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Confessions of an Over-Emotional Mom. By. Andrea - July 8, 2016. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. ReddIt. Email. I’ve become embarrassingly emotional in my old age (the ripe old age of 32…) Like, it’s really bad. I find myself on the verge of happy, dreamy, blissful tears, frustrated tears, rage-filled meltdown-induced tears and laugh-out ... As most mothers due, Julie strived to be a fantastic mother. Unfortunately, her identity was completely wrapped up in receiving instant feedback from her three children that she was doing a good job. Julie was highly attentive and also highly emotional, swinging between over-involvement in her children’s homework, social life and appearance and quick withdrawal when they asserted their own opinions. The Over Emotional Mom; October 11, 2013 by C.G. So busy. But still trying to post. Harvest is in full swing and about half over! No I am not a farmer. I live in town. But I do happen to work at a seed corn production plant called DuPont Pioneer. I have to say I love what I do! I really didn’t think that I could or would enjoy a job in ... Being subjected to emotional abuse is hard to make sense of, yet when it’s perpetuated by your mother, its damage can be lifelong and cause you a deep sense of pervasive sadness that is hard to... The phenomenon of "emotional hunger " is an important one for the children of emotionally immature parents. Emotional hunger is based on a deep sense of unconscious emptiness in the parent's own... Having a relationship with someone who is overly emotional can be draining, and means that you have to consciously think about your words & actions as not to upset them. You never know how they will react to things you say. Even if you were moving next week I would suggest you speak with your mum about the way you feel. What diagnostically is termed Borderline Personality Disorder, these women have a way of relating to self and others that is intense and unpredictable, often filled with severe mood swings…and actions that match. Yet to others not involved with her on an intimate level, she can look quite normal and highly productive. Don't get angry with her cos she's your mum. Sometimes my mum can be overbearingly controlling and emotional, but I've learned to ignore her and stick up for myself. The point is, you are your own... Sometimes parents are embarrassed by overly emotional kids. A father may cringe watching his son cry after losing the baseball game or a mother may usher her daughter out of dance class at the first sign of tears. Crying isn’t a bad thing. And it is OK for kids to have intense feelings.

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Hi guys
I (26m) have never made a post on Reddit before but things are getting a little bottled up.
Basically, my mum (60) is very emotionally immature. She has always been difficult to confront, mainly because she can't stand criticism. Anyone suggesting that she didn't take care of me as a child, that she is mistreating a family member, that she needs to stop playing video games, etc often result in her breaking down in a number of seconds. For example, my sister recently asked her to stop sending messages requesting information about our dad (who recently left her) and my mum subsequently became inconsolable. Mum called me seconds after the text message from my sister and claimed she was "beyond rude" and "heartless" and that my sister clearly doesn't want to have a relationship with her. I saw the message. It wasn't any of those things, just solid boundary setting. Mum cried so much she couldn't talk for minutes at a time. She then asked me to fix things, which has become a pretty regular request.
Recently though, things have hit a high -- my dad left Mum after about 40 years of marriage because she mistreated him, has other issues, etc, and she decided to attempt suicide a few weeks back (two weeks after the separation). This started out when Mum called Dad and started begging for him to come back to her. She gets very worked up and makes irrational decisions when upset. Afterwards, she sent him some texts saying she was going to overdose because she didn't want to live without him. Dad called the police and she was rushed to hospital. She was released after one day and now my family has suspicions she didn't take any tablets at all -- though she maintains that she overdosed. Our suspicions are based on the fact that she usually tells people how sick/sore/broke/stressed she is to gain sympathy.
Since my parents' separation, I've had more difficulty than usual dealing with Mum. She's been calling me more often to vent, asking me to take more responsibilities, etc. But I have full-time work, full-time study, my own partner, home, etc and I'm currently moving houses! I can't deal with the stress and crying anymore.
I would love to set some boundaries, but as I've pointed out earlier, Mum always breaks down crying. After her recent suicide attempt, I'm too scared to ask her to stop using me as an emotional crutch, to spy on my father, etc. She hasn't got many others to rely on and recently told me she feels like I'm the only person she can rely on for practical or emotional support.
In normal circumstances, I would feel sorry for anyone in my mum's position. But we have a long and difficult history. If you don't want to read about my childhood, go ahead and skip the next three paragraphs.
Basically, I (along with my sister) attended school at a 45% average throughout grades 1-9. Oftentimes my mum would sleep in bed all day, even when I was at home, and refused to take us to school, organise our food, clean, take us to medical appointments, etc. Mum would always claim she had a migraine and couldn't get out of bed. Obviously my sister and I were happy to stay at home and play games instead of go to school. We usually lived off of cereal and peanut butter and jam sandwiches, only eating something substantial after my dad came home from work. He would do all of the housework too. I don't remember more than a handful of occasions where my mum even showered or brushed her teeth.
Mum would take Dad's money and use it on games, take-out food, etc and we would sometimes have no food for school, rent, or other basic needs for a whole fortnight. However, I loved my mum so much growing up, and HATED my dad. She would give me money to buy games, junk food, whatever, while my dad tried to stop this from happening. Mum would also put my dad down, call him stupid, swear at him if he pulled faces or acted funny, etc. She would make him do things for her constantly ("get me a glass of water", "go out and buy me some donuts", "go get X out of the car for me", etc), even when we had company over. If he so much as hesitated, she would snap or put him down in front of everyone. She also has an INCREDIBLE temper and will burst into aggression (sometimes physical) if someone raises their voice at her or claims she's lying, etc. She hasn't been employed since I was 13 (11 years ago) and has used various 'sickness' and 'injuries' as an excuse for this. Generally these are sickness/injuries you can't see and that allow her to continue to lie in bed or not cook and clean. These kinds of issues are what led to move out of home at 16. I have rented and worked and studied consistently since and have remained entirely financially independent.
Obviously my mum has suffered with depression for a long time. I pity her for that, and I've always tried to be emotionally available and to defend her when everyone else hated her or said they were sick of her. But I can't stand the way she ignores the pain of all those around her. A few years ago when I told her I was sexually assaulted by two different people as a child she literally shrugged and said 'yeah, that happened to me too' and left it at that. When I brought up the fact that she never had me vaccinated, she ignored it. When my sister told her she resents her for smacking her when she couldn't spell or read, my mum laughs it off. When my dad told her he couldn't stay with her because he couldn't continue living like a slave, she cried and blamed him for not loving her enough. She is, however, generally a very kind person. She is generous and is always there to listen -- though sometimes her feedback or availability is a bit shallow, she still tries.
Anyway, sorry for the huge rant. There are SO many other issues, especially with my childhood, but I don't think I should add any more. There are a bunch more issues involving my brothers, drugs, alcohol, etc, but I feel as if I've turned out fairly well -- I'm working on my temper (just like my mum's) and I definitely went through a stage where I was as manipulative as my mum, but I've gotten over it entirely. I'm also currently undertaking post-graduate education, I have a fairly lucrative job, I feel very stable, etc.
Mostly this post was a rant, but I would also love some advice on how to deal with my mum and on how to set boundaries without her balling her eyes out and threatening to kill herself. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes; my eyes are too tired from staring at the screen!
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Hi everyone! This is my first time making a fan-fiction. I will keep this brief, but I am a huge fan of the TF franchise and my first introduction to the franchise was through Armada and the TF movie. (1986) I very much LOVE all films 1-5, including BumbleBee and all other cartoons. (Most notably TF:Prime) This is my idea I have brainstormed for over 3 years since TLK released and how the main line series of films should end (reasonably) if it were to ever happen. This story is a two-parter. (Really hope someone at Paramount see's this). Thanks for reading! :-)
TL;DR: Years after TLK, Optimus finds out the only way to resurrect Cybertron is through finding the mysterious Essence Bearer (Sam Witwicky) whom can reforge the Allspark. Cade, BB, and Hot Rod go on the search to find him, as a defeated but still functioning Megatron is contacted by Unicron and is now remade into his new herald. The Allspark is rebuilt, Megatron uses it to speed up Unicrons "re-awakening" and Earth and it's inhabitants die. (Including Sam and Cades respective families) Sam and Cade are the only known surviving members of the human race. Optimus has failed as a leader and no longer decides to lead the Autobots and jettisons into space with a Space Bridge into parts unknown. Leaving the Autobots alone with no leader and the Matrix of Leadership, our heroes will now be hunted across the infinite space by Megatron with a new Decepticon army and a reborn Chaos Bringer; UNICRON.
Transformers: Unicron

We see a young Cybertronian like girl running through the hallways of a mechanically advanced futuristic world. The girl passes her fathers office. The father is attending to government-like business associates talking about the planets resources and the colonization of other worlds. Most notable of the conversation is how everything is going according to plan and how the 7 Primes have been keeping their word of keeping the supply chain in tact. It is a time of peace, in a teenage universe. The young female like being is playing with her toy car on a nearby railing when all of a sudden the toy car suspends itself in mid-air, defying gravity. The girl rushes back to her fathers office where they notice Megatronus hovering in the planets atmosphere. The father questions Megatronus, asking him why he's early from a supply run, asking about the status of a star harvested world and whether or not they'd be brought supplies. Megatronus is silent at first, seemingly taking in the moments of peace before the oncoming destruction or is in a hypnosis like state. Megatronus (The Fallen) then responds coldly and harshly, noting that "he's here." Air raids go off as a large being blanketed in shadow covers the nearby moon and blocks out the sun. Radars are detecting a large single entity, proportionate to nothing they've ever seen before.

In the moments of confusion, the fathers jettisons from the meeting, fearing the unknown of whats to come. Grabbing his daughter and putting her into an escape pod down the way, the large being begins to tear Quintessa apart. Gravity is turned on its head as horns begin to tear its way into the planets crust, ripping off pieces of it only to fly/beam straight upwards; to then only be consumed into a large abyss of light. The young female in her escape pod far into space watches in horror the destruction of her world. Her father is flinged into the atmosphere only to be consumed by "HIM." Moments later, Quintessa is destroyed. It's perpetrator is revealed to be a planet, 2 horned, with a large ring around itself.
The sounds of death and destruction by billions are mute within an instant to the sound of pure silence as he travels with the Fallen in empty space.

Cut to Black.

7 months after the events of The Last Knight; The Autobots with their Autobot ship are touched down on Earth doing a final supply run. They are at a space shuttle launch station, with the interaction between humans and Autobot being televised and broadcasted. The Autobots are no longer considered a threat to humanity, and thus a treaty has been made. The Autobots are saying their final goodbyes to Cade Yeager, Vivian Wembley, Izabella, Tessa Yeager, Shane Dyson, Robert Epps and William Lennox. Optimus notes that much work has to be done on Cybertron before they could ever return to Earth. Optimus had long pushed Cybertron to the sidelines to save Earth, but now life has posed them with a new opportunity to finally tend to their homeworld after years of conflict and war. With the Decepticons seemingly defeated, they have a chance to bring new life back home; the right way.

As Optimus and Co. are saying their goodbyes to their friends they have made over the years, BumbleBee (Who can now voluntarily switch back and forth between his voice and his radio voice he's used over the years) approaches Cade, asking him if he can do one final favor for him. BB asks Cade if he can find the whereabouts of a Sam Witwicky, and make sure he is safe. Cade tells the Autobots and Optimus that whenever he looks to the stars he'll think of them. The Autobots then depart in the Autobot ship and jettison into space to tend to Cybertron, whom is now back in its proper placing in space.

Cade has since relocated back to Texas in his original house as seen in film 4. Remodeling was paid for by Joshua Joyce, with some of his company's logo slapped on the electronics/ utilities as seen in the house. (A note is on the fridge that connotes to find Sam but clearly hasn't been taken up on) Cade is revealed to have re-married to Vivian, who is now a Yeager. Tessa is now also married in the years since. Tessa has married Shane and is now a Dyson. We catch up to Cade back in his garage, fixing an old truck. Cade is the CEO of a tech startup company, fulfilling his dream as an inventor by working on cars and developing new products from the scraps of old laden Transformers. Cogsworth is the homes butler. Izabella is studying abroad in her Sophomore years of college with Sqweeks. (Snuck onto campus)

In the years since the "Cyberton incident" the Autobots have't returned to Earth. Earth has seen its longest uninterrupted streak of peace in centuries. Earth's "horns" have since receded into the crust. A top government official on tv makes note of this but tells viewers there is nothing to worry about anymore. Since the disappearance of the Transformers, Earth and its inhabitants are at peace. The scars and battle wounds from the Transformers prior fights are healing, as Chicago, the figurehead of it's biggest conflict, is rebuilt. Cade and Vivian discuss the progress they both have made, as they are both recovering from PTSD from battles long ago. Tessa and Shane are staying the week with their father, afraid to reveal to him the wonderful news that Tessa is pregnant. (The entire reason they're staying with him.) Shane now has a father in his life, but feels Cade has always harshly judged him in the years since TF4. Shane is now a much more collective and gentler figure, a working class man, who isn't as brutish as he was years prior. Tessa, like her father, is now a small business owner and a self made individual. Cade himself is happy to now have a son and while he appreciates how Shane has kept Tessa safe and treated her like a queen, deep down inside he wonder why she has stayed with him. (Despite his consistent improvements) Cade and CO. frequents ZOOM calls with Izabella, now adopted, to check in on her and her far away graduation status. They're all a family unit now.

Optimus is scanning the landscape from the Autobot ship above the planets atmosphere. Improvements have been made in the years since, as cities have been rebuilt and the foundational aspect of Cybertron is now new. Cybertron looks as if it can be repopulated again. Ultra Magnus has returned to the Autobot ranks after being lost to space during Cybertrons evacuations. He is spearheading the construction project in certain areas of the planet. BB, Hot Rod (whom after the 4 year time jump decided to sport a new voice), Hound, Crosshairs, Drift, Wheelie, Daytrader, and the Dinobots, accompanied by their leader Grimlock, are finishing the final touches of construction on the capitol beacon IACON. It is noted by the team that even though the planet LOOKS inhabitable, the planet REMAINS dead.
The destruction of the Allspark in film 1 meant that, without it, life could not be brought back to the world. The Autobots won't be risking other lives by activating the Star Harvester, the SEED, or Merlins Staff. (All of which, with the exception of the star harvester, are on the Autobot ship which serves as mementos to previous conflicts) They're on their own to figure out a new means to reactivate Cybertrons spark. Optimus touches down on planet and goes through Cybertrons underbelly; The Catacombs. These areas of street underground haven't been touched on in millennia, and Optimus believes certain wisdom to their predicament can be found down there. Both Optimus, BB, and Ultra Magnus walk through this, as Optimus unintentionally opens a door that seemingly hasn't been open in eons. The door was opened by the Matrix, and the room revealed hieroglyphics among other things to Optimus eyes only. This room was meant for that of a Prime. The others note that nothing is in there. Optimus notes that he has found the answer for their predicament and while the others leave the room to scan for other things, (since they cannot see the writing on the wall) Optimus stares on in horror at a hieroglyph of UNICRON.
It is announced on the Autobot ship over comms that Megatron has been found on a far off world, Akalo.

It is unknown if Megatron has been amassing a sizable army during the years passed. All Autobots are going into the Seal Team Six style raid with one objective in mind: KILL the Decepticon leader for all the pain he's wrought on the team. As the Autobot ship hovers above the planets atmosphere, Optimus, who seems to be distraught at seeing this planet, makes a last minute change to the plan. In order to bring back a system of government to Cybertron, Megatron must be captured and tried; ALIVE. If they hunt down and kill Megatron now, there won't be any systems of law and order for them to follow and everything they've built will be for nothing. They will be as vile as the Decepticons they've fought so hard against. Optimus, whom once would not have hesitated in the past to kill his foes, now hesitates for the first time in quite a while. With no war, he is not Optimus the BRAVE WARRIOR, but Optimus the CALM LEADER. The Autobots vehemently object to Optimus claims to spare Megatron, and when the argument reached its boiling point between the leader and his peacekeepers, BB instructs Hot Rod to freeze Optimus in place with his time gun.
The Autobots only have 15 minutes until the effects wear off on Optimus to kill Megatron, and notes that it is a village they've landed on. As the autobots make their way into the tribe, Megatron appears from the tent. He is calm, patched up, but still damaged after the events of TLK. He has only one arm, and a stub wrapped in bandages for the second. The Autobots set fire to the village, with Megatron trying to get the others out. The Autobots appear, setting more fire to the tents, and bundling up the inhabitants into groups, not knowing whether or not they're Decepticon followers. (With intent to kill should they fight back) Megatron, almost as if he is to a degree, calm and collected with everything around him being destroyed, asks the Autobots to spare them and kill him. Megatron is ready to face death and notes he spent years escaping it, always knowing that one day they'd find him and kill him. The ruthless leader has accepted death, knowing his reign will end one day. BB scolds Megatron, noting how this was always inevitable and how he should have died again a long time ago. No one would remember him, and thus no one will care about his death after the deed is done. As BB is about to deliver the killing blow, BB is knocked back by an explosive gunshot from afar. The other Autobots are incapacitated, with Optimus appearing, sparing Megatron life. He tells Megatron that they will be leaving and his life will be spared. Optimus decide to not go through with capturing the warmonger, as they have failed on their part to be peacemakers. Optimus tells Megatron, his brother in blood, that eventually they will return to collect him and try him. But not today. Optimus rounds up the others, with them profusely angry and yelling at Optimus for not killing Megatron. The party then exits from the planet. Megatron is left to look at the destruction and devastation he brought on the villagers for being on that world.

The Autobots lament Optimus decision to spare him, noting that if he strikes back at them, it's all his fault. The state of the universe is at Optimus hands after the decision he just made.

We cut to Sam Witwicky through flashbacks up to present day. Post DOTM, we see that he proposed to Carly and are married. All in life was well until 2 years past DOTM, we see that the Autobots have now been declared public enemies and any associates (mainly Sam) are being hunted by the shadow govt. group Cemetery Wind. The insiders in the govt, those that worked with Sector Seven and were transferred to other areas of govt, saw Cemetery Wind as a coup in response to Transformers interactions on Earth. They secretly transferred Sam, Carly and their families into witness protection and thus Sam Witwicky "died." He now lives in Northern CA, in the redwoods in a self-sustained home with his 2 children, a son and daughter. Transferred (with secret govt. approval) from Accuretta Systems into a new firmware job, he his now living a life of dreams. Carly works within the govt again (also being given leniency and secrecy) and doing the job of her dreams. We catch up to a stormy evening, as the weather drastically changed in an instant. (A thunderous and destructive storm was created) Cybertron arrived, with the horns of Unicron rising from the ground, Sam and Carly run outside to desperately find their children. Carly tries to help as Sam leaves to call for help as he alone isn't strong enough to save his children from rubble. They eventually get help and save their children.

Post TLK, Sam looks among the world knowing at any point he can return as Sam Witwicky. However, he chooses not too, acknowledging the fact that he was always a young man caught up in some random alien war. He enjoys the life of solace and not having their lives in jeopardy. He is a father who has a mortgage to pay, bills to tend too, a wife and loving family to take care of. He has no intentions of returning to battle.

Optimus tells BB and Hot Rod to make headway onto Earth to find the Essence bearer. (Hound and the others are to remain on Cybertron to assist in the rebuilding) This will be the first return to Earth in years, and thus is a moment that he did not want to happen like this. He tells them to contact Cade, (and to not explain the Megatron situation as it will incite fear among them) as this is a human being matter, he would be best to find the Essence Bearer. BB and Hot Rod happily leave, angry at Optimus.
Optimus walks the surface of Cybertron with Ultra Magnus. Optimus tells UM that when Cybertron is breathed new life and the time is right in the future, he will retire his role as leader and allow the Matrix of Leadership to choose a new Prime. His days of being the leader will eventually end. The two reminisce of his golden days as Orion Pax and how Megatronus always watched over Orion (As a brother would) before any thought of a Civil War started.

The autobots land in Texas and find Cade. (After a quick web search and intuition prior to touching down) They explain the situation with the Allspark (Minus Megatron). Cade is very reluctant to help his Autobot friends. He too doesn't want to be dragged back into helping them, as that typically means some conflict will eventually start. It's peace time and there will always be a calm before the storm with THEM. BB pleads Cade to help, as this can revive their planet. They will know what its like to have life and be able to start anew, as Cade is doing. Cade sides with their humanity and starts the search for the Essence Bearer. (Saying a temporary good bye to his family and the transformers living with them. Tessa is still too afraid to tell her father that she is pregnant.)

Squad A leaves Texas following an energy meter across the country WEST, the search is on.

In the wake of the destruction of the village, Megatron is contacted from a beyond like state. He is contacted by Unicron, who states that Cybertrons arrival years ago was not accidental and that his return is imminent. Unicron will rise, but to have that happen, he needs a vessel of immense power to awaken him from his stasis and a herald. Megatron states that he is no longer a warrior, and has thus lost his taste for conflict. Unicron then shows him nightmarish visons of what will happen if he decides to not help, subjecting him to torturous hell as everyone he cares about most in the village dies. (Including a female cybertronian love interest in the tribe)
Megatron accepts the deal with the DEVIL, and thus is "transformed" before everyones very eyes into a Galvatron/Unicron hybrid version of Megatron. Megatron is back, and now possesses the power to kill his enemies and destroy Optimus.

Los Angeles, the star studded city. BB decides to do another pitstop but this time at a home. The once lived in house of Sam Witwicky is inhabited by another individual, Charlie Watson. Much older and a mechanic (still owning her fathers 1959 Chevrolet Corvette C1 as seen in BB) and business owner of her own shop, she is surprised to see BB at her door. (Cameo scene) The gang reflect and she's noticed who the other Autobots are and who Megatron is. She also jokes around about the planet in the sky and the weird Earth horns and gets serious with the Decepticon invasion of Chicago. She notes that there was another person who lived in the house prior. (She states she chose the house because of all the "weird shit" with it involving the aliens)
The gang then leaves before BB gives one final goodbye to his old friend. The squad then heads up to Northern CA, arriving in the redwoods. There, they find a girl playing with a Ultra Magnus toy (mistaken to be Optimus Prime) and a boy playing video games out front. Cade knocks on the door and Sam's parents answer. (Much older, are grandparents now) Carly comes to the door before Sam does last. He notes he knows who Cade is because he's helped the Autobots.

Sam too wants no part in the Autobots charade, regardless of what it is. BB appears and Sam's kids ask if that was the one "Daddy always talked about, if he's the good guys." His kids look up to BB and Hot Rod as idols, knowing that their father had a special relationship with them. All of Sam's family, Sam himself, is in awe that they've returned. After a night of thorough thought and discussion between Sam and family, they give him their blessing to help BB, only that this be the final time and that he doesn't get involved in any fights. Help only. (Ron and Judy are ecstatic to watch over their grandkids)

Megatron leaves Akalo to arrive to Earth. He scavenges the dumps using his new Unicron like powers to reconstruct the dead remains of Decepticons into brand new beings. (Cousins to those who fought before) Among them includes Starscream. (Whom transforms into Cyclonus) Megatron is amassing a small army at the behest of Unicron, to fight the oncoming war. Chaos is coming.

Sam, after being able to read the hieroglyphs Optimus sent them, knows how to revive Cybertron. He has to reforge the Allspark! Using the Staff and the Seed, he can create enough cyber matter to make the shell of the Allspark. With the shell, only he can use the Matrix to breathe life back into the Allspark, whilst the Matrix is still in tact. Both items coexist again. However, to get everything right, he has to contact an expert on stuff like this.

Sam contacts Seymour Simmons, whom after the events of DOTM, was under the assumption Sam had died. He is happy to see his old friend again, alive and well. Both of whom meet in Northern CA as Seymour is space bridged to Sam from his hideout in Cuba. Seymour laments that his mother passed away, and Mearing (Frances McDormand) has passed away due to Cancer. Simmons points Sam to Japan, specifically Mt. Fuji as a safe place to activate the seed in a minor dose. Simmons has military contacts in Japan that can secure them a spot to use the seed. (Cyclonus and Decepticons have found our heroes and are tracking their whereabouts)

Epps resides in Japan, leaving the United States to do some international traveling. (He has been to South America, Canada, Germany, and host of other countries since DOTM) Epps still keeps in contact with Lennox and his military brothers and sisters. Lennox is on leave with his family. His daughter is now in her mid 20's and is on track to complete her Master's degree. Simmons contacts the two and tells them to go to Mt. Fuji. "The kid will be there, he needs your help something big is about to happen!" A space bridge props open to the two men, whom both enter it whilst contacting their superiors.

On the side of the mountain, the Seed is activated. With cyber matter being created before their eyes, they have enough to reforge the Allspark. The squad contacts Optimus, stating to open the space bridge channel to Cybertron. BB and Hot Rod also ask to get the humans cyber suits ready. The squad is then transported via space bridge on the Autobot ship and gets dressed in the cyber suits as they prepare to descend onto Cybertron's surface. (Suits reminiscent of the 1986 mech suits seen in the TF movie)

Optimus Prime and the rest of the autobots guides the squad onto Cybertrons surface, conversing with the humans. Much time has passed they're all happy to see each other. (and meet one another for the first time) It is a reunion for our heroes. From afar they are being spied upon by Cyclonus and co. whom have also been space bridged from Megatron with his Unicron like powers, tracking their movements upon the planet.
Optimus leads them into the Allsparks chamber, where the land changing cube once resided. Optimus hands Sam the Matrix, Cade the Staff (whom now recognizes Cade as a user due to his marriage) and the cyber matter is handed to Lennox, Epps and Simmons. The humans reforge the Allspark before the Autobot's own eyes. The cube shrinks down to its small size again. The autobots can now rebuild and repopulate their world.
The Decepticons strike, with the Autobots unaware they were being followed. They blow up the chamber and take the Allspark with them and space bridge out of there. Our heroes emerge from the rubble, Simmons now killed in the attack. (Our heroes don't have much time to mourn his death) Optimus wonders in horror of what will now begin.

Megatron stands atop Mount Fuji, looking at the vast landscape, knowing of what destruction will be wrought upon the humans. Megatron is then surrounded by government agents (from the call Lennox made with his superiors prior to making it to Mt. Fuji), with Megatron conversing with their leader. (Seen from the beginning of the story) The leader then takes out the agents leaving no survivors. It is revealed to be none other than Quintessa the "faux Prime" who was in disguise. Quintessa reveals to Megatron that she's since changed her mind about the death of Unicron in the years since and thus wants him to rise. She wants revenge on the humans and Autobots for taking Cybertron from her and making her suffer with living among the humans.

As she talks about what the plan is, she states that Megatron will work for him as a double agent. (She notices how he is already under Unicrons control.) The Fallen was once Unicrons herald, (unbeknownst to the other Primes) but turned against Unicron because he wanted to be the ultimate ruler in the universe. (He helped turn the tide against Unicron with the 6 other Primes and thus Unicron was defeated and cast out, left to float in a teenage universe where Earth formed around him) Megatron, listening to this, tired of Quintessa's petty squabbling and talk of former master the Fallen kills Quintessa. (For good)

Megatron works FOR NO ONE.

Megatron violently inputs the Allspark within the ground which sends an energy shockwave around the Globe. Electronic devices, cars, and such are now being Transformed. Megatron's now larger army is being formed and Earth's climate changes drastically.

Earth is being transformed from the inside out. Military bases around the world are scrambling to find out whats going on, as all energy readings are off the charts. The Autobots and co. space bridge with the Autobot ship back to Earth and space bridge back to Texas with 1 group consisting of Cade, Lennox, Optimus, Hound, Ultra Magnus and Grimlock. Group 2 space bridges to CA with Sam, Epps, BB, Hot Rod, Drift, Crosshairs and the rest of the dinobots. The groups collect their respective families and meet together in Japan.

The end of the world has begun. Optimus gives a speech to our team, telling them that he failed to notice Megatron rebuilding after he spared him. However, his speech breads hope, as this isn't the end and they will stop Megatron, no matter the cost and fix Earth, as they have done before. Optimus jets off to confront Megatron as both Cade and Sam space bridge to other countries giving them Autobot fighters to fight off the oncoming hordes.

This is a truly global fight.

Optimus and Megatron duel to the death. It's a devastating fight, each other trading blows, one trying to kill the other. Hot Rod follows Optimus lead and sees the fight from afar. Megatron pins Prime, and tells him to reveal the truth to the other Autobots and humans. Hot Rod arrives to see his mentor pinned, with Megatron stating that this is the perfect time to reveal the truth.
Optimus, still pinned, reveals to Hot Rod that what he saw in the catacombs was a prophecy and prediction of Unicron's return. Unicron was always meant to rise, and Earth was always meant to be destroyed. The reforging of the Allspark simply sped up the process. Optimus states he knows how to kill Unicron, but was unsure of whether or not it would destroy Unicrons spark and leave Earth in tact, or would destroy Earth. He took the risk of reforging the Allspark and ignoring Unicron, fearing the unknown of his choices.

Earth continues to transform from the inside out, with lava and crust tearing itself apart revealing metal parts in the Earth.
Sam and Cade fight off the Decepticon army in different countries via space bridge. Earth's condition is worsening, and now Stone and car like figures of Unicron appear. Unicron is rising and inhabiting different beings. As they travel between space bridges, both of their respective families get stuck fighting off the horde. Sam and Cade run off to tend to their families.

Earth is dying slowly and surely. Ground we stand on caves in, buildings and skyscrapers are destroyed. What was once in peace lay in ruins. Lennox is reunited with his daughter and wife and Epps fights alongside Lennox noting this may be their final time together.

Carly, the kids and the grandparents are trapped within the rubble of a destroyed building they took shelter in. Sam lifts and lifts but the building seems to cave in more. His family can't escape. He is shedding tears knowing he is doing all he can to save them.
Vivian, Tessa, Shane, and Izabella are fighting in the streets. They are separated by the caved in streets. No way to reach to each other unless through a leap, but the leap itself is too dangerous and if they fail they are surely dead. Cade reaches them, whom is now pinned by Decepticon fire. Tessa reveals to her Dad that she is pregnant with a daughter and is naming her after Mom. Cade exclaims that he loves them all and will try and rescue them. He cries knowing he may lose his daughter and new family.
Optimus, with Hot Rods help, fights off Megatron and incapacitates him momentarily, allowing Hot Rod and himself to escape. Hot Rod pilots the Autobot ship, with the intention to pick up our heroes on the dying planet. Optimus goes to Cade's location and picks up Cade, but before he can get the others the ground caves in. They all fall to their death.
BB goes to Sam to help with the rubble, but it is too late. Sam says one final goodbye and I love you to his family, feeling there is still a way to free them before the building collapses from the caved in ground. BB takes Sam away and loads onto the Autobot ship, both Sam and Cade furious and broken at the loss of their loved ones. Lennox and Epps too die from the Decepticon horde and the caved in Earth.

The Autobot ship floats above Earth's atmosphere. They couldn't save others. They failed. Earth, is now a ball of molten magma, with an exoskeleton underneath. (Looks as if a planet was birthed but is in fact transforming) Hot Rod notifies the Autobots that Optimus knew this would happen all along, but chose not to act on preventing this. He solely focused on Cybertron's problems, being ignorant of what was going on Earth. Optimus relinquishes the Matrix of Leadership to the team, telling them he is unfit to be their leader after what has happened. Megatron has possession of the Allspark and Unicron is before their very eyes.

Optimus Prime is "no more" only Orion Pax remains now. The others are furious, broken hearted at what Optimus has done. Optimus leaves the ship, taking a space bridge device with him, launching himself into what seems to be a jungle like random planet before the portal closes. (All very brief and planet/ trajectory chosen at random)

The Autobots and human leave Earths space and jettison into parts unknown, knowing full well they and Cybertron will be hunted by Megatron and Unicron across the infinite space.

Megatron stares at his master, unsure now of whether or not he should have made the deal with the DEVIL. Unicron begins his transformation from planet mode into robot mode, with his eyes lighting up.

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2020.10.22 01:21 dyingdays2020 Spying my sister

guy that I thought was my friend, and even does nice things for me sometimes, has lived with me for just over 2 years... after he was unable to continue living where he was, for reasons I won't get into. I said that i couldn't have anyone live with me, to another friend of his, because I already had suspicions about him. He'd always had a rather volatile temper, and went on rants making fun of things that he knew that people around him liked. People are entitled to their opinions, but he just wouldn't stop trashing these things. Saying that you're glad that a musician that you didn't like is dead, is harsh. It was getting harder to be around him, but then after a situation landed him with me... he was much angrier than before. He had me driving him everywhere, and if I wanted to do something else, he would get angry and make hypothetical threats at anonymous people, but I could feel that they were hinted towards me. He would make me feel so awkward bringing other people to my house, like dates especially. After his romantic interest got tired of his ways, though she'd already told him many times, that she couldn't handle the stress he caused... he acted even more jealous when I brought a date home. Going to restaurants with him, oh if they got his food wrong or a place didn't have what he wanted, at the right price, he would explode.. and rant at me. I'm a much more mild mannered person, and have asperger's, so I wouldn't know what to say. When I got an actual girlfriend in late 2019, things got worse. If I was late picking him up from work, which didn't happen but rarely, he'd blow up on me. Once, he actually sniffed the car seat, and said "you had a bitch in here didn't you?" That freaked me out. After the first time he yelled very loudly in my face, calling me a piece of shit, a pussy, a lazy fuck, and saying that I was a bother to him... when he's living at my house for free!! I felt less and less comfortable in my house, and doing anything, each time that happened. I couldn't talk to him, because anything that was happening to him, was always worse than what was happening to me... or anyone else for that matter. After this whole Covid thing started, he lost his job, and I was driving him everywhere constantly to the point of exhaustion. I started letting him use my car, to go places, and have my girlfriend pick me up occasionally. That became more and more often. We broke up after valentine's day, because Covid was too stressful for her to handle a relationship. Then one day, I suggested that he takes my car while I go home because I was tired. Soon after, he banned people from coming over because of virus. Then, he started hiding my keys from me, and only let me use my car once a week. I try to voice my annoyance calmly about it, and that he has no right to do that, he told me that I could just walk. Every time I ask for my keys, he won't let me go alone. I'd have to rely on him picking up groceries, or shopping once a week. He'd pick up food that I paid for through an app, but it was only pizza. I love pizza, but it's getting tiring. He won't go places that upset him. I'm literally stuck in my house every day but once a week at this point, unless I walk over a mile to a restaurant or store. There's this foreboding and overly tense feeling in my house. I've lost my best friend, and my sister in the past year, that he wouldn't let me visit. I getting physically ill more than ever, and he seemed to tighten control on me after I lost them. Mentally, I'm trying to cope with him constantly, plus the deaths of my loved ones, and multiple failed dating attempts, because of him. Everyone says that i need to kick him out. If I didn't fear being stolen from, which he said he's done to people that pissed him off...plus the thought of being afraid to leave my house after... or he spies on me online like his ex. No, I can't call the cops. He'd make things up about me, due to having to take medication for anxiety attacks. I'm just trapped.
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2020.10.21 20:45 Not_My_AltAcc0510 Am I wrong for wanting my sister?

So hear me out. Before I even started liking girls for sex, I always had like a crush on my older half sister. I’m only posting this now because I did what I believed I would never do today and tried to spy on her while she showered. She obviously noticed, and although she was quiet, I am very fast, and made it seem like I was getting toilet paper, WHICH I ORIGINALLY WAS. Thing is, I was expecting her to be mad, but she just had the friendliest smile on her face and simply asked, “What are you doing?” And I told her the toilet paper excuse and got out. (I was originally brushing my teeth). I’m having an anxiety attack over this, cause I just feel so wrong wanting her that way. I assume I grew my attraction because we never really lived in the same house, so as a kid she never really like registered as my sister. Plus we have different fathers and my family literally always stuck that in my head even though I love all my half siblings like my own two sibs. But seriously, is something like wrong with me for wanting her? I genuinely wanted to be in a Relationship with her at one point, and thought those feelings faded away. Idk what to do about it, and I honestly just want to tell her the truth about me spying, because I almost never lie to anybody and I feel guilty cause I knew that she knew.
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2020.10.21 20:32 Britneyfan456 Spying my sister

Best run in terms of anything
Ingrid Bergman: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Casablanca, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Gaslight, Spellbound, The Bells of St. Mary’s, Notorious, June Night, Adam Had Four Sons, Rage in Heaven, Saratoga Trunk, Swedes in America, Arch of Triumph, American Creed, Under Capricorn, and Joan of Arc.
Olivia De Havilland: The Snake Pit, Santa Fe Trail, Their Boots On, The Heiress, To Each His Own, In This Our Life, My Love Came Back, The Strawberry Blonde, The Male Animal, The Well Groomed Bride, Hold Back the Dawn, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Devotion, The Dark Mirror, Princess O'Rourke, and Government Girl.
Judy Garland: Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Strike Up the Band, Little Nellie Kelly, Meet Me in St. Louis, Presenting Lily Mars, For Me and My Gal, Thousands Cheer, Girl Crazy, Babes on Broadway, Life Begins for Andy Hardy, Ziegfeld Girl, In the Good Old Summertime, The Pirate, Words and Music, Easter Parade, The Harvey Girls, Till the Clouds Roll By, and Ziegfeld Follies.
Gene Tierney: Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake, Heaven can Wait, Laura, Leave Her to Heaven, Dragonwyck, The Razor’s Edge, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Tobacco Road, The Return of Frank James, Hudson's Bay, The Shanghai Gesture, A Bell for Adano, China Girl, Sundown, Belle Starr, Thunder Birds, Rings on Her Fingers, The Iron Curtain, and That Wonderful Urge.
Bette Davis: In This Our Life, Thank Your Lucky Stars, The Man Who Came to Dinner, The Little Foxes, The Letter, Now, Voyager, Beyond the Forest, Winter Meeting, June Bride, A Stolen Life, Deception, Hollywood Canteen, Old Acquaintance, Mr. Skeffington, Shining Victory, The Bride Came C.O.D., Watch on the Rhine, All This, and Heaven Too, and The Corn Is Green.
Joan Crawford: When Ladies Meet, Possessed, Mildred Pierce, Hollywood Canteen, Humoresque, Flamingo Road, It's a Great Feeling, Daisy Kenyon, Reunion in France, They All Kissed the Bride, Strange Cargo, Susan and God, Above Suspicion, and A Woman's Face.
Carole Lombard: They Knew What They Wanted, To Be or Not to Be, Vigil in the Night, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
Agnes Moorehead: Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, Dark Passage, Journey into Fear, The Big Street, The Youngest Profession, Government Girl, Jane Eyre, Dragon Seed, Since You Went Away, The Seventh Cross, Mrs. Parkington, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Tomorrow, the World!, Keep Your Powder Dry, Her Highness and the Bellboy, Johnny Belinda, The Lost Moment, Summer Holiday, The Woman in White, The Stratton Story, Station West, The Great Sinner, and Without Honor.
Shirley Temple: A Kiss for Corliss, Fort Apache, Adventure in Baltimore, The Story of Seabiscuit, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, Since You Went Away, Kiss and Tell, I'll Be Seeing You, Honeymoon, Kathleen, Young People, Miss Annie Rooney, The Blue Bird, and That Hagen Girl.
Ava Gardner: The Killers, The Hucksters, Singapore, One Touch of Venus, The Bribe,The Great Sinner, Major Barbara, East Side, West Side, Reunion in France, Fancy Answers, H. M. Pulham, Esq., Shadow of the Thin Man, Babes on Broadway, This Time for Keeps, Joe Smith, American, We Do It Because, Sunday Punch, Kid Glove Killer, Calling Dr. Gillespie, Mighty Lak a Goat, Du Barry Was a Lady, Hitler's Madman, Ghosts on the Loose, Two Girls and a Sailor, Lost Angel, Young Ideas, Swing Fever, Maisie Goes to Reno, 3 Men in White, She Went to the Races, Blonde Fever, and Whistle Stop.
Katharine Hepburn: The Philadelphia Story, Song of Love, Adam's Rib, Undercurrent, Without Love, State of the Union, The Sea of Grass, Stage Door Canteen, Dragon Seed, Woman of the Year, and Keeper of the Flame.
Maureen O Hara: Dance, Girl, Dance, How Green Was My Valley, The Black Swan, The Spanish Main, Miracle on 34th Street, Sinbad the Sailor, A Bill of Divorcement, They Met in Argentina, To the Shores of Tripoli, Ten Gentlemen from West Point, Immortal Sergeant, This Land Is Mine, The Fallen Sparrow, Buffalo Bill, Sentimental Journey, Do You Love Me, The Homestretch, The Foxes of Harrow, Forever Amber, The Forbidden Street, Father Was a Fullback, Sitting Pretty, and A Woman's Secret.
Lauren Bacall: The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, Key Largo, Confidential Agent, and Confidential Agent.
Vivien Leigh: Caesar and Cleopatra, Anna Karenina, 21 Days, Waterloo Bridge, and That Hamilton Woman.
Greer Garson: Mrs. Miniver, The Valley of Decision, Desire Me, That Forsyte Woman, The Miracle of Sound, Pride and Prejudice, Random Harvest, Blossoms in the Dust, Madame Curie, The Youngest Profession, When Ladies Meet, Adventure, Mrs. Parkington, and Julia Misbehaves.
Claudette Colbert: The Palm Beach Story, Since You Went Away, Bride for Sale, Sleep, My Love, Without Reservations, Family Honeymoon, Arise, My Love, Boom Town, Remember the Day, Skylark, No Time for Love, Practically Yours, So Proudly We Hail!, Guest Wife, Tomorrow Is Forever, The Secret Heart, and The Egg and I.
Lana Turner: Johnny Eager, Honky Tonk, Ziegfeld Girl, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Somewhere I’ll Find You, Week-End at the Waldorf, Green Dolphin Street, Homecoming, The Three Musketeers, The Youngest Profession, Keep Your Powder Dry, We Who Are Young, Cass Timberlane, Slightly Dangerous, and Marriage Is a Private Affair.
Rita Hayworth: Gilda, Cover Girl, Blondie on a Budget, Tales of Manhattan, You Were Never Lovelier, The Lady from Shanghai, The Strawberry Blonde, You'll Never Get Rich, The Loves of Carmen, Affectionately Yours, My Gal Sal, Susan and God, Down to Earth, Tonight and Every Night, Blood and Sand, Angels Over Broadway, The Lady in Question, Music in My Heart, and Blondie on a Budget.
Joan Fontaine: Rebecca, Suspicion, The Constant Nymph, Jane Eyre, The Affairs of Susan, Ivy, Letter from an Unknown Woman, This Above All, Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, The Emperor Waltz, From This Day Forward, You Gotta Stay Happy, and Frenchman's Creek.
Jennifer Jones: The Song of Bernadette, Since You Went Away, Love Letters, Duel in the Sun, Madame Bovary, We Were Strangers, Portrait of Jennie, and Cluny Brown.
Hedy Lamarr: Comrade X, Come Live With Me, H.M. Pulham, Esq., Samson and Delilah, Tortilla Flat, Dishonored Lady, Ziegfeld Girl, Boom Town, Crossroads, The Strange Woman, White Cargo, Experiment Perilous, The Conspirators, Let's Live a Little, I Take This Woman, and The Heavenly Body.
Ginger Rogers: The Barkleys of Broadway, Tender Comrade, Kitty Foyle, Tom, Dick and Harry, I'll Be Seeing You, Roxie Hart, The Major and the Minor, Lucky Partners, Primrose Path, Week-End at the Waldorf, Once Upon a Honeymoon, Lady in the Dark, Magnificent Doll, Heartbeat, and It Had to Be You.
Barbara Stanwyck: East Side, West Side, Hollywood Canteen, Ball of Fire, The Lady Eve, Sorry, Wrong Number, Double Indemnity, Meet John Doe, You Belong to Me, Remember the Night, The Gay Sisters, The Great Man's Lady, Flesh and Fantasy, Lady of Burlesque, California, My Reputation, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The Bride Wore Boots, Christmas in Connecticut, Cry Wolf, The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Variety Girl, The Other Love, The Lady Gambles, and B.F.'s Daughter.
Veronica Lake: Sullivan’s Travels, This Gun for Hire, The Glass Key, I Married a Witch, So Proudly We Hail, Bring on the Girls, Miss Susie Slagle’s, The Blue Dahlia, I Wanted Wings, Forty Little Mothers, The Hour Before the Dawn, Ramrod, Hold That Blonde, Duffy's Tavern, Miss Susie Slagle's, Out of This World, Slattery's Hurricane, The Sainted Sisters, Isn't It Romantic?, Star Spangled Rhythm, and Saigon.
Setsuko Hara: Late Spring, Toyuki, Hebihimesama, Totsugu hi made, Onna no machi, Futari no sekai, Shimai no Yakusoku, Anî no hânayomê, Ôinaru kanô, Kêkkon no seitaî, A Story of Leadership, Kibô no aozora, Seishun no kiryû, Wakai sensei, Midori no daichi, Haha no chizu, Hawai Mare Oki Kaisen, Hawai Maree oki kaisen, Ahen senso, Bôrô no kesshitai, Toward the Decisive Battle in the Sky, Searing Wind, Suicide Troops of the Watchtower, Ikari no umi, Young Eagles, Shôri no hi made, Kita no san-nin, Koi no fuunjî, Midori no kokkyô, Reijin, Midori no kokkyô, No Regrets for Our Youth, Yuwaku, Kakedashi jidai, A Ball at the Anjo House, Onnadake no yoru, Sanbon yubi no otoko, Toki no teizo: zengohen, Fujisancho, Taifuken no onna, Kofuku no genkai, President and a female clerk, Tonosama Hotel, Ojôsan kanpai, Aoi sanmyaku, and Zoku aoi sanmyaku.
Betty Grable: Down Argentine Way, Mother Wore Tights, Down Argentine Way, When My Baby Smiles at Me, The Dolly Sisters, Pin Up Girl, Springtime in the Rockies, Coney Island, The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, Tin Pan Alley, Sweet Rosie O'Grady, A Yank in the R.A.F., Footlight Serenade, I Wake Up Screaming, Song of the Islands, Diamond Horseshoe,
Deborah Kerr: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Black Narcissus, Contraband, Penn of Pennsylvania, A Battle for a Bottle, Love on the Dole, Major Barbara, Major Barbara, Edward, My Son, Hatter's Castle, The Day Will Dawn, If Winter Comes, Perfect Strangers, and I See a Dark Stranger.
Donna Reed: Shadow of the Thin Man, Calling Dr. Gillespie, It's a Wonderful Life, Convicted Woman, The Get-Away, Babes on Broadway, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, The Bugle Sounds, Mokey, Apache Trail, Eyes in the Night, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case, The Human Comedy, The Man from Down Under, Thousands Cheer, See Here, Private Hargrove, Green Dolphin Street, Chicago Deadline, Beyond Glory, The Picture of Dorian Gray, They Were Expendable, Faithful in My Fashion, and Gentle Annie.
Kim Hunter: A Matter of Life and Death, When Strangers Marry, You Came Along, The Seventh Victim, Tender Comrade, and A Canterbury Tale.
Alida Valli: The Third Man, Piccolo mondo antico, The Paradine Case, The Miracle of the Bells, We the Living, T'amerò sempre, I pagliacci, Apparizione, The Song of Life, The Two Orphans, The First Woman Who Passes, Light in the Darkness, The Secret Lover, Manon Lescaut, The Last Enemy, Red Tavern, Beyond Love, Schoolgirl Diary, Invisible Chains, Stasera niente di nuovo, The Za-Bum Circus, Life Begins Anew, and Eugenia Grandet.
Anne Baxter: 20 Mule Team, The Magnificent Ambersons, Five Graves to Cairo, The Razor's Edge, Yellow Sky, The Great Profile, Swamp Water, Charley's Aunt, Sunday Dinner for a Soldier, The Fighting Sullivans, The North Star, Smoky, The Purple Heart, The Eve of St. Mark, Guest in the House, You're My Everything, The Walls of Jericho, Homecoming, The Luck of the Irish, Blaze of Noon, Angel on My Shoulder, and A Royal Scandal.
Teresa Wright: The Little Foxes, Mrs.. Miniver, Enchantment, Shadow of a Doubt, The Best Years of Our Lives, Pursued, The Trouble with Women, The Pride of the Yankees, The Little Foxes, Casanova Brown, and The Imperfect Lady.
Mary Astor: The Maltese Falcon, The Palm Beach Story, The Great Lie, Act of Violence, Meet Me in St. Louis, Fiesta, East Side, West Side, Young Ideas, Blonde Fever, Turnabout, Brigham Young, Across the Pacific, Claudia and David, Little Women, Any Number Can Play, Desert Fury, and Cynthia.
Jane Wyman: Johnny Belinda, Brother Rat and a Baby, Bad Men of Missouri, My Love Came Back, The Lost Weekend, Magic Town, Make Your Own Bed, Princess O'Rourke, Footlight Serenade, Cheyenne, The Lady Takes a Sailor, A Kiss in the Dark, The Doughgirls, An Angel from Texas, Flight Angels, Gambling on the High Seas, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, You're in the Army Now, The Body Disappears, Honeymoon for Three, My Favorite Spy, Larceny, Inc., Crime by Night, The Yearling,Hollywood Canteen, One More Tomorrow, and Night and Day.
Ann Sheridan: They Drive by Night, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Kings Row, Nora Prentiss, I Was a Male War Bride, Honeymoon for Three, One More Tomorrow, City for Conquest, Torrid Zone, Castle on the Hudson, It All Came True, Navy Blues, George Washington Slept Here, Wings for the Eagle, Juke Girl, Silver River, The Unfaithful, Edge of Darkness, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Cinderella Jones, Shine On, Harvest Moon, and Good Sam.
Ida Lupino: They Drive by Night, Devotion, In Our Time, The Sea Wolf, High Sierra, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Out of the Fog, Life Begins at Eight-Thirty, Moontide, Ladies in Retirement, Hollywood Canteen, Forever and a Day, The Hard Way, Pillow to Post, Road House, The Man I Love, Escape Me Never, Deep Valley, Not Wanted, Never Fear, and Lust for Gold.
Joan Bennett: Man Hunt, The Woman in the Window, Scarlet Street, The House Across the Bay, The Man I Married, The Son of Monte Cristo, Green Hell, She Knew All the Answers, Wild Geese Calling, The Reckless Moment, Secret Beyond the Door, Hollow Triumph, The Woman on the Beach, Margin for Error, Twin Beds, Confirm or Deny, The Wife Takes a Flyer, Colonel Effingham's Raid, The Macomber Affair, Girl Trouble, and Nob Hill.
Tallulah Bankhead: A Royal Scandal, Stage Door Canteen, and Lifeboat.
Jane Greer: Out of the Past, Pan-Americana, Two O'Clock Courage, Sinbad the Sailor, George White's Scandals, The Falcon's Alibi, Dick Tracy, The Bamboo Blonde, Station West, Sunset Pass, They Won't Believe Me, and The Big Steal.
Margaret O'Brien: Jane Eyre, Meet Me in St. Louis, The Unfinished Dance, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Lost Angel, Three Wise Fools, Big City, Little Women, Tenth Avenue Angel, The Secret Garden, Music for Millions, Bad Bascomb, Journey for Margaret, You, John Jones!, and The Canterville Ghost.
Lucille Ball: Without Love, Ziegfeld Follies, Dance, Girl, Dance, The Big Street, Du Barry Was a Lady, The Marines Fly High, You Can't Fool Your Wife, A Girl, a Guy and a Gob, Too Many Girls,Thousands Cheer, Seven Days' Leave, Easy Living, Abbott and Costello in Hollywood, Look Who's Laughing, Valley of the Sun, Lured, Easy to Wed, Two Smart People, Her Husband's Affairs, Sorrowful Jones, The Dark Corner, Lover Come Back, Best Foot Forward, and Meet the People.
Cyd Charisse: Ziegfeld Follies, Escort Girl, Something to Shout About, Thousands Cheer, Mission to Moscow, The Harvey Girls, Till the Clouds Roll By, In Our Time, Three Wise Fools, Fiesta, The Unfinished Dance, On an Island with You, and The Kissing Bandit.
Susan Hayward: The Lost Moment, Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman, My Foolish Heart, Adam Had Four Sons, Sis Hopkins, They Won't Believe Me, Canyon Passage, And Now Tomorrow, Deadline at Dawn, Hit Parade of 1943, Star Spangled Rhythm, A Letter from Bataan, Young and Willing, Tulsa, The Saxon Charm, House of Strangers, Tap Roots, Among the Living, Reap the Wild Wind, The Forest Rangers, Jack London, The Fighting Seabees, and The Hairy Ape.
June Allyson: The Secret Heart, Music for Millions, Best Foot Forward, Meet the People, Two Girls and a Sailor, Girl Crazy, All Girl Revue, Her Highness and the Bellboy, The Three Musketeers, Good News, The Stratton Story, Words and Music, High Barbaree, Till the Clouds Roll By, The Sailor Takes a Wife, Two Sisters from Boston, and The Bride Goes Wild.
Susan Peters: Young Ideas, Tish, Santa Fe Trail, The Big Shot, Random Harvest, Keep Your Powder Dry, Song of Russia, Assignment in Brittany, The Sign of the Ram, Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant, Andy Hardy's Double Life, A New Romance of Celluloid: Personalities, Sockaroo, River's End, Meet John Doe, The Strawberry Blonde, Scattergood Pulls the Strings, Three Sons o' Guns, Young America Flies, Money and the Woman, and The Man Who Talked Too Much.
Betty Hutton: Duffy's Tavern, Hollywood Victory Caravan, Dream Girl, Red, Hot and Blue, Star Spangled Rhythm, One for the Book, Happy Go Lucky, Strictly G.I., Skirmish on the Home Front, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, Cross My Heart, The Perils of Pauline, The Stork Club,Here Come the Waves, And the Angels Sing, Incendiary Blonde, The Fleet's In, and Let's Face It.
Celeste Holm: Road House, Gentleman's Agreement, Come to the Stable, The Snake Pit, Everybody Does It, Chicken Every Sunday, A Letter to Three Wives, Three Little Girls in Blue, and Carnival in Costa Rica.
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2020.10.20 15:36 OurMaester Spying my sister

The Crownlands
In the Red Keep, Prince Maekar Targaryen summons three of his most important advisors, Lord Darry, Lord Redwyne, and Toron Greyjoy, speaking to them separately on different matters.
Lord Hugh Rambton, Lord Marshal of the Iron Throne, sends letters to every Crownlord, asking them to muster troops and amass at King’s Landing. In response, Annara Brune and her sisters make for the capital.
At far off Summerhall, the seat of dragons, Prince Valerion Targaryen meets with Lady Maris Dondarrion, and the two exchange pleasantries. Maris states her intention of reaffirming her oaths, and Valerion gladly accepts the offer.
Serena Bolton finds herself in the gardens of the Red Keep late at night, where Queen Rhaenys approaches her for conversation.
Toron Greyjoy sends letters to the Crownlords bidding them to sail their ships to the island of Dragonstone.
Queen Rhaenys Targaryen invites Lady Serena Boltona and Lady Roslin Tully to her solar to converse. The three speak of much, namely the death of Aenar Targaryen and the subsequent actions by Crown Prince Maekar. The Queen also met with Theon, the Grandmaester, and the two spoke of Dorne and the Stormlands.
The Crimson Maiden Myra familiarizes herself with a sword, aided by one of her companions on the road.
Aemon Blackfyre crosses the Narrow Sea disguised as Ser Emmon Eastlight. Accompanied by his two companions, the three work out backstories for their false identities and enjoy each other's company. The exile Prince makes landfall at Duskendale, and his companions set out to acquire items that will make their disguises more believable.
The Queen resolves to fight her wars, setting sail for Dorne and leaving her lady-in-waiting as her representative in King’s Landing.
The Grandmaester arrived in King’s Landing, heading to his rookery where he researched subjects that would be useful to him later.
Myra’s companion and sworn knight Wylas is ambushed by three thugs. He slays two of them and wounds their leader, but is captured, presumably to be interrogated. The mercenaries beat Wylas, but he refuses to sell out his charge. Through the use of drugging their food, Myra manages to knock out the three remaining goons, tying them up and binding them to a pyre. She sacrifices them to the Red God, and Ser Wylas’ life is spared, though he is in critical condition as they move onward to Dorne.
Lord Will Darry calls upon Theon and Hugh Rambton, discussing the current events of the realm and what they might do about them.
Lord Rhaegar Velaryon arrives at Dragonstone, meeting with Toron Greyjoy and receiving his first assignment as Grand Admiral.
The Grandmaester decides to pay his respects to those that lost kin with the death of Aenar Targaryen. A letter flies to Summerhall and Sunspear, and afterwards, Theon sets himself to concocting a poison.
Prince Aemon Blackfyre finally arrives at King’s Landing, where he is approached by a number of offers for work. He also comes across an old face, the exiled Prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell.
On the desolate island of Dragonstone Prince Matarys Targaryen hopes to hire a ship and break his vows as a Kingsguard. At the docks he is questioned by Ser Godry of the Dragonstone garrison, halting his plans to sail for the Vale. Later men bearing the banners of House Targaryen and sails of House Baratheon arrive to retrieve Prince Matarys, on orders of the Crown Prince.
The North
Torrhen Stark, the Lord of Winterfell calls his banners via letter, planning to ride south and aid his new allies in House Tully. Both House Manderly and House Karstark take up the call to arms, sending letters to their liege lord in acknowledgement.
Lord Robb Hightower informs Eddard Stark of the Hand’s death, and of the Crown’s involvement in it. He convinces the heir to the North to make for Oldtown, to punish the Caswells that almost captured his cousin.
The Riverlands
Jon Frey arrives at Riverrun to negotiate with Lady Tully, though negotiations break down between the two and Lord Frey leaves for Lannisport. But that is not the only arrival that is seen, with Lord Torrhen Stark arriving, with him making marriages and pledging ten thousand men to the regents' cause.
At Oldstones, the Blackwoods and Bracken achieve a final victory against the Red Worshippers there. At Raventree Hall, the Lady Regent gets Lord Blackwood to join her, as she does the others at Oldstones.
Both her and the Freys would reach out to the Lord Darry, however with varied success. Soon the army of the Riverlands would reach the Twins, with negotiations breaking down once more and the castle put to siege. The Lords Ryger, Blackwood and Bracken would hold their own council, to discuss what is to do and craft their own plan.
As the madness continues, Hostella Ryger invites to a grand tournament to be held at Willowwood. Robb Hightower arrives at Seagard, having escaped The Ironborns wrath.
The Vale
As the Dragons of Summerhall continue their stay at the Eyrie, with Lord Isembard Arryn calling them to discuss and war seems ever more likely. Once more Prince Aegon sends out letters informing friends and Kin alike of the murder of Aenar, while he trains and discusses about the coming conflict.
As Lord Corbray sends a letter to Hearts Home to learn more of the egg in the Vale, Aelor Targaryen arrives at Coldwater to continue the search.
Arwyn Arryn and Crawn “Son of Fire” talk about future marriage, until they are attacked by two Black Ears, as Crawn promises to return her home. Soon thereafter, Elbert Arryn searches for the missing Falcon.
The Westerlands
Cerissa Lydden arrives at Casterly Rock discussing the upcoming War with Tyland Lannister, but also her actions against Lord Farman. The Lion of the West commands her to send an apology, though she burns the letter. Soon thereafter, she informs her cousin of the death of Aenar and starts talks with Will Darry.
Ravens fly across the West, as Lord Tyland Lannister sends letters across the realm and plans his actions, while Lord Farman sends an angry letter to the Lion of the Rock. Another letter is sent to the Lion of Lannister where he learns of the death of Lord Lewys Marbrand, though unknown to all the man was killed by his own son. Finally, Lord Reyne sends his own letters, though not of war but of trade.
In Lannisport, Jon Frey arrives to discuss a betrothal with the sister of Lord Lannister of Lannisport. The latter soon visits the Rock to discuss with his distant cousin.
The Stormlands
Crown Prince Maekar and Ser Royce Baratheon both converge on the Autumn Brotherhood from opposite directions, readying themselves to end the outlaw group once and for all. The two hosts crashed upon the Brotherhood, cutting down the bandits without mercy. Thomas Rye, the leader of the band, and Ser Gwayne Tyrell, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, face off before the battle breaks out. The two trade verbal jabs before agreeing to cross blades. Ser Gwayne proves victorious, slaying his old foe for the second time, this time for good. The white rose buries his adversary in a rye field, and, unfastening his cloak of white fabric, throws away his vows as a Kingsguard, riding off to an unknown fate.
Prince Maekar arrives at the seat of the Baratheons, where he and Lord Lyonel exchange words. The former offers the Marches to the latter in an official manner after discussing the death of Aenar “at the hands of bandits”.
The Reach
As Ben Fossoway arrives at Highgarden, he finds himself injuring his leg. The brothers Florent discuss and soon the Reach Lords depart to Storm's End.
After the tourney, Elinor Tyrell arrives at Bitterbridge to head towards the Capital, though she must talk with the Caswells first.
The Iron Islands
Sylas Farwynd arrives at Hammerhorn with the captive Ravella Farman, as he talks with Lord Vickon Goodbrother. Soon they talk of what to do with the captive, joined by Lord Goodbrothers sister. Yet, Vickon soon leaves to listen to the Lord Reapers summons.
Old Wyk finally surrenders to the Lord Reaper, with him granting it to his second son in front of his bannermen. But trouble doesn't cease, as a Northern and Reachmen fleet approaches the Islands yet it is able to escape. In response, the Lord Reaper sends out letters to the Prince Regent and a few Lord Paramounts.
A spy found in Sunspear and is tortured relentlessly, but still refuses to give any sort of name. Meanwhile, Prince Alaric calls a Dornish Assembly to discuss the precarious position Dorne now sits in following the death of the hand.
A defensive approach is decided, the snake shall not bite just yet but instead lay in the grass waiting for the right time as they amass soldiers on the northern border in case of attack.
But more bad omens come as the Queen arrives to Dorne warning of Maekar.
Nothing of note has occurred, check Pentos.
The Sealord of Braavos leaves his door open for visitors after the successful siege of Pentos. He sends a letter to Myr talking of the ending of slavery within Pentos and the election of Tiger Triarchs in Volantis. He sends Lysandro Belmondareys, who wishes to invade the Stepstones, The Sealord instead sends the Admiral to the Three Daughters with a guarantee of their independence from Volantis. The Sealord is also visited by Haegon Blackfyre, Theoro Irnaan, Edyth Grafton, Runcel the Errant, and Ferrego Maccis.
Prince Haegon Blackfyre meets with The First Sword of Braavos to discuss the possible continuation of his courtship with the Sword’s daughter. Later on in the week, Theoro would find himself facing off against Runcel the Errant, where the First Sword would prove to be outmatched and find himself at the mercy of his opponent, of which Runcel had little of. After learning of his First Sword’s death, the Sealord of Braavos, in a fit of fury, leaves Pentos to return home. Theoro is mourned by his daughter Ilys.
The Golden Company would continue their tracking of the Free Knights, in a second attempt to wipe them off the face of Essos. A war council would be called for the tracking down and combating this Jon Butterwell. They would prove the faster company and catch up to the Free Knights, which would lead to a second confrontation between the two parties, just as one sided as the first. After the overwhelming victory, and the capture of Jon Butterwell, the captive is taken back to Pentos in chains to stand trial for his crimes against House Blackfyre and King Aegor Blackfyre himself presides. When Ser Butterwell demands trial by combat, the King himself steps in as his adversary. To the surprise of everyone in the room however, the King is bested by Ser Jon and laid low by the older man. However, Jon decides to spare the King, who immediately repays the offer by commanding his men to slaughter the Free Knight.
The Three Daughters
Lys -
This Daughter has remained silent this moon
Myr -
The Prince-Admiral of Myr sends letters attempting to bring the leaders of Lys and Tyrosh together with himself to finalize peace-talks and broach potential further alliances between the Three Daughters. Both the leaders of Lys and Tyrosh make preparations to journey to Myr.
The First Magister of Lys has arrived in the city to speak of official business between the two Free Cities. He is greeted by his son, who joins him on his journey to meet the Prince-Admiral of Myr. The Archon of Tyrosh arrives in Myr to begin peace negotiations and talks of alliances between the Three Daughters. He meets with Dagos Drahar, the First Magister and Prince-Admiral of Myr. After several days of settling in, the three leaders finally sit down with each other and communicate with each other.
Outside of Myr, the Black Dragon attempts to enter the city for an audience with the Prince-Admiral, as well as attempting to recruit men to fill the Golden Company's ranks.
Tyrosh -
The Archon of Tyrosh leaves his home to make potential allies, after he leaves though an Admiral of Braavos, Lysandro Belmondareys, attempts to create an Alliance between the two cities, but is rebuffed by the brother of the Archon.
The Leader of the Windblown, Daemon Sunglass, looks for Dragon Eggs and a job for his mercenary company.
The Triarchs hold a parade to celebrate their parties overwhelming victories within the past few moons.
Triarch Maegyr attempts to learn about possible dragon eggs in Essos
Tessario offers Volantene protection to the Three Daughter’s against Braavos and their Black Dragon allies should they get any ideas of claiming any more Essosi territory. He also holds a meeting with the other two Triarchs to discuss the previous moons happenings about the Black Dragons ambitions. While one of the Triarchs puts forward the notion that they should claim Norvos and Qohor as their own.
Beyond the Wall
Days of searching go by with not a trace of the Lord Commander until finally a riderless horse makes its way back to castle black, a sign of tragedy. A vote is called and after some deliberation Gaemond Targaryen ascends to the role of Lord Commander, a dragon now leads the black brothers.
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2020.10.20 04:27 StevenStevens43 My spying sister

Art Oenfer VII - Thee king Arthur Art Oenfer VII - Thee king Arthur:
Ok, this article is part of a series of king Art Oenfer's.
However you should not read the book from finish to beginning.
You will better understand it, by reading from beginning to finish.
Therefore, i have left the links for the previous Art Oenfers below.
Simply begin with Part 1, and then read this one last.
King Art Oenfer & Son - Part 1
Gallus the Mac - Part 2
King Art Oenfer III & the barbarcia conspiriato - Part 3
King Art Oenfer IV & V - Part 4
King Art Oenfer VI - Part 5
King Art Oenfer & the historia francorum - Part 6
King Art Oenfer & The boys - Part 7
Art Oenfer & The search for king Lots grail - Part 8
Art Oenfer & The search for king Lots grail part 2 - Part 9
Link for photo
King Arthur
David Dumville:
Now, as always, i will be investigating traditional legends, and likely, in particular, the legends according to Geoffrey of Monmouth.
And as always, i will be looking at it from a contemporary historical viewpoint, and trying to establish just how traditional legends, may actual run contemporary, to contemporary accounts, and the happenings, perhaps consistant with actual historical happenings of that period.
I will also be investigating the criticisms from claimed mainstream historians and scholars, and finding out if their reporting on history is as professional and educational, as they would like one to think.
I will begin this article with the words of David Dumville, that actually greatly sadden me.
I feel this below, is simply lazy.
Now, i do not know David Dumville, so i cannot say he is not a good historian.
But what i can say, is that going by "only" the quote below, he appears to not be a historian, but merely a critic with an extreme opinion.
There is nothing from the quote to suggest David Dumville, is indeed a reputable historian that has investigated the subject exhaustively, like a monk.
Yet he is asking us to write Arthur from our history and burn any mention of Arthur.
Why, is what i ask?
[14] The historian David Dumville wrote: "I think we can dispose of him [Arthur] quite briefly. He owes his place in our history books to a 'no smoke without fire' school of thought ... The fact of the matter is that there is no historical evidence about Arthur; we must reject him from our histories and, above all, from the titles of our books."[15]
Battle of Badon:
So, i will jump to Geoffrey of Monmouth's first "fabrication".
His first "fabrication", according to modern day historians and scholars, is identifying Arthur;s 12th battle against Saxons, as taking place near bath.
Battle of Badon
Geoffrey of Monmouth's c. 1136 Historia Regum Britanniae was massively popular and survives in many copies from soon after its composition.[20] Going into (and fabricating) much greater detail, Geoffrey closely identifies Badon with Bath,
Link for photo
Approximate location of Geoffrey's battle of Badon, according to modern day historians and scholars
Historians agree with Geoffrey:
Now, if Geoffrey say's that the battle of Badon took place in Bath, historians and scholars would need to object to this.
But, rather peculiarly, historians and scholars on this occasion, appear to have a great desire to actually support Geoffrey's location of Bath, as indeed being the location for the battle of Badon.
Which is actually a bit confusing, given modern day historians and scholars usually think Geoffrey's history is completely made up.
Susan Hirst, Geoffrey Ashe and Michael Wood) argue for the site of Liddington Castle on the hill above Badbury (Old English: Baddan byrig) in Wiltshire. This site commands The Ridgeway, which connects the River Thames with the River Avon and River Severn beyond.[25][26][27] The similarly-named Badbury Rings in Dorset have also been argued to be the location of the battle.[28]
Link for photo
Battle of Badon
University of Navarra:
However, a clue as to why modern day historians and scholars appear to actually agree with Geoffrey, could come from Andrew Breeze of the university of Navarra, whom claims that Geoffrey never mentioned Bath, and instead said the location of the battle was Bradonici Montis, and that his writings have been mistranslated by modern historians and scholars, unfamiliar with the old Brythonic and Germanic languages.
More recently, Andrew Breeze argues that Badon must be etymologically Brittonic rather than English (thus eliminating Bath from consideration as its name is entirely Germanic), and that the toponym as given by Gildas (Badonici Montis) is a misprint of Bradonici Montis,
Link for photo
Andrew Breeze
And Andrew Breeze's reaearch would appear to be far more educational based, and also supported by contemporary history.
Quite simply, if modern historians and scholars were correct, and Geoffrey of Monmouth did indeed refer to the battle location as Mount Badon, and not Bradonici Montis, then, the most likely location for the battle, would in fact be Baden in Germany, with the battle taking place on the border of the Black forest mountain range.
Quite simply, even today, Baden, is a town in Germany.
Baden-Baden is a spa town in the state of Baden-Württemberg, south-western Germany, at the north-western border of the Black Forest mountain range on the small river Oos), ten kilometres (six miles) east of the Rhine, the border with France, and forty kilometres (twenty-five miles) north-east of Strasbourg, France.
Link for photo
Baden coat of arms
Western Ocean:
Now, i personally whilst looking for "Mount Baden" was looking for somewhere in the Western Ocean, due to the fact that the battle was said to take place in the Western Ocean.
Since when was Bath near the Ocean?
Siege of Mount Badon
the Anglo-Saxons are said to have "dipped [their] red and savage tongue in the western ocean"
Also, whilst modern historians and scholars refer to Mount Badon as Mount/Hill, Geoffrey never actually referred to it as obsessions Badonici montis/hill.
He referred to it as "montis".
What type of Montis is this "hill" in bath? It is barely even a hill.
Mount Badon
This continued up to the year of the siege of Badon Hill (obsessionis Badonici montis), and of almost the last great slaughter inflicted upon the rascally crew. And this commences, a fact I know, as the forty-fourth year, with one month now elapsed; it is also the year of my birth.[4]
Mount Brandon:
Now, whilst Andrew Breeze would appear to be on the correct track, he concludes that the battle must have taken place in Cornwall or Wales, were this type of Brythonic language would have been spoken.
However, there is no mountain that i am aware of, in Cornwall, nor Wales, that would fit this description.
There is however a Mount Brandon in Ireland.
And this is what you call a "Mount".
Mount Brandon
Mount Brandon or Brandon (Irish: Cnoc Bréanainn, meaning "Brendan's hill"),[4] at 952 metres (3,123 ft), is one of the ten highest peaks in Ireland, being the 8th–highest peak in Ireland on the Arderin list, and the 9th–highest on the Vandeleur-Lynam list.[5]
Mount Brandon
Mount Brandon
Saint Brandon:
The Mountain is named after Saint Brandon.
Mount Brandon
[7] The mountain, and range, is named after Saint Brendan,
Link for photo
Mount Brandon is located at the South Western tip of Ireland, next to the Ocean
484 AD:
Saint Brandon was born in 484 AD, and therefore the battle took place during his lifetime.
Saint Brendan
Brendan of Clonfert (c. AD 484 – c. 577) (Irish: Naomh Bréanainn or Naomh Breandán; Latin: Brendanus; Icelandic: (heilagur) Brandanus), also referred to as "Brendán moccu Altae" (Brendan of the Fosterling Folk), called "the Navigator", "the Voyager", "the Anchorite", and "the Bold", is one of the early Irish monastic saints and one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.[1] He is primarily renowned for his legendary quest to the "Isle of the Blessed", also denominated "Saint Brendan's Island". The Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis ("Voyage of Saint Brendan") can be described as an immram, i. e., Irish navigational narrative.
Link for photo
Saint Brendan statue at Fenit Harbour
Battle of Camlann:
So, now on to the legendary and disputed battle of Camlann, said to be King Arthur's final battle.
Battle of Camlann
The Battle of Camlann (Welsh: Gwaith Camlan or Brwydr Camlan) is a legendary final battle of King Arthur during the early 6th century, in which he either died or was fatally wounded while fighting either with or against Mordred
Link for photo
Battle of Camlann end scene
History by modern day historians and scholars:
Now, here below is the comical depiction by modern day historians and scholars.
Apparently they report that Geoffrey of Monmouth has Arthur fight Mordred in Cumbria, then being defeated at a river in Cornwall, before being taken to Avalon (which is a town in France, as has already been established in previous Art Oenfer's, and can be easily verified with a simple google search) to die.
Chronicle tradition
Arthur returns and his army faces Modredus' at Camblana (the River Camel in Cornwall). Many are killed, including Modredus; Arthur is mortally wounded and taken to the Isle of Avalon
Link for photo
Arthur slays Mordred
However, a far more likely location for this battle, would actually not be Cumbria, but in fact a town in France named Cambrai, not too far from Avallon, and also by the river Escaut.
Cambrai (US: /kæmˈbreɪ, kɒ̃ˈ-/,[2][3] French: [kɑ̃bʁɛ] (📷listen); Picard: Kimbré; Dutch: Kamerijk), formerly Cambray[3] and historically in English Camerick or Camericke, is a commune in the Nord) department and in the Hauts-de-France region of France on the Scheldt river, which is known locally as the Escaut river.
Link for photo
The tower of Arquets (Escaut river flood defence)
King Lot:
Now, in order to establish why it is more likely that this battle took place in Cambrai, i need to first establish some family connections, which correspond remarkably, with an actual real battle that did actually take place in Cambrai, during this period.
First, i will begin with King Lot, who is said to be married to King Arthur's sister, Anna.
And we see that king Lot, also has a son named Mordred, that has already been went in to in great detail, in previous Art Oenfer's
King Lot
Lot chiefly figures as king of Lothian, but in other sources he also rules Orkney and sometimes Norway. He is generally depicted as the husband of Arthur's sister or half-sister, often known as Anna or Morgause. The names and number of his children vary depending on the source, but the later romance tradition gives him the sons Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Mordred.
King lot's arms
King Lots arms
Childeric I:
Now, it is infact quite contemporary that a little deva princess left king Basinus to marry king Childeric after king Childeric became probably the highest king in the world after defeating the Roman empire.
She left her husband, king Bisinus and went to Roman Gaul. She herself took the initiative to ask for the hand of Childeric I, king of the Franks, and married him. For as she herself said, "I want to have the most powerful man in the world, even if I have to cross the ocean for him".[1] This remark of hers may have been related to Childeric's successful invasion of the Roman Empire and his attempt to settle a Frankish kingdom on Roman soil.
Link for photo
Basina and Childeric I
Now, Childeric I's kingdoms formed the foundations of the Merovingian kingdoms which were handed down to his son, Clovis I, including the kingdom of "Lotharingia".
These later political, linguistic, and cultural entities became the Kingdom of France, the myriad German States, and the semi-autonomous kingdoms of Burgundy and Lotharingia.
Link for photo
Tomb of Clovis I
Now, what i am looking for in contemporary history, is a character that is related to Basina, that has been an ally of Clovis I, aswell as an enemy of Clovis I.
If i can find a person that matches this description, then i have most likely solved who King Arthur is.
If i can show that this character also was killed at a battle in Cambrai, then that is a major bonus.
As Modredus, Mordred was depicted as Arthur's traitorous nephew and a legitimate son of King Lot in Geoffrey of Monmouth's pseudo-historical work Historia Regum Britanniae which then served as the basis for the following evolution of the legend since the 12th century. Later variants most often characterised him as Arthur's villainous bastard son, born of an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, the Queen of Orkney named either Anna, Orcades or Morgause. The accounts presented in the Historia and most other versions include Mordred's death at Camlann, typically in a final duel during which he manages to mortally wound his slayer Arthur.
Link for photo
Mortally wounded Sir Mordred
Now i have found a petty king named Ragnachar, who was related to Clovis I through his familial connection to Basina.
Ragnachar or Ragnarius (died 509) was a Frankish petty king (regulus) who ruled from Cambrai. According to Gregory of Tours, Ragnachar "was so unrestrained in his wantonness that he scarcely had mercy for his own near relatives".[1]
According to the Gesta episcoporum Cameracensium, Clovis and Ragnachar were related through Clovis's mother, Basina, a Thuringian princess.[2]
This petty French king, is probably the same entity as the notorious Ragnorak, in Norse mythology.
In Norse mythology, Ragnarök (/ˈræɡnəˌrɒk, ˈrɑːɡ-/ (📷listen))[2][3][4] is a series of events, including a great battle, foretold to lead to the death of a number of great figures
Link for photo
The beginning of Ragnoraks most major battle
Now, just like the legends speak of Arthur, being Mordreds ally, during certain periods, contemporary history speaks of Ragnachar being an ally of Clovis I during certain periods.
In 486, Ragnachar allied with Clovis, who was king of the Salian Franks, in order to attack Syagrius, the Roman ruler of the Domain of Soissons.[3]
Battle of Cambrai:
However, at the battle of Cambrai, Ragnachar and his brothers were on the opposite side of the fence to Clovis I, and the final result of the battle was death for Ragnachar and his brothers.
The opportunity arose when, in 509, the arrogant Ragnachar denied Clovis entrance into Cambrai. Clovis took advantage of the disaffection and bribed Ragnachar's military followers, his leudes, with "armlets and belts [that were] made to resemble gold [but were only] bronze gilded so as to deceive", and thus deprived him of his support.[6] Clovis then went to war against him.
When Ragnachar's spies came back from observing the movements of Clovis's army, they are reported to have said it was of "sufficient strength for you and your Farro".[1] The leudes captured Ragnachar and his brother Ricchar (Riccar), while they were fleeing after their defeat in battle.[7] They brought them, hands tied behind their backs, to Clovis. Gregory reports that Clovis asked Ragnachar: "Why have you humiliated our family in permitting yourself to be bound? It would have been better for you to die."[1] He then killed him with an axe and told Ricchar, "If you had aided your brother, he would not have been bound", before killing Ricchar in the same way.[1] Ragnachar's other brother, Rignomer, was later killed on Clovis's orders at Le Mans. At their death all of their family's riches and Ragnachar's kingdom passed to Clovis.[1]
Now, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, King Arthur, before dying, handed the crown over to Constantine.
Most likely his son.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
He hands the crown to his kinsman Constantine and is taken to the isle of Avalon to be healed of his wounds, never to be seen again.[62]
Legendary king of Britain:
Now, it is infact quite contemporary that a Constantine, reigned as king of Dumnonia between 520-523 AD.
I will leave a map which will show were Dumnonia was in Britain, for contemporary historians and scholars that wish to query the location of Dumnonia, even though it is their job to know these things already.
Constantine (/ˈkɒnstəntiːn/, Welsh: Cystennin, fl. 520–523) was a 6th-century king of Dumnonia in sub-Roman Britain.
Link for photo#/media/File:Britain.circa.540.jpg)
Map of Britain 540 AD
Bitter end:
Now, contemporary historians and scholars, whom until recently, had absolutely no clue that King Arthur was probably a Constantine, now remain skeptical to the bitter end, criticising Geoffrey for not elaborating on exactly how Arthur is related to the Constantines.
[16]#citenote-16) Geoffrey calls Constantine Arthur's cognatus, or blood relative, but does not specify the exact relation, causing much confusion for later writers.[[17]](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantine(Briton)#cite_note-17)
But frankly, this criticism is simply pathetic.
You can read the previous Art Oenfer articles to find out exactly how Geoffrey connects Arthur to the Constantines.
It is no secret.
He has in fact covered this in other works.
However, you will very rarely see anyone give an indepth explanation in to "how" a person is connected to another of same name.
Now, the Constantines are one of the most famous families in the history of this world.
Constantine of Dumnonia would have been extremely well known to people of the time, and no explanation would have been required.
However, if contemporary historians and scholars require Geoffrey to elaborate on exactly how, one Constantine is connected to another, then perhaps they need to get a sex education, which i am not going to give in this article.
Also, in order to come to the conclusion that King Arthur should be wiped from our history books, one would need to have absolutely no basic foundational understanding of even contemporary history.
Either that, or a conclusion formed with a huge mass of political bias, or misaligned imagination.
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2020.10.19 19:15 ritamisa Multiple panic attacks, my life story, rant

Note: This is my story. It's a long read.
I am the eldest of 3 , have 2 younger brothers. I have been facing emotional turmoil ever since I was a kid - Parents fight, grandparents fight with parents. I can remember dad leaning on me for emotional support from as little as i was 8 yo. My mother would leave the house and disappear after a fight. Me and my father would roam the entire city looking for her.
The only memory of my mother as a kid was fear. I believed she hated me. She only loved my brothers. I was 5-10 pounds overweight and she would serve me less food than my brothers. I felt I had to sneak food to get my share. I was good at school so she made me sit and study for hours since kindergarten. As long as i did well I was ok. There have been countless no. of times my school fees didn't get paid citing financial troubles. But i don't remember my brothers facing that. On one exam my school made me stand outside class while everyone wrote exam. Then my parents would take out their money and pay so that i could write exams. My parents had a bad habit of not returning money. Lenders would come to our house to ask their due, my parents would ask me to answer the door and lie to them that my parents weren't home. I have done this since I was 5-6 years old.
I was scared to tell them about getting periods, needing bra etc. because i thought my developing sexual parts depicted bad character. Mother put me in a girls school at age 11. I didn't talk to boys fearing parents anger. My friends never visited me because my mother would scare them off. Mother won't let me play with neighbourhood kids citing bad influence. She badmouthed my uncle aunts and cousins since i was very little. I couldn't play with cousins too without my mother's prying eyes. So in my early life I made very little friends.
My grandmother used to stay with us. She had developed dementia and schizophrenia. Instead of a medical facility, my parents decided to keep her with us. They thought it would look bad to put one's mother in a facility. Grandma would shout all night, bang doors, disappear somewhere, poop all over the house, collect stones etc. to throw at mother etc. and countless things. From the age of 9 to 14 this was constant until she passed away.
At 15 my youngest brother who was 2 yo suffered burn injuries . It took a year of caring to get him okay. I had to study with him on my lap for my high school exams. I was okay as i was doing well. For the last 2 years in high school, i couldn't chose my subjects. I had to take what parents wanted. At age 17 I couldn't cope up with studies, so secured average marks. Parents were super pissed. They would now make bad expressions while looking at me, whisper among themselves that something is wrong with me, bully me, scold me for gaining 10-15 more pounds. They would make me sit and study till 11 at night and wake me up at 3:30 morning. They would check on me and if i fell asleep on my books they would shout and manhandle me. They would make me do yoga while at the same time they slept. They would get angry at my appearance. And this was the first time I planned on committing suicide. I wanted to hang from the ceiling fan with cloth. I made the loop and tried. Didn't go through with it as i felt the fan would fall as I was heavy. And I could bear the rebukes that would come with a failed attempt.
I think the only thing that saved me was me doing good in exams. All this bullying magically stopped when I got admission into a prestigious college for engineering. Parents did not allow me to chose my major. They made me chose the one that enhanced their reputation. When I had to move to college, my father dropped me. My mother did not bother to even visit the college. In college I faced severe ragging by seniors. I couldn't make much friends in college too. Maybe because i was overly helpful to people and not vulnerable to make any real connections.
In college during vacations I used to visit home. A few days at home and I will start fighting with mom. We had a male live-in help back then. My mom used to get very cosy with him. Dad didn't like it but she wouldn't listen to him. My dad and my brothers kept on complaining about it to me and planning on getting rid of him. Now slowly the help started crossing boundaries with me. Like barging into my room without knocking when i was not appropriate, getting my boyfriends number from my mother to spy on him i guess. On one instance i caught him having porn on his phone which my youngest brother (then 8 years of age) was playing with. There was no lock and my young bro could see it. My dad and other bro was not at home. So I created some drama and fired the help and asked him to leave next morning. At around 3 am that night, i heard sounds and found mom talking to him about me and how crazy i was etc. When she saw me, she immediately charged me if i am going to tell on her to my dad. I genuinely thought that she would kill me that night. I got so scared , i took my youngest brother and locked my room. My mother kept in contact with that help, giving him money etc. We had many helps before and after him, but she acted this way with only this particular one.
After a few weeks I started experiencing severe vertigo episodes that lasted for 9-10 hours. My parents took me to several doctors but noone could pinpoint anything. I had these episodes for 2-3 years and then it subsided.
After college I got a good job and moved to the same city as my fiance. I used to treat my parents and brothers with lavish gifts sometimes consuming my whole salary. Maybe I was trying to buy their love which i did not have. After 2 years me and my fiance quit job to open my our startup. We had to struggle for a year or two. I lost some weight and suddenly one day I got tinnitus (ringing in ears and head). I couldn't sleep for weeks. Consulted doctors and found a bit of hearing loss. This ringing stayed with me and I had to cope with it.
Around this time my brother who's 2 years younger to me got a job in my city. He came to stay with me. I left my flatmates and got a house for both of us. He stayed for 1.5 years and throughout this time he acted extremely passive aggressive towards me. This is when my panic attacks first started. My brother was cheap and didn't want to spend his money on food, utilities etc. I had to spend most of it. He did petty things like he would offer me a bite of his candybar and later ask me to pay for it. LOL. He forgot about all the gifts I gave and all the money I sent him while he was studying. Maybe he thought I would try to dig into his salary as I myself didn't hold a job. But he didn't know that my startup was already making me far more money. Still I tolerated this, sometimes fought or cried.
Then bad luck struck and my fiance's father got terminal cancer. He had to care for his family and couldn't help me with our startup. He had to be away from me and our company for almost a year till his father passed away. I had to work alone, hold the ship together, while facing my brother's hostile behavior every night. I was so stressed, depressed, panic attacks became so severe that i had to make emergency doctor visits. I told my parents about my depression but they simply wouldn't accept it. They saw depression as a weakness and I cannot be that weak. During these tough times my brother decided to stay separately. So here I was alone in a city without help facing anxiety and panic in a house that I leased for him. But I accepted it and moved on.
6-7 months later my bro lost his job, The company cited bad attitude problem as the reason. With this incident he starts getting in contact with me. I forgave him,supported him while finding a new job but did not let him move back with me.
A year later things turned good, our startup was successful, making money. I was very happy and I told this to my parents. They didn't show much enthusiasm but my mother's attitude towards me changed completely. Now she called me everyday, being sweet, saying nice things. She asked me to loan her some money on a few occasions and i did. I gave around $5000 that year. she said she would return a month later, but she hasn't returned till today.
My marriage date got fixed and I told her I wanted a small court wedding. But she insisted on a lavish wedding . I refused but she kept on insisting. Parents said that they would bear most cost as it's the family prestige to have a lavish wedding. I agreed. I paid half and expected them to pay the rest. A week before the wedding when i went home, i found that they had no money for my wedding. They were renovating the house. I was shocked that they expected me to pay for their entire party. I refused. 2 days before the wedding she got out some money to pay as I did not budge. This reminded me of my childhood school fees incident. This broke my heart.
She continued asking for money citing my 14 YO youngest brother's school fees. I gave around $2000 again for this as loan. I took a written promise from her on this. She did not return this as well. At this point I decided I was not going to loan her anymore. For 2 years this worked. She kept asking and i kept refusing. But recently during my youngest brother's college admission, she called me up on the deadline date and demanded $1000. I was put on a spot, i had to give the money overnight or else my brother would lose the college seat. I paid. But this gave me a series of panic attacks. I felt I had no control over myself. I called her up crying and told her the situation. She acted as if she didn't understand. She kept asking me to see a psychiatrist for these panic attacks because something must be wrong with me. She said I used to get these when I was a child too. My dad suggested me to go to a neurologist to check my nerves.
Coming to my passive aggressive brother. I have always forgiven him for his mistakes and loved him same as when we were kids. I didn't hold any grudge. He lived with a flatmate. One time I visited his house, I saw all his stuff like cooking utensils, vegetables etc. in his bedroom. When i asked the reason, he said that his flatmate might use his stuff. He was alone and with no friends. I felt bad and invited him on festivals and random occaisons to stay with me, have fun. I was afraid that he will get into depression staying alone. I made him meet my friends. But one thing remain constant, "not paying for stuff". Whenever he was over at my house or if we go out, he never once paid for any food order or anything. We had to take the bill everytime. If we asked him to pay, he would say he "forgot" to get his wallet.
This year we went out to celebrate my dad's bday, we invited around 20 people for it. Me and my brother decided that we would go half and half with the bill, he agreed. At the restaurant when the bill arrived, he vanished and went outside. I looked for him and asked him about paying, he said he "forgot" his wallet. I had to pay the entire amount. My husband at this point got super pissed. Later I asked my mother to discuss with my brother for what he had done. Don't know how that went.
Lately he has upped his passive aggressiveness. He got a girlfriend for the first time. He is 31 now. He is getting engaged in a few days and getting married next year. I am not bothered by whats going on in his life, but he keeps lying to me about various things. I would much rather prefer being kept ignorant than being lied to. I don't call him that often, but last few months he has been calling me every 2-3 days telling one unnecessary lie after another. He wants to show his girlfriend that we are a very happy family. For. eg, I get cake for him on his bday every year, but he has never bought a single cake ever in my life. He has never actually gifted me anything. But this year he shows up on my bday with a cake. I was happily surprised. But later i found that he would video call his gf to show the celebration. He was not there for me, he used my bday as a marketing platform for his gf. He did the same with my husband's bday.
Whenever I took road trips I always invited my brother. He never missed a chance to take a free trip. Now he takes family trips with the girl's mother, sister etc. while not even showing the courtesy of inviting me. I try to ignore it. Then he casually lies to me about going on such trips. I don't want to go on a trip with them, but this constant lying is making me irritated. When I confronted him about his lying, then he gaslighted me even more and dragged my husband into this. He denied lying and said that he had told the truth to my husband while i was in another room. I kept my calm and stood firm. Minimised contact.
Few weeks later, a day before his gf bday he came to my house to apologise, I accepted and decided to move on. I wished his gf on her bday and he video called and showed that we are a happy family. A week after this he invites himself to my home for tea. That day he acted very passive aggresively towards my husband. His behaviour was so bad that my husband got up and just left. Few days later out of nowhere he messages me very rude things about my husband. I realised that he had zero respect for me and my husband. He only calls me when he is in trouble like losing his job, or his gf losing her job, or he getting sick etc. Other times when I am not required, i will have to be a doll to glorify his family. I feel used. If I act soft I feel taken advantage of, if I act stern I feel guilt of not being a good sister. This helplessness is giving me panic attacks.
I am happy that he has got a new family. But what I fail to understand is why has he not even introduced us to this family. We were given just 1 week's notice for this engagement. I am thinking of not attending. But my mother and brother is now insisting that I have to attend, otherwise it would look bad in front of his gf family. They are asking me to leave my work behind to attend this sham. I accepted initially, but now when i think of it, if i do attend this engagement, I will again feel being used and get panic attacks. Because my brother mistreating me will continue till I don't cut him off completely. My parents couldn't care less about this.
Brother: I can understand some of his passive aggressiveness stems from sibling jealousy as I had always done better them him in school, career, relationship etc. But I can't take this shit anymore. I wish him happiness but i cant be a party to this anymore.
Parents asking money: My family is not poor. They are well off with 5 houses and ample money. The reason my mother asks for money is she doesn't want to dip into her money. She keeps her money in long term investments and intentionally doesn't keep cash in hand. I wanted to be a daughter who could take complete care of her parents in old age. But this constant abuse has changed my mind
I read about parentification and I had to understand all these abuses. It's hard for me to accept that I am actually an orphan. My parents never loved me like they should and they don't know that. They don't know how to love me. They don't have respect for my life or boundaries. The only way out to reduce this pain is to understand past abuses, forgive them, and maintain boundaries. But I am unable to do this as the abuse is ongoing. My mother questions me every day I don't call. I have to call her everyday. I tried setting boundaries but they simply won't accept. If I tell my mother to not do something, she will do that even more. Hence I face this abuse everyday. With my brother it's every week. They are my triggers and stressors. Nowadays thinking of death as a way of escape calms my anxiety and sadness.
Writing this has helped me calm down today. Thank you!
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2020.10.19 13:26 AkaneRiyun Spying my sister

Hello guys! This is a late post. I just got a new job and I underwent a series of interviews over the weekend so I hadn't had much time to finish this until now. In other related news, since FanFiction.net is terrible at keeping the line breaks and formatting, I decided to simply make a Google Drive you can access to read the previous chapters and the following ones as they are released. The link to access the chapters is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/126gqJ1Hu5D_zqYTzFw8jJQ1KOKD8hPaTAxSe9DOQGEg/edit?usp=sharing
Anyway, let me know if there are still issues and I apologize for the late post again. Enjoy reading!


These past two weeks have been quite a ride. The base has been restored and the new dorms have been completed. I have a schedule to launch the new ships that just finished construction today at the Shipyard.
The ten ships arriving today come from the Northern Parliament, Vichya Dominion, and the Iris Libre. Thanks to the efforts of the construction team the HQ sent, the new dorms have been completed and we are now ready to launch these new ship girls.
Still, the biggest development over the two weeks is that I am now officially dating Prinz Eugen of the Iron Blood faction. After that night, Eugen’s room was finally finished. Upon her insistence, I moved my office into her room until my own residence—which is still under construction, is completed.

6:02 AM. I can smell a sweet aroma coming from outside Eugen’s bedroom. Since I have nothing planned until later at 0900, I decided to stay in bed with, huh? Where’s Eugen?
I forced myself out of her messy bed covered in white sheets soiled by the… activity we had last night. I donned my tank top and shorts, which were both strewn about the floor along with Eugen’s lingerie. According to her, these laced ones are gifts from Prince of Wales. Those two have been up to some pretty adult stuff, huh?
God, my back hurts. Her stamina is something I need to get used to…
I collected the clothes scattered all over the floor and folded them neatly as I put them into the laundry basket. For the sake of my reputation, I cannot let the other ship girls see my temporary office like this.
After fixing the bed and tidying up the chaotic mess that was our bedroom, I stumbled upon an aproned Prinz Eugen carrying an aluminum ladle. Next to her is the head maid who can be seen with a forced smile as she scratches her head.
“Belfast?” Eugen asked. “Are you sure this is how you prepare Grießbrei? I want to be done before the Commander wakes up.”
Belfast, who seems to be having a hard time putting up with my secretary’s complaints, forced another smile before replying. “Yes, Miss Eugen. I studied Iron Blood cuisine quite extensively, you see. I am not as skilled at cooking the semolina pudding as I am at cooking traditional Royal Navy pudding, but I am confident nonetheless.”
It seems that Eugen wanted to learn how to cook some dishes for me, huh? I continued watching silently from beyond the kitchen until they finally finished. With this, Belfast gracefully bade Eugen goodbye as she turned to leave. I rushed towards the bed and pretended to sleep so as not to disappoint Eugen who has worked hard to cook breakfast for me before I awakened.
With my right eye closed, I turned on my right side as I hugged Eugen’s white pillow and feigned sleep, trying to spy on my lover as she carried the food towards me with a tray. She placed the tray on the side table and moved her lips to my exposed left ear.
“Guten morgen, Commander,” she whispered tenderly. “I know you’re already awake. I heard you scurrying back on the bed a few minutes ago~”

Urk… operation failed.

“Hihi, are you going to continue pretending?” She asked. “Don’t you want to eat the food I worked hard to prepare? You can open your eyes, Commander. I’m not mad~”
I opened my eyes to see Eugen bending over to place herself on my level. She was wearing a white apron and she tied her hair in a neat ponytail, presumably upon Belfast’s insistence. Under her apron she… s-she’s—
“Oh? Did you sleep well, Com-man-der~?” She giggled. “My, my, you seem more interested in eating what’s under my apron rather than what I cooked up, huh?”
She’s not wearing anything under that apron! I clearly saw her wearing her pajamas under that when Belfast was here. Did she remove them when she found out I was awake?
“Hmm? Not interested?” She began untying her apron.
“E-Eugen, let’s have a taste of your Grießbrei!” I stammered. I will not have my energy squeezed out of me so early in the day!
Eugen smiled as she presented the food she prepared to me. The Grießbrei, as I heard Nimi once explain to me, is a pudding made of semolina, the heart of a wheat kernel. It is the part of the wheat that gets sifted out when wheat is milled to make flour, or so I’ve heard. Nimi once made one for me. I wonder why Eugen asked Bel to teach her instead of Nimi?
Eugen’s Grießbrei is colored cream with a red topping in the shape of a heart. The velvety goodness that tops this pudding can only be strawberry jam, something that is very different from Nimi’s topping which is blueberry. I took a huge spoonful of her food and immediately the sweet tanginess of the strawberry jam is evident. Underneath the strong, sharp, acidic flavor of the strawberry jam, a subtle sweetness brought by the milk in the cream mixture used to make the Grießbrei began tickling my tongue. Before I knew it, the pudding had already sucked me in with its perfect mix of tanginess and sweetness—quite similar to Eugen’s own personality, trademarked with a distinct sassiness with a soft sweetness hiding underneath.
Before I knew it, I had already finished Eugen’s pudding.
“My, that was fast,” she giggled. “Well, it seems I owe Belfast. I’ll be sure to pay her back later.”
Wiping my face clean of the pudding using Eugen’s apron, I smiled and thanked her sincerely.
“By the way, Commander,” she said. “Have we received any letter from Bismarck?”
I approached the neat stack of letters on Eugen’s study table to re-check if any such letter had arrived.
“I’m afraid not,” I replied with a tone of concern in my voice. “She’s reporting to your Fatherland about the progress of the Iron Blood fleet, right?”
Eugen’s face turned pale as she nodded.
“Well, the election for the next Bundestag is just thirteen days from now, right?” I reasoned. “Bismarck is not only your flagship: she’s the symbol of your country’s strength. The Prime Minister may have asked her to stay for political reasons.”
With this, Eugen should be relieved. I will send a radio message to HQ regarding this to confirm Bismarck’s status. Still, Bismarck’s strong and she’s with Roon and U-556. If anything went wrong, she and Roon would have been enough to deal with it and escape and if things were too much, U-556 could probably escape and return here to warn me. There’s no need for concern, surely.

8:49 AM. Eugen and I finished checking the commission rewards yesterday. Because there are new ships available, I think we’re ready to send out more missions this time around. We’re still understaffed at the moment since I will have to help the new ships get used to life on the base first, but HQ is already pressuring me to resume missions. I hear a knocking at the door as Eugen enthusiastically stood to open it.
“Good morning, Commander,” the silver-haired carrier from the Eagle Union greeted me. “Ara, good morning, Prinz Eugen.”
Eugen raised her brow. “Hmm? Guten tag, Yorktown.”
Yorktown chuckled for a bit before waving to me. I asked her to come in.
“Is everything ready for the ship launching, Yorktown?” I asked. Yorktown is in charge of orienting the new ships when they are launched.
She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Commander. We’re ready to welcome our new comrades.”
With this, I packed up my files as Eugen rearranged the files she was handling a while ago. We’re off to meet our new allies.

9:01 AM. I stood in front of a platform where two glowing mental cubes are floating rhythmically. Since the ships who are reborn here are new to the base, I asked a ship from each faction to come and help me orient our new ally. Yorktown asked one ship from the other actions in order to help her orient them on the other faction dorms. From the Sakura Empire, it appears Yorktown chose Amagi, for the Royal Navy, Illustrious is present, and for the Iron Blood, Admiral Hipper is present.
“Ara? Admiral Hipper?” Yorktown said in a surprised tone. “I asked Graffy to come. Is she busy?”
Admiral Hipper, who was pouting and clearly bored out of her mind, replied: “Zeppy wouldn’t let her mother leave because someone sucked at being a good nanny.”
Erm… why is Hipper looking at Eugen with such murderous intent? I brushed off this little spat and turned to Akashi, who is present to inspect the rigging of the arriving ships as soon as they materialize.
“So, who are we expecting, Akashi?” I asked the Sakura Empire repair ship.
“Commander, the ten ships coming in today are nyas follows,” she flipped through the pages of documents she is holding. “From the Vichya Dominion: Algerie, Dunkerque, and Jean Bart. From Iris Libre, Le Triomphant, Richelieu, and Jeanne d’Arc. And from the Northern Parliament, Avrora, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Chapayev, Petropavlovsk.”
Eugen and Hipper let out a sudden but synchronized gasp.
“Hmm? Is there any problem?” I asked.
Eugen shook her head. “Nein, Commander. I’m quite interested in this set of ships, is all.”
Eugen replied confidently but Hipper began turning red. Do they know someone from the roster of new ships?
Suddenly, the glowing mental cube began spinning around until it took the form of a woman with a white Ushanka. She had white hair styled into twin-tails and a long, flowing gown. I approached this woman who Akashi informed me would be Avrora and offered my hand as I said:
“Good morning, Avrora. I am the Commander of this base. I hope to work with you well.”
Avrora opened her eyes, revealing them to be pale blue in color as she replied: “Здравствуйте! Avrora, reporting in. Along with the light of dawn, I shall bring you victory.”
...I don’t speak Russian.
After shaking Avrora’s hand and guiding her off the platform, Akashi methodically inspected her rigging as the next platform came in. The same thing happened to the singular mental cube but this time, it took the form of a blue-haired woman with hair running to just above her shoulders. She had, quite honestly, the same stature and figure as Eugen—she even has a breast mole, too. Yes. I noticed this immediately. I sincerely hope nobody judges me if they can read my thoughts.
Eugen nudged my hips. “Oh? Is the Commander too busy ogling her chest that he’s suddenly speechless?”
Uh oh.
“No way, Eugen. I was just observing, is all…”
“Sure, Commander,” she replied with a laugh. “Well? Aren’t you going to welcome her~?”
I approached the woman—who Akashi informed me is named “Chapayev”, and raised my hand to shake hers.
“Hey uh… Good morning! I am the Commander of this base—”
“So you're the Commander?” Chapayev rushed off the platform and wrapped me in her arms. Because of the shock, I tripped and landed somewhere billowy pillowy…
Eugen pulled me by my right hand and pouted. Crap, I’ll have to apologize later...
“Hehe, I like what I see…” Chapayev looked at me from head-to-toe, seemingly inspecting every nook and cranny of my body with her eyes.
“Ehem,” Eugen coughed.
“Ah, excuse me. I'm Chapayev, a light cruiser from the Northern Parliament. Let's get along~” Chapayev courteously greeted me and my secretary as she moved next to Avrora to be inspected by Akashi.
“You seem quite happy, eh, Commander~?” Eugen smiled as she hugged my left arm, rubbing her chest on me. “We’ll have a serious ‘talk’ tonight, alright, Commander?”
Aaaaand my plans of resting early tonight are officially over. Still, I’m happy Eugen doesn’t kill me when I pay attention to other girls. If this was Akagi, Taihou, or even Roon, there might as well be a bloodbath daily. Moreover, since it’s Eugen…
“Commander!” Akashi boomed. “The next ship is coming!”
I snapped myself out of my fantasies and witnessed two intertwined cubes orbiting each other. As they collided, they took the form of another ship wearing an ushanka; however, this one looked extremely similar to a certain Eagle Union carrier. I looked over Yorktown to see her jaw drop to the floor.
“Good day! I am the Commander of this base. I hope to work with you well,” I greeted the ship named Sovetskaya Rossiya cordially. “It seems that you are the one in charge of the Northern Parliament, are you not?”
Sovetskaya Rossiya shook my hand enthusiastically—and vigorously. So vigorously, in fact, that I thought my arm would come clean off!
“I am called ‘Sovetskaya Rossiya’, and as the mightiest of all the Northern Parliament's battleships, I am her ultimate weapon. I will press onward to eliminate all obstacles that stand between you and the Revolution.? She proudly declared as she finally let go. Man, these Northern Parliament girls are a handful...
“Comrade Commander,” she addressed me. “I apologize for arriving so late. I shall prove the Northern Parliament’s power through a series of decisive victories!”
Yorktown giggled. “You’re just like my little sister!” She said.
Sovetskaya approached Yorktown. “Comrade, then I shall look forward to meeting your sister!”
Ah… it looks like Yorktown’s added another person to her ever-expanding group of friends.
The next ship materialized as soon as Sovetskaya stepped off the platform. What the… she looks exactly like Hipper! Except…
“H-Huh?” Hipper exclaimed as she burned red in embarrassment. “W-Why does Lützow have Eugen’s figure!?”
Eugen laughed hysterically at her elder sister. “Mein ältere Schwester, it seems you’ll remain the flattest of our class for now!”
I don’t get it. Akashi told me that this ship girl would be Petropavlovsk. Why would these two call her their sister?
Upon seeing my confused face, Eugen approached me with teary eyes from laughing hysterically. “Commander, meet my younger sister, the fifth Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser, Lützow.”
The heavy cruiser, who just materialized, took my hand and stepped off the platform. “Commander? Petropavlovsk is my name. I was originally named ‘Lützow’, as my sister, Prinz Eugen of Iron Blood says,” she explained. “However, before I was completed, I was renamed. Please think of me as an immigrant.”
Upon seeing herself holding my hand, Petropavlovsk, whose face is exactly Hipper’s but her figure matches Eugen’s, fumbled and tripped over her own long, flowing, white gown. Eugen managed to catch her fall before she hurt herself.
“F-Forgive my indulgence, Comrade Commander!” She exclaimed frantically. “I-I wasn’t able to introduce myself—ah! Mein ältere Schwester, Prinz Eugen! Здравствуйте!”
Eugen helped her flustered younger sister up as I scratched my head. Three Admiral Hipper class ships: one of them seems to be always annoyed, the other one seems to be always in the mood to annoy others, and the last one avoids annoying others… What a trio.
Eugen smiled but scratched her head. “Lützow, I don’t speak Russian like you,” she giggled. “But you seem to remember how to speak our language well, ja?”
Admiral Hipper approached her youngest sister and straightened her back. “Chin up! Don’t pick up Eugen’s bad habits, alright?”
“J-Ja, mein ältere Schwestern,” she replied to both her sisters. Meanwhile, Avrora and Rossiya both approached the Northern Parliament heavy cruiser.
“Comrade Petropavlovsk,” Rossiya called out to her. “Don’t forget that while they are your sisters and our dear comrades, you now belong to the Northern Parliament, yes?”
“Конечно!” She frantically replied. “Please don’t get mad Comrade!”
Avrora smiled. “Now, now, Rossiya. Petropavlovsk is simply happy to meet her sisters after so long. Besides, everyone here is our comrade now. This is OUR base, after all.”
Akashi dropped a few gems as Chapayev turned to give her approval to Avrora’s statement.
“Oh? Little cat, it seems we found some gems!” Chapayev quickly picked up the gems Akashi dropped.
“N-Nyo that’s mine nya!” She exclaimed as she tried snatching the gems off Chapayev’s hands.
“Here! Comrade Commander!” Chapayev ran towards me and handed me the gems, much to Akashi’s dismay. Th-This is worth 500 gems!
I already love the Northern Parliament!


My, my, I never knew I’d ever get to meet my little sister. Last I heard of her is that she sank when the Iron Blood attacked the Northern Parliament… I once asked Nimi about her and she told me that she was later raised and repaired. She was renamed again after her repairs were made and she was used as a training platform and barracks for soldiers shortly after the war. She was broken up after but I am happy to know that one of my sisters didn’t suffer the same fate as I did…
The ships from the Northern Parliament have all been constructed. Right up next should be the Vichya Dominion ships. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in them, to be honest. I’m more interested in touring my little sister around the place for a bit… It’s not every day that I get to be the responsible elder sister, after all.
Oh? Do I see Hipper pouting~? Hehe, how tragic that the eldest of us would also be the most wall-like~
Materializing from the platform is a blank-faced, hazel-haired woman. The Commander, after returning the stolen gems to Akashi with a depressed face, slowly walked towards this woman while offering his hands.
“Good day,” he slovenly mumbled. “I am the Commander of this base… I hope we get along well…”
The girl, dubbed by the revitalized Akashi as “Jean Bart”, blankly stared at the Commander before giving her reply: “I'm Jean Bart, the Vichya Dominion's last cutting-edge battleship. Guessing you'll be plotting my course from now on... Hmph, I'll see for myself how good a job you'll do.”
She crossed her arms and sat on her rigging after stepping off the platform. This atmosphere… is this how it was when I greeted the Commander?
“The day when we can all stand together has come at last... It's an honor to be here, Commander. I am Dunkerque - please allow me to become a part of this magnificent fleet.” The next ship finally showed herself. She raised her rapier up high as she saluted the Commander before shaking his hands.
Ah… so she thinks she’s a knight, huh? Now, who does that remind me of? Wales doesn’t really think of herself as a knight. This ash-haired girl seems to act more like George, I think. Now if she can bake like George, then perhaps there may be a good reason for me to interact with her hehe~
The next ship materialized as well, this time, it is a white-haired girl who bore another rapier.
“Bonjour. From today, this heavy cruiser of the Vichya Dominion shall now be serving at this port. It's a pleasure to meet you, hehe. If it's not too much to ask, I hope that we can get along well.”
This heavy cruiser named “Algerie” saluted the Commander the same way Dunkerque did. The difference is that after saluting, she took a slight bow first before shaking the Commander’s hands. Hmm, quite easy to charm, aren’t you, Commander? Hmm, what a fickle man…
Algerie took a glance at Illustrious who was eagerly chatting with Rossiya, Yorktown, and Amagi. “Ah, the Royal Navy are now allies who fight together with us.” She shrugged her shoulders as she approached the Royal Navy carrier. “Furthermore... even yesterday's enemies are today's allies. What an interesting life this has been... Hehehe.”
Illustrious smiled. “Miss Algerie, care for some tea?”
“Oh, I would love some,” she said as she took the teacup graciously from Illustrious’ right hand. “By the way, are there cat cafes around here? I am quite fond of those creatures…”
“Well, we have meowfficers, Miss Algerie,” Amagi replied as she sipped her tea.
“I’ll give you a tour later!” Yorktown added.
Ahh, the Union carrier’s fan club grows. Graffy’s going to have a great time with her new friends hehe~
My little sister took my hand and whispered to my ear: “Mein ältere Schwester?”
How adorable, someone’s calling me their elder sister! “Ja? What is it, Lützow?”
She blushed a little and continued. “Uhm… d-do you think the Commander’s mad at me?”
“Hmm? Mein kleine Schwester,” I whispered back to her. “The Commander will never hate you. Leave it to your elder sister, klar?”
Lützow nodded and wrapped her arms around my waist. After doing so, she did the same for Hipper who is surprisingly not kicking her off the face of the planet. Hmm, maybe Hipper’s happy to have a little sister to dote on. After all, if she dotes on me I know very well I’ll take advantage of it hehe~
After the remaining three ships—all from the Iris Libre, were inspected by Akashi, Richelieu, the leader of the Iris Libre, it seems, looked over Jean Bart like a lost puppy.
“Jean,” she called out to her. Jean Bart simply shot one glance at her before returning her gaze at Algerie and Dunkerque. “Jean Bart.”
Richelieu approached the uninterested battleship who was about to walk away. She managed to catch her left hand. “Jean, can we talk?”
“Aren’t we already? Alright, what’s up sister?” Jean Bart coldly replied.
Oh? Now there’s some drama I’d like to sink my teeth into.
Richelieu let go of Jean Bart’s hand. “Jean Bart, we may not understand each other well for now… But I believe through the blessing of God that we will come to understand each other… and I know God will guide you through your journey.”
“God?” The Vichya battleship scoffed. “Idiots just don't ever wisen up, do they... What drives 'em to pray to a made-up being that won't even respond?”
Richelieu was about to shoot back when the Commander got in between the two fired up ships.
“H-Hey let’s not start anything alright?” He nervously said. “Don’t you all want to see the base?”
Richelieu and Jean Bart simultaneously and hesitantly stood down before walking out the shipyard. They followed Yorktown who would show them around the island. With this, Lützow bade me goodbye and followed Hipper who enthusiastically wrapped her left arm around her.
“Nice going, Commander,” I praised him. “That was one hell of a reunion.”
The Commander giggled. “Yes, it is. Man, I really thought I could have those gems…”
I chuckled at his predicament. “You’re really still on that? Akashi earned that money fairly from you, you know?”
“E-Eugen once you get kids and once you find out the value of money, then you’ll understand how valuable money is!”
I hugged him from behind and whispered: “Then what do you say about having a few soon, Commander~?”
I love teasing him.
From afar, Hipper waved and exclaimed as she cuddled Lützow: “Hey! Are you two coming or not!?”

Ahh, what a reunion.
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2020.10.19 11:47 JessicaNotJewel Spying my sister

Not sure if this is the right subreddit, but hello, story time! Minsan may mapupulot na aral sa love life nina lolo at lola e.
Last year, I went to a relative’s funeral. Like how funerals usually are, it became a reunion of sorts.
The night became an endless introduction to relatives, and kwentuhan with my parents and grandparents. I shifted from playing with the kids to offering help in the kitchen until I finally settled on the long table squeezed in between my grandparents and other lolo and lola I’ve never met. I busied myself eating pancit and sopas, and helped myself to a lot of three-in-one coffee.
“May boyfriend ka na, nene?” A lot of people asked me. Karamihan mga matatanda.
“Wala po,” I replied with a smile. “Busy sa trabaho e.”
“Naku, mabuti nga ni ‘yan. Mag-ipon at mahirap baga ang buhay.”
Usually, I mentally created a family tree during gatherings. I’d plot where each relative I talk to or get introduced to is in the tree’s branches.
That night, however, although everyone was amicable, I was exhausted from a long day at work. I’ve also just ended a whirlwind romance that was so bad I didn’t even know why I let it start in the first place.
You know how sometimes feelings consume you (a little too much) that you just feel numb afterward? It felt that way that night.
Jusko, landi, libog, and love—the first two Ls are easy. But mix the third one with either of the two, with the wrong person, everything becomes complicated.
“Bait, tutulog muna ako sa kotse at inaantok na ako,” my grandmother told me as she squeezed my arm.
“Sige, samahan ko po kayo, lola.”
I’ve always been a lola’s girl. Even as an adult, I’d cling to lola whenever I can.
We went to the car hoping to get a few hours of shuteye. I adjusted the van’s seats so that lola can stretch her legs comfortably.
Almost as soon as we sat down, we both fell asleep. My arm rested on her waist but a few times, I roused from my slumber and adjusted my position. Baka kasi maipit ko siya.
I can’t remember how much time passed but I woke up to lola murmuring. Before I could ask her what the problem was, I felt the seat beside her move. It was lolo.
Wordlessly, he began to massage lola’s arm. Then, he carefully adjusted her back so he can massage it as well. His eyes kept closing, yet like clockwork, his body knew what to do.
“Bait, pakiabot nga ni ng tubig sa tabi mo,” lolo asked me. “Pati rin Skyflakes. Nandiyan sa bag sa may paahan mo.”
I reached down to my side and handed him the bottle of water and a pack of soda crackers. Then, I helped him adjust lola’s seat so she could eat. Lola held the pack of crackers in her hand and began to eat. This time, she was fully awake.
“Sige po, lolo, pahinga ka na. Ako na po magpapakain kay lola.”
“Sige, bait ha? Gisingin mo ako kapag may kailangan ka.”
He handed me back the water bottle, then went back to sleep.
While she was eating, lola explained what happened. Tuwing gabi, sumasakit na raw ang kalamnan niya kaya minamasahe siya ni lolo. Pero dapat maingat kasi minsan masakit. Minsan nagugutom rin siya kahit alanganing oras na.
“Mabuti na lang at gumigising si lolo mo. Pinagpapara-masahe ako niyan. Kahit, bait, gabing gabi na, babangon ‘yan para pakainin akong kaunti. Minsan naaawa nga ni ako, at hindi baga nakakatulog nang maayos. Kaya pasalamat ako sa Diyos at napagpapasensiyahan baga ako ni lolo mo. Pinagpapara-alagaan ako kahit makulit na ako.”
We both chuckled.
Lola used to tell me a lot of stories about her and lolo.
She was in her 20s when they met. Accomplished in her profession albeit not free from struggles as she worked far from home. She said she had some suitors, but she didn’t entertain them because she was working. What she doesn’t frequently admit, though, is that she found it hard to be in a relationship since she was insecure. The only morena among her mestiza siblings, she felt like an ugly duckling.
“Pagkamalas-malas nga ni, ako lang ang maitim sa amin! Hindi ko baga alam bakit nagmana ako sa papa ko. Si mama, ang mga kapatid ko, mapuputi.” I remember her telling me when I was a kid.
“Hala, lola, maganda ka kaya!” I replied.
“Ay siyempre lola mo ako. Kung pangit ako, pangit ka rin!”
Lolo is around ten years younger than lola. As the only son in their family, he decided to stop studying and focus on their farm when his father died. Lola said that’s one of the reasons why she fell in love with lolo. She admired how he helped his mother earn money and sent his sisters to finish college.
“Pero siyempre, gwapo rin si lolo mo,” lola told me. “Maganda pa ang tindig. Malalim ang boses. Naku, pagkara-gwapo-gwapo kahit kasal na kami, lahat pinagselosan ko. Baka makahanap ng mas bata at mas maganda.”
The age difference and lola’s insecurities became the root of their problem, spawning jealousy and mistrust. These led to lola spying over lolo in his workplace. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with one or two of their children.
Aware of what she was doing, lolo chose to go as far as Visayas (they lived in Luzon) just so he could escape lola. But eventually, he went back home to her.
Even when they were getting old, lola was still the jealous type. When I was ten, she asked me to watch over lolo during a charity work in the Church.
“Tingnan mo, bait. Baka may lumapit.”
Lolo heard this and replied playfully, “Kawasa magpaiwan ka. Sumama ka na nga ni! Ikaw ang magbantay sa akin!”
We all laughed at this. Lola didn’t go with us. And lolo, despite the number of female volunteers—mga may asawa, mga byuda, mga matatandang dalaga—kept a comfortable distance.
On our way back home, I held lolo’s hand. Then, we stopped by the bakery to get lola’s favorite bread.
Lola didn’t finish her pack of soda crackers. I placed it back in her bag as she took a sip from the water bottle. I packed it away afterward.
She thanked me and closed her eyes.
I was about to go back to sleep too, but lola spoke again.
“Mahirap kapag matanda na, bait. Kaya huwag kang mainip. Magtrabaho ka lang. Alagaan mo ang sarili mo, sina mommy at daddy mo. Darating din ‘yan. Pinagdarasal kita.”
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2020.10.19 03:13 Blari345 Spying my sister

I was skimming through volume 7 for something and one of the things that stood out to me was just how many different parties are planning to or have been hinted at trying to abduct a member of the main cast. Most of these are implied or just speculation but it is really quite remarkable.

Erin (and the Earthers)
First up there is the new team of unknown mages that have been ordered to grab all Earthers in the area, from 7.26:

Feor strode towards Nailihuaile, pointing at Pawn as he put a hand on Bevussa, carrying her to safety.
Why are they in Celum!? They cannot have Earthers. Archmage Naili, Archmage Viltach, I propose we order all agents to make sure the guests are taken.”
“Agreed. And Grand Magus Eldavin—perhaps that’s why he’s here.”
Also in 7.31 there is the faction team that is being sent by Nailihuaile to investigate Montressa and Bezale, it wasn’t mentioned but it perfectly believable to me that with the way Wistram politics works they would try and get any Earthers they come across for their faction alone.
The Lamia laughed lightly. She slithered over to the orb and disconnected it. Then she turned.
“I think I should make sure. With someone other than Bezale or dear Mons. And before Viltach and Feor wise up—if they haven’t already. And when I do—if Montressa has been lying to me?”

While Bearclaw was a threat back in chapter 7.07 she mentioned that there were multiple contracts out on Erin in the underworld. Nothing was come of this yet…
Bearclaw snorted. She looked dismissively at Soot.
“You’re too wrapped up in this tiny city, Soot. You should go to Pallass. Meet some real gangs. Who wants a white Gnoll? Her kind, obviously. The better question is—who wants the [Innkeeper]? Because half of the bounties on her are alive. Half are for dead.”

Lastly for Erin we have a long shot. In 7.33 I Alrric mentions to Ilvriss the possibility of his sister sending people to the north to search for the person who has his ring (Erin) and bringing her back to Salazar. Its unclear how serious this suggestion is or even how likely it would be even if it was serious. Still it might come to something.
“Did she…have any theories?”
“None she shared with me, Ilvriss. Aside from a Human bride. You should probably be wary of her sending someone to Invrisil to find this…person and bringing them to Salazsar.”

Mrsha (in the most danger?)
In the same 7.33 I chapter Alrric meets with his fellow cabal of white Gnolls and one leave to get Mrsha. No much to speculate on here, its likely to happen.
And for all their differences, once Wanderer had taken the coin, they grew serious. Shadows looked at Wanderer.
“We have to save that poor child. Wanderer, get her. If you need backup, get word to me from Pallass.”

There are no other firm plots to target Mrsha but there is a possible area where trouble could come from. She is going to be publicly exposed to a large number of other Gnolls at the meetings of tribes. No matter how that end up I can imagine that there would be some tribes that would be willing to send people to kill Mrsha for being a Doombringer.

Lyonette (Knights v Dragon)
Last up Lyonette’s family know where she is and its implied in chapter 7.21 KQ that there are two Knights and possibly others on the way to bring her “home”. They may start off asking nicely but I doubt they will take no for an answer.
“Candidly, Grandmaster…my order is prepared for the worst. As is Calanfer. I too may not speak of my errands…but I soon depart via ship with one of my fellow [Knights] on a mission of great importance after we welcome our fallen. Calanfer would not wish—enemies—in this war from abroad.”

Ferris the Spy was sent to get Erin to Manus by the Dragon Rafaema. In 7.48 K he has just decided to change targets to who he now believes is in charge. I can see him trying to persuade Lyonette to come voluntary but as the pressure on him mounts from the Dragon he might be pushed to take more drastic actions with Lyonette due to her not having the same public profile and connections as Erin.
He had been sent to obtain Erin Solstice…
It all made sense to Ferris. Think of it. What had he seen Erin do? A number of insane things. But she didn’t run her inn. Lyonette? She’d negotiated with him on behalf of his company. She was the one who organized everything.
The power behind the throne. No, the power of the throne. Aha! The Gnoll was changing targets.

Oh, also Lyonette is really bad a keeping her status as a Princess secret, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the spies that visit the Inn figure it out. There may be a bunch of people out there willing to snatch a Princess if the opportunity arises.

When? How?
If some of these are going to come to pass, I don’t see it happening any time soon. Given the travel that most of the parties must undertake it will likely be some time after all this business with the Summer Solstice.
I’m not sure what would be the most amusing way for it to all play out. One after another “What that’s the third time this week!” or all at once with multiple groups putting their plans in motion at the same time and tripping each other up in some giant farce.
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2020.10.18 22:01 horribletypoo Spying my sister

I’ve had a number of paranormal experiences in my past. I’ll run through them quickly, but they’re not really the point of this post so I’m going to be brief.
My mom told me when I was little I used to have out of body experiences, and tell her I was floating around the house.
After my grandmother died, I heard her ghost jogging down the hallway to my room and back to hers, along with the door opening and closing (although I could see nothing). When I told my dad, he told me he also heard her ghost a couple days before crumpling paper in her bedroom (something she had done shortly before she died). When he opened the door to her room the sound stopped and there was nothing there.
I once had a radio turn on and subsequently found out it had no batteries in it.
I heard a “disembodied voice” yell at me to SHUT UP when I was banging around on the back of a piano. The way it sounded made my hair stand on end, like it was flanged.
These are just a few things to show that I’m not a stranger to weird phenomenon, but I’ve never been very focused on it. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when I had a very shocking out of body experience. It felt as if I was lifting up and out of my body. The feeling was so unnerving that I panicked, and it felt as if I “slingshotted” back into my body, and then I woke up with a start. I’ve had many episodes of sleep paralysis in the past, and this was completely different from any of them.
I started reading books about the afterlife and paranormal, and being a budding scientist at heart decided to try some experiments of my own. One night as I was in bed I verbally asked any spirits that might be there to make themselves known by making a loud noise. About an hour later there was a very loud BANG noise. It woke up the cat, who looked frightened but didn’t go investigate. I got out of bed and couldn’t find anything. I checked my security cameras and there was nothing outside (although it sounded indoors anyway). A search the next day turned up no cause for the sound that I could find. No branches on the roof. Shrug.
So, a few nights later I asked the spirits to make a more distinctive sound that I couldn’t mistake for anything else. I knocked on my headboard three times as way of demonstration. As I was falling asleep I had a hypnagogic “hallucination” in one ear (the one against the pillow) that said “dum dum dum” in a musical lilt.
Now my curiosity level was high. I started reading more about the paranormal and psi abilities, including remote viewing. I bought a tarot deck on the urging of my ex (who I am still friends with), and on the first reading I tried for myself I asked it to give me a card significant to my life and I drew The Fool. I thought that was funny and reshuffled, and drew it again. I shuffled more, and drew it again. At this point I was genuinely weirded out, so I made sure to shuffle the deck really well, cutting it to be sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid. I drew it again, at which point I kind of panicked and put the deck away. I still do tarot readings and find them to be surprisingly relevant to the things I ask, much more so than I would expect. I know that tarot kind of works that way, but some of the answers are so spot on that it’s almost funny.
I downloaded a psi app and tried it out, and on the first try got close to a perfect score on two out of the three tests. I have screenshots to prove it. I also tried a separate psi app developed by Russell Targ, and I found if I closed my eyes I could often get 10 out of 24 correct—statistically it should be 6 out of 24 on average. Again, I have screenshots.
After more reading I was convinced in the ability of everyone to do psi—as it turns out the evidence is pretty overwhelming—and after watching Third Eye Spies I persuaded my sister and my ex to try doing some remote viewing experiments with me. I got a pretty good hit on the first try, and my ex kind of hit it out of the park. My sister refused to try it at that point because our results scared her. Photos and screenshots as “proof,” because I’m doing science here.
Fast forward to a few days ago. I had an off dream about someone I used to work with a few years before. Not a person I was really anything more than friendly with at work, and not someone I ever really think about. In the dream I told him he looked good, and that he lost weight. He smiled and said yes, he was doing well because he’d had a divorce.
This person is someone my ex still works with (I have moved out of state). I mentioned the dream to her because I thought it was weird. She agreed, and said “wouldn’t it be funny if you were right.” Well, she spoke with him later that same day related to work, and he told her that he thought he was going to have a divorce! Neither one of us had a clue.
I would be willing to testify in court that all of these things are true as I described them. Most of them aren’t proof of anything other than the fact that weird coincidences can happen, but to me they feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. It feels like it’s emphatically pointing me in a direction, but to be honest I don’t know what that direction is.
I feel like this is partly happening because of 2020. It has given me the time and motivation to explore these things, when otherwise I likely wouldn’t have. At the same time, it feels like something has shifted, either in me or in the world around me. I know someone posted here about the veil of reality getting thinner, and I have to wonder.
I am happy to answer questions about any of this. Sorry I don’t have any super freaky stories, but this subreddit is about true stories and this is mine, such as it is. I hope you find it interesting, and that it spurs you to try your own experiments.
Edit: I’ve added the screenshots showing the results with the psi apps. With the first three, they were done with my eyes closed (I didn’t do much better than average with my eyes open). With the last three, they were on the first time I ever tried that app. No proof of psychic powers, but simply added to the collective pile of low probability weirdness.
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2020.10.18 21:19 DeiterVonDeiter Sister my spying

It's her birthday soon, I want to take our son for the day and give her a chance to relax and watch a movie. She has semi-specific taste and I want it to be something enjoyable for her, something she can relax to.
Big no-nos: she hates human suffering, even if it's kind of resolved in the end. She doesn't like seeing awful things happen to people, even for a moment. It can be okay if they're (vaguely) implied but she hates seeing it.
Things she likes: She has a masters in history so she loves most period stuff but not exclusively. She likes the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen but not exclusively. She likes just about any genre but enjoys a movie with a strong female lead, probably favoring comedies, then dramas. I'm hoping for a pleasant experience, not a challenging one. The most I've seen her enjoy a movie in recent history was probably When Harry Met Sally not too long ago, if that matters at all. It has to have an unequivocal happy ending, is an important thing.
I watch a lot of movies, but I have a blind spot for the sorts of movies she enjoys and am hoping for a decent rec. It doesn't have to be streaming through a service, I'll pay whatever for it. A list of movies I know she had liked:
When Harry Met Sally
Harold and Maude
Benny and Joone
Little Women (original)
Pride and Prejudice
Whatever the movie before "Capturing Mary" was, I can't remember the title.
Just taking a stab that someone here can help me. I usually fall asleep with something like Baskin on and she comes to bed to screaming and depravity so her taste is a little out of my wheelhouse.
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