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2020.10.22 04:33 CameronGoesBerserk Can this forum spearhead massive worldwide growth?

I was thinking the other day about what it would take to double the number of people enjoying nude recreation next summer. It wouldn’t be too difficult I kept coming back to two things: a) people committed to spreading the word b) a means to spread the word c) an information hub
Two of the three are right here. There are enough people on this forum to spark a revolution. And we have this enormous platform (Reddit) where we can spread the word.
The only thing we don’t have is the information hub. I’m picturing an events calendar covering the entire country - or world. Events are what often bring people out for the first time. Resorts and event organizers could post their own info.
I see it unfolding as follows:

  1. Someone creates the website.
  2. To start, a group of us enter a lot of info to populate the events calendar. We can pull it from resort websites.
  3. Every person who joins the crusade vows to post to at least one non-nudist subreddit each week, sharing their interest in nudism and inviting people to the site, this subreddit, or particular events.
The key would be to work the evangelizing on other subreddits in ways that don’t seem too spammy. For example, if you enjoy yoga, there are many ways to work naked yoga into the conversation, especially since so many resorts offer it. My local resort has a wine tasting weekend, which can easily work its way into a wine conversation elsewhere. Many resorts have 5ks and volleyball tournaments, which can easily be shared on related forums.
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2020.10.18 10:40 dwarfenhoschi Nudist spread

How I got the christians naked I've finally done it - I established Adamantism as the true christian faith, as it should be.
Starting as a lowly one county count in flanders, I quickly murdered my way up to the duke title, where I was soon pulled into the first Crusade for Jerusalem.
It took over 40 years, as the AI is very bad with big armies - But I managed to utilize my 2.000 men to hold some counties long enough for the main army to re-group.
I got the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, which quickly blossomed into a much larger Kingdom

Soon after the son of the first catholic King of Jerusalem became the first Emperor of Jerusalem.
Then finally, the revelation of what I needed to do. A pilgrimage from my french heartland to the holy city of Jerusalem brought the light.

A naked woman in a forest showed me the way. Then I knew what needed to be done. the clothed infidels of Rome must fall. The first naked Emperor was born. All hail Emperor Guichard \"the naked\" of Jerusalem!

My vassals were quick to follow, by sword and threat of imprisonment they were converted, and adamantism spread.
Then finally, 200 years later, the Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Daughter of Guichard assembled the Pentarchy, and mended the schism
The Boulogne's Dynasties destiny is fullfilled!

Most of the christian world was quick to follow the new dogma. I mean who would say no to a fully equal polyamorous nudist utopia.

The Empire has grown in the meantime and is on its way to step into rome's footstep
TL;DR - Got a vision from a naked woman in a forest and spend 200 years to make sure everyone is naked.
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2020.10.03 21:18 TexasRose777 Spread nudist

I've decided to become more open about my nudist identity to my family and friends. My belief is that if I want I want nudism to achieve mainstream recognition and acceptance as a legitimate identity, I need to be the change. So I've taken the step from spending all my time in my room naked to having a discussion with my family about how important it is for me to be naked when practical and possible. They were a bit suprised but supportive and now I've been able to live as my true self.
I would love to talk to others who might be considering doing the same and offer advice about steps they can take to achieve acceptance of their nudist identity. I would also enjoy hearing peoples stories if they have similar experiences such how you came out, how you became a nudist, updates on how the naked life is going etc.
Send me a PM or leave a comment, I want to meet and be friends with all my fellow nudists.
Together we can all work to spread the joy of nudism!
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2020.09.02 14:16 adearman91 The nudists spreading coronavirus in a French resort

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2020.09.02 06:57 somander Nudist spread

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2020.09.02 01:28 shewy92 The nudists spreading coronavirus in a French resort

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2020.09.02 01:27 Faction_Chief The nudists spreading coronavirus in a French resort

An outbreak of Covid-19 has hit 30% of those tested in the popular naturist village of Cap d'Agde.
from BBC News - World
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