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How to Fix this Issue? 1.Go to your profile on Instagram. 2.Now click edit profile in the upper right. 3.Now erase or remove the address in the Website field and use another link or address. OR 4.In some cases you will need to remove the website link completely and even erase your Bio and save which ... One of the best social media schedulers is RecurPost. According to their website “RecurPost allows you to automatically share your updates at the best time, saving you countless hours and increasing your social media engagement every week”.On the other hand, AiSchedul is one of the most popular Instagram schedulers that help you manage your Instagram account more professionally. Fix Instagram Link Not Allowed Error Solution 1: Restart Your WiFi. As we said IP can be one of the reasons for Link Not Allowed Error so restarting your... Solution 2: Remove Link from Bio. This is one of the most widely worked methods to fix Instagram Link not Allowed Error. Solution 3: Change ... Debug your link. Debug or change the software of your web page, meaning your Instagram page, by typing it in the box at the Facebook debugger, which is a website that debugs and runs the URL through it before posting it on your bio on Instagram personal or business page. How to fix “Instagram link not allowed”? There are several things you can do to fix this error, depending on the root cause of the problem. First, check your link for typos and then try the following solutions. ... It will not harm if you turn off your cellular phone or put it in airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes as a possible solution to ... Instagram link not allowed with NO LINK! Method 1: Restart your WiFi. Instagram is not allowing the IP address that is assigned to you. ... Turn OFF your WiFi... Method 2: Change Router Configuration. Go to the homepage of your router and log in. Select My Network tab. Click on... Method 3: For ... If you are getting Instagram Link not Allowed error while using Instagram with your mobile or cellular data, then don’t worry. Put your mobile phone in Airplane mode for 3-5 minutes. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, Turn OFF Flight mode and launch Instagram to check if the issue has been resolved. We are here to help. In this post, we will tell you a simple solution to make Instagram bio hashtags and profile links clickable. Solution 1: Add Hashtags and Profile Links. If your Instagram bio ... This video is about How to Fix INSTAGRAM LINK NOT ALLOWED Easy. Can't Follow, Like and Comment on instagram. I have simple ways to fix it : - Use Airplane Mode in your phone. - Use your WI-FI. Easily fix the Instagram Link not Allowed error when you are trying to like,comment,tag and so on on Instagram. Find out why the error is happening to you an...

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Instagram link not allowed error Solution Introduction
As we all know, Instagram is one of the best and most significant social media applications for phones and many other devices which is available for Android and iOS users all around the world. There are approximately 400 million or slightly billion active users of Instagram across the online network, and this number is increasing plus growing each day. From the latest couple of months, we ought to see Instagram is somewhat changing its policies to preserve its users. We are grateful and applaud them for their efforts to maintain users from spam plus other actions. Still, these variations in systems lead to an error, which is Instagram Link Not Allowed Error.
Lately, we also faced a similar while joining a photo to my account. Essentially, whenever you are attempting to post pictures and explains, it will give you an error Link Not Allowed. Therefore, if you are also faced the same problem and exploring how to fix the Instagram link not allowed error, then kindly go forward. When we came across this error, we have done the fundamental analysis and researches plus came up with the best solutions which are going to be mentioned here. This article on how to fix and solve this Instagram link not allowed error may help you.
If you are looking for a quick answer, you can Sign Up on AiSchedul using the following button and ditch this error using its VPN.

This is an example of the Instagram link on your bio in which Instagram will let you use on your bio, but in some cases, they won’t allow that to happen.
What is the “Link Not Allowed” error on Instagram? The persistence and consistency of social media in this virtual and digital world are unquestionable and don’t need to be answered. However, this is worth noting that it’s all about staying in touch and be with colleagues or friends and family, including your fans, of course, about sharing news and information effortlessly. So why not share these links on Instagram’s social media world to drive traffic and increase our visibility and view to the whole world society?
Instagram is one of the popular social media networks in which you can share posts and links as well as new content yet with some limitations plus restrictions and under certain situations. That is to say, you can only set a particular clickable URL in your bio, and these are not allowed to have it in your post captions. It’s also reasonable to share it in your stories only if you have a business account and more numerous than a thousand followers. Although that’s not all, you need to remember about using and utilizing links in this platform. Instagram has set some boundaries plus limits in this concern to protect its users, particularly teens, and prevent spams.
The image should look like something like this. When seeing your profile is like this by Instagram service members.

Restrictions Here are the primary restrictions that you should obey to avoid the Instagram link not allowed error.
  • Short or small links such as links from the others are not usually according to the policy. Because it’s unclear and irrelevant to what you’re linking to.
  • Links to adult websites or webpages with eighteen plus content or having explicit content are also in this category.
  • An absolute link that is seeming on several accounts within a short duration of time
  • Links urging others to obey you on different services on Instagram
  • Fake and unreal URLs or links that may not exist anymore, before or after. They are not in their manner, either.
  • URLs, including factors or misspellings of Instagram, may get blocked.
  • Links that redirect people to your Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook, and other social media
  • Links to advisory shops in any format or array
  • Usually, Instagram doesn’t let you put a specific link just because of your WiFi or router connection!
  • Affiliate links
  • People may report your account, or this happens due to copying other people’s contents and posting their videos without their permission.
Safety Reminder https://preview.redd.it/ewhgpqoak0u51.png?width=672&format=png&auto=webp&s=81337d7d9aefffd2768f4015fe14e775bf8eaecf
As far as we are aware, the main thing behind this failure or error is policy change. Day by day, spamming was increasing on Instagram, so this policy change shifted the crucial element for them mostly while posting a shortened link like the one known as spam before you will get Link Not Allowed error.
One more significant thing is Instagram blocked individual website those are most likely to be joined by a spammer in their profile. If you are posting the related the same link again and again or posting the same tie every time, this is one of the spamming moves, and you are prone to get Link Not Allowed error all the time. We have seen unusual situations in which IP was obstructed or being blocked by Instagram. This means you are not authorized to put your content on Instagram. This might be the understanding for your Instagram Link not allowed failure. You will get the below error notification if you do one of the above terms of conditions.

Your account may be suspended. As a result, indicating you cannot get into it. In this case, communicate Instagram support or assistance or wait a few days concerning or hoping for the return of your account. Although if none of these accomplished, you have no alternative but removing your account and planning a new one. However, if your account is still available, we can provide you with some ways to fix the error.
How to solve the “Link Not Allowed” error? First of all, for the more straightforward solution, we recommend using the AiSchedule that not just solves this issue but will cover it permanently. However, with that out of the way, we are going to introduce the necessary and hard forms of addressing this issue. There are numerous things you can do to adjust this error, depending on the source cause of the puzzle. First, check your link for types and then try the following solutions. I hope they will work for you.

Use AiSchedul The easiest way to grab this problem or issue is to merge all your links, even those considered spammy by Instagram, and use one single AiSchedule URL in your bio. Just create an account on our website, and don’t worry about the number or the type of your links. We can help you to arrange that while avoiding to see this error.
Change your IP address If the error is with your network, meaning the IP address, you can work on it by changing the IP address itself. We don’t guarantee if you knew it already or not about how to change it, but restarting your WiFi will assign a new IP address to your device. We will discuss it further in this article if your problem wasn’t resolved.
Debug your link Debug or change the software of your web page, meaning your Instagram page, by typing it in the box at the Facebook debugger, which is a website that debugs and runs the URL through it before posting it on your bio on Instagram personal or business page.

Remove the link This is one of the most extensively worked ways to fix Instagram Link, not Allowed error or failure to use so. People usually put a link to their websites, YouTube channels, and many other links from their page. That might result in Instagram Link not Allowed error. Here is what you can do:
  • Start the Instagram app on your mobile device. It could be a PC as well.
  • Advance to the Accounts section of your profile.
  • Press on the Edit Profile button shown.
  • Remove any link that you have registered here. Then submit or save the changes that you have made.
  • Now try to put the link that was creating Link Not Allowed malfunction and verify if it persists.
Well, That’s clean as the sky that if you are blocked or restricted by Instagram, then you might have to remove the Link I will show you figure below. Also, you can try to change and swap it. Open Instagram and click edit profile on your page.

Remove the link that mad this issue in the first place.

Click done or submit in the last step.

That’s it now you will have to wait for about forty-eight of an hour (48hr) after that, then you can change the link all over again. This is going to fix and make the links not allowed error to go away instantly without any harassment or difficulty, and that should expectedly correct this error.
Restart Your WiFi As we mentioned earlier, the IP can be one of the significant reasons for Link Not Allowed error, so restarting your WiFi could be one of the answers. You may or may not be aware that whenever you restart your WiFi, you will receive a unique IP address.

  • Turn OFF your WiFi Router and hang on for about two or three minutes.
  • Plug and press the on button on your router again and join your device with the same WiFi, meaning use the new Internet connection via your device.
  • In this process, you will be indicated with new IP and then check whether you are receiving the same error or not.
Change Router Configuration Changing router configuration and arrangements could be one of the ways to fix Instagram Link Not Allowed error. Go to the homepage, which is a website of course of your router, and log in to it. You may want to enter to login. Press on network connection on the “Select My Network” tab. Here this might be different depending on your type of router. Then, select Broadband (Ethernet) under Rule Name, including going to the settings menu. Snap-on Renew, Release, and Apply. To modify the configuration of your typical version of the router follows the steps given below:

  • Go to the Home Page of your router, including login.
  • Choose My Network, Network Connection, and Broadband, i.e.Ethernet under rule name.
  • Next, go to Settings, Renew, Release, and Apply
  • After this one, Instagram should allow you to post and put Link. Expectedly, the error will be fixed.
Restart or turn off your mobile phone
It will not harm if you turn off your cellular phone. Or put it in airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes as a possible solution to this error.
Use Incognito Mode Try using Instagram in the browser in the Incognito mode. Instagram Link Not Allowed error can be caused because of cache or pre memorization and history of the browser. So you can give a try by using incognito or hidden mode in your internet browser, especially on Chrome. In incognito mode, a private browsing mode will be produced, which will disable browsing history plus web cache. Here the way or a form you can avoid the error moreover fix the Instagram link now allowed delusion. A browser’s Incognito mode is a private And Safe browsing mode that doesn’t obtain browsing history, records, and the web cached information or data. This lets a person to browse the web without collecting local data that could be regained at a later date. This way, you would fix this error.

For Mobile Data Users If you are getting an Instagram link error on your smartphone, restart your device. You can also enable the airplane mode for about 2 or 3 minutes, and after turning it off, try using the Instagram app. Expectedly, this will assist you in fixing the Instagram link not allowed error on your device.
Use VPN to fix the “Link Not Allowed” error Yes, We must mention that a simple VPN will change or generally hides your IP, and the not allowed error will be resolved. Eventually, you can contact us or go to the Instagram help center in which could be time-consuming. You can use the AiSchedul tunnels or VPN as a proxy to your Instagram game to be able to encounter this fact that you are being blocked or not allowed for that specific link to use.
Conclusion Instagram has its policies and rules, just like any other social media platform. Certain rules are where to keep the community clear and protect its affiliates against spams and different potential risks. Be more careful when you crave to use that. The link in bio on Instagram is to bring benefits. Please try not to get yourself to this error.
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I grew up on the family farm, and I was responsible for the horses and the chickens. And on this farm was an absolutely evil chicken. Specifically, he was a Rooster, about ten pounds of condensed rage, and more of a guard dog than our dogs ever thought of being. He would chase people—even those of us there to feed him.
Just to give you an idea—the first time I was bitten by a snake it was because this rooster was attacking it. And honestly, so was the second time (which was not even a month later).
This Rooster had long thick spurs on his legs, and I still have scars from this bird. I was the only one who could catch him. I could only catch him by holding out my leg for bait for this bird, and when he went in for the attack, grab him in the air—like a bad Charlie Brown cartoon where the football was coming to fuck you up.
So dad had a coworker who was convinced he could fix this bird. He told dad he knew all the secrets of ‘taming chickens’, and he just needed ten minutes to cure this rooster of the evil spirt. And my dad is also a jerk (I get it naturally!) and he was like “Alright”. He told mom the coworker was coming over and that we were gonna get some free entertainment.
Chicken whisperer shows up, right; and he looks exactly what you think a self proclaimed chicken whisperer would look like. And dad sends me out to catch this angry football. Now remember, I only can catch this bird by offering my leg as bait, like a blood sacrifice for this fucking chicken. And I’m a teen girl at this point. So you all know my thoughts on the matter.
But I catch him. Without issue, cause I’m getting good at this. And I carry this FURIOUS chicken to the Chicken Whisperer. I literally held him out at arms length, wings tucked against his body. Hawkeye (that was his name) was staring at us like we needed to lock our doors tonight.
I wouldn’t put it past this bird to have a shiv whittled out of old corn cobs hidden in the coop. He was vengeance.
And I hand this bird over to this guy. And I wasn’t a full asshole by then so I told him “Be careful, he’s upset.” Which you know, is a massive understatement. But hey, this guy needed warning and my parents were sitting back on the porch like this was gonna be the funniest thing we’ve seen this year.
And he says to me. And I quote “Oh, I ain’t no city boy.”
So I thought ‘fuck it’. Handed him my package of wrath and washed my hands of the situation.
I swear to you, I can’t even make this up. This guy flips the chicken over, and Cradles him like a newborn baby. And he starts rocking this rooster like he’s gonna put him to sleep.
Hawkeye has wide eyes at this point, like he doesn’t know what’s happening either. And chicken whisperer says “See now, you ain’t a bad boy, are ye?”
Or something like that. I don’t remember the exact words, because at that moment, Hawkeye lashes out like a snake, and BITES this man’s arm. Just takes a bloody chunk out of him.
Chicken whisperer screams, and throws Hawkeye as far away from him as he can. Blood flies everywhere.
Hawkeye flaps and lands a little rough, but fine. I prepare for the Second Attack, but Hawkeye just sent a look back over his shoulder, fluffed his feathers, and sauntered off, clucking for his hens to come over for a good time.
Chicken Whisperer has blood all over his denim coveralls. Mom had bandages ready and was applying them.
Dad was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe.
Chicken Whisperer says “that’s the most fucked up bird I ever saw”. And after mom got him to stop bleeding. He never came back.
As a note, Hawkeye never ended up in a pot. Mom refused because he had ‘personality’. I can’t quite remember how he died, but he lived a long time, only dying when I was in college. Apparently, the Chicken Whisperer’s technique is a real trick some farmers do, you can YouTube it for examples of calming a rooster.
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2020.10.13 19:30 MikeJesus My father built robots in the 80s

‘I have a surprise for you Jimbo!’ My father, the inventor in plaid, stood in the middle of the living room with a blocky object hidden beneath a bed-sheet. It was the spring of 1981, my mother and me had just come back from the park.
‘What is it?’ I asked.
‘Guess!’ His hands tightened over the cloth. Whatever the surprise was, he was excited to reveal it.
A gentle whirr and a beep came from beneath the bed-sheet. A skeptical smile spread across my mother’s face. ‘Brian, you didn’t build a-‘
‘Ah! Don’t spoil it!’ he cut her off, ‘Let him guess! Come on Jimbo, what do you think the surprise is?’
The mysterious object let out a series of beeps. Weight shifted beneath the bed-sheet. I didn’t have the faintest idea of what it could be, but I also knew my father well enough to know he wouldn’t move on unless I made a guess. ‘A washing machine?’ I guessed.
They both laughed. Over the following years my guess would be carved into family history through funny dinner party anecdotes.
‘It’s not a washing machine Jimbo,’ my father finally said, ‘it’s something much better than a washing machine.’
‘You didn’t actually build it, did you?’ My mother asked, in amused disbelief.
‘Hun, if you didn’t want a husband who builds things you shouldn’t have married an inventor,’ he said with pride in his voice and then turned to me. ‘Jimbo, let me introduce you to your new friend – Zorbo!’
He ripped off the cloth covering the bulky thing in our living room.
A pair of flash light eyes stared back at me from a rectangular metal skull. Knobs and dials stuck out of the robot’s stainless steel chest like medals from some intergalactic war. Its arms hung on tubing that seemed to have come straight from a vacuum cleaner, but its hands were made up of sleek shapes that suggested top-secret military technology.
‘HELLO FRIEND, I AM ZORBO,’ the robot said, its voice strained through lifeless circuitry, ‘WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY CATCH WITH ME?’
I was an only child, and by extension, a lonely child. For years I had begged my parents for a younger brother or sister, but the medication that my mother was taking made the idea of another pregnancy far too dangerous. That winter I shifted my pleas for company over to a puppy, and my parents obliged, but within three hours of finding my new friend beneath the Christmas tree I ended up in the emergency room. Turns out that I am deathly allergic to dogs.
With his son unable to find companionship, my father attempted to help the only way he knew how – by inventing me a friend.
The heap of sentient metal terrified me, there was something about the sluggish way that Zorbo’s eyes scanned the room that made me feel quintessentially unsafe, but I knew that if I rejected my father’s gift I would break the man’s heart. After the initial fear of the robot passed, our little family went outside and played catch with Zorbo.
Soon enough word about Zorbo got around the neighborhood. You could have made a 80s sitcom about us, we were the family living in suburbia with a zany robot. Except Zorbo wasn’t very zany.
At first he was the equivalent of a particularly friendly Roomba who could throw around a baseball, but as time went on, and as my mother got sicker, Zorbo’s skillset expanded. Every night, as I lay awake, terrified of the lifeless machine that lived with us, I could see the lights of my father’s workshop burning in the darkness of our backyard. Within months Zorbo could cook and clean and mow the lawn. Every chore that the robot was able to do gave my mother more time to rest and gave my father and me more time to spend with her. But that time was limited.
As she lay on that hospital bed, getting out the few final words that her disease riddled body could muster, Zorbo was there. As me and my father wept and assured my mother that she lived a truly beautiful life, the robot stood in the corner of the room, his flashlight eyes scanning his surroundings. He listened to her last words. He internalized them deep into his circuitry.
For a year the house was a place of inescapable sadness. Every room, every dish, every tiny bit of existence reminded us of the woman who was whisked away by a clump of rouge cells. Even though we were in a state of deep mourning, the house was immaculate and our stomachs were full. As we tried to make sense of the new world we were living in, Zorbo the robot was there to take care of us.
The memory of my mother never faded, decades later a day seldom goes by when I don’t think of her, but as time passed, the daily soul shattering sadness turned into quiet melancholy. Life carried on, my father went back to work for the military, I started grade school, people moved in and out of the neighborhood and eventually the life we once lived as a family became a memory. The only thing that remained constant was Zorbo. He was always there, making sure we were comfortable, serving us and providing an emotional crutch when needed.
That all changed in the summer of 1989 — the summer of the lawnmower.
Cindy, the daughter of our new neighbor across the street, was sitting with me at the living room table outlining a five-paragraph essay on the effects of the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. I was trying to do the same, but my hormone addled mind refused to think about Soviet tanks or the crushing of democracy. All I could think about was Cindy. It was the last week of school and I was hopelessly in love.
‘Hey, how do you spell Brezhnev? All of these Soviet names give me a headache,’ she asked, leaning over to my near empty paper. I tried to spell out the name, but the angelic smell of her conditioner made it difficult to concentrate.
‘Zorbo,’ I finally said, giving up on impressing Cindy with my spelling skills, ‘How do you spell Brezhnev?’
‘THANK YOU FOR ASKING, FRIEND.’ The robot’s flashlight eyes spun around in a half circle before he gave his reply. ‘LEONID BREZHNEV, LEADER OF THE SOVIET UNION BETWEEN 1964 AND 1982. L-E-O-N-I-D. B-R-E-Z-H-N-E-V.’
‘Thank you Zorbo!’ Cindy said.
‘No thank you Zorbo,’ I mumbled. Cindy thought the robot was really neat, and even though my metal house guest still made me uncomfortable I was starting to embrace the benefits of having a sentient machine full of knowledge whirring around the house.
‘Don’t talk too much about the Soviets with Zorbo kids, things might get personal,’ my father said, emerging from the kitchen with a sandwich so precisely cut that it could have only come from a machine. ‘He’s part Russian. I mean most of his circuitry is Japanese, but our metal friend here might still get a bit offended if you don’t tow the Kremlin political line.’
Cindy’s laugh was like a symphony of angels enjoying a wholesome joke. ‘I’ll be sure to keep the politburo in mind when talking to Zorbo, Mr. Carpek,’ she said.
‘Poltiburo, eh?’ my father was impressed, ‘Smart one right here Jimbo. Hold onto her, she can teach you a thing or two.’
I wanted to hold on to her, oh God how I wanted to hold on to her, I wanted to surrender myself to the teen Goddess and scream my undying love for Cindy through my crackling voice chords – but instead I just blushed. My father stifled a grin and changed the topic.
‘By the way, Cindy, send your pops my regards about the new lawn mower. Beauty of a machine he’s got there. If we didn’t have Zorbo here cutting our grass I’d be hounding him for the name of the salesman.’ My father gave Zorbo a friendly pat on his tubular arm and then turned to me, ‘Seen the neighbor’s lawnmower yet Jimbo?’
I shook my head.
‘She’s a beaut!’ He kissed the tips of his fingers like the Italian chefs on TV.
‘I’ll pass on the compliments, Mr. Carpek,’ Cindy said, smiling a smile that could turn Tiananmen Square into Woodstock, ‘I’ll actually do so now, essay is just about done. Thanks for the spelling help Zorbo!’
I left my unfinished essay behind and followed Cindy to the edge of my front lawn. I had hoped that at some point during the thirty-second walk a burst of bravery would manifest in my chest and I would tell her how I felt. But it didn’t. It never did. I just stood behind our white picket fence watching my one true love skip across the street.
‘Hey Jim!’ Cindy’s dad yelled as he mowed his lawn, ‘Say Hi to your old man for me, will ya?’
‘Sure thing Mr. Clarke!’ I yelled back, ‘Also, my dad sends his compliments about your lawn mower!’
Mr. Clarke’s old machine was a rustling gas-guzzling beast. Whenever his lawn was getting a trim the entire neighborhood would be alerted to the grounds keeping with a jagged metallic screech, but that was no longer the case. The new lawn mower was a tool of sleek metallic shapes and blinking lights that let out nothing but a soft hum as it cut through the grass.
‘Thanks Jim! She’s a beaut, ain’t she?’ Cindy’s dad said before returning to the mowing. I never inherited the fascination with machines that my father had, but watching that machine work away at the greenery I couldn’t help but recognize a hint of hypnotizing aesthetics. Looking at the calculated metallic body of the machine made me feel like I was living in the 21st century, the future had arrived in suburbia.
‘HELLO FRIEND,’ an inhuman voice next to me said, ‘WHAT IS THAT?’
‘That’s a uh, lawnmower,’ I replied, uncomfortable at the idea of how quietly Zorbo could move when he wanted to.
‘LAWN MOWER,’ Zorbo said with an unusual softness in his jagged speech, ‘BEAUTIFUL LAWN MOWER.’
‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘Beautiful lawn mower.’
My father seldom cooked, but when he did he would deliver a symphony of spices that would make you eat yourself into a food coma. Even Zorbo, with all of his circuitry and mechanical precision, couldn’t replicate the mouth-watering flavor of my father’s Bolognese.
Yet as delicious as dinner was that night, I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the spaghetti. Instead of letting my mind drift away on the gentle notes of paprika I was tied down to reality by my frustrated teenage heart.
‘So,’ he said, ‘Is Cindy seeing someone?’
‘No,’ I replied, ‘Don’t think so at least.’
He swallowed another forkful of pasta, and then, with his mouth still full, as if it was a matter of no importance, he asked the question that had been festering in the back of my head for the past three months. ‘You gonna ask her out?’
The butterflies in my stomach informed me that I wouldn’t be eating any more that night. ‘I don’t know,’ I said, ‘I’m scared she’ll say no.’
‘It doesn’t matter Jimbo, you’re fourteen,’ my father told me, ‘If she says No you won’t remember it in a couple of years. What you will remember forever is not asking.’
I was a teen; my perception of time barely reached past the end of summer break, yet for a split second I imagined myself at forty, my hairline thinning like my dad’s, eating spaghetti with a child of my own.
‘But I’m nervous, what if she says no?’ I finally asked.
‘You’ll survive,’ he said, ‘I was nervous when I first asked out your mom, and it worked out fine.’
He smiled as he said it, but as soon as he mentioned her, his eyes dimmed. It had been years since she had passed, but certain memories stay as sharp as the day that they were forged. We were sitting in the living room, eating spicy spaghetti, but really we were both back in that hospital room, sitting by the frail body of the woman who was once made my father nervous.
‘Where’s Zorbo?’ He brought the conversation back to reality. ‘Zorbo? Where are you?’
At dinnertime Zorbo would usually be in the kitchen, quietly whirring to himself, waiting for dishes to wash up. But that night the robot wasn’t anywhere to be found. We searched all across the house but our electric servant was gone. It wasn’t until a chance glance out of the window that I saw him.
The moon softly reflected off his metallic body. His flashlight eyes hovered beams of red into the night. Zorbo was staring at Cindy’s house.
‘BEAUTIFUL LAWN MOWER,’ his voice was different, it was as if a roughness had been chipped away, as if somewhere within his wiry viscera a hint of emotion existed. ‘BEAUTIFUL LAWN MOWER!’ There was a trace of longing in his voice.
‘Huh,’ my father said, ‘Looks like someone’s blown a fuse. Come here Zorbo, we’ll take you to the garage and figure out what’s up.’ But the robot refused to budge. It wasn’t until my father pulled his tube arms towards the workshop that Zorbo relented and started to move. But even as Zorbo’s blinking body moved away from the street his head remained turned. Those flashlights through which he took in the outside world were aimed straight at Cindy’s house.
‘LOVE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS,’ Zorbo said. My father froze. That gentle note of humanity in Zorbo’s voice sent a bolt of discomfort through my spine. We recognized those words.
‘BEAUTIFUL LAWN MOWER’ Zorbo said again, his artificiality returning.
My father’s face slowly regained its smile. ‘Beautiful lawnmower indeed buddy, let’s get your circuitry checked out.’
There was enough pain medication in her to tare away most of her personality but somewhere in that bony woman there was a semblance of my mother. We sat with her for the last two days of her life, trying to say all the things we would regret not saying and assuring her of what a beautiful life she had lived. Whenever she would sleep I would go make my acquaintance with the soda machine and stroll around the hospital looking for people who had it worse than me. My father talked extensively to whoever would listen about the machines his wife was hooked up to.
Zorbo stood still in the back of the room. He never moved an inch until the hour when she died. It was as if he could tell that the life was seeping out of her, as if the machines that were keeping her alive had told him that she was moving on. As we listened to my mother’s final attempts at speaking Zorbo slid behind us. We stood vigil as a family.
“Love is the only thing that matters,” she said. Zorbo softly whirred next to us as she died.
That night I sat with the memories and tried to make sense of everything. I saw my mom again, I felt that heat in my chest when I thought about Cindy, I could imagine myself as a regretful balding forty-year-old. Love is all that matters. Outside, my father tinkered away in the garage, trying to wipe Zorbo’s circuits of the notion of love, but in my bedroom a fire of teenage passion was burning. I fell asleep trying to compose a monologue that would make Cindy swoon.
‘Hey, were we meant to write a summary of the chapter or just until page 48?’ she asked. I had no idea what she was talking about, all I knew was that we were sitting in our living room and I was about to tell her.
‘I really like you,’ I blurted out. ‘Like, as a person, Cindy, I think you’re pretty cool. But also, I like you as, like, a romantic partner? Like, I think you’re cute and I think about you all the time. I like you. I’m sorry.’
It came out of me like a rushing waterfall, but my face felt like it was the surface of the sun. Her confused look turned up the heat.
‘Uhhh…’ Her eyes kept on fluttering, for a split second she looked a bit like Zorbo if you ever asked him what time it was. ‘I uhhh… I’m sorry too? Because… ummm… I like you as a friend. But… Yeah… No.’
I stared down at my textbook. Leonid Brezhnev was glaring at me from the page.
‘I should go,’ she whispered.
‘I’ll walk you out,’ I said, immediately biting into my cheek.
The walk to the edge of my yard couldn’t have taken longer than thirty seconds, but as we quietly made our way out of the house I aged a decade. My mind was wholly consumed by the sting of rejection, the tragedy of it, the unfairness of it. I was a little boy getting an allergic reaction to a Christmas puppy again, but this time instead of a rash on my skin there was a rash on my heart.
I walked past Zorbo without looking at him. From the whirring of his hand blades I presumed that he was just mowing the lawn.
She didn’t say anything. Cindy just walked across the street and past her front door without a single glance back.
Sure, she apologized a week later, and a couple months down the line I was awe struck with someone else, but in that moment, in that searing moment my world was on fire.
Soil clung to his metallic body. The blades that extended from his hands tore into the ground, shooting bits of earth sprawling across the sidewalk. He stared across the street with the same longing I had in my soul.
‘Yeah,’ I said, as I shuffled off to my room to mope.
My father found Zorbo shortly before the sun set. He walked out calling to the robot about the dirty dishes that had gathered in the sink, but as soon as my father saw his creation digging into the ground his tone changed. He spoke to him in calm, soothing words. The robot had been working like precise clockwork since the day that he was constructed; my father was worried to see his creation descend into glitch-filled madness.
I knew I should have told him as soon as I found the malfunctioning robot, but there were more pressing things on my mind. As my father rolled Zorbo into his workshop my love for Cindy consumed me. The life we could have had if I had just waited, if I had phrased my confession of love differently; snapshots of an alternate reality burned in my mind like an angry film reel.
The visions in my head grew sharper. I didn’t just get rejected by some teenage girl, I got rejected by my future wife. Images of me proposing, of us having our first child, of me sitting by her hospital bed as she died of old age – they squirmed through my mind accompanied by a booming replay of the couple dozen words with which I wiped them from the future. I was one hundred percent sure I had reached my first life-long regret. I writhed with mental discomfort until I couldn’t be alone. The lights were on in my father’s workshop.
‘Dad?’ I asked, standing in the door.
‘Hey Jimbo, sorry, going to skip dinner tonight, think there should still be some Bolognese in the fridge though,’ he said, not looking away from his work. My father’s workshop was always a mess of disparate electronics and scattered tools, but that night all other projects were cleared away to make room for Zorbo. Our robotic family member lay on a wooden table, his sleek metal skin removed, revealing a chaotic mess of wires and computer chips.
‘Was Zorbo acting any different when you came back home from school?’ he asked while digging out a stack of microchips from behind the robot’s eyes with a screwdriver.
‘Yeah, he, uh, was digging a hole in the front yard.’
‘Alright well,’ my father buried the frustration in his voice with a sigh, ‘Next time you see him doing something weird please tell me, alright Jim? Zorbo’s inner workings are very fragile, if something is wrong it needs to be fixed. I don’t want to lose him to some loose wiring.’
‘Sorry dad,’ I said.
He mumbled something and went back to tinkering with the robot’s skull. I was going to leave him to his work, but the sadness in my chest was far too potent for me to be alone. I knew I needed to talk to someone.
‘So I asked Cindy out…’ As soon as the words left my mouth his hands stopped moving.
I didn’t have to say anything. As soon as he turned around he could tell. Before I knew it I was wrapped up in a bear hug with my eyes growing wet.
‘It’s going to be okay Jimbo, there will be plenty others. Proud of you.’
‘Proud of me?’
‘Of course, you put yourself out there and that’s the most important-‘
Wires were hanging off of his raw body, his flashlight eyes spun around the room searching for an exit. Zorbo was getting off of the table and moving towards the door. ‘BEAUTIFUL LAWNMOWER,’ he gargled through a partially dismantled voice box.
‘Zorbo?’ My father let go of me and walked up to the staggering mess of electronics, ‘Where are you going Zorbo?’
‘LOVE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS,’ Zorbo said, shuffling his way past my father, ‘BEAUTIFUL LAWNMOWER.’
‘Now, now, Zorbo,’ my father said, grabbing Zorbo’s arm slightly above the mud-caked blades, ‘I think you need to lie down for a bit. There’s something wrong with you and-‘
‘BEAUTIFUL LAWNMOWER!’ Zorbo boomed, as he ripped free of my father’s grip. ‘LOVE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!’ He continued walking out of the garage, each step filled with crackling defiance.
‘Zorbo! You stop right this instant!’ my father yelled in a tone that was only familiar to me from early childhood, ‘If you keep behaving like this I will shut you off.’
The robot’s body froze mid-step. He didn’t turn around, but his head did. ‘YOU WANT TO STOP ZORBO FROM LOVE?’
My father gently pushed me aside, placing me away from the disobedient robot. ‘Zorbo,’ he said, his voice growing cold, ‘Come back here and lie down on the table.’
The beams of light focused in on my father. The wiring of Zorbo’s body twisted and turned until they were face to face. The blades on his hands started to spin. ‘YOU WANT TO STOP ZORBO FROM LOVE,’ his voice lowered in volume, it was almost drowned out by the sharp whirring of the mud covered knives, ‘GOODBYE, FRIEND.’
Zorbo’s tubular arm came down like a karate chop on my father’s shoulder. Hot blood splashed all over my face. Pained screams filled my ears. The blades cut through my father’s skin like butter. I could hear the crackling of bones breaking.
Through my father’s throat-tearing agony I could hear a single word come through. “Run!” He wanted his only child to get away from the manic robot that was sawing at his arm. He wanted me to survive. But I couldn’t move an inch. I just stood there, pressed up against the tool cabinet, watching my father be murdered by a robot.
I could see myself running across the street to Cindy’s house. I could see myself trying to explain to a police officer that an unhinged robot killed my dad. I could see myself standing at my father’s funeral, watching the dirt over his casket solidify my status as an orphan.
But I would never actually see my father’s funeral.
Instead I felt the cold steel of a monkey wrench in my hand. I summoned a battle cry from the depth of my lungs. If I let my father die at the hands of a robot I would regret it for the rest of my life.
The adrenalin coursing through my veins gave reality a jagged edge. Everything moved with neck-breaking speed but each time that the blunt object made contact with Zorbo’s wiry brain time dissolved into a short-lived eternity. Zorbo’s intricately woven mind was reduced into a mess of cables. Soon enough my wrench made contact with the floor of the garage. Zorbo was dead.
Everything after that is a blur.
I remember stumbling out into the street covered in blood, barely able to muster up more strength to yell for help. I remember Mr. Clarke holding down a torn shirt over the geyser of blood that was streaming out of my father’s shoulder. I remember sitting in the back of an ambulance, watching my father linger on the edge of life.
For two days I survived on a diet of pop and chocolate from a familiar vending machine. He lost a lot of blood. Even at fourteen I could sense that the doctors were preparing me for the worst. But, miraculously, on the third day, I was allowed to see my dad.
He was weak, desperately weak, but he was alive. All it cost him was his arm. He spent the entire summer in a state of exhausted shock from his creation turning on him, but by the time the fall leaves filled our yard he was outside with a rake, cracking jokes. By Christmas he had a brand new metallic arm courtesy of his workbench. By New Years he was washing dishes. Mr. Clarke was more than happy to give him the number of the lawn mower salesman.
Life carried on. I graduated high-school, moved out of state for university and then continued moving every couple of years depending on where my job took me. I had my fair share of rejection and break-ups but no heartache ever reached the mythical proportions of the rejection of ’89. With all said and done though, my father was right, knowing that I asked and got shot down was considerably easier to live with than having to wonder what could have been.
I grew into an adult and my father shrunk into an old man. He continued to do work for the army well into old age but as time went on he was phased out by younger minds that were more in touch with modern tech. In retirement my father continued to tinker with electronics and built himself contraptions to help him with the tasks that old age made difficult, but eventually, as tremors set into his human hand and age chipped away at his human brain he stopped coming to his workshop.
I found myself thinking about his funeral again, but this time it wasn’t just a panicked snapshot forced into my head by a frenzied robot servant, this time I knew that somewhere down the line I would be standing in a church trying to summarize what the man meant to me in a speech to his old coworkers and family who I hadn’t seen for years.
But I never did. I never saw my father’s funeral.
The fact that I belong to a whole generation of people who were robbed of a funeral makes the pain sting less. There were plenty of other children of the 80s who lost their parents during the pandemic of ’20 who didn’t have weekly Skype calls with their fathers, who had unresolved issues, who had fallen out of touch. But knowing that I’m not the only one who lost a parent during the corona outbreak only lessens the pain slightly. The thought of him dying alone, feverish, connected to a respirator he could have built in his workshop, still cuts into my heart with fiery force.
By the time I was able to travel back to my hometown the house had been empty for months. I walked through the rooms and wept as the memories washed over me. Even though I was filled with sorrow, there was a catharsis to it all. The two people who had brought me into the world were gone, but they gave me the tools to survive in it, they shaped the person who mourned them. Each room was filled with evidence that I was loved, and I have it on good authority that love is important.
But my father’s workshop was different.
When I turned on the lights I wasn’t reminded of the afternoons I spent keeping my father company while he worked on his projects, or of all the toys that my father built me when I was a kid. No, there were no memories at all.
All I could focus on was the object hidden beneath a bed-sheet in the center of the room.
A part of me wanted to turn around and leave whatever my father’s final project was a mystery, but I knew myself well enough to know that the question of what was hidden beneath the bed-sheet would steal sleep away from me forever. I gripped my hand around the cloth and pulled.
It was the same lawn mower that Mr. Clarke had back in the 80s. Its over-the-top impression of the future seemed nearly comical by modern standards, but there was something attached to its sleek metallic frame that chilled me to my middle-aged core. Two red flashlights focused on me.
‘LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING,’ Zorbo’s voice box whispered out of the core of the machine, ‘BEAUTIFUL LAWNMOWER!’
(Zorbo's insatiable hunger)
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2020.10.09 01:34 Admirable-Rain-9479 Rigoletto Production Concept...thoughts?

So here’s my idea...
We set the show in like some sort of YouTube/social media vlog/reality show, to show how social media and the internet (and human nature and ambition) can make us all become animals in some way (and make us assume things in general and accentuate our bad qualities), for all of their benefits as well. Basically about how social media can lead to us becoming detached from our humanity, both for older folks and Generation Z teenagers. And also, the price of pursuing fame for all costs.
Gilda is a young woman of around 15 or so who makes Tik Toks and Instagrams of her and her dad (to bring this point forward, she is sung by someone who is fresh faced and underage, like 15 or so)—and she is homeschooled. She will do anything to please her dad. She wants to be normal and actually wants to get out—hence the reason why she wants someone who is her age (a student) and poor. However, there are things going on underneath the surface than the Gilda we know—she is implied to bored, lonely, and apathetic at first after longing for human contact for so long, which she keeps hidden from her dad. In this, due to her boredom, she falls in love with the Duke mainly because she wants to be free from her dungeon and her dad, as he is a bit of a social media type dad (and she both loves him and is in fear of him).
The duke is basically a spoiled Jake Paul esque young man who thinks he can get away with anything. He’s a bit of an attention whore who lives to be in the public eye, the type who is a shallow social media obsessed teen (he’s around 16 years old in this production, and is sung by someone who is around that age), who constantly posts on Tik Tok (hell, he tends to take selfies and in “La Donna E Mobile”, he’s making a Tik Tok/Instagram/Facebook live stream and basically brags about his thoughts about women to his audience), and is also a YouTuber who is very flashy, the opposite of the wholesome Gilda’s posts. It’s implied that he’s a bit crazy, and only sings in Italian to make himself seem cool (he also intentionally makes his voice more Artificially darkened for someone his age to make himself seem older, tougher, and cooler). He’s also implied to heavily stalk women to be his and catfishes them, even if they are not well educated enough (hence the reason for why Rigoletto keeps his daughter locked away). He’s the kid who divorced himself from his parents and moved out illegally at 16, despite not knowing how to run a company himself. He’s a predator, despite his young age, grooming Gilda and Maddalena. He’s an obnoxious little shit who’s obsessed with image and himself above all else.
Rigoletto is a disgraced man who is unemployed—the “curse” was placed on him by an angry co worker at a party the night before (in this case another fellow producer) after Rigoletto had one too many drinks and started drunkenly disowning the people around him, which was caught on tape and became viral, embarrassing himself. He likes social media himself, although he is not as keen on it as Gilda is, and he hires the assassin (who in this version is inexperienced) through Craigslist, hence why we don’t see the assassin jump out to offer his services. He hates the Duke for being an obnoxious little shit who could care less about anyone.
The courtiers here are actually Duke’s high school buddies, who like him (Generation Z) are obsessed with social media (they themselves are played by actual high school kids). They mainly kidnap Gilda not just to spite Rigoletto (whom they do not like for whatever the hell reason), but to become Tik Tok famous, and to fulfill a “Kidnapping Challenge”. Their attempts to become famous are successful, in all the wrong ways.
Any thoughts about the concept?
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Questions Answers
How did you type all this? I can touch type. It's an essential skill.
the below is a reply to the above
Do you have some type of software that reads certain things out? I wasn’t trying to be rude so my apologies, just very curious/interested! Hats off to you. Sure, I use a screenreader. It's a piece of software that uses synthesised speech to read back what's on the screen. And I navigate using the keyboard rather than a mouse.
Thank you for doing this AMA! Its really fascinating and I'm learning a lot! I noticed in some of your comments you said you enjoy cooking. In my own experience, cooking and baking are extremely visual activities (for example, like knowing when a pancake is ready to be flipped, or properly cleaning and preparing a chicken, or when ground beef has been cooked completely). I would imagine that you use taste, touch, and smell, to guide you through some aspects of cooking. But even then, the information you could possibly get is still limited. What do you specifically look for as indicators to help you cook? I'm also interested in what dishes you find the easiest to make and what dishes you find the most difficult. All of that information you can get non-visually. You can tell ground bief is cooked by the texture when you touch it with a spoon. Other things by the smell. It's not more limited, it's just an alternative method.
I love experimenting with different things, I went through a phase of baking lots of bread. At the moment I'm into building complex salads and working on really healthy recipes. I cooked a meal for 60 people, that was pretty intense!
whose voice is reading my question to you? A very synthesised American voice.
Does colour mean anything to you ? Not really, it's an abstract concept.
Do you watch or should I say listen to porn? Nah, it just doesn't do anything for me.
As someone who plays video games and watch shows to kill time when I’m bored, I never thought about what a blind person would do to kill time when they’re bored other than listening to music. What do you do to pass time? Read, watch films and tv, mindlessly browse the internet. There are also audio games, and it's possible to play some regular games if you're blind, but I'm not really a gamer.
How has voice technology (like Siri or Google Assistant) changed the way you interact with things (if you use it at all)? If you have it: how has it made life better or worse? If you don't have it: why not? It's convenient because I can set a timer when cooking hands free! But also, something like an echo dot is designed to be used without vision, so I'm not actually having to deal with an accessibility barrier. I get exactly the same functionality from it that a sighted person does, and that is an important consideration.
how has the covid-19 pandemic affected you, as a blind person specifically/differently? Not so much now. At first my concern was in relation to grocery delivery services. I didn't want to go to the supermarket because many places were refusing to provide assistance, but also everyone was using delivery services, so slots weren't easily accessible for those of us who really needed them. It's calmed down quite a bit now though.
Another issue relates to accessible information. A lot of the stats are shown as images, with no explanation. Which means we're shut out from accessing what could be very crucial info.
Do you experience any visuals in your mind? For example, like when you dream? I don't. I've never been able to see so this is impossible for me.
Based on your life so far and what you have learned from others what is your favorite color? I don't have one. I usually say purple just because people demand an answer and it's easier to give them one.
Do you like puppies? I do.
What is it like to move around. Is it hard and do you feel out a room as you walk through it? It's not hard because I've always been blind so know how to navigate as a blind person. When outside I travel using a white cane, this is also true if I'm inside buildings like shops etc. But if I'm at my house or friends houses I just walk around and learn where things are.
What’s something people do/say that is ableist but not commonly acknowledged as such? How can sighted people be better allies to blind people? "You do so well for a blind person," has to be one of the most rude things people can say. Because what they're saying is that actually, they don't expect blind people to be doing very well at all, so the fact that I'm a moderately functional adult who doesn't get enough sleep, drinks too much coffee and is constantly stressed is a very very good thing. When I'm actually very typical for someone in their mid 20's.
Just treat blind people like people, and support us with fighting for accessibility and equal rights. That really is the best way to be an ally.
As someone how may go blind I always wondered if there was a fear of “the dark” or does it fade a bit? I'm not sure honestly. I've always been blind, so it's normal to me. I do know people who lost their vision who have really happy, secure lives.
Is sex more intense for you? And do you have sex with other blind people, if not how does it feel when you cant see the other person but he can see you naked? It honestly depends who I'm having sex with. I don't really worry if they can see me and I can't. I've had good and bad experiences, with both blind nad sighted people.
Do you listen to old radio plays? I had a period of time prior to a cataract surgery where my photosensitivity was so intense I mostly lived in total darkness, and these were my favourite forms of free entertainment. I am old enough that I listened to them on radio, although most were rebroadcasts. Also, do you usually wear any kind of sunglasses or such? If so, for your own benefit, or to make people feel more comfortable? I listened to a lot of plays in the early 2000s when I was a kid because only a fraction of books were published in braille. Audio books were expensive and also only a few books became audio. These days I listen to less of them because with things like Kindle I can read almost anything, but they were a wonderful and necessary part of my childhood that I am very thankful I was able to experience.
I have light perception so I wear sunglasses when it's really bright, but not for the comfort of others. I think if my eyes make people uncomfortable it's something they should address within themselves.
Is the halo effect a noticeable phenomenon for you as an arguably perfectly objective observer of sighted people? Have you ever been in a situation and just known that someone is physically attractive based on being inexplicably treated more favourably by others than could be reasonably expected? How do you feel about this in general? I think so. I definitely noticed this in school. My perception is that people gravitate towards someone who is deemed to be physically attractive, but I don't know if that is true.
Have you ever fired a firearm or played with a sword? I haven't. I considered going to a shooting range when I lived in the US but never did.
When browsing the web -- do ads really screw with your screen reader? Do you use an adblocker? They do, and yes I do.
If you could tell the world one thing what would it be? About blindness? Treat me like any other adult.
Not about blindness. Use your vote.
What's your favorite place to get a burrito? I live in England where burritos are sadly lacking, but now I really want one.
Would you consider trying psychedelics and reporting back your experiences? I've tried them before. Really weird, honestly. Mostly auditory but also some physical sensations.
Do you understand racism? Also what's your favorite song? By understand, I think it's wrong, but I understand it as a concept. RAcism isn't really about being able to see colour, it's associating a race with a positive or negative set of attributes. Blind people are just as capable of being racist.
In terms of songs I don't really have a favourite, I've been listening to I and love and you by the Avett Brothers a lot recently.
I was always wondering about this one. There are days when I "overlisten" to music or sounds get pounded and louder until I can't stand it and I need to shut it out. I would go several days without music or wear noise cancelling headphones to get myself disconnected. It sometimes happens with my vision, where it's just too much information and my brain needs a break. So I'm wondering what's it like in your case, if you've ever experienced something like that? Where there's too much sensory information and you need to shut it out but you need it to get around? And another extremely random one. I work and architecture and was trying to figure out how someone would go about designing a house while blind. Besides textures, how would you try and build a house for yourself if you could? That sounds like sensory processing disorder, which I have experienced aspects of yes.
I'm not sure, definitely lots of outside space and a big kitchen, but those are because of my love of being outside and also of cooking, more than blindness!
So this might sound weird, but my friends have a year old daughter who is blind. What kind of playing made you happiest as a kid? Climbing, playing football, running about. Just normal kid stuff.
the below has been split into three
So two questions: you mentioned that you travelled to a couple of countries. To us, travel is a very visual experience, what is it to you? How do you experience the travel experience itself? Travelling to me is experiencing all aspects of the culture. It doesn't have to be visual. You can meet people, go to a city, go to a park, go hiking. These are all part of it.
We see your inability to see as an impairment or disability out of our ignorance, what do you think seeing people lack? What is our disability? I think we have to be careful and not view something like a lack of understanding as a disability. I am blind, and blindness is my impairment. But I'm disabled because the world around me isn't accessible.
ok 3rd one, out of the countries you visited, which one of them you felt a bit more challenged than the other ones? In terms of the countries they all had positives and negatives. Colombia was definitely a new experience, but it was also my favourite place to live.
What is imagination for you? That's difficult to answer. If you mean how do I imagine, through my other senses. But as to what it is, I'm not sure. It seems to be an essential part of who we are as humans.
What do you see in today's society that you dislike? I'm not sure this is just a problem with today's society, but ignorance and denial regarding the reality of the world we live in.
My sons (age 10) are really good friends with a boy who has been blind since birth. My sons have gone to his house a few times and have had a lot of fun. I would like for him to come here, but it makes me nervous. I worry that he'll get bored or be uncomfortable. As a child, what were some of your favorite experiences with sighted friends and their family? Being welcomed in to everyday activities. My best experiences were with people who didn't worry, who let me run around and play, who let me climb and mess about with my friends. But who also set boundaries, who told me to be quiet or to stop running, like they would any other child. Basically the best thing you can do is welcome him and treat him like any other kid.
Will you have children of your own even if you have a 50% chance of passing on your genetic mutation? My mother in law is blind and she passed retinoblastoma on to all 4 of her children even though each birth was a 50% chance. They all were able to retain vision though 2 had to have an eye enucleated. Later in those same 2 passed away from associated secondary cancers in the 20s and 30s bc they received radiation to stop the tumours (inherited is bilateral). I am pregnant with a baby girl who inherited the genetic mutation and at 36 weeks will deliver so they can monitor and treat the tumours. Being induced early allows the critical growth stage of 36 to 42 weeks gestation to be monitored and treated. Prognosis is good and it's considered 97% treatable but I cant help feeling that I am doing a disservice by continuing the horrible legacy of retinoblastoma. And also I wonder how she would feel knowing if she wants to naturally have children she will have a 50% chance of passing the mutation on to offspring. I would. I will pass the LCA gene on to any child I have, but my partner would have to be a carrier for us to have a blind child. Even if my child is blind I'd know how to raise them. I could teach them to read, to travel, to do anything they wanted to. I understand it's more complex with something like RB, but I think you have to do whatever feels right for you.
Do you play any instruments? If so, which instrument(s)? I used to play the clarinet but haven't in years. I was never very good at music.
If there was an option for surgery that granted you sight, would you consider it? I wouldn't, it doesn't interest me.
What are some UI changes reddit could make to improve accessibility for the blind? What are some things other sites often do which make them difficult for you to read and navigate? Reddit is honestly a bit of a clusterfuck. It's accessible enough, but sometimes the focus of my screenreader jumps around. There also aren't many headings used, which is the primary way screenreaders navigate online content, so it's a pain to find the section of the page that you want. In terms of other sites a lack of alt text is a huge problem. We convey so much information through images, but if it isn't tagged correctly a blind person misses all of it.
What would be the best way to interact with a blind person? Like let's say you went inside a new building and people there knew you were blind would you be offended if they offered to help you find your way? Or tell you how many steps there are or watch out for things that may be in your way? Would that come off as overbearing? It's annoying when people constantly tell me, because it's actually distracting. If someone offers that's fine, so long as they listen when I say no.
Which genders are you attracted to? When did you realize you were attracted to them and what was it about them Both, though men more than women. I'm not sure, I guess I was a pre-teen and I started to have crushes on people.
i watched a video of a blind woman with her seeing eye dog and a hidden camera try to find her way around a mall that she'd never been to before. it was so funny to watch the employees point as if she could see or the dog could understand what was going on. there was, eventually, one woman who walked her to the perfumes/jewelry and entrance so that her dog would understand and so that she knew the amount of steps that it should take. do you have these experiences often where people are just, unintentionally, entirely unhelpful? All the time. You just get used to it. Also, we don't actually count steps, we may have good spacial awareness and can tell approximately how much distance we've travelled, but step counting is a bit of a myth.
[deleted] I do. If she's in the United States I really recommend that she reaches out to the National Federation of the Blind to find out about their training centers. The Colorado Center for the Blind made a huge difference to my life.
Why did the moderators remove this? u/mmm_toasty could you perchance let us know? Because I can't hold up a sign with my username...because obviously I can't write. Unless they want it in braille?
Maybe this is question is better suited to those who raised you, but do you know if there was anything atypical about your language development? I read a case study about a blind toddler’s unusual syntax once and found it really interesting. I'm very interested in this too. I had fairly advanced language development, which I know through speaking with my parents and reading school and medical reports. Many congenitally blind children do have atypical language development though.
What parenting tips would you suggest to someone who has a young child who is blind or losing sight? Have high expectations, don't expect less of them because they are blind. Expect them to do chores around the house, to work hard in school and to be polite. They can and should do these things.
I occasionally see the same blind man on the sidewalk navigating the DC metro and city streets. I believe he lives around my work. Sometimes he looks completely lost. I have on a few occasions guided him to the correct train or set of stairs. He just says thank you and continues on. Is there anything else I could do to help him or be a good samaritan to other blind folks in the city? Asking is honestly the best thing. Either the blind person will need assistance or they won't. It's worse to assume that someone does when they might not, so I feel that by asking you're already doing the right thing.
So I know I am very late to the AMA party here, but hopefully you still are able to answer this for me. I'm a police officer in the US in an area where we don't have a very large blind/deaf/etc community. What are some good things to know as a cop so that I can better interact with the blind? Especially, of course, victims who need to report crimes. But either witnesses who may have info or even perpetrators. I've read almost this entire thread and with some of your answers to other questions, I can only imagine how blind people may be treated by uninformed or wilfully ignorant officers. This is such an important question, thank you for asking. Firstly, the biggest thing is to view them as credible. Obviously a blind person is capable of lying, but they aren't automatically less credible just because they can't give you a visual account of what has happened. This is a particularly pervasive problem in cases that involve sexual assault.
Also, if you're approaching a blind person in the street because there's a situation, it's good to identify yourself as an officer. I have no way of knowing if the person is a random stranger, who I might brush off, or a police officer unless they tell you. Some blind people will want to be given your badge, to see if you have one, or take your ID number. Try not to be upset or angry, it isn't that we don't believe you, just again that we can't visually verify what you're saying.
This is an interesting AMA. Thanks for doing this. My question, If it was possible through new technology to give you vision, let's say through an implant that records wavelengths of light and transmits the information to your brain allowing you to see in perfect 20/20 vision. (I am not familiar with what caused your blindness, so let's assume we are able to bypass it) It's a completely safe surgery, but the implant is permanent. Would you do it? No, I wouldn't. My brain has adapted to my blindness, and I feel like getting vision would be really disruptive and uncomfortable.
As a parent it would cause me a lot of pain to think about my child being blind. Have you ever discussed how your parents felt with them? Yes, if it does upset them, they don't show it which is so, so important. I would have hated growing up, knowing my parents wished I was someone else.
the below is a reply to the above
Becoming a parent comes with a range of emotions they don't warn us about and we can't prevent. Your parents would never wish you to be someone else, they world just want take away anything that might cause you pain. It is good to hear you had the support and love you needed. Absolutely, but you also owe it to your child to keep some of those feelings from them. It's really damaging to know that people around you would change a fundamental part of who you are. Absolutely a parent should seek support when they have these feelings, but it should never be made obvious to the child.
Are you religious? Has anyone prayed for you to see? If someone offered would you be open to it? If yes, do you think other blind people would? I'm not, if people are going to pray, I'd rather they pray I actually have a happy and meaningful life. I have no interest in seeing, some blind people do and that's totally their right.
When you masturbate what do you mentally picture? Depends. If I'm in a relationship at the time I'll often think about that person and things they've said or done.
Do you depend on someone else or did you figure out on how to do normal every day activities that people take for granted on your own? I can do pretty much anything alone. I can cook, clean, do my laundry, travel to and from work etc. The only thing I can't do is drive, so I'll take busses and trains or use Uber sometimes.
This could have already been asked, there's so much knowledge we all want to glean from you. Have you ever thought about or done a race, running, biking, swimming, or anything where you have a guide? There's some great races where you can feel the wind on your face and the sound of the trees around you. I guess it doesn't have to be a race. Just how much have you been able to feel the wind and the trees. Thank you for answering all of our questions. My respect on one, putting yourself out there and answering personal questions, and also being a complete boss on your answers. Sure, thanks for reading. I love more extreme sports, so I've been skydiving and paragliding for example. I'd love to do more things like that. I also really enjoy skiing and tandem cycling.
I hope I don't sound rude, but how do you (or blind people in general) know where to go especially in a big city? Is it difficult to find shops and run errands without getting lost? Bonus question: How do service dogs know where you want to go? Like if you wanted to go to a specific restaurant for example, how does a service dog aid in getting you there? I know by exploring, by asking questions, by learning about the layout of the city. And service dogs receive instruction from the handler. The dog doesn't actually know where it's going, it is the handlers job to give it commands like find left, or find right.
What do you enjoy about traveling? For me it’s the scenery. But also foods a big one. I imagine being blind, food would be the main reason. Also has anyone tried using sign language to communicate with you? I honestly worry about that misunderstanding alot Haha maybe they have but I just didn't see them. I have been asked if I know it though!
And the food, meeting people, visiting different places like museums and parks, the whole aspect of immersing yourself in another culture.
Is the experience of sight something you wish deeply you could do? Or does the fact that you’ve never experienced it make it seem very foreign and intimidating? It definitely feels overwhelming to the point where I wouldn't take a cure if it was offered to me.
While living in the US, did you find it a relatively accessible country or no? Also, I started watching your YouTube videos, and they’re great! Super informational. Makes me want to sign up as a volunteer for Be My Eyes :) Thank you, I'm so glad that you are enjoying them. If you have any video topic requests, feel free to leave a comment on one of my videos as I may not see it in this thread as it's so big.
It was fairly accessible, as with most places, the attitudes of others were the biggest barrier I faced. People not believing I could do something, rather than be actually not being able to do it.
Do you still have Isla the guide dog? If so, was she already trained? What signals do they give to let you know there is steps, a road? I don't. She retired last year, but she's living a very happy life with some friends of mine. She was trained when I got her, they are trained to stop at roads and steps.
This rivets me. My mom went blind on and off through her life. Glaucoma and surgeries. She only sometimes had sight in one because she lost the other to cataracts. Anyway. I was her eyes. I knew how to help her, somehow. Have you ever had a person you let be your eyes? To a point, sometimes I'll ask people for visual information. But I wouldn't want to create a relationship where it's expected, I think it can result in some uncomfortable power dynamics. I'd rather get that info from a paid service like Aira. This is just my personal preference.
How would you rate reddit's accessiblity? Kind of a pain, honestly.
Was learning Braille hard? Is Braille the same in other countries outside of the UK? It wasn't because I was very young, so it was just like a sighted child learning print.
This doesn't have an easy answer. Broadly it's the same. The letters A to Z are the same in all languages that use the Latin alphabet, much like they are in print.
However, most languages have what is known as contracted, or grade 2, braille. So one character might represent several letters. In English, we have such a character for er, or the, or wh. Because these are common letter combinations. Grade 2 in French will be different, as will grade 2 in German.
English speaking countries have also had some variation when it comes to more advanced presentation rules, and certainly braille mathematics. That is why in the early 2000s Unified English Braille was created. With increases in electronic braille production, it was viewed as important to create a unified code, so that electronic braille could easily be shared between English speaking countries, and so there wouldn't be these small variations.
You mentioned you love books. You also mentioned that books that are meant to be realistic, but have poor depictions of blind characters frustrate you. Have you read "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr, and if so, how did you feel about the depiction of the blind girl? I honestly thought it was a bit ridiculous, but not the worst I've read.
Have you ever tried to draw anything from your imagination and if so, what did you draw? Could you visualise the drawing after you drew it based on the shapes? I'm horrible at drawing. I've tried on paper where the lines then are raised, but I'm just not coordinated enough. I struggle to even draw a circle unless I can draw around something.
Are there any questions you get that you are tired of or are just like what the hell? Also what's a question that you never have been asked but want to answer? Honestly how I use a computer. It's exhausting that most people still don't know this.
And not really, I do find the deeper, more thoughtful questions interesting though.
Are heights or flying scary at all to you? I actually don't like heights, so I've done things like skydiving and paragliding because I need to get over myself.
Do you make facial expressions? If you do, does that mean a smile when we’re happy is built into us. I do. I can't tell you how I know them, I just do.
Do you think you compare yourself to people less than those of us who are sighted? So much of the standard women hold themselves to seems visual to me. Weight, beauty, aging, fashion... I imagine you not to be bombarded with these standards, advertisements, social media visuals. Do you feel less pressure on these things than you imagine we do? I still feel a huge amount of pressure, compounded by not being able to compare myself. I have to ask people about my own appearance, which then makes me worry that they aren't completely truthful. Even if they are, it's their perception. I'll never have my own true perception of myself, because it's always filtered through information I'm given by others.
Is there an equivalent of line graphs and charts that blind people can use? For example did you understand the concept of exponential growth at the start of the Covid-19 crisis? You can plot these using tactile graph papers. There are audio graphs, which can give an overview of the information.
Do you own a printer, 2d or 3d. Can you read print text if its embossed? I can sort of read print if it's embossed, but often I forget the shapes of the letters and have to be reminded. I don't currently own a printer, I usually go to a library if I need a document printing.
i glanced over a couple of your youtube videos, and i noticed your eyeballs sort of wobble back and forth as if you're reading text with your eyes. is that a part of your genetic disorder? or are you doing that consciously, if so why? It's known as nystagmus. It can exist as a condition on its own, but often it goes hand in hand with other eye diseases, particularly forms of congenital blindness. Essentially I have no control over the muscles in my eyes so these are involuntary movements.
To piggyback off the person asking about software accessibility - do you ever spend time with software on a non-personal device - like a public kiosk? Are you able to use the product if there is no headphone jack? If it has audio output yes. But I would only use something like an ATM if it had a headphone jack so that I could access the information in a confidential manner.
What software do you use, especially for email? My mother is blind, stubborn, and cantankerous, always has been even before blindness. She uses an ancient version of JAWS and refuses to update, and I'd love to know what options are out there. Jaws is good but she'd be better off using the latest version with win10. I use NVDA because it's free, and VoiceOver on my iPhone.
Are you often browsing on reddit? And if so, what subreddits do you visit? (You don't have to list any of them if they are too private) Dogs, blind and the not the onion are some of my favourites. Also just browsing random things. Reddit is kind of a pain in terms of accessibility, so I honestly go elsewhere for chat, which is a shame because I like the people here.
I'm actually curious about how Blind People can use computers and how you can read our questions. I'm guessing a special machine is involved, but how does it work ? I use a screenreader, a piece of software that uses synthesised speech to read out what's on the screen. I also touch type and navigate using a keyboard instead of the mouse.
Have you ever thought deeply that being blind was going to affect all your life and had a breakdown or were really depressed? There have been times. Mostly when a certain aspect of my life isn't going well, so it's easy to attribute it all to blindness. When really there are usually many factors at play.
Have you ever tried the app “be my eyes”? It is an interesting app I found for helping with tasks. I thought it would be great to help out a blind or visually impaired person. I’ve only connected with someone once but I’d love to help more. I have tried it, it can be really useful in certain situations.
How was your experience in Colombia? For how long did you live there? I loved it, I lived there for a year and it was the best year of my life. I loved everything about Colombian culture and the friends I made there. Also, is your username because of In the Heights, or just a coincidence?
Do you ever feel self conscious about what you look like to others? I do, I'm still under the same pressure other people are to look a certain way. I also feel more pressure because if I don't look good, maybe people will attribute that to my blindness and just assume I don't know how.
What are some things that you have done that a person who isn't blind, thinks that a blind person wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't do? Honestly most things, because people have such low expectations of blind people. Travel, get a job, move away from home, just have a normal adult life.
Looks like the mods want proof. How do you plan to do this blind? I'm not sure how to submit proof to them? I have all my documentation if they want it!
Do you ever listen to audiobooks? If so, what’s your favourite? I do, maybe the His Dark Materials trilogy. I love so many books though.
How do audiobooks and films (with audio description) compare to each other, is there one your prefer? I prefer books but I think that's personality, more than blindness. My sighted sister also prefers books to tv. We both grew up reading a lot as children.
How do you perceive colours when you haven't seen them? When someone says "I have a red car", what do you imagine? I don't, I just accept it as a fact and file it away.
Do you get motion sickness? On a roller coaster, a car, a boat or a plane? Or any other way of travel? I don't personally.
Is there anything that we (i.e. the general public) can do to make things easier for you when out and about, without being patronising? I know you are certainly neither stupid nor incapable, but just wondering what I can do to be more considerate perhaps. Mostly just asking rather than assuming someone needs help, then listening to the answer that is given. Being grabbed is the worst.
Hi, I am the father of a 5-month old who was also just diagnosed with LCA. What are some of the things that you wish your parents would have done differently as they were raising you? Edit: also, I understand that someone with LCA has that uncontrollable urge to press/rub their eyeballs, which my baby is doing every 10 seconds, why is that so and how best to stop it? Hi, it's so great to meet other LCA families. I really wish they'd encouraged me to use a cane far more than they did. Developing those skills at a young age is really critical and makes for a much easier transition into adult life. If you'd like to reach out feel free to do so, I've included a lot of links in my original post and I'm happy to answer more questions, but as this thread is huge I might miss them here.
Hi CatchTheseWords, Hope your day finds you well. Do you find or have others commented your senses are better than the sighted? For instance do you find people can’t hear things when you can? And if so...ever considered being a super hero? Cheers! I'd love to say it was as easy as just deciding to be a superhero! My other senses aren't any better, I just pay attention to them more.
When you were younger, did other children ever bully you for being blind or take advantage of your blindness to bully you more easily? This happened mostly when I was in primary school.
It's great that you are self-reliant. But I cannot resist assuming there have been people in your life who must have given you the maximum amount of information about the world around you that couldn't have perceived unless you saw it yourself or unless somebody explained it to you. Who are these people and how did they help you understand the world? Honestly mostly it was books. I learnt a lot about body language, or how things look, by reading about them. I'm also very lucky to have lots of people in my life who will answer questions if I ask them. My parents for example have always been very open with information.
And my orientation and mobility teachers who taught me to use a cane, and who encouraged me to explore my environment.
How's the quality on audio description for visual media? Do you feel you're getting a good representation of what's happening on screen? Overall I feel the quality is high, and I usually get the information I need. Having said that, I've no way of knowing if details are left out, because I wouldn't know they were there unless someone told me.
I am a developer who create apps for use. How is modern technology assisting with additional needs for you? Is there additional improvements you see that could help bring internet within your reach easier? Really complying with existing accessibility guidelines is the biggest thing, and conducting accessibility testing. Technology can remove so many barriers, but if it isn't designed to function with assistive technology it can create barriers as well.
What comes to mind when you think of racism? White conservative assholes.
If I’m going through a door and I see a blind person approaching do I hold the door for them? Do I say “I got the door.”? Definitely say you have it, otherwise we're likely to put our hand out for it and find it's not there. It's totally fine to hold the door, equally, if you're in a rush don't feel guilty for not holding it.
i've seen some blind people click their tongues or their fingers to sort of echo locate. kind of like daredevil. i've seen blind people navigate without a cane. can you do that and if so to what extent? Navigation without a cane, unless in an environment like someone's house, is really dangerous. It's not a mark of success or achievement to do that, because with echo location you can still miss a hole in the ground and fall in it.
But yeah, I can echo locate, though mostly I do it passively. So for example by tapping my cane I can use that echo to gain certain information about my environment.
Do you drink alcohol? What is your experience like when/if you have? I do. Usually just the usual embarrassment most people experience.
Who was your best teacher? There were so so many. Honestly I was lucky to have wonderful teachers who all taught me so many things, not just about their particular subject, but life in general.
What software and browser-extensions are you using right now to do this AMA? What is your favorite piece of tech. Firefox, and NVDA is the screenreader. I just use a regular PC and iPhone.
How do you want new people, such as a coworker to ask about your blindness? Just be really open about it. I'd rather someone was direct than was clearly uncomfortable and didn't want to ask. Equally, remember that the person is more than just their blindness, so don't centre it in every conversation.
What does the Cosmos mean to you? Like how do you imagine the Cosmos outside of our own planet? Ask the stars, galaxies and stuff? Do these interest you? It's very, very interesting to me. My greatest disappointment is knowing that I will probably never travel into space and experience it for myself.
Being a sighted person, I sometimes think that sight is too easy to rely on at the expense of other senses. It is so easy to get wrapped up in thoughts and overly rely on sight to function, in a lazy way. Sometimes it's difficult to live in the present moment. When I was 25 a friend would say that I was missing out on life, that I should stop and smell the roses more. I wonder if you struggle with living in the moment? I do. I'm so concerned with my goals I often forget that there is a here and now. I think this is the down side to being so driven.
How are you going to know what I've asked in this question? The same way I wrote my original post.....
the below is a reply to the above
And how is that? Also, what do you think upvote buttons look like? Through a combination of a screenreader, a piece of software that allows blind people to access the computer through synthesised speech output of content on the screen, and touch typing. And I'm not sure, maybe a thumbs up?
When is your favorite language and/or accents? Also, would you mind sharing an embarrassing story? This is my favorite AMA ever. Thank you for doing this! I learnt Spanish, and I really love Latin-American Spanish.
Hmm, honestly my life is a constant string of embarrassing moments, some blind related, some not. I still feel shame when I remember calling a primary school teacher of mine Grandma when I was like 5. I...don't know why. It just happened in the moment. Not like I actually thought she was my grandma.
Could you briefly let us know what it takes for you to record videos and post them to your YouTube channel? At the moment I'm using a USB webcam to record my videos. I'd have to write a long post, or make a video to really show the process. There are lots of small things I have to do.
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