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~WE ARE GOING TO LOVE YOU UNTIL YOU LOVE YOURSELF!~ Sex/Porn addiction is one of the fastest growing epidemics & family members of porn addicts need a resource just as much as the addict. Here you can find people in all stages of discovery, from people who are in short term relationships to decades long relationships. There are even addicts who are willing to answer personal questions about the addiction. Please feel free to come here & tell your story, vent or ask for advice.

2011.05.30 14:16 misnamed Porn web can

High quality images of interesting designs, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture & product design.

2020.10.25 17:51 giantfest Here’s how to block porn from yourself (IOS ONLY)

1-delete all the browsers on your iPhone (other than safari because you cant delete it) : 2-open settings
3-click on screentime
4-content & privacy restrictions
5-content restrictions
6-web content (change it to limit adult websites)
7-then back to content & privacy restrictions
8-i tunes & App store purchases
9- installing apps (change it to dont allow so you cant download any other browser than safari when you get weak)
10- then back to screen time
11- click use screen time passcode (then make any friend or any member of your family set the password for you and make sure he will always remember it)
Congrats you cant watch porn on your phone ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️
Suggested things to do get rid of any other smart phones electronics laptops anything set passwords on it do what you can remember it’s for your life be strong help yourself
And of course delete all the porn on your phone laptops etc.....
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2020.10.25 02:24 Rango7883 Art of the troll

Recieved an email from.a scammer claiming to be deployed. Standby as hilarity ensues view discretion advised. If you find this offensive too bad you prob shouldn't be on the internet
Subject: i need your help
Hello, I am John White of the U.S Army force and one of the Commanding officers of the U.S Central Command here in Syria. Please I urgently need you to help me safeguard the amount of money I have here in my possession which is worth the sum of eleven million five hundred thousand US Dollars (11.5 Million). I came across this mega cash while on the operation, as we were on the massive attack against the ISIS terrorist group and has made a private investigation and found out the money was left by the runaway terrorists so I decided to keep the money in my possession, but minding how horrible and risky it is here in this military camp, I deemed it necessary to look out for a trusted fellow whom would assist me in safeguarding the cash until I get out of this horrible zone. It was on this effect that I started search here online for an honest person whom I can trust to help me safeguard the cash and I came across your mail address and I want to know if you are willing to help me do this.I want you to know that I am willing to offer you 40%-Percent of the total amount if you do help me safeguard this money and get it out of here Syria. I will email you the details on how I plan of moving the cash out of this place as soon as I receive your response Please get back to me ASAP Thanks, John White
That is terrible. How can I help I'd hate for that money to go to waste and you get captured, analy molested and than beheaded by Syrian forces whst can I do to help
Thanks for your response to my mail, so sorry for my late reply because I was on duty yesterday and I was not able to check my email.
like I told you in the first mail I sent to you, the total amount of the money in question is the sum of Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars and I am going to trust you with everything as mentioned without we knowing each other and I really believe you will not disappoint me or run away with my money. Please I need your trust because this money will be under your custody until I’m out of this horrible place. I will need the below information from you to help me start the process of sending the money to you through the United link delivery company here in Syria:
Your name:
Phone number:
NB: Note that I contacted you for this deal because I lost my wife six years ago and my only son is still in the U.S military kids academy because he’s still very tender and I have no other family to contact for this deal. And as soon as I receive the above information from you, I will proceed immediately with the process of sending the money over to you for safety.
I will be waiting for your reply soon.
thank you and regards
John White
John so happy to.hear from you. That's alot of money you have my trust. I've been abducted by aliens so your secret is safe with me buddy.
Here is the info u requested
Name: Nathan Bedford Forest
Address (Insert local secret service office)
Number (Insert local secret service office)
Country :Merica
City:Port City
Sex: Enjoy having my balls tickled by a porcupine, while having a pinapple shoved ass leaf side first by a crying female clown holding me at gunpoint while being strangled by Amy Roloff with Jeffrey Epsteins bed sheets in Casey Anthony's bathtub while watching snuff porn narrated by Gilbert Godfreid screaming Martha Stewart as I climax
Age: over 18 with Sela Gomez qualities and by that I mean lupus but il.go as high as 98 if they look like Bea Arthur
You mentioned you lost your wife 6 years ago. That's got to be a record for the worlds longest hide and seek game. I hope you find her thats a long time to have an empty kitchen. I'd reccomend checking the lost and found first though. I can reccomend a great agency that helps solve mysteries and best part is they're free. I think they're called mystery inc il get you the number
They're unconventional but do great work. The leader is this blonde haired tool bag who thinks hes a bamf and bosses everyone around. He formulates plans and makes traps. Hes usually the driver too. Oh and he wears a douchy ascot I mean come on bro seriously?
Next you have this fiery redhead who's dummy thicc. I mean she's got a donkey bro. She's privileged and comes from money. Decent fashion sense but wears purple an awful lot. Youd think with her money her shoe game would be on point but nah just kinda blah. Would love to see her twerk. I'd make it rain on that mmmmmmmmm
So they have this nerdy chick right. Straight up dork. glasses, little boy haircut freckles looks like a boy bro. And who wears a turtle neck sweater all the time beside lonely island? Than you gonna wear a skirt and knee high socks tryi g to be some anime chick nah just give it up keep that face buried in a book. It's ok sweety your time will come, hopefully night time
Then theres my favorite. Hes a tall lanky stoner. You never see him smoking but hes always got the munchies. Like he probably smells like blunt smoke and cheetos. Only bad side is hes totally a bitch ass. Everything scares this guy I mean come on hit the bong and keep it moving bro let that dgaf kick in ugh the worse
Then theres the mascot dog. I think hes autistic or something has a serious lisp too i feel bad. 100 plus pounds of big baby. I swear the owner gets him high hes always eating. Man he must poop a mountain
You also mentioned your kid being tender? What marinade do you use? I prefer a mesquite or a teriyaki when I'm feeling adventurous maybe a nice citrus or lime with a little bit of heat. I hate when they're tough. Means you have to beat them first that at least shortens the cook time. I also find the tears of liberals and snowflakes help break down the fat. Its usually best to use to get them tal ik ng about wearing a mask or gun control. Women by the name of Karen work the best in my opinion. I also use the dark web to get mine shipped direct saves a ton on legal fees and processing.
Get back to me and let's get this bread
Yours truly
The big nate dizzle fo shizzle
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2020.10.24 03:16 -Privacy_Throwaway- Porn web can

the subreddit is small
claims he can publish location accurate to 1 km
can find alternate account a user logged into within 'same app web history'
says he has found a user's insta account after the user logged into it
threatened to leak porn history of users..
my account is 6 years old and if my real name gets linked to that account i am effed
he hasn't released it yet because he claims he still has few more 'scripts for some users' to run
so is it possible? what can i do now to protect myself?
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2020.10.23 15:08 CryptMedia Porn can web

Hello. I am a 26 year old man. My name is Darrell. I am a frequent deep web user. I will give you a small story now. Back when I was eighteen, I was a self-proclaimed "Edge Lord". I have always been intrigued with the idea of the dark, deep web. I can easily remember how I first discovered the deep web. Just like most of you, I found it off of YouTube & some of my "Friends". Though, it isn't anything special. I would just like to clear something up, the deep web isn't that crazy. It's just drug sites and some gun sites, then there's just some gross porn sites. I've never found anything that I actually liked. I just downloaded all the needed stuff to get on the web. It was boring and still kind of is. I want to ask a question to any of you who have been on the deep web too. What was your first experience on the deep web, boring or not. I would just like to know. Thank you.
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2020.10.21 17:35 TatarCubanGirl Porn web can

I was raised as a Jehovahs witness and I remember being taught that the dragon in the Bible is also the Devil. Later I asked them about is the dragon in the Bible and Revelation and the cultural Chinese Dragon. I got the answer that the Dragon was a symbol for the Chinese emperor but now it is just a symbol for good luck. Apperantly the asian chinese cultural dragon has no connection to the devil-dragon in the Bible. But I clearly remember being taught in childhood that the Devil is also a Dragon.
I have to admit my JW upbringing legit convinced me as a child that chinese culture is kind of satanic.
The Kpop artist G-Dragon legit rubs me to this day the wrong way and make me feel strange.
Plus the fact that the dragon is a symbol among asian mafia in tattoos and amwf porn (which makes
me feel at the same time cringe as f and mildly irritated)
When I read Wild Swans by Jung Chang where she basically wrote her mother had an abortion because she felt she could better serve the Communist Chinese government. That moment I got
"child sacrifice for Communist Party" vibes. And I remembered all the stories from the Old Testament about the caananites sacrificed their children to their gods.
Being raised as a JW by former atheist parent from communist countries as refuges and immigrants
in Sweden , and reading the whole Bible legit fucked me up.
Because according to JWs fetus=child.
My parents were atheist raised during Communism. They only got into Jws after coming to Sweden after my birth because they both studied in Moscow.
But our life did not turn out good and I legit think the JWs are an organization to hunt down communists around the world and reeducate communists children into christianity.
My parents got threathened by social services and mm and my mother fled to Russia.
I still think all of this happened only because of my grandfather being a cuban diplomat in North Korea. My father also never baptised himself into the Jws unlike my mother.
Yes I have read the book by Yeonmi Park "To be able to live" and I can sympathise with her.
But what concerns me more is my grandfather who lives very poor in Cuba and despite being on pension he continues to work. No matter how much I sympathise with Yeonmi Park I am more concerned about Cuba and Russia and why the main population is so poor there.
I am also concerned with the artificial milk-producing companies invading republics not so far from my mothers republic only employing chinese from the mainland and producing crap unhealthy products to sell in Russia.

I remember the JWs literature having the focus on prozelyting "worldly" people especially Chinese in China.
I remember the literature where we were encouraged to "take the step over to Macedonia" where two girls prozelyted to two chinese.
I especially think of this when I discovered the book and movie The Bitter Tea of General Yen.
I also think of it when Jws get jailed for prozelyting in China.
Also I remember in the book "What does the Bible really learn?" there was this picture with an asian woman reading the Bible.
I feel that I have a weird relationship to Asians even thought I am half asian myself. I am half Cuban ,half Tatar. Tatars ara considered minority asians in Russia.
It started with when my blonde best swedish friend Hulda (fake name) father got divorced (the family were JWs) to his swedish wife and married a Thai woman. The swedish wife married an african refugee.
That legit made me start feeling doubt in my religion.
I used to go with my famly to a chinese traditional doctor who was very kind who gave my parents a traditional chinese cooking utensil.
My mother is best friend with a woman from Tajikistan that is Uzbek who was a wealthy woman during communist regime. We also know another woman from Kazakhstan whose dad was a politican but
who seems to have gotten some grudge against my mum. She also did a really mean joke after my fathers death about him being behind the Chernobyl accident just for being a nuclear engineer who worked there at one point.
Only after my fathers death have I seen really how nasty Huldas mother really is when she claimed my mother did wrong by escaping from social services with me to Russia. I told her she was bullshitting and lying. I also hate the posh polish JW woman who claimed I stole her daughters jacket in childhood. Now they just ignore us. I am really disappointed with the Jws and legit think they contacted our family
only to destroy my dad and make his daughter anti-communist.
I also really hate how poorly my parents got treated here despite their higher educations

My parents used to help a Vietnamese family with documents and helping them not getting scammed into laundering money . They were very kind but shortly abrupted our relationship and talking after the wifes vietnamese friend started talking about JWs being bad.
But I remember going to a school where a filipina girl hated me and used to put dirty water in my water drinking bottle. She was in love with a swedish boy from a nationalistic swedish party and was jealous because he showed interest in me. Btw the boy said he was a satanist when I told him I was JW.
Once I tried to make friend s with a Thai boy at school but it did not work out.
When I heard a higher educated russian man on Youtube complain about the asians and their cliques
and how we russians and cenral asians dont have our cliques the same way and how the west hates us russians I have to agree. I relly recommend everybody to listen to the Youtubers Revengestar, Vovan Japan 0.2 and Nazar Ilishev.
I some time read the manga Rosario Vampire with the vampire girl Moka Akashiya and when the russian youtuber Ashiya popped up with the same name it made me feel weird.

I was also really into Vampire knight but then I stumbled upon the website NihongoNews where
they exposed the dark side of Japan and all the red sun flag dark history so I remember when waiting outside a grocery store alone for my mother in Russia I saw an asian dude walking past me with red sun tattoos it made my stomach churn in discomfort. I also remember when I was lying in the hospital in Russia I got harassed for taking communist books from the hospital library to read.
There was this asian dude laughing at me for being shy and not used to talking to guys there.
Also once I got submitted into a psychiatric hospital alone and some asian girl and dude had sex behind a sliding wall while I was tied to bed. I am still angry on my mum for focing me in psychiatic hospitals 2 times just because I could not sleep at night. At the hospital there was also an asian nurse forcing a pill that fell to the floor into my mouth by force.
Also at the endocrinological hospital there was an really gruff , rough, hoarse main doctor without one finger (yakuza sign anybody?) that was really rude to my mum.
These are the 4 weird asians I cant forget. The one with the red sun tattoo ,the rude one ,the one behind the sliding wall and the one missing finger doctor. Watching japanese visual kei videos with the red rising flag makes me SO uncomfortable. I constantly remeber that guy who walked past me when I see that.
Also I got an operation on my stomach. While I was lying in the endocrinological part of the hospital I overheard old babushkas talking about the main doctor and his daugher ruling the hospital being very affluent poeple making the hard working babushkas pretty salty. They also insiniated I had had an abortion even thought I explained it was only the appendix that got removed.
I confronted my mum about it but she stands by that it only was the appendix.
Later I got maredreams and strange thoughts if maybe I was raped during sleep in the other hospital because I remember one day waking up and seeing a weird condom lying in the corridor (I slept in the corridor) and the asian guy quickly moving out after that. I also remember the nurses choosing especially him to once deliver me some pills I had to swallow.
But the most horrifiying memory I have is when the asian guy rolled me in a wheel chair and I remember him whispering some strange words I dont fully remember (dont be afraid?) when they transferred me from hospital to hospital.
I also read about Japan and China and the yakuza from books in the library while I was in my mothers hometown but later strangely these books disappeared.
I also I remember the constant flower kiosk named Sakura and tokyoflower in my city the sudokus selled in every kiosk and after reading all those horrible things about what the japanese did ww2 it just puts bad taste in my mouth.
I really find visual kei intersting with how they portray themselves as demons and its interesting to me that all the foreign visual kei arists are thai swedish, english and from the western world.
Especially SekimaII and their "demons" concept. They remember me of the female russian band U-kei.
I have been watching Kazakh pop the latest years and its unsettling to watch them don kimonos.
I have even seen tatar musicians do it.
I may be revealing to much of my life. But the internet has opened my eyes to how asian diasporas absorb everything around themselves. Reading asian supremacist subreddits here on reddit makes me even more uncomfortable. But my biggest beef that I have is when I read that chinese hate europeans and central asians but then I remembered the traditional chinese doctor named Pan who was so kind
and dismissed it.But there is tons of anti-asian ,anti-chinese info on russian Youtube.
But it is true that ex-communist immigrant dont support and band together judging by all the chinese shops,thai massage salons, indian resturants in my swedish town but no russian or central asian resturants. Even in Cuba I saw a Chinese resturant and saw the stories of the chinese residents in Cuba and the store selling asian, anime and K-dramas in Havana. Also the new Crazy Rich Asians and Mulan movie compared to the Borat movie reminded everyone that the new Han Chinese supremacist narrative is being pushed.
I was always so amused by the fact that Cinderella called the cat Lucifer in the cartoon and the pet dragon in Mulan and speculated over Disneys satanism.
My question is with the chinese dragon in the Bible.
My second question is with contemporary Israel and why is lbgt and femenism and abortion so accepted there if it is prohibited in the Bible. Like doesnt it bother anyone at all that the non-israelite people in the book of Joshua worship the sun and to me they SO much wakes up associations of the red rising sun flag to me ?
Because of this seeing the jewish star in japanese visual kei videos also makes me feel strange.
My father always had a negative opinion on Japan and Israel.
My second is when I saw the music video Ai-dolls -Ai-dolls (kyrgyz pop). Ai means moon in kyrgyz but means love in japanese so that reminded me of the manga Princess Ai and made me uncomfortable.
My cousin studies in China but refuses to tell me how he has it. He had a chinese girlfriend but broke up with her.
His father had a company named Thanks (Rahmat) Tea but his son got brutally murdered so the company died but strangely enough some weird product with the same name started selling while I lived with my mother in Russia. My mothers last name consists of the word Thanks (Rahmat).
My uncle got a sexual disease while flying to buy Indian Tea in India so that really got me thinking.
I dont shame Indian people ,my mother is friends with one.

But I clearly see that chinese culture is anti-Bible. I remember watching the tv-series Empress of China.
There Wu Ruyi (Meiniang) kills a girl named Gaoyang. Later I watched an Youtube video of a chinese man claim that the god in the Bible is the same as the ancient chinese God and he said that Gaoyang means lamb. It felt like deja vu.
I also remember watching a japanese Youtuber in russian talking about japanese mythology that it goes like this: The Japanese god fell in love and procreated with humans and from there went all people. I had biblical deja vu when I heard of this and remembered the band Seikima II.
The thing is: I remember a russian girl magazine adverising the Hinamatsuri , Japanese girl fashion and "The land of the rising Soul" to russian young girls I cannot phantom the sneaky evilness of the japanese people propagating and advertising their culture to young girls only for the young girls to fly to Japan only to realize that Japan is like Saudi Arabia only more advertised and pink.
And I know that japanese culture is actively advertised in Russia.
I remember liking anime ,Sailor Moon and manga and wanting to translate manga into minority language in Russia but when I understood how dark and twistedly obsessed the japanese are with demons it made me think twice. Also 4chan anyone?
Some Youtuber said that if you learn japanese and start reading 4chan you will regret you learned japanese.
What I have learned from the russian Youtuber VovanJapan is 1:Japanese people love themselves very much. I have read traditional japanese poetry and I think it is true judging by the poem "Loving Oneself" I read.
Also remember reading the japanese poem wher the man tells the women "Dont think you cant be replaced and are unique". That kind of attitude also is a turn-off to me.
And asian people reading this and hating me:I dont care.
My uncle was very kind and always gave left-over food to his north koran servants while being a diplomat.
But I really hate all the toxic, hating and bullying by asian and especially japanese people online.
I really dislike their feudalistic ,passive-agressive hating on the Internet.
Just look at all the hate Blinchik in Japan , lolcow farm, pretty ugly little liars , Yoo Lana and other
pretty non-asian ,non-japanese females get. It is sickening.
It is also sickening seeing how russian-speaking men praise japanese women and shit on russian women under Sergey Kuvaevs videos.
I just dont think rasistic, imperialistic, rising red sun-wearing tattooed asians should be walking around in my mothers home town and make innocent girls like me feel unsafe.
I see VovanJapans YT channel get taken down and it makes me think he speaks the truth.
The film Interdevochka also got a price in Japan I think that talks about something.
You can read my post as fiction from planet X.
I have read beutiful japanese traditional poetry and japanese mythology.
But I have also read ugly japanese comment hidden by anonimity on the internet and it makes me disgusted.
Like the only thing I can think of is the son Katoosha by AKB4.
But I have read russians saying it is very had to talk to japanese people because they are so quiet
and you have to force words out of them.
I think Japan is like the dentist clinic in Sailor Moon :Kawaii -Hawaii on the outside but horrifying on the inside.VovanJapan said that they do medical experiments on foreigners in Japan. I always think of Viagras music video Anti.-Geisha where a japanese girls shoots at you throught the TV.Or In-Yans music video Kamikaze.
I saw japanese hair salons and a sushi shop in my mother russian hometown.
I know a mongolian woman that works in a sushi shop here in sweden that has two married mongolian relatives living in japan working for a japanese car company.
Why do we russians celebrate the Victory over Germany , but not over Japan?
Why is there a monument remembering the japanese soliders in Russia?
Why do we Russians allow this to happen?
Why do we russians not stand up for ourselves?
I have watched DenTV and they tell about how the japanese think we russian dropped the bombs on them.It makes me sick.
I think that in japanese culture the concept conscience does not exist. At least judging y russian DenTV that is the case. They have shame culture but dont have the concept of sincere regret.
Of course I have never met japanese people in real life.
But I dont intend to try to Skype to a silent robot and try to force words out of them forcefully.
If any japanese think otherwise they can comment below.
I probably wont comment anyway as I am sick of seeing americans shit on Cuba and Russia in general.
So I am preparing for the communist haters!
I have teo questions:
1.Did the japanese ask forgiveness from Russia for their war crimes occuping Russia up tot the Uralic Mountains?
2.If not , What do they want from us crating Youtube channels saying they are proud of their forefathers who were soliders doing their duty in (Tatarstan) and marrying russian women?
Showing the monument commerating japanese soliders?
But the think making me most angry is when DenTV said japanese spies create anime communities in russian on the internet telling russian youth to commit suicide. That is the definition of going over all

The japanese really are Jorogumos on the World Wide Web searching for naive innocent flie-like russian youths to ensnare and push to sucide!
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2020.10.21 05:00 SnooCauliflowers8786 Porn web can

So I was just surfing the web looking for gay midget porn, when I came across this thing called “black people”. Apparently they have dark skin and love chicken. I am mortified. I will not accept anyone who is not a white person. Who made these black people? Who can I contact them and get them to stop? Are they considered people? We can’t stand for this anymore! The blacks have taken to much of out our economy! They took our jobs, our lifestyles, even our wives! I only have 3 wives left! And I don’t even fuck the other 2! Their just for cleaning and cooking! God I fucking hate America.
Edit: Guys holy shit stop downvoting me it’s just my opinion
Edit: Guys did you even read it? Stop telling me I’m racist when you clearly haven’t read the whole thing!
Edit: Jesus fucking Christ you guys are retarded. How delusional are you people???
Edit: Okay you people are fucking going to far. I’m NOT racist. I litteraly didn’t even say the n word once.
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2020.10.21 01:01 WitchCulture Porn can web

So I work for a security company and am contracted to be at a building where a different company works. It’s just me security wise and then an office with the other company in it. The manager is a gay male and I am a straight male, and after a while of working there I got a friend request on Facebook, and a follow on Instagram and then he asked for my Snapchat (which I gave to him fearing that if I didn’t I would face retaliation.)
The way things went were I would get messages on Facebook with a message that got unsent, followed by “lmao sorry hopefully that deleted lmao.” I didn’t see what was sent so I said that. He replied “oh good lmao.”
Then after not responding I got another message a day later with a message that got unsent again and another saying something out of the blue along the lines of “nah bro she’s wild lmao and getting crazy on here and I figured I’d share the wealth bro”
This was followed by “wtf Facebook I didn’t mean to send that to you I hate Facebook.” That was at 1am. Later in the day another saying seriously dude idk what’s up I meant to send that to my buddy not you lol. But the next day, I get ANOTHER message, saying “she’s on webcam right now if you wanna check it out etc etc you know I’m game and she’s wild.” And then “whoops sorry meant to send that to my buddy. But honestly whatever, this is between bros if you wanted to check it out I wouldn’t care.” I didn’t respond
This continues, so I will spare the actual dialogue, but I get hit up again with what’s up and I respond I’m chillin and he says same watching my friend on webcam she wants me to reach out to people I guess that’s her thing etc. then asks black and white if I want to watch and I say no. He says okay figured I’d ask. Then we exchange some pg rated memes and he send me one from a porn video. One of those “you’re so tight fuck” type memes. Then another meme relating to sexual conduct. I stopped replying.
I continued to get about 100 or so messages like “wyd, I got some stuff for you bro” etc “it’s a good day for a chill sesh” “yo” “what’s up” etc etc etc. atleast a hundred and I never respond. Constantly harassing me to watch porn or webcam videos or sending and I sending messages then saying my bad, you probably wouldn’t have minded it though. He had never sent any links so this was all just suggestive. But don’t worry it gets worse. That’s all just over Facebook. And from his direct profile. Not including the “private chat” he set up on Facebook messenger. That has since disappeared and I have all of this on a hard drive and I believe I have it all on there screenshot wise but everything was similar in subject matter.
Snapchat was short lived. He added me and sent me wyd you down to watch this video bro etc and I quickly unadded which I actually was confronted by him in person about. I made light of it. He would even sometimes message me from his desk asking me what’s up when we are literally 30 feet from eachother.
But Instagram is where it really went down. The messages were more frequent and more aggressive / direct. “She’s wild and sending me some shit, you want me to send it to you? She said I could share with friends and you’re super chill so I figured I’d share the wealth. Stays between bros.” Also asking me “when you get off work let me know if I can send you some shit” and one time I responded like oh my bad I didn’t respond I was showering and he said “I could’ve sent you some shit for the shower bro lol.”
But one day, I get a video. And it’s of him filming his laptop of a woman undressing on web cam. Then another of a woman touching her vagina and fingering herself on webcam. I screen recorded and then he unsent. Then shortly after asked if I liked it and what I thought and that she was a freak etc etc. another video here and there, more pressuring messages. Even one where he said “I saw you screenshotted bro I hope you liked it Atleast” And it doesn’t stop for weeks and I get multiple messages a day just on Instagram alone. Coming into work is so awkward but he acts like nothing is different. Has referenced sex multiple times at work and has done everything except for physically assault me sexually. I haven’t acted on anything legal wise because I like my job and it pays well and I can’t afford to be out of work. I haven’t contacted my HR because I don’t know what’s going to be done. I don’t want to be moved sites but more so would like to get something in return in the forms of paid time off or other monetary value. If that’s not an option I would atleast like justice so no one else has to go through this in the future if they aren’t already.
What are my options legally? What outcome do you think this might have and what can be done for me? What steps should I take? I’ve never had a lawyer or gone to court.
TLDR: my manager at work sends me messages asking if I “want to get in on this freaky stuff” which is a girl he knows on webcam. He messaged me inappropriate memes that were sexual, and messages me multiple times a day on several platforms. He eventually sent me a video of porn from his computer screen of his friend on cam. Basically taking my no thank you answer and throwing it out the window eventually making me virtually forced to watch sexual content. I don’t know what to do about it. I am male and so is he.
Edit: I live in the Portland metro area in Oregon
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2020.10.19 16:32 jamesb128 Porn web can

SEO Packages:
Starter 15$ ~50 BackIinks
Advanced 25$ ~100 BackIinks
Ultimate 30$ ~100 BackIinks + 100 Tier2 + 1000 Social signals
Web 2.0 Properties
Press Release Distribution
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking & Sharing
CIassifieds Ads Posting
Directory Submissions
PDF Sharing
Video Creation & Sharing
Image Submission & Sharing
Social Media Sharing
Natural mix dofollow/nofollow
High DA/PA
Manual work
Premium Indexing
Excel report
Required 1 URL and 1 up to 3 max keywords.
Non English sites are accepted however the content will be in English. Safe for new sites.
Report will be delivered to the provided email within 7-10 days depending on the workload.
Each keyword should contain at least 2 or 3 words or more for best results, long tail keywords recommended, it is also highly recommended to use or or similar sites for proper keyword research. Best results for low/medium competition keywords.
There is no guarantee that the website will go from page X to page Y, however there will be a boost in ranking, these services require time also (weeks/months) to see the improvements and it depends also on the niche, keyword difficulty, competition, on page SEO and other factors.
For better results, packages can be purchased on monthly subscription.
Porn/Pharma and illegal websites/content not accepted.
Payment options - Paypal, BTC/ETH/LTC, Perfect Money, Skrill.
Social Signals:
1000+ Social Signals-6$
Required 1 url
Facebook Signals
Pinterest Signals
Twitter Signals
Reddit Signals
Tumblr Signals
VK Signals
2000+ Social Signals-10$
Required 1 url
Facebook Signals
Pinterest Signals
Twitter Signals
Reddit Signals
Tumblr Signals
VK Signals
5000+ Social Signals-25$
Required 1 url
Facebook Signals
Pinterest Signals
Twitter Signals
Reddit Signals
Tumblr Signals
VK Signals
Report will be delivered to the provided email within 5-10 days depending on the workload.
Report will be presented as a screenshot/Iink from social signal checker website to protect the privacy of our network.
There is no guarantee that the website will go from page X to page Y, however there will be a boost in ranking, these services require time also (weeks/months) to see the improvements and it depends also on the niche, competition, website age, on page SEO and other factors.
For better results, packages can be purchased on monthly subscription.
Porn/Pharma and illegal websites/content are not accepted.
Payment options - Paypal, BTC/ETH/LTC, Perfect Money, Skrill.
Hosting related assistance:
Website migration
Modules/extensions activation based on script requirements, limits modification
Cpanel/plesk installation and configuration
Cron jobs
PHP/Mysql version upgrades
DNS zone modification
Contact me via pm with your needs.
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