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Posts about UI design, game engine physics, how components were made, and anything else regarding the real science of video games!

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This may be really weird but I was watching YouTube videos and ended up on a rabbit hole of random videos and Lana Rhoades came up rating a dick pic. I know that’s very weird she was not nude nor the pic was showed yes she did talk in an arousal manner and it did give me an erection. So the question is did I peek?
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2020.10.25 08:01 xXEggRollXx A Scammer is threatening to leak my nudes to all of my friends and family on Facebook

So I matched with a girl on Tinder, and everything seemed really genuine. Eventually she asks me to do a Google Hangouts call with her. I think nothing of it, so I accept. Things start becoming lewd, so I flash my dick on camera. Immediately after, she messages me, blackmailing me to send her money or my lewd video will be sent to all of my Facebook friends and family. She posted links to a good chunk of my Facebook friends (not all of them) in the chat and said she will send them all the video if I don't send her $1500.
Can someone help me out here? I do not want to send her the money, but I also do not want my nudes to go out to a bunch of random people. Is it even possible for her to even send them my nudes? I am assuming she just pulled my name off of my Google Hangouts name and then looked me up on Facebook, searched through my friends list, and pulled a bunch of profiles out. I don't think she has access to anything of mines, right? I am kind of really panicking right now, so please can someone help me out, what do I do?
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I have had really bad mental health issues and alcohol issues for a while. My dad and brother both drink hard liquor daily so it’s not hard to find it. I never really had too many friends and I had had trauma in the past from being sexually assaulted, but at 15 I met my boyfriend and we became very close and codependent quickly. I have an extremely problematic friend who was really manipulative and co dependent. When i drink i become a different person and do horrible things. This older guy (maybe mid 20s I still don’t know) that sold me weed invited me to drink with him one day when i was about a year into my relationship. He gave me so much bacardi i almost got seriously injured falling down and it was incredibly difficult to walk and strangers were asking if i needed help. Once everyone was gone the guy started to touch me in a sexual way. I fought him off but he did touch my vagina and made out with me and at first i kind of was participating for a few minutes but then i remembered that it’s not my boyfriend and I got angry and upset. My boyfriend and I had some really nasty fights that got physical sometimes and I would meet up with that same guy maybe one or twice a year. I only did it because he had a steady supply of alcohol and would get me whatever i wanted. i never made it sexual or touched him but he told me apparently we did have sex. I must have been passed out because i have literally no memory of the event. Another horrible thing happened when my toxic friend invited me to hang out with her and our drug dealer while on xanax. I was on massive amounts of xanax and they guy kept giving me and her coke and alcohol. i was 16 at this point. Apparently the guy had sex with both of us. i have literally no memory whatsoever. My friend was acting like that’s what happened and the guy was too but I still have absolutely zero recollection so I have no clue as to how this happened. The guy is extremely repulsive to me in every way even before this happened and i never would have ever done that without being in a black out. It makes me want to puke thinking about it. He was almost thirty i was 16. The following day I told my boyfriend and tried to commit suicide. I was tackled by the cops and put in a psych ward for a while. My boyfriend and I had a really strained relationship from this. We would fight and he would call me a cheater. He calls me cheater often in fights. It makes me want to hurt myself. I didn’t choose to do this and i struggled not to commit suicide after this event happened. Anyways so a few months later and he gets a DUI and has to move in with me since his dad abandoned him. We fight more when he moves in and my drinking goes way up. He doesn’t really have much of a sex drive at all and doesn’t seem that attracted to me. Every time i was black out drunk i end up sexting random people for some reason. I guess I was looking for validation and to feel wanted. I ruined a friendship because i sent nudes to my friends boyfriend (who is famous and has a lot of pedo accusations against him) even though I have literally no attraction to him and am actually disgusted by him. I have absolutely no clue why i do these things and i wake up with no memory of doing them. I only knew it happened because my friend told me. I often want to kilo myself for the cheating because I don’t have anything in my life besides my boyfriend. I destroyed my relationship with my parents when my toxic friend came back to visit me after i hadn’t seen her in years (we had a falling out after the incident). we hung out and my mom gave me money. I got my friend to spend lots of my moms money on booze for us. I got absolutely black out and trashed the downstairs and left bottles everywhere. My mom doesn’t like alcohol and rightfully was angry. I got angry my alcohol was taken away so i trashed my moms stuff (I was still black out). I destroys her ipad, phone, a lot of her clothes, her kindle, hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. my dad held me down and left all the bruises on my arms and i had to bite him to get him off me. He called 911 and he didn’t even remember my age when he was describing the situation to the dispatcher. I ran and the cops hunted me down and almost arrested me. My dad actually did lie about how much was destroyed, lowballing the number so that i wouldn’t get a felony. My interaction with the police was very negative but finally after a long time they let me go. My dad told me he’s kicking me out and cutting off contact and i’ve got a month to go. I was doing well academically and in many clubs and had many oppportunities at my college. Because i was facing homelessness, i dropped everything so i could work. Well a month rolls around and my dad says he never said that. He tells my mom i’m lying and making it up, and that he never said he would cut off money or contact. I actually wouldn’t blame him if he did, what i did was horrible. It’s him lying about it and gaslighting me that makes me so angry. I worked a minimum wage cashier job for a while and couldn’t take it and quit suddenly. I am now a drop out doing nothing all day and i live with my parents but am basically no contact with them. I sleep during the day and stay up all night so i don’t have to see them. Seeing them makes me feel so much guilt and embarrassment for what i did. I am so ashamed of the way i treated my mom and what i did. I think about suicide often. i also think about suicide often because i cheated. I am turning 20 soon and am scared to turn 21. When i drink heavily i do horrific things that are exactly the opposite of what i want. When someone has alcohol it is easy for them to lure me in because at first, before the black out sets in, it makes all my problems melt away. It is really hard for me to be sober. I hang out with my boyfriend whenever he is not working but I feel like he doesn’t have self respect for staying with me. I feel like any normal person would leave an alcoholic cheater. i don’t understand why my family doesn’t kick me out. I feel like i don’t offer anything positive to the world or to my relationships with others. Every day I think about suicide and I often cut myself which makes my relationship worse since my boyfriend finds the appearance of my scars disturbing. I try to rack my brain thinking of anything i’m proud of or that i have done positively and i can’t. I realized that recently and it’s been really pushing me to self harm. I am NEET and do nothing all day but play video games and think about hurting myself. I also have OCD and can’t stop thinking about how I am a cheater and hurt everyone How can I better my relationships with these people and add something of value to the world?
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I’m a female from Texas who suffers from bipolar disorder, i sold 1-2 nude videos of myself to a random snapchat account while being extremely manic, I know what I did was wrong, the man paid me for them and didn’t disclose to me that he had a hack that saves all Snapchat’s, it didn’t give me any notifications that he kept the video, he’s now been blackmailing me saying if I don’t sending him more videos he will post me on to porn websites and send them to my family, hes given me a specific date on which he will post share the videos unless I send him more, he’s been harassing me through Instagram and Snapchat making several accounts and sending me messages threatening me, since he paid me for the videos through paypal I have his name, this has been going on since august so I went to the police and was told they could only do harassment but it would be hard since I sold the video, the investigator told me it would be a very hard case, this has been fucking with my mental health a lot so I closed the case because of how horrible they made me feel about myself, I can’t stop thinking about how this can possibly affect future job opportunities for me, I don’t know what to do but he’s still harassing me
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2020.10.20 17:27 Sushi_Cat1122 Nude random video chat

Been with my boyfriend for Almost 5 years, I’m 29 F and he’s 32 M. Over the years our sex life has been a source of tension - in the beginning it was obviously a lot of fun and 100% never been more turned on by someone in my life. But he used to get mad at me if we didn’t have sex everyday and I would feel a lot of pressure because I didn’t want him angry at me all the time. So I tried my best to keep up even on days I didn’t want to.
Then he wanted me to dress up every time and role play a character -every time. It got exhausting and what was fun at first soon started to feel like a chore. Between the pressure to have sex every day and also the need to be a character, it stopped being fun. And honestly I started to feel a little bad about myself. I wasn’t enjoying it and felt like “does he ever want to have sex with just me?” Which I’m sure isn’t the reason but it creeped in my mind
He also started recording us a lot and he would ask for a ton of pictures. I would catch him sometimes recording without my permission and I would ask him to please not do that. Over the years we had conversations about all of this and I explained how this all made me feel. Things did begin to change and in the last couple years there’s really no pressure to have sex, we have sex 3 times a week usually and I still dirty talk in role play for him (but I don’t dress up anymore, as I don’t like to).
ANYWAYS to get to to my title - I felt like the backstory was needed (sorry it was a lot). I know my boyfriend watches porn and jerks off to it. And it doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind porn and sometimes I don’t feel like having sex and he wants to watch porn that’s great with me. But a couple of years ago I had to use his computer because mine wasn’t working and when I went to go upload an attachment to an email a bunch of nude photos of his ex gfs came up. So of course I investigated further. Upon searching I found he had a folder with a random inconspicuous name that was harboring nude photos of all ex gfs. I wasn’t happy but I was preparing for an interview so I brought it up the next day after that was out of the way. He told me that “it wasn’t a big deal” and he “forgot”. But judging by the hidden folder and that they were in his recent viewed files I would say not the truth. I asked him to delete them because it was disrespectful to me but also those women who I’m sure hoped they were deleted upon the end of the relationship. Anyways he told me he would delete them and we moved on.
Flash forward to earlier this year and we were sitting on the couch. When an insta notification popped up that his request was accepted for some girl. So although I probably shouldn’t have, I decided to see who the new friend was. It was a profile that had no posts just a description that said to DM for private photos. And to my surprise he was following several profiles like this. I again confronted him and told him this made me uncomfortable and asked can you please get rid of them. He again blew it off like it was no big deal. But he did agree to delete them.
Okay forward to now - I recently noticed that he and an 18 year old girl he works with are friends on insta. And idk why but it bothers me. She’s almost half his age and he always makes fun of someone else who works there that goes after and dates these 18 year olds. They work at a restaurant, by the way. I checked out this girls profile and she is in bras and short shorts or bathing suits in a lot of pics, which, I just want to say she has every right to - She looks amazing. I can see the appeal for why my bf is following. He follows a lot of models who post photos in little to no clothing and he even screen shots and keeps a lot of their pics - I don’t mind but I’m feeling bothered that it’s someone he works with.
Unfortunately I let this little insecurity get the best of me and I went on his computer. I know, it’s not right I know. I saw that he recently watched home videos of him having sex with his exes and looked at some photos. Which he told me he deleted. And now I’m even more irritated. So I did something bad and I deleted them. Which I honestly am feeling guilty about. I mean for those exes sake not really - but I went on his personal computer without asking and deleted something that honestly he should have done. Anyways I don’t like that I did it. But over all I’m just starting to lose trust in my relationship. I never thought he would go out and cheat on me but I’m not sure what to think anymore. Why does he need to keep all this stuff and is it weird he’s friends with an 18 yr old girl from work on social media? I guess my head is thinking - could they be exchanging photos. Ugh - am I overreacting?
TL;DR! My bf still has some home made sex videos with exes on his computer that I saw he was watching recently. What does this say about our relationship?
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Ok here’s just a quick rundown of some OF pages I’ve subbed to that I haven’t seen here or I feel need to be updated
@ur69baby: Verdict- 4/10 Not worth it. If you get it on sale it might be worth it but she doesn’t post nudes to her main feed just in PPV. Her lewds are ok, mostly just lingerie and bikini type stuff. She also posts lots of ads for other pages. At the regular $30 price it’s a definite pass.
@vickyaisha: Verdict 8/10 Worth it. First of all what you get for the price is pretty great. She posts topless often on her main feed but usually with hand bra or other nipple covers but she posts full topless decently often. She doesn’t show pussy or asshole pics. She is very active in pms and her PPV stuff is priced decently. And for $7 it’s pretty good.
@laceylaid: 7/10 It’s ok. She posts nudes quite often and she shows pretty much everything. She also sends lots of previews for her PPV videos in her main feed which are pretty good. She sends lots of PPV videos that are kinda expensive.
@thesabrinabanks: 1/10 DO NOT BUY. She posts very infrequently and what she does post is basically what’s on her Instagram.
@graciewaifu: 5/10 It’s ok. She just recently started posting nipple pics and she never posts nude pussy pics. She’s basically if Belle Delphine showed nip
@lilbabymj: 4/10 it’s ok. She posts around once a week and it’s a 50/50 chance it’ll actually be nudes. She does randomly send nude pics and vids in dms like once a week but not nearly enough to make it worth it. Fan engagement is really good though
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I am posting this story online in hopes that someone out there hears what I have to say and believes me. My name is Ben Shapiro. I live an ordinary life in the United States. Like most people I own a lot of libs, but I also own a lot of video games. That’s right. Video games. I try not to talk about it much, but my favorite video game franchise is Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s extremely popular among conservative talk show hosts for some reason.
But if we talk about it publicly, we are ostracized. Remember when Glenn Beck was kicked off Fox News? That’s because of his segment on why Sonic is better than Mario. So we try to keep quiet about our love of Sonic. But one of my favorite pastimes is to collect rare and obscure Sonic games. I own at least three Sonic pachinko machines and even own a signed copy of Sonic Dreams Collection. I will often go to flea markets or garage sales looking for vintage Sonic games and other merchandise. I have spent approximately sixty five thousand dollars on Sonic media, including a very expensive commission of a drawing of me hanging out with Sonic and Knuckles at Six Flags. But that was far from the biggest price I ever paid for Sonic. No. That day came just a few weeks ago when my wife, who is a doctor by the way, and I walked into a Gamestop. The building itself was decrepit and disgusting. The lights flickered grimly, and half the shelves were basked in darkness. The whole place reeked of body odor. There was a sullen look of despair on the face of every single person there. There was truly a depressing presence hanging over every inch of that place. In other words, it looked like a perfectly ordinary looking Gamestop. But it wasn’t. This Gamestop housed a truly eldritch horror that I was unknowingly about to welcome into my life. There was, of course, the standard affair of PlayStation and Xbox games. Nothing too exciting. I had no interest in Red Dead Redemption 2 or Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice. I have no interest in normie trash like that. Eventually, a display case in a dark corner of the store caught my eye. Now we are talking. My wife, Dr. Shapiro, and I sauntered over to the counter for a closer look. There were some random Gameboy and PlayStation games. But what really surprised me was a CD with the words Sonic Adventure 2 written on it in black sharpie. The Gamestop clerk walked over to us. “Is there anything I can help you with?” she asked, her horrible breath wafting into my face. “Yes,” I said. “What is the deal with this copy of Sonic Adventure 2?” The woman scratched her head. “If I remember correctly, some crazy lunatic brought that game in. He said it was haunted.” “Really?” I asked. She replied. “Look, I don’t fucking know. Now do you want it or not?” “I’ll take it!” I exclaimed. My wife paid for the game and we quickly exited the store. On the way home, I explained to my wife that Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast is far superior to the Nintendo GameCube port. The GameCube port was horribly butchered. You would think the port was done by Democrats. Yes, it’s that bad. When we finally got home, I dusted off my old Sega to give my new game a try. The game started up perfectly normally. I breezed through the main menu and went to story mode. Hero and Dark story were both already available as usual. But I noticed another story. Hell story. I could not recall there being a Hell story when I first played Sonic Adventure 2. So that seemed a little odd. But I was too excited to play some Sonic to think about it for very long. I selected Hero story and was presented with the opening cutscene of Sonic jumping out of a helicopter. The first level City Escape started up and I felt a rush of excitement. My only complaint with this level is the lack of homeless people scattered throughout the streets. This is clearly supposed to be San Fancisco, and we all know that liberal run cities are a hotbed of homelessness and poverty. No wonder Sonic is trying to escape from the city. Because liberal run cities are awful and I hate them. It had been a while since I played Sonic Adventure 2, but had little trouble handling the blue blur. I guess you could say I am a bit of a professional gamer. I quickly made it to the chase sequence with the semi truck. But I noticed that there appeared to be realistic human screaming whenever the truck ran over the cars on the sides of the road. It sounded a lot like how some people scream when I own them with facts and logic. Sonic was then cornered by a GUN agent inside a robot called Big Foot. But every time Sonic hit the cockpit, the pilot would scream out in pain and call for his family. Once I defeated him, the robot exploded and realistic chunks of blood and guts rained down over the battlefield. I didn’t remember any of this from previous playthroughs, but sometimes even extremely smart Harvard graduates like me forget one or two things. Then my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character appeared. Shadow the Hedgehog. I was so excited that my voice almost raised by half a decibel. I know all the words to this scene so well that I was mouthing along with the characters. Except there was one problem. Shadow is supposed to say “My name is Shadow. I'm the world's ultimate life form! There's no time for games. Farewell.” Instead he said this. “My name is Shadow, and your days are numbered, Ben Shapiro.” I have been threatened at least sixty times in my life, but never by a cartoon hedgehog. Needless to say, this was quite unusual. Is it possible that the big tiddy goth girl who worked at Gamestop was telling the truth? Was there some kind of evil force locked away inside the disc spinning around inside my Dreamcast? Or maybe that half a Bud Light I drank was really getting to me. I decided to keep a level head and push onward. The next few levels went by without too much trouble. I’ve always been a fan of the Knuckles and Tails levels. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos of people saying these levels are not as good. But those people are morons. You heard me, morons. Anyway, I made it to the scene where Amy breaks Sonic out of Guantanamo Bay. I love this scene. Sonamy is easily my favorite ship. They have such great chemistry. Seriously, do not try to tell me that Sonic belongs with Sally Acorn, or Princess Elise, or Big the Cat. Amy is his one true love. I’m sorry, but hedgehog marriage should be between a hedgehog and a hedgehog. Otherwise, the entire society of Mobius would collapse. I have done quite a bit of research on this so do not even bother trying to debate me in the threads. Getting back to the game. I noticed something a little strange during the Guantanamo Bay cut scene. In the jail cell are copious amounts of notes written by Gerald Robotnik. But I noticed a different note sprawled along the wall in hyper realistic blood. It said “I’m coming for you Ben Shapiro.” I had no idea what to make of this. Was this some kind of visual glitch? Sonic Adventure 2 is a pretty old game, after all. It was at this point that I was getting very tired. I had a busy day of talking about how all people on Medicaid are freeloaders ahead of me and I needed my beauty rest. I turned off the Dreamcast, got up to stretch and made my way for the bathroom until I heard a faint whisper. A faint whisper that shook me to my very core. It said “Hey I’ll play with you some other time!” And it almost sounded like Sonic. It sounded somewhat like Ryan Drummond, but there was a hint of Jaleel White. Maybe a touch of Jason Griffith and a splash of Roger Craig Smith. Also there was some Martin Burke and Ben Schwartz too, as well as Jaleel White. I immediately wet myself. Possibly out of fear, or possibly because I have poor control of my bladder, or possibly both. I put on my jammies and hopped into bed with Doctor Shapiro, who is also my wife by the way. I tossed and turned for several hours. Sleep eluded me. My mind was racing with thoughts about what had just happened. Am I going crazy? “No. You are not going crazy.” The voice came from the foot of my bed. I looked up and saw Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former C.E.O. of Nintendo, standing over me. “You are not crazy,” he said in a calm voice. “You are in terrible danger.” “What are you doing here?” I asked Reggie Fils-Aimé. “You are on the board of directors at Gamestop. Aren’t you busy trying to keep your company from going bankrupt?” “That is why I am here.” Reggie’s voice boomed throughout the room. “Customer service is very important to me. And I fear that you are in trouble of having bad customer service. You see, the video game you purchased from Gamestop is haunted. If you are not careful, you could meet a grizzly fate.” I was very annoyed that Reggie was talking to me this way. “Listen here Reggie,” I said in a stern voice. “If you don’t get out of my house I will grab my shotgun and make you leave.” Reggie chuckled. “HA HA HA HA! You don’t understand. I am not in your house.” Reggie snapped his fingers. The walls and floor of my bedroom began to dissolve. I turned to my wife. Doctor Mor Shapiro, but she was already gone. It was just Reggie and I alone in a dark void. I looked over to Reggie, who had a smug grin on his face. “What are you?” I asked in disbelief. Reggie walked closer. “Do you really think they let anyone be the C.E.O. of Nintendo? Absolutely not. My powers far exceed those of any human. Including you, Ben Shapiro. So I think it’s about time you started treating me with respect. And if you don’t listen to me now, things could end very badly for you, my friend.” Reggie Fils-Aimé was right. “Well then spit it out!” I said. “What is going to happen to me?” Reggie snapped his fingers again. We were transported to a living room covered in blood. Forensics teams were taking pictures. I looked over and saw two men kneeled over by the television. The screen was broken, and an overturned Sega Dreamcast was next to it. “I can’t believe it!” One of the men said. “It appears to be some kind of quill. Like from a hedgehog. But it’s blue.” “That is impossible!'' The second man shouted. “Hedgehogs are not blue, dumbass.” “Would you just shut up and let me do my job, dickhole?” The two men faded away, along with the rest of the gruesome scene. “Do you understand now?” Reggie asked. “If you keep playing that game, you will be killed.” My hands were shaking. My lips were trembling. My throat was a little scratchy. “Was this really the work of Sonic the Hedgehog?” I asked. “I’m afraid so.” Reggie sighed. “I can’t believe Sonic would do this.” I started sobbing. Reggie patted me on the back. “It’s not that surprising, honestly. Sonic has always been a bad boy.” “What am I supposed to play now?” I asked. “How can I go on without Sonic.” Reggie comforted me. “It’s okay. I’ll tell you what. Super Mario 3D All Stars is now on sale. I can put one aside for you to pick up at Gamestop tomorrow.” I froze. Suddenly, everything became clear to me. I chuckled. “You just overplayed your hand, Reggie boy.” “What are you talking about?” Reggie said defensively. “Don’t you want to play Super Mario 64 with updated HUD sprites?” I laughed in Reggie’s face. “So this was all a ruse to trick me into denouncing Sonic? You have some impressive powers, magic man. But it will take more than that to fool Ben Shapiro.” Reggie’s face turned red. “Listen to me!” he shouted. “Sonic the Hedgehog is a murderer. You are doomed if you keep playing that game.” I laughed even harder. “Oh yeah, and is Master Chief a pedophile?” Reggie fell silent. “Alright, Ben. If you want to keep playing that game, I won’t stop you. But I hope your body is ready. I hope it is ready to experience pain and agony like you have never known before. I hope your mind and spirit are prepared for the wrath of Sonic. Very few people are more powerful than me. Doug Bowser, Shigeru Miyamoto, the Nostalgia Critic. But Sonic is very close. You won’t be able to beat him on your own. So if you need help, just call out to me. And I’ll be there.” I rolled my eyes. “God, you are more annoying than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Just get me out of here already.” Reggie Fils-Aimé stood silently for a moment. I could see the conflict in his face. Perhaps he was being honest. Or maybe he was upset that he couldn’t trick me. It did not matter at this point. I love Sonic, and it is impossible for anyone to change that. Reggie snapped his fingers one last time. I was suddenly back in bed, sweat running down my brow. Was it all just a dream? I calmed myself down. Alright Ben, let’s think about this factually and logically. Reggie Fils-Aimé does not have magic powers. Super Mario 3D All Stars is a lazy port and a rip off. Hedgehogs do not actually exist. I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. When I turned off the tap, I heard music off in the distance. I would know that music anywhere. It was the song my wife and I danced to during our wedding. It was the menu theme of Sonic Adventure 2. Also my wife is a doctor. I stumbled, half asleep into the living room. Sure enough, Sonic Adventure 2 was on the television. Silly me. I must have forgotten to turn it off. I stepped towards the game console, then stopped. After that nightmare, it might be better to stay up for a while. What harm could there be in that. I sat down on the couch, grabbed the controller and set my gaze on the television screen, which illuminated the dark room with comforting, familiar light. The game was already on the story select screen. The cursor hovered over that mysterious third game mode, Hell Story. I’m not sure what provoked me to select that option. Was it simply curiosity? Or was it some kind of self hatred? Was I trying to prove something? Even on the other side of all this, I’m still not sure. What goes through a man’s mind while he is ruining his life? Is any thought justified? All my accolades and knowledge. Is it all worthless in the face of one stupid act? Hell Story started off with a cutscene of Dr. Eggman. I love Dr. Eggman. Shadow might be my favorite, but Eggman is the character I relate to. Amazing physique, incredibly high IQ, completely misunderstood. Dr. Eggman also reminds me of my wife for some reason. I’m not sure why. But something was clearly very wrong with Eggman in this cutscene. He was sitting alone on the floor of the Space Colony ARK, sobbing quietly to himself. “Please!” He cried. “Don’t do it. I’ll put my evil past behind me. I will never defame the moon again. I’ll return the Chaos Emeralds. Just please. Don’t. kill. Me.” Eggman’s words were trembling at this point. Suddenly another figure came into view. It was Sonic the Hedgehog. And he was holding a gun. “Sorry Eggman, but I can’t let you live any longer.” Sonic cocked his gun. “Now get a load of this.” The screen went dark. Bang. I couldn’t believe it. Doctor Eggman was fucking dead. A loading screen popped up for the first level. It was a Knuckles level. It was called Escape Pod. I had to collect three keys to unlock the door to the escape bay of the space colony. There was also a time limit of eleven minutes and thirty four seconds. The level was actually quite fun. I even felt like a kid again. But Sonic’s voice would frequently come over the intercom. “I’m coming to get you, Knuckles.” “You are running out of time. And then you are next, Ben Shapiro.” This put a bit of a damper on my experience but I still really enjoyed the level. The next level was a Tails level. I had to make it to the escape pod that I had unlocked as Knuckles. The strangest thing about this level was that there were no enemies or music. It was just Tails walking through a dark and lonely spaceship. It reminded me of my last birthday party. Sonic would come over the intercom in this level too. He said such awful things. “I am going to kill you Tails.” “You are dead Tails.” I beat the level without too much trouble. But when Tails arrived at the escape pod, Knuckles was nowhere to be found. Tails cried out for him, but there was no response. Tails then started weeping. Between the sobs, I could hear faint footsteps. I knew those footsteps anywhere. It was Sonic. “Hey Tails!” Sonic called out. “Did you see what I did to Baldy McNosehair? I think we should change his name to Corpsey McNoface.” “Why are you doing this?” Tails cried. “You’re a good guy! You are supposed to help people!” Sonic laughed. “I am helping people, Tails. It might not seem like it, but there are some very bad people who need to be taught a lesson.” Sonic looked straight at the camera. “There are some very bad people, indeed.” He pointed his gun right at me. I’m not sure what it was, but I somehow knew I was in great danger. I ducked out of the way of the television. The screen shattered as a bullet flew through the glass. The bullet grazed my leg as I tumbled down to the floor. Sonic the Hedgehog had just tried to kill me. I was in complete shock. I haven’t felt this way since Obama won the 2012 election. My entire life was now in shambles. My hero, my friend, my first love just tried to kill me. The words of Reggie Fils-Aimé rang through my head. Sonic has always been a bad boy. It was true. But why me? Why Ben Shapiro? Everybody loves Ben Shapiro. And then it hit me. “Oh my god. Sonic must be a liberal.” Environmentalist themes are rampant in Sonic games, the fact that Sonic always runs around in the nude, the fact that his fur is blue. I pulled out my phone and Googled “Is Sonic the Hedgehog a democrat?” I found an image of a Bernie Sanders rally. And sure enough. There he was hidden in the crowd. Sonic the Hedgehog. He was holding a sign up that said “Free Healthcare for All”. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. How could this be? Why did I never notice? Rivers of blood were running down my leg at this point. I called out “Is there a doctor in the house?!” To my dismay, my wife, who is a doctor by the way, had just gone out for milk. So there was in fact no doctor in the house. I crafted a makeshift tourniquet out of copies of the Constitution that I keep in every single drawer of my house. I was no longer bleeding like a stuck pig, but I knew I would lose consciousness soon if I didn't act. Suddenly, I heard a loud shattering sound come from the guest room. Oh my God. It must have been the other television. I limped over to the room to see that it was empty. The television appeared to have been broken from the inside. Sonic was inside the house. I could tell. I scanned the room for any sign of where he might have gone. I saw that the guest closet door was closed. Gotcha, I whispered under my breath. I reached under the guest bed and pulled out my shotgun. I crept up to the door. I heard heavy breathing coming from the other side. I cocked my shotgun, stuck it up against the door, and fired. A loud howling erupted from the other side of the door. Sonic was finished. I opened the door and flicked on the light to get a better view of my handiwork. My jaw dropped as the shotgun slipped out of my hands and onto the ground. I had just shot Knuckles the Echidna. “Fuck! Holy Fuck! Jesus Christ! You just fucking shot me!” Knuckles bawled. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” “I am so sorry. I am so sorry.”I told him. “You fucking idiot! You shot me! You goddamn moron!” “Hey, I happen to have a very high IQ.” I told him. Knuckles continued screaming for a minute or two until falling silent. He was dead. A painful silence filled the room. My mind was racing, but at the same time, it was also completely blank. They don’t prepare you for this at Harvard Law School. I picked the shotgun back up and stumbled back into the living room. The Sega Dreamcast was gone. “I know you are here, Sonic!” I shouted. “So just come out now!” Silence. My eyes kept darting all around the room. He could be anywhere I thought. The adrenaline in my system that was keeping my leg from hurting was starting to wear off. Fatigue was setting in. Shit. If I don’t deal with Sonic soon, I’m a goner. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something in the kitchen. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! It was nothing. Then a chilling realization hit me. I was out of bullets. Then I heard his voice. “You should be careful, Ben. Are you not aware that seventy percent of accidental gun deaths occur in the home? If you are not careful, your love of the second amendment is going to get you killed. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Fear cascaded through my nervous system. I tried to pinch myself awake, but this was no dream. This was reality. I took a deep breath and turned around. There he was. Sonic the Hedgehog. Hyper realistic blood running down his face. My first thought was to run. But I knew that would be pointless. I knew that he could snap my neck in a millisecond if he wanted to. I was a fly caught in his web. And I knew he wanted to take his time with me. To torture me. To put me in so much pain that I would forget my own name or even forget what a disaster the Affordable Care Act was. I was doomed. “Don't worry, buddy.” Sonic taunted. “This will only hurt a lot.” He started to walk closer towards me. Each step like the gong of a bell in my ears. I never should have walked into the Gamestop. How could the free market have done this to me. I had only one hope. I cried out for Reggie. He was the only one who could stop this. There is no way he would let Gamestop get bad publicity like this. As Sonic stepped closer, a cloud of smoke appeared. Out of the fog, Reggie Fils-Aimé appeared. “Thank God, you came!” I smiled. “Anything for a customer.” Reggie turned his attention towards Sonic, who was still smiling with his smug smile that he does. “So, you called on your big brother to help you out, Ben. That is so sweet. I guess I will have to get rid of you both then. I have always wanted to get my hands on Mario. But I guess you will have to do, Reggie.”
“Silence!” Reggie’s voice boomed throughout the house. “You will never defeat me Sonic. I am but a mere projection of the real Reggie Fils-Aimé. But I am still ten times stronger than you could ever hope to be. You are nothing more than a stain on the world of gaming. You should have been wiped out years ago, but you keep hanging on. You are quite resilient. I am afraid that your resilience ends tonight. I will do all in my power to destroy you, Sonic. You will never again torture any-” Sonic leapt forward, jamming his knee into Reggie’s stomach. Reggie yelled out in disbelief before exploding into a puff of smoke. “What. How. Did.” I stuttered my words in absolute fear. Sonic dusted himself off.” I knew he was too weak to handle me. After all. Sega does what Nintendon’t.” The room was spinning at this point. I spun around towards the front door. Maybe if I could just get outside, I would be safe. I started towards the door, but collapsed due to exhaustion. Sonic started laughing at me. I could tell by his laugh that he was absolutely giddy as he watched me try to escape with my life. “Come on, Ben!” Sonic said. “We could go to Six Flags. Just like you’ve always wanted. You, me, Knuckles. Oh wait, you killed Knuckles, didn’t you. That was very naughty of you, Ben, I think you’re going to need a time out. A permanent time out!” I was at the door at this point, my bloody hand struggling to get a grip on the knob. Sonic walked closer. End of the line. Suddenly the door opened. Dr. Shapiro, my wife, was back with the milk. “Oh my God!” She screamed. “Ben, are you okay!” I tried to speak but I was too tired to move my mouth. For once in my life, I was speechless. “You!” Sonic shouted in disbelief. “What are you doing here?” I was confused by Sonic’s words, but I knew I needed medical attention right away. With what little strength I had left, I looked at my wife and pleaded. “Please dear, I need a doctor.” My wife looked at me, revealing a pain hidden in her eyes. “I have to tell you something, Ben. I am not really a doctor. I was never a doctor.” “What!?” I said. “Of course you are!” “No.” She said. “I have been lying about my entire life. You see, I am a demon hunter. And I have been hunting Sonic the Hedgehog for decades now. You see, Sonic is a Demon.” “What!” I cried. My wife sighed. “I come from a place known as Genocide City. At least that is what everyone called it after Sonic killed everyone there. My mother hid me under the floorboards so Sonic didn’t get me. I have spent my whole life training so that one day I could finally defeat him. I knew that Sonic hated conservatives. And I knew that you were obsessed with finding anything related to Sonic. So I decided to marry you as a way to find Sonic. That day has finally come. Don’t worry, Ben. I will take it from here.” My wife pulled out a giant sword. “Alright Sonic,” she said. “Let’s dance.” Sonic ran straight into my wife, pushing them both through the front door of the house. They began fighting out on our open lawn, moving so quickly I could hardly tell which blurry figure was my wife and which one was Sonic. Soon, the homeless people who all hang out in our neighborhood started watching. “What is that thing?!” one called out. “It looks like some kind of creature!” Another answered, “That’s just Ben Shapiro.” I could not tell who was winning the fight. The two moved at such incredible speed that I could not tell what was even happening. It was not until my wife was sent through the wall of our house that I started to suspect she was losing. Although her giant sword was incredibly cool looking, it seemed like she had trouble actually hitting Sonic with it. I am not sure how one prepares to fight a demon. I took a demon slaying elective at Harvard Law, but that was mostly just theory. Eventually, my wife was able to pin Sonic underneath her sword. Sonic pushed hard against it, driving himself further into the ground. “Give it up, Sonic!” She cried. “I am sending you back to hell!” Suddenly the sword broke in half, and my wife lost her footing. Sonic took advantage of this moment and quickly pinned underneath his Soap shoe. “I am starting to get annoyed at how weak you all think I am. In case you all forgot who I am. I’m Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! I am the fastest thing alive!!” I had to think fast. If I didn’t do something, it might all be over. And then it hit me. I called out. “Hey Sonic!” “Huh?!” Sonic turned to face me. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Ben Shapiro. The one who awoke me from my slumber. Sorry about your house. And your lawn. Any last words before I ruin the rest of your life?” “Mario is better!” Sonic froze. “What did you say?!” “Mario is better than Sonic!” I said again. I stood to my feet, a rush of strength coursed through my veins. “Eight of the fifty best selling games ever are Mario titles. Sonic only has one. Level design in Mario games is vastly superior to that of Sonic games. Super Mario Galaxy is one hundred times more polished than any 3D Sonic title. Sega has no idea how to make a good Sonic game, whereas Mario games have remained consistently good for thirty five years.” Sonic was clearly confused. “What are you talking about? Aren’t you one of my biggest fans? Why would you spread such nonsense?” I chuckled. “I’m not spreading nonsense. I’m spreading facts and logic.” “What!?” Sonic took a step back in shock, and then realized that my wife had slipped out of his grasp. Just then, she pierced through his body from behind using the broken end of her sword. Sonic gasped out for air, clearly struggling to breathe. “You bastard!” he shouted. “Sorry, Sonic.” My wife said plainly. “But it looks like it’s game over!” It was at this point Sonic began inflating. His true demonic form was finally coming to light. Sonic’s body continued to grow in size. It reminded me of images I used to look at on Deviant Art Dot Com. Sonic moaned and roared. And then finally, the demon exploded, raining hyper realistic blood down over the entire block. The crowd of homeless people surrounding our house cheered out. Finally the nightmare was over. By this point, everything became a blur. The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed. My wife was there, along with a real doctor, who jumped up when they saw me wake up. “Thank god you are alive, Ben!” My wife said. “We are all so happy you are alive!” “Yes,” the doctor agreed. “This truly is a miracle. Anyway your bill is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” We all started laughing. God bless America. After a while I finally returned home. We buried Knuckles out in the backyard, and I bought myself a copy of Super Mario 3D All Stars. It might be a rip off. But the games are still quality. Not long after these events we moved to Nashville, Tennessee and I accidentally misplaced my haunted copy of Sonic Adventure 2. Otherwise I would have dumped a rom onto the internet to prove that any of this happened. Oh well. I learned a lot about myself during these times. I learned to stop obsessing over Sonic the Hedgehog. I finally went to Six Flags. All by myself. And it was fucking dope. I also learned that my wife is not a doctor. Boy, do I have egg on my face. I also learned the importance of facts and logic. Well, I guess I already knew that. But I reaffirmed that I was correct. And most importantly, I learned that I should never step foot in a Gamestop again.
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2020.10.17 08:39 confusedgirlafraid Nude random video chat

F19 sorry am on mobile. So I keep having sex dreams about various celebrities. Me and my partner are in an ldr and with my current living situation I can't really do sexy video chats or take hot pics. It's always a celebrity from a show or movie we watched that day. Some of them I dont even find attractive and others are very attractive. Anyways I keep having graphic sex dreams about celebrities and it feels really bad because I love my partner so much. I just wanna have sex and then I think about sex with them and in my dreams it just so happens to be with celebrities or literally random people in my life. Like example in hs i had a relationship where we literally only held hands didn't even kiss and i have had a dream about having sex with them????? I dont want that at all and havent spoken to them for YEARS. I did see a post they were tagged in on facebook so maybe I thought about them before bed. My current partner is my first and only everything. My first kiss the first person to see me nude, or have sex with. It makes me feel so incredibly guilty because I love my partner and would never cheat on them and do not have the desire to. I wake up and vomit over it. This is eating me up inside and looking through articles about dreams has not helped.
Edit: this was not an open invitation to get me to sext anyone what?? I do not want to dm or help anyone jerk off. I literally said the thought of cheating EVEN in my dreams makes me vomit and y'all thinking something different???
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2020.10.09 23:45 prince3101 Innocent make-up/clothes and perfect hair takes me out of an emotional song

Just a random thought I had when watching a couple of MVs. Almost all idols are perfectly done up in all videos or public appearances and when they aren't it's rarely a promotional video. This is all fine and good but when it comes to actual emotional and relatively heavy MVs when they have perfectly blow-dried hair, fluffy pink lips, that touch of orange/pink eyeshadow, beautiful soft clothing (points if it's some kind of cute sweater for guys) and are singing with usually a dead-pan face to the camera I really cannot take the song or emotion seriously. And when I'm referring to the perfect make-up I just realised I mean the stereotypical make-up (especially for girls) that is used to make them look more "pure" and "innocent" for a lack of a better word.
Usually with emotional Kpop MVs I love the song but rarely can actually enjoy watching the MV beyond the first time. It's not that big of a deal tbh I just think it's a bit funny and there's definitely a majority of people who like the look and it doesn't bother them - hence why I feel like it's unpopular pretty much everywhere. For me it's like so many Kpop songs don't have that heavy emotions in the vocals as is, so when they do I wish the MVs matched that. This doesn't necessarily mean going bare-faced or anything but rather styling with intention. I know there are some MVs where the perfect styling is intentional (I think Johngyun's Lonely fits here) but those aren't the MVs I'm talking about.
It's just interesting to me since people tend to point to acting and the dead-pan expression as the number one issue in MVs. But to me the styling alone could up the emotional factor of an MV if done right.
I won't give examples of groups that do this since I'm sure people can easily find examples but instead groups/soloists who really portray the emotions through styling and make-up as well (now this doesn't mean that there are scenes in the MV where I'm like "mmmmh you're look rn does not convey that kind of pain" like it's not perfect but it's definitely better than others):

  • Wind Flower (Mamamoo): this breaches some of the issues I have, but the styling is so different from their other MVs that it indicates some effort made to match the emotion of the lyrics. Specifically the scene where Solar smudges her lipstick is perfect.
  • Crooked (GD): can't talk about emotionally charged songs and not mention this gem. Literally every look + the make-up looks paired with his tattoos are so representative of the emotions of the lyrics, you don't even have to look up the lyrics to understand at points. I mean this guy is sitting in his boxers for a scene.
  • Missing You (2NE1): now this, this is one of my favourite sad Kpop song MVs (barring Melted by AKMU). This is an example of all the members being dolled up and still looking gorgeous but to me their styling works with the song (minus Bom tho since her look did kind of take me out of the song). I think CL was definitely the star here - the ripping of the stockings, the dark eye, the black hair and then the nude scenes where she looks so small - it just works.
I do acknowledge that the groups/soloists listed above are the ones commonly chosen to straddle the line between artists and idols but the music they release is still within the Kpop realm. This is by no means a huge issue to me but simply an opinion that I find peculiar and I definitely am curious to see what the consensus on this is!
Edit: totally forgot to mention G-Idle's Say No stage - I know not an MV but still such an amazing performance and just spot on with the styling!
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2020.10.09 00:42 s_p0912 Random video nude chat

I was at work when I tried to access Snapchat and noticed I was logged off. It was extremely busy at work and I didn’t have time to log back on, so I ignored it and went about my day. After I got off of work, I logged back on and saw a few strange messages from my boyfriend. From his perspective, he saw me opening his messages and not responding for hours, while getting notifications that I was saving dozens of my own photos and videos from the chat to my camera role. After I called him, and cleared everything up I came to an awful realization; I’d been hacked. Over quarantine, I sent him tons of nude photos and videos to keep the spark alive while maintaining a safe distance. I trust my boyfriend more than anyone, and I never thought that sending him explicit photos would ever bite me in the ass. I’ve changed all my passwords to absolutely everything (I have never shared them with anyone to begin with) but I still don’t feel safe. I have tons of questions. Could it be someone I know? If it was a random person, why was I targeted? Is there anything I can do? Is it possible to contact Snapchat and find the IP address of whoever accessed my account? How likely is it that my images will end up online? How will I know if they’re online?
If this has happened to anyone else please let me know how to handle it. I feel so lost and violated, I could really use some advice.
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2020.10.09 00:01 monsoonemmii Random video nude chat

Greetings! My name’s Victoria, but you can call me Tori. I joined Reddit due to the fact that I enjoy writing. When I say “I enjoy writing”, I mean like I enjoy writing stories. I have always wanted to become an author, oand and animator. I would LOVE to write some of my own stories for everyone to see on this platform, as a sort of “training”? Eh, I don’t know, but I hope you get the gist of it.

 Now that I have explained why I joined Reddit, let’s talk about myself. I’m not very good at introductions, so I’m going to break down things about myself using a series of various questions that are some what simple to answer. Now to start off with, here are my “my favorite _____ is _____” questions. 
  1. What is my favorite color? My favorite color is lavender, black, and almost all nude, “boring” colors.
  2. What are my favorite foods? My favorite foods include avocados, and seafood in general.
  3. What’s my favorite thing to do? I love playing video games, and I also love to draw traditionally and digitally. I also like to write.
  4. What is/was my favorite school subject in school? My favorite school subject is ELA, how ironic.
  5. What’s my favorite movie? Oh boy, I have a whole list, but I’ll only mention a few. The rest will be mentioned in a “movie recommendation” text post that I may or may not be considering on posting in the future. My all time favorite movie is “Interstellar”, along with “wall•Ⓔ“, a silent voice, and “Avengers: Endgame.”
  6. What’s my favorite movie genre? I have two: action and a sci-fi thrillers.
  7. What’s my favorite book? Hunger Games (book 1 btw), by Suzanne Collins, and “Number the Stars”, by Lois Lowry.
  8. What’s my favorite book genre? I have none.
  9. Who’s my favorite actor? Hmm... that’s a hard one.
  10. What’s my favorite anime? All. You can’t change my mind.
  11. What’s my favorite song? Someone to You, by BANNERS. (PS: it might change in the future, you never know)
  12. What’s my favorite animal? Red pandas, along with bunnies.
  13. What’s my favorite season? I like Autumn, and Winter.
  14. What’s my favorite place? Japan probably.
  15. What’s my favorite flower? Amaryllis and Wisteria flowers.
  16. What’s my favorite drink? My favorite drink would be frappuccino and a cappuccino
  17. What’s my favorite language? I only speak English and Spanish, but my favorite language is Japanese.
  18. What’s my favorite emoji? 🐛🐛🐛 this emoji is so cute idk why.
  19. What’s my favorite restaurant? I don’t have any.
  20. What’s my favorite app on my phone? A mix with WEBTOON, Spotify, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.
  21. What’s my favorite Pokémon? Ik this question is random, but it’s a Shuckle! 🐢🍄
Too many “fav” questions, I guess? 😅
Now, I’m gonna shorten the amount of questions that I answer. Next are my dislikes!
  1. What’s my least favorite food? This is EASY! Plantains!
  2. What’s my least favorite anime? I’m not a huge fan of the “Dragon Ball” stuff :/
  3. What’s my least favorite color? Most likely hot pink.
  4. What’s my least favorite movie? I’m thinking of this one movie that I hated with a passion, but I completely forgot the name.
  5. What’s my least favorite subject in school? Math.
  6. What’s my least favorite book? Ugh, I forgot the name.
  7. What’s my least favorite thing to do? Homework.
  8. What’s my least favorite movie genre? I don’t have one.
I won’t be answering any other dislike questions.
Now, to move on with my other questions that don’t include my likes and dislikes.
For my bad personality traits, I’m irresponsible, I procrastinate too much, I’m slow, unless when I type, I wander off all the time, and I’m a klutz.
For my good personality traits, I’m kind, I have a slight sense of humor, I am compassionate, I’m also kinda hard-working, and I apply logic in any situation that I am in.
Oh did I forget that I’m dense? 😃
Now, to conclude my introduction, I will be listing what I will most likely be posting on my account. I’ll be posting short, or long stories, they will always be well-thought out, and with a semi-high level of literacy. I will be posting any small requests, if I get any. I’ll also be posting recommendations for anything, leave suggestions if you would like. I’ll also be posting short, daily text posts about my day, sorta like a blog.
Ik this text post was really long, and thank you for whoever made it this far into reading my introduction! I’ll be posting a lot more soon! ^
Also, to pronounce my username, it isn’t: [monsoon-emmy] It’s actually [mun-soon-im-mee]
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