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The horse wife is a daily comic based on the show *My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic*. The comic focuses on a the life of fan made pony 'Brownie Bun' who lives alongside humans outside of her homeland of Equestria.

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My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 322 - Convincing moves submitted by hattriggers to OnlineNovelClub [link] [comments]

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I made a Hidden TV Lift Cabinet w/ Reversible Front Panel
My wife and I built this Hidden TV (Lift Cabinet) with a reversible front panel. We are proud how this turned out as we are not woodworkers and really rookies to say the least! This was a fun project and we designed it in Google Sketchup, we also made a Project Plan for others for free and a really cool video which quickly shows the progress-https://youtu.be/uU_wFPomoUI Enjoy!
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Comments: ga184lq in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):

How could anyone be a dick seeing Khabibs emotion about his father?
ga181pg in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Normally he'd pull out to be safe ... But I believe he just wanted this over and done with asap... Amazing he could be confident enough to fight like that
ga17uet in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Let's be real here for a second, that overhand from Khabib landed cause of his takedown threat, Conor is levels above most in striking, it's his gas tank that doesn't hold up.
ga17ozr in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Exactly, never seen Justin gas so quickly
ga174u1 in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Damn. What an image. Someone send this to Khabib of they haven't already, I bet him and his fam would love this.
ga16ync in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
"Don't be an Adam" - BT Sports
ga16oz3 in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
That is orange juice with ice btw, not whiskey
ga16lja in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Chandler doesn't deserve that shit lol, I'm failing to see why people think he deserves it. Let him have a top 5 fight, if he wins give him one more for a No1 contender shot
ga16eiq in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
GSP is such a nice guy with a small ego man. Amazing role model as well.
ga16a7r in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
He has a point, Chandler didn't deserve such an opportunity tbh, but hooker still comes accross as salty.
ga0vjg3 in MMA on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Plays on YouTube does not = hundreds of thousands watching on their TV sets bro. And the multi year deal certainly does cost 100s of millions, it's why BT nearly walked away last year when UFC tried...
g9x33mm in ufc on 24 Oct 20 (1pts):
If I had to chose, it'd be Khabibiana for sure, you know this.
g9wonty in MMA on 24 Oct 20 (1pts):
Yeah I love it. It's also weird that they're aloud to post the full fight/ fight highlights like an hour after its happened ... makes u wonder why u even pay for the service lol. But then again I...
g9wjbhu in MMA on 24 Oct 20 (1pts):
I hope not too, but if you only use BTsport for UFC, you are basically paying for 1 ppv per month anyway. It's £35 per month and then for cards like this you have to pay extra lol.
g9wael6 in ufc on 24 Oct 20 (1pts):
He's on that shit that makes your teeth grow
g9tls5p in ufc on 24 Oct 20 (1pts):
Yeah bro...you're taking w's living vicariously through another man's success
g9s8fgo in mmamemes on 23 Oct 20 (2pts):
He has publicly said bad things about women before, he keeps his wife hidden at home ... its very clear what his people think about women lol, don't delude yourself.
g9rwyme in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
UFC won't change their stance any time soon, they love having jacked fighters at "low weights". I totally agree the sport would be way better if we could trust everyone to be honest and only fight...
g9rwngi in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
I've heard her name ... don't think she was ever a huge star though ... I watch every card too.
g9rwayk in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
And all you need is to be roided to the fookin gills to do it!
g9rmuti in MMA on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Remember when DJ's opponant looked twice the size of him at ONE? Something fishy about their "hydration tests"
g9rmqgg in MMA on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Nah but remember, the fighter who makes weight has to agree to the fight too ... if people take the piss with the weight cutting then the fighter who made weight will just say no.
g9rlxvz in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
I can't believe he actually looked Megan in the eyes this time ... i'm sure he had to atone for that BIG western sin afterwards.
g9rlliu in MMA on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
What is this, a body building contest or the fight game?
g9rlj00 in MMA on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Its his core that is strongest, notice how close his abs are together and how large they are... they fly under the radar because of his pale skin but I believe a strong core = more strength
g9rkk8g in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
lol your name
g9rkh9g in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Black guy thinking: So that's how small a white dick really be?
g9qyb8o in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Hellwo. I em numbah wan south of US end A police cop, Idyentification and destination locaytion pliz.
g9qy5hn in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (2pts):
Wow, i've been in a coma the past 2 weeks and definitly haven't seen this a hundred times yet! Thanks for the post bud
g9qy2kd in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
I haven't seen much of the "Homer Simpson" since his last loss, four KO/TKO wins ago lol.
g9qxxbk in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
In trouble, rocked? I don't think so ... but watching those shots again now he was defo flustered at least.
g9qxt2h in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Khabib whispered at the start: "Hey you! Don't let my peniz reveal like Mex Holloway
g9qxn8f in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Good man Khabib. Even without the crowds I bet they let him in to watch lol! Most these teams are owned by arabs or sponsored by them anyway.
g9qxfma in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Dana WHITE sus
g9qxane in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Hm. So still Stipe is being underrated. I'm Ngannous biggest fan but what on earth does Stipe have to do to prove himself?
g9qx5bb in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
If we were to only judge on appearances, one would assume that Justin took the hard road in life, and his twin the easy one. Ahhh it's so good to be a certified reddit psychologist.
g9qx2n5 in ufc on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
It's so funny to imagine Ali Abelelaziz creating all these goofy personalitys as he controls his fighters social medias
g9qwxhz in MMA on 23 Oct 20 (1pts):
Damn, I know he doesn't look like no bodybuilder, but Khabibs core muscles look very strong and large for the weight, maybe this is why he is so strong in grappling.
g9qw8ty in mmamemes on 23 Oct 20 (-1pts):
Idk why you would be downvoted for this lol. There are just as many men who this quote fits as women, idk why he only singles women out. And people wondered why Conor called him backwards
g9othkr in ufc on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
That henotoma still haunts me to this day. Warriors man.
g9otc4u in ufc on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
These must be his stats while on the juice, not his natty ones
g9onjmv in ufc on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
That's a pretty Sus tat to have I'm ngl
g9o7n2h in ufc on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
I think Dana Whites head alone weighs 100lbs ... no way he makes 170
g9o6ukd in ufc on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
Won't Lesnar be about 50 years old by the time UFC 200 happens?
g9nebwe in MMA on 22 Oct 20 (1pts):
Am i crazy or is this all one big conspiracy to throw Khabib off his game so that Justin wins? An awful lot of stuff about his dad lately so close to his fight ... him losing would open up a big...
Submissions: jhqbrk in ufc on 25 Oct 20 (1pts):
Anyone else think Whittaker Vs Cannonier should have been stopped?
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2020.10.25 07:00 aBitofKindness Wraith: Of Villains - Chapter 2

Chapter 1
Celeste squinted against the harsh glare of the emergency lights flickering from the cop cars. The poor dock worker had not asked to come across a murderous villain. He probably had a family at home, a wife and kids, or pets still waiting by the door. Why should Wraith walk away from this while an innocent man just doing his job lay dead on the pavement?
Celeste turned away from the civilian workers documenting the crime scene and crossed the street to where the Hero Vaise stood arguing with a medical technician.
“I will not accept your primitive treatment, and that’s final!” she snapped imperiously. Catching sight of Celeste approaching, she barked, “Hey! You need better control of your civil servants!”
“It’s alright, sir,” Celeste directed at the unfortunate EMT. “Tikri will visit the medical bay on the Hester-Scowen.” Turning to the Hero, she went on, “Our city isn’t your mining planet. We don’t command the civil service workers. We work alongside them.”
“Foolish and inefficient,” Tikri spat. “And call me Vaise, dammit. I hate that Yorgian name.”Illustration
“Okay,” Celeste replied amicably. “You confronted the aether thief, right?”
“Aye, I confronted the damn hellgrammite. Pulled a stunner blade on me.”
“How much dust did he take?”
“Seven liters,” Vaise growled, beginning to pace in agitation. “That’s three point eight million credits of stock!”
“Your vessel has insurance, so you should get most of it back,” Celeste said reassuringly. “But I’ll try to get your stock back. Did Wraith say anything that might indicate what he’s planning?”
“Nah. Well, he kept sayin’ he didn't have an associate, but we saw the big guy on our cameras carrying out the aether. Had some device that mucked up our sensors, though, so we only got a short glimpse before he vanished from our radar. The kid—Wraith, you called him?—wasn’t smart enough to bring his own mask, I guess, though his visor had short range masking capabilities. Old tech. He seemed incompetent. Who is he? I didn’t see him on the watch list…”
“He’s new,” Celeste sighed. “Not yet on the watch list, but…” She glanced at the bloody remains of an innocent man. “I’ve been trying to get him marked by the board.”
Vaise sniffed haughtily and muttered under her breath, “Inefficient.”
Celeste quirked a corner of her mouth ruefully. “It’s politics. You make sure you get your medical bay to check up on you, alright?”
Vaise simply waved her off with brusque impatience and marched away. Celeste snorted in amusement and approached the officers documenting the scene.
“Accipitridae,” the blond-haired woman greeted formally, stepping away from her colleague. “You asked us to let you know if we saw anything unusual, and I thought you might find this to be of interest.” She held up a plastic bag between them. Inside, it contained a single glove, partially torn along its outside stitching. “We only found one. We still need to run it for prints and size, but--”
“Is there any way we can do that in our labs?” Celeste interrupted abruptly. “We would get the analysis done quicker, and I think this could be really helpful in finding the man who did this.”
The officer stammered for a second, clearly caught off guard. “I… That’s… Well, it doesn’t exactly follow our chain of custody protocols, but I suppose…”
She glanced over her shoulder and saw Carmen duck underneath the crime scene barrier. He hurried to her side, glancing at the tragic scene with genuine dismay.
“I’m glad you could make it,” she told him as he stopped next to her and the officer. “I’m certain this is Wraith, and we might have his DNA on his glove—”
“How do you know it’s him?” Carmen interrupted.
Celeste gave him a flat look.
“Okay,” he went on reasonably, “let’s just say it’s extremely likely.”
“If it is him, that would mean he’s gaining momentum. This is two deaths in just as many days--and theft of a highly regulated substance! The Council has to put him on the watch list after this! Maybe even the priority list--”
If we can prove it’s him,” Carmen tempered.
“We have his DNA,” Celeste smiled, nodding at the cop holding the evidence bag. The cop just looked between the two Heroes with uncertainty. Turning her attention back to Carmen, Celeste went on, “It will certainly help. We may even be able to find this guy and take him out before he kills any more Heroes or innocent civilians!”
Carmen sighed, studying the glove through the clear plastic. “We can’t officially run the DNA without probable cause by an evidentiary hearing. Before you say anything,” he hurried as Celeste opened her mouth to protest, “I’ve got a drinking buddy who works on this stuff for the Council. I can call in a favor and get the analysis on an unofficial basis.” As he spoke, he extended his hand for the evidence bag, and the blond woman hesitantly handed it over.
Celeste grinned triumphantly. “Fantastic. We’ll find this guy in no time. I’ll take him out myself if I have to. No one else will die by his hands!”
Dad was a small man, but he hit hard.
“When are you going to get your act together!?” my father shouted as I slammed into the wall. He grabbed my collar and shoved me back, looming over me with all his drunken fury. I cowered beneath his glare. What could a kid do against a monster?
Jabbing a finger into my chest, the liquor sloshing in the glass bottle that he held, Dad went on, “You’ve got the blood of one of the greatest Heroes who ever lived! But what good are you as a Hero’s son if you’re so weak!?”
“I’m sorry,” I whimpered, but he just backhanded me across the face again, knocking me to the ground. On my knees, I held my hands to my stinging cheek, fighting with all my might to hold back the tears and failing.
Dad sneered down at me, curling his upper lip in disdain. “You’re weak! Powerless! Useless!”
Peter lurched awake with a frantic gasp, sitting bolt upright. Something was tangled around his arms and legs--restraining him--and he flailed in blind panic. His heart palpitated against his ribcage as if trying to escape the prison of his past, and he ached all over from his father’s beating, but he struggled through the pain.
Two arms suddenly wrapped around his chest to hold him down. His father! He fought back, desperate to escape, but then he heard in his ear, “Peter, Peter, it’s okay!”
He instantly froze, blinking in the darkness. Yes, this was Delia’s apartment. With a sigh, he sank back into his pillow. The sheets were damp with sweat, but he felt cold all over. Beside him, Delia sat up.
“Was that another one of your stupid nightmares?” she asked, reaching over to turn on the lamp beside the bed.
Peter rolled over, turning his back to her.
Behind him, she went on, “Will you ever tell me about them? After all the times you’ve woken me up because of them, I still don’t know what they’re even about—”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Peter snapped, still trembling all over.
After a moment, Delia lay back down beside him, wrapping an arm around his side. They lay silently in each other’s company for a few minutes before Delia spoke again. Her voice was soft and supplicating in his ear as she said, “You really scared me yesterday.” She hugged him closer, awakening more aches and bruises. Peter tensed with longanimity. “You were completely raddled when I found you at that park,” she continued plaintively. “I could barely even get you to the car.”
Peter closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.”
She wriggled her fingers in between his and pulled her hands over his heart, and she kissed the back of his neck. “I’m here for you, babe.”
Nestled in her arms, Peter fell asleep feeling grateful that he had decided to trust her.
Peter had been more exhausted than he had thought, for he slept soundly for almost two days, slowly recovering from his wounds. He awoke in the gray hours of the morning on Saturday, groggy but refreshed. Delia was still asleep beside him, so he quietly crawled out of bed to take a much-needed shower and change into a spare set of clothes he had left at her apartment during a previous overnight stay.
As he toweled his hair dry, he looked at himself in the foggy mirror; his dark brown hair was getting long, and his brown eyes were sunken from the beginning stages of starvation. The same words that always floated through his mind every time he saw his reflection came back to him now. Weak. Useless. Worthless. He glared at his reflection.
He had grown up doing everything he could to prove them wrong. If only he had succeeded in stealing the aether dust! It was the last thing he needed to pull his plan together! But that goddamn supervillain Naku had gotten in the way—and so effortlessly, too! How had he simply walked out of the freighter ship unharmed?
In the other room, Peter heard Delia rifling through cabinets in the small kitchenette. With a small exhalation, he pulled his eyes away from the mirror and hung up the towel. He had been nervous about asking her to come help him that night in the park. He was afraid she would leave him if she knew the extent of his ‘vigilante work,’ as she called it. But she had been so loving and supportive over the last few days. After everything he had put Delia through, Peter figured he had to repay her somehow. I’m long overdue on that day-long date she wanted, he thought with a smile, and he reached for the door.
He paused, however, his hand hovering over the doorknob. Did he really have time to waste on an outing? With his plan so disrupted after his failed aether heist, he had a lot of work to do. The only way to get dust was to buy it or steal it, and he worked on minimum wage. He had to prepare adequately if he was going to steal from the high-security processing plants that purchased the dust legally, and...
Tomorrow, he told himself firmly, turning the doorknob. It can wait until tomorrow.
The sun sat comfortably over the tops of the buildings as Delia and Peter strolled down the mall corridor together on their way to one of the many small amusement parks scattered throughout the megacity. It was a busy Saturday morning, shoppers ducking in and out of small boutiques with an exploratory air. There was a general sense of peace in the day, and Peter slowly relaxed to let himself feel it. Delia chattered on about this and that, mostly inanity that did not require Peter to participate. She looked as radiant as the sun, exuding joy and delight the likes of which Peter had never seen before. He thought he would have regretted leaving the comforting confines of a bed so soon after his battle with the Hero Vaise, just to spend a day at an amusement park he could barely afford. But seeing the happiness in her countenance, he decided that he ought to take her on dates like these more often.
Delia entwined her fingers in between Peter’s and pulled him close so that his elbow was tucked around hers. “Remember when we first met?” she asked, rubbing his arm with her free hand as she pressed joyously against him. “You said you weren’t looking for a girlfriend and would never go on walks in the park or hold hands.” Her fingers trailed along an old scar twisting toward his wrist. “Now look at us!”
“Seven months makes a big difference,” Peter said with a smile, tightening his fingers around hers. She brimmed with joy as she beamed at him.
A flash of silver on the other side of the street caught his attention. He pulled up short when he saw parked on the curb a Gallafex Z-3 magnecycle. It was just sitting there, right in the open!
His sudden halt pulled Delia back with a sharp yank, and she looked back in confusion. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“That’s a Gallafex Z-3!” he exclaimed, taking a step closer. It was beautiful, polished to a sheen, sleek and inviting and just sitting there.
“Babe, it’s just a magnecycle!” Delia retorted. “Let’s go before the park reaches max occ!”
“Please, just five minutes,” Peter pressed, smiling back at her. “I want a closer look!”
She laughed at him, but obligingly allowed herself to be led across the street toward the gleaming vehicle. The Gallafex Z-3 was an older model, but it was still a magnificent bike. Rotating converters, transfrictional tracks, hypodronic sweep stills. Gallafex had pioneered all the top-of-the-line vehicular enhancements that flooded the market today. Even eight years past its release date, the Z-3 maintained its position in the Thursson’s Top Five ratings--and number one in Peter’s heart.
As his eyes lit up with admiration, Delia snorted, “You’re such a loser when it comes to machines.”
“Give me a break!” Peter grinned, his eyes locked onto the bike. “I’ve never seen a Z-3 in person! It’s a gorgeous model and one of the best designs even to this day. Take care of a vehicle like this and she’ll carry you for decades!”
Delia rolled her eyes, but he ignored her. Now that he was closer, he saw the drunnel chambers looked slightly askew. Bending closer, he saw that their bolt heads were actually cracked.
“Come on, babe,” Delia said, tugging his arm playfully.
“The drunnel heads are cracked,” he replied, studying the fissures.
“They’re an important part of the filtration system,” Peter explained, squinting to see if the attachment rods deeper in the engine had been affected, too. “If the owner drives this bike much longer, it’ll burn the lift stabilizers.”
The rods had been affected. One was bent slightly, pressed up against the bike’s body by the tilted position of the drunnel chambers. Reaching out a finger to point them out to Delia, he said, “These rods need to be replaced, too, or the exhaust will leak into the coolant system, and that’s an exothermic chemical reaction, which could be really dangerous. I hope the owner is aware...”
“He is,” a new voice spoke up. With a start, Peter straightened and stepped back, turning to see a man with sandy hair. He was of medium height and medium build, but he had a sharp, jutting chin, and his blue eyes were bright. He stood just a few feet away; Peter had been so engrossed in the magnecycle that he had not even heard the man approach. He took another step back, tense and nervous about how the man would feel about someone poking close to his bike.
But the corner of the stranger’s mouth was pulled into a smirk as he extended his arm for a handshake. “Name’s Tony,” he said. Peter tentatively returned his grip. “It took my regular mechanic four weeks of tests to figure out why she was running so roughly.” He gestured somewhat forlornly toward the bike, and Peter noticed an autoparts bag in his hand. He must have just bought the replacement drunnel heads. “Yet you take one look and figure it out in just ten seconds? That’s impressive.”
Delia stepped forward and clung to Peter’s arm, a coy smile on her face. “Peter’s a brilliant mechanic,” she told Tony, her voice dripping with pride. Warmth contested the nervousness coiled in Peter’s chest. He was unused to the compliments.
The man nodded amicably and asked, “A Heroes’ mechanic?”
Peter swallowed and said, “No, I just work part-time at a couple of shops. Nothing for Heroes, though.”
“Well,” Tony shrugged, raising his eyebrows, “with an eye like yours, you ought to apply for your license.”
Peter said nothing, for he really wanted nothing to do with the Heroes, but Delia eagerly piped up, “Does it pay well?”
Tony laughed heartily as he packed his shopping bag into a compartment beneath his bike’s seat. “Aye, they make a killing off of all the Heroes up in the Council. It’s not a bad gig, if you can get it.”
“I don’t have a sponsor,” Peter finally cut in, gripping Delia’s fingers hard enough that she looked up at him reproachfully. He silently willed her to keep her mouth shut.
“You don’t necessarily need one,” Tony replied lightly. “I think they open applications every two years to apprentices all across the galaxy, too.”
I can’t afford the entry fee, anyway, Peter thought, wishing the man would drop it.
Yanking her hand out of Peter’s grip, Delia told the man, “That’s wonderful news! Peter will definitely apply for it!”
“Maybe,” Peter hurriedly put in, snatching Delia’s hand again. “Uh, good luck with your bike. Don’t use synthetic lubricant for the drunnel heads. It mucks things up in the long run. Come on, Delia...”
Tony waved genially as the two strode briskly down the street. Pursing her lips, Delia huffed, “What is with you!?”
“I can’t afford to apply as a Heroes’ mechanic!” Peter hissed evasively.
“But that guy said they make a lot of money!”
“I don’t want to do it, alright?” he snapped, hating himself for stopping to check out the bike in the first place. “Will you just drop it?”
“You don’t have to be a bitch about it,” Delia snorted. Peter slowed his earnest pace and let out a long sigh.
“I’m sorry,” he grumbled. “Come on, before the park fills up.”
She hooked her arm in his, cuddling close again. Peter glanced back once, still unsettled at having been so unaware of the man’s approach while engrossed in the bike. Tony stood by his bike, smoking a cigarette and watching them leave. That nervousness crept back into Peter’s mind, and he quickened his pace infinitesimally. Illustration
Carmen strode down the quiet corridors in the Blancandrin Research Building. His friend down in forensics, Theo Dore, had served the Council for almost his entire life. The Heroes blood in the Dore family was beginning to fade, and Theo was the first one who opted out of any training, even as a sidekick. Out of respect to his family, he had been given the chance to still work for the Council. Ever since he’d been granted access to the Council, Carmen had made a concerted effort to befriend everyone who worked there, those with power and those, like Theo, who had little to no power left at all. His efforts paid off for when he needed a discrete favor, like now.
When he reached Theo’s lab, Carmen knocked quietly. The door cracked open, and Theo’s pale blue eyes peered out for a second. Upon recognizing the Hero, Theo pulled the door open and hastily waved him inside.
“Your message said it was urgent,” Carmen began.
“Yes,” Theo whispered, though it was clear there was no one else in the lab. He bustled across the cramped space toward the only workspace devoid of any clutter. “You know that glove that you sent to me last week to get a DNA sample?”
“Did you get Wraith’s DNA?” Carmen asked, reining in his enthusiasm. He would leave that to Celeste, if there was anything of note.
Theo looked up at Carmen with a timid glance. “That’s... Well, that’s why I asked you to come here discretely. I... You know my position, Carmen. I’m in the Council by the grace of the Heroes. Running this sample without due cause was illegal, and I don’t want to get mixed up in more, and... I haven’t told anyone, not a single person, and no one knows I ran the sample, and... and we’re friends, you and I, and—”
“Who is he?” Carmen asked quietly, interrupting Theo’s nervous tittering. After a brief moment of hesitation, Theo reached out toward the display panel on the desk and pulled up a digital profile. Carmen leaned close to read the cramped sans serif font.
His entire body went cold.
After a few silent minutes, he slowly straightened, his mind racing. Celeste’s persistence had not been in vain, but despite her acuity, not even she would have guessed this.
With his eyes still riveted on the screen, Carmen asked tightly, “You’re certain you’re the only person who has seen this? There are no copies of this where someone could stumble across it?”
Theo nodded emphatically. “I’m the only one who knows. I don’t want to get mixed up in Council politics, Carmen. I don’t want my name associated with any of this. I am deeply grateful for my place here even though I am powerless, and—”
“I understand, Theo,” Carmen interrupted. Slowly, resolutely, he reached out and hit the Delete option, wiping the data from existence. “This stays between us. If this information got into the wrong hands... into Celeste’s hands... Well, let’s just say she would take political advantage of it.”
“I don’t want to get mixed up in Council politics,” Theo quailed.
Carmen patted his shoulder reassuringly. Without another word, he turned and left the lab.
Peter and Delia spent the afternoon walking around Chalde Amusement Park, admiring the side shows and playing in the game stalls. At the laser gun shooting gallery, Peter managed to win Delia a stuffed penguin that was nearly as tall as she was, though he was tasked with carrying it around everywhere under his arm. As the sun neared the horizon, they strolled along the busy paths with ice cream cones. Clinging to Peter’s arm, Delia led the conversation, crooning over the blooming flowers, laughing at chittering squirrels, and otherwise allowing Peter to dwell on his own thoughts. Quite suddenly, Delia veered across him onto a gravel path.
“Oh, what a pretty garden!” she gasped, dragging him into the colorful landscaping. The path was lined with stones and flowers, and a hundred square feet of well-manicured lawn stretched out over the small hill. “I always wanted to live in a nice place with a garden,” Delia went on. “Wouldn’t you?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty,” Peter sniffed noncommittally, for he had never cared about flowers.
“Oh, it’s got a photo trellis!” Delia exclaimed, hastily darting beneath the delicate, silver arch. “Come on, come on!” she implored as she pressed her Kyp against the activation node. Peter watched her enthusiasm with a smile. Anything to make you happy, he thought, and he obligingly stepped beneath the arch and pulled her close. They both smiled up at the camera lens that protruded from its hidden stalk among the flower beds beside the gravel. When it beeped its completion, Delia stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him on the cheek.
“Now I can remember this perfect day,” she said as the picture transferred into her Kyp account. She beamed exultantly as she pulled it up on her wrist display. “And look, it didn’t get anyone in the background!” she cooed as they continued down the gravel path. “This is one of the best photo trellises I’ve ever seen!”Illustration She paused and then smirked. “Almost like the one in that park where I rescued you!” she went on coyly, elbowing him.
He could not remember there being a photo trellis there. Nonetheless, Peter snorted, “I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘rescue,’ but...”
“Are you kidding? You were completely passed out!” Delia laughed. “You could have gotten mugged by a villain or something.” She went silent for a moment and glanced sideways at him. “You know, you still haven’t told me why you were in that park.”
Peter descried a round stone that had been dislodged from its decorative patch lining the gravel, and he toed it back among its brethren. “Long day.”
Delia pouted at him. “But what happened, baby?” she pressed. “You never tell me what happens in your life. I thought you loved me.”
That’s why I don’t tell you, Peter thought, gritting his teeth.
She stopped in the middle of the small garden, her limpid green eyes glimmering at him reproachfully. “I’m always there for you, aren’t I?” she plied. “I just worry about you, babe.”
“I told you when we met,” Peter muttered crossly, his eyes darting around for any listeners. “I said I’d never tell you everything. I do dangerous work. I’m not going to involve you in it.”
She had a sneer on her face as she replied, “You also swore you’d never fall in love.”
Peter said nothing as he turned and left the small photo garden, scowling. Frustration writhed within him as Delia’s flip-flops clapped against the steel in his wake. Her silence was the worst thing in the world. Was she mad at him? Would she leave him? He just wanted to protect her.
Or maybe I don’t really trust her as much as I thought, a small voice wriggled in the back of his mind. A pang of guilt seized him at the idea. He had trusted her before—why could he not trust her with this? Was it unfair to keep her in the dark even if he demanded her help and support?
If it keeps her safe, he decided, though doubt weighed on him.
They had just exited the park’s gates when Delia spoke up again. With no segue, she huffed, “I think it’s absolutely cruel that you would lie to me every day by not telling me what you do!”
Peter stopped up short and spun to face her. “Lie?” he protested. He had made pains to do quite the opposite!
Her face scrunched up as her cheeks turned red. “I have loved you and trusted you up to now, but... but...” She suddenly sniffed, tears welling up in her emerald eyes, and she turned away so that a curtain of red hair hid her face. “You don’t trust me. You don’t love me!”
“Delia, I—” Peter hastily looked around at the other park-goers slowly trickling out, and he lowered his voice. “When I asked for your help a few days ago—I trusted you with that! And you know I’m... working toward a... goal.” He stammered, his heart hammering against his ribcage. He did not trust her! Never had it pained him so, but he did not trust her! Gritting his teeth, he pressed, “And I do love you! I do!”
Her shoulders began to shake as she started weeping, and Peter’s soul keened in anguish. “You don’t!” she cried, drawing a few eyes. “If you did, you would tell me everything!”
“Delia,” Peter whispered, grasping her hand in his, “I love you more than anyone in the Nine Hundred Galaxies. But I can’t tell you everything... I... I don’t want to put you in harm’s way. Please, I need you to understand.”
She turned her tear-stained face up to him, her eyes big and watery. “If you love me, you won’t keep secrets from me. But if you can’t be open with me, I can’t... I don’t think I can keep this up.” With a sob, she yanked her hand out of his grip and walked away.
The sudden, familiar desolation of abandonment reared up inside of Peter like a black wave before he managed to quell it with anger. Spinning, he caught up with Delia and hissed, “I told you I love you. I bend over backwards to make you happy. I even went on this stupid date with you! Why can’t I have this one thing for myself!?”
“You clearly don’t know how relationships work, do you?” she huffed with a bit more composure, dabbing at her eyes with her sleeve. “Both parties must always be open and honest. If you can’t tell me what you’re actually doing, then for all I know, you’re doing other women.”
“I’m not cheating on you!” Peter snapped, drawing a few eyes again. He lowered his voice to a growl as the two of them continued down the cramped streets of the Chaldean sector. “You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, Delia. I don’t love anyone else—I don’t even like anyone else. Just you. What do I have to do to make you believe that?”
She lifted her chin and declared intransigently, “You could tell me everything. And if you can’t, I’m leaving.”
Peter stepped in front of her to force her to stop. “You would leave?” he snapped in disbelief. “Just like that?”
Tears began to fill her eyes again, but her face was set as she nodded resolutely. She said not another word as she stepped around him and continued down the street.
Peter stood where he was, the giant stuffed penguin still under his arm. His anger began to wilt before his fear. Delia did not even look back as she strode down the street. She would really leave him? This whole time, he thought she would leave if she knew what his ultimate goals were—she still might. But if he did not tell her, she would leave anyway.
He felt torn in two. He had lost, either way. But one way still gave him a chance.
He spun and ran after Delia, ignoring the muttered curses in his wake as people had to dodge out of the way. When he caught up, he grabbed her hand again, pulling her around to face him.
“I love you,” he pressed. “And I’ll tell you everything. Just not out here.” He gestured to the busy mall street that they had been strolling down earlier that morning. “I’ll tell you everything when we get home,” he promised, squeezing her fingers imploringly. “I swear. Anything you want to know. Just please don’t leave.”
That angelic smile lit her face again, and everything was right with the world once more.
[Continued below]
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2020.10.25 02:28 StrippersSpit Wife naked hidden camera

So today we almost got hit by someone doing a rolling stop at a stop sign. We had to slam the breaks and honk about 4 times, I had my wife and child in the car. (If we didn't slam the breaks my 02 explorer would have went through their mini van)
There was a cop directly behind us when we almost got hit.( we passed him at a turn around he was blocking, he pulled over then followed us out).
So we call Sarnia police station to ask why didnt't this cop pull over the person that just did a rolling stop and almost hit us. We honked 4 times and the cop had to stop behind us when we slammed the breaks, so unless your oblivious to what's on the road its hard to miss what happened. ( especially when you also have to hit the breaks)
Transferred to Staff Sargentt on the phone. He admits the officer was eating cheeseburgers blocking the turn around and denies ever hearing us honk or seeing someone do a rolling stop....even tho he had to hit his brakes behind us....
Anyway the staff Sargent was overly defending this officer on the phone to the point he thought we were lying about the whole thing....even tho he admits he was eating cheese burgers in a turn around that's completely hidden (I even made the comment b4 the incident wow look at this cop hiding and getting paid)
On the phone call we learned NO SARNIA POLICE CARS HAVE CAMERAS, and the staff Sargent basically acted like we were wasting his time.
These are the people defending our city.... Can't even see someone almost hit right infront of then ..I have zero faith in our police anymore it's like they just raid pot shops for cash and drive around like assholes.
Edit. Downvoted by cops sorry man but do your fucking jobs. If I got hit would he have even noticed? Didn't hear me honk 4 times and slam the breaks.......even tho he had to slam his brakes behind me....hmm.....
Also staff Sargent has known the officer for a long time (his words) so it not surprising he tried to brush us off so hard.
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Dear Esteemed Colleague,
I hope this letter finds you in great health in these darkest and spookiest of times. My name is Mr. John Boddy and I would like to formally invite you to my grand mansion in Boston, Massachusetts for a feast for the ages. My contacts have informed me of your great achievements over the years and I wish to hold a summit for the greatest minds of our time to come together for a grand occasion.
I can assure you that this letter is no mistake. While my guest list includes some of the richest in our country, some of the most ingenious inventors of our time, and even some of the most crafty masterminds to dominate the criminal underworld, I have seen the genius that is our local librarians, pig farmers, and even those named “Karen”.
There will be many reasons for one to join our summit that will take place in the first weekend of November. Some may wish to converse with the greatest minds and learn about the great successes and journeys to success of our guests. Others may wish to use the opportunity to expand their own networks. And still others may simply want a reason to eat, sleep, drink well, and be merry.
Whatever the reason may be, I hope you consider this fantastic opportunity for casual social interaction with the most elite of our country. We at the Boddy Estate expect a very clean and friendly event. Please respond to this letter by the end of Hallow’s Eve with your intention to attend the event.
Mr. John D. Boddy
P.S. I hold no responsibility for any incidents that may occur during the course of our summit. While I do not expect any absurdity to occur, an event such as this has never before been conceived and therefore there will be the possibility of chaos. Rest assured, I will do everything in my living power as host to contain any ensuing madness that may occur.
Game Structure Phases This game will have separated day and night phases.

  • Day phases will include a vote where each player can cast 3 votes to remove 3 players and a few actions that are related to votes. Tie votes are RNGed.
  • Night phases will have actions and room requests.
Win Conditions There are two affiliations: guilty and innocent
  • The guilty will win if they outnumber the innocents.
  • The innocent will win if they eliminate all of the guilty
There are no hidden win conditions.
Factions There are five factions: murderers, boobytrappers, poisoners, partygoers, and staff.
  • Murderers are always guilty
  • Boobytrappers may be guilty or innocent
  • Poisoners are always guilty
  • Partygoers may be guilty or innocent
  • Staff are always innocent
There are no secret factions.
Reveals In the posts, we will reveal:
  • Who dies in the vote each day phase and the number of votes that person got
  • The role of anybody who died in the phase
  • Any additional information that comes as a result of role actions
Character Cards As this is a murder mystery, everybody should come in character, right? You’ll receive a character card alongside your role. This has nothing to do with your role or affiliation, it’s just for fun, and gives you a starting point to be someone else!
Rooms Every Night Phase, players will choose a room. They will be moved into that room for the duration of the following Day and Night. (i.e. players choose a room on Night 0 and will be in that room for Day 1 and Night 1. On Night 1 they will choose a room again and be there for Day 2 and Night 2).
Visiting actions can only be done on players in the same room as the visitor. Except for those done by Killers, because they know all the secret passages in the house, so they can slide between any room to do their action.
Each Room has a private subreddit where players may talk as they please. The threads in the main sub will remain open for the entire game.
Mr. Boddy takes fire codes very seriously. Each room will have a limit of how many people may be in that room on a given day. If too many people try to go to the same room, the hosts will decide what room people join, based on the criteria of whatever will amuse the hosts more. Rooms may start to be closed off as the party dies down.
Roles Roles will have flags that denote features of their abilities. In the roles list, these flags have been separated out so you can filter the role list by ability types more easily. The key for those flags is as follows:
Flag Meaning
N Night Action (in addition to room choices)
D Day Action (in addition to voting)
V Visiting Role
K Killer
I Investigator
P Passive
You may not target the same player in any two consecutive phases.
There are no hidden roles/abilities. Most of the roles listed below will exist, some more than once.
Murderers What? Surely they cannot be!? What do you mean they all have a motive to do so?
They will have a private subreddit to communicate.
Role Description D/N V K I P
Professor Plum Chooses someone to murder each night. N V K - -
Secretary Cyan Chooses someone to murder each night, but isn’t very good at it. Only has a 33% chance at success. N V K - -
Miss Scarlett Three times per game, chooses to murder someone. Anybody else who visits the victim will be silenced and unable to talk in the following day phase. N V K - -
Madam Coral She will inherit Scarlett’s role if Scarlett dies on or before Night 3. Scarlett’s use count will not be reset. After Night 3, she functionally becomes a Conspirator. - - - - P
Mrs. Peacock Who would ever expect this from a Senator’s wife? Appears as innocent to investigators. - - - - P
Ms. White She wants things to go her way. Chooses a first target and redirects their action onto a second target. N V - - -
Mx. Green Chooses two targets each night. Actions submitted for their first target will be done to their second target and vice versa. N V - - -
Colonel Mustard Once per game he can choose to load his pistol. Anybody who visits him dies, but he’ll die too. N V K - -
Dr. Orchid Chooses a target each night who will appear as guilty to investigators. N V - - -
Father Indigo Five times per game can choose to obscure someone’s role. If they die that phase, their role will not appear in the meta. D/N V - - -
Judge Slate Once per game, can cause all investigative roles to fail. N - - - -
Conspirator Is in the same faction as the Murderers, but has no special abilities. Can inherit Plum’s position. - - - - -
Murderers will always retain the ability to submit kills, even if Plum dies. They also keep their other ability.
Boobytrappers We wouldn’t want things to go too smoothly, now would we?
They will have a private subreddit to communicate. All boobytrappers within a private subreddit share the same affiliation.
Role Description D/N V K I P
Saboteur Can sabotage someone else in the room. Every night they pick a number and the Nth person to submit their night action form is roleblocked. (e.g. they pick 3, the 3rd person to submit the night action form that phase is roleblocked. Doesn’t affect themself) N - - - -
Body Snatcher Sets a trap each night where someone dies. Choose a target and kill them. The first time they try to kill someone who shares their affiliation, the kill will fail and they will be informed why. N V K - -
Schemer Once per game, can control for all external variables and rig the game. Select a target, and that target cannot be role blocked or redirected. Does not apply to swaps and protection. N V - - -
Smooth Talker Convinces (forces) a player to go to a room of the Smooth Talker’s choice for the next phase. (i.e. Pen says oomps should go to the library rather than oomps’ choice of the conservatory) N - - - -
Colluder Is in the same faction as the Boobytrappers, but has no special abilities. Can inherit the Body Snatcher ability. - - - - -
Boobytrappers will always retain the ability to submit kills, even if the Body Snatcher dies. They will not keep their other ability.
Poisoners Raise your glass and drink deep! Ignore that clawing, burning feeling at your throat. I’m sure it’s just the scotch...
Role Description D/N V K I P
Poisoner Every phase (Day and Night), the poisoner can choose someone to poison OR call a toast. If they choose to poison someone, that person will be informed that they have been poisoned. If they choose to call a toast, everybody whose drink has been poisoned will die. This role visits others when poisoning them, but not when calling for a toast. D/N V K - -
Apprentice If the poisoner dies before the 4th night, the Apprentice will take over the Poisoner’s role. The apprentice will learn what actions the poisoner previously submitted when they inherit this role. - - - - P
The poisoner and apprentice know each other’s identities.
Staff Hmmm. They seem to know a lot about some of the party guests...
They will have a private subreddit to communicate.
Role Description D/N V K I P
Butler Once per game, can choose a target and all votes cast for them that day will not be counted. D - - - -
Maid Once per game, can call to vote out an extra player during the following day phase. N - - - -
Cook Once per game, chooses a living player and has their role revealed in the next day’s meta. N - - - -
Nurse Has 3 vials of antidote that she can distribute to any player at any time which cures them of being poisoned. D/N V - - -
New Hire If any of the butlemaid/cook/nurse die before the start of Day 4, the new hire will be invited to take their place. If they inherit a role where the action has already been used, the count will not reset. Not initially in subreddit. - - - - -
Party Guests Party guests will have a primary action and a secondary action. They can perform the primary action every night. Once in the game, they can perform the secondary action instead of the primary action.
In the table of flags, the two powers will be listed as Primary; Secondary. For example, a role that is not investigative for its Primary power but is for its Secondary would read “ - ; I”
Role Primary Secondary D/N;D/N V;V K;K I;I P;P
Medical Doctor Prevent someone from dying via murderer or boobytrapper. Remove target from play and no night actions can be performed on them N;N V;V - ; - - ; - - ; -
TSA Officer Target a player and see which faction (party guest, murderer, boobytrapper, etc) they belong to. Investigate a dead player and see which role(s) visited them the night they died. N;N V;V - ; - I;I - ; -
Bodyguard Target a player and if that player was going to be killed by night action, you will die instead. Target a player and if that player was going to be killed by night action, you will die instead - but you’ll also take the attacker down with you. N;N V;V - ; K - ; - - ; -
Mentalist Target a player and see which affiliation they belong to (innocent vs guilty). Target a player and if they’re guilty the opposite affiliation, they die. N;N V;V - ; - I;I - ; -
Lookout Spy on someone and see which player they visited. Spy on someone and see which role they visited. N;N V;V - ; - I;I - ; -
Buddy Spy on someone and see which players visited them. Spy on someone and see which role visited them. N;N V;V - ; - I;I - ; -
Wiretapper Investigate a player and see if they are in a private subreddit. Investigate someone and see the name of the private subreddit they’re in. N;N V;V - ; - I;I - ; -
Karen Choose a player and find out who they voted for in the current phase. Choose a player and find out who they’ve voted for the past three phases. D;D - ; - - ; - I;I - ; -
Arithmetician Choose a player and find out how many votes they received in the previous day’s vote. Choose a player and have their vote count reduced by 1. D;D - ; - - ; - I; - - ; -
Regular Guest Every day they can vote. Once per game, their vote counts double. - ; D - ; - - ; - - ; - - ; -
Event Event phases will occur at fixed times in the game. Players will be informed of the event in the phase before an event occurs. (For example, if the event is in Day 6, we will tell you in Night 5 that Day 6 is an event phase.)
Timeline Game phases will end at 9pm EST and new threads will go up shortly after. Of course, some of us have different definitions of short, but that’s your problem, not ours.
  • Signups will close on October 31 at 1pm EDT. and role PMs will go out shortly after
  • Confirmations will be due approximately 24 hours later on November 1 at 1pm EST.
  • The phase 0 event will go up shortly after confirmations close and this phase will close at 9pm EST on November 2. From that point on, phases will end at 9pm EST.
Note: in the US (where all of the hosts live) Daylight Savings ends at 2am November 1. Phases will have a countdown timer, but make sure you have the right conversion for your time zone.
Meta Players will receive inactivity strikes for failure to vote, failure to submit room forms, or failure to submit action forms. After three total strikes, a player will be removed. Inactivity strikes will not be publicly listed.
SIGN UP HERE by October 31 at 1pm EDT
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2020.10.24 21:49 Holy-Wan_Kenobi Griffin's Bride

9th Day of the 5th Moon, 383 AC
Mountains of the Moon
Donnahal was, to put it mildly, somewhat surprised.
When the Griffin King had, a day after sending one of his Oathsworn, Eiric, down to the lowlands to seek negotiations with the Falcon Lord, declared before all the chieftains and magnars under his influence that he would be seeking out a woman to wed, Donnahal had been expecting to be buried under a pile every eligible daughter in the Mountains of the Moon.
As it turned out, eligible clanswomen were lacking at the moment.
It only makes sense for the Gods to curse me so, Donnal lamented, somewhat amused. In slowly assimilating the clans into the Kingdom of the Hill, he had inadvertently sparked a betrothal race amongst the chieftains, not wishing to be left out of the power shift. Daughters and widows were married off as quickly as possible between the clans, cementing the cohesiveness of his paramountcy, which he had desperately needed at that time.
And, in reward for his prudence, Donnahal was being forced to traverse the Mountains of the Moon in search of a daughter that wasn’t a child barely past her first moonblood.
No doubt the Griffin Kings of old were laughing at him from beyond the grave,
As much the Griffin King disliked having to journey from oppidum to oppidum, however, Donnahal knew that securing his bloodline was a necessity that he could no longer ignore. The clansmen he had hidden amongst the smallfolk in the lowlands were reporting strange tidings and rumors floating about. Ones of the Andal Queen’s advisors dead in her own capital, and Essosi threats being exchanged overseas.
Whispers of another King of the First Men from the marshes.
Whatever peace had existed after the end of the War of the Last Dragon had started to rot away, and at this rate, Donnahal had no doubt that conflict would break out by year’s-end. If that was the case, then the oppidums would need to be fortified, the negotiations with the Falcon Lord settled, and the succession to Clan Redsmith secured.
And to secure his succession, he needed a wife, which had finally brought him up to the Stone Crow oppidum.
Which was why he was surprised to finally, finally, find an eligible women to wed-- and not a bad looking one, to boot.
Wide hips, large bosom, good features… by the Gods, what is she doing all the way up here?
Gwenna, as the woman was named, was a pleasant conversationalist, Donnahal was pleased to find out. During his time with the Stone Crows, they often set out for rides through the mountain paths, speaking of all manner of things; from news from the lowlands to the hardships of ruling, and the Griffin King found her opinions and thoughts on the subjects enlightening.
After having spent a week getting to know Gwenna, he pulled her aside during a feast one night, and brought up the subject of marriage, and was pleased to learn that she was in no way opposed, and they spent the rest of the night in her chambers.
So it was that, the next day, Donnahal announced his betrothal to Gwenna of the Stone Crows, daughter of Ambior, son of Shagga, to the great elation of the Stone Crows, and the two betrothed were treated to a large feast that very night, filled with meat, mead, and dancing.
The next day, having secured his bride, Donnahal, alongside Gwenna and her retinue, set out for the Redsmith oppidum, all the while sending riders to all the Clans of the mountains announcing the betrothal and coming wedding.
And, finally, when the chieftains had arrived, the two betrothed were escorted to the Redsmith weirwood tree, and there they wed under the eyes of the Old Gods.
Donnahal went to sleep that night basking in the afterglow.
The succession would be secured. Peace would be made with the Eyrie.
And-- Gods be good-- all would be well.
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My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 320 - Better at Face Slapping submitted by hattriggers to OnlineNovelClub [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 19:10 rangernumberx Wife naked hidden camera

"You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy."
A rag-tag group of beings from across the universe, brought together by pure happenstance and a joint reluctance to follow the law, the Guardians of the Galaxy nevertheless accidentally became one of the greatest forces protecting the universe. After finding themselves thrown in the middle of a struggle for the Power Infinity Stone, stopping Ronan the Accuser before he used it to wipe out any planet he saw fit, they continued travelling doing good stuff, bad stuff, and mixes of the two. While they would continue to butt heads, they always ultimately came together when needed, as shown when risking their lives to stop Ego from assimilating all life into him.
While Thor joined at the end of Endgame, he has not had any shown adventures with the group at this point, so is not included here.
Legend Movies GotG - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 IW - Avengers: Infinity War End - Avengers: Endgame
Other Sources I - Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Infinite Comic P - Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude GMW - Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy's Most Wanted
Peter Quill, Star Lord "You know what, there's another name you might know me by: Star Lord." "Who?" "Star Lord, man. Legendary outlaw? Guys? Oh, forget this."
A half-human from Earth (his father being the Celestial, Ego), Peter was abducted by Yondu's crew of Ravagers right after his mother died. But while they were paid to bring him to Ego, as they had recently learned he had been killing all his other children from across the galaxy, they instead kept him and trained him in their ways. Years later, Peter (attempting to rebrand himself as Star Lord) broke away from them, attempting to find his own way through the universe. After they were faced with Ronan's plot, he was the one to convince the group to stick together and fight it out for the sake of the galaxy (citing that he was one of the people that just so happened to live in it), and ended up becoming the de facto leader of the group.
Full RT
Strength Striking

Durability It's said that, as long as Ego exist, Quill will never die.Vol.2 However, it's unclear to what extent this affects his feats, whether it requires him to have fully unlocked his Celestial powers for this to be true (as Ego easily killed the rest of his children) or if he needs to be present on Ego (like Ego's avatar needs to often return to retain its shape) to gain this buff.
Speed Reaction
Equipment Blasters
Other Weapons
Celestial Abilities The ability to manipulate and create from energy, granted to him through his father's genes.Vol.2 These were only available to Quill while Ego was alive,Vol.2 and therefore are no longer accessible to him after the events of Vol. 2. As he takes hits significantly stronger than those which stunned him prior to 'unlocking' these abilities without issue, physicals obtained while he was in full control of his Celestial powers are also included here.
Gamora "I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy."
As her planet's population was cut in half by Thanos' forces, the Mad Titan's eyes fell on Gamora, leading to him taking her away and adopting her. Trained in constant competition with his other adopted daughter, Nebula, she learned to fight, to explore planets, to assassinate. She continually upstaged Nebula, the latter continuously having cybernetic implants embedded in her following these defeats, causing a large rift to form between the two. But while Gamora would carry out Thanos' orders without fail, earning the title of deadliest woman in the galaxy, she always saw him as mad and sought to stop him. The discovery of the Power Stone gave her this chance. Hoping to get it far out of his reach, she attacked Peter Quill as he left a shop, leading to her first meeting with her fellow Guardians of the Galaxy.
Full RT
Strength Durability Speed / Skill Equipment Drax the Destroyer "Are you yawning? In the middle of this? While I'm breaking it down? Huh? Did you hear what I said?" "I stopped listening after you said 'We need a plan.'"
After witnessing the murder of his wife and daughter at the hands of Ronan the Accuser, Drax dedicated his life to returning the favour and slaying the warlord. His rampage across the galaxy got him arrested by the Nova Corps and imprisoned in the Kiln sometime before the other future members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Persuaded out of killing Gamora by Peter Quill, Drax escaped the prison alongside them, sending out a challenge to Ronan in an attempt to kill him at Knowhere before, alongside the other Guardians, ultimately destroying him with the Power Stone. Following this he continued travelling with the team, seeking to eventually kill Thanos for being the one in command of Ronan on that fateful day.
Full RT
Strength Durability Other Rocket "You, like, a professional asshole or what?" "Pretty much a pro."
Created through illegal genetic modification, Rocket presumably escaped through unknown means to travel the universe, breaking the law wherever he went. Working alongside a tree-like creature called Groot, they combined his intelligence with Groot's strength and physiology to become bounty hunters, capturing any targets they came across to collect the credits, but always being willing to turn on their old employer should someone offer them more cash. Following his arrest trying to capture and hand in Peter Quill, Rocket escaped his prison with the people he had just been fighting, becoming the first time he worked with his future friends, the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Full RT
Durability Speed / Skill Intelligence Weapons Other Equipment Groot "I am Groot."
Little is known about Groot's history, only that he met Rocket shortly before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. They worked as bounty hunters together, Groot's muscle and ability to manipulate his own body complementing Rocket's small stature, but great intelligence and gadgets. When the Guardians of the Galaxy formed, he continued to serve this role until he ultimately gave his life saving the rest of the party. A fragment of his body was replanted, allowing a new Groot to be grown.GotG While he would leave his plant pot soon enough, he was still young, needing to grow from a young child into a teenager over the course of several years.
Groot is capable of only saying 'I Am Groot' (outside of a single instance of him saying 'We Are Groot'GotG , though he is actually saying things, with people coming to understand him after being around him for a period or studying the languageIW
Full RT
Strength Durability Speed Abilities Other Yondu "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!"
A Kree battle slave for twenty years, Yondu was later freed by the Ravagers, only to be exiled from them as he broke the rule of kidnapping and transporting children. He was given a large amount of credits for doing this, though ultimately he discovered how Ego was killing each child as they failed to meet his expectations, causing him to take the next child (a Terran called Peter Quill) and instead keep him as an adopted son. Regardless, he kept operating his clan while keeping the Ravager name. Years later, he would come into conflict with Quill and the Guardians for several reasons only to continuously forgive them and let them go, something that would soon fracture the Ravagers and leave him deposed. Yondu would soon after travel to Ego with Rocket and Groot, helping the Guardians with killing the omnicidal planet and becoming a part of the group himself.
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Durability Arrow Yondu's main weapon is an arrow he controls through whistling, having great finesse in doing soGotG
Mantis "I am Mantis." "What are you doing?" "Smiling. I heard it is the thing to do to make people like you."
Ego discovered Mantis when she was still in a larval state and an orphan. He took her in, providing for her all the way into adulthood, with the only condition that she used her emphatic abilities to help him (or, at the very least, the created avatar of himself) sleep, something he was seemingly unable to do on his own accord. While living with him, Mantis saw many of his children come to Ego, only to be killed as they disappointed him by lacking the Celestial gene. Eventually warning the Guardians after they traveled with Quill to Ego, she assisted them in defeating the living planet, ultimately becoming part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Physicals Emotional Abilities Other Nebula "Thought you were the biggest sadist in the galaxy." "That was when Daddy was paying my bills. The Priestess wants to kill the fox herself, and he has bounties on his head in at least twelve Kree provinces. I assure you, I am not as easy a mark as an old man without his magic stick or a talking woodland beast."
Taken in by Thanos after he had her family killed, Nebula was trained to be a deadly warrior and assassin. While she initially bonded with Gamora, much preferring her to any of the rest of the Black Order, this relationship quickly soured as Gamora constantly bested her whenever they competed, leading to Thanos torturing her and forcibly giving her a number of cybernetic implants. In spite of all this, and despite thinking Thanos mad for his plans to kill half the universe, Nebula sought to please Thanos and prove herself, putting her in conflict with Gamora as she became part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ultimately, while it took Nebula seeking Gamora out on Ego's surface in another attempt to kill her to happen, the two eventually bonded once more, parting on much more amicable terms. When Thanos succeeded in collecting all of the Infinity Stones, Nebula only sought him out as part of the team wishing to revert his wish, and when the time heist was concocted five years later she was part of the team assembled to undo the damage she had fought for early in life.
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Strength Durability Cybernetics Equipment Other As A Group Star Lord's Ship While it was destroyed in GotG, it was rebuilt by the Nova Corps as close as possible afterwards, using what could be salvagedGotG
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2020.10.24 16:11 Foorocks10 Wife naked hidden camera

NamUs #UP13963, also known as Cliff Doe or Flathead County Doe, is an unidentified person who is so close to finding his name again.
On October 26, 2003, a pair of hunters discovered the remains of an unknown person at the bottom of a cliff near Marion, Montana. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department conducted a search of the area and recovered a skull, femur, pelvic bone, and ribs. Scattered around the area were items that it is believed belonged to the deceased, including a bag containing a handgun in a holster, bullets (same calibre as the gun), a butterfly knife, a handheld poker game, a marijuana pipe, size 11 tennis shoes, a bottle of aleve, and a copy of Phases of Gravity by Dan Simmons. It should be noted that while the majority of the items were found at the bottom of the cliff with the body, the bag with the handgun was found on top of the cliff above the body.
Dates on the items found suggested the man had died sometime between May 1995 and October 2002.
The handgun was traced to a Utah man, who said he sold the gun to a pawn shop in 1994 or 1995. There were no records of the gun in any of the pawnshops indicated. The Utah man is not considered a suspect in the case of Cliff Doe.
The Montana State Crime Lab examined the skull and was unable to determine a definitive cause of death. However, there were signs it was not a natural death. There were two holes in the skull, one in the jaw and one above the right ear. The injuries most likely came from a gunshot, however blunt force trauma cannot be excluded as a cause.
Cliff Doe’s case is possibly related to an abandoned vehicle reported near Red Gate Road (close to the cliff where Cliff Doe was found). The vehicle was towed to a county landfill. Records of the vehicle’s disposal did not produce additional information.
In 2004, the University of Montana’s Department of Anthropology produced a facial reconstruction of Cliff Doe.
In 2011, a sock and more human bones were discovered in a rat’s nest near where the skull was originally located. It is possible there is even more evidence hidden in the underbrush or dragged off by animals.
After learning about the use of genetic genealogy to catch the Golden State Killer, coroner Shelley Giebeig reached out to the DNA Doe Project and asked them to take Cliff Doe’s case on. The DNA Doe Project has connected Cliff Doe to a husband and wife born in Kentucky in the 1920s, and is beginning to reconstruct his family tree.
In life, Cliff Doe was about 5’7’’, wore size 11 shoes, and was between 18 and 42 years old when he died.
As of August 2020, the DNA Doe Project has identified connections between Cliff Doe and these surnames and locations:
Saylor, Helton, Brock, or Blanton from Harlan County, Kentucky
Ward, Linn, or Barrett from Montgomery County, Indiana
Greene, Epperson, Seales, or Trent from Hancock County, Tennessee
“The DNA Doe Project asks that anyone who has taken a Direct to Consumer DNA test (like Ancestry, 23andMe, etc), to please upload your DNA to GEDmatch.com and “Opt-In” to help solve this and other cases!”
If you have any information regarding the identity of NamUs #UP13963, please contact the Flathead County Sheriff's Office at (406) 758-5585.
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