking through the empty and soulless street when he saw two men arguing in a language he didn’t understand (later learned it was Russian). The two men eventually got physical. Rodney would then hear an ear-piercing gunshot be fired and observed the second man fall, presumably dead. The remaining figure then turned to face the young boy. Rodney began to shake, began to panic. He didn’t know who this giant of a man was. He didn’t know what he could do, what he was capable of. Rodney’s heart would sink when he saw the silhouette get larger and larger. The man wasn’t just running towards him, he was sprinting towards him. Rodney quickly took off and a chase began. Although the assailant was incredibly fast, Rodney was quick and agile for his young age, and was able to keep a good pace from the attacker, but not before hearing bullets whizz past his head just inches away. Rodney would later learn his attacker was famed Russian hitman Vladimir Choppervich, who tried to kill Rodney due to his status as a witness. Despite the trauma from this incident (and the scolding Francesca gave him when he was recovered) age 4 would be a better year for Rodney, in fact, the best one of his life. One day in school, a young girl named Megan would offer support for Rodney due to him having a particularly bad day. The two would befriend each other, and became inseparable friends. They would play together, eat together and would even watch movies together. Their bond was unlike any other. However, this would all come crashing down. At the end of the school year, Rodney discovered that his mother Francesca was moving to a different location to evade her sister Natasha and that he would have to attend a different school, meaning he would no longer be able to see Megan. Rodney was crushed by the news, and so was Megan. On the last day of the school year, the two would tell each other how much the other meant to them, and when it was time to leave they began crying uncontrollably. Rodney cried for a week straight and would enter a state of emotional distress. Rodney longed to be able to play with Megan again and would live this way until age 6 when Rodney learned his mother would allow him to attend the school he was in before, the same school Megan was in. Rodney was overjoyed, he and Megan could finally reunite and rekindle the bond they once had. The first day of school arrived, and Rodney instantly went to look for Megan. He found her, but something was different. It seemed as if Megan had forgotten about him, or had moved on and refused to be friends with him anymore. Rodney was confused, she couldn’t have just forgotten about the good times they had, she couldn’t have forgotten about the promise she had made. Rodney wasn’t going to give up. Rodney kept pursuing the goal of becoming friends with Megan again, but Megan wasn’t having it. Megan would not spend time with Rodney. Rodney, believing she had not indicated refusal, kept in pursuit. While Megan began to dislike Rodney for what he was doing, she recognised he wasn’t in a good place, both mentally and physically, so she allowed him to talk with her and play as long as she didn’t have any commitments to prioritise at the time. Rodney accepted the terms, and so began a new chapter in Rodney’s life. Things would only get worse for Rodney though. Rodney eventually realised how wrong his actions towards Megan were, and began to have constant regret and self-hate for what he did. It even got to the point where he began to beat himself up over the matter, often giving himself bruises. No matter what he tried or how many people assured him he could change, Rodney would still feel this regret. This would cause a multitude of problems, but the most noticeable was his heightened rate of rebellion and acting up. He began vandalising classrooms in the school, stopped listening completely and even began insulting adults, far worse than even who he was before. This was a new Rodney Roubles, a Rodney Roubles that was dangerous and could snap at any moment. Francesca never once showed concern for her illegitimate son, only being concerned with her clients and the money she earned from them. It was his surfing teacher (Rodney had taken up surfing lessons outside of school to occupy himself) Broad Broadshaw that first saw that Rodney was troubled. Broad kept Rodney behind and asked him what was plaguing his mind. Rodney confessed everything, from his home life to the whole fiasco with Megan. Broad, although shocked and disappointed, was forgiving, and offered help to Rodney. Rodney accepted and would begin to receive the care and attention he needed and deserved. Improvements could begin to be seen in not just Rodney’s behaviour but his general mood and personality too. Broad the only man (besides Roddy Piper) who stuck by Rodney’s side, saw the good in him and offered to help him reform. Broad’s efforts would be worth it, as Rodney took in all of the lessons and advice he received and was beginning to become a new boy. He wasn’t going to let the injustice his mother Francesca had done to him go, however. One night in December, Rodney snuck out of bed and dumped all of Francesca’s paints in the neighbouring landfill, and also hid Francesca’s birth control in the lampshade of his bedside lamp. This would lead to the birth of his half-sister, Eileen Dover. This brings Rodney to today. While he still enjoys pranks and teasing, he does not intentionally harm the people who have not done wrong to him. Rodney is much more well behaved in school and his grades have begun to increase from the lows they had been during the rest of his school years. The only question that remains now is: what lies ahead for the town’s top prankster?
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