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2020.10.28 11:38 vampirediaries4ever Mom secretsex

So I've (21F She/hers) known I wasnt straight for about 3 years now and I've hidden it from my parents. Past comments from my mom like "if you were gay, I wouldnt disown you but I'd be heartbroken" and "why do gay people always shove their relationships in our faces" have ensured that coming out was a massive fear of mine. I'm just tired of always being asked when I'm going to find the right guy, and always hearing notes of disgust when there is a gay couple on TV (from my mom specifically). It literally breaks my heart.
Now, my dad is one of the most open people in the world so I'd rather come out to him first, but is there a good way to explain being bisexual/pansexual (still trying to figure it out but I'm tired of being in the closet. It hurts too much)? I feel like older generations have a really difficult time understanding terminology and I dont want them to just brush me off because they dont understand. I dont want them to even have a chance to say it's a phase.
Is there any good way to explain it??? Thanks :)
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2020.10.28 11:37 kmsamurai Mom secretsex

my mom asked me this when i was explaining to her my BPD diagnosis and the favorite person phenomenon. i’m still thinking about it. i would love to hear some new insight.
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2020.10.28 11:36 i_miss_my_books Secretsex mom

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2020.10.28 11:30 MandyM92 Mom secretsex

So i dont think ITA but maybe i am.. My 28th birthday is on saturday (halloween) and its going to be another year where my family forgets about it or they get to lazy to care... Ive never had a real bday party with gifts or friends.
I just want to have a cake and be with my family.. Thats not going to happen.. Last year my bf got me guinea pigs but he rehomed them shortly after.. ( im not mad about it.. His pug was trying to attack them all the time)... But like how hard is it to buy a cake....
I cried last year in front of my mom just pleading to at least have a cake... I got nothing but to sit outside in the rain...
I just feel so upset that i dont even care... My parents called me an asshole for being upset about "something stupid". The list goes on for what they say....
Would i be the asshole if i just locked myself away this year and not hand out candy or pretended everything is ok??... I really have no one but my family and bf to be with... I guess i just need someone to be on my side for once so im asking on here because i feel bad for even thinking about wanting anything for my bday...
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2020.10.28 11:29 huntybug Y'all.. I got a job.

Im waiting on my background check to come back, but I haven't run any criminal enterprises while being a stay at home mom for 2 years so I think I'm good. But omg. I'm being rehired back at my old job at a well known place that sells coffee but at a different location. The manager knows my SO's family and knew about me and my kiddo and we really got along. It's gonna be hard to actually get to this job and drop my kiddo off at daycare and get to work when we only have one car, but I'm doing it. I'm gonna be able to have money again that I earned. I'm not going to have to ask my mom for money anymore. I'm going to get out of the house. My kid is going to socialize.
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2020.10.28 11:28 SomewhereSafe4994 Mom secretsex

I am a stay at home mom with a husband who travels for work - so basically he comes friday and leaves Sunday afternoon. Kids are big (6 years old and 8 years old)I feel so so lonely parenting on my own. Anyone else has such an issue? How to deal with it? I have no family here (I moved to a different country for my husband). I feel like a single mom (with a benefit that there is no financial struggle). Otherwise I am doing it all on my own - weekends he is so tired from work and the constant travels he sleeps a lot. We don’t do date nights... there is no more romance in the relationship. I love my kids but I am not sure there is still sparkle in in relationship. How to deal with this situation. Now due to the pandemic he can’t event change the job to quit this madness. Oh and soon we will be relocating to him so we will all be together- however his new job has long working hours he will be coming home after the kids sleep and I have 0 friends in the city. I am scared it will be even worse - at least now I have friends here, kids have friends... What will I do. i feel so sad and lost:(
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2020.10.28 11:24 Mountainkati Mom secretsex

Ok, so am I the only one that sees how Chantal is a trifling bish, just like her mom. that was so f'd up how they did that shit to Winter. Team Pedro...and Team Jah!! these people are crazy.
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2020.10.28 11:24 decaf-depression Inexpensive hamster cage/enclosure.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a hamster enclosure? I have the Prevue 528 and someone told me that I’m keeping my hamster in cruel living conditions so I’m trying to find something that won’t cost too much because my mom and I lost our jobs over covid and most stuff is still closed because it’s bad in my area. I’ve looked into bin cages but I can’t find any that are a good price. Everything I’ve looked at it is so expensive for a plastic bin and if I’m being honest, I don’t know how to make one. And iKea doesn’t deliver to my zip code for whatever reason. If anyone can link some enclosures that would be good for Kiwi, it would be appreciated!
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2020.10.28 11:23 EricSchC1fr Mom secretsex

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2020.10.28 11:22 Schnibb420 Mom secretsex

Show me what you got I saw some of you guys's posts and got curious about how you guys roll, what stuff you use and maybe some techniques to share. I hope to get some of you to share your preferences and maybe even show how clean you can roll, kinda like a little unserious contest for fun. (I'm not asking for a rate my joint!)
The one from the picture I made yesterday. I used king size rips and a half of an old businesscard from my moms as a filter.
I like to roll in the length of about 12cm or close to 5 inches. I learned to roll backwards straight away because thats how the person that teached me showed it to me.
What about you guys?
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