Diamond doll camsoda

2018.01.25 18:39 if_reddit_said_it The Doll Mafia

Where The Baddest Bitches With The Biggest Asses And Boobs Reside.

2020.10.28 11:53 nope1023 Diamond doll camsoda

Pls pick from the following if u do: (pls dont overprice) RR Boots Emerald Earrings Nine-tails SF Cape Bunny Bonnet Headband Spring Circlet BB Doll Sleeves DD Corset Candy Explosion And 5k-10k diamonds
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2020.10.28 09:46 iisnowyxvibezzii looking for teddy z

My friend is looking for teddy z the offer is 49,000 diamonds,giant teddy, thigh high ice princess boots, Rose corsage,Miss lady rose skirt, rainbow hightops, love me forever handbag, Adorble lace up doll boots, Babydoll sleeves and dress. If your picky the adds are cozy gloves and high school lacey boots and socks
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2020.10.27 23:53 polaa_r Diamond doll camsoda

Babydoll dress - 20k
Cottage princess (x2) - 5k
Fluttering butterfly skirt - 10k
Real life mermaid - 2k
Secret fairy on earth- 500
Magical guardian of love and justice - 15k
Miniskirt - 500
Pleated skirt - 2k
Dear dollie ribbon heels - 15k
Adorable lace up doll boots - sold
High school lacy boots and socks - 18k
Enchanting heirloom sleeves - 2k
Beautiful rose in hand - 3k
Playful kitty paws - 500
2020 lunar rat ears - 1k
Vampire heir - 500
Hood disguise- 4K
Glowing pumpkin wand - 500
Princess star frost bonnet - sold
Butterfly corset - 10k
Starfrost corset - sold
If you would like any of these things for the following, the answer will be an automatic yes!
RR skirt
SE boots
RR sleeves
SE sleeves
SE corset
Bat mos
If you’re not offering any of those items, diamonds only please :)
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2020.10.27 08:48 WeebTrashShips Diamond doll camsoda

If you have diamonds ft heres what im selling and my prices<3
Baby Doll Sleeves: 2-5k *Mostly offered 3k*
Rainbow Ears: 3-5k
Beautiful Rose in Hand: 3-10k
Mix Matched Stripe Socks: 3-10k
Knife: *Idk we can work it out :P*
Magical Witch Hat: *Idk we can work it out :P*
Mssg Me or comment!
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2020.10.26 14:27 JacksonWarrior This Week in Power Metal Releases (10/25 - 10/31)

This Week in Power Metal Releases (10/25 - 10/31)
Power Metal:

Related Genres:
JacksonWarrior's Corgi and AtmoBlack pitstop:
Me enjoying all the music coming out this week
What you may have missed last week...
Recommendations of the Week Fazermint The go-to release this week is definitely Glacier. This is trad metal as it should be, with ripping guitar leads that stick with you, and energy permeating the song. As far as trad revivals go, this one might be the most memorable one of the year if the rest of the album holds up.
Omegakingauldron The only thing that caught my attention was Them and not in a good way. From the single it sounds like they've ditched the King Diamond theme and sound like a lesser version of Orden Ogan or Thronbridge. As a song itself, it's not bad, but it's the shock of it being so different that has me wondering if it's just the one song.
JacksonWarrior I'm definitely going to rec Glacier. A band that has only released an EP and a demo in the 80's and gaining cult status is peak trad metal, I'm not surprised they're the sort of band to play Keep It True. Anyway, the album came out on bandcamp a week or so ago so I've listened to the whole thing a few times, there's some good riffin' going on throughout the whole thing, but the vocals are definitely not as strong as they could be. Dude is 57 though, so I'll give him some slack. The last two songs are probably my favourites, but I'm going to be listening to this album a lot more anyway.
I actually quite liked Ophelia Falling, even if it does seem to be kinda paint by numbers symphonic metal. It has the "boyband" keychange at the ending, I'm a sucker for those. Nice vocals, nice instrumentation.
Stälker is some fucking great speed metal. It's fast (gasp), full of riffs, blazing solos, the vocals that go weeeeeeeeOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWaaaaaaa. Fuck yeah.
Last week Soul Secret got a rec from me for being "Dream Theater but without the mad shredding of Petrucci, which is my favourite part". Well, here's an album of just John Petrucci, so I'm obviously going to rec it. Oh the album is out already apparently. I know what I'm doing today.
Xileize Glacier only managed to release a couple of demos and an EP in the 80s before coming back to life in the mid 2010s, but those early releases are some incredible slabs of HM/PM. The single is primarily Heavy Metal, there's not a huge amount of USPM influence to be found, but it's certainly an enjoyable track, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the album!
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2020.10.26 08:50 herbibot Diamond doll camsoda

day in history lookup
Grateful Dead - 1966/10/26 - North Face Ski Shop, Berkeley, CA | No setlist. Mentions: 0
Grateful Dead - 1969/10/26 - Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA | Hard to Handle, Cold Rain and Snow, Me and My Uncle, Next Time You See Me, Dire Wolf, Casey Jones, Easy Wind Mentions: 0
Grateful Dead - 1971/10/26 - Palestra, Rochester, NY | Set 1: Bertha, Playing in the Band, Sugaree, Me and My Uncle, Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw, Big Railroad Blues, Me and Bobby McGee, Cumberland Blues, Cold Rain and Snow, Mexicali Blues, Loser | Set 2: El Paso, Comes a Time, One More Saturday Night, Ramble On Rose, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Drums, The Other One, Johnny B. Goode Mentions: 8
Grateful Dead - 1972/10/26 - Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH | Set 1: The Promised Land, Sugaree, Me and Bobby McGee, Don't Ease Me In, Mexicali Blues, Bird Song, Big River, Tennessee Jed, Beat It On Down the Line, Brown-Eyed Women, El Paso, China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Casey Jones | Set 2: Playing in the Band, Deal, Me and My Uncle, Brokedown Palace, Truckin', Nobody's Fault but Mine, Dark Star, Sugar Magnolia, Sing Me Back Home, One More Saturday Night Mentions: 3
Jerry Garcia Band - 1975/10/26 - State University of New York, Buffalo, NY | Tough Mama, Lady Sleeps, No Time, Let's Spend the Night Together, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu, I'll Take a Melody, Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder
Jerry Garcia Band - 1978/10/26 - Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR | Set 1: The Harder They Come, Mission in the Rain, Simple Twist of Fate, They Love Each Other, It Ain't No Use, Mystery Train | Set 2: Love in the Afternoon, Rubin and Cherise, Tore Up Over You, Gomorrah, I'll Be With Thee, Lonesome and a Long Way From Home
Grateful Dead - 1980/10/26 - Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY | Set 1: Acoustic: Iko Iko, Dark Hollow, It Must Have Been the Roses, On the Road Again, Jack-A-Roe, Cassidy, China Doll, Ripple | Set 2: Jack Straw, Sugaree, Little Red Rooster, Brown-Eyed Women, Let It Grow, Don't Ease Me In | Set 3: Jam, Samson and Delilah, Althea, Estimated Prophet, He's Gone, Drums, Space, Not Fade Away, Stella Blue, Good Lovin' | Encore: Brokedown Palace Mentions: 7
Grateful Dead - 1985/10/26 - USF Sun Dome, Tampa, FL | Set 1: Gimme Some Lovin', Greatest Story Ever Told, Dupree's Diamond Blues, See See Rider, Stagger Lee, Me and My Uncle, Big River, Big Railroad Blues, Looks Like Rain, Don't Ease Me In | Set 2: China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Man Smart Woman Smarter, He's Gone, Don't Need Love, Drums, Space, Comes a Time, Throwing Stones, Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad, One More Saturday Night | Encore: In the Midnight Hour Mentions: 2
Grateful Dead - 1989/10/26 - Miami Arena, Miami, FL | Set 1: Foolish Heart, Little Red Rooster, Stagger Lee, Me and My Uncle, Big River, Brown-Eyed Women, Victim or the Crime, Don't Ease Me In | Set 2: Estimated Prophet, Blow Away, Dark Star, Drums, Space, The Wheel, All Along the Watchtower, Stella Blue, Not Fade Away | Encore: And We Bid You Goodnight Mentions: 196 (#42)
Today Show Playlist
other stuff:
Robert Hunter Songs Tags: Garcia | Weir | Pigpen | Brent | Phil | Pig & Brent | Dylan | R&B | C&W | Rarities | Jam
Shakedown | Scarlet / Sometimes Fire | Eyes | Bird Song | Pigpen | Random Dark Star Radio | 73 > 74 | Brent Era
Popularity by Era
Top Performances Roll Bones Song Mood?
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2020.10.26 08:31 Grotesquette Diamond doll camsoda

The queens walk back into the werk room as tense music plays.
The girls look at the red words on the mirror, written in lipstick. They read, "Guess filming is over now, Ill see you at the reunion or not depends on how quickly they find Don's burning body! #BelieveTheFantasy"
The girls all laugh at these words. "Believe in the fantasy girls!" Swish cackles.
"Belieeeeeve in the fantaaaasyyyyy" the other contestants echo.
Talking Head: u/ShashaShtan, "I still don't fucking know why BQ was so obsessed with that fantasy thing. Girl bye!"
"I'm really gonna miss her." Micro sighs. "We were both contestants on the lost season and we were so excited for season six. I'm not sure that this season went the way either of us thought it would."
"Bye BQ, we love youuuuuu" Shasha croons as she sprays and wipes the mirror clean.
"Well, in an unexpected, and may I add, unfortunate turn of events, Swish snatched her second win!" Pedro laughs. The girls clap for Swish, who flips her hair and licks the top row of her teeth.
"I think I'm the first returning queen on SDRDR to make it to top four. That's kind of legendary me thinketh..."
Micro rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, we get it. Feel your oats, but for the love of God PLEASE leave us out of it."
"I can't believe we're already at top four!" Pedro exclaims. "This is a really diverse top four, and we're all really good at what we do. It's really anyone's game at this point. Wow... It feels like yesterday that we were filming the promo."
"For real..." Swish sighs. "I honestly didn't expect you to do as well as you did Pedro. After the first episode I thought you were next on the chopping block. But you fooled me once bitch, and I won't let it happen again!"
Talking Head: u/Micronesiarain, "I came into this season the Regina George of Grot's Prepatory Academy for Coke Whores. When I saw Pedro in the corner, dressed like Ugly Betty, I laughed but I didn't think much else of her. I knew I was the apex predator. But throughout this competition, certain things have caused me to question that. Who amongst us is really... The apex predator?"
The camera zooms in on Shasha who is filming a Tik Tok dance, then Swish who is arguing with one of the camera men about whether Gigi should’ve won the rusical or not, and then Pedro who slams her face into a pie for some reason.
Talking Head: u/Micronesiarain, “Yeeaaaaahhhh nevermind. It’s definitely me.”
SPOILED DRAG RACE DRAG RACE NO SPECIAL GUEST. TONIGHT, IT'S JUST FAMILY! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
The dolls enter the werk room. “Little boy from South Africa. Meant for more, top four!!!” Swish laughs and twirls while the others walk behind him.
“Glad to see Swish is so chipper early in the morning” Micro groans. “I just need someone to throw a steaming hot coffee in my face and then my day will be even more perfect.”
“I don’t get it.” Swish says, staring blankly at Micro. “Why would you want someone to throw a steaming hot coffee in your face? Isn’t that kind of weird?”
“Swish I’m being sarc- you know what? Forget it.” Micro laughs, shaking her head.
“Was anyone expecting this top 4?” Pedro asks.
“Nope” Micro replies. “I knew I’d be here of course, but I really thought u/Starrrupt and u/MaritessTrosper would be here with us.”
“Yeah…” Shasha sighs. “They were both killing it before they left. I’m sad that they got eliminated, but also not THAT sad.”
"Well you've mad it all the way to the end! My sickening top 4. u/Micronesiarain, u/ShashaShtan, u/StrawPedro, and u/Swish_17, you've mad it to the end! And I'm so proud of you. However, much more awaits. Sometimes when the haters attack, you need to CLAT back! That's right, you'll be writing original verses and performing to the iconic track, CLAT from local ghost town known as NYC! And tonight on the runway, the category is... Best drag! You're at the finish line so don't fuck it up or whatever! tongue pop
Lights... Cameras.... Action!!!
u/Grotesquette struts the runway
u/Grotesquette: Welcome to the mainstage of SDRDR Season 6! Tonight it's just family! u/KingKabs, are you ready to crown our next queen?
u/KingKabs: I've been ready. We've all BEEN ready. This episode was SO fucking late and-
u/Grotesquette: Hahaha yes girl! u/Spencerietta, which letter are you in the CLAT acronym?
u/Spencerietta: The T! For Trichomoniasis! I have it right now. :)
u/Grotesquette: Fascinating! And u/-_-whodat, which queen are you rooting for?
u/-_-whodat: Myself. On All Stars 4. Please? PLEASE?!
u/Grotesquette: Maybe! Tonight, I challenged my girls to write their own verses to the track, CLAT! And tonight on the runway they'll be showing their best drag! Ladies and gentlemen start your engines. And may the best woman... WIN!!!

Club, Legend, Art, Theater Club, Legend, Art We are New York
Sip on this Straw, no? Saliva bitch, relax your throat
Don't be pretty, be CLOWN SNATCHING. THIS. CROWN!
All of them are 1's, I'm at a 10
I'm on a streak o'HIGHs and you're like "Bitch, AGAIN?!"
You name it, they've bombed it You've lost it, I've made it
You think I'm FILLER Well You've been DECIMATED
P-Pe-Pedro are you Five Spice? (Cuz I'm Asian?) Pe-Pedro why you so polite? (I'm Canadian!)
Pe-Pedro how you stay cruising so high Makin' all these bitches quit it without bidding you goodbye?!
Chinese queen, Seder-LIN Chairman She, she's the tea
Spilt all over the runway, bag my WINs And I DID find looks from the Pinterest, sweets!
New York, New York, New York, New York We are (Club) We are (Legend) We are (Art, Art) We are (Theater) We own everything, we are New York Ooh Club, Legend, Art, Theater
I'm a slag, you're a slag, legs wide apart
condoms are a concept, Tear it apart
Pregnancy fright, a custody fight
Call up mothafuckin slim, get my ass ate tonight
ShaSha, Bri’Ish supreme Don’t need validation,
One crown’s all I need For the persucution, of the ones who choose to Hit me with a “meh”,
You saw me kill it, boo Read me? You won’t recover
Mediocre bitch? I’m an alt destroyer
I’d rather be nice, but I’ll Bonk you pronto Do I smell a little bitch? Silly me, hey it’s micro!
Tik-Tok, Renegade Master Brian are you mad I made ruppi come faster?
HA Just kidding, he was never worthy Crown a winner quick ‘fore kabbles is 30
New York, New York, New York, New York We are (Club) We are (Legend) We are (Art, Art) We are (Theater) We own everything, we are New York Ooh Club, Legend, Art, Theater
Ready, set, time to run
My heels are on, it's go time cunts
A smart bitch knows not to fight with Kabs
It gets so hard when he’s throwing jabs
Wuhan, dental hygiene too
Iconic moments come from you
Bitches dodged blame, I left the page
Still looking real cunt when I hit the stage
Micronesia, queen of drama
Call me old, I’m still your mama
“Juju bitch”, that’s my name
Slay the season, that’s my game
Bitches desperate for online fame
I’m a savage bitch, I’ll take the aim
Needed a new start Don’t like half of you
Disqualified? That’s my queue!
New York, New York, New York, New York We are (Club) We are (Legend) We are (Art, Art) We are (Theater) We own everything, we are New York Ooh Club, Legend, Art, Theater
I'm a God, and these bitches will pray
who gave swishy the permission to slay?
revenge like taxes, you bottom bitches will pay,
I win and I quit, and I thrive either way!
I’m snatching these wins, while whores catching highs
i’m eating this rap, why you surprised?
had to leave for bitches, to get to my size
But I’m still gonna win so yall deaf bitches can rise!
I’m taking this crown, and that’s on Periot boo
you’re always on the bottom like your name’s BQ
went from Abby to Adam ,and I snatched that win
playing these girls like a mother fucken violin
This rap my throne, so don’t touch it,
call me a clown, when this clown is running shit,
call McDonald’s cause you bitches are loving it.
Lemme snatch my crown cuz it’s officially over with!
New York, New York, New York, New York We are (Club) We are (Legend) We are (Art, Art) We are (Theater) We own everything, we are New York Ooh Club, Legend, Art, Theater
New York, New York, New York New York, we are New York Ohh, we are, we are, we are We are who we are We are, yeah
🎶 We Don't Stop, Until Mascara's on the Dancefloor ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
"First up, u/Micronesiarain!"
This journey has been nothing short of transformative for me. So it’s only fitting that I walk this runway one last time as a fully realized version of who I am. The pressure of this competition has turned me into a diamond, and I’m ready to shine.
"Next, u/ShashaShtan!"
For My final runway, I wanted to do something that really highlighted my run. But grot said no more Sharpays, so here I am in my full queen of england Fantasyyy. I feel royal, regal and RICH BITCH.
"Next up, u/StrawPedro!"
I know my runways have not always been the strongest but tonight I'm pulling out all the stops. THIS is the essence of Strawpedro. I entered the competition in a can, but now, I am a fully realized glamazon in the form of a dragon made of water, unleashed from the opened can. This water dragon wrapped around me is eager to get inducted into the SDRDR winners' hall of fame, represented by this headpiece! Dont just take a sip, prepare to get SOAKED!
"Last but no least, u/Swish_17!"
This look is the pinnacle of my run on this show. It’s creative, Its different, it’s mysterious, and it’s rooted in culture. I’ve done my job this season, i’ve shown all of you that drag and fashion doesn’t have to be American to be valid, and that anyone, anywhere, can thrive. words cannot describe how exceptionally proud I am with my performance for tonight, thank you for a incredible Journey.
🎶 Joan of Arc Is on the Dance Floor ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Tonight, you've all made me so proud. However, there can only be one winner so let's begin critiques. Starting with... u/ShashaShtan!
u/-_-whodat: Shasha, I was so excited to see you come back yet again. As a past winner that takes a lot of bravery and you delivered many amazing moments this season, most notably that hilarious snatch game. Your ability to be on this many seasons in such a short time yet not exhaust yourself is incredible. And tonight on the runway you look so beautiful and regal and seeing your chav character make another appearance for your verse was so fun. You continue leaving me impressed Shasha.
u/KingKabs: So it's easy for me to write these critiques for you despite the fact that I've only been an active judge for 2 and a half episodes this season because I've been apart of your journey start to it's final finish. Good fucking work I can't stress that enough! You didn't start your first season off without abuse from left and right....then AS3 happened lmfaooo. This season, you are so much more than your track record! You've put your earnest all into it and the work is great. Tonight was stunning, your runway is gorgeous, your verse is packed with personality n cheek, and your speech was heartfelt.
Thank you for your time this season, you killed it! Now rest, bitch. You're almost on that Ketty shit.
"Thank you Shasha. Moving onto u/StrawPedro!"
u/Spencerietta: I am so sorry to those fucking turtles or whatever because after tonight, I want 10,000 Straws. Your runway is so fun and refreshing, something we’ve yet to see on SDRDR and your verse was a great reflection on your journey this season. You were definitely one of mine and the audience’s favorites this season, and rightfully so. You were always so funny, you nailed the runway, and you kept us wanting more of Straw every week. I was incredibly excited to see you in this finale, and you definitely did not disappoint.
u/Grotesquette: I am genuinely so proud of you. We haven't seen a queen before who's like you, who embraces themselves and all of their qualities so well, and is able to apply their own personal brand to each and every challenge. At the beginning of the season you faltered, but once you figured out the formula that worked for you, you started fucking sprinting. Anyone who underestimated you or wrote you off at the beginning is now eating those words. You should be so proud of your work this season, and I can't wait to see what you do in the future.
"Up next, u/Micronesiarain!"
u/-_-whodat: As a big fan of yours micro i was very happy to see you do well tonight! I thought your verse flowed perfectly and your runway tonight was absolutely incredible. It’s been so fun watching you compete this season, even with the few ... rocky moments you’ve had such a strong run and are a serious competitor. So yeah a great night for you and a brilliant way to finish an impressive run.
u/Spencerietta: Hey queen. Girl you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all... and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I know who you are. But seriously tonight you were my absolute favorite both on the runway and in the performance. Not only tonight, but throughout the entire competition you’ve proven week after week to be smart, creative, hilarious, and even in your weak moments, there was always something exciting in what you presented. Tonight is no exception, you absolutely killed it tonight and I couldn’t be more pleased. You should be proud of your run, Micro. You did incredible.
"Next up, u/Swish_17!"
u/Grotesquette: Girl, this verse was EVERYTHING. You knocked it out of the fucking park. We could tell how much fun you had during the performance, and I love this finale look. Your run this season has been a roller coaster. You sort of gave up midway, but then changed your mind and decided to come back and slay. You're such a talented queen, with a great eye for fashion and the ability to obliterate any challenge you put your mind to. You really raised the bar for returning queens in a way we haven't seen any other contestant do before, and I hope you know that. It's the age of Swish, and the rest of us are just living in it hunny!
u/KingKabs: You've definitely had a tumultuous run I'd say. WIN ELIM QUIT WIN etc. but you always remained memorable! I was worried you didn't have the resolve to stand up here tonight with any genuine desire to win and here I stand as the one pleasantly surprised. You're hungry, you want this and despite how things have gone down this season I believe it. Your verse is lovely in-your-faceism at its peak, your speech remains true to your near ad hominem brand, and your runway is stunning. You dont undersell your talents ever so congrats on your run!
Grotesquette: Alright, thank you ladies. Now one more thing... Why should each of you be crowned SDRDR's Next Drag Superstar, and not your competitors?
u/ShashaStan: "..Oi, giv mee de crown or a’ll rip yer fuckin faace ooff."...Is what my British Side wants to say but this is Shasha’s time. And me, and my work here, transcends country, race , sex, hearing quality and opinions on whether gigi or jaida should have won the ball. But seriously, I just want to say how amazing this season has been for me. I’ve been able to finally show what shasha really is about , FINALLY, and been able to produce content I am PROUD of. All those comments about me being mediocre and AS3 really made me determined to show what I can actually do, and I definitely achieved that here, no matter what my Track record says. These girls here with me, we’ve been through a lot together. Swish b, you’re the stupidest person I’ve met but you make me laugh more than almost anyone, whether or not it’s on purpose. Micro, bitch you are FIERCE girl, and it’s been amazing getting to work with you. And straw, you have been so kind and caring to me and every single one of us competing alongside you. I love you fags Anyone of these girls will make an amazing winner, but I’ve got one thing that they haven’t....GCSE’s , GOD SAVE THIS FUCKIN QWEEN. and grot this ones for you...LONG SLAY SHARPAY
u/StrawPedro: This has been such a magical journey. When I first got cast, making it to the finale felt so unattainable to me. But challenge by challenge, I've really come into my own and learned how to play to my strengths. Throughout the process, I also began learning to acknowlege and appreciate myself. This competition has taught me so much and helped me find my self love back I had always doubted everything I did, so gaining all your judges' nods makes me feel so incredibly validated. Throughout the competition, I've proved to you as well as myself that I can be funny, but I can also turn looks and serve versatility. I already feel so liberated and victorious. I never pegged myself as a strong competitor in the beginning, but NOW, I can say with abundant confidence that I AM A WINNER. There's so much I can do with this crown and the platform. You have my word that I will make you even prouder as your next drag superstar! I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to Grot, Kabs, Spencie, Harry and all the guest Judges for helping me grow along the way and all their hard work, my fellow contestants for making this season so enjoyable and entertaining, and my dear haus sisters. Sharing the Ball win with Swish made us feel so vindicated, and I wish the best of luck to Free on the next season. I love you all and I'll always cherish the times spent here
u/Micronesiarain: Coming into this season, I put so much pressure onto myself. I felt like I needed to have this immaculate showing. As we all saw, that’s not what ended up happening. I’ve had my lows, but I’ve also had my highs that I am damn proud of. I have proven myself in verse challenges, comedy challenges, branding, on the runway, I have shown that I have what it takes to deserve this crown. If you make me your queen, I will carry myself with nothing but love and grace. I’ve always searched for a sense of purpose and a way to express myself; this has been that for me. Thank you all for this amazing journey
u/Swish_17: This show is about going on a journey. And Going through all the shit I have this season, has given me a heap load of maturity and humility that I never expected to gain, and for that, i’m so appreciative of that, so thank you, genuinely. But why should I win? I Said earlier, the show really is about going on a journey, but look around the room tonight, not a lot of growth has taken place. Straw has done consistently well, micro has done consistently mediocre, and shasha these past few episodes has done consistently poor. This season, I am the contestant who has had the highest of the highs, and the absolute lowest of the lows. I won the ball with my close friend straw, a victory that really meant a lot to me. I was humbled by how unfunny I was, how bad I fucked up snatch game, and got sent home packing. I was then lucky enough to return to the competition, where I won the reading challenge, and our first ever Debate challenge. Panel, the fact of the matter is, that I was eliminated half way through the Competition, and here I stand in front of you all Tonight, Tied with having the most wins this season. Whodat, Spencer, Kabs, Grot, I can look each and every one of you in the eyes and say with absolute certainty, that not a single person standing on this stage with me tonight has gone through nearly the same emotional growth that I have. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my run, and I am just honored to have the chance to Represent the brand of SDRDR as a winner, and for that opportunity, I am forever humbled. Everyone on standing next to me tonight deserves the crown, but through my growth in the competition, to my final performance tonight, I could not possibly be prouder to say that I have absolutely earned it.
Grotesquette: Thank you ladies, that was beautiful. Now.... The judges and I have made our decisions. When I call your name, please step forward.
u/ShashaShtan I'm sorry my dear, but now is not your time. Thank you for coming back this season to show us just how versatile of a performer you are, and you should be so proud of yourself. You're officially SDRDR royalty, and no one can deny that. Now... Sashay away.
The other girls hug Shasha and clap for her as she walks away.
u/ShashaShtan: Better than AS3!
Everybody bursts out laughing. Grotesquette falls to floor crying. Kabs starts howling manically. It's extremely funny.
Grotesquette: Three queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip-sync performance to Don't Let me Dance Alone by The Saturdays. This is your last chance to impress and win the crown. Good luck and don't fuck it up.
Who wins the lip sync AND the season?! Vote here! Voting ends tonight. submitted by Grotesquette to xtinadragrace [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 18:01 bringthesnacks [SELL][US ONLY] Destash sale: Glossier, Morphe, Melt, Lime Crime, Becca, etc.!

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my sale. This is my first sale post, but I've sold to people looking for specific things in the weekly request posts. Happy to answer any questions or take more pix if needed.
General things:

  • US only, $5.00 shipping. Items will be sent out as first class parcel mail with tracking on Sunday night, Monday night, or Wednesday night. If you're buying multiple items or a heaviefragile single item that may be better off mailed priority padded envelope or box, then shipping price will adjust accordingly.
  • PayPal Goods and Services, fees paid by me
  • I'll do my best to keep the list updated in real-time so you can see what's sold already, but this is my first time so please be patient!
  • Offers welcome!
  • I'm COVID free, and I use a UV-light sanitizing box to sanitize all brushes, doe feet applicators, etc. before mailing. I also brush down any pressed powder with alcohol to disinfect.

Here's verification for all the items!

The goods:
  • Colourpop Truly Madly Deeply eyeshadow palette, gently used: $8
  • Colourpop Going Coconuts eyeshadow palette, gently used: $5
  • Lime Crime Venus XL II eyeshadow palette, many just swatched but some a little more used (see photo): $25
  • Morphe 35i Icy Fantasy eyeshadow palette, most swatched, some used 1-2 times: $18
  • Melt Smoke Sessions eyeshadow palette, green side moderately used, gold side swatched: $20
  • Ulta Peach Pop blush palette, swatched: free with purchase
  • The Balm Autobalm Day 2 Nite eyeshadow palette, swatched: $5
  • Colourpop empty single pan magnetic palettes, never used: $1 for all 3
  • Glossier Futuredew, new with box & never used: $15
  • Glossier Futuredew, used 3-4 times, no box: $10
  • Glossier Priming Moisturizer, ~30% left: $4 or free with purchase of the two Futuredews
  • Glossier Boy Brow in brown, new with box & never used/opened: $10
  • Glossier Brow Flick in brown, moderately used, probably like 4-5 times: $5
  • Glossier Lash Slick, moderately used & still has product just fine, but no way to know how much is left: $4
  • Glossier Lid Star in fawn, used ~4-5 times: $5
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills loose highlighter in Vegas, opened only to swatch with clean brush: $15
  • Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in daydreamer, used twice but got smudged on the side from resting against a brush for a minute: $5
  • Too Faced High Shine sparkling lip gloss in Hidden Talents, used twice: $8
  • Lime Crime Plushies in rosebud, swatched: $5
  • Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in L.A., swatched: $5
  • Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick in babe alert, mini size, swatched: $4
  • Still Stay All Day liquid lipstick in beso, used once: $4
  • Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadow in wanderlust, moderately used: free with purchase
  • Inglot Duraline, moderately used: $5
  • Lilly lashes in Mykonos, box opened but lashes never removed: $10
  • Lancome Cils Booster XL mascara primer mini, used 3 times: $5
  • Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, used ~5 times: $5
  • Lime Crime freckle pen in cocoa, used once: $10
  • The Beauty Crop eyeshadow single in halcyon, swatched: $2
  • Lime Crime lid light eyeshadow in majestic, used once: $5
  • Melt OK Boomer gel liner, used ~3 times: $5
  • Melt eye pencil in golden ticket, used twice: $5
  • Ciate Glow-To illuminating blush mini in pinch me, swatched: $5
  • Becca backlight underlie color corrector in peach, used a few times: $9
  • Becca backlight primer full size, used twice: $20
  • Murad prebiotic 4-in-1 multicleanser face wash, about 60% left as shown: $15
  • Wet n Wild photofocus stick foundation in 853B classic ivory, used 2-3 times: free with purchase
  • Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in hug life, discontinued: free with purchase
  • Wander Beauty bronzer in Costa Rei, swatched: $2
  • Naked Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in TW-03 twilight, used once: free with purchase
  • Ipsy x Tetris single eyeshadow in t-spin: free with purchase
  • Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer, limited edition, swatched: $5
  • Tom Ford orchid Soleil sample: free with purchase
  • Realher highlighter in confidence in my glow, swatched: free with purchase
  • Tarte rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel sample: free with purchase
  • Wet n Wild photofocus foundation in peach natural, used a few times: free with purchase

Thanks for looking!
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2020.10.25 06:32 ChiTownChick How I dealt with my abuse after I permanently went home part 4

I took the train back to Skokie and took some norcos and the went to James’ house. I forgot to mention he was 19 and dating a 16 year old. One time he called her so I could hear her “adorable voice”I also starting skipping school.
It really annoyed me, but I was focused on other things. He went to Northeastern college. He was at school and I noticed on his kitchen table were a million bottles of medication. His dad was really sick. I thought I found Xanax but I felt nothing. I told James and he admitted to looking for pills that look like the pills his dad takes. He only did it for Xanax and Vicodin or norco. A weird thing that happened was my mom was so worried she had my favorite teacher call. I used to do all my homework before school ended and got great grades. My teacher said she was worried.
Then we went to his bedroom. He had like a million empty monster energy drinks on shelves. We started kissing and then had okay sex. Then we decided we wanted to get high. I’d stolen my great grandmother’s giant diamond wedding ring, and some of my mom’s jewelry.
We pawned it then James said we should just do shrooms but that scared me. No one could drive us to pick up h so we went to this actual project. I’d never been in one. His two friends from college sold cocaine and crack to help pay for school. They also offered opium but I was a huge idiot. I said I didn’t like pot and they laughed. I’d wanted powder coke but they were out. So we didn’t have a flower ( crack pipe ) so James made one out of an empty can. We bought 70 dubs.
We walked around looking for an open empty apartment and we found a few but only one was really clean. We smoked the crack so fast. I called Joel and said I had money and that I was coming over.
James and I were standing on the train platform. He was headed back towards Howard street. I was about to get on the 95th which would take me to uptown to get high.
I did something I still feel really bad about. James told me to come with him. He was worried about my constant drug use. He started crying and said he was in love with me.
All I said was “No you don’t. “ what a horrible thing to do to a good friend. I said “you have a gf what about her?” He said she was too young and that he’d fallen for me when we first met at adam’s house.
The 95th came and I got on and felt guilty as I watched James continue to cry. He was right. I just wanted to get high.
I got to Joel’s house and he’d started to call me baby doll. We bought heroin and Scott was also there. Suddenly my mom showed up. When she did Nancy an older friend of mine who had a rich bf who let her do drugs, told my mom I was a baby and she. Had to get me out of there.
She told Joel I was a baby and to let me go. Joel told scott to get the fuck out. The three of us left and I was in the car w my mom when I opened her door and started attacking Scott. Then suddenly everything was fine between us. When we got to my house he took out a needle full of h. I was so angry he wouldn’t share. He said I was the worst junkie. Bullshit. He also said it was mostly the stuff left over in the cigarette filter. I knew he was lying but he wouldn’t give in.
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