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ASTRO (아스트로) is a 6 member boy group who debuted in 2016 under Fantagio Entertainment. Predebut, they released content under the name of iTeen Boys and had additional members who ended up not debuting. Sue Tompkins: Aspects in Astrology (A comprehensive guide to interpretations). 312 pages. Element Books 1989, 2nd edition Destiny Books 2002. ISBN-10: 0892819650 ISBN-13: 978-0892819652; Karen Hamaker-Zondag: Aspects and Personality. Weiser Books, 1990; Includes chapters on the psychological influence of aspects and aspect patterns Back to Astro Art, Books, Websites & Other Media · Next Unread Topic → CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO. FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. 24 July 2000 - 24 July 2020. Twenty years online! ... Antioxidants: Astro's Oil. Astro's Oil Advanced Renal Care Formula, previously called Astro's CRF Oil, was created by a human doctor to treat his own CKD cat, and has been on the market since January 2007. The manufacturer states that ... stan talent. stan lil kids. stan astro. p.s. this is my first time making a guide so i hope you guys can bare with me and still enjoy it~ (sorry for any mist... Astrology has been used for thousands of years to help predict upcoming events, interpret the meaning of life, and interact more effectively with other people. Whether you’re new to the field, or have long been looking to the sky for answers, The Complete Guide to Astrology is the perfect way to understand how your stars align. From Astrodienst Astrowiki. Jump to: navigation. , search. An aspect in which two planets are separated by an angle of 135 degrees. The sesquisquare (or sesquiquadrate) is regarded as a minor aspect. It can be calculated with an orb of 2 to 3 degrees. This guide to non-technical English-language materials is not meant to be a comprehensive or scholarly introduction to the complex topic of the role of women in astronomy. It is simply a resource for educators and students who wish to begin exploring the challenges and triumphs of women of the past and present. Here’s Your Comprehensive Guide. With the team in the World Series for the first time since 2005, it’s time for you to fake it ’til they make it. By. Dan Solomon. Date. Oct 24, 2017. Astral Sorcery - A Comprehensive Guide Astral Sorcery is a magical mod for Minecraft based on the night sky that helps you harness the power of Constellations to empower your weapons and armor and the world around you. Astral Sorcery was first released in Beta on February 12, 2017 for Minecraft version 1.10.2 by HellFirePvP.

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Hello everyone! I'm here to help you get to know my ult group, ASTRO. This guide will cover predebut, members, discography, variety/covers, and solo activities! So fair warning, this will be a very long post. I hope it's helpful to any new/prospective AROHAs.
Basics: who are ASTRO? ASTRO (아스트로) is a 6 member boy group who debuted in 2016 under Fantagio Entertainment. Predebut, they released content under the name of iTeen Boys and had additional members who ended up not debuting. The group is composed of Jinjin, MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Yoon Sanha. Their music has undergone a gradual transition from bright/youthful to more emotional/edm-ish through the years, while still maintaining a trademark ASTRO sound. Their fans are known as AROHA, which stands for "AstRO Heart All fans" as well as meaning "love" in Maori. The name AROHA is meant to symbolize the love between ASTRO and their fans.
Members Jinjin: The second-oldest, Jinjin (real name Park Jinwoo, 1996) is the leader of the group. He is 1/2 of the rap line and 1/3 of the dance line, and participates in choreographing/writing lyrics/composing for the group. Jinjin's rap style is slower and almost drawl-like at times, which provides excellent contrast to Rocky's energeticness. In terms of personality, he is more laid-back and is often the victim of teasing from the other members.
MJ: Although MJ is the oldest of the group, he often fools new fans into thinking he's the youngest. MJ (real name Kim Myungjun, 1994) is the main vocalist of ASTRO and has very distinctive, bright vocals. If you hear a gorgeous falsetto floating over any ASTRO song, chances are it's MJ. As previously mentioned, MJ is very energetic and youthful, often teaming up with youngest member Sanha (6 years his junior) to poke fun at the rest of the members or come up with strange dances.
Cha Eunwoo: The face of the group, Eunwoo (real name Lee Dongmin, 1997) is undoubtedly the most well-known member. If you're ever in Korea, chances are high that you'll see Eunwoo's face on an ad or CF. He is a lead vocalist in ASTRO and has many 'killing parts' in their songs. While his voice isn't as powerful as MJ or Sanha, he has a pleasant, light tone that goes very well with their more lighthearted songs.
Moonbin: Affectionately known as "puppy-cat" due to his visuals, Moonbin (real name Moon Bin, 1998) is 2/3 of the dance line and another lead vocalist, as well as a member of subunit MOONBIN&SANHA which debuted this year. Moonbin is known for his power, both in dancing and in daily life (see: ISAC ssireum competition). He has a charming, versatile tenor. Moonbin has been an actor from childhood, in dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "Persevere, Goo Haera". His younger sister is Moon Sua.
Rocky: The second youngest, Rocky (real name Park Minhyuk, 1999) is often mistaken for being older due to his quieter personality. Rocky is 2/2 of the rap line and 3/3 of the dance line, although he has also contributed some gorgeous vocals to a few of ASTRO's songs. Like Jinjin, Rocky actively choreographs (for ASTRO, but also for other groups)/writes lyrics/composes. He is very reliable and hardworking, to the point where the members have nicknamed him "Dependable Rock".
Yoon Sanha: The mischievous youngest member of ASTRO, Yoon Sanha (2000) debuted at just 15 years old. He's another main vocalist, with a powerful voice. Sanha loves to play the guitar and has performed various covers at many of their concerts. Although Sanha is the youngest, he is the tallest member and loves to tease the shorter members. He is the second member of the subunit MOONBIN&SANHA which debuted this year with "Bad Idea".
Predebut to now: A "Brief" History As mentioned above, ASTRO was first introduced as Fantagio Boys/i-Teen Boys, which included all the current male trainees under Fantagio. At this time, there were many more members such as iKON's Chanwoo and SF9's Chani.
After many lineup changes through the years, the current members announced their name and released a drama called To Be Continued with Kim Saeron to promote.
All the members had varying training times, with Rocky and Bin both entering the company around age 10 (hence their nickname "The Ancestors"), Sanha joining 2-3 years later, and finally Eunwoo/Jinjin/MJ beginning around 2013.
They released their debut album "Spring Up" in 2016, and continued releasing music regularly until 2018, when Fantagio encountered internal issues (i.e. bankruptcy). All Fantagio groups went on a long hiatus, and Arohas were very nervous that ASTRO would disband.
At this time, Eunwoo was working his butt off and starring in dramas like Gangnam Beauty, hosting music shows, and basically singlehandedly keeping Fantagio afloat/promoting Astro. During this hiatus, they released "Always You," known as the "lost comeback" as they weren't able to promote or perform it.
Once the company issues got better, Astro came back in early 2019 with their first full album "All Light," which earned them their first win! They also released a new web drama called Soul Plate. In late 2019, Bin went on a brief hiatus for health concerns, which led to him missing promotions for Blue Flame. He returned in time for the next comeback. Since then, they have been regularly releasing music, with the latest comeback as a full group being "Gateway" in May of this year.
Discography ASTRO debuted with a bubbly cheerful feel, with title tracks like Hide&Seek, Cat's Eye, Breathless, Confession, and Baby. They’ve kept this style through their whole discography in various b-sides like You Smile, When You Call My Name, and All About You.
This continued until the special album Winter Dream, where they released the more emotional Should've Held On . They have a great vocal line, and have released gorgeous ballads like Innocent Love, Growing Pains, Your Love, Love Wheel, and No, I Don’t.
With their 6th mini album Dream pt 2, ASTRO’s sound became more elegant and marked a shift in style of their title tracks. Crazy Sexy Cool was the title track, which was followed up with the gorgeous All Night. Some other tracks that follow this style (kind of) are Merry Go Round, Eyez On U, and Aishiteru.
Their most recent tracks have been more emotional and edm-like, with title tracks Blue Flame, Knock, and Bad Idea. Other tracks that have a similar edgy or electronic feel are Moonwalk, Lights On, and Go&Stop.
Variety ASTRO has a ton of pre-debut content and variety content which can be a bit overwhelming but there are a lot of classics. I’m listing out my personal favorites but there are ones that I missed for sure. Feel free to comment on your favorites!
I-TEEN (predebut content) (all videos)

ASTRO Play (various vlog content) (all videos):
DDOCA: self filmed Astro videos (the camera’s name is ddoca) (All videos)
MOON BAP: Bin’s mukbang series here and here and here and also here
EUNWOO LIKE: Eunwoo’s solo vlog series, generally more laid back and calm (All Videos)
Covers Vocal
Performance (Dance+ Vocal)
From u/rckoreo: a spreadsheet detailing their various covers! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QjDbA4p4pEmmrBZ-fJqfgiuFMNjR9SnhQPTgEXGhjtc/edit?usp=sharing
Solo Activities Jinjin: Like A King, Mad Max (please Fantagio give my boi Jinjin some more solo work)
MJ: the musical Jamie, King of Masked Singer, SUPERFIVE (trot group), All My Life (OST), Love In Spring (OST),
Eunwoo: Gangnam Beauty, Rookie Historian, Master In the House, Hit The Top, Top Management, Law of the Jungle, Handsome Tigers, will be starring in True Beauty, host for MBC & SBS, various product CFs that I can’t remember haha
Moonbin: Mermaid Prince, At Eighteen, Perseverance Goo Haera, Balloons, host for Show Champion
Rocky: Hit the Stage, Dance Wars, Shiny Blue (OST), SOHU KOREA interviewer
Sanha: King of Masked Singer, BREAK (OST), Law of the Jungle, Love Formula 11M, host for Show Champion
Conclusion I could honestly keep going, but this post is a monster so I'm gonna end it here. I hope that this was helpful to someone, and don't hesitate to ask if you're curious about anything ASTRO related! Also- my two other ult groups are KNK and Seventeen, is there any interest in me making a similar guide for eitheboth of those groups? Have a lovely day/night wherever you are!
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it sounds very powerful, but still don't understand? It doesn't matter. The metal processing editor visited 10 leading machining enterprises in the industry and told you what real intelligent manufacturing is with real cases. If you are interested in the product or technology, please click "request information".

laser blanking compound machine
as early as 1979, tongkuai company in Germany has been committed to promoting the application of composite processing, and launched the first laser blanking compound machine in the world. Since the new trumatic 1000 fiber was launched in the Chinese market, it has attracted the attention and favor of various industries. Let's take a look at the characteristics and advantages of this compound machine and composite processing.

it is recommended to watch video on WiFi:
trumatic 1000 fiber is equipped with a 3 kW trudisk laser, which can process high reflective materials such as brass and copper. The advantage of laser is that it can cut all kinds of complex contour and special-shaped hole flexibly and quickly, reduce the investment of mould, and obtain smooth and smooth cross-section at the same time. In addition, the powerful fast stamping process greatly widens the processing range of this machine tool. On the one hand, the stamping die is used to blanking the standard contour, on the other hand, it is used to complete the three-dimensional forming which can not be realized by plane laser cutting machine, such as punching, flanging, tapping and rolling rib forming process. The advantages of the two are perfectly integrated into this machine tool, no matter it is the productDesign or the entire sheet metal processing production chain, all break through the limits of traditional processing methods, and create more profits for customers.

processing cases
slide up and down to view the whole content}
in traditional processing, some workpieces often need to be processed on punch press and laser cutting machine respectively. The internal handling of parts between two machine tools brings not only higher time and logistics costs, but also the loss of machining accuracy. In order to ensure the accuracy, it is necessary to design additional fixture or laser assisted relocation function. Even so, for demanding customers, due to the lack of precision, the high scrap rate and economic benefit loss are still unbearable. The compound machine can solve this problem perfectly.

the following figure shows the solution case brought by tongkuai for customers, a high-precision part manufactured by trumatic 1000 fiber for the consumer electronics industry.

MAC 2.0 plate characteristic compensation technology
it is suggested to watch the video under WiFi:
savanini has spent a lot of manpower and material resources in equipment analysis and material analysis for many years to pursue the quality consistency of bending parts and eliminate the residual stress of materials.

as we all know, the raw materials of sheet metal industry are generally hot-rolled sheet or cold-rolled sheet. Hot rolled plate is also the raw material of cold rolling plate. In the production process, the rolling force, working torque and cooling rate of hot rolled strip will affect the crystallization of materialsThe yield strength, rebound coefficient and tensile rate are affected.

the yield strength, springback coefficient and tensile rate of products from different steel mills and even from different batches of the same steel plant are different.

in the above figure, red is stainless steel, blue is carbon steel, and green is aluminum
in order to reduce the scrap rate of users, pursue the accuracy of bending and product consistency, as a model of flexible sheet metal manufacturing technology, savanini has developed a unique global sheet metal characteristic compensation technology MAC 2.0 (material) with more than 50 years of experience attitude correction)。

the whole research. Savanini sent the sheet data collected in the past 50 years from all over the world to the Research Institute of Linz University, and conducted in-depth research on the characteristics of each kind of plate, and established different bending force compensation models for different plate characteristics. Through a series of patent algorithms, savanini entered into savanini plate database. After more than ten years of continuous research and practical testing, MAC 2.0 technology was finally deployed to each new savanini multilateral bending center, and the adaptive technology in industry 4.0 concept was applied to daily production.

when the multilateral bending center makes the first bending for each sheet, the equipment will automatically start to detect the characteristic difference between the current sheet and the previous sheet (such as tensile strength)If the deviation value is greater than a certain degree, the system will exchange information with the data in the large database, compare the current input sheet material with the corresponding label in the database, and automatically perform the bending force compensation according to the comparison results and workpiece drawings, so as to achieve the same bending angle under different plate characteristics. However, the whole process only takes 0.3 seconds, which has little effect on the production time. More importantly, MAC 2.0 improves the overall product quality and consistency, reduces scrap rate and equipment debugging time, and brings considerable benefits to users.

the never-ending factory is just around the corner
in the robot automation production factory, there are two major problems that have plagued the production managers of the factory.

question 1:
If a robot on the production line breaks down suddenly in the production process, it may cause the whole production line to stop production, which will bring great time and economic losses to the project. Take the automobile production line as an example, if one car is produced in 2 minutes, 30 vehicles are produced per hour, and each vehicle is worth 100000 yuan, then if the production line stops for one hour, it will cause a loss of 3 million output value.

question 2:
when a large number of robots are used in the factory, the maintenance and management of robots will be a troublesome problem for equipment maintenance engineers. Different types of robots have different maintenance items and maintenance periods, even if they are the same typeDue to the different purchase time and use frequency, the maintenance time point is different. Therefore, it is difficult to work out a unified and optimized robot maintenance plan.

in order to solve the above problems, FANUC company has developed a robot cloud remote service system (ZDT system). The system is an industrial Internet of things application specially developed for FANUC robot products.

Video: introduction of cloud remote service system ZDT

ZDT uses industrial Internet of things and big data technology to collect and monitor all kinds of operation data and maintenance information of FANUC robot, analyzes these big data, digs out the hidden danger of equipment failure, and makes preventive inspection and maintenance in advance, so as to avoid the sudden failure of equipment in normal production process, and then realizes zero unexpected shutdown of equipment and ensures the operation Continuous and stable operation of the plant.

ZDT continuously collects all kinds of information of FANUC robot, monitors the mechanical parts and controllers of the robot, and also monitors various process equipment and process equipment, such as servo welding gun and spraying equipment.

ZDT also has advanced system optimization function. Using the system optimization function can reduce the power consumption of the system operation, prolong the service life of the robot, and improve the speed and efficiency of the system.

ZDT system network architecture
FANUC cooperated with Cisco to greatly expand ZDTThe big data collected by ZDT function is sent and stored in the cloud. Through the Internet and cloud services, the robot operation data of customer factory is connected with FANUC's global service network. Once ZDT running on the cloud predicts that a FANUC device may fail, it will automatically inform FANUC's service team. FANUC will immediately analyze the causes and take measures. Before the customer's equipment fails and stops, FANUC's technical support personnel and equipment spare parts have arrived at the customer's factory, completed the necessary maintenance and repair, and ruled out the equipment in advance The potential for failure.

after the ZDT function is connected to the cloud, the emergency response speed of FANUC global service team is greatly improved. At the same time, for the new analysis and diagnosis function applications newly developed by FANUC company, the configuration deployment, update and maintenance can be carried out quickly in the ZDT data center in the cloud, so that users can enjoy the latest functions and services developed by FANUC in time.

users can access the ZDT system through the Internet to understand the working status of the robot. In this way, no matter where they are, such as the company, home or on the way to business, users only need to connect their laptops, iPads or mobile phones to the Internet, and through the browser, they can understand the working status of the factory robots.

Maintenance reminders
the ZDT system can count the maintenance time of the robot in real time and give the remaining time. Once the remaining maintenance time has been reachedWarning value, as set in the figure two weeks in advance, will send an alarm to the user, timely arrange maintenance. According to the remaining time, users can reasonably arrange the robot maintenance plan to keep the robot in a healthy working state and extend its service life.

the ZDT system can automatically generate the daily status report of the robot and send it to the user's mailbox. Through this report, users can find out which robots have abnormal conditions on that day, instead of checking them in the website. Each month, ZDT system can also provide monthly analysis report, so that users can quickly understand all the problems and causes of the robot in that month.

in 2015, FANUC established the first robot cloud remote service system in the United States to provide technical support services for users. As of 2017, more than 14000 robots have been connected to the ZDT system to provide users with highly reliable fault warning services.

in order to better serve domestic users, Shanghai FANUC established a ZDT cloud remote service system for FANUC robot users in China in Shanghai, which was put into operation on December 8, 2017. The system is constructed and operated by Shanghai fanco company, providing high quality and fast robot fault warning and preventive maintenance services for domestic users.

the equator? Comparator
the equator? Comparator is located next to the turning and machining center, providing high-precision dimensional inspection data synchronously with the production process to help manufacturing enterprises improveThe output and process capability of the production line can also be easily integrated into the automation unit.

it is suggested to watch video under WiFi:
integrate the equator comparator into the automatic production line and production unit to form the automatic parts detection and feedback unit of the production line. The intelligent manufacturing, processing automation and process control can be realized by using the dual measurement of internal and external measurement.

Renishaw's new Equator 500 comparator can realize intelligent process control of large workpieces, and has the advantages of mature and reliable equator 300 comparator.

the size of the new Equator 500 comparator is larger, and its working space diameter can reach 500 mm and the height can reach 400 mm, so it can measure larger workpieces.

the base of the comparator 500 can support workpieces and fixtures with a total weight of no more than 100 kg. Flexible response to the measurement of large workpieces in intelligent manufacturing, including transmission parts such as automobile and truck transmission and engine housing, connecting rod and differential gearbox, suspension casting, stamping parts, valves and pump bodies, etc.

the comparator is compatible with the new IPC (intelligent process control) software, which can continuously monitor and automatically adjust the processing operation to ensure that the workpiece size is close to the nominal value and within the process control range. It is located in the vicinity of CNC machine tools, allowing process adjustment during production, avoiding time delay or excessive dependence on finished product (completion) inspection. An equator comparator can be connected with one or more numbersControl machine tool controller.

Sandvik clonman
coroplus? Digital processing solutions
today's rapid development of digitization has brought opportunities for manufacturing industry to overcome challenges and minimize the waste of resources, time and data, so that it can finally obtain more profits. Sandvik's coroplus?, a digital processing product family, contains a number of solutions that will drive manufacturing into the industrial 4.0 era.

it is recommended to watch the video under WiFi:
coroplus? Toolguide
obtaining the recommended values of cutting tools and cutting parameters
the selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters is a process that can create or destroy efficiency. In modern workshops, paper samples are becoming less and less, and digital solutions can recommend appropriate tools and cutting parameters for specific machining tasks. With the coroplus? Toolguide, you can get the recommended values of tools and cutting parameters through an easy-to-use interface. Define your machining application, and then you can see the most efficient tool recommended.

coroplus? Toollibrary
create and manage digital tool components
the use of digital tool components can improve the safety of the entire processing process. By presenting the tool components in digital form, you can simulate the whole process with high precision before machining starts. The coroplus? Toollibrary is aThe digital tool library integrated with tool management and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system enables you to improve the efficiency of process planning and preparation.

slide up and down to view the whole content}
coroplus? Processcontrol
monitor the processing and machine condition
coroplus? Processcontrol increases the safety of the processing process. The system consists of three value based solution suites.

? The collision detector automatically fingerprint door lock suppliers stops the machine tool when it detects a collision, so as to avoid high machine maintenance costs.

? The tool guard monitors the performance of the cutting tool for maximum machining safety.

? The machine health detector obtains the machine condition report and saves costs through predictive maintenance.

Coromant capto? DTH plus
forecast the maintenance demand of power cutterbed
equipped with quick replacement of power cutterbed, you can shorten the time spent on measurement, clamping and tool change, thus improving the utilization rate of machine tool. By incorporating sensor technology into a power cutterbed with quick change, you will get information about the cutterbed, enabling you to plan maintenance in a cost-effective manner - and to ensure that production does not stop due to tool damage.

coroplus? Toolpath
generate computerelectronic hotel locks numerical control (CNC) code for innovative machining methods
coroplus? TToolpath is the name of a set of software that generates tool paths for unique machining methods.

? Spirogroofing? Tool path software allows users to quickly generate NC code for spirogrowing? Which is a machining method for sealing ring grooves.

? Invomilling? CAD / CAM is a complex invomilling? Programming software. Invomilling? Is a flexible method for machining gears with standardized cutting tools.

? Primeturning? Tool path software can quickly generate high-quality NC code for primeturning, and primeturning method enables you to perform omni-directional turning in a more efficient way than traditional turning.

silent tools? Plus
to improve the safety of inner hole turning
when turning long overhanging inner holes, one of the main challenges is to entrance systems supplier understand how the machining process inside the components works. Silent tools? Plus is a solution that enables operators to obtain processing information through a control panel. Data is sent from the tool to the operator, enabling him to make better decisions and increase the safety of the machining process.

coroplus? Machining insights
improve equipment utilization
workshop availability rulesA high degree of transparency is required for all production operations. Although manual collection of machine data and related documents is time-consuming, networked machines offer the possibility of high transparency, optimized planning and streamlined production. By using coroplus? Machininginsights, you can immediately learn about the performance of your machine and the opportunity to optimize your production process. This solution enables you to collect relevant data, gain insight and take action to optimize and improve production processes. ?
get started now
among the many tool and machine tool solutions, new digital solutions are profoundly changing the manufacturing industry. Driven by data and networking, this change will change our way of industrial production. The coroplus? Solution enables you to take the next step towards digital machining and industry 4.0, whether it's connecting a machine tool, finding the right cutting parameters faster, or you want to improve the productivity of your entire plant.

Shenming technology
the automatic processing production line of differential housing
automobile differential can make the left and right (or front and rear) drive wheels rotate at different speeds, and the differential housing is the key part of the differential. The realization of automatic processing of differential case not only improves the product grade of customers, but also greatly improves the product quality, stability and production efficiency, and greatly reduces the labor cost.

the differential case automatic processing production line independently designed and implemented by Shenming technology consists of 6 machine tools and 3It is composed of a multi joint robot, which has completed all the processing contents of the differential housing, and realized the production line beat of 120 ~ 150 seconds / piece. The tool life management system is used to ensure the machining stability. Under the general framework of tool life management, the production line adopts manual sampling inspection and tool compensation system to compensate the machine tool, and the compensation process does not stop. After the delivery of the production line, the operation is stable and has been well received by customers.

wonderful video of differential housing automatic processing production line
the duration is 03:27, please watch the
D series cold chamber die casting unit
to let users have a die casting unit with higher strength, more stability and longer service life has been the dream of many die-casting manufacturers. The newly developed D series cold chamber die casting unit of Lijin group provides a new solution to meet the needs of users for high rigidity, high stability and high durability die casting machines, and is the first to push to the Japanese market dominated by local die casting machines.

} force D400 main engine on display in Japan Die Casting conference and Exhibition 2018
through finite element analysis, the force of D-series cold chamber die-casting unit designed by d-frame is balanced, which can effectively avoid stress concentration. It has strong rigidity, small deformation of the template, and integral casting of the installation hole of the charging cylinder and barrel. At the same time, the one-time clamping process is completed, the coaxiality is stable and reliable, and the service life of the barrel and punch is extended.

in addition, force DThe series of cold chamber die casting units have different types of mold locking force ranging from 1600kn to 9000kN, and continue to use the traditional and mature technologies such as intelligent control injection technology, intelligent mold adjustment, energy-saving control system, import and export throttling technology, LK network management system (optional). For the old users of Lijin, the operation is still so familiar, easy to use, safe and reliable, but the new D-shaped structure design brings more stable and stronger rigid experience, and the confidence in using will be more existential.

x-definition plasma cutting technology
it is suggested to watch video under WiFi:
Haibao x-definition plasma cutting technology integrates a series of new technologies to optimize the cutting of stainless steel and aluminum materials with different thicknesses, and has made a new breakthrough in the field of nonferrous metal cutting. In fact, x-definition plasma cutting technology is the most eye-catching non-ferrous metal cutting. For thin stainless steel (no more than 10 mm), the enhanced Hydefinition? Inox (HDI) process can achieve excellent cutting quality whether using nitrogen as plasma gas and shielding gas, or F5 as plasma gas and nitrogen as shielding gas. The cutting surface of the workpiece is smooth and bright, the color is stainless steel, almost no slag. Cutting quality easily meets ISO range 2 or 3.

using 60 a nitrogen / nitrogen HDI process to cut 3-10 mmWhen non-ferrous metal is used, vertical, smooth and slag free cutting effect can be achieved. In particular, when cutting materials with thickness less than 10 mm, the cutting surface is bright and the color is metallic.

using 80 AF5 / nitrogen HDI process to cut 10 mm material. The edge of the cutting surface is smooth and bright without slag.

when cutting thick stainless steel, if mixed hydrogen argon nitrogen is used as plasma gas and nitrogen is used as protective gas, the quality of stainless steel cut by x-definition plasma process is usually ISO range 3 or 4, which generally has bright and smooth edge effect, no slag and good verticality. The gas mixing ability of x-definition plasma cutting technology also allows users to modify the gas mixing ratio to optimize the cutting effect of different grades of stainless steel.

slide up and down to see all the contents}
using three mixed gases (hydrogen argon nitrogen) as plasma gas and nitrogen as protective gas, the cutting effect of thick stainless steel (12 mm or above) is very good. The cutting surface is smooth and bright, and the color is stainless steel natural color or light gold (argon mixing ratio is high). There is little slag and the cutting quality tolerance is usually between ISO ranges 3 and 4.

if using the new x-definition plasma cutting technology nitrogen / water (nitrogenWe call it the vented water injection (vwi) advanced automatic gas box process. Xpr300 can achieve excellent cutting effect when cutting aluminum, especially compared with the next generation of plasma cutting system.

the two samples below show their ability to cut thin aluminum sheets, including internal grooves and small holes.

xpr170 plasma cutting system, a new member of Haibao x-definition series, was launched in October 2018, and xpr300 is the only two Haibao x-definition level systems in the world.

Haibao x-definition series plasma cutting system
open mind
hyperMILL? Max machining
the hyperMILL? Cam software of open mind enables revolutionary 5-axis strategy, which can be programmed quickly and easily, so as to shorten the cycle time and achieve high-quality surface finishing. The high performance suite of the hyperMILL? CAM software suite includes an integrated hyperMILL? Max machining finishing module that can reduce cycle time by up to 90% using conical barrel cutter technology. It is very suitable for plane, ruled surface and surface in complex 5-axis components. HyPermill? Max machining offers three powerful finishing, roughing and drilling modules.

in recent aviation projects, the vertical step between tool paths has been increased by 12 times in the hyperMILL? Max machining process compared with the traditional machining methods using ball nose and round nose cutters. This reduces the depth of cutting and reduces the finishing operation time per part by five hours, "said Chris Nunn, President of concept reality Inc. "We can provide better parts in a shorter period of time, which can bring huge advantages to users."

through the application of innovative 5-axis tangential plane machining strategy and the cone-shaped barrel cutter with the functions of barrel cutter and ball end cutter, the hyperMILL? Max machining module can efficiently utilize the machine tool and tool options related to surface quality and speed.

the radius of the conical barrel tool is very large, ranging from 250 mm to 1500 mm. The large radius of the conical barrel cutter can realize the horizontal step of 6 mm to 8 mm. It can finish the adjacent areas such as the inner corner of the circle without changing the tool, and can process the difficult to reach area efficiently and safely. In addition to the extremely high surface quality, the hyperMILL? Max machining process can alsoShorten processing time, extend tool life, use fewer tools and achieve the highest process reliability.

Zhongwang 3D
it is suggested to watch the video under WiFi:
Zhongwang 3D is a completely independent intellectual property right of China, which integrates "surface modeling, solid modeling, mold design, assembly, sheet metal, engineering drawing, 2-5 axis machining" and other functional modules, covering the whole process of product design and development. Consulting Hotline: 4008-800-819
the functional advantages of Zhongwang 3D in processing design are as follows:

  1. It is perfectly compatible with NX, Creo, SolidWorks, CATIA and other 3D drawings, and can quickly check and view drawings;
  2. Provide multi-national standard parts library and mainstream standard parts, support self-made parts library, and improve drawing efficiency of common parts;
    3 Based on the hybrid modeling technology, he is competent in complex surface modeling, and the entity and surface design interact freely;
  3. The combination of parametric modeling and non participation modeling helps to realize various 3D modeling ideas;
  4. 3D annotation and annotation on 3D entities can make the production and manufacturing information more vivid and intuitive.
    6 Parts assembly and animation simulation, as soon as possible to find design problems, reduce the cost of rework;
  5. CAD / CAM integration, after the design is completed, the mold can be directly processed;
    application cases
    slide up and down to view the whole content procedural
    Beijing quansiwei Power Technology Co., LtdThe company (hereinafter referred to as "quansiwei company"), focusing on the development of power station steam turbine, industrial steam turbine and steam turbine condenser, is a high-tech enterprise adhering to the independent innovation route. In 2004, after many years of theoretical research and engineering test, quan4wei company officially launched a new generation of four-dimensional precise design system and its supporting technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights and leading international level, becoming the most advanced enterprise of steam turbine technology in China.

type selection considerations
technology is the core competitiveness of quan4wei company, and maintaining domestic leading technology and being comparable with international technology is the top priority of the company's development. At present, many famous steam turbine suppliers in the world use pure 3D CAD design mode for product development and design. Although quansiwei company is the technical leader of steam turbine suppliers in China, its design method still adopts the traditional two-dimensional design method: first, design with two-dimensional CAD software, draw engineering drawings, and then carry out three-dimensional modeling according to the two-dimensional drawings, so as to carry out finite element analysis, aerodynamic analysis and other operations. In the new era, in order to further consolidate and enhance the key to competitive advantage, while maintaining the objective need of international leading level, the company decided to introduce more advanced 3D CAD software technology and establish 3D design platform. Engineers from the R & D and design department said that after the company made the decision of full 3D, finding suitable 3D CAD suppliers for full cooperation has become a key step on the way to upgrade the company. "What we need is not just a 3D design software, but an all-round oneThe platform ensures a good foundation for product R & D and design. " According to the introduction, quan4d company is very strict in selecting 3D CAD partners, requiring its 3D CAD software to meet the daily design and drawing needs of R & D and design departments, and support the customized development of some personalized functions with the company. At the same time, we should also ensure that we can respond to the new demands in the process of after-sales service and keep pace with the times together with quansiwei company.

Zhongwang 3D software
application effect
as a domestic professional 3D CAD design software with independent intellectual property rights, Zhongwang 3D has the functions of assembly, modeling, engineering drawing and curved surface, which provides support and great convenience for designers of full four dimensional company to carry out design work efficiently. Full four dimensional engineers said: "steam turbine is a large-scale equipment, which is basically customized design and production based on the customer's field conditions, which requires high accuracy and safety. Now, we can confidently give the relevant data to the Zhongwang 3D platform. "

it is understood that quansiwei company has also specially selected a number of senior designers from the interior to form a special team to promote transformation and upgrading, which is responsible for the close demand communication with China hope software, timely response and promotion of cooperation and progress in customized functions between the two sides. According to the feedback of quan4wei, the introduction of Zhongwang 3D has enabled enterprises to break through the monopoly of foreign software, and can independently choose the design software suitable for their own use requirements. At the same time, Zhongwang software has the advantages of localization resources and providesThe professional and efficient after-sales service has strengthened their determination to transform and upgrade and break through themselves.

for more information, please
for more details
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Troubleshooting Help: What is your parts list?
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core Processor $418.99 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler $74.90 @ Amazon
Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B550-E GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard $288.97 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory $178.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $107.99 @ Adorama
Storage SanDisk SSD PLUS 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive $118.34 @ MemoryC
Video Card Asus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB STRIX GAMING Advanced Video Card $584.99 @ Best Buy
Case NZXT H510i ATX Mid Tower Case $99.99 @ Best Buy
Power Supply Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $164.99 @ Best Buy
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit Purchased For $0.00
Case Fan ARCTIC P12 56.3 CFM 120 mm Fan Purchased For $0.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2038.15
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-07-10 16:22 EDT-0400
Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive.
Hello, So I recently moved from a i7-7700k and joined the red team. Everything was pretty smooth install wise up until like my third reboot/start from sleep. Mobo would randomly give me a DRAM error (orange/redish light on mobo) and gave me the error 0d Q code. That was with a different set of ram, to be exact these...Vengence 32GB. They were the ones that gave me the Od issue the most from the Q code. Decided to just give up on those and go with the Gskill ones on the part list. Up until yesterday I didnt have the issue anymore. But then it happened again cause of my other issue that im not sure if its an issue or im just not used to seeing idle temps this high.
I updated the BIOS to the most recent one on ASUS drivers site and it installed smoothly. But here is my bigger issue. My idle temps seem to be higher than what I am seeing from other people who have 3900x's. As of a few minutes before i started writing this up, i had closed everything, even went into the hidden icons tray and made sure to exit out of things and just left HWmonitor up and saw my idle temps jumping from 55-65c. are these normal idle temps? The strange part is when I am playing games i sit between 60-73c. I have adjusted my fan curves in the BIOS for the CPU as well as in NZXT Cam for my case fans since the case has that hub controller built in
List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem.
For the 0d issue, the only thing that can get me back into windows is shutting down the pc fully. Reseating the RAM and hope it comes back on. Sometimes going as far as using the clear CMOS button on the IO panel of the mobo. Like i said above this has only happened once with my new gskill ram. Honestly I thought it was resolved but doesn't seem to be the case.
For the high temps, I went out and got a nzxt x63 kraken and tried that guy for a bit. Ended up really not liking a AIO cooler since i could hear the pump a lot. I went back to my bequiet! air cooler and I am using it with artic mx-4 thermal paste. I have ordered Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Paste that should be in tomorrow (hopefully) and ill try to apply that instead. Even with the AIO i was still idling pretty much at the same temps I get with my Air cooler. Ive tried adjusting the fan curve a bit, but honestly im not even sure it helps. I have made sure my fans are pulling in air and out the top and back.
Post relevant photos of build/parts here.
Idle temps Idle temps w/ task manager Not sure what other pics to grab here, but i can get whatever is needed...
Provide any additional details you wish below.
Any help is great, really im just wondering why I keep getting the 0d error and high idle temps. Really wanting to like ryzen but its not feeling too reliable as of late. :|
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2019.04.17 21:37 jacdreams Hidden cam mms videos

This is a work-in-progress. I'll be updating/expanding this regularly. Most recent update September 2020
(note: The superscripted sm1 etc you see throughout tells you which in-game tutorial first covered that topic; sm1 = Start Dreaming Motion Controllers tutorial 1, L = logic tutorial, g = gameplay, an = animation, au = audio, am = Art Motion Controllers, c = character)
What is Dreams?: Dreams (trailer here, review here), created by Media Molecule (MM), is a professionally-made [short] game (+ some professional mini-games), + user-made games & CGI movies & music & art & environments, + a point-and-click/drag-and-drop "easy" tool for making games/movies/music/art yourself (for instance like so). Every game you play in Dreams, was made in Dreams (even the pro games). You can make almost anything...shooters, RPGs, platformers, racing games, fighting games, etc. It's a dev tool + sort of a Youtube of video games, animated movies, and music. It's also a platform for sharing those things, playing them, borrowing pieces from each other, collaborating, etc.
"Dreams" is the PS4 game you buy, but a "Dream" is also the name of the things people make for you to experience in Dreams. When you buy "Dreams", you're getting the Dreams of every player, as well as the tools to make your Dreams.
...just like when you buy a box of "Lucky Charms" cereal, it's a box full of...Lucky Charms! Except in this case, it's like the box also contains a factory, for making more Lucky Charms...& people...& skyscrapers...& anything at all.
Dreams supports PSVR (VR trailer), and online multiplayer will be a free post-launch patch (there's local co-op play currently). MM will also release more Dreams of their own. You can play with DS4, or PS4 camera + 2 Move wands (PS3 or PS4 Moves). PS+ is not required to play singleplayer Dreams that others have uploaded, nor is PS+ necessary to collaborate, share, & borrow assets. It'll only be necessary to play in a multiplayer Dream (which as of launch, can't be made yet).
Oh and don't forget, the devs love you ;)
I just want to play games: Tutorials are only "needed" if you want to create (& some just tinker & don't mind being confused). To just play, just go into DreamSurfing and play any Dream. For some good Dreams, see the "inspiration" section in here.
is the universal "menu" button; it brings up the main menu, and brings up a menu to quit a Dream/game
Most Dreams use DS4, and don't use motion/gyro control. If you don't want to complete a Dream, press to get an "exit" screen
Cool graphics?: To see how cool the visuals in Dreams can be, watch here. To see videos from those who like to showcase interesting Dreams, check out Ugly Sofa and Project Genesis (he also just started streaming on Twitch).
Bug reports/suggestions: You can officially report [non-VR] Dreams bugs here, report VR Dreams bugs here, leave Dreams suggestions here, and submit bugs or suggestions regarding https://indreams.me/ right here
BACKUP YOUR WORK ONLINE!: Do not only save your creations locally. Locally, it's 1 big save file, so if anything goes wrong on your hard drive save, ALL your creations will be ruined. Make sure you save valuable creations online privately (then no one will see them until/if you decide to release them publicly)
Virtual reality: Dreams supports PSVR. For general non-Dreams-specific tips about owning a PSVR, see here

Moderation, rules, & copyright: Read here. As for your own original Dreams work, you own the copyright. You don't have to allow anyone to borrow/re-mix/modify anything...although sharing & borrowing is a strong principle in Dreams.
I want to create, but what do I do first?!?: My advice: Pick what you're most inspired to make first (art, music, a programmed/playable game, etc), do the tutorials that only relate to that (art, music, logic), and start playing with the tools (& other people's creations), + following-along with interesting Youtube tutorials, as soon as you can. You don't have to do everything, you can stick to what you enjoy, others will borrow your work, and you can borrow theirs. Perhaps sculpt 1 thing you think you'll need later (or that you think someone else might need). Or make a Scene from other people's assets. Then add a little logic...implement a game mechanic that serves your future goals and learning. Remember when looking at other stuff, some have been using Dreams beta since Dec 2018. If you have a specific goal/design in mind for a game you're making, you may want to consider various ways of prototyping, outside or inside of Dreams, before investing a lot of time into art.
More advice along these lines for new Dreamers is at the bottom of this Quick Reference
Asset Management: Ideally, when you're creating a potentially re-usable asset (character, prop, sound effect, music, etc), instead of building it directly in your Scene, create it as its own separate, stand-alone Element. This can make things easier when you're releasing stuff you've created. Because then your Element is a completely stand-alone thing, that has no dependencies on your Scene.
Be aware that if you stamp anyone else's creation into your Scene or Element (& save it), even if you later delete their creation away, your creation will always have credits (in the Genealogy) that you used that person's creation. If you wish to avoid that, you'll need to go back to a version from before you ever stamped their creation, and work forward from there.
Getting Started Guide from Media Molecule: Go here
BTW, here's a mini-glossary from a Dreamer, and a larger glossary from Media Molecule
And you can search the Dreamiverse from the Web! https://indreams.me/
Wikis & Discord: The sub-Reddit's wiki is here, and Discord is here. A user-editable wiki is here
Reference documentation: TAPgiles is making an entire manual for Dreams. Currently over 160pg Google Doc.
Tool-tips: If you hover your imp on an interface element long enough, in-depth tool-tips will often pop-up. You can read these on the web at https://docs.indreams.me/en/help/getting-started/edit-mode-guide. Also someone has posted screenshots of the tool-tips for the logic gadgets
Dreamschool has an index of logic Gadgets with descriptions & tutorials
NomNomMonstah's written summary of what the tutorials cover is here
Useful facts: Scroll down to the section on "trivia"
Guide to good assets: If you're looking for good stuff to borrow, Lucid Stew has made a great series of videos of "Asset Collection Heroes". Remember if you borrow something that's higher thermo than you can make use of, try decreasing it's Sculpture Detail
What if I get stuck? Besides the Dreams subreddit and its Discord, you might find a Youtube tutorial that covers something like what you're trying to do, and follow along (see "more tutorials" below).
Dreams expert consultants:
  • Tapgiles: If you post on the subreddit, but if you haven't gotten the help you hoped for, comment on your own post to tag Dreams expert consultant tapgiles. He helps freely (a LOT of people), & streams, & writes Dreams documentation, & makes tutorials. He puts a LOT into Dreams, and hopes that some will donate to him.
  • Aecert: He's a Dreams veteran who streams on Twitch & makes tutorials on YouTube. While streaming, if he isn't busy working on his own project, he'll answer any Dreams-related questions. If you like his tutorials, or he's helped you, he does accept donations. If you need a lot of help, you can pay to reserve a block of his streaming time, where he'll help you live on Twitch with anything Dreams-related, including creating characters, debugging, implementing gameplay, etc.
More tutorials:
Streamers: Some good streamer Creators: Aecert and TAPgiles. Media Molecule livestreams a few times per week
Game design info (not specific to Dreams): Some videos about animation from famous animator Richard Williams. Videos examining video game animation from New Frame Plus. Videos on game design from Gamasutra, Game Maker's Toolkit videos, Design Doc, and Adam Millard
For some Dreams creations that are useful when making VR creations, see my Collection here
Tip: If you find it difficult to read text/tweak settings in VR, try enlarging the windows, unpinning, and/or changing the distance of them (some find them very readable if they're large, but "far"). There are also some Settings for Dreams that control where some menus pop-up in VR
If you're having troubles, try lowering your imp sensitivity. And press R2/Trigger only lightly, to use a fine-grained "nudging" movement. In Guides turn on Grid snap (if you started with no Grid, & now none of your stuff will match the Grid, you can always alter the Grid to match your sculpture angle). Or turn off the Grid and try Precise Move. More DS4 control tips are here. Here's a tip about placing objects. For drift, it may help if you lay DS4 down, turn it off, then turn on again, wait a few seconds, hold Options to re-center, then pickup. If it's drifting before you even pick it up, it may be you should replace your controller.
On Moves remember to keep setting your "imp reach" (use both Move buttons) to reach whatever you're working on or are trying to examine. I also find with Move wands that the 2 imp "zoom in/out" gesture (the "curtains" gesture) is more intuitive than the Grab cam. More Move tips are in the next section.
Tutorial on the basics & options of DS4 controls here and here
Here's a whole cheat sheet of DS4 controls
  • Pull something: R2
  • Unpossess: O
If you hold Options and move left stick, you can move objects forward/back while the camera stays in-place.
(Notes: When I write "Move", I mean the Move button; if I want to refer to a Move wand, I write "imp" or "Move wand".
T1 = Trigger on primary imp, O2 = O on secondary imp, etc.)
Cheat sheet: Here's a "poster" graphic cheat sheet for Move shortcuts, made by Anti-Vision
Instructional video: FYI, MM has a lengthy video demonstrating Move wand usage
If you feel generally lost and clumsy navigating with Move wands, keep in mind, when you use the "grab cam", you aren't moving the camera/you. You are moving the world around, while you stay stationary. It's like if you "grab" a point in 3D space on the left, and move your hand right-ward, you're dragging yourself left-ward/towards that point...or another way to say it, you're dragging the world right-ward. These 2 comment threads may offer some useful basic instructions: Here and here
DS4 "conversion": If a tutorial is DS4-oriented, and they tell you to press L1 + another button, in place of L1, you normally need Triangle2 (think of Triangle2 as a modifieshift key).
If they tell you to press R2, on Move that's the "Grab", T1.
Controls "conversion" is covered in this video
Also, you can simply put down your Move wands and pickup a DS4 anytime you like.
  • Options menu: Start button
  • Tool tips: Hover imp tip over any interface item to get extensive tool tips
Play Mode:
  • Possess: T1 sm1
  • Unpossess: O1 sm1
  • Jump: X1 sm1
  • Walk: Tilt second imp to steer & pull T2 sm1
  • Rotate View: Tilt primary imp left/right & hold Move1 sm1
Edit Mode:
  • Menu: T2 sm1
  • Reposition submenu: Grab with T1 & drag g1
  • Grab cam: Either imp's Move sm1 (using Grab cam on Move1 while holding a sculpt to stamp or move, can be very helpful for checking to see if you're placing in the right spot)
  • Fast move to: Hover primary over object, hold Triangle2, tap Move1 sm1
  • Zoom in/out: Hold down both Moves & move hands togetheapart (the "curtains" gesture) sm1
  • Context menu: Automatically floats around second imp, or use T2 sm4
  • Set imp reach: Place imp's tips on either side of object & tap both Moves simultaneously sm1
  • Grab/Move object: Hold T1 sm1
  • Nudge movement: Light-press on T1 sm1
  • Delete object: Triangle1 sm1
  • Undo/Redo: Tilt primary left/right (for undo/redo) & tap Square1 sm1
  • Align to grid: While Grabbing object (T1), press Triangle1 (release Grab before releasing Triangle, to get good alignment) sm2
  • Select object: X1 (double-click to Select All) sm4
  • Resize: Hold O2 & rotate second imp on axis s2
  • Flip: Grab (T1), hold Square2, choose flip direction sm3
  • Clone: Press Triangle2 while Grabbing (T1) to drag a clone sm3
  • Group selection: An option on the Context menu (imp 2) sm4
  • Scope-in/out of group/object: An option on the Context menu (imp 2); or use Triangle2 + X1 or O1 sm4
  • Exit Mode: Triangle2 + O1 am1 (it's like scoping-out of a Mode)
  • Save Group as New Creation: An option on the Context menu (imp 2) sm4
  • Open Tweak menu: Triangle2 + Square1 L1
  • Close Tweak menu: or Triangle2 + O1 L1
  • Change Tweak Slider setting: Hold X & drag L1
  • Reset Tweak value to default: Tap Triangle1 over tweak control
More advanced:
  • Repeat Clone-From (extension): Press Triangle2 while Grabbing (T1) to start dragging a clone; then press Triangle1 to extend new clones FROM your clone (Square1 to remove clones). Release T1 when done sm3
  • Repeat Clone-To (insertion): Press Triangle2 while Grabbing (T1) to start dragging a clone; then press Square1 to insert new clones TO your clone (Triangle1 to remove clones). Release T1 when done sm3
  • Toggle puppet manipulation between inverse kinematics and forward kinematics: Touch sphere of imp2 to bottom of imp1 handle
  • Rewind Play-mode changes: Assembly menu (T2), press Rewind sm2
  • Search Dreamiverse: Assembly menu (T2), select Search, find object, Stamp with T1, end with O1 sm2
  • Activate Form shaping: Use L1 + Square to tweak your shape, allowing you to stretch in any direction (you can use this to make an extruder)
  • Toggle between adding/subtracting: Touch sphere of imp2 to bottom of imp1 handle; or use menu am1
  • Activate Form shaping: While holding a Shape, touch both imp spheres together am1 (you can use this to make an extruder. This is also when you can put a hole in your primitive, or section it)
  • Blend Softness: Hold Square2 & rotate second imp on axis am1 (remember, blends can also be hard/faceted)
  • Toggle Mirror Guide on/off: Tap base of handles of both imps together; or use menu am1
  • Re-grip/re-position shape (before stamping/smearing): Choose a shape. Hover your secondary imp tip over it. Hold O2 (sometimes this will put a prompt on the left imp about "change grip"). Pull T2. Release O2. You are now holding the shape in your left imp. Reposition shape as you like. Now Grab it with right imp by your desired "grip point". Go stamp/smear.
  • Display Advanced Color-Picker: Touch sphere of imp1 to bottom of imp2 handle
  • Spin shape while smearing: Double-click O2 to enable spin function, hold T2, spin shape. Go smear shape.
Here's MM's list of the codes you can use to put various icons into a text field: https://indreams.me/guide/icons . Dreamer TAPgiles offers the same icons, but linked in a way to help you find the one you want. Also, many of these emoji codes will work (or use shortcode from emojipedia). Don't forget that your PS4 has multiple keyboards on it too, with other characters available
Some fundamental working tips on how to do animation here
Animation workflow-improvement tips here
And here's Disney's principles of character animation.
Tips: Keep groups of Gadgets in microchips. Label all your microchips & rename your Gadgets so you can later figure-out what you did! Perhaps add text gadgets (set to "big mode", & powered-off) into microchips too, for comments. Use nodes (& name them) to control and label wiring mess. Use same-named switches (cheaper) or wireless transmitters (more expensive) to get rid of some wires completely. Label/color-code your keyframes. Have text outputs in your microchips that display the values of any key variables, and have a "debug" switch that turns all those texts on/off. Keyframes can be used to change something's settings during gameplay, instead of using complex logic. Power-off unneeded chips during play, if your framerates are too low.
I'll try to give DS4 controls, followed by Move wand equivalent (if different)
On DS4, to follow a wire from it's connect point, to its other connect point, hold L1, then press R1
  • Start/stop time: R3 (DS4); or Assembly menu (T2)
  • Rewind time: L3 (DS4); or Assembly menu (T2)
  • Attach wire: X or R2 L1
Input ports are on left side. Output ports on right side. Power ports on bottom L1
Inside Microchip:
  • Stamp Gadget into Microchip: X1 (DS4); or Stamp (T1) L1
  • Clone wire: Hold L1, then hold R2 (DS4); or hold Triangle2, then Grab (T1) to drag a clone L1
  • Drag wire: X L1
  • Drag Gadget: R2 (DS4); or Grab (T1) L1
Graphics Thermometer Conservation:
If you had to express graphics thermo as a formula:
total graphics thermo = Surface Area of Unique Sculpt 1 * Sculpture Detail of U.S. 1 + S.A. of U.S. 2 * S.D. of U.S. 2 + S.A. of U.S. 3 * S.D. of U.S. 3 + and so on 
So decrease Sculpture Detail on each sculpt, as much as looks ok, to conserve graphics thermo. Clone, re-size, and flip cleverly-sculpted objects, to use 1 item in a variety of ways, so you have fewer unique sculpts in use (if it looks noticeably different from various angles, it could serve many purposes in building). But don't clone TONS, since if you make thousands-upon-thousands of clones, you'll affect gameplay thermo (though if your scene will have little logic, maybe that's fine). If you tint a clone, you can change its color, but it remains a clone. Be aware, tint (when maxed-out) overrides paint. Painting a clone, will make it a unique sculpt (taking up more graphics thermo).
For detailed, specific examples of how various construction approaches can yield different thermo for the exact same visual result, read here. There's also thermometer-oriented tutorials in the curated tutorial list linked at the top, and in other linked tutorial channels
Improving the framerate
A Dream may have a low framerate in VR (if it's too low, Dreams won't even let it run in VR). Or even a flat Dream made on Pro, may run poorly on non-Pro PlayStation. Here's some tips, many from long-time Dreamer MCalchemist:
Use Test Mode to identify problems and problem areas
  • Don't turn up the fog distance to 10,000 right away.
  • Design your levels so fewer objects are in-view at once
  • The less impasto the better. The tighter the sculpts the better (increase Sculpture Detail). The fewer overlapping sculpts the better.
  • Use transparency sparingly.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of paint strokes
  • Decrease the number of emissive objects and spotlights.
  • Decrease the number of objects that are "physical" or "moveable".
  • Include "one way valves/checkpoints" in your levels, and de-power or delete the early logic that will never be needed during the play-through, as the player progresses through your level.
  • At a grid setting of 1, each dot in the grid is 0.25m apart (9.8"). The standard puppet is 5ft 3inches tall. Calculations here.
  • You can have at most 16,383 things in a Scene. If the "things" are simple cloned sculpts, you'll probably max-out around 10,000 (determined by experimentation).
  • The largest land you can currently build in a single scene is about 10 sq km
  • You're only allowed to store 256 files, totalling up to 1GB locally. If you prefer working locally, but run out of room, find some things to upload, Privately or Publicly, then delete locally. Or delete old versions of things. Be aware that if something is Public, and gets removed due to content moderation (copyright violation, lewdness, etc), you might lose access to it if you don't have a local copy
  • A game (Dream) can have up to 200 Scenes/levels in it (this includes Scenes that come from Dreams inside your Dream).
  • There can currently only be 20 exit doorways in a Scene. When making an RPG or anything that requires many exits from a Scene (to another Scene), you can place exits that all route to the same "routing" Scene, and by passing a variable, that "routing" Scene can direct the player to the correct next Scene. This gives the effect of allowing many player exits from a single Scene.
  • Most logic gadgets cost about 1/16,000 of gameplay thermo (so 160 gadgets = 1% of gameplay thermo). Keyframes, trigger zones, timelines, laser scopes, action recorders, controllers, puppet chips, exclusive gates, and wireless transmitters cost more (same-named switches can be a cheap replacement for transmitters).
  • The largest integer value Dreams allows is 16,777,216
(Random, useful, more advanced stuff I've stumbled across. If you have good links, let me know)
You can't import images (Dreams doesn't use polygons or textures), but you can paint in-game. Web-based audio import is currently disabled, but you can record stuff via any PS4 mic, or route sound in directly via your DS4 (read here or watch here; DS4 line-in is mono, you'll have to record left/right tracks in 2 passes to create stereo sound in Dreams). MM shows how to do anatomical character sculpting. 3-part FPS tutorial. Tips on making non-humanoid puppets from scratch (& here is another approach). Basic principles of puppets that attack and cause damage. How to have intelligent followers that can do A* pathfinding is here. Here's how to use a MIDI controller to make music in Dreams (Mac users also read this). And here's a tip about audio latency when making music.
I want to create, but what do I do first?!? This is answered near the top of this Quick Reference
Do you want to make art, but feel like you're no good at it? First, some who have "failed" in other media, have succeeded in Dreams. Second...it takes time and practice to get good. Don't despair; practice. Thoroughly learn a control scheme (DS4 gyro, DS4 sticks, or Moves) that eventually "clicks" with you. Keep at it until it feels comfortable. Third, a lot of early learning in traditional art (pencil, paint, etc) is about copying stuff you like, to learn techniques. Follow a Dreams art tutorial on Youtube, and make a copy of the thing yourself, or a variation of it, using the techniques shown in the tutorial
Be aware of how you start programming your puppet: Beware, you can't simply transfer logic, keyframes, etc from 1 puppet to another. So whatever puppets you program, you'll eventually want to transform them (appearance-wise) into your final character (if you didn't do that already). An example of one way to address this: Find the asset upon which you will be basing your final puppet; whether that's Dreams' default Deluxe Puppet, or someone's puppet from the Dreamiverse, or whatever. Create and save a new Element that is JUST that puppet. Now you have a base puppet Element that is YOURS, which you can stamp into your Scenes. Make sure all your puppet logic, etc is programmed into your personal puppet, in the Element itself. If your game works out, one day you will be taking YOUR puppet Element, and transforming how it looks (or seeking a collaborator artist to do it). And all the logic is already there, in the Element, no need to move it. And the appearance will update into all the Scenes into which you have stamped your puppet.
Is it better to focus on art or logic? If you're capable of both...I'd say logic matters more. An ugly-but-working game tells you if your game mechanics work, if they're fun, and how much gameplay thermo you have left (because if you have room, cloning "building block" sculpts lets you move some of your graphics load from your graphics thermo, to your gameplay thermo).
So create the smallest, simplest version of the game that you can, with the most basic art. Then improve the art later.
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2018.04.14 12:44 123icebuggy Hidden cam mms videos

Help me maintain a list of the current issues with the current version of the game (0.97.2)
I've been pretty busy lately, and we have had a string of different versions of the game over the last month.
Niantic has been killing it with the events lately; however that usually comes at the cost of not getting a new APK which usually includes various bug fixes,
I wanted wanted to takes some time and do another consolidation of all the issues currently in the game,
Previous lists have generally had some listed issues fixed very quickly, especially those that can be tackled server side.
The most value is added by everyone when discussions include:

  • A video or screenshot of the issue running on the latest version
  • Including your phone / device details when reporting an issue
  • Linking a high quality /SilphRoad or /pokemongo post that discusses the issue
  • Using clear and concise wording when discussing an issue
If you really want to contribute, you can re-test some of the already listed issues the issues with (?) symbols means I am unsure if the issue exists anymore or should be considered an issue at all.
Catching, Hatching and Interacting with Pokemon C1. Pokemon spawned via Incense no longer have a purple cloud indicating they spawned via incense [1] C2. Evolving a pokemon that was just caught from the catch summary screen does not show the evolution animation and errors out [1] C3. Each time a Pokemon breaks out of a Poke-ball, they move increasingly to one side [1] [2] C4. When watching a pokeball catch sequence, the flashing red light is not aligned with the ball shakes [1] C5. Various size differences in Pokemon models from one of the recent updates [1] [2] [3] C6. Tapping on Weather boosted pokemon freeze the game when the weather changes [1] [2] C7. Evolving your buddy can cause weird glitches and crashes with the game most commonly with feebas [1] [2] [3] C8. After pressing "Kanto" button in the Pokedex, you are no longer able to scroll down [1] [2] [3] [4] C9. Ditto shows up in the "Evolve" filter [1] C10. Long trainer usernames do not disappear during a gym battle against their pokemon (?) [1] C11. Sometimes when clicking on a wild pokemon, the Zoom in animation is replaced with a first person view from the targeted pokemons perspective (?) [1] C12. Buddy distance can be displayed as negative distance (restarting app fixes the issue) [1] C13. Swiping through battle parties during raid / gym battles is difficult and inconsistent [1] C14. The new Stacked Incubator feature sometimes does not stack incubators correctly [1] C15. Tapping a Pokemon or Clicking a gym as you go out of range / network collisions / in low network scenarios freezes the UI requiring a restart C16. Transferring a member of your battle party makes it unable to be edited and will crash during use in battle C17. Pokemon can still be powered up over the trainer level cap, just not at level 37 [1] [2] C18. Quest reward encounters can be very pixelated (Potentially when GPS is turned off?) [1] C19. Increased number of scenarios where Pokemon spawns can change instantly: migrations, weather, etc [List] C20. Catching a pokemon while having a network issue can freeze the game with infinite pokeball, or the pokeball sunk below the floor
Miscellaneous issues M1. Using the wrong password to login with PTC on the first attempt will display "Unable to authenticate" for ALL future logins regardless of using the correct password later (Restart required to fix) M2. Common occurrences of blank sightings and Pokemon disappearing during play M3. Loading issue that causes the game focus on a closeup of the trainer [1] [2] [3] M4. Gyms that are moved in Ingress get their badge progress reset in PokemonGo (?) [1] M5. High rate of data usage since the Gym rework update M6. Increased reports of GPS not found [1] [2] M7. The "Get Directions" button on Ex Raid passes does not work [1] [2] M8. Regressions issues with map roads / walkways after extended playtime [1] [2] M9. A glitch where no stops or Pokemon will spawn, but a gym will follow your player around [1] [2] [3] M10. Google and PTC account creation can conflict, allowing new players to control your account (fixed?) [1] [2] [3] M12. Unrooted devices get "device not compatible" warning (Unsure any legit un-rooted phones have this?) [1] [2] M13. The "defenders" search term is not persistant after clicking "Go To Gym" (Possible feature request)
Pokestops P1. Traveling away from a pokestop cam make it appear blue and "Ready to spin" when it is not [1] [2] P2. The Radius of the Pokestop interaction circle is visually smaller the closer you get to the equator [1] [2] P3. Using a PTC "child account" that reaches the sponsor content age (+13yo), remains unable to ever view sponsored pokestops or gyms (?) [1] P4. Pokestops sometimes show a previous cached photo disk image P5. When interacting with a gym pokestop the focus will often incorrectly move to the gym defenders platform P6. Pokestops sometimes expand when they are not supposed to (Possibly related to P1) [1] P7. Defeating a gym, dropping a pokemon in, and spinning the Gym Pokestop in succession will show the gym pokestop visually as owned by grey team. P8. Having yesterdays field research from a particular pokestop will block you from gaining a new one today [1] P9. The "First pokestop of the day" black bar notification does not show if you have an empty research slot [1]
Battling, Berry Feeding, Badges and Defending Gyms B1. "Not very effective" attacks round incorrectly against dual type Pokemon and should show damage as neutral B2. Error 29 - Pressing the "Leave" button (or crashing) immediately after removing an emeny defender from a gym, locks you out of that gym for 10-15 minutes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] B3. Dodging a fatal attack in raids and gyms glitches your attacking Pokemon as invisible (Dodge Death Glitch) B4. Pokemon seen on the defender platform can all clip and stand in the same spot [1] B5. Various desyncronisation issues during battles (also in raids) [1] B6. Defenders who have recently been kicked and placed back into a gym do not get their berry count reset (?) [1] B7. Berry feeding UI not disappearing when it is supposed to [1] B8. Leaving remote berry feeding requires you to tap your next pokemon twice and has the potential to freeze the game or make it unresponsive to touch [1] [2] B9. Clicking "Go To Gym" multiple times in quick succession causes multiple visual glitches, and causes the gym to stay in range on the overworld map [1] B10. Adding BXP to a gym badge sometimes the badge icon will never go away (without a restart) B11. Feeding a pokemon berries / Interacting with the gym while simultaneously spinning the gym stop with Go+ will freeze your game B12. Clicking on Pokemon defending gyms (to feed berries) is sometimes inconsistent, and clicking on one Pokemon selects a different one. B13. Exiting a gym has the chance to make the game completely unresponsive to touch B14. You cannot use the spin gym pokestop button when moving within range of a gym [1] B15. Getting the "This Gym is under attack" message while adding pokemon (probably other scenarios) makes the screen no longer respond to touch
Raids Battles and Bonus Capture Phase R1: (Desync) Damage from a raid boss charge move can be carried over from the pokemon it hit to also hit the next pokemon to come out, dealing damage twice. [1] R2. Last raid ball catch animation only has 2 animations ("one shake + flee" or a successful capture) R3. Healing or reviving during a raid battle consumes the items without healing unused Pokémon (?) [1] [2] R4. When using Ditto in a raid, it transforms into the pokemon it was originally caught as (?) [1] R5. The "go to raid" navigation icon covers the raid timer in the overworld [1] R6. Increased reports of raid timers ending 3-10 seconds too early when raiding R7. Raid eggs and Raid bosses ontop of Gyms in the overworld sometimes render inside the gym [1] R8. After selecting the berry menu in a raid catch phase, you cannot leave untill choosing a berry (untested?) [1]
Device, AR+ and Accessory issues D1. The game regularly freezes & hard reboots the OS on Google Pixel & other Android phones [1] D2. Go+ Stop and Pokemon Detection is slower on Android than on iOS 11 [1] D3. Ball launches into space after toggling AR+ [1] D4. The Go+ on its own sometimes gives the "Pokestop is not ready to spin" without having manually spun a stop D5. Using inbuilt iOS Battery Saving mode on newer iphones causes GPS not found (?) D6. Apple Watch Series 2- OS4 - Pokemon Go app crashes the watch during hatching egg animation or skips the animation and hatch all together. D7. Apple Watch 2, distances walked varies from distances on eggs, and are not syncing correctly. D8. Apple Watch not correctly displaying the xp progress towards the next level. D9. Pressing the Go+ button after vibrating on iOS can take up to 3 seconds to execute the action (iOS 11) D10. Apple watch egg hatching shows the incorrect move localisation [1] D11. Continued reports of difficulty connecting the Go+, especially on Android D12. Battle summary pages do not render properly on iPhoneX [1]
Visual and Graphical Bugs V1. Some pokemon appear behind the trainer when set as buddy (?) [1] V2. Unfavouriting a pokemon and then swiping away then back can visually re-favourite that pokemon [1] V3. When selecting the gym pokestop quickly and spinning, the view returns to the defenders of the gym to give out the items V4. The icon to edit pokemons name is missing from defenders who are currently holding gyms [1] V5. The gym "head to head" battle screen shows tiny models of pokemon [1] V6. The gym battle tornado still displays ontop of a player who remotly feeds a gym under attack [1] V7. New pokemon added to the pokedex animation, visually show the newly acquired pokemon as number 025 in pokedex (?) [1] V8. Charge attack animations are overridden / not-displayed when used alongside multiple quick attacks. V9. Pokeballs often sink into the ground (think this happens when the game doesn't register a catch or flee) V10. Feeding pokemon more than 100 berries in the gym makes the berry count not fit on the screen. V11. Cosmetic items (belts, 3d glasses, etc) are grey when viewed on players in gyms V12. Some pokemons idle animations cause them to dissapear from the buddy ui [1] V13. Zapdos's current ingame model uses the shiny model for everyone incorrectly V14. Colour shading is incorrectly applied to the profile trainer avatar, instead of the overworld one (?) [1] V15. At the end of the evolving animation the camera / pokemon model can dip below the platform [1] V16. Wind animation vectors have the correct angle, but inverse direction [1] V17. Arbok does not display in the overworld buddy circle [1] V18. New scaling of pokemon sprites has not been added to Lure pokemon [1] V19. Some pokemon in the pokedex can cover up their gender icons [1] [2] V20. Some pokemon have clipping issues with the hatch screen [1] V21. Raid timers now show through various other elements in the overworld [1] [2] V22. Costumes unlocked for the gym defense badge cause clipping issues blocking visibility of progress [1] [2] V23. Berry fed gym counter German does not fit on the screen [1] V24. Berry fed icon is hidden when gym defense length is an extended period [1] V25. Jigglypuff has a glitched jumping animation when jumping V26. Gender icons dissapear when swiping through the pokedex [1] [2] V27. Swiping through gym badges often does not show the Badge XP progress on Silver and lower badges V28. Dragonite as a defender has an off center motivation heart in Gyms [1]
Language and Localisation L1. Thai characters are displayed as question marks (on iOS11) [1] L2. Searching pokemon using Traditional Chinese characters does not work [1] L3. Italian: "Go to Gym" says "Vai alla" (Go To) instead of "Vai alla palestra" (Go To Gym) [1] L4. Hebrew text is reversed since the game launched [1] [2] [3] L5. Japanese search terms are missing from the game [1] L6. Incorrect date localisation based on language - some languages show MM/DD/YY and should be DD/MM/YY [1] L7. Text for "The Pokemon as Fled" does not fit on the page for German and Portuguese [1] L8. Ex Raid passes do not include the trainers name in Italian and instead shows duplicate information [1] L9. Battle Party is incorrect in Italian, currently: "Squadra lott" should be: "Squadra lotta" L11. Portuguese: the word "weather" is currently "clima" when it should be "tempo" L12. The "Sign out" button is translated incorrectly in Italian ("Annuler") and should be "Disconnetti" [1] L13: The German version of the EX-Pass it says "Hinweis: Für diesen Event..." but should say "Hinweis: Für dieses Event..."
Enhancements There are also a number of changes to the game that could be made to increase the quality of gameplay If you are interested in a collation of feature suggestions, Ive got you covered on that one too http://www.p337.info/pokemongo/enhancements/ Feel free to suggest new enhancements, however it is not the main aim of this post.
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2015.10.10 20:44 dorkprincess Mms videos hidden cam

Hey guys, because I have nothing better to do, I decided to try to compile all of BTS’ music show stages and backstages in one easy-to-find place. I’m 100% sure I’m missing some things, because dear lord I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to find EVERY thing at this point in my search, so if anything is glaringly missing, please let me know so I can add it! Also, if you find a more HD video of a performance, that would be super helpful too. I'll update as I find things.
If there’s no link, that means I know that it exists, but all the videos I was linked to were removed/blocked, and it wasn’t on the first 2 pages of google. Some of the backstages I could only find the raw, unsubbed version of. So if any bored translators are looking for something to do, there you go lol.
For the backstages, I only put in ones that were longer than 30 seconds or that had something interesting/cute in them. There’s plenty of little 10 second cuts from music shows, but most of them are just BTS saying “hi, we’re BTS!!!” or something similar so I didn’t see any reason to link them. If you really want to see them though, btsdiary.com has a good compilation of all the little cuts + bigger cuts (but lots of the older links seem to be broken).
All Music Show Performances No More Dream + We Are Bulletproof pt. 2

N.O Rise of Bangtan/Attack on Bangtan Boy in Luv Just One Day Danger War of Hormone I NEED U Dope Run Backstages (Chronological) 2013 2014 2015 submitted by dorkprincess to bangtan [link] [comments]

2012.09.27 16:31 mrm3x1can Hidden cam mms videos

Apparently, these Youtubers have all been playing BO2 for the last month but have been under an NDA. I guess it got lifted today. For those who don't/can't access Twitter, this is what they posted. Will update as they post more.

  • One thing I'll say without you asking is if you expect to get scorestreaks in obj games from just slaying, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • The Remington shotty is like the stakeout. Except it's good. Great range, 8 shots, 1 shot kills fee days.
  • Sniping is CoD4 status. Ballista iron sights are ROUGH. A lot harder than WaW unscoped bolts.
  • YY is back. Exactly like BO1.
  • Multi Team Deathmatch. Is. Fucking. Fun. Played it 3 teams of four on a tiny map. It was straight up bananas. Nonstop action.
  • Hard point will be where the montage guys go. It's very similar to drop zone, just no care packages.
  • 32 layers for emblem editor. Artists will have fun.
  • The prestige icons are legit. I think you will all agree.
  • 10th prestige is a flaming gold skull with a burn mark (if I remember correctly).
  • I still think a lot of people will run Ghost, but not as many as BO1. Pick 10 really changes the game. Lots. Of. Variety.
  • Sensitivity now scales differently. 1-14. If you play on 5 now, for example, it translates to about 7 in this game. I love this feature.
  • To be more specific about sensitivity. 14 is now the highest, but it's the equivalent to what 10 is now. Lets you fine tune your choice.
  • SMG's suffer a LOT of damage drop off, but are lethal up close. They did a good job catering each gun class to its actual role.
  • Sound whoring. Footsteps seem a little louder than BO1, but the game itself has a lot more going on that drowns it out.
  • Rapid Fire on the SMG's is leeeethal. However, past a very short range they are highly ineffective. Nice balance there.
  • The MMS (X-Ray scope) was good, but not OP. Only works if people aren't moving.
  • The Thermal Scope, for once, is awesome. Green background, players highlighted in orange, can still see them fine if they're Cold Blooded.
  • I've played 100+ hours of #BlackOps2 multiplayer and 25+ hours of #BlackOps2 zombies over the past month.
  • And my NDA has been lifted, so I can answer any questions you guys have, apart from some MP maps and Zombies. Those are still top secret :D
  • Rejoin last played lobby ON [OFF] - This is a feature. You're welcome YouTubers. You can now find your perfect lobby with ease.
  • There is no nuke, MOAB, or hidden killstreak.
  • Time to kill is a nice medium between MW3/BO1
  • Tons of epic new camos: carbon fiber, cherry blossom, skulls, gold, and hidden ones. Can be put on primaries, secondaries, riot, launchers
  • DSR50, not the Ballista, will be the sniper weapon of choice.
  • Zombies has 3 modes as of now: Tranzit, Survival, Grief.
  • Tranzit: Expansive map, story mode. Bus takes you to 5 different areas. What you saw in the trailer yesterday
  • Survival: Same regular zombies. One area, last as long as possible.
  • Grief: 4z4. Humans vs Humans vs Zombies. Humans cannot kill each other, but can "fuck with each other" thru traps/grief events.
  • All the weapons are super balanced. Nothing is too OP at this point in time. I do have my favs, you'll see them in my class setup videos.
  • Some maps are interactive. Cargo has moving shipment crates. Express has a bullet train that runs you ovecuts off spawns. Pretty cool.
  • Lightening strike is everything an airstrike should have been in CoD. Three point target, drops bombs immediately. Very minor delay.
  • When you prestige, weapon and challenge progression DO NOT reset.
  • Prestige emblems are the best out of any CoD thus far.
  • 10th prestige is a flaming skull with half of its face burned. Kinda like two face.
  • Sensitivity: now 1-14. 14 is the same as 10 in previous games. More tiers in-between, allowing you to tune your sens even more.
  • Zombies: you can do head shots only, magic items off (mystery box, perk machines), and you can elect to start at round 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20.
  • ou no longer have to hold X to pick up Combat Axes, you just have to walk over them. That + Scavenger replenishing = epic. @ONLYUSEmeBLADE
  • Theater mode has dolly cam, in-lobby game save feature, and new "highlight" feature. With the press of a button, it will cut together all of your killing/objective events in said game into a highlight reel.
  • Emblem editor: 32 layers, color wheel, infinitely more shapes/graphics, can adjust transparency.
  • BlackOps2 has one of the best spawn systems I've seen. Not too quick to flip, never got spawned in front of somebody.
  • Best pistol: Beretta. 3-round burst, like the Raffica from MW2
  • You can play combat training and earn multiplayer XP. Can only rank up to level 10 though.
  • There's a moustache reticle in #BlackOps2
  • Yes, gold camo returns in #BlackOps2. Gold primaries, gold pistols, gold crossbow, gold launchers, gold riot shields.
  • Objective markers DO fade out when you're aiming down site at them. Just like in BO1.
  • The knife lunge range in #BlackOps2 is HORREBDOUS. You have to be point blank.
Optic Nadeshot:
  • League play is being heavily emphasized by Treyarch. Your league ranking and medal will be on your playercard.
  • Prestige icons are the best looking they've ever been. This will be the first time I prestige in a long long time.
  • Black Ops 2, IMO, feels more like MW3. Only difference is player movement is slower then before. Game felt very smooth.
  • The league play icons will literally MAKE YOU want to be in the highest league. Seeing that icon next to your name will add much motivation.
  • Tons of new camos. Ronin, Carbon Fiber, Skulls, Art of War...just to name a few. More info on that later from me.
  • Every weapon, perk, attachment, and score streak has a counter. The game is very balanced. They put a lot of though into it.
  • Sniping is fun, but challenging. The Unscoped Ballista takes A LOT of skill. Will be hard for most snipers to get used to.
  • The DSR-50 is the best sniper IMO, also looks badass with an amazing sound to it.
  • Recoil. There is significant recoil in Black Ops 2. Gun WILL take skill.
  • Theater now allows you to spectate FIRST PERSON POV of every player in your lobby. Big improvements made.
  • Reticle customization has never been so lucrative. Treyarch had fun with it and add plenty of reticles just for the lulz.
  • The eSports initiative is very important to Treyarch and they are offering unbelievable support for our community #LeaguePlay
  • With the new Pick 10 system, there will be DEFINED player roles once again. Slayers, support, objective...etc.
  • There is a mustache reticle in Black Ops 2, trust me, that had a lot of fun with the game. Such awesome guys over at @Treyarch studios.
  • Jump shooting in Black Ops 2 didn't feel too beneficial. Drop shooting on the other hand felt amazing. We'll see how it feels with time...
  • In my honest opinion, League Play will be the single most impacting feature added to Black Ops 2 #TheFutureIsBlack
  • Aim assist still exists for snipers. Time to put that rumor to bed. Like I said, sniping is challenging, still fun though.
  • Time overtime rounds are automatically added to Capture the Flag. Perfect for the competitive guys, 2 sided domination as well.
  • You can bring multiple people in your theater lobby to show off your clips. They really thought of everything.
Ernest Le:
  • High scorestreaks are VERY hard to get. If you play for KD, play the objective. You'll look ridiculous with half the score as the OBJ guy.
  • As it stands, I can see all of us hating UV rays by the first week. The Guardian is extremely useful and annoying. Also nets easy points.
  • Fast Hands is a must for combat axes and C4s. Throwing fast is deadly. C4 is dirty, just ask @codblack1ce
  • IMHO, GHOST will be overused. It's powerful, and UAVs are the first scorestreak unlock. Lots of UAVs will be ran, especially for assist pts.
  • Hunter Killer is the new RCXD. Get ready to pull your hair out.
  • Back to Ghost - it might be overused, but you won't get your streaks trying to avoid the objective. You get mad pts for team playing.
  • Skorpion EVO II is dirty. Very fast rate of fire and controllable. MSMC is nice, very similar to COD4 AK74U. I can see Laser getting a nerf.
  • Other SMGs were cool, nothing really clicked though. MP7 isn't like MW3's. The recoil felt way too different. Vector was OK.
  • Assault Rifles - I love the AN94, similar to an AK47. Type 25 is very accurate, M27 is good but weak.
  • Select Fire attachment - Works good for burst to auto guns, really a waste on auto to burst guns since you can just tap trigger
  • Awareness counters Dead Silence, which is good. The issue is that your audio is enhanced with non-DS users. This takes some getting used to.
  • Scavenger replenishes all equipment and lethals. Scav packs only drop from non-explosive kills, though.
  • Shotguns - S12 is like a SPAS, good. KSG hitmarkers like MW3, Remington is like a more reliable Stakeout, M1216 is a 4burst AA12
  • I noticed significantly more hitmarkers while trying to Sandy people with the Remington. Use Laser to nosc, Long Barrel to get range
  • If I had to recommend a class for TDM - MSMC ext mags, laser, Ghost/Hardline, Scavenger, Dead Silence, Semtex, Conc nade x2
  • Scorestreaks for leveling up - UAV, cUAV, HunteGuardian/Lightning Strike for mad assist points, constant flow of score and obj play
  • Scorestreaks for that perfect TDM lobby - UAV then Stealth Chopper into Warthog, Dogs, Swarm.
  • Ballistic Knife - less drop it seems like, shot is instant (no delay like BO), low knife recovery, Replenish by walking over
  • Spawns seem just like BO but less touchy. You can trap like the good old days in Domination. Takes 1 bozo to ruin it for the rest, though.
  • Multi-Team can be played in TDM, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint. I think 4 teams (?) max of 12 players.
  • What else? The Crossbow shoots faster than in BO. 3 shot clip, it has an Acog, Red dot, thermal and TRIPLESHOT. Fire 3 shots at once.
  • Biggest surprise is that @Optic_nadeshot thinks the LMGs are LEGIT. He thinks that the competitive guys will use them. I think he's nuts.
  • Sprint duration relies on what weapon you hold, with combat knife letting you run the furthest
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