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Ducks, Newburyport
Alright, so we're halfway through both books at this point... and Ducks is still dragging along. I focused on dreams again this week:

We also learn that her ex-husband, Frank, was Native American, although he didn't like being called that, and that Leo and the narrator met at the Florence Griswold museum right after her mom died. She still has a crush on Leo, but her libido is gone again. Her friend Cathy is kind of judgmental towards her, no? And also technically her competitor? I laughed when she says on page 427 that "I must hold the world record on grudges and gripes." She has an itch "down there" and she needs to go to the gyno for it on Tuesday. She talks a lot about Leo but he's never there when we're privy to her thoughts.
She ruminates on men's anger, self defense, police brutality (towards black girls/women in particular), shootings (specifically school shootings), animal rights/cruelty, and her internalized guilt about laziness due to her father's constant critiques of her.
On page 380, she says, "parents who are too scared to tell their kids to do what's right just should not be parents, the fact that actually I'm scared of telling my kids what to do, the fact that I'm terrible at discipline... the fact that I shouldn't have ever been a parent either, and don't I know it..." Do we think she's just venting/ranting, or do we think she truly believes she shouldn't have been a parent? We found out last week that she got pregnant out of wedlock with her first kid and got married as a result (which ended in divorce fairly quickly it seems). But then she goes on to remarry Leo and have 3 more kids with him. Why have more kids if she didn't really want to be a parent in the first place?
On page 390, she says, "Oprah never recommends simply forgetting stuff, which is my basic tactic, and really pretty effective sometimes... some of the time people try to make me remember stuff I don't want to remember, and I feel like saying you know, I've got some good closure going on here, dude, so drop it..." Alright, so she purposefully blocks stuff out to forget it - aside from the stuff with her mom, is there anything she's purposefully forgetting? When will THAT come out? Right after, she mentions the whole thing with electricity and her mom being revived again... is that something she's trying to forget? Why? More and more, I'm feeling like that is going to play a big part in the novel/its climax.
How to Behave in a Crowd
Another really enjoyable week of reading! Dory loses his virginity to Rose after running away again. He also runs away to his sister Berenice's and catches her fucking her professor. And he goes to his other sister Aurore's dissertation defense. I'm kind of wondering what will happen to Dory - is this like Levin's Bubblegum where there isn't a huge climax, or are all of these anecdotes/events building to a point?
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I'm currently an embedded UTI patient on treatment with Levaquin 500mg once daily, and today I will be starting Clindamycin 300mg twice daily to treat a vaginal overgrowth of lactobacillus (yes that's an issue, it burns horribly, don't say its good bacteria. It's an overgrowth!!!! Smart gynos know!!) I supplement heavily 4-6 hours after the antibiotics with magnesium glycinate, coq10, b12, c, d, a, e vitamins, collagen/bone broth, NAC, 3000 IU of Biotin for hair loss as directed by dermatologist, Astaxanthin for hair loss, And 10 mg of zinc to prevent side effects, and so far I'm feeling great. I am taking the florastor probiotics with that cocktail as well, but my question is, can I take the florastor strain Saccharomyces boulardii twice a day, once with the antibiotics, and once 4-6 hours after with the rest of my supplements? I ask because taking acidophilus and other lactobacillus probiotics too OFTEN and too much (sometimes 3 capsules a day) is what led me into this overgrowth mess. I want to avoid that again. I've linked the florastor strain I take in the comments. ALso, can I take NAC with them together? Dr. Jay S. Cohen, author of What You Must Know About the Hidden Dangers of Antibiotics says in his book NAC is safe to take with Levaquin and fluros but I'm not sure if it will affect the clindamycin. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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2020.08.01 00:21 y2khoney do i have vaginismus? if so, how do i treat it?

this is my first post on this subreddit, so i apologise for the lengthy post. i have a lot to get off my chest. 😅
i am 17 years old and i live in virginia, usa. i have very religious and strict parents, and my mom doesn’t let me visit the obgyn. i’ve only been twice: once when i was about 13/14, for a yeast infection, and then one at 15 for birth control (it was for my irregular period, i was only on it for a month and it helped for about 2 until it started becoming irregular again, but my mom hates the idea of birth control and won’t let me get back on it).
in fact, this is kind of disgusting, but i think i have had either B.V or a yeast infection after i was treated for the first yeast infection, but since i wasn’t allowed to go to the obgyn, i never really had it treated. i’ve had symptoms that appear sometimes but not frequently, like a bad smell and really thick, white, cottage cheese-esque discharge. i’m not really sure what to do about this either, so advice is appreciated for this!)
i wasn’t allowed to use tampons when i first started my period, and i’m still not allowed to use them now. even mentioning them will cause my mother to throw a fit. the first time i tried to use a tampon, actually, was when i was 12; all girls got a little “goodie bag” full of information about periods, pads, panty liners, and a few tampons from our school. i remember trying to put it in, reading all the instructions, watching videos, but i still couldn’t put it in. i shrugged it off and thought it was just because i was still young.
fast forward to sophomore year of high school, me and my friends were talking about masturbating. all my friends talked about being able to insert at least two fingers into themselves, whereas i, to this day, can barely insert one without it feeling like an intense burning pain. i shrugged that off as me just not being aroused enough, but even now, when i actually feel aroused, less than half of my index finger actually manages to go in without me feeling like i’ll pass out from the pain. i tried to look at my vagina with a mirror, and the vaginal opening is extremely small, about the size of a penny... is that normal?
the only information i have about my intense pain is from the internet, so i have no idea if it’s actually vaginismus or if it’s because i could possibly have an infection and that is the main reason i feel so much pain. i have a boyfriend who i love very much, and while he is patient and willing to wait, i want to have sex with him, but i highly doubt i can. i can’t talk to my mother about anything since she
1) doesn’t know i have a boyfriend, 2) is highly against premarital sex, 3) considers gyno visits to be taboo
and i can’t make my own gyno appointment without her knowing because of my insurance, she has all my legal/medical information hidden somewhere in the house, and i am not allowed to leave the house without telling her where i’m going, especially because of covid-19.
i just want to be a normal teenage girl. i’ve been panting up my frustration about this for a long time, so it feels really refreshing getting this all out. thank you in advance ♡
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2020.06.13 17:51 ahh_push_it My story after years of abnormal paps and one week post op

I was 29 when I had my first abnormal pap result and learned I also tested positive for two strains of HPV that are at high risk for causing cervical cancer. I was devastated. There's always been a fear of STDs associated with sex (I'm kind of a germophobe in general). So I was never promiscuous and always used condoms except with one long term boyfriend whose virginity I took. Apparently that wasn't enough. I questioned my doctor and scoured the internet for more info.
What I learned was disheartening. I was too old and already sexually active when the HPV vaccine came out, so it wasn't an option for me. Aside from getting vaccinated, which still doesn't guarantee anything, it seemed nearly every sexually active adult may contract at least one strain of the numerous HPV types (stats vary a bit but let's just say up to 80% of sexually active adults are estimated to have been exposed). Whether they know they have it or if there's even an ability to test for it (particularly problematic with men) is a gray area. Condoms don't necessarily protect against it either. Ultimately, the message (from my doctor, a few friends, and online resources) was that I should take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone, and this infection is alarmingly common.
No. Absolutely not. None of that gave me comfort. In fact, it makes me more upset. Why isn't society more open to discussing and addressing this public health issue since it's so prevalent? Merely because STDs are taboo? But this STD can cause cancer and end a life prematurely. Being a drop in the bucket brought zero peace of mind. I'm not just a statistic. This is my fucking life. It's personal now.
For the next seven years after my diagnosis, I would be stressed, poked, prodded, given conflicting information, etc more than anyone should have to experience. The doctors didn't want to treat it since it had remained low grade dysplasia for years (with a normal pap sprinkled in the mix from time to time). There were paps as frequently as every four months, periodic colposcopies which sometimes led to biopsies, the bills piled up and so did my mental anguish. I eventually felt disgusted enough with my own diseased body that I became too ashamed to date. I haven't had sex in four years now and sometimes I don't feel human.
Finally, at 36, the dysplasia worsened suddenly from CIN I to CIN III. The scary part was that the pap results were still low grade with a high grade result from two biopsies taken at the same time. I knew cervical cancer takes a long time to develop, but I couldn't help but fear that I was harboring hidden high grade dysplasia longer than expected due to limitations with testing. I found out over the phone while I was at work that my oncologist gyno wanted to schedule surgery the next week. Fuck.
The following week was an emotional roller coaster. Trying to somehow focus on work and act like things are fine because the diagnosis is too sensitive and embarrassing to discuss with the vast majority of people. My coworkers probably just think I'm emotionally unstable. That's the least of my worries, I guess. I tried to distract myself but it didn't work. I got sad. I got angry. I self medicated. I blasted music at home and in the car in an effort to drown out my thoughts.
There was more poking and prodding for pre-op testing since the surgery would be done under general anesthesia. I even had the pleasure of getting the swab up the nose to tickle the brain, since we're also in a pandemic now. I didn't even have enough time to find out how much all this would cost. Anthem was really helpful by letting me know it could be as expensive as my annual out of pocket maximum. Wow, so insightful! I want to give a quick shout out to health insurance companies that help pile on unknown amounts of financial stress during a time when a person is already feeling terrible about the state of their health (or lack thereof). Go fuck yourselves. Truly.
My friend gave me a ride to the hospital the morning of the surgery. She distracted me with conversation about herself during the ride. But all my fears bubbled to the surface as they prepped me for surgery. Multiple nurses talking to me and asking questions simultaneously as they put different contraptions on my body and stab the IV into my tiny forearm. I was already overwhelmed and the tears started flowing. My anesthesiologist tried to put me at ease and told me she's also had the same procedure done. Then my doctor found the wrong patient's information in my binder, which really helped boost my confidence minutes before they wheeled me into the operating room. I welcomed the anesthesia at this point. Maybe this will be the best rest I get in this miserable year 2020.
I woke up quicker than most in recovery but had throbbing pain in my nether regions. The doctor had performed a LEEP, scraped cells around the biopsied area, and inserted a camera into my uterus to ensure the parts of me that remained are cancer free. The initial pain subsided rather quickly and was surprisingly not bad during the next few days. Until I started getting cramps because my period was due within one week of the surgery. I had to leave work early a couple times because I simply couldn't act cool when the cramps hit. My advice is to have the procedure done right after a period, if possible.
It took one week to get my post-op results. Anxiety levels went through the roof at times. While I knew logically the odds are in my favor, I couldn't help but flirt with a worst case scenario. Many women also clear the virus and don't ever get this far, but I haven't been so lucky. Lucky isn't even the right word because I highly value my health and live a healthy lifestyle. I rarely get sick, I've always been at a healthy weight, I've significantly reduced my stress in everyday life, I have active hobbies, I've also lifted weights regularly for more than ten years, my eating habits have gotten healthier over the years, and I quit smoking years ago. None of it mattered. My body didn't clear shit and sometimes it makes me resentful. And that's why I often hate the references to statistics; it seemed like I should've cleared it, but I didn't. So some of you Redditors need to chill out with telling strangers posting on here that they will probably, definitely, etc clear the HPV. You don't fucking know and giving people that unwarranted sense of relief is irresponsible at best.
I guess the news was as good as it could be during my post-op follow up yesterday. They cut out all the bad stuff and there's no indication anything questionable has been left behind or is out of reach of pap testing. Great. I asked my doctor if it's possible I'll clear the HPV now. She gave an answer without really answering the question, so it's very up in the air. She told me it's possible the HPV sticks around and this happens all over again in ten or so years. I'm still relatively young, so in ten years we can discuss varying degrees of getting a hysterectomy to reduce or eliminate the chances of developing an associated cancer. Or I can wait until 50 and the ovaries can come out too.
I should've felt happier when I left the doctor's office. After all, I currently have a clean bill of health (pending five more weeks of healing from my surgery). I'm so very grateful to not have cancer, but I'm still sad. I don't want this threat looming over my head the rest of my life. I'm only fucking 36. The idea of removing my sexual organs doesn't sit any better. Not in ten years or fifteen or ever really. This uncertainty is a fixture in my life now, and my soul hurts because of it.
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2020.06.06 15:10 Snoo_59562 Hidden gyno

I've been experiencing pain in my left groin and hip for some years now and it's gotten steadily worse.
The physio and the orthopedists don´t know what is causing it as the MRI and x-ray imaging came out normal. So, last week I went to see a gyno who moved everything downs stairs around like crazy to see if I had endo growth that would be sticking things together (not the best descriptions). He stuck the tool to the right, into my left groin and I´ve been having killer pain ever since.
The pain is always at its worst when I lie down after the day, especially after exercising and I can not lie on my left side in bed. It goes away as I sleep but as soon as I move after waking up it comes back. It is constant and "leaks" down from the middle of my groin/hip area into the middle of the thigh. It always comes when I have my period, but is also often present at other times in the month.
After the physio, gyno and orthopedist have ruled out what they thought it might be the next step is seeing a surgeon for some kind of check up and I´m awaiting a call to schedule an appointment. The orthopedists said the surgeon has helped him in the past with hidden groin/hip pain like mine, where the culprit could be hidden hernia, but I'm having trouble finding personal stories online about how the symptoms of hidden hernia appear in women and if that could possible apply to me.
Has anyone here experienced anything remotely similar? I'm feeling kind of desperate as the constant doctor visits always end with the same non-result.
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2020.01.28 18:04 ptherbst Gyno hidden

About a year ago I started to have a burning pain sensation in my lower left Abdomen/Pelvis and it does not seem to go away. I went to every doctor under the sun and always came back with an all clear but the pain is so bad it wakes me up at night.
Age 34 Sex F Height 5'5 Weight 150 Race white Duration of complaint 1 year Location (Geographic and on body) Central Europe/lower left abdomen Any existing relevant medical issues (if any) none Current medications (if any) none
MRI/Sonograph/blood/Endoscopy all good. No kidney problems, no diverticulits, no ovary inflammation.
The pain seems to get triggered with UTIs, but persists even after the antibiotic treatment. I went to Urologist, Gyno, Ortho, Neurologist, and Gastro and seem to be totally fine. There is a theory I might have a hidden hernia and I seem to have a tiny one but they say it should not cause that much pain. Also I do not get the pain when I exercise, but it gets delayed into the night and starts around 3 am. WHEN the pain starts is also pretty random, gym isn't necessarily a factor. The pain got so bad I had to go to the ER and put on pain meds twice. It seems to get better with antibiotics (Cefurax 500 mg 6 days) so I guess there must be some inflammation somewhere but nobody can find it. The pain is pretty much located on the lower left side next to the hip bone but also wanders down into my leg and occasionally up my back. I do not remember any trauma that I had, it literally seemed to be triggered by a UTI I had. I do have issues with UTIs but that is still such an unusual pain. The bacteria in the urine culture were multiresistant Citrobacter but Cefurax seemed to help. Apart from that I take the usual precautions. Please let me know if you need any information from me. I am really trying to get my normal life back, but am always afraid of the pain. I thank every person who can give an insight.
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2020.01.11 14:04 _sarcastic_mermaid_ STD anxiety a year after unprotected sex

I (23F) had unprocted sex with 2 guys month apart about year ago (yes I was stupid, I have to live with that, please dont lecture me). Went to gyno after 5 months (because of white discharge), she did urethra swab and said it was yeast infection that I used to have a lot, it got okay and I burried the fear.
Now after a year I started to remember everything and have horrible anxietes and depression that I must have some terrible hidden STD for a year now and that my boyfriend (7 months) has it now as well. I am so scared, can you try to calm me down. I think my hormones and depression and regret play a big role in my overthinking but I am still scared.
I am on the pill for around 6 months, I was sick for a week with stuffed nose around 3 times in the last 4 months. I got small yeast infection that went away after cream from a pharmacy.
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2019.08.28 02:19 hpvtosserooo Gyno hidden

I’m a 40 year old female- although I was 39 when this nightmare started. For some background, I haven’t had alcohol in 17 years and quit smoking cigarettes 13 years ago. I don’t do any drugs. I eat pretty clean and work out 4-5 days a week for several years now. I take a multivitamin and vitamin D every day. I have an IUD. I’ve been married for nine years.
Late April 2018 I noticed a bump on my inner labia. Kind of looked like a skin tag. Freaked me out. I made an appt with my gyn. She said she thought it was a skin tag. I asked her to remove it. She also does a Pap smear which comes back: NEGATIVE FOR INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION AND MALIGNANCY.
And: HPV OTHER HR TYPES Positive A Negative Final HPV 16 Negative Negative Final HPV 18 Negative Negative Final
She makes another appt. I go back may 14, 2018 She cuts it off and does a colposcopy. I get home and shower that night and realize that she didn’t remove the place. Apparently there was a new place about an inch above the first. I flip out. In the meantime all my alabs come back:

  6. Endocervical BX @3
  7. Endocervical bx @ 6
  8. ECC
  9. Right gluteal skin tag
  10. Right labial skin tag
Make another appt. She removes the original place I was asking about.
Biopsy comes back for the original place: Mild squamous atypia suggesting HPV effect. --Negative for high-grade dysplasia and malignancy in this sampling
So I’m totally confused. Was it a wart or what. What’s hpv effect exactly.
I was pretty devastated. Did internet research. Found this sub. Ordered some inosine pranobex but when I came in I realized it was only enough for about 6 days so I decided to hold on that. For context, I’m in the United States, so I had to buy it online and hope for the best. I read and read every study and article I could find. I asked my gynecologist about removing my IUD if she felt like that would impact clearing HPV and she said absolutely no relation and didn’t think I needed to remove the IUD.
Fast forward to November 2018 for my follow up Pap. Comes back positive for high risk and low risk hpv. Fml. EPITHELIAL CELL ABNORMALITY. LOW-GRADE SQUAMOUS INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION (LGSIL); MILD DYSPLASIA AND HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS EFFECTS ARE PRESENT. HPV, cobas high-risk Positive Detects 14 types: (16/18/31/33/35/39/45/51/52/56/58/59/66/68).
About a week later I start having bumps all around my rectum. They are flat and smooth. I was totally devastated. My doctor removes them with tca 12-7-18. The new evidence on gardisil comes out. I insist on getting that. Had to pay out of pocket $130.
12-27 bumps are on the other side of my rectum. A lot of them and they are flat. She removes them with a scalpel and stitches it up. Adds dermabond. Adds vitamin D prescription strength on my request. I asked for Aldara. She was reluctant . Says how much it irritates you. So I don’t get it.
I go back for follow up 10 days later and now there are more bumps on the other side of my rectum. She uses tca to burn them and gives me Aldara after I insist. I also asked her to prescribe Accutane low-dose, since I read a few articles about that clearing up persistent cases. She has no experience prescribing that and was uncomfortable and wouldn’t prescribe it. I considered ordering it online, as it is available that way. But I was afraid of the side effects of it.
Go back for follow up 10 days later (now January 17, 2019) and the area she cut out 10 days before looks weird spongy and inflamed. She thinks it’s hpv there. Cuts it all back out. Uses tca for all the other bumps , including a new one on my posterior forchette. This one was different looking. White and bumpier. Fml.
So now I’m burned all over and trying to reheal the previous surgical location. I’m an emotional mess. She referred me to a colorectal surgeon. So now I’ve decided I’m going to die.
1-24-2019 I’m finally feeling a little better. Healing this area is a tender mess. Hurts. Looks half infected. I haven’t been able to use the aldera due to all the open healing places.
1-28-2019 I’m there at the gynecologist for a follow up of all the healing and to see if there are new places. It’s hard to see at home because they’re tiny and flat. And she is stuck in traffic and cancels the appt 😬🤷‍♀️
Appointment with colorectal surgeon 1-30-2019. Scheduled surgery on 3-1-19 to “look” in my rectum and see what might be in there.
1-31-2019 gynecologist appt for follow up appt from the hgsil in November and my second round of gardasil 9. She’s concerned we are over tCa ing and maybe treating areas that aren’t really warts. She says she doesn’t see anything and maybe I don’t either. My pap finally comes back 2/6 lgil repeat Pap in 6 months. Ugh.
2-19-2019 on close inspection I think I have 2 new bumps. Fml
2-21-2019 I go see my gyn because I see and feel a new sort of large raised place. It’s not close to any of the other treated areas but it seems to have come up fast. I’m pretty disappointed, as I had hoped I was headed to clearance. She examines it and says that she thinks is too symmetrical and pearly to be a wart. She thinks it’s a normal finding. And that I’m over examining and worrying. So she examines my cervix and vagina and doesn’t see anything. Because of my history she went ahead and used the tca on the new place. I could’ve biopsied it but my insurance hasn’t covered any biopsies so far and I owe about 600 dollars and I’m fighting with them about it.
3-30-19 my husband finds a little hard place right above my clit. Basically on the hood. Embarrassing. Horrifying even.
4-9-19 I see a dermatologist. Basically beg for her to prescribe accutane. Show her the studies. She was very non supportive of it being a cure. She basically Said that I was infected for life and I’d always have outbreaks and the accutane would just give me a temporary reprieve. She used cryotherapy on my clit. That was fun. And said there were 3 other random places that were questionable so she sprayed them too. I go back in 3 weeks.
5-1-2019 Interestingly the cryo- was way more tolerable than the TCA was. It really didn’t break my skin down very much at all and it totally cleared up all the places. So I was pretty excited about that. I had a place on the right labia where the original wart/skin tag was removed and it was a little bumpy and had been the whole time. It hadn’t changed much and my gynecologist said that that was just scar tissue and would not treat it. I showed it to the dermatologist on this visit and she said well let’s go ahead and treat it so she did cryotherapy there. I go back in a month because she did decide that she would give me Accutane. Yay. However there are Tons of hoops that you have to jump through as a female to get Accutane due to the risk of birth defects. For example my husband having a vasectomy and I have an IUD are not enough-you have to have a primary and a secondary form of birth control so we have to have a vasectomy and condoms to get approved to use Accutane. You have to have two consecutive negative pregnancy test so I took one today. And I’ll take one again on the 30th when I go back.
5-18-19 I notice what’s seems to be a damn outbreak. 6-7 places around my rectum. Wtf. In hindsight I probably shaved right before this, but I don’t know. I’ve always shaved everything. Always. It’s a hard habit to break.
Used the verrutop I randomly ordered online (just in case) on all the places.
5-27-19 Gyno appt for the last of the gardasil injections and she says it all looks good except one place inside my right labia. Well fuck these hidden fuckers. She uses tca, which I’ve come to despise at this point. I go ahead and decide to do the whole aldera treatment even though I’ve been given professional advice that it’s not needed. It hurts after a week and a half. Feels like terrible diaper rash.
5-30-19 at the dermatologist getting all my ducks in a row to start accutane. It’s a pain in the USA. My labs look good and I get a green light.
6-1-19 I start accutane and by two weeks my lips peel off everyday and my right hip is hurting pretty badly. All normal side effects.
6-27-19 is my follow up with the GI surgeon. She does the equivalent of a rectal pap and says everything looks clear- although everything is red and inflamed by the aldera. She says my gyno can keep an eye on my rectum and I don’t need three specialists. So...
7-3-19 I go back to the dermatologist for the pregnancy test and get my prescription called in. Still going ok with the peeling lips and hip pain as the only side effect. My husband looked at the right labia and it’s smooth and clear now. No new areas. I’m now trimming instead of shaving.
My husband is still in the clear. No symptoms-ever. We never stopped having sex,, as ask an expert says “the horse is out of the barn once you get diagnosed “. August and still no new places. Skin everywhere looks amazing and my lips are still peeling off.
8-20-19 is my annual pap. Her general exam is good. No findings. Wait for the pap results was eternal, or so it seemed.
8-28-19 hot damn. Negative HPV and normal pap.
I’m unbelievably relieved, but also I quit stressing so much about this a few months ago and of all the expensive remedies I tried, that was probably the most effective one!
Here’s what I’ve been trying since December 2018:
Relora 300 mg 2 once a day (December 2018 to February 2019)
Mushroom defense formula - deep immune system support 2 capsules once a day(December 2018 to February 2019)
Echinacea 400 mg 2 capsules once a day (December 2018 to February 2019)
Inosine pranobex 500 mg 2 three times a day. Total 3 gms or 3000 mg a day one full course of 5 weeks
Aldara Cream 3 times a week for 12 weeks
Elderberry gummies once a day ( June 2019 to current)
Accutane 30 mg once a day. I weigh 145 so that’s a low dose compared to what the prescribe for actual acne. Total course will be 5 months.
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