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In response, the Council for Third Age (C3A) has launched a brand new series of live talks on Facebook, titled NSA e-Nuggets Series to keep seniors engaged via the digital platform. The NSA e-Nuggets Series is a series of talks on topics relating to active ageing that include health, fitness, hobbies and technology, available live on C3A’s ... Trump's claim of 'tremendous progress' comes as national security advisor Robert O'Brien tests positive for COVID-19. Robert C. O’Brien, Trump's NSA director, has COVID-19 - Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Following the damage to Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, caused by Hurricane Michael, the Air Force is recommending that Congress use supplemental funding for rebuilding the base to prepare to receive the F-35 Lightning II fighter at the north Florida installation. The Air Force has done a preliminary evaluation to confirm Tyndall AFB can accommodate up to three F-35 ... Casual dating sites can offer a dating free-for-all where people aren’t in a hurry to make a commitment. These singles typically date multiple people at once, but sometimes they attract a regular friend-with-benefits (FWB) or booty call.Such casual relationships can become serious with time, but that’s hardly the goal. Pope Francis beats out Edward Snowden and twerking Miley Cyrus to be named Time's 2013 Person of the Year. Pope Francis takes honor for his transformative changes to the tone of the Catholic ... MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. -- A Site Activation Task Force arrived Dec. 2 to help plan significant growth within the 931st Air Refueling Group. Known as a SATAF, the task force received a total-force welcome that included personal greetings from Col. Edsel A. "Archie" Frye Jr., 931st ARG commander, and Col. James C. Vechery, 22nd Air Refueling Wing commander, the 931st's host unit at ... View the number of confirmed cases COVID-19 in the United States Welcome to the first Innholders’ Covid-19 Newsletter. We all had no idea just a few months ago how enormous the impact of this pandemic would be. I am very sorry that, along with everyone else, we have had to cancel all the regular Innholder events that I was looking forward to enjoying as Master. As I write, it looks like we Beginning on March 17, 2020 access to campus buildings will only be available to essential research staff. We expect that regular access to campus buildings will be limited at least until the end of the local shelter in place order on May 31, 2020. Please be prepared that this period may be extended. Yes. Effective April 21, 2020, UC Berkeley requires that all on-campus essential personnel ... COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Accreditation Information. OCTS is charged with insuring that “the premises and conditions under which the students work and study are sanitary, healthful, and safe according to modern standards.” (IC 22-4.1-21-23 (6)) Please see the OCTS COVID-19 Memo for additional information. Go to OCTS page.

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Moved to Atlanta from India a year ago for work and what a year it has been. I'm 29 years old, 5ft 10" tall, athletic build and very sensual and passionate person. New to the lifestyle but I am a very sexual person and open to explore my sexuality and learn more about myslef in the process. I've been with women for the most part of sexual life till now, that too in committed relationships (I am single now). I've also fooled around with guys who are more feminine, submissive and eager to please. With women I'm more on the giving side and eager to see them moan and cum. But with a sub I like to be the one getting pleased and I love being the dominant one and use someone willing, for my pleasure. I want to explore more of that side. I'd also like to be a voyeur of some passionate love making and get involved if that's agreed by all parties. Found this community recently in my search for avenues to explore my sexuality recently and I feel like I'm in the right place but overwhelmed at the same time as well. Would love to make friends / connection with someone that's experienced in the lifestyle and appreciate if someone can show me the ropes.
If you've read this far you might wonder what does this guy mean by covid safe. I've been pretty much isolating myself since the beginning of pandemic and I always wear a mask before leaving my house. To start with that's minimum required for safety. I also find more of a regular thing with as few people involved as possible. If the vibe is right, I'm okay with it being an exclusive thing between us.
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Cover art | Discord Server | The Library - Home Page
The Story: Once in a lucky lifetime, a gifted scholar might be given a boon in their dreams; a visit to the Library, the magical seat of all human knowledge. But within those walls lives the Librarian, fated to spend every night among the books. And now, the Librarian wants out.
Patreon - Current advance chapters: 3
The sun peeked over the horizon, filling the world with the first, hazy rays of light.
Daniel drove.
His hands tightened around the steering wheel. Stressing wouldn’t help, he knew. He’d get there as soon as he could, and panicking wouldn’t make it come any faster.
Logic didn’t seem to be helping. He was worried.
With his mind in an uproar, every mile seemed to take an eternity, but it was only a few minutes after Maya hung up that he heard the electronic voice of the GPS chime back in. His pulse quickened. Setting his jaw and keeping his eyes fixed on the road, Daniel turned off onto an exit ramp.
Not far now. He forced himself to calm down, to breathe. Get your shit together. This was happening. If he wasn’t going to calm down and get his head in the game, then he might as well get back on the freeway and drive until the road ran out. Screwing this up meant losing everything.
But damn it, he hadn’t wanted it to be like this. Out of all the ways he’d dreamed of meeting Leon in person, out of all the wishes he’d had, it wouldn’t have been like this. Ever.
The sight of the freeway hubbub falling away was a sobering enough sight to bring him back to Earth. His three friends were all college students themselves. The town they lived in was close enough for them to commute to classes, but far enough to be affordable. Even still...there would be a lot of eyes on him if this went badly. Maybe that was good. Or maybe that’d be very, very bad.
Turning down a side street and continuing to drive, Daniel’s mind turned ahead to what came next. Judging from the constant instructions of his GPS, he’d be there any minute now. There was still a good bit of gloom in the sky, but the world around him grew lighter by the second. He’d have to be careful, if he didn’t want to get caught.
Reaching up without taking his eyes off the road, he grabbed for the hood of his coat. He’d probably look a bit weird, driving down the street all hooded, but it’d keep the eyes off his face. For a little while, anyway.
Despite himself, he realized he did feel a little better once the fabric was up, swathing his head. A little more like himself. Chuckling wryly, he nursed the car on, scanning the streets for a landmark. Houses rose up on either side, spaced out by unkept fields and clusters of trees. The strips of woodland crept between the homes, like the homeowners’ final attempt to keep from having to see each other. Not the untamed wilderness, then—but less crammed on top of each other than they could have been.
Close enough. He’d driven far enough, and if he went closer, he’d...He grimaced, a muscle in his jaw pulsing. If he drove ahead, then he’d probably just wind up mired in whatever trap Indira and her cronies were setting. He wouldn’t help Leon by just getting entangled himself.
Slowing, he eased the car onto the shoulder, tucking it off the road far enough it probably wouldn’t get hit. If things went well, he’d be back for it soon.
He really, really hoped that things would go well.
Adrenaline spiked in his veins as he killed the engine and pulled the keys free, as though the silence was the final clue his brain had needed that this was real. That he was here. There was no going back.
Again, almost by force of habit, he tugged at his hood. His fingers pressed over the air in front of his face, searching for a porcelain barrier that simply didn’t exist. The quivering of his fingers grew stronger. He was exposed. More completely than he’d ever expected or wanted.
Daniel shifted, releasing his seat belt before he could devolve back into a total panic. He was doing this. And then…
He’d deal with the aftermath...after.
The pistol slipped free of its holster. He glanced down, checking the safety. Checking to make sure the magazine was seated, that the action had closed. He’d had a lot of hours alone in Alexandria over the years, and he’d had more than enough time to learn how to use a gun. He’d be fine.
If you’re so sure about that, stop repeating it. Shoving the weapon back into its home, he pulled his jacket closed over the top, then eased out of the car.
If he’d thought the silence as he shut the car off was a reminder of the severity of his situation, it was nothing compared to the run that followed. The crisp morning air bit at his face, until he hunched his shoulders high and tucked his chin against his chest. A wind lashed across the rolling hills, tugging at his clothes. Every swish and sway was another reminder that he was here. Outside Alexandria. Moving around in the outside world.
Worse than that, though, was the feeling of eyes on him. He strode forward, trying to seem nonchalant, and picked his way up the road’s shoulder. But with every step he took, he had to fight the urge to glance around. Every instinct in his body screamed to turn, inspecting his surroundings. The whispers in his head screamed louder, filling him with the uncertain terror that if he did that, he’d find someone staring right back at him.
But he couldn’t hear anyone, and when he cast a few surreptitious glances around, he couldn’t see anyone, either. It was still the ass-crack of dawn, and the few cars that drove past seemed completely disinterested in him. It was hard to tell, seeing as they were cars, not people, but none of them so much as slowed.
His GPS beeped. Daniel glanced down, taking in the sight of the dot glowing on the map. His mind whirled. If it was there, and he was here, then-
Looking both ways, he darted across the road, vanishing into one of the half-hearted clusters of trees that dotted the landscape. If he was right, then it’d be one of the houses around here. And that meant he needed to start playing this a little more careful. His steps slowed, moving with deliberation through the underbrush. His ears strained, picking out each and every noise.
Silence. That was all. The worry in his chest loosened, just a little.
Exhaling, Daniel hurried forward, lifting his gaze at last. The houses out this way were spaced out a little better—but in the same breath, they all had that sort of run-down, lived-in look to them that rented houses did. His target, then.
He pushed his way through the low-hanging branches, praying that none of the residents had gotten up early to go to work. If one of them was sitting at their kitchen table, looking out the back window, then seeing a strange hooded man come running out of the forest would be damn sure to get the cops called on him.
Daniel paused, his brow furrowing. Would...Was he an idiot? Would that work? If he called for help, would they-
Before the thought was even fully formed, he snorted, shaking his head derisively. As if. If Indira really was working with mages, then something told him they wouldn’t be caught out by something as simple as mundane police. And the cops would have questions for him, too—questions he couldn’t answer. No, this was on him.
He glanced up again, sliding out of the treeline, and stopped.
The back of the houses waited before him—and his eyes were glued to one in particular. A white number, small but not dirty. The remains of a bonfire waited in a firepit in the backyard, carefully away from their neighbor’s fence.
There. Daniel forced himself to stop, taking a hard look around. If Olivia was right, then Indira would already know Leon’s identity. Had he beat her here?
Knocking on Leon’s front door would be a sure way to give up the game. He’d have to try something else. With a final glance and another murmured prayer, he darted forward.
Windows lined the side of the house. Smaller ones—about the right size for a bedroom, if he was any judge. Maybe, if he peeked in-
Daniel pressed his nose to the glass of the first one, his hands braced on the white-painted siding. A bedroom lay beyond, sure enough. Just...an empty one. The bedsheets lay thrown back, half-ripped off the mattress.
“Shit,” he whispered, sinking lower again. A roommate that’d already left—or was it Leon’s room?
If Leon had already taken off, running around somewhere in town, there’d be no telling where he was. Or when Daniel would find him. What if Indira and them found him first?
Daniel bit off the thought with an irritated hiss, again glancing to the homes around him. He didn’t have time for this. Hurrying away from the window, he fixed his eyes on the next one down.
Slowly, moving carefully, he inched up alongside it, peering through.
He was the Librarian, he thought with a hint of woe. A respected and honorable rank. He was a guardian of knowledge, and the protector of all who entered his domain.
And here he was, peeping into people’s bedrooms like some kind of voyeur. How far he’d fallen.
Any guilt or worries about his current actions vanished behind an electric surge as another bedroom appeared before his eyes—and this time, the bed was occupied.
Daniel’s breath caught in his throat. He froze, his eyes narrowing as he leaned in. Was it-
He...couldn’t tell. Whoever it was, they were swathed in their bedsheets, wrapped up like a burrito. His heart raced. Decision time, yet again. This was the right house. He was...pretty sure this was the right house. And it wasn’t a big house. The other bedroom had been empty. Should he risk it?
But if he was wrong, and this wasn’t Leon, then that whole “calling the cops” business might actually happen—the other way around. He couldn’t afford that.
So what did he do? He squirmed, raising himself up a little taller as though the extra inch would give him the confirmation he needed. Maybe...Maybe he could-
A creak echoed around the block. A door opening on one of the other houses. The sound lanced straight down to Daniel’s core, stirring him awake. If it wasn’t Leon, then he’d just run. He’d figure something else out. But he couldn’t stand here out in the open.
Steeling himself, he brought his hand up—and rapped on the window. “Hey!” he hissed, pressing his lips to the glass. “Hey!”
Again, he froze, in time to hear a snore erupt from the bed.
“Damn it,” he muttered, shifting uncomfortably. “H-Hey! Wake up!”
His knuckles battered the window pane, harder and harder.
The figure shifted, writhing beneath the bedsheets—and rolled over.
Daniel’s heart froze. He knew that face, the one that peeked out from beneath the blankets and the mop of brassy hair. Leon. He’d done it. He’d found him. Now, he just had to-
Leon rolled back over, spread-eagled on the mattress. The steady sound of his snores rose again.
“Shit,” Daniel whispered, his eyes going wide. His hand hovered in front of the window again. He could knock harder, but he’d be as likely to smash the glass as wake his sleeping friend up.
So be it. He...At least he knew it was the right house.
Muttering a curse under his breath, he cast a furtive glance around—and then he slid his fingernails under the crack in the window.
If Leon had locked the window, if he’d been even a little careful, then-
The window slid up with a groan. Daniel grinned. His hands were sweating already, turning his grip slippery and damp. But he had his way, so long as none of the neighbors were watching. If they were...well, the cops might get called yet.
Hoisting himself up, he eased forward, slinging himself inside. “Sorry,” he whispered, wincing as his shoes hit the carpet. “No time.”
They were on a schedule. Right. The thought kept him focused on the target, rather than stopping to consider how fucked-up all of this was or to ogle the room around him. Leon was right there. Once he got him, they could go. Forcing himself forward, he took a step, and-
And tripped headlong, coming crashing back down over a mound of textbooks. He caught himself at the last, his startled cry vanishing into a muffled gurgle.
Shit. Daniel’s head snapped up, just in time to see Leon surge upright. The covers flew from his shoulders, landing in a pile on his lap. The man’s eyes searched the room—and fixed on him.
Shit, shit. Caught in the rush of terror-fueled adrenaline, Daniel could read it all in Leon’s eyes. Confusion. Fear. Panic. Hell, it was understandable. He’d been sleeping peacefully, right up until some asshole showed up in his room to knock over a heap of books.
A heartbeat later, Leon thrust himself backward. “W-What? Who- What are you-”
His hand scrabbled for something on his nightstand. His phone. “Get the fuck out of my-”
“Wait!” Daniel hissed, lurching forward. His arm came up, waving desperately. “Wait, wait. Please. It’s-”
It’s what? What was he going to follow that up with? All of his carefully-laid plans vanished, catching in his throat to choke him.
But Leon had stopped. He had the phone in his hand, halfway raised, but he’d just...stopped. His eyes were glued to Daniel, his brow furrowed. “What? I...who are you?”
“It’s me,” Daniel said, refusing to move so much as an inch. This looked shady enough as-is. He had to play it cool. “It’s-”
“Owl,” Leon said. A light came on in his eyes, even as his head lifted another scant few inches. “Holy shit. You’re-”
“Sorry,” Daniel whispered. “Look. Can you just-”
“What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom?” Leon said, his brow starting to furrow. He clutched the sheets a little tighter, pulling them higher over his t-shirt. “Jesus. Did you stalk me?”
“Look, I- I’m sorry,” Daniel said, falling back a step. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think-”
“A-And then-” Leon’s eyes flicked over to the wall. “Did you break into my house?
“I didn’t break in,” Daniel said lamely. “The- The window was unlocked.”
“Even still. That’s...This isn’t-”
“Leon, we have to go,” Daniel burst out. “Right now. I’m sorry, I know this is weird, but-”
Incredibly weird.”
“But you’re in danger.” The words fell out of him in a rush. Leon came to a stop, blinking. Daniel smiled, not an ounce of joy in the expression. “I wouldn’t have come otherwise. And you didn’t answer your phone.”
“My-” Leon twisted, raising his phone and keying it on. “...Shit.”
“On silent?” Daniel said. He knew they needed to hurry, but even still...he couldn’t help but laugh.
Leon screwed his face up, giving his head a quick shake. “...No,” he mumbled.
So he slept like the dead, then. Hey, Alexandria probably liked that. “All right,” Daniel said, trying to collect himself. He took a step back again, gesturing for Leon to follow. “Come on.”
“...Through the window?” Leon said, glancing between it and him. “Are you serious? I have a door.”
“And they’re probably watching it,” Daniel hissed.
Leon’s face went pale. “What? Who?”
Daniel groaned, running a hand across his face. His hand caught on the stubble there, reminding him just how much he wished he could’ve had time to shave before a meeting like this. Or shower. Or dress himself properly. There were so many things he would’ve changed, if he could.
But he didn’t have the time. For any of it. “It’s a long story,” he said, more quietly. “I’ll explain everything. Look. Do you trust me?”
Leon looked back, locking his blue eyes with Daniel’s brown. For a long moment, they stared at each other, motionless.
Finally, something in his expression seemed to settle, and he nodded. “Yeah,” he said quietly. “I do.”
Daniel forced a smile. “I’ll tell you everything, but we need to…” He sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose. “We need to get James and Maya. I talked to her already, and she- she should be getting at it, but-” Get to the point. “We need to go. Right now. Like, now.” He gestured toward a dresser shoved in the corner. “Pants. C’mon.”
Leon slid from beneath the blankets, rising, but he stumbled toward a heap of clothes in the corner, not the dresser. “Fine,” he mumbled. “Whatever.” He dug through the mound, ostensibly for something to cover the boxers he wore.
Every so often, though, he cast a glance over his shoulder back toward Daniel. Just as quickly, he’d snap back to the clothes, but Daniel wasn’t fooled. He only waited, trying to pretend he didn’t notice. This meeting was awkward enough as it was.
Only when the jingling of Leon’s zipper-pull came to a stop did Daniel lift his head and turn toward the window. “Okay. Come on. We can-”
Something flickered past outside. A wave of...of something. A blurriness, like compressed fog coursing through the air. It vanished, but the space behind it was left hazy and muted.
Daniel froze—and then lurched, gasping. He clutched at his head. His ears rang with a sudden silence, as though someone had put plugs in them. The air came harder, thick in his lungs. From the corner of his vision, he could see Leon clutching at his chest, eyes wide. The whole world went still.
Not good. Even in the quiet of the moment, with his limbs heavy and his senses confused, his thoughts raced ahead at full speed. He didn’t know quite what was happening, but he knew it was not good.
“Come,” he croaked, shambling toward the window. “Come on.”
Before he could so much as grasp the frame, though, a new sound split the silence.
An engine. A car. The noise grew closer and closer, seeming completely unbothered by the odd stillness, until it might have been right in the driveway.
And then the engine turned off, pitching them back into silence.
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Interested in what people here think of this: https://medium.com/@charlieplatts1996/how-tarantino-plays-the-audience-a9ab90647c6 The core thesis is that Tarantino's movies (well, specifically Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood) aren't 'mindless violence' but are commentaries on violence as well, showing the audience will root for bloody violence, while simultaneously condemning the violent actions happening on screen.
The whole thing is here:
The only way I can put into words what Tarantino is doing in Inglourious Basterds is by describing my first time seeing it. Christmas Day 2009: my family’s ‘Christmas Day film’. I didn’t know who Quentin Tarantino was, but I remembered Basterds advertised as a standard Brad Pitt WW2 shoot-em-up (like Fury would be a few years later). Hyperactive teenage me found himself watching a near three hour long movie, made up mostly of dialogue, heavily subtitled, slow-burn pacing with minimal action scenes: I was agitatedly bored and complained to my family throughout. And then the climax came: theatre burning down, audience in chaos, the Basterds bursting in gunning everyone in sight, Nazis on fire, big explosion finale. My uncle turned to me and said, ‘That enough for you?’ Indeed. That’s what I’d been craving.
Which seems to be the exact response Tarantino is looking to illicit. It’s a sort of trick (or trap). Scenes before, Nazi command watched Nation’s Pride, the fictional Nazi propaganda film, Hitler laughing hysterically at every on-screen kill, and we’re right to think he’s deranged, he deserves what’s coming to him. But minutes later the whole thing is flipped. We’re shown our own propagandist wish fulfilment (the Basterds represent amped-up American bravado). The Jews get their bloody revenge, offing Hitler themselves, denying him his ‘coward’s way out’. But this doesn’t change the fact we’re sat watching, and getting a thrill off of, a scene showing a cinema-full of people being gunned and burned to death. Tarantino has said he swapped the costumes of some of the extras playing Germans stuck in the cinema into everyday modern American clothes. Anyone taking this scene too seriously, as a triumphant ‘win’, is cheering for their side being killed too.
Since the ’90s — specifically: since the six year hiatus that bridged Jackie Brown and Kill Bill — Tarantino has played up to his reputation as maker of violent films. Which makes it easy to forget that the ’90s movies weren’t that violent. Most of the violent stuff happens off-screen: in Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde’s killing spree is a non-scene the movie circles around; the camera pans away from him cutting off the cop’s ear. (You’ll see more blood in the average action movie.) Tarantino once said to an interviewer, ‘You don’t go to a Metallica concert and ask them to turn the music down.’ And he’s been very happy to turn the music, in this case the violence, up in his films. Here, have as much as you want!
Online I’ve seen the case made that Basterds’ ending is Tarantino subliminally telling his audience he hates them. Or that they’re as bad as the Nazis, caught up in a hedonic voyeurism by the violent perversions on screen. Both unlikely given Tarantino’s love of violent films. Tarantino’s choice of villains is crucial — Nazis, slave-owners, the Manson family. WW2 is the simplest Good vs Evil narrative of the secular world. No wonder it’s constantly used as background fodder for action movies. We laugh at Hitler’s face being mulched up by bullets — it’s a funny image, and it’s Hitler after all, it’s not like you feel bad for the guy — but we’re still laughing the same way he did a few scenes earlier: laughing at violence because we’re inside a (cultural) narrative that justifies this particular violence. The use of such recognisable, and unquestionable, villains is it means we hardly stop to think about the violence being enacted on them.
Basterds certainly isn’t a ‘message movie’ but there’s more than the details of the plot going on here. (I think) Tarantino’s point is it’s not wrong to enjoy violent movies, but it is wrong to support the violence, to think these movies are more than just entertainment. It’s when that line is crossed that something morphs from entertainment to propaganda, and the audience is complicit in it.
(Tarantino loves to play a ‘switcheroo’ on the audience. E.g. the anti-climax of Kill Bill vol 2 following 1’s hyperviolence. His least interesting films are those that indulge in violence without also acting as a commentary on it; see: Django Unchained.)
Tarantino repeats this even more blatantly in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. In scenes placed sporadically throughout the film, and mostly separate from the main Dalton-Booth storyline, we follow Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), scenes showing her getting on with life and enjoying herself. On first viewing these scenes can’t help but stand as omens reminding us of what is coming.
Besides the last scene, and a brutal beating earlier at the Manson Family ranch, there isn’t much violence. It’s a buddy movie, a love letter to filmmaking and Old Hollywood, the most carefully paced Tarantino film since Jackie Brown.
When Hollywood’s premise was first revealed many fans guessed Tate would be the one to kill the Manson Family members who killed her in real life — continuing the trend of historical characters or groups getting their fictional revenge, like in Basterds and Django. But in the film the real timeline is diverted when members of the Family decide they will kill Dalton, and whoever else is in his house, instead, having come to the realisation that their generation is so fucked up and violent because of actors like Dalton glorifying violence on TV and making it look cool.
The final stretch of the film begins with a TV presenter saying (to no one in particular, and so to us), ‘And now, what you’ve been waiting for.’ Which is of course a violent finale. And Tarantino delivers. This last scene, with an acid-tripping Brad Pitt and (crucially) his pet pit bull, is among the best scenes of cinema violence ever. It’s pure unadulterated fun. Dalton finishes things off with a flamethrower from one of his movies, aligning fiction and reality. The movie was a WW2 flick where Dalton burns a room full of Nazis: the clip of it we see earlier brings Basterds to mind, making Dalton, the actor warned about being typecast in violent, villainous roles, a stand-in for Tarantino, for whom the violence of his movies has always overshadowed everything else. But it’s not Dalton who’s the villain for playing violent characters on screen, it’s the Mansons for taking them too damn seriously. In both Basterds and Hollywood the people who take the movies too seriously are killed violently. Fictional violence ‘defeating’ the real violence.
Afterwards, Dalton goes round to meet Sharon and her guests. The title comes on screen, a big What if? — Tarantino has given us another image of filmic wish fulfilment. It’s a twisted fantasy, sure, but certainly better than the reality. It’s a happy alternate reality where Tate gets to live and have her child and keep making movies. Of course it can’t help being bittersweet, because it underlines what unalterably happened. Some critics and viewers criticised the film for using Tate merely as a plot device; she has few lines of dialogue throughout, making her seem like little but a tease for the ending. But then Tarantino doesn’t even give her her bloody revenge. He has her go to parties, go to the cinema and watch her own movie with a cheering audience, dance round the house. Even if it’s just fantasy, we’re here for fantasy anyway so here’s a nice one. But Tarantino gives us the gorefest too — because he knows us, knows we’re all too bloodthirsty and jaded and ADD to accept a movie just about an innocent woman getting to enjoy her life; and he was right, most people ignore that part of the film entirely, or think it’s pointless or unneeded, filler on the way to the good stuff, and he puts the two side by side to prove it.
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Hi there,
I'm a lurker, wannabee and general voyeur of woodworking. Been lurking around here for a few years.
I'm going to be buying a new house next year, and it's likely we'll have a bit of a doer-upper. One big thing I keep finding in properties we have our eye on is the idea of creating built in shelves, or wardrobes et cetera.
My woodworking experience is minimal at best. I did a GCSE & A-Level in resistant materials (that's what we study aged 14-18 in the UK) and made a bunch of things. Bedside table, rabbit hutch, all very basic. Since that I've done nothing except put up a few shelves around our rented house and build a veg bed.
I'm pretty good with visualisation and creativity though. I make my own clothing. I'm a stickler for measurements and perfection and thinking through how things fit together to get the result. I'm detail oriented.
My question is... what can I do as projects between now and the possibility of buying my house in 1 year's time to prep me for taking on bigger projects? I'm never going to be able to build find handcrafted furniture, I get that. But doing something like framing a built-in shelf or wardrobe. Or fitting a cupboard.
My first plan when we do actually buy was to build a bench. Right now I don't have any space for anything big so need ideas that can be done basically in my kitchen.
Where on earth do I start? Woodworking is something I've found fascinating for so many years but it's a scary place to know where to begin.
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I’m absolutely fuming right now. I was just lying on my side in my bed (wearing shorts and a t shirt) facing outside the window playing on my computer. My bed is pushed up against the window and my room is on the second story of a house which is situated right on the road where a decent amount of cars pass by. I look outside the window as I’m lying down and see this man driving slowly past my window with his phone out pointed at my window, presumably recording me lying on my side. I know I can be semi-seen from the window, but people are usually too busy driving or walking to really look up and see me. I feel so disgusted, why the fuck is a man recording me in my own house? I know there are some creepy dudes out there who get off on voyeurism, but bro WTF!! I could’ve been a 14 year old girl for all he knows, god I wish I could snatch his phone and smash it on the concrete, I feel so uncomfortable and violated. It reminds me of the time I was getting out of the water on an Indonesian beach and some weird tourist man came close to me and started recording me in my bathers. I felt absolutely embarrassed and horrified.
Ladies, do you have any experiences with men filming or taking photos of you in this manner? How did you respond and process it all? Feeling very violated right now :( Really losing all hope in the male population right now. Let me know!
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2020.10.09 18:51 JunkyGS Hd house voyeur

Background Hello! For those that don't know I have written and posted about Janet Jackson on Popheads for over 3 years at this point. This includes anniversary posts for her albums, eras and overall detailing her impact as an under rated legend. She is the only artist I stan and is my favorite artist in all of music. As the go-to-Janet Jackson stan / resource to the community I have been often asked throughout the years "what are your favorite Janet songs / what songs should I check out if I am new to Janet". The task of picking out my favorite Janet Jackson songs always seemed incredibly daunting. This is a woman who has released 11 albums which includes over 300 songs which are all fantastic and important to me for one reason or another.
There is also the additional context of studying the eras, her interviews, her history and everything related to those songs over the years; WHICH brings me to this point that my favorites are always changing and very hard to nail down.
Until now.
Below you will find what are in my opinion the best 50 songs released by Janet Jackson. The first question you might have is how did a decide to rank these songs which is a great question. I ended up combining a lot of factors of varying importance into crazy equation into how I ranked these songs.
Now to state the obvious that this ranking is obviously going to be biased based off my tastes and lived experiences; however those are only two factors among a sea of many including cultural / musical impact, intent of the song, how it compares to similar ones in her discography, how they have aged, the context and societal standards of the time in which they were released, production, lyricism, Janet's involvement in the song and critical reception or lack there of at the time.
This list shouldn't be viewed as fact or invalidate your personal rankings; rather a list which can be the launching point for future Janet fans, bring awareness to songs even the casual or hardcore Janet Jackson fan might now know and overall use my years of Jan Fam stan hood to give you an informed opinion.
I can't wait to discuss any or all of this list with anybody that wants to after spending literal days deciding this list by listening to so much Janet and then writing something for every track (while trying to not make it over whelming by writing too much!!), now without further ado.... the list! I tried to keep the writings short for songs #50 - #21, write more for #20-#11 and then write the most for #10 - #1 and in the wise words of music's busiest nerd "Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?".
The List 50) Come On Get Up
An airy feel good and fun turn of the millennium bop that is a perfect fit on a playlist for any sort of celebration.
49) Island Life
The perfect song for a vacation getaway with a lover or to imagine a time post covid when we can travel to islands again.
48) No Sleep
The comeback single after an over ½ a decade wait has the “Queen of Insomnia” reminding us nobody croons a sexy R&B slow jam quite like Janet.
47) Because of Love
The single that is considered one of the final hits of the new jack swing era and what a hit to end the era with. Janet embodies infatuation and all the changes loving her partner has had on her.
46) Dream Maker / Euphoria
Janet imagines and manifests through talking to a higher power how she can make the world a better place on this mid-tempo jam featuring older soul infused production in a modern way.
45) R&B Junkie
In this retro up tempo bop Janet throws it back to the 80’s dance club scene and takes us all along with her on the ride.
44) Control
The song that kicked off one of the most iconic careers in music history and established Janet has a woman with full autonomy over her career.
43) My Need
In this mid-tempo song featuring hip-hop production is about Janet discussing her unbridled lust for her lover.
42) Black Cat
On this self-written and co-produced rock jam Janet proved to many people her artistry and foreshadowed her future adventures into many kinds of genres and sounds.
41) Trust a Try
In one of the most experimental songs of Janet’s discography she spits venom at a cheating ex over production that combines hard rock, classical music, dance, pop, hip-hop.
40) Someone to Call My Lover (So So Def Remix)
Janet daydreams about the perfect man over this sweet bop. This remix adds infectious production that you can’t help to rock and bounce to.
39) All Nite (Don’t Stop)
In this electro-funk dance bop Janet commands the club and gets everybody hyped to dance in one of biggest “hits that got away” in her career due to the blacklisting.
38) Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) [with Carly Simon]
While interpolating the classic Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain” Janet calls out everybody in her life that have tried to take advantage of her.
37) So Much Betta
Now this is where my taste really comes into play with this pick because it is a song ignored by Janet and the JanFam for most of her career until she decided to say GAY RIGHTS by doing a melody of it with Throb at her residency. This song to me is one of the best shameless electro slut bops that is just so infectious and fun.
36) Night
Janet skates across this modern house production to deliver in her classic breathy vocals a hopeful bop.
35) All for You
In one of the biggest hits of her career Janet delivers turn of the millennium dance pop gold with a bright and optimistic dedication to a lover.
34) Feedback (So So Def Remix feat. Busta Rhymes, Ciara & Fabolous)
By keeping the highlights of the original (chorus, bridge and pre chorus) and replacing the… questionable verses with fantastic guests Janet delivers one of the best electro-pop songs of her career.
33) Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
In some of the most gorgeous production of Janet’s career she reminisces with a lover about their relationship and a future glimpse into future sex jams.
32) Doesn’t Really Matter
In this slick and fresh sounding bop Jackson coos about ignoring everybody’s opinion of her lover and features an absolutely euphoric key change.
31) Free Xone
In this funky electro jam Janet speaks out about homophobia and how we need to fight for a world free of intolerance.
30) Runaway
This song made Janet the first female artist in Billboard history to debut in the Top Ten of the Hot 100 and it is easy to see why. This beautiful poppy hip-hop song with influences from African and Asian music Janet coos about runing away (what gave it away) with a lover.
29) Unbreakable
Janet reflects and thanks her fans for their unconditional pure love for helping her see through the hardest times in her life over this old school R&B jam. She walks the careful line of being genuine without pandering.
28) Velvet Rope
Janet outlines the premise of her album of the same name by speaking about how everybody has a emotional barricade (velvet rope) that prevents us from sharing with others our most personal thoughts and how Janet feels empowered to let people into her velvet rope.
27) Shoulda Known Better
Janet reflects on the rhythm nation era with all knowledge she has gained since she was “the poster child for being naïve”. She confronts that the same issues she thought she could change at the time are still around and about how she knows now different ways to tackle these issues instead of thinking she could just change the world herself.
26) Put Your Hands On
On this Japanese exclusive track for Damita Jo Janet encourages her lover to give into their fantasies and give into their body’s sensations over a mid-tempo house beat. Janet is commanding and completely in charge of her sexuality in this often looked over gem in her discography.
25) I Want You
Written by (unknown at the time) John Legend and produced by new comer Kanye West, Janet is passionate about her desire to make her lover “have her way with her” over a throwback doo-wop Motown mid-tempo beat.
24) Enjoy
One of Janet’s best deep cuts on of her most under rated albums (even by me for a long time as I ventured through my Janet stanhood journey). This song is so simple but incredibly effective at capturing a light hearted blissful feeling of living in the moment without regrets.
23) SloLove
In the most under rated bop of her career, Janet sings over an infectious deep house beat influenced dance song with elements of Jazz about everything Janet wants to do with a lover.
22) Rhythm Nation
This was born from the concept of Janet wanting to help create a world filled with people inspired to fight for social change & unity, specifically wanting to reach kids by having a song they could dance to. The song's production is funky and industrial, along with lyrical content speaking as a call to arms to help fight against the worsening of society. It received universal critical acclaim with one reviewer writing, "the beats on this song are probably the most powerful ever to be heard in the history of mankind". It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and reached the Top 20 in many countries across the globe. It won Most Played Song at the BMI Pop Awards.
21) Days Go By
Over beautiful and whimsical production Janet perfectly captures the feelings of longing for a lover when you are away from them. It takes anybody back to the infatuation / honeymoon phases of their relationship. It baffles me how this song is a Japanese exclusive track for 20 Y.O. and is not on the main tracklist.
20) Broken Hearts Heal
This absolute tear jerker is about Janet reflecting on her relationship with her brother Michael, their childhood and the grief she had to deal with after his passing. In typical Janet form she allows a song addressing something sad sound upbeat and hopeful, like many of the gems in her discography. Jimmy Jam later explained in an interview, "Janet really had never addressed anything about her brother Michael dying. And if you know Janet and you’re a fan of hers, you know that she doesn’t speak a lot, but anything you wanna know about her and how she’s feeling always are in the records. If you listen to the records, she tells you exactly how she’s feeling. So this was her opportunity to talk about his memory, but to do it in a kind of a celebratory way. And the way the song lays out for us, it was just a matter of starting off very simple about her reminiscing about them together as kids and the things that happened and the way that she remembered— ‘cause we remember Michael as superstar Michael. For her? That’s her brother. She grew up with him. So we started the song like that."
19) You Need Me
In this rare b-side of Miss You Much, Janet sings in my opinion the most personal song of her entire career. It is a scathing detail of how negligent and abusive her father has been to her and the family growing up, along with how Janet had to step up as a child because of “all the childhood I missed out on and the love I never had”. Janet pleads with her father to swallow his pride and admit that how now that she is successful and he is older “the tables have turned, now you need me”. This is an anthem for anybody with a complicated childhood or who has a complicated relationship with their parents.
18) Empty
This is all about Janet’s thoughts on the emptiness people who only connect with others on through the internet must feel. Janet said when asked about this song, “"I like computers and use them to write and communicate with people all over the world. I believe computers are capable of tremendous good. But I also think about people whose only connection to other people is through a computer. I wonder what kind of reality that creates, and what kind of romantic frustrations it produces. After the machine is turned off and the electronic glow fades away, I wonder if you feel empty…” The song is very timely and incredibly relevant over 20 years later especially in this times of quarantining during COVID!!
17) That’s the Way Love Goes
This song was an instant classic the moment it came out. Janet fused together elements of pop, R&B, funk, soul, and hip hop to create this slow jam. It is the longest running number one single of any member in the Jackson family on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Janet sensually coos about the effect she will have on her lover and how it goes when with her.
16) State of the World
One of my personal favorites off of the RN album and what would later be the name of Janet's 2017 & 2018 tour due to it sadly being still so relevant 30 years later. It was the 8th single off of the album, but was not released commercially in the US making it not eligible to chart on the Hot 100 due to the rules at the time. Despite that and having no music video to promote it, it still reached number 5 on the Billboard's Hot 100 Airplay Chart. This song tries to hold a mirror to society about the issues people were facing such as homelessness, prostitution, drugs impacting black communities, people not having food to eat, kids not feeling safe to go out and play anymore, bullying in schools; with Janet trying to offer hope later in the song and asking the listener to "weather the storm together".
15) Throb
Now this song is no lyrical master piece and might raise some eyebrows on how high it is placed but this song holds a special place in my queer heart. The first time I heard it I immediately felt safe, seen and still sounds great over 20 years later. The production is a mix of deep house and acid house with this brilliant bass line that will get anybody out of their seat. It is structure-less but still manages to deliver an experience.
14) Any Time, Any Place (Jam & Lewis Remix)
A classic R&B ballad and staple in hiphop thanks to being the prominent sample on Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit “Poetic Justice”. Janet details the lust and dirty thoughts she has for this person when they go out in public together. It is the anthem for expeditionists! On this remix Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis somehow manage to find a way to make this song even more sensual, trim a lot of the fat and deliver the definite listening experience for this classic.
13) Nasty
In this absolute classic bop Janet details an encounter she had with a couple guys who were cat calling and harassing her. She totally owns and delivers the disgust she has for these men. When she returned to the studio after this encounter she told Jimmy and Terry “Those guys were saying nasty things to me, I don’t like nasty boys”, to which Jimmy and Terry replied “Ok! So let’s write about it.” With the instantly iconic line “No, my first name ain't baby - It's Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty” Janet empowered millions of women to feel confident in owning their sexuality and who they are.
12) I Get Lonely (TNT Remix feat. Blackstreet)
Janet really plays to her strengths as a vocalist & artist by making a timeless R&B ballad that addresses her desire to have an ex-lover back and dreaming about what it would be like to have them back. This remix adds incredible backing vocals from Blackstreet and adds more hip-hop flare (curtesy of Timbaland) to it that takes it to another level.
11) What Have You Done For Me Lately (Grammy Awards ’87)
There was a ton riding on this performance and a lot to prove. The narratives were she is just Mike’s little sister, she is over hyped and overall a lot of doubt from critics. In this version Janet, Jimmy and Terry add incredible live instrumentals that make this song even more commanding and weighty. Janet completely owns the attitude of the son, interlopes her own song Nasty’s beat, adds a slow section and then completely picks it up again. The performance and production is an absolute master class of Janet’s artistry as a performer and musician. Janet crushed any doubters of who is “in control”.
10) Love 2 Love
In my opinion this song is the best deep cut of her career and the best sex / slow jam song of her career which is filled with many legendary ones. The beat is perfectly dramatic and suspenseful. Janet’s vocals are perfectly breathy and powerful. She details how her lover is giving her the most satisfying sex of her life and how nothing get she higher then loving this person and them loving her back. This is a victory lap from a master of creating baby making music.
9) Got ‘Til It’s Gone
In an incredibly rare move Joni Mitchell approved her song being sampled by Janet after she reached out to Joni about her being such a huge fan, the impact her music had on Janet & playing the song for her. It was the first single off the record with production that took parts of pop, hip-hop and R&B to make this infectious beat. It is about the regrets Janet has about the one who got away and not taking for granted anything she has in her life, including the good and bad things.
8) Go Deep (Vocal Deep Disco Dub)
In this groovy funky R&B track it talks about Janet’s desire to just go to club, pick up a man and bring him home because she is feeling herself tonight. When asked about this song Janet said, “Dancing is therapy, I love writing and singing songs that make you move, lift your mood and take you out of yourself. There are times when I call up my friends and say, `Hey, we gotta go dancing tonight.' (We Go Deep) is about getting ready, getting down and tripping out on pure fun”. It takes a lot for a song to keep my interest, especially when they are over 8 minutes long but this remix accomplishes the rare feat of feeling like it ends too soon. It picks up the pace, adds more instruments and overall makes it into an infectious club bop. It is easy to see why Janet included this as one of the few remixes on the deluxe edition of The Velvet Rope.
7) What About
This song is all about the pent up rage Janet had about previous romantic relationships gone wrong and finally addressing the anger they caused. It starts off beautifully representing the good times and then EXPLODES into this cathartic chorus calling out how her partner cheated on her and was emotionally & physically abusive to her. Janet explains: "We all have relationships somewhere in our past where we were wronged-deeply wounded-and didn't have the guts to face the issue. We were scared to confront the person who did the hurting. We stuffed the pain. Well, if we're going to get on with our lives, the pain has to faced. And the result can be explosive anger."
6) Love Will Never Do (Without You)
The seventh single off of the album. It was written by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, with production by them and Janet Jackson. It was one of the first songs recorded for the album and was intended to be a duet with either Prince, Johnny Gill or Ralph Tresvant. Janet recorded the first verse in a lower octave as a place holder and then went an octave higher on the second verse to hear what a male would sound on the song, but they ultimately just kept it in. The song is about dedication to making her relationship work with somebody, despite her friends not thinking it could work or last. The song went #1 on the Billboard Hot #1 and was the #1 song on the Airplay Hot 100 for 7 consecutive weeks making it the longest-running airplay number one single at the time.
5) Miss You Much
This song was written by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis; along with production done by them and Janet. The song was inspired by a letter written to Jimmy Jam from one of his ex-girlfriends who signed it with "Miss You Much". The song details the pain, desperation and mixed feelings somebody has when they reflect on an old lover. It truly is a shameless attempt to try and win somebody back. Janet's vocals soar over the funky hard hitting production and really sells the lyrics of the song. In my opinion it is one of Janet's biggest ear worms! This song was Number #1 on the Hot 100 for 4 consecutive weeks (making it the longest running #1 single of 1989), along with reaching #1 on the Dance Club Songs chart & Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song was the 2nd best-selling single of the entire year and was the biggest radio hit of the year. It sold over 4 million copies worldwide, along with being certified Platinum in the US. (Janet is infamous for never updating her certifications but that is a story for another time...). Miss You Much received 2 Grammy Nominations, won a Billboard Award for the Top Hot 100 Single of the Year and won 2 American Music Awards.
4) You
This track is this ferocious groovy electronic dance song about all of us having to confront the fictitious versions of our lives. When discussing the song Janet said, “Those versions need to be challenged, because ultimately we have to take responsibility for ourselves-where we've been and where we're going”. Janet melts the listeners face with this deep voice that we have not heard up until this point, to really add anger & power to what she is singing. She fearlessly scrutinizes herself telling us (and herself), “You can’t hide from you… You gotta mean what you say You gotta say what you mean Tryin to please everyone Sacrifice your own needs Check in the mirror my friend No lies will be told then Pointin the finger again You can't blame nobody but you” This proves to us once we have entered Janet’s velvet rope she is not holding back, she bravely takes accountability for being the only one in control of your life & your own happiness which is incredibly personal, but manages to have a universal message we can all apply to ourselves.
3) If
Omg where to even start to talk with this song. The production that masterfully somehow combines new jack swing, industrial, dance pop, hip hop, rock and R&B to create something so innovative and progressive? Janet’s incredible vocal delivery over incredibly hard melodies? The iconic breakdown and choreography? The unapologetical interest in voyeurism Janet expresses in the song’s lyrics? How a 2007 study declared the music video for this song “influence(d) a higher degree of sexual freedom among young women” and how it was responsible for influencing the surge in the 90s of women aged 18-24 who said they had received oral sex from a man? The legacy and impact it had on generations of future pop stars and music videos as a whole? It was and still is an absolute trail blazing song that truly was a cultural reset.
2) New Agenda
To the casual fan it might surprise them the song that best tackled social justice is not even on the Rhythm Nation 1814 album, but the album that followed after it janet. On this track Janet created a black feminist anthem that has stood the test of time and is incredibly relevant to today. The production is urgent sounding, has beautiful instrumentals and is among my favorites of any song in her entire career. Janet details how black people have their history hidden from themselves, how systemic racism tries to rob black people of their humanity, how she heard no too many times because of her race and gender, how she learned to “stand tall with pride [as an African-American woman]” and featured the rapper Chuck D which was incredibly rare at the time and one of the earliest instances of a pop star featuring a rapper on their song. Janet ends with a rallying cry of “wanting black people to rejoice because it is our time after all that we have been through” to create a new agenda that works for and empowers them.
1) Together Again (Radio Edit)
Originally made as a ballad about the friends she has had that died due to AIDS, Janet decided to make this song more up-tempo. Janet said this when asked about the song, “I don't believe in the finality of death. I wanted to write about friends who have died of AIDS, but without being mournful or sad. I wanted to celebrate their spirit. I'm pleased that Together Again is just that-a celebration, a confirmation that the energy of love will never die”. Janet had to fight incredibly hard against her label to feature this song on the album because they didn’t think it was good idea & too risky of a concept. The song features incredibly production that really captures the sound of celebrating the life of a loved one. It has this perfect balance of sweetness that heals your hurt, but still gives you a lump in your throat. It is my number one song because it encapsulates everything I love and admire about Janet Jackson; fearless forward thinker, risk taker, her deep caring for people, ability to flawlessly create a catchy & danceable song and make people feel comforted & understood through her art.
Playlist I have created a Spotify Playlist for the 46/50 songs available on streaming and provided clickable youtube links above in The List to the 4 songs not on streaming.
Further Reading You can find and read all my Janet Jackson write ups here <3 which include:

Thanks Thank you to Popheads for being a constant source of motivation and home for me to share my passion for writing and discussing Janet Jackson. It means the world anybody reads what I write, engages with it and even sometimes learn something <3. Special thanks to joshually and mylps9 for lighting the fire under my ass to actually follow through on doing this.
This is the most time I have ever spent on any of writings due the days worth of prep to form the list; surpassing my proudest writing project the breakdown of the entire Rhythm Nation 1814 era for it's 30th anniversary.
Hope you enjoyed and can't wait to read your thoughts <3
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2020.10.05 18:57 princehimiko Voyeur house hd

You all might be tired of these posts, but this is the only community I know of that might understand how I'm feeling. All of my friends are people who only engage in traditional monogamous relationships. And if anyone would rather talk in dms or discord, I'm open that. Sorry in advance for the wall of text.
Recently my partner (M26) and I (F26) have been discussing various ways to engage with people outside of our relationship-- it began with discussing scenarios we could try with separate people together (so activities we would all do together like threesomes or cuckholding, etc.)
But then as these discussions went on, we've hit a point where we've been discussing opening our relationship-- neither of us are straight and have been wanting to experiment with genders that we've never gotten to before in order to feel more secure with our sexuality. Neither of us want to split up and we've worked very hard on our relationship (going on 3 years now). And for me personally-- I recognize that I've been suppressing a large portion of my sexuality up until now. Obviously I found out that I'm not straight. I'm also into voyeurism. Heavily.
But I recognize that there are a lot of mental obstacles that have come in between me and even trying to accept this part of myself and are now rearing their heads as we attempt this. I am in therapy and am talking about it with my therapist, and I believe I've had very negative experiences regarding anything having to do with nonmonogamy that trigger me throughout this (legitimate cheating, partners having people over and doing things on my bed, etc).
What we've tried:
We have tried taking things slow and have limited our interactions to text flirting and online play only first. We're also relatively anonymous on the internet. We also created a set of boundaries of us to go by, stuff like asking people to be respectful of the primary relationship, we were only available for sex and friendship (neither of us are really interested in dating more people), etc. We had several days of discussions, not all of them easy, and I thought by the end of it we came to a plan that felt like it would work and I felt pretty good about it.
Then a situation happened recently where I just got freaked out. Essentially I thought something was happening in real time in the other room (heard things) and got in a really bad headspace. During it, I knew that if something was happening it was online, and it was something we had planned, discussed, and consented to. (BTW this isn't a situation that would have been meant for me to join in-- just my partner and another person)
But I still felt really bad and fearful and I didn't know why. I think it had something to do with the fact that I thought I knew it was happening right then (nothing was actually happening, as it turned out, so that made me feel even worse afterwards), and it took me back to a bad place I had been where I had previously been with a partner who had brought a girl in and they were messing around on my bed. During that past memory, I was in the other room feeling trapped in the apartment while it was happening and I had a panic attack and eventually left the apartment to couch surf at my friends' houses until I felt comfortable coming home.
My current partner would never do something like that, but it's like my logic says one thing and my emotional side goes another. Like I just... cry and get anxious on instinct.
I told him about this, and understandably, he was very hurt. Because first, nothing was actually happening. Secondly, because he hadn't even done anything, it made him feel like he had done something wrong without even attempting anything. And because it had upset me, it felt like to him that I didn't trust him and has left us in limbo over whether or not we can do this. Which is another issue because since we've both figured out this part of ourselves, in a way, it feels like we can't go back. But I don't want to go about this in a way where he feels like he's walking on eggshells.

I was wondering if there are others who have had difficulty adjusting to this lifestyle. I feel like our attempt at doing this was very small-- and I felt ill equipped to deal with any negative feelings/reactions in the moment. I don't know any coping mechanisms if there are any for this.
I feel like I've got a lifetime of societal teachings to let go of and also past personal pain as well. I was wondering if there was anyone on here who has been successful in dealing with these things and was still able to pursue the things they wanted. Or if anyone has some insight into how this is actually done-- the few people I know who have done things like this were already very very secure in sharing their relationships, and so it's hard for me to relate.
I understand I could just give up and quit-- but when I think of doing that I feel so horrible, like I'm just continuing the cycle of suppressing myself and holding myself from a version of me that I'd really want. But right now I feel like I've been spoiled/ruined by my bad experiences, and I don't want to hurt my partner when he's been so supportive and reassuring to me throughout this.

TLDR: Tried slowly opening up the relationship. Hit a bad point. Wanting to know if there's a better way to do this/hope for people who have bad relationships in the past.

Also adding: I did buy some books recommended on a few of these thread-- the Ethical Slut and Opening up and they should be here soon. I'm hoping they can help.
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2020.09.23 09:22 Wizamp Voyeur house hd

I'll do a write-up later for this month but after 8+ years, I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The oldest game in my backlog, my ever present white stag, Moby Dick, the one that lingered but never slain. Until today. Can finally move on to other Wii games, and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not the longest or toughest, but the most important one in my eyes, the holy grail. Everything from now to the end of the year is just a victory lap in comparison.
Renowned Explorers, nice tactical strategy game with it's own flair. Love the graphics and overall look, the different expeditions and how it tells you what to expect so you can see if your crew can match up to the challenges. But sometimes what your team is good at wouldn't work for any of the expeditions, or will get crushed by a difficulty spike. Challenges where your team has none of the skills required to pass it, or at the whims of the fickle RNG nature of challenges. Skills boost your chances, but it's a spin of the wheel if you succeed or not. I did enjoy it, but the randomness of encounter success brought it down.
Shin Megami Tensei, that was one hell of a run. Long, but it was done. Got a bit exhausting near the end with the side quests and the horrible overworld map so I just headed to the ending (Chaos) but I still had a blast playing it. The fusion mechanic is in top form, easily letting you see what you can fuse with or without the compendium, picking your own skills to more easily optimize the demon you want and the variety! Absolutely massive. Which means I picked the DLC for EXP/Money to fuel my fusion habit. Incredibly addicting, as it means you can create a party tailored to your needs and just stomp the bosses in most cases. But in general, you can create some really broken combos.
Played it with the aim for the Chaos route, as otherwise you need a guide for the neutral route. Might replay it down the line for that ending, the "golden" one relatively speaking, but I don't mind the Chaos ending too much. I don't regret choosing it, but the route is definitely a bloody one.
Twilight Princess, the crown jewel of the entire year. I would make progress, stop playing after a week and pick it up again way later. I don't why I kept on stopping on it, but I started it up again this year, and it took me 8 years to get through it. But the final dungeons were taken down in a matter of days, some real solid stuff in the final ones that was almost like a test of everything you learned, the classic stuff. And the swordfighting for the bosses and Dark Nuts at the end, that was a favorite. It felt grand, exciting, and it made the last few bosses a pleasure to fight. Not entirely hard, but still fun. The game felt solid, and the ending was satisfying. Reaching the end, seeing the credits, that was a weight lifted off. Didn't go for 100% completion, took out Poe Souls whenever I saw them, and dungeons like Snowpeak Manor and Abattoir's Grounds... those were glorious. Slowed down during the hunt for Fused Shadow pieces but after that, smooth sailing.

Shadowrun Returns (2013, PC, TBS/RPG)- 18.5 hours Heroes of Annihilated Empires (2006, PC, RTS/RPG)- 23 hours Persona Q (2014, 3DS, RPG)- 112 hours (September 2019-January 2020) 
Pokemon Picross (2015, 3DS, Puzzle), breaks in between - 81.3 hours (May 2016-February 2020) 
Outlaws + DLC (1997, PC, Wild West FPS) - 15 hours (January - March) Stronghold HD (Military + Economy Campaigns) (2001, PC, RTS) - 25 hours (January - March) Hocus Pocus (1994, PC, Side-Scrolling Platformer) - 6.5 hours (A week of magic in March) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (2001, 2014 Trilogy Remake, 3DS, Courtroom Visual Novel) - 36 hours (1/28/20-3/28/20) 
Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition (2004, PC, Diablo-like Isometric ARPG) - 28 hours, (March 21-April 3) Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012, 3DS, tactical RPG) - 45 hours, (2017, 2020) Ultimate Doom (1993, PC, FPS) - 10 hours, (March-April 2020) Shantae & The Pirate's Curse (2014, 3DS, Side-Scroller) - 9 hours 
Tales of Maj'Eyal (2012, PC, Roguelike RPG) - 20 hours as Ogre/Writhing One Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (2009, DS, Action RPG) - 31 hours 
Jade Empire: Special Edition (2007, PC, RPG) - 25 hours, Monk Zeng, Open Palm 
Rome: Total War (2004, PC, RTS) - About 51 hours, House Brutii, Long Campaign Imperator Monster Prom (2018, PC, Hilarious Dating Sim) - 40 minutes, got a date and replaying it Sigma Theory (2019, PC, Turn-Based Espionage Cold War Sim) - 4.7 hours, story mode, ending achieved. 
 Don't Feed the Monkeys (2018, PC, Multi-Cam Voyeurism Simulator) - 5 hours Yuppie Psycho (2019, PC, Horror Business Adventure) - 15 Hours, multiple endings achieved (Shorter than 15 hours) Sam & Max Hit the Road (1993, PC, Point-And-Click Graphic Adventure) - 6 hours, 40 minutes Advent Rising (2005, PC, 3rd Person Shooter with Psychic Powers) - 8.5 hours 
 Renowned Explorers: International Society (2015, PC, Strategy Adventure) - 6 hours Shin Megami Tensei IV (2013, 3DS, RPG) - 82 hours (Chaos + Other ending) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006, Wii, Action-Adventure) 40 hours (16.2 hearts, oldest in my backlog) 
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2020.09.23 09:21 platicauda Voyeur house hd

the sun smacks the sidewalk
and is filtered through the evergreens
that keep watch by the riverbed
and huff up all the diesel fumes.
the wind that blows is dry
and unforgiving,
forthright, clear, and
winds through the avenues,
winds through the buildings
and the spaces between each brick,
plods haphazard on crumbling crosswalks,
bends gracefully to thread
through the twined arms of
lovers young and old,
hunched forward or bent back
like wind-blasted farmhouses.

they stop outside
mass-produced coffee chains,
yank on the leashes of
lovesick dogs that find bare white knees
like heat-seeking missiles.
these battalions of the middle-aged,
these flower-skirted throngs,
these purse-clutching masses
awaiting orders outside of
hair salons and ice creameries,
frames pulled magnetically
towards the held shapes of
parking tickets and greasy smartphones,
deep in discussion of seasonal pleasantries
in a manner always
ploying, planning, bickering,
their tones caustic but possessing
an obscured, distant pleasantness -
caustic only in the off-center way that
long jogs and hot showers
and bitter coffee are caustic.
the sleeves of their blouses,
the strings of their sweatshirts
are pulled by impatient
children and grandchildren.
baby carriages conquer the asphalt,
the jolting, clacking reverberations
of their plastic wheels
and their hulking, plasticine forms
clearing the crowd like a skipped stone
through a field of minnows.
they peer through the windows
with one-way gazes,
voyeurs to the
excessively air-conditioned insides
of art galleries,
of furniture and antique stores,
the rows of hawaiian shirts and
leather shoes,
the fluorescent-lit, squeaky-clean
pharmaceutical isles.
they gaze at the teenage recruits
sent to man the tubs of ice-cream and
grocery-store counters,
the plastic-wrapped silos
of artisan popcorn and overpriced,
hand-knitted sweaters and skirts
made expressly for
the jutting, coquetric shoulders of
aging mothers and distant nieces.
the birds make wild arcs
to intercept
french fries and torn bread,
to flirt with the permed heads,
the free-floating curls,
the bald, sun-reflecting domes
sheltering sweltering,
solar-powered insides.

and the whole of it -
the gentrifying,
sun-frying clutter of
paved and unpaved streets,
the golden-age, steel-town bulwarks
of candy stores and tailors
thrust against
the new-laden modernist apartments,
the sly, sleek, minimal panes
of shy glass mirroring the street -
mirroring the tumult of
rough ground
worn progressively to road,
transmuted by continued passage of
leather-plied shoes and
horse-drawn carriage
and chintzy sportscar
and model-T ford
and wagon-wheel
and electric vehicle -
bent into shock by
noise and commerce and
measle-stubborn grit -
the whole of it is
coddled, surrounded, absorbed,
aerated and ensconced by the
endless rows of shingle-roofed homes
that coat the town square
like packing peanuts.
when the roads run loose
from the city center
they are focused and determined,
newly paved,
freshly minted,
but in their progression -
flowing to their highways
like high mountain streams
to vast oceans -
become distracted.
they wind, curve, loop nonsensically,
sprawl themselves over the flat,
drawling landscape
like an afternoon cat on a
seasick Sunday afternoon.
they rain-dance.
they catapult and cartwheel and
jump for joy,
and in their fits of ecstasy
their eyes flit towards the grinning exteriors,
the parched front lawns coated in
fertilizer like sickly sweat
where tire swings make nooses of
the overhangs of branches,
where plastic toys and
fisher-price convertibles,
splintered clay pots,
breeze-bound bags of empty mulch
deflated like burst blisters
are strewn like the fuselages
and clipped wings,
the cracked flight decks
and warped cockpits,
the brusque signature of
a commercial airline crash.
where the damage is
watched over carefully by men
with backs like bent-spined books,
surveying the minute landscape
with their brushed, watery eyes,
their airs and attitudes as quilted as
their sweat-stained shirts,
their fingernails as yellow
as the tobacco leaves that hued them.
the houses face the street like
students in a classroom,
leaning slightly,
somewhere else,
jutting forward in rapt attention
when the ruler is slapped lengthwise across
a hewn, menacing oak slab
of teacher’s desk.
swingsets are set the
light burden of cupping the air,
accommodating the breeze.
the driveways are waiting
with bated breath
for the embrace of rubber tires and
the wet kiss of exhaust.
insects nibble at windowscreens,
squirrels scuttle up trees
after adversaries or mates
in states of apoplectic lust.
in the ailing light
the windows
make patchwork of flowered rows
and mazes of obsessively trimmed hedges.
a mailtruck deployed from
corporate, online confines
spits a shrink-wrapped package
onto the front-steps,
leaves it washed and singular
as a beached whale atop the
collected informational refuse
of short springs, long winters,
dead skin cells and pencil
shavings and the leaves of
spiced and failing autumns.
on the geometric spokes of
fences that
picket picket picket
the lawn,
standing at attention,
the wooden slats uniformed
in surgical shades,
whitewashed and carefree,
crawl fire ants and ants
and crickets and cicadas,
chick chickadees and inch

and the stooping old men
and the sputtering housewives
and the refugee mailmen
and the clay-smelling children
are unsure of
what exactly the fences keep out
but they are well aware
of what the fences keep in.
they are a soft membrane,
iridescent at the right angle,
to keep the warm light from spilling
from the kitchen windows
and ruining the newly-varnished floor
and to keep the books
from tumbling from their shelves
and to keep the words from
scattering off their pages like
fresh-hatched spiders.
they keep shadows plastered
to white walls.
they keep dogs licking their paws.
they make sure
prayers aren’t getting any ideas
and keep
the aspirations of aspirations in check.
keep thoughts from fogging
up windowpanes.
and the collective output of sidelong
family dreams and wants and longing
and smidgeons of contraband hope,
dusty ashtrays full of burnt promises,
ferments like black mold on
the undersides of eaves and the
patches behind pictureframes,
takes the shine from the cedar-coated foyer
and the holes from the belts,
steals luster from the sweat-slick
skin of the wide-eyed,
simian children
till the front door swings open
like a punchdrunk manifesto
and the petri-dish confines of the home
are left to sit lonely and unaware,
the smaller denizens heading
roadward with wide strides
and sauntering gates and voices
light enough to rise up
through the heavy air,
above the floral denseness
that houses the homes
like a clenched fist.

they are up in the trees
and their voices fumble blindly
and they echo through the branches
to find each other again and they
interlock oroborean,
form knots of a thickness that no
muted adult fingers had ever a
chance of prying through.
the fabric of the knots are interwoven with
sweaty, grass-smudged secrets
and stifled laughter
and internal late-night
chalkboard theorems.
they are stuck like wet bandages
on the hindlegs of the evening -
indifferent, irreverent.
they leap from branch to branch,
scratching elbows and bruising knees,
forming colonies and starlit kingdoms
so that in the time it takes the daylight
to sift through the bursting branches
of the gnarled, winding, sun soaked boughs
and chafing burls of the wooden giant
they have seen the rise and fall
of countless regimes,
demo and autocratic,
anarchic and minutely ordered,
didactic or wildly elastic until
they are beckoned through screen doors
to eat quick, mumbled dinners,
corralled into the cool spaces of their
yawning bedrooms where
wet-pillowed dreams are fueled
by the steam from the trains of their
imagined industrial revolutions,
where the successive centuries-long
rises and falls of their
pseudo-empires give their
wet, nasal exhales a lilting, catching
air so that in the end
their monolith Vishnus and Shivas,
their industry and commerce,
their fledgling, coal smoke skylines,
their blood-lined guillotines and scaffolds
and churches and marches,
their military shows of force,
their convents and convex population rates,
their border-crossed lovers running headwind
to take cover
from the bombs that fall like gumdrops
as the sky is ripped asunder
and the rubble and the wreck
requiring eons to rebuild
is only a device,
a very simple mechanism
that allows a mother to pause
in front of a bedroom door
and to listen idly for a few moments
to the irregularity of breath.
the husband and wife
in their fossilized, domestic stupor
are unaware that a girl lies awake
with a mind kinetic enough to burn
through the lunar stillness.
she gives up. sits up.
addled, soaked through with semi-sleep,
leaving puddles of it on the
linoleum tiles,
leaving footprints of the stuff
trailing out the door,
she ducks under the yawing porchswing,
hops lightly down the paint-stained steps
into the breathing, vernal space
of the backyard.
she pauses.
down by the river,
a willow is weeping.
she approaches, curious, perturbed;
she is unsure of what to do.
its leaves scrape the dry dirt
and leave schizo hieroglyphs.
it seems to shiver.
she wets a finger with her tongue.
scratches her ear.
tilts her head.
leans forward, heels raised.
she hums a light hymn.

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2020.09.18 17:39 sirenvirgo I'm a Trans woman and this is my experience @ swing events

Hey there! I felt like sharing because scrolling through this Reddit sub I didn't really see a ton of conversation about this.
I feel like I've often been in a very interesting position as a trans woman who has participated in the swinger community for quite some time. Now, I will say that I'm a weirdo in many ways and that I mostly go to swinger events because I enjoy the social aspect of it. I went to my first swinger event when I was 18 and it's kind of become a part of my social life in a way that has been kind of hard for me to let go of. I transitioned the very long time ago and most people who meet me don't know that I'm transgender, but being transgender and going to swinger parties has definitely been an interesting experience for me.
There are a few parties that I go to where I have asked the owners if I would be allowed to attend. I've had some folks straight up tell me that I can't come and that I've had others accept me because of my appearance. do you usually don't allow trans women but they will allow me because apparently I'm good looking. Obviously as a single woman I get a lot of attention when I go to swing your parties. I actually feel pretty bad because for me swing your parties are so social that I forget that a lot of people are there looking for a unicorn. And unfortunately I am not interested in women but I do enjoy watching people have a good time. I'd also say that I'm a bit of a troublemaker and that I like making connections with people and connecting the dots with people who are looking for certain types of fun.
So often I'll go to this swingers house that has a jacuzzi and I mostly go for the jacuzzi. I get mostly naked except for my thong and get in and that draws a fair amount of attention. And from there I usually have these long conversations with couples and with singles and I love seeing them make connections in front of me. It's such a fun time for me.
It's interesting because I have had a very limited experience with being physical with people at swingers events. I've also never gone with one of my partners even though I have several. Actually, that's not true I went once with a partner in San Francisco. We went to twist San Francisco which is definitely the kind of event where the men are straight and the women are bisexual. Him and I had a good time with a guy who was probably bisexual but we couldn't act on it there. He just ended up f****** me and that was pretty fun. But it was also such a rare situation and I really don't think that it being San Francisco really made a difference.
What I personally observed is that there are actually a fair amount of men who go to swingers parties who are interested in trans women, it's just that often times that's not necessarily the space in which we could do anything. Since I'm not usually looking to do anything that doesn't necessarily bother me, but obviously at a certain point I do want to be able to do some of the naughty lol. I'm also very aware that when couples approach me they don't know that I'm trans and in very rare situations have I actually had a conversation about me being transgender at security events.
I'm very sensitive to being somebody who interrupts the space, but I haven't really felt that way and I guess I'm a bit curious about how some people feel about trans women being at their swing events. It's interesting because I believe that it's one of those things where on paper people say that they probably don't want us there, but the reality of it is that there's probably going to be a fair amount of men who are at the very least open to it.
I kind of take up an interesting space I guess because whenever I've gone to trans-specific parties I don't necessarily think that I fit in. Mostly because those parties tend to be for men who are cross-dressing and because that's the vibe the people who go are very very different than the people who go to your standard open straight swinger party. That your standard swinger party you have the sexy people who are open at least with their partners about being naughty and there's a really strong social aspect. Whereas at your Trans-specific events you have a lot of men who are cheating on their wives who really don't have an interest in having a conversation with you that doesn't lead to you sucking their dick or something else. So I tend not to have a lot of fun at those trans events and I think that quite a few trans women who are trans in the way that I am have a similar experience. So I certainly feel more at home in your standard swinger party and I found that I've been able to get into the vast majority of them with the exception of a few. There are a handful of swinger events in Los Angeles that have these unspoken rules about not allowing transgender women in. It sucks but I'm not the kind of person who wants to fight to be somewhere where I'm unwanted.
anyway! I thought I'd share. Maybe one day I'll get to the point where I'm comfortable with a full swap but as of now I'm more of a voyeur than anything.
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2020.09.14 01:24 ThrowRABFsPanties Voyeur house hd

I 'm 23f and I've been dating my 22m boyfriend Andrew since the beginning of university, pretty much. We lived on the same floor and met on move-in day when his roommate invited me to a party in. I didn't want to be that girl aka the girl who falls in love with the first dude she sees at college but I pretty much instantly had a major crush- he was so funny and the life of the party and one of those really smart guys that manages to never come off as condescending. We were super flirty for the first few weeks but officially "just friends" until we finally hooked up at a halloween event and we've been together ever since, no major fights or breakups. Our friend group is super intertwined and most of us moved to the same city after graduating last year (some have since left due to corona and other reasons but a core group is still here). He's my best friend and pretty much my parents' second son at this point and he gets along with my brother and sister like a house on fire. We have a fantastic relationship - frequent sex, before corona we'd go on weekend getaways every month or two, we adore each other's families, and obviously we have the same friends. My high school boyfriend was the type who "didn't believe" in Valentine's day or doing anything lovey dovey and Andrew's pretty much the complete opposite; he's honestly the most thoughtful person I've ever met - every anniversary or birthday he gives me some insane gift that's based on an inside joke or vacation or just something I really like and whatever I got him always feels super lame in comparison lol. He moved in with my brother (25M) last year but our leases are almost up and we've decided we want to take the next step and move in together. We're currently in the process of securing a place with the lease officially beginning in November but we haven't signed a contract or paid any money yet.
So, now that I've given you the background on my relationship, I'm going to get to the real shit.
I live with two roommates but I spend a ton of time at my boyfriend and brother's place. My brother is out of town a lot so most of the time it's just me and Andrew, which means we can do the kinda of things you normally can't do with two roommates hanging around. This weekend, my brother was off visiting his girlfriend in another city and I was staying over. My boyfriend was working yesterday morning but we had loose afternoon/evening plans so I decided to just chill at his apartment to wait instead of trekking back and forth across the city. When I woke up, I went rummaging around in his closet for some clothes to steal and long story short I ended up finding a shoebox FILLED with panties, thongs, and bras. The worst thing is that I RECOGNIZED some of them!!!!! I lived in a house of 5 girls during uni and we'd go bra shopping and do our laundry together so I know what my friends' underwear looks like. I even saw a thong that I'd personally bought for my roommate on her 21st birthday!!!!! I also found my best friend's missing La Perla thong- they were so expensive and we were convinced that some hookup had stolen them for some weird wall of panties. I honestly still don't know what to say????? I almost threw up when I saw them and my head hasn't stopped hurting since yesterday. At first I thought they were new and maybe he was cross dressing or cosplaying idk but imo the similarities to my friends' missing/disappeared things is too much. I had to get out of there so I pretty much ran but I wish I'd taken some photos or something because part of me still doesn't believe it. I told him I had to rescue a sick friend yesterday because I still don't even know how I'd broach this conversation. "Hey, are you stealing my friends' panties" like what the fuck???? And what if he's not?? What if he's wearing them or holding them for a friend with an overprotective/conservative girlfriend or they randomly got mixed in with his things when he moved last year and he doesn't even have any idea what's inside that box????? Part of me doesn't even want to bring it up though because what if he does know what's inside the box and he's some weird voyeupervert. Andrew's the love of my life - I've never seen a red flag from him. Even my most militant "I hate men" friends don't have a single bad thing to say about anybody. This is the kind of accusation you can't walk back from and I don't want to blow up my relationship over something that may not even be what I thought! Especially because our friend group is so intertwined - I feel so shaky and nauseous right now thinking about how I'd even explain this to my friends. I've been in my room for the last day pretending everything is normal and my life isn't over but obviously I need to talk to him soon. We're supposed to be moving in together in a month and a half and we've been talking about possibly getting a pet together too. Part of me just wants to pretend I didn't see anything at this point.
Sorry for the rambly post, I'm just really scared of what's going to happen to my relationship and our friend group. I have no fucking clue how I'm supposed to go on while knowing this!! But I also have no fucking clue how to bring it up with my boyfriend without blowing everything up if there's an innocent explanation!!!!!
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2020.09.12 18:36 Erkhes Voyeur hd house

Comes from a smoke-free & pet-free home. Prices don't include shipping. We can also work out a deal if your buying a bunch of stuff.

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