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Well damn. I only just noticed I didn’t add the series 5 part in the last T&O title. Now it don’t be lining up. Sorry to all the OCD’ers out there. As you know Reddit don’t be letting you edit titles so there’s nothing I can do ( except re-post the whole thing of course but nobody wants that.... )
What can I say? I’m over 800 years old. These things happen when you get to that age. I’m surprised I even made it this far to finish this whole thing in the first place. What with the end of the world and folks dropping like flies left and right. In fact if you want my advice stop reading this nonsense right NOW and text that cute girl you like cause tomorrow might be too late. For those without crushes we now return to the programme.
Well here we are at the end. Have you all been following along at home? If you go back and read all these parts in order I’m sure it would show my gradual decline in sanity but that’s just what life ( and reviewing old TV shows... ) does to you. Life burns us all out in the end. Still before the second end of the world potentially blows my flame out I have to finish this for you folks. ( and myself of course, that is after all why I did it.... )
So, the last two episodes ever of Andromeda. The series that shook the sci fi world to it’s core back twenty odd years ago. Well maybe not it’s core exactly more to it’s mantle? ..... shell?..... outer layer?...... oh it doesn’t matter. Still, fair play not many series go the distance and clock up 110 episodes. Of course the fact that about 108 of them were bad is another matter but there you go. The point is if we can say one thing about Andromeda it is this.........
Rommie ( the android/interface/hologram ) was and still is the best thing ever!!!!! Take that short haired blondie out of Stargate!!!!! ( I’ve known nuns with longer hair..... )
But she was in the military they have to have it short, you say..... yeah, yeah, whatever......
So after a lacklustre 20 episodes we have to wrap up not only this series 5 plot line ( even though we did back in episode 20..... ) but the entire series as a whole. This is a HUGE task.
Can the guys behind the scenes pull it off? ( Hmmmmmm, I wonder about that...... ) Lets find out.
But first, lets recap.
Last time on Thoughts and Observations.......
Our hero had just about had it with all this. Wading through and then having to write reviews for episodes so bad they were making his head spin was not a smart thing to be doing. It was even less smart when he realised that he wasn’t getting paid for it, it was making his blood boil and he was wasting ( valuable? ) time doing all this. He was ready to quit. But then.... He remembered........
Everything is a waste of time in a Godless, senseless, meaningless universe that exists only as a joke largely to piss him off anyway and on top of that he’d wasted over 800 years already so a few more wouldn’t make any difference.
So, renewed with a new sense of purpose he battled onwards. Determined to see this through to the bitter end just to be able to say..........
“And now the conclusion”
( see, like on Star Trek..... They used to say that on Star Trek when they did 2 part episodes. They used to say it at the start of part 2, well I mean it wouldn’t make any sense if they said it at the start of part 1 would it. Nurse Chapel used to say it in the voice of the computer, you could replay it over and over on VHS if you wanted, you folks don’t remember ANY of this, do you? No? Of course you don’t..... Damn, I’m old....... )
Episode 21.
So we start on planet 1, where else, we blew up all the others. Where the natives are getting restless. The sudden influx of an additional 22 trillion people is already starting to take it’s toll just like the meat head guy warned. ( give it another 3 weeks and you’ll really see trouble... ) Hey, that’s the chick out of HIMYM. Son a bitch what’s she doing here, oh hang on you folks won’t know what HIMYM is, to your generation she is the chick out the Avengers movies. Let me start over. Hey that’s the chick out of those Avengers movies. Son of a bitch what’s she doing here???? Boi this is great, I love this chick and now she’s gonna be in a whole episode. I sure hope they don’t waste her in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo as some sort of mad refuge that only gets a few seconds of screen time............oh!.........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Well that’s the first screw up right there. Why didn’t they make her someones wife. God damn it!!! I guess people are starting to understand that there just isn’t the food to feed the 22 trillion people that Dylan saved from EIGHT entire planets, well apart from the Asian cult members. He let seven billion of them die, but to his credit it was their choice, well I mean apart from a lifetime of brainwashing that lead them to make that choice.... yeah..... Now they face a slow painful drawn out death. Thanks Dylan.
Then Andrea ( is she her own woman again now then and not part of the wonder twins?.... ) and Beka assault a meat head guy just to show you that sistas can indeed do it for themselves. ( well I mean as long as one of them is a super hyper powered robot at least..... )
And you all thought Girl Power was 2020. Hah. I was there back in 1798. Let me tell you it ain’t nothing new. Hell for that matter it was all going on back in 1068 BC and I wasn’t even around for that one. Hell, you can go all the way back to the damn Garden of Eden and even then it was going on. But it ain’t new, no sir. They just keep telling each new generation that it is.
Trance who we can only assume is the good one puts on a light show like that moon guy did back in the Mature Woman / Trance love affair / Bounty Hunter episode, ( you figure out which one that was, I ain’t going back to check.... ) Later on back aboard the ship which is still in pitch darkness by the way Trance finally explains after 109 episodes what she could have explained in 30 seconds back in episode 2 of series 1..... Namely that she is part of a group of Super Gods that are at war with the Abyss and this War in Heaven if you will has played out throughout the ages. But she left because she wasn’t on board with their plans to win.
Andrea calls Harper out on his BS. He in turn talks about Earth ( wonder if that will play out in some way later..... ) and then Andrea starts acting up.
Trance teleports Dylan into the city of the Gods. Finally, some fucking light in this show. You see folks, you see how much better it is when you can actually see stuff? Damn, now everyone is Trance, as if one wasn’t bad enough. On the plus side it does save on the casting. Hey here’s an idea. You got the chick out of HIMYM hanging around, why didn’t you make her all the Trances? Rather than the one second you gave her as a food starved mad woman......
Hold up. Trance says they all adopt the same form. So why was Trance purple back in series 1/2 and had a fucking tail??????? Did all the other Trances look like that back then and we just never knew cause we never saw them till now?????? But then another chick shows up and she don’t be looking like no Trance. In fact she looks like a mature woman and you know how much luck they have in this series. This doesn’t bode well for her. Plus WHY doesn’t SHE look like Trance if they all adopt the SAME form??????
Anyway she takes Dylan walkabout and explains her plan. ( you all know Dylan is not into MILFS so he views her as an enemy..... ) Her plan is to blow up all three galaxies. Taking out the Magog and the Abyss along the way. Ok, I can sort of see now why Trance might have thought that wasn’t a very good idea. Plus wouldn’t it take like a a hundred trillion years to do anyway given that space is moving away from everything else every second very fast. Also the Abyss wants to blow up the universe as well so........
But the mature woman does make some valid points even more so for Gods that exist outside of all reality. Burn the universe down and do over. I can see her point. You know from their point of view you can’t really fault it’s logic. Dylan faults it and YOU will fault it but that’s only because neither he nor YOU can see the bigger picture. If I was a God that lived outside time I’d totally get behind this plan.
The crew get together to talk about all this. Seems I was wrong, instead of taking tens of trillions of years to wipe out three whole galaxies Rommie says it will happen almost instantly. No idea how but hey look on the bright side everyone will die super quick, unlike all the people Dylan “saved” who will die very slowly, very soon now due to lack of food and water.... Either way there’s nothing we can do to stop it anyway since it’s back in the other universe. The one we can’t get too. We’ve now spent 21 episodes in this universe. There wouldn’t even be any point in going back to ours at this point. Time to call it Dylan. It’s over.
But then..... Andrea gets a hologram message which is why she was acting up and it’s from.... The Seven Days guy who hasn’t been seen since the episode with the Goth chick in it and the locked shuttle. Damn that was episode 7 or 8 wasn’t it? He says that Dylan is now the last of the Jedi ( paradine... ) and then he dies for real this time, maybe..... Not really sure how that helped us but there you go.
Dylan asks the mature woman to let them out of this galaxy for some reason, and she for some reason agrees. So that means all 22 trillion people that Dylan spent all those episodes saving will now starve to death with him nowhere to be found. You see, just like always. Create a problem then run away from it before it all goes pear shaped. Same old Dylan. People with hero complex’s always act like this. It’s just what they do.
Everyone else is also eager to bail. The wrath of an angry mob would not have been pretty and 22 trillion people is a LOT to hold off. Even Andrea knows what’s up. She wants off too. So finally after 21 and a half fucking episodes we do in fact leave this system that the show has been trapped in. FFS, is it worth it at this point?
The mature woman takes them to the cube thing with the silly name. You see, mature women always deliver. Time to fly through the cube and have a mini flashback to all the great moments of series 5.... yeah..... also we get the damn choir music from the end of series 4 again. It didn’t work then. It doesn’t work now. It does however waste a lot of screen time. Screen time that could have been better used to FLESH OUT THE STORY maybe???????????
And there you have it. 21 episodes and 23.30 minutes into this one and we finally get back to our own universe. It’s too bad about all those people that are going to die back in the pocket reality.
With the ship still in dark mode we take on board one of those Tri guys and he says that the Commonwealth is dying......... ( yet again... ) and that the Magog World Ship is heading.... wait what!!!????
The Magog World Ship????
The one we blew straight to hell at the end of series 4????
THAT Magog World Ship????
What the fuck!!!!
Trance went all supernova on it’s arse and it survived???
Well that’s it then. Fuck it. We might as well call it now cause that thing CANNOT be stopped.
You see, I was right if the Magog had been wiped from reality at the start none of this would have happened. Dylan let me talk some sense in to you for just a moment. Get back to the pocket verse. The mature woman is RIGHT. Let the universe end and we start over. This time without the bastard Magog. Either way this universe is over. Face fucking facts just for once in your damn life. It’s over!!!!!!
Seems only 4 days have passed back in this universe where as decades went by in the pocket universe where the whole gang fucked about doing all the crazy shit of series 5.
Tri guy also has some info on Rhades wife. Wait, Rhades wife is alive? The one he kept harping on about in series 5 but forgot to mention in series 4 like AT ALL, and REALLY forgot to mention when he was carrying on with Number 1 from B5. But he kept saying she was dead. He played up about it episode after episode. All that damn drinking to forget.... I wonder who she is........
Son of a bitch that’s the chick out of HIMYM...... ( force of habit... ) .....those Avengers movies, what the hell, how can she be here? She was a mad refuge on planet 1. Now she’s Rhades wife, what the hell!!!! This is crazy!!!
You gonna tell her all about that little adventure with number 1 right Rhade? ( yeah I know Rhade can have 50 wives if he wants... BUT don’t tell me they ain’t gonna be mad with each other. If Maria Hill here knew about Number 1 she’d be ready to go all Medea on his arse.... )
So was Rhades wife on planet 1 all along and we just never knew, but that wouldn’t make any sense, so she must be playing a DIFFERENT character to the refuge character we saw at the start of this episode which also doesn’t really make any sense either cause why would you cast the chick out of HIMYM ( even though that hasn’t happened yet..... well it has but not when this was happening........ you see when you start messing with time things get confusing real quick... ) .....those Avengers movies.... ( which also haven’t happened yet either, well not from the point of view of ..... oh never mind.... ) and then cast her again as a different character in the SAME story???
Also, this........
Why is this meeting taking place in a PITCH DARK corridor on Andromeda? The hell. This ship has like 6, 497 rooms, you couldn’t find one that wasn’t empty Rommie? OR SOME FUCKING LIGHTS????
And now he’s leaving??? Ok den. ( sure hope the chick out of HIMYM understands about the whole adultery thing..... He’ll tell her, I’m sure he’ll tell her.... won’t he?...... )
Now what? Oh we are going to Earth? Why though? Why are we going to Earth? I mean what for, what’s there that can help us in any way here?
Meanwhile Rhade is back on the planet with his wife who doesn’t know yet that he cheated on her and the Tri guy is talking a lot of sense. He wants to flee the planet. Before all hell breaks loose. You see, THIS is why they put guys like this in charge and NOT Dylan. Cause this guy talks sense.
Another person talking sense is the mature woman. Who once again points out that Dylan is wrong. Because Dylan IS wrong. He’s still giving noble speeches. But it wasn’t noble speeches that finally got him out of the pocket verse it was the power of a God. A God that can see the bigger picture here and can think outside the box.
Hey It’s Rhades wife again.... dressed like a... well like a.... ummm...... something. Maybe she is really a Trance undercover and that explains why she was also a mad woman back in the pocket verse? If not I think she will take the infidelity pretty well, she seems like the forgiving kind. I mean he is going to tell her right? Right????
Harper is ( for some reason... ) going to Earth, but the question remains WHY ARE WE HERE????? Wait, he’s not coming back, so why is he going? Why did he drag us to Earth. I thought there might be a super weapon buried there that could wipe out the Magog, if not then why the hell are we here???????
Another goodbye in a dark corridor.
So Harper is going home??? NOW??? HERE???
But then for SOME REASON it seems the whole God Damn Earth is going to blow up. Wait, what, that can’t be right. It don’t make any sense. You’d need a Death Star to blow up a planet. I’m betting it’s another fake out.....
Oh damn, To Be Continued.....
Damn it, if only we hadn’t wasted so much time with series 5 flashbacks and long goodbyes we could have seen what was going to happen. Damn, what a cliffhanger. A planet we went to once in series 2 might blow up. We don’t know how many people are on it, if any so we have no idea of the stakes. Plus the whole universe is due to end in a few hours anyway so I mean when you look at it like that the Earth was kinda of fucked anyway. Ah it’ll be fine. They won’t blow up an entire planet. Will they?
So ends part 1 of episode 109 of Andromeda and 21 of 22 of series 5. What’s the verdict you ask?
The episode wastes time it should be spending on important stuff like the War in Heaven. The Abyss. The Magog. The State of the Universe. The World Ship. Rommie.
And instead gives us flashbacks, long goodbyes that we all know won’t be goodbyes, The adulterous Rhade, and too much Harper. Of course it doesn’t help that we get back to our own reality literally half way through the episode of 21 of 22. Maybe if we had got here back at say episode 12 we could have fleshed things out over the last 10 episodes. But no, we wasted 21 episodes and now we don’t really know what to do or how to wrap things up.
Plus why did Traces lot wait till now to blow up the universe. Why didn’t they do it back in series 1? Trance left cause she knew that’s what they wanted, so did they delay until they found her or what? Very little is explained. I still don’t know WHY WE ARE AT EARTH? What’s the reason for it??? There’s too much yapping. Not enough doing.
But then when you’ve kind of wasted an entire series what can you really do at this point anyway? Stop the Magog? You couldn’t do in 5 whole series, how do you plan on doing it now? Stop The Abyss? Again you couldn’t do it before, what now is different? Oh Dylan has God like Jedi ( paradine ) powers now? We aren’t seeing any of those from Dylan.
This is the problem. The series wrapped up last episode when the sun stopped and the Warlord / Abyss was shot. There’s your series 5 ending. This is just a tacked on extra adventure that has come far too late to matter or amount to anything.
Is it bad? Well it has bad stuff in it. The whole Rhades wife thing didn’t need to be there. Neither did the chick out of HIMYM. The flashbacks were just a lazy time filler and money saver and all the endless goodbyes were done already back in series 4.
So is it a good episode? Well.... it has some stuff in it that isn’t bad, put it that way. The Mature Trance God boss, who needed more screen time. The Tri guy who needed more screen time. Rommie, who yep, needed MUCH more screen time. The ideas about life/death/reality/fate/freewill/destiny/wa and so on needed wayyyyyy more screen time. But no we get Harper acting up for the 1018th trillion time.
Ah well on to part 2..........................
Episode 22.
Recap..... damn it!!!
Things are looking tense.... The countdown is... well counting down.
What!!! Those crazy bastards. They actually did it. They blew up the Earth!!!! This is amazing. This is game changing. This is the boldest move in any TV series ever.... and three seconds later it’s all forgotten about and is never mentioned again. Also how did the ship and Harper's little fighter survive a planetary explosion???
The mature woman tries to talk some sense into Dylan one last time. She rightly points out that the shit hole planet 1 will become a new paradise and if he uses some COMMON SENSE he could be a part of it. But this being Dylan and with his natural hatred towards MILF’s it means he won’t even entertain the idea. Then Trance asks her boss why all this is happening now? Good question. One of many of course that go unanswered. See Trance, it’s not so funny being on the other side of that crap is it?
Harper and Dylan sit in a PITCH DARK corridor and are sad about Earth. Then the mature woman takes Dylan back to the city of the Gods, where he ( foolishly... ) tries to talk the other Trances into not blowing up all reality.
Back at the Tri guys planet ( I guess.... ) It’s time for another conference meeting ( in a PITCH DARK room.... ) The gang ponder on what to do next to stop an army of SUPER BEINGS from doing what ever the hell they want. Dylan guilt trips everyone in to dying here and now in this universe when they could all go back to paradise and become Kings. All great leaders possess a cult like appeal that inspires others to die for them. Dylan is a true master at this.
On the planet below Rhade and his wife the chick out of HIMYM who is still dressed as a.... as.... a..... well... something are getting ready to die. Should have listened to the Tri guy when he said lets leave.
With all this going on Dylan and Trance find time to play cards, although how they see the cards in PITCH DARK is something I don’t know. Then Dylan walks through PITCH DARK corridors talking with Rommie who says a massive fleet of Nietzscheans is on the way to wipe them all out. Maybe you could direct them towards the World Ship, just a thought...... Then they show up!!!!
Meanwhile Beka is also wandering around PITCH DARK corridors... BUT it’s down on the planet. Ha! you all thought it was aboard the ship didn’t you? So the planet doesn’t have light either? Jesus, Beka is still on about being the Mother of Dragons. Beka, shut the fuck up about that will you!!!!!!!! Then for ( some reason.... ) people start shooting at them.
Andromeda takes on over 2,000 warships at once. Why couldn’t it do that way back in Series 1, Episode 1 then? Also where did all the weapons come from? We used all ours at the end of series 4 and we literally only just got back to this universe. Did the Tri guy have a stack of missiles on the planet just ready to be fitted? He never said he did....
The mature woman turns up again and opens the cube with the silly name. Giving Dylan one final, final chance to do the right thing and bail. Naturally he turns her down.
For some reason we now take a time out in which the twins and Harper ( who has clearly gotten over the destruction of Earth... ) crack jokes and reflect on life, dreams and reality in general, all while they should be getting blown to a million pieces by those 2,000 plus ships outside. What the fuck was ALL that about?????????
Then Beka turns up in her amazing ship that can also survive a 2,000 plus war fleet. Yeah she does it. She plays the Mother of Dragons card bullshit. For some reason it works!!!! Pity it didn’t hold any water in series 1/2/3 or 4 really wasn’t it. Pity Tyr never knew really wasn’t it. Say... why didn’t he know? It couldn’t be cause this whole idea is total bullshit could it? Maybe?
All 2,000 plus ships are firing on the Andromeda but as always for ( some reason... ) the ship is now fireproof. If only it had been this way back in Series 1. Episode 1. The whole series would have ended there and then.
The mature woman is revealed to be on the side of The Abyss..... wait though, her plan was going to destroy The Abyss.... So... how does that make any sense?
Trance turns up and says we need to fly through the cube, isn’t that what the mature woman wanted though? Either way we do and you know what that means. It’s flashback time. This time to series 4 and the Ark. Hey there’s Number 1. Wait did going through the cube kill the mature woman? Cause she went through it the first time just fine so....... Damn. I liked her. This show just hates mature women I guess.
Great, now we are back in the pocket universe again. For all Dylan’s noble speeches he sure took off when his own life was under threat. Those who would encourage death in others rarely seek it out themselves. Just ask Dorothy Parker. ( who??? Google her..... )
Dylan out of nowhere has a plan. Then another Trance beams in. Is this the bad one again? Harper continues to make sex jokes. Yeah he’s totally over the whole death of Earth ( and maybe 100 billion dead? ) thing. New Trance says old Trance is the bad one, but she could be lying..... But Dylan shoots old Trance anyway, for all the good it does.
Wait... so now the Trance we saved from the sun was the DJ Trance? But wasn’t... wait what!!??? So Dylan shoots her again. So she was the bad Trance. I told you we had the wrong one back in episode 20. So where was the good Trance all this time???? None of this makes any sense!!!!!
The crew all stand around on the PITCH DARK flight deck and big each other up as they prepare to tow ( somehow.. ) Traces sun through the cube with the silly name. Guess that means all 22 trillion people on planet 1 will now die but hey you do what you gotta do right?
Here we go again. More flashbacks. Guess it’s a side effect of travelling through this damn cube.
The Abyss has now for ( some reason.... ) become a mini galaxy and is stuck in the cube, wait, what!!!???
The ship escapes as The Abyss gets cooked by the sun.
That’s it? Really? That’s how you end this?
I need a drink.........................
So we are back in our universe and back at the Tri guys planet. What happened to the 2,000 plus ships that were there? We don’t know. We may never know..... Seems the cube is gone as well, now it’s part of slipspace. Did Trances sun go back in orbit on it’s own, cause if it didn’t, well you know, 22 trillion people.....
Rhade turns up in his little ship because why not. Maybe everyone else on the planet is dead? Is the wife dead again? Is he gonna start carping on about that all over again? The crew all rush away to deal with him.
Dylan stays a while and talks to himself. It’s possible he has finally gone insane.
The last bit of power finally goes out and the ship, the episode and the show ends in PITCH DARKNESS.
What the actual fuck!!!!
As an episode this was bad. As a end of a 110 episode series this was bad. As television this was bad. As fantasy this was bad. As logic or common sense this was bad. Overall this was bad. You see, you see what happens when you whine on about giving shows more series?
THIS. This is what happens. If ever a series should have ended at series 1 it was this one. Instead we end like this. Because “fans” just can’t let go. They ALWAYS want more. Well you got more. Just like you got more Star Wars. Look where it lead you in both cases.
Just like part 1 of this all the important stuff that we should be focusing on gets no mention or screen time. Instead we get flashbacks, sex jokes, pitch darkness, talking, gunplay, more talking, a bizarre and totally out of place time out and pure padding that goes nowhere, does nothing and leads to this. The weakest ending to any TV series since... well the last one.
What does all this teach us?
It teaches us to never get caught up in mainstream media or pop culture because it will ALWAYS end like this. Don’t believe me? Check out this role call of shame of TV shows that people wasted years of their lives invested in just to be told at the end “it was about the journey”
Lost. Battlestar. HIMYM. Star Trek Voyager. The Sopranos. The X Files. The Prisoner. Life on Mars. Ashes to Ashes. Etc. Etc. You know I’m right and if you don’t, you will. You WILL.
But back to Andromeda. Final Thoughts.......
And so ends the entire series. Not with a whimper but a bang.... no wait, sorry I got that the wrong way round. It did end with a whimper. But then all series that big up the stakes very often do. Because they can’t or won’t go through with any other type of ending. Leaving the gang in the pocket universe and REALLY blowing up ours would have been a bold ending.
It would have got rid of The Abyss and a new Eden could have begun on that shit hole planet that would now become the new paradise.
The crew could have reflected on the cycle of death and rebirth and that love leads to hate.... or something...... I guess you could say blowing up Earth was both bold and unexpected, but since we don’t know how many, if any people died or the fact we had no really connection to it in all five series, on top of the fact it’s forgotten about almost immediately anyway then it sort of loses it’s impact.
Why did no one die?
It’s not like Andromeda was ever coming back after this so this really was the last chance to sacrifice major characters. Then again how many fake outs has each one had over 5 series already. Would a real death here have had any effect anyway or would we have just said, he’ll/ she’ll be back. Rommie can always be rebuilt.
Dylan’s died at least twenty times this series alone. Trance can’t be killed. Hold up.... that brings up a point I’d forgot about... Trance was trapped in the fake sun right. But when the real sun blew that one up wouldn’t she have just reformed again? Why did the other Trances expect that to kill her? Isn’t the whole point of being a Trance that you CAN’T die?
A Lack of Magog.
The universe’s biggest threat since series 1 and what should have been the whole backbone of the entire series is nowhere to be seen. In much the same way it wasn’t in series 2/3/4/5. Series 1 set these bastards up to be the ultimate menace but from series 2.1 we never saw them again in any real way ( outside of the series 4 end, but even there they had been watered down as a threat..... )
Of course as we all know the series REALLY ended back at the end of series 1. And what an ending that was. Dark, depressing, honest, raw. Harper and Tyr carted off to become dog food. The ship crippled and adrift lost deep in space, so far from home. Dylan and Beka dead and Rommie smashed beyond repair. Only Trance left alive to witness all this and watch as the Abyss, the Magog and the World Ship began their systematic destruction of all known life in the universe.
Series 2/3/4/5 were just the dying dreams of a captain out of time, out of luck and out of life. No wonder so much of anything in them made any sense.
Lets talk about the Abyss.
The original writers idea was that the Abyss was the good guy all along, as in by putting an end to everything for all time he would end suffering. In other words the Abyss was the original Antinatalist! This can be seen in the last episode of series 1 when our not so favourite Magog looks in to the Abyss and see’s love behind all the hate.
What this means of course is that for five series we have been cheering on the bad guys, the bad guys lead by Trance and her lot who only seek to see suffering continue forever just because.... This is certainly a... different..... take on things and for sure it paints the Abyss in a new light.
I can’t say he’s wrong. YOU can and indeed YOU will but that is in part to you not having lived over 800 years. If YOU do you might feel very differently then than YOU do now, as I long ago once did. But this is TV land so of course the Abyss is bad, and has to be stopped. The end. It’s always so clear cut in TV land isn’t it. But was he? Really?
All the Trance crew did was replay reality over and over just because they could. Just because that’s what they had always done. The Abyss saw beyond all that and sought to end it once and for all. You can call him a villain but he didn’t seek power or control. In the end all The Abyss sought was peace.
Final Questions Raised.....
If The Abyss was killing all the other Jedi ( paradines ) why didn’t he kill Dylan?
Why did they blow up Earth? How did they blow up Earth?
Now the pocket universe is back in ours, will those 22 trillion people stay on planet 1 or will we have to haul their arses off to another one yet again?
What’s to stop The Abyss reforming?
Even without The Abyss bad things will still happen in this new post Abyss universe. Does that make Trances lot right all along?
What about the bastard Magog? The World Ship is still out there, so are they now no longer a problem with The Abyss gone? If they are then are we finally going to do what needs to be done and kill every single last one of them in the universe? We should probably add Nightsiders to the list as well... and Nietzscheans..... Just sayin’
Who or what were the White Vampires? Why did everyone keep shooting them?
How can Trances die if they exist outside reality? ( The mature woman one died and they expected Trace to die in that fake sun.... )
If our Trance is the FIRST and OLDEST why isn’t she leading the rest of the Trances rather than the mature woman?
Why did Trance think running away would stop the other Trances from blowing up the universe? ( wouldn’t it just make their job easier????? )
Was The Abyss leading the other Trances all along? If so why did he need the World Ship?
So overall have I been too hard on series five? Maybe, but no, not really. Although it is fair to point out that in the whole of human history there has never been or will ever be a perfect TV series, film, game, book or play ever made because ALL of them are made by humans and humans are a flawed species. Which is what leads to all these projects that look and sound great on paper going off the rails when it comes to actually making them.
Too many egos. Too many voices. Too many factors outside of people’s control ( right Rommie?.... ) It took me over 500 years to understand that so in that sense at least I was too hard on series five. Because despite it’s many flaws at least they tried..... sort of... a little.... maybe.... kinda?
Plus, originally there wasn’t going to be a series five. Hence series four wrapping things up with everyone dead. The World Ship stopped and Dylan trapped in wonderland. So if you like, you can always pretend the series ended there........ ( it is a better ending...... )
And there you have it. The DEFINITIVE series 5 review. Even if I do say so myself.
I’d like to say it’s been fun but that would be a lie. In reality it’s been a time consuming load of hard work that will have exactly zero reward for me other than to be able to say “I made this” ( remember that? I don’t, well I do or I couldn’t have just said it but I don’t remember where it’s from beyond the end titles of some crap TV series from 100 years ago. Might have been Buffy or something, whatever.... so much nonsense floating around in ones head after 800 years..... )
Will I be doing reviews for series 1 - 4 you ask. I will not.
But that doesn’t stop YOU from doing them dear reader. Be inspired by my madness and have a crack yourself. ( Just like the school shooters... ok bad example, but you know what I mean... ) What have you got to lose? Time? You are losing that second by second anyway.
For my part this is where I bow out, to continue battling a universe that just won’t seem to let me go. If we should meet again it really will be at Axeley 2...........
Oh before I go remember when Rommie went all Anime wig wearing, blue chick style, Blade Runner inspired sex pot, come sex doll, Asian super babe, Roppongi After Dark in series 2?
Yeah.... That was a mistake.
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2020.10.15 23:11 DJ-Gatsby Milfs sex pictures

One thing I was thinking is that when you see a black or Hispanic kind of crime and ask 'what kind of animal would do this?' it's usually a gorilla or a honey badger. When you see a Police Brutality kind of crime and ask 'what kind of animal would do this?' it's usually an eel, a hyiena, or a tapeworm. #BLM ya know?
Idk if people are editing my posts yet... Lol
Check out this song I found. im not sure what Fi it is. I guess it's just analogue. AM // Radio
One thing I was thinking is I kind of want to make a black baby with this red head girl offline. One thing about red heads is they have way bigger titties than you expect once their shirt is off.
I just decided I'm not even a volunteer Constable any more. I'm an International Defender of Goodwill. This Song just hit me in my 'feelin like a badass feelings'. All's I wanna do is put titties in my face and make babies. I just feel like a New Movie® just ended. It's LoFi.
Phuck. I just decided girls aren't even plates they're peaches because I like peaches and peaches are good for you.
Welp, after all this stolen valor on part of the racists or the super spookely dookely doesn't even actually exist KKK, and all the idgaf about flag code because it's not about that it's about discriminating certain classes or stereotypes the police get annoyed by plus the fact that Colin Kaepernick actually knows a lot about flag code and even though it's in the realm of Social Justice (a cops least favorite school subject in cop college) it's actually kind of important. So I guess the point is I'm starting to feel kind of like #acab
Open Mike Eagle's New Album this shit is fucking lit!! Go my favorite musical artists go!
Oh ya I forgot I'm u/MrSpaghettibyChives and this is a kōhn I wrote.
. . .
A man died and went to see the God of his own devise. His God asked him, "Why should I allow you into my Heaven?"
He said "because I'm an American"
And his God said "welcome into Heaven, now get to work."
The man asked "can I take a break first?"
and God said, "You will have to ask your immediate supervisor about scheduled breaks."
A woman died and went to meet the God of her own devise. Her God asks, "Why should I allow you into my Heaven?"
She said, "because I have birthed and raised children"
And God said, "welcome into Heaven, the world is in the palm of your hand and you will never have to birth or raise children again."
Another man died and went to meet the God of his own devise. His God asked him, "Why should I allow you into my Heaven?"
He said, "because I have completed the 12 steps"
And God said, "welcome to Heaven, now let loose in an eternal bliss of psychedelic ecstasy."
Swatting flies one at a time on m patio makes me angry. I need to get scientific about genocidin flies if only I knew how to Google better. What is Google? Like all I think of when I think of Google is just all the colors we used to have.
.... ....
Ya know, sometimes I feel like I dreamed up the world one night at a time. Isn't that neat? You can call me Kippy Cap, only people who don't know me call me Captain Crunch ™.
This Album makes me feel emmaculate. Like viewing the Earth from Space.
I was thinking about how the term 'cop' is actually a derogatory term and you used to not be able to get away with calling cops, cops but now everybody stopped giving a fuck so bad that people graduate from the academy calling themselves cops. Derived from slang for con-man or highway robbers. Isn't that dumb?
As far as white folks down south that keep it real check this shit out.
white folks
Plus check out Upchurch he's basically the crippest except he's white.
This album makes me feel like Hugo Chavez.
This Song makes me feel like Phoenix, Arizona.
This album makes me feel like Kendrick Lamar.
One thing about today is that I thought of Joe Walsh's song 'Life's Been Good' and decided to turn off rap music and listen to Rock 'n Roll and drink beer instead.
This album makes me feel like DJ-Gatsby.
This albums about Southern Hospitality. They's just as happy and friendly as normal white folks.
This Song makes me feel like Hugo Chavez except I'm in the middle of burning down the desert.
One thing I was thinking that most my white friends don't understand that I've started to catch on to is that black people think we're scary. Like black people's skin absorbs more light which makes a black person look 'bigger' or has more mass than an equally sized white guy. That makes black people seem scary to white people.
However, white people's skin reflects light and makes everyone look like a 'Christian'. Thing about the white's that is most terrifying though is that they usually support 'Law enforcement' and know how to use guns. That's like some straight up dangerous folks to be around.
Check out my chill shit.
I'd say the main goal of tinder is the destruction of human values where as the main goal of Bumble is green eyes. Plus watch out for parasites and predators. This is the goddamn internet. Tinder is all like 'you don't have to masturbate but you still gotta be depressed about the electric bill' and Bumble is all like 'having sex is like taking pictures of food and shit'.
... ...
I'd say the thing I hate most about Biden is that he's a psychopathic pervert who already admitted he would damn his soul to hell to get ahead. Thing I hate most about Trump is that he's a pedophile and supports the work of Margret Sanger (who loved aborting black babies most). He spoke at KKK eugenics conventions alongside her and the Clinton's and afterword were seen in many, many photographs sipping coffee and tea very late into the night. Politics right? So dumb and annoying.
Hey wasn't there something satanic about the Liberty Bell? Or they burned down the Presidents House and Edgar Allen Poe got all drunk? I'm pretty sure there was something satanic about Alamo or El Paso or whatever it's called because of the old Fountain of Youth conspiracies. Phoenix, Arizona seems pretty chill until it starts to feel like Pawnee, Indiana from TV because it's just 'Train' themed parks except the took away all the fun facts about Cowboys and Indians. Plus, as part of my schizophrenic I decided we used to have pyramids. Hey I just thought of a good history book titled. America: Raped to Death, East to West
One time Taylor Swift™ got sybianed to death in a garage. It was like a trashy version of Interstella 5555
One thing I was just thinking about is that getting hypnotized by the drum machine (a.k.a. studio fever) really sucks. I've done it so many times now that the thrill is gone and I just have to acknowledge the fact that it's dumb.
This is more like that one time where I just got hypnotized by the drum machine and it wasn't actually like Interstella 5555 though.
One thing I noticed is that the bumble and tinder bitches in my general area like to vibe. All's they wanna do is vibe. Who would have come up with that type of terminology and why won't girls who like to vibe fuck me? Seems dumb...
One thing about how the Sun is dying is that our Galaxy is currently being swallowed by a black hole. But don't take my word for it, my degree is in Artist not Scientist.
Hey I just had this idea of polyphonic baritone sax and doing it like a autoharp or something.
Hey check out the biggest album of the decade called JESUS IS KING on Tidal especially because they have Master copies and High Fidelity sound.
As a lawyer, I find it satisfying when people sue the fuck out of local government or public transportation because Taxation Is The Price We Pay To Live In A Civilized Society.
Oh ya I forgotten I'm claxstin_montgomery yada yada bullshit soliloquy
One thing about me is that I'm always broke, I ain't got the rent, and all's I wanna do is get high and put titties in my face. Ain't got no drive and I ain't no what to do.
One thing about London is that Everything is Fine and we've removed all sharp objects from sight as well as some potentially blunt or heavy objects.
As Antifa, I'd say my love for Milfs is primarily derived from wantin' triplets.
Dear Jesus, that protectandserve recieves proper Reddit Karma. God bless us everyone.
In America you gotta say extra Christian shit than usually for Sunday. Like for instance, Liberty and Justice for All. Amen.
One thing that annoys the fuck out of me is that people perceive me to be privileged because I can find good deals. A privilege is something you don't earn. Knowing that buying 3 four-packs of something is almost always cheaper than buying one 10-pack. I'm not privileged because I buy the cheapest and highest quality toothpaste (which is Arm & Hammer). I'm privileged when people see that I use it. That reminds me that white teeth is a big advantage if you want people to think of you as a moral person.
Check out this Old School Shit. I used to mix this shit in with like Black Eyed Peas and JT and shit. I'd have like stacks a burned CDs I'd give to people free of charge n shit. Those were the days.
I was thinking about how I would make like 500 or 1000 racist hats a day around this time last year. I wonder where the racist cops who put on my hats are these days? I even made some hats that for these cops that had the cover of Lexus Rexus on it. That song is Scientifically Proven™ to make cops really really angry. Talk about Irony right? Or is that called sarcasm or coincidence or something? Idk. And don't even get me started on the Wave Cap Incident🌊 🌊 🌊
Stoned Jesus
Hey I wonder if Solar Winter could be that instead of doing fission we polluted our minds with this super cool new stuff called dark matter. There is catalogues of music about the sun is dying 🌞. Isn't that wierd?
One thing about Eugenics experiments is that the rats always kill themselves. Nobody can figure out why. Isn't that wierd? Plus, when the 'Alpha Rats' process a superior species the parents generally tend to kill it. Like take for instance, White, blond haired, green eyed people in a eugenics experiment would produce a dark skinned, blond haired, blue eyed baby no matter what. So no big deal right? It's 1 better than the parents? There's already a lot of Black people with Green eyes and a lot of Hispanic people with Golden eyes. But they are low on Lutein and Vitamin D and other shit. Idk why we can't find a way to fix that kind of systemic problem as a country.
As someone who has knowledge that everyone's teeth is falling out no matter who you are or how old you are, I'd advise TheraBreath®
It keeps yo teeth from stinking like shit. You gotta floss too.
One thing about people who are fat as fuck is that if you were to eat like 1lb of omega vitamins a day you would get super skinny because you were always full. Like that one guy who was fat as fuck who stopped eating for a year on reddit back in the day could have just taken fuck loads of omega fatty acids as well. So basically, take your gummy vitamins everyday. Take vitamins A-Z and omega fatty acids as all gummy bears. Take every single last one of your L-Aminos Acids too.
One thing that sucks about being fat as fuck is that your basically starving to death while eating mush that makes you feel like shit. It doesn't even make you not hungry. Seems dumb as fuck, but it's the American Way™.
I fuckin hate infectors. If somebody is infecting you or your shit (say like a PC or a Phone) I say you should fuckin publicly execute them for being spreaders of infections and viral diseases. It's for the Greater Good.
Honestly, I'm just super bummed because starting to feel like the rapture is happening and I got left behind with the fuckin infectors. Hate those guys. They make me so mad sometimes I just wanna bash 'em in. 😩
The miracles of modern technology are so amazing. Like I have this brain wave binaural beats app that helps me fall asleep at night and then in the morning it helps me wake up and take a shit. Then during the day it helps me not be in my feelings like Drake. Plus, I just jacked off so I guess you could say I feel better.
This is a song about gettin' hypnotized
Check out this radass album
I just remembered that people should be allowed control over their own bodies and cognitive systems such as endorphin and hormone levels. Like I should be allowed to smoke meth and fentanyl and LSD and mushrooms and MDMA whenever I want because I know what's best for my health.
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