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Is There a Serial Pusher in Manchester? Don't Walk in the Tunnel of Doom. Death at the Devil's Urinal. Part 1 A Visit To the Devil’s Urinal. - The Manchester Murder Mystery
Is there a serial killer loose in Manchester, and if so how has he been allowed to kill constantly for years and remain hidden. Shockingly when checking figures only the men found deceased on the canal are counted in the ‘Pushers’ death toll. And they are only counted if they are found along a small stretch of the canal within the inner city. On the 11th of January, 2015, British tabloid The Daily Star made the connection after using the Freedom of Information Act to check the number of deaths along the canal system, the Star's report revealed that 61 bodies had been pulled from the waters of Manchester in the last six years.
The Manchester ship canal runs all the way to the coast, and has many tributaries, yet the cases on these stretches are neither counted or investigated. In 2020 Reynard Sinaga was convicted of a number of sexual assaults on young men he helped back to his flat where he would drug them, attack them and film the ordeal. His apartment was on the canal itself, yet he is not being linked to any of the Pusher cases. Several days after his arrest the Manchester evening news reported there is no Pusher, and there will be no enquiry into the death of the many missing males who go missing here every month. There are thought to be around 90 deaths attributed to the Manchester 'Pusher' in the last 15 yrs. No deaths before this date are counted, and no missing are included in this number. 90 is the number of recovered victims. 90 Males pulled from the waterway, yet the Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and the Media will tell you there is no one responsible for these deaths. If the deaths were accidental, surely safety precautions put in place would have reduced the number greatly? If these cases are due to bad lighting or hazardous walkways, why has this not been rectified. The City has Millions of pounds spent within its centre every day. Yet CCTV footage is minimal and Police presence a rarity.
And why no mention of the female victims, so many of them go missing on the Canal, in one case all that was found was a lower limb, the case was closed and reported as having “no suspicious circumstances’? Other victims' whereabouts were lost when vital CCTV evidence was 'missing' or 'unavailable' yet Manchester city centre has thousands of CCTV cameras in operation. One man phoned his parents, who stayed on the phone with him, and contacted the police. For 1 1/2 hrs the 999 call operator stayed on the line and tried to help. Yet the next day the police said although the 999 system records all calls automatically, unfortunately for this one call out of the many thousand received that day there is no record? This gentlemans phone was found many days later next to the canal in an area already searched by the police.
Man’s body was found in Greater Manchester waterway, taking the total number of deaths in the region in seven years to 85 - 3/2/16. The body of a man has been pulled from a canal in Greater Manchester. An astonishing 85 bodies - mostly men - have been pulled from the region's waterways in the last seven years. The cause behind the majority of the deaths are believed to have been established as not suspicious, but 28 are still classified as 'unexplained', resulting in open verdicts. Emergency services and a specialist diving unit were called after a body was spotted in Portland Basin at around 8.30am today. The man is white and believed to be in his 40s or 50s. A GMP spokesman said it was too early to establish how the man died or whether there are any suspicious circumstances.
Some recent deaths have caused speculation that loved ones were the victims of a serial killer they dubbed The Pusher - a psychopath who murders his targets by bundling them into the icy waters. Some families believe their claim has considerable substance not only because of the disproportionately high numbers of people to have died in the rivers, but due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of several men.

Man’s body found in water at Salford Quays 3/6/20 - Police are investigating after a man’s body was found in water at Salford Quays. Shortly before 1pm today the body of a man was discovered in the water near the Salford Watersports Centre. His body was recovered from the water by Greater Manchester Fire crews along with police.
A little like the Smiley faced killer in America the Pusher has a penchant for young men. Although as of yet no handy signature has been left at the scene. The men are often out in town, enjoying a meet up with mates, or spending their hard earned wages from the previous few days. The men, some of which are boys, are often separated from their friends for one reason or another. Many of them have phones and wallets intact when found. Which speaks of no robbery and the ability to get a cab home. So how do they vanish and appear in or next too Manchester's notorious water way?
One local resident called the Canal the ‘Devils Urinal’ due to the number of crimes committed along it's stretch and the many hundreds of people it has killed in the history of its existence. My Grt, Grt grand parents on my Mothers side left Ireland to build the canal in the 1890’s. Tinkers and Navvies they were called. Hard working men who were paid pennies to work in the deadly conditions. The canal which is really a River system made it easier for goods to be transported between Manchester and the docks at Liverpool. It made Manchester an inland port and changed the fortunes for many, good and bad. 130 men were killed during its construction. And many perished later due to the harsh working conditions. The canal was bombed over and over during the war, it shaped the city of my birth. Gone are the original communities like Hanky park and Langworthy. Over 200 years and the deaths continue, many of the cases closed regardless of circumstances. Many petitions have been presented from families asking for an inquiry into the deaths.
The next case we look at I feel should be high on the list of investigations to be re-opened.The glaring incompetence of the Police in this case was so bad it almost smacks of a cover up. It is at the very least gross negligence. Like most of the cases there was very little investigation done. People even today have the 'they were drunk' attitude when it comes to these cases. Or even worse, 'they put themselves in danger by being where they were'. Yet millions of people visit the city centre night clubs and bars everyday, restaurants, cafes and shops and make it home just fine. These cases are different. And when you see them all together you begin to realise there could be something to the rumours that a killer or several killers are at large in the Manchester area. Times that by every waterway, in every city and the figures become staggering.
Find out who Killed our Son!' Parents hear "Howls and Screams" in their son's final call? - Tragic David Plunkett’s chilling screams, heard by a 999 call handler, were not taped because the recorder was not working, claimed GMP Police. The officer who dealt with the “distressing” call was so appalled by the blunder she later resigned. The phone call from David, 21, who came from Halifax, W Yorks, was the last anyone heard from him before he was found dead in the Manchester Ship Canal three weeks later. He vanished after leaving a nightclub at Trafford Park near Manchester in April 2004. His reason for being ejected? he pushed into a queue for the gents toilets. This sadly changed the course of his life and left his family and friends devastated.
At his inquest we heard that his anguished parents rang him to check if he was OK after hearing he had lost his pals. He started to scream and howl. They dialled 999 on another phone and held the two handsets together so the police operator could hear his distress. It was the last time they spoke to their son. The pair called their son's phone the night he died, only to hear terrified screams. Anne said: 'The screaming and howling was so unearthly that you just felt it had to be something.'
This message was Issued from a former GMP officer who handled the call. The woman, who we are not naming, said: “I took a very distressing 999 call.” She said David had been “in a distressed state” during the call with his parents “but they could not hear anything other than their son screaming”. She added: “I dealt with them for well over an hour, trying to sort out assistance for them and him. "The incident still haunts me to this date and with every death I see reported in the news I become more and more convinced that these are murders and not accidents.”
A pathologist said the likely cause of death was drowning and the inquest ruled it was accidental. But David’s mum Anne, 66, disagrees. And she hit out at the police probe into her son’s death. The retired head teacher said: “Someone is responsible for David’s death. The police investigation was unacceptable. "It was a case of ‘young man, too much to drink, falls into the canal, end of story’. "But so many important factors were ignored and there were versions of events that simply did not add up.”
David Plunkett had been at a concert at the Daytona Racetrack, also in Trafford Park, before he went missing in April 2004. Recalling the last time she spoke to her son, Anne said: “I could barely make out what he was saying. "He started screaming and howling. "It was extremely distressing. "I thought he was being attacked. “We rang the police and put the phone to them but it soon went dead. "It later turned out the call wasn’t recorded because the tape recorder wasn’t working. "It really does beggar belief.” Anne said her brother found David’s phone upstream from the body – despite an earlier police search. She added: “The whole case leaves more questions than answers. "He could have been attacked, he could have had his drink spiked. "Anything could have happened.”

"In the early hours of the morning, the phone went and it was David's friend Michael," his mother, Anne, stated. "He said he'd lost David and was trying to get in touch with him. He said he and David had lost each other in the club, and I just said to close the phone and I'd try to call David. It took about three attempts before David answered, but he didn't speak. The first thing that struck me was the quietness of where David was. It was virtually silent. All I could hear was the sound of him walking, that was evident from his breathing, and I said, 'Do you know where you are? Are you in Manchester? Do you recognise anything?' – but I got no response from him. And then, about seven or eight minutes into the call, there was suddenly this ghastly screaming. I started crying, handed the phone to my husband, Mike, and I made a 999 call"
"The screaming I heard," continues Mike, "made me feel like David had seen something that had terrified him." Then at 4:30 AM," says Anne, "the phone just went dead."
It took the police two weeks to find his body in the canal. They claimed to have searched the area and nothing was found. His uncle found his phone not too far from where his body was recovered after the supposed police search. What happened to David that night. The area of the nightclub is well lit, there are taxis outside and lots of numbers advertised in the foyer. walking towards the lights makes far more sense than wandering out of the bustle and towards the canal. Why did David not contact his friend? Were there any missed calls or texts between them? Why did the police not track David's phone and his movements that night. There is CCTV coverage in the area. Even though it was late people would have been around. It's a popular area even at night. Was anything missing from David when he was finally recovered. Were there any signs of injury? Sadly the case is now closed and there will be no further investigations or enquiries made.
A Man was Hurled into a Canal at night - Rumours of a possible serial attacker have been revived after a 34-year-old office worker was thrown into the city’s Bridgewater canal then kicked back in as he tried to save himself from drowning. The victim, who said he almost drowned after his legs became tangled in his bicycle while he was below the surface of the canal, said he had asked police about the “Manchester pusher” legend and that “they were well aware of the stories”. “I definitely feel like I’m lucky to be alive. I could easily have drowned because of what he did,” The Pusher was described as a white male aged between 20-40, he is of average height and was wearing a black jacket.
Tom says he is "disappointed" with the police response and said the canals were the perfect place for crime. "It's pitch black down there," he said. "There's no lights. You look up, someone catches your eye and then in four seconds you're in dirty water."
Tom is right, it takes a split second to push someone into the murky waters of the canal. There are areas below the bridges and walkways where you do not walk at night or in the day for fear of your safety. Many drugs deals, robberies and hate crimes take place in these hidden spots. Out of the way from busy shoppers and party goers. Once you leave the bright lights of central Manchester you are confronted with an almost Victorian street mentality. Pickpockets, homeless folk and thieves are around every corner. Add to this the lack of officers to attend incidents and you have a perfect melting pot for committing crime and getting away with it. If you want to steal someone’s phone, money, sense of security or life, do it in the back streets of Manchester and you won't have to pay a price.
8/6/18 Orlando Nyero was celebrating his 19th birthday in Manchester. Three days later his body was pulled from the Canal, which runs through the heart of the city. But he was not the first man to be found in that very spot, another victim had already died after a night out, and his body was discovered only 3 months earlier. Orlando was found in the same waterway as student Charlie Pope, also 19. Orlando and Charlie are among 90 people who have been recovered dead from Greater Manchester’s canals since 2007. There are many more who are reported missing never to be found.
Nick Pope spoke about his son Charlie and his mysterious death ""Look around here, it's just a bloody death trap," he says, as people drink outside at tables a few metres from the water's edge" The lighting is bad and there is no CCTV. Nobody knows what happened to Charlie that night. Three months later Orlando was found in almost the same spot. 19-year-old, Orlando Nyero, drowned a few hundred metres further down the same stretch of water. Orlando's brother, Sam Abui, was with him that night and said they had been celebrating a birthday in the city. "The police said it was an accident. It was a tragic accident," he said.
Manchester City Centre is a hot spot for tourists and party goers alike, there is also a huge student population close to the centre as Manchester has a number of colleges, universities and teaching hospitals. Thousands of people visit the city each day and the evenings are no exception. Yet step two streets away from the bright lights and you will find yourself in the city's seedy underbelly. The central gardens in Piccadilly are a very good example of this. Many years ago the gardens were a lovely place to be. I would often sit there and eat my lunch each day, as I worked in the city centre, but at night it was a place to be avoided. Drug pushers and drunks abound, and one street away you have the heart of the city's red light district. Now sadly you have to avoid the back streets and the gardens even in the daytime, the police are short handed and understaffed. There is no help out there on the streets other than your own. People are killed, raped and attacked on an almost daily basis.
Yet the City Council, the local newspaper and media will deny there is a problem, numerous times it has been stated there is not a problem in Manchester when it comes to crime. The men and women pulled from the canal are in there by choice, or due to bad judgement of their own. The powers that be refuse to admit there is a problem with 'date rape' drugs, yet hundreds of cases are handled by Greater Manchester police each year. In the past year alone two men have been arrested and jailed for this very crime.
Police have charged a man over the death of popular Northern Quarter chef Hiran Chauhan whose body was found wrapped in plastic in woodland close to Buile Hill Park in Salford shortly before 8.10am on Tuesday 9 July 2019. Police descended on a small patch of woodland close to Buile Hill Park at around 8:10 am 9/7/20 after they were alerted to a body having been found by school children which appeared to be wrapped in plastic. The children were heading to school for morning lessons at the nearby Buile Hill Academy when the grisly discovery was made.

Hiran had last been seen making his way home from work in Manchester on the 2nd of July, he later was seen exiting a tram at Langworthy at around 11:31pm but tragically he never made it to his room in a rented house he shared with others. Neil Cuckson (16/10/1987) of Eccles Old Road in Salford has been charged with Administering a Noxious Substance, Supplying class A and class C controlled drugs, Perverting the Course of Justice and Preventing Lawful Burial and will appear at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square on Thursday December 19 2019.
Reynhard Sinaga: 'Evil sexual predator' jailed for life for 159 attacks - Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of luring 48 men from outside Manchester clubs to his flat, where he drugged and assaulted them - filming the attacks. Police say they have evidence Sinaga, 36, who is being named for the first time, targeted at least 190 victims. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Sinaga was "the most prolific rapist in British legal history". The judge ruled his life sentence must include a minimum of 30 years in jail. The postgraduate student was already serving life, with a minimum term of 20 years, for the offences he was convicted of in two earlier trials, which took place in summer 2018 and last spring.
Detectives say they have been unable to identify a further 70 victims and are now appealing for anyone who believes they may have been abused by Sinaga to come forward. At the hearing, Judge Suzanne Goddard QC said Sinaga was "an evil serial predator who has preyed upon young men" who wanted "nothing more than a good night out with their friends". "In my judgment you are a highly dangerous, cunning and deceitful individual who will never be safe to be released," she said - adding that the decision to release prisoners is made by the Parole Board.

Sinaga would wait for men leaving nightclubs and bars before leading them to his flat in Montana House, Princess Street, often with the offer of somewhere to have a drink or call a taxi. He drugged his victims before assaulting them while they were unconscious. When the victims woke up many of them had no memory of what had happened. The student, who denied the charges, had claimed all the activity was consensual and that each man had agreed to being filmed while pretending to be asleep - a defence described by the judge as "ludicrous".
At an earlier sentencing, the judge said she was sure that Sinaga had used a form of date rape drug such as GHB. The rapist was caught in June 2017 when one victim, who regained consciousness while being assaulted, fought Sinaga off and called the police. Assistant Chief Constable Mabbs Hussain said the true extent of Sinaga's offending would probably never be known. "We suspect he's offended over a period of 10 years," he said. "The information and evidence we are going from is largely from trophies that he's collected from the victims of his crimes." Investigators traced dozens of victims from the videos using clues found in Sinaga's Manchester flat, such as stolen phones, ID cards and watches.
The flat mentioned in the article was situated ideally for Sinaga, in fact it was on canal street itself, his balcony overlooked the canal. Was he responsible for any of the mystery deaths, it would be easy to quietly push somebody from your first floor level into the canal below. Or to slip out of the building with a rug or suitcase in the dead of night and rid yourself of a problem. Yet the police state there is no connection between Sinaga and any of the 'Pushers' suspected victims. It would have been very easy for him to pick up lone males and offer his help. Come back to mine, phone a taxi and we can have a drink while you wait, was probably said a hundred times by Sinaga. How many other Sinaga’s are out there, unknown? How many have there been before him, predatory males, who use Manchester centre as their dumping ground?
I grew up in Manchester in the 70’s and 80’s. I was a young lass when the Yorkshire ripper cases started to be reported. I remember another level of fear each time a new body was recovered. I remember curfews for women and men questioned by police because they had a Northern accent or drove for a living. I remember the tape of Wearside Jack being played in school assemblies and on the TV at home. I remember our neighbour being murdered around that time, she was coming home from the pub. She was so badly disfigured and abused by her murderer the police counted her as a Ripper victim until her killer was caught. And I remember the snide remarks of “well she put herself in that position” “if she had been home seeing to her husband this would not have happened” I was so shocked by these comments they still sit with me. And yet 40 yrs on it's still a popular public opinion.
I highly doubt the lady in question set out that night intending to be cruelly killed, disemboweled and left for dead on scrap land within feet of her own front door. Back then the ladies would work all week and on a saturday, with their best frock on and hair newly set and ready they would go to bingo or down to the local pub or club, for a few port and lemons and a natter with their friends. Pubs shut at 10.30pm then. Back home with a chippy supper and hopes of a lie in tomorrow morning were probably the last actions and thoughts she had. She was somebody's Mum, sister, daughter and wife, an aunt and a niece and probably someone's best friend. And because she joined her friends from the mill or factory for a drink she deserved what came her way. That's shocking, but what shocks me more is 40 years later we utter the same words. “If he was at home this wouldn't have happened” “why put yourself in that position” has been said about every one of the missing males found in the Canal. And they are someone’s son, father, brother, uncle and nephew, they had mates they went to the gym with, or played footy with as kids. Ordinary working class lads letting their hair down and having a good time, before it's back to work on Monday morning. We all did this and still do, in towns and cities across the UK. Getting spruced up and meeting your mates after working all week was the norm. I remember hundreds of times I rushed back home on payday to get ready to go out when I was young, free and single. I have attended 18th’s, 21st’s, Hen do’s, Birthdays in the pubs and clubs. And made it home safe and sound each time. I am one of the lucky ones. see part 2
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CP Security CCTV Camera Dealers in Noida
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5 questions as well as solutions about Xiaomi router to fix the internet troubles 5 questions as well as solutions about Xiaomi router to fix the internet troubles I think every family members has a router After getting in the age of fiber optics, the rate of home network has likewise been substantially improved, however there may be some difficulties in the day-to-day use procedure, such as the choice of network mode, Router, Hub và Switch network rate instability, and so forth. Today, I will certainly take the router Xiaomi 3 as an instance, making use of the question-and-answer setting to resolve some typical problems in day-to-day usage.

router hub switch
Xiaomi router.
  1. Why the rate of my network can not get to the price of signing?
Nowadays, numerous family members have accessibility to 100M and even higher rate broadband, yet in day-to-day usage, the price of signing is commonly not reached. Take 100M broadband as an instance, the academic download speed must be around 12M/s, as well as the upload rate need to be 1.2 M/s if it is 10M upstream, Hikvision DS-7104HGHI-F1 if you can not gauge the speed in wired case. Rate, then you has to examine the router settings. In the property that there is not a problem with the operator's network and devices (devices with Gigabit ports for Broadband over 100M), as a matter of fact, you can restore your network speed by setting it up. Enter the router setups web page (, automatically adjust the LAN port price to 100M, shut off QOS intelligent allotment or boost the speed of QOS downlink and also downlink restrictions.
  1. Do the signals of dual-frequency routers require to be switched regularly?
Dual-band routers sustain both 2.4 G and also 5G bands. 2.4 G signals have strong capacity to pass through the wall surface and also 5G signals have fast access to the Internet. The combination of advantages of both routers is extra reliable. Does that mean hand-operated handover is essential? In fact, it does not need to. Xiaomi router gives the function of dual-frequency integration. Both signals make use of the very same configuration as one signal. The gadget will immediately pick the network according to the toughness of the signal, hence getting rid of the trouble of hands-on switching.
  1. Just how to set up the telecommunication tools attached to the router?
This is because the telecommunications tools is likewise changing relatively promptly. In the past, it was all modems. It is currently with the directing function. Naturally, various gadgets have various connecting methods, if they are model tools that are attached to telecommunications; Routers need to be readied to pppoe dial-up mode, input the account as well as password to access the Internet. Xem ngay
If the telecoms gadget is directing, after that your router can be set up in two ways: 1. the gain access to setting is selected for vibrant IP (DHCP), to establish the portal to a various area from the host. 2. Switch off the router's DHCP function as well as attach all the network cords to the LAN port. The router works as a button currently.
  1. Exactly how to restrict Internet gain access to habits of gain access to gadgets?
Next-door neighbors borrow your broadband and also download it hysterically, which influences the speed of the Internet. If your neighbor borrows your broadband, it will influence internet rate if you download and install points extremely. Do you want to see what the kids in your home are playing on their cellular phone just recently? Do these troubles trouble you? Actually, millet routing can help you. You can use the smart rate limitation feature. Establish a download 10K, upload 5K, as well as see exactly how he plays. After that you can directly restrict networking and accessibility control.
  1. Just how to conceal wireless signals?
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Other more high tech solution include installing a door bell with a hidden camera. This is a step up from the door chain as it allows you to view who is at your door before opening it and you can also keep track of who is around your property while you are out by connecting it to your smart phone. Other solutions include CCTV cameras, there are an excellent deterrent device and our team can install remote controlled exterior cameras with an inside monitor which can also be connected to smart phones. Visit our website for more security products and prices stoke-gifford-locksmiths.co.uk
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Emergency locksmiths hold invaluable knowledge in this area and are able to respond to customer queries with little bother no matter how big or small the job due to years of first hand experience and the range of tools and materials our team carry with them in their van to each job ensuring they are prepared for any situation and can work on any lock type.
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Brightons Locksmiths
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Locksmiths can install a wide range of security measures to your personal home or commercial property. These include a simple door chain to increase your security allowing you to see visitor before letting them into your property and making it more difficult in a break-in attempt. `More high tech additions include door bells with a hidden camera, electric wiring and CCTV cameras installed to the exterior of your home. Visit our website today to find out how we can help you improve your security.
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2019.11.17 02:20 Nontimebomala98 Hidden cctv camera price

So I was talking to someone awhile back about a cool idea for a heist movie, and this was actually before I ever played Payday 2. But now I've had some decent, albeit still a newbie, experience with Payday and I understand a third payday is on the way. I wanted to share an idea I had that could make for some interesting gameplay concepts in Payday 3. And perhaps, this idea for a movie could translate into an actual heist for Payday 3.
Truth is, as I'm sure most of you know, it's very dangerous to stick up a bank nowadays, with fast police response times, a normally very heavy police response, modern security measures (such as all exits locking) and the fact most money is no longer stored in vaults, but it's digitally done now and kept off site. I thought about a movie involving a group of robbers who were extremely professional, all of them former hitmen and "cleaners" for the respective gangs and organized crime syndicates they used to work for. Unusually, their main scores are police stations, evidence warehouses and federal law enforcement agencies, places that typically? Most people would consider suicidal to stick up, very high risk and very high reward. But they have a secret weapon, two former DARPA employees, one a biochemist and another an electronics engineer, who've gone rogue and became essentially mercenaries, selling their knowledge to the highest bidder. The crew use drones, less than lethal aerosol weapons (described as an analog of BZ, a hallucinogenic gas), liquid nitrogen, thermite, UHF radio and WiFi jammers, even paintball guns loaded with custom made ammunition, that dispenses CR gas, like tear gas on steroids, addition to their typical firearms. They have very strict "rules" on the use of lethal force against civilians, cops and security guards, because if you kill a cop?, Or a bunch of civilians? You bet every cop in town is going to be looking for you, you kill enough people? FBI gets involved...
So I thought about a few additions that could make the game more interesting, that affect both stealth and loud.
First is a concept of "Notoriety". After the ending of Payday 2, it is presumed the Payday gang is retired, or dissolved with the loss of Bain, even if Locke is the de facto leader. Therefore the presumption is the Payday gang is either defunct, or greatly weakened. Its not much of a stretch to think the Payday gang being back in action? Is just considered an urban legend by most people...if you choose to keep it that way. There are six levels of notoriety going from low to high. Urban Myth, Boogeyman, Professional, Sociopath, Most Wanted, and 211, as a reference to the very high profile North Hollywood bank robbery in 1997; the LAPD code for an armed robbery is a 211. Notoriety is unique because the choices you made in your previous heists will carry over to future jobs, as such, it is completely independent from a difficulty setting (Normal to Death Wish/One Down), and can make even lower difficulties considerably more intense. Since each individual players notoriety is unique, you can have a mix of teammates who have both low and high notoriety, taking advantage of both ends of the spectrum so long as you understand the limitations. Playing jobs as a group however, will affect everybody's notoriety the exact same amount.
Notoriety is increased by taking "loud" routes, attacking people (kills will raise it a LOT faster than incapacitations), taking hostages after detection, and destroying property, breaking locks, destroying CCTVs and lights, and so on. Smashing open glass cases and drilling vaults may be easier and faster compared to getting a keycard or hacking it open remotely, but it's messy, loud and leaves trace. Notoriety is decreased by having zero witnesses, zero bodies found, eliminating any evidence you were there (such as removing the hard drive the CCTVs are recording to), bribing or threatening witnesses, using silent methods such as hacking or lockpicking to disable cameras, vault doors and locks,and things of that nature. This is somewhat similar to Hitman Blood Money's "Silent Assassin" rating.
The lower your Notoriety? the less likely you are to be spotted overall. it also has some interesting effects, such as guards simply warning you you are trespassing if you're in a restricted area, and ask you to leave. This allows you to either neutralize the guard(s), or continue on as if nothing happened, and they won't set off an alarm. Civilians are less likely to recognize you're there with bad intentions, less likely to worry about damaged cameras, windows, vehicles, etc. And should the heist go loud? The police response time is slower, and less intense unless you begin shooting or taking lots of hostages after you've been caught. The response time is slower and less intense because they presume you are just wannabes and not the real thing. Low Notoriety can also allow you to carry a bag in plain view or be armed with weapons with poorer lower concealment values, and there's a significantly lower chance of a somebody spotting you in public as long as you don't do anything stupid. Low notoriety with very high concealment weapons (such as the PSM, SUB-2000, switchblade knife or Micro-Uzi) can make you nearly unnoticeable to most watchful eyes, though you are still not truly invisible. But primarily it would take doing something suspicious or illegal to draw attention.
Having a high notoriety on the other hand, while it can blow your cover VERY quickly, can also be advantageous in some circumstances, even in stealth. Higher notoriety increases your intimidation, which can allow you to pacify crowds easier, force civilians to either help you or hand over what they've got (such as giving you bags of money or keycards), and even can allow you to intimidate guards and police officers into checking in over the radio or pager declaring everything is all clear. The higher your intimidation, the higher a chance of the cops making a retreat early, or refusing to go in and wait for the special units, buying you time. There could be more effects than just these but be aware, the higher your notoriety? The more intense and aggressive the police response is, the longer the assaults and the chance for elite or special units to spawn is dramatically increased. In addition to this, your chance of being spotted by civilians, guards and cameras alike is significant, especially if you carry a low concealment primary weapon, but even smaller weapons will be more noticable. This does not prevent you from being stealthy, which is its own can of worms, but when a guard, camera or civilian does see you? They can recognize you much quicker. It is entirely possible to complete a stealth mission without any kills or any evidence left behind as a "211" Notoriety player. Just make sure to not to get too close to civilians or cameras, or let guards/cops get a good look at your face/mask when they're attempting to detain you.
There could even be a chance that if ones notoriety is high enough, that an unmarked police/FBI car is sitting outside of an area, meaning the response as soon as you make a move can be potentially near instantaneous. The only way to detect this car, is to use a thermal imaging scope to find the car with the running engine (bright yellow/red hood), use process of elimination, and either be aware the response will be extremely swift and brutal, or if you're really good? Neutralize the undercover before he can call in his buddies with no civilians seeing it. Perhaps there could even be a very rare chance of an undercover Cloaker hidden in the crowd.
Second: Ability to use less lethal tools. It always irked me that there was no way to deal with civilians or enemies other than to either force them to surrender (and hope they surrender) or kill them, basically turning it into more of a GTA V survival map than a heist game. Not that I don't mind the challenge of being swarmed, but it does surprise me for a crew of well armed professionals who don't kill innocents, there's no less lethal tools at their disposal, but perhaps in PD3 we could have a few options. Both stun guns and tasers are powerful tools to incapacitate someone, and tasers can give you a range of up to 15ft, but bear in mind both are noisy and will draw attention. Another option is tear gas or OC spray, it won't knock the person out, but it will cause severe disorientation and pain, and cause a lot of their shots to miss if they open fire, unless they are either special units with gas masks (ZEAL team, FBI HRT), or "Elite SWAT". If tear gas is used enough, the next wave of cops may spawn in with gas masks, but either way both are immune. Be aware that you will also be affected by tear gas, unless you have a gas mask yourself. The same goes for the BZ gas canister, which can be used to incapacitate people if not render them unconscious in a confined area if you have access to a ventilation point, you risk incapacitating or knocking yourself out if you do not have a hazmat suit. Rifles, handguns and submachine guns can use Simunition rounds, low velocity paintball-like projectiles meant to be used in live firearms, are extremely painful, but typically are non lethal and can still function in semiautomatic and full auto weapons alike. Shotguns have several options available to them, rubber buckshot, beanbag rounds (which act like slugs) and tear gas shells can be used to effectively pummel a target who you do not want to kill into submission.
You can also use fists, your weapon butt or a blunt weapon to knock someone down, disarm them, and zip tie them up. and that's good enough as an "incapacitation".
Though not an "incapacitation" You could also be able to take human shields, but without the proper perk/skill, you cannot fire a handgun at the cops while taking one and you can only move around with your sidearm pressed against the head of the hostage. As long as your team does not do anything aggressive such as shooting or running towards the cops? there is a good chance the police will back off a bit, hold their fire and wait for a hostage negotiator to show up. The police will still attempt to use non lethal weapons to try to force you to let the hostage go. But if a cloaker is able to get behind your crew undetected (not spotted yet), or enough shields or tasers are present in the area, the special unit(s) will attempt to incapacitate or kill the crew and the cops will begin to fire again. This also applies to snipers, who will attempt to shoot you in the head, and if they succeed they will down you immediately. But even if the sniper misses the police will again, open fire. There is a small chance, if notoriety is extremely high ("211"), the police will disregard the hostage and shoot right through them to kill you. Once you are finished with the hostage, you can either secure them (throw them to the floor, hit them with a blunt weapon or your fists if you have something else and zip tie them), or execute them. Executing civilians will of course raise cleaner costs, but executing hostages can either provide one of three reactions, which depending on circumstances may be useful. One being it terrorizes the police similar to the saw in Payday 2 and they back off a bit, two, it can cause all the cops in your immediate line of sight to exclusively target the person who just killed a hostage, or three, no response.
If you truly must knock someone out cold, you could carry a syringe full of Propofol, or Methohexital, rapid acting and effective anesthetics, but you can only carry so many syringes (perhaps, limited to five without skills) and there is a chance they can be woken back up by other guards/police. As an interesting take on the "Joker" skill, and perhaps to make you use these jokers more strategically, you'll need to carry and administer a syringe full of PCP, or Scopolamine. Both of which are powerful hallucinogens that cause severe and realistic hallucinations and are notorious for inducing violent/psychotic reactions. A psychotic enemy confused and hallucinating may turn on his own, but be aware there is a chance he's still hostile to you (unless you have the equivalent to "Joker Aced"). But once again, you can only carry so many. However they can be partially replenished through the use of a medic's bag.
Third: RNG. Many people loathe RNG, but I don't mean RNG in the sense of brain-dead guards magically spotting you through walls, or all the gaurds on the map clumping together on the stairs and magically walking towards you like they know you're there. But I mean RNG that is adaptive to your actions. For example, if you use that incapacitating gas, but were seen by someone or a camera and didn't remove the evidence, there is a chance the next heist, if gas can be used? It may be boarded up and you cannot use gas that time. Other RNG elements could be metal detectors at a front entrance or being frisked before you can enter, some civilians possibly carrying pepper spray and blinding you (and rarely, carrying a concealed handgun and firing on you once your back is turned), police/FBI snipers watching the area, the presence of guard dogs which can smell firearms or explosives (making sneaking in or out with those things are much more difficult), banks being able to lock exits, and so on. Theres no limit to the amount of unique parameters that can change as a result of your last job.
Fourth: AI, Stealth, Gameplay changes, weapon variety.
Remember those RNG parameters I mentioned? They don't mean anything if you don't have tools and gameplay elements to adapt to them. I think that when the game starts? You should be able to get one chance to go to the back of the van to change weapons and equipment as needed depending on the circumstances, as long as you are in casing mode? You can do it once before the van disappears for the time being.
Another interesting concept that could work, is the ability to take your mask on and off as long as you have not been detected, but if you get caught doing something with your mask off? you suffer multiple negative consequences. For one there is a 25% chance upon being seen unmasked your notoriety immediately goes up to the next level (say from Boogeyman to Professional) because someone has seen your face...and this applies to each person who sees it! There's a also a chance a person will pull out their cell phone, take a photo or a video and then either run away or call the cops, which is a 100% chance of raising the notoriety level, a 100% chance of being forced to hold off the cops from your van during the escape, and a 50% chance of a safehouse raid. Fortunately this gives you a decent amount of time to take their phone from them and smash it before they can call the cops. That doesn't mean you cannot kidnap, bribe, threaten or neutralize the witness and lower it, but there's a significant risk you will get caught trying to take care of the witness. Either the witness will fight back and make noise, someone may see them tied up when you've drop them off to be kidnapped, and while killing them will reduce that notoriety, it will still be elevated a noticable amount, even more so if the body has not been hidden. As such, it comes at a price to take off your mask and be seen doing illegal actions. It is entirely possible to go into a bank with "Urban Legend" notoriety, have every person and every camera see you, kill everyone, and have "211" Notoriety, then hide the bodies and remove all the evidence and lower the notoriety to "Professional" or "Sociopath" all in about five minutes.
As for AI? They need to be more aware in order for this to work. Unlike PD2 where you can run around like a crackhead and all the AI apparantly have severe tinnitus? They need to be able to respond to noise, distractions, shadows moving, fellow guards disappearing or not responding on their radio, players idling for too long, blood pools, radios being jammed by jamming equipment, thing such as cameras, doors, vehicles, and glass that has been tampered with or destroyed. If one wanted guards to be extremely realistic? You could perhaps even make them have a chance of noticing spent shell casings, meaning you have to either pick up the casings, or be very careful when you use your weapon. In combat, rather than standing around drooling like Patrick Star, have different units carry various grenades, use cover, some enemies like gangbangers use spray and pray tactics, but move quickly and are not staggered or incapacitated as easily due to their use of drugs. While Elite SWAT members will go for a double tap to the neck and head if you're out in the open too long and basically chews up your armor and can give you a concussion. The concussion will blur your vision and makes aiming or preforming actions quickly difficult, though this can be healed with medkits.
You have the option to forego a primary or secondary weapon entirely if you wish, and walk into an area with nothing other than your bare hands as weapons, though this is not advisable. You also can hide your weapons before going into restricted areas. For example, if one wants to bypass a metal detector, you could leave your weapons in a duffle bag outside to get through the metal detector and retrieve your weapons later. This also allows you to seriously increase your mobility and your detection risk, but understand you are dramatically outnumbered and underarmed.
Weapons need to have a purpose, no matter how minor, and not just have 9 different reskins of the combat knife. Perhaps some weapons can have unique abilities, such as a carbon fiber knife being a very weak and low damage melee weapon, basically requiring an execution from behind, but it can be taken through metal detectors without any issue. A machete is much less concealable but can amputate limbs and can cause a higher chance of causing enemies to panic. Maybe have the Predator 12g (SPAS-12) and perhaps a Benelli M3, be capable of both semiautomatic and pump action fire, allowing you to carry both non lethal and lethal ammunition if you choose to (though you can always carry one ammo type), but at the cost of concealability and handling. Higher caliber weapons (such as the AK-47 and the Falcon Rifle/SCAR-H) have a greater chance of penetrating walls and shields at the cost of heavier recoil, replace the Gruber Kurz (Walther PPK) with the Soviet 5.45mm PSM, which is EXTREMELY concealable and can bypass frisking, and is also able to bypass armor, but does pitiful damage anywhere else except the head. So on and so forth. Each weapon attachment needs to have unique variables, such as a smaller suppressor on an M4 is only silent past 10m (anyone between 5-10m becomes suspicious, anyone less than 5m is alerted) while being more concealable,but a larger suppressor giving accuracy/recoil bonuses and is silent out to only past 5 meters, anyone in between 2.5-5m becomes suspicious, and less than 2.5m becomes alerted, but also is very hard to conceal. Of course, different weapons have different noise levels, a crossbow or small caliber (.32 or 5.45x18mm PSM) pistol with a suppressor is the closest thing to completely silent, while a .50 caliber sniper rifle would obviously be the loudest and grab the most attention. Similar to armor, weapons can now be customized with stencils, patterns, paint and such, similar to the old Goonmod.
Armor also needs to become a lot more useful at higher levels instead of dodge taking over, perhaps merge the ultralight ballistic vest and the two piece suit or outfit (with the PD2 tailor DLC) together? Like a mildly armored suit but with excellent mobility but cannot hold up to sustained fire. While heavier vests can almost completely ignore low caliber rounds like 9mm from the Chimano 88/Glock 17 and distant shotgun blasts, but is still vulnerable to heavy rifle fire. By going the "more armoiron man" route you can even equip a juggernaut/bulldozer suit, which gives absolutely incredible resistance to almost all small arms fire and even some explosives, but with pitiful mobility and turn speed. Or you can go with armor regen, which not only allows faster vest regeneration, but possibly even allows you to carry a second vest for stupid fast armor swapping, but the other vest heals much more slowly when not equipped.
Well...I think you get the gist of my ideas, a little more on the realistic side while also allowing for a lot of artistic license and fun to come of it. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear suggestions and thoughts, took me a bit to compile this but i figured I'd like to get the ball rolling once Payday 3 was announced to be in development
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2019.11.11 07:51 noabargh Camera cctv hidden price

Security systems such as CCTVs are easy to install and can provide a sense of peace for your family. But what CCTV is right for us?
Today, with the advent of technology, all human affairs have become easier and easier. Like creating security. Security systems are also making progress, and they are constantly improving.
In this article we will explain 10 important features of choosing a CCTV camera to make your camera easier to find.
1) CCTV compatibility with the region's climate CCTV cameras may be installed in any environment. Like outside or inside the building. For cameras to be installed outside the building, consider the amount of dust, water penetration and operating temperature range that is important. High-quality cameras, higher penetration rates are far more expensive than conventional CCTVs, but they have longer lifespan and higher purchase value.
2) Proper size 📷
With the advancement of various sciences and the advent of electronics, CCTVs can be manufactured in very small sizes. But the choice depends on where the camera is to be installed. For example, installing a small, hidden CCTV camera in the building's exterior is not appropriate! Because larger cameras keep the thieves away, they are terrified.
3) Having remote control 📷
Having a remote control for any device is an advantage. So is a good CCTV camera . Remote control gives you the ability to view and control your work or life image from anywhere in the world using the Internet.
4) Motion identification Motion recognition is another good feature of the CCTV camera. A good CCTV is able to detect the movements of people, objects and vehicles and start recording as an identifier. Not all CCTVs have this feature, of course, and you need to upgrade your security system to get it.
5) Flexibility 📷
Conventional CCTVs shoot from a specific area and cannot rotate, zoom, or zoom. Cameras that have these capabilities are called PTZ. The choice between fixed cameras and PTZ cameras depends on where you use them. For example, if you want to cover a large auditorium, you might want to use a PTZ camcorder rather than multiple fixed cameras!
6) Having a voice and microphone recording system 📷
In the past, CCTVs were not capable of recording and listening to audio. But now most CCTVs use this capability. This feature is used to record work or home audio. But experience shows that this feature is used less frequently and is not justified in all environments.
7) Resolution and image quality The image quality you need determines the quality of the CCTV camera. If you don't have the money to buy a high quality color CCTV camera , you can use black and white CCTV cameras. But low-quality cameras often make it difficult and sometimes impossible to identify thieves and image details.
8) Appropriate viewing angle Good viewing angle is another good camera feature. For example, cameras with 180 and 360 degrees viewing angles are very good cameras. For example, a 180-degree camera can be used for a parking lot. However, 4 ordinary analog cameras should be used instead. So it's much more economical to use these cameras and have better image quality.
9) Night Vision Since most robberies occur in the dark of night, cameras must be capable of recording video in the dark. This is happening using infrared light. Of course, there are cameras that do this at a higher price without the infrared radiation.
10) Reasonable price The price of CCTV is directly related to the above features. These features also determine your circumstances. We recommend that you research before buying a camera or use the free consultation of the Innovator Group of Electricians.
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2019.05.30 16:18 hainampro Hidden cctv price camera

The Nuiances of Wifi Indoor Camera Night Vision The Nuiances of Wifi Indoor Camera Night Vision Most cameras have cloud storage at which you can place certain quantity of videos. 360-degree cameras are the very best cameras. Lắp camera quan sát The wireless indoor camera can be connected straight to your computer, laptop or tablets so that it is possible to see what is happening within your bedroom or living room, anytime and any place in the world. Misafes wireless smart camera is a great alternative for those that will need to enhance their home security.
The cameras have an amazing HD recording quality at night and day. Cameras in these regions won't only guard your clients, but also enable you to check up on any staff member you suspect of being dishonest. The camera has a sensor trigger that signals you each time there might be a few movement of abnormal sound all around your premise so you are able to move live and spot if It is something which you want to concern about. This camera from Wansview is made to be used indoors. This camera may be used to monitor your house, baby, elder, pet when you're away from home. Follow the advice below to receive an appropriate battery powered CCTV security camera with night and day vision worth your money. Finding an ideal night vision CCTV security camera for your home is not that simple.

No matter in which you want to place your secret lens, there's a model that may fulfill your wants. These cameras could be used inside or outside. Following that, it's simple to monitor the Wi-Fi camera through your cell devices which are on exactly the same network. You can have many cameras installed and still acquire high high quality images, whenever you want it. Consequently, security cameras with starlight image sensors may cost somewhat more than the ones which do not own a starlight sensor.
If this is the case, you will have to obtain a security camera. Outdoor security cameras are made to give you peace of mind and security by monitoring your residence or business. If you're on the lookout for an outdoor security camera, this one from JOOAN is a terrific selection. Our outdoor security cameras are intended to deal with the rigors of the environment whilst helping secure your premises. On these days, wireless security cameras are the best choice. Remote view hidden home security cameras enable you to see what's happening in real-time from the ease of your smartphone.
Chinavasion aims to supply a wide selection of outdoor IP cameras and outdoor wireless IP cameras ensuring you can discover the ideal security solution for your requirements. The BinoX-HD also includes a number of strategies to import and export info, which makes it the most connected digital bird watching binoculars on the industry. Ensure you explore and get your digital camera binoculars online. Camera ngoài trời yoosee Therefore, these digital camera binoculars are outstanding alternative for nature buffs along with people who only love to go bird watching. If you would rather have a dome one, you might get RLC-420. In fact most entrance doors finally have added scrutiny features like a spy hole, and most men and women utilize a chain on their front door as well for an excess amount of front door security. You wish to take control of your safety by means of installing possibly the most advanced security cameras for your places of affect to be extra secure.
The greatest benefit to purchasing on the internet is the discounts which are usually offered for internet shoppers. Please get in touch with us if you require assistance for extending wifi variety. You will have the ability to monitor everything that's happening from your office or house by just checking your mobile phone. Handling the security of your residence or workplace is a sort of areas that were impacted positively by generation. Your security and the protection of your loved ones is vital and it's dependent with among different things, the direction you maintain your own safety.
Make certain you have selected or entered the right shipping address. Numerous the safety cameras operate using your home wifi network. Furthermore, lots of digital camera binoculars make it possible for you to record video.
You might, however, visit our website anonymously. Comparing models and prices online will enable you to observe the widest possible selection enable you to make the quickest option. How to get night vision is a standard question that we're asked.
The majority of the manufacturers offer a wide selection of models and even the slightest expensive models will afford a fast and fine worth picture. Chinese manufacturers have developed from the inexpensive and low-quality fabricators of prior years to first-class manufacturers selling top quality products which can rival branded goods in the marketplace. The grade of the video determines the memory for you to be kept in the cloud operation.
Audio and PTZ function aren't supported. These devices can be discreetly installed inside your residence or office, so that you may do surveillance of your place and properties even if you're out on a lengthy trip. You might have to install distinct devices to enjoy said functions. http://cameragiamsat.org/ Naturally, devices that include a tall resolution have a larger cost. Many systems incorporate a hard disk or DVR with a massive memory capacity. Different camera systems might vary slightly in their interface, but you need to be able to connect to your residence Wi-Fi's SSID employing the network settings. It is extremely easy to setup, you can do it in under a moment!
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