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2019.05.24 19:28 stellaincognita [SELL] Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass, Nudestix, Kevyn Aucoin, Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, Becca, Illamasqua, NARS, Wayne Goss (Air-Brush), Artis, Oribe, Olaplex, Sunday Riley, TONS More--Almost all BN

· Shipping starts at $4 and will rise accordingly, based on weight / number of items purchased. You will receive an email from PayPal with your tracking information when I purchase postage; however, please note that each package will only be trackable once I’ve dropped it off at the post office and USPS has scanned it in.
· $10 pre-shipping minimum.
· Everything is brand new & unused UNLESS indicated otherwise (i.e., “usage shown” or “used x times”). Used items will not be sanitized; I’ll leave that up to the buyer as I don’t want to compromise the integrity of the products.
· Items are claimed only when payment has been received; I do not do holds.
· I would prefer to ship within the US, but I will ship internationally if you’re willing to cover all associated costs.
· I am not looking to swap at this time.
· I reserve the right to take the full permitted two weeks to ship, although I do not anticipate needing to do so.
· My preference is payment submission via the PayPal Friends & Family option in order to avoid incurring fees; however, I am more than happy to utilize Goods & Services, provided that you cover the PayPal fees.
· Out of respect for both other potential purchasers and me, please do not indicate interest if you do not actually plan to purchase. If you change your mind (prior to finalization and payment), please do me the courtesy of letting me know.
· “FS” = Full Sized. “DS” = Deluxe Sample / mini. If not specified, items are full sized.
· I'm flexible on pricing for some of these items, and firm on others. Feel free to make me offers, but please refrain from low-balling. Thanks in advance!
· Anything pictured but crossed out has been sold.


-charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder in shade 3 (dark), .8g - $9
-charlotte tilbury wonder glow instant soft-focus beauty glow face primer, 7ml - $8
-Bite Agave Lip Mask in Maple (FS, retail: $26) - $19
-NARS velvet matte lip pencil in dragon girl, DS - $6
-NARS velvet lip glide in roseland, DS - $4

-Colourpop Aventurine Crystal Liquid Highlighter Spray (FS, discontinued) - $10
-Colourpop Rose Quartz Crystal Liquid Highlighter Spray (FS, discontinued) - $10
-Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Fantasy (FS, retail: $44) - $37
-Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Gold Flash (FS, retail: $42) - $34

-Hourglass ARCH Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Warm Brunette (FS, retail: $28) - $20
-Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black (FS, retail: $22) - $14
-Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara in Big is the New Black (DS) - $4

-becca shimmering skin perfector spotlight in moonstone, DS - $5
-illamasqua beyond powder highlighter in epic (FS) - $20
-illamasqua beyond powder highlighter in OMG (FS) - $20
-thebalm blush in hot mama (FS) - $10
-benefit hoola quickie contour stick, DS - $5
-nars Laguna mini - $9
-becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in opal, mini - $5
-becca shimmering skin perfector poured in opal, mini - $5
-becca mineral blush in flower child, mini - $7

-hourglass ambient lighting powder in diffused light (retail: $48) - $37
-becca backlight priming filter, .2oz - $5
-charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder in shade 1 (fair), .8g
-benefit Watts up highlighter stick mini - $5
-ILIA illuminator stick in polka dots & moonbeams (FS, retail: $34) - $20

-Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in shade 2 (Medium), .8g - $9

-Kevyn aucoin the neo-bronzer in Siena (warm coral) (retail: $58) - $38

-Nudestix lip and cheek pencils in sin and mystic (FS, retail: $26) - $19 each

-hourglass voyeur waterproof liquid eyeliner, DS - $7
-laura Mercier caviar eyeshadow stick in amethyst, DS - $7
-MAC in extreme dimension 3D mascara, DS - $3
-tom Ford eye color quad in orchid haze (retail: $88) - $70
-benefit roller lash mascara, DS - $6
-benefit gimme brow brow-volumizing fiber gel in 3, DS - $4

-bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in mauvember (limited edition, FS) - $22
-pixi by Petra mattelast liquid lipstick in au naturelle (FS) - $5
-marc Jacobs lovemarc lip gel lipsticks (all BN & FS) in dizzy spell, moody Margot, happy ending, all the way, little pretty - $10 each

-Marc Jacobs lovemarc lip gel lipsticks (all BN & FS) & in severine, viola!, Surrender Dorothy, saboteur, showstopper - $10 each

-charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in pillow talk, DS - $9
-hourglass girl lip Stylo in activist, DS - $7
-nars velvet matte lip pencil in do me baby, DS - $6
-nars velvet lip glide in le palace, DS - $5
-nars powermatte lip pigment liquid lipstick in American woman, DS - $7
-laura Mercier lip glace in baby doll, ds - $2
-MAC lipglass in lovechild, mini - $3

-cover fx perfect setting powder in translucent light (DS)
-kora organics rose quartz luminizer (FS, retail: $28) - $18
-nars velvet matte skin tint in terre neuve, swatched (FS, retail: $45) - $32
-laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in nude (DS)
-bobbi brown skin foundation stick in alabaster, used 1x (FS)
-tarte creaseless concealer in fair light neutral 13N (FS, retail: $26) - $7
-laura Mercier translucent pressed setting powder (DS) - $5
-laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder (DS)
-hourglass veil translucent setting powder (DS)

-Clinique Even Better Makeup in 0.5 Shell, BNIB (FS, retail: $29) - $10

-laura Mercier radiance primer (DS) - $5
-laura gellar spackle hydrating primer (DS) - $3
-bobbi brown primer plus radiance SPF 35 (DS) - $3
-becca first light priming filter (DS) - $5
-becca backlight priming filter (DS) - $5
-hourglass veil mineral primer (DS) - $7
-ysl touche eclat blur primer (DS) - $8
-milk blur stick primer (DS) - $5
-benefit the porefessional primer (DS) - $4

-anastasia beverly hills contour stick in mink (DS) - $4
-becca sunlit bronzer in Capri coast (DS)
-tarte Park Ave princess bronzer (DS)
-bobbi brown bronzing powder in medium 02 (DS)
-laura Mercier matte radiance baked powder in bronze 03 (DS) - $7
-bareminerals ready blush in the natural high (DS) - $3
-nars orgasm blush (mini) - $11

-surratt automatique lip crayon in Celestine (DS) - $7
-lipstick queen medieval (DS) - $5
-bite agave sugar lip scrub (FS)
-urban decay primer potion anti aging eyeshadow primer (DS) - $4
-byTerry hyaluronic hydra-powder (DS) - $8

-Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color in Naughty n Spice (DS) - $8
-Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in Retro (DS) - $6
-Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in Belle (DS) - $6
-Nudestix Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Boho (DS) - $5

-bobbi brown luxe liquid lip velvet matte in double bare (DS) - $5
-bobbi brown luxe lip color in red velvet (DS)
-giorgio Armani lip magnet in 400 (DS)
-nars satin lip pencil in rikugien (DS) - $4
-tom Ford lip color in casablanca (DS) - $12

-ysl volupte liquid colour balm in 12 (DS)
-ysl glossy stain in 12 (DS)
-bobbi brown lip gloss in rose sugar (DS) - $3
-bobbi brown lip color in sandwash pink (DS)
-bobbi brown crushed lip color in bare (DS)
-ILIA tinted lip conditioner in forever (DS)
-laura Mercier velour lovers lip conditioner in devotion (DS)
-laura Mercier rouge essential in a la rose (DS)
-bite beauty amuse bouche in cayenne (DS) - $5

-MAC Aloof Lipstick (FS)
-MAC Capricious Lipstick (FS)
-byTerry gloss terrybly shine in honeymoon kiss (2) (FS, retail: $45) - $25
-chanel glossimer in 46 (FS, retail: $30) - $18
-OFRA Rio liquid lipstick (FS) - $7
-urban decay metallized vice lipstick in amulet (DS) - $4
-ILIA brilliant lip gloss in the butterfly and I (FS) - $7
-bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in sake (FS) - $15

-hourglass caution mascara (DS) - $6
-lancome cils booster xl mascara primer (DS) - $3
-lancome definicils mascara (DS) - $3
-giorgio Armani eyes to kill classico mascara (DS) - $6
-benefit they're real mascara (DS) - $4
-laura Mercier caviar eye color stick in au naturel (DS)
-charlotte Tilbury color chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Amber haze (FS) - $18
-charlotte Tilbury color chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Golden quartz (FS)

-Artis oval 7 brush (retail $65) - $40
-Wayne Goss The Air-brush (retail: $35) - $30
-Hourglass ambient powder brush (retail $38)


-Holy Snails Sauce du Mois Shark Sauce Hanbang Shark (FS, retail: $34) - $25
-Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum (FS, retail: $60) - $45

-Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, 15ml - $4
-Shiseido Ultimune Eye Pearl Infusion Eye Concentrate, DS - $6

-Coola sunless tan firming lotion, 2oz. - $4
-St Tropez bronzing water face mist, .47oz. - $4
-Vita liberata fabulous gradual self tanning lotion with marula oil, 1.69oz. - $6
-NKD Skin Pre-Shower Gradual Tan Lotion, 1.69oz - $3
-Tan-luxe the face anti aging rejuvenating self tan drops in light / medium, .33oz. - $5

-air repair super-hydrating eye cream, used 1x (FS, retail: $24.50) - $10
-estee lauder nightwear plus 3-minute detox mask, used 1x (FS, retail: $47) - $30
-bobbi brown extra repair moisturizing balm spf 25, 7ml - $3
-origins plantscription anti-aging power serum, .5oz - $4
-origins high-potency night-a-mins resurfacing cream, .5oz - $4

-tata Harper resurfacing mask, .25ml - $7
-sunday Riley good genes, .27oz - $15
-sulwhasoo bloomstay vitalizing cream, 5ml - $8
-shiseido future solutions lx total regenerating cream, 6ml - $6
-cle de peau softening cleansing foam, 20ml - $9
-byTerry baume de rose hand cream, .53oz - $3

-Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, 1oz
-Paula's Choice RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser, 1oz - $3
-Paula's Choice Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol, .33oz - $5
-Biossance Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist, 1.01oz
-Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream, .16oz
-Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer, 3ml
-Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, 4ml

-Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing, Mask, & Balm, 15ml
-Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Cream Instant Turnaround Moisturizer, .52oz
-Estee Lauder Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Eye Cream, 5ml - $5
-Estee Lauder Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Face & Neck Cream SPF 15 - $4
-byTerry Cellularose Liftessence Daily Cream, 4g - $5
-Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream, 8ml - $6
-Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, 10ml - $6

-Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, .17oz - $6
-Holy Snails Sauce du Mois Hanbang Shark Sauce, full sized, ~50% left
-Patchology Aquaflash Daily Gel Moisturizer, 6ml - $4
-Patchology Moodmask Just Let It Glow Healthy Glow Sheet Mask - $3
-Patchology Flashpatch Restoring Night Eye Gels - $3
-Patchology Flashpatch Hydrating Lip Gels - $3
-Amorepacific Future Response Age Defense Cream, .27oz - $7
-Ole Henriksen Transform Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer - $5
-Algenist Sublime Defense Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer SPF 15, .23oz - $5

-fresh sugar rose lip treatment DS - $7
-fresh sugar dream lip treatment DS
-fresh soy face cleanser, .6oz - $3
-fresh umbrian clay purifying mask, 15ml
-fresh lotus youth preserve rescue mask, 15ml - $9

-murad revitalixir recovery serum, 5ml - $4
-the ordinary matrixyl 10%+HA, full sized (1oz, retail: $11.50) - $5
-filorga meso-mask smoothing radiance mask, 7ml - $4
-filorga time-filler absolute wrinkles correction cream, 7ml - $4
-filorga optim-eyes eye contour cream, 4ml - $4
-lancer the method polish exfoliator, .5oz - $5
-111skin clinical exfoliator, 10ml - $5
-juice beauty stem cell exfoliating peel spray, 15ml
-it cosmetics bye bye redness skin relief treatment moisturizer, 7ml
-starskin firming bio-cellulose second skin face mask - $2

-clinique moisture surge 72 hour auto replenishing hydrator, .5oz - $3
-derm institute cellular rejuvenating serum, .17oz - $4
-lancome renergie lift multi action cream spf 15, .5oz
-estee Lauder revitalizing+ global anti aging cell power cream, .5oz - $4
-estee Lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex ii, 7ml - $4
-clarins re-charge relaxing sleep mask, .5oz - $5
-shiseido benefiance wrinkleresist 24 intensive eye contour cream, 5ml - $5
-malin and goetz revitalizing eye cream, .08oz - $3
-malin and goetz AHA treatment solution, 7ml - $4

-mario badescu seaweed night cream, 8ml, x2 - $3 each
-mario badescu glycolic acid toner, 1oz - $3
-clinique pep start eye cream, 3ml - $4
-clinique moisture surge hydrating super charged concentrate, 15ml - $3
-clinique moisture surge 72 hour auto replenishing hydrator, 7ml - $3
-clinique fresh pressed daily 10% vitamin c booster, full sized (.29oz) - $7
-dr Dennis gross alpha beta exfoliating moisturizer, .13oz - $5

-peter Thomas Roth water drench hyaluronic cloud cream, .25oz - $4
-REN Ready steady glow daily aha tonic, 1.7oz - $5
-REN radiance glow daily vitamin c gel cream, .5oz - $5
-origins ginzing energy-boosting gel moisturizer, 25ml - $3
-origins ginzing refreshing eye cream, 10ml
-first aid beauty ultra repair cream intense, 1oz
-goldfaden MD skin balancing mask, 7ml - $4
-goldfaden MD facial detox mask, 7ml - $4
-coola makeup setting spray w/ hyaluronic acid SPF 30, 10ml - $4

-verso reviving eye mask
-verso 4 hydration serum w/ niacinamide, .35oz
-kate Somerville +retinol Vita c power serum, 8ml
-sunday Riley good genes, 5ml - $7
-sunday Riley ceramic slip cleanser, 1oz - $5
-sunday Riley a+ high-dose retinoid serum, 5ml
-iS clinical pro heal serum, .12oz
-amorepacific moisture bound rejuvenating cream, 8ml - $8
-amorepacific vintage single extract essence, 5ml - $7
-rodial pink diamond instant lifting serum, .2oz - $5

-omorovicza queen of Hungary mist, 1oz
-omorovicza cleansing foam, 1oz
-omorovicza rejuvenating night cream, .5oz - $7
-omorovicza ultra Moor mud mask, 5ml
-glamglow glowstarter mega illuminating moisturizer in nude glow, 7ml - $5
-omorovicza Moor cream cleanser, full sized (5.1oz) (retail: $80) - $40
-eve lom radiance transforming mask, 8ml

-charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's magic cream, 7ml
-sk-ii facial treatment essence , 1oz
-sk-ii facial treatment essence, .3oz - $9
-sk-ii r.n.a. power radical new age moisturizing cream, .08oz X3 - $6
-la mer the concentrate, .1oz X2
-byTerry baume de rose, .1oz
-tata Harper hydrating floral mask, .25oz - $7

-eve lom creme cleanser, 8ml - $5
-paula's choice defense antioxidant pore purifier w/ salicylic acid and white tea, 5ml - $4
-paula's choice defense hydrating gel-to-cream cleanser, 1oz - $2
-paula's choice defense nightly reconditioning moisturizer, .5oz - $4
-paula's choice defense essential glow moisturizer SPF 30, .5OZ - $4
-coola matte tint mineral bb cream SPF 30, .17OZ - $5

-Lancome absolue soft cream with grand rose extracts, 5 ml - $5
-sisley Paris black rose skin infusion cream, .13oz - $8
-caudalie vinosource moisturizing sorbet, full sized (1.3oz, retail: $39) - $25
-SK-II Facial treatment mask X2
-boscia revitalizing black hydration gel, .44oz - $4
-boscia exfoliating peel gel, 1oz - $5
-boscia luminizing black mask (peel off), .7oz - $5

-Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF 50 Sunscreen, BN (FS) - $9

-St. Tropez Bronzing Water Face Mist, 14ml - $4
-COOLA Tan Sunless Tanning Firming Lotion, 2oz - $7
-Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50, .5oz
-Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, .34oz
-Supergoop Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 10ml
-Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea (full sized, 4oz) - $4.50
-First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer, .34oz - $6
-Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm in Perfect Nude
-L'Occitane Amande Supple Skin Almond Oil, 15ml - $4

-OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub (1 oz, DS) - $6
-Dr Barbara Sturm Facial Scrub, 20ml - $7
-LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Brightening Powder (full sized, 2oz) - $3
-TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask, .5oz - $5
-TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream, .5oz - $2
-Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum, .33oz - $5
-SK-II Signs Eye Mask


-Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer, 1oz - $4
-Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, .5oz - $7
-Moroccanoil Hair Treatment, .34oz - $4
-Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray, .5oz - $5

-redken triple take 32 extreme hold hairspray, 4 oz - $3
-redken all soft conditioner, 1oz - $3
-redken all soft shampoo, 1.7oz - $3
-redken 25 benefits treatment, 1oz - $4
-briogeo scalp revival treatment, .27oz - $4

-Oribe supershine moisturizing cream mini, .5oz - $5

-olaplex no 3 treatment, usage shown - $6
-neuma neumoisture instant fix leave-in conditioner, 1oz - $3
-beauty protector leave-in spray, 1oz - $3

-miriam quevedo glacial white caviar hydra-powder shampoo, 1.75oz - $4
-miriam quevedo platinum and diamonds the volume luxurious mask, 1.7oz - $5
-miriam quevedo the gold shampoo, 1.7oz - $4
-briogeo farewell frizz rosarco milk leave in conditioning spray, 22ml - $5
-briogeo don't despair, Repair! Deep conditioning mask, 1oz - $6
-christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt, 40ml
-christophe Robin regenerating prickly pear seed oil mask, 40ml - $6
-living proof perfect hair day 5 in 1 styling treatment, 1oz - $2
-kerastase resistance bain extensioniste shampoo, full sized (8.5oz, retail: $33), used 1x - $14

-oribe apres beach wave and shine spray, 1oz - $9
-oribe gold lust dry shampoo, 1oz - $9
-oribe run-through detangling primer, 20ml - $7
-bumble and bumble thickening spray, 1oz
-bumble and bumble thickening go big treatment, 1oz
-r+co cactus texturizing shampoo, 1oz - $3
-r+co high dive moisture and shine cream, .5oz - $4
-r+co waterfall moisture and shine lotion, .5oz - $4
-rahua classic conditioner, 22ml, x2 - $2 each



-elizabeth & James Nirvana French grey EDP, 3ml - $3
-NEST Citrine EDP, 3ml - $3
-Jo Malone English pear & freesia body & hand wash gel, .5oz - $1
-jo Malone peony & blush suede body creme, .5oz - $2
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2015.03.14 18:45 coppee1564 出来たぞー!!!!

アメリカ語 日本語訳
Age 年齢
College 大学
Mature 成熟した
Teen ティーン
Amateur アマチュア
Self-shots セルフショット
Appearance 外観
Appearance Modification 外観変更
Piercings ピアス
Tattoos 入れ墨
Clothing 衣類
Bodyparts Through Clothes 服を通してボディ部
Bottomless 底なしの
Clothed/Naked Pair 服を着/裸のペア
Dresses ドレス
Stockings ストッキング
Swimwear 水着
Tight Clothing タイトな服
Topless トップレス
Underwear 下着
Panties パンティー
Thongs ゴム草履
Uniforms/Outfits ユニフォーム/服
Cosplay コスプレ
Upskirt/Downblouse スカート/ Downblouse
Pose ポーズ
Wet & Messy ウェット&メッシー
Artificial Images 人工画像
Fictional Characters/Shows 架空の人物/ショー
Hentai エロアニメ
Photoshop フォトショップ
Body Parts ボディパーツ
Head ヘッド
Hair ヘアー
Blonde ブロンド
Brunette ブルネット
Dyed 染め
Hairstyle ヘアスタイル
Redhead 赤毛
Lips/Mouth リップス/口へ
Lower Body 下半身
Large ラージ
Asshole 下衆野郎
Feet フィート
Gap ギャップ
Genitalia 性器
Penis ペニス
Large ラージ
Small スモール
Vulva 外陰部
Hair ヘアー
Labia ラビア
Hips ヒップ
Upper Body 上半身
Breasts おっぱい
From an Angle 角度から
Implants インプラント
Large ラージ
Nipples 乳首
Small スモール
Body Traits ボディ済みの特徴
Complexion 顔色
Freckles そばかす
Light Skin 白い肌
Tan タン
Traits 設定上の特徴
Flexible 柔軟
Pregnant 妊娠した
Types タイプ
Chubby デブ
Curvy 曲がりくねった
Petite 小柄な
Skinny/Thin スキニー/細い
Classic/Vintage クラシック/ヴィンテージ
Communities コミュニティ
Identification 識別
Personals 出会い
Role-play ロールプレイ
Cum Play スペルマプレイ
Cum 精液
Creampie クリームパイ
Cum-shot 兼ショット
Bukkake ぶっかけ
Facial フェイシャル
Swallowing 嚥下
Female 女性
Ethnicity 民族性
Asian アジアの
Euro ユーロ
Indian インディアン
Japanese 日本人
Exhibition 展示会
Gonewild Gonewild
Public 公共
Fetish フェティッシュ
Bondage ボンデージ
Domination & Submission 支配&提出
Femdom フェムドム
Drugs 麻薬
Role Enactment ロール制定
Age Play 年齢プレイ
Furry 毛皮のような
Pet Play ペットプレイ
Rape/Abuse レイプ/悪用
Watersports ウォータースポーツ
General Categories 一般的なカテゴリ
Artistic or Borderline Porn 芸術やボーダーラインポルノ
Desktop Wallpaper デスクトップの壁紙
Gifs GIFアニメーション
Humorous ユーモラス
P.O.V. P.O.V.
Passionate 情熱的な
Porn For Women 女性のためのポルノ
Videos ビデオ
Groups グループ
Alt Altキー
Athlete アスリート
Camgirl で聞い
Celebrity セレブリティ
Country カントリー
Nerd オタク
Pornstar AV女優
Pornstar Lookalike ポルノスターそっくり
Religious 宗教的な
Specific Personality 具体的なパーソナリティ
Illegal/Taboo 違法/タブー
Bestiality 獣姦
Incest 近親相姦
Voyeurism のぞき見
LGBT 性的少数者
Bisexual バイセクシュアル
Crossdressing 女装
Gay ゲイ
Lesbian レズビアン
Transgender トランスジェンダー
Transsexual 性転換者
Literary 文学の
Locations 場所
Man-made 人造
Nature ネイチャー
Beach ビーチ
Non-Porn NSFW 非ポルノNSFW
Sex セックス
Anal アナル
Gaping ぽかんと
Rimming リミング
Breasts おっぱい
Fisting フィスティング
Group グループ
Large Group 大群
Swinging スウィンギング
Threesome 三人組
Insertion 挿入
Interracial 異人種間の
Masturbation マスターベーション
Oral 経口
Orgasm オーガズム
Toys トイズ
Specific ActoActress 特定の俳優/女優
Specific Company 特定の企業
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2014.04.06 01:29 TBITOM59 Beach orgasm voyeur

sex (love),feminist excess, war on nipples 1-2-09****sex (love),feminist excess, war on nipples (SEE MY BLOG ON 1-2-09 FOR WHAT IS MISSING) jewsyonkersislam # 663 sex (love)...feminist excess ; most articles are edited
Making money at any (???) price ; In UK, prisoners watch porn on TV (disgusting) ; Nude people too have right to privacy: Court (In this case I disagree with the court ; see below) Facebook's war on nipples (truthfully, I am absolutely pro-breasts, pro-nipples, pro-aerolas...on women - the biger and shaplier [natural], the better) ; Sex can be absolutely unimportant to many (not to me ) ; crimes against women increasing (all the fault of feminist nonsense -worldwide) ; Woman has sex with her daughter's 14-year old boyfriend ; Clint Eastwood (I like the old curmudgeon) ;
Sex on a beach in Dubai (and consequences) ; 12-29-08 Making money at any price By SHMULEY BOTEACH.... Our community (he means the Jews, but I, a Roman Catholic, am not so restrictive...I blame ALL Americans) idolizes people with money. Their names are on our buildings; they get the most aliyas in shul; they are feted at large communal banquets. Our kids are watching. They see that rabbis, social workers and teachers struggle to get by while Wall Street traders have their names in bright lights.....
In UK, prisoners watch porn on TV LONDON: Believe it or not, some of Britain’s top paedophiles and perverts (THEY SHOULD BE CASTRATED ; THEY COULD MAKE A LIVING BY SINGING) are watching porn on television in prisons. According to the Sun, these criminals rush back to their rooms each night to see an explicit show called Sexcetera.... Bosses at the Berkshire prison hospital granted the controversial perk to most of the 270 patients when the old terrestrial TV system was upgraded with digital Freeview boxes, providing 23 channels. Almost all the patients have TVs in their private rooms -- often bought out of benefits paid for by the taxpayer. A Broadmoor source said: "At 10pm it’s as quiet as a morgue in the hospital. Everyone disappears off to their rooms to get an hour of porn fed in by the bosses." Other inmates able to watch the show include cannibal killer Peter Bryan and Soho bomber David Copeland.
Times of India Nude people too have right to privacy: Court 1-1-09 MADISON, WISCONSIN: A state appeals court ruled on Tuesday that a person who is voluntarily nude in the presence of another still has privacy rights against being secretly videotaped, in a decision that bolsters Wisconsin’s video voyeur law. The ruling upholds the felony guilty plea of Mark Jahnke, who videotaped his girlfriend while she was naked and while they were having sex. He argued in his appeal that because the woman agreed to be naked around him, she had no reasonable expectation of privacy. (SHE IS A WHORE AND HE IS A JOHN) The department of justice (a cesspool of feminist nonsense) argued that shared intimacy does not give a person the right to film another unknowingly (its just like taping a phone conversation: its OK if you're one of the speakers,so it should be OK). Jahnke’s attorney, Michael Herbert of Madison, argued that the court had found in a previous case that an expectation of privacy existed when a nude person reasonably believed he or she was “secluded from the presence of others.” In April 2007, Jahnke pleaded guilty to illegally making a nude recording. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and six months in jail, which was put on hold pending his appeal. Jahnke’s ex-girlfriend said she became suspicious when she saw a flash of a red light from beneath a pile of clothes in her bedroom. She then complained to police
Facebook's war on nipples (truthfully, I am absolutely pro-breasts, pro-nipples, pro-aerolas...on women ; feminist nonsense and older and deluded feminists who do not believe a woman's place is at home with her children -and they are absolutely wrong- ARE THE CAUSE AND MUST BE TERMINATED) The breast-feeding wars have long followed a familiar pattern. A woman gets thrown off a plane for nursing her toddler; she sues Delta. Barbara Walters says sitting next to a breast-feeding woman made her "uncomfortable" (DID SHE EVER HAVE ANY CHILDREN ?); ABC's headquarters get surrounded by 200 women staging a "nurse-in." Maggie Gyllenhaal is photographed nursing her daughter in public; tabloids rush to either praise her as a role model or tell her to throw a blanket over her shoulder. The sides have been distinct: breast-feeding advocates insist that women should be able to nurse anytime, anyplace, while opponents use words like discretion and discomfort..... Facebook (A PACK OF PERVERSE AND DEGENERATE FEMINISTS AND FAGGOTS) counters that it is far from the only organization steering clear of Areola City..... The Facebook furor has brought up a bizarre cultural issue. We're all for breasts — the more cleavage the better. But the second a nipple is visible or we are reminded of nipples by the sight of a baby attached to one, all hell breaks loose..... In the past decade, some 40 states have passed pro-breast-feeding legislation. Rapoport, however, says he considers such laws a "two-edged deal because it exempts nursing women from prosecution but reaffirms the sense that a topless woman is obscene without a baby."...
Sex can be absolutely unimportant to many 30.12.2008 Source: Pravda.Ru Scientists proved several years ago that people’s sexual appetites come from their genes. Some inherit a high libido from their ancestors and want to have sex every day (and sometimes more often, like me for 30 years), others have this wish once a week, some others are asexual and can live without sex very well. Libido can vary depending on various circumstances. As a rule, people want to have more sex when they go on holiday. In general, libido remains stable all the time. If it decreases considerably, it is most likely a consequence of health problems. The sexual appetite, or libido, is directly connected with the hormonal background of an individual, with male sex hormones, or with testosterone, to be more precise. If there is a lot of testosterone, a man’s sexual desire will be higher than the average.... The level of testosterone decreases with age, but the process is difficult to notice until the age of 60. It is difficult to accelerate the process, although it is quite possible. One would need to put on weight, drink a lot of alcohol, let others hit you between the legs all the time and take hormonal medications(like some faggots*, transgenders...). Testosterone is responsible for women’s libido too. The more testosterone a woman has, the more she thinks about sex. The female hormonal background is not as stable as that of men. It depends on the menstrual cycle(cyclicity, confusing and confused), pregnancy, child labor and climax. If a woman complains of low libido, she will have to consult a doctor. However, the first thing that a woman must think of in such cases is her morning after pills. Those women, who take birth control pills on a regular basis, have a much lower level of the male sex hormone in the blood. Libido is much more complicated that it may seem at first sight. A certain amount of testosterone is not enough - the brain needs to react adequately to it. It goes without saying that the brain reaction will not be adequate at all if a person suffers from serious stresses or depressions. (WOMEN NEED NARRATIVE TO GET ORGASMS)...
Times of India...crimes against women increasing (BECAUSE OF FEMINISTS/ QUASI-LESBIANS, FAGGOTS AND QUASI-FAGGOTS) NEW DELHI: A secure environment for women appears to be a far cry in India. Crime against the fairer sex is steadily increasing, and less and less number of the accused are getting convicted. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data tells this sorry tale, prevailing for the last three years....
Vigilante Killer Ellie Nesler Dies ; US soldiers fight to save their marraiges ; struggle to be equal - mentally ill ; Gays (lesbians...) are so STUPID : 'courageous' director who committed suicide ; civil unions
Woman has sex with her daughter's 14-year old boyfriend CLAYMONT, Del. - December 29, 2008 (WPVI) -- Police in Delaware have arrested a woman they say had sex with her teenage daughter's friend.38-year-old Juli Faunce, a resident of the unit block of Commonwealth Avenue in the Overlook Colony Apartments, has been charged with four counts of rape in the 3rd degree.On Sunday December 28, police were called to a home in the Overlook Colony Apartments. When they arrived, officers spoke with Faunce who said a neighborhood teen had allegedly forced her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with him.Police contacted the boy's mother who said she had just learned that her son had sex. However, the boy's mother said her son had sex with Juli Faunce - not her teenage daughter. Police say Faunce had sex with the boy on at least two occasions in November while he was "staying the night" in her apartment....
Clint Eastwood LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Clint Eastwood doesn't know if he's a legend. "Maybe, what is it?" he asks, before making a reference to a line from director John Ford's "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," .....................
Sex on a beach in Dubai LONDON, England (CNN) -- A British businessman jailed in Dubai after being convicted with a female companion for having sex on a beach said he had acted naively as he spoke publicly Monday for the first time since returning to the UK..................................
Vigilante Killer Ellie Nesler Dies By TRACIE CONE FRESNO, Calif. (Dec. 29) - Ellie Nesler, who sparked a national debate about vigilantism after killing her son's accused molester in a courtroom in 1993 (SHE WAS RIGHT TO DO SO), has died of cancer.... Nesler made headlines when she shot Daniel Driver five times in the head in a Tuolumne County courtroom during a break in his preliminary hearing for allegedly molesting four boys, including her then-6-year-old son William, at a Christian camp. Some hailed her for exacting her own justice, while others condemned her for taking the law into her own hands...her son got into legal troubles of his own and was convicted of first-degree murder in 2005 for stomping to death a man hired to clean the family's property in Sonora. The 23-year-old said he believed David Davis was letting people pick through the family's belongings. William Nesler killed Davis less than an hour after he was released from a 30-day sentence for an earlier assault on him. He is serving a 25-year-to-life sentence.
Times of India US soldiers fight to save their marraiges Cries for help in divorce proceedings are increasingly making their way into battlefield psychiatric clinics for US soldiers in.........
The struggle to be equal (12-20-08) By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH How many of you are afraid of people suffering from psychiatric disorders (MENTAL ILLNESS IS A MYTH PERPETRATED BY FEMINISTS AND FAGGOTS SO THEY CAN DO NOTHING WORTHWHILE AND GET PAID FOR IT) ?...Usually there is antipathy to people with psychiatric problems (AND QUITE RIGHTLY SO) .....even professionals in the field often have negative expectations of their patients. Research shows more stigma and pessimism among professionals than among the general public. It apparently comes from mental health workers seeing many patients in the worst condition."....,.
JPost.com 12-23-08 AIDS group creating fund in memory of 'courageous' director who committed suicide By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH (FAGGOTS DISGUST ME)
Israel AIDS Task Force activists are establishing a fund to fight AIDS in memory of Dr. Gideon Hirsch, the organization's director, who committed suicide via a drug overdose last week. Hirsch, 47, learned that he was an HIV carrier 20 years ago while studying psychology in at Stanford University in California. After earning his doctorate, he returned to Israel to begin studying medicine at the age of 35, becoming the country's first self-identified HIV-positive medical student (a faggot*, poor guy).
JPost.com » Israel 12-24-08 Netanyahu vows to find compromise on civil unions (as much as I like and respect Bibi, I have grave reservations concerning homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism... -spawn of feminist nonsense and Satan- and I do not agree) By GIL HOFFMAN...........................
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2014.03.12 01:08 WillBePornFree Voyeur beach orgasm

New here, first thread, here's a brief timeline of the sick spiral into the hands of porn (and excessive masturbation)
•Underwear ads
•Encoded playboy on cable
•Biology books, medical journals
•Own drawings (yeah…)
•Girlfriend pics /revenge porn
•"Dare" porn
•VoyeuHidden cam/Creep
•Gay porn
•Fat porn
•Torture porn
•And some other weird shit on 4chan I don't want to mention… plus erotica of all that throughout the years.
Last year was the worst… I discovered tumblr, and became aware that -just like here on reddit- there's really a tumblog for everything… every-kind-of-porn, on infinite scroll nonetheless, just one google search away, and readily accessible from any device regardless of how shitty it may be.
My job involves facing customers on a daily basis, in a tourist town (nearby the beach, bikini galore) so you'd imagine how it was like to ACT like I didn't want to fuck everything and everyone around. Not mentioning how impossible it is to speak to any female customer without dirty thoughts and/or having my eyes fixating on her body (husband/bf present? It was part of the game… anything to get my fix)
Years ago I tried to block porn, and it was actually possible on the desktop (thanks K9!) but smartphones are a different beast. It's scary how easy it is to casually consume porn on mobiles… The "porn ritual" of the desktop was gone, now it's just a matter of finding a place without anyone (or any mirrors) behind me and just googling "***** tumblr" and scrolling away… friends, family, coworkers or strangers in the same room stopped being an issue after a while, I needed the porn.
The big problem ahead: Porn became such a basic part of my day that even without any means to have porn I still have this "porn reel" on my mind whenever I need it. Even while reading something complete unrelated to anything sexual (history, politics, videogames, etc) the porn thoughts would start rolling, you know where this is going…
Now here I am
Funny thing is I actually landed on NoFap thinking it was some kind of new and ironic orgasm-denial subreddit…. so glad that isn't the case!
I've been lurking for close to a week now, and a few days I also found /pornfree and I acknowledged this is where I need to be.
I got my counter going Signed on HabitForge to check on me daily
I'm ready to get out of this mess. My new year's resolution for 2014 was a lame afterthought thanks to my lack of motivation, so I'm replacing it with this:
Starting today, I won't fap and I will be free of porn, and hopefully enjoy the benefits of the long-gone energy and confidence I should have.
Thank you all for being here
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