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While Birdie and I started to become actual friends, I made it as clear as possible that I did not want to be with Entangled. I also had completely split from my ex-wife. We ended up having a baby boy. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. He lived for two weeks and passed away two days before Christmas. Moonhorse, this still hurts. I haven't gotten over the death of my son. I went to the hospital to say goodbye to him. Holding his tiny, lifeless body still haunts my dreams to this day. I wouldn’t wish this on another person. After how my ex-wife treated me the way she did that night, I said I didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. I wanted to completely end that relationship and that cycle of abuse. Birdie was here for all of this and supported me in my time of need which is what brought us closer on a more intimate level. Something Entangled did not do for me. When I tried talking to her about it, she made it worse and actually tried asking for sex before I left. Scumbag.
Birdie and myself started talking more and even seeing each other. Feelings started to develop. I was finally with the person I always wanted to be with. The entire first three months of my relationship with Birdie was rough because Entangled kept on trying to get with me. In her defense, she didn’t realize that Birdie and I were trying to let her know that we wanted to be together. But it was like she just couldn’t let me go. She even went as far as to say she slept with me on a day that I was with Birdie. Always making backwards side comments and making it a pissing contest about sex. Like who had better sex with me. I hated it. I checked out mentally from the friendship at around this time. Birdie remained really good friends with her but I kept pushing to end it by making my observations about her character. Birdie broke up with me shortly after her grandma had passed away. At this time, I didn’t know she just needed some space. It was a dark time for me because I felt I lost the love of my life. I was torn apart. So, I got my haircut and started training again for mma, something I want to do is go into the octagon.
A week later Birdie is out with Entangled and posting on snapchat at a bar I was a regular at; I was very tempted to pull up without notice just to see Birdie. I didn’t know this was the reason why, but my phone rings. It’s Birdie wanting to FaceTime. I answer it. “What’re you doing?” Birdie asks. “Nothing, playing video games with the guys.” “Do you want to not be playing video games with the guys??” Birdie asked with a grin. I smiled and said “Ahh, yeah sure. Where am I headed to?” We met at a bar we usually go to and we flirted all night. Birdie ran into an old friend that night. She walked up to Birdie and said, “Please tell me you’re taking that home tonight.” Birdie told me that she looked at her friend and said, “I’m definitely taking that home tonight and every night.” We got back together the next day. She told me that the reason she called was because her and Entangled were sitting at the bar wondering if I would actually hit up Entangled or not because I was upset. Birdie said, “It’s like he needs to choose.” Entangled was then looking down. “What’s the issue?” Birdie asks. “Don’t mind me, I’m just in my fee fees.” Entangled replies. “No what’s the matter? Why you in your fee fees??” Entangled perked up and said, “I don’t know...” She paused and says, “I want him to choose.” She told me that her first thought when Entangled said that was, “Bitch, you don’t want to know the answer to that.” That is when she called me. We talked about everything that happened and why it happened. I wasn't mad at her, communication is everything. It's also important because I think that Entangled wanted to hit me up during the week we were broken up for sex. Thank God it never happened.
Now during the summer, Birdie and I got even closer. We started going out a lot more. I have a phone full of happy memories with her and our daughter. We hit a rough patch in our relationship in the summer though. I lost my job due to a knee injury from training, I ended up being in the hospital and actually went to jail for a couple weeks on ridiculous shit and when I got home Birdie had lost her job as well. She and our daughter moved in that fall.
Now throughout this entire time of my wife and I living together, Birdie has tried to hang out with Entangled. Ya know like fucking friends. She refused, always said something was wrong with her daughter, had to work and made excuses over and over. Almost like she didn’t want to be friends anymore and was just brushing Birdie off. It was like she couldn’t stand the fact that we were still together. That Birdie was living the life she wanted. Something I forgot to mention is that Birdie explained to Entangled early on that she was developing feelings for me. We even sat her down together and made it safe for everyone to clear the air and voice any feelings they were having. Entangled had nothing to say.
This tale is going to get juicier. Entangled was constantly saying that her husband hated my guts and wouldn’t let her and their daughter hangout with Birdie, our daughter and I. It was a constant battle. Entangled made it sound like her husband is the most controlling man, so Birdie would drag her out and pay for Entangled and her daughter to go do stuff with us so that our kids could see each other. We tried repeatedly to try and talk with her husband so that we could just squash shit, but there was always an excuse. “He’ll never go for that.” “He wants to kill Yoshi” “There’ll be a huge fight and I don’t want that to happen.” It got to the point that we had called her and bitched her out for everything, how she treats us, stupid shit she says, how she doesn’t actually hangout with us because she’s always got her face chin deep in her phone. She cried and assured us she would do better. Yea, okay. January came, Birdie decided to take a pregnancy test one night and we found out that we were pregnant. We were really excited. We were in a better place and wanted to expand our family. Birdie called Entangled the next morning. “So, I have something to tell you...” Birdie says. “What????” replies Entangled. “Well...I’m pregnant!!” There’s a slight pause in Entangled’s response. “Oh my God. Are you serious??” Entangled says in a monotone response. Birdie was kind of upset that she didn’t sound more excited for her, but Birdie went on to say how excited she was. Later that day, Birdie was experiencing some pain and felt she might be miscarrying. She was right. We lost our son on January 9th, 2020. It hurt; still hurts. Birdie and I stayed to ourselves for a couple weeks. I had told a friend that we would be there for a birthday party, but wasn’t sure we should go. Birdie and I decided to get out. It was a much-needed distraction. The following weekend Entangled asked Birdie if she wanted to go get her mind off things and get out of the house. So, Birdie went. She came home very pissed off. While they were at the bar, they started drinking a lot. Entangled eventually brought up the miscarriage. “Thank you for getting me out of the house, I needed this.” “Of course! That’s what I’m here for!” A few minutes go by. Entangled opens her mouth. “You know Birdie, I was just so sad for you and Yoshi. I couldn’t believe it when you texted me. I had to go to the bathroom and take a break because I was balling my eyes out.” Birdie tried to brush it off. “Why would you ball your eyes out over our baby?” She thought. “Yea, it’s been really rough. We were excited. And it sucks because we had just found out.” Birdie said, trying to ignore that Entangled was becoming more emotional than even she was. “It’s just so hard. My heart hurt for you so bad. It’s just so bad. And Birdie, you didn’t even get the chance that I had with my son.” Entangled says as she’s swaying with her drink. Birdie immediately sobers up and is angry. “Yea, it’s bad. I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.” About half an hour later Birdie comes home and tells me everything. Now we’re both mad. How could someone say something like that?! “This bitch had the audacity to make me losing my baby about her shitty mistake?! She thinks that I was going to give up my son for more dick?! The fuck?? Who the fuck does she think she is?!” Birdie yells. She’s so angry she’s crying with rage and I did my best to comfort her. She took our pain away and made it about her giving up her son.
I ended up proposing to Birdie shortly after our miscarriage. We just want to be with each other; and love each other. Entangled was a little taken back by this, but she put on a front and asked about all the details of how I did it and what Birdie’s ring looked like.
For the next few months, it was always hard for Birdie to see Entangled and her daughter. Covid hit and everything went sideways. We have been working from home so we have constantly been safe, so why couldn’t Entangled’s daughter come to visit? First it was everything about covid. Then it was her daughter wasn’t feeling good; wasn’t behaving. Then there were also the comments about how her husband is just being super cautious or didn’t want them to go anywhere with us. There was also Birdie and I’s favorite, “I can’t, I gotta work. We lost another person this week. I’ve been working so much”
April is here, we find out we’re actually pregnant again. We were very excited, but trying not to get our hopes up. We only told our parents and our very close friend, Seraphina. She is Birdie’s oldest friend; they’re practically sisters. We didn’t tell Entangled for another few weeks. When we finally told Entangled, she had a better response than the first time, but you could hear the bitterness in her voice. You could feel how salty she was. Like the highest quality, Himalayan pink rock salt. Birdie would still try to hangout but again and again, there was always an excuse. Birdie’s birthday came in June and Entangled actually showed up. Birdie had another friend over and they got to spend some time together. Entangled was drinking and decides to share that she has been “talking” to a co-worker for a few months now. Birdie and I are disgusted by now. How many times is she going to do this to her husband? Side note, in 2018 when I was trying to end things, she was also talking to another guy that would supposedly buy stuff for her after she’d send him pictures. What is this bitch not willing to do??? After hearing that she’s up to the same shit, I finally voice my opinion. “You really shouldn’t do shit like that with people from work. That can back fire.” “I know, I know. It’s just been hard with my husband and he’s a nice guy.” Entangled replies. “You need to stop doing that shit. Just leave your man already. You keep stepping out, you might as well leave for good.” I say. Entangled begins her emotional roller coaster as always because she’s been drinking. Birdie takes her home. “Thanks, so much Birdie, I needed to get out and I’m glad we all had that talk. Ugh, I feel like so much has been lifted off me.” “Of course, we’re always here for you.” Birdie said. They pulled up to Entangled’s house and this bitch says, “Oh, oh, oh, now I can show you what he looks like!” Bitch, did you not hear yourself ten minutes ago?! Oh my God this girl...
We didn’t really see Entangled after that. “Always busy”. We had a gender reveal party this past August and she couldn’t come because of work. We had done a Facebook live video of our gender reveal and at the end of it, we said that we were also actually going to get married that day as well. We start getting everything set up. Setting the chairs up, getting an altar ready, our daughter was the flower girl. Everything looked beautiful for a small, backyard wedding. I went to get changed and my sister helped my wife get her dress on with her big ole pregnant belly. I swear I looked like a more cleaned up version of a baboon but according to everyone else I looked handsome. The music started playing. My heart was racing. It’s pounding in my chest. Thump, thump, thump.
I see her walking down the aisle. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A ray of sunshine broke through the cloudy skies to shine their light on her. She was walking arm in arm with her father who was trying so hard not to cry. I look her in the eyes and I see the most beautiful person ever. Standing all in white. The dress she wore fit her as though it was made specifically for her. Her hair was done in a beautiful, modern yet traditional way. I swear I was dreaming because I saw an angel walking towards me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They stop steps in front of me, pops gave her a hug and shakes my hand. He places her hand gently in mine and looks at us with this smile on his face. I look at her standing in front of me. It was happening. I'm marrying my best friend. The ceremony was simple, it paid homage to her tradition and my Native American roots. We were married by our family, her sister, Seraphina.
We didn’t go live on our phones, but our family were taking pictures and videos and turns out my mom had gone live on her Facebook. We had Entangled’s daughter so that our daughter was able to see her best friend. So, when it came time to taking her home, we decided to ask Entangled if she wanted to go to dinner. She said yes. We also invited two of our other friends who couldn’t make it because of work. We pick up Entangled and she says, half excited, “Oh my God guys, so it’s a girl.” “I know another girl! Ugh!” Birdie replies. “I know man, ooofff. This is gonna be great.” I said. “So, Yoshi, you finally got your daddy’s little princess!” she says. Birdie and I look at each other like “what the fuck did she just say??” “Nah, she’s right there, I’m getting another one.” I say laughing to brush it off. “No like a legitimate one.” Entangled says. Birdie and I just look at each other with that look of “fuck this bitch” and try to brush it off because our kids are in the car. It didn’t stop there. Ugh.
She didn’t watch our entire gender reveal so she hadn’t realized that we also got married. So, when Birdie and I start talking about the pictures everyone is posting, Entangled is confused. We’re like oh, you didn’t watch the whole video, let’s tell you everything now. She seemed kind of stunned. It almost looked like she was not just mad that it happened, but mad that she wasn’t there to be able to say dumb shit. She watched the entire video that my mom posted. I’m sure she didn’t like Birdie’s vows about how from the moment she met me, she wanted me and that it was just a matter of time. This is probably why she acted the way she did at dinner. Scummy.
Onto dinner, Entangled decided that she wanted to make a toast. She somehow made it about me and her, and how we’ve been through so much as “friends”. “So, I just want to make a toast. To my Birdie and Yoshi, you guys are amazing and I’m so happy for you. Birdie, I’ve known you for about eight years now and we’ve had ups and downs, but I’m so glad were besties. Yoshi, oh my god, we’ve known each other for like 12 years. Oh my God. We’ve been through a lot of shit, but we’ve always been friends. I’ve always said that you and Birdie have made more sense than you and I ever did. I’m so happy for your guys and you’re getting a baby girl soon too! Congratulations to my best friends.” Whhhaaaatttt??? We drink to her weird ass toast and go on with dinner. After all of this awkwardness the check comes. This bitch pulled out eight whole ass dollars for her meal, her daughters' meal and her drinks. It was like she expected us to cover the rest, on our wedding day. Thankfully, our other friends paid for dinner as our gift. So not only did this bitch expect to us to cover her, again, this chick has been saying fucked, ass backwards comments for the last year and a half. She said I finally got a legitimate daddy's little princess, completely discrediting my relationship to my daughter. She’s been calling me dad for a year now. Her biological father hasn’t been in the picture pretty much since birth. On Father's Day, she tried to discredit me by calling me a step dad, which my wife and I found disrespectful because I'm the dad that stepped up. Everyone we know, including family, has never disrespected me or my wife like that. Everyone has respected us by not referring to me as “step dad” or by my name in front of my daughter.
All this time we have had suspicions that still she still feels some type of way about me and her eerie toast made that suspicion even greater.
After all of this, there was a gap in the time that Birdie last saw Entangled. She also wasn’t talking to her on a regular basis anymore. Again, she would try to hang out with Entangled for the sake of our kids. Our daughter loves her daughter which is why it has been so hard for Birdie to let go of a friendship that is spiraling into the abyss that is called madness. Now Moonhorse, I got myself into some trouble listening to some of your stories and other youtubers who produce reddit videos and I started to google topics I heard about. Now, my wife saw this and went full blown bat shit on me. I freaked out and didn’t know how to explain so it looked sus as fuck. Birdie decided to confide in Entanglement. “I'm so sorry Birdie. What an asshole. I can't believe he would do something like that.” says Entangled. “I just don’t know what to do. It was a huge argument. I don’t know what I'm going home to.” Birdie said. “You don’t need that Birdie, he's just an asshole. You deserve so much better.” Entangled says half paying attention while taking pictures on her phone. The night went on as Birdie hung out with Entangled. They listened to music and Entangled tried to talk about her latest entanglement instead of listening to Birdie’s feelings. Now when my wife came home, I told her about my shenanigans and tom foolery and showed her exactly what I was looking at and why and assured her that it wasn’t to hurt her or do something behind her back. We have since then been completely fine. Something that Entangled didn’t know about.
A few weeks went by, the wife and I decided to take our daughter to the pumpkin patch. Our daughter wanted to see her friend so we invited Entangled. Once again she said “I have to work. We lost another person this week.” To which Birdie replied “Your job has the highest turnover rate I've ever seen”. We still wanted to take her daughter with us so that our kids could play, but given our last dance with money, Birdie asked ahead of time if she had money for her daughter. She never responded.
The day comes to go to the pumpkin patch and I message Entangled myself and asked if she had money for her daughter to go with us. She responds within minutes to my message. I let Birdie know this and she's pissed. For the last few days, we had talked about how we believed that Entangled has unresolved feelings for me and that is why she acts the way that she does. We talked about a plan to find the truth. This is when Birdie said “Let's do it. Let's find out the truth about how she really feels. How far will she go?” This is the day that our plan of epic proportions began. I know the day I meet the devil he will no doubt show me everything we did on a giant flat screen and say “I have to admit this, I'm a huge fan.”
So, I hit her up, something I have not done for at least a year. Which should already be a red flag. Your best friends' husband is messaging you out of the blue and you don’t find that odd? I start by asking if she's really that hard up for cash. “Yes, it's been pretty rough.” she says.
“I have a way for you to make money. Have you ever thought about making an onlyfans and premium snapchat? Theres a lot of money to be made there.” I said. She said “No I haven't. I'm afraid of being found out. Have you seen me?” Our plan is now being set in motion. I reassure her that she can pull it off. The first sign that she should have reached out to her best friend, and I use that term loosely. Scumbag moment one.
We start to have a more in-depth conversation about the money to be made. I text her and say, “I can help with promoting, what content to make and help make the content if you want.” “Really??” “Yes, Birdie doesn’t want to do this with me and I want my hands on some of that money.” She rubs the last two remaining brain cells she has left together and asks something smart for a change. “Is this a trick?” “No.” “I don’t want to hurt Birdie.” “It's fine. She doesn’t want to do this with me.” Now, seeing as how this is another red flag, this is scumbag moment number two. Again, she should have reached out to Birdie by now. A few days goes by, and Birdie and I decide to go out to dinner. The Entangled one messages Birdie. Her latest entanglement has cut her off. She's upset and wants to hangout. Birdie and I see this as an opportunity. “We were about to go to dinner. Do you have money to go out?” Birdie asks. “No, I won’t have money till Thursday.” Birdie looks at me and we agree to pay for her one last time. “You know what we’ll come pick you up. We’ll spot you this time.” “Are you sure??” “Yea, be ready in fifteen.”
We decide that this will be our moment to lay it on thick; that Birdie and I are not in a good place in our relationship. We put on such a performance that we deserve an award. We were so cold to each other throughout the whole car ride and dinner. It was hard because Birdie and I rarely fight and never speak to each other the way we did that night. When we got home, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other because we both felt so bad for being that mean to one another. We just wanted to show each other the love we have for each other.
While we were at dinner Birdie went to the bathroom. Her and I talked about her consideration for the accounts and how much we can make. She again said she doesn’t have the body for it so I reassured her that we can still do it because women who looked a lot worse than her and almost three times her size were making mad money. She was biting and biting hard, she wanted to go for it but was still really hesitant. I just hadn't given her the right type of buttering up and conditions to seal the deal. Two days later Birdie hit her up. She started talking to her about how she found more suspect shit on my phone. This was all part of our plan. Birdie then called me and we figured out what things to text each other to screenshot and send to Entangled. We made her believe that we entered an open marriage with limitations. Example no ex’s, that would include her. This whole time Birdie is texting Entangled that she is so nervous about this proposition and scared of how it'll affect our marriage. Entangled was eating this shit up and telling Birdie she will be fine and she was proud of my wife for asking for an open marriage. Something we would never actually do. We don’t like to share. Birdie told Entangled that she was so nervous when she asked me if I wanted an open marriage. She replied “It’s okay, I was nervous to when I asked my husband.” Which Birdie then realized that Entangled had lied to her about how she got her open marriage. This made Birdie even more pissed. It was the white-hot rage of a thousand burning suns. Entangled had yet again lied about dumb shit.
Two days later, Birdie has an idea. She sends a video to Entangled showing her a pack of condoms in my back pack and one is missing. Birdie states how upset this actually makes her feel and all Entangled can say is “I'm sorry Birdie, but since he's so quick to start this then it's time for you to do you also.” Instead of trying to make Birdie feel better, Entangled went on to talk about seeing her latest entanglement. Because his girlfriend wasn’t there. She told Birdie at dinner that he had said “If this doesn’t work out, I know where to go.” So instead of being a friend, she focused on dick, again, and began to make the conversation about her. Birdie doesn’t want to talk to her anymore so she stops responding but not before Entangled sends Birdie a picture of a firepit and saying I will be doing some manifesting tonight. When that picture was sent, I started feeling sick. I wanted to throw up. I was dizzy. I felt like I was being pulled to somewhere I didn’t belong. Luckily it stops a short while later.
A few days go by, and here is the beginning of the end. My wife and I start texting her together from my phone. I started off by asking her about my proposition. Talking about how much money can be made. I started throwing in numbers from different sites like pornhub, manyvids and onlyfans. She was nervous about doing it because she didn’t want to be recognized by our tattoos and faces. So, I asked if we covered up would you do it? She said yes. Scumbag moment number three.
She stopped responding for a while because of work. In between long pauses, Birdie was messaging her from my phone because I was driving. Birdie was asking her questions about the past and if she thought of it and us and it was all sweet nothings. Entangled ate it all up. She agreed that she too had thought about the past and would not mind doing the things we used to do. When she agreed that she was open for anything Birdie lost her mind. Scumbag moment number four. What also infuriated Birdie was that I said “Can I be honest?” “Go ahead.” “Don’t ever tell Birdie.” Entangled replied “I won't.” Scumbag moment number five. This was supposed to be her best friend. Anyone else would have messaged Birdie if this was happening. Now because Birdie sent her screenshots of our conversations pertaining to our “open marriage”, she already knows that ex’s are off limits. This does not stop her. Here comes the nail in the coffin. Birdie sends a text, “Can I get a picture?” Entangled replies “On here or sanpchat?” Birdie is pissed and responds from my phone, “On here.” “Are you sure? I don’t want to get caught.” Birdie replies, “We won't. I changed the passcode to my phone.” There's a long pause. So, Birdie decides to use a picture I've sent her to send to the Entanglement. And just as we suspected this bitch sent a picture of her old, used and abused cooter to my phone within seconds. Scumbag moment number four. Birdie is floored. She damn near hit china. This seven-month pregnant waddler wanted to beat this bitch's ass. Birdie then asks if I can come over tonight. She said “I would but he doesn’t leave until ten.” Referring to her husband. To which Birdie said, “Let me know, I'll make it worth your while. I’ll put my tongue ring back in.” Safe to say she was intrigued. A couple hours go by and Birdie wants to confront this bitch. In order to find out she asks Entangled if she's still at work because I want more pictures. Entangled says she's home. We got our sitter and left to go fuck shit up!
We pulled up and my wife starts knocking on her door. She doesn’t answer. So, she calls her and Entangled comes out like hey, how's everything going? The first words out of my wife's mouth are “Did you send a picture of your vagina to my husband?” She’s stunned, speechless. My wife asks again, “Did you send a picture of your vagina to my husband?!” She still doesn’t know what to say. She stammers, “No. I didn’t.” Birdie looks back at me grinning, and asks again. “Did you or did you not send a picture of your vagina to my husband??” She finally notices me. Just sitting there, not in trouble at all. Chillin. Then it all goes downhill from here, depending on whose perspective your looking at it from. “Did you or did you not agree to make content with my husband for only fans and premium?!” This bitch did not know what to say. She had no words. It’s like her brain was just stuck on stupid. Birdie was going off. “Why are you like this? Why didn’t you tell me, Entangled? You had over a fucking week to say something, why didn’t you message me and ask why is your husband texting me like this and asking me to make content for these sites? Why are you such a shitty friend?” “I never fully agreed to do anything!” “So that makes it okay? You only half agreed?! You make no fucking sense Entangled.” Entangled just stammers with no words coming out of her mouth.
She then went in on all the times that Entangled was such a shitty friend. Reasons I already shared. She said, “Why don’t you listen to me when I talk? When we drive together, you’re taking pictures of the city and not even truly listening to me. You made my grandmothers death about you; you made my miscarriage about you. I told you that I was scared my husband was cheating on me and you called him a piece of shit and took that opportunity to just talk shit about him. Not helpful at all.” She also noted how I made a tinder profile to see if I can spot any of those hilarious ass profiles. That’s the dumb cringy shit we had fought about because I’m a potato. She said, “Everything is always made about you, it doesn’t matter what it is. You don’t relate it to it, you just make it about you.” As previously stated, Entangled gave up her son and told me that we could spend more time together now that he’s gone, my wife addressed that real quick. My bomb ass wife says and I quote, “You said you were balling your eyes out about MY miscarriage and then had the audacity to say that I didn’t have the same chance you did with your son. What, you thought I would give up my son for some dick like you did?!”Entangled’s eyes land on me. Angry, looking at me like “You stupid mother fucker I hate you.”
Hahaha. I don’t fucking care anymore. I tell my wife everything.
At this point, I address how she treated me all these years and how it’s made me feel. How she gave up her son and told me how now we can spend more time together and no one helped her. I told her how much I scarified to be able to help her and be there for her son, how we had bonded and that what she did still hurts me to this day. I told her that from that day forward it never would have worked out between us. Ever. That was the moment where I lost respect for her as a person and as a mother. I told her how she made me feel when she showed everyone my dick pics and our sexual prowess. Remember the two friends I told you about? The ones that wanted to share me? Yea, my wife said, “Did you even know that your bitch and her friend tried to get a threesome with him? And even said how they would blackmail you if it didn’t happen??” “No, I had no idea.” “Yea, well that’s what happens when you tell everyone your shit.” I mentioned how now in front of a group of people that my wife’s reputation is tarnished. “You’re a hoe, you proud of being a hoe. So, people are gonna automatically think that Birdie is the same way. You said shit about me and what we’ve done, that tarnishes my name and makes me look like I’m down for anything and everything when that wasn’t the case ever. You did that.” People really thought my wife was a hoe because her best friend is one and how I was just a slab of meat willing to sleep with anyone and they wanted to use me for sex.
We laid it all on the line and how the friendship is over and that it’s been over. How she’s tired of trying to keep that friendship alive when there was nothing there anymore. The only thing keeping that friendship alive was the friendship of our daughters. There is no way this friendship will ever come back from everything that has happened. I then became very adamant about speaking with her husband because I had shit I wanted to say. It took a while but she finally agreed to bring him outside. She forced him to come outside to speak with us. We wanted to clear our names and tell the truth. He hated us only knowing a ¼ of the truth.
He comes out. My wife takes lead. “We’re here right now because your wife is on some dumb shit. This friendship is done, over. We wanted to talk to you so that we could clear the air and squash this shit once and for all.” Birdie says. “I have nothing to say to him” says Entangled’s husband. “That’s completely fine, we just have shit that we need to say because your wife here hasn’t been telling the whole truth.” He nods. It almost seems like he’s not surprised by the things that Birdie is saying. My wife reminds him, “I’m not here to squash shit because I want us to be friends singing kumbaya in front of a bonfire. I just want to make sure that I'm good terms with you because I love that little girl in there. My daughter loves that little girl and I want to be on good enough terms with you to still be able to see her.” Entangled jumps in and says, “I already said I’ll never keep her from you!”
So, here is where we tell her husband about what happened in 2017 and 2018. “Do you want to tell him or do you want Yoshi to tell him?” Birdie asks. She’s silent, just sobbing. Embarrassed. Caught. Guilty. Birdie and I tell her husband everything that Entangled was lying about. Like how every time she said she was with Birdie, she was out with me. She let him know that she didn’t know what was happening until this year when I told Birdie everything and that she's a shitty friend for doing so. And that she hopes this is enough to clear the air. She reminded him that I have never once wished ill on them and that I too have love for their daughter.
Then came my turn. Finally, I’m able to say my fucking peace, Moonhorse. “I understand that you hate me. I respect that and understand that you can't stand me. I really am sorry about what I did and I know I shouldn’t have done that. What I did to you still haunts me to this day and you have every right to hate me. I don’t want us to be friends either. We are not going to be sitting around the bonfire holding hands, singing till the wee hours of the morning. But there's some things I want you know. The day that your wife told you at the hospital that she cheated on you once, well, that was a lie. It was a yearlong affair that happened in six months blocks in both 2017 and 2018. All those nights that you called off and she was supposed to be hanging with Birdie, she was actually with me. All that money that she begged you for, she spent it on me, taking/sending me places and buying me shit. I’m not trying to be a bigger asshole for telling you this, I just felt that you needed to know the whole truth, which your wife did not do, which made Birdie and myself look even worse.”
He has this look of why is this happening combined with I'm done with this whole situation and this stupid bitch.
I tell him that this is his chance. This is his only chance if he wants it. I'm giving him the opportunity to take a swing at me. He only got one shot, anymore and I would've whooped his ass. “If you want to man, if it’ll make you feel better, to just deck me and be done with it, now’s your chance.” He looks at me with this tired look in his eyes and says “Man it's not even worth it. It's been what two years? It's not worth it to me. If I saw you when it first happened, I would've whooped your ass, but right now. Naw it's not worth it.” he has said his final peace. Entangled actually looks hurt by this. Her husband just heard all her dirty laundry and he DOESN’T want to beat my ass. He doesn’t care that I slept with his wife for all that time. He had this look of complacency. He didn’t care anymore. Next stop, divorce, was the vibe my wife and I got.
Birdie looks at Entangled and said “Now's your chance, say what the fuck you gotta say because this friendship is over. Once I leave here, we’re done.” She's blubbering like a baboon, crying and snot going everywhere. That super ugly crying. She said some halfhearted apology that sounded super fake. Her last words were, “I just want to say I’m sorry to everyone that I hurt, and I didn’t mean to be such a terrible person... you can see our daughter whenever you want, just let us know when and we’ll have her ready...congrats on the new little one...and I wish you guys the best.”
Birdie says “Alight. That’s it?? Cool. Bye”
As Entangled and her husband walked back inside, we noticed the neighbor's windows were open. Birdie says, “Sorry neighbor for all that, had a lot of shit to say.” The neighbor actually replied in a half laugh and says, “You’re good!”
We were laughing our asses off, jumped into my truck and bumped off into the night.
There is one other part in this I feel I should mention. Our friend Seraphina texted Entangled the next day and let her know that her friendship with her was over as well. Even went as far as to retrieve her cat that Entangled was looking after. This poor cat is in bad shape. She has fleas and worms coming out her ass. It's bad, but knowing that her cat is back home where she belongs and getting the treatment she needs, is a good feeling. We all said our peace and did what we felt was necessary.
It's been a long road, a very long road. But it's finally over. Don’t get me wrong, there's a ton more I could've added, but I didn’t because this tale is already a shit show and I don’t want you to get too drunk.
Goodnight Moonhorse and celestial heard. Thank you for letting me tell my tale. Peace.
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2020.10.11 07:15 impalemee Facts

Facts: he was caught in multiple affairs He would pick arguments the counselor warned him that his ptsd would take him down and me down with him. After his affair he was done with me In every way. Only have sex with me then love bomb me and every Friday he would pick a fight. He actually joined some group to get custody. One of his tactics his last ap told me was he would go to support groups cause all of broken girls love to fix people.
I mean all of his aps are domestic abuse survivors so his emotional abuse to me didn’t even register I guess?
Well things got so overt with him today I tried to take our kids skating and last night he stated picking but I started just not defending myself anymore.
But this discard phase I’ve never seen him so cruel. He was happy to get out of the car after he baited me. What no one knows is I left the house after our sons both asked him to go skating and there was no fight leading up to it either just me correcting my oldest for hurting our youngest.
It got so overt it was like in your face stuff like “you ducking genius” he said I would go on reddit and talk crap about him.
He’s been doing this for years. Fact he’s a cheater that never mentioned he had a problem with me how else did he go undercover so long with out being caught? We had sex every day.
He had a Apple Watch paired to my phone. Had spoof texts sent to me about weightloss tablets. He set our wireless name to hate my life. Told me all his sexual fantasies. Now I find out it’s just so he can make me out to be a sex addict. When he’s the one that got caught. I tried offering poly even a don’t ask don’t tell but he refused said I was crazy.
He is so cruel that he’s texting me a history of events that did not even happen. Had me set up a Snapchat to get shrooms All this crap to “better me” was to build a custody case. The whole whole telling people I’m bi polar and an alcoholic.(I don’t drink) He even tries to take throngs and move them.
My hope was he some mischievous emotional sadist (hey I can work with that if he’s open about and I make boundaries) but no he led me on for a year and because he would have people come into bathrooms and whisper shit so I come out looking like a crazy woman. He’d refuse to kiss me in public. I lost 100 lbs from just trying to avoid upsetting him.
Six pack almost from the constant shivering.
The thing was I think I was a bit toxic after discovery day I really wanted us both to go into reconciliation therapy but he didn’t I downloaded an audio book.
He’s not going to ever be with me this was an exit plan every month was a layer of abuse. I started thinking he was of a certain men’s movement so I became like a step Ford wife then I thought well maybe he is a dominant.
Nope he’s just your typical man he found better and doesn’t want to pay child support. He’s even got people trying to approach me, I was flattered because it was like maybe he had an investigator getting tabs on me-that would mean he cared. But no all this time all these adult profiles for three ways wasn’t his fantasy. I started becoming wary because they said they would see us if I would just meet up with them alone with out mybhusband. To be honest he alone is enough for me. I’m fun and women are beautiful to me but I never cheated with a man or woman.
I just loved him I forgave him and became a submissive sex kitten only to be berated for “just thinking about sex”
Well guess what he would tell me to just check my aff messages and our kids were wanting to hang out. I had the feeling something big would happen mid week. He would start complaining. As soon as I started sleeping in another room at night (to avoid the arguments but we would still have sex) he’s the best sex I’ve ever had.
Well it’s like he doesn’t need me anymore. And the girl I suspected was his friend or confidante she dislikes me too my plan was to just work things out with her.
But he’s really going for the gaslighting gold. Seriously I’ve never heard of a woman fixing her marriage and losing her children over it.
I’ve been duped. I tried to get inside his mind find out what he needs he just won’t connect. He’s already connected to something else and to string that along he had to string me along and start fights it’s like clock work it’s not pms. It’s him documenting his abuse journey. The saddest thing is when I joined survive infidelity they told me I was a schmuck for staying so I joined the opposite sub to try to find out why he does this. It’s spousal repulsion.
It kills me to know he’s going to do this to another woman. One like me that likes to fix things frugal and thoughtful. It’s like as soon as I caught on and defended myself the crap got worse. He has this whole support network and I have none. He said I was too attentive of a mother when he got caught that I didn’t pay attention to his needs. I’d be tired at the end of the day. SOs times begging hun to just come home. I have a few things up my sleeve as to what he’s been up to but I hadn’t cared about that. I only cared about how we would share our children in the event.
I don’t feel safe here knowing he has a conflict of interest to paint me in a bad light. He’s so calm when we argue then escalated. I can’t even ask him for help with the kids with out him making a snide remark it’s as if he truly hates me.
Now it’s over and I didn’t even prepare my children or myself for this transition. I just know I’ve lost him and it hurts that he couldn’t let me go when I was stronger. It hurts this whole year I was right about his motives it was the sense of things like a far away look in his eyes. I’ve lost my family now. I’ve really lost them. I’ve stuck my neck out so far to please him posting pics how he is a good daddy I mean he is but he likes tv a lot. I basically became like very submissive so I didn’t nag or anything but now I understand why he’s been so frustrated with me
It’s like I became so compliant or pleasing and all he wanted was out. I wish he would have just told me instead of playing mind games. He’ll take me to the park and kiss me and tell me his love for me but won’t kiss me at the skating rink. I mean. He truly rewrote history today when I bit my tongue so hard. Who or what is so important that you’d stick around for a year to document your a doting husband and father oh yeah.... child support and alimony. Lol I probably nullified that, check. Now he’s got me so crazy and desperate I asked him to write down something saying we can see other people and he’s like screaming over me leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone. Seriously I left to day to take our kids skating and he sends off a series of texts recounting an absolutely false set of history. He said I fought with him since last night.
And I didn’t I went straight to my bed because he was starting to ramp up his fight quota.
So listen up if you think they are mean. Run like hell because you can lose your children trying to figure it all out. I mean he kept trying to turn me into this one chick suggesting I be friends with her and skate like her. Looked at Blondes only blondes with big boobs for two hours so I went out to get hair dye and someone walks up and takes a photo of our kids in the curb side pick up. Everything is going to work against me. Courts don’t care that I can prove a cheating. They care about your parental abilities. I bet since he has spyware on my phone he’s going to take the kids on kid dates it’s only been 7 years.
I should have never tried to fix something that was broken. I found out the name of the game after I lost and the whole time he was preaching to trust him! Why would he accept sex from me if he was planning to annihilate me? Why led me on like a fool I mean I gave him fuel to set me on fire and now I lose our kids. Only friends I have are ones he introduced me too. He hates mine and you know what he seems like the most calmest disciplined individual and so charming and modest. I really believed I was crazy til I started not responding and not caring.
I noticed stuff was missing in our home but never did I lose anything out of our house. I’ve had to take videos of me dropping our children’s assignments off at the school.
I’m fine sleeping in the tiny bedroom I offered the master bedroom because no body will believe this but I used to be a helicopter Mom.
I swear if I had of just never came back to pick him up from skating and just ignore him my night would have been better. But he sent a text talking about since you won’t let me go skating with them I guess I’ll go somewhere. Then I told him I’ll come back then I’m he started with the aggressive acceleration the hard breaks the speeding and telling me I’ve been fighting with him all night (not true I was in another room) and I just popped. Like I could stand it anymore how can he just lie lie lie.
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Particularly with men. Guys, I’m struggling so bad right now. I (21F) just got out of a relationship with my boyfriend of three years and it hit hard. I miss him of course but he wasn’t very good to me. He took my virginity and ever since then I have severe anxiety involving sex. For the past two years, I can’t do sexual things without having panic attacks or crying. People don’t seem to understand how badly this affects me.
After me and my boyfriend broke up his uncle confessed that he has a crush on me, he’s my mom’s age. I told him that it was okay that he told me that, but that we would never work and that I would rather be upfront about that. I said I won’t make it awkward that he said anything, but we are going to move on from it because I don’t date guys that are 5 years older than me, much less twice my age. I only text with him because I’ve heard him mention to his family that they never reach out and make sure he’s okay. He moved to Denver (the rest of us live in North Carolina) about a year ago and only comes back on holidays cause he’s always working, and apparently people only ever reach out to him if they need money or something. Not me. Even when I was still dating my boyfriend, every now and then I’d text the uncle and ask him if he was okay and if work was going well. I felt that this was appropriate because that’s all we’d talk about. I know how it feels to wonder if people ever care about you specifically, and I didn’t want him to feel like he wasn’t important. So I figured by saying what’s up, how’re you, etc. maybe he’d know he wasn’t alone.
Since I’m the only person who really ever did that, I guess that’s how the crush developed. It’s sort of like how patients can easily develop crushes on their therapists, caretaker, or doctors. We love when people care about us, it’s natural. Plus, I’m young and beautiful. I explained to him that this was likely where the crush was coming from, because he had asked if I was mad and I didn’t want him to think there would be a problem with him having a crush. I told him I’m glad he told me, but we have identified why he likely feels this way, and this knowledge could help him to move past it. I told him I wasn’t interested but that I appreciated his transparency and there would be no need to feel guilty about how he feels, I won’t mention it to anyone and it could stay between us. I thought that would be the end of it. Nope! Then he got persistent.
He kept asking why, so I explained the age difference. “Oh but age is just a number,” he would say. So I told him I don’t have sex. Ever. And I never will. And that I know he can’t handle that in a relationship (he always used to date 19-year-olds and I’m pretty sure sex was the only reason), so it would never work. He asked why I’d never have sex in a relationship and I responded “It gives me panic attacks and makes me hyperventilate/cry.” He knows why that happens. And I know he knows why, because when we were still dating, my boyfriend told him about how I respond to sex when he was asking his uncle for advice.
Then the uncle explains that he could fix the way sex makes me feel and make it all better. Then he asks me what I like. I tell him he can ask his nephew if he wants to know so bad and he replies, “I already have asked him.” Then he proceeds to tell me what I like and he gets it right which means he knows. I felt extremely violated by this point and told him I didn’t like any of it and I’m never doing it again even when I marry someone. He insisted that would change and then ended up saying I’d see him on the holidays. I told him I’d probably never see him again now that me and his nephew are broken up. Then he goes, “You will see me.” And ends up saying, “I’m gonna kiss you.” And I said, “Yeah, my ass.” To which he responded, “Tempting.”
Then he started asking repeatedly if I was mad yet and I ended up asking him if he wanted me to be mad. Was there something about me getting angry that would make this rejection easier for him to deal with? I asked him that and he was like, “No. Maybe so.”
He ended up changing the subject and the next morning texted me and told me to pretend that entire conversation never happened last night. I said, “We talked last night?” And he said “Nope” with lots of laughing and sticking out tongue emojis.
At first I was passive about how I felt. Yeah, he talked about things that made me uncomfortable but I dismissed everything I didn’t like about it by validating how he was feeling, even in my own mind. I didn’t give myself permission to have any feelings regarding it. PLUS, I didn’t see where I had any right to complain because at any point in time I could’ve just shut the conversation down and stopped talking about it. I never did that. And I still feel like I can’t cut him off because then I know I would feel overwhelmingly guilty. I know that would be more detrimental to me than just dealing with him. I don’t want to make him, or anyone, mad or upset with me, and I definitely don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
I told my now-ex boyfriend what the uncle said, and he just responded “I’m not surprised.” And then just briefly mentioned that this further proves he can’t trust anyone in his family (his family is crazy and not good to him, long story). He never mentioned how I felt about it or acknowledged that it was wrong, only that he wasn’t surprised and can’t trust. I was hurt that he didn’t even ask how it made me feel or anything, but then again I broke up with him because he never cared about me ever. I asked if the uncle had always been like this, and he said yes. I asked him why he told his uncle the intimate details of our sex life if he knew that the uncle was weird and he just said “I didn’t know-know, but looking back I see the signs. He’s always been this way towards other people so.” Then we dropped it.
THE VERY NEXT DAY, one of my ex’s friends is texting me. I’m still nice to his friends because they became my friends too, and that didn’t end just cause we broke up. One in particular talks to me more than the others, and sometimes we flirt with each other a little bit, just lightheartedly joking around, nothing at all serious. I don’t mind this and last week we both came to the agreement that we weren’t looking for a relationship and that we are just friends playing around. I was thankful for this because it takes a lot of pressure off wondering if the flirting would ever be taken wrong, and this way we could have our playful and occasionally minimally sexual banter. I loved this because I always feel like men are only my friend because they want one thing. And I told him that, and thanked him a ton for wanting to be my friend because many people don’t like me enough for that usually. He assure me I was great and he loved being my friend. Perfect right? Wrong.
So, it’s the day after the uncle tells me to forget about our conversation the night before and I’m texting my ex’s friend like I often do. This friend is Ohio but keeps up with my ex via phone and video games. I’m his friend on PSN and we text on phones. On this particular day, my sister did my make up really nice because she wanted to work on this photography project she saw on Pinterest and recreate some of their photos with me as the subject. I didn’t mind and they turned out really nice. None of them were provocative at all. I was wearing a tank top in them, but it was a modest one. In maybe two of all the pictures, you could see a little bit of cleavage. Not much at all and I have small boobs anyway so it wasn’t much of treat for anyone. Still, my ex’s friend loved them. Our joking back and forth turned very sexually charged very quickly and I joined in at first to have a little fun, but it didn’t take long for me to wish I hadn’t. He ended up saying he wanted me to send pics of myself undressed with my sword (we both collect knives and swords), and that he wanted to send me some pictures too.
The more we talked the less we joked and things were getting more serious and I was very uncomfortable. He’s 28 so it’s not as weird as the uncle thing, but I didn’t like it still. If I’d ignore him about wanting to exchange pics, he’d keep bringing it up. Finally I gave him a “maybe” and I hated that because I wanted to say no. I never just say no and I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I wanna please everyone so much. So he liked that. He kept joking and flirting but also he kept mentioning the pictures. I ended up freezing the whole conversation to tell them that I was getting a little bit on the edge of being uncomfortable and that I LOVE our conversation and the jokes, even the sexual ones, don’t bother me, but that I start to feel pressure (not his fault) whenever the conversation gets too close to more specific, serious things about sex (I meant even the act of exchanging pictures but I didn’t say that so I guess he didn’t understand). He knows why, he knew the whole story of what happened with me and my ex too, just like the uncle did. He knows I cry and panic. I told him my anxiety was starting to come back and that as much as I LOVE the joking and how fun our conversation was, maybe we should calm down a bit. He ended up sympathizing for a little while but then right back to the sexual themes again. This angered me, so my responses got less frequent. He never noticed. He still kept talking about how if I ever got uncomfortable I’d need to “let him know quick” because apparently he sends “spontaneous dick pics.” The way I saw it, I had already let him know and he was ignoring it. I told him to hold off on that, which wasn’t an explicit “I will never want that!” and I know I could’ve done better but being straightforward literally makes me cry. So I did try my best.
Then I told him I had to leave to go to work, and he told me that he already downloaded all the pictures from my photoshoot and then he told me what he was going to use them for. If you know what I mean. This made me feel super nasty. I wanted to delete all my pictures and my profile. I can’t stand looking at the pictures anymore and knowing what I know. I didn’t take them for that kind of attention and it just makes me feel dirty. I can’t tell if me feeling gross is because of how sex makes me feel panicked or if it’s because that’s how anyone would feel to find out someone is getting off to a picture of them. Still, I feel like I can’t complain because I was flirting and encouraging the sexual themes at first. This is the same shit I got myself into with my ex. I’d make sex jokes, all the time. I love sex jokes cause they make me laugh. But the guys start taking it so serious idk what to.
I mentioned this to my ex as well and he wrote it off as just one more betrayal, but he did apologize on their behalves for making me feel gross and being vulgar. That was appreciated.
Why don’t I just block these men? Or something?? I’m letting them treat me like this and because of that I forfeit my right to get angry. Please tell me how to be more assertive, without caring. I always care too much. Please help. Sorry this was so long, I’ve been dozing just writing it so please ignore grammatical errors. Much love!
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