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Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, derived from two roots: ayur, which means life, and veda, knowledge. Knowledge arranged systematically with logic becomes science. During the due course of time, Ayurveda became the science of life. It has its root in ancient vedic literature and encompasses our entire life, the body, mind and spirit.

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Steel Bite Pro Reviews - Shocking Consumer Research Details Surface Steel Bite Pro is a supplement that is designed to improve tooth health and potentially eliminate the need for regular dentist visits for repairs. The supplement is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing, but it does provide the nutrients teeth need to fight plaque and prevent cavities.
Oral hygiene has become very talkative lately. This is no surprise given the multitude of studies that have since linked poor oral health to adverse health effects (i.e., risk for heart disease, digestive problems, and poor gut health). Who can forget its direct effects such as tooth cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease and bad breath!
However, longtime researcher Thomas Spear claims to have spent much of his life finding the right combination of ingredients that can improve oral health. In the end, he managed to find what he calls "Steel Bite Pro". According to the broadcast, this supplement can protect teeth from tooth decay, get rid of bad breath, destroy plaque build-up, and provide a complete mouth wash.
The fascinating thing about all of this is that the purported benefits are considered achievable due to a powerful herbal formula made up of 23 natural ingredients. We've put together the comprehensive guide you see and read below so that everyone knows how Steel Bite Pro can make a difference. But first let's look at the intended purpose:
What is Steel Bite Pro? Steel Bite Pro is a dietary supplement consisting of 23 different herbal ingredients. Together, they can help develop healthier gums and developed teeth.
The standing ovation for this supplement is that its formula reflects every possible aspect of bacteria and plaque buildup. In addition, the creators have taken additional measures to prevent such problems from occurring again.
Steel Bite Pro talks about thoroughly eradicating the causes of poor gum and dental health. It is said to have the potential to break down plaque and tartar (which is responsible for wearing down the gums), clear out bacterial colonies in the plaques, strengthen dental crowns, and ultimately build armor around the mouth. With that in mind, let's examine the ingredients that make it possible to perform each of the steps above.
Before the Steel Bite Pro Review delicious item, consumers should know the price of this dental health supplement as there is an appropriate oral hygiene formula to try:

  • A bottle for $ 69
  • Three bottles for $ 177
  • Six bottles for $ 294 ($ 49 each)
Consumers receive free shipping and the formula can be returned for a refund within 60 days if it is not suitable for their needs. To avoid Steel Bite Pro scams, never order from Amazon.com or any other online marketplace as it is very clear to the creator that the only website where the authentic product is purchased is from SteelBitePro.com. Well, to know if Steel Bite Pro is right for you
What ingredients does Steel Bite Pro contain? In order for Steel Bite Pro to improve the health of the mouth, the developers focus on changing the saliva. The entire list of ingredients includes 29 different substances that come from almost all sources. From the Alps to Europe to China, the creators researched all of these substances to break down plaque and soothe inflammation. It also focuses on permanently clearing bacteria.
Overall, the following ingredients are mentioned on the website for Steel Bite Pro:
  • Berberine
  • turmeric
  • Milk thistle
  • Beetroot
  • yarrow
  • dandelion
  • alfalfa
  • Jujube seeds
  • zinc
  • Chicory root
  • Celery seeds
  • Burdock root
  • Yellow dock
  • Grape seed extract
  • ginger
  • Feverfew
  • Methionine
  • L-cysteine
Combining the efforts of these components, Thomas said he noticed the changes occur within about three days. Available online only at SteelBitePro.com, Steel Bite Pro Supplement is one of the most popular leading dental health formulas that work inside out for oral hygiene.
At the time of writing, the team has not yet disclosed how much of each ingredient is present in each Steel Bite Pro presentation. Below is a detailed executive summary detailing the role of all of the herbal ingredients listed in potentially nourishing oral health:
Berberine is a naturally occurring chemical found in plants of the Berberis family. Widely known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, berberine can be useful in strengthening many of our oral pathways.
In a 2012 study, researchers rated berberine alkaloids that are believed to have therapeutic properties. In particular, they wanted to find out whether berberine can have a positive effect on periodontal inflammation. Why Periodontal Inflammation? Because it affects tooth-bearing components and can get worse if infections are present. In terms of the results, it was found that berberine decreased the number of inflammatory cells. Similarly, another 2005 study found that gels infused with berberine helped lower both plaque and gum indexes.
Turmeric, also called Curcuma longa, is an herb that is found in many traditional medicinal practices. To date, it has caught the attention of society for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. In fact, the duo appears to be enough to treat oral health. A 2013 review found turmeric may play an important role in treating periodontal disease and oral cancer. Especially when used as a mouthwash, it has been found to prevent plaque and gingivitis while reducing the number of microbes. The only concern researchers have voiced is turmeric's poor bioavailability. I have to say it is unclear what higher doses of turmeric can do.
Milk thistle
Milk thistle is an herb from the Silybum marianum plant. Although there is very little research available on its full effectiveness on oral health, this ingredient has traditionally been considered an appropriate solution for bleeding gums. According to naturopath Dr. Kane's bleeding gums indicate a lack of vitamin C and / or folic acid, and these are also supposedly ingredients in milk thistle. The developers of Steel Bite Pro also found that it can also help treat damage caused by heavy metals, which makes sense given its rich source of antioxidants.
Yarrow is a flowering plant native to Asia and North America in Europe. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, it has traditionally been used to treat colds, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, and fluctuating menstrual cycles, to name a few. Based on a 2011 compilation of herbs that may benefit dentistry, yarrow has been identified as one that can help promote healing from pain, wounds, and cuts per month. These problems can either be due to surgical intervention or improper cleaning.
It has been documented as the main root part of the beet plant. It's reportedly filled with essential nutrients like iron, vitamin C, manganese, and folic acid. Its contribution to oral health is known for its high levels of nitrates, which are converted into the body as nitric oxide. It is said to help the growth of acid-producing bacteria while reducing acidity in saliva. These two factors alone usually require special care as they can easily trigger plaque build-up and, consequently, tooth decay.
Known by the scientific name "Taraxacum", dandelion is an essential part of traditional Chinese and American medicine. According to the available studies, this particular ingredient can help treat abscesses in the mouth. The NHS defines an abscess, that is, a dental abscess as a group of discharge found in the teeth, gums, or bone that holds the teeth in place. This is a common problem that occurs due to a bacterial infection. If the proper care is not sought, individuals can experience excruciating pain that may force them to take pain medication or remove the affected tooth entirely.
Alfalfa falls into the legume category, but is also valued as an herb. As for its nutrients, it contains such as vitamin K, vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and folic acid, to name a few. Fortunately, alfalfa also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which in the case of oral health is the potential treatment for bacterial infections. Additionally, a 2011 Ayurvedic medicine review concluded that alfalfa may help strengthen gums, reduce plaque, and improve bones.
Jujube is a species of Ziziphus that fits exactly into the sea buckthorn family. This particular fruit is believed to be the powerhouse of antioxidants that can help set the free radical system free and potentially boost immunity. Most of all, it is praised for its rich source of calcium. Therefore, it can be assumed that the bone that supports our teeth will be strengthened. Another benefit of the Steel Bite Pro team is that saliva may be better able to fight off bacteria than it is used as fuel to promote growth.
Zinc is an important resource (element) linked to positive oral health. Based on the results of a 2020 review, the role zinc plays is optimal. In particular, the essential element is thought to be necessary to treat dental plaque-related diseases and oral mucosa. (i.e. the lining of the mouth). A zinc deficiency implies a higher risk of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other related problems.
Chicory root
Chicory root is a plant from the dandelion family. Usually, this particular root is dried, heated and then pulverized to be consumed as a tea or, better still, as an inexpensive alternative to normal coffee. However, the fact is that chicory can potentially prevent Streptococcus mutans from adhering to tooth enamel. These are nothing more than common bacteria that have been linked to tooth decay. Streptococcus mutans are harmful because they convert sucrose to lactic acid, and this creates a highly acidic environment in the mouth.
Celery seeds
Celery seeds are welcomed by many traditional practitioners who care about herbs as medicines. It is made up of many essential minerals like calcium, iron, and even manganese. The benefit of including celery in the oral health regimen is that it produces strong saliva, enough to fight off Streptococcus mutans, while also providing our gums with essential support to stay strong and intact.
Burdock root is a type of vegetable that is normally grown in certain parts of Asia and Europe. Just like the ingredients mentioned above, this has also found its way into natural medicine. A 2014 study assessed claims regarding burdock's antimicrobial activity. The researchers concluded that the most effective concentration was 250 mg / ml, as it reduced not only Streptococcus mutans but also aureus, epidermidis and other related bacteria.
Yellow dock
Yellow Dock is a flowering perennial plant in the Polygonaceae family. What makes this ingredient helpful is that it works similarly to alfalfa. Namely, the yellow dock has been found to be amazing when it comes to strengthening gum tissue, reducing plaque, and improving bones that hold teeth in place.
Grape seed extract
Grape seed extract is obtained from dried and powdered grape seeds. As an antimicrobial agent, it has made waves in the research industry. In particular, a 2019 study published in Bacteriology summarized that it was more effective against gram-positive bacteria than against gram-negative bacteria. The recurring "streptococcus" is considered gram-positive, which can easily harvest in teeth, gums, tongue, etc. Since these bacteria prefer to choose a location and cling to it, they can grow and produce an acidic environment in which to thrive.
Like turmeric, ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent. It contains a chemical called gingerol, which is responsible for its medicinal properties. Usually ginger goes hand-in-hand with turmeric, so it's not surprising to see this in Steel Bite Pro. While its anti-inflammatory property relieves toothache, its antibacterial property prevents plaque and bacteria from building up in the mouth.
Feverfew is a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family. As the name suggests, it has traditionally been used to treat fevers, migraines, abdominal pain, and inflammation in the body. As for the mouth, it is specifically aimed at relieving toothache, but there is very little research into its uses.
Artichoke is the bud of a flower called a thistle. Classified as a vegetable, it is a dominant type thanks to its rich source of antioxidants. In fact, it also contains folic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and K, to name a few. These are a few reasons why artichokes easily combine well with turmeric or yarrow. However, a study conducted by Japanese researchers revealed a new attribute that changed the world of natural dentistry forever. In particular, these people found that the artichoke's active component, cynaropicrin, can help prevent periodontal disease. How? Because they can limit the production of inflammatory particles associated with endotoxins in bacteria. Indeed, increased productions can affect oral bone structures.
Chanca Piedra
Chanca Piedra is known as the "storm of the wind" and is often grown in coastal areas. It was originally thought of only as a means of resolving kidney stones, but soon after it was used to treat diabetes, digestive problems, and malaria. In terms of oral health, a 2014 review reportedly found Chanca Piedra to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity strong enough to kill or prevent microbial growth.
Red raspberry
Red raspberry leaves are home to natural astringent tannins. Because of this, one can expect improved gum health and a decreased likelihood of oral cavities. Aside from their anti-inflammatory properties, tannins can boost healing processes.
When you see the ingredients in Steel Bite Pro described with documented benefits and associations with truly healthy healing properties, and when you know that a single smile can make a person's day, not all smiles are created equal. There are many ways to correct curvatures or lighten a smile, but that doesn't make the area around the mouth healthier. That requires vitamins as well as daily flossing and brushing after meals. By providing the right nutrient balance, consumers can stay away from the drill in the dental office and make sure they are getting what they need. With the use of Steel Bite Pro, this need is a little easier to meet.
Steel Bite Pro was developed by a researcher named Thomas Spear and continues to focus on helping consumers everywhere improve the health of their teeth. While the strain that goes into healthier teeth can seem a little overwhelming, this supplement condenses the remedy into a single capsule. Made in the USA, the formula is easy for everyone to use and can even help consumers who have suffered from their tooth enamel for years.
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डॉक्टर हैरान ,कैसे 1 महीने मे क्रिएटिनिन आया 11 से 2 | Ayurvedic Treatment for High Creatinine Level submitted by AyurvedicUpchar1 to u/AyurvedicUpchar1 [link] [comments]

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CarboFix Supplement Review – Does Carbofix Supplement Really Works To Control Our Metabolism?
Carbofix is a natural supplement created to help fight the root cause of unplanned weight gain.
With the growing number of people suffering from obesity in America, there’s a constant need for weight loss supplements.
Unnecessary weight gain can result in health conditions like cancer, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and more when not curbed on time.
Gaining weight is quite easier than trying to lose it, which is why many people put much effort into losing weight without seeing any result.
What is CarboFix Supplement? CarboFix is a dietary supplement created to activate AMPk in the body. AMPk is an enzyme that boosts metabolism, thereby leading to improved weight loss and energy boost.
Many overweight people have problems losing weight because AMPk has been deactivated in their bodies.
When CarboFix supplement activated AMPk, the rate of metabolism increases, and your cardiovascular health improves.
Using this supplement helps you lose weight without necessarily following a restrictive diet or engaging in strenuous exercises.
When used regularly, the supplement helps you live a longer and healthier life without the storage of excess fat in your body. Your risk of suffering from chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases will also be reduced with this supplement.
CarboFix supplement works for women and men of different ages, and it’s very effective for people above 50 years.
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CarboFix Ingredients The ingredients used in the production of CarboFix supplement are made from pure natural ingredients without any preservative of other chemicals that may be harmful to the body. The ingredients used are:
True Cinnamon
Unlike regular cinnamon, true cinnamon helps in the regulation of AMPk in the body. It prevents the cells from getting filled with fat to help prevent the blocking of AMPk action.
True cinnamon also prevents the storage of excess fat in the body by boosting insulin sensitivity to help keep the blood sugar levels at the healthy limits. It also helps to reduce serum cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Berberine is a common ingredient used for years in American medicine, Ayurvedic, and traditional Chinese.
It is a major AMPk activator that helps to reduce cholesterol and improve glucose tolerance in the body.
It helps to prevent unwanted fat storage by producing fat-regulating hormones in the body. It also reduces belly fat, blood pressure, and BMI.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
This is an antioxidant that is used in many anti-aging supplements and multivitamins. It helps to slow down aging and boost immunity by increasing the glutathione levels in your body. It also increases the metabolism rate by activating AMPk in your skeletal muscles, thereby leading to increased fat burn and improved sensitivity to insulin.
Alpha-lipoic acid helps to also boost the rate of oxidation of fatty acid to help contribute to the reduction of fats in the body. Any supplement that contains alpha-lipoic acid helps to increase the burning of excess fat in the body.
Chromium is a mineral that increases glucose metabolism in the skeletal muscles and the heart by activating AMPk. When this happens, the body will not be able to store sugar as fat. Chromium also reduces cravings, thereby allowing you to suppress your appetite and reduce your food intake rate. It also helps to reduce insulin resistance in the body.
Naringin has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is an AMPk activator that is present in CarboFix supplement. It helps to boost metabolism and helps in the treatment of hypertension and obesity.
When Naringin activates AMPk, your metabolism rate will increase, and there will be increased energy production and the burning of fat in your body.
This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties. A B vitamin helps prevent cellular damage, which is the major cause of many chronic diseases.
Benfotiamine helps reduce inflammation to make it easier for you to lose fat and reduce pain symptoms.
  • It regulates the cholesterol level in the body
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Suppresses hunger to help prevent overeating
  • It activated AMPk to increase metabolism
  • It regulates the blood lipids to healthy levels
  • It helps in weight loss without you engaging in any strenuous workouts or being restricted to a diet.
  • Stops unnecessary gathering of fats in the tissues and cells
  • Increases the general well-being and lifespan of the user
  • Prevents the user from gaining weight again ever after
  • Boosts energy and protect the body against cancer and heart disease.
Cons CarboFix supplement is not recommended for individuals below 18 years old.
You can only purchase the product online.
How Does CarboFix Supplement Work? The supplement works by activating AMP.k in your body, thereby reducing fat accumulation and suppressing your hunger. The six ingredients present in this supplement work together to provide users with great weight loss benefits.
When you eat foods that contain fructans, AMPk will be blocked. Fructans are fructose polymers that are found in vegetables like legumes, broccoli, cabbage e t.c. They’re usually stored in the liver, but the liver can only take a maximum of 50mg fructans while the rest are stored in fat cells. With time, the fat cells grow, and the body releases resistin, a weight loss prevention enzyme.
Since fructans are present in healthy foods, your chances of reducing fat become low as AMPk can be blocked.
Also, there is an increased production of insulin by the fructose in the cells. With this, there will be a rise in blood sugar levels, leading to increased weight gain.
CarboFix supplement helps fix this by activating AMPk and assisting the body to burn more fat and use up the extra ones.
CarboFix supplement also helps you keep feeling fuller and suppress your appetite for a long time after meals. By helping boost your energy, CarboFix enables you to stay longer in exercises that will also help in your weight loss journey.
Benefits of CarboFix CarboFix has numerous benefits. A few of them are:
Reduces Inflammation
CarboFix reduces inflammation to prevent unnecessary weight gain and keeps you from suffering from various health conditions like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.
Increases Your Rate of Metabolism
CarboFix supplement increases your rate of metabolism by activating the enzyme, AMPk. Your rate of burning fat increases with this. By Increasing your metabolism rate, CarboFix also helps to prevent metabolic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and stroke.
Suppresses Hunger
It also helps you to control the rate at which you eat by suppressing your hunger and making it easier for you to stick to a healthy diet.
When your cravings reduce, you will be able to monitor the amount of food you eat and the right food that your body needs for energy. You also get to avoid eating unhealthy foods and snacks that will add more fats to the ones you’re trying to lose.
Boosts Energy
CarboFix supplement helps to boost your energy levels regardless of your daily routine. When this happens, you will find it easier to produce energy from fats that are stored in your body.
Carbofix Supplement Review – Conclusion CarboFix Supplement is created to offer you a very easy way of burning fat without undergoing difficult workouts or limiting yourself to strict diets. It comes with plant extracts that work together to activate AMPk and regulate the rate of metabolism in your body.
By using CarboFix, you will get your desired weight and remain healthy without engaging in exercises of restricting yourself to certain diets. When used correctly, the fats around your hips, blood vessels and stomach will disappear in no time.
The supplement is suitable for all ages, but it works more for people above the age of 40.
With CarboFix supplement, losing weight in a natural way without stress becomes easier. It is one of the safest supplements you’ll ever find in the market, and it’s 60 days money-back guarantee makes it worth every penny.
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Natural Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation is caused by a physical condition, treating the underlying condition should help. Acute Bronchitis. Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunctional Learn about Ayurveda remedies and how they may be used to help treat erectile dysfunctional. Natural Treatments for Delayed Ejaculation, just crush the seeds and mix them with water. Drink this natural treatment 3 times a day before your meal.
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किडनी रोगी इनमे से क्या-क्या खा सकते है ? Foods for Kidney Patients | Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment | submitted by AyurvedicUpchar1 to u/AyurvedicUpchar1 [link] [comments]

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5 Ways to reduce your piles problem Even in today’s growing society, people are reluctant to speak about some piles of problems. Having Piles appears to come under this taboo and the patients with the difficulty are hesitant to speak about their difficulty even with their dear ones. In a time where table jobs are being favored over fieldwork, more and more adults are becoming prone to the disease, simply because of the long times of sitting. The long times of sitting in one place are one of the main causes for the blood to store in pockets in and around the anus. While the difficulty is quite treatable and is not a cause for high concern, one can be very annoying when they suffer from difficulty. The main problems come when the piles swell up and the patient has trouble lying down or keeping a position. To deal with the difficulty here is some advice from piles doctor that you need to follow if you suffer from piles:


  • Arrange Your Position While Defecting: In old times, people used to squat when they moved their stool. Numerous people still defecate in this posture but numerous of the people, suffering from piles, use the sitting position on the throne. When you squat with your knees against your stomach, the inner alignment of the rectum is in the correct place and gives the easy transfer of the stools. Specialists believe that the squatting posture is way more useful in avoiding the spread of the piles.
  • Have A Pillow Under You When You Sit: When it comes to piles, setting plays a vital role in the improvement. People usually prefer the softer seats to the harder ones as they need to avoid the rectal pain and itching that comes along with sitting on a hard chair. You have to make sure that you always hold a pillow under you when you sit if you want to avoid the growth of piles.
  • Keep Your Anus Clean and Dry: When you moisture through your anus, you will have seen that it becomes unbearably itching and difficult. This irritation is aggravated by the increase of piles. Unless necessary, you have to avoid standing or sitting in intense heat and moisture trapping clothing. Always keep clothing that provides the healthy exchange of moisture within and without, and try to keep your anus clean, cool, and dry.
  • Use Pre-Moistened Wipes: Instead of taking the regular toilet paper, always go for pre-moistened wipes. They are less rough and clean the anus more thoroughly than regular toilet paper. They also cool and soothe the pies that might have improved in your anus.
  • Keep Moving About: Standing up is more useful for the improvement of your health than sitting. Exercising daily is even better than standing still. When you can, try to entertain yourself in other activities like dancing, walking, or others that involve moderate-to-extreme activity of the body. While they will provide you with much-needed exercise, they will also help you ease conditions like constipation.
  • Spend Less Time On The Toilet: Screening and sitting for a long time on the toilet is the main reason for the increase of bleeding piles. The blood shows up either in the form of the red color in the water or as stains on the toilet paper that you use to wipe after moving the stools. It is always suggested that you spend as little time as needed on the toilet instead of waiting for the stools to come around.
If you are looking for Piles Treatment in Pune? Dr. Sanjay Babar is a renowned general surgeon and one of the best piles doctors in Pune. He is specialized in treatment for piles, fissure, and fistula. He does a unique combination of Ayurvedic Kshar Sutra Therapy with modern techniques to give the best possible results to patients.
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AIMIL Pharma BGR-34 - Ayurvedic Diabetes Tablet Buy BGR-34 tablet online in India. BGR-34 is the best ayurvedic tablets for diabetes in India. Buy BGR-34 tablet online at lowest price from Aimil Pharmaceuticals Official online store.
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Best Ayurvedic Treatment In Delhi
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Best Ayurvedic Treatment In Delhi
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Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are vascular structures in the anal canal. In their normal state, they are cushions that help with stool control. Find piles doctors in Delhi for ayurvedic treatment and medicines from usma ayurvedic clinic. You can also consult from usma clinic at 8750 800 200, 8750 800 500.
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Ashwagandha, the magical herb, is considered to be nature's gift to mankind. For centuries, Ayurvedic medicine has used it to treat people for their day to day woes such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sleep et al. And with an abundance of antioxidants, iron and amino acids, it's no surprise that Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing. It is classified as a rasayana i.e. rejuvenation in Ayurveda and expected to promote physical and mental health, restore the body and increase longevity. It has been glorified over time for its dual capacity to energise and calm at the same time.
But what exactly is Ashwagandha? The Sanskrit term Ashwagandha translates to "smell of horse", and rightly so. Traditionally, it is believed that a person who consumes this herbal medicine will gain horse-like strength and vitality. It is a small shrub with yellow flowers and a red fruit, native to India, North Africa, and the Middle East. The extract is typically taken from the berries or roots of the plant. It is also referred to as Withania Somnifera (Latin name), Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry.
Dr Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager at Baidyanath says, "Ashwagandha can be taken in the form of powder or tablet. For added benefit, it can also be put in to Kashmiri Kahwa. It has hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties which can prevent and treat a number of diseases. Ashwagandha is popularly used for boosting immunity, anti-ageing, joint pain and insomnia. Due to its active ingredient called withanolides, Ashwagandha is also used as an "adaptogen" to help the body cope with daily stress, as a general tonic and for improving thinking ability. It also improves the brain's memory functions like attention and concentration, hence helping with the symptoms of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. It enables the body to reserve and sustain vital energy throughout the day while promoting sound, peaceful sleep at night." These varied benefits are what makes Ashwagandha a go-to choose in Indian herbal medicine.1. The benefits of Ashwagandha are perfect for those battling stress, as it inhibits high levels of cortisol, 'the stress hormone'. It is in fact used in tranquilizers and antidepressants drugs, since it helps relieve physical and mental stress and overcome depression.

  1. Ashwagandha has a rich history in Ayurveda for its wound healing abilities. Traditionally, fresh leaves were used topically to heal joint pains, skin sores and to reduce swelling.
  2. The results, published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine show that Ashwagandha helps promote relaxation as it is a natural adaptogen.
  3. In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is referred to as *balya*, which means giving strength in conditions like general debility. It is known to improve energy, increase stamina and endurance.
  4. The exotic herb is a promising alternative treatment for a variety of mental degenerative diseases because it has demonstrated an ability to promote the growth of nerve cells, and protect the brain cells from the harmful effects of the environment

  1. Ashwagandha is used as an aphrodisiac as well, since it supports sexual health.
  2. It has been used for centuries as a general body tonic, as it makes you feel stronger and healthier. It is also present in *Chyawanprash*, the delicious and famous concoction stocked up in every Indian household.
  3. In addition to boosting your overall immunity, Ashwagandha also has the potential to be a serious anti-cancer agent as it slows the growth of cancerous tumors.
  4. "Ashwagandha also acts on the endocrine system by encouraging hormone balance", says Dr Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager at Baidyanath. Studies suggest reduction in symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings during menopause.
  5. The rejuvenating properties of Ashwagandha make it very effective in treating insomnia It calms the nervous system, eases stress and gets rid of sleeplessness. Traditionally, it is used as a powder mixed with honey and warm milk for calming vata and regulating your sleep and wake cycles. You can also have a cup of hot milk mixed with 1 teaspoon of powdered Ashwagandha before bedtime.
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