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2009.12.16 07:04 camo-4444 Leora cam porn

Only for people whose names are Cam

2008.01.25 03:37 Leora cam porn

The best place for video content of all kinds. Please read the sidebar below for our rules.

2020.10.22 15:38 cameron61391 Looking for a video production SALES person

Howdy Howdy neighbors!
My name is Cam and I own a video Production company here in DFW. I am looking to expand my business but don't have time to do the sales part of it any more. I am calling the role a sales person, but really I am looking for a lead generator. I will pay you the same as a sales person, but you dont have to do any of the back end work with the client. I will handle that in house. Please DM me to discuss more. This is a job that can be done from the comfort of your own home.
I'm excited to take this next journey with my business!
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2020.10.22 15:32 CamNC_95 Leora cam porn

Hello all,
I’ve heard a rumor that there are websites where you can buy bullion in the form of a raffle.
For example, a seller lists a 1/10 gold eagle for $300 and 10 people buy a ticket at $30 each. The seller gets more than what it’s worth and the buyer could potentially win a $225 coin for $30.
Does such a site exist?
Thanks, Cam
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2020.10.22 15:32 AbbyAsian04 Leora cam porn

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2020.10.22 15:28 Ralphinio Having to go to your left back just to get your CAM in 4-2-3-1

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2020.10.22 15:23 ElizzaBum Leora cam porn

Baby Cam update: I counted maybe 20 or so baby Bronze Corydoras submitted by ElizzaBum to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2020.10.22 15:12 Nvuti Nvuti - The service of instant games

Nvuti. We are the only official website. Bonus when registering. The service of instant games. Website NVUTI: https://nvuti.cam/
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2020.10.22 14:57 SuchFrecks Leora cam porn

So, We are trying to up the ante with a bit of added difficulty.
This only really works in the street houses, we tried with farm house and despite managing to find a room with a light nearby, that was all luck and there was way too much dark space. If you must play a bigger house, candles and glow sticks are allowed.
This mode can only be performed with a dedicated butler (the van guy, we had a British van guy we lovingly dubbed the butler a while back and the name stuck)

  • No personal flashlights
  • House lights are absolutely allowed, until the power dies, then good luck finding the breaker box
  • No video cameras other than head cam
  • Flashlights and black lights are scattered throughout the house
  • When a light source is on the ground, the hunters may not touch it, unless they're relighting a candle
  • Set up time may not be used to search for the ghost, this time is to be spent dropping flashlights throughout the house
  • If the the house has stairs you may place glowsticks on said stairs
  • If the ghost room does not have any flashlights, sorry, but you best find your closest flashlight and keep an eye on it, if done correctly it should never be far
  • You may look for finger prints only after all other evidence has been totally given up on and only with a glow stick.
  • If youre looking for orbs, you must stay in the ghost room in the dark and allow your butler ample time to confirm orbs, with the constant head bobbing when you walk, it is quite difficult.
"Whats in it for the butler?" I hear you say.
Well, the butler is the one who of course, guides the team/player through the house and checks on stats, but the butler also has the power of the ghost name.
  • When he or she deems appropriate, the butler may tell the team the ghost's name, or maybe pop in for a sneaky name drop.
  • You must bring your butler a gift of his or her choosing, at a time of their choosing, maybe when everyone but one person is dead, may the butler ask for a laptop. personally I like family photos and dinner plates, if you bring me a mug, I will push it off a high shelf, I am not a cat and you cant prove otherwise.
The butler is your life saver in this mode, without them you are literally blind and lost, with just enough light to see that there is a tooth child in front of you, but not enough to get away from it without walking into every wall and couch.
Be nice to your butler, or your butler may come steal a flashlight, or maybe provoke the ghost from the van (I can confirm I was using local chat to ask Thomas Anderson to switch off the lights and he was very accommodating) They are also valuable for cb contact if you're not sure you're being hunted or not.
  • Your butler can also be merciful. They can bestow the gift of candles during setup and are the keepers of the sanity pills and crucifixes.
We tweaked it a bit tonight and I feel like we found a good balance, putting down glow sticks lights up a room a lot but they do not flash during a hunt so youre likey to not notice a flashing light nearby.
My suggestion is ~ keep an hear out for the front door, it sounds different when it locks, and if you think youre being hunted but youre not sure, hide just in case, and call out to your butler, I suggest having a safe word, I suggest said safe word is pinapples.
Please tell me what you think, can I tweak it some more? what are some suggestions to maybe expand the mode to a bigger house?
I have put in a request to the streamer playing hard mode tonight to let me post some clips, she has played a good lot lately and is quite high level, doesnt mind looking for water alone when the rest of us are in the van and is generally no longer pants shitting when she plays and tonight she was very unnerved.
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2020.10.22 14:52 cambo666 Leora porn cam

Good day!
Cam of Cam's Yellow Jacket here!
A few folks have asked for an overview site for CYJs relay programs. Although we had to shut down our primary site, I put this together for those inquiring about the programs. Check it out to learn more!
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2020.10.22 14:48 powergirlev Porn cam leora

So I’ve been debating starting a stream of my own for a while now. I’m a woman, so I worry sometimes about the crowd it will attract, but I think I’m over that and just want to put myself out there. I don’t have any friends that stream so I was wondering if anyone has any tips for someone starting out? Mic and cam are acquired and I’ll be playing on my ps4. I appreciate it!
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2020.10.22 14:43 cam_bam_h omg tubbo in a box

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