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Song for Arbonne is, like many of Guy Gavriel Kay's works, a pseudo-historical fantasy set in a fictional yet wholly recognizable time and place in our own world, in this case, 13th century France, specifically, the southern provinces (Aquitaine, Provence, Burgundy, etc.). Here the eponymous fictional kingdom of "Arbonne" acts as the stand-in. Review of "A Song for Arbonne" by Guy Gavriel Kay Following on the heels of the success of his 1990 Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay’s 1992 A Song for Arbonne finds the author moving in a slightly new direction. Toning down the magic but upping the ante from a soft-fantasy/romance point of view, the novel is almost a paean to the virtues of femininity. Guy Gavriel Kay: A Song for Arbonne Review (of the spoiler-filled variety) Review. spoiler. Close • Posted by 16 minutes ago. Guy Gavriel Kay: A Song for Arbonne Review (of the spoiler-filled variety) Review. spoiler. Click to see spoiler. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A Song for Arbonne at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. In my continuing quest to read Kay's work, I've just finished A Song for Arbonne. So far, I've read: Under Heaven, River of Stars, and The Summer Tree. Kay once again effortlessly sucked me into the book. His worlds always feel so alive. It really helps that he writes engaging characters. The stand outs for me were: Blaise, Bertran, and Signe. With Song for Arbonne, I found myself going days, even a week at a time without really feeling the need to dive in. That said, compared to most fantasy literature, Song for Arbonne is a clear step above the usual morass of mediocrity, but it certainly doesn't reach the heights of Kay's best works, nor even those of other entries to the genre. A Song for Arbonne was my second novel by Guy Gavrial Kay (the first one was Tigana). It is a novel I liked much better on the second reading. The first time I read it, I was in my early twenties and the book didn't resonate with me. The second time I read, I was a bit older and less moralistically inclined, so I liked it much better. Song for Arbonne is, like many of Guy Gavriel Kay's works, a pseudo-historical fantasy set in a fictional yet wholly recognizable time and place in our own world, in this case, 13th century France, specifically, the southern provinces (Aquitaine, Provence, Burgundy, etc.). Here the eponymous fictional kingdom of "Arbonne" acts as the stand-in. Song for Arbonne is, like many of Guy Gavriel Kay's works, a pseudo-historical fantasy set in a fictional yet wholly recognizable time and place in our own world, in this case, 13th century France, specifically, the southern provinces (Aquitaine, Provence, Burgundy, etc.). Here the eponymous fictional kingdom of "Arbonne" acts as the stand-in.

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(The following review is a transcription from audio)
Recap I’m excited to revisit a book that has been so important to me, but I’m really thrilled because we are finally talking about a book from the High Fantasy subgenre. I’m sure there are a lot of definitions about this term out there in the fandom – and also a lot of arguments about defining it – so let me just say that I’m using the term High Fantasy simply to mean a fantasy story that takes place entirely in an imaginary self-contained world with its own rules and properties. The Lord of the Rings is the classic example of High Fantasy, but also there is Game of Thrones. And for a lot of people High Fantasy is Fantasy – this was certainly true for me as an adolescent – and I expect that we’ll read a lot more of this sub-genre as we go.
Now, this is not universally the case, but it often makes sense to begin any dive into a work of High Fantasy by talking about the world before getting into the plot and characters, so let’s do that first. In A Song for Arbonne, Kay imagines a world more-or-less similar to Western Europe during the High Middle Ages, which is the classic period of the Middle Ages between the year 1000 and the onset of the Black Death in 1348. So, this is a world with knights and castles, kings and counts, and a continent full of people speaking different languages and arranged in independent polities but which shares a common religion.
That religion is going to be important, so let’s start with that. We don’t actually know all that much about the religion, but because Kay is working within a high-medieval paradigm he’s able to insinuate a lot by simply presenting us with a priestly monotheism at least broadly similar to medieval Christianity. There is a single God, whose name is Corannos, and he has priests and temples. There is some kind of hierarchy among the priests, though it’s not clear if that organization supersedes political boundaries. What is clear, though, is that this religion is at least nominally important for lay-people as well, and in this world knights are called “corans” and they are officially members of the Order of Corannos who have been consecrated by a priest. Sadly, we don’t ever see this consecration in action in the book, but we can envision something similar to a medieval knighting ceremony like the one described by Ramon Llull in the late thirteenth century.
Now there’s a catch to the universality of this religion on this continent: there is one region where a variation of this religion is practiced, and of course that region is Arbonne, where our story will take place. People in Arbonne worship the god Coran, but they also worship the goddess Rian whom they regard as more important, and indeed the clerical organization of Rian is closely affiliated with the ruling family of Arbonne. This religious difference is going to drive the central conflict of the book, but the plot hinges on geo-politics, so let’s turn our attention there.
Arbonne is one of six linguistically distinct regions on this continent – and you’ll notice I’m carefully avoiding using the words “country” and “state” here, and there will be more on that in the next segment. Alright, so Arbonne is one of six regions and these are all loosely based on Western Europe in the High Middle Ages. Arbonne is southern France, and there are correspondences to northern Italy, Germany, Spain, and England as well. But the region that matters most is Gorhaut, which corresponds to northern France and is therefore the northern neighbor of Arbonne.
There are two things that matter about Gorhaut. The first is that it has been involved in a protracted war with its neighbor Valensa, which is the analog to England in this world, and has lost a massive chunk of territory in a peace treaty that followed a devastating military defeat. The second is that Gorhaut is the center of the Corannos religion. This is where the god Corannos was born long ago in the days before the creation of humans and it is therefore where the High Elder of Corannos resides.
This High Elder is a man named Galbert de Garsenc and he despises the people of Arbonne because of their religion – a religion he regards as a heresy. There’s a great passage about this fairly early in the book when Galbert is calling for the king of Gorhaut to invade Arbonne and destroy the Rian religion. Galbert says: “Gorhaut is the Heartland, the place where Corannos of the Ancients was born in the days before man walked and woman fell into her ruin.” And then a little later he says “Beyond the mountains south of us they mock Corannos. They live under the god’s own bright sun, which is the most gracious gift to man, and they mock his sovereignty. They demean him with temples to a woman, a foul goddess of midnight and magics and the blood-stained rites of women. They cripple and wound our beloved Corannos with this heresy. They unman him – or they think they do.”
So we can see that misogyny is at the heart of this hatred and hostility. Galbert thinks of women as fallen or debased, and the fact that women play a role in the religious life of Arbonne disturbs him. Moreover, Arbonne in general fails to uphold Galbert’s standards of misogyny. The current ruler is a woman and the defining aspect of Arbonnais culture is troubadour love poetry – a literature that places elite women at the center of society and encourages them to have sexual relationships with men who aren’t their husbands – namely, troubadours.
And while the plot of the book culminates in the invasion of Arbonne, the book is really about Arbonnais culture and especially about troubadours. So now that we are many minutes into our recap, it’s probably time to meet our protagonist, through whose eyes we will see Arbonne and the rest of this imaginary world. That protagonist is Blaise de Garsenc, the younger son of the High Elder of Corannos, Galbert de Garsenc.
When we meet Blaise, he’s been working as a mercenary soldier for several years despite the fact that he is a member of a wealthy and politically powerful family. Blaise was deeply upset by the treaty that ceded the northern part of Gorhaut to Valensa – a treaty largely the work of his own father. Blaise was at the battle that led to this treaty – he saw his king killed along with many of his comrades – and so for him this treaty was a betrayal by the new king, even perhaps a sort of treason.
Blaise begins the novel working for a small-time local lord, but he is quickly recruited by one of the major players in Arbonnais politics who has figured out who Blaise is, even though he never uses his patronym. As Blaise is having various adventures throughout Arbonne such as kidnapping a troubadour and participating in the regional holidays, we get a series of cut scenes in Gorhaut – and that’s where the speech from Galbert de Garsenc comes from. Through these cut scenes it becomes clear that Gorhaut is going to use the security of the treaty with Valensa to invade Arbonne, and our Arbonnais characters are not unaware of this either.
In these cut scenes we also meet the rest of Blaise’s family, especially his sister-in-law Rosala who is pregnant. Rosala is afraid of her father the High Elder and also of the new king who puts his own misogyny into practice by using his station to sexually assault women without consequence and who has his eye on her. We’ll talk more about Rosala’s experiences in the next segment, but what matters for the recap – and we’re nearing the end – what matters here is that Rosala flees to Arbonne and receives political asylum for herself and her infant son.
In the end, Blaise declares himself the rightful king of Gorhaut and there is a big battle in Arbonne to settle the matter. Blaise and his Arbonnais allies – and a not insignificant number of disaffect Gorhautians – win the day and Blaise becomes king and his father Galbert is killed. There are a dizzying number of personal stories that I’ve left out of the recap – though we’ll talk about some of them in upcoming segments – and these all get neatly and happily wrapped up in the end, too. There’s at least one wedding, a secret child, and a redeemed buffoon – it’s all actually quite Shakespearean and it’s really rather emotionally satisfying. And that brings us to the end of A Song for Arbonne, but there’s still a lot to talk about, so let’s jump into some Themes and Motifs.

Themes and Motifs My entry into thinking about A Song for Arbonne is through the historical Albigensian Crusade and the High Middle Ages – and I should say that I’m recording this episode only a few days after I’ve finished up teaching a course on War and Society in the High Middle Ages, so this is really the lens through which I’m viewing this fantasy novel.
Alright, so, the Albigensian Crusade. As it says on the box, this was a Crusade – a papally sanctioned holy war – and it began in 1209 and ended ish in 1229. Most Crusades involved Western Christian armies fighting non-Christians outside of Western Christendom – the Holy Land, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain of course – and Kay has another book all about this – and also north-eastern Europe. But the Albigensian Crusade has the distinction of being waged within Western Christendom against other Christians – Christians deemed heretics, but Christians nonetheless, and we’ll come back to that in just a minute.
The Crusader was largely undertaken with the support and leadership of the French royal family, but it’s important to note that in this case the kingdom of France was limited to only a small part of what we today think of as France, really just north-central and north-eastern France. Almost all of western France was ruled by the kings of England – in this book that’s Valensa, which really seems to be Normandy, the region of France that was an important part of the English crown. South-eastern France was a semi-autonomous region of the Holy Roman Empire – greater Germany, we might say. And, finally, we come to the part of France on which Arbonne itself is based – south-central France, the Languedoc. This was a patchwork of independent polities that recognized the suzerainty of the Count of Toulouse as well as the Count of Barcelona. People in this region spoke a distinct language called Occitan or Occitanian – and that’s what Languedoc means – it’s the place where people use “oc” for “yes” and is contrasted to the Languedoil where people say “oui.”
The culture of the Languedoc was distinct from the culture for France in a number of ways besides language, and I’ll talk about two of these, but let’s start with religion. By definition, a Crusade is a religious war and in this case it was a war to stamp out the Albigensian heresy – and Albigensian, by the way, just means “having to do with the area around the town of Albi” – and in A Song for Arbonne this heresy is represented by the Rian religion – a religion that doesn’t deny Corannos’s existence, but has a different theological understanding of who he is and of his relationship with Rian, who is also acknowledged in the orthodox Corannos religion.
The heresy that the Crusaders wanted to stamp out in southern France is called Catharism, and the people who practice it are called Cathars. For medieval and early modern theologians, Catharism was a dualist and anti-materialist heretical form of Christianity. Cathars believed in God and regarded the Bible as scripture, but they thought that they lived in an ongoing battle between the forces of Good and Evil, or God and Satan. Moreover, the material world – the world we live in – wasn’t the creation of God, but of Satan and that it is therefore an evil place. Because the world is an evil place, it is sinful to reproduce – the condemn souls to live in this vile prison – and also to delight in eating or other bodily pleasures. Bodies themselves are evil, and this belief necessarily runs into some problems in Christianity, which is centered around the idea that God himself was once incarnated in the form of Jesus Christ. But if bodies are evil and God gave himself a body, then is God evil is a question that might arise from these two beliefs. And so Cathars had a complicated understanding of Jesus Christ and the extent to which he had a body and whether he really was God and so on.
None of this makes it’s way into A Song for Arbonne – and we’ll get back to our book in a moment, but before we do I want to say that scholars now tend to think that everything I just told you is wrong, that it was all invented or exaggerated by the Inquisition and later writers, and indeed much of this scholarly work got started around the time that Kay was writing A Song for Arbonne. If you’re interested in reading more about this I’d suggest two books: one by my fellow Princetonian Mark Pegg called A Most Holy War: The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christendom; and the other is The War on Heresy by R.I. Moore. Both of these are fascinating works of scholarship.
Okay, let’s get back to Arbonne. We can see a loose parallel with Catharism in the idea that there are two deities, Rian and Corannos, though this isn’t really a form of dualism. But for the most part Kay has abandoned any of the particulars of Catharism and instead adapted some of the other cultural distinctions between northern and southern France for his purposes. This is probably a good move because the Venn Diagram of people who are super into Christian theology and also super into fantasy novels is more or less monopolized by Gene Wolfe fans.
So what Kay does instead is make this about women – and in particular about misogyny. We’ve seen already in the recap segment that the Corannos religion believes that women are fallen creatures and that men are not – and this has an obvious parallel in some Christian interpretations of Adam and Eve and The Fall of Man. And Galbert de Garsenc hates women and, seemingly, so does his entire culture. We see much of this from the perspective of the character Rosala who fears for her body and her life and eventually flees Gorhaut because she refuses to allow a daughter to grow up with these same fears or to allow a son to be raised to hate women. Kay takes this a step farther – a step too far, I think, actually – by giving us a young king who is a sexual predator who openly pursues the wives of other members of the ruling class and who holds court while receiving oral sex from a serving woman.
All of this is contrasted in Arbonne, where a woman rules and where there is a female god and a female high priest. Moreover, in Arbonne, love poetry venerates women for their beauty and their secular attributes, and the women of the ruling class – although married young and without their own input or real consent – take lovers as they please.
Now, in our popular culture we tend to think of the High Middle Ages as an inherently misogynistic culture, or at least a sexist culture. Men held power and lived public lives while women worked in the home or, in the case of elite women, were held prisoner in castles and deemed important only as part of real estate deals. The reality, of course, is much more complicated than this, but this picture does derive some important scholarship of the middle and late twentieth century – and it’s scholarship that Kay says he has read in his acknowledgements.
In particular, Kay has read the work of French historian Georges Duby, one of the most important medievalists of the twentieth century. In a series of books and articles between 1950 and 1985, Duby described the aristocratic culture of northern France during the High Middle Ages as a rape culture. Duby points to the fact that women were married off at ages that make us extremely uncomfortable – twelve, thirteen, fourteen – married off as girls, as children, as people incapable of giving informed consent. Aristocratic women, in Duby’s interpretation of narrative sources, were largely powerless and were completely separated from society. Duby’s argument makes use of a number of religious texts, as well, and he points to changing conceptions of marriage during the High Middle Ages, such as a new emphasis on clerical celibacy – forbidding priests from marrying and having children.
Most scholars no longer accept Duby’s picture of medieval elite society – a picture framed by the types of sources Duby used and even more so by the types of sources he didn’t use. And this question – was High Medieval society a rape culture – was one of the historiographical debates that my students conducted in my War and Society in the High Middle Ages course this past semester. When I do these debates, I put the students in three groups and have them champion one scholar’s answer to a set of questions in dialogue – or argument – with scholars who have come to different conclusions. I also always have a group of student judges decide the winner of the debate, and in this case Duby’s interpretation received no support from the student judges.
Still, even though no medieval king ever received oral sex on his throne in front of his court, Kay creates some compelling bad guys this way and champions the fair treatment of women, and that’s certainly a good thing. And Kay has done more than just read Georges Duby, here. Kay has also done a lot of reading about Occitanian troubadours, a literary phenomenon of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Troubadours wrote love poetry that was performed in elite households – courts, if you like – throughout the Languedoc, and troubadours themselves were prominent members of Occitanian society, and indeed the first troubadours were members of the elite – and this is something that Kay shows us in Arbonne, as well.
Troubadour poetry places women at the center of elite social life, but it also is foundational in the invention of romantic love as cultural ideal – something to be prized and prioritized. If you’ve read any book or seen any TV show with a love story in it, then you’ve experienced the legacy of troubadour poetry. But on top of this, many women were troubadours, and so the percentage of women writing literature in the Languedoc is much higher than in any other part of Western Christendom at this time.
And the contrast between the place and role of women in this society and that of Duby’s image of northern France is stark and obvious, and it’s something that many scholars have written about. If you’re interested in this, I recommend the book The Women Troubadours by Meg Bogin. The Georges Duby book I suggest is The Knight, the Lady, and the Priest, and if you’d like to contrast that with one of the other scholars I use in my class, you should check Kimberly LoPrete’s biography of Adela of Blois. These books are all great and worth reading on their own, but I think you’ll especially enjoy them if you’ve been as captivated by Arbonne as I have.
So, to summarize this all up before we move on to the other theme I want to talk about, Kay has imagined the Albigensian Crusade as a clash of civilizations between a misogynistic and bellicose culture and an urbane and gender-equal culture. Throughout, of course, it is obvious who the bad guys are, and perhaps the thesis of this book could be something like “if more of us valued food, and song, and cheer above the oppression of women, it would be a merrier world.”
Okay, let’s take a deep breath before we move into the second theme of A Song for Arbonne, and this is nationalism and patriotism. Indeed, we might say that while Kay is very much exploring romantic love in his depiction of Arbonne’s troubadour culture, his plot relies very much on a profound love of country – a deep patriotism. And we see this all over the book. The Arbonnais duke Blaise works for as a mercenary, a man named Bertran de Talair, is in a decades-long personal vendetta with another aristocrat named Urte de Miraval, and this rivalry threatens to undo the military security of Arbonne. And during the climax of the book, Urte refuses to fight the invading army from Gorhaut if he’ll have to take orders from Bertran. And when we get to the big battle, his army enters the fray very late and at a moment when it looks like he has joined forces with the invader because he hates Bertran more than he loves his country. This whole thing turns out to be a ruse, and as Urte is dying he explains that of course he loves his country enough to set aside personal rivalries.
Love of country is also at the core of Blaise’s usurpation of the throne of Gorhaut. Any king who sells off part of his country is a traitor to the people he is meant to protect, a genuine villain. And this belief pits Blaise against his own family, against his own father. And so we see that for our heroes patriotism not only trumps personal rivalries, but also family loyalties. And part of what makes Galbert de Garsenc a villain is that he identifies more with his religious identity than with his national identity. Also, he’s just a terrible human.
And there’s a great scene near the end of the book when musicians from around the continent are performing together at a fair. There’s a bit of nationalistic rivalry going on here and the musicians of Arbonne are challenged to defend their reputation as the best, and the performer who takes up this challenge says that although troubadour songs are usually love songs, he’ll perform one that isn’t. He then goes on to sing a pastoral piece about the olive groves and the vineyards and the mountains of Arbonne. And at the end he corrects himself and says “on reflection, I did sing a love song after all.” And it’s this patriotism that really sets our heroes apart from the villains, even more so than their treatment of women, and it’s something that Kay is extolling as a virtue.
Kay’s plot also takes this up, and he really envisions a type of nineteenth-century Balance of Power intrigue story set in the High Middle Ages. As fun as this is, this is a wholly anachronistic idea and I want to spend some time now talking about nationalism. And this is something that I spent several weeks on in my Fall of the Roman Empire class last fall where I discovered that my students really didn’t know what nationalism is coming into the class, that they thought it was just a synonym for patriotism – that it means loving your country – and so I’d like to put my teacher hat on for a few minutes and talk about that.
So let’s start with a kind of primer on nationalism before we look at how it shows up in A Song for Arbonne, and we can get going by just talking about the word “nation” itself. We hear this word all the time in phrases like “national football league” or “national security.” And what we mean when we use it this way is the state we live in. When an American uses “national” she means something that has to do with the United States, while a Pakistani would mean something that has to do with Pakistan.
But this usage of “nation” – this idea that it is just another synonym for “state” or “country” – is new. Medieval kings and even the writers of the U.S. constitution would have been confused by this usage of the word. And this usage grows out of a movement to reshape our ideas about group identities in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
But what, then, does the word “nation” mean? At its core the word is more-or-less a synonym for “ethnic group.” The word itself derives from the Latin word “natio,” which has this meaning. And we get other words from “natio” as well – native, natal, and nativity all come from this, and so you can see that it has something to do with being born – maybe the place where you were born or the group into which you were born.
So now let’s define “nationalism.” “Nationalism” has three key components: First, the belief that everyone belongs to a nation – that is, everyone has an ethnicity. Second, the belief that a person’s national or ethnic identity is that person’s most important identity. Finally, the belief that a nation should have the power of self-determination – that is, some kind of political power.
And we live in this world – we all believe this to some degree or another – but as I’ve said this is a new idea, this is a belief system that is invented in Europe in the late eighteenth century and really gains traction in the nineteenth. This is to say that this belief is newer than the United States of America – the country that I’m recording this podcast in came into existence before this belief did. And people who held this belief had to convince other people of it – they had to convert people to this way of thinking. They had to convince people that their ethnic identity was more important than their civic identity – both at the city and regional level.
And we can look at some examples of this. Let’s start with Italy, which wasn’t a state – a country – until 1871. People on the Italian peninsula and in the islands that became part of the new state of Italy didn’t all speak the same dialect – and these regional differences weren’t just a matter of silly accents, but could be as mutually unintelligible as French and Spanish are. So part of the Italian nationalist movement relied on convincing people that if they lived in the new state of Italy then they should all speak the same dialect rather than the dialect of their region or home-town. And lots of people resisted this idea.
Another type of identity that nationalists had to talk people into minimizing in favor of ethnicity was religious identity – and this is something we’ve seen already in A Song for Arbonne where this is part of Galbert de Garsenc’s villainy. But here Germany is a great example. Germany also wasn’t a state – wasn’t a country – until 1871. In this case, nationalists had to convince people in Bavaria and people in Prussia that they were the same people – the same nation – because they spoke the same language, even though they had different religions and those religions were something that their great-grandparents had tried to kill each other over.
This belief in nationalism was everywhere in the nineteenth century, but it always faced resistance and challenges. We can still ask ourselves whether the United States is a nation? Right? Are we a single unified state with a single shared identity? Or are we a federation of fifty independent states with a plurality of identities? And the American Civil War was about this question. The southern states that seceded and formed the Confederate States of America believed that the U.S. was a federation that they could opt out of. The states that remained disagreed, and there was a war about this.
And we can even see the move to form the Confederate States of America as a nationalist move. Elites in the South saw themselves as part of a different culture – a different ethnic group – than elites in the North. This was largely wrapped up in the morality of slavery, but there were other elements to it as well. And because they felt like they had a distinct culture they wanted to exercise their right to national-self-determination – that third component of nationalism – and we fought an extremely bloody war about it.
Now, as I said, we live in a nationalist world – we live in a world shaped by the belief system of nationalism – everyone has a national identity whether they want one or not. But exporting this idea to the High Middle Ages is entirely anachronistic, and we can return to talking about the political boundaries of Western Christendom for an illustration of this. Today we think of England and France as nations, but around the year 1200 this was simply not true. England was part of a much larger political community that included Wales, Ireland, Brittany, southwestern France, and Normandy – and all of it was ruled by a French-speaking political elite who owned property in many of these regions.
And this type of situation existed almost everywhere in Western Christendom during the High Middle Ages. Italy was divided and multi-ethnic, and the King of Aragon lived mostly in Catalonia rather than Aragon because he was also the Count of Barcelona. There was no sense, either, that all French-speaking people ought to be members of a single political community, or that all German-speaking people should, and so on, though this was certainly the dream of nineteenth- and twentieth-century nationalists around the world.
But Kay takes this belief system for granted, though I’m sure he knows that it’s anachronistic for the Middle Ages. Kay shows us a Germany that is united under a single strong king and shows us an Italy that isn’t a part of the same political community as Germany, though in fact it frequently was. But the clearest instance of Kay’s anachronistic nationalism has to do with the peace treaty between Gorhaut and Valensa. The king of Valensa appears briefly in the book to explain that although he wants Arbonne to win the war with Gorhaut, he can’t offer any help. And during his explanation he says that since Gorhaut has ceded a huge chunk of territory to Valensa, he is busy repopulating this territory. He says that he has to consolidate his hold on the land by getting Valensan farmers to move in and replace the Gorhautian farmers who have all left their land to live on the other side of the new political boundary.
So what Kay envisions here is that if you are Gorhautian you can’t – or at least probably won’t want to – live in Valensa. And this is certainly the idea that we have now – we can think of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the invention of Turkey as a nation in the 1920s as an example. During this time about a million and a half people moved from Turkey to Greece because they weren’t ethnically Turkish – and in doing so they gave up ancestral farms and homes and even abandoned whole villages or city neighborhoods to do so.
But this is an absurd idea for the High Middle Ages where political boundaries change all the time but nothing else does – if you’re a serf farming some land, your identity doesn’t change just because a political boundary has changed or you have a new lord. Indeed, the serfs and even the few free farmers were part of the object of conquest – you wanted the farmers as much as you wanted the farms.
Okay, that’s a lot about nationalism but it’s all been kind of a pre-amble to what I really want to say about A Song for Arbonne and its relationship with the actual Albigensian Crusade. The High Middle Ages are really the birth of the modern world – most of our public institutions develop during this time, such as universities and hospitals, but also the idea of the state – that is, modern government. At the beginning of the year 1000, the kingdom of France was really just the city of Paris, but by the time of the Black Death the kingdom of France includes almost all of the territory that is today considered France. And the kings of France acquired most of this territory around the year 1200 in two important conquests. The first was Normandy, which was taken from the kings of England – and this is really the historical analog to the treaty with Valensa. And the other is the Albigensian Crusade, which brought an enormous amount of territory under the control of the king of France, and all of this has to be administered through new techniques of government that develop into the state bureaucracies we all live with today. And there’s a great book about this by the massively important scholar Joseph Strayer titled On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State – it’s one of my favorite books of all time.
Finally – and I mean it – this conquest was an important moment in the development of modern nationalism because over time it erased Occitanian culture and replaced it with French culture because the conquest came in the form of a Crusade – an attack on the divergent religious practices of southern France. Without this aspect, the French state may have continued to develop as a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual state. So, the Albigensian Crusade was a significant event, the effects of which are still with us. And I love what Kay has done with this idea – I love how he has taken some core ideas from a handful of historians and turned them into a fantasy novel … which then turned me into a medieval historian. And I think this is a good note on which to move into Strengths and Weaknesses.

Strengths and Weaknesses Now this type of world-building that Kay does is for me a real strength of this book and just about everything he’s written since then. Kay creates a fully realized speculative world that is populated by a culturally diverse cast of characters – even though our plot takes place on a rather small geo-political stage, we feel as if we know all about the wider world because of this.
And really it’s his characters who are the greatest strength of Kay’s writing. Every character has a complicated – perhaps overly complicated – emotional life. Everyone is carrying around a lifetime of baggage and it shows in all their actions and the way that they perceive the actions of others. Every conversation, every action, and every thought is full of emotional significance for Kay’s characters and he writes all of this beautifully.
But this is perhaps a double-edged sword, and I have to say that the book’s biggest weakness is the depiction of characters’ love lives. In particular Blaise – our protagonist – is romantically or sexually involved with three women – and really, we could get up to five if we want to be loose with our terminology – and it’s all a bit much and none of it is ever consequential. The plot of the book – and even Blaise’s own character arc – could have progressed in exactly the same manner without this element, and I think it would have been improved.
Even more so, the love life of the Arbonnais aristocrat Bertran de Talair is absurd. Betran is haunted by the death of the love of his life and the murder of his infant child by that woman’s husband, Urte de Miraval. And I like this – there’s a real Gothic element to this family tragedy, and it nicely sets up an important element in the theme of patriotism. But Bertran’s mechanism for coping with this loss is to sleep with as many women as possible – and this is a behavior he keeps up for more than twenty years. Kay writes Bertran as if he’s utterly heart-broken, as if we’re supposed to feel sorry for him that he has to constantly have one-night-stands because his true love is dead … but it just doesn’t work for me. In fact, I find it remarkably unsympathetic and even tedious.

Unresolved Question Wow, okay, that’s a long review – it’s our longest yet and I’m sure it will hold the record for more than a little while.
But even with as much time as I spent on this book, there are some important aspects that I left out. One that really intrigues me is the theme of fate and free will. Kay gives us a lot of this near the end of the book when Galbert de Garsenc gives his final villainous monologue in which he explains that even though he’s going to die, everything that his son Blaise has ever done has been because he manipulated him into it – even declaring himself king. There is also the presence of magic in this world – something I’ve left out until now – which largely comes in the form of visions of the future.
I hope you’ll talk with me about this theme and about the others I’ve spent more time on. And we can talk about the poetry, too, and the references to Kay’s first major work, the Fionavar Tapestry.
Thanks for reading! And special thanks for talking with me about this book I love so much! This review was transcribed from an episode of Atoz: A Speculative Fiction Book Club Podcast. If you're interested, you can check it (and other episodes) out here: Apple| Spotify| Amazon | Website
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Long post. TL;DR at the bottom.
I was together with this wonderful girl for 9 years (from age 16). Our relationship was damn near perfect by my definition. We rarely fought and connected on a deep level I’ve never experienced with another human being.
The underlying issue was her culture and religion. I’m from an arab family and have been an atheist my whole life, while she’s Pakistani and have been semi-Muslim. During those 9 years, the relationship was held secret from her parents, but she didn’t look at our relationship as something wrong in the eyes of god. I rarely felt her identifying with Islam and her culture. She hated the pakistani culture, and she had her own view on god which fit her actions. I was good with that, because I could see the good values that her upbringing with Islam had given her. I trusted the girl with my life because of this.
Four months ago, nearing the end of my college degree, the secret got revealed to her parents. She had to choose between being disowned or ending it with me. It took her exactly two days to initiate the breakup, telling me she couldn’t do it anymore. She also told me I would have to embrace the truth, she was going to get married to a Pakistani Muslim some day. Needless to say, this made me feel alien to her and gave me nasty images of her with another guy. The breakup broke us both. It wasn’t an easy decision for her, and it came from nowhere for me. Even though I should've seen it coming in retrospect.
Fast forward a month to mid-ramadan, I spoke with her. She had now found peace in Islam, started praying 5 times a day, strictly eating halal (she ate everything and drank alcohol before) and reading a lot into Islam. She told me she felt better with herself and wasn’t attracted to all the “haram things” she did with me anymore (love, sex, masturbation, cannabis). This made me feel like the devil in her eyes, but I still loved her, and I was worried that she was only choosing Islam because it was the only way she could justify giving up a great relationship for “the greater good” and find meaning in her life again. I felt powerless though. Discussing religion with someone who’s only open to facts that support their belief is not easy, so I went back to no contact.
Now, five months after the breakup, two months since we last met and had sex, she told me she’s talking to a boy that was recommended to her by family. Jealousy got the best of me, and I logged into her Instagram account to find the first two weeks of messages between them (I’m the asshole here for doing this, but I don’t really care much about her opinion of me after the hurt she’ve caused me).
In the span of two weeks, they went from saying hi, to discussing marriage and their parents meeting each other. And I was honestly shocked and laughing out loud while reading this. How could I even be angry. It’s like she downloaded “aunty tinder”, swiped right and decided to marry the first match, all so she can make her parents happy, or maybe she doesn’t think she deserves better. She’s latching onto the fact that familiar people says he’s a good guy and having a conversation about marriage with a guy she’s only had a shallow conversation with.
We always laughed at how people could do this, how they could marry someone they barely know, while we felt it took almost 3 years to get to know each other on a deeper level, now she’s on the same track she spoke down about, all justifiable by the words of an ancient book.
I even know the guy from college, and never liked him by intuition. Always thought he seemed like a fake and shallow guy with a strong ooze of self-importance. Maybe he’s a good Muslim, but I’m sure he’ll never satisfy her on a deep level.
A part of me is screaming to save her from this bullshit, another part is telling me that I should let her learn her own lessons in life. I’m honestly sad for her, but I can’t even be angry anymore. The whole thing is just pathetic. I feel like I came winning out of this. I’ve been working a lot on myself, bought my first motorbike, been enjoying my freedom and have found love and support with family and friends who love me unconditionally and want me happy.
I’m so glad I’m free of religion, even though it makes finding meaning in life a lot harder.
TL;DR: Semi-Muslim girlfriend of nine years feared being disowned by her parents and broke up with me. She dived deep back into Islam, and five months later she’s discussing marriage with a guy she barely knows. I’m both shocked and laughing at how pathetic it is.
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2020.08.30 07:53 sardarbhagat Pakistani secret sex

In a recently posted article on François Gautier’s website, he lists the names of 50 people who can be described as enemies of Hindus and Hinduism. He says that he created the list, which is incomplete, without malice aforethought.
Here is the list, 50 Biggest Enemies of Hindus (Dead or Alive), including the reasons he gives to justify his choice of enemies — Editor

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who along with a few hundred men, stood his ground against the most powerful emperor of his times, has practically no place in Indian history books and is often described as a petty chieftain or even a plunderer. So is Maharana Pratap, the only Rajput who fought against the Mughals and actually defeated Akbar in Haldighati.
Hindus tend to merge and melt wherever they live—and in the process, lose some of their identities and togetherness. And finally the most deadly and vicious intellectuals that we have reviewed above, are Hindus most of them. They are the ones that should be targeted, in a non-violent but firm manner. – Francois Gautier, 13 June 2016. The list has been edited by a staff writer at Newsgram and again by the editor of Bharata Bharati. See the original here.
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With new films and shows releasing every day, there is a plethora of good quality work that doesn't get as much appreciation and visibility as it deserves. While it boasts of brilliant performances and writing, all culminating into pieces of powerful storytelling, it misses your radar amidst the latest and upcoming. These 9 underrated Bollywood films are a few of such great works that you should add to your watch-list now.
Masaan (2015)
Set in Varanasi, the film narrates two stories that find a way to intersect eventually. The first involves Devi Pathak (Richa Chadda), who gets caught having premarital sex by a corrupt police officer in a hotel. She is shunned by people as the news spreads and the inspector demands a bribe to let the case be. This is followed by the tale of a young boy, Deepak Kumar (Vicky Kaushal), who burns funeral pyres in the cremation grounds as part of the family occupation. He aims to get out of the profession given to him by society and ends up falling in love with a girl from a different background.
Streaming on Netflix
Omertà (2017)
Omertà is a biographical film based on the life of British-Pakistani terrorist, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (Rajkummar Rao) who kidnapped foreigners in India in 1994. He was also charged with contriving the murder of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. The plot showcases the events which include Sheikh's imprisonment in India and his release due to an Indian Airlines flight being hijacked by terrorists in 1999.
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I Am Kalam (2011)
A bright kid, Chhotu, who belongs to a poor family in Bikaner, aspires to be a self-made man like the president, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. However, after his village is hit by drought, his mother sends him to work at a dhaba on the outskirts of the city with his uncle, to add to the family's earnings. Chhotu starts calling himself Kalam and puts in the effort to read books and educate himself with the help of his newfound friend, Kunver Ranvijay Singh, the son of a royal. However, things turn bad for him when the royal family accuses him of theft.
Streaming on Netflix
Monsoon Wedding (2001)
An Indian middle-class arranged marriage setting forms the crux of the film as Aditi is set to marry a family friend's Texas-based son. She ends an affair with a married man to dive headfirst into this new life. The entire extended family from across the globe shows up for the four-day celebration during the monsoon. However, the wedding is anything but straightforward and sets the stage for mismanagement, drama, disagreements and, of course, love.
My Brother...Nikhil (2005)
Nikhil Kapoor (Sanjay Suri) is the star of the family with his swimming scholarship and a keen artistic side. Settled in Goa, he is ready for great things when his entire life comes crashing down as he is diagnosed with HIV. His parents kick him out of the house, he loses his place in the swimming team and even gets arrested and kept in isolation due to being HIV positive. His only support is his sister, Anamika (Juhi Chawla) and his boyfriend, Nigel (Purab Kohli). The story is about acceptance and a fight against a society weighed down by stigmas.
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Peepli Live (2010)
Natha and Budhiya are two poor farmer brothers in the village of Peepli. Their struggles are endless as they try to find a way to protect their land which they stand to lose due to an unpaid loan. When they visit a local politician, he advises them to commit suicide to profit from a government scheme for families of perished farmers. As the two discuss this, they are overheard by a journalist who wreaks havoc in the village by hyping up the situation with media presence. The question is, will Natha kill himself? The film is a satirical representation of the condition of farmers in rural India.
Streaming on Netflix
Shaurya (2008)
An Indian Army lawyer, Major Siddhant Chaudhary (Rahul Bose), takes up a case to defend Captain Javed Khan (Deepak Dobriyal) who is charged with killing a senior officer while on duty in J&K. Khan refuses to defend himself and admits to his crime but Chaudhary decides to probe further. His investigations dive into areas that threaten to uncover dark secrets related to his superior officer and may point to Khan's innocence. It also puts him at loggerheads with his prosecutor friend, Major Akash Kapoor (Javed Jaffrey).
Streaming on ZEE5
Ugly (2013)
A 10-year-old girl is kidnapped while on a day out. Her suicidal mother is divorced from her father and her cop stepfather takes it upon himself to get her back. As the story progresses, it is revealed that all characters have negative sides and selfish motives. Both fathers have a passive rivalry with each other and their toxic mind games threaten everything. Ugly addresses human flaws effectively as the kidnapped girl soon becomes an irrelevant issue for them.
Streaming on Disney+Hotstar
Manto (2018)
The film showcases the most difficult four years in the life of Urdu author, Saadat Hasan Manto (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and his life in two cities. It depicts a contrast in acceptance as his work is widely consumed in Mumbai (then, Bombay), but unfavourable circumstances force him to move to Lahore. The geographical change comes as a major blow for him and his writings find no takers. He turns to alcohol as he tries to make sense of the world but still continues to write his mind.
Streaming on Netflix
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I was born to a religious family. From my mother's side I have a few relatives who are Ayatollahs. Although my grandfather was a skeptic, in the family where I grew up religion has been the pivot around which our lives revolved. My parents were not very fond of the mullahs. In fact, we did not have much to do with our more fundamentalist relatives. We liked to think of ourselves as believing in the "real Islam," not the one taught and practiced by the mullahs. I recall discussing religion with the husband of one of my aunts when I was about fifteen years old. He was a fanatical Muslim who was much concerned about the filth [Islamic jurisprudence]. It determines the way a Muslim should pray, fast, run his public and private life, do business, clean himself, use the toilet, and even copulate. I argued that this has nothing to do with the real Islam, that it is a concoction of the mullahs and that too much attention to fiqh diminishes the relevance of the real Islam, which is a religion to unite man with his creator.
I believe that I was lucky to have open-minded parents who encouraged me to think critically. They tried to instill in me the love of God and his messenger, yet upheld humanistic values like equality of rights between men and women and love for all humankind irrespective of their faiths. In a sense, this is how most modern Iranian families were. In fact, the majority of Muslims who have some education believe that Islam is a humanistic religion that respects human rights that elevates women and protects their status. Most Muslims still believe that Islam means "peace."
I expended my early youth in this sweet dream: advocating the "real Islam" as I thought it should be and criticizing the mullahs and their deviations from the real teachings of Islam. I idealized an Islam conforming to my own humanistic values. Of course, my imaginary Islam was a beautiful religion. It was a religion of equality and of peace. It was a religion that encouraged its followers to go after knowledge and be inquisitive. It was a religion that was in harmony with science and reason. I thought science got its inspiration from this religion. The Islam that I believed in was a religion that sowed the seeds of the modern science, which eventually bore its fruits in the West and made modern discoveries and inventions possible. Islam, I used to believe, was the real cause of the modern civilization. The reason the Muslims were living in such miserable state of ignorance in comparison to the un-Islamic West was all the fault of the self-centered mullahs and the religious leaders who, for their own personal gain and dominance, had misinterpreted the real teachings of Islam.
Muslims honestly believe that the great Western civilization has its roots in Islam. They recall great Middle Eastern scientific minds whose contributions to science have been crucial in the birth of Modern science.
Omar Khayyam was a great mathematician who calculated the length of the year with a precision of 0.74% of a second. Zakaria Razi can very well be regarded as one of the first founders of empirical medicine who based his knowledge on research and experimentation. Ali Sina's monumental encyclopedia of medicine was taught in European universities for centuries. There are so many more great luminaries with "Islamic names" who have been the pioneers of modern science when Europe was languishing in the medieval era or the Dark Ages. Like all Muslims, I used to believe that all these great men were Muslims, that they had been inspired by the wealth of hidden knowledge that is in the Koran, and that if the Muslims today could regain the original purity of Islam, the long lost glorious days of Islam would return and the Muslims would lead the advancement of the world civilization once again. Yet the reality was harsher than dreams. Iran was a Muslim country but it was also a corrupt country. The chance of getting to university was slim. Only one in ten applicants could get to university and often they were forced to choose subjects that they did not want to study because they could not get enough points for the subjects of their choice. The regime of the shah was a repressive regime and freedom of thought was suppressed. People feared each other as each person could turn out to be a secret agent of the dreaded Sazamane Etelaat Va Amniate Kechrar (SAVAK; Iranian secret police). I was always outspoken and hardly had any "tact" to keep my mouth shut when my life was in danger. The level of education in Iran was not ideal. Universities were underfunded, as the shah preferred building a powerful military force and becoming the gendarme of the Middle East to building the infrastructure of the country and investing in education. Because of all these factors, my father thought I would be better off if I left Iran and continued my education somewhere else.
We considered America and Europe but my father, acting upon the advice of a few of his friends, thought another Islamic country would be better for a sixteen-year-old boy. We were told that the West is too lax in morality, that its people are perverts, that the beaches are full of nudes, that they drink and have licentious lifestyles and all that could represent a danger to a young man. So I was sent to Pakistan instead. Pakistan, being an Islamic country, was safe. People were religious and therefore moral. This, of course, proved to be untrue. I found people there to be as immoral and corrupt as Iranians. Yes, they were very religious. Yes, they did not eat pork and I saw no one consuming alcohol in public, but I noticed they had dirty minds, they lied, they were hypocrites, and they were cruel to the women and, above all, filled with hatred for the Indians. I did not find them better than Iranians in any way. They were religious, but not moral.
In college I did not take Urdu (the national language of Pakistan, much influenced by Persian); instead I took Pakistani culture to complete my A-level FSc (fellow of science). I learned about the reasons for the partition (of India) and for the first time about Muhammad All Jinnah. He was presented as a very intelligent man, the father of the nation, while Gandhi was spoken of in a derogatory way. Even then I could not but side with Gandhi and condemn Jinnah as an arrogant and ambitious man who was responsible for breaking up a mighty nation and causing millions of deaths. I did not see difference of religion enough reason to break up a country. The very word Pakistan seemed to be an insult to the Indians. They called themselves pak, or "clean" to distinguish themselves from the Indians, who were najis ("unclean"). The irony is that I never saw a people dirtier than the Pakistanis, both physically and mentally. It was disappointing to see another Islamic nation in such intellectual and moral bankruptcy. In my discussions with my friends I failed to convince anyone of the "real Islam." I condemned their bigotry and fanaticism, while they disapproved of me for my westernized and un-Islamic views. I recall when I spoke about the hijab ("the veil"), arguing that this has nothing to do with woman's chastity, I was accused of preferring to see women's underwear. When I spoke of women's rights and their freedom I was asked whether I enjoyed watching my wife making love to another man.
I decided to go to Italy for my university studies. I concluded that there was nothing I could learn in an atmosphere filled with bigotry and stupidity. In Italy people drank wine and ate pork. But I found they were more hospitable, more friendly, and less hypocritical. I noticed people were willing to help without expecting something in return. I met an elderly couple who were very hospitable to me. They called me on Sundays to have dinner with them and not stay home alone. They did not want anything from me, they just wanted to have someone to give their love. I was almost a son to them. Only those who have come to a new country, who do not know anyone and cannot speak even the language, can appreciate how much the help and the hospitality of a local is worth.
Their house was sparkling clean and the floor was marble and always shiny. This was quite in contrast with my idea of Westerners. Although my family was very open toward other people, my religion had taught me that the non-Muslims are najis (IX.28) and one should not take them as friends. I had a pocket copy of the Koran that I still have and used to read from it often. The verses were underlined with a Parsi translation. I came across this verse: O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as awliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but awliya' to one another.... (V.51) I had difficulty understanding the wisdom of such verses. I wondered why I should not befriend this wonderful elderly couple who apparently had no other motive in showing me their hospitality than just making me feel at home. I thought they were "real Muslims" and tried to raise the subject of religion, hoping they would see the truth of Islam and embrace it. But they were not interested and politely changed the subject. I don't think I was ever stupid enough to believe that all nonbelievers will go to hell. I suppose I read this in the Koran before, but never wanted to think about it. I simply shrugged it off or wanted to close my eyes, not wishing to see it. Of course, I knew that God would be pleased if someone recognized his messenger, but I never thought he would actually be that cruel to burn someone in hell for eternity, even if that person is the author of good deeds, just because he was not a Muslim. I read the following warning: If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him: and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good). (111.85) Yet I paid little heed and tried to convince myself that the meaning has something else than what it appeared to be. At that moment it was not a subject that I was ready to handle, so I did not think about it. I hung around with my Muslim friends and noticed that when it was convenient for them they lived a very immoral life. Most of them found girlfriends and slept with them. That was very un-Islamic, but what bothered me most was the fact that they did not value these girls as real human beings who deserved respect. These girls were not Muslim girls, and therefore were used by them just for sex. This attitude was not general. Those men who were less religious were more respectful and sincere toward their girlfriends, and some even loved them and wanted to marry them; but, paradoxically, those who were more religious were less faithful toward their girlfriends. But I had such high esteem for religion in my mind that it was hard for me to relate the immoral and callous behavior of the Muslims to what was being taught in Islam. I always thought that the true Islam was what was right. If something was immoral, unethical, dishonest, or cruel, it could not be Islam. Years later I realized that the truth is completely the reverse. I found many verses that were disturbing and made me rethink my whole opinion of Islam. The funny thing was that the same very people who lived, according to me, unethically and immorally were the ones who called themselves Muslims, said their prayers, fasted, and were the first to defend Islam if anyone raised a question about it. They were the ones who would lose their tempers and enter into fights if someone dared say a word against Islam. Once I met a young Iranian man at the university restaurant. I sat next to him and became his friend. Later I introduced him to two other Muslim friends of mine. We were all of the same age, but he was an erudite young man full of virtue and wisdom. All of us were captivated by his charm and his high moral values. We used to wait for him and sit next to him during the lunch hour, as we always learned something from him. We used to eat a lot of spaghetti and risotto and were craving for a good Persian ghorme sabzi and chelow. Our friend said that his mother had sent him some dried vegetables and invited us to go to his house the next Sunday for lunch. We found his apartment very clean, unlike the houses of other guys. He had made us the delicious ghorme sabzi that we ate with a lot of gusto and then we sat back chatting and sipping our tea. It was then that among his books we found some Baha'i books. When we inquired, he said that he was a Baha'i. Of course that did not bother me at all, but my two friends on the way back said that they do not wish to continue their friendship with him any more. I was surprised and asked, Why? They said that being a Baha'i makes him a najis person and had they known that he was a Baha'i, they would not have befriended him. I was puzzled and asked why they thought he was najis if we all were complementing him on his cleanliness and had never seen any impropriety from him. We all agreed that he was morally superior to the Muslims we knew, so why this sudden change of attitude? Their response was very disturbing. They said that the name itself had something in it that made them dislike this religion. Then they asked me whether I knew why everyone disliked the Baha'is. I told them I didn't know, because I didn't dislike anyone. But since they disliked the Baha'is perhaps they should explain their reasons. They did not know why. This man was the first Baha'i they had come to know this close, and in fact he was an exemplary man. So I wanted to know the reason for their dislike. There was no particular reason, they said. It's just they knew that they should not like the Baha'is. I am happy that I did not continue my friendship with these two idiots, yet I learned how prejudice is formed and operates. Later I realized that this prejudice and hatred that Muslims harbor in their hearts against almost all non-Muslims is not the result of any misinterpretation of the teachings of the Koran but because the Koran teaches hate and prejudice. There are many verses in the Koran that call believers to hate nonbelievers, to fight with them, to call them najis, to subdue and humiliate them, to chop off their heads and other limbs, to crucify them kill them wherever they find them. I left religion on the back burner for several years. Not that my views about religion had changed or I didn't consider myself religious anymore, I just had so much to do that I had less and less time to expend on religion. I simply lived the way I thought I was supposed to live according to my understanding of how a good Muslim should live. Meanwhile I learned more about democracy, human rights, and other values, like equality of rights between men and women, and I liked them. The Islamic revolution of Iran was a curse to my country. I was not there to see it firsthand, but what I heard about it was nauseating. The mullahs tried to impose a reign of terror that they called "Islamic." Lives became cheap. They executed the Iranians by hundreds. Anyone who disagreed with them was sent to jail, executed, or murdered. Young girls were killed, but before killing them they raped them because, according to the Muslims, this would impede God sending them to Paradise. Minorities became fair game. Many of them were executed for no other reason than belonging to another religion. Baha'is especially suffered the most, for they were regarded as apostates. I followed the news from abroad and I was shocked to see my people had stooped to such depths of barbarity. Someone told me that he knew Khomeini prior to his rise to power. He said that once he saw Khomeini trying to kick a fly out of his room with a flyswatter. This person asked Khomeini why he didn't kill it, to which Khomeini responded that the fly is a creature of God and should not be killed. I wondered what made this man, who would not hurt a fly, murder so many people so heartlessly. He murdered thousands of Iranians. He massacred thousands of Iraqi prisoners of war. How could he do that? The Islamic regime in Iran started torturing people, beating them, stoning women accused of adultery, and made of Iran a giant prison and a huge torture chamber. Is that what Islam was all about? Then came along the Taliban in Afghanistan, who even surpassed the Iranian mullahs in cruelty. Yet all the time I tried to convince myself that this is not the "real Islam." On one occasion Khomeini made a speech in which he called upon the Iranians to kill the enemies of Islam. He condemned those Muslims who would pay attention only to the few verses of the Koran that speak about tolerance. He called those who wanted to present Islam as a religion of peace hypocrites, and told everyone that Allah had ordered Muslims to be harsh with the enemies of Islam and that forgiveness was un-Islamic. He asked why we always talked about a few verses of the Koran that mention forgiveness and tolerance and neglected the entire Koran that tells you to be harsh with the infidels and the "hypocrites." This is a widely published speech and is available on the Internet.' Some Iranians accepted what he told them, and their bigotry and hate increased. The crimes perpetrated by the revolutionary guards and the basijis (a military force created to maintain Islamic rule in Iran) are so heinous that is unbelievable that a human being can commit such cruelties to another human being. At the same time, many Iranians continued to believe that what Khomeini said was not the real Islam. One day I decided that it was time to deepen my knowledge of Islam and read the Koran from cover to cover to find out the real Islam on my own. I found an Arabic copy of the Koran with an English translation. Before that I had read the Koran, but only bits and pieces of it. This time I started to read all of it. I read a verse in Arabic, then I read the English translation moving back to Arabic, and did not go to the next verse unless I was satisfied that I had understood it in Arabic completely. It didn't take me long before I came upon verses that I found hard to accept. One of the first verses that I found puzzling was this one: Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin most heinous indeed. (IV.48) I found it hard to accept that Gandhi would be burned in hell forever with no hope of redemption because he was a polytheist, while a Muslim rapist and mass murderer could hope to receive Allah's forgiveness. This raised a disturbing question: Why is Allah so desperate to be known as the only God? Why should he even care whether anyone knows him and praises him or not? I learned about the size of this universe. Light, which travels at a speed of three hundred thousand kilometers per second, takes 20 billion years to reach us from the galaxies that are at the edges of the universe. How many galaxies are there? How many stars are there in these galaxies? How many planets are there in this universe? The thought of that was mind-boggling. If Allah is the creator of this vast universe, why would he be so concerned about being known as the only god by a bunch of apes living in a small planet down the Milky Way? Now that I lived in the West, had many Western friends who were kind to me, who liked me, who had opened their hearts and their homes to me and accepted me as their friend; it was really hard to accept that Allah wanted me not to take them for friends. Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. (111.28) Wasn't Allah the creator of the unbelievers? Wasn't he their god, too? Why should he be so unkind to them? Wasn't it better if the Muslims befriended the unbelievers and taught them Islam by setting a good example? By keeping ourselves aloof and distant from the unbelievers, the gap of misunderstanding would never be bridged. How in the world would they learn about Islam if we did not associate with them? The answer to this question came in a very disconcerting verse: Allah's order was to "slay them wherever ye catch them" (11:191). I thought of my own friends, remembered their kindness and their love for me, and wondered how in the world a true god could ask anyone to kill another human being just because he did not believe in a religion? That seemed absurd, yet this concept was repeated so often in the Koran that obviously there was no doubt about it. In one verse Allah tells his prophet: "0 Prophet! rouse the Believers to the fight. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers" (VIII.65). Why should Allah send a messenger to make war? Shouldn't God teach us to love each other and be tolerant toward each other's befiefs? And if really Allah was so concerned about making people believe in him to the extent that he would kill them if they disbelieved, why would he ask us to do his dirty work and why would he not kill them himself? Are we supposed to be Allah's hitmen or mercenaries? Although I knew of jihad and never questioned it before, I found it hard to accept that God would have recourse to such violent measures to impose himself on people. What was more shocking was the cruelty of Allah in dealing with the unbelievers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them. (VIII. 12) It seemed that Allah was not satisfied with just killing the unbelievers. He enjoyed torturing them before killing them. Smiting people's heads from above their necks and chopping their fingertips were very cruel acts. Would God really give such orders? The following is what he promised to do with the unbelievers in the other world: These two antagonists dispute with each other about their Lord: But those who deny (their Lord),-for them will be cut out a garment of Fire: over their heads will be poured out boiling water. With it will be scalded what is within their bodies, as well as (their) skins. In addition there will be maces of iron (to punish) them. Every time they wish to get away therefrom, from anguish, they will be forced back therein, and (it will be said), "Taste ye the Penalty of Burning!" (XXII. 19-22) How could the creator of this universe be so petty as described in these verses? These verses of the Koran shocked me. I was shocked to learn how Allah ordered the killing of people, how he would torture them eternally in such a horrible way for no reason but disbelief. I was shocked to learn that the Koran tells Muslims to kill the disbelievers wherever they find them (I1.191), to murder them and treat them harshly (IX. 123), slay them (IX.5), fight with them (VIII.65), to humiliate them and impose on them a penalty tax even if they are Christians and Jews (IX.29). I was shocked when I learned that the Koran takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity, and says clearly that no other religion except Islam is accepted (III. 85). 1 was shocked to learn that Allah would relegate those who disbelieve in the Koran to hell (V.10) and calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (IX.28). I was shocked to learn that Allah orders the Muslims to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (11. 193). I was shocked when I learned that the Koran says that the nonbelievers will go to hell and will drink boiling water (XIV. 17), that it asks the Muslims to slay or crucify or cut the hands and the feet of the unbelievers, that they be expelled from the land with disgrace and that "they shall have a great punishment in the world hereafter" (V.33). I was shocked when I learned that the Koran says: "As for the disbelievers, for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowls and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods" (XXII.21). I was shocked when I learned that the Koran prohibits a Muslim to befriend an unbeliever even if that unbeliever is the father or the brother of that Muslim (IX.23, 111.28). I was shocked to learn that the Koran asks the Muslim to "strive against the unbelievers with great endeavor" (XXV.52), and be stem with them because they belong to hell (LXVI.9). I was shocked to learn that the holy Prophet demanded his followers to "strike off the heads of the disbelievers," then, after making a "wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives" and enslave them (XLVII.4). I was shocked to learn that the book of Allah says that women are inferior to men and their husbands have the right to scourge them if they are found disobedient (IV.34), and that women will go to hell if they are disobedient to their husbands (LXVI.10). I was shocked to learn that the Koran maintains that men have an advantage over the women (11.228); that it not only denies women equal right to their inheritance (IV.11-12), but it also regards them as imbeciles and decrees that their testimony is not admissible in the court (11.282). This means that a woman who is raped cannot accuse her rapist unless she can produce a male witness. Muhammad allowed Muslim men to marry up to four wives and gave them license to sleep with their slave maids and as many "captive" women as they may have (IV.3). I was shocked to learn that the Prophet himself did just that and raped his female prisoners of war. That is why any time a Muslim army subdues another nation, they call them kafir and allow themselves to rape their women. Pakistani soldiers raped up to 250,000 Bengali women in 1971, after they had massacred 3 million unarmed civilians when their religious leader decreed that Bangladeshis were un-Islamic. This is why the prison guards in Islamic regime of Iran rape the women and then kill them after calling them apostates and the enemies of Allah. After reading the Koran I was overtaken by a great depression. It was hard to accept all that. At first I started denying and seeking esoteric meanings to the apparent verses of the Koran. But it wasn't possible. The weight of the proof was too big. I found out that Khomeini was right, that the Taliban believe in the real Islam, that what I used to think of Islam was not the real Islam at all. I found out that Islam teaches nothing but hate, that the whole message of Islam is to believe in a deity without any proof, a deity who despises reason, who loves killing innocent people, who is expert in torture, who is ruthless, and who does not know elementary scientific facts about the universe that he allegedly created. This was hard to swallow, and I did not want to accept what I came to learn. The passage from belief to freethinking and enlightenment has its stages. The first stage is shock, followed by denial. If one can overcome the denial one goes through confusion, guilt, dismay, anger, and finally enlightenment. The majority of Muslims are trapped in denial. They are unable or unwilling to admit that the Koran is a hoax. They desperately try to explain the unexplainable, to find miracles in it, and are not ashamed to bend all the rules of logic to prove that the Koran is right. Each time they are exposed to a shocking statement in the Koran or a shameful act performed by Muhammad, they retreat in denial. This is what I was doing. Denial is a safe place. It is the comfort zone. In denial you are not going to be hurt, everything is okay; everything is fine. Truth is extremely painful, especially if one has been accustomed to lies all one's life. It is like telling someone that his father is a murderer, a rapist, or a criminal. This might be true, yet the child who adores his father will not be able to accept it. The shock is so great that the first thing he will do is deny it. He will call you a liar and he will hate you for hurting him. He will curse you, hold you as his enemy, and may even discharge his anger at you by physically attacking you. This is the stage of denial. It is a defense mechanism. If pain is too big, denial will take that pain away. If a mother is informed that her child has died in an accident, the first thing she will do is to deny it. People who have lost a loved one often believe that this is all a bad dream and that when they wake up everything will be okay. But unfortunately, facts are stubborn and they will not go away. One can live in denial for a while, but he must accept the truth sooner or later. Muslims are cocooned in lies. Because speaking against Islam is a crime punishable by death, no one dares tell the truth. Those who do tell the truth do not go far; they are silenced very quickly. So how would you know the truth if all you hear is lies? On the one hand, the Koran claims to be a miracle and challenges everyone to produce a Surah like it. On the other hand, it instructs its followers to kill anyone who dares criticize it. In such an atmosphere of insincerity and deceit, truth will never be known. The fact of coming face-to-face with the truth and realizing that all we believed were lies is excruciatingly painful. The only mechanism and the natural way to deal with it is denial. Denial takes away the pain. Denial is soothing. Denial is bliss. But denial is hiding one's head in the sand. One cannot stay in denial forever. Sooner or later we have to face the truth and deal with it.
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TEEN'S HELL. She was called a liar in court before the men who had abused her in Rochdale were eventually jailed.
Nazir Afzal reopened the case of two girls who had been raped by British Asian men and dumped on the side of the road. The Crown Prosecution had decided against taking the cases to court as the teen victims weren't "Credible".
Eventually nine men who ran a Rochdale child sex abuse ring were jailed for a string of offences in 2012.
The men from Rochdale and Oldham were found guilty of offences including rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
The court heard how the men - eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan - gave their victims drink and drugs before "passing them" round for sex.
"He added: "The right of powerful people to abuse people from lower social classes, seemingly impervious to justice, was over. A dirty secret in Rochdale that had been ignored for too long had given us the impetus to look hard at Britain's landscape of sexual abuse. TIKTOK TERRORTikTok dancer 'feels sick' after spotting 'terrifying' figure lurking in vid."I look back now and see that the Rochdale grooming trial was one of the most important cases not only in my career, but in the history of modern British justice.
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