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2020.03.19 19:37 Name1887 Reallife 247 cam

I watch and play a lot of football. In the past few years, i really liked the playstyle of the 433 Formation, especially the one where the middle cm is dropping between the defenders.
But on the other hand, in fifa this formation and playstyle just does not work. Still the cam position is one of the most neccesarry positions, even tho in reallife the cam position ist mostly dead.
I hate it so much, that the popular positions from real life like 352 or 433 are not that good in fifa.
Do you feel so as well? Or does someone play the 433 (2) formation and is succesfull with it and has any advices for me, so that i can stop playing those boring 4231 or 4222 formations?
Cheers guys
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2018.10.28 08:37 rasadi90 Positional training

In FM19 its almost impossible to train someone as a natural on a new position.
In my first season I started Kai Havertz around 50 times at CM as an advanced playmaker while training him there aswell.
I tried training other players like Sam Schreck as a left mid(inverted winger) and my coach just says: He will never become better than competent on that position.
So far I wasn't able to retrain anyone and it really limits my abilities to form my own team. I cant retrain someone that has superb stats for a position, so my only choice is to buy someone new?
Kai Havertz for example played on the 6/8 a couple of times for Leverkusen in real life and ingame he is a 4 star player for me but as a CM he is only a 2.5 star player even after an entire season of playing there. As I play 4-1-4-1 should I throw him away now?
It was one of my favorite things to do, retraining players to fit my needs. In FM13 it was super easy, in FM15 and FM17 you needed a lot of match practice(a bit too much if I compare it to reallife situations, like Schweinsteiger, when LvG switched him from being a winger to a CM he was amazing instantly. Yeah probably he still needed half a season to feel natural, but the impact was immediate.
In Fm19, if I had Schweinsteiger as a winger, I maybe wouldnt be able to retrain him at all. Its super frustrating.
I love Fm19 otherwise so far, the tactics and the UI are great, also the match engine is fine. But it makes me super sad I cant use Havertz now, as he is one of the main reasons I started this save. In real life he is super flexible, he is the fastest player of the bundesliga(posted by Bayer Leverkusens Facebook page) and also plays on the right wing in reallife, but in the game he is a 2 star on the wing only.
I could use a second bundesliga right mid and he would play better than Havertz, just because the scaling sucks so much.I would be fine with this entire topic, if he still had 3.5 stars at CM and 3.5 on the wings, thats how it usually was in FM17, but in this game I shouldnt play him at all if I want the best result.
I also posted this in the fm19 beta forum and the only response I got was that there is an upper limit for each position now.
I think this is particularly strange considering he plays the same roles at CM or CAM. He is a natural AP at CAM, but is unable to play AP at CM, even though its the same role, just a bit further behind, which shouldn't change the way how well he plays. In both situations he is the offensive part of the central midfield and he plays the same role.
Do you guys agree with me or do you think its correct that players shouldn't be able to get retrained and if so: Why?

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2017.10.01 11:16 twitchpolice I played over 200 games and frequently reach the late game or win the game - here are my tips for newer players and overall thoughts on this BR mode.

Hello everybody,
as a player with hundreds of games in this BR mode I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on some things.
First I want to say that this game is the only one I play atm. Before it came out, I played a lot of different games but with F:BR it changed - that is how good it is already.
I played alot of H1Z1 (over 1000h) and pubg (over 1000h) and while I enjoyed both, I always had the feeling that they are really unfinished and that I miss something in every single match.
When F:BR came out I played it and feeled so relaxed. There was basically no bug, no lag, no bad game experience in general! That was completely new to me! I could enjoy it from minute one until now and I sure will enjoy it the next months.
Sure there are a couple of tweaks and features that are still missing, but nothing to great of a deal.
If I had to rate this game I would rate it 11/10 for sure. And it's free! A gamer dream come true!
Here are my solo Q tips for newer players:

  • in your first games get used to the pickaxe first; land in a less crowded area, use it and destroy some things to get used to it
  • the pickaxe does 11 damage per hit to ppl; don't land and try to kill somebody pubg-style - go find a gun first
  • hit the blue circle with your pickaxe to destroy things faster
  • in your first games play around with the construction mechanic: build some stairs, walls and doors with different materials; it will win you games if you do so and loses you games if you don't; to make a door in your wall (PC): Q (for building) > G (for editing) > remove middle and bottom middle tile > confirm = you made a wall with a door
  • if you have to cross an open field in order to get to the safe zone and you get shot, don't try to reach cover like in pubg, BUILD IT! :) it is really fast to build a wall: just press Q and confirm with left mouse
  • different material has different sturdiness with metal being the sturdiest followed by stone and wood
  • different material has different building times with wood being the fastest followed by stone and metal
  • you dont have to wait for a stair to be finished, just place it and you immediatelly can step on it even it is is still under construction!
  • metal walls can absorb the most bullets before it breaks
  • if you just build a wall its construction is'nt finished instant but it immediately blocks line of sight (somewhat), pathing and a couple of bullets or even a rocket; use that knowledge to protect you from heavy fire or to block the enemy from chasing you in buildings
  • you need 10 wood to build a single part of whatever you want
  • always try to carry at least 100-200 wood since it is really easy to farm (trees, fences, etc)
  • some objects are one-hit with your pickaxe! if you know which you can use that to your advantage in case you run from an enemy and have no gun and no ressources to wall him out of sight, try to destroy small one-hit-objects like a chair, big garage door, wooden fence, cupboard, cabinet, salad in fields or some other small object to generate 10 ressources fast and wall your enemy out of sight quickly
  • use traps! try to find more than one trap and get used to it how you switch between them (for PC players the standard key bind to switch between floor and wall trap is: Q > f5 > T)
  • be careful if you build stairs or buildings to highly - enemies can shot them and you will fall to death
  • only sniper bullets have a travel time and bullet drop
  • loot chests make a "shiny" noise! the closer you are the louder it gets; that way you can locate it even through walls!
  • running makes the loudest noise, crouching without running the least noisy sound (good for sneaking)
  • you can destroy EVERYTHING with your pickaxe AND with your guns and rockets and grenades; cover is only as good as the enemies explosives and bullets; use that to your advantage in gun fights
  • while dropping from the battle bus don't fly while looking to the horizon, it's not the fastest way to reach a far destination - try to drop in an 20°-30° angle instead
  • if you want to reach a very far destination to loot open up your glider early, that way you can reach every point on the map regardless how far away it may be from the bus
  • there are no "best" looting spots; you can get good loot in every single house on the map even if you drop in a single house somewhere in nowhere
  • if you have trouble to loot a player: switch to your pickaxe and loot the bullets that way; you can't pick up guns when you have your axe out and wont switch guns
  • running adds a little dusty graphic effect to you and everybody else can see it too! If you run on an open field a far distant player cant hear you but he can easily spot you because of that! try not to run all time or use cover to disguise the dust you make
  • in nearly every house are ammo boxes! they are dark green and small; they are key to win in gunfights because you wont run out of ammo that fast; I always check buildings even if they are "looted" because everybody ignores the ammo boxes; it's kinda insane
  • late game everybody builds a base... while sometimes its a good idea to do so I have the feeling that it is a giant "throw explosives here"-sign to everybody; I won by far the most games without building a base but to use natural cover to disguise my position instead; I only build late game when I am in a situation of acute danger to safe my butt
  • there is NO free look in this game! take advantage of that and sneak up on people! They DONT have eyes in the back :)
  • you can drop bullets and bandages from your inventory to share it with friends
  • JUMP in close combat gunfights and use a shotgun doing so!
  • use the construction mechanic to confuse your opponent in town fights! if you get hunted build a stair to a roof and walk around a corner; your enemy now has to consider more optoins and you are more likely to win the hide and seek minigame
  • if you chase an enemy through a town, try build stairs to get on rooftops and jump down the other side to cut of his path
  • there is falling damage in the game so be careful
  • if you have to get of off a mountain fast, dont just hope to survive the drop, use your building mechanic and build stairs left and right while dropping down on them at the hillside; it is really fast and safe since your are somewhat protected if you get shot from above
  • use bushes! they are really op!
  • shoot to kill, not to fight! honstly I can understand if you want to have the most fun and action possible but if you want to win, dont shoot everything you see!!! even with the accuracy buffs to all assault rifles, they are still quite bad in long distance fights; usually you have only a few bullets at the start of the game, so use them wisely and only if you have a high chance of securing a kill to get more bullets
  • somebody camps in a building? destroy it with explosives! he will regret his playstyle fast
  • the fastest way to collect metal is cars and bridges but be careful destroying a metal object may be louder than destroying a tree!
  • some cars have an alarm system! careful if you are not sure you are alone in that area
  • orange > purple > blue > green > white is the quality of guns
  • the higher the quality of a gun the more accurate the gun and ofc the higher the damage!
  • you can't edit a structure created by an enemy
  • crouching without moving gives you the best accuracy
  • moving while aiming will reduce your accuracy; more so, if you strafe on top of that
  • Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher are quite rare. If you find one, keep it. Their value in late game situations is unbelievable!
  • In some close combat situations your can rocket-kill an enemy with a rocket launcher and survive. To do so you need to shoot the ground behind your enemy. He is closer to the impact and will take way more damage and dies instantly - if you have a shield potion you are more likely to survive that obv
  • high ground is really valuable; if the circle gets smaller try to build your way up on a hill and destroy the last two of your stairs behind you (maybe with a rocket); that way you have a huge advantage and can get down fast if needed
  • the burst rifle is stronger than you think in mid range fights!
  • you CANT rocket jump in this game! FeelsBadMan
  • if you are in the storm, the damage will cancel the loot animation!
  • if you are in the storm, the damage will not cancel healing!
  • if you are in the storm, you still can loot if you start the looting shortly after you took damage!!!
  • shield potions will not protect you from the storm or falling damage
  • try to move with the circle to avoid getting shot in the back
  • use crouch moving as often as possible!
  • the scoped assault rifle has hit scan like all the other guns except sniper rifles - that is why the scoped AR is considered op at its current state
  • sequisha has the most sexy stache on the twitch! check his stream on twitch if you want to see a really good F:BR player
I really do hope EG will improve the game and listen to the community as they already do but some things should be left untouched or shouldnt be included.
Things they should NEVER add:
Vehicles faster than a bicycle You read it right. I am not one of those players who is against vehicles entirely but if they add some they shouldnt be faster than a bicycle. Just a little faster (maybe 30%) than running speed.
Free-look mechanic I know a lot of streamers and players want that but honestly: it would completely ruin this game! Right now you HAVE to be really careful when you walk around or camp. You just can't run in one direction and look backwards to check your surroundings. If you want to do so you need to slow down a bit and actively turn around your cam. The other aspect of a missing free-look mechanic is the fact that sneaking up on somebody is actually possible. If you ever change that, people are more likely to camp without great risk because they know that sneaky players can't be sure where the enemy is looking at. Right now you know for sure that an enemy who turned his back to you has no idea where you are. That is a REALLY great thing in a 3rd person game! Please keep it that way.
Louder crouching sound Yes, I know, a lot of you guys think that it is "op" that crouching is that quiet but honestly, if you tune up the crouch volume you take away the sneakier playstyle and reward camping even more! In pubg the crouching is really really loud and you basically can't sneak up on somebody, unless there is a plane, gunfight, car or airstrikes covering up your sounds. That rewards campers and discourages players who want to try to push/sneak up to a house/base or whatever somebody uses to hide/camp/defend. I know reallife arguments in games are pretty stupid but I will make one just for this case: Imagine you sneaking up on your boy- or girlfriend to scare them. You don't even crouch and you are barely hearable if you are careful. But ok, reallife argument, I know but speaking game balance: It's just not right to give campers even more advantages. Let them be in fear at least.
I hope you had a good time reading and maybe it helped newer players!
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2017.02.20 01:00 TunaGamer Reallife cam 247

Hey guys, this post will consist of two parts, so here we go.
I am reading this sub since more than 6 months and I am already convinced that online games are bad for me. I quit several times but failed. Now the next detox will start soon tomorrow or the day after. Anyway, why did I choose this headline? Because SCII is really what I carried for several years with me, I'm like one of a few thousands who participate in this game worldwide and who are actually at a high skill level. At the same time I know it's not real progress and if I would be honest every match after the first one is just played because it's just a habit. The first game is always fun, then the dopamine rush kicks in and I play on and on doesn't matter if it's fun or not. Luckily I just survived my first semester at Uni (yep I survived because I quit gaming for some weeks when I had exams). Still I am not satisfied with my results and I could do way better in Uni but also in other aspects like health / gym etc. Long story short, if you can give me any motivating inspirations why especially online games (like Sc2) are bad for me and us in general, make sure to comment it .
I just got rid of my gaming PC and gave it my parents. I have a laptop just for Uni and that's sufficient for it. It helps me to get rid of gaming in general (if you think about getting rid of your gaming PC, do it!). Especially if you have programming like me in Uni, it will be painful to focus on your work because that Steam/Battle/Origin Launcher will slowly but surely pop up after a few minutes of frustration/lack of motviation due to the tasks you have to finish at your PC/Laptop. Make sure your PC is there for videos/music/work and not gaming! Anyway, was just giving an advice for others. My personal thoughts while the detox (total attempts:3) is that I always think if I abstain from excessive gaming, that singleplayer games wouldn't hurt at all. Like, if I have all that time anyway (especially semester holidays) I always think smth like "Yo let's go 20 days detox, sign in the gym, improve sleep behaviour and then get the Ps4 with the limitation that I can only get singleplayers on it! Sounds good to me!". Well I don't know what do you guys think? I can't speak as someone who got rid of this habit yet (tomorrow will be day 1 again) so yeah....
Unexpected part 3. Yo guys smth which came in my mind is that yesterday I was out in town (I barely go to town hahaha but I was shopping clothes, must have been months since last time I was shopping facepalm). Anyways what I recognized was that reallife is just more fun, even walking and seeing all the lights and feeling fresh air instead of the heated air which comes from your PC's cooling system (how nerdy). Every time I go oustide I actually want to improve and change something, especially when I don't feel like I am at rock bottom...... I felt I lost already for weeks due to bad preparation for Uni exams but I made it somehow and am looking forward to improve myself for semester 2. Coming back to the topic of going out - also connecting to part II - everytime I am at home (small village) I feel like there are not many things to do beside jogging, so I really have to sign into the gym in the next town or smth for sure. What I want to say is that the feeling of "OH a singleplayer game won't hurt" always comes up when I am at home, have hours at my hands but no plan what to do. Always in these moments I think like "Man, you'r just playing for the story, Skyrim won't hurt!". I think you can see what I am going trough.
1.) I already accepted that online games are bad for me, if you have more reasons why especially online games are bad - feel inspired to post below :)
2.) What do you guys think of restricted "singleplayer games" only? I already got rid of my gaming PC, but the idea of getting a cheap PS4 comes always in my mind.
3.) When I am out in town I feel energized and actually notice people who do stuff (like going to gym, basketball etc.) and then I want to join/be like them. I want to take part in the whole life outside but when I am at home (a small village) I feel isolated. First thing I have to do is sign a gym membership - but beside that - how do I handle this? Especially if I am at home for longer periods question (2) kicks in and I think about moderation or restricted gaming like singleplayers.
Thanks in advance, much greetings to everyone in this sub, hi Cam :)
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2016.01.23 05:01 HelloiamFaker Need Riot´s help to ban those Toxic 4-man Squad that Flames the Fifth Teammate in Normals. (Serious)

This is no Wich hunting or anything, I just want Riot/the Community to help me banning those PLayer. If this Post is seen as Wish hunting, u can delete my Post.
I just decided to Play a Normal game to improve my Kalista skills. I came into Champselcet and everyone seemed friendly. Everyone locked in their Champs without any argueing about the Lanes. The game started well, everybody seemed friendly and i had some small talk with Zyra (dont have Screenshots from this, because at this Time I didnt know they would flame me so hard). I got a double Kill in Lane and everything was going well (I forgot to mention, that Zyra said in the Beginning, that if i ever ult her wrong, she would make me regret that , but i thought she was joking). The start of the flame was when I stole the Gromp of Rengar. He came to my lane, took my Wave, and i thought we are fine. Then, he just wrote something like "I want to see you die " In All-Chat (but cant rememeber correctly). He replied that once again in Teamchat, and I asked the Enemies to Report Rengar because of that. Instantly, all the others started flaming me, and saying, that im a liar. They kept flaming me in Teamchat, and whenever I wrote something in the All-Chat, they said that im a flamer and insanely toxic. Here are some Screenshots from the Teamchat to prove it.
After the Game, they Invited me to a Game, and I joined to ask them, what their Problem was. They just kept flaming me and gave me a Link to a Page, I dont know what it is about. Sadly, i dont know how to make Screenshots out of Game, so I copied it. Here we go : [5:29AM] Rísing Shadow joined the room.[5:29AM] Rísing Shadow: xd[5:29AM] Alfie: hey buddy[5:29AM] Rísing Shadow: seriously guys, whats wrong with you[5:30AM] Alfie: ?[5:30AM] Alfie: we are normal[5:30AM] Alfie: and u are a subhuman[5:30AM] Alfie: so that's why u must kill yourself asap[5:30AM] Rísing Shadow: u know whatsa funny?[5:30AM] Northy: **** OFF ***[5:30AM] Rísing Shadow: i got honored three times[5:30AM] Northy: I GOPE YOUR[5:30AM] Northy: PARENTS[5:30AM] Alfie:[5:30AM] Alfie: here[5:30AM] Northy: DIES[5:30AM] Rísing Shadow: and three enemies added me[5:30AM] Alfie: come to this room[5:30AM] Alfie:[5:30AM] Alfie:[5:30AM] Alfie: turn on ur cam[5:30AM] Alfie: and hurt yourself[5:30AM] Northy: YOU **** ***[5:30AM] Alfie: as bad as u can[5:30AM] Alfie: for me[5:30AM] Northy: *[5:30AM] Rísing Shadow: and told me that they reported you [5:30AM] Alfie: to watch[5:30AM] Alfie: i want to watch you[5:30AM] Northy: GO KILL YYOURSELF[5:30AM] Alfie: be in pain[5:30AM] Alfie: and die[5:30AM] Alfie: slowyl[5:30AM] Northy: YOU FAT ****** *[5:30AM] Northy: YOUR MUM GOT RAOED[5:30AM] Northy: *[5:30AM] Kymori D Luffy: Yo u wanna play with us dude[5:30AM] Northy: ******[5:30AM] Alfie: i NEED to see you be hurt[5:30AM] Northy: IDE[5:30AM] Alfie: i NEEEEEED[5:30AM] Northy: die[5:30AM] Alfie:[5:30AM] Alfie: come[5:31AM] Rísing Shadow: will miss[5:31AM] Rísing Shadow: your challenger border.
One of them also had a Challenger Border, and I dont understand how People in this High elo can be THAT Toxic. There was also one positive Thing. I got honored and someone added me to tell me, that he reported thosr flame and added me to make me feel better. (It werent three People, I was lying there ;/). Heres the CHatlog: [5:26AM] Rísing Shadow: ? what do you want ;/ [5:26AM] Carboncete: reported all of em [5:26AM] Rísing Shadow: ty [5:26AM] Carboncete: just to let u know [5:26AM] Rísing Shadow: y [5:26AM] Carboncete: sry [5:26AM] Rísing Shadow: its fine they made my day but all those "i will find and kill you comments" were kinda heavy [5:27AM] Carboncete: well gl on next one [5:27AM] Rísing Shadow: bevcause we are just playing a video game [5:27AM] Carboncete: ye i know what it is thats why i gave u honor i know means nothing but its "somethin" [5:27AM] Rísing Shadow: y [5:27AM] Carboncete: gl man [5:28AM] Rísing Shadow: i mean, i dont rweallly care about their reports since i wont get banned the new system works,., and thats good so im looking forward to see the funny message where i see that they got banned ::) anyway, thx for the kind words [5:28AM] Carboncete: np ^
Im so so Sorry for this horrible formating, and those Long Chatlogs, but I dont know how to make those Screenshots out of Game and a big sorry for my bad English, im not a native Speaker. Anways, thx for reading and I hope Riot will ban bad examples like them. NO Which hunting please, maybe they are nice People in reallife, who knows...
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2016.01.12 18:38 Zuror91 Reallife cam 247

Obwohl es in Kino+ hauptsächlich um Kinofilme geht, werden ab und an auch mal Serien angesprochen. Wie z.B. in "Was hast du zuletzt gesehen". Nun dachte ich, kann man eine neue Rubrik in Kino+ rein bringen. Und zwar YT Filme oder Videos. Es gibt viele Künstler auf YT die schaffen es richtig gute Kurzfilme zu produzieren. Sei es Reallife; Spiele (Machinimas) oder selbst Animationen (wie in ein paar Stumble TV Folgen gesehen).
Aber wie sollte die Rubrik aufgebaut sein. Nun ich hätte mir das so vorgestellt. Da es richtig viele Künstler da draußen gibt die die Jungs wahrscheinlich nicht kennen (wie Martin Falch der Schöpfer der Tales from the Past Trilogie) sollte die Com denen ein Video nennen was Sie schauen sollten und danach bewerten. Das wäre egal ob live im Studio wenn die Filme kurz sind oder falls rechtlich Probleme Off-Cam. Anschließend bewerten Schröck, Eddy und Co. das Video nach Stil, Handwerk Story etc.
Ein Kanal was man unter anderem ansprechen könnte wäre RackaRacka
Link zum neusten Video von denen:
Was denkt Ihr. Würdet Ihr so eine Rubrik begrüßen. Sollte man noch etwas am Konzept ändern/erweitern?
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2015.11.02 22:42 panande Reallife cam 247

Normally in racing games I leave the wheel with the hands on, if they match my rotation. Of course this hasnt been the case in DiRT Rally so far and until you could disable the wheel I had to use the dashboard cam, to not be distracted by the only 180° degrees rotation wheel.
However we now got the option to disable the arms and get a wheel that matches our reallife movements. Except... it doesn't. At least for me. It turns all the way round but there seems to be a huge lag in the wheel itself and a kind of floppiness (Nothing changed about the actual feel of the steering)
I was hoping for a rF1/2 kinda wheel which just follows your movements no matter what.
So I turned the steering wheel back off again and I now want to know if thats just my settings, game etc. or if you guys also have this issue :/
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