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Any quality/entertaining gifs are welcome here, only rule is no hardcore porn and no hardcore graphic violence. Label NSFW ones as such.

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2020.03.24 10:10 MarvinioHart Reallife porn cam

I need to share this but I have no idea where. I believe this is a good place to start..
So at first it was a totally non-sexual dream. I think it was about changing Mary's hair color (a friend of mine, thin, perky tits, tight ass, kinda goth, but cute). I was about to put the colors in and be all haircutter-like and do the talking and shit when I suddenly became conscious of being in a dream. I love that feeling. The first thing I do is change the setting with a snap of my fingers. Now we're in a bedroom with a huge king size bed and a mirror that's as big as the wall right next to the bed. Candles under the windows. Some red lights here and there. Real cozy and porn-y. It's still Mary. But also kind of not. You know how dreams are. That's when I realize I can change everything. Suddenly I'm naked. She's wearing wine-red lingerie. I snap my fingers and my cock starts to get hard. It's throbbing and dripping and pumping. Kinda veiny but not too veiny. Getting thicker as it gets longer, the foreskin pulling itself back. I'm a bull and I'm horny as fuck. I grab her by the neck and kiss her like REALLY wild as I push her down onto the bed. We're making out hardcore. My one hand is down on her pussy and oh she's wet. Dripping. Drooling. Now the best part; I pull that lingerie aside and rub my dick on her pussy. She's moaning, I'm moaning, it's wild. It's like we're melting in some kinda trance. High as fuck. I grab her legs, push them up and slowly slide into her. It felt so fucking real I swear to God. I could feel her tighten up around my throbbing cock. It was WILD. Anyway, thats when I realized she could be whoever I want her to be. So I slowly pulled out. She laying there with doggy eyes begging me to put it back in. I snap my fingers and she's a different person. I remember doing that a lot in the dream, but there's just a handful girls I remember. The first girl after Mary was Jenny (a girl-friend of mine. Small. HUGE tits. Red hair. Kinda curvy) . Oh boy. I remember her pushing me into the bed and taking my dick deep. Like deep deep. Then the most amazing tit-fuck ever. Felicia (some girl from my school. She has a literal kardashian-ass, but all natural. She kinda has that slutty energy) was somewhere in there too with her huge ass clapping while I fuck her silly. My dick is growing with every girl. Getting juicier, throbbing more. Dripping more. Anywho, I remember laying on my back, totally out of breath, in my dream and in reallife, when the last person in my dream comes up. It's actually my girl-bestfriend (dummy thicc, best ass ever, cutest face ever, blowjob queen). I look up to her and oh man that face. I'll never forget. It's so hard to describe. Especially, because it was a dream. You know I kinda just remember the feeling of it. She was definitely biting her voluptuous lips, moaning a little while breathing out. Big eyes while looking at my cock. Anyway. She turned around and slowly slid down onto my dick. She rode me like a mad man. after a while she stood up, shaking a little, turns around and literally sucks my soul out of my cock. Like I was moaning and just straight up ceasing to exist. Literally. Just before cumming I woke up, luckily. Would've been a total mess.
Thanks for reading. Any idea where else I could share this story?
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2020.02.18 14:01 LaoziTao Reallife porn cam

Hey guys, P. destroyed my solcial behaviour since I started when I went into puppetry about 10 years ago. I since had the struggles of a beta Male. Sadly with aging my attraction to same old girls did not develope fast enough and I started to watch P.. where a Father role would have .. with his own Doughter. And the younger the girl would look, the stronger my erection would get. It was the only thing my brain would get really aroused to. Sorry for letting this out on here but I really need to fix this. I fortunately had great experiences with girls between who where at the age of 18 and 34 where I would have reallife sex experiences. Im 23 right now and I love the power of Nofap. I seriously makes everything about my existence better. It's day 13 now and my desires for porn really weaken. Even better my mind is starting to catch upon things Im usually not aware of and the attraction from girls is unbelievable better than bevor. It feels like magic and I believe that I will fix my life even faster in a year with nofap. I will never stop with it. This is a game changer just like when I started to meditate and found all great Things being still.. Thank you guys!
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2019.04.23 18:35 Baloneytunes Reallife porn cam

Having grown up a bit socially awkward with plenty of access to the internet and zero 'access' to girls, let alone a relationship, porn has been a significant part of my life. It started around the age of 12/13 when I discovered it, and over the course of ~14 years (26 now) it became part of my daily life. On average, I watched porn about 3 times a day, and perhaps masturbated even more than that. I had no idea what I was wiring my brain into, as I thought that I was conscious enough to know that porn was all fake.
Then, after years of self improvement, I met my girlfriend, and I started to realize I was addicted to porn. I told her in the beginning that I was aware of the content being fake and I promised her that if it negatively influenced our relationship, I'd quit. And boy did it leave an impact. Simply put, when we started becoming intimate, I felt nothing. I was honestly worried that I wasn't attracted to her. Also, anything we did simply felt like we were just moving about in odd positions with no sense of attachment. I didn't feel like I was there. Also, I was unable to climax unless I did it myself, very rapidly, thinking as hard as I can about some heavy porn scenes I had watched before.
I felt awful about it. At first I had no idea what was causing this. And then, I started reading into porn addiction. Almost every symptom described by a porn habit, I could relate to. Also the brain fog and lack of enthusiasm was something I could never point out of why it was happening to me, but had been suffering with for years.
I talked a lot about it with my GF and she was/is extremely supportive. But that wasn't enough for me.
One evening, I sat down with her in front of my PC. I showed her my porn folder. Showed her the massive size of it. (I was honestly shocked myself when I found out I had 27GB sitting there). Then I pressed delete, confirmed it, and emptied the bin. More than 10 years worth of videos, photos and links, all gone in an instant.
Honestly, I was so worried at first that I'd have feelings of immense regret. But oddly enough I haven't missed any of it till this very day. And it makes sense. Because I had so many videos in there that I didn't ever watch a second time. If I could forget about those, I could forget about all of them. These images share no emotional meaning. My GF however, does.
I made the promise to her to never watch it again, and still haven't as of yet. I also toned down the masturbation to twice a week or so. The first two weeks I felt extremely horny. But already I've started to see a decrease in my desire to watch it. I expect this desire to fluctuate though, so I made sure to redirect any porn websites to a disappointed Terry Crews photo like someone else in this sub suggested.
Now after 4 weeks I've also started to see improvement in the sensitivity of my nether region. It already takes way less effort to climax now, and I can do so by just thinking about her instead of this obscene imagery.
Lastly, something interesting happened. When I was younger, I used to wake up feeling a jolt of excitement or enthusiasm, for no reason. This always felt fantastic and usually resonated through the early day. It has been years since I last felt that. Now, this weekend, I woke up and suddenly felt that again. I thought I never would.
I have high hopes now that if I keep things up this way, that I can slowly reset my brain to properly think again and become more emotionally stable.
I keep my GF up to date about it pretty much every day, and I feel that her support has a massive influence on me. I can't recommend anyone enough to talk with someone you trust in reallife so that he/she can help you out with your progress. Even if you're not in a relationship. Heck, I even opened up to my own mother about this and it feels very relieving.
Sorry for the long read. Just wanted to get this out.
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2019.01.21 04:06 fidankilla96 Cam reallife porn

Hey guys i want to tell you the story of my hocd and how i managed to overcome it. It started with a dream that I had a month ago, I was dreaming that i was jerking off and a friend was with me in the room too, while I was jerking he asked me if he should continue I said yes why not, but then I realized that what is happening is not feeling right so my unconscious mind sended him out of the room and i asked myself what was that? When I woke up I was soo anxious what this dream is Meaning, and if I might be gay. Btw it totally don’t matters what your trigger was, my was that. I started looking at the internet what this could be why I had this dream, even after I realized that my unconscious mind understood that what was happening is not what I really wanted it was only a dream in dreams weird things happen, some things have meanings this had no meaning but I didn’t really understand that. Then I said to myself okay it was only a dream let’s forget about that, but some weeks later when I watched porn I asked myself again if it might be possible that I’m gay and then it started. I began to look through the internet and found that this is an „illness“ of the mind and that it only can be cured with a therapy but I was to ashamed to go to a psychiatrist that I wanted to cure it by myself. Within this time i felt soo unnormal and couldn’t be happy because I thought my whole life could be a lie or it would get so worse when I am gay that the only way i thought could end this and the bad szenarios in my head when I do suicide because people said it is not 100% cureable. I didn’t realize that these internet researches made me even more afraid that I actually was before, before I wasn’t that much afraid but these whole things that I found let me believe that i have now a mental illness and that hurted me even more. I didnt want to live with that for the rest of my life. I started „checking“ via gay porn if I’m getting aroused, and I got a little bit but that guys I swear you is only the arousal you get when u think about any sexual things, it’s normal, but more I felt disgusting by watching them, I started questioning my feelings when I saw a man even in tv or in Reallife, if it might be that the things i think about them are an indication that I’m gay or turning gay. It’s not, it’s your mind that plays this game with you because you started questioning it. Your mind is always active and try’s to solve the problem you gave him. It doesn’t check if this is a real problem or you made it. After a couple days I couldn’t live with it anymore, and I started again to look through the internet, but not about hocd or ocd in general, I started to look how to beat anxiousness. I found a video of a guy who really knew what he was talking about in a really calm and spiritual way. What he said was what I’ve done afterwards. He described that fear is not your enemy, it is your friend and it wants to say you something. So I followed his steps and started talking with my fear, and now I’m gonna tell you how to do this.
First step: this is really important. You take a quite Place and without things that could disturb you take time for that don’t rush it and then start to think about the things that make you feel so anxious. You have to feel your anxiousness as much as possible, for best results close your eyes and remember of a situation where this anxiety was very strong. You have to feel it as much as possible i know it’s hard and I know u are afraid to think about it but it will help you trust me and then concentrate at the point where you feel this feeling. Like your stomach your chest or knees or something.
Step two: after you feel your anxiety, ask it like an other person: what does this have to do with me? What am I afraid so much? The first things that came to my mind were I don’t want to be gay because then nobody respects me and nobody sees me as a real man anymore, I would lose my identity and my seriousness and my life would become a disaster, but then I asked even more, why could it be that I’m afraid of being gay ? What I’m missing then? And the answer was easy: i was afraid that no girl could ever love me anymore. And that was the biggest reason why I could never turn gay, because you are afraid that girls won’t like you anymore. I understood that my biggest fear was to lose my biggest prize in life. Having a girl by my side. This was my biggest fear and I bet it’s the same for you, you find this disgusting too and that’s because you want GIRLS. That was my reason, maybe your reason looks a bit diffrent but fact we all are afraid to lose the ability to be attracting to girls. Our biggest prize.
And now guys you after you have the reason what you are afraid of you should feel more free. The next step is to get rid of your bad habits, what I mean by that is stop to think about when you see a guy to look for reasons why you might be gay. When this thought enters your head you either let it just pass away and don’t enter this thought and start continuing it, you just stop, let it be a thought that is caused by your bad habit you created. Or what I recommend more start to rewrite these thoughts like when you think, oh I thought this and this could be because I’m gay, rewrite it with I thought this because I respect that guy or think about an other feeling that could be possible like courage or something. All thoughts that come afterwards you just push away. They aren’t true believe me.
So guys I hope this really helps you, because it’s a really bad situation in there you are I know it. But always remember, you’re not ill or crazy, just afraid. Forget about ocd in general. Start to get the message that your feeling is trying to say you. Fear is not your enemy, it’s your friend that wants to protect you. From something you don’t want to happen. So good look guys
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2018.01.14 17:34 GallenteCDR Reallife porn cam

Victim: Husband
Corp: RealLife
Alliance: Marriage
Faction: Nice Guys
Destroyed: Life
System: At-Home
Security: 4.0
Damage Taken: 680222100500
Involved parties:
Name: Wife (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.9
Corp: RealLife
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Annoying Females
Ship: Republic Fleet PainInTheAss
Weapon: Caldari Navy Nagging
Damage Done: 680222100500
Destroyed Items:
'Respect' Energy Transfer I
Integrity Booster II
Freedom of Choice Overdrive
600mm Male Genitals
Nagging Shield II
"Brosefs" Honor Accelerator
Jb5 Mid Life Crisis Disruptor
Micro Auxiliary Porn Downloader
Dropped items:
Bank Account II
Children, Qty: 4
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2017.11.20 22:00 GraxPy Reallife porn cam

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2 He’s never been a dog person. Ever. And now my dad takes Yuki sailing and talks to her wherever they go. “Shall we garden today? Ooh let’s dig a hole. Where shall we dig it? Over there! That’s good digging. Would you like a carrot? Some water? Shall we get the paper and do the crossword?” /aww link 89928
3 The last remaining Blockbuster near me has finally closed. Good night, Sweet Prince. /movies link 78069
4 Photographer found himself dwarfed by driftwood on the beach. /pics link 82462
5 Charles Manson Dead After Spending 46 Years Behind Bars /news link 71450
6 TIL that by law, no United States officer can outrank George Washington. He was posthumously promoted to Six-Star General in 1976. /todayilearned link 68617
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8 I laid a concrete foundation for a shed today and left a surprise for any future homeowners who decide to tear it up. /funny link 59142
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10 Still the best deal in fast food, 32 years running /pics link 48330
11 President Trump called elephant hunting a “horror show” Sunday and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the practice. /worldnews link 47359
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31 Aging research specialists have identified, for the first time, a form of mental exercise that can reduce the risk of dementia, finds a randomized controlled trial (N = 2802). /science link 29273
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46 Early risers were treated to an impressive sunrise in the PNW this morning! [Washington, USA] [OC] [6000x4000] /EarthPorn link 23236
47 Capt. Gregory Veteto punts a football sent by his wife revealing the gender of their baby /pics link 22874
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49 Chance the Rapper plays a hockey reporter who knows nothing about hockey /sports link 21920
50 When you forget your job cos the bitch fight was too good /youseeingthisshit link 23703
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2017.04.03 13:19 ew76fg34findq87ztd8q Reallife porn cam

My original thread
So, I lost my longest streak (16 days) the day before yesterday and started all over again. I was lying in bed and after some edging, I gave in to my own fantasy. I better don't even start that **** in the future.
But here comes the interesting thing: I don't feel too bad about losing my streak and fapping once. I suffer because my brain has linked reproduction to watching fetish porn on a computer screen and probably doing death grip.
Till now I have completely stopped watching porn, my sensitivity has improved, I finally came during PIV and I've only relapsed twice, just by using my own fanatsy as stimulus and without using the death grip.
Thats why I wonder: I just want to get a normal sexlife and whats so bad about relapsing once in a while, without PMO/death grip/fetish?
Sure, you lose some of the benefits that comes with nofap. But on the other hand, what's a Lifestyle without pleasuring yourself from time to time? My Goal is to get more reallife sex but the time will come, where I can't get any for weeks/months and I just can't imagine myself enjoying life with nofap then. I think it might feel like self-punishment to me.
It's just what I believe, applies to me. Even though, I will try my best to continue nofap as good as I can and I'm also curious how long I can go without nofap and investing all my energy in getting connected with real girls.
Some last words to my relapse: To be honest, I kinda felt like back when puberty kicked in, because back then, I didn't need any Internet connection/magazines and just my fantasy did the thing. That fact that I rebooted to this state feels so amazing, nofap is life changing for me so far.
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2016.11.27 19:44 Melenderwert Reallife porn cam

When I was a teenager I watched porn, also spanking porn. I tried it in reallife with my partner but it does not turn me on. A bit teasing sure but slapping my gf would make me sad instead.
I stopped watching porn a time ago. Even when I watch now spanking porn I have diffirent feelings. I like the naked body itself and the position, but the slaps turn me on just a bit but do not provide an erection. Intact I am a vanilla person, even handcuffs would be maybe too much.
Is/was this a fetish or kink? Or none of it? I think it was just a fantasy which just went away or I could not reflect it to the reality.
Or can fantasies come and pass as kinks and fetishes?
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