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A simple misspoken word by Riker inadvertently leads to the death of Kirk and the destruction of the Enterprise-D In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk. Word's _____ Properties can be used to check document statistics, such as the date the document was created, the total editing time, or the number of words in a document. Advanced ™ is an example of a(n)________ that you can be inserted in a Word document. To save a Word document as a PDF file, click the _____ tab, click the Save as option, click the Save as type arrow, and then click the PDF option in the drop-down list. File. When you open a PDF file in Word, the Word feature _____ converts the content of the PDF and displays it in a Word file. William Thomas "Will" Riker was a 24th century male Human Starfleet officer. During his career, a transporter accident resulted in two Rikers, with each one being identical to the other, as well as genetically indistinguishable. Their personalities and memories were the same up to the point of duplication. The other Riker would remain trapped on Nervala IV for eight years without anyone ... A simple misspoken word by Riker inadvertently leads to the death of Kirk and the destruction of the Enterprise-D In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk. A simple misspoken word by Riker inadvertently leads to the death of Kirk and the destruction of the Enterprise-D In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk. With more than ____ predefined color schemes, Word provides a simple way to select colors that work well together. 20. When Word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the Spelling and Grammar Check icon to a(n) ____. X. The default color scheme is called ____. A simple misspoken word by Riker inadvertently leads to the death of Kirk and the destruction of the Enterprise-D In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk. A simple misspoken word by Riker inadvertently leads to the death of Kirk and the destruction of the Enterprise-D In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk.

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In Star Trek Generations, there is a cascading series of events that begins with a simple misspoken word and culminates in the climax of the film, most notably causing the destruction of the Enterprise-D and the death of Kirk.

  1. During Worf's promotion ceremony on the holodeck, Worf "walks the plank" aboard an old-style naval vessel to retrieve his his hat. Once he has successfully done this, Riker orders the computer to "remove" the plank, intending to bring Worf back aboard the ship.
  2. The computer does not retract the plank but instead deletes the plank from the simulation, and Worf falls straight down into the water. Everyone laughs because it was a simple spontaneous mistake.
  3. Data does not understand the humor of the situation and inquires about it to Geordi and Beverly, but misunderstands still, and in an attempt to be funny, shoves Beverly into the water with Worf.
  4. Beverly and Geordi are not amused because it was kinda cruel rather than funny. Data is ashamed.
  5. Data is finally convinced after this situation that he must install his emotion chip in order to continue his personal growth since he is still not grasping basic things like humor, even though he knows what risks it could bring.
  6. Data can't control his new emotions all too well, and when Dr. Soran turns out to be a maniac who knocks out Geordi and holds Data at gunpoint, Data (for the first and maybe only time) is too scared to act and save Geordi. Acting here would have presumably both saved Geordi and stopped Soran from escaping.
  7. Geordi is kidnapped by Soran and a camera is secretly installed in his VISOR. He is then returned to the Enterprise.
  8. With the camera, Lursa and B'Etor are able to discover the Enterprise's shield modulation and deal it crippling damage.
  9. The Enterprise suffers a coolant leak, the stardrive section is evacuated and explodes, and the saucer crash lands on a planet. The Enterprise-D is destroyed.
  10. Picard pursues Soran, fails to stop him, gets sucked into the Nexus, retrieves Kirk as backup, and the two of them return to the real universe to stop Soran together. They succeed, but Kirk is killed in the process.
So there you have it. Riker mixes up his words, Data gets confused, decides to install his emotion chip at the worst time, fails to act when he normally would because of it, which allows the bad guy to get away and install a spycam to find vulnerabilities and destroy the Enterprise. Failing to stop the bad guy early also directly leads to a series of events that ends up killing James T. Kirk.
Do I think Riker deserves the blame for these tragedies? Of course not. If anything you could blame Data for picking a bad time to experiment with unpredictable alterations to his personality, Geordi for using old VISOR tech that turned out to be a huge security vulnerability, or Picard for not picking a much better slightly earlier time to leave the Nexus and stop Soran. Riker's mistake doesn't even register compared to those poor choices.
But if there's any lesson to be learned from this, it's to choose your words carefully on the holodeck. That's a lesson they should've learned after Moriarty!
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A Complete Introductory Guide to Map tactics & Agents in Valorant A Complete Introductory Guide to Maps & Agents Introduction Hey guys, I'm Twix, and I'm back with another informative post, this time concerning the aspect of Maps & Agents. If you haven't read through any of my posts before ( I wouldn't they're too long ) I am an FPS player which mainly played CS:GO competitively, with around 7k hours and multiple level 10 faceit accounts and LAN wins in the past 5 years, who transitioned towards the end of my CS:GO days into being an FPS coach, I mainly worked with people trying to gain a competitive edge in CS, but later moved to coaching Apex players, and following the closed beta release of Valorant, I have been coaching Valorant players for the past few months, with unanimously positive feedback. In relation to other qualifications / achievements, I have hit top 30 as hitscan DPS in Overwatch, maintained top 500 ranking in Apex ( PC ) for a couple of seasons, and hold numerous 1% rankings on various Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer maps. My main goal in creating these posts is to contribute to the Valorant community by sharing my knowledge gained over 10k collective hours of FPS experience ( mainly Tactical fps ) and hopefully help the people reading my posts improve and gain that competitive edge they need to progress into their desired ranking. For those of you interested in learning more about my coaching service, or looking for a community of Valorant players looking to improve, I will link my Discord server at the end of this post.
If you want access to my complete "Intro to Aim training & Valorant" guide, it is now available on google docs, here : Intro to Aim Training & Valorant Mechanics
I am making a seperate post to address optimal map tactics and agent information, as my complete guide (which includes both + so much more) might be too lengthy / wordy for a lot of people, honestly, it ended up looking more like a book than a guide, which is why I included it in a seperate document.
What is included in this guide? This guide is meant to help you all comprehend the core mechanics in Valorant better. I will try my best to elaborate upon the game’s fundamentals and most important aspects. This section will go over: Agents & Abilities, Maps & Tactics, The importance of crosshair placement, Sensitivity, and finally the correct structure for aim training routines related to Valorant. Enjoy!
Agents & Abilities There are currently 11 agents available to the player in Valorant, all with a different set of abilities and a different individual role within a team composition, this aspect of Valorant is what makes it stand out when compared to other tactical shooters such as counterstrike. In order for a team to be effective in their role as an attacker or defender, they must play off of each other's agent abilities in order to efficiently push into or defend a bomb site. In the pages below you will find a list of all the agents currently in the game.

Purchasable: Snake Bite and Poison Cloud – Snake Bite fires a projectile that creates a damaging pool of acid, while Poison Cloud fires a projectile that creates a toxic cloud of gas. You can pick up the projectile from Poison Cloud and use it again after a cooldown, as long as you have sufficient fuel.
Signature: Toxic Screen – Launches a line of gas emitters that you can trigger to create a wall of gas. You can reuse this ability as long as you have sufficient fuel.
Ultimate: Viper’s Pit – Use a chemical sprayer to fire a chemical cloud surrounding Viper. Players inside the cloud will take damage and suffer reduced vision.
In-game Role: Viper is a Controller, while playing her your focus should be based on setting up your defenses/traps in a way that makes it difficult for the opposing team to push into site, or defend a site. Your abilities don’t deal a lot of damage, so they’re best used as “space makers” allowing you to cut line of sight for crucial defender or attacker angles, or setting up your toxins to block a path. Unlike the other agents, Viper has a unique mechanic which you’ll have to keep an eye on, her fuel level. Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud require fuel, so if you use these abilities too early, you’ll quickly drain your supply. In most cases, Viper’s abilities are best used defensively, particularly when setting up for a post-plant defense.
Tips: Viper doesn’t take damage from her abilities other than snake bite e.g. You can play inside your “Poison Cloud” if you want to use it slightly more aggressively. Although most of Viper’s abilities are best in a defensive context, her ability to deny line of sight can be used aggressively as long as you take the time to learn a couple important line-ups for each map.

Purchasable: Updraft and Cloudburst – Updraft spawns a gust of air like Tailwind, though it propels you upward, allowing you to reach otherwise unreachable places. Cloudburst fires a projectile that expands into a cloud, blocking the vision of anyone caught on the wrong side. You can also curve Cloudburst by holding down the ability key.
Signature: Tailwind – Use a strong gust of air to dash in the direction you’re moving.
Ultimate: Blade Storm – Spawns a range of floating daggers that resupply when you kill an enemy. You can throw the daggers one at a time or unleash all of them in a burst, and they kill instantly on a headshot. (Pretty much only useful during eco rounds)
In-game Role: Jett is one of the most versatile agents in Valorant when it comes down to movement mechanics. In-game, she’s marked as a Duelist (like phoenix, reyna, raze), and while she certainly does do well in aggressive situations, she’s best played as a secondary fragger rather than an entry. Her abilities “Cloudburst” and “Updraft” are great repositioning tools that can be used either defensively or aggressively, and allow you to position yourself in an area that’s unexpected to the opponent. Your “Updraft” ability makes a pretty loud sound that the enemies can hear if they’re within footstep range, so make sure that you use it before the round begins if you want a positional advantage. The new and improved “Cloudburst” smokes allow you to cut off line of sight for 7 seconds and are great for aggressively denying the enemy team angles while attacking, paired with her “Tailwind” dash, you can deny trades quite easily with Jett.
Tips: If you’re an operator player, definitely pick up Jett. Her “Tailwind” dash ability allows you to rapidly reposition behind cover after an OP shot, eliminating the risk of you being killed while chambering another round into the operator.

Purchasable: Trapwire and Cyber Cage – Trapwire, as the name implies, allows you to shoot a tripwire that will reveal and daze any enemies who walk through it. You can pick up the tripwire if it hasn’t been destroyed and redeploy it, too. Cyber Cage deploys a cage in front of Cypher that blocks vision. The cage will also make a noise when enemies pass through.
Signature: Spycam – Spycam allows you to fire a camera in the direction that you’re aiming. If you reuse the ability, you can take control of the camera and fire marking darts at your enemies to reveal their location until they manually remove the dart.
Ultimate: Neural Theft – Use intel from a dead enemy to reveal the locations of all living enemies.
In-game Role: Cypher is an agent that shines in his ability to gather information on the enemy team’s positions above all else. Cypher’s strength is undoubtedly his role in defensive situations. When playing Cypher defensively, you should always make sure you have your tripwires and camera set up in a way that makes it as difficult as possible for the enemy to push into the position you’re holding without being revealed. While playing on the attacker’s side, Cypher is best played as a lurker, setting up traps to deny enemy flanks, and trying to figure out optimal paths for his own flank.
Tips: As cypher always make sure you cover as many LOS (line of sight) as you possibly can simultaneously. Set up his tripwires in near proximity to his smokes, this allows you to activate a smoke whenever an enemy walks into your tripwire, giving you the ability to shoot at a slowed target while simultaneously cutting off their LOS on your position.

Purchasable: Stim Beacon and Incendiary – Stim Beacon spawns a field in front of Brimstone that grants RapidFire (increased fire rate) to anyone inside. Incendiary allows you to use a grenade launcher that fires incendiary grenades. These grenades don’t explode on impact. Rather, they burst shortly after coming to a stop, creating a damaging fire zone.
Signature: Sky Smoke – Using a tactical map, Sky Smoke allows you to deploy smoke clouds from the sky. These clouds last for a while, and in the process, obscure enemy lines of fire.
Ultimate: Orbital Strike – Orbital Strike allows you to fire a laser from the sky using a selected location on the map. The laser deals damage over time to anyone caught inside.
In-game Role: Brimstone (like viper) is a controller, yet the role he fills in-game is quite different. As Brimstone, your role is to support your teammates by cutting off enemy LOS either to deny enemy vision while defending, or to cut off threatening positions to make it easier for your team to push into a bombsite. Stim Beacon (post-update) is highly situational but allows you to “buff” your team’s fire-rate which makes it easier to spray through walls or shoot down sage walls faster. Your “Incendiary” or, molly, is great as a long lasting area denial tool. As Brimstone, your goal is to deny the enemy team’s ability to hold threatening angles, allowing your teammates to easily push into a bombsite, or defend one.
Tips: If you want to main brimstone, or at least play him at a high level, take the time to watch a couple of YouTube videos on optimal smoke placements and post-plant molly line-ups, it’s 100% worth it. Your molly lasts approximately 7 seconds, and being able to delay a defuse by 7 seconds from a location where the enemy can’t kill you is huge, paired with your ultimate this allows you to deny a defuse extremely effectively at any rank.

Purchasable: Barrier Orb and Slow Orb – Barrier Orb spawns a solid wall wherever you fire it, while Slow Orb creates a field that slows players and prevents jumping. Note that Slow Orb applies to all players, not just your enemies.
Signature: Healing Orb – Incredibly versatile, Healing Orb allows you to heal yourself or your teammates. A standard shot will administer healing over time to a teammate in your crosshairs, while alternative fire will heal Sage.
Ultimate: Resurrection – Resurrection allows you to revive a dead teammate. The process takes time, however, so make sure to put up a wall or hold your angles when using this ability.
In-game Role: Sage is Valorant’s medic agent, which you can tell in an instant when reading her abilities. She’s an excellent agent to start as if you’re new to Valorant. While playing Sage, your role in-game is to stay alive as long as possible, playing in the back line, as the utility which you provide for your team is extremely impactful to the course of the round. Your slow orb and barrier orb should be used carefully and tactically in order to delay enemy pushes for as long as possible, with your slow orb lasting 7 seconds, and your barrier orb lasting a maximum of 30 seconds (600hp per wall segment), your ability to stall enemies pushing from a certain area while defending a bombsite or post-plant is extremely useful
Tips: As sage make sure to use your heal as often as possible but also not on players with <25 HP missing as the ability has a 45 second cooldown and is extremely useful in topping up the HP of your teammates (doesn’t regen shields). As a defender, make sure to play in positions where you can use your barrier orb to effectively delay an attacker push, e.g. B entrance on Haven.

Purchasable: Aftershock and Flashpoint – Aftershock allows you to shoot a charge through a wall, dealing damage to anyone on the other side of it. Flashpoint is a projectile flash ability that works similarly to Aftershock, blinding any players in it’s line of sight on the other side of the wall.
Signature: Fault Line – Spawns a seismic blast, which causes an earthquake in a straight line that stuns enemies standing in it’s AOE (area of effect) after a short delay. Can be used through walls.
Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – Unleashes a seismic charge in a forward cone in the direction you are facing that stuns opponents hit by it for approximately 7 seconds and launches them into the air. Can also be used through walls.
In-game Role: Breach is an Initiator, he is NOT an entry-fragger. I see a lot of lower rank people play Breach as an entry, popping his flash and pushing with it, but if you think about the range of his flash, and the delays that come with his “Fault Line” and “Aftershock” abilities, it becomes pretty clear that breach is meant to be an initiator. Your role as breach is to set up flashes, stuns, and area denial (using “Aftershock”) to make it easier for the duelists to push into a position. Breach’s ultimate “Rolling Thunder” is a great offensive tool for stunning everyone on bomb-site, resulting in a very easy push. Breach’s ultimate can also be used defensively as area denial while defending a bombsite post-plant, although this usage of his ult is not nearly as effective as it’s offensive counterpart.
Tips: When using your “Fault Line” stun or flashes, make sure to communicate with your teammates to let them know when they should push, also make sure to line your stun ability up in a way where it covers the largest area possible in the direction you’re aiming it at.

Purchasable: Boom Bot and Blast Pack – Boom Bot spawns a robot that explodes when it reaches an enemy. Blast Pack allows you to toss a satchel that sticks to any surface and explodes upon reactivation or after a set amount of time. The satchel deals no damage to you and can be used to propel you in your direction of choice.
Signature: Paint Shells – Toss a cluster grenade that deals damage to anyone nearby. Upon exploding, the grenade creates smaller projectiles, which damage enemies within the AOE.
Ultimate: Showstopper – Grants you a rocket launcher with a single insta-kill AOE projectile for a set amount of time. Shooting the rocket also propels you vertically for a short distance.
In-game Role: One of the current go-to duelists for competitive play, due to her ability to displace and damage enemies with her abilities. Raze is the only agent with 4 damage based abilities. Your role as Raze is to clear angles using your explosives and scout areas with your boombot to get information on the enemies’ whereabouts. Your boombot is very easy to shoot down and makes a loud distinct sound when it locks on to an enemy so it’s better used as a tool to gather info or clear a path you want to push. Your satchels can damage enemies in a small AOE so they can be used to clear corners, but are best used as a powerful repositioning / movement ability. Be careful not to deal damage to your teammates when using your satchels to reposition yourself.
Tips: Try to throw your nades in angles where the enemy isn’t given a lot of time to react to the incoming projectile, throw your nades further forward rather than in a large vertical arc. When using your ult, pair it with your satchels to propel yourself into the LOS you want to peek, don’t simply activate your ult and walk around with your rocket launcher as you can be killed before your rocket has time to reach the enemy you shot it at. Learn satchel hops.

Purchasable: Shrouded Step and Paranoia – Shrouded Step allows you to quickly teleport to a selected location within line of sight (short range), while Paranoia fires a blinding orb that obscures vision and deafens all players in it’s AOE. Paranoia can be used through walls.
Signature: Dark Cover – Select an area of the map to send out a (almost) global range “shadow orb” smoke.
Ultimate: From the Shadows – Teleport to a selected location on the map. During the teleport, Omen will appear as a Shade, which can be destroyed to cancel the teleport.
In-game Role: In game omen is best played as a lurker, but his kit allows him to be very versatile as he has 2 regenerating smokes per round that can be used globally to block LOS similar to how brimstone’s smokes would. Omen’s abilities allow him to reposition freely while lurking into an enemy flank or defending a bombsite. Make sure to use your “shrouded step” ability to teleport away from the location your enemies have last seen you at in order to set up in angles they least expect. Your blind ability applies a “nearsighted” debuff identical to that of Reyna’s “Leer” ability, it can go through walls and has quite wide large AOE. Your TP allows you to flank the enemy or rotate in an instant, something no other agent in the game has access to.
Tips: When playing omen, try to use your abilities in ways that confuse your enemies as much as possible. Think outside of the box, you can use your “Shrouded Step” to pull off tricks such as faking going into the teleporter in bind, or even fake TP so that the enemies hear the sound and assume you repositioned, but stay put in the same location to confuse them. As omen your smokes are hollow, meaning you can play inside them with full vision of anything within the smoke. You don’t need to use your ult to TP, it can be used for info.

Purchasable: Owl Drone and Shock Bolt – Owl Drone allows you to use an aerial drone to scout an area with the ability to tag them with a dart that tracks them and reveals their location for a short duration. Shock Bolt equips your bow with an electrically charged round that detonates upon collision and can be set to bounce up to two times.
Signature: Recon Bolt – Fire a recon bolt that shoots out three pulses that reveal enemy locations within a set range.
Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury – Fire three energy bolts in a straight line leading away from Sova. These blasts travel for a set (almost global) distance, ignoring walls, damaging enemies, and revealing the locations of anyone hit. Sova’s sensitivity is reduced while using the ult, and the location Sova is aiming toward is telegraphed.
In-game Role: Sova is described as an initiator, such as Breach, however the two agents’ roles are vastly different. As Sova your in-game role is similar to Cypher’s, but allows for a more aggressive playstyle. As Sova you want to prioritize gaining information on the enemy players’ positions throughout the round. Your recon bolt can be lined up to land into a bomb-site or other areas from a great distance, allowing you to scout an area without ever needing to expose yourself to the enemies defending it. Your owl drone also allows you to scout areas without exposing your player model, however, the drone makes a very loud sound when deployed, revealing sova’s location, and can only travel a set distance before running out of fuel / battery. Make sure that you’re behind cover or protected by your teammates when you’re in your owl drone.
Tips: There are many creative line-ups for Sova arrows, just like with Brimstone, you’ll benefit from watching a few YouTube videos on the matter.

Purchasable: Blaze and Curveball – Blaze shoots out a flame wall that moves in the direction which it’s fired in (you can curve the wall by holding the activation key while it shoots out and moving your mouse in the direction you want it to curve in), damaging any enemies that pass through it. Curveball tosses an orb of fire that curves around the object you’re standing behind / against and flashes enemies. Holding LMB will curve it to the left, while RMB will curve it to the right.
Signature: Hot Hands – This is basically the Phoenix equivalent of Brimstone’s molly, it can be thrown at less of a max distance however, but it also heals Phoenix if he stands in it. In my experience, you’ll be using this ability to heal more often than you’ll be using it aggressively.
Ultimate: Run It Back – Phoenix turns into a fire engulfed version of himself for a set amount of time, while your ultimate remains active, dying will respawn you back in the location you cast your ultimate in rather than fully killing you. This is basically a second life for Phoenix, your gun will have reloaded when you respawn, however if you got killed during your ult’s duration your armor will be gone.
In-game Role: Phoenix is Valorant’s bread and butter entry fragger, easy to pick up, but hard to master. Phoenix has a very simple well-rounded kit, an ability that blocks line of sight, and ability that can be used either as a heal or as an AOE molly, and a very straightforward flashbang. As phoenix your role in a team comp is to be the entry fragger, you want to be the one initiating pushes, you always want to be the first into a bombsite. If you don’t want to entry frag, don’t play Phoenix.
Tips: Be careful where you initiate your ult, there’s a short animation during your respawn which you can’t move during and makes it very easy for enemies to tap your head.

Passive: Soul Harvest – Enemies drop Soul Orbs when killed, these orbs last three seconds.
Purchasable: Leer and Devour – Leer shoots a destructible eye in the direction Reyna is aiming, applying the nearsightedness debuff (same as Omen’s blind) to anyone who’s looking at the orb’s direction . Devour allows you to consume a Soul Orb to rapidly heal over a set duration. You can heal past 100 with Devour, though any extra health will degrade over time.
Signature: Dismiss – Consume a Soul Orb to become intangible, and if Empress is active, invisible.
Ultimate: Empress – Drastically improve your fire rate, weapon swap speed, and reload speed for a set period of time. Killing an enemy while Empress is active renews the duration. Empress will also automatically cast Devour. Soul orbs won’t be consumed while the “Empress” buff is active.
In-game Role: Reyna is, as described, a feast or famine type agent, what this means is that depending on the player using her, she can either be extremely powerful, or extremely useless in a team comp. Reyna’s role in game is to be a fragger, her abilities allow her to both entry and lurk effectively, how you play her is up to you. Reyna is pretty straightforward in the sense that she has 0 team utility and her kit only benefits you greatly if you can chain kills consistently. Reyna is definitely not recommended to novice players, or players that aren’t confident in their mechanical skill or an aggressive playstyle.
Tips: Use her “Dismiss” ability instantly after getting a kill to deny the enemy team’s ability to trade off of their teammate’s death. Your “Devour” ability gives away your location, so always try to use it behind cover. You can also use “Devour” to bait enemies into peeking.

Agent recommendations for beginners
Best Agent Picks for Beginners
When you first download Valorant, you’ll have access to five agents: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. You can unlock all of the remaining six agents either by completing their individual “agent contract” or buying them with in-game currency. By simply playing the game, you gain access to two free agent unlocks of your choice. Although all five of the starting agents are pretty accessible for novice players, there are three agents in specific which are easier to use.
Sova is the perfect starting agent for players coming from CS. With the amount of info to be gained from using his abilities, and the low skill-cap that they require, you don’t need to know too much about map design, e.g. you can get your recon bolt to land in any bomb-site with ease as long as you get used to the charge + arc. Playing as Sova allows you to experiment with different abilities without having to play too aggressively or expose yourself to enemy fire.
Sage is the only agent in Valorant entirely focused on healing and being a “support” character as defined in other games, every team comp needs a sage, and her support abilities aren’t difficult to use. If you have played Overwatch, you understand how crucial healers are to a team’s composition. Playing Sage will allow novice players to help the team through her extremely valuable abilities, without having to play aggressively or perform incredibly in terms of mechanics.
As mentioned earlier in his Agent description, Phoenix is your basic bread and butter entry fragger. Phoenix will appeal greatly to players who want to fill an aggressive role, but also don’t know too much about the maps or tactics. Phoenix allows you to rely on your mechanics and entry frag comfortably without having to rely too much on your team, his flash along with his self-heal and second life ultimate ability make Phoenix a great starting agent for anyone looking to learn how to play duelists.

Maps & Tactics There are currently 4 maps in Valorant. Each map plays a little bit different in relation to the default defender setups, common attacker tactics, and optimal agent setup. In this section I will attempt to cover these three aspects as thoroughly as I can, without making the structure of information too dense to read with ease. Learning the maps and getting comfortable with the tactics that work best for each is a crucial aspect of getting good at Valorant, even things such as movement & crosshair placement are heavily influenced by the map you’re playing on. Enjoy!
Note: Sage won’t be included in the “crucial agent picks” section for each map, as she is a default pick regardless of the map, and yes, I know, “But TSM played without a Sage in their comp!”. You’re not TSM.

Default defender setup: Bind only has two bombsites, meaning that one of the sites will have an uneven amount of players defending it. In my opinion, it’s optimal to have three players defending A, with the defender holding “A short” able to take the “Teleporter” for a quick rotation into “hookah / b window” if the attackers are spotted pushing into B site. In conclusion, the “Default” setup for this map is 2-3, with 2 players holding bombsite B, and 3 players holding bombsite A, the positioning of these players depends on their agent picks.
Crucial Agent picks
Cypher - Due to the map structure forcing two people to play on B site, putting the defenders at a number disadvantage, Cypher is a great pick which compensates for the lack of a third player on B site with the utility and push delay that his abilities bring to the table. With his abilities fully bought, Cypher can easily control a push from hookah / B window, while his teammate watches B long. Cypher can either position his cam to give his teammate playing B long free info into the LOS, or he can place it high up back-site in order to watch for the hookah / window push.
Omen - Omen’s kit feels like it was made for this map, with the narrow pathways he can completely smoke off, his ability to trick enemies into thinking he entered the teleporter using his “shrouded step” ability, and his ability to reach vertically inaccessible positions with ease to catch his enemies off guard makes him an extremely solid pick for this map. Omen’s ult is also very strong on this map.
Map tips: Make sure you don’t over-rotate on this map, as it is very easy for attackers to abuse the teleporters and very quickly change their route even if they were initially pushing the opposite bombsite, unless you are certain that the enemy team has committed to pushing the site which you aren’t defending, hold your position.

Default defender setup: For “Split” the default defender setup in the current meta is a 2-2-1 format, 2 players playing on A, 2 players defending mid, and 1 player holding B. In the past, prior to the post-launch update to the map’s middle lane, It was viable for a setup where one person played “Vent” which allowed them to cover mid while also easily rotating to A quickly if need be. Currently, since it’s too easy to ability spam “Vent” and the position doesn’t allow for a lot of freedom of movement, It’s better to have 2 people play A ( perhaps 1 site, 1 rafters ) 2 people playing mail, and 1 person holding B from back site. If the B player spots enemies in main, the mail player(s) can easily rotate into B rafters / heaven to defend.
Crucial Agent picks
Cypher - Cypher is a perfect pick for this map, as he can fill the “solo B” defender spot extremely well, using his camera to watch “B main” for info, and setting up his trap wires to stall a potential push even further. Cypher’s camera also makes it easier to clear mid while attacking.
Sova - Split has tons of narrow pathways that lead to more open areas, It’s a very difficult map to push in without info, and due to the map’s design there is a lot of freedom for bouncing Sova arrows into important positions. His ult is also much easier to land on this map.
Map tips: Mid control is everything on Split, always have your sage player playing mid, along with another player. Sage should wall off mid every round to deny attacker pushes. If you lose mid on this map, the attackers will gain easy access to both sites. Usually if the attackers gain access to mid, they’ll push B through Rafters / heaven, as it is easier to do so than to push into A from Ropes.

Default defender setup: For this map, the default strat for defenders is a standard 2-1-2 setup, however, you can mix it up and have cypher solo hold A site if that’s what you feel like doing. Ideally on this map, you’ll have 2 players playing A, 1 player holding B (This should always be your sage as she can wall off the entrance to cut off enemy LOS + Delay a push for a maximum of 30 seconds) 1 player holding “C window / Garage window” and 1 player holding C site.
Crucial Agent picks
Breach - Due to the long LOS that you’re forced to push in order to take engagements on this map, Breach definitely comes in handy quite often as an attacker. Breach can very easily use his flash to set up for a push into “Garage” (marked as C short on the map above) and other such positions like “C cubby”. Breach’s ultimate also comes in handy on this map, mainly on attacker side, but it also works surprisingly well on defender side, if you’re playing “Garage” for example, you can ult towards attacker spawn for an easy ace if you are given info that they’re pushing toward you.
Brimstone - Due to the long LOS on this map, it’s very difficult to push into a site without the utility that Brimstone’s smokes bring to the table, pushing C long is very difficult if an OP player is holding from platform, same is an issue when pushing into A site and a defender is holding angles from “A tower / Window”. There are also tons of easy to learn post-plant molly line-ups for Brimstone on this map, which makes defending from retakes easier.
Map tips: Nothing too in depth here, Haven is the simplest map when it comes to rotations and strats. Make sure you hold positions without peeking too much, enemies can’t rotate from site to site as easily on this map, so they usually won’t split as much as in maps like bind or ironically enough “split”.

Default defender setup: This is Valoran’t newest map, and depending on the elo you’re playing in the setup you’re defending in may vary slightly, but In my opinion and experience, the setup which works best for me is a 2-2-1, with 2 players holding A site, 2 players playing mid, and 1 player playing B site ( this will either be your sage or your cypher ). The map is currently very OP dominated, as it has the largest open area (mid) out of all the maps currently in the game, which is why having 2 people hold mid works very well, besides, if your Sage / Cypher gives you info that enemies are pushing into B, the rotation from bottom mid into market is very quick.
Crucial Agent picks
Jett - Jett is a very clear cut winner as the most powerful duelist pick for this map. Due to her kit, Jett is the best agent to OP with as she can can easily reposition after she hits or even misses an OP shot. Jett’s updraft also allows her to gain advantageous positions while OP’ing (such as the boost from B lobby into A short), and her smokes simultaneously allow her to cut off enemy OP’er lines of sight. Jett thrives on Ascent.
Brimstone - Brimstone is a must have on Ascent, the reason Jett thrives on this open map, is also the reason why it’s almost impossible to hold / push through mid without having the utility which his smokes provide. Allowing the enemy operator players to abuse your team through maintaining mid control is a very easy way to lose a game on Ascent.
Map tips: Similar to Haven, rotating on this map from one site to another takes quite a while, therefore you shouldn’t be worried so much about players splitting between sites or rotating too often, but rather focus on mid control, as you would on Split. Losing mid control on this map almost always results in a lost round, keep in mind that if enemies decide to push through mid they’ll usually attack B site through Market. Always have your Brimstone smoke Top mid and B link at the start of the round to deny premature first bloods.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on Map & Agent tactics! If you want to join my discord server to be in contact with a community that focuses on training and getting better at the game you're more than welcome to join!

Discord server link : New twitter :
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2020.04.04 04:25 apacheattacktoaster On Valorant, and the death of our beloved game...

I myself, along with many other players of Apex, do not want this awesome game that is filled with potential to die. Yes, there are many core issues, but I believe that EA and Respawn could remedy these in time. The addition of Apex to Steam will be a life saver, and maybe bring new players with it. On the topic of Valorant, ohhh boy! Let's look at the abilities... shall we? Phoenix: ** Ultimate Ability: Run it Back - Mark your current location. If you die during this ability’s duration, or when this ability’s duration expires, you’ll be reborn at the marked location with full health. Hm, sounds like someone I know. It's ok guys cause he returns with FULL health, I swear he's different!!! **Jett: Cloudburst - Throw out a cloud of fog that obscures vision on impact. Hold down the ability button to bend the cloud’s in-flight trajectory. ...weird, sounds familiar...ok moving on Sova: Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you cannot hide. Alright, what's going on? Cypher: Cypher is a one-man surveillance network who keeps tabs on the enemy’s every move. No secret is safe. No maneuver goes unseen. Cypher is always watching. Signature Ability: Spycam - Place a remote camera. After placing, reactivate to view the video feed. Left click while in camera to fire a tracking dart. Recharges when picked up or killed. Ok haha, funny! Brimstone: Ultimate: Orbital Strike - Use your map to target a location, launching a devastating orbital strike that pulses for high damage over several seconds. YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! This is egregious, I am not saying they copied it exactly, yes there are other abilities, but come ON. We can't let Riot games kill our game just because they have better servers. I believe EA can fix this eventually. TLDR: Valorant stole the ideas straight from Apex and I am so tired of hearing this game is gonna die
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2019.07.30 20:18 Aurinkotuuli I 'm sorry but i can't let you live any longer

Are you comfortable? To be honest i do not need an answer. i was just being polite. I already know you are relaxing for the moment, blowing off some steam while browsing reddit. In fact, i can see you right now. I am watching you reading this, and i have been watching you since the day you were born. I never take my eyes of you. I can't do that.
I don't need to say a lot about me, it doesn't really matter. But i guess it wouldn't hurt to reveal a bit of information. Consider this a gift of apology for breaking into the most private parts of your personal life and learning everything about you.
First and foremost i need to get this straight. i am your father. My beautiful Claire i loved you since the day i learned that you were to come in this world but my happiness was cut short the day you were born. The moment i realised i had to kill you, because this was my mission because only i could do it.
To be fair, i am nothing special. I am just a guy. I usually have a day job working office hours but sometimes i just have to undertake something quite... bigger. You see I have a gift. Now, i am not some supernatural being or a demigod by any means, but i have a unique talent. I can feel the evil tendencies of every single person on this planet. It's like having a sixth sense that allows me to sense the peoples auras, though they are invisible, odorless and silent. But to me it is clear as day.
Naturally, since i feel every human being at the same time, i have learned to filter out the minor ones. A guy planing to break in an old couple's apartment and kill them for a few bucks, a twisted mother who finds pleasure in the idea of killing her only child, a deranged older relative who fantacises taking advantage of an innocent kid. To me all these have become white noise, the same evil as a little girl wanting to steal her classmate's cookies at school.
Don't get me wrong, i don't think that these people are innocent by any means, but in the grand scheme of things i must be practical. I can't be everywhere always and the authorities are supposed to do their jobs (though they tend to be... incompetent). Thats why i don't take action for every single evil person in the world. I simply just can't. I told you i am a human being not an allien, unlocking the secrets of time travel and teleportation.
Also we shouldn't forget that even if i could intervene everywhere, i would be changing the path of history, shaping humanity according to my personal taste. We have always progressed like this and it is only natural that some people are twisted and beyond repair, but they usually remain minor discomforts to the general public's well being. The world moves on and a few lunatics can't stop it.
But sometimes, just sometimes, i feel something trully evil. A presence so horrible that makes me sick. It's at those rare moments that i do have to act, for all of mankind's good. I am not part of a special force, since i prefer to work alone under the cloak of unonimity, but i have made my presence known to certain high ranking people worldwide, something that really makes my job easier. I have an almost unlimited arsenal of spycams, weapons and tools, thanks to them. Up to now i have stopped a nuclear strike from a middle eastern country, a team that wanted to poison the water supply of all of France, and a crazy old guy who was very close to firing up an intense manhunt, that would destroy tenths of millions of hispanic people in the US.
Which brings us... to you. Until now you probably haven't got the memo that this letter has you as the receiver. You might think it is just a post, or that at least it refers to someone else with your name. As a matter of fact you grew up as an orphan. I 'm sorry to have you learn it that way, but i killed your mother after i told her about you. to this day it still haunts me. But she just wouldn't understand the evil you could unleash upon this world. By moral code 2 dead is better than millions, even if they are my very own family.
I couldn't bring myself to destroy you at that time. That parental bond was just to heavy on my heart. So i left you at the orphanage you grew up in. Since then i watched you from afar so that i would never develop a father's love for you. My work is already hard and emotions only get in the way.
But i guess you still can't relate to what i am sayng. After all you never were this demon that i am describing. You are more or less a normal person, right?
You.. would be wrong. You see my ability works with human insticts. I can sense the hidden desires of people well before they have manifested into actual ideas and plans for them. I can get into their primal subconcious, the beast inside them, which they try to humanise through the normes of society. I 've seen some wild shit, but you... you honestly disgust me. Never in my life have i ever felt such cruelty, so much hate and craziness being cultivated by one person. Frankly, i though it was impossible for a human to carry such awful emotions and to such an extend.
I remember the first incident that showed your true colors. Do you? It was at your workplace and you were mistreated by one of your colleagues. You felt your anger rising, drowning you and you dreamed of killing him on the spot. While such violent ideas are normal intrusive thoughts, yours was different. The seer pleasure your idea gave you was inhuman. You got so high on the thought of brutalizing this poor human being, that no amount of drugs could ever give you that euphoria ever again.
It didn't last long. The next moment you were calm, even apologised for your angry behaviour, but the avalance was just starting. After that you had some wild thoughts, some hints of revenge, craving for power and raw hate. They never got on the surface of course, and your life was looking pretty normal as it does now. But your true nature was inescapable.
I was devastated to finally have to come to terms with what my own daughter could actually do. I couldn't let you unchecked. i took no leave, no day off. When i had limited access to an area via camera, i was there myself so that i could always be close by. Perhaps you remember my face. That average looking guy and the crazy little feeling you had seen me somewhere in the past? Yes you were right, you had in fact seen me many times. It was your own dad planning on how to kill you while noting your every move. But people tend to forget, to ignore those creepy small details that they catch with their periferal vision while they walk on their busy lives.
You will probably be gulping down or feeling a little uneasy by the time you reach this point. Good. That means you will finally start to realise it is you i am talking about. I will be watching your every reaction of course, like i meticulously have been all this time. There is nowhere safe for you anymore, and the place you call home has been breached. Don't try to run away, i have all the information i need to track you again, and i can have everything set in less than 8 hours.
On the surface, you look like a very modest person, one who would trust the local authorities to protect her. From what i know about you, you may think of calling the police. Please do so. I have already warned them about you and they trust me with their lives. You see i have never failed in any task i took and they know it. They will tell you they will look through this and ensure you they will protect you, but in reality, they will be one more watchfull eye working for me. And when i do finish my job they will make sure no one finds what happened to you, and that i am getting of the hook without any trouble. In fact we have scheduled a secret award ceremony for me once the task is done, for keeping the peace and always working to preserve the good in this world.
I have to kill you. I am sorry for this. It never got easy for me. The only reason you are still alive is that i hoped you would change. Every night while watching you sleep, i prayed to God that you could be saved, and i fully believe everyone deserves a second chance. I waited and waited while risking to let your hatred finally wake up and begin its path of destruction around the globe. All the people that know about this mission urged me to just end you, in fear of being too late to stop you, but i deliberately stalled everything.
But, it wasn't meant to be. Over these last months i only saw the terrible aura inside you grow darker and more intense. I am surpised at how can you look so stable with such evil growing inside you. I guess people will always be what they are meant to be. It's ironic. I 've heard you so many times speaking with your friends, discussing what a fiend Hitler was, or that Joseph Stalin was equal to him regarding their killcount of innocent people. I 'll tell you one thing, those psycopaths would cower in fear if they were able to see what you can and will do if left unchecked.
It ends tonight. I 've made my decision. You will not live to see another sunrise. I do not want to do this but i have no other option. The people of the world cannot suffer because of one mans evil heart. I am sorry. I 'll try to be as fast as possible. I can only suggest that when i come for you, it will be better if you don't struggle. It is less painfull that way. Please.
The last thing i can tell you is that i wrote this letter for you and posted it on reddit, so that i could warn others like you that should they indulge in their unholy desires, they will not go unpunished. But mostly, i did it because you are worth an explanation. i am doing this for the good of humanity. Thats all you need to know. But before all this ends, i have to ask you one question, that has been bugging me since the beggining. I will not learn the truth since we won't communicate again but i have to ask. I need too. Because if you finally have realised what your identity is made of, it will be at least just a little bit easier for me to end this, without thinking that i am murdering my own daughter.
So tell me my beloved Claire... Has your evil finaly woke up? Before your demise, do you feel the urge to bring everything into chaos and drown it in blood? Has your true self... finally caught up with you?
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2018.01.04 23:03 brady1223 Straight guy spycam

Now getting to the actual story of what happened before, during and after the accident.
It was raining at the time I started my ride from a sunset photoshoot and it was roughly a 40 min ride to my hotel. The rain gradually dispersed to a mere drizzle, but I was being careful with the speed as the roads are still wet. It was my last day of my trip before I fly home and I was happy with how the whole trip went, which was pretty much my first international trip - alone.
After about 25-30 minutes into the ride, There was a van that stopped right infront of me and I had to brake hard in an attempt to stop. The next thing I know, I was on my feet, about 4 feet away from my bike which got wedged under rear end of the van and I could feel blood rushing in my head out of my nose. My eye started closing as I was in disbelief of what had just happened and my nose was merely a faucet by the time I resigned from attempts to wake up from this nightmare. The cut on my eyelid and the bloody vision through it even after it was closed shut only made me accept that it was the reality. What I did not realize at that time - lost in a blackhole of 5-10 seconds was that while I was trying to stop from hitting the van infront of me, another vehicle rammed into my bike from behind and that propelled me off my bike, hitting the van infront of me head on, causing severe injuries to my face.
It is scary if I think about it now, but I have no idea how I survived for the next several hours. My only goal was to not fall unconscious. I was conscious and spontaneous enough to grab my small backpack from the motorcycle before I got into the ambulance as my passport was in it.
The first hospital they took me to was merely a two room clinic and they would not even do a first-aid. I was trying to ask them to charge my phone as it was about to die and I needed to make calls to someone in the US who can help me; when two police walked in, talked to the medical personnel in Thai. One of them walked up to me and said just one word - "Passport". Honestly, I should have been conscious enough not to hand it over. But no point crying over spilled milk, right? Well, I can make that my life motto, at least for several years to come. After about an hour, they transferred me to a "hospital". I asked them where my passport is and they said the police will be at the second hospital they were taking me to. I was trying to understand all of this on my own because not one person over there could barely speak English.
The second hospital, as far as I could see through one eye, lying on a stretcher in a ward, looked like a shitty warehouse. They tried to use some cotton to collect my bleeding nose before a lady, who I assume was a nurse walked in, said something and everyone started laughing and giggling, and everyone dispersed immediately. I was making calls to a friend in the US, updating them with all my info and sharing my location so they can find a better hospital that I could go to. I was feeling very cold and started shivering. I was asking for a blanket and nobody responds. I started screaming asking for a blanket as I realized there was not one medical personnel in that huge ward and there were people on stretchers who looked really still. I will be lying if I said I did not doubt if it was actually a mortuary. I gathered all my energy and pushed my feet onto the ground, took a few steps while my nose started bleeding again and by the time I got to the doorway of the ward and could see about a dozen nurses sitting around a desk chatting, I was pouring sweat from inside the track rain jacket I was wearing. I struggled to unzip it and pull the sleeves out with one hand broken, while I was falling dizzy and slipping into a white abyss. I collapsed into a chair and laid my head on a table next to me and just wanted to go to sleep. That was when my phone started ringing, which brought me back and I answered it to find it was my friend giving me a hospital name which was 4 hours away and asked me to tell the hospital I was in to transfer me there. Unsurprisingly, they said the incharge doctor has to approve my transfer before they can contact the other hospital and the incharge was out and unavailable. It took them about 2 hours to get the approval and contact them at which point the third hospital sent an ambulance. I waited for the ambulance to arrive for four hours, got wheeled into it.
After another 4 hour drive, I arrived at the third hospital. The third hospital was a big, international private hospital and I felt I was in better hands. The nurses cleaned up my wounds and cuts and put me through scans and X-Rays. A doctor came to me and explained about my injuries and said I had to be operated immediately. After the surgery, I woke up in a private room, for all of which they charged me insane amount of money in advance, which I was happy to pay for them to save me from dying. There were additional surgeries that I had to undergo as soon as possible to get best possible results and I opted to get them in the US. But I need my passport to get on a flight and go home!
Through friends, we found a couple of guy who were in Thailand who could help me out. One guy visited me in the hospital and tried to go to the police asking the help of a lady, whose hotel I stayed at, as the police didn't speak any English, and requested for my passport explaining my situation that I have to fly back to the US immediately and undergo further surgeries, while the other guy was trying to find his contacts in the police who might help me out. The police blatantly and reluctantly denied to give my passport back, all the while saying that I had no fault in the accident, blaming the van for it and that they just wanted me to go to the police station in person and explain them what happened and sign a paper detailing the same - as they were legally required to do so. Apparently, they were not looking any money or bribe, according the guy who went to talk to them and rejected his offer to pay them. I wasn't buying it one bit.
After our attempts for a few days trying to communicate with them, one of the guys helping me out found a contact within the police and arranged a deal where I did not need to go to the police station, and could be represented. The guy helping me out went to the police station and took the owner of the hotel, the lady helping with translation, according to the deal and the episode unfolds.
Apparently, the van that was at fault had insurance which would cover the damages to the van and also covers some of my medical expenses. But the police say it would take ten days for the insurance to approve and issue a check and I will have to wait till then to get my passport back and settle the issue. The lady calls me from the police station after speaking with them and says these are the terms that I have to agree to in order to get my passport immediately - I have to agree to pay for my medical expenses out of my pocket and don't need anything from the van owner or insurance; the damages for the bike will be covered from the insurance money but I will have to pay them the rental costs for a couple of days, which is about a few hundred baht. She kept saying she was helping me and it was a good deal and I should accept it. I never wanted anything but to get out of there and come home and I thought it was ok. The settlement document they prepared was all in thai and there nothing on it that I would understand except the numbers. I asked many people in the hospital to translate it and some people did what they could and others said they would not as it was a police document. I even tried translating it online but could not get any results. The police were waiting for us to sign it and agree to it and there wasn't much time. From what a couple of people at the hospital translated it, it sounded like the terms the lady explained. So it was signed and settlement was agreed to. After the settlement, the guy who set up this deal calls us and tells us that we have to pay the police 30,000 baht as they agreed to let us off the hook without having to wait for the insurance! Not just that, this lady who was helping us said we have to pay 35,000 baht for the bike damages. We were warned that if we didn't pay either of these, they will put an immigration lock and I will not be able to leave the country. At that point, I did not care for money - transferred it via western union, got my passport and prayed I wont be stopped at immigration at the airport. Flew out the same day and got home pending further surgeries.
It never felt better to be home and free; the freeways which felt bad before looked like fucking temples - so orderly and organized; drivers so careful, considerate and compassionate. I realized traffic rules are more embraced than enforced. Saluted to the flags I saw on every chevy dealership and shopping malls.
Underwent multiples surgeries on my face and one on my arm. The doctors tried to fix it as much as they could but said because it was delayed by a few days, it was not perfect. I am left with a sunken eye with double vision and looks about half the size it was before; with a cross eye if I don't consciously try to look straight ahead. Still trying to get it corrected and have no clue when I would be able to feel normal. I was a good looking guy once too!
All thanks to the police for stopping me from getting on a flight immediately. Was it their greed for money? I was ready to pay if they were expecting any money immediately but they said no and made me wait for a few days. Was it to show their power? If that was it, it was clearly put on display for the spycams we used. Let’s see where the story goes.
For now, I keep telling myself - The injuries to my body will eventually heal. It's my mind I need to protect from getting injured.
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2012.10.21 20:33 newp Straight guy spycam

I'm referring to the Stickum scandal reported earlier today.
This is honestly, ridiculously, embarrassing.
I hope it leads to the downfall of AJ smith and Norv. Accountability starts at the top.
I've never been a huge fan of AJ smith, I'll admit that--but he's always been a straight shooter, meaning he doesn't seem like a cheater by any means. People in this organization have to know about it. The equipment guys. The receivers. The receivers coach. You look at the Saints and accountability was held at the highest ranks.
But now, I don't know about our team and organization, and whether or not I can even be proud to be a fan. I've always held the Chargers with high regard--that they were a team that didn't consistently get into trouble like the Lions, don't have any black eyes like bountygate or the Pats spycam scandal and truly tried to do well via the draft by bringing in smart, fundamentally sound players. I think it sends a wrong message to the many kids who are proud Chargers fans but now have to talk about this at school.
It's so damn disappointing for us fans.
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2012.08.07 05:47 aWolfWhoCriedBoy Spycam guy straight

This is part two of my drunken adventures. It's fine to read this one first, but some things I say may not make sense. Here's part one:
Drunk Driving
I’m drunk.
That should come as no surprise by now. Some people forget things after they drink. Others add five points to the score of every woman in sight. I, for some reason, remember everything crystal clearly. In fact, I would even go beyond and say that I even have déjà vu sometimes. Like that time I SAW myself making out with that woman before it even happened. When I say alcohol is my escape, I really do mean it.
The event with Johnny Appleseed was a couple months back and retelling it has sparked a few more memories from my drunken adventures. I wasn’t always as reckless and douchebaggy (yellow Camaro) as I had been then. I was a drinker with safety in mind, right after sex and alcohol. I was a good egg; a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher and I was straight out the door looking for a cab. I thought this emphasis on safety would lessen the taboo of my addiction.
So here I was, about eight months before Carol happened and a couple weeks after my wife filed for divorce. All of the local bars reminded me too much of my ex-wife so I thought a little road trip was necessary. I simply waited at a bus station near my house and got on. I dropped my two dollars in the pay slot and scoured the bus for a good, empty seat to privately sniffle on. The only open one was near the back, and as I got closer, I saw the hairy penis Sharpied on the backrest.
“Fucking great.” I mumbled and sat down.
I plugged my headphones into my iPhone and started to listen to the saddest Eminem songs I could find. Boredom stooped me to the point where I was scrolling through the pages just looking at the useless apps I had installed over the months. Here was a fucking app to transform my voice into Darth Vader. That 99 cents could have fed a child in Africa for a week. Another one was an app to remotely control the camera, almost like a spycam. I bought that one so I could see the inside of my pockets. Sounded like a good idea at the time; then again, I was most likely drunk. I grinned and slid the phone as deeply as I could into my pocket. These jeans always end up ejecting my phone out of the pocket whenever I sat down. I closed my eyes and dozed off.
I was woken abruptly by the bus driver asking me ever so politely to exit. Dude seemed amiable, so I obliged. The hot dusk pierced my nostrils as I got a good look at my surroundings. I put to my phone to my face.
“Siri, where the fuck is the nearest bar?”
“Sorry, Sean, I can’t answer that right now. Please try again later.”
I laughed, probably my first sober laugh in weeks. I googled it. A local Irish pub. Just my fucking luck. My jokes about potatoes didn’t sit so well with the patrons of the last pub I went to. Oh well, maybe I’ll find a woman.
That pub was probably the friendliest pub I had ever gone to. I had to check my phone just to make sure the bus didn’t take me to Canada. I guess good guys do finish last since there were no women, not even decent looking drag queens, in sight. Hell, I still got pretty drunk though. Depth perception left me at about 11:30, and the rest of my brain packed its bags around 1:00. I stumbled out and waved for a taxi. Lucky for me, the taxis were already lined up, waiting for the incoming drunkards. I got in a standard yellow cab.
“Where you headed?”
“Hi Jonathan, how are you? I’m headed towards the city. I’ll tell you where when we get closer.” I mocked his straightforward manner as I looked at his nameplate next to the meter.
“Which city?”
“New York, man. Where do you think? Beijing?” I slurred.
“You’re in Massachusetts.”
Fuck. No wonder that bus driver was nice. What a saint.
“Oh god, how much is it to get me to the nearest Greyhound station?”
“About forty minutes. I’m gonna guess around sixty dollars.” He grinned with greed.
“Well Jonathan, I guess we’re gonna be best buddies by the end of this.” I grinned back.
Five minutes of small talk exhausted me. My eyes drooped as I dozed off. I could hear my heartbeat as consciousness left me as well. Da-dum, dum, dum, da, da-dum. Wait, no, not my heartbeat. Unless I was having a heart attack, this pounding sound was too irregular to be a heart.
“Johnny, stop tapping I’m trying to sleep.”
No reply. I lean forward and see his headphones coming out of his ear. The pounding came back. It sounded oddly as if it came from the trunk. I decided to ignore it, until the beating resumed. I pulled cord coming out of Jonathan’s ear.
“Jon, I hear pounding coming from your trunk. You swear you ain’t got a body in there?” I joked.
“The only body I’m getting is your mother’s” He snapped back.
Da-dum, dum, dum, da, da-dum.
“Fuck, Jon, I swear I hear it.” I became a little suspicious at this point.
“Go check if you want. It’ll cost you extra time on the meter though.”
I acknowledged his attempt at milking me dry and he stopped the car. I stumbled to the trunk and pressed the release. My hand was cold and shaking and while fully anticipating a person gagged and cuffed in the trunk, I open it to find nothing but a Phillips head screwdriver and a couple of oily rags. I get back in and laugh it off. That is, until the hammering sound came back. This time, the sound was metallic, as if someone was banging a screwdriver on metal. I almost pissed my pants yet I kept my cool. I already checked the trunk, it has to be the alcohol puppeting my senses. I tried hard to doze off once again.
The next few hours were pretty foggy. About thirty minutes in, we arrived; I paid Jon and got on the earliest coach back to New York. The fucking passengers on the Greyhound had the nerve to look at me in horror and disgust. Probably from my blatant drunkenness. Next thing I remember is waking up in my apartment.
“Oh god…” I gasped as I felt some bile desperately trying to get out through my esophagus. I sat up and a wave of pain forced me back down. I put my hand on my head and felt something wet. I look at my bloodstained hand.
“What the hell?”
I look down towards my bed sheets. Blood. I ran to the bathroom to inspect my body. I was covered in little bloody stars, as if I had been stabbed multiple times by a starry shank. Oh fuck. I reach for my jeans to look at my phone. A tear almost came down my eye as the search for my phone came up dry. Must have slipped out.
“That stupid spycam app! It might actually come to use,” I thought.
I cracked open my laptop and clicked on the application. Searching…Searching…Searching…Ding! The screen was pitch black until the flash came on. I look at the video screen. It looked like a toolbox, but from the inside. I clicked to vibrate the phone to maybe get a different angle. I notice some wires going to either end of the screen. A little bit of black and white in the corner caught my eye. Some rags. Wait. This wasn’t inside of a toolbox; it was inside of that taxi’s trunk! Hell, it must have slipped out when I checked it last night. How the fuck am I going to find this guy in Massachusetts? I moved my cursor towards the “X” in the corner of the screen when something shiny and red came into focus.
A bloody screwdriver.
My star shaped wounds.
It all made crazy sense to me, apparently all the evidence leads to me being in the trunk. But that’s impossible. I was in the back seat, fucking listening to the pounding! How could I have been in both places at once? I don’t know, but alcohol does crazy things to a man. Some people forget things after they drink. Others add five points to the score of every woman in sight.
I, for some reason, remember everything crystal clearly. In fact, I would even go beyond and say that I even have déjà vu sometimes.
Part three is up guys! A Glass of Pinot Noir.
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