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Worried about my dad Love my dad 1 year ago. Add an Answer. Answers. Answer View More Anonymous: Unfriend Friend Requested Friend: Load More. Close. COPD360social posts are monitored by Senior Director of Community Engagement and COPD360social Community Manager, Bill Clark, as well ... Let’s say my dad is in the living room and watching TV. For me just sitting there and I can be doing my own work but just having this time together. We might not be talking because my dad isn’t someone who talks a lot. So just spending time with him is my way of expressing love to him which I feel he understands as well. Worried about my dad.. TW: doxxing, sexual abuse, pedophilia. I live a little far away from my family due to nonpolitical issues we had and needing to separate myself. While my dad and I weren’t always on the same page we often joked about being the only sane people in the house. It’s been three years since I left and although before I ... My dad is particularly vulnerable for two reasons – he’s an over-60s male with chronic heart disease, and he loves going to the supermarket on Wednesday mornings because they update the prices in the computer system on Tuesday nights and sometimes forget to change the shelf labels, which means you can get the discount for the previous week and the new week, or even get the item for free if there’s been a big stuff-up. worried about my dad ... My dad all of a sudden fell face first into the pavement. The manager at Walmart called 911 and my dad went to the hospital as a precaution. Thankfully there weren't any serious injuries.Today my dad has a black eye and bruises all over his face. According to my sister, my dad falling is happening 3-4 times a week!!! I'm worried about my dad? My dad is a 38 year young man who has a severe issue with the bottle. About a 2 years back now I would say maybe 3 I don't exactly remember he was diagnosed with sorosis of the liver I don't know the exact details but he had told me that he was going to be ok he just had to quit the drinking, eat better, take vitamins ...

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TW: doxxing, sexual abuse, pedophilia
I live a little far away from my family due to nonpolitical issues we had and needing to separate myself. While my dad and I weren’t always on the same page we often joked about being the only sane people in the house. It’s been three years since I left and although before I moved out he was an “independent” but definitely leaned more to the right. He supported trump but never really said much about politics except for the old “but her emails.” He doesn’t have social media but I have no idea what he’s been looking at online. My dad has become hateful and racist. He’s spewed off a couple conspiracies to me and when I asked his sources he said “I have five” and refuses to tell anyone what they are. There’s no way it’s not Q shit. I want to sit down and talk to him about this and I want to ask if you guys think this would be a good point to bring up. When I was 13 (eight years ago) I was just starting to get really into the internet but I was very naive. When a grown man messaged me saying he watched me change through my webcam I believed him. And when he said he tracked my IP address and knew where I lived I believed him. He told me I had to do everything he said or he would pictures of me and my info online. Every day after school I would sit on a tinychat video chat with him listening to him bitch about how hard his life of manipulating underage girls was blah blah blah and usually have to take my clothes off. One day he pissed me off and I told him I didn’t care what he did and that I never wanted to hear from him again. He posted one picture, a recent one so obviously he didn’t spy through my webcam, my cell phone number, and the general area I lived in on Facebook, Reddit, and 4chan. Facebook and Reddit took them down very quickly. However it took me a while to get it off 4chan. I called my track phone company and changed my number after getting about 30 creepy texts from different numbers. I went on 4chan for the first time and while I don’t remember what part he posted it in, I have a distinct memory of there being tons of pictures of clearly underage girls, probably age 9-14, with braces, they had to have braces, and almost nude. Bathing suits, gymnastics uniforms, etc. They referred to these girls as “bait.” Eventually the pic was taken down but it seemed like they left child porn up long enough for people to download it and then delete it. My parents didn’t find out until after two years of my mental health spiraling and one of the biggest breakdowns I’ve ever had. It was too late to go after the guy legally and I would have rather not had to confront him anyways, but I will never forget how upset my dad was. He cried more than I’ve ever seen him cry, and he never cries to begin with. I hate to hang this over his head as leverage but the thing is, Q originated on 4chan. And to me personally, I find it fucking rich that anyone who actively uses it would give two fucks about saving kids from pedophiles, if anything they are the pedos. (Not that everyone who uses that site is a pedo, but I did see a quote that stuck with me on here once about 4chan; “you don’t hang around in the sewer unless you don’t mind the smell.” I was victimized by the same group of people who claim to want to save kids from being in that exact situation. And these motherfuckers have the audacity to claim that’s what actual trafficking and rape crisis hotlines and services are doing. If that isn’t enough proof for him than I’m not sure if I can keep a relationship with him, which makes me so sad since he was the main reason I didn’t cut most of my family off in the first place.
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On this post,i'll be documenting Turkish War-Crimes/Abuses against Kurds during the start of the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict and also Abuses by TFSA [Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army] Against the Syrian Kurds and other people which are currently under the Occupation of TFSA and Turkey.
Regarding the Casualties of The Turkish-PKK conflict,Since the conflict's Eruption, more than 40,000 have died, the vast majority of whom were Kurdish civilians killed by the Turkish Armed Forces.
Source : Eder, Mine (2016) In Lust, Ellen (ed.). The Middle East.

Eder States the Following : "Turkish military responded with a ferocious counter-insurgency campaign that led to the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, most of them Turkish Kurdish civilians, and the displacement of more than three million Kurds from south-eastern Turkey ."
Moreover,According to Eric Rouleau,The Former French Ambassador to Turkey,more than 35,000 people were killed in military campaigns, of which 17,500 were assassinated between 1984, when the conflict began, and 1998. An additional 1,000 people were also reportedly assassinated in the first nine months of 1999. According to the Turkish press, the authors of these crimes, none of whom have been arrested, belong to "groups of mercenaries working either directly or indirectly for the security agencies".
Source : Turkey's Dream of Democracy Eric Rouleau From Foreign Affairs, NovembeDecember 2000.
Massacres November 1992: Kelekçi village Massacre. The Turkish gendarmerie officers force the Leader Of Kelekci Village to Evacuate all of It's Inhabitants,Later on,The Turkish Soldiers Start Shooting at the Inhabitants and Their Houses with Heavy Weaponry,The Turkish Soldiers Then proceed to Set up fire to Nine Houses then Burn the rest of The Village and Destroy more than 136 Houses in total.
Sources : " Impact of the ECtHR on provisions for Turkey's displaced" : https://www.hrw.org/legacy/backgroundeeca/turkey1206/3.htm#_Toc152994672
From the Report :
...."The case concerned a village guard family from Kelekçi village, near Dicle, in Diyarbakır province. When three members of the family were killed by a PKK attack in July 1992, the rest of the family resigned from the village guard corps. In November 1992 the gendarmerie instructed the muhtar to evacuate all of the inhabitants. As he gathered the villagers together, soldiers in armored cars began firing with heavy weapons at the villagers and their houses; soldiers also set fire to nine houses, which burned to the ground together with their contents. The soldiers shot the villagers’ livestock. The Kelekçi villagers fled to nearby towns. Soldiers burned the rest of the village—136 houses in total—in April of the following year ."
1993: The Killing Of Mehmet Ogut And His Family. In the Year 1993,Mehmet Ogut and His Pregnant Wife Were Burned To Death by the Turkish Special Forces inside their Home In a Village Near to Mus,The Turkish Authorities Blamed the PKK for the Gruesome Incident and Refused to Investigated the case until it was open again...17 years later.
Source : ""Turkish military guilty of killing family of 9..." : http://rudaw.net/english/middleeast/turkey/09012016
From the Article :
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—In 1993 and at the peak of daily confrontations between the Turkish military and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) nine members of a Kurdish family were burned to death inside their home in a village near Mus."
For twenty years the deaths of Mehmet Ogut, his pregnant wife and 7 children aged 3-13 were blamed on the PKK guerrillas, but the opening of the case three years ago and witness accounts tell a different story. The village home was in fact set on fire by Turkish soldiers."
8 September, 1993: The Munzur Mountain And Lice Massacre. On September 17,1993,A Turkish air force plane Dropped a Bomb on Tents near the Munzur Mountains,used by Villagers from the Doğanköy and Payamdüzü Villages of the Çemişgezek District of Tunceli Province. Two Women Were Killed and Seven Were Wounded. In the same year, Turkish security forces attacked the town of Lice, destroying 401 houses, 242 shops and massacring more than thirty civilians, and leaving one hundred Civilians wounded.
Source : Ron, James; Watch (Organization), Human Rights (1995). Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey: https://books.google.com/books?id=b99dfVMJNRMC&pg=PA120&lpg=PA120&dq=lice+1993+turkey#q=lice%201993%20turkey
From the Book :
.... According to a Turkish Journalist that Visited Lice Shortly After the Attack, Residents Said that the Turkish Secuirty's Fire was grossly disapropotionate to any threats of PKK,and Argued that the Shooting was a Punitive Act .
26 March, 1994: Kuşkonar Massacre. On 26 March 1994 the Turkish military F-16's and helicopters circled two villages and bombed them, killing 38 Kurdish civilians. The Turkish authorities blamed the PKK for the Massacre And, Appearntly took pictures of the dead children and spread in the press.
The incident took place at the villages of Koçağılı and Kuşkonar, in the Sirnak Province, in the morning of 26 March 1994,whilst most male residents of the both villages were working in the fields outside the villages. Villagers heard aircraft flying nearby at around 10.30 and 11.00 AM. Turkish Air Force military aircraft and a helicopter circled both villages and started to bomb them. Villagers who saw bombs tried to escape the bombardment,However, machine gun fire from the helicopters prevented them from escaping. Some people received direct hits and some were trapped under the rubble of the houses that were destroyed in the bombing.
Source : "The European Court of Human Rights: Case of Benzer and others v. Turkey".
late March,2006: Funeral Massacre. In March 2006, the Turkish security forces tried to prevent the funerals of the PKK fighters, then clashed with the demonstrators,Which Resulted in the killing of at least eight Kurdish protesters, including four children under the age of 10.
Reports Suggest that a Riot Occured after the prevention of the Funerals by the Turkish Soldiers, some Rioters Attacked Turkish Police Stations,in Return,The Turkish Soldiers Responded by attacking Back,however,The Turkish Soldiers also Targeted Innocent Bystanders that had nothing to do with the Riots.
Source : "Refworld | Turkey: Status of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Turkish Hezbollah; situation and treatment of members, supporters and sympathizers of these parties (2006-2007)" : https://www.refworld.org/docid/46fa537528.html
From the Report :
....In late March 2006, the funerals of PKK rebels killed by government troops held in the city of Diyarbakir turned into riots, with some rioters targeting police stations with bombs and vandalizing shops and public buildings (AFP 9 May 2006). Security forces responded with gunfire and tear gas (ibid.; HRW Jan. 2007). Different sources report that the number of those killed varies between 8 (ibid.) and 16 people (AFP 9 May 2006), including innocent bystanders and four children under the age of 10 (HRW Jan. 2007), while about 500 people were injured (The Guardian 5 June 2006). An investigation of 10 killings was still being conducted at the end of 2006 (AI 2007). The Guardian reports that these were the worst clashes experienced there in a decade (5 June 2006) .
1 August,2015: Zergele Air-strike. In August 2015, Amnesty reported that The Turkish airstrikes killed eight residents and injured at least eight others,including a child in a flagrantly unlawful attack on the village of Zergele,Located in the Qandil Mountains in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq [KRG].
Source : "Fresh evidence of casualties underscores need for impartial investigation into Turkish airstrikes in Kandil Mountains" : https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2015/08/fresh-evidence-of-casualties-underscores-need-for-impartial-investigation-into-turkish-airstrikes-in-kandil-mountains/
From the Report :
Evidence collected by Amnesty International in a fact-finding mission indicates that multiple Turkish government airstrikes killed eight residents and injured at least eight others – including a child - in a flagrantly unlawful attack on the village of Zergele, in the Kandil Mountains in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
The airstrikes on 1 August were part of a military campaign launched by Turkey against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) but according to information gathered by Amnesty International these residents were not affiliated with the PKK. The organization is calling on the Turkish government to launch an independent, impartial and effective investigation into the airstrikes and to publicly release the findings of their investigation .
7 February,2016: Cizre Basement Massacre. on 7 February 2016, more than 150 [numbers may vary] civilians were killed by Turkish security forces,and reportedly many burnt alive.
As reported by IPPNW,according to the Human Rights Association,178 unarmed people were killed by the Turkish military and their bodies found in three basements.
According to the UN,Turkey refused to allow a UN team to conduct research in the area,There was no crime scene investigation and no judicial authority was allowed to enter the basements. Instead the Turkish authorities arranged that the ruins were flattened, the basements filled up with rubble, and bodies were taken away. Therefore, Human Rights Watch suspects a cover-up.
Sources :
[1] - "UN deplores Turkish military abuses in Kurdish areas" : https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36261011
From the Article :
The UN says it has reports that more than 100 people were burned to death while sheltering in basements in Cizre.
UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Raad al-Hussein urged Turkey to grant the UN unimpeded access to the affected areas.
[2] - "Türkeireise unter düsteren Vorzeichen" [IN GERMAN] : http://blog.ippnw.de/?p=1914
From the Report [Translated by Google,may not be entirely Accurate].
.....Depressing and threatening - this is how messages from the three meetings on the first day of the meeting in Ankara can be summed up. The human rights association IHD and the Turkish human rights foundation gave an overview of the development. Both interlocutors agreed: “Today the times are even worse than in the 90s.” The city of Cizre has become a symbol: of the brutality the Turkish government is capable of in its action against the Kurdish civilian population .
21 January, 2016: Cizre Clashes. On 21 January 2016, another report published by Amnesty International stated that more than 150 civilians had been killed in Cizre. According to Amnesty International, the curfews had been imposed in more than 19 different towns and districts, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. Additionally, the report stated that the government's disproportionate restrictions on movement and other arbitrary measures were resembling collective punishment, a war crime under the 1949 Geneva Conventions.
Sources :
[1] - "Turkey eases curfew after assault on PKK rebels leaves Cizre in ruins" : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/ma02/turkey-kurdish-people-cizre-return-to-ruins
From the Article :
Human rights groups say 92 civilians were killed in the town during the military operation and another 171 bodies have been found since hostilities ended.
[2]- "The road to Cizre: Entering the site of a massacre" : https://www.rt.com/op-edge/335938-kurds-erdogan-cizre-turkey/
From the Article :
Locals told us Kurdish civilians were reportedly burned to death and beheaded during the Turkish crackdown on Cizre. We risked arrest or possibly much worse to enter the town, but we had to do it.
It is emotionally crushing to walk the smashed streets of Cizre’s bombed-out Mahallesi neighborhoods. In the few short months since last December, when the 24-hour lockdown was first imposed by the Turkish state on the town’s predominantly Kurdish population, the violent level of destruction has been so total and so indiscriminate that many structures are now totally decimated. Those buildings that do still stand are on the verge of collapse, with gaping holes blasted in their walls from shelling. You’d be hard pressed to find a square meter of brickwork that hasn’t been strafed with machine-gun fire. Objects lying everywhere in the debris remind you that this area was once home to thousands of people: the partially melted controller for a child’s remote control car; neckties hanging on one of the remaining walls of a gutted bedroom; dozens of woven rugs that once adorned the rooms of a five story apartment block lying mingled together in what is now a pile of rubble. The sweeping scale of the devastation and suffering leaves you numb .
PART 2. Abuses Against Kurdish Civilians. Since the 1970s, the European Court of Human Rights has condemned Turkey for thousands of human rights abuses against Kurdish people,The judgments are related to systematic executions of Kurdish civilians,forced recruitments,torturing, forced displacements,thousands of destroyed villages, arbitrary arrests, murdered and disappeared Kurdish journalists,and whatnot.
A Report Published in 15 May,2012 States that Turkey Ranks First in Violations in between 1959-2011.
From the Report :
Turkey's record of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) violation judgements ranks top. The statistical data released by the Court reveals that 2.404 cases against Turkey have been finalized with at least one violation judgement. Turkey ranks first among 47 countries under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, regarding the number of convictions between 1959-2011.
The Human Rights Presidency of the Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey prepared a report based on the ECHR statistics on applications and judgements on both Turkey and Council of Europe. According to this report, Turkey ranks second on the number of applications, after Russia. Additionally, while the average ratio of complaints per one million population is 118 for Turkey, while the average for Council of Europe is 79.19% of the judgements, where the Court found at least one violation of the ECHR, were against Turkey.
Turkey was the leading violator of the European Convention of Human Rights in 2011 according to the Court's statistics. In 2011, ECHR found at least one violation of the Convention in 159 of 174 cases filed against Turkey.
Source : http://bianet.org/english/human-rights/138337-turkey-ranks-first-in-violations-in-between-1959-2011
A Report by KHRP [Kurdish Human Rights Project] Stated that Kemal Kiliç,A Kurdish Journalist,Was Shot Dead by 4 Men who Waited for him on his route home from Work,The Killers Are Suspected to be Affiliated with the Turkish State,or the JİTEM Death Squad.
From the Article :
New judgment before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) finds that Turkey failed to protect the life of Kemal Kiliç, despite pleas to the authorities for protection.
Kemal Kiliç, a journalist with the pro-Kurdish newspaper Özgür Gündem (see KHRP press release, 17 March 2000) petitioned the Governor of Sanliurfa for protection due to the threats and attacks suffered by colleagues working on the newspaper. The Turkish authorities refused to protect him. Two months later Kemal Kiliç was shot dead by four men who waited for him on his route home from work.
Source : http://www.khrp.org/khrp-news/news-archive/2000-news/189-justice-comes-from-european-court-for-a-murdered-kurdish-journalist.html
According to David L. Philips, more than 1,500 people affiliated with the Kurdish opposition parties and organizations were murdered by unidentified assailants between 1986 and 1996. The government backed mercenaries assassinated hundreds of "suspected" PKK sympathizers.
Source : Phillips, David L. (5 July 2017). The Kurdish Spring: A New Map of the Middle East.
The Turkish government is held responsible by Turkish human rights organizations for at least 3,438 civilian deaths in the conflict between 1987 and 2000.
Source : Belge, Ceren (2016). "Civilian victimization and the politics of information in the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey".
A Report by Human Rights Watch in 1995 stated that it was A common practice for Turkish soldiers to kill Kurdish civilians and take pictures of their corpses with the weapons, they carried only for staging the events of the incidents, Killed civilians were mainly shown to press as PKK "terrorists".
Source : "Weapons Transfers and Violations of the wars in Turkey" : https://www.hrw.org/reports/1995/Turkey.htm
in 1993,A Report by HRW stated that Shooting upon Peaceful Demonstrators was one of the methods the security forces used to spread fear, In 1992, the security forces killed more than 103 demonstrators, 93 of them during the celebration of Newroz in three Kurdish cities. No security force member was ever charged with the deaths of the Victims.
Source : https://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/TURKEY933.PDF
Other sources that Report about the Abuses are as follows :
[1] - http://echr.coe.int/Documents/Annual_Report_2014_ENG.pdf
[2] - http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/app/conversion/pdf/?library=ECHR&id=001-128036&filename=001-128036.pdf
[3] - http://www.echr.coe.int/LibraryDocs/HR%20handbooks/handbook06_en.pdf
[4] - http://www.echr.coe.int/LibraryDocs/HR%20handbooks/handbook06_en.pdf
[5] - https://books.google.com/books?id=usQ2i-P7oPIC&pg=PA36
[6] - https://books.google.com/books?id=YSwrDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA55&lpg=PA55&dq=pkk+third+congress+1986#q=pkk%20third%20congress%201986
disappearances of Civilians. In the early 1990s, hundreds of people had disappeared after they had been taken into custody by security forces. Only in 1992, more than 450 people had been reportedly killed. Among those killed were journalists, teachers, doctors, human rights activists and political leaders. The security forces usually denied to have detained the victims but sometimes they claimed that they had released the victims after "holding them briefly".
According to the Human Rights Association (İHD), there have been 940 cases of enforced disappearance since the 1990s. In addition to that, more than 3,248 people who were murdered in extrajudicial killings are believed to have been buried in 253 separate burial places. On 6 January 2011, the bodies of 12 people were found in a mass grave near an old police station in Mutki, Bitlis. A few months later, three other mass graves were reportedly found in the garden of Çemişgezek police station.
Source : https://stockholmcf.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Enforced-Dissappearences-in-Turkey_22_June_2017.pdf
During the 1990s and onward,Turkish security services have detained many Kurds, in some cases they were never seen again with only eyewitnesses coming forward to tell the story.
Source : https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/11/05/turkey-no-answers-kurdish-victims
From the Report :
The Eskişehir Heavy Penal Court No. 2 acquitted all eight defendants. The original trial in Diyarbakırhad 48 sessions in which multiple witnesses testified and other evidence was introduced. The defendants had been indicted on multiple counts of killing or disappearing 19 Kurdish men and boys who were identified, and a man and a woman whose identities have not been established, after arresting or abducting them.
In 1997, Amnesty International (AI) reported that disappearances and extrajudicial executions had emerged as new and disturbing patterns of human rights violations by the Turkish state.
Source : https://www.hrw.org/report/2012/09/03/time-justice/ending-impunity-killings-and-disappearances-1990s-turkey
From the Report:
In the 1990s, during the armed conflict between the Turkish military and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), government military and security forces compelled hundreds of thousands of people to abandon their villages, and carried out enforced disappearances and killings of thousands of civilians.
Torture In August 1992, Human Rights Watch reported the vile practice of torture by security forces in Turkey. The victims of torture interviewed by Helsinki Watch had revealed the systematic practice of torture against detainees in police custody. Sixteen people had died in suspicious circumstances in police custody, ten of them Kurds in the Southeast.
Source : HRW: The Kurds of Turkey: Killings, Disappearances and Torture: 2. 1993.
In 2013, The Guardian reported that the rape and torture of Kurdish prisoners in Turkey are disturbingly commonplace. According to the report, published by Amnesty International in 2003, Hamdiye Aslan, a prisoner accused of supporting the Kurdish group, the PKK, had been detained in Mardin Prison, south-east Turkey, for almost three months in which she was reportedly blindfolded, anally raped with a truncheon, threatened and mocked by officers.
Source : https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2013/jun/10/turkey-history-sexual-violence
From the Article :
In the early hours of June 28, 1993, Şükran Esen, then aged 21, was accused of assisting the PKK by a group of gendarmes who had arrived at her house. She too denied the charges. A trial observation report by the Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP) states that, in an aggravated felony court in the province of Mardin, a prosecutor indicted 405 members of the Derik District Gendarmerie Command, 65 of whom were senior officers, for raping Şükran Esen.
In February 2017, a report published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated the Turkish authorities had beaten and punched detainees, using sexual violence, including rape and threat of rape. In some cases, the detainees were photographed nude and threatened with public humiliation after being tortured by Turkish authorities.
Source : https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Countries/TOHCHR_South-East_TurkeyReport_10March2017.pdf
Executions of Civilians, Journalists,POWs etc. On 24 February 1992, Cengiz Altun, the Batman correspondent for the weekly pro-Kurdish newspaper, Yeni Ülke, was killed. More than 33 Kurdish journalists working for different newspapers were killed between 1990 and 1995. The killings of Kurdish journalists had started after the pro-Kurdish press had started to publish the first daily newspaper by the name of "Özgür Gündem" (Free Agenda). Musa Anter, a prominent Kurdish intellectual and journalist of Özgur Gundem, was assassinated by members of Gendarmerie Intelligence Organization [JİTEM] in 1992.
Source : Orhun, Mehmet (2016). Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey.
in 1992,according to the HRW report "The Kurds of Turkey: Killings Dissperances Torture Etc" Turkish security forces executed seventy-four people in house raids and more than hundred people in demonstrations.
Source : https://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/TURKEY933.PDF
In October 2016,a Graphic footage emerged on the internet showing Turkish soldiers executing two female PKK members which they had captured alive.
Source : https://mobile.twitter.com/TurkeyUntold/status/79233348510511513
PART 3. Turkish De-population of Kurdish Villages. The number of Kurdish villages depopulated by Turkey is estimated at around 3,000. Since the beginning of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict in 1984, the Turkish military has embarked on a campaign to eradicate the support base of the PKK in Turkish Kurdistan. As a result, by the year 2000,More than 30,000 people had been killed, and two million Kurdish refugees driven out of their homes.
Sources :
[1] - Ferhad Ibrahim, Gülistan Gürbey. The Kurdish conflict in Turkey: obstacles and chances for peace and democracy.
[2] - Dahlman, Carl. The Political Geography of Kurdistan.
According to the Humanitarian Law Project, 2,400 Kurdish villages were destroyed and 18,000 Kurds were executed, by the Turkish government. Other estimates have put the number of destroyed Kurdish villages at over 4,000. In total up to 3,000,000 people (mainly Kurds) have been displaced.
The Kurdish Human Rights Project divides the depopulation (evacuation) of villages in 5 phases.
-The initial phase between 1985-1989.
-The phase of centralization during 1990-1991.
-the phase of the systematic village evacuation between 1992-1993.
-the phase of the escalation of the village evacuation in 1994.
-between 1995-2001 other villages further villages were depopulated.
An estimated of 1,000,000 are still internally displaced as of 2009.
Sources :
[1] - Jongerden, Joost (2007-05-28). The Settlement Issue in Turkey and the Kurds: An Analysis of Spatial Policies, Modernity and War.
[2] - Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) – Norwegian Refugee Council. "Need for continued improvement in response to protracted displacement".
So,this is the end for the Turkish Kurds situation and conflict,it is now time to speak about Abuses,War-crimes,Religous Extrimism of TFSA under the Leadership of Turkey.
The TFSA Have committed Countless Crimes including Kidnapping,Rape of Civilians,Killings, Displacements etc,Most of them occured in Afrin,The Kurdish Region,Its important to note that Afrin has been Ethnically Cleansed of Its Kurdish majority by the Turkish army and TFSA which mostly had hand in doing so.
There have been countless reports of TFSA Forcing the Yezidis of Afrin to re-annouce their faith and convert to Islam,These reports also include descerstion of Yezidi and Sufi Shrines of Afrin :
İn July 11, 2019,A Bellingcat Article was created which documented Descerstion Of Yezidi Shrines and Sufi Shrines,plus The Damage inflicted on Historic sites by TFSA and Turkish Air-force.
Source : "Afrin, Incidents Of Desecration And Destruction Of Cultural Sites" : https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2019/07/11/afrin-incidents-of-desecration-and-destruction-of-cultural-sites/
From the Article :
Soon after the inception of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in January of 2018, reports began trickling out of Syria’s Afrin district detailing the desecration or destruction of numerous cultural sites in the region. Just two days into the operation, airstrikes inflicted significant damage on Ain Dara, a “Neo-Hittite temple…built by the Arameans in the first millennium BC.”
The ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) Cultural Heritage Initiatives published a report on the incident, detailing the damage and concluding that “attributions of the damage to a Turkish airstrike(s) are credible.” The March 18, 2018 capture of Afrin city by Turkish-backed forces culminated in the symbolic destruction of the Kawa statue which depicted a hero from Kurdish (and Persianic) folklore, who, to millions, symbolizes freedom from tyranny.
In October 2019,Reports came that nine people were executed, including Hevrin Khalaf, a 35-year-old Kurdish woman who was secretary-general of the Future Syria Party and who worked for interfaith unity.
Source: "Kurdish female politician, who worked to unite Christians, Arabs, Kurds, executed in Syria" : https://www.christianpost.com/news/kurdish-female-politician-who-worked-to-unite-christians-arabs-kurds-executed-in-syria.html
From the Article :
Hevrin Khalaf, a female politician who worked to unite Christians, Arabs and Kurds in Syria was among nine individuals executed by a Turkish-backed group in the northeast region of the country, according to a human rights monitor.
A video by Mekut_Mallet on 12:51 PM on October 12,2019 emerged following the creation of a Thread by Twitter User Mekut_Mallet regarding Abuses by TFSA etc,The Video allegedly shows a member of Turkish-backed Sultan Murad group stepping on the corpse of a woman with features very similar to those of Hevrin Khalaf : https://mobile.twitter.com/Mekut_Mallet/status/1183122982195159041
In October 13, 2019,A Report made by WashingtonPost Regarding the Turkish Operation ""Peace"" Spring in Syria/Rojava,The Report stated that the TFSA fighters Filmed themselves executing a unknown [Civilian or POW] Kurdish captive in Syria.
Source : "Turkish-led forces film themselves executing a Kurdish captive in Syria" : https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/turkish-led-forces-film-themselves-executing-a-kurdish-captive-in-syria/2019/10/13/22e11198-ed9c-11e9-89eb-ec56cd414732_story.html
From the Article:
The most gruesome and explicit of the videos shows Turkish-allied Syrian fighters pumping bursts of automatic fire into the body of a bound man lying on the side of a desert road as a gunman shouts to his comrades to take his phone and film him doing the shooting. Another trembling, handcuffed man crouches on the opposite side of the road as the shooting erupts. “Kill them,” one man is heard shouting.
A Video made by Twitter User "Dlshad" in 6:21 PM, Oct 12, 2019 shows the Gruesome Execution of the Kurdish Captive,the Video is Cited in the WashingtonPost Article As well.
A Video By Twitter User Mekut_Mallet in 6:20 PM, Oct 12, 2019 Showed the Exact same Video but with Subtitles for better understanding,The Video was Titled "Erdogan's Syrian mercenaries executing people" :
A TIME Article By JOHN WALCOTT And W.J. HENNIGAN on 28, 2019 5:24 PM,Stated that according to U.S Spies,the TFSA Militants were Killing Civilians as they cleared Kurdish areas from Syria.
Source: "U.S. Spies Say Turkish-Backed Militias Are Killing Civilians as They Clear Kurdish Areas in Syria" : https://time.com/5711596/syria-war-crimes/
From the Article :
three weeks after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. forces to pull out of northern Syria, American spy agencies are seeing disturbing intelligence. Turkish-backed militias, armed by Ankara, have killed civilians in areas abandoned by the U.S., four U.S. military and intelligence officials tell TIME. The officials say they fear that the militias committing those potential war crimes may be using weapons that the U.S. sold to Turkey.
U.S. intelligence officials aren’t the only ones seeing evidence of war crimes. The human rights group Amnesty International reported on Friday that Turkish-backed Syrian forces have committed war crimes, including executions of Kurdish civilians. Some of the acts were photographed on mobile phones. Amnesty International said it had collected evidence from 17 witnesses. It cited reports by Kurdish-led health authorities in the region that more than 200 civilians had been killed by Turkish forces and their allies during the recent fighting and Turkey claimed that 18 of its civilians were killed in a cross border mortar attack.
On 18 October,2019,Amnesty Made a Report Regarding Violations by the Turkish backed Militants and Turkish Air-strikes which Targeted Civilian Convoys and Markets Between Ras al-Ayn/Serekaniye and Qamishili.
Source : "Damning evidence of war crimes and other violations by Turkish forces and their allies" : https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/10/syria-damning-evidence-of-war-crimes-and-other-violations-by-turkish-forces-and-their-allies/
From the Report :
Turkish military forces and a coalition of Turkey-backed Syrian armed groups have displayed a shameful disregard for civilian life, carrying out serious violations and war crimes, including summary killings and unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians, during the offensive into northeast Syria, said Amnesty International today.
In a separate incident on 13 October, according to independent international monitors, a Turkish air strike on a market struck a civilian convoy that included several journalists travelling between Qamishli and Ras al-Ain. According the Kurdish Red Crescent six civilians, including one journalist, were killed in the incident and 59 people were injured. A journalist who was present on the scene and witnessed the attack described it as “an absolute massacre”. He said the convoy was made up of around 400 civilian vehicles and that there were no fighters present, only a handful of armed guards protecting the convoy.
A SOHR [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights] report on Jul 2, 2020 Stated that they removed their previous Report about a Girl being raped by TFSA militants after threats of killing her family.
İt is Worth noting that SOHR is Pro-FSA [but anti-TFSA],so they're relabile in some of their reports which are usually authentic About their Reports.
Source : "SOHR clarifies | Report of raping a girl from Afrin removed from SOHR website after threats of killing her family" : https://www.syriahr.com/en/172925/
From the Report :
SOHR sources say that members of the “Sultan Murad” faction went with the mukhtar of Kutinli village in rural Afrin, and spoke to the father of a girl in the village for the purpose of marriage. When the father rejected their proposal, the members of “Sultan Murad” threatened the girl’s father, beat him, took the girl by force and forced her to marry one of them. A few days later, the girl returned to her father’s house after being raped by four members.
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2020.10.11 22:37 VTXGaming Are RC Trucks acceptable at a nude beach?

I really want to never go back to a textile beach ever again but I have a question about nude beaches. I love to bring an RC Truck to the beach whenever I can. Are those allowed? I wouldn't put any GoPros on it or anything since that's obviously going to make people upset and would be pervy.
I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be allowed but I just want to check. Do you beachgoers ever see people driving radio controlled vehicles at the nude beaches? Are there rules against it?
I do sometimes bring a specially modified RC truck that has long range equipment on it that let's me drive it miles down the beach. Its got some cameras and long antennas. The cameras are necessary to see where I'm going as I go far away. I'm guessing that would be highly frowned on at a nude beach though since people will think that a creep is driving it to spy on nude people.
There's a French youtube channel that does long range FPV (first person view) rc trucks like mine. He took his to the beach and there was a partially nude person in the video from the truck's onboard camera but they didn't mind at all. So the French beaches are way more relaxed on clothing then here in the U.S.
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2020.10.04 20:38 Adorable_Safe7611 Spy video nude

My husband, let's call him POS and I have been married for three years and together for five. When I first met my husband he had two very close female friends. One was AL the other DJ. They had only been friends for 3 years. Right away I asked if he had slept with either or fooled around with them. He was upfront and told me about AL and that it was a fling and meant nothing.
I accepted it and had zero problems with this girl. He told me nothing had ever happened with DJ that he wasn't attracted to her. I had no reason not to believe him since he had been upfront about AL. When I met DJ I didn't like her because she was super clingy, and dependent on my husband. She would come over and he would have to pick her up from Brooklyn to Queens even from the train station that was 3 blocks away. When they would hangout POS would have to go to Bay Ridge just to light her up and sit for hours in his car because her racist mother (according to him) wouldn't let him in the house.
At the time we met, her ex had just committed suicide and he was sooo concerned with her well being and constantly worried about her which is understandable however it's a concern I never saw once for me in our five years together. When she went on a blind date with her now boyfriend she had POS tag along with her on the date. From the moment they woke up they would text. There were just a lot of little things that rubbed me the wrong way. Then one day he shared a text she had sent about her sexual exploits the night before and POS let it slip that they had kissed before.
I finally confided in POS who was my now fiancée that it bothered me. I told him their relationship made me uncomfortable, and that I didn't understand it. She invited us to her sister's birthday and I went and honestly remembered having a good time finding her sister to be nice. I left feeling silly and like maybe it was in my head until the next day. She sent him a text, I can't remember how I came upon it. If I was ordering food or simply using his phone but I found a text with them talking about me. "Omg she so insecure. Did you see how she was being? Etc" and him agreeing and saying that I was jealous. I felt so fucking betrayed.
I scrolled back further along their messages and realized be had immediately gone and told her everything I had confided in him. I flipped the fuck out. We had our first fight. We had never fought before this. We argued in the car and he forced me out and left me crying on a corner downtown.. When he got home I told him me or her and he said me. I wrote her a message on FB and let her know how I felt and that I no longer wanted them hanging out.
A few days later DJ hit me up with what I thought was a genuine apology and said that she understood where I was coming from and that she was sorry and that she would have more respect for our relationship going forward. I apologized for reacting as strongly as I did and just asked them both to give me a little time to adjust and that they would then be able to resume their friendship. My gut told me to search his phone that day. He had changed her name to Dave and there was a message between them basically saying the apology was bullshit and how stupid I was. That's was it. I told him her or me.
That she had to go I fucking put my foot down did the absolute most. I threw my ring in his face. I said terrible things I didn't mean. She text him "How could you betray me? How could you tell her what I said?" Funny enough he had never betrayed her. He never confided what she said to me just what I said to her.. I could not understand how neither of them got that we were engaged.. that his loyalty should have been with me.
We fought and in the end he chose me and has resented me ever since, or so I thought.. from there on our relationship, and marriage that followed was doomed. I also had an issue with was ex girlfriends. According to POS every single one of his exes had cheated on him. He had trust issues, and was insecure. Without him asking I cut off all exes and kept male friends at a respectable distance. He couldn't seem to do that for me.
Again initally I tried to accept it but there were things he would say like for example wanting to name our hypothetical child after one ex, whose nudes he still had stashed. Whose name he continued to use as a password. And then when I asked him to change it he created a new email and used it again.
These are the kinds of things he would do and say so again I put my foot down. Leave exes in the past. Because of the DJ situation and him still wanting to be friends with exes and me holding the marriage agansit it he claimed I was controlling and possessive and didnt want him to have friends. I have never ever once stopped this man from communicating with friends. I even hit up his friends and asked if I had ever kept them from him and they all said no ( I have receipts). They themselves have told me many times if they don't hit him up he won't hit them up.
He had a friend next door who he never went to see and I would tell him why don't you go hangout. I have invited other friends to outings only for him to tell me nah that persons too boisterous, too much like me don't invite him. I'm the one who reminds him of birthdays, anniversaries and to check in on them. I was the one buying gifts and keeping him informed when he decided he wouldn't have social media because according to him all I did was spy in him. But because of DJ and the exes he chose to cut any mutual friends in DJs circle and ALL his other friends off and blamed and resented me for it throughout the years.
Yet this wasn't our only issue. POS asked me to move into his childhood home where he lived with his brother (who has some disability or pretends to as an excuse) and his cousin. He said it would be a good way for us to save money for our own place since it was rent controlled. When he moved me in he neglected to mention that the apartment was a bed bug infested frat house. These were 3 adult men in their 30's. I expected better.. but should I have?
I did my best to try and turn the apartment into a home. Cleaned, cooked for him and all his friends. Everyone seemed to like me and thought POS and I were cute and compatible together. They all told me I was good for him, that they had never seen him this happy. Including his family. When we met, POS was lost in life unable to find employment, transitioning out of the military. He was depressed about his brother, his inability to find a job and constantly told me I was his relief and that I gave him hope.
His brother had lost all his identification and they had tried repeatedly tried to renew his passport unsuccessfully. Up until this point his aunts had been essentially in charge of his and his brothers life. POS and let's call his brother TURD were orphans. His mother became a quadriplegic when giving birth to POS and his father died of an OD when he was 8. According to POS he was essentially raised by his three aunts over the phone and a woman named MC.
They took care of rent and other bills but because POS was turning 30 this all would become his responsibility including his brother who he resented. They would also be coming into control of their mothers estate and their money. He was dreading it. Upon moving in I took over everything. I could see he was depressed how everything was weighing on him and I came and fixed every problem. I got a lawyer and saved them from getting evicted. Got his brother a new ID, passport,, all documents.
For the first year and a half I was the sole breadwinner. Eventually I found them both the jobs they have to this day. The three jobs POS had in our time together I got them for him. Slowly by myself fixed the apartment. But everytime I did TURD would just fuck it up. Leaving piles of food, dirty clothes, everything everywhere.
It was disgusting to live there. I have photos covered in bed bug bites on a daily basis for over a year and a half. I relegated myself to the room because ground zero seemed to be the couch. When I first moved in I weighed about 170. I was working out had 20 lbs to go to my goal weight. I liked to wear dresses, always have my hair, make up, nails done. I am that girl, but being bitten by bed bugs and having those hideous red splotches all over I started covering up, wearing dark clothes for fear that someone might see one on my clothes (literally as I sat at my desk at work I have seen them crawling on me).
I became depressed. I gained weight. All the feelings I was keeping in I ate. I began to resent POS, TURD, and the cousin lets call him Ike. POS would do stuff around the house but only after I had to ask a million times and he would constantly complain that I was cutting into his free time AKA as soon as he came home from work all he wanted to do was play video games. He did nothing to put his foot down with Ike or Turd. I began to see him as weak for his inability to take control of his home.
He would bitch if I asked him to go to the store or to take me anywhere. Even after I had put down $749 because his car was towed (one of the many times I did that) I asked for a ride and he told me I could walk. He's also left me waiting 4 hours to pick me up from work when he's had the day off for a 30 minute drive.
We got married three months after I made him cut off DJ. We were happy, I thought. Like I watch that video and we genuinely look in love. After the wedding things in the house just got worst. Turd is a pig and Ike made less mess but did absolutely nothing to help in the household. The more I complained to POS and bitched at Turd and Ike the more they resented me I could not understand how anyone could not take pride in their home. How they were all okay with me doing all I did and then not even helping maintain it..
I wanted to get a house and have babies.. POS continued to insist we stay there to save money and that babies would have to wait until we had the church wedding. I did not want the church wedding. But for this man I planned one. By myself. I went to Sunday school, got my communion and confirmation in order to marry him. Because he insisted it was important. Because he only planned on doing it once and that we would do everything to save our marriage before ever considering divorce.
We agreed to cut cost where ever we could so it was a DIY and I did it all alone. A GOT themed wedding. For two years I sat and built a 6 1/2 ft high 22 ft long rose wall. I made every single invitation by hand. Spent months planning this wedding while my husband sat on his ass and played video games. I couldn't have my family over because of the messiness of the home. Again I grew frustrated but I began to get more vocal about it.
I started voicing my frustrations to POS, completely lost my patience with Turd to the point where I was throwing all his food that he would leave out for days into his room. At first POS cosigned everything. Agreed with me, but when I pointed out that he was a part of the problem he began to view me as an enemy.. The wedding came and was a complete disaster. I begged POS to step it up and help in the two weeks before. That if we worked together we could pull it off. He procrastinated until the absolute last minute.
I remember arguing with him on the day because rather than pick me up and take me to decorate the venue which I had two hours to do alone he made sure he got a haircut instead. Here I am the bride by myself while Turd, and Ike and another one of our guest the neighbor lets call him Dusty all watched me struggle, like they were literally in the house and never offered to help but he fights me on a haircut he could have gotten the day before and I have no make up, no nails, my hair isn't done etc. My bridesmaids literally didn't go to the church because they got stuck decorating the venue because I had run out of time to do it alone. Even the caterers helped decorate. I just wanted to cry. I contemplated not going in but couldn't do that to him in front of his family and we were already married.
The honeymoon was nice but he spent most of it asleep which bothered me. With two days left to go I complained and let him know I was unhappy. After how hard I had worked I just wanted to have fun. He left the hotel and went wandering around alone. He came back looking sad and I felt horribly we made up and then spent the next two days completing excursions.. I had fun..
The morning we left he decided to down an entire bottle of Appleton rum and picked a fight with me. He left me in the Montego Bay Airport. I was pissed. He eventually came looking for me. We argued non stop, on the lines out. Outside the airport. I told him I didn't want to go home. Eventually he convinced me to return. We had finally succeeded in getting rid of the bed bugs by this point by essentially putting all of our belongings in storage where they remain to this day but then came the mice.
Thanks to the constant food being left out by Turd, the inability of Ike or Turd to ever throw out the overflowing garbage we got a lot of mice for months. I honestly believe the mice ate the bedbugs. How gross? Smdh. We dealt with the mice for months. Eventually my sister agreed to loan us her cat Oreo and Oreo did her thing. After seeing how happy Oreo was with us she agreed to let ME keep her.
For the last few months I have felt my husband pull away. I have asked him. Is something going on? Are you talking to someone? Even a friend? Who would I talk to? I'm always with you. He would tell me no it's your anxiety. That's the anxiety wheel. You need help. To up my medication ( 5mg of Lexapro that's how crazy I am smdh) etc.. You don't trust me. Our marriage is never gonna work because you don't trust me. You're crazy. So I let it go.
In May of this year he broke his shoulder. We had been up the night before and he insisted on doing a double the next day. We decided to do coke that night and he stayed up and went straight to work. I begged him not to go told him to call out but he insisted. He came home that night I was groggy and half asleep and thought I heard him say I fell asleep and my shoulders messed up. We both fell asleep the next day he woke up in pain and said he was going to the hospital.
We bickered before he left but I wanted to go and he insisted I stay home due to COVID hospital rules. I figured it wasn't too serious. It turned out he had both broken and dislocated his shoulder from a fall I felt horrible and did everything I could to make it up to him and took care of him. He would remain on workers comp until present day and staying home again due to Covid where I also was working from home.
With my upcoming 35th birthday I decided I wanted my family to come over. I let him, Turd and Ike know my plans and that I would be redecorating the entire apt and capping it off with a party for myself. I asked them all to please help. They all said yes but of course as always did the bare minimum and only after I complained about it. Towards the end of May, about two weeks before my birthday I got into an argument with Ike.
I am 5'3" (also had gastric sleeve after the wedding) Ike is about 6'5" and 190lbs. I had bought a 7 color led changing bulb and wanted to put it in the bathroom for the party. Ike was about to change the bulb when he realized it was color changing he refused to change it so I became upset and let him know. We went back and forth (mind POS is 4 feet away listening to us) and I said to him "You don't do shit in this house, you don't even pay the fucking bills you have. When you pick up a broom then you can fucking tell me what color bulb to put in."
Fun fact: he could have put whatever color he wanted, it had 7 different colors including white and yellow. Before I knew at had happened Ike came and grabbed me from the ledge of the bathtub and into the hall and just pummeled me. POS came and immediately pushed him off of me. Ike immediately began apologizing but my anxiety and PTSD were fully triggered. I called the cops and began to cry, POS and Ike begged me to stop but I couldn't. Ike called his mom who lived on the next block and she immediately came to the house and was in my face begging me not to put her son in jail. Calling me crazy etc.
I'm hysterical unable to think and surrounded by his family and cops. I told them I wanted to press charges and we both wind up getting arrested. He had one scratch on his face from my engagement ring when I put my hands up to defend myself and my whole left arm and hand were covered in bruises. I called the cops and I somehow got arrested. I spent the next 24 hours in booking.. I came out and had to beg strangers to use their phone to try and contact POS since his was the only number I had memorized to get him to answer.
I had no phone, keys, or money. I called 5 times POS never answered. I managed to walk from the bookings in Queens back to LIC to find POS sound asleep. He claimed he had been up all night worried and had fallen asleep. Ike moved out after that. I was going to pursue charges until POS's other cousin called and told me that we were family. And how could we heal as a family going forward. I agreed to drop the charges agansit Ike in exchange for an apology (never did get that) and him telling the truth of what happened.
My husband being feet away of thr events refused to believe me until Ike admitted he put his hands on me. The house was calm for a bit after that. I decided to go forth with my birthday party and busted my ass and turned that apartment completely around. POS and Turd did the bare minimum which amounted to throwing out garbage, but POS had a broken shoulder so I wasn't upset about it and Turd had never been useful so I made the best of it.
In the five years we had been together POS never once bought me a cake. It was something that I brought up and this year he bought me two. He didn't hangout with us the night of the party because he was exhausted due to helping me the night before. So I let him sleep until it was time to cut the cake. Things were OK until July.
After how hard I had worked at the apartment I was beginning to notice Turd was once again leaving food everywhere and we were beginning to get roaches. After the bed bugs, after the mice I could hit deal with roaches. My birthday was the first time my family had ever been over and I wanted them over more. Every single morning I would get up to see POS and Turd playing video games. Bags of open half eaten food. Burgers just sitting on the table and they're both just sitting there.
POS claiming he was on top of it but everyday I awoke to the same mess he seemed oblivious to. I could feel POS pulling away and then towards the end of July we got into a really bad fight. Turd immediately inserted himself. I have POS arguing with me screaming at me and Turd recording me. I kept begging him to get him to stop. I felt ganged up on by the two of them. Which again triggered my PTSD.
One of my sexual abusers was the nephew of the woman who adopted me. When I outed my abuser my family maintained contact with him and cut me off. Again with POS and his family I learned blood is always thicker than water. I felt zero loyalty from this man in the instances where I needed him to out his foot down with Turd and Ike. I had already felt him pulling away but he insisted we were fine and that it was all in my head and that I was insecure. He was always in his phone.
Always texting and I would ask who are texting. He would do something real quick then hand me his phone and be like nothing I'm on a gaming forum. Or fight me and insist I was threatened by imaginary bitches. My gut kept telling me something was up but time and time again he convinced me it was all in my head. That he had no friends cuz of me. That I didn't allow him to be a man.. that if I didn't get help soon it was going to ruin our marriage.
At this point was when I reached out to his friends who were off doing their own things like working, relationships, babies, etc. Who again never felt I kept them from him. I reached out to the the best man of our wedding and him and his now fiancée gave us tips and advice on what to do and offered to come over and invited us out. I tried to encourage POS to go out, asked to go to the Beach to meet up with his friends but he insisted no, money, covid etc. There was always a reason let it go and figured he was right.
Then 8/23/2020 came around.. earlier that day I had made dinner and I remember we were listening to music and he came up and we danced together in the kitchen. Him grabbing my face kissing me and telling me I was his person. Later that night I was working on a DIY project and he was drunk and I remember him trying to get me to drink and dance with him but I told him no I wanna work on this.. go hang out with Dusty. His face looked crushed.
He went to hangout and came back a few hours later plastered. The next day I awoke and found his brother asleep on the couch (a couch that I had bought a little more than a month before and had insisted on no one sleeping on), food everywhere. I told him off and we argued. In the midst of the argument he pushed me and I lost it. He tried to wake POS who was drunk and dead to the world.
When he awoke he flew into a rage and directed it all towards me.. For the next three days this man would continue to drink and blame me for every problem in his life. In the midst of the drink binge I found a text from DJ inviting him to a rooftop bar. I was so pissed. Immediately I thought this is why he's been pulling away. This is whose been in his head.
He swore that they hadn't spoken. That he hadn't even seen the text. That his friends Mel a mutual acquaintance of theirs, had contacted him because DJ had gotten engaged. I asked him how long have you two been talking? Why didn't you tell me when she hit you up? He immediately got defensive. That they hadn't spoken in years.
And flew into a rage. That I was crazy. That all I wanted to do was control him. That this was why he didn't tell me cause he knew I wouldn't understand. My gut told me he was lying. I went and posted her number on IG which was childish but again in the midst of 4 days of him triggering my PTSD I was not in the mood to be rationale and suddenly months of him pulling away began to make sense in my head. He continued to berate me.
He insisted I was crazy. I was the reason we didn't have a house. I was the reason we had no savings. I was what was holding him back.. I was shocked. I couldn't understand where all of this was coming from. I knew we had issues but I genuinely felt things had improved in the last year. There was no talking to him.
My words and tears meant absolutely nothing to him. He refused to look at me and told me I disgusted him and that I was a loser. After 4 days I could no longer take it and swallowed some Trazadone, Oxycodone and Lexapro. He called the ambulance and I went to the hospital where I would remain for 6 days. During which time he refused to take my calls and whenever I tried to talk about us or what happened he would fly into a rage and start screaming at me again hang up and refuse to talk to me at all.
I couldn't understand why he was being so cruel and abandoning me when I needed him most. I reached out to his family and the best man of our wedding who told me he should be there with me and talked him into answering my calls. He sounded stressed and frustrated and kept telling me things like how my behavior needed to change for us to stay married. That in order to be with him I needed to be a completely different person. He insisted on me not returning to the apartment upon my release.. that I could no longer stay there.
I was shocked but prepared to give him all the space he needed. The day I was to be released from the hospital the staff informed me I would be let go early in the morning. POS asked them to keep me until that afternoon in order to avoid Turd who was a trigger. This upset me and I let him know. He began to ignore me. The staff calmed him down and I was released and omw home. Only to arrive and see Turd in the house cooking my blue apron meals.
I flipped out. Like you kept me there longer to avoid him and yet here he is. We argued he took off his ring and I tossed it from the balcony. He told me if I didn't find it the marriage was over. To not come back unless I found it. I spent the next hour downstairs looking for it. It broke in half and I only found one half.
I just wanted to spend time with him be intimate and have a proper farewell before what I thought would be a month or two long separation but seeing his brother there I lost it. He screamed at me then we had sex. It felt different and I knew that was that that was last time we would be together. He could not push me into the cab fast enough. I'm there struggling with our dog, a suitcase, an air bed box, my purse and a book bag. He rushed me in the cab insisted I could not stay even one extra night in the home I had slaved over.
From the cab I then had to get on a jitney type bus to CT. All on the day I was released from the hospital. Once I arrived here my family all told me the horrible things he had said and how he had told them all he was done with me and that the marriage was over. I lost it again. I created a FB post with pictures of the dirty apartment and captioned it " I wonder why my wife is sooo depressed". He was not happy. I took the post down and apologized and for the next few days tried to reconcile my marriage.
I told him I knew I had messed up and that I was remorseful and wanted to do individual therapy and counseling.. He said things like my heart wants you but my head is saying no.. That I was incapable of changing. That I would have to be a whole different person. Then he told me he regretted choosing me over DJ that she was his friend and he should have chosen her and that I was not worth it.
That cut through my soul. I was hurt and pissed. So I told him that a guy in the Navy (POS is a marine) had asked me out and that I was considering it even though I had made it clear it was platonic on my end but that I needed a distraction. After that he blocked me on everything including the PS4. That block hurt most because his PS4 is everything to him. I said it as retaliation and to get him jealous but instead I was ghosted.
This man has since refused to speak or communicate with me to any extent. Has claimed to have filed for divorce, refused counseling. Has made it out to all his family, friends and my family that I am crazy, difficult to deal with a controlling, possessive spouse. 9/10/2020 was the last time we spoke. He told me then he was in love with me, and has made it clear since then that he no longer is.. I left the house 9/3. Today is 10/4.
In a month my whole life has been flipped upside down and the person I once trusted the most has completely pulled the rug out from under me. I understood him being frustrated or unhappy shit I had been too but to not fight to save us I couldn't understand. The best man hit me up on the 9/14 and told me he loves you, he just needs space, send him ily reminders. And I did. Only for him to turn around and say I was psychotic and couldn't take a hint.
I meant my vows, I took the marriage serious and for trying to save it was deemed crazy. I have since given up and moved on. POS still refuses any form of contact with me or to give Oreo back because we had an agreement. I gave this man many outs throughout the years, before, after and during the marriage. I told him I would much rather you be happy then miserable with me. If you're not in love with me let me go.
Everytime he reassured me and insisted it was my anxiety. I have asked if he resented his choice he has told me adamantly no. Only to tell me he did in one of our last fights. And then the icing on the fucking cake of my shit marriage that after years of making me feel guilty for cutting off his friend DJ, and me asking do you wanna hit her up, do you want me to reach out and make amends.
After making me feel horrible it turned out he hadn't cut her off at all. He hit her up 12/25/19 @ 6:20 AM. He looked for her. Before even wishing me his long suffering wife a merry fucking Christmas he was texting her. I found that out two days ago. For almost a year he hid their clandestine "friendship". For almost a year he lied everyday right to my fucking face and he claimed I didn't trust him.
He made me question my sanity and the whole time he was lying to my face. I am angry, I feel wronged. And now every memory is tainted because I didn't think he was capable of hurting me in the way that he has. Now everyone is acting as if I am obsessed with this asshole. One it's been a month and only two weeks since I have realized its over and the last time he lied and said he loves me.
And only two days since I realized why. And this man has his family and friends viewing me as an obsessed stalker smdh. I am not going to pretend that there weren't times throughout the years where my behavior was bad or that I didn't overreact and that I was a great wife but I was a loyal, faithful and an honest one. And I really, really tried to make it work. I am just disgusted that I trusted such a coward.
Update: As I said happening in real time. I finally realized why he ghosted me and wouldn't allow me back in the home. It was because he knew once I saw the text from DJ I would go digging and find out they had been talking. I cannot help but lml everytime I recall him preaching about his loyalty. What a joke.
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2020.10.04 02:15 ilovegeography1 guys i really hate tiktok..

i’m friends with some younger and older kids on there, like one friend i have, she’s 9, she said at 1k followers she’s doing the wap dance, i told her not to, she’s not listening, and people are getting mad at ME, for telling her not too. (probably pedos) also i know another kid irl, he’s 9-10, and he made a video, “want a gf, age 10-12, sends nudes, has snap, calls me.” ik that they think i’m acting like a boomer, but, when i was 10, i was pretending i was a ninja spy, i want to tells the kids mom, but he’s not even supposed to have tiktok, or snapchat. i need some advice, should i tell his mom? i don’t know her that well, she’s my moms friend. also, i can’t do anything about the 9 year old because she lives in california and i don’t know her irl.
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If you can, send me a private message rather than a chat message, since my app doesn't notify me of direct chats.
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