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2020.09.25 02:13 User1Hunna Looking for some insight on a fishing gear dilemma.

Me and my wife have been fishing off and on for most of our lives and here recently we started buying new tackle to pick it back up. My dilemma is that I have just purchased a $200 dollar fishing combo (baitcasting) so that I could step up my gear for a big out of state fishing trip but my wife insists on using spincast zebcos. We use crankbaits, buzzbaits, frogs, chatterbaits, etc and her little zebco 33 has a tough go of keeping up to speed or even casting out a good distance. I’m looking for maybe some recommendations on spincast reels that would be good for her or maybe some way of convincing her to buy a spinning combo.
PS: I know this post will make some of you cringe or tell me that gear doesn’t matter but we’re spending quite a pretty penny on this trip so I would rather be over prepared in this circumstance
PSPS: I’ve seen the Zebco bullet and can’t make heads or tails of it’s value so if anyone has one please let me know
Thank you!
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2020.09.15 21:46 1337bobbarker Chatterbait live porn

Hi ya'll!
I traditionally only do bass fishing in-shore, but when I go down to the coast I enjoy surf fishing as well. I've had success casting on my bass rod and reel with frozen shrimp but never catch anything noteworthy; generally these thin fish that someone told me where called "whitey's" I think? with the occasional sea bass or mackerel.
The thing is, I'm ready to catch myself something a little larger to eat. In the research I've done most sites recommended using live bait to catch drum or snapper - something I'm not a fan of and really don't want to do.
So long story short, what is generally recommended as an alternative to live baits? Do these spoons/sprites work pretty well? Will my bass crankbait/chatterbaits work?
Appreciate it!!!!
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2020.09.10 11:14 kevinmakeherdance Chatterbait live porn

Chatterbait/Jig advice
I’ve caught tons of fish and good sized ones but I’ve never had luck on a chatterbait or a jig. Any advice on how to fish them/places to fish them? I live in south Florida
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2020.09.10 02:33 kevinmakeherdance Chatterbait live porn

I’ve caught tons of fish and good sized ones but I’ve never had luck on a chatterbait or a jig. Any advice on how to fish them/places to fish them? I live in south Florida
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2020.08.03 19:24 IShotUpBigBirb Chatterbait live porn

I've been fishing for a few days in tawas with no luck. Here's where I've tried.
Mouth of the Tawas River Tawas City Pier Singing Bridge Using: Chatterbait Flicker shad Flicker minnow Senkos Live worms on a bobber Whopper Plopper Spinnerbait Daredevil Spoon Jitterbug Squarebill Crankbaits
Nothing I'm doing has gotten as much as a nibble. Anyone have any other suggestions of where or what to try? I've given each bait about 30 minutes at each location. Back home I would have been collecting fish like crazy but now it seems I can't even pull in a rockbass 😂
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2020.06.01 19:00 jsaad99 Chatterbait live porn

Hey everyone I’ve been fishing for a few years now but nothing serious. Just some bluegill here and there and sometimes I’ll get a perch. This year I decided to start bass fishing and it’s been about a month now. So far I’ve only gotten two. I go out to the either in the morning or in the later evening. I have just a little of each type of lure such as top waters, frogs, poppers, crank baits spinners, chatter airs and a variety of plastics and hooks like jog heads and things for Ned rigs. I’m learning a lot on YouTube. I see the bass with my own two eyes and I know they see my bait but they don’t seem to bite it? The two fish I did catch however was on a chatterbait with a saucy swimmer trailer and the other on a wacky rig. One of the reasons might be cause they could be spawning? Or getting ready to? I live in metro Detroit area and the sun has been shining so the water is getting warmer. I also am bank fishing and do lots of walking. We have a very long river that turns into many lakes and it’s all the same everywhere: no bites. I guess I don’t feel too bad cause not many others are catching but I really love this new sport I’m getting into and don’t wanna lose hope.
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2020.05.27 15:38 ShiftyUsmc Porn live chatterbait

Second update on making this place more streamline for information. Obviously its not a typical website. So it needs to be posted in a reddit format thats streamlined, concise and user friendly. As of right now the plan is to do 3 pages. 1) Terms 2) Gear 3) Lures
1) Terms- an alphabetical list of fishing terms. u/SaltyAqua calling you out first. I've seen you, in a comment, list almost every fishing term i've ever heard of. If you'd like to partake in this i think you'd crush this section. We'll put together a list, alphabetize and define. We'll include links where applicable to give a visual or in depth explanation of the term.
2) Starter Gear- This section will recommend starting gear, go into some explanation of the stuff, will list recommended options and will be sectioned into Typical species and saltwater. (I.E. Bass, trout, Carp, Catfish, and then saltwater related things which i have 0 knowledge about). we should include a fly section as well. u/ewokslikebacon cover the freshwater rods and reels. You've already write it out somewhere. i saw it. u/5uper5unk , you've got baitcasters. u/og_chatterbait would you like to weigh in on any of this? I always like your feedback.
3) finally lures/gear for live bait. All aforementioned people, and anyone in the community should feel free to contribute to any of this. Again these posts are for the "im just starting out WHAT DO I BUY?!?!" posts. just because you love the river2sea whopper plopper and it is indeed an awesome top water, i wouldn't recommend it to someone who's never cast a rod before. That goes for all of these topics. KISS- keep it simple stupid. This will also be broken down into freshwater species, saltwater and live bait.
Other things ill need help with:
1) Anything saltwater- Deployed 9 months with the marines on a navy ship, only when i got back did i find out i get violently sea sick. I dont do saltwater. Bank or boat. I know next to nothing. Need someone here to help with surf fishing, pier fishing etc.
2) Catfish, Carp, and Panfish- I'm certain i could set someone up for success here but i dont target these species. expertise and experience would be great
I plan to sticky ONE post with links to these pages we create. That way half of our front page isnt stickied posts.
Once these are finalized do we remove user posted questions that are covered by these posts to keep the page clean?
Any contributors, feel free to PM what you write or leave it here. Comment section open to questions, critiques suggestions etc. this format will also allow us to add more topics for future consideration like fish habit, finding the fish, etc
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2020.05.23 13:31 jason_from_305 So frustrated I’m asking the internet....

Like the title says, I’ve been bass fishing local ponds, and I’m now so frustrated I’m resorting to asking the internet.
There is a pond I have found very near my house in a neighborhood that is full of fish. Bass, bream, catfish, carp, even the biggest gar I’ve seen since I left Florida. There’s always someone there fishing it, but almost no one is bass fishing. Usually it’s people fishing live worms for bream/crappie or catfish. I did though help a guy land a nice 2 lb largemouth that he caught on a live worm.
Every time I go out I see bass. I see nice bass. Last night I saw one that was easy over 3 lbs right on the bank. A ton of 2+ lb fish. I can’t get them to hit anything. I’ve thrown chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, frogs, spooks, Texas rig... Most of them just zip on by the bass like they don’t exist.
Besides bass, though, there are uncountable bream. Most of them are really small. I haven’t seen anything that looks like shad or other baitfish, just tons and tons of small bream.
Could it be there is so much food available in that multitude of bream that the bass just aren’t motivated to do anything?
This is becoming my white whale...
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2020.05.17 23:55 thatmigorico12 Chatterbait live porn

Hello i am new to fishing in austin. I live in cedar park and am looking for bank fishing spots near me . Any recommendations appreciated. I like bass fishing with spinnechatterbaits and fishing for catfish also.
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2020.04.09 22:59 zigzagordie Chatterbait live porn

Sorry for length— Earlier this week I found the HOLY GRAIL of fishing spots relative to where I live. At least 5 or 6 roaming LM females over 6# with decent sized males following a couple. One of these fish may well be over 10#. Lots of current flowing through this spot and under a small bridge/over adjustable dam as water is kinda high, but miraculously clear Water varies in depth, probably about 6’ maybe a little higher at the dam where they hangout, but they roam off and up into the shallows often Decent amount of grass around Lots of carp and gar roaming through Lots of panfish Fish tend to hang out against the dam (above it not below) until they see people come up or the carp piss them off Did not see any schooling shad in this spot Best guess water is somewhere between 57° and 64° so I’m guessing theyre pre-spawn right now. No beds visible as far as I could tell
Here’s the problem(s): -The water is GIN CLEAR you can see fish at the surface from 50’ away, and you can see them pretty decent to about 15’ of water between you and them with the background camouflage being the main visibility issue. This is an issue bc the fish basically all swim away once they see you and wont come back for 10 minutes. -These fish are HEAVILY pressured bc a lot of people have seen them and this is a fairly popular spot anyways—but for what its worth this spot just opened back up to the public about 20 days ago for the first time since November, but with covid its been VERY busy for those 3 weeks. -The fish are pretty skittish and don’t seem to respond to anything.
I have tried EVERYTHING. From 8a to 3p with partly cloudy skies and 80° air temp, falling pressures. Moving baits, jigs, dropshot, wacky, ned rig, topwater, spinnerbait, chatterbait, soft swimbaits, jerkbait, glidebaits, etc. One fish did a double take at a craw i threw with an orange belly, but all the fish subsequently spooked off elsewhere. The greatest interest seemed to be in the shad pattern 7” glidebaits i was throwing, which occasionally got a look and even a turn, but like everything else could not garner much of a follow or a reaction.
Thank you if you read this far.
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2019.09.02 00:34 BuryMeInTimbersGreen [ADVICE] Help me find the bigguns again in this body of water...

Hey anglers,
I live in Oregon and have been bass fishing for about a year now. I’m still very new and feel as though I’m fairly ineffective (maybe read as impatient?) at times with a variety of baits. My dad and I have been kayak fishing a slough near our houses and it’s been difficult to say the least. Now, I’ve caught my PB (4.79 lbs, nothing crazy but damn was I proud!) in this body of water just last October on an evening topwater bite. Recently, we’ve been getting there at first light and trying to work up some sort of topwater bite and I was catching 3-5 1-2lb fish on topwater per session but it’s been non-existent for the last 4 weeks or so. Within the last week, it’s been particularly hot and so I’m finding the bass down deep and they’re eating a wacky-rigged senko like it’s going out of style. I caught ten this morning. Normally I’d be ecstatic about that but 7 of them were 5 inches or less and the other three were MAYBE 7-9 inches. So, what gives? Where are the big bass? How do I get them to come out and eat?
Some info on the body of water and I’ve included a photo for visualization:
- -It’s, at most, 300 yards long and 100 feet wide with thick floating green foliage on all sides of it that reaches the banks -There’s thicker brown pond weed just below the surface about 5-10 feet inwards from the floating green plants -I can’t imagine it gets deeper than 8-10 feet at any point -The bass are hitting in the middle of the channel to about 10 feet from the floating green plants and they’re deep -I’m generating all of my bites in the last week on a green pumpkin weightless 6” wacky-rigged senko and a couple of bites but no catches on the same senko Texas-rigged -I’d love to catch an evening bite but it’s nearly impossible to find an evening where the wind isn’t horrifically obnoxious and blowing us out of the spots we’re trying to fish -I’ve tried whopper ploppers, a frog, a chatterbait, a propeller frog, and a popper but always just eventually default to the wacky rig so I can generate a bite
Any advice or suggestions are welcome, I wanted to break my PB before winter this year and really want to learn more!
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